Corporative booklet - Chambre de la sécurité financière
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Corporative booklet - Chambre de la sécurité financière

You Are a Part ofthe Chambre’s Strength

Involve Yourself in the ChambreAs a member of the Chambre, you can turn to good account your expertise and knowledge and thus contributeto help your profession move forward by becoming involved at various levels within the Chambre.The Board of DirectorsThe Chambre is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of nine electeddirectors who are members of the Chambre and two directors appointed by theMinister of Finance of Quebec to represent the general public.To become a member of the Board of Directors, keep an eye out forthe call for candidates at and submit yourcandidacy for the position that interests you, based on your certificationand your administrative region, if applicable.CommitteesThe Board of Directors relies on the support of the many Chambre’sadvisory committees to back its decisions. Those committees arecomprised of Chambre’s members:The RegionalSectionsThe Chambre has twenty regionalsections throughout Quebec whosefunction is to promote thedevelopment of the skills of financialservices professionals by organizingtraining activities. Each section ismanaged by an office of directioncomprised of six to twelveChambre’s members, including aPresident, a Vice-President forCommunications, a Vice-Presidentfor Professional Development, aSecretary and a Treasurer. Membersof the regional offices of directionand delegates officially representtheir regional section at theChambre’s Annual General Meeting.■■■■Governance Committee;Professional Training and Development Committee;■■■■■■Audit and Finance Committee;Regulation Committee;Succession Committee.These committees analyze matters arising from their mandate or withinany other mandate entrusted to them by the Board of Directors. They givean account of their work to the Board of Directors and make recommendationsif necessary.To become involved within theoffices of direction of your regionalsection, send us an e-mail regional offices of direction arealways looking for new members!To become a member of one of these advisory committees, keepan eye out for the call for candidates at submit your candidacy for the position that interests you.

Compulsory ProfessionalDevelopment: A Guaranteeof Excellence and CompetenceIn order to stay on the cutting edge of your profession and ensurethat you are continuously updating and developing your knowledgeand skills, you must earn a minimum of 30 PDUs during each two-yearperiod, namely:■■■■■■10 PDUs in compliance with standards, ethics and professionalpractice;10 PDUs in general subjects;For each sector or registration category in which you are authorizedto pursue your activities*:• If you pursue your activities in insurance of persons:10 PDUs specific to this sector;• If you pursue your activities in group insurance of persons:10 PDUs specific to this sector;• If you pursue your activities in one of the securities registrationcategories:»»»»»»Only in group savings plan brokerage: 10 PDUs specific to thisregistration category;In group savings plan brokerage AND in scholarship planbrokerage: 10 PDUs specific to group savings plan brokerage+ 5 PDUs specific to scholarship plan brokerage;Only in scholarship plan brokerage: 10 PDUs, of which at least5 PDUs are specific to scholarship plan brokerage (the otherPDUs should be accumulated in group savings plan brokerage).To earn PDUs, you can do training activities online or in classroomin your region.You can earn PDUs inthe comfort of yourown home!Through distance trainingactivities, you can earn PDUswhenever it suits you. There areover 20 useful training activitiesoffered online, covering a multitudeof subjects. For more informationor to order a training activity,visit the Chambre’s websiteat more information regarding your PDU record, please contactthe Professional Development Call Centre at 514 380-3011, toll freeat 1 888 380-3011 or by e-mail at Our agentswill be able to answer all your questions regarding professionaldevelopment units.* Requirements under the new Regulation respecting compulsory professionaldevelopment in force as of December 1, 2011.Taking Training a Step FurtherWould you like to gain more advanced expertise and greaterexposure in your field of practice? Why not become a RegisteredLife Underwriter (R.L.U.) or Chartered Life Underwriter (C.L.U.)?You can also obtain the designation of Conseiller agréé en avantagessociaux (C.A.A.S.), which is similar to the North American title ofCertified Employee Benefit Specialist (C.E.B.S.).These titles and designation, granted exclusively by the Chambre,are a guarantee of expertise and notoriety and can only be obtainedby successfully completing a high calibre university program.To find out everything you needto know about the titles of R.L.U.and C.L.U. and the designationof C.A.A.S., visit the Chambre’swebsite ( the “Members & continuingeducation/Professional Designations”menu.

A Well Supervised ProfessionIn order to increase public confidence and client confidence in theprofession, your practice is governed by strict rules of ethics andprofessional conduct.As a member of the Chambre, if you pursue your activities in insuranceof persons, group insurance of persons or financial planning, you mustcomply with the Code of ethics of the Chambre de la sécuritéfinancière. If you pursue your activities in the securities registrationcategories (group savings plan brokerage or scholarship planbrokerage), you must comply with the Regulation respecting therules of ethics in the securities sector.The syndic plays a key role in ensuring that these rules are respectedand in protecting the general public.The Syndic’s RoleThe duties of the Chambre’s syndic involve inquiring into the practicesof a representative who allegedly violated the Act respecting thedistribution of financial products and services, the SecuritiesAct or their regulations. The investigation process is initiated uponreceipt of a request made by any person.Once the inquiry is over, the syndic may decide to apply an administrativemeasure or file a formal complaint with the Disciplinary Committeeagainst a representative.disciplinary CommitteeThe Chambre’s Disciplinary Committee hears disciplinary complaintsfiled by the syndic. The Committee is comprised of three members: theChairperson or Vice-chairperson who is assisted by two other persons ofthe same sector of activity and marketing sector as the representativeaimed by a complaint.Would you like to become a member of the Chambre’s DisciplinaryCommittee? Submit your candidacy by completing the candidacyform available at, under the “Ethics &Discipline” menu. The recruiting periods vary and generally takeplace every three years.The PrixExcellence:Give Your Careera BoostAre you proud of your professionalachievements? Do you have a positiveinfluence on your peers? The PrixExcellence may be for you!In order to value the competenceand excellence of its members, theChambre has established the PrixExcellence. These awards havebeen increasingly popular since theircreation in 2008:■■■■Each year, the Prix d’Excellencede la Chambre de la sécuritéfinancière underscores theexceptional contribution of amember who, through his orher remarkable professionalachievements, serves as anexample and inspiration for hisor her peers;The Prix de la Relève dela Chambre de la sécuritéfinancière is designed to supportthe career of a member who showsa excellent aptitude at the beginningof his or her professional career.Being awarded these honours couldhave a very positive impact on yourcareer and give you a significantdegree of recognition. Visit forall the details and keep an eye out forthe call for nominations in September.

The Chambre, More Than100 Years of History1905 Life Underwriters Association of Canada (LUAC) –merger of 18 regional associations1959 Provincial Association of Quebec Life Underwriters (PAQLU)1989 Association des intermédiaires en assurance de personnesdu Québec (AIAPQ)1999 Chambre de la sécurité financière2009 Reform of the securities registration rulesMutual fund dealer representatives and scholarship plandealer representatives are placed under the aegis of theSecurities Act. However, the Chambre continues to supervisethe compulsory professional development, ethics anddiscipline of these representatives..Some Statistics(as of June 30, 2011)Did you know that 26% of the Chambre’s members are under the ageof 35, that 55% are between the ages of 35 and 54 and that 19%are over the age of 55? Moreover, did you know that 52% of membersare women?Geographic Distribution of the Chambre’s MembersAbitibi-Est 0.7%Bas-Saint-Laurent 2.5%Beauce-Amiante 2.5%Drummond-Arthabaska 2.3%Duplessis 0.4%Estrie 3.6%Grande-Mauricie 3.4%Haute-Yamaska 3%Lanaudière 6%Laurentides 6.4%Laval 6.2%Manicouagan 0.3%Montreal 19.9%Outaouais 7.9%Quebec 13.9%Richelieu-Longueuil 12.6%Rivière-du-Loup 1%Rouyn-Noranda 0.8%Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean 3.3%Sud-Ouest du Québec 3.3%Chambre de la sécurité financière300 Léo-Pariseau Street, 26 th floorMontreal, Quebec H2X 4B8Phone: 514 282-5777, Toll free: 1 800 361-9989Fax: 514

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