Click here to download a PDF file - Natures Workshop Plus!

Click here to download a PDF file - Natures Workshop Plus!

Click here to download a PDF file - Natures Workshop Plus!


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Greetings Friends!<br />

Nature’s <strong>Workshop</strong>, <strong>Plus</strong>, has been blessed with another successful year of business growth. We know it is because of<br />

you, our cus<strong>to</strong>mers, that we continue <strong>to</strong> be able <strong>to</strong> bring products that enrich the lives of many. We further know it is<br />

the hand of God which enables us <strong>to</strong> carry on the mission of offering quality items <strong>to</strong> enhance your study of nature<br />

and science.<br />

We live in diffi cult times! Announcements of good news one day, followed by bad news the next. Peace talks one<br />

day followed by the threat of more war the next. One report claims economic recovery, while the next declares disaster.<br />

Unfortunate natural disasters all over the globe summon an unending pendulum of emotion. However, t<strong>here</strong> is one piece<br />

of rock-solid news on which this world can’t report. It is the ultimate headline, the Good News...Our hope is not in this life! So<br />

while we anticipate the day that our faith will be made sight, we carry on with the good things <strong>to</strong> which we’ve been called:<br />

hard work, family responsibilities, home schooling, and meeting each others needs. We praise Him for the blessings that He<br />

sends our way. We praise Him for helping us when times are <strong>to</strong>ugh. We praise Him when we realize that He alone is the giver<br />

of peace, and we praise Him just because He is God.<br />

Our family has much for which <strong>to</strong> be thankful. It seems that as the family matures and the children grow and leave<br />

home, we look back and wonder just how it happened that time <strong>to</strong>ok fl ight. We are down <strong>to</strong> only 1 daughter in college, and<br />

three children still at home. Our two married children live close by and bless us daily. Deanna and husband, Bradley, just<br />

moved back from Dallas, Texas w<strong>here</strong> Bradley earned his Masters degree in Christian Education. He is currently working at<br />

Nature’s <strong>Workshop</strong>, <strong>Plus</strong> and is responsible for the new lab kits that will be arriving in the market place this Spring! Watch<br />

our web-site for the exciting new things he is developing. Deanna is a critical care heart nurse, and is busy settling in<strong>to</strong> their<br />

recently acquired home. Donny and wife, Dana Leigh, are very busy building a mowing/landscaping business. He does beautiful<br />

work, and Dana works for Nature’s <strong>Workshop</strong>, <strong>Plus</strong> assisting Bradley in product development. This year, our son, Douglas,<br />

was commissioned in<strong>to</strong> the United States Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant. We really miss having him around. I no longer have<br />

an adult son raiding the refrigera<strong>to</strong>r and swiping Dreah’s cookies as soon as they come out of the oven. Dana is now a Junior<br />

in college. She is very busy with many life enriching activities. Her perpetual smile and love of life are absolutely contagious.<br />

Dreah and David have assumed the roles of oldest daughter and son in the home. Dreah has become an artist and is now<br />

occasionally commissioned by people outside of the immediate family for her work. Being paid for doing what she loves<br />

is thrilling. David is 13 and is a very active member of our local Civil Air Patrol squadron. He is learning many useful skills<br />

through the very disciplined organization. He enjoys riding his bike the 20 mile round- trip <strong>to</strong> the offi ce and home . Derek<br />

is as lively as any 4 year old can be. He currently assumes the imaginary role of “rescue man” , working as a medic/fi reman<br />

rescuing people from danger all day long! You wouldn’t believe how perfectly a vacuum hose doubles for a fi re hose, or how<br />

a box of plastic <strong>to</strong>ols can be transformed in<strong>to</strong> emergency medical equipment!<br />

Our crew <strong>here</strong> at Nature’s <strong>Workshop</strong>, <strong>Plus</strong> is an amazing bunch of folks. Their hard work and dedication <strong>to</strong> the job<br />

is what makes our business successful. Grandma Ruark and Grandma Evans both continue <strong>to</strong> work several days per week.<br />

Grandpa Evans went home <strong>to</strong> be with the Lord on December 22, 2010. He is sorely missed. We are thankful for the positive<br />

role model he was for us all.<br />

These are the very special people who make NWP an amazing business <strong>to</strong> own: Mrs. Phyllis Evans (Grandma Evans),<br />

Mrs. Shirley Ruark (Grandma Ruark) Bradley Moreau, Timothy Boyd, Dana-Leigh Ruark, Elise Knapp, Ross Porter, Mrs. Kay<br />

Hunter, Kate Boyd, Jared Boyd (the Lord is helping him recover his health as he battles cancer. His is an amazing s<strong>to</strong>ry of the<br />

power of prayer), Luke Boyd, Jordan Boyd, Grace Boyd, Alec Nilsen, Noelle Bryan, Jessica Ray, Nora-Leigh Reed,<br />

Caleigh Ganahl, Mrs. Susan Ingersoll, Vic<strong>to</strong>ria Ingersoll, Claire Hazle<strong>to</strong>n, Josie Knapp, Dana Ruark, Dreah Ruark,<br />

David Ruark, and the little guy who thinks he is the boss, Derek!<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Donald & Diana<br />

Ruark<br />

It is a good thing <strong>to</strong> give thanks un<strong>to</strong> the Lord, and<br />

<strong>to</strong> sing praises un<strong>to</strong> thy name, O Most High.<br />

Psalm 92:1




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Cover Pho<strong>to</strong>: by D. Ruark<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


Full Index on pages 121-125<br />

A n a t o m y 83-84<br />

Apologia Curriculum 76-82<br />

Art 2-7<br />

Astronomy 23-24<br />

Binoculars 25<br />

Birding 26-30<br />

Blocks 107<br />

Bug Stuff & Books 32-33<br />

Character Books 98-99<br />

Coloring Books 103-107<br />

Crafts 8<br />

Dissection Supplies 75<br />

Early American Life 113<br />

Elementary Curriculum 85-86<br />

Engraving Art & Crafts 7<br />

Field Guides 42-43<br />

Flying Fun 18-19<br />

Fun Stuff! 14-17<br />

Fun with His<strong>to</strong>ry 114-117<br />

Games 11-14<br />

God’s Design Science Series 87<br />

His<strong>to</strong>rical Games 118<br />

Identifl yer SongCards 27<br />

Incuba<strong>to</strong>r 30<br />

Labware 72-75<br />

Live Critter Projects 31<br />

Magnets & Electricity 50-51<br />

Magnifi ers 67<br />

Microscope Books 66<br />

Microscopes & Supplies 67-71<br />

Miscellaneous 88-89<br />

Music 108-111<br />

Nature Books 34-41<br />

Outdoor Adventure 118-119<br />

Phonics 93-94<br />

Plants 44-45<br />

Poetry 99<br />

Preschool 92<br />

Puzzle Books & Activities 100-102<br />

Reading 95-100<br />

Recordings 112<br />

Rocks & Minerals 46-48<br />

School Aids 91<br />

Science Books 54<br />

Science Kits 54-65<br />

Science Project Books 52-53<br />

Spelling <strong>Plus</strong>! 92<br />

Stickers & Stencils 120<br />

S<strong>to</strong>ries for Young Children 96-97<br />

Videos 89-90<br />

Weather 20-22<br />

Wood Projects 9-10<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />



STEP<br />

These Walter Foster learning-<strong>to</strong>-draw<br />

books clearly<br />

explain each step of the drawing<br />

process from preparation work,<br />

preliminary sketches <strong>to</strong> special<br />

techniques and fi nal details.<br />

Each book 32 pages, paperback,<br />

10¼”x13¾”.<br />

Flowers: Learn basic shapes, shading techniques, textures, and<br />

adding backgrounds. Draw magnolia, tulip, dogwood, lily, daffodil,<br />

carnation, begonia, foxglove, rose, and much more.<br />

Horses: Learn the basics, shading, facial features, and horses in<br />

action. Draw clydesdale, quarter horse, circus horse, arabian, pony,<br />

and much more.<br />

How <strong>to</strong> Draw 1: Learn blocking and basic shapes, preparing <strong>to</strong><br />

draw, simple textures, and shading. Learn <strong>to</strong> draw by using perspective,<br />

basic animal shapes, basic human features, car<strong>to</strong>on people,<br />

caricatures, trees, and much more.<br />

Pets: Learn basic shapes, various poses, drawing realistic fur, and<br />

capturing personality. Draw a guinea pig, cat, ferret, doberman, horse,<br />

parrot, rabbit, and much more.<br />

Wild Animals: Learn <strong>to</strong> work from pho<strong>to</strong>graphs, from life, fur<br />

textures, and animals in action. Draw a fl amingo, elephant, baboon,<br />

lion, panda, rattlesnake, koalas, and much more.<br />

71201 Flowers ___________________________________$8.50<br />

71202 Horses ____________________________________$8.50<br />

71203 How <strong>to</strong> Draw ______________________________$8.50<br />

71205 Pets ______________________________________$8.50<br />

71207 Wild Animals ______________________________$8.50<br />


This small booklet will walk you through step-by-step<br />

the basics of art. Learn basic techniques of watercolor,<br />

tempera paint, colored chalk, colored pencils, watercolor<br />

markers, and mixed media. 36 pages, 51 /4”x8”. Good for<br />

beginning artists.<br />

71065 Create-It by Prang ________________________$3.00 $3 00<br />


These easy-<strong>to</strong>-follow guides make it a snap for youngsters gsters and<br />

older children <strong>to</strong> create recognizable likenesses of a fl ock of feat<strong>here</strong>d<br />

friends, a cluster of insects, or familiar animals. Step-by-step diagrams<br />

incorporating circles, ovals, and other simple shapes. Instructions for<br />

30 different birds, insects, animals, cats, or dogs. Good for beginners.<br />

30-32 pages, 8”x11”.<br />

71080 Birds (60 pages) __________________________$4.75<br />

71081 Insects (32 pages) __________________________$3.75<br />

71082 Animals (60 pages) _________________________$4.75<br />

71083 Cats (60 pages) _____________________________$4.75<br />

71084 Dogs (60 pages) ____________________________$4.75<br />

Art<br />


For the past seven years, author Judy Kaufmann<br />

hhas<br />

been teaching art through a monthly draw-<br />

iing<br />

feature in “Nature Friend Magazine”. This book<br />

ccontains<br />

bird drawing lessons like those found in the<br />

mmagazine.<br />

Fifteen birds are presented with fi fteen<br />

aadditional<br />

acid free blank pages <strong>to</strong> remove and use<br />

t<strong>to</strong><br />

complete your sketch. 48 pages, paperback, ages<br />

8<br />

and up.<br />

19045 You<br />

Can Draw Wild Birds ____________________$6.75<br />


An adorable text that teaches the social<br />

graces along with Scripture and simple art<br />

assignments. Lessons on dinner etiquette, being<br />

a good listener, saying “please and thank you,”<br />

obeying your parents, and much more. All with<br />

fun and easy art lessons. 128 pages & 5 marker<br />

cards, 8 1 /2”x11”. Ages 4-9.<br />

71072 Little Annie’s Art Book____$10.75<br />


Author Barry Stebbing presents over 75 lessons<br />

in drawing horses. This text has been written for<br />

those students who have the desire and determination<br />

<strong>to</strong> draw horses correctly (and learn a little<br />

about them along the way)! Recommended art<br />

materials (not included): set of drawing pencils,<br />

colored pencils, drawing pen, and sketchbook. Lessons<br />

may be done directly in the text or copied for<br />

in-home use. Ages 8 and up. 102 pages, 81 i<br />

t<br />

n<br />

a<br />

m<br />

c<br />

s<br />

i<br />

/2”x11”.<br />

71078 The WWonderful<br />

Art of Drawing Horses _______ $12.75<br />

ART WITH<br />


COURSE<br />

Now in a easy<br />

<strong>to</strong> use tablet bind-<br />

ing with heavier<br />

paper. These<br />

packets progressively<br />

teach the<br />

basic skills of<br />

coloring, cutting,<br />

painting, shading<br />

and shadow,<br />

lettering, and much more. Each packet contains instructions for using<br />

the more than 40 - 81 ch more Each packet contains instructions for using<br />

/2”x11” printed papers, cards, and—in the upper<br />

levels—transparent grids. Each lesson gives a list of any other project<br />

materials which may be needed. We have many happy cus<strong>to</strong>mers<br />

using these courses in homes, schools, and home schools. These<br />

art courses greatly reduce the teacher’s workload, while teaching<br />

practical skills in an organized manner. Packets 1, 3, 5, 7, and 8 are new<br />

material, while 2, 4, and 6 review the material in the previous packet.<br />

You will need a packet for each child (teacher, <strong>to</strong>o), since it is illegal <strong>to</strong><br />

pho<strong>to</strong>copy the pages. Directions are included in each packet.<br />

71051 Artpac 1 (Grade 1) _________________________$8.75<br />

71052 Artpac 2 (Grade 2) _________________________$8.75<br />

71053 Artpac 3 (Grade 3) _________________________$8.75<br />

71054 Artpac 4 (Grade 4) _________________________$8.75<br />

71055 Artpac 5 (Grade 5) _________________________$8.75<br />

71056 Artpac 6 (Grade 6) _________________________$8.75<br />

71057 Artpac 7 (Grade 7) _________________________$8.75<br />

71058 Artpac 8 (Grade 8) _________________________$8.75<br />

71059 Artpac Course (Pacs 1-8) __________________ $65.00


Emphasizing pen, pencil, crayon, and<br />

charcoal, this books gives step-by-step instructions<br />

on selecting <strong>to</strong>ols and materials, creating<br />

perspective, choosing the medium, explaining<br />

the techniques and more. Any wildlife enthusiast<br />

will appreciate the 600 images of birds, fl owers,<br />

trees, animals, reptiles, and amphibians. Chapters:<br />

Tools and Materials, Drawing Techniques,<br />

Perspective Drawing, Songbirds, Trees, Animals,<br />

Flowers, Mushrooms, Water Birds, Reptiles and<br />

Amphibians. 241 pages, paperback, 8½”x11”.<br />

71122 Wildlife Sketching ________________________ $16.00<br />


The Wonders of Nature Sketchbook is<br />

40 4 pages of interesting facts of nature and<br />

step-by-step s<br />

instructions on how <strong>to</strong> draw<br />

the t animals you learn about! Learn about<br />

and a draw birds, turtles, frogs, rabbits, deer,<br />

bears, b and more. Black and white illustrations,<br />

t hardcover, ages 10 and up,11¼”x9¼”.<br />

71120 Wonders of Nature Sketchbook ____________ $14.50<br />

DRAW 50<br />

Aspiring artists will defi nitely succeed<br />

with these step-by-step instructional books.<br />

Begin with basic shapes and follow the illustrations<br />

<strong>to</strong> apply additional detail. 50 drawings<br />

on 54 pages of instruction. 8¾”x12”.<br />

Fun for all ages.<br />

71096 Draw 50 Sharks_______$8.75<br />

71097 Draw 50 Horses ______$8.75<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />

5<br />


This kit contains 10 Pastel chalk pencils (asst.<br />

colors), 4 charcoal pencils ( HB, 2B, 4B, 6B), 1 charcoal<br />

white pencil, 2 fl at sketching pencils, 1 black layout<br />

pencil, 1 kneaded eraser, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 soft<br />

drawing pencil. Everything you need <strong>to</strong> start except<br />

for the paper. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

71048 Classic Sketching and Drawing Kit ___________ $18.50<br />


The complete kit includes the following:<br />

3 graphite pencils, 3 charcoal pencils,<br />

marker, vinyl eraser, kneaded eraser,<br />

12 soft pastels, sharpener, 2 blending<br />

stumps, sandpaper pad, 2 medium <strong>to</strong>rtillions,<br />

8” ruler, instructional DVD, 12 pastel<br />

pencils, 9” x12” drawing paper(20 sheets). Attractive carrying case.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

71046 Loew Cornell Drawing Kit ________________ $41.50<br />


Prismacolor® soft lead, professional art pencils are available in the<br />

latest color range <strong>to</strong> meet the needs of creative artists. The creamy<br />

smooth texture, extra thick leads, and permanent pigments give the<br />

brilliant, moisture-proof laydown required by students and professionals.<br />

Colors are easily blended on almost<br />

any surface including paper, vellum, wood,<br />

and plastic fi lm for an infi nite variety of<br />

hues and shades. The set of 48 includes a<br />

Pencil sharpener and both come packaged<br />

in a sturdy tin container.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

72533 Prismacolor® 24 Colored Pencils ____________ $32.50<br />

72534 Prismacolor ® 48 Colored Pencils ___________ $63.25<br />


These versatile pencils have a water soluble<br />

color strip allowing you <strong>to</strong> draw and paint with<br />

complete control. The color in these pencils lays<br />

down with remarkable smoothness. You can<br />

also use wet or dry paper <strong>to</strong> create a variety of<br />

DRAW ME<br />

Easy-<strong>to</strong>-follow drawing<br />

lessons included in the sketch<br />

pad. Draw basic outlines using<br />

shapes. Great for beginners!<br />

Spiral-bound across the <strong>to</strong>p.<br />

17 lessons for beginning artists.<br />

8<br />


Great for both beginning and<br />

experienced artists, these instructional<br />

books are reprints from 1948<br />

(You Can Draw Cats), 1958 (You Can<br />

Draw Dogs), and 1958 (You can Draw<br />

Horses). They present hints on ana<strong>to</strong>my,<br />

structure, movement, sketching,<br />

poses, and more. Numerous illustration<br />

of the most popular breeds, make the books very practical and<br />

insightful. Both You can Draw Horses and You Can Draw Dogs have 48<br />

pages each while You Can Draw Cats has 64 pages 11”x8¼”.<br />

71085 You Can Draw Cats _________________________$5.50<br />

71086 You Can Draw Dogs _________________________$5.50<br />

71087 You Can Draw Horses _______________________$5.50<br />

71088 You Can Draw Set of 3 _____________________ $15.00<br />

1 71090<br />

71092<br />

71091<br />

D<br />

le<br />

pa<br />

sh<br />

Spi<br />

17 l<br />

8 /2”x11”.<br />

American Wildlife __________________________$6.50<br />

American Wildlife 2 _________________________$6.50<br />

Pets ______________________________________$6.50<br />

1 /2 / ”<br />

ican Wildlife<br />

exciting i i effects. ff FFor iinstance,<br />

apply a moist paint brush <strong>to</strong> your pencil<br />

drawing <strong>to</strong> modify the medium from colored pencil <strong>to</strong> watercolor<br />

paint. Available in a set of 24 or 36, packaged in a decorative tin with<br />

basic instructions on the back.<br />

72537 Derwent 24 Watercolour Pencils___________$34.50<br />

72538 Derwent 36 Watercolour Pencils___________$49.50<br />


The spray matte fi xative (optional) is for spraying an invisible fl at<br />

mist over the completed drawing <strong>to</strong> protect<br />

i l d<br />

71044<br />

71042<br />

71040<br />

71043<br />

40333<br />

71047<br />

71049<br />

71050<br />

71041<br />

it from smudging or soiling. Instructions are<br />

included in each kit. Contains: (1) 6B pencil, (1)<br />

5B pencil, (1) 3B pencil, (1) HB pencil, (1) kneaded<br />

plastic rubber eraser, (1) Pink Pearl eraser, (4)<br />

arrowhead rubber eraser tips, (1) paper stump<br />

for smooth shading, (1) 12” sturdy wooden ruler,<br />

and (1) 9”x12” 30-page art-paper sketch book.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

Complete Drawing Kit ______________________$9.50<br />

Sketch Book Only __________________________$3.75<br />

Paper Stump (Pack of 2) _____________________$1.75<br />

Set of 4 Drawing Pencils Only ________________$2.50<br />

12” Wood Ruler, metal edge _________________$1.25<br />

Wedge Cap Eraser, fi ts on end of pencil (each) ___$.15<br />

Pink Carnation Eraser (2½”x1”x½”) ____________$.75<br />

Kneaded Eraser (1¾”x1¼”x¼”) _______________$.75<br />

11 Oz. Workable Fixative (Not in Drawing Kit) ______$8.50<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.


Artists of all ages will love the new easy <strong>to</strong> do Keep N’<br />

Carry sets. The cus<strong>to</strong>mized zippered carrying case allows<br />

ease of travel while s<strong>to</strong>ring and protecting your projects.<br />

Includes: 10 color pencils, 1 pencil sharpener, 6-5”x7” preprinted<br />

art boards, 1-5”x7” blank art board, full color refer-<br />

ence guide, color blending guide, and a zippered carrying<br />

case. Ages 8+. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

79452 Colour Pencil Keep N’ Carry _______ $10.00<br />


Artists of all ages will love the new easy <strong>to</strong> do Keep N’<br />

Carry sets. The cus<strong>to</strong>mized carrying case allows ease of<br />

travel while s<strong>to</strong>ring and protecting your projects. Includes:<br />

6 double sided markers, 6-5”x7” preprinted art boards,<br />

1-5”x7” blank art board, full color reference guide, color<br />

blending guide, and a zippered carrying case. Ages 8+.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

79451 Color Marker Keep N’ Carry ________________ $10.00<br />


Learning <strong>to</strong> sketch<br />

has never been so easy!<br />

Sketching made easy<br />

sets are ideal for the<br />

young and inexperienced<br />

artist. Pre-printed<br />

subject matter makes<br />

the process of shading<br />

and highlighting a snap.<br />

Includes 1-8¾”x11¼” preprinted board, 6 drawing pencils, 1 pencil<br />

sharpener, 1 Eraser. Ages 8+. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

79401 Old Country Barn __________________________$5.00<br />

79404 Fishing Pier _______________________________$5.00<br />

79405 Light House Point __________________________$5.00<br />


Mini oil pastel art made easy. Enjoy<br />

easy color placement with the lightly<br />

pre-printed art boards. Includes 1-5”x7”<br />

preprinted board, 1 practice sheet and<br />

10 oil color pastels. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

79432 Panda & Cub Oil Pastel Art ___________________$2.00<br />

79434 Bear Cubs Oil Pastel Art _____________________$2.00<br />

79435 Parrots Oil Pastel Art _______________________$2.00<br />


Even a teacher of limited artistic ability can use this<br />

guide g <strong>to</strong> instruct the class. Demonstrating each step<br />

on o the chalkboard while the students copy the steps<br />

on o their own papers is the recommended method.<br />

Also A excellent for self-taught art students. 40 pages,<br />

6½”x8¾”. 6<br />

71000 Les Lessons In Perspective Drawing_______________$2.50<br />



A natural extension of the Complete-A-Sketch<br />

series, with exposure <strong>to</strong> many types of drafting. It is<br />

intended <strong>to</strong> be an overview of many different applications<br />

of drafting. The study is geared <strong>to</strong> students without<br />

outside instruction. All lessons in this book may<br />

be accomplished both by hand and on the computer<br />

(information on additional computer programs is contained in the<br />

course). An excellent addition <strong>to</strong> your geometry course! 136 pages,<br />

spiral-bound, 81 K<br />

ined in the<br />

/2”x11”. 18 chapters with several lessons in each.<br />

71038 Practical Drafting Workbook ________________ $37.50<br />

Art<br />


This CD includes all of the works from Complete-A-<br />

Sketch, Sk Volumes 1, 2, 3 with 7 exclusive bonus projects.<br />

Complete-A-Sketch Co<br />

1-2-3 has a single user license. 25<br />

lessons les that introduce the basics of two-dimensional<br />

technical tec sketching, 32 lessons that introduce the<br />

basics ba of three-dimensional technical sketching, and 21<br />

lessons les that introduce the basics of perspective technical<br />

ca sketching. The bonus materials introduce some<br />

drafting dra concepts and include modeling projects.<br />

71034 Complete-A-Sketch C<br />

1-2-3 CD _______________ $32.00<br />


Complete-A-Sketch is a reproducible (for families) series of technical<br />

art books promoting the concept of teaching by doing. Concepts<br />

are simple and straightforward. Each page shows a small, completed<br />

picture in the upper-left-hand corner of the page. The balance of<br />

the page shows the same image with details and lines missing, but<br />

shows hints, critical intersections and line ends <strong>to</strong> defi ne the image<br />

being drawn. Think of it as a complex dot-<strong>to</strong>-dot. After successfully<br />

completing a sketch, draw it again on a blank sheet of paper.<br />

Complete-A-Sketch aids the student in a number of ways. It teaches<br />

by example, encourages attention <strong>to</strong> detail, provides a basis for all<br />

types of precision drawing, promotes self directed learning, explores<br />

freehand and mechanical sketching, and hones fi ne mo<strong>to</strong>r skills. Each<br />

volume begins with basic shapes and quickly moves <strong>to</strong> more complex<br />

sketches. 11”x8½”.<br />



This volume focuses on fl at, two-dimensional<br />

line art. Start as young as 6, but any age can benefi t. .<br />

24 lessons.<br />

71031 Complete-A-Sketch Volume 1 _________________$9.50 $9 50<br />


This volume focuses on three-dimensional<br />

line art. Isometric projections are a useful method<br />

for showing multiple views of an object <strong>to</strong> represent<br />

even the most complex objects accurately.<br />

An empty isometric grid is included for your own<br />

designs. It is not necessary <strong>to</strong> begin with volume 1.<br />

Students as young as 8 years will benefi t. 30 lessons. s.<br />

71032 Complete-A-Sketch Volume 2 _________________$9.50<br />


This volume focuses on three-dimensional line<br />

art. Perspectives are a useful method for showing<br />

depth and detail, similar <strong>to</strong> the way eyes see. Perspectives<br />

are used in all types of presentations; the<br />

most common use is in the fi eld of architecture <strong>to</strong><br />

depict a home or building. Completion of volumes<br />

1 and 2 is not required. Ages 9 and up. 20 lessons.<br />

71033 Complete-A-Sketch Volume 3 _________________$9.50<br />

71035 Set of 3 Complete-A-Sketch ________________ $26.50<br />


Introduces advanced sketching methods, drafting<br />

concepts, co orthographic, isometric, multi-view drawings,<br />

engineering en concepts and more. Advanced CD bridges<br />

the gap between the other Complete-A-Sketch books<br />

and an Practical Drafting. Advanced has been created <strong>to</strong><br />

take tak advantage of the power of Acrobat® and the Internet.<br />

ne On-demand access <strong>to</strong> 37 sketch projects, 8 3D paper<br />

model mo projects, 25 bonus projects, and much more.<br />

71030 030 Complete-A-Sketch C<br />

Advanced CD __________ $28.00



These are smaller canvases s<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


These color-by-number<br />

pictures are a nice alternative<br />

<strong>to</strong> paint-by-number<br />

pictures. Detailed instructions ns<br />

are printed on the back of<br />

the package. Twelve colored<br />

pencils, 9”x12” printed board, ,<br />

number chart, full-color fi nished hed picture <strong>to</strong> use as a a guide, uide and pencil<br />

sharpener are all included. These require several hours <strong>to</strong> complete,<br />

making them an excellent way <strong>to</strong> develop carefulness, patience, perseverance,<br />

and diligence in your children. Ages 8 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

73052 Dolphins in the Sea _________________________$5.75<br />

73055 Naughty Puppy ____________________________$5.75<br />

73056 Frog Pond _________________________________$5.75<br />

with larger areas <strong>to</strong> cover and<br />

simpler in detail. Includes a<br />

printed 8”x10” canvas board,<br />

six colors of acrylic paint,<br />

brush, and instructions. Paintworks. works<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

73049 Pony and Mother __________________________$6.25<br />

73047 Puppy and Soccer Ball ______________________ $6.25<br />

73046 Dolphin Duo _______________________________$6.25<br />



These are slightly more<br />

diffi cult than the beginner<br />

level canvases listed above,<br />

though still much easier than<br />

the advanced canvases listed<br />

<strong>to</strong> the right. Includes a 9”x12”<br />

printed canvas board, brush, and eight acrylic paints. Paintworks<br />

. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

73076 Curious Kitten _____________________________$7.75<br />

73077 Hummingbird & Fuchsias ___________________$7.75<br />

73078 Wolf Among Birches ________________________$7.75<br />


These designs offer<br />

more of a challenge with<br />

complex designs suited for<br />

a junior <strong>to</strong> more advanced<br />

artist. Includes: 10 acrylic<br />

paints, 1 quality taklon<br />

brush, 1-11¼”x15¼” painting<br />

board with preprinted design lines, 1<br />

preprinted practice sheet, and easy <strong>to</strong> understand painting instructions.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

79530 Three of a Kind Painting by Number(Junior) ___$7.00<br />

79550 Guiding Light Painting by Number(Advanced) _$7.00<br />


Enjoy a variety of Paint By Number designs with<br />

this 3 piece value pack. Incudes: 3-8¾”x11¾” preprinted<br />

artist boards, 3 preprinted practice sheets, 2<br />

paint brushes, 12 acrylic paint pots, 1 plastic 30 well<br />

palette. Designs include: Leopard in Tree, Tigers and<br />

Cubs, Pride of Lions.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

79644 Paint by Numbers 3 pc Set _____ $10.00<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />

A<br />

B<br />

7<br />


Beautiful drawings specially printed with light gray lines that<br />

virtually disappear with the addition of color for a fi nished, professional<br />

look. High-quality paper printed on one side only and suitable<br />

for watercolor, colored pencils and other media. Perforated pages for<br />

easy removal from the book. 23 drawings in each book, 8¼”x11”.<br />

73090 America the Beautiful _______________________$4.75<br />

73091 Animal Illustrations _________________________$4.75<br />

73092 Beautiful Floral Bouquets ____________________$4.75<br />

73093 Birds ______________________________________$4.75<br />

73094 Butterfl ies and Flowers ______________________$4.75<br />

73095 Country Scenes ____________________________$4.75<br />

73096 Horse Scenes ______________________________$4.75<br />

73099 Set of 7 To Paint or Color Books _____________ $29.50<br />


Painting by Numbers are the ideal introduction <strong>to</strong><br />

the pleasures of painting, regardless of experience or<br />

age. Simply follow the instructions on your board <strong>to</strong><br />

create your own masterpiece. Includes: 1-8¾”x11¾”<br />

preprinted artist board, 1 preprinted practice sheet, 1<br />

paint brush, 7 acrylic paint pots. Ages 8 and up.<br />

79510 Mare & Foal Paint by Numbers _______________$5.00<br />



D<br />


Not everyone has the necessary skills <strong>to</strong><br />

stand before a blank easel and create a glorious<br />

piece of artistic beauty. But with a little help<br />

from a prepared, number coded canvas we can<br />

edge a little closer <strong>to</strong> the real thing! These are E<br />

beautiful professional artists’ designs waiting<br />

<strong>to</strong> be transformed in<strong>to</strong> your own masterpieces.<br />

Beware! These will require a great deal<br />

of patience. Created with easy-<strong>to</strong>-use acrylic<br />

paints. You’ll enjoy mixing paints <strong>to</strong> create<br />

new colors that add subtle shading and fi ne<br />

detail. Kit includes printed textured art board, paints, i t paintbrush, i tb h and d<br />

instructions. Frame not included.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

73080 (A) Frosty Morning Horses 20”x16” __________ $16.75<br />

73081 (B) Loons and Irises 16”x20” ________________ $16.75<br />

73082 (C) Scenic Bridge 20”x16” __________________ $16.75<br />

73083 (D) Afternoon Nap 14”x11” _________________ $10.75<br />

73085 (E) Musical Trio 14”x11” ____________________ $10.75<br />


8 GLASS ART<br />


These are glass plaques ready for your creative<br />

<strong>to</strong>uch. They are complete with a silver chain hanger,<br />

paints, applica<strong>to</strong>r and instructions. Glass Art has<br />

printed lines on the glass that are raised <strong>to</strong> pool the<br />

stains and <strong>to</strong> keep them from running over in<strong>to</strong> other<br />

areas. Ages 13 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

73063 Sailboat and Rainbow, 7”x9” oval ____________$9.25 $9 25<br />


The secret <strong>to</strong> Prang’s quality is due <strong>to</strong> the<br />

use of selected choice pigments blended with<br />

specially formulated binders and dispersing<br />

agents. The result is a true semi-moist transparent<br />

paint that is brilliant in hue and color due <strong>to</strong><br />

the exclusive Prang curing process.<br />

72514 Watercolors Set of 8 w/ Brush ________________$4.50<br />

72516 Watercolors set of 16 w/ Brush _______________$8.25<br />


Put Prang® in a child’s hands and see what’s<br />

on their mind. Available in white or terra<br />

cotta. Paintable, 17.6 ounce block, non-<strong>to</strong>xic.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

72580 White Modeling Clay ________________________$4.75<br />

72582 Terra Cotta Modeling Clay ___________________$4.75<br />


Each bar of soap comes with part of<br />

your imagination in it waiting <strong>to</strong> be discovered.<br />

Instructions, patterns, marking pencil<br />

and nail, scissors and small carving knife<br />

are included. Use the shavings and practice<br />

carvings in your tub! 2<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

3 /4 lbs. of homemade<br />

soap!<br />

20041 Soap Carving Kit__$19.50<br />


Author Susan Miller Cavitch gives clear, step-bystep<br />

s instructions with illustrations on how <strong>to</strong> make<br />

over o 40 specialty soaps. It’s a comprehensive guide<br />

with w recipes and techniques. 256 pages, paperback,<br />

8”x8”. 8<br />

15029 Soapmaker’s Companion _____ $18.50<br />


Discover the fun of leathercrafting<br />

with the basics of<br />

carving, stamping and fi nishing.<br />

Basic Leathercraft Kit is ideal for<br />

the fi rst-time leather crafter. It<br />

includes three easy-<strong>to</strong>-make<br />

leather projects: a wallet, an<br />

ID case and a key pocket. Each<br />

project has its own pre-cut<br />

leather pieces, <strong>to</strong>oling patterns,<br />

lace or thread, hardware and instructions. This kit includes leather<br />

half back (for practice), jeweler’s rouge, wooden mallet, 10”x20” tracing<br />

fi lm, swivel knife, Super Shene® leather fi nish, 4 ¼” x 2 ¼” sponge,<br />

leather crafting manual, beveler stamping <strong>to</strong>ol, camoufl age stamping<br />

<strong>to</strong>ol, veiner stamping <strong>to</strong>ol, pear shader stamping <strong>to</strong>ol, seeder stamping<br />

<strong>to</strong>ol, and background stamping <strong>to</strong>ol. Ages 14 and up.<br />

73100 Basic Leathercraft Kit _____________________ $79.50<br />

Art<br />

BY PRANG®<br />

Wax crayons have been family favorites for<br />

generations. The 64-count box includes fl uorescent<br />

colors as well as a sharpener. All Prang wax crayons<br />

are AP certifi ed non-<strong>to</strong>xic. Prang crayons offer<br />

excellent quality, and at a reasonable price. Prang’s<br />

exclusive blend of brighter, more intense pigments<br />

and selected waxes (30% soy) make Prang crayons<br />

an excellent choice. Prang’s regular size crayons<br />

measure 3 1/2” long with a diameter of 5/16”.<br />

72528 Prang® Set of 24 Crayons ____________________$1.75<br />

72530 Prang® Set of 64 Crayons ____________________$4.25<br />


A beginners’ manual outlining the methods<br />

of basic hooking, braiding and plaiting with<br />

different types of materials, like denim, cot<strong>to</strong>n,<br />

fl eece, and wool. The DVD and book complement<br />

one another when used <strong>to</strong>gether but<br />

can easily be used separately. Book 30 pages,<br />

8½”x11”. DVD 35 min.<br />

20048 Hooking & Braiding Book__ $7.75<br />

20051 Hooking & Braiding DVD _$18.75<br />

20052 Book & DVD Set__________$24.50<br />


Detailed instructions on all aspects of rug braiding.<br />

Detailed instruction and illustrations guide you<br />

through the process. 53 pages, 8”x101 R<br />

in<br />

th<br />

/2”.<br />

20046 Rug Braiding ________________ $11.75<br />


Blend, pour, dry, and press. Transform<br />

household waste paper in<strong>to</strong> art! Supplies<br />

and directions for fun and easy papermaking.<br />

Kit includes: papermaking screen, support<br />

screen, cover screen, 12 couch sheets<br />

(reusable), sponge, press bar, and directions.<br />

You need <strong>to</strong> supply: 2 tin cans, blender, tray, wastepaper, cookie cutter.<br />

Makes round paper and shapes up <strong>to</strong> 5 1 /2” across.<br />

20033 Let’s Make Paper! Kit ________________________$9.50<br />


Household waste paper becomes<br />

beautiful art paper, cards, stationery,<br />

invitations, bookmarks, ornaments, and<br />

more in minutes! Learn <strong>to</strong> embed fl owers<br />

and paint with pulp with a step-by-step<br />

guidebook. Kit includes: hardwood<br />

deckle, papermaking screen, cover<br />

screen, drain rack, 20 couch sheets (reusable),<br />

sponge, press bar, complete directions, envelope pattern, and<br />

s<strong>to</strong>rage bag. You supply a blender and waste paper. Makes paper up<br />

<strong>to</strong> 51 /2”x81 b<br />

i<br />

m<br />

a<br />

g<br />

d<br />

s<br />

bl ) b<br />

/2”. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

20035 Papermill ________________________________ $45.00<br />


‘Seed Paper’ is paper you make with seeds<br />

in it. Plant the paper, watch it grow in<strong>to</strong> fl owers!<br />

Winner of the prestigious 2007 ‘Best Products’<br />

Award from Dr. Toy. This kit includes pulp, seeds<br />

and craft supplies <strong>to</strong> make ‘seed paper’ and 6<br />

fun projects. Simple, clear directions; no blender<br />

needed. Ages 6 & up. Makes 4 jumbo cards and 2 giant iant flowers fl owers.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

20036 Seed Paper Flowers _________________________$9.50

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />

Engraving Art & Crafts<br />


A simplifi ed version of a beautiful craft. These 8”x10”<br />

boards come completely detailed with a wildlife scene. All you<br />

need <strong>to</strong> do is use the special <strong>to</strong>ol, included, <strong>to</strong> gently scratch<br />

away the outer layer of the design <strong>to</strong> reveal the bright and<br />

shimmering metal colored underlayer. Choose from silver foil,<br />

copper foil, and gold foil colors. This is a very simple craft which<br />

requires a steady hand and careful eye, but is as easy as holding<br />

a pencil and controlling the strokes. Because the pictures are<br />

detailed, it will probably require more than one craft session <strong>to</strong><br />

complete each board. Perfect for ages 6 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />


Both sets contain 2 <strong>to</strong>ols and 6 different boards consisting of– 2<br />

silver foil, 2 copper foil, and 2 gold foil.<br />

Set #15 includes: Dolphins, Panda, Tiger & Cubs, Field Mice, Golden<br />

Retriever & Puppies, Otters.<br />

Set #16 includes: Tabby Cat & Kittens, Mare & Foal, Lioness & Cub,<br />

Kitten & Puppy, Lion & Cubs, Fox & Cubs.<br />

79015 Engraving Foil Pack - Set #15 _______________ $12.75<br />

79016 Engraving Foil Pack - Set #16 _______________ $12.75<br />


79014 6-pk. of Blank Copper Boards 8”x10” ___________$5.50<br />

79013 Engraving <strong>to</strong>ol (1 basic <strong>to</strong>ol) ______________________$1.75<br />

79010 Set of 4 Engraving <strong>to</strong>ol set (4 different shaped <strong>to</strong>ols) ______$4.75<br />

79012 Stylus Tool _________________________________$2.45<br />

(Use for marking your own pattern with the Graphite paper.)<br />

79011 White Graphite Paper ________________________$3.25<br />

(Use for tracing your own patteren)<br />


A beautifully made and presented scratch and reveal book with<br />

12 engraving art designs complete with fun facts, 12 blank sketching<br />

sheets, and one engraving <strong>to</strong>ol, in a spiral bound book. These books<br />

feature a variety of patterens in gold foil, silver foil, holographic and<br />

rainbow effects. Suitable for ages 6 and up. 6½” x 8½”.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

79046 Wildlife of the World-Engraving Travel Book ___$9.50<br />

79048 Family Pets-Engraving Travel Book ___________$9.50<br />

79050 N. American Wildlife-Engraving Travel Book ___$9.50<br />

79052 Famous Places-Engraving Travel Book ________$9.50<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />

9<br />


79311 Silver - Dolphins ____________________________$3.75<br />

79313 Silver - Tabby Cat & Kittens ___________________$3.75<br />

79314 Silver - Polar Bear ___________________________$3.75<br />

79315 Silver - Mare & Foal __________________________$3.75<br />

79318 Silver - Cocka<strong>to</strong>o ____________________________$3.75<br />

79319 Silver - Longhorn Ram _______________________$3.75<br />

79320 Silver - Elephant/Baby _______________________$3.75<br />

79212 Copper -Tiger & Cubs ________________________$3.75<br />

79214 Copper - Kitten & Puppy _____________________$3.75<br />

79216 Copper - Giraffe & Baby ______________________$3.75<br />

79217 Copper - Hummingbird ______________________$3.75<br />

79220 Copper - Hawks _____________________________$3.75<br />

79221 Copper - Grizzly Bears _______________________$3.75<br />

79222 Copper - Kagaroo & Baby ____________________$3.75<br />

79111 Gold - Golden Retriever ______________________$3.75<br />

79113 Gold - Owls ________________________________$3.75<br />

79114 Gold - Lion & Cubs __________________________$3.75<br />

79116 Gold - Fox & Cubs ___________________________$3.75<br />

79118 Gold - Wolves _______________________________$3.75<br />

79119 Gold - Eagles _______________________________$3.75<br />

79120 Gold - Horses ______________________________$3.75<br />


A great value! 3 design pack of rainbow color art<br />

featuring 3 animal images: Tropical birds, butterfl ies, and<br />

tropical fi sh. Complete with three boards each measuring<br />

8¾” x11½”, one scrapecutter and one practice sheet.<br />

Suitable for ages 6 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

79054 Engraving Art-Rainbow Colors _______________$9.50<br />


Make your own pot holders, placemats or afghans!<br />

Metal Loom includes hook and instructions,<br />

1 bag of Loops. Measures 7” x7”.<br />

Cot<strong>to</strong>n Loops are perfect for weaving.<br />

Assorted colors. Five ounces. Ages 5 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

20044 Metal Loom & Cot<strong>to</strong>n Loops__$14.50<br />

20045 Extra Cot<strong>to</strong>n Loops __________$3.75

10<br />


Package contains 18 sheets of metallic foil<br />

origami paper in 9 colors. 5 1 /2”x5 7 /8”.<br />

71027 Metallic Foil Origami<br />

Paper_____________$5.75<br />


Package contains 24 large sheets of origami<br />

paper in 12 colors. 9”x9”.<br />

71028 Origami Paper_______$6.75<br />


This kit features 3 great starter books, 55<br />

fun-<strong>to</strong>-do projects and 96 sheets of authentic<br />

origami paper. Books include: Birds in Origami,<br />

Easy Origami and Favorite Animals in Origami.<br />

Kit comes packaged in an 8½”x11¾” box for<br />

easy s<strong>to</strong>rage, and includes 1,000 easy-<strong>to</strong>-follow<br />

illustrations.<br />

71023 Origami Fun Kit _________ $14.50<br />


This instructive book has clear and complete<br />

directions plus diagrams for every stage of each origami<br />

project. Beginning with how <strong>to</strong> follow diagrams,<br />

readers learn the basic folds one at a time. Contains<br />

27 simple models, 12 intermediate designs, and 5<br />

advanced models. 120 pages, paperback, 8 1 /4”x11”.<br />

71025 Teach Yourself Origami______$14.50<br />


All books are 91 /4”x121 SEMB MB MBLE LE BOO OO OOKS KS<br />

/4”. Printed in color on one side only.<br />

71012 Paper Airplanes That Fly ____________________$8.50<br />

18002 Easy-<strong>to</strong>-Make Snowfl akes ___________________$5.75<br />

71008 Cut & Assemble 3D Geometrical<br />

Shapes, 10 models, ages 12 and up. ________$9.50<br />

SPIN ART<br />

Create patterns using a spinning <strong>to</strong>p! Includes<br />

20 blank paper discs, spinning <strong>to</strong>p, three tubes of<br />

colorful paint and detailed instructions.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

48052 Spin Art_________________$5.75<br />


Make amazing colorful geometric designs<br />

with w thread! Kit includes two art plate bases, fi ve<br />

thread t rolls, instructions and suggestions on<br />

further f use of thread art creations.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

48056 Thread Art______________$5.75<br />


Create fascinating patterns with this classic<br />

art kit. Includes a spiral art <strong>to</strong>ol, three colored<br />

pencils, templates, blank paper and instructions.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

48054 Spiral Art________________$5.75<br />

Crafts<br />


Fifty activities (each book) for young<br />

children provide practice in coloring, cutting,<br />

folding, gluing, and displaying. The<br />

projects are reproducible for personal<br />

needs and group use. Major divisions of<br />

the book are: Easy Coloring, Cutting and<br />

Folding; Easy Mot<strong>to</strong>es and Models; and<br />

Easy Projects and Gifts. All projects have a Christian h i ti<br />

living emphasis. Excellent craft resources for projects. Ages 4 <strong>to</strong> 8.<br />

71018 Easy Paper Crafts, Book 1 ____________________$8.50<br />

71019 Easy Paper Crafts, Book 2 ____________________$8.50<br />


Educational activities and crafts for<br />

juniors and intermediates. Choose projects<br />

from the following categories: Nature,<br />

Paper/Cardboard, Games/Toys, Special<br />

Occasion/Seasonal, Color/Art, Words/Names,<br />

Food, and Miscellaneous. Recipes for paste,<br />

fi nger paint, crystal gardens, play dough, and<br />

more. Subject index. 112 pages, spiral-bound, 81 / ”x10 2 3 d 8 / ”. 4<br />

71020 Let’s Do Something _________________________$8.75<br />

1 / ” 103 0 / ” 3 / ”<br />


More educational activities and crafts for juniors and intermediates.<br />

Same categories as Book 1, but featuring different projects.<br />

71021 Let’s Do Something - Book 2 _________________$8.75<br />


Make beautiful greeting cards, borders and<br />

more! m Included are a craft <strong>to</strong>ol, stencils, blister<br />

shield, s paint pots, brush, blank paper, instructions<br />

and a a <strong>to</strong>othbrush.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

48058 Splatter Art_____________$5.75<br />


Build a 10” Kaleidoscope! Kit includes everything<br />

you need <strong>to</strong> decorate and cus<strong>to</strong>mize your kaleidoscope<br />

in four different styles: holographic, glow, snow<br />

and color. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

48030 Kaleidoscope Making Kit_______$9.75<br />


This JUMBO-sized kaleidoscope ope comes<br />

with a double-color glitter wand. Both colors<br />

create fun slow-motion images.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

20054 Jumbo Kaleidoscope __ $12.75<br />


Rotate the liquid-fi lled capsule on the end of this<br />

3” kaleidoscope <strong>to</strong> create an ever-changing view!<br />

Assorted Colorful, metallic fi nishes.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

48034 Liquid Spin Kaleidoscope ___________________$5.00<br />


A favorite over the years, now available<br />

again. A make-your-own kaleidoscope kit.<br />

Complete with parts, directions, colored<br />

pencils, dried fl owers, polished s<strong>to</strong>nes, glass<br />

marbles, and two nature drawings. Ages 7<br />

and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

48036 Nature Kaleidoscope Kit __________________ $12.00



These simply<br />

designed, very cute,<br />

ready <strong>to</strong> assemble<br />

wood kits are for<br />

ages 7 and up. They<br />

come complete with<br />

instructions. No <strong>to</strong>ols<br />

required; just add glue.<br />

Paint not included.<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />

Wood Projects<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

75231 Dump Truck (31 /2”x4”x8”) ___________________$4.25<br />

75232 Sailboat (2”x7”x71 /2”) _______________________$4.25<br />

75233 Sea Plane (9”x4”x71 /2”) ______________________$4.25<br />

75234 Space Shuttle (5”x51 /2”x8”) __________________$4.25<br />


Combine the craft of wooden<br />

model building with a piece of America’s<br />

nautical heritage. The pieces are<br />

pre-cut, pre-shaped, and lightly sanded.<br />

The kit comes with complete instructions,<br />

and fun facts about the boats, but<br />

you’ll need <strong>to</strong> supply your own glue and paint for decorating. Nearly<br />

9” long when complete. Ages 10 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

75228 Titanic Boat Kit __________________________ $12.50<br />

75229 USS Constitution _________________________ $12.50<br />



Wooden Sail Boat kit. All the parts are precut<br />

ready for assembly with glue (you provide) and a<br />

couple of screws that are provided. The only <strong>to</strong>ol<br />

required is a screwdriver. Measures 13½” long, 5”<br />

wide and 17½” tall when assembled. Happy sailing!<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

75104 Sail Boat Kit ______________ $17.50<br />

FUN!<br />


11<br />


These small kits come with everything you need except the glue.<br />

Fun for all ages; younger ones may need some help, and older ones<br />

can add creativity by painting, coloring, or wood-burning details.<br />

Good for his<strong>to</strong>ry study projects or just hours of fun. The wheels on the<br />

Stage Coach, Covered Wagon, Buckboard, and Handcart really turn, as<br />

does the Windmill. The Train wheels do not turn. Fun <strong>to</strong> build—fun <strong>to</strong><br />

play with afterwards. The train and track are separate kits.<br />

75200 Log Cabin (4”x6”x3”) _______________________$4.75<br />

75201 1867 Fort (41 /2”x5”x2”) ______________________$4.75<br />

75202 Covered Wagon (3”x81 /2”x41 /2”) _______________$4.75<br />

75203 Stage Coach (3”x81 /2”x31 /2”) __________________$4.75<br />

75204 Windmill (4”x5”x12”) _______________________$4.75<br />

75205 Train (11 /2”x10”x2”) _________________________$4.75<br />

75206 Train base (11 CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

/2”x10”x1”) ____________________$4.75<br />

75208 Outhouse (2½”x1¾”x5¼”) __________________$4.75<br />

75190 Barn (2¾”x4¾”x5”) ________________________$4.75<br />

75191 Buckboad (3”x7½”x2¾”) ____________________$4.75<br />

75192 Church (2½”x4½”x5¾”) _____________________$4.75<br />

75193 Handcart (3¾”x6½”x2¼”) ___________________$4.75<br />

75194 Lewis & Clark Keel Boat (1¾”x8¼”x9”) ________$4.75<br />

75195 Schoolhouse (2½”x4”x4½”) _________________$4.75<br />

5 or more single kits __________________________ $4.25 Each<br />

75207 Train & base <strong>to</strong>gether (1½”x10”x3¼”) _________$8.00<br />


These die-cut hardwood shapes are easy <strong>to</strong> use and fun <strong>to</strong> work MAKING WOODEN TOYS<br />

with. Each package of Woodsies contains eleven different shapes of<br />

This handy guide makes it easy <strong>to</strong> create <strong>to</strong>ys<br />

thin, popsicle-stick-type wood pieces ready<br />

that will win a permanent place in your family’s<br />

for you <strong>to</strong> decorate using paint, crayons,<br />

<strong>to</strong>y box! If you can use a saw and a screwdriver,<br />

colored pencils, etc. Instructions are included.<br />

you can make any of these <strong>to</strong>ys quickly and easily.<br />

Each pack contains 350 pieces, enough for<br />

Includes detailed instructions, tips on selecting<br />

20 <strong>to</strong> 30 average designs. Frogs, ducks, owls,<br />

wood, fi nishing your project and more. Templates<br />

and bunnies are only a few of the delightful<br />

for 12 projects which include: freight train, doll<br />

woodland creatures you can create.<br />

cradle, ships, helicopter, rocking horse, and more.<br />

48 pages, 8<br />

75101 Woodsies____________$5.00<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />


The author makes learning basic carpentry skills<br />

enjoyable and rewarding for children age 7 and up.<br />

With special sections on basic hand <strong>to</strong>ols, squaring a<br />

block of wood and wood fi nishing, this how-<strong>to</strong> book<br />

presents instructions for making 15 items all scaled <strong>to</strong> a<br />

beginner’s capabilities. Projects include: sailboat, book<br />

rack, table lamp, candlesticks, <strong>to</strong>wel-holder, fl ower box,<br />

shoe shine kit, wren house, and more. 96 pages, 6<br />

t<br />

t<br />

y<br />

I<br />

w<br />

f<br />

c<br />

4<br />

/4”x11”.<br />

20003 Making Wooden Toys _______$6.50<br />

1 /8”x91 Every farmer needs a fence <strong>to</strong> keep his<br />

animals from getting away from him. Your<br />

young farmer will get hours of enjoyment<br />

playing with this sturdy wooden farm fence.<br />

The fence is fl exible and can form corrals<br />

of many shapes and sizes. Extended <strong>to</strong> its<br />

full length, it measures nearly 9 feet long<br />

and is 4 inches tall. Folded up it measures<br />

11”x3½”x4” for compact s<strong>to</strong>rage after the<br />

fun is over. Put your own fence <strong>to</strong>gether<br />

with this easy <strong>to</strong> assemble kit, or purchase the fully assembled fence .<br />

Comes with everything you will need except the hammer!<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

75210 Let’s Make a Fence - Kit ____________________ $18.50<br />

75209 Toy Farm Fence - Assembled ________________ $18.50<br />

/4”.<br />

20004 Easy Carpentry Projects for Children __________$4.50<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

12<br />

After evaluating various popular, practical crafts for children,<br />

we feel that woodburning is ideal in many ways. We are<br />

featuring genuine Walnut Hollow wood burning products.<br />

Note about best wood for woodburnings: We have found<br />

that many people using their own woods for woodburnings<br />

soon get discouraged and quit, thinking “This just isn’t working.”<br />

But most of the problem is in the wood and not in their<br />

ability! Most woods have a very hard grain which is hard <strong>to</strong><br />

woodburn across. So, for best results, use basswood!<br />


These basswood plaques with<br />

fi nished edges are great for all those<br />

woodburning or decorating projects.<br />

Small plaques are 0.31” thick.<br />

74280 Oval (7”x5”) ______$3.25<br />

74281 Circle (6”) _________$3.25<br />

74282 Rectangle (7”x5”) __$3.25<br />

74283 French Cor. (7”x5”)_$3.25<br />

The large plaques are 0.75” thick.<br />

74285 Oval Basswood Plaque - 12”x9” _______________$8.50<br />

74286 Circle Basswood Plaque - 8” dia. ______________$5.50<br />

74287 Rectangle Basswood Plaque - 12”x9” __________$8.50<br />

74288 French Cor. Basswood Plaque - 12”x9” _________$8.50<br />

74290 Rectangle Basswood Plaque - 16”x12” _______ $12.50<br />


The T country rounds come in three sizes,<br />

measured m across the short diameter.<br />

Actual A size may be a half an inch larger or<br />

smaller. s Approx. 0.63” thick<br />

74255 Basswood 5” Round ___$5.25<br />

74256 Basswood 8” Round ____$8.50<br />

74257 74 Basswood 12” Round ___ $10.50<br />


For woodburning, clocks, etc., these<br />

country planks are smooth boards with<br />

sawn ends and rough bark still attached<br />

<strong>to</strong> the long edges. Planks are .63” thick.<br />

74260 8” Plank<br />

(7-9”Wx11”L)_________$8.50 0<br />

74264 10” Plank<br />

(9-11”Wx13”L)_____$10.50 0<br />

74265 12” Plank<br />

(11-13”Wx16”L)____$12.50 0<br />


This carving knife has a 1½” steel blade on<br />

a 5” smooth wooden handle. Tips on sharpening<br />

and care of the <strong>to</strong>ol are included.<br />

74270 Carving Knife _________________________$4.75<br />


A “Beginner’s Whittling Kit” that includes full color,<br />

step-by-step instructions, safety info, and all the wood<br />

for 8 creative projects, including: making your own<br />

wooden whistle, letter opener, mini bird house, pencil,<br />

twister, ball-in-a-cage, santa, and a goldfi sh. Everything<br />

in the kit can be done with a knife. Created<br />

by an experienced woodcarving teacher. (Knife not<br />

included). Ages 16 & older.<br />

75262 Beginners Whittling Kit_______$14.95<br />

Wood Burning<br />


Walnut Hallow has developed<br />

a perfect <strong>to</strong>ol for the<br />

individual who likes <strong>to</strong> do it all!<br />

This T <strong>to</strong>ol has options and functions<br />

for all types of needs for<br />

hobbyists, crafters and artists<br />

alike. Whether you are working<br />

with fabric, wood, stained glass<br />

or nearly any other surface, this <strong>to</strong>ol will serve your needs. You can<br />

burn wood; cut, burn, and personalize leather; solder jewelry; shape<br />

candle wax; burn and cut gourds; emboss fabric; cut and emboss<br />

polymer clay; cut styrofoam; cut stencils; and so much more. This kit<br />

includes all points (universal, fl ow, shading, calligraphy, stencil cutter,<br />

soldering, transfer, hot knife, and 3 stamping), lead-free solder, burner<br />

pen, and handy s<strong>to</strong>rage case. You also get a guide for which point <strong>to</strong><br />

use with which surface. For serious crafters. NOT A TOY!<br />

74220 Creative Versa-Tool ______________________ $28.50<br />


Heats <strong>to</strong> 950° F and includes four<br />

points (universal, cone, shading and<br />

fl ow). A heat shield keeps fi ngers<br />

cool. Accepts Walnut Hollow’s special<br />

technique points, and works well on<br />

all types of wood.<br />

74222 Creative Woodburner® Value Pen ___________ $11.50<br />

74210 Set of 4 Replacement Tips (Same as in the set) _________$7.50<br />


These tips are a big help for quality wood-<br />

D<br />

burnings but are not included with your wood- A<br />

B C<br />

burner. You will fi nd lots of uses for the sharp<br />

Fine Touch Tip and the rounded Mini Flow Tip.<br />

74213 (A) Fine Touch Tip ___________________________$2.75<br />

74212 (B) Mini Flow Tip ____________________________$2.75<br />

74214 (C) Texture ‘n Tone Tip ________________________$3.75<br />

74215 (D) Calligraphy Tip ___________________________$2.75<br />


KIT<br />

Everything you need <strong>to</strong> create<br />

a<br />

fi nished plaque. The kit includes a woodburning<br />

pen, 2 round basswood plaques, 8 patterns, trans-<br />

ffer<br />

paper, and full instructions for the beginner.<br />

74232 Woodburning Kit _________ $22.00<br />


Woodburning is a creative way <strong>to</strong> practice<br />

patience and develop a steady hand. This<br />

complete kit includes 8 patterns and 2 alphabet/<br />

number sets, transfer paper, 1-8” basswood round,<br />

1 basswood plaque, woodburning pen with 4<br />

points (shading, universal, fl ow and cone), 6 colored<br />

pencils, and instructions. Ages 12 and up.<br />

74233 Deluxe Woodburning Kit ____________________ $26.00 $<br />


This is an excellent way <strong>to</strong> learn beginning<br />

relief carving on wood. Creative Woodcarving<br />

Negative Relief Kit includes 8” basswood plate,<br />

3 carving knives, 8 patterns and 2 alphabet/<br />

number sets, transfer paper, and complete<br />

instructions. Recommended for ages 14+ with<br />

adult supervision<br />

74236 Wood Relief Carving Kit___ $14.00


BOOKS<br />

These pattern books from Walnut<br />

Hollow Farm have step-by-step<br />

instructions, new techniques, and<br />

ideas. A large variety of patterns for all<br />

skill levels are included in each book.<br />

8½”x11”.<br />

Book 2 - Wildlife patterns, several farm animals, an a imals scenic sceni country- t<br />

side views, log cabin, native American, and many more. 74 pages.<br />

Book 3 - A larger collection of patterns containing more wildlife<br />

animals, scenic views, butterfl ies, farm scenes, an old-fashioned<br />

general s<strong>to</strong>re, a covered bridge, a family tree, decorative borders, and<br />

much more. 88 pages.<br />

With these patterns and a nice set of oil pencils , you can not only<br />

create beautiful pictures but also bring them <strong>to</strong> life with brilliant<br />

color!<br />

74202 Woodburning Pattern Book 2 ________________$7.25<br />

74205 Woodburning Pattern Book 3 ________________$7.25<br />

Games<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />



Here’s just the thing for transferring patterns on<strong>to</strong> your<br />

woodburnings w<br />

(or other crafts, as well). Works like carbon<br />

paper, p but since it is graphite, it is easily erased with a soft<br />

eraser e after you are fi nished. Reusable 12”x24”.<br />

74241 Graphite Transfer Paper ______________$2.00<br />

13<br />


Here’s a versatile collection of<br />

transfer patterns that can be used<br />

again and again. For woodworking,<br />

simply trace on<strong>to</strong> wood with<br />

graphite paper; or <strong>to</strong> use in craft<br />

projects, just iron-on. Printed on 1<br />

side only. 48 pages, 81 T<br />

t<br />

a<br />

i<br />

g<br />

p<br />

s<br />

/4”x11”.<br />

74315 Floral Transfer Patterns (58 designs) ____________$6.50<br />

74317 Butterfl y Transfer Patterns (80 designs) _________$6.50<br />


A set of four patterns with which <strong>to</strong> practice your<br />

woodburning skills! includes 4 animals: a 7”x9” buck in<br />

a thicket, 9¾”x6” wolf in a clearing, 11”x6½ “ duck on the<br />

water, and a 6¾” x8” elephant in the grass. Also included<br />

are two alphabet and number sets and a sheet of 12”x12” ”<br />

graphite transfer paper. Patterns only. No woodworking<br />

<strong>to</strong>ols are included.<br />

74204 Nature Woodburning Patterns _____$4.25<br />


In the tradition of a property trading board game, these games portray a specifi c nature theme. Each game has long play or short play versions. Every<br />

aspect of the game is centered around the theme. The games are very educational and extremely clever and fun. Sometimes very funny! All games are<br />

for 2-6 players ages 8-adult. Perfect for a family game night.<br />


Horse-Opoly is a game that actually<br />

encourages horse play! Buy and sell horses, ,<br />

purchase bales of hay (instead of houses),<br />

upgrade <strong>to</strong> barns (instead of hotels), get<br />

sent <strong>to</strong> the trailer (instead of jail), advance<br />

<strong>to</strong> GIDDYUP!. Turn over the deeds <strong>to</strong> learn interesting t ti facts f t about b t<br />

each horse. Instead of taxes you’ll be paying $35.00 Vet’s farm call fees,<br />

but you’ll collect $35.00 from every player when you organize a trail<br />

ride! Whatever happens, you’ll have a galloping good time playing!<br />

The game pieces are very cute: riding boot, bag of oats, trailer, saddle,<br />

horse fl y, and a horse shoe.<br />

53051 Horse-Opoly _____________________________ $22.50<br />


Get ready for fun down on the farm!<br />

It’s a life down on the farm w<strong>here</strong> players<br />

increase their profi ts by collecting “acres”<br />

and trading them in for “big red barns”.<br />

Full of country humor and fun facts. Take<br />


Bird-Opoly is a high fl ying game of<br />

fun with a feathery twist! Based on birds<br />

of North America, you’ll buy your favorite<br />

birds, and raise the nesting fees (rent) by<br />

collecting bird houses and trading them in<br />

for trees. You might get grounded (instead of f jjailed) il d) or sent t t<strong>to</strong> fli fl ight ht<br />

school! You might even get elected <strong>to</strong> be president of the Birders<br />

Society, but you’ll have <strong>to</strong> pay $25.00 <strong>to</strong> every player who voted for<br />

you. Draw the “Vulture” card and collect $10.00 from every player.<br />

T<strong>here</strong> are facts about the individual birds on the back of the each<br />

deed card. Game pieces include: bird bath, hatching egg, binoculars,<br />

earthworm, birds’ nest, and horned owl.<br />

53052 Bird-Opoly _______________________________ $22.50<br />


An animal conservation game. Instead<br />

of buying property, players become caretakers<br />

of the animals. T<strong>here</strong> will be no “rent” ”<br />

a gander at the fun farm facts on the back of f every deed. d d You may due, however t<strong>here</strong> are meal fees <strong>to</strong> collect. .<br />

fi nd yourself in a hog waller, or you may have <strong>to</strong> stand and call the All players collect 4 elements: land, water,<br />

hogs, but if your handsome hog takes fi rst place at the fair, you’ll be food, and clean air. Trade these in for a habitat tat w<strong>here</strong> an animal can<br />

collecting $50.00 prize money. Advance <strong>to</strong> “Grow” and collect $200.00, survive on its own. Flip over the animal certifi cates (deeds) and you’ll<br />

collect 10 times the dice because you had a good day at the farm- fi nd several fun facts about each animal. Advance <strong>to</strong> “Explore” and<br />

ers market, or get the grocer’s egg contract for one year and collect collect $200.00 or who knows, you might become a caretaker of a two<br />

$100.00.T<strong>here</strong> are expenses on the farm, <strong>to</strong>o: trac<strong>to</strong>r repair fees, vet <strong>to</strong>n rhino, or just end up with fl eas! You’ll collect $100.00 for directing<br />

fees, fees because you were livin’ “high on the hog”, and the dry season traffi c during an elephant stampede, pay habitat taxes, celebrate the<br />

which will send you straight <strong>to</strong> “Drought” “Do not pass Grow, Do not rainy season by collecting $150.00, and advance <strong>to</strong> the watering hole<br />

collect $200.00”. Game pieces include: Old Bessie, work boot, cap, trac- because you are thirsty. The fun game pieces include: frog, rhino, lion,<br />

<strong>to</strong>r, corn on the cob, and a prize hog.<br />

hippo, koala, and alliga<strong>to</strong>r.<br />

53053 Farm-Opoly ______________________________ $22.50 53054 Wild Animalopoly _________________________ $22.50<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.

14<br />


Simple traditional game. Brilliant<br />

educational concept! Cover the<br />

picture game board with bingo chips<br />

just like a traditional bingo game, but<br />

instead of 5 in a row or a diagonal<br />


Speed is essential in winning since everyone<br />

plays at the same time! Dutch Blitz is a fast-moving,<br />

exciting card game for everyone. Ready - Set - Go!<br />

Build as many card sequences 1-10 as you can using<br />

the same respective colors in the center Dutch Piles,<br />

for points <strong>to</strong>ward the game, using as many cards<br />

from the Blitz Pile as possible. The fi rst player <strong>to</strong> empty his Blitz Pile has<br />

“Blitzed” his opponents and ended the hand. 2-4 players. Ages 8+.<br />

14144 Dutch Blitz®________________________________$9.50<br />

Games<br />

win, you’ll be making a letter shape<br />

which relates <strong>to</strong> the theme of the game. me For example example: le: the reptile<br />

53061 53 3061 Reptile<br />

ptile e Bingo<br />

____________________________ $13.50<br />

game has 4 game winning letter possibilities F—A—N—G. Players<br />

Winner calls out “cold-blooded”.<br />

decide which letter they are trying <strong>to</strong> create for a particular game,<br />

53062 Horse Bingo _____________________________ $13.50<br />

then play the bingo game as usual. The caller shows a picture of the<br />

Winner calls out “Giddy-Up”<br />

specimen <strong>to</strong> be matched. If a player has the same picture on his board 53063 Bird Bingo ______________________________ $13.50<br />

he places a chip on the picture. When the player completes the game<br />

Winner calls out “Chickadee”<br />

winning letter shape, he yells out “cold-blooded”. The fl ip side of the<br />

53064 Bug Bingo _______________________________ $13.50<br />

calling cards contains information about the specimen. The pictures<br />

Winner calls out “Metamorphosis”<br />

are printed in full color, and the specimens are set in their natural<br />

53065 Weather Bingo ___________________________ $13.50<br />

habitats. Each game has 6 picture game boards, 42 informative calling<br />

Winner calls out “Tornado”<br />

cards, and a bag of bingo chips.<br />

53066 Nature Bingo ____________________________ $13.50<br />

Winner calls out “Amphibians”<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

53067 United States Bingo _______________________ $13.50<br />

Winner calls out “Freedom”<br />


Players must combine their entire hand in<strong>to</strong><br />

wwords<br />

trying <strong>to</strong> use the highest point value letters.<br />

Quiddler® challenges you <strong>to</strong> do this fi rst with<br />

tthree<br />

cards (round one), then with four, on up <strong>to</strong><br />

tten<br />

cards in the last round. A bonus is given for<br />

bboth th the th longest l t word and the most words made by a player in each<br />

round. The average game takes 20-40 minutes. The solitaire rules<br />

included with Quiddler® result in endless hours of word challenges<br />

for the single player. from the makers of the game SET®<br />

14148 Quiddler Game __________________________ $12.00<br />

SET®<br />

The object of the game is <strong>to</strong> identify a set of<br />

three cards from 12 cards laid out on the table. Each<br />

card has a variation of four features - color, symbol,<br />

number or shading. A set consists of three cards in<br />

which each feature is either the same on each card or is different on<br />

each card. That is <strong>to</strong> say, any feature in the set of three cards is either<br />

common <strong>to</strong> all three cards or is different on each card. Includes 81<br />

cards, a durable carrying case and complete instructions. Develops<br />

critical thinking skills. One or more players. Ages 6 and up.<br />

53025 Set Game _______________________________ $14.00<br />


Three classics in one box! Checkers/Chess<br />

and Backgammon includes<br />

double-sided game board, 30 plastic<br />

interlocking checkers, Staun<strong>to</strong>n chess<br />

pieces with 2.5” King, dice and rules. 2<br />

players. Ages 8 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

53012 Chess, Checkers, Backgammon _______________$8.50<br />


A cross-country journey of learning<br />

fun! This colorful geography game teaches<br />

all about the USA. Spin from state-<strong>to</strong>-state<br />

and learn the land, capitals, interesting<br />

facts, etc. from the informative cards for all<br />

50 states. For 2-4 players. Grades 3 and up.<br />

53026 Name That State TM Game ___________________ $22.50<br />


The fun way <strong>to</strong> learn world geography.<br />

This around-the-world board game<br />

for 2-4 players teaches countries, capitals,<br />

locations, facts, and more. Includes game<br />

board, instructions, playing pieces, and fact<br />

cards. For grades 3 and up.<br />

53028 Name That Country TM Game _________________ $22.50<br />



Professor Noggin’s<br />

series of educational<br />

games encourages kids<br />

<strong>to</strong> learn interesting facts<br />

about their favorite subjects. Each of the thirty game cards combine<br />

trivia, true or false, and multiple choice questions. A special threenumbered<br />

die is included which creates interaction and promotes<br />

communication between players. Easy and hard levels will keep your<br />

children interested and challenged all while having fun! Each game<br />

contains 30 large illustrated cards, 1 three-numbered die, and an<br />

instruction sheet. 2-8 players. Ages 7 and up.<br />

14130 Professor Noggin’s Birds____________________ $9.50<br />

14131 Professor Noggin’s Safari____________________$9.50<br />

14132 Professor Noggin’s Insects___________________$9.50<br />

14133 Professor Noggin’s Farm____________________ $9.50<br />

14134 Professor Noggin’s Inventions_______________ $9.50<br />

14135 Professor Noggin’s Freshwater Life ___________$9.50<br />

14136 Professor Noggin’s Oceans __________________$9.50<br />

14137 Professor Noggin’s Pets _____________________$9.50<br />

14138 Professor Noggin’s Science (Ages 10 and up) _____$9.50

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />

15<br />



Outdoor games, Bible games, jump rope, relay<br />

Plow the back forty on your kitchen table!<br />

races, indoor games, educational games, and monot-<br />

Whether you are a real life farmer or an apar<strong>to</strong>ny<br />

breakers. Over 250 games well-suited for schoolment<br />

dweller, this game can make you laugh<br />

aged children. A compilation of game ideas that were<br />

at some of life’s calamities. No two years on<br />

contributed by teachers of Christian schools. 140<br />

the farm are ever the same. Each player<br />

pages, spiral-bound, 6”x9”.<br />

starts by inheriting 20 acres of land from<br />

71022 Games for Everyone__________$8.75<br />

their grandfather, a line of credit at the<br />

WE W WIN!<br />

A complete, non-competitive physical education<br />

t program for the entire family. Written <strong>to</strong> give<br />

purpose p and direction <strong>to</strong> your physical education<br />

program, p <strong>to</strong> help you set goals, and <strong>to</strong> give some<br />

practical p ways for home schoolers <strong>to</strong> reach those<br />

bank and hopes of independence.<br />

You’ll plant, harvest, buy equipment<br />

and sell. The object of the game is <strong>to</strong> see if you can become an independent<br />

farmer so you can quit your city job. Fun for all ages. Enough<br />

acreage for up <strong>to</strong> 6 players.<br />

53030 The Farming Game®_______________________$29.50<br />

goals g in keeping with Biblical principles. Let’s give our<br />

children c a complete education, neglecting nothing,<br />

yet keeping all th things in their proper perspective. 171 pages, paperback,<br />

8½”x10¾”.<br />

15030 We Win! _________________________________ $21.00<br />


The Construction Game gives players<br />

a fi rst hand try at making it big in the<br />

world of big equipment and big deals. Bid<br />

on jobs, buy dozers, backhoes, excava<strong>to</strong>rs,<br />


and scrapers, then put them <strong>to</strong> work. Build<br />

This game is a delightful way <strong>to</strong><br />

slowly or borrow your way <strong>to</strong> the <strong>to</strong>p!<br />

help teach the basic aspects of good<br />

T<strong>here</strong> is no free lunch served at the job site.<br />

manners. With 100 picture cards show-<br />

Be the biggest contrac<strong>to</strong>r in the valley. Ages 10-Adult.<br />

ing proper and improper manners, kids<br />

53032 The Construction Game ___________________ $34.50<br />

will learn at an early age <strong>to</strong> distinguish<br />

between correct and incorrect behavior.<br />

CAMP<br />

A fun-fi lled way <strong>to</strong> help learn the right<br />

Camp is a game w<strong>here</strong> both children &<br />

choices in real-life situations. For 2 <strong>to</strong> 6<br />

adults can play & learn fun facts about the<br />

Players, Ages 4 & Up. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

great outdoors. The game is designed <strong>to</strong><br />

53045 Mind Your Manners Game _________________ $15.00<br />

grow with the player, starting with level one<br />


Surprise then laughs follow as two or more players<br />

try <strong>to</strong> beat force fi elds with strategic thinking plus<br />

careful and precise handling of the game’s magnetic<br />

s<strong>to</strong>nes. The object of the game is <strong>to</strong> be the fi rst one<br />

<strong>to</strong> place your magnets in<strong>to</strong> the game base without<br />

letting any magnets connect. Be careful! One wrong<br />

move and you’re left with a handful of magnets. Ages<br />

14 and up.<br />

53024<br />

questions, which are primarily identifi cation<br />

of animals. As the players increase in their<br />

knowledge about the outdoors, they grow<br />

in<strong>to</strong> the higher level questions. A fun & educational<br />

game w<strong>here</strong> parents & children can<br />

play against each other <strong>to</strong> get <strong>to</strong> Camp fi rst.<br />

Ages 4 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

Camp Game ___________________________ $24.50<br />

53014 Jishaku _______________________________ $18.75<br />


Play a card from your hand, place your chip<br />

on a corresponding character on the board.<br />

When you have 4 in a row, it’s a SEQUENCE and<br />

you win! Use a wild card <strong>to</strong> place your chip<br />

anyw<strong>here</strong>. Remove your opponent’s chip with<br />

a DRAGON card. Have fun with your friends<br />

playing SEQUENCE® For Kids! Includes: folding<br />

game board, 42 playing cards, 21 red playing<br />

chips, 21 yellow playing chips, 21 green playing<br />

chips, 21 blue playing chips, and instructions. 2 <strong>to</strong> 4 players. Ages 3- 6.<br />


The award winning CAMP Travel Edition is very<br />

compact and mobile, with a unique wood design.<br />

Up <strong>to</strong> 4 multi-level players, and has fun “setback” and<br />

“move forward” features. Features all new outdoor<br />

trivia cards, with vibrant full color images. CAMP<br />

Travel Edition highlights all 50 states. includes: 50<br />

question cards, 4 game pieces, 4 level cards, decoder,<br />

and spinner. 2 <strong>to</strong> 4 players. Ages 4 and up.<br />

53020 Travel Camp ___________________________ $18.75<br />

53016<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

Sequence for Kids® _______________________ $17.50<br />


Mathematician and puzzler Norvin Pallas not<br />


only describes basic arithmetic functions and how <strong>to</strong><br />

Spill & Spell® is a crossword cube classic. Spill twenty-two letter calculate with greater speed and accuracy, but shows<br />

dice on<strong>to</strong> a playing surface and start the one-minute timer. Put dice you how <strong>to</strong> use your calcula<strong>to</strong>r <strong>to</strong> enjoy an as<strong>to</strong>nishing<br />

<strong>to</strong>gether horizontally, vertically or “intersectingly” <strong>to</strong> spell as many array of brain-teasers, puzzles, mathematical oddities,<br />

words as you can. Respill your lef<strong>to</strong>ver letters and keep going. After games, and recreations. Simple instructions for: Upsideten<br />

rounds whoever has the highest score wins! Down Displays, Strictly for Squares, Shopping Spree,<br />

Includes twenty-two letter dice, spilling cup,<br />

The Calcula<strong>to</strong>r Murders, Oranges and Doughnuts, What<br />

timer, score pad and complete instructions. One Is Going On Inside?, Fuelish Figures, and more. Written<br />

or more players. Ages 8 and up.<br />

in an easy-<strong>to</strong>-understand style, and delightful illustrations. 96 pages,<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

Paperback, 5½” x 8½”.<br />

53018 Spill and Spell® _________ $13.50 14836 Calcula<strong>to</strong>r Games __________________________$6.50<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.

16<br />


Have you ever heard a word that triggered you <strong>to</strong> sing a song?<br />

If so then YOU are Spontuneous! One<br />

player says a word and the race is on for<br />

the others <strong>to</strong> sing a song containing that<br />

word. The game Spontuneouschallenges<br />

players <strong>to</strong> think of lyrics <strong>to</strong> songs they<br />

know and love. It’s fun, fast paced and<br />

full of laughter. Example: the word “dawn”<br />

might trigger someone <strong>to</strong> sing, “Oh say can<br />

you see by the dawn’s early light.” Includes<br />

game board, 10 player pawns, 50 Spontuneous<br />

cards, one 15 second timer, Hit-List<br />

tablet with pencils, 2 dice and complete instructions. 4 <strong>to</strong> 10 players.<br />

Ages 13 and up. Case pack 6. Named a Best Vacation Toy by Dr. Toy.<br />

Creative Child Magazine Best Game of the Year 2011.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

53038 Spontuneous __________________________ $27.50<br />


Games you grew up playing can now excite your children.<br />

Classic Double Jacks includes 16 metal jacks, 2 rubber<br />

balls and instructions. Jacks measure 1” tall.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

53036 Double Jax_______________________$2.50<br />


Barrel of Monkeys® is the classic linking game.<br />

Hook <strong>to</strong>gether 12 chimps and win! No reading<br />

required. Ages 3 and up.<br />

53022 Barrel of Monkeys® ________$7.50<br />


Flippers is a fun game for both kids and adults.<br />

The object is <strong>to</strong> score the highest number of<br />

points in a round, by fl ipping your Flippers in<strong>to</strong> the<br />

box.. Any number can play. Each game contains<br />

16 Flippers. Buy two sets and double your fun.<br />

Age 5-Adult.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

14150 Flippers ___________________________________$4.75<br />


The Eggciting Balancing Game! Challenge<br />

yourself and others in this fun party<br />

game for the whole family and see who has<br />

the best balance, concentration, fabulous<br />

fl exibility and calm coordination. Turning,<br />

stretching, balancing - who can imitate the<br />

monkey’s moves with the amazing interactive<br />

egg in their hands? But be careful! If<br />

you tip the egg, the sleeping bird inside<br />

will wake up laughing! The fi rst player who can complete 5 exercises<br />

without waking up the bird is the winner. This game is an exciting way<br />

<strong>to</strong> promote children’s physical skills. The cards have 3 different levels<br />

of diffi culty for all ages and abilities <strong>to</strong> enjoy. 3 AAA batteries required<br />

(not included). Ages 6 and up, 1-6 players.<br />

53034 Jungle Jive Game ________________________ $27.50<br />


Handmade <strong>to</strong>ps with non-<strong>to</strong>xic, food-grade<br />

fi nish. MarvelousTop is long spinning with just<br />

one pull of the string. The Flip-Flop <strong>to</strong>p begins<br />

upside down and turns itself upright during<br />

spinning.<br />

48092 Marvelous Top ______________________$7.25<br />

48094 Flip-Flop Top _______________________$2.00<br />

Fun Stuff!<br />


The more you play the more like<br />

Albert you will become!<br />



This easy <strong>to</strong> learn math card game<br />

is fun and challenging. Beginning with<br />

the number ‘1’ as the fi rst answer, you’ll be using addition, subtraction,<br />

multiplication, or division <strong>to</strong> combine the randomly displayed<br />

four cards in<strong>to</strong> the next number in the sequence, so using the operations,<br />

the only answer for the next player is “2”. Sometimes you’ll fl y<br />

through the sequence with ease. Other times you’ll literally sit and<br />

stew over the cards hoping <strong>to</strong> expose a combination that produces<br />

the needed number. We love this game! It encourages creative and<br />

critical thinking. Example: If the four cards are 1-2-3-4, then you could<br />

say, “2-1=1, 3-1=2 ( or 4-2=2, or 4+1=5-3=2, etc.), 2+1=3, 4x1=4, these<br />

are easy so far...But, how do you make 17? 4+1=5x3=15 +2=17, or,<br />

any other combination you come up with while using each card no<br />

more than once. We allow a few minutes in our school day <strong>to</strong> play this<br />

game, however, we ALWAYS go over the time limit. Great for solitaire<br />

or multi play. Albert’s Insomnia includes 48 cards and complete<br />

instructions. Ages 8 and up.<br />

53042 Albert’s Insomnia __________________________$9.50<br />


Magnetic games in a tin<br />

container make these games<br />

easy <strong>to</strong> take along. They feature<br />

big magnetic playing pieces<br />

that are easy for kids <strong>to</strong> use and<br />

hard for kids <strong>to</strong> lose. Games are for 2 players. players Game Ga containers containe ineers<br />

are<br />

6½”x6½”, and both sides of the contained are used during play.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

53080 Bingo_____________________________________$6.50<br />

53082 Checkers (Not Pictured) ________________________$6.50<br />

53084 Chess _____________________________________$6.50<br />

53086 Hangman _________________________________$6.50<br />


50 colorful cards depicting 25 common birds or<br />

animals for a game of memory. Packaged in a sturdy<br />

plastic box. 3 3 /4”x2 3 /4”.<br />

82103 Animal Memory Game ________$5.50<br />


Your young children will have a ball with this selfcontained<br />

game! Just pull the spring <strong>to</strong> fl ip the colorful fi sh<br />

in<strong>to</strong> the net. Simple and fun especially for ages 4 and up.<br />

7”x8¾”. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

19995 Flip A Fish___________________$2.50<br />


Use the magnetic wand <strong>to</strong> move iron powder in<strong>to</strong><br />

pposition<br />

<strong>to</strong> draw whiskers, side burns, moustache, or<br />

ddifferent<br />

hair styles on Wooly Willy! Did you know<br />

tthat<br />

Wooly Willy is ranked as one of the great <strong>to</strong>y<br />

cconcepts<br />

of all times? We didn’t either. 7”x8¾”.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

19996 Wooly Willy ___$2.50<br />


Use the magnetic wand <strong>to</strong> move the enclosed<br />

balls in<strong>to</strong> a variety of positions <strong>to</strong> create dozens of<br />

interesting designs. 7”x8¾”.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

19998 Doodle Balls_____________$2.50


Add 1 /2 teaspoon of this water-absorbing powder <strong>to</strong> 4<br />

ounces of water and... it instantly gels! Includes ideas for<br />

science projects and additional hands-on activities. Ages<br />

10 and up.<br />

50088 Water Gel______________________$3.50<br />

3 or more, each __________________ $3.00<br />


Enjoy your ice cream just as Astronauts do–the<br />

freeze-dried f<br />

way! Freeze-drying removes water from<br />

the t ice cream by lowering the air pressure <strong>to</strong> a point<br />

w<strong>here</strong> w ice shifts from a solid <strong>to</strong> a gas. The ice cream<br />

is i placed in a vacuum chamber and frozen until the<br />

water w crystallizes. The air pressure is lowered, creating<br />

a vacuum, forcing air out of the chamber; next heat<br />

is i applied, vaporizing the ice; fi nally a freezing coil<br />

traps t the vaporized water. This process continues for<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


Squish it, shape it, save it… or smoosh it and<br />

start all over again! With PlayFoam, you’ve got<br />

hours of creative fun on your hands! This lightweight,<br />

colorful foam sculpting material won’t<br />

crumble or shed its microbeads, and it won’t stick<br />

<strong>to</strong> skin or surfaces – no cleanup required. <strong>Plus</strong>, it’s<br />

even non-<strong>to</strong>xic! PlayFoam never dries…you can use it over and over<br />

and over again! We have a variety of colors available, including glowin-the-dark,<br />

sparkle, pink, green, purple, red, orange, blue, and black.<br />

We will choose one for you, but if you order more than one, we’ll make<br />

sure you get several different colors. Each block measures approx. 3” x<br />

4¼” x 1¼”<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

19975 PlayFoam _________________________________$1.95<br />

MARS MUD<br />

Pretend that Mars Mud is an amazing<br />

gooey slime from outer space. It’s slimy but<br />

leaves no residue, stretches, and bounces!<br />

<strong>Plus</strong> it looks super cool with its marbled<br />

“Glow in the Dark” appearance. Great small<br />

gift for all ages and will bring hours of fun for<br />

all! Colors vary.<br />


What exactly is this stuff? Good<br />

question! It spills out of the container,<br />

slimes its way through your fi ngers<br />

and feels wet and icky—yet it’s dry!<br />

When you are fi nished playing with<br />

this amazing goo, just pour it back<br />

in<strong>to</strong> the 31 CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

19978 Mars Mud _________________________________$2.75<br />

/4” fl ask shaped container<br />

until the next time you want <strong>to</strong> play with the iridescent mixture! Lots<br />

of fun for young and old alike. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

19990 Galaxy Lab Goo ____________________________$2.00<br />


Colorful bucket with handle contains 20<br />

pieces of 4” washable, non-<strong>to</strong>xic chalk. Assorted<br />

Colors! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

48040 Sidewalk Chalk _________$4.00<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

hours hours, resulting in<br />

a perfect freeze-dried ice cream slice. This package<br />

contains Neapolitan fl avor and tastes delicious! Net wt .7oz.<br />

48008 Astronaut Ice Cream ________________________$3.00<br />

48009 Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich _______________$3.50<br />


The Original 1950’s cereal premium that dives<br />

and resurfaces. Powered by ordinary baking<br />

powder. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50065 Diving Sub _______________$3.50<br />

17<br />


Quality design ensures this Rainbow Choral Top will be in the<br />

family for generations. As the 9” diameter <strong>to</strong>p spins, it produces a soft<br />

and subtle choral sound, while colorful patterns<br />

shift before your eyes. Each <strong>to</strong>p features a plastic<br />

base for stability. Ages 12 months and up.<br />

48074 Rainbow Choral Top_______$23.50<br />


Use the pushing tube and launching rod <strong>to</strong> launch<br />

yyour<br />

spinner. It not only fl ies up <strong>to</strong> 50 feet high, but it<br />

lights up while spinning. Comes with 4 extra AG1 but<strong>to</strong>n<br />

cell batteries. Ages 5 and up.<br />

48072 Extreme UFO Spinner ____________$4.50<br />


By adding two 1-liter bottles <strong>to</strong> the<br />

ccontents<br />

of the kit you will make a fun 10”x9”<br />

ccatamaran.<br />

Launch it in the pool or pond, and<br />

wwatch<br />

it fl y across the water! (requires two<br />

AAAA<br />

batteries, not included)<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50098 Catamaran ______________________________ $14.50<br />


The Amazing UFO is a unique fun-fi lled<br />

aactivity<br />

craft which combines science<br />

aand<br />

art. Originally invented over fi fty<br />

yyears<br />

ago by a mathematician at Princ-<br />

ee<strong>to</strong>n<br />

<strong>to</strong> amaze and inspire fellow col-<br />

lleagues,<br />

the UFO is of timeless design.<br />

GGenius<br />

is stimulated during assembly<br />

wwhen<br />

the object goes from fl at 2-dimesions <strong>to</strong> a<br />

3-dimensional rotatable ring. Two models per package. (1- Rainbow<br />

Colored and 1- Color-it-yourself ). Ages 4 and up.<br />

87000 Unidentifi ed Folding Object _________________$5.00<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />


A favorite of both kids and grown-ups. Blow<br />

in<strong>to</strong> the four-chambered whistle recreating a<br />

steam locomotive’s call. 7½”x1¼”x1¼”<br />

48010 Train Whistle _____________$3.00<br />


Have you ever wondered about the<br />

launching capabilities of the common<br />

marshmallow? This Marshmallow<br />

Launcher Kit is fi lled with hours of fun<br />

learning about how things fl y. Inside<br />

you’ll fi nd dozens of ideas for making<br />

different launchers, paper airplanes,<br />

gliders and more. Also, learn fun facts<br />

about fl ying things and air pressure.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1, 2). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

50248 Marshmallow Launcher____________________$18.50

18<br />


How <strong>to</strong> make the world’s most incredible<br />

bubbles! 36 page book fi lled with everything<br />

imaginable about bubbles. Dunk the “Bubble<br />

Thing” loop in<strong>to</strong> a bucket of soapy water and<br />

spread open. It makes bubbles that can stretch<br />

across your lawn or bubbles that just drift lazily<br />

on a breeze shimmering with every color of<br />

the rainbow! You supply the dish soap and the<br />

glycerin.<br />

15088 Unbelievable Bubble Book _________________ $16.25<br />


If you like building your own electronic gadgets,<br />

g you’ll love this book by Popular Mechanics<br />

for f Kids. Using inexpensive, easily-obtained <strong>to</strong>ols,<br />

you y can build fi ve awesome <strong>to</strong>ys and games. Projects<br />

e include: light box, spy camera, buzz game, and<br />

more. m Handy troubleshooting tips spot problems<br />

before b the job is done, and sidebars offer fascinating<br />

i facts <strong>to</strong> keep you occupied while the glue<br />

dries. d A budding engineer’s delight! 64 pages,<br />

paperback, paperback 8½”x11” 8½”x11”. Ages 9-14.<br />

74402 Make Amazing Toy & Game Gadgets ________ $12.50<br />


This classic wooden <strong>to</strong>y will bring hours of<br />

enjoyment <strong>to</strong> children! Simply place the uninfl ated<br />

balloon over the lip of the rounded cylinder and<br />

infl ate by blowing air in<strong>to</strong> the wooden pipe located<br />

at the back of the boat. Once the balloon is fully<br />

infl ated, cover the tail pipe with your fi nger <strong>to</strong> keep<br />

the air from escaping the balloon. Then place your<br />

balloon powered boat in water, remove your fi nger<br />

from the tail pipe and watch in amazement as your<br />

boat cruises through the open sea or bath tub!<br />

Extra Balloons included, 5” long.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1, 2). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20092 Balloon Powered Wooden Boat ______________$4.50<br />


Fill this large prism with water<br />

and enjoy 37 different activities,<br />

while studying spectrums and light.<br />

Its design is unique. Some prisms<br />

are designed with one 90° angle,<br />

making it ideal for refl ection, but<br />

unsuitable for refraction. Others are<br />

designed with 60° angles for refraction<br />

purposes, but cannot be used<br />

well for refl ection. This prism captures the best of both by using an<br />

80°, 50°, and 50° angle combination. This provides a prism that can be<br />

used for both refl ection and refraction demonstrations. It is designed<br />

for vertical and horizontal use. Large, 7”x5”x3 1 /2”. Available with the<br />

prism, or sold separately, is the 36-page, 5¼”x8½” Prism Pursuits booklet.<br />

It includes 37 activities with diagrams suitable for individual or<br />

group studies. We believe you will fi nd inspiration as you explore the<br />

wonders of light while working with this prism.<br />

50016 Water Prism ______________________________ $15.75<br />

50017 Prism Pursuits Booklet _______________________$5.20<br />

50018 Water Prism & Booklet kit __________________ $19.75<br />

PRISMS<br />

Separate white light in<strong>to</strong> a spectrum of<br />

colors with these acrylic prisms.<br />

40012 Equilateral 4”, 3 /4” sides___$7.00<br />

40013 Large Equilateral 5 1 /2”, 1 1 /4”<br />

sides______________$10.00<br />

Fun Stuff!<br />


A simple form gyroscope for demonstrating the principles<br />

of rotation, attraction and equilibrium of bodies in<br />

motion. Consists of a metal gyroscope and a plastic post.<br />

20018 Gyroscope ____$6.50<br />

20028 Twin Pack ___ $12.50<br />


Learn how <strong>to</strong> create an enormous geyser by combining<br />

Men<strong>to</strong>s® with soda. The eruption is amazing,<br />

up <strong>to</strong> 25 feet high, and so is the science just beneath<br />

the surface. The Geyser Tube allows you <strong>to</strong> load the<br />

candies and safely disperse them in<strong>to</strong> the soda bottle.<br />

Ages 8+.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50069 Geyser Tube ____________________________ $5.00<br />


These crystals absorb 150-300 times their weight in<br />

wwater.<br />

Instructions include many science experiment ideas.<br />

AAges<br />

7 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50082 Super Absorbent Crystals_________ $3.50<br />

3 or more, each____________________$3.00<br />


Let the diver sink <strong>to</strong> the bot<strong>to</strong>m and retrieve it with this Cartesian<br />

diver hook. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50078 Hook—A Cartesian Diver___________$3.50<br />

3 or more, each_____________________ $3.00<br />


DIVER<br />

A Cartesian diver <strong>to</strong> make sink and swim. Explore properties<br />

e of air and water while having fun. Make the diver and<br />

attach a the “squid-looking” device. It really looks like a squid<br />

fl floating<br />

in the water!<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50080 Squidy Cartesian Diver Toy ________$3.50<br />

3 or more, each ____________________________ $3.00<br />


“Once he starts drinking he won’t s<strong>to</strong>p!”<br />

You probably played with the drinking bird at your<br />

grandpa’s house like we did. Just get the bird’s head<br />

wet and set it beside a glass of water and watch it continue<br />

<strong>to</strong> drink by himself. Fascinating for little people<br />

<strong>to</strong> observe—nostalgic for the rest of us. Very fragile.<br />

Packaged in a 7” box.<br />

19994 Drinking Duck______________$6.00<br />


What a strange device! But it sure<br />

is fun. When you grip the glass base, heat from your<br />

body warms the air in the outer tube. As air heats<br />

it expands. It may look like the liquid is boiling, but<br />

the expanding air is actually displacing the liquid up<br />

through the center of the glass device. As the liquid<br />

reaches the <strong>to</strong>p, the warm air continues <strong>to</strong> rise, sending<br />

bubbles through the liquid. Voilá! The liquid<br />

looks like it’s boiling. The glass is very thin. Please supervise your little<br />

ones. 7” high.<br />

19992 Hand Boiler ________________________________$4.50<br />

3 or more, each____________________$4.00

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


Watch bands of light dance and react when the<br />

glass spere is <strong>to</strong>uched. This 6” lamp requires four AA<br />

batteries or an adapter (not included).<br />

48064 Plasma Orb Light ____________ $14.50<br />


Long lasting bubbles you can <strong>to</strong>uch! Each test tube<br />

is 4½” tall and contains .75 ounces of solution. Assorted<br />

tube colors. Ages 3+.<br />

48070 Touchable Bubbles _____________$2.00<br />


Have hours of fun with these punch balloons! When<br />

infl ated, they measure 16” in diameter. Assorted Colors<br />

and come two balloons per bag.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1, 2). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

48048 Punch Balloons ________________$2.50<br />


The take anw<strong>here</strong> 2 in 1 exploration <strong>to</strong>ol. When<br />

extended <strong>to</strong> 8¾” it becomes a powerful 7x18 telescope,<br />

allowing you <strong>to</strong> see the world around you close up.<br />

When closed <strong>to</strong> 5¼” it becomes a strong 12x microscope<br />

so you can explore all the hidden details surrounding<br />

you. 18mm objective lens. Ideal for fi eld trips, camping<br />

or just exploring your own backyard. Ages 8+.<br />

61608 2 in 1 Pocket Telescope–Microscope ________ $13.75 $13 75<br />


Make shapes come <strong>to</strong> life with Wikki Stix®<br />

connect-the-dot c<br />

fun! Kit includes (72), 6” Wikki Stix®<br />

in i both original and neon colors, 10 connect-the-dot<br />

boards, b and an idea booklet. With only the pressure<br />

of o a fi ngertip, the sticks hold on<strong>to</strong> the card, then peel<br />

easily e <strong>to</strong> reposition again and again. Preschool.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

19981 Wikki Stix® ________________ $12.00<br />


Wikki Stix® ad<strong>here</strong> <strong>to</strong> almost any smooth surface<br />

with just fi ngertip pressure and can be easily lifted off<br />

and re-shaped again and again. They are easy, safe,<br />

clean and fun. This set contains (48), 8” waxy, poseable<br />

strips ready for creative young minds <strong>to</strong> enjoy.<br />

Great for ages 3 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

19982 Original Colors______________$6.00<br />

19983 Neon Colors ________________$6.00<br />

19985 Set of Both Colors __________$11.00<br />

19<br />

SLINKY<br />

Everyone loves a Slinky! This original spring<br />

<strong>to</strong>y is famous with children all over the world. It<br />

stretches, snaps back, and makes a “slinkity sound.”<br />

Richard James invented the Slinky by accident. He<br />

was trying <strong>to</strong> develop a spring that could help keep sensitive shipboard<br />

instruments steady at sea. He knocked some of these experimental<br />

springs off a shelf, and was amused by the way they “walked”<br />

down, rather than just falling. Dimension: (H) 2 1/4” x (W) 2 7/8” Ages 3+<br />

50071 Slinky, Original Metal _______________________$4.25<br />


He wags his tail and wiggles his body. This is<br />

like the original pull <strong>to</strong>y. Made of durable plastic<br />

and animated by the famous Slinky® spring. Recommended<br />

for ages 18 months and up.<br />

50077 Slinky®Dog Pull Toy_______$18.50<br />


Old time fun is back, with the Gyro<br />

Wheel that rolls round and round and goes<br />

back and forth. Place the wheel between<br />

the metal tracks, move the handle up and<br />

down, watch the Gyro Wheel spin up, down<br />

and all around. Caution: can be time consuming. 11” long.<br />

50068 Magnetic Gyro Wheel _______________________$3.50<br />


The precision-engineered Aerobie AeroSpin ball<br />

bearing yo-yo is ideal for all types of tricks and all players’<br />

skill levels. Its patented soft rim makes the AeroSpin<br />

yo-yo more fun <strong>to</strong> play and catch. The AeroSpin yo-yo’s<br />

adjustable gap enables a player <strong>to</strong> set its responsiveness<br />

at the desired level and its high performance ball<br />

bearing powers through all types of tricks. Its weight<br />

distribution and venturi gap are great for diffi cult<br />

looping tricks, making it the perfect yo-yo for all around play. Each<br />

AeroSpin yo-yo comes with a 36 page book of tricks, tips, and care<br />

instructions. Ages 5 and up. Quality made in the USA.<br />

20012 AeroSpin Yo-Yo __________________________ $16.50<br />


The centrifugal activated weights create an au<strong>to</strong>-return<br />

function in the 2¼” yo-yo. They come in assorted colors.<br />

Will do many tricks, very basic directions only.<br />

48044 Hyper Spin Yo-Yo_______________$5.00<br />


Tangent soap bubbles, colorful, long-lasting, hardy bubbles.<br />

Bubble lovers will love these amazing bubbles. 5 fl oz.<br />

48046 Tangent Soap Bubbles _______________$2.25<br />


Before you <strong>to</strong>uch it, this Fickle Foam<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />

TM just looks<br />

like a 1 /4” thick piece of foam rubber with a glossy,<br />

color-fl ecked surface. Touch it — and its amazing<br />

<strong>to</strong>uch-sensitive liquid crystals react by changing it <strong>to</strong><br />

beautiful rich colors with rainbow edges! As it cools,<br />

colors change <strong>to</strong> other bright colors before your eyes.<br />

Breathe on it, and your warm breath makes large<br />

colorful rings. Set a cup of hot tea on it, and bright<br />

rings of color appear around the cup. 4”x4”.<br />

20020 Fickle FoamTM F<br />

l<br />

c<br />

t<br />


Using Rogallo’s fl exible wing theory, this fun<br />

<strong>to</strong>y can soar over 200 feet high, then fl oat gently<br />

back down like a helicopter. 8”.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

91021 Arrowcopter® Toy ________$3.50<br />

3 or more, each___________$3.00<br />

b<br />


c<br />

The chronicle of the amazing s<strong>to</strong>ry of man-made<br />

B<br />

fl<br />

ying machines. Starting with Leonardo da Vinci’s<br />

c<br />

ddrawings<br />

of a wing-fl apping aircraft around 1485,<br />

rings of color app<br />

t<strong>to</strong><br />

the modern space shuttle. 44 pages, paperback,<br />

______________________________$3.50<br />

88¼”x11”.<br />

3 or more, each ____________________________$3.25<br />

71014 His<strong>to</strong>ry of Flight Coloring Book_$3.75<br />

ro rodu du ct t s af aff et ety t in info fo

20<br />


The world’s fi nest tangle-free <strong>to</strong>y parachute. It has<br />

no strings <strong>to</strong> tangle, no batteries <strong>to</strong> replace, and no<br />

assembly required. Simply <strong>to</strong>ss it high and watch it fl y!<br />

The parachutes are made with all of the newest and<br />

brightest neon colors and come packaged in a tube that<br />

is 100% recyclable and reusable. Colors will vary. 19¾”<br />

diameter. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

20090 Parachute Man_____________$4.00<br />

3 or more, each _____________$3.75<br />

Flying Fun<br />


Eight models in full color. You need <strong>to</strong> supply<br />

ppaperclips,<br />

scissors, a penny, glue, and a few other<br />

iinexpensive<br />

supplies <strong>to</strong> get them off the ground!<br />

FFull<br />

instructions for assembly and adjustments!<br />

99¼”x12¼”.<br />

71012 Cut & Assemble Airplanes _____$8.25<br />


This is a very informative little book. It explains gravity,<br />

lift, thrust, drag and other concepts of fl ight. Instructions<br />

on correctly assembling paper airplanes and all<br />

the explanations on the success or failure of its fl ight. If I<br />

had owned this book when I was young, perhaps I would<br />

have been able <strong>to</strong> keep my paper airplanes up! 48 pages,<br />

paperback, 7”x9”. Ages 7-10.<br />

71016 The Paper Airplane Book _____________________$7.50<br />


W<br />

Infl ate the 8-foot long bag using only 1 breath of air.<br />

Learn L the properties of air while amazing your friends with<br />

all a of your “hot air”. Four windbags included, plus instructions<br />

with w scientifi c principles explained. Ages 10–adult. Reusable.<br />

50086 WindBag__________________________$5.25<br />


You’ve never seen a solar bag like this!<br />

It’s 50 feet long, 3 feet in diameter, thin, black<br />

plastic and holds over 350 cubic feet of air.<br />

Simply fi ll with air by running, tie off the ends, and<br />

let the energy of the sun heat the air inside the bag.<br />

Within approximately fi ve minutes, the bag will rise in<strong>to</strong> the sky.<br />

Amazing <strong>to</strong> see. Excellent detailed instructions allow you <strong>to</strong> explore<br />

the principles of solar energy, density, and buoyancy.<br />

50074 Solar Bag ________________________________ $16.50<br />


Few s<strong>to</strong>ries rival the fascinating and exciting adventures<br />

t of the Wright brothers, both prior <strong>to</strong> and during<br />

their t early days of fl ight. This illustrated reader contains<br />

their t wonderful s<strong>to</strong>ry and features the special relationship<br />

s between the Wright brothers and their sister. 160<br />

pages, p paperback, 6”x9”. Third grade reading level.<br />

Interesting I<br />

for all.<br />

13192 The S<strong>to</strong>ry of the Wright Brothers___$7.00<br />


Explore new fl ights of fancy with the activities<br />

and supplies contained in this 8”x6½” plastic box!<br />

Experiment titles include: Foam Planes, Balloon<br />

Lift-Off, Twirler Flyer, Build a Kite and Flying Disc.<br />

Kit contains: 2 pre-cut foam planes, 3 balloons, 2<br />

twirler fl yers, 2 plastic rods, PVC sheet, frames, handle full of cord, 2<br />

plastic discs, and instruction sheet with explanations. Ages 6 and up<br />

with adult supervision. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50144 Flight Science ____________________________ $14.00<br />


This fl ying disc won a “Best of What’s<br />

New” award by Popular Science Magazine.<br />

The disc fl ies far, is easy <strong>to</strong> throw,<br />

has soft, cushioned edges and fl ies<br />

straightly and accurately. The Aerobie®<br />

Superdisc’s advanced aerodynamic<br />

design enables people of all skill levels<br />

<strong>to</strong> throw with remarkable accuracy and<br />

distance.<br />

20021 Aerobie® Superdisc 10” Diameter____________$8.50<br />

20022 Aerobie® Superdisc Ultra 12” Diameter ____ $10.50<br />

AEROBIE® 10”<br />


Invented by an aerodynamics<br />

expert at Stanford University, the<br />

Flying Ring holds the Guiness world<br />

record for the longest authenticated<br />

throw.<br />

20010 Flying Ring 10” _$7.50<br />

20011 Flying Ring 13”_$9.50<br />


You’ll also enjoy this new triangular<br />

“boomerang”. With a relatively<br />

soft throw, it can loop circles up <strong>to</strong><br />

100 feet in diameter. Because it fl ies<br />

swiftly and may return <strong>to</strong> you, it is not<br />

recommended for children under 13.<br />

20009 Aerobie®<br />

Orbiter _________$9.50<br />


For an exciting game of catch after dark, the Aerobie Skylighter<br />

has no equals. Its bright LEDs illuminate<br />

the clear center and the translucent<br />

colored rim <strong>to</strong> make the entire<br />

Skylighter appear bright in the night<br />

sky. With the patented Aerobie spoiler<br />

rim design, the Skylighter is easy for<br />

players of all skill levels <strong>to</strong> throw well.<br />

Its narrow profi le and large 12 inch<br />

(30cm) diameter make the Skylighter<br />

fl y far and straight. The Skylighter has a<br />

rubber rim that provides a performance<br />

grip for strong throws and a soft edge <strong>to</strong> catch. Two replaceable,<br />

long-life batteries (CR 2032 3v) are included. Colors vary, one per<br />

package.<br />

20023 Skylighter Flying Disc ___________________ $13.50<br />


Author Leslie Hunt was a kite maker for the United<br />

States Weather Bureau. He will teach you <strong>to</strong> make<br />

your own personalized kites that will fl y in all degrees<br />

of wind. All that you need are some light wood, glue,<br />

wire, hammer and nails - plus the clear, concise explanations<br />

offered in this book. Twenty-fi ve basic kites<br />

are covered: standard two stick, six-point stars, fi gural<br />

kites, tetrahedral kites, various box kites, and more. This<br />

is an unabridged republication of the 1929 edition. 70<br />

black-and-white illustrations, 110 pages, paperback, 53 /8”x81 S<br />

y<br />

o<br />

w<br />

n<br />

a<br />

k<br />

i<br />

/2”.<br />

20006 25 Kites That Fly _____________________________$5.00


3, 2, 1, Blast off! Get ready for<br />

an a incredible, high-fl ying science<br />

e experience! Just load the<br />

fuel f (which can be found in your<br />

kitchen), k set the rocket on the<br />

launch l pad, and up it goes! You<br />

won’t w believe how high baking<br />

soda and vinegar will make the roc rocket fl y! The baking soda and<br />

vinegar will produce enough pressurized CO2 gas <strong>to</strong> send the Star<br />

Rocket streaking up <strong>to</strong> 300 feet in the sky. Then, because the nose of<br />

the rocket is built <strong>to</strong> absorb the force of the landing impact, you can<br />

send your rocket sailing through the air again and again! You don’t<br />

have <strong>to</strong> be an astronaut or rocket scientist <strong>to</strong> fl y the star rocket, but<br />

you just might be inspired <strong>to</strong> become one after you do! The kit’s easy<strong>to</strong>-follow<br />

science guide includes several experiments. Ages 8 and up.<br />

50133 Star Rocket________________________________$21.50<br />


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Meteor<br />

Rocket! A simple mixture of vinegar and baking<br />

soda will propel the Meteor Rocket 100 feet in<strong>to</strong><br />

the air. A special fueling module adjusts the power r<br />

<strong>to</strong> the right level for young fl yers or advanced<br />

rocket pilots. You’ll have a new appreciation for<br />

chemistry and physics when you send the Meteor<br />

Rocket streaking in<strong>to</strong> the sky with food grade<br />

rocket fuel. Ages 9 and up.<br />

50131 Meteor Rocket __________$19.50<br />


Just hold the Sky Glider between your thumb<br />

and forefi nger, and with the snap of the wrist, throw it<br />

forward. It is very graceful in fl ight. Ages 5 and up.<br />

48005 Extreme Sky Glider___________$6.00<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


The x5 utilizes patented IWA technology <strong>to</strong> fl y<br />

faster and farther than ever before! It is composed<br />

of 4 parts: the fuselage, tail, coanda and the duct.<br />

When the glider is launched, air is directed along<br />

the fuselage, over the coanda and is entrained in<strong>to</strong><br />

the duct. The internal wing, which is the bot<strong>to</strong>m<br />

of the duct, then accelerates the fl ow creating<br />

enhanced lift. Submerge plane underwater, holding<br />

fl at. Release slowly <strong>to</strong> activate aqua glide. Twin pack.<br />

48006 XStream Internal Wing Craft _______________ $10.00<br />


Choose from 4 balsa wood models: The Jet<br />

Stream features landing gear and is rubberband<br />

powered. It fl ies over 150 feet and has a<br />

13 inch wingspan. The Sky Streak is also rubberband<br />

powered and has an 11½” wingspan,<br />

but no landing gear. The Starfi re Glider flies fast<br />

and high! Called the “Big Daddy” of easy-<strong>to</strong>-fl y<br />

balsa gliders and has a wingspan of 11½.”. The<br />

Jet Flyer glider is simple <strong>to</strong> fl y and easy <strong>to</strong> soar,<br />

loop and dive! It has an 11¾” wingspan<br />

48004 Jet Stream Airplane Model __________________$4.00<br />

48003 Sky Streak Airplane Model __________________$4.00<br />

48002 Starfi re Glider Model _______________________$3.50<br />

48001 Jet fi re Glider ______________________________$3.00<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />

21<br />


An exquisite collection<br />

of detailed pop-ups<br />

and illustrations based on n<br />

the personal notebooks<br />

and sketches of Leonardo o<br />

de Vinci, one of the most<br />

infl uential minds of the<br />

Renaissance. The text,<br />

drawings, and ingenious<br />

3-D pop-ups of six of Leonardo’s nardo’s most famous ideas ide that never <strong>to</strong>ok<br />

physical form, until now, offer a fascinating insight in<strong>to</strong> the thoughts<br />

of a man who was far ahead of his time. See models of his fl ying<br />

machine, hydraulics, architecture, war machines, mechanical inventions,<br />

and mechanical man. The remainder of the book looks like an<br />

old journal from days gone by with numerous notes and drawings. A<br />

great gift for young minds who like <strong>to</strong> know how things work. Hardcover,<br />

9¼”x11¼”.<br />

11138 Journal of Inventions _____________________ $22.50<br />


An instructional book for making paper airplanes,<br />

jets, j and helicopters. Includes helpful tips for fl ying<br />

each design. No scissors, glue, or tape required. Foldby-fold<br />

instructions show you how <strong>to</strong> make your own<br />

Long-winged glider, Finned-wing airplane, Hornet jet,<br />

Twin-fi Twin-finn jet, Stealth Stea fl ying wing, Navy jet, Biplane, Batwing, and others.<br />

142 pages, paperback, 7½”x9”.<br />

71026 Great Paper Airplanes ____________________ $13.75<br />


Thirty-fi ve amazing models <strong>to</strong> print out, fold, and fl y!<br />

Print your template from the enclosed CD then follow<br />

the folding directions in the book, or recreate a design’s<br />

size and color using any standard image-editing package<br />

such as Pho<strong>to</strong>shop Elements. Your own creativity<br />

allows for thousands of variations in design. All templates<br />

are scalable, so any size from tiny fl iers <strong>to</strong> giant<br />

bombers can be created. The book also contains tips on trimming<br />

and launching the models for maximum performance. Full color illustrations,<br />

96 pages, hardcover, 8½”x11½”.<br />

71029 Paper Airforce Book and CD _______________ $17.50<br />

AIRPLANE DESIGN STUDIO Design it, build it, fl y it! This Airplane<br />

Design Studio gives the builder more<br />

than 35 parts (balsa bodies, wings,<br />

propellers, rubber mo<strong>to</strong>rs, etc.) <strong>to</strong> let<br />

their imagination soar and turn them<br />

in<strong>to</strong> a free spirited aircraft designer. Their<br />

imagination is the only limit <strong>to</strong> the fl ying<br />

contraptions they can think up and construct.<br />

All contained in a plastic parts tray<br />

that slides in and out of the box. Truly a<br />

builder’s kit the child can take with them<br />

and enjoy over and over. Ages 8 and up.<br />

48000 Airplane Design Studio__________________ $25.00<br />


A compact ready-<strong>to</strong> fl y kite. Comes complete<br />

with string and winder. Opened up the kite measures<br />

about 12”x12”. Folded in<strong>to</strong> a 3” dia. zipper<br />

pouch which can be attached <strong>to</strong> your key ring.<br />

Made from rip-s<strong>to</strong>p nylon.<br />

20072 Pocket Kite________________$5.00


The author, John Day, has a Ph.D. in cloud<br />

physics p and a long career as a professor of<br />

meteorology. m<br />

He has written this excellent<br />

resource r detailing a variety of elusive yet<br />

captivating c<br />

cloud formations. His portfolio of<br />

full-color f cloud pho<strong>to</strong>graphy is over 150 pages<br />

of o the book’s content. Each pho<strong>to</strong>graph is<br />

accompanied a<br />

by a detailed description. The<br />

book b opens with an in-depth look at how clouds<br />

are formed, f d and d a thorough h explanation of the water cycle. After the<br />

beautiful portfolio, he engages his readers in a lesson on the formation<br />

of s<strong>to</strong>rm clouds, explaining in detail <strong>to</strong>rnadoes, cyclones and<br />

other types of s<strong>to</strong>rms. Proceed on through the book with a unit on<br />

weather forecasting from its his<strong>to</strong>ry <strong>to</strong> present-day satellite usage.<br />

Since the author is also the pho<strong>to</strong>grapher of this attractive book, he<br />

has included a page of hints for pho<strong>to</strong>graphing clouds. The four-page<br />

glossary also contains pho<strong>to</strong>graphs when the defi nition pertains <strong>to</strong> a<br />

particular type of cloud. The detailed glossary and index makes this<br />

an excellent resource for reports and quick reference. A great title for<br />

your reference shelf, or a beautiful book <strong>to</strong> display on the coffee table!<br />

205 pages, paperback, 8½”x11”. Junior High <strong>to</strong> adult.<br />

15041 The Book of Clouds ______________________ $14.50<br />


This book could have easily been<br />

titled “The Best Resource for Young<br />

Weather Forecasters”! It’s a hands-on<br />

introduction <strong>to</strong> the science of meteorology,<br />

explaining how <strong>to</strong> make equipment<br />

<strong>to</strong> measure rainfall, wind direction,<br />

and humidity, <strong>to</strong> record measurements<br />

and observations in a weather<br />

log, <strong>to</strong> make predictions, and <strong>to</strong> perform related activities. Whether<br />

you are looking for a unit study for elementary students, or just<br />

need a great weather resource book, this is it! Additional resources<br />

and weather organizations are listed in the back along with several<br />

weather-related web pages. 138 pages, black and white, car<strong>to</strong>on-type<br />

illustrations, paperback, 11”x8½”. Ages 7-13.<br />

15034 Weather Forecasting _____________________ $12.00<br />


In simple words, this book tells amateurs how <strong>to</strong><br />

use u a 1-2-3 method <strong>to</strong> predict the weather: 1, check<br />

the t wind direction; 2, look at the clouds overhead; and<br />

3, 3 match the clouds with one of the full-color pho<strong>to</strong>graphs<br />

g in this book. The caption under the pho<strong>to</strong> will<br />

tell t you what kind of weather <strong>to</strong> expect. 71 pages,<br />

paperback, p 8”x8½”. Ages 12 and up.<br />

15032 Weather Wizard’s Cloud Book ___ $8.75<br />


Learn about seven basic clouds (cumulus,<br />

cumulonimbus, stratus, nimbostratus, al<strong>to</strong>cumulus,<br />

lenticularis and cirrus), their relative heights<br />

in the sky and what they mean for our weather.<br />

Also includes die cuts for the sun and a rainbow<br />

<strong>to</strong> give context. Kit contains: 9 shapes die-cut<br />

in<strong>to</strong> super-heavyweight paper, 2 wood dowels, 2<br />

wood-wood connec<strong>to</strong>rs, 6 wood-string connec<strong>to</strong>rs,<br />

9 ft. braided cord and 14-page instruction<br />

and teaching guide.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

85508 Cloud Mobile__________$10.00<br />

Weather<br />


This 11x15” waterproof<br />

cloud chart is perfect for indoor<br />

and outdoor use! The laminated<br />

chart includes 20 colorful<br />

and coded pho<strong>to</strong>s on basic<br />

cloud formations. Reverse side<br />

includes additional weather<br />

information. It’s used by the<br />

U.S. Coast Guard and the FAA,<br />

for a quick, accurate way <strong>to</strong><br />

forecast weather.<br />

15043 Laminated Cloud Chart ___________________ $12.00<br />


Enjoy this video that makes learning about<br />

the weather entertaining and easy for everyone.<br />

Learn all the basics of weather with folklore set <strong>to</strong><br />

music, making it fun <strong>to</strong> learn and easy <strong>to</strong> remember.<br />

You’ll be inspired <strong>to</strong> go outside and apply<br />

what you’ve learned! Approx. 12 minutes.<br />

15045 Clouds and Weather DVD __________________ $12.95<br />


DIARY D<br />

Track changing skies day-by-day, year-by-year.<br />

Log L observations and identify 5-year trends. Full of<br />

straightforward s<br />

explanations of the way the weather<br />

puzzle p fi ts <strong>to</strong>gether.<br />

15133 Weather Wizard’s<br />

5-Year Weather Diary________$13.50<br />


Weather is all around us, always changing<br />

all the time. Dazzling pho<strong>to</strong>s enhance this clear<br />

introduction <strong>to</strong> the many faces of this powerful<br />

force of nature. Author Seymour Simon presents<br />

concepts in an understandable and interesting<br />

way. Learn basic concepts about clouds, air masses,<br />

s<strong>to</strong>rms, wind patterns, hail, smog, snow and more.<br />

Illustrated cloud formations inside the covers. Large print print. 30 pages,<br />

paperback, 10”x10”. Ages 5 and up.<br />

16128 Weather __________________________________$6.75<br />


Category 5 hurricanes, deadly tsunamis,<br />

rrecord-high<br />

winds; now more than ever it seems<br />

tthat<br />

“extreme weather” has become a reality and<br />

a<br />

concern throughout the world--and in our own<br />

bbackyard.<br />

While these natural events are fright-<br />

eening,<br />

few of us really understand what causes<br />

tthem--and<br />

we’re left <strong>to</strong> wonder how and w<strong>here</strong><br />

ddisaster<br />

might strike next, what we can do <strong>to</strong><br />

pprotect<br />

ourselves, and whether such things can be<br />

prevented. d EExtreme WWeather<br />

answers these questions and many more<br />

in a thorough, scientifi c, yet absolutely clear and easy-<strong>to</strong>-understand<br />

manner. Along with numerous color pho<strong>to</strong>s and illustrations, each<br />

weather phenomenon is accompanied by comprehensive visual aids<br />

that make learning about the subject as easy as it is fun. Organized by<br />

weather-related events including hurricanes, winter s<strong>to</strong>rms, lightning,<br />

tsunamis, <strong>to</strong>rnadoes, fl oods, and heat waves, the book explores<br />

weather patterns and other fac<strong>to</strong>rs that contribute <strong>to</strong> extreme climate<br />

conditions. It offers an unprecedented, comprehensive picture of<br />

w<strong>here</strong> our weather is headed <strong>to</strong>morrow and in the future. 304 pages,<br />

paperback.<br />

15060 Extreme Weather ________________________ $19.50


Just add water. This is a super absorbent powder that<br />

turns ordinary water in<strong>to</strong> a fl uffy substance that looks like e<br />

real snow. Insta-Sno expands <strong>to</strong> 100 times its original<br />

volume. Fun for parties, decorations, projects, pho<strong>to</strong>graphy<br />

or use <strong>to</strong> amaze your friends! Activity guide and<br />

measuring scoop included. Non-<strong>to</strong>xic.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50090 1½ oz. bag of Insta-Sno _____________________$4.75<br />


Weather-resistant 9” round dial with galvanized<br />

metal housing, easy-<strong>to</strong>-read graphics,<br />

indoor/outdoor, thermometer/hygrometer/<br />

barometer functions. Thermometer measures<br />

temperature from -10°F <strong>to</strong> 120°F .<br />

15054 Weather Station________$29.50<br />


They cling electrostatically <strong>to</strong> the window.<br />

Easy <strong>to</strong> read; no more squinting or running outside<br />

<strong>to</strong> read the thermometer. These have jumbosized<br />

readable numbers in full view. Mounts on<br />

the outside of a window (do not mount in direct<br />

sunlight).<br />

7 1 /2” diameter thermometer. Also available in<br />

a dual model which has a thermometer and a<br />

hygrometer, which measures humidity.<br />

15057 Window Thermometer____ $9.50<br />

15058 Thermometer & Humidity__$15.00<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


Mount <strong>to</strong> a post or stick in the ground. Dual scale measures<br />

up <strong>to</strong> 6” or 15cm of rain. Don’t allow water <strong>to</strong> freeze in<br />

the gauge.<br />

15051 Rain Gauge, Plastic __________________$3.50<br />


Clear glass rain gauge measures up <strong>to</strong> 5” of rain. Insert<br />

in<strong>to</strong> the ground using the metal spike on the bot<strong>to</strong>m of the<br />

mounting bracket, or install on a post using the holes provided<br />

in the bracket. Nails not included. Don’t allow water <strong>to</strong><br />

freeze in the gauge.<br />

15052 Rain Gauge, Glass ___________________$2.50<br />


Explore 5 weather experiments with this set of supplies. Study and<br />

record wind direction; roughly calculate the speed of the wind using<br />

a simple anemometer; record temperature changes, evaporation, and<br />

condensation; and measure air pressure with your homemade barometer.<br />

Explanations are given on the instruction sheet. Kit includes:<br />

small thermometer, weather charts, evaporation container, bead level<br />

indica<strong>to</strong>r, , test tube, ,p plastic container, everything you need <strong>to</strong> build an<br />

anemometer, a<br />

and everything you need <strong>to</strong><br />

build b a wind pointer. This kit has a wonderful<br />

f array of supplies for a child ages 7 and up<br />

<strong>to</strong> t enjoy. Supplies are contained in a 8”x6½”<br />

teal-colored t<br />

plastic box!<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50136 Weather Science ______ $14.00<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />

23<br />


Vortex action? Potential energy being converted <strong>to</strong><br />

kinetic energy? Centrifugal force? If you’ve never seen<br />

the Tornado Tube® in action you may not realize how<br />

dramatic it can be. Just add two 2-liter plastic bottles<br />

<strong>to</strong> this heavy-duty coupling, and you’re in business.<br />

Colored water, oils, or glitter can be added for special<br />

effects.<br />

20014 Tornado Tube® __________________$2.50<br />

3 or more, each _________________ $2.25<br />

10 or more, each ________________ $2.20<br />


50 weird and wacky things you can do<br />

with a <strong>to</strong>rnado tube! A fun-fi lled book of ideas<br />

for projects and scientifi c explanations of the<br />

powerful spiraling force behind hurricanes and<br />

<strong>to</strong>rnadoes. Includes a Tornado Tube®! 125 pages,<br />

paperback, 5 1 /2”x8 1 /2”.<br />

20017 Taming the<br />

Tornado Tube®________$12.00<br />


Vacuum and compression demonstration. Comes<br />

with connection tube and (2) 113 F<br />

w<br />

/4” plastic tubes. Just add<br />

2 plastic bottles and you’re in business. Directions and<br />

explanation e<br />

on back of blister card packaging.<br />

20019 Fountain Connection Tube __________$4.75<br />

3 or more only, each _______________ $4.50<br />


Now nature’s most destructive force can be<br />

calmly observed. Shake the Pet Tornado clockwise<br />

and watch the funnel form. T<strong>here</strong>’s a handy chart on<br />

the back of the tube with the characteristics of each<br />

ranked <strong>to</strong>rnado from F-0 <strong>to</strong> F-5. Contained in a 4”<br />

high 1 3 /4” diameter tube.<br />

19980 Pet Tornado_________________$5.00<br />


Relative humidity is a measure of<br />

the actual moisture content in the air,<br />

as compared <strong>to</strong> the greatest amount of<br />

moisture that air at same temperature<br />

could hold. This ratio is expressed as a percentage. This psychrometer<br />

can be used <strong>to</strong> determine relative humidity as well as dew point<br />

temperature. Grades 6-12.<br />

50526 Sling Psychrometer __________________________$9.00<br />




Just ask Max! He knows how <strong>to</strong> answer<br />

all of your questions about lightning and the<br />

solar system. Published by Master Books and<br />

fi lled with facts and trivia. Especially suited<br />

for your children who enjoy physical science.<br />

24 full-color pages, paperback, 8 1 /2”x8 1 /2”. Recommended<br />

for ages 8-12.<br />

15046 What’s So Striking About Lightning ____________$2.75<br />

15048 What’s So Hot About the Sun _________________$2.75<br />

15049 Set of Both Books ___________________________$5.00

24<br />


What we call weather is caused by global<br />

forces in constant motion. Fascinating insights<br />

in<strong>to</strong> weather of the past, including Noah’s fl ood<br />

and the Ice Age. All of this, plus it honors God as<br />

Crea<strong>to</strong>r! 80 pages, hardcover, 8 ¾”x11”.<br />

15035 The Weather Book________$14.50<br />


Explore the different elements of our weather<br />

within w these informative pages. Study clouds, snow<br />

crystals, c hydrologic cycle, dews, s<strong>to</strong>rms, fronts, <strong>to</strong>rnadoes,<br />

d cyclones, forecasting, rainfall, weather maps and<br />

more. m Loaded with charts and graphs! Excellent for<br />

unit u studies on weather. The appendix is loaded with<br />

resources, r organizations and conversion tables! 215<br />

pages, p paperback, 6”x9”. Recommended for grades 6-9.<br />

15038 Discover Nature in the Winter _______________ $16.75<br />


A user-friendly guide <strong>to</strong> weather and the<br />

natural wonders of the sky. Learn about lightning,<br />

10 types of clouds, s<strong>to</strong>rms, solar halos, sundogs, and d<br />

sunsets. Dozens of pho<strong>to</strong>graphs and color illustrations.<br />

An excellent introduction <strong>to</strong> weather and the e<br />

atmosp<strong>here</strong>. 72 pages, paperback, 8”x8”.<br />

15037 Exploring the Sky by Day _____________________$9.75 $9 75<br />



More than 400 black and white pho<strong>to</strong>graphs and line<br />

drawings d illustrate every kind of atmospheric phenomenon:<br />

e clouds of every type; s<strong>to</strong>rms, from cloudbursts <strong>to</strong><br />

hurricanes; h and sky color. Several pages of weather experiments.<br />

m 16 pages of full-color sky pho<strong>to</strong>graphs. Detailed<br />

index i and glossary. 359 pages, paperback, 4¼”x7¼”.<br />

11046 AAtmosp<strong>here</strong>-Peterson<br />

Field Guide ___________ $19.50<br />

STORMS S<br />

16 million s<strong>to</strong>rms occur every year, all<br />

around a the world. In a clear, concise text with<br />

spectacular s<br />

full-color pho<strong>to</strong>graphs, the author<br />

examines e thunders<strong>to</strong>rms, <strong>to</strong>rnadoes, and hurricanes,<br />

r explaining how they form and why they<br />

die d out. 30 pages, paperback, 9¾”x10”.<br />

15033 S<strong>to</strong>rms ___________________$6.75<br />


Tornadoes, giant winds<strong>to</strong>rms, hurricanes, and tsunamis are<br />

all part of this exciting hands-on<br />

weather adventure in a jar. Learn<br />

about the twisting, swirling vortex of<br />

a <strong>to</strong>rnado that you create in a bottle.<br />

Use giant 8-foot wind bags <strong>to</strong> learn<br />

about air pressure, make your own<br />

blizzard with Insta-Snow, experiment<br />

with static electricity, and learn how<br />

<strong>to</strong> stay safe in a lightning s<strong>to</strong>rm. Finally, build your own terrarium in<br />

the jar <strong>to</strong> learn about different bio-sp<strong>here</strong>s. Kit contains: Insta-Snow,<br />

twister tube, water crystals, water gel, plastic bottles, windbags,<br />

static tube, measuring scoop, measuring cups, instructions, and a<br />

s<strong>to</strong>rage jar. Ages 8 years and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50242 S<strong>to</strong>rmy Weather Science Jar_______________$20.00<br />

Weather<br />


Did you ever try <strong>to</strong> pho<strong>to</strong>graph a snowfl<br />

ake? This book is the result of a 50-year effort of<br />

pho<strong>to</strong>grapher W.A. Bentley. Over 2000 beautiful<br />

crystals and no two are alike, yet all are based on<br />

a common hexagon. Copyright-free pho<strong>to</strong>graphy.<br />

As<strong>to</strong>nishing beauty of creation displayed on 202<br />

plates. 226 pages, paperback, 8”x10”. All ages will<br />

enjoy the pho<strong>to</strong>graphy. Appropriate for Junior High through adult adult.<br />

18001 Snow Crystals _____________________________ $18.50<br />



These books help satisfy<br />

a young child’s curiosity<br />

about how the world works.<br />

Each book introduces basic<br />

concepts and builds on them using a step-by-step method. Hands-on<br />

activities reinforce concepts. 32 pages, paperback, 10”x8”. Ages 4-9.<br />

15040 What Makes Day and Night ___________________$5.75<br />

15042 The Moon Seems <strong>to</strong> Change __________________$5.75<br />

15044 Sunshine Makes the Seasons __________________$5.75<br />


Why are some places hot and others cold? When<br />

does d it snow? Whether it’s sunny or s<strong>to</strong>rmy, you can bet<br />

that t warmth, wind, or water had something <strong>to</strong> do with<br />

it. i Now you can take a closer look at weather with this<br />

no-sweat n science guide. Each activity is fun <strong>to</strong> do and<br />

uses u easy-<strong>to</strong>-fi nd materials. You won’t have <strong>to</strong> leave<br />

home h <strong>to</strong> fi nd out what’s going on in the great outdoors!<br />

d Ages 8 & up. 128 pages, paperback, 5½” x 8¼”.<br />

14826 WWeather<br />

Experiments _______________________$5.75<br />


The Weather Identifi cation Handbook is designed<br />

<strong>to</strong> provide not only a comprehensive introduction<br />

<strong>to</strong> various phenomena but also the information that<br />

makes weather forecasting possible. Here, the weather<br />

is divided in<strong>to</strong> easy-<strong>to</strong>-follow sections: cloud classifi<br />

cation; how <strong>to</strong> identify different cloud types and<br />

how they relate <strong>to</strong> forthcoming weather; how clouds<br />

are formed; optical phenomena; precipitation; wind;<br />

severe weather; weather systems; satellite images and<br />

weather maps. Full of beautiful color pho<strong>to</strong>graphs and diagrams. 192<br />

page paperback 5¾ x 8¼”.<br />

15055 Weather Identifi cation Handbook___________$16.00<br />


Pho<strong>to</strong>voltaic (PV) means light <strong>to</strong> electricity. Kit contains<br />

a PV cell and high effi ciency mo<strong>to</strong>r. Connect the 2<br />

wires of the mo<strong>to</strong>r <strong>to</strong> the 2 posts of the PV cell, expose<br />

the PV cell <strong>to</strong> a bright light and the mo<strong>to</strong>r comes <strong>to</strong> life!<br />

Also, a disc with diffraction foil is included for a vivid<br />

display. Directions and solar information included.<br />

Packaged on a 6”x9 1 /2” blister card. Ages 9 and up.<br />

50121 Solar Science Kit ______________ $10.75<br />


A what? Radiometer is just a fancy name for<br />

this Solar Engine. It demonstrates the principles<br />

of energy conversion and shows how heat and<br />

mechanical energy are products of energy conversion.<br />

It sleeps at night, but spins up <strong>to</strong> 3,000<br />

rpm in direct sunlight or in front of an incandescent<br />

bulb. The 5” high clear glass bulb is 3” in diameter, and ready for<br />

action. List of activities included. Ages 8+.<br />

50020 Radiometer_________________________________$9.25

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />

25<br />


This kit contains: plastic snap-<strong>to</strong>-<br />

bbuild<br />

planets, hanging structure, paints,<br />

gglow-in-the-dark<br />

paint, paint brush, solar<br />

ssystem<br />

poster, painting and assembling<br />

iinstruction<br />

sheet. You’ll even get Saturn’s<br />

rrings<br />

and a glow ring for the sun. The<br />

pplanets<br />

are textured <strong>to</strong> look like surface<br />

ffeatures.<br />

All you have <strong>to</strong> do is paint and<br />

assemble assemble. This kit is also alsosuitable suita for the solar system project in the<br />

fi rst unit of the Apologia astronomy curriculum. Measures 30” x 30”.<br />

Ages 7 & up.<br />

85515 3-D Solar System Mobile Making Kit__________$17.50<br />


Assemble and paint your own planetarium model.<br />

Paint it and highlight it <strong>to</strong> create a glowing effect. It’s<br />

out of this world. Kit includes: full set of 3-D solar<br />

system plastic planets (snap <strong>to</strong> build, no glue needed),<br />

stand with rotating arms, 9 steel bars, strip of paints,<br />

glow paint, brush, sand paper, Saturn ring template and<br />

detailed assembly and painting instructions with bonus<br />

wall chart and fun facts. Finished size 30cm. Ages 7 and<br />

up.<br />

54414 Solar System - Planetarium ___________$9.50<br />


“Learning about the universe is huge fun!<br />

In the almost infi nite expanse above us, we can<br />

examine planets, galaxies, and phenomena so<br />

beautiful and complex that we never outgrow a<br />

childlike wonder.” Master Books. Find answers <strong>to</strong><br />

your questions about space in this volume written<br />

<strong>to</strong> glorify God as Crea<strong>to</strong>r. A must for your unit<br />

studies on space, stars, shuttles, etc.! Beautiful<br />

illustrations and awesome pho<strong>to</strong>graphy. Contains<br />

a Glossary and Index. 80 pages, hardcover, 8<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />

1 Astronomy<br />



The sheer number of stars in the universe attests<br />

The universe was created with purpose and<br />

<strong>to</strong> the awesomeness of God’s creation. The purpose<br />

reason. Modern science with all of its experiments,<br />

and features of stars are discussed in this exciting and<br />

exploration, and sophistication has never proven<br />

fascinating book by Dr. Werner Gitt. Find answers <strong>to</strong><br />

otherwise. This title will appeal <strong>to</strong> the upper level<br />

the following questions: Why were the stars created?<br />

student or well-read layman as author Dr. Danny<br />

How do the stars transmit their messages? What do<br />

Faulkner explores the universe explaining its origins s<br />

the stars proclaim? Does the universe require a cre-<br />

and discussing the his<strong>to</strong>rical developement of<br />

a<strong>to</strong>r? In what respects do the stars differ? Learn about<br />

cosmology from a creationist’s viewpoint. Chapter<br />

the Constellations, the Star of Bethlehem, the Darkness on Calvary, titles: Twentieth-Century Cosmology, Recent Developments pments in CosCosthe Southern Cross, Solar Eclipses and more. 213 pages, paperback, mology, Misconceptions about General Relativity and the Big Bang,<br />

5¼”x8½”. Ages 13 - adult.<br />

Problems with the Big Bang, Non-Biblical Alternatives <strong>to</strong> the Big Bang,<br />

16003 Stars and Their Purpose ___________________ $12.50 Creation-Based Cosmologies, and Observational Astromony. Each<br />

chapter ends with comprehension questions with answers in the back<br />


of the book. Age high school - adult.<br />

Dr. John Morris uses his many years as a<br />

16001 Universe By Design _______________________ $13.50<br />

creation science speaker and geology professor<br />

<strong>to</strong> present evidence for The Young Earth in a clear,<br />

concise, easy-<strong>to</strong>-understand manner. This book<br />

contains much geological evidence for a young<br />

earth. Fossils, dating methods and many of the<br />

assumptions that the theory of evolution requires<br />

are covered. Also includes a CD with PowerPoint<br />

presentations that illustrate key concepts so you<br />

can share this information in a group setting. 144<br />

pages, hardback, 8<br />

s<br />

s<br />

g<br />

d<br />

w<br />

up<br />

54<br />

A<br />

I<br />

e<br />

b<br />

c<br />

y<br />

t<br />

s<br />

i<br />

tains a Glossary and In<br />

/2”x11”.<br />

16023 The Astronomy Book ______________________ $14.50<br />

1 c<br />

t<br />

c<br />

c<br />

e<br />

a<br />

a<br />

p<br />

c<br />

/2”x11”.<br />

16500 The Young Earth ___________________________ $17.50<br />



CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

Astronomy is the most ancient of the sciences.<br />

Throughout all his<strong>to</strong>ry, people have <strong>to</strong>ld<br />

time and found direction from the sun, moon and<br />

stars. Lavishly illustrated and extensively quoting<br />

ancient sources, this book teaches the traditional,<br />

Biblical basis for timekeeping and navigation.<br />

Topics include: Phases of the Moon, Passage of<br />

the Seasons, Finding the Traditional Constellations,<br />

Identifying the Visible Planets, How Our Calendar<br />

is Based on the Sun and Moon, and How the Times<br />

of Passover and Easter are derived from their cycles. The book offers<br />

challenging Biblical explanations that distinguish the legitimate science<br />

of astronomy from the ancient superstition of astrology. Also<br />

includes 40 pages of fi eld activities for documenting study hours.<br />

Would make a great follow-up course <strong>to</strong> Apologia’s Exploring Creation<br />

with Astronomy or a great independent study of the Heavens.<br />

Hardback, 262 pages, 8¾”x11¼”, ages 12 and up.<br />

By popular demand! An accompanying workbook <strong>to</strong> Signs &<br />

Seasons especially for high schoolers. Record observations of the sky<br />

and take tests <strong>to</strong> measure the knowledge learned. Includes maps and<br />

other graphical <strong>to</strong>ols for furthering your student’s understanding of<br />

the sky.<br />

16029 Signs & Seasons _________________________ $38.50<br />

16030 Signs & Seasons Field Journal ______________ $15.00<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />


For eons the moon has intrigued humanity. From<br />

its creation through the current issues of space exploration,<br />

the moon has been both a light in the night<br />

and a protective shield of earth placed perfectly by<br />

God, regulating our seasons and keeping our atmosp<strong>here</strong><br />

purifi ed. Billions of dollars have been spent<br />

<strong>to</strong> reach its surface and discover its secrets; open<br />

these pages and discover those secrets for yourself.<br />

Provocative questions about the moon’s his<strong>to</strong>ry, purpose, and record<br />

in Scripture. Fascinating and informative. Recommended for middle<br />

school through high school. 80 pages, hardcover, 8½”x11”<br />

15990 Our Created Moon _______________________ $15.00<br />


Just rotate the chart <strong>to</strong> match the Moon in the<br />

sky with the phase illustrations shown in the cu<strong>to</strong>ut.<br />

When the phases match, it tells you:<br />

the name of the phase, the Moon’s position in orbit,<br />

the day of the lunar month, the Moon’s rise and set<br />

time, and the time of day, or night that this phase<br />

is visible in the sky. All you ever needed <strong>to</strong> know<br />

about the Moon in the palm of your hand. A wonderful fi eld guide <strong>to</strong><br />

explore our Moon and the celestial workings behind her ever-changing<br />

face. Cards<strong>to</strong>ck, 6½x8”.<br />

35102 Moon Gazer’s Wheel ________________________$5.75

26<br />


A handy rotating star and constellation map.<br />

Just turn the inner map until the time of day<br />

matches the day of the year dial. User–friendly<br />

chart will show you the exact location of the constellations<br />

you are studying. Directions for use are<br />

on the back of the chart. Dark-on-light printing<br />

makes it easy <strong>to</strong> read at night. 8” diameter dial.<br />

35106 The Night Sky Star Map_____$11.50<br />


A very handy rotating star, planet and constellation<br />

plotting map. Just turn the inner map until<br />

the time of day (or night, rather!) matches the<br />

day of the year dial—then hold it above and<br />

in front of your head with the correct direction<br />

down (eg. south, if you’re looking at things in the<br />

southern sky) and the friendly 8 1 /2”x8 1 /2” chart will<br />

locate or identify what you’re studying. Shows the<br />

location of 500 stars; has a 16-page instructional booklet with it <strong>to</strong>o.<br />

This chart is designed for 40°N but is useful for any mid-latitude area<br />

of the Northern Hemisp<strong>here</strong>.<br />

35100 Star and Planet Loca<strong>to</strong>r ______________________$3.75<br />

Astronomy<br />


See the wonders of the cosmos unfold before your<br />

eyes with these awesome space exploration DVDs.<br />

Learn the latest discoveries of science and enjoy stunning<br />

images of the world beyond us. Also be reminded<br />

that no world is beyond God, and that His truth is the<br />

truth that will ultimately answer the deepest mysteries<br />

of space. A set of two DVDs. Includes Our Solar System<br />

and The Milky Way and Beyond. 40 minutes each.<br />

10651 Journeys <strong>to</strong> the Edge of Creation DVDs ______ $12.75<br />


Make pho<strong>to</strong>graphic type prints using sun<br />

and water. Sunprint paper goes through a<br />

chemical change when exposed <strong>to</strong> light. The<br />

kit contains (15) 20cm x 30cm sheets of Sunprint<br />

paper and (1) 20cm x 30cm acrylic sheet.<br />

Adult supervision advised for young children. 12”x9” envelope.<br />

50125 Super Sunprint Kit _________________________ $12.00<br />

50123 Nature Print Paper (Package of 12 4”x4” sheets) ___________$3.75<br />


Amateurs often buy the telescope or binocular with the highest<br />

power, but you would be better off spending money for a larger<br />

main lens. This will help the brightness fac<strong>to</strong>r, which is more important<br />

than just magnifi cation. Example: a scope with a 4” diameter<br />

lens but a magnifying power of only 90x would show you better<br />

clarity of detail than a cheap 2½” scope boasting 210x. Don’t underrate<br />

binoculars! Though not as valuable as a telescope for stargazing,<br />

they are handy for large sky objects, and will enlarge planets<br />

and show the color of stars.<br />


This is an easy-<strong>to</strong>-use system of star charts and maps. Each month<br />

of the year has a special star map <strong>to</strong> reference from any direction. For<br />

example, using the May sky map and looking west, the map shows<br />

the exact location of Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Hydra, and more. Using<br />

the same map for May and looking north you’ll<br />

see Ursa Major, Ursa Minor (Big and Little Dipper),<br />

Cassiopeia, etc. As the calendar changes, just turn<br />

the page in the star map guide <strong>to</strong> see the new<br />

positions of the constellations. The guide also gives<br />

background information on the naming of the<br />

constellations and a detailed description of the sun<br />

and planets. T<strong>here</strong> is also a chart of dates for viewing<br />

meteor showers. 64 pages, paperback, 8½”x11”.<br />

35105 Star Maps for Beginners ___________________ $11 $11.50 50<br />


By Lester E. Showalter, who has written many dozens<br />

of science articles for the Nature Friend Magazine. You<br />

can begin discovering some of the wonders of God’s<br />

heavens much more easily with this book. Includes “Tips<br />

for Stargazers.” It also has many short s<strong>to</strong>ries containing<br />

lessons we can learn from God’s stars. 70 pages,<br />

paperback, 51 /2”x81 BUSHNELL® VOYAGER WITH SKY TOUR<br />

Electronic Sky Tour handset gives<br />

you a real-time audio <strong>to</strong>ur of the night<br />

sky. Discover constellations, mythology,<br />

amazing facts and planets. Illuminated<br />

Smart Mount guides you <strong>to</strong> the<br />

objects highlighted by the Handset.<br />

of<br />

ca<br />

LED electronic red dot fi nderscope for<br />

fast positioning. 3 Large 1.25” diameter eyepieces. Sturdy preassembled<br />

construction .<br />

62015 Voyager Sky Tour Telescope ______________ $195.00<br />

he<br />

fo<br />

in<br />

pa<br />

/2”. Written as a science supplement<br />

fo for Junior High.<br />

14002 Discovering God’s Stars______________________ $4.65<br />


Bushnell Northstar telescope offers amateur astronomers state-ofthe-art<br />

computer-driven location and tracking<br />

capability with simple, push-but<strong>to</strong>n control. With a<br />

built-in database of 20,000 celestial objects, you simply<br />

call up your target on the hand-held control module,<br />



enter a simple “Go To” command and the NorthStar<br />

computer does the rest. Once locked on, tracking the<br />

object for prolonged viewing is au<strong>to</strong>matic. The<br />

This is a serious, detailed study of the heavens<br />

innovative RVO (Real Voice Output) feature<br />

on a high school level. It includes a scriptural<br />

provides a fun, interactive way <strong>to</strong> explore<br />

index, detailed general index, glossary, pronuncia-<br />

the night sky. The remote, hand-held control<br />

tion guides, 12 appendices of further information,<br />

module features red, backlit push but<strong>to</strong>ns<br />

and 5 chapters of study. This excellent publication<br />

and a red, illuminated LCD read-out for easy<br />

is a revision of The Heavens Declare: Understand-<br />

viewing without impairing your night vision.<br />

ing the Stars. 124 pages, paperback, 8½”x11”.<br />

The telescope also features a new 1x wide-<br />

Christian Liberty Press. High school or reference<br />

angle, red dot fi nderscope. Additional features<br />

<strong>to</strong>ol for your library.<br />

include a quick-release tripod and accessory<br />

16025 Lift Up Your Eyes On High ___________________ $14.00 tray for fast, easy assembly. 675x 4.5”, Kimematic<br />

16026 Teacher Guide ______________________________$8.00 mount, magnifi cations of 45,125, 225, 675.<br />

16027 Test Packet _________________________________$3.50 62022 Bushnell Northstar Telescope ______________ $395.00<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.



8X42 BINOCULAR<br />

This Bushnell Natureview+ TM<br />

was specially designed for the<br />

birdwatcher and naturalist.<br />

Endorsed by the National<br />

Audubon Society, it features<br />

long eye relief (19mm) with<br />

eyecups that can extend or roll-down for those who wear glasses,<br />

magnesium fl uoride fully-coated optics, porro prism, sure-grip rubber<br />

armor coating, neck strap, and deluxe soft vinyl carrying case with<br />

strap. The center focus knob is an inch long, and focuses easily and<br />

sharply <strong>to</strong> as near as 13’. The fi eld of view at 1,000 yards is 412 feet and<br />

the exit pupil is 5.3. Size is 6”x7”x2 1 /4”, weight 26 ounces. This precision<br />

instrument will give many years of service, and has a limited lifetime<br />

warranty (for the lifetime of the original purchaser).<br />

63054 Natureview+ 8x42 Binocular _____________ $160.00<br />



Feature-packed and value priced! Perfect<br />

for sight-seeing, nature study or backpacking.<br />

The go everyw<strong>here</strong>, see everything pair!<br />

Bushnell’s patented Insta-Focus focusing system,<br />

coated optics, porro prism system. Field of view<br />

is 420 feet at 1000 yards, exit pupil is 5mm. 21<br />

oz, includes carrying case and strap. Rubber<br />

armored.<br />

63051 Falcon 7x35 Binoculars ___________________ $38.00<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


BINOCULARS 10X50<br />

Same features as Falcon 7x35, except 10x<br />

magnifi cation with a fi eld of view of 300 feet at<br />

1000 yards and weight of 27 oz.<br />

63052 Falcon 10x50<br />

Binoculars _____________ $48.00<br />

Binoculars<br />

27<br />


12 power brings objects 12 times<br />

closer, 42MM objective lens, exit pupil<br />

is 3.5. Multi-coated optics provide<br />

extremely clear and bright images.<br />

O-ring sealed for waterproof protection;<br />

nitrogen purged for fogproof<br />

protection. Non-slip rubber armor<br />

absorbs shock while providing a fi rm<br />

grip. The fi eld of view is 288 feet at 1000 yards. Includes carrying case,<br />

neck strap, lens cloth.<br />

63060 Bushnell H2O 12x42 Binoculars ____________ $132.00<br />


10 power brings objects 10 times<br />

closer, 25MM objective lens provides<br />

a clear, bright image, durable rubber<br />

camoufl age armoring, O-ring sealed for<br />

waterproof protection, nitrogen purged<br />

for fogproof protection, includes carrying<br />

case, neckstrap, and lens cloth. The<br />

fi eld of view is 310 feet at 1000 yards,<br />

weighs only 13 oz. Compact design.<br />

63062 Bushnell H2O 10x25 Binoculars ____________ $68.00<br />


Zoom versatility. Magnifi cation of 8-16x with a<br />

40mm objective lens. Field of view at 1000 yards is<br />

255/85 depending on zoom. Non-slip rubber armor<br />

absorbs shock while providing a fi rm grip.<br />

63046 Powerview 8-16 Zoom Binoculars _________ $142.00<br />


An introduction <strong>to</strong> astronomy suitable for<br />

beginners of all ages. This simple, fully illustrated<br />

booklet tells how <strong>to</strong> observe the night<br />

sky, how <strong>to</strong> fi nd the best examples of each type<br />

of object, and explains the signifi cance of what<br />

is being observed. 46 pages, b&w illustrations, star charts, 8½”x5½”.<br />

16032 Exploring the Night Sky w/Binoculars _________$8.50<br />

All Beautiful The March Of Days<br />

All beautiful the march of days, as seasons come and go;<br />

The Hand that shaped the rose hath wrought the crystal of the snow;<br />

Hath sent the hoary frost of Heav’n, the fl owing waters sealed,<br />

And laid a silent loveliness on hill and wood and fi eld.<br />

O’er white expanses sparkling pure the radiant morns unfold;<br />

The solemn splendors of the night burn brighter than the cold;<br />

Life mounts in every throbbing vein, love deepens round the hearth,<br />

And clearer sounds the angel hymn,”Good will <strong>to</strong> men on earth.”<br />

O Thou from Whose unfathomed law the year in beauty fl ows,<br />

Thyself the vision passing by in crystal and in rose,<br />

Day un<strong>to</strong> day doth utter speech, and night <strong>to</strong> night proclaim,<br />

In ever changing words of light, the wonder of Thy Name.<br />

Willard L. Metcalf (1858-1925)

28<br />


This book-audio package provides a unique introduction<br />

d <strong>to</strong> fi fty of the most familiar birds of North<br />

America A and their songs. Each bird is described in<br />

vivid v detail—its natural his<strong>to</strong>ry, habitat, voice, range,<br />

and a fi eld marks—and illustrated in stunning color<br />

pho<strong>to</strong>graphs. p<br />

Range maps show w<strong>here</strong> each species<br />

is i found in different seasons. The 65 minute audio CD<br />

features original high-quality fi eld recordings of each bird’s songs and<br />

calls, which are track-coded for easy access. 128 pages, plus a CD.<br />

10800 Common Birds and Their Songs _____________ $19.50<br />


Learn how <strong>to</strong> recognize bird songs from the Midwest<br />

and Northeast States. Features: 189 bird species,<br />

brief narration after each song, alphabetical track listing.<br />

Each bird song is followed with a description and<br />

a common mnemonic <strong>to</strong> help you remember each song. g<br />

10804 Bird Song Ear Training Guide _______________ $14.50<br />


This recording has been carefully planned <strong>to</strong> aid<br />

the th birdwatcher or nature lover in recognizing<br />

60 common American birds by their song or<br />

call. ca While typical bird songs and calls have<br />

been be stressed, the author has included a wide<br />

range ra of song variants <strong>to</strong> make identifi cation<br />

easier ea for the beginner. Accompanying the<br />

recording re is a 64-page, 5¼”x8¼” b/w illustrated<br />

tr booklet.<br />

12615 5 Common Bir Bird Songs w/cassette ______________$7.50<br />

10806 Common Bird Songs w/CD ___________________$7.50<br />


This simple birchwood and pewter instrument<br />

will attract a variety of wild songbirds. Includes<br />

a capsule of rosin <strong>to</strong> renew its voice. Bright red<br />

birchwood. 2¼” long. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

32310 Audubon Bird Call __________________________$6.25<br />


This green “mockingbird” call is made of<br />

solid, recycled brass and birchwood. The call<br />

comes packaged with a matching forest green<br />

lanyard designed especially for it, and a rosin capsule.<br />

2½” long. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

32312 Mockingbird Call ______________________$7.25<br />


Simply press a but<strong>to</strong>n, scan<br />

a barcode and iFlyer plays a<br />

high-quality digital recording of<br />

a bird’s song. These “ScanCodes”<br />

are printed in a pocket-sized<br />

“ScanBook” which includes bird<br />

illustrations along with mnemonic<br />

cues <strong>to</strong> help you remember<br />

the songs. ScanCodes are<br />

also available as self-adhesive<br />

labels that can be placed anyw<strong>here</strong> you want <strong>to</strong> use iFlyer.<br />

Turn your favorite fi eld guides and birding books in<strong>to</strong> powerful<br />

audio learning systems. The iFlyer comes with digital<br />

recordings of the songs and calls for 206 birds and 10 frogs,<br />

54 page ScanBook with illustrations, 216 SongCode labels, a<br />

built-in speaker with volume control, 2 AAA batteries, wrist<br />

lanyard, holster with belt loop, carrycase with shoulder strap.<br />

32600 iFlyer Birdsong Scanning Wand ___________$99.95<br />

32605 iFlyer SongCode Labels (extra) ____________$7.75<br />

Bird Songs<br />


Keep your study of bird songs fresh & interesting<br />

with the variety of songcards available for the highly<br />

popular Bird Identifl yer. A complete listing of songcards<br />

can be found on the next page.<br />


Quickly identify bird songs with<br />

the press of a but<strong>to</strong>n. This is an<br />

electronic device for listening <strong>to</strong><br />

bird songs. The song player has a<br />

speaker with volume control and 10<br />

song selection but<strong>to</strong>ns. All you do<br />

is insert a song card collection in<strong>to</strong><br />

the player and press the but<strong>to</strong>n <strong>to</strong><br />

hear a realistic duplication of your<br />

favorite songbird or other animal.<br />

Over 25 different song cards can<br />

be purchased separately, making a<br />

large library of sounds. This Identifl yer comes with 2 songcards<br />

(Yardbirds one and two) for a <strong>to</strong>tal of 20 different bird songs. Great<br />

for beginners and experts of all ages. Comes with 3 AAA batteries and<br />

a private listening device. A great gift for your favorite birders!<br />

32500 Birdsong Identifl yer TM _____________________ $29.50<br />


Manufactured from durable, long-lasting nylon,<br />

this case is cus<strong>to</strong>m designed <strong>to</strong> fi t and protect your<br />

Identifl yer TM . Case also includes outer pocket <strong>to</strong> hold<br />

up <strong>to</strong> 12 additional SongCards, and a 36” neck strap.<br />

32505 Identifl yer Carrying Case ____$14.95<br />


Wake up <strong>to</strong> soothing bird melodies<br />

or choose <strong>to</strong> play bird songs each hour<br />

by selecting the bird you’d like <strong>to</strong> hear<br />

with the press of a but<strong>to</strong>n. It works with<br />

the same sound cards as the Identifl yer TM<br />

listening device. It’s battery powered and<br />

portable, making it great <strong>to</strong> take along on<br />

camping trips or other outings. The clock features an alarm, snooze<br />

but<strong>to</strong>n, glow light, selected play but<strong>to</strong>ns, setting but<strong>to</strong>ns and runs on<br />

3 AAA batteries, not included. Comes with one Beautiful Birdsongs<br />

songcard. (Available after November 2011)<br />

32506 Birdsong Desk & Alarm Clock ______________ $34.50<br />


Includes 120 Songbirds and 10 Frog calls.<br />

Birds can be searched by region, color, habitat,<br />

or name. Once the bird is selected, press the<br />

dial and out comes its song. The Ultra uses<br />

advanced digital technology <strong>to</strong> help birders<br />

and nature lovers identify 120 birds and 10<br />

frogs by their songs and colors. Have fun by<br />

learning bird songs at home or take it along on<br />

bird walks <strong>to</strong> identify the birds in the wild.<br />

32650 Identifl yer Ultra________$49.50

Bird Rookery in Homer, AK<br />


Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Wood Thrush, Blue Jay, Gray Catbird,<br />

Tufted Titmouse, Eastern Towhee, Carolina Wren, White-throated Sparrow,<br />

Eastern Bluebird, Common Grackle.<br />

32510 Eastern Yardbirds rdbird rds Song SongCard ngCard _________________$9.95<br />

_________________$9.95<br />


Steller’s Jay, White-crowned rowned Sp Spar Sparrow, ar a ro row, w Black Black-billled ck ck-b -b -bil il illled Magpie, Darkeyed<br />

Junco, Bewick’s Wren, en, Black-headed Black ck ck-h -h -hea e ded Gr GGrosbeak, osbe be b ak a , Western Bluebird,<br />

Yellow-headed Blackbird, d, Spo Spotted pott tt tted ed Towhee, Bullock’s Oriole.<br />

32511 Western Yard Yardbirds rdbi bi bird rd rds SongCard _____________ _____ _ __ _ ____ ____ $9.95<br />


Black-crowned Night t Heron,<br />

n, Gre Great re reat a Horne Horned ne n d Ow Owl, Ameri American rican Wood- Woodcock,<br />

Barred Owl, Barn Owl, Common Comm mm mmon on Nighthawk, Night h hawk w , Ea East Eastern st ster er ern Screech Sc Screec ec ech Ow Owl,<br />

l<br />

Whip-poor-will, Western Screech Owl,<br />

l, North Northern th ther er e n Mo Mock Mockingbird. ck ckin in ingb gb gbird.<br />

32513 Birds of the he Night SongCard _________<br />

______________ __ _______ $9.95 $9 $ .95<br />




20 of the most beautiful iful western warblers are ar are featured featur u ed on these th these 2<br />

cards. Become an expert in mastering the warblers warbler er ers s in iin the<br />

he wes western es este te tern r part<br />

of the United States. Includes: udes: Intermo Intermountain, mo moun un untain, , So Southwest de ddeserts, sert rt rts, s, Pacifi<br />

ifi ific c<br />

coastal states.<br />

32525 Western Warbler arbler ID.<br />

. System System__________________ e __________________ $14 $14.95 14 14.9 .9 .95<br />


Eastern Bluebird, Western stern Bluebird, Bl B uebird, Mountain Bluebird, Bluebir ir ird, Veery, Vee ee eery,<br />

Graycheeked, Bicknell’s, Swainson’s, Hermit,<br />

t, Wood,<br />

d, Robin.<br />

32529 Thrushes SongC SongCard_________________________$9.95<br />

g ard___________ __ ________________ __ __$9 $9 $9.95 9<br />


Mallard, Northern Shoveler, Blue-winged Teal, Black Duck, Northern<br />

Pintail, Green-winged Teal, Cinnamon Teal, American Wigeon, and<br />

Wood Duck.<br />

32541 Puddle Ducks SongCard___________________ $10.50<br />


Canvas-back, Common Goldeneye, Redhead, Buffl ehead, Ringnecked<br />

Duck, Ruddy Duck, Lesser Scaup, Common Meganser, Greater<br />

Scaup, Hooded Meganser.<br />

32540 Diving Ducks SongCard ___________________ $10.50<br />

32595 2-SongCard Set (Above 2 SongCards) _______ $18.00<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />

Identifl yer SongCards<br />


Northern Harrier, Upland Sandpiper, American Kestrel, Field Sparrow,<br />

Ring-necked Pheasant, Bobolink, Northern Bobwhite, Eastern<br />

Meadowlark, Killdeer, Western Meadowlark.<br />

32514 Field and Meadow SongCard _____________ $9.95<br />


Broad-winged Hawk, Great Crested Flycatcher, Ruffed Grouse, Redeyed<br />

Vireo, Great Horned Owl, Hermit Thrush, Pileated Woodpecker,<br />

Ovenbird, Eastern Wood-Pewee, Scarlet Tanager.<br />

32515 Forest SongCard _______________________ $9.95<br />


Sharp-shinned Hawk, Brown Thrasher, Red-tailed Hawk, Yellow<br />

Warbler, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Yellow-breasted Chat, Least Flycatcher,<br />

Rose-breasted Grosbeak, White-eyed Vireo, Indigo Bunting.<br />

32516 Forest Edge SongCard ______________________$9.95<br />

32592 3-SongCard Set (Above 3 SongCards) _______ $25.00<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />

29<br />


Eastern Spadefoot, Upland Chorus Frog, American Toad, Bullfrog,<br />

Green Treefrog, Wood Frog, Gray Treefrog, Northern Leopard Frog,<br />

Spring Peeper, Green Frog.<br />

32521 Fabulous Frogs SongCard___________________$9.95<br />


Eastern Screech Owl Whinny Call, American Robin Alarm Call,<br />

Eastern Screech Owl Tremelo, Distress, Western Screech Owl, Carolina<br />

Wren Alarm Call, Northern Mockingbird Alarm Call.<br />

32512 Calling Card SongCard __________________ $9.95<br />


Wood S<strong>to</strong>rk, Hooded Warbler, Swallow-tailed Kite, Summer Tana-<br />

ger, Common Ground Dove, Blue Gr GGrosbeak, os Red-cockaded Wood-<br />

pecker, Painted Bunting, Brown-heade<br />

Brown-headed d Nuthatch, Bachman’s Sparrow.<br />

32520 Birds of the South SongCard Song _________________$9.95<br />


LS<br />

Barn, Barn rn, , Eastern Ea East st ster er ern Screech, Sc Scre re reech, h, Great Gre re reat t Horne Horned, Barred, Great Gray, Long-<br />

eared, Bor Boreal, or o ea e l, Northern Norther er ern n Saw-whet, Spotted, Spo Elf.<br />

32531 32 3253 53 531 Rap<strong>to</strong> Rap<strong>to</strong>rs <strong>to</strong>rs rs One–Owls ___________________________$9.95<br />

______<br />


O– O–HA HA HAWKS<br />

Ferruginous, Red-shouldered, Red e -sho ho h uldered, Red-tailed, Red- Broad-winged, Swainson’s,<br />

Cooper’s, Sha Sharp-shinned, ha harp-shi hinned, Northe Northern Goshawk, Harris’, Northern<br />

Harrier.<br />

32532 32 3 532 Rap<strong>to</strong>rs Two–Hawks Two wo–H –H –Hawks _________________________$9.95<br />

____<br />


Osprey, Os Ospr p ey, Bald Eagle, Eag ag agle, Gold Golden lden e Eagle, CCalifornia<br />

Condor, Swallow-tailed<br />

Kite, Ki Kite te t , Prairie Falcon, Falcon on on, Merlin, Peregrine Pere regrine Falcon, Fa American Kestrel, Missis-<br />

sippi Kite.<br />

32533 Rap<strong>to</strong>rs Three Thr h ee__________<br />

_______________________________$9.95<br />

32590 32 3259 59 590 3- SongCard SongCa Ca Card Set (Rap<strong>to</strong>rs 1,2,3) _____________ $25.00<br />


E & RIVERS<br />

Common Comm m on Loo Loon, oon, n Com Common o mon Mergan Merganser, Great Blue Heron, Osprey,<br />

Tundra Tu T nd ndra ra Swa Swan, wa wan, n Bald<br />

d Eagle, Eagl g e, Canada Goo Goose, Ring-billed Gull, Mallard,<br />

Belted Kingfi gfi she sher. he her. r. r<br />

32517 3251 517 La Lakes Lakes and Rivers Ri R ve v rs SongCard SongC __________________$9.95<br />


SONG<br />

Black-bellied Bl Blackkkk-be b llied Plover, Pl Plover er e , La Laug Laughing u hing Gul Gull, American Oystercatcher,<br />

Herring Gull, Gu G ll, Greater Grea eater r Yellowlegs, Ye Yell ll llow ow owlegs, Royal<br />

Tern, Willet, Common Tern,<br />

Sanderling, Sanderli li ling ng ng, Black Bl Black k Skimmer. Sk Skimme mer. r.<br />

32518 3251 51 518 8 Se Seas Seashore as asho ho hore re SongCard ________________________$9.95<br />

___<br />


Pied-billed Grebe, Common Moor Moorhen, American Bittern, American<br />

Coot, Green Heron, Spotted Sandpiper, Wood Duck, Marsh Wren,<br />

Virginia Rail, Swamp Sparrow.<br />

32519 Marsh and Wetlands SongCard _______________$9.95<br />

32591 3-SongCard Set (Above 3 SongCards) _________ $25.00<br />


Gambel’s Quail, Gilded Flicker, White-winged Dove, Vermilion<br />

Flycatcher, Great Roadrunner, Bell’s Vireo, Elf Owl, Verdin, Gila Woodpecker,<br />

Cactus Wren.<br />

32522 Birds of the Southwest - One __________________$9.95<br />


Canyon Wren, Black-throated Sparrow, Curve-billed Thrasher, Pyrrholoxia,<br />

Phainopepla, Hooded Oriole, Painted Redstart, Scott’s Oriole,<br />

Canyon Towhee, Lessor Goldfi nch.<br />

32523 Birds of the Southwest - Two __________________$9.95<br />

32596 2-SongCard Set (Above 2 SongCards) ________ $18.00

30<br />



This game was created for<br />

birdwatchers <strong>to</strong> test their knowledge<br />

of North American birds. The game<br />

covers the continental United States<br />

and Canada, from Alaska <strong>to</strong> Florida,<br />

from California <strong>to</strong> Newfoundland.<br />

Begin in the Florida Keys, travel the<br />

North American continent, and end<br />

up back in the Florida Everglades.<br />

Questions fall in<strong>to</strong> three levels of<br />

diffi culty - beginner, intermediate and expert - allowing birders of<br />

varying skill levels <strong>to</strong> play. Made for two or more players. Contains an<br />

instruction sheet, 20” x 20” game board, 360 question cards (providing<br />

over 2,000 questions), 8 playing pieces and 30 “Life List” cards.<br />

82108 North American Bird Watching Trivia Game $29.50<br />


This easy-<strong>to</strong>-read, easy-<strong>to</strong>-use, fact-fi lled workbook<br />

will help young birdwatchers begin keeping<br />

their own life lists as they learn about 48 common<br />

North American birds. T<strong>here</strong> is space on each page<br />

for a beautiful numbered sticker, description of the<br />

bird, nesting and eating habits, number and color of<br />

eggs, and range. Also, t<strong>here</strong> is a place for recording<br />

the date, time, and locality of the sighting, and for<br />

adding personal remarks. A great combination of<br />

fun and education. 32 pages, 9 1 /4”x12 1 /4”.<br />

87050 Beginning Bird Watcher’s Book ________________$5.75<br />


Create a bird-friendly habitat in your backyard.<br />

Learn L about nests, fl owers, shrubs, vines, trees,<br />

good g “weeds”, feeders, birdhouses, birdbaths, ponds,<br />

basic b birding skills, and more. This book contains a<br />

little l bit of everything that you’ll need <strong>to</strong> know in<br />

order o <strong>to</strong> attract birds <strong>to</strong> your garden. Donald and<br />

Lillian L S<strong>to</strong>kes present a very user friendly resource<br />

lavishly l detailed with full color pho<strong>to</strong>graphy. If you<br />

have an artist in your you home, this book would provide an excellent<br />

resource for bird models <strong>to</strong> use in sketching and painting, or tracing<br />

and labeling for your nature journal. The pho<strong>to</strong>graphs are large, vivid,<br />

and beautiful! Paperback, 95 pages, interesting for the whole family.<br />

14007 Bird Gardening Book ______________________ $12.75<br />

Birding<br />


If wild birds are not used <strong>to</strong> feeding at your home, and you desire <strong>to</strong> attract them <strong>to</strong> new feeders, try putting a shiny aluminum pie plate nearby in a conspicuous<br />

place, and put chunks of white bread and other foods, such as sunfl ower seed, thistle seed, cracked corn, or birdseed mix on it <strong>to</strong> attract the birds’ attention. Keep your<br />

feeders farther from the house and traffi c areas at fi rst, then move them closer as the birds learn <strong>to</strong> trust you. Birds prefer feeders hung at least a cat’s jump above the<br />

ground, and feel safer if t<strong>here</strong> are trees or shrubs close by w<strong>here</strong> they can take quick refuge from hawks or other enemies.<br />


Relax <strong>to</strong> the sounds of the woods, brooks, and<br />

birds. Enjoy this one hour virtual walk in the woods. No<br />

dialogue, no music, no track breaks, just pure, natural<br />

Northwoods sounds. You’ll hear bird songs, running<br />

streams, wind in the trees, frogs and rain, a distant thunders<strong>to</strong>rm,<br />

crickets, and more.<br />

10808 Bird Songs of the Northwoods CD ____________$9.50<br />

Sing forth the honor of His name:<br />

make His praise glorious.<br />

Ps. 66:2<br />


A kit for creating 2 edible bird feeders. Kit includes:<br />

2<br />

tubes, 2 six-inch cardboard circles, 2 seven-inch<br />

ccardboard<br />

circles, 4 wooden dowels, cord <strong>to</strong> hang<br />

ffeeders,<br />

pinecones, moss, animal-safe glue and 3 kinds<br />

oof<br />

feed: sunfl ower seeds, corn kernels and wild bird<br />

seed seed. Create the fe feeders and enjoy watching your own backyard birds.<br />

Ages 8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

32064 Edible Easy <strong>to</strong> Build Feeders ________________ $14.00<br />


Recycle a 2-liter plastic soda bottle in<strong>to</strong> a birdfeeder.<br />

Can either be hung or mounted on a pole. Simply make<br />

a hole for the wire hanger, included, on both sides of the<br />

bottle. Fill bottle with black sunfl ower seeds and attach<br />

adapter <strong>to</strong> bottle.<br />

32070 Soda Bottle Bird Feeder (Cast Zinc) ___________$9.75<br />

32068 Soda Bottle Bird Feeder (Plastic) _____________$2.75<br />


Times will vary from one part of the country <strong>to</strong> another, depending on<br />

latitude, weather patterns, and other fac<strong>to</strong>rs.<br />

January Build or order bluebird houses. Feed ducks or geese<br />

that winter locally. Great horned owls on nests.<br />

February Set up bluebird houses. Read some good books. May<br />

see early robins by end of month.<br />

March All bird boxes should be set up. Watch for red-winged<br />

blackbirds.<br />

April May hear woodcocks in evening. Look for early robin<br />

nests in evergreens, before other trees have leaves. Bluebirds will<br />

be building nests and incubating.<br />

May Later migrants arrive—thrashers, orioles, thrushes. Nature<br />

hike for migrating spring warblers. Experiment with Audubon<br />

bird call. Hang hummingbird feeders.<br />

June Good time for nature hikes in natural woods—weeds<br />

not yet out-of-control. Robins may be on second brood, orioles<br />

nesting. Vacationing? Take binoculars, fi eld guides, and list new<br />

species seen on trip.<br />

July Birds active at sun-up. Summer evenings, look for nighthawks<br />

catching insects above shopping center lights. At dusk,<br />

throw a s<strong>to</strong>ne in a handkerchief up <strong>to</strong> watch a swooping bat.<br />

August Supply birds with water for a splash on hot days.<br />

September Set up new feeders <strong>to</strong> accus<strong>to</strong>m birds <strong>to</strong> them.<br />

Oc<strong>to</strong>ber Early, put seed in established winter feeders. Watch<br />

and listen for migrating geese, cranes, other fowl.<br />

November Study bird books and calls. Sketch birds at feeder.<br />

Keep a list of birds sighted when any new species appear.<br />

December On poster board, make a large record for listing all<br />

birds seen next year, starting Jan.1st. Draw and color some birds<br />

in its margins, and hang near feeder window.


Mount <strong>to</strong> the outside of your house<br />

window with the attached suction cups.<br />

You should allow the bird house <strong>to</strong> rest<br />

on the window ledge as it is of solid<br />

construction and heavy. The suction<br />

cups will then hold it fi rmly agaist the<br />

glass for you <strong>to</strong> observe through the<br />

plexiglass back, from the inside of your home, how the nest is built<br />

and the young are fed and cared for.<br />

75102 Birdhouse w/Window View ________________ $23.50<br />


Follow Marcia and Gus through this sweetly written<br />

s<strong>to</strong>ry as they discover many new things about birds. Mrs.<br />

Monty helps them fi nd answers <strong>to</strong> many of their questions,<br />

and in turn, Gus, Marcia, and their parents help Mrs.<br />

Monty discover that only through God do we fi nd true<br />

peace in our hearts. 125 pages, 51 /2”x81 /4”. elementary.<br />

13982 Mrs. Monty and the Birds ____________________$8.75 $8.75<br />


Got a nice day? Go outside and take a walk,<br />

but don’t forget <strong>to</strong> take this book along. It’s full of<br />

terrifi c ideas for bird watching. Tips on identifi cation,<br />

hints on fi nding birds in your backyard, pages<br />

for notes, full-color pho<strong>to</strong>graphy, cute illustrations,<br />

birding s<strong>to</strong>ries and more. Recommended reading<br />

and websites are also included. 32 pages, paper-<br />

back, 8½”x11”. Ages 8 and up. (Take a look at the<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


A Peterson Field Guide® featuring extra-large, fullcolor<br />

c illustrations on how <strong>to</strong> identify and feed backyard<br />

birds. b Contains descriptions (including favorite foods)<br />

and a range maps. The introduction covers essential<br />

bird-feeding b<br />

<strong>to</strong>pics, such as: types of feeders and w<strong>here</strong><br />

<strong>to</strong> t put them, bird-baths, kinds of food and when <strong>to</strong><br />

feed, f what <strong>to</strong> plant <strong>to</strong> attract birds, and how <strong>to</strong> solve<br />

problems p with squirrels, cats, and other preda<strong>to</strong>rs. The<br />

information i<br />

given for each species is basic and easy <strong>to</strong><br />

understand. If you are new <strong>to</strong> the pleasure of attracting birds <strong>to</strong> the<br />

feeder, begin with this book! 106 pages, paperback, 6¾”x10¾”.<br />

11069 Feeder Birds - Eastern N. America ____________ $9.75<br />

companion books, Take a Tree Walk, and Butterfl ies and nd Dragonflies)<br />

Dragonfl ies)<br />

12417 Take a Backyard Bird Walk___________________$9.75<br />


Read, learn, and color in this little booklet that<br />

gives information on 11 interesting birds, emphasizing<br />

how fast the bird fl ies. 24 pages, 81 /2”x51 B<br />

g<br />

s<br />

/2”.<br />

12215 Bird Speeds________________$1.25<br />


Waterford’s series of Pocket Naturalist Guides <strong>to</strong><br />

plants, animals, and other aspects of nature highlight<br />

the most common, distinctive, and widely distributed<br />

species in each category. These guides provide<br />

simplifi ed reference that allows easy identifi cation of<br />

species at a glance. Each pocket-sized folding guide<br />

features up <strong>to</strong> 150 species, and most contain a map<br />

pointing <strong>to</strong> prominent sanctuaries and outstanding<br />

natural attractions. Pocket Naturalists are lightweight,<br />

laminated for durability, and water-resistant, and dirt-resistant. nt<br />

11805 Eastern Backyard Birds Pocket Naturalist ____$5.75<br />

11804 Ducks Pocket Naturalist ___________________$5.75<br />

31<br />


All-weather writing paper specifi cally designed <strong>to</strong><br />

shed water so that valuable notes and drawings are protected<br />

in any weather condition. Rite in the Rain ensures<br />

that notes survive the harsh conditions of the great<br />

outdoors. Birder’s Field Notebook has helpful reference<br />

information with plenty of space for sketching and fi eld<br />

notes. 32 sheets, durable, wire binding and polydura cover, 4 1 /2”x7”.<br />

11132 Birder’s Field Notebook _____________________$7.75<br />

11131 All Weather Pen ____________________________$8.75<br />


Kits contain owl pellets, plastic forceps, hand magnifi<br />

er and bone sorting chart. A great item for introducing<br />

the basic concepts of archeology, comparative ana<strong>to</strong>my,<br />

and forensic science. Learn about the eating habits of<br />

owls.<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

40634 Single Owl Pellet (No chart, no <strong>to</strong>ols)___$3.00<br />

35045 Set of 3 Owl Pellets_____________$10.00<br />

35046 Set of 8 Owl Pellets_____________$15.00<br />


Here is a full-size book that is sure <strong>to</strong> be a favorite with people<br />

who wish <strong>to</strong> attract and identify birds. The fi rst 30 pages deal in-depth<br />

with the ways of getting birds <strong>to</strong> come <strong>to</strong> your yard and feeders so<br />

you can enjoy observing their behavior. The following 60 pages are<br />

devoted <strong>to</strong> helping you identify the twenty-some most common and<br />

popular birds by the use of large, sharp pho<strong>to</strong>graphs and interesting<br />

descriptions about their habits. 90 pages, paperback, 81 BIRD FEEDER BOOK<br />

/2”x11”.<br />

14005 The Bird Feeder Book________________________12.75<br />


This book is a valuable and attractive sequel <strong>to</strong> The Bird Feeder<br />

Book (above) by the same authors—Don and Lillian S<strong>to</strong>kes. It is a<br />

complete guide <strong>to</strong> birdhouses and <strong>to</strong> the wide variety of birds that<br />

use them. 96 pages, paperback, 8 1 /2”x11”.<br />

14006 Complete Birdhouse Book __________________ $12.75<br />


Now you can learn how <strong>to</strong> attract the “bluebird of happiness.”<br />

Although their populations were once threatened, bluebirds are now<br />

coming back, thanks <strong>to</strong> the efforts of people who are learning <strong>to</strong><br />

provide the housing they need. This book contains all the information<br />

you could ever want about bluebirds. 96 pages, paperback, 8 1 /2”x11”.<br />

14021 The Bluebird Book__________________________$12.75<br />


If you enjoy hummingbirds, you will love this book by Donald &<br />

Lillian S<strong>to</strong>kes. Its pages are fi lled with large, colorful, close-up pho<strong>to</strong>graphs<br />

of God’s tiny fl ying jewels. Tells how <strong>to</strong> enjoy and feed hummingbirds,<br />

and discusses hummingbird habitat and hummingbird<br />

fl owers and gardening. The rest of the book gives detailed information<br />

about our native hummingbirds. 90 pages, paperback, 8 1 /2”x11”.<br />

14012 The Hummingbird Book ____________________ $12.75

32<br />


This easy-<strong>to</strong>-follow manual contains simple<br />

instructions and illustrations for building 12 feeders in<br />

classic and contemporary designs. Suitable for spaces<br />

ranging in size from large farmyards <strong>to</strong> tiny apartment<br />

terraces. Feeders include: near-ground, pyramid, multiseed,<br />

chalet-style, and more. Complete with numerous<br />

diagrams, detailed illustrations, and nine tables of<br />

information. 128 pages, paperback, 53 /8”x 81 i<br />

c<br />

r<br />

t<br />

s<br />

o<br />

i<br />

/2.”<br />

14026 Easy-To-Make Bird Feeders _____$4.75<br />


Birdhouse building is an ideal project for long<br />

winter evenings and <strong>here</strong>’s a 46-page, 51 /4”x81 /4” softcover<br />

book <strong>to</strong> help you build properly. Birds want their<br />

homes the proper size, in the proper location, with<br />

proper ventilation, etc. This book has fi ve full pages<br />

telling specifi cally what kind of home <strong>to</strong> make for<br />

more than sixty species of birds, using free lumber!<br />

14008 Birdhouse Construction _____________________$3.50 $3.50<br />


A wonderful book detailing how <strong>to</strong> provide homes for wildlife.<br />

The book includes patterns for nesting boxes, platforms, and bird<br />

houses for birds from many habitats such as backyard<br />

birds in urban areas, farmsteads, orchards,<br />

pastures, and small deciduous woodlots; birds in<br />

the forests and woods; and birds that dwell beside<br />

lakes, rivers, marshes, and ponds. The full-color<br />

wildlife pho<strong>to</strong>graphy is beautiful, and the detailed<br />

construction pho<strong>to</strong>graphs and instructions are<br />

clear and easy <strong>to</strong> follow. 111 pages, paperback, ,<br />

8½”x11”.<br />

20001 Woodworking for Wildlife __ $18.00<br />

Incuba<strong>to</strong>r<br />


Hovers over the eggs and gently warms them until they hatch,<br />

just like the mother hen! This is considered<br />

<strong>to</strong> be the world’s best small incuba<strong>to</strong>r.<br />

Thermal action of the heated<br />

air fl owing out the exhaust vents<br />

in the <strong>to</strong>p of the incuba<strong>to</strong>r draws<br />

fresh air in through the bot<strong>to</strong>m<br />

vent. This air fl ow also assists<br />

the drying of the chicks after<br />

they hatch. It holds up <strong>to</strong> 120<br />

small quail eggs or 42 large duck<br />

eggs. 18”x18”x7 1 /2”. Instructions included.<br />

50011 120-Volt Incuba<strong>to</strong>r ___________________________ $55.00<br />


The Turbofan increases airfl ow in the Hova-Ba<strong>to</strong>r incuba<strong>to</strong>r, permitting<br />

the incuba<strong>to</strong>r <strong>to</strong> be operated at one temperature for all sizes<br />

and all climate conditions while holding a more uniform temperature.<br />

16½x16½”x3½”.<br />

50010 Turbofan Incuba<strong>to</strong>r 120 -Volt ______________ $86.50<br />

50015 Electronic Incuba<strong>to</strong>r 12 v DC or 120 v AC ___ $134.50<br />

Has a full viewing window on <strong>to</strong>p, instead of 2 small windows.<br />

(If used with a battery you must supply your own battery & connec<strong>to</strong>r)<br />

Birding<br />


Would you prefer the cheerful<br />

twittering of a colony of purple<br />

martins over the drone of mosqui<strong>to</strong>es?<br />

A single martin can eat up <strong>to</strong><br />

2000 mosqui<strong>to</strong>es in one day! For<br />

rustproof construction and for ease<br />

of cleaning and maintenance, you<br />

can’t beat the lightweight aluminum<br />

house. Why should you risk<br />

your limbs at the <strong>to</strong>p of a ladder,<br />

when a sturdy telescoping post<br />

will lower this well-engineered house right down <strong>to</strong> eye level? The<br />

12-compartment “Trio Grandpa” comes complete with 14’ telescoping<br />

steel pole, nylon rope lanyard, guard rails, and individual winter door<br />

s<strong>to</strong>ps. Measures 18”x20”x16”, weighs 37 pounds. Assembly required.<br />

32085 Martin House System ____________________ $260.00<br />

PURPLE MARTINS —400 Q &A<br />

Written by an Amish man who obviously knows and<br />

loves his purple martins, this book is packed with information.<br />

In addition <strong>to</strong> its 400 questions and answers<br />

about attracting and keeping martins, it discusses<br />

weather and migration and has daily growth charts,<br />

nesting time charts, a rehabilitation manual, info on<br />

trapping sparrows, all-time bird records, 27 pages of<br />

pho<strong>to</strong>graphs, and more. 180 pages, paperback, 51 /2”x81 /2”. ”<br />

14023 Purple Martins ___________________________ $12.00<br />


Now you can grow the huge gourds that many<br />

martin lovers prefer. A good science project! These<br />

can be planted in your garden, prepared for martins,<br />

and hung on a telescoping rack. Requires a long<br />

growing season and 3-6 months <strong>to</strong> dry. About 15 seeds.<br />

32087 Gourd Seeds ______________________________$2.50<br />



During incubation, eggs must be<br />

turned several times a day <strong>to</strong> prevent<br />

the yolk from settling <strong>to</strong> one side and<br />

<strong>to</strong> exercise the embryo. Turning the eggs by<br />

hand is the most demanding and time-consuming<br />

part of egg incubation. The turner holds 42 eggs, in sizes from<br />

partridge <strong>to</strong> duck eggs. 15”x15”x3”, 110 Volt AC.<br />

50008 Au<strong>to</strong>matic Egg Turner ____________________ $52.00<br />


This Turbofan kit can be installed in the regular Hova-Ba<strong>to</strong>r incuba<strong>to</strong>r.<br />

It provides the airfl ow benefi ts of the Turbofan model.<br />

50009 Turbofan Kit _____________________________ $34.00<br />


This book is i a 21-day journey through the development of a chick.<br />

Le Learn the responsibilities involved in incubating, with<br />

co complete instructions on getting started, choosing sup-<br />

pl plies, what <strong>to</strong> expect each of the 21 days, understanding<br />

pr problems, and caring for the young. Includes a suppliers<br />

in index, glossary and more. Full-color, detailed illustrations,<br />

pa paperback, spiralbound, 56 pages, 5½”x9”.<br />

50002 Successful Hatching ___________ $10.00


With the Ant Universe habitat, you can<br />

watch ants create 3-D tunnels in the amazing<br />

space gel. This miraculous gel is based<br />

on a 2003 NASA Space Shuttle experiment<br />

<strong>to</strong> study animal life in space and test how<br />

ants successfully tunnel in microgravity. This<br />

space-age gel serves as both habitat and<br />

nutrition for the ants. Watch as the ants turn a brick of aqua-blue gel<br />

in<strong>to</strong> a fascinating colony of tunnels! The Gel is non-<strong>to</strong>xic and contains<br />

the necessary nutrients <strong>to</strong> promote healthy growth in the new colony.<br />

Watch ants live, work and tunnel in the nutritious gel as they create<br />

series upon series of intricate tunnels. This ant habitat is easy <strong>to</strong> care<br />

for since the ants need NO food or water. Includes the case (6½”x 5”x<br />

1”), the gel, ant catching/tunnel starting <strong>to</strong>ol, an instruction booklet<br />

with interesting facts about ants and a form <strong>to</strong> order your ants via<br />

mail - Ants are NOT included. Find your own ants or order by mail for<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />

$4.95.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

34046 Ant Universe Habitat _____________________ $14.75<br />

ANT FARM<br />

This colorful<br />

ant farm comes<br />

in a sturdy box,<br />

and includes the<br />

plastic observation<br />

ant farm, an “Ant<br />

Watcher Handbook,”<br />

some California<br />

sand, and<br />

a S<strong>to</strong>ck Certifi cate for a generous supply of ants. (The ants will be<br />

shipped <strong>to</strong> you from a California supplier in exchange for your S<strong>to</strong>ck<br />

Certifi cate (included) and $3.00 postage & handling.) Children love<br />

<strong>to</strong> watch the ants, which will live several weeks if the instructions are<br />

followed carefully. Replacement ants may be ordered from the same<br />

California supplier, or you can easily capture some of your own. Makes<br />

an interesting project for schools and homes. Watch the ants dig tunnels,<br />

build rooms, construct highways, and guard roads. No wonder<br />

Solomon said, “Go <strong>to</strong> the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways and be<br />

wise.” Shipping of ants <strong>to</strong> continental U.S.A. & Canada only.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

34040 Ant Farm 6”x9” ____________________________ $13.50<br />

34041 Giant Ant Farm 10”x15” ____________________ $24.50<br />


Observe the tiny embryos hatching<br />

in<strong>to</strong> wiggling little tadpoles which<br />

will eventually develop in<strong>to</strong> frogs. The<br />

tadpoles are easy <strong>to</strong> care for in the clear<br />

plastic 41 /2”x6”x31 /2” aquarium provided,<br />

and close-up observation is possible<br />

with the handheld magnifi er which is<br />

included. The kit also contains a generous<br />

supply of tadpole food, an instruction booklet, and a postagepaid<br />

coupon for 6-10 early-stage live frog embryos. Tadpoles shipped<br />

directly from supplier. Shipping of embryos <strong>to</strong> continental U.S.A. only.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

34053 Frog Hatchery Kit _________________________ $25.00<br />

Live Critter Projects<br />


This classic Sea-Monkeys set comes with every- EXPLORER NET<br />

thing you need <strong>to</strong> raise your own adorable Aqua-Pets!<br />

Comes with illustrated instructions, feeding spoon and<br />

three packets: #1 Water Purifi er, #2 Instant Live Eggs<br />

and #3 Growth Food. The crystal clear styrene tank has<br />

either a red or blue base, and all contents come shrinkwrapped<br />

inside the tank. Ages 6 and up.<br />

34050 Sea Monkeys® ___________________________ $12.50<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />

33<br />


These kits gives you a front-row seat <strong>to</strong><br />

one of God’s most thrilling miracles of Nature!<br />

If you’ve ever witnessed a beautiful Monarch<br />

emerging from a chrysalis then you understand<br />

why this project is like no other. Your choice of:<br />

Rearing Kit—includes tent, milkweed seeds,<br />

certifi cate for 3-6 larvae, booklet with information,<br />

feeding kit (cup, cot<strong>to</strong>n, eye dropper). Shipping<br />

of larvae <strong>to</strong> contiguous U.S.A. only.<br />

Breeding Kit—will end up with second generation butterfl ies.<br />

Includes tent, seeds, certifi cate for 6-12 larvae, instruction manual,<br />

specialized food, feeding kit (cup, cot<strong>to</strong>n, eye dropper). Shipping of<br />

larvae <strong>to</strong> contiguous U.S.A. only.<br />

35042 Butterfl y Farm Rearing Kit __________________ $32.00<br />

35040 Butterfl y Farm Breeding Kit _________________ $38.50<br />


Complete instructional unit for secondary<br />

level students or beginning collec<strong>to</strong>rs.<br />

Kit contains all the fundamental equipment<br />

needed <strong>to</strong> collect, prepare, and maintain<br />

specimens of most orders of insects:<br />

High quality student insect net, 12”<br />

diameter, aerial bag, 18” hardwood handle<br />

2 collecting jars, 4 oz. with plaster poured<br />

bot<strong>to</strong>ms Insect killing fl uid, ethyl acetate,<br />

in 8 dram vial, for collecting jars 50 gassing<br />

envelopes, 23 /4x41 /4 inches. Folding<br />

magnifi er, 4x, with plastic case Forceps,<br />

spade tip, stainless steel Spreading board,<br />

12”, soft plastic pinning surfaces, varied center groove Insect pins,<br />

size 3, pack of 100 Pinning block, hardwood, three-step style 100<br />

blank labels, black borders, 7 /8x1 /2” Label pen, permanent ink, fi ne line,<br />

.3mm Fiberboard insect box, polyethylene foam pinning bot<strong>to</strong>m,<br />

9x13x21 /2 inches. Insecticidal strip 32 page booklet 51 /2”x81 /2”, that<br />

contains all the information you’ll need on how <strong>to</strong> collect, preserve,<br />

mount, and display insects. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

34000 Student Insect Collecting Kit ________________ $45.00<br />

34018 How <strong>to</strong> Make an Insect Collection, Booklet Only _$3.75<br />

34020 Student Insect Net Only ____________________ $17.50<br />

34019 Replacement Netting ________________________$8.00<br />


This kit includes a butterfl y net, wildfl ower<br />

seeds, s anesthetizing jar, ethyl acetate, pipette,<br />

pocket p magnifi er, teasing needle, insect pins,<br />

forceps, f pinning block, adjustable spreading<br />

i board, specimen vial, display case and<br />

28-page 2 5½”x8½” booklet.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

34004 Deluxe En<strong>to</strong>m En<strong>to</strong>mology Lab ____________________ $42.00<br />


Nylon net, 10” diameter. Excellent lightduty<br />

net for butterfl ies or other insect life.<br />

34021 Butterfl y Net____________6.25<br />

2 or more only ___________$5.75 each<br />

A net is a wondrous thing in the hands<br />

of a curious child. Bring your Explorer Net<br />

<strong>to</strong> the pond, <strong>to</strong> the backyard, or on a picnic.<br />

A net is a must have accessory for all your<br />

nature trips. Wooden handle. Explorer net<br />

measures 26” long. Ages 3 and up.<br />

34002 Explorer Net _________$7.50

34<br />


For mounting butterfl ies, insects or<br />

even coins. Made of heavy telescoping<br />

box construction with glass <strong>to</strong>p and<br />

are neatly covered with black sky<strong>to</strong>gen<br />

embossed paper. Filled with white<br />

polyester padding, about 3 /4” deep inside.<br />

(Specimens not included). Insect pins<br />

are not used in these mounts as the white polyester padding holds<br />

specimens against the glass <strong>to</strong>p.<br />

34031 6 1 /2”x8 1 /2” Insect Mount _______________________$7.00<br />

34032 8”x12” Insect Mount ________________________$8.25<br />

34033 12”x16” Insect Mount ______________________ $13.00<br />


This display case is made of a double<br />

strength cardboard frame covered with<br />

black embossed paper, and is entirely lined<br />

with white paper. Case has a glass <strong>to</strong>p and<br />

a 5 /16” polyethylene foam pinning bot<strong>to</strong>m. It<br />

measures 12”x16”— 2 1 /4” thick, and 1 1 /2” inside depth.<br />

34030 12”x16” Deep Display Case _________________ $25.00<br />


Excellent quality pins for mounting. They<br />

are all approximately 1 1 /2” long. 100/Pkg.<br />

34025 Insect Pins #4 _______________________________$5.00<br />


Magnifying lens on lid with air holes. Built-in base<br />

grid. Plastic. 2.5” high.<br />

34023 Eye-Spy Bug Viewer_____________$3.00<br />


Enjoy examining real bugs under a<br />

stereo s microscope or magnifying glass<br />

without w them being alive! Each specimen<br />

m is preserved in a plastic cube for<br />

easy e observation and s<strong>to</strong>rage. NO live<br />

bugs b <strong>to</strong> escape and roam the home!<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

55164 Scorpion,Ant,Wasp,Flower Bug ____________ $12.00<br />

55165 Cricket, Locust, Beetle, Crab ________________ $12.00<br />


Due <strong>to</strong> hazardous materials shipping regulations, we do not<br />

offer ethyl acetate as an individual item. Since the main ingredient<br />

of fi ngernail polish remover is ethyl acetate, we recommend you<br />

purchase fi ngernail polish remover and create your own cus<strong>to</strong>m<br />

killing jar. Pour about a one half-inch layer of Plaster of Paris mixed<br />

with enough water so that it is easy <strong>to</strong> pour in<strong>to</strong> a large jar. A pint<br />

size jar works well. Allow it <strong>to</strong> dry overnight. Label the jar “POISON.”<br />

Add about 1 milliliter (about 1/8 tsp) of fi ngernail polish remover<br />

<strong>to</strong> the Plaster of Paris jar. Close the lid and wait 10 minutes until the<br />

liquid has been absorbed by the Plaster of Paris. If the liquid is not<br />

completely absorbed, it could cause discoloration <strong>to</strong> the wings of<br />

brightly colored insects.<br />

Once the jar is “charged” the lid must remain on and be removed<br />

only <strong>to</strong> kill and retrieve specimens. To kill specimens, add only one at<br />

a time <strong>to</strong> the jar and then wait 15-20 minutes <strong>to</strong> ensure that it has<br />

been killed. The insect succumbs <strong>to</strong> the poisonous vapors of the ethyl<br />

acetate. Keep away from children. Do not breathe vapors.<br />

Bug Stuff & Books<br />


Learn the distinctive characteristics of<br />

each bug introduced, w<strong>here</strong> <strong>to</strong> fi nd it, how <strong>to</strong><br />

catch it, how <strong>to</strong> keep it, what it acts like, and<br />

its class, order, and family. The system of classifi<br />

cation is explained in the appendix. The<br />

glossary and index make these titles excellent<br />

resources for your nature library. Used <strong>to</strong><br />



Even the youngest investiga<strong>to</strong>rs will<br />

love using B.S.I.’s three useful <strong>to</strong>ols <strong>to</strong> check<br />

out bug body parts, watch insects munch<br />

leafy meals, and closely examine cleverly<br />

camoufl aged critters. Includes the B.S.I. Bug-<br />

Scope, which lets you see your wiggly bugs<br />

from both the <strong>to</strong>p and the bot<strong>to</strong>m! The Super Sleuth Field Micro-<br />

scope is super-portable and magnifi es up <strong>to</strong> 30x. And for especially<br />

adventurous investiga<strong>to</strong>rs, t<strong>here</strong>’s even a catch-and-release Bug Patrol<br />

Magnifi er that clips <strong>to</strong> your belt or backpack when you’re on the go!<br />

A handy full-color guide gives special tips on catching and caring for<br />

insects. Ages 5-10.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

34034 Bug Scene Investiga<strong>to</strong>r ___________________ $26.95<br />

their fullest extent, they are excellent for grade e school through thro gh high<br />

school biology. 118 pages each, paperback, 7”x10”.<br />

14051 Pet Bugs _________________________________ $13.75<br />

14052 More Pet Bugs ____________________________ $12.75<br />

14055 Set of 2 Pet Bugs Books ____________________ $23.50<br />


Perfect for collecting and observing all<br />

kinds of little critters! Features a sturdy handle,<br />

a circular sliding door <strong>to</strong> let things in and<br />

out, and a screen so your critters can breathe<br />

happily while you watch them. Ages 5 and up.<br />

Approx. 7¼” w x 8½” h x 5½” d.<br />

35036 Critter Case________________________________$8.50<br />


If your children have never seen a caterpillar change<br />

<strong>to</strong> a butterfl y, send them <strong>to</strong> school with Miss Rose’s class,<br />

and let them share the excitement. Caterpillar Green was<br />

written for younger children. It has large type, and words<br />

are broken in<strong>to</strong> their syllables throughout. A perfect<br />

book <strong>to</strong> read aloud, with its delightful mixture of poetry<br />

and conversation. 140 pages, hardcover, 5¾”x8½”.<br />

13012 Caterpillar Green ____________________________$7.50 $7 50<br />


A celebration of the chirps, trills, and scrapes<br />

of o seventy-fi ve common species of crickets,<br />

katydids, k locusts, and cicadas native <strong>to</strong> eastern<br />

North N America, including a seventy-minute CD<br />

featuring f high-quality recordings of the songs<br />

of o the species, track-keyed <strong>to</strong> the information<br />

presented p in the text. The pho<strong>to</strong>graphs in this<br />

book b will surprise and delight even the most<br />

reluctant l of f amateur en<strong>to</strong>mologists. This book and accompanying CD<br />

provide a unique doorway <strong>to</strong> enjoyment of the insect concerts and<br />

solos that dominate our natural soundscape during the summer and<br />

autumn. Includes basic information as well as identifi cation tips, and<br />

sonagrams. 228 pages, 8 ½” x 8 ½”, full-color pho<strong>to</strong>graphs.<br />

14054 The Songs of Insects ______________________ $18.50


“Crack! Crack!” Father Locust’s little shell house split<br />

right r down the back! Now what should Father Locust<br />

do? d Eight-year-old Jane was excited. She enjoys a visit<br />

from f Aunt Rose and <strong>to</strong>gether they look at the little shell<br />

house h w<strong>here</strong> the locust had lived. 62 pages, paperback,<br />

6½”x8¾” 6 . First grade.<br />

13108 The Locust S<strong>to</strong>ry _______________ $3.35<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />

Bug Books<br />


From huge hairy spiders and slimy black slugs,<br />

<strong>to</strong> darting dragonfl ies and spindly stick insects,<br />

t<strong>here</strong> are around 100 bugs hiding on every 2<br />

page spread of this book. Each beautifully-illustrated<br />

picture puzzle shows a different part of<br />

the world, packed with the tiny creatures that live<br />

t<strong>here</strong>. Full of facts and fun! 32 pages, hardcover,<br />

8½”x11”.<br />

19002 The Big Bug Search ________$9.50<br />


An ant hill of activity for children who love bug<br />

adventures! Buzzing with practical information<br />

about bug life cycles, habitats, and behaviors, 160<br />

hands-on activities are presented in this informative,<br />

colorfully illustrated book. Build a bug trap, talk<br />

<strong>to</strong> fi refl ies with a penlight, plant a butterfl y garden,<br />

watch a millipede clean its feet, fi nd out if aphids<br />

prefer the color yellow, and so much more. When you u<br />

come <strong>to</strong> the chapter on insects in your child’s science e text, text you might<br />

want <strong>to</strong> lay it aside and enjoy this book instead. Yes! It is really that<br />

intriguing! Or at least have it on hand for fun after the homework is<br />

completed. Author, Toni Albert, is an award winning author. 72 pages,<br />

hardcover, 8¾”x11¼”.<br />

11158 Busy With Bugs __________________________ $15.00<br />


Pocket Naturalist Guides <strong>to</strong> Bugs & Slugs highlight the<br />

most common, distinctive, and widely distributed species in<br />

each category. They provide simplifi ed reference that allows<br />

easy identifi cation of species at a glance. Each pocket-sized<br />

folding guide features up <strong>to</strong> 150 species. Lightweight, laminated<br />

for durability.<br />

11802 Bugs & Slugs Pocket Naturalist _____________$5.75 $5 75<br />

35<br />


Discovering animals in your garden can be<br />

fun and exciting with this book! It will guide you<br />

<strong>to</strong> discover the wonderful little critters, troubling<br />

pests, caterpillars, and other living things found<br />

right in the garden. You’ll fi nd information on how<br />

<strong>to</strong> start a garden and create eco-friendly habitats.<br />

Several experiments are suggested <strong>to</strong> help you<br />

observe and explore. Sections include: The Plants,<br />

Helpful and Harmless Plant-Eaters, Harmful Plant-<br />

Eaters and Preda<strong>to</strong>rs That Help Control Harmful Plant–Eaters, ant–Eaters and<br />

Decomposers Recycle the Dead Plants. Numerous slugs, bugs, and<br />

other critters are presented. Once you have a garden planted, you’ll<br />

be ready for an adventure in nature study that you never imagined.<br />

(Capitalize on your efforts in the garden and do a thorough study of<br />

botany at the same time! Don’t forget <strong>to</strong> keep a nature notebook.)<br />

120 pages, paperback, 8 ¼” x10 ¾”. Elementary interest.<br />

14082 Slugs, Bugs, and Salamanders ______________ $19.75<br />


Use information gained from the world of<br />

a<br />

tiny wonderland <strong>to</strong> learn about the scien-<br />

ttifi<br />

c method. Learn the 5 steps of the scientifi c<br />

method: m question, hypothesis, methods, result,<br />

and a conclusion. Focus on fun and education<br />

operating o on the premise that doing is learning!<br />

Chapter C <strong>to</strong>pics include The Scientifi c Method,<br />

AAttracting<br />

and Maintaining Critters, Roly-Poly or<br />

PPill<br />

Bug Science, Wiggly Earthworms, Chirping<br />

CCrickets,<br />

Many-Legged Millipedes, The Fungus<br />

that Creeps, Creeps Tadpoles <strong>to</strong> t Toads, Pond Ecology in the Classroom, Ant<br />

Lions, Spooky Spiders, Praying Mantis, Baby Mantis, plus an entire<br />

section on insect life cycles. This book is packed with bug stuff! The<br />

narration is easy <strong>to</strong> read and understand. More than 100 hands-on<br />

experiments, each based on the scientifi c method. Great ideas for science<br />

fairs, <strong>to</strong>o. Author, Sally Kneidel. 223 pages, paperback, 8¼”x10¾”.<br />

Elementary- Jr.High.<br />

14084 Creepy Crawlies and the Scientifi c Method __ $17.75<br />


Some moths are as large and colorful as butterfl<br />

ies! This carefully researched and beautifully<br />

designed book explores how moths and butterfl ies<br />

are different as well as similar, what they eat, their<br />

preda<strong>to</strong>rs, color and camoufl age, life cycle, and<br />

migration. 32 pages, paperback, 8½”x9½”. Grades 1-2. .<br />

19006 Butterfl ies and Moths_________$6.00 0<br />


Take this book with you as you walk in your<br />

backyard, b schoolyard or local park. Discover how<br />

<strong>to</strong> t fi nd, identify and attract butterfl ies, and w<strong>here</strong><br />

<strong>to</strong> t look for eggs and chrysalises. Step in<strong>to</strong> the<br />

fascinating f<br />

world of dragonfl ies and butterfl ies!<br />

LLearn<br />

how <strong>to</strong> fi nd, observe and identify them; learn<br />

hhow<br />

<strong>to</strong> tell the difference between butterfl ies<br />

aand<br />

moths, and dragonfl ies and damselfl ies; and<br />

learn l about their life cycles. Beautiful, full-color<br />

pho<strong>to</strong>graphy. h h 32 pages, paperback, 8½” x 11”. Ages 8 and up. (This is<br />

the third book in this series. Take A Tree Walk and Take A Backyard Bird<br />

Walk are the other two).<br />

12418 Take A Butterfl y Walk _______________________$9.75<br />


This lovely and informative book imagi-<br />

nnatively<br />

takes a child on the strange journey<br />

ffrom<br />

caterpillar <strong>to</strong> butterfl y—one of nature’s<br />

mmost<br />

dramatic and mysterious processes<br />

ccalled<br />

metamorphosis. It also teaches children<br />

hhow<br />

<strong>to</strong> grow their own butterfl y garden and<br />

aattract<br />

and nurture these “fl owers of the<br />

insect world.” Beautiful color paintings. 32 pages, paperback, 10”x8”.<br />

20029 W<strong>here</strong> Butterfl ies Grow _____________________$6.50<br />



Insects are an important part of every ecosys-<br />

Spiders are not insects. Spiders are arachnids.<br />

tem on the planet. This fascinating book discusses<br />

Arachnids are arthropods, animals that have legs<br />

the parts of an insect, from egg <strong>to</strong> adult, color and<br />

and joints but no backbone. This book is a great<br />

camoufl age, eating habits, and their important role<br />

introduction in<strong>to</strong> the world of web weavers. Real<br />

in cleaning the environment. Full-color pho<strong>to</strong>gra-<br />

pho<strong>to</strong>graphy, lots of information! 32 pages, paperphy.<br />

32 pages, paperback, 8½”x9½”. Grades 2-3.<br />

back, 8½”x9½”. Grades 2-3.<br />

19003 Bugs and Other Insects______$6.00<br />

15130 Web Weavers________________$6.00<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.

36 Nature Books<br />


An elementary s<strong>to</strong>rybook in eight parts. The fi rst<br />

part p tells the seven days of creation. The other 7 parts<br />

tell t Bible s<strong>to</strong>ries about how God used the things He<br />

created: c How God Used Light; How God Used the<br />

Heavens; H How God Used Land, Sea, and Plants; How<br />

God G Used Sun, Moon, and Stars; How God Used Fish<br />

and a<br />

Birds; How God Used Animals and Man; and How<br />

God Used the Day of Rest. Comprehension questions are at the end<br />

of each chapter. The book is fi lled with simple facts for young learners.<br />

The writing style is very simple, making it perfect for your youngest<br />

listeners. Rod and Staff Publishers, black and white illustrations,<br />

230 pages, hardback, 7¾”x10½”.<br />

13164 God’s Marvelous Creation ___________________$9.25<br />


Happy surprises lurk in hidden places, waiting <strong>to</strong> be<br />

found by the seven-year-old twins, Wendall and Randall. .<br />

Enjoy wildlife with the Radar family as they discover<br />

and learn from God’s creatures on their Pennsylvania<br />

farm. When the family moves <strong>to</strong> Texas, Wendall and<br />

Randall learn that even without mountains and forests,<br />

t<strong>here</strong> are still interesting things in nature <strong>to</strong> observe<br />

and enjoy. 23 short chapters, each with a new lesson<br />

<strong>to</strong> learn. Learn about: parakeets, spiderweb, fi re ants,<br />

a snake, an armadillo, a baby pheasant, baby chickens,<br />

baby ducks, bunnies, and more. Rod and Staff. 179 pages, hardback,<br />

5¾”x8½”.<br />

13174 Cornfi eld Baby and Other Nature Surprises ____$8.25<br />


The strong spiritual emphasis of this book teaches<br />

small sm children some of the many reasons God made trees.<br />

31 3 pages, paperback, 5¼”x8” , ages 4-6.<br />

13100 A Tree is Special ____________________$2.95<br />


For Marlin and Mervin, life on the farm is full of new<br />

and interesting events. Baby ducklings, an owl in the<br />

silo, and a rabbit family in the yard are all part of life<br />

on a farm. The boys learn that a fi sh cannot live out of<br />

water and that a dog must be taught good habits while<br />

it is young. Kindness, honesty, respect, and a love for<br />

God are carefully woven in<strong>to</strong> this s<strong>to</strong>ry of farm life. Rod<br />

and Staff. 152 pages, hardcover, 5 1 /2”x8 1 /2”. Children 5-10.<br />

13044 Wildlife on the Farm _________________________$8.00<br />


These two books are attractivelyillustrated,<br />

and written in the handson,<br />

real-life, family-setting, conversational<br />

style that makes Rod & Staff<br />

s<strong>to</strong>ry books favorites with our children.<br />

Your children, <strong>to</strong>o, will enjoy following<br />

John and Carolyn as they make insect<br />

nets, learn <strong>to</strong> distinguish the whippoorwill’s<br />

night call, make a “water<br />

eye,” study the stars, etc. You don’t need <strong>to</strong> live in North Carolina,<br />

or even in a forest, <strong>to</strong> enjoy these books! Some sample selections<br />

include: The Mysterious Whistle A Live Egg Hunt John Records<br />

Another Reptile The Gem of the Heavens A Miniature Plowman<br />

Chewing Gum Tree. 240 pages each, paperback, 51 /2”x81 i<br />

o<br />

t<br />

s<br />

Y<br />

J<br />

n<br />

p<br />

/4”.<br />

15021 Spring and Summer in North Carolina Forests ___$7.75<br />

15022 Fall and Winter in North Carolina Forests _______$7.75<br />

15025 Set of 2 - In North Carolina Forests Books_____ $14.00<br />


Did you know the Bible talks about apes,<br />

badgers, ferrets, hornets, kites and pelicans? It<br />

does, along with many, many more animals<br />

and little creatures. Taking each letter of the<br />

alphabet, this book tells about the animals of the e<br />

Bible. It is well-illustrated with large pictures and<br />

has phonetic spellings for each entry. 45 pages,<br />

paperback, 8x10½”.<br />

13055 Dictionary of Bible Animals __________________$3.00 $3 00<br />


This book was fi rst published in 1842! Rod and<br />

Staff recently brought it back in<strong>to</strong> print, after updating<br />

some of the language. In it, children will discover<br />

many fascinating facts about the various birds, insects,<br />

and animals mentioned in the Bible. Each of the 33<br />

animals are illustrated by Lester E. Miller. Adults will<br />

enjoy this book <strong>to</strong>o. 128 pages, paperback, 51 /4”x81 S<br />

i<br />

m<br />

a<br />

a<br />

e<br />

/4”.<br />

13035 Bible Alphabet of Animals _______$5.75<br />


In an interesting, easy-<strong>to</strong>-read, s<strong>to</strong>ry-like style, the<br />

writer presents an intriguing collection of facts from<br />

God’s wonderful creation—birds, animals, and plants.<br />

With spiritual insights and reverence, it shows how<br />

they illustrate and are in complete harmony with<br />

God’s spiritual laws. Profi table reading for young<br />

people and adults. 200 pages, paperback, 5½”x8¼”.<br />

19700 Learning from the Book of Nature _____________$7.20 $7.20<br />


Flowers, wildlife, trees, butterfl ies, and water<br />

creatures c fascinate the four Miller children who live<br />

in i northwest Washing<strong>to</strong>n State. Encouraged by their<br />

parents, p they are ever alert <strong>to</strong> the marvelous details<br />

of o God’s creation. The Millers demonstrate principles<br />

of o kindness, courtesy, and trust. 304 pages, hardcover,<br />

5¾”x8½”. 5<br />

15024 GGod’s d Marvels in Washing<strong>to</strong>n _______________ $10.85<br />


“Full of suspense” describes this s<strong>to</strong>ry of wildlife<br />

survival in the Rocky Mountains. Blizzards cover food<br />

sources and lock creatures in bitter cold and deep<br />

snow. The snow gives some animals an advantage,<br />

while <strong>to</strong> others it brings frightening vulnerability.<br />

This book will grip the interest of young and old alike.<br />

134 pages, hardcover, 5¾”x8½”.<br />

13043 Trapped by the Mountain S<strong>to</strong>rm_$7.30<br />


You will enjoy this fascinating close-up view<br />

of wild creatures in the Rocky Mountains. Read<br />

about the Snowshoe Rabbits, the baby Grouse, the<br />

Porcupine, Marmot, Coyote, Pack Rat, Water Ouzel,<br />

Fawn and Bobcat as they play, grow, hunt, and<br />

face unexpected dangers. Very well written, with<br />

amazing interplay and a surprising last chapter. 127<br />

illustrated pages, hardcover, 6”x83 A<br />

o<br />

a<br />

P<br />

F<br />

f<br />

a<br />

i<br />

/4”.<br />

13011 All on a Mountain Day _________$6.90


Written <strong>to</strong> stimulate your child’s curiosities about<br />

nature, this Rod and Staff reader explores the rich<br />

display of nature’s beauty in the northern state of<br />

Montana. Journey along with Rachel and twin brothers,<br />

Kent and Kurt, as they adventure through the<br />

excitement and challenge of winds, snows, below zero<br />

days, wildlife wonders all around, changing seasons,<br />

the study of weather, the vastness of the sky, and many<br />

other observations. Recommended for children 11 and up. 213<br />

pages, paperback, 5½”x8¼”.<br />

13168 Under Montana Skies ______________________$7.25<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


No, Benny isn’t blind, but he does have a problem.<br />

Rheumatic R fever sends him <strong>to</strong> bed for four long summer<br />

months. m Benny’s friends come up with some ideas <strong>to</strong><br />

help h Benny enjoy his insect hobby without leaving his<br />

bedroom. b They form a Butterfl y Committee, and enjoy<br />

themselves t<br />

immensely while they learn about God’s<br />

world w of nature as they become “eyes for Benny.” Like<br />

the t other Rod & Staff books, happy, high-standard<br />

family life is upheld, and the whole book is fi lled with wholesome<br />

conversation. 206 pages, hardcover, 5¾”x8½”.<br />

13010 Eyes for Benny _____________________________$9.00<br />


Rachel Appleby and her twin brothers fi nd living<br />

in Montana both exciting and challenging. Through<br />

summer’s pleasant days <strong>to</strong> winter’s snowy weather,<br />

they t explore the marvels and secrets of the advancing<br />

seasons. This is a sequel <strong>to</strong> Under Montana Skies.<br />

Recommended for children 11 and up, or read aloud.<br />

224 pages, paperback, 5½”x8¼”.<br />

13169 13169 UUnder<br />

Montana Skies July-December _________$7.25<br />



Believing that students can gain<br />

enhanced appreciation for God by studying<br />

His creation, this series seeks <strong>to</strong> present the<br />

majestic splendor of His handiwork. With<br />

these books, students gain much insight in<strong>to</strong><br />

God’s creation while practicing reading on<br />

their grade level. An excellent series published<br />

by Christian Liberty Press. Paperback, 5½”x8½”.<br />

13519 Book K, 60 pages __________________________$3.50<br />

13520 Grade 1, 163 pages _________________________$7.50<br />

13521 Grade 2, 87 pages __________________________$7.50<br />

13522 Grade 3, 185 pages _________________________$7.50<br />

13523 Grade 4, 218 pages _________________________$7.50<br />

13524 Grade 5, 211 pages _________________________$7.50<br />

13525 Set of 6 Nature Readers ___________________ $37.50<br />

37<br />


These three high-quality, durable, beautifully illustrated volumes<br />

combine the teaching of character qualities with the teaching of<br />

scripture and academic facts. Each character quality is illustrated<br />

both from the pages of Scripture and with an animal. Detailed<br />

information is presented for each animal introduced, making these<br />

volumes an excellent resource for the study of wildlife.<br />

Interesting and useful life applications, scriptural study, and<br />

wildlife study make these a marvelous addition <strong>to</strong> your library and<br />

a tremendous resource for family devotions. Each 9 1 /4”x12 1 /4” volume<br />

is 1 1 /2” thick and contains 384 informative pages. They each come<br />

protected in an attractive cardboard case. Published by Institute in<br />

Basic Life Principles.<br />

Vol I—Loyalty, Responsibility, Courage, Determination, Orderliness,<br />

Initiative, Decisiveness<br />

Vol II—Flexibility, Alertness, Availability, Endurance, Joyfulness,<br />

Hospitality, Generosity<br />

Vol III—Cautiousness, Contentment, Gratefulness, Punctuality,<br />

Resourcefulness, Thriftiness, Kindness<br />

13151 Character Sketches Vol. I __________________ $39.00<br />

13152 Character Sketches Vol. II _________________ $39.00<br />

13153 Character Sketches Vol. III _________________ $39.00<br />

13155 Set of 3 Character Sketches_______________ $110.00<br />

“But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach<br />

thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell<br />

thee: or speak <strong>to</strong> the earth, and it shall teach thee:<br />

and the fi shes of the sea shall declare un<strong>to</strong> thee.”<br />

Job 12:7-8<br />


In June 1783, three-year-old Sarah Whitcher wanders in<strong>to</strong> the<br />

woods and disappears. For four days, people from surrounding <strong>to</strong>wns<br />

Red Fox at Denali National Park - AK<br />

looked for her and just when the search was <strong>to</strong> be<br />

called off, Mr. Heath shows up and fi nds her according<br />

<strong>to</strong> his dream. Sarah tells her rescuers of the “big<br />

black dog” that kept her warm every night, but the<br />

bear tracks encircling her tell a different tale. This<br />

is a true s<strong>to</strong>ry which can be found in the his<strong>to</strong>rical<br />

records of Warren, NH. 32 pages, paperback, 8”x101 g<br />


Willing was a model of...stubbornness. Through the<br />

aadventures,<br />

struggles, and surprises that followed, Joel<br />

llearned<br />

about willingness, getting along with others,<br />

aand,<br />

most imporant of all, that God does all things well.<br />

A<br />

<strong>to</strong>uching s<strong>to</strong>ry of family, love and faith. Paperback, 165<br />

/2.”<br />

ppages,<br />

5¼”x8¼”.<br />

14125 The Bear That Heard Crying_____$6.75<br />

13175 A Horse Called Willing ____________$6.75<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.


A colorful springtime tale of trust,<br />

patience, p and waiting for one’s time. Woodland<br />

creatures c are concerned for a newborn fawn<br />

they t believe is lost. Lost in the Woods is a<br />

winner w of 8 national and international awards.<br />

As<strong>to</strong>nishingly A<br />

beautiful pho<strong>to</strong>graphs will<br />

thrill t readers of all ages. 46 pages, hardcover,<br />

9¾”x9¼”. ” ”<br />

12980 Lost in the Woods_________________________ $18.50<br />


Readers are taken on a beautiful pho<strong>to</strong>graphic<br />

journey deep in<strong>to</strong> the autumn woods as<br />

the animals of the forest get ready for the year’s<br />

fi rst winter s<strong>to</strong>rm. They hear the cries from the<br />

great gray owl who came down from the far<br />

north carrying the warning, “Winter is coming<br />

early this year! Prepare”. From the very fi rst page,<br />

readers will be fascinated by the exquisite pho<strong>to</strong>graphs<br />

of wildlife amid a background of vibrant nt autumn reds and<br />

golds. Children of all ages. 46 pages, hardcover, 9¾”x9¼”.<br />

12982 First Snow In The Woods __________________ $18.50<br />


This pho<strong>to</strong>graphic fantasy tells how the<br />

furry f and feat<strong>here</strong>d friends of the forest<br />

respond r <strong>to</strong> a mysterious visi<strong>to</strong>r. On the<br />

national n and New York Times best-seller lists<br />

during d the winter for 5 consecutive years,<br />

Stranger S in the Woods has warmed the hearts<br />

of o children ages 1 <strong>to</strong> 100. 46 pages, hardcover,<br />

c 9¾”x9¼”.<br />

12984 Stranger in<br />

the Woods ____________________ $18.50<br />


“Whose woods these are I think I know...” is<br />

the fi rst line of this favorite poem by Robert Frost:<br />

“S<strong>to</strong>pping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” Here is a<br />

library-quality book fi lled with delightful drawings<br />

in a soft blending of black-and-white forest scenes<br />

(with many hiding creatures) and pastel colors on<br />

the man who s<strong>to</strong>ps his horse <strong>to</strong> enjoy the splendor<br />

of watching the “woods fi ll up with snow” and listening <strong>to</strong> the “sweep<br />

of easy wind and downy fl ake.” 32 pages, hardcover, 71 /2”x81 g<strong>to</strong>the“sweep<br />

/2”.<br />

13027 S<strong>to</strong>pping by Woods ________________________ $16.00<br />


Have you ever sat quietly near a stream or in<br />

a meadow and just looked and listened? Visit the<br />

woods, the meadows, the stream, and the pond<br />

within the pages of this beautifully illustrated<br />

observation book for pre-K-grade 3. Each 2-page<br />

spread has a glorious 26” image of nature’s beauty.<br />

Read a list of things <strong>to</strong> look for on each page, then sit quietly and see<br />

if you can fi nd everything. 24 pages, hardcover, 91 /4”x91 I<br />

a<br />

w<br />

w<br />

o<br />

s<br />

/4”.<br />

13025 I Took A Walk _____________________________ $16.00<br />


Working in his garden, a man fi nds hidden<br />

treasures and calls his daughter <strong>to</strong> marvel over<br />

each one: a delicate worm, a beetle in shining<br />

armor, and a leaf-green mantis. In this loving,<br />

brilliantly-illustrated portrait, a father passes on a<br />

priceless treasure—his boundless curiosity about<br />

the natural world. Simply written, fi ne oil painting<br />

illustrations. 32 pages, hardcover, 10”x10”. Ages 4 and up.<br />

13130 My Father’s Hands _________________________ $17.00<br />

Nature Books<br />


This colorfully illustrated nature book helps<br />

you fi nd out “What It Looks Like,” What It Eats,”<br />

and “W<strong>here</strong> <strong>to</strong> Find It.” It’s full of fascinating<br />

facts and fun activities. Topics<br />

include: Caterpillars, Bugs, Butterfl ies,<br />

Frogs, Toads, and Turtles; Snakes, Salamanders,<br />

and Lizards; Rabbits, Squirrels,<br />

and Chipmunks; Tracks, Scats,<br />

and Signs; and Trees, Leaves, and Bark.<br />

Approximately 81 /2”x81 F<br />

y<br />

a<br />

n<br />

i<br />

F<br />

m<br />

r<br />

a<br />

A<br />

/2”x1”, 288 pages.<br />

(Ignore the “dragonfl y has been around for over 300 million years” line<br />

on page 34 and enjoy the other 287 pages of terrifi c information).<br />

13024 Fun with Nature __________________________ $16.00<br />


Following the same format as Fun with Nature, this volume<br />

contains information on: Berries, Nuts, and Seeds; Birds, Nests, and<br />

Eggs; Rocks, Fossils, and Arrowheads; Seashells, Crabs, and Sea Stars;<br />

and Wildfl owers, Blooms, and Blossoms. Approximately 8 1/2” x 8 1/2”<br />

x 1”, 224 pages, hardback. (One evolutionary comment on page 95:<br />

“scientists believe that Earth is over 4.5 billion years old”).<br />

13022 More Fun With Nature _____________________ $16.00<br />


This book is a Parent’s Choice Gold Award<br />

winner. The book is arranged in the form of a cal-<br />

endar with a nature activity for each day of the<br />

year. T<strong>here</strong> are over 200 illustrations which make e<br />

this book a real treat. Some activities include:<br />

Inspecting an insect’s tiny world Making a<br />

leaf blueprint Going on a leaf hunt Recording some early spring<br />

sounds Naming some ways people use animals Setting up an<br />

aquarium Exploring a pond or lake. 160 pages, paperback, 11”x8½”.<br />

71002 Kids’ Nature Book _________________________ $12.50<br />


Pressed for time? Discover the beauty and<br />

wonder of nature all year round with these quick,<br />

easy experiments and activities designed <strong>to</strong> be<br />

completed in 10 minutes or less. The projects are<br />

organized by season, and all necessary supplies<br />

are most likely already in your home, back yard, or<br />

neighborhood. The 112 activities cover plants, animal life, weather,<br />

ecology, rocks and minerals, senses, stars, and more. Recommended<br />

for children 8-12 years. Includes a glossary, reading list and index. 136<br />

pages, paperback, 8”x81 N<br />

w<br />

e<br />

c<br />

o<br />

a<br />

neighborhood The<br />

/4”.<br />

14058 Nature In A Nutshell _______________________ $14.00<br />


You will marvel at the detail and realism of<br />

the paintings, and Box Turtle will likely become<br />

a favorite with your children. At dawn, Box Turtle<br />

looks out from his shelter, and slowly begins his<br />

day with a drink at Long Pond. Go with him as he<br />

meets other forest creatures, hunts for food, and<br />

copes with danger. 28 pages, hardcover, 10”x8”.<br />

13009 Box Turtle at Long Pond ____________________ $17.00<br />

$<br />


A sequel <strong>to</strong> Eyes for Benny. Discover new joys<br />

as friends and family bring excitement in<strong>to</strong> his long<br />

days. Learn with him as he explores new delights in<br />

the t wonders of God’s World. This informative s<strong>to</strong>ry will<br />

lead your children <strong>to</strong> a greater appreciation for the<br />

winged w wonders of the world. Rod and Staff, 230 pages,<br />

hardback, 5½”x8½”.<br />

13166 Birds at my Window ____________$9.25


This is your guide <strong>to</strong> exploring the fascinating<br />

world of North American seaside sandy beaches.<br />

Learn when and w<strong>here</strong> <strong>to</strong> look for shells, sea<br />

stars, and sand dollars. See examples of plant and<br />

animal life. Learn the zones of the beach, take fi eld<br />

notes, and discover a special, ever-changing environment.<br />

Become a beach naturalist and explorer<br />

for an hour, a day, or a week! You’ll be amazed at<br />

the numbers of species of plants and animals you<br />

can fi nd on the beach. Ages 8 and up, 32 pages, paperback, b k 8½”x11”. 8½” 11”<br />

12419 Take a Beach Walk __________________________$9.75<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


This lovely gift book, illustrated in black and<br />

white, explains 40 horse behaviors. It explores<br />

behaviors such as rearing, bucking, biting, squealing,<br />

refusing <strong>to</strong> go, loading, and more. Also explained<br />

are the unique physical qualities of the lovable<br />

horse. After reading this, you will have a better<br />

understanding of why horses are so endearing and<br />

why they bring such su enjoyment <strong>to</strong> so many. Perfect for any horse<br />

lover. The author, Lisa Dines, has adopted, gentled, and trained four<br />

wild mustangs! Hardcover, 95 pages, 7¼”x 7¼”.<br />

14076 Why Horses Do That ______________________ $13.00<br />


Riding through wood and fi elds, Billy and Blaze learn <strong>to</strong> trust and<br />

understand one another–and <strong>to</strong> jump over fences and fallen trees<br />

with ease.<br />

13461 Billy and Blaze ______________________________$5.75<br />


Billy and Blaze are more than just friends–they’re heroes! When<br />

they spot smoke in the brush, they race around the woods <strong>to</strong> sound<br />

the alarm.<br />

13462 Blaze and the Forest Fire _____________________$5.75<br />


Billy and Blaze are looking for adventure as they set out <strong>to</strong> explore<br />

the countryside. But when they fi nd an abandoned quarry, they’re in<br />

for more than they could have imagined. Not only does Billy perform<br />

a brave deed, but he and Blaze make a new friend, <strong>to</strong>o!<br />

13463 Blaze and the Lost Quarry ____________________$5.75<br />


In this tale, Billy and Blaze head west again in another classic<br />

adventure. The loyal friends come face-<strong>to</strong>-face with a ferocious<br />

mountain lion. They chase the wildcat in<strong>to</strong> its den and save a frightened<br />

calf from near death.<br />

13464 Blaze and the Mountain Lion _________________$5.75<br />

39<br />


Explore the majesty and beauty of one of<br />

God’s greatest creations! Twenty authorities on<br />

the Grand Canyon (from a creationist perspective)<br />

have contributed explana<strong>to</strong>ry essays <strong>to</strong> the e<br />

book. The breathtaking pho<strong>to</strong>graphs are stunning<br />

with a text that is easy <strong>to</strong> understand and<br />

very informative. If you have a student studying geology, this would<br />

make an excellent additional resource. This is a gift-quality book. 96<br />

pages, hardback, 10”x8¼”.<br />

13136 Grand Canyon ____________________________ $15.50<br />



A very bright, boldly-colored volume of basic<br />

and fascinating new animal facts for young children.<br />

Extraordinary wildlife pho<strong>to</strong>graphy brings<br />

the reader face-<strong>to</strong>-face with the marvels of the<br />

animal world. Contents include: Mammals, Birds,<br />

Reptiles, Creepy-crawlies, and Water Life. Indexed.<br />

64 sturdy pages, paperback, 81 /2”x103 U<br />

O<br />

a<br />

d<br />

t<br />

a<br />

R<br />

6<br />

/4”. Grades 2-4<br />

(but ( older children won’t be able <strong>to</strong> put it down!).<br />

19902 The Usborne First Encyclopedia of Animals _____$9.75<br />


Billy was a little boy who “loved horses more than anything else in the world.” Imagine how happy he was when he got his very own<br />

pony for his birthday! From that day on, Billy was seldom seen without<br />

his new friend, Blaze. The original Billy and Blaze book was fi rst published<br />

in 1936. All books have clear black and white illustrations. 48 pages,<br />

paperback, 7¼”x 9¾”. Elementary reading level. Interesting for children<br />

ages 5-8 and up.<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />


Little Tommy has always wished for a pony of his own. Sometimes<br />

Billy lets Tommy ride Blaze and help take care of him. Tommy is all<br />

ready for the day when, with Billy’s help, he gets his own pony.<br />

13465 Blaze and the Gray Spotted Pony ______________$5.75<br />


When their new friend, Jim, is unable <strong>to</strong> tame the wild horse,<br />

Thunderbolt, Billy and Blaze want <strong>to</strong> help. Fast and elusive, Thunderbolt<br />

is not easy <strong>to</strong> befriend. But with their kind and gentle approach,<br />

Billy and Blaze may succeed w<strong>here</strong> the other cowboys failed.<br />

13466 Blaze and Thunderbolt ______________________$5.75<br />


Billy and his pony, Blaze, love <strong>to</strong> explore the forest. So one day<br />

they set out on an old woodland road that is new <strong>to</strong> them. They have<br />

a wonderful ride, but their adventures soon lead them off the trail<br />

and deep in<strong>to</strong> the woods. Can Blaze fi nd the trail and get them safely<br />

home again?<br />

13467 Blaze Finds the Trail _________________________$5.75<br />


Billy and Blaze are back in another exciting tale of their adventures.<br />

This time they’re showing their friend Tommy and his horse,<br />

Dusty, how <strong>to</strong> be as great a team as they are. Tommy and Dusty are<br />

eager learners, for they know that Billy and Blaze are the best teachers<br />

anybody (or any pony) could ever ask for.<br />

13468 Blaze Shows the Way ________________________$5.75<br />

13470 Set of 8 Blaze Books _______________________ $42.00

40 FIELD<br />


Everything your child needs <strong>to</strong> know in order <strong>to</strong> be successful at<br />

raising and showing their favorite critters. These contain information<br />

on choosing a breed, housing, feeding, animal health, breeding,<br />

preparing <strong>to</strong> show, organizations, suppliers, and additional reading<br />

lists. Terms are clearly defi ned for children <strong>to</strong> easily understand. The<br />

authors are very careful <strong>to</strong> emphasize obtaining adult assistance and<br />

supervision w<strong>here</strong> needed. Paperback, 7”x10”. Ages 10 and up.<br />

14061 Your Chickens, 156 pages _________________ $14.75<br />

14062 Your Sheep, 120 pages ____________________ $14.75<br />

14063 Your Goats, 172 pages ____________________ $14.75<br />

14064 Your Pony, Your Horse, 154 pages ___________ $14.75<br />

14065 Your Rabbit, 150 pages ___________________ $14.75<br />

14066 Your Calf, 186 pages ______________________ $14.75<br />



Thinking about keeping bees? Whether you’re<br />

just j beginning, or have a season or two of experience,<br />

you’ll y enjoy this book. It offers vital information about<br />

how h <strong>to</strong> acquire bees, install a colony, manage a hive,<br />

take t a crop of honey, prevent and treat mites, and<br />

understand u<br />

about Africanized bees. <strong>Plus</strong>, it begins<br />

with w information about what your commitment will<br />

need n <strong>to</strong> be, legal considerations, and beekeeping<br />

his<strong>to</strong>ry, and ends with a list of publications and additional resources.<br />

This would make an excellent resource for a unit study on beekeeping.<br />

A glossary of terms is included along with a detailed index for<br />

easy referencing. If you are interested in learning more about bees,<br />

you might enjoy seeing the Moody Science video, City of Bees, which<br />

explains in detail how bees communicate and organize their hive.<br />

184 pages, paperback, 6”x9”.<br />

14070 Beekeeping - A Practical Guide ____________ $18.75<br />


Solutions <strong>to</strong> all your puppy problems in an<br />

easy-<strong>to</strong>-follow question and answer format. Learn<br />

<strong>to</strong> manage typical mischievous puppy antics using<br />

these tried-and-true, commonsense techniques.<br />

Some chapter titles include: Bathroom Blunders,<br />

Play and Exercise Annoyances, Keeping Puppy<br />

Safe, Reluctant Pretty Puppy, Tools for Controlling<br />

Your Puppy, Training Basics and more. 174 pages,<br />

paperback, 6”x9”.<br />

14072 The Puppy Owner’s Manual ________________ $14.00<br />


Solutions <strong>to</strong> all your kitten quandaries in an<br />

easy-<strong>to</strong>-follow e<br />

question and answer format. Learn<br />

how h <strong>to</strong> raise a happy, healthy, well-adjusted cat<br />

without w losing your sanity by using these triedand-true,<br />

a commonsense techniques. Some chapter<br />

titles t include: Development and Communication,<br />

Kitten-Proofi K<br />

ng Your Home, Litter-Box Lessons, On<br />

the t Go with Kitty, Health Concerns, Teaching Your<br />

Kitty K Tricks, and more. 189 pages, paperback, 6”x9”.<br />

14074 The Kitten Owner’s Manual _ $12.50<br />

Nature Books<br />


With Jim Arnosky as your guide, an ordinary hike<br />

becomes an eye-opening experience. He carefully<br />

explains how fi eld marks, shapes, and location give<br />

clues for identifying certain plants and animals w<strong>here</strong>ver<br />

you are. He gives hints for sharpening observational<br />

skills, and he encourages you <strong>to</strong> draw and<br />

record birds, insects, shells, animal tracks, and other<br />

fi nds from a busy day’s watch. Topics include: Bug Hunting, Animal<br />

Tracking, Bird-watching and Shore Walking, all written in a lovely,<br />

narrative style. The book features over 300 of his drawings, including<br />

over 175 identifi cation silhouettes. 96 pages, hardback, 71 /2” x 91 -<br />

unting Animal<br />

/2”.<br />

11070 Field Trips with Jim Arnosky ________________ $17.00<br />


A small deck of 52 cards with a large selection<br />

of outdoor nature activities. From educational<br />

<strong>to</strong> just plain fun, these activity cards<br />

describe games, art projects, and nature study<br />

ideas. The small sized deck fi ts easily in<strong>to</strong> your<br />

pocket or backpack for convenient transport<br />

<strong>to</strong> your favorite outdoor location. Activities<br />

incorporate sounds, sights, smells, textures,<br />

bugs, rocks, trees, plants, day and night, and of<br />

course your own imagination and creativity! 2¼” x 3½”<br />

14094 Nature Activities–52 Cards ___________________$6.75<br />


If you like underground critters then you’ll<br />

enjoy this book! You can fi nd a bountiful sampling<br />

of these underground inhabitants simply by fi lling<br />

a bucket of soil. This book vividly describes this<br />

unseen world. You’ll learn about tunnel-building<br />

earthworms, roundworms, snails and slugs, woodlice,<br />

centipedes, beetles, spiders, ants, and numerous<br />

others. Suggestions for collecting specimens and<br />

explanations of how <strong>to</strong> preserve and study them are discussed. More<br />

than 70 detailed black-and-white drawings. Indexed, 96 pages, paperback,<br />

63 L<br />

e<br />

o<br />

a<br />

u<br />

e<br />

l<br />

o<br />

explanations of ho<br />

/8”x9”. (NOTE: Darwin’s experiment with earthworms is discussed, though no<br />

reference <strong>to</strong> evolution appears.)<br />

14019 Life in a Bucket of Soil ________________________$5.75<br />


Look carefully and listen closely! Explore<br />

the wide-open spaces of America’s prairies and<br />

grasslands. Find out how plants survive after<br />

wild prairie fi res, w<strong>here</strong> <strong>to</strong> fi nd water sources,<br />

and when best <strong>to</strong> view animals of these habitats.<br />

You’ll “visit” six prairies, while studying the<br />

animals, plants, and unique environments of each h<br />

one. After an introduction <strong>to</strong> each prairie you’ll<br />

enjoy a double-page full-color spread of each habitat. b T<strong>here</strong> h is a page<br />

for identifying animal tracks, fi eld-guide-style entries for identifi cation,<br />

location maps, and a detailed index. 48 pages, paperback, 9”x9”.<br />

14092 America’s Prairies and Grasslands ___________ $11.50<br />

SNAKES<br />

What animal can smell with its<br />

t<strong>to</strong>ngue,<br />

swallow an animal larger than its<br />

oown<br />

head, and grow <strong>to</strong> be longer than<br />

a<br />

school bus? A snake! This informative<br />

bbook<br />

contains information about poison-<br />

oous<br />

and nonpoisonous snakes. The close-<br />

uup<br />

pho<strong>to</strong>graphy in this book is stunning.<br />

332<br />

pages, paperback, 11”x9”. Grades 2-5<br />

( (but even adults will like this one!)<br />

19800 Snakes<br />


www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


Warm and joyful tales from the memoirs of<br />

Yorkshire, Y England veterinarian, James Herriot.<br />

In I addition <strong>to</strong> his well-known 5-book series, All<br />

Creatures C Great and Small, he also authored 8<br />

children’s c books. James Herriot’s Treasury for<br />

Children C contains his complete set of 8 children’s<br />

d books in one large, beautifully illustrated<br />

volume. v Each s<strong>to</strong>ry features adorable animals,<br />

pleasant p <strong>to</strong>wnsfolk, and all the warmth and<br />

good g humor that have made his s<strong>to</strong>ries so<br />

beloved beloved the world over. ove You and your children will be captivated by<br />

the beautiful, realistic artwork which makes the s<strong>to</strong>ries come alive<br />

and sweeps you away in<strong>to</strong> the English countryside! The 8 s<strong>to</strong>ries are<br />

entitled: Moses the Kitten; Only One Woof; The Christmas Day Kitten;<br />

Bonny’s Big Day; Blossom Comes Home; The Market Square Dog;<br />

Oscar, Cat About Town; and Smudge, the Little Lost Lamb. This collection<br />

of s<strong>to</strong>ries is especially good for reading aloud with your little<br />

ones! Enjoyable for the entire family. 250 pages, hardcover, 8½”x10¾”.<br />

14110 James Herriot’s Treasury for Children ________ $14.50<br />


Start your lifelong adventure in<strong>to</strong> nature with<br />

My Nature Journal. This book will help you: search for<br />

animal tracks in a woodland, fi nd aquatic insects in<br />

a stream, explore tidepools at a seashore, watch for<br />

nocturnal animals at twilight, and much, much more.<br />

This journal will be special <strong>to</strong> you because it will be<br />

fi lled with your thoughts, sketches, observations and<br />

discoveries. Hardcover with concealed spiral binding.<br />

Ages 9 and up, 174 pages, 6”x8¾”, b&w illustrations.<br />

14087 My Nature Journal ________________________ $16.50<br />


This beautiful book investigates and describes<br />

the ana<strong>to</strong>my, behavior, and habitats of over 1,000<br />

animals. From microscopic forms and insects <strong>to</strong><br />

reptiles, birds, and mammals, every page is loaded<br />

with information. Placed on the coffee table or<br />

book shelf, it is sure <strong>to</strong> please all who open its<br />

brightly colored pages. It provides children and<br />

adults with an insight in<strong>to</strong> the incredible range of<br />

life in God’s wonderful world. Up-<strong>to</strong>-date information<br />

on endangered species and environments,<br />

obscure facts, amazing comparisons and hours of learning opportunities!<br />

Lies fl at when opened. Chapters include: A World Full of Animals;<br />

Worms, Snails & Starfi sh:, Insects & Other Arthropods; Fish; Amphibians<br />

& Reptiles; Birds; Mammals. Jointly published by Master Books<br />

and My Father’s World. 256 pages, hardcover, 8½”x11”.<br />

15994 The World of Animals _____________________ $22.50<br />


We were very excited <strong>to</strong> fi nd these Trickle Creek Eco Journals!<br />

Students in grades 3 and up will delight in these informative pages.<br />

Each volume contains numerous nature activities with an emphasis<br />

on observing natural habitats, life cycles, and seasonal changes.<br />

These journals are not a bunch of blank pages for you <strong>to</strong> fi ll in, and<br />

contain only 10 blank lines per entry. The<br />

highlight of each and every entry page is<br />

the author’s delightful excerpts from her<br />

personal journal of observations from<br />

her Trickle Creek home! You can learn<br />

many things about nature by reading<br />

the entries and doing the activities even<br />

if you don’t journal your own observations.<br />

Beautiful, accurate, detailed artwork<br />

appears on every page. 56 pages each, paperback, 8 1 /2”x11”.<br />


41<br />

The fourth entry in the “Wonders of Creation”<br />

series, s this book explores the ocean, earth’s fi nal<br />

frontier. f Learn about El Niño, hurricanes, whirlpools,<br />

p icebergs, hydrothermal vents, whales, ships,<br />

submarines, s<br />

harvesting the ocean’s resources,<br />

coral c reefs, “monsters,” and so much more. Come<br />

away a with a deeper respect for the diversity of life<br />

and a wealth of resources that the ocean provides.<br />

80 8 pages, hardback, 8 3/4” x 11”. Ages 12 - Adult.<br />

16022 The Ocean Book _________ $14.50<br />


Each sea creature in this book is featured with<br />

full-color illustrations, size comparisons, skele<strong>to</strong>n<br />

drawings, a fast facts section, and fascinating information<br />

about how these creatures lived and died.<br />

The Bible describes a frightening, huge creature<br />

that lived in the sea, called Leviathan. It had fearsome<br />

teeth and armor-plated scales that spears<br />

and arrows could not penetrate. A Norse legend<br />

tells of a colossal sea creature with many arms that<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />

could capsize a sailing ship. As researchers discover teeth and bones<br />

from the past, these s<strong>to</strong>ries and many like them are no longer easily<br />

dismissed as tall tales. The fossil evidence shows that the oceans once<br />

teemed with sea monsters, and some are still alive <strong>to</strong>day! Learn about<br />

Mosasaurus, Megalodon, Sarcosuchus, Archelon and many other seadwelling<br />

creatures. 78 pages, hardcover, 8½”x11”. Ages 12-Adult.<br />

16028 Dragons of the Deep ______________________ $14.50<br />



Explore the oceans in stunning close-up, from<br />

the t eyespots on the giant clam <strong>to</strong> the warts on the<br />

scorpion fi sh. Embedded in the front cover is a<br />

removable magnifi er. Use it for closer examination<br />

when w indicated throughout the book. For extra<br />

information and interactive fun, lift the 5 fl aps<br />

scattered throughout the book or pull out the<br />

additional dditi l 6<br />

pages which remain hidden until you choose <strong>to</strong> reveal<br />

them. The pages are constructed of heavy cardboard and are beautifully<br />

designed. Each <strong>to</strong>pic is presented on one, double page spread:<br />

Life on the Shore, Coral Reefs, Sunlit Zone, Twilight Zone, Midnight<br />

Zone, Deep-Sea Vents, Invertebrates, Fish, Seabirds, Marine Reptiles,<br />

and Marine Mammals. Ages 7 and up. 8¾”x11½”.<br />

11168 Oceans Revealed Close-up _________________ $18.00<br />

(Note: The Fall journal has a Halloween jack-o’-lantern activity, but t<strong>here</strong> are no witches, ghosts<br />

or other offensive pictures. Omit this activity if desired and proceed through the journal.)<br />

11151 Winter EcoJournal __________________________$9.75<br />

11152 Spring EcoJournal __________________________$9.75<br />

11153 Summer EcoJournal ________________________$9.75<br />

11154 Fall EcoJournal ____________________________$9.75<br />

11155 Set of 4 EcoJournals ______________________ $36.00

42 DINOSAUR D<br />


Educational Ed and entertaining, the Activity Book<br />

includes in mazes, puzzles, word fi nds, games, and<br />

other ot skill challenges. Create your own dinosaur<br />

mini-movies, m<br />

solve 15 challenging tangram puzzles,<br />

and an more! Dozens of hands-on and skill-building<br />

activities ac are included for a variety of age levels.<br />

Learn Le the his<strong>to</strong>ry of dinosaur discoveries and about<br />

the th lives of these incredible creatures created on Day<br />

5 5and dDay D 6 of f the h Creation Week. Paperback, 8 1/2’’ x 11”, 128 pages.<br />

12447 Dinosaur Activity Book______________________$8.00<br />


Told from the perspective of the animals being<br />

described, this book clearly shows the impossibility of<br />

life without design. Dr. Gitt uses simple language <strong>to</strong><br />

provoke a sense of wonder and awe at the marvelous<br />

design of the Crea<strong>to</strong>r. Did you know that a baby blue<br />

whale grows at a rate of 7.28 pounds an hour while<br />

it’s nursing, a grand <strong>to</strong>tal of 17 <strong>to</strong>ns by the end of the<br />

nursing stage? How about that glow worms have a<br />

light output effi ciency of 100%, as compared <strong>to</strong> only 4% for our incandescent<br />

bulbs? You’ll enjoy this cleverly-written book. 115 pages,<br />

paperback, 5¼”x8”. Ages 13 and up.<br />

15162 If Animals Could Talk _______________________$9.00<br />




Children and adults will<br />

delight d in these spectacularlypho<strong>to</strong>graphed<br />

p<br />

guides that<br />

give g honor <strong>to</strong> the Master<br />

Crea<strong>to</strong>r C for what He has done!<br />

Each E subject is introduced<br />

with a full-page page co color olor r pho<strong>to</strong>graph pho<strong>to</strong>g pho<strong>to</strong>graph and a<br />

full-page of quality, descriptive<br />

information. Emphasis is given <strong>to</strong> each animal’s special design<br />

features. Fantastic resources for every Christian home or library. All<br />

members of the family will enjoy these, especially elementary-middle<br />

school children who need quality material for wildlife reports. Nice<br />

glossary, appendix, and bibliography. 80 pages each, hardback, 8”x8”.<br />

Previously published as “Special Wonders of the Wild Kingdom” series, by Master Books.<br />

13160 Breathtaking Birds _______________________ $12.00<br />

13161 Magnifi cent Mammals ____________________ $12.00<br />

13162 Sensational Sea Creatures ________________ $12.00<br />

13162 Marvels of Creation (Set of 3) ______________ $32.00<br />


The sounds of 100 mammals, birds, reptiles,<br />

amphibians, and insects are featured in A Guide<br />

<strong>to</strong> Wildlife Sounds, and 60 nighttime sounds are<br />

featured in A Guide <strong>to</strong> Night Sounds including<br />

mammals, birds, amphibians, and insects. These<br />

are audio fi eld guides. Each book gives a full<br />

color, up-close pho<strong>to</strong>graph, explanation of the<br />

animal’s habitat, and listening guide <strong>to</strong> the sound on the<br />

CD. Gives a whole new dimension <strong>to</strong> the meaning of the word d“fi “fi eld ld<br />

guide”. 106 pages plus CD, paperback, 6”x8”.<br />

10810 Wildlife Sounds book and CD ______________ $23.75<br />

10812 Night Sounds book and CD ________________ $18.75<br />


This deluxe combination fi eld guide covers more<br />

than t 2000 North American plants and animals. In<br />

beautiful b detail, it covers nine categories of nature:<br />

mammals, m birds, reptiles and amphibians, fi sh, inver-<br />

ttebrates,<br />

trees and shrubs, wildfl owers, nonfl owering<br />

pplants,<br />

and mushrooms. Contains some evolution.<br />

5576<br />

pages, hardcover, 6”x9”.<br />

11050 North American Wildlife _____ $28.75<br />

Nature Books<br />


What do you and a tuna have in common? You and<br />

the tuna are both parts of a food chain. It begins with<br />

green plants and ends with you at the <strong>to</strong>p. This book<br />

was written <strong>to</strong> explain food chains and food webs <strong>to</strong><br />

those curious 5-9 year olds. 32 pages, paperback, 93 HANDBOOK OF NATURE STUDY<br />

By Anna Botsford Coms<strong>to</strong>ck. Originally published<br />

in 1911, this tremendous 2¼” thick book is an extraordinary<br />

resource that “covers it all”! Major divisions<br />

include: Part I—The Teaching of Nature Study, Part<br />

II—Animals, Part III—Plants, Part IV—Earth and Sky.<br />

Living organisms appeal <strong>to</strong> children. With this volume<br />

you can incorporate the study of nature in<strong>to</strong> your<br />

schooling program for years! A great publication <strong>to</strong><br />

leaf through or study intensely. Questions are included at the end<br />

of each section for further study. Recommended as a s<strong>to</strong>rehouse of<br />

information. Does include a few evolutionary comments which are<br />

easy <strong>to</strong> disregard. 887 pages, paperback, 7”x10<br />

/4”x8”. 8”<br />

15134 Who Eats What? _____________________________$5.50<br />


Wildlife Gardening is a fun and informative<br />

introduction i<br />

<strong>to</strong> gardening and garden wildlife. It’s<br />

full f of simple, step-by-step gardening activities<br />

that t can be explored anyw<strong>here</strong>, from the city <strong>to</strong><br />

the t suburbs. It’s ideal for any family or school that<br />

wants w <strong>to</strong> help our environment from the ground<br />

up. u With the right plants and some dirt and some<br />

light, l kids can create a habitat for bugs, birds, bees,<br />

butterfl butterflies ies, and even<br />

bats; this exciting hands-on guidebook shows<br />

them how!<br />

71006 Wildlife Gardening__________________________$14.50<br />

at the end<br />

/4”.<br />

19701 Handbook of Nature Study __________________ $25.00<br />


Explore nature with more than 30 fun activities.<br />

TTake<br />

a walk in the mud and fi nd out what you can<br />

ggrow<br />

from the dirt on the soles of your shoes. Create<br />

a<br />

miniature desert and watch the plants thrive in their<br />

ddry<br />

surroundings. Go on a night patrol and discover<br />

tthe<br />

animals that prowl under the cover of darkness.<br />

OOther<br />

activities include: creepy crawlies, trails and<br />

ttraces,<br />

animal footprints, bones and teeth, food clues,<br />

aanimal<br />

droppings, hiding and warning, animal homes,<br />

wildlife ldl f at night, h plants, ponds, and more. Front and back fold-out<br />

covers contain full-color, pho<strong>to</strong>graphy and information about the plants<br />

and animals you will be discovering. 72 pages, fl exible cover, 5½”x8¼”.<br />

13986 Nature Ranger _____________________________$9.50<br />


THE DEER<br />

Follow Twilight the deer as he matures from<br />

a<br />

tiny fawn <strong>to</strong> the king of the forest. The hungry<br />

co coyotes howl as they search for food while winter<br />

bblizzards<br />

pile snow deeper and deeper, but Twilight<br />

su survives, and is all the wiser. Designed <strong>to</strong> help your<br />

child hild develop d l an appreciation for the natural world. Educational<br />

tidbits about the white-tailed deer accompany each illustration. 40<br />

glossy pages are illustrated in full color. 10”x8½”<br />

12622 Twilight the Deer ___________________________$9.25<br />


For young nature detectives ages 3-6, this is a won-<br />

derful introduction <strong>to</strong> animal tracking. Learn <strong>to</strong> recognize<br />

the tracks of dog, cat, fox, rabbit, deer, frog, snake,<br />

raccoon, and sea gulls. An interactive book loaded with<br />

questions <strong>to</strong> answer using the information learned on previous i<br />

pages.<br />

32 pages, paperback, 10”x8”.<br />

14090 Big Tracks, Little Tracks______________________$5.75


Life at the Campbells’ summer cabin is peaceful and tranquil—<br />

well, some of the time. Two porcupines with prickly spines make you<br />

laugh and think. Adventure and hilarious mischief! 258 pages.<br />

13482 Too Much Salt and Pepper ____________________$7.75<br />


Lessons in living from fi ve red squirrels. They have their individual<br />

personalities and you’ll have a wonderful time discovering each one.<br />

Join the Campbells as they go a little nuts raising these forest friends.<br />

237 pages.<br />

13483 Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo...and Still Mo _________$7.75<br />


An adventure in animal antics and wilderness wisdom. Wildlife<br />

friendships and revelations of the north woodlands of distant shores<br />

w<strong>here</strong> t<strong>here</strong> are no roads, no <strong>to</strong>wns, and no manmade intrusions. A<br />

land w<strong>here</strong> peace lives on. 250 pages.<br />

13484 A Tippy Canoe and Canada Too _______________$7.75<br />


A clever red-winged blackbird shares his happy heart. As the s<strong>to</strong>ry<br />

opens, it is fall with dazzlingly brilliant foliage. Follow the Campbells’<br />

many exciting adventures through a full year, from the excitement of<br />

Old Charlie, a 500–pound, <strong>to</strong>o–friendly bear, <strong>to</strong> a grand Christmas in<br />

the woods and trouble crossing broken ice the following spring. 236<br />

pages.<br />

13485 On Wings of Cheer ___________________________$7.75<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


Sam Campbell (1895-1962), nicknamed the “philosopher of<br />

the forest”, was a writer, pho<strong>to</strong>grapher, lecturer, and radio personality.<br />

He studied the ways of wild animals, their habitats, their<br />

work, their play, also learning the lessons they taught human<br />

beings about “right living.” The wisdom of God is revealed<br />

through the animals in each book. Paperback, 5½”x8”.<br />

HOW’S INKY?<br />

Join Sam and<br />

his peculiar pet for<br />

a grand mixture<br />

of troubles and<br />

pleasures caused by<br />

housing a porcupine! 127 27 pages. pages es<br />

13481 How’s Inky? ________________________________$7.75<br />

43<br />



LAKE<br />

Sam had just<br />

stated, “No baby animals<br />

this year,” when<br />

he was faced with no other option than <strong>to</strong> adopt, in rapid succession,<br />

a half starved fawn, a baby fox, a taffy-colored puppy, and a tiny skunk!<br />

Enjoy the adventures with Sam as the family continues <strong>to</strong> grow when<br />

seven young beavers are literally dumped in<strong>to</strong> his lap. 236 pages.<br />

13487 The Seven Secrets of Somew<strong>here</strong> Lake _________$7.75<br />


Raccoons are no<strong>to</strong>rious for their mischief and “streetwise” animal<br />

tactics, but seldom has t<strong>here</strong> been a raccoon that could match the<br />

career of Loony Coon. Join in the fun, spills, porcupine quills, and<br />

misadventures of Loony. 236 pages.<br />

13488 Loony Coon ________________________________$7.75<br />


The Campbell family adopts two orphaned fawns in the Wisconsin<br />

wilderness. You’ll meet a host of forest friends in an exciting array of<br />

adventures. Some are hilarious, others are sad. Throughout, the author<br />

shares those secret lessons revealed through God’s natural world. 243<br />

pages.<br />

13489 Fiddlesticks and Freckles ____________________$7.75<br />


Few people can fl ush out the personalities of wild animals as well<br />

as Sam Campbell. He reveals the ornery ways of the more cantankerous<br />

members of the wilderness while at the same time revealing his<br />

infectious love for all his forest friends. You’ll meet Midnight, the belligerent<br />

old crow, Carajou, the wolverine, Cominsky, the raccoon, and<br />

more. 244 pages.<br />

13490 Beloved Rascals ____________________________$7.75<br />


Even skunks can teach lessons! The author tells why a skunk<br />

behaves as he does, w<strong>here</strong> he lives, what he eats, and how he reacts <strong>to</strong><br />

other forest animals. Come with Sam once again as he hikes and fi nds<br />

more wildlife adventure. Clear concise language for the young reader.<br />

119 pages.<br />

13491 Sweet Sue’s Adventures ______________________$7.75<br />


Boy naturalists in an ancient forest. A young inquisitive boy joins<br />

the Campbells for a journey <strong>to</strong> Sanctuary Lake in Canada’s North<br />

Country, w<strong>here</strong> a wonderful world of animals and adventure awaits.<br />

The author’s talent for descriptive writing makes every page blossom<br />

with the sights, sounds, and scents of God’s creation. 235 pages.<br />

13486 Moose Country _____________________________$7.75<br />


A wise old raccoon. See how a raccoon raises four little ones. She<br />

teaches them the ways of the forest, how <strong>to</strong> protect themselves, and<br />

all the things necessary <strong>to</strong> life in their world. Calamity Jane is captured<br />

by hunters, wins their affection, and is fi nally set free <strong>to</strong> rejoin her little<br />

ones. 126 pages.<br />

13492 Calamity Jane ______________________________$7.75<br />

13499 Set of 12 Living Forest Series _______________ $85.00<br />



Peepers, porcupines and exploding puffballs!<br />

Don’t live in the country or close <strong>to</strong> a nature<br />

What W you’ll see, hear and smell when exploring the preserve? Don’t let that s<strong>to</strong>p you from having a<br />

woods. w Woods Walk is two books in one. It shows great nature adventure! Nature fl ourishes every-<br />

you y how <strong>to</strong> use your senses <strong>to</strong> experience nature, w<strong>here</strong>. Learn about the ecosystems in the city.<br />

and it’s a handy fi eld guide that helps you identify Learn about hawks, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks,<br />

common fl ora and fauna. This book is divided by pigeons, doves, plants, trees, animals dwelling on<br />

seasons and subdivided by eastern and western man-made structures, city gardens, ponds, and<br />

regions within each eac season. Informative, glossy pages contain beauti- more. Several full-color pictures <strong>to</strong> help you idenful,<br />

full-color pho<strong>to</strong>graphy. Great for nature lovers of all ages. Sure <strong>to</strong> tify the animals and plants of the city. 32 pages,<br />

be a favorite! 122 pages, fl exible cover, 7”x9½”.<br />

paperback, 8½”x11”. Fun for the whole family.<br />

15160 Woods Walk _____________________________ $14.50 12415 Take a City Nature Walk _____________________ $9.75<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.

44<br />


We try <strong>to</strong> do our best <strong>to</strong> provide books that are free of evolutionary<br />

comments. However, it is possible <strong>to</strong> encounter evolutionary<br />

doctrine when using fi eld guides, especially in <strong>to</strong>pics such<br />

as reptiles, astronomy, and geology. We suggest you treat fi eld<br />

guides as you would any reference book, by gleaning the good<br />

and useful material while disregarding the objectionable entries.<br />


Each book in this series features fun games and activities<br />

relating <strong>to</strong> nature study. Contents feature many types of<br />

games—puzzles, crosswords, mazes, connect-the-dots, and<br />

more—that highlight a wide range of <strong>to</strong>pics.<br />

11890 Birds Activity Book _________________________$6.50<br />

11891 Mammals Activity Book _____________________$6.50<br />

11892 Pond Life Activity Book _____________________$6.50<br />

11893 Seashore Life Activity Book __________________$6.50<br />


These beautiful books are ideal for use in the fi eld while watching<br />

birds, collecting leaves, catching insects, or just enjoying and<br />

exploring the great outdoors. Learn about the weather! Discover the<br />

variety of plant and animal life around your ordinary little local pond.<br />

Put names on those beautiful little wildfl owers, woodland creatures,<br />

butterfl ies, spring choristers, and birds. You will soon discover why this<br />

series has become so popular, educating thousands of people about<br />

the thrills of nature around them. The colorful pictures in these books<br />

are so well done that they would be a bargain just for picture books,<br />

but are <strong>to</strong>ps for teaching children about nature. Should be in every<br />

home and school library. 160 pages, paperback, 4”x6”.<br />

10900 Bird Life __________________________________$6.25<br />

11024 Birds _____________________________________$6.25<br />

11026 Butterfl ies & Moths _________________________$6.25<br />

10901 Fishes ____________________________________$6.25<br />

10902 Fishing ___________________________________$6.25<br />

10903 Frogs & Toads ______________________________$6.25<br />

11025 Insects ____________________________________$6.25<br />

11023 Mammals _________________________________$6.25<br />

10904 Poisonous Animals _________________________$6.25<br />

11028 Pond Life _________________________________$6.25<br />

11034 Reptiles & Amphibians ______________________$6.25<br />

11031 Seashells of the World ______________________$6.25<br />

10905 Sky Observer’s Guide _______________________$6.25<br />

11033 Spiders ___________________________________$6.25<br />

11029 Trees _____________________________________$6.25<br />

11030 Weather __________________________________$6.25<br />

11036 Weeds ____________________________________$6.25<br />

11027 Wildfl owers _______________________________$6.25<br />

10910 Master Set of 18 Golden Guides ___________ $102.00<br />

Field Guides<br />


The clarity and<br />

beauty of these leading<br />

and most complete e<br />

all-pho<strong>to</strong>graphic fi eld<br />

guides make them<br />

a pleasure <strong>to</strong> study.<br />

4”x7¾”.<br />

11090 Birds-Eastern stern ___________ $18.50<br />

11091 Birds-Western __________ $18.50<br />

11092 Insects and Spiders ______ $18.50<br />

11093 Mammals ______________ $18.50<br />

11094 Rocks and Minerals ______ $18.50<br />

11095 Trees-Eastern ___________ $18.50<br />

11096 Trees-Western __________ $18.50<br />

11097 Weather _______________ $18.50<br />

11098 Wildfl owers-Eastern ______________________ $18.50<br />

11099 Wildfl owers-Western _____________________ $18.50<br />

11102 Set of 7 with Eastern Field Guides _________ $120.00<br />

11103 Set of 7 with Western Field Guides $120.00<br />


Identify your forest friends quickly with these pocket-sized nature<br />

helps. Each book is 4”x6” with a durable soft cover. They are nicely<br />

printed in two colors. The plant fi nders all use a step-<strong>to</strong>-step method<br />

and take the user through the book until he fi nds the correct picture<br />

on the proper page, almost like a game. About 60 pages each.<br />


11990 Bird Finder _________________________________$4.25<br />

11006 Tree Finder _________________________________$4.25<br />

11007 Track Finder ________________________________$4.25<br />

11008 Winter Tree Finder ___________________________$4.25<br />

11009 Fern Finder _________________________________$4.25<br />

11010 Flower Finder _______________________________$4.25<br />

11011 Berry Finder ________________________________$4.25<br />

11012 Winter Weed Finder __________________________$4.25<br />



Filled with interesting maps, sketches, and engaging fi eld notes,<br />

these are written from the perspective of a naturalist who is in the<br />

fi eld. Though the naturalist being portrayed is fi ctional, the facts<br />

presented in the journal/fi eld guide are very real. T<strong>here</strong> are both illustrations<br />

and pho<strong>to</strong>graphs. Each of the 8 animals presented is accompanied<br />

by a set of 3-D puzzle pieces that are enclosed in pouches<br />

throughout the book. A removable diorama is inserted in<strong>to</strong> the back<br />

of the book for your young naturalist <strong>to</strong> assemble and display with<br />

the animals. The books have a hard cover with sturdy, glossy pages,<br />

and the beautiful covers are embossed creating an “old leather” look<br />

and feel. Ages 8 and up. 36 pages, 8¾”x10¾”.<br />

11170 Exotic Birds _____________________________ $14.50<br />

11172 Exotic Insects ____________________________ $14.50<br />

11174 Ocean Animals ___________________________ $14.50<br />

11176 Polar Animals ____________________________ $14.50<br />

11178 Safari Animals ___________________________ $14.50

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


Indispensable, portable pocket guides <strong>to</strong> the creatures, plants, and<br />

natural phenomena you are most likely <strong>to</strong> see. Each with more than<br />

75 full-color, full-page pho<strong>to</strong>graphs. 192 pages, 6” x 4 ¼”.<br />

10911 Birds Eastern Pocket Guide __________________$9.50<br />

10912 Tracks Pocket Guide ________________________$9.50<br />

10913 Birds of Prey Pocket Guide __________________$9.50<br />

10914 Waterfowl Pocket Guide ____________________$9.50<br />

10915 Reptiles & Amphibians Pocket Guide _________$9.50<br />

10916 Butterfl ies Pocket Guide ____________________$9.50<br />

10917 Clouds & S<strong>to</strong>rms Pocket Guide _______________$9.50<br />

10918 Flowers Eastern Pocket Guide ________________$9.50<br />

10919 Insects Pocket Guide _______________________$9.50<br />

10920 Mammals Pocket Guide _____________________$9.50<br />

10921 Mushrooms Pocket Guide ___________________$9.50<br />

10922 Rocks Pocket Guide ________________________$9.50<br />

10923 Seashells Pocket Guide _____________________$9.50<br />

10924 Songbirds Eastern Pocket Guide _____________$9.50<br />

10925 Trees Eastern Pocket Guide __________________$9.50<br />

10926 Set of 15 Audubon Pocket Guides _________ $136.00<br />

45<br />

VISIT<br />




REGION.<br />


America’s best-selling fi eld guides now adapted for young<br />

naturalists. These guides feature the most common specimens seen<br />

in North America. The Peterson Identifi cation System uses life-like<br />

illustrations, vibrant color pho<strong>to</strong>graphs of specimens in their natural<br />

habitat, and easy-<strong>to</strong>-use designs that help children succeed. Each<br />

fi eld guide contains 48 pages, paperback, 5” x 8 1/2”.<br />

11075 Backyard Birds ______________________________$5.50<br />

11076 Songbirds __________________________________$6.50<br />

11077 Butterfl ies __________________________________$6.50<br />

11078 Caterpillars _________________________________$5.50<br />


Bull thistles, dickcissels, honeysuckle, and scallop-edged wentletrap<br />

are but a few of the one thousand birds, shells, fl owers, trees,<br />

reptiles, mammals, etc. you will fi nd richly-illustrated in these beautiful<br />

and informative books. Beautiful? Yes, each book has 4 pages of<br />

color stickers <strong>to</strong> show you exactly how <strong>to</strong> color every drawing in the<br />

book. Informative? Yes, you will fi nd interesting facts on almost every<br />

page, except for some two-page spreads like “Woods Scene” or “Marsh<br />

Scene”. You can always tell a good coloring book from a more “amateurish”<br />

one by the quality of the illustrations (how true-<strong>to</strong>-life they<br />

are and by the variation of the ink line widths, the quality of the paper,<br />

the durability of the covers, etc.) We rate this series as being of highest<br />

quality. In fact, these are excellent books <strong>to</strong> practice shading and<br />

blending, with colored pencils or crayons. 64 pages each, paperback,<br />


These are condensed versions<br />

of the well-known Peterson Field<br />

Guides®. These First Guides focus on<br />

the mammals, birds, trees, or caterpillars<br />

that you are most likely <strong>to</strong> see.<br />

They make it fun <strong>to</strong> get in<strong>to</strong> the fi eld<br />

and progress <strong>to</strong> the full-fl edged Peterson<br />

Guides. 128 pages each, paperback,<br />

7<br />

/2”x11”.<br />

12301 Birds F.G. Color-In Book ___________________ $7.75<br />

12303 Wildflowers F.G. Color-In Book _____________ $7.75<br />

12304 Butterflies F.G. Color-In Book ______________ $7.75<br />

12305 Seashores F.G. Color-In Book _______________ $7.75<br />

12306 Reptiles & Amphibians F.G. Color-In Book ____ $7.75<br />

12308 Mammals F.G. Color-In Book _______________ $7.75<br />

12309 Set of 6 Color In Books ___________________ $42.00<br />


It’s a fi eld guide, it’s fl ash cards—no, it’s Fandex! If you really want<br />

<strong>to</strong> know your stuff, it’s time you get <strong>to</strong> know this innovative learning<br />

system. Decks come inside a clear plastic box<br />

11950 Birds Fandex _______________________________$9.75<br />

11951 Butterfl ies Fandex __________________________$9.75<br />

11952 Composers Fandex __________________________$9.75<br />

11953 Explorers Fandex ___________________________$9.75<br />

11954 Presidents Fandex __________________________$9.75<br />

11955 Trees Fandex _______________________________$9.75<br />

11956 Wildfl owers Fandex _________________________$9.75<br />

11957 50 States Fandex ____________________________$9.75<br />

/4”.<br />

11080 Mammals _______ $5.75<br />

11081 Trees______________$5.75<br />

11082 Birds________________$5.75<br />

11083 Caterpillars_____________$5.75<br />

11084 Butterfl ies & Moths____ ____$5.75<br />


11085 Clouds & Weather___________$5.75<br />

11086 Fishes _______________________$5.75<br />

11087 Insects ________________________$5.75<br />

11088 Rocks & Minerals _________________$5.75<br />

11079 Wildfl owers ________________________$5.75<br />



Quickly identify your specimen and learn fascinating facts with<br />

the easy-<strong>to</strong>-use comprehensive Peterson guides. Illustrations and<br />

pho<strong>to</strong>graphs give distinctive details needed for correct identifi cation.<br />

Detailed index and glossary. 250-490 pages, paperback, 4½”x7¼”.<br />

11040 Eastern Birds (Flexicover) _______________________ $18.50<br />

11005 Eastern Bird’s Nests ________________________ $18.50<br />

11045 Edible Wild Plants _________________________ $18.50<br />

11043 Eastern Trees _____________________________ $18.50<br />

11044 Medicinal Plants and Herbs _________________ $18.50<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.

46<br />


Grow your own collection of feared and famous<br />

meat–eating plants! Kits includes a plastic dome<br />

terrarium, planting mixture, seed packet, 3 plastic<br />

Bog Buddies (snake, lizard, and frog), 3 pho<strong>to</strong> decals,<br />

and instruction and information sheet. Plant varieties<br />

include Venus Fly Trap, Pitcher Plant, Cobra Plant,<br />

Sundew Plant, Trumpet Plant, and more. Fun for the whole family.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

34062 Carnivorous Creations _____________________ $23.50<br />


Create your own sandy, dusty desert scene.<br />

The Desert Hothouse comes with a variety of cacti<br />

and succulents including the Giant Saguaro, Prickly<br />

Pear, Golden Barrel Cactus, Joshua Tree, Century<br />

Plant, and many more! Easy-<strong>to</strong>-grow plants will<br />

sprout in a week and last for years! And they naturally mimic the art of<br />

Japanese Bonsai. 7”x3”x2½”. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

34071 Desert Hothouse _________________________ $14.00<br />


The Tropical Palm Oasis contains everything<br />

needed <strong>to</strong> make your own tropical garden in a<br />

windowsill greenhouse. This deluxe kit contains<br />

an assortment of lush palms, including the Date<br />

Palm, Cabbage Palm, and Pony Tail Palm that are<br />

easy <strong>to</strong> grow and will last for years! Container is<br />

7”x3”x2½”. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

34072 Tropical Palm Oasis _______________________ $14.00<br />


Now you can grow your own bananas<br />

from seed! These amazing plants will sprout in<br />

a matter of weeks and grow a foot in the fi rst<br />

month! The kit comes complete with everything<br />

needed, including: windowsill greenhouse,<br />

planting mixture, complete instructions and<br />

banana tree seeds. Will grow <strong>to</strong> 8-10’ tall if space allows. Container is<br />

7”x3”x2½”.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

34073 Banana Farm ______________________________$9.00<br />


The Biblical Garden contains some of the most important<br />

plants of the Bible! Aloe, Mustard, Date Palm, Joseph’s<br />

Coat and Hyssop. Complete kit includes: growing dome,<br />

planting mixture, fi ve descriptive plant markers, decorative<br />

pebbles, three pho<strong>to</strong> decals, fi ve seed packs and and instruction<br />

and information sheet. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

34064 Biblical Garden Planter __________________ $23.50<br />


The large, transparent Sprout & Grow Window<br />

stands s upright on a table<strong>to</strong>p or windowsill. Special<br />

potting p soil nurtures seeds for optimal growth.<br />

Comes C with packets of bean and pea seeds, and a<br />

step-by-step guide<br />

with instructions, suggested activities, and journal<br />

pages <strong>to</strong> fi ll in as you follow the process from seed planting <strong>to</strong> fullgrown<br />

plants. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

40019 Sprout & Grow Window______________________$18.75<br />


Grow your own peanuts! Guaranteed <strong>to</strong> sprout in 2<br />

<strong>to</strong> 4 days. Grows 6” high in 3 weeks with ordinary indoor<br />

lighting. Grows for months if transplanted. Just add water<br />

and watch your peanuts sprout. Easy-<strong>to</strong>-follow instructions.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

34060 Peanut Plant_____________________$2.25<br />

Plants<br />


Grow your own collection famous<br />

meat-eating plants. This kit features the<br />

Venus Fly Trap. Watch these fascinating<br />

plants grow from harmless seeds<br />

in<strong>to</strong> bug-eating plants! Make your own<br />

authentic bog with the included peat<br />

planting mix, blue Swamp Rocks, and a<br />

companionable Bog Buddy. With proper care, this rare and unusual<br />

collection of carnivorous plants will fl ourish for years in this specially<br />

designed terrarium. Includes: Seed pack, windowsill greenhouse,<br />

blue swamp rocks, bog buddy, planting mixture, instructions and<br />

information sheet. Safe for ages 3 and up!<br />

34066 Fly Trap Fiends ___________________________ $13.50<br />


Medicinal Plants & Roadside Wildfl owers highlight the<br />

mmost<br />

common, distinctive, and widely distributed spe-<br />

ccies<br />

in each category. These guides provide simplifi ed<br />

rreference<br />

that allows easy identifi cation of species at a<br />

gglance.<br />

Each pocket-sized folding guide features up <strong>to</strong><br />

1150<br />

species. Lightweight & laminated for durability.<br />

11810 Medicinal Plants PN _____________$5.75<br />

11816 Roadside Wildfl owers PN _________$5.75<br />


Tickle this sensitive plant and it moves its leaves;<br />

even its branches can move when tickled. The plants<br />

also appear <strong>to</strong> sleep at night by closing up their<br />

leaves. A fascinating experiment that any child would d<br />

benefi t from. The seeds can sprout in a matter of<br />

days and within a month will move when tickled!<br />

Adult Plants can produce pink fl owers. Makes a great t<br />

year-round houseplant. Everything you need <strong>to</strong> grow w<br />

your own TickleMe Plant Family in a greenhouse.<br />

The Greenhouse and fl ower pots can be used over and over again!<br />

Includes: 2 TickleMe Plant seed packets (10-20 Mimosa pudica seeds<br />

per packet), 1 reusable greenhouse, 6 mini fl ower pots, 6 soil pellets,<br />

Easy <strong>to</strong> grow instructions. Just plant the seeds in the TickleMe Plant<br />

Greenhouse and add water! Greenhouse size<br />

6.75” x4.5” x 6”. Ages 5+. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

34082 TickleMe Plant Greenhouse _______________ $19.50<br />

34080 TickleMe Plant (Seed Packet only) ______________$4.75<br />

ODD PODS<br />

Create your own Unique Cacti planter with 20 varieties of Cacti,<br />

3 colorful backgrounds, and soil. Great for<br />

home or office. Water once a month. Plants<br />

never need <strong>to</strong> be transplanted. Complete<br />

with instructions and a Cactus identification<br />

sheet. Over 100 Cactus seeds.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

34065 Odd Pods _____________ $12.00<br />


Test for nitrogen, phosphate, potash (the 3<br />

main fertilizer ingredients) and for pH balance, a<br />

<strong>to</strong>tal of up <strong>to</strong> 40 individual tests. A very practical<br />

science project.<br />

40021 Soil Test Kit____________$15.75<br />


Test your pond <strong>to</strong> ensure healthy fi sh and<br />

pplants.<br />

Ten tests each for <strong>to</strong>xic ammonia and<br />

nnitrites<br />

as well as acidity and alkalinity. Each kit<br />

ccontains<br />

supplies for a <strong>to</strong>tal of 40 tests.<br />

40020 Pond Test Kit ____________ $16.75


Lightweight, easy-<strong>to</strong>-use fastening system make this the perfect<br />

plant p press! Press up <strong>to</strong> 10 layers of plants between<br />

sturdy, s corrugated cardboard layers and fasten<br />

around a the outside with 2 Velcro straps. Instructions<br />

and a fl ower pressing suggestions are included. 7” x 5”.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

35032 SSmall<br />

Flower Press _________________________$5.00<br />


Made with solid wood and heavy duty<br />

Velcro fasteners, this fl ower/leaf press will last<br />

for years! Includes instructions on basic pressing<br />

skills. 6 ½ x 9 ½inches.<br />

35034 Flower/Leaf Press ________________________ $19 $19.75 75<br />


This book is recommended for anyone wishing <strong>to</strong><br />

learn more about collecting and preserving plants for<br />

science or decoration. The text is enhanced with over 100<br />

informative drawings. The author provides clear instructions<br />

for identifying, mounting, and preserving plants.<br />

For students, naturalists, fl ower lovers, and craftsmen, this<br />

book is an incredible reference and practical guide. 184<br />

pages, paperback, 53 /4”x81 l<br />

s<br />

i<br />

t<br />

F<br />

b<br />

p<br />

/2”.<br />

14038 Col Collecting and Preserving Plants ______________$9.25<br />


Whether you are growing produce for just your<br />

family or are interested in growing produce for income,<br />

this book will likely contain the answers <strong>to</strong> your questions<br />

about produce growing! Topics include everything g<br />

from planting <strong>to</strong> pests. Learn about rotating, planting<br />

dates, transplanting, sprays, weeds, seeds, marketing, sup-<br />

pliers, organic growing, produce auctions, and that’s just<br />

the beginning. 103 pages, paperback, 7¼”x10”.<br />

14029 Growing Produce II _______________________ $12 $12.50 50<br />


This volume will tell you every conceivable<br />

way <strong>to</strong> can, pickle, freeze, dry, cure, or cold-s<strong>to</strong>re all<br />

the bountiful harvest you’ve labored all season for.<br />

Information on equipment, technique and USDA<br />

guidelines for home preserving. It illustrates and<br />

explains every tried-and-true method. 208 pages,<br />

paperback, 8 1 /2”x11”.<br />

14030 Keeping the Harvest_______$14.75<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


Authors Mike and Nancy Bubel teach how <strong>to</strong> build<br />

root cellars indoors and out, big and small, plain and<br />

fancy, in the city or country, and in any environment.<br />

Also lists the s<strong>to</strong>rage requirements for nearly 100<br />

garden crops. 320 pages, paperback, 6”x9”.<br />

14032 Root Cellaring______________$14.75<br />

47<br />


How about a green-haired creature (shaped<br />

sprouts!), a giant sunfl ower, or a miniature garden?<br />

Also included are ideas and instructions for creating<br />

beautiful pots and containers in which <strong>to</strong> grow<br />

the plants. Easy-<strong>to</strong>-follow instructions for growing<br />

sprouts, crocuses, pansies, roots and shoots, leafy<br />

steams, <strong>to</strong>ma<strong>to</strong>es, herbs, ivy and moss. 32 pages,<br />

paperback, 9”x12”. Ages 5+.<br />

15139 Wh What t SShall<br />

I Grow ___________________________$7.75<br />


Published <strong>to</strong> be used by 1st and 2nd graders.<br />

The <strong>to</strong>pics include: parts of a plant, life cycle of a<br />

plant, germination, pho<strong>to</strong>synthesis, pollination,<br />

how plants make seeds, different types of plants,<br />

and several hands-on experiments. Full-color pho<strong>to</strong>graphy<br />

as well as beautiful drawings make this<br />

book a real pleasure <strong>to</strong> read and study. 32 pages, paperback, rback 8½”x9½”. 8½”x9½”<br />

15137 How a Plant Grows__________________________ $6.00<br />


Inside a 9”x13” heavy plastic envelope<br />

for collecting leaves are a 5”x8”,<br />

64-page Leaf & Tree Guide and a 7”x8”<br />

Leaf Collecting Album for mounting<br />

pressed leaves. Teaches major leaf<br />

shapes and common trees, how trees<br />

grow, and why leaves change color. It<br />

also gives instructions for pressing leaves and for mounting them.<br />

35030 Backyard Explorer Kit ____________________ $11.75<br />


The focus of this book is <strong>to</strong> present the visual<br />

details of trees that are essential for practical identifi<br />

cation. Identifi cation is based on observation<br />

of details. Recognition means knowing trees at a<br />

glance. More than 1500 black-and-white pho<strong>to</strong>graphs<br />

were made specifi cally for use in this book.<br />

W<strong>here</strong> possible, details such as leaves, fruits, and<br />

other features appear in actual size or in the same scale. ale 272 pages pages,<br />

paperback, 81 /2”x11”.<br />

11107 Tree Identifi cation Book ___________________ $20.50<br />


Make tree identifying fun with this interactive<br />

handbook. h<br />

You’ll be amazed at what you discover<br />

once o you understand how, when and w<strong>here</strong> <strong>to</strong><br />

look. l T<strong>here</strong> are several pages for fi eld notes and<br />

journaling. j<br />

Real life experiences set in<strong>to</strong> the<br />

margins m make the book very exciting and not just<br />

another a fi eld guide. T<strong>here</strong> are lovely full-color pho<strong>to</strong>graphs<br />

t as well as detailed illustrations and cute<br />

car<strong>to</strong>ons car<strong>to</strong>ons. Learn how <strong>to</strong> estimate the height of trees, identify species,<br />

fruits, nuts, cones, and leaf shapes, both broad and conifer.<br />

12416 Take a Tree Walk___________________________ $9.75<br />


An extraordinary book that describes over 30<br />

LET IT ROT<br />

species. Learn about a tree’s bud, leaf, fl ower, fruit,<br />

A classic guide <strong>to</strong> turning household waste in<strong>to</strong><br />

and more. Each entry is accompanied by a lovely<br />

gardener’s g gold! Since 1975, this book has helped count- narrative describing the uniqueness of that tree.<br />

less l gardeners recycle waste materials like household Additional sections include: “How does a Tree Eat<br />

garbage, g grass clippings, and ashes <strong>to</strong> create useful,<br />

and Drink?” “Better Beleaf it!” “How Leaves Change<br />

soil-nourishing s<br />

compost. You’ll enjoy the light sense of Color”, “Which comes First, Flowers or Fruit?”, “What<br />

humor h the author uses <strong>to</strong> teach you everything you need Goes on Inside a Cone”, and still more! A very useful<br />

<strong>to</strong> t know for a healthy garden. 152 pages, paperback, 6”x9”. <strong>to</strong>ol for your study of plants. Hardcover, 95 full color pages pages, 9 ¼x11¼”<br />

¼x11¼”.<br />

14034 Let It Rot _____________________ $12.25 11940 The Tree Book for Kids and Their Grown-ups _ $15.00<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.

48<br />


This book peels back the layers of biblical<br />

geology. From the acclaimed Creation Research<br />

Society, this technical study of rock strata, and the<br />

fossils found t<strong>here</strong>in, gives a solidly scientifi c rationale<br />

for believing in a young earth. This advanced<br />

guide is ideal for upper-level homeschool<br />

students, college students, or anyone wishing <strong>to</strong><br />

explore this fascinating subject in-depth. Includes<br />

questions for review at the end of each chapter. Froede defi nes a<br />

credible geological time-line and describes the creatures found in<br />

rock sediments around the world. Heavily illustrated, with an extensive<br />

glossary and reference section. Paperback, 8½” x 11”, 144 pages.<br />

15950 Geology By Design _______________________ $13.50<br />


Dr. John Morris has written another excellent<br />

resource! Begin with chapter 1, Planet Earth,<br />

and proceed <strong>to</strong> Rocks, Earth Surface, Geological<br />

Processes and Rates, Dating the Earth, Geologic<br />

Events of the Past, and more. All this and it’s evolution<br />

free! Learn what really carved the Grand<br />

Canyon, how thick the Earth’s crust is, why the<br />

Earth is unique for life, the effects of erosion, fossilization<br />

and the age of the dinosaurs, the effects<br />

of volcanic activity, the Continental Drift Theory, carbon dating and<br />

t<strong>here</strong>’s still more. Bonus: Inside is a pull out color poster containing<br />

geological information. 80 pages, hardcover, 83 G<br />

l<br />

a<br />

P<br />

E<br />

l<br />

C<br />

E<br />

s<br />

/4”x11”. 6th grade and<br />

up. (Other books in this series: The Ocean Book , The Astronomy Book<br />

and The Weather Book).<br />

16024 The Geology Book ________________________ $14.50<br />


Want <strong>to</strong> be a miner? With this<br />

kit discover the excitement and<br />

thrill of fi nding real gems<strong>to</strong>ne<br />

material including amethyst,<br />

fool’s gold, rose quartz, citrine,<br />

copper, fl uorite, talc, optical calcite,<br />

garnet in matrix and others!<br />

This kit contains one metal<br />

bucket, one bag of mine rough,<br />

and a gem mining screen. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

31145 Gem Mining Kit __________________________ $21.00<br />


These neatly boxed sets include basic <strong>to</strong>ols and a guide for<br />

learning <strong>to</strong> test, classify and identify 15 different specimens. Sizes are<br />

appox. ¾” <strong>to</strong> 1” wide.<br />

Rocks include: obsidian, granite, basalt, scoria, rhyolite, shale,<br />

calcareous tufa, sands<strong>to</strong>ne, conglomerate, limes<strong>to</strong>ne, slate, marble,<br />

quartzite, gneiss, and shist.<br />

Minerals include: fl uorite, feldspar: microline, hematite, pyrite,<br />

quartz: milky, calcite, mica: muscovite, magnetite, gypsum: alabaster,<br />

talc, pyrolusite, mica: biotite, graphite, gypsum: satin spar, and gypsum:<br />

selenite.<br />

48020 Rock Science Kit ___________________________$9.50<br />

48022 Mineral Science Kit _________________________$9.50<br />

48025 Both Rock & Mineral Science Kits ___________ $18.00<br />

Rocks & Minerals<br />


Learn about rocks<br />

and the minerals<br />

that form them. Dig<br />

deeper and discover<br />

the fascinating<br />

crystal structures<br />

of these minerals.<br />

Much more than just<br />

a crystal growing<br />

kit, this experiment<br />

kit teaches you the<br />

chemistry of crystals and the geological science behind rock formation<br />

with more than 18 hands-on projects and investigations. Grow<br />

three chemically different types of crystals that exhibit not only different<br />

colors, but also different shapes. Build three-dimensional geometric<br />

models of common crystal shapes including octahedrons, tetrahedrons,<br />

and rhomboids. Mold your own crystal geode — a hollow rock<br />

with crystals growing inside! Learn how <strong>to</strong> test and identify minerals<br />

with your very own collection of real specimens included in the kit.<br />

Conduct tests <strong>to</strong> determine a mineral’s chemical and physical properties<br />

such as color, luster, streak color, hardness, density, magnetic<br />

properties, and carbon, sulfur, or iron content. Investigate the geologic<br />

rock cycle and learn how the three main categories of rock — igneous,<br />

sedimentary, and metamorphic — are formed, altered, destroyed,<br />

and formed again. Kit includes the following genuine specimens:<br />

granite, limes<strong>to</strong>ne, basalt, marble, pumice, calcite, pyrite, quartz, hematite,<br />

bornite, fl uorite, magnetite, and soaps<strong>to</strong>ne. Grow three types<br />

of crystals: alum (potassium aluminum sulfate), copper(II) sulfate,<br />

and potassium hexacyanoferrate(III). Full-color, 32-page experiment<br />

manual. Ages 8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (2,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20538 Crystals, Rocks & Minerals _________________ $45.50<br />


This kit supplies the student with the <strong>to</strong>ols<br />

necessary for rock, mineral and fossil identifi cation.<br />

Included are a streak plate, glass plate, mini hand<br />

lens, dropper bottle, magnet, nail, penny and hardness<br />

scale. Comes in a 4”x4” ziplock pouch.<br />

31124 Mineral Test Kit ____________________________$9.75<br />


Watch rock candy crystals grow <strong>to</strong> full size in 7<br />

days! Kit includes pure sucrose for growing clear,<br />

pristine crystals (not available in grocery s<strong>to</strong>res),<br />

fi ve seeded sticks, growing vessel and lid, educational<br />

study guide, and experiment instructions.<br />

31136 Crystal Growing Kit________ $13.50<br />


Fluids crystallize in the cavities of the rounded rock (nodule) creating<br />

the exciting surprise inside. Geodes are found all over the world.<br />

A simple way <strong>to</strong> crack one open is <strong>to</strong>:<br />

Wrap your Geode in an old rag or sock.<br />

Use a hammer <strong>to</strong> hit it fi rmly in the center.<br />

Watch your fi ngers!<br />

Over 90% have hollow centers and crystals. Try one! You will<br />

be the fi rst person <strong>to</strong> see what is inside. (Adult supervision recommended.)<br />

Sizes, shapes, and types of crystals will vary.<br />

31150 Small Geodes (appox. 1” dia.) ____________________$.75<br />

5 or more small Geodes, each _________________$.60<br />

10 or more small Geodes, each ________________$.55<br />

31155 Large Geodes (1”-2”dia.) ______________________$1.75<br />

5 or more large Geodes, each ________________$1.50<br />

10 or more large Geodes, each _______________$1.25

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />

49<br />


We were delighted <strong>to</strong> discover these attractive displays of natural wonders. The various specimens are securely glued <strong>to</strong> attractive color cards,<br />

and are housed in quality clear acrylic boxes <strong>to</strong> protect their beautiful colors from dust or abuse. The large collections measure 7”x31 /2”, and the<br />


/2”. These collections are pretty and practical, and would look nice mounted on a wall as part of a display. Types of specimens<br />

may vary depending on availability.<br />

31106 Commercial minerals—industry ____ 21 ______$5.00<br />

Cat.No. Description _______________ Specimens ______ Price 31107 Native rocks _____________________ 21 ______$5.00<br />

31101 Shells, sea horse, starfi sh ___________ 10 ______$5.00 31108 Coal—& modern by-products*______ 13 ______$5.00<br />

31102 Natural Gems<strong>to</strong>nes _______________ 21 ______$5.00 31109 Gems & minerals of the Bible _______ 15 ______$5.00<br />

31103 Polished Gems<strong>to</strong>nes ______________ 18 ______$6.00 31110 Native American -Raw Materials______ 8 ______$5.00<br />

31104 Fossil Collection* _________________ 12 ______$9.00 31115 Set of 10 Collections _____________________ $50.00<br />

31105 Rocks... of the U.S.* _______________ 21 ______$6.00<br />

*Contains some evolutionary error on backside of card.<br />


This well-displayed collection contains<br />

15 rocks that are representative of the 3<br />

major rock types: Igneous, Sedimentary,<br />

Metamorphic. Specimens are approximately<br />

1 1 /2”x1 1 /2.”<br />

31128 Introduc<strong>to</strong>ry Rock Collection _______________ $19.50<br />


A sensational 50-piece<br />

collection that reveals the<br />

varied and matchless geology<br />

of the United States of<br />

America! A rock, mineral or<br />

fossil selected <strong>to</strong> represent<br />

each state is keyed for identifi<br />

cation. The set also includes<br />

a 25-page fact booklet about the<br />

geologic features of each of the 50 states. Specimen<br />

size is 1 /2”–1” each and comes in a nice burgundy display box<br />

approximately 71 /2”x14”x11 /2”.<br />

31126 USA Collection ____________________________ $42.50<br />


Collection boxes for s<strong>to</strong>ring rock and<br />

mineral specimens. The trays are rugged<br />

polystyrene and the box is burgundy leatherfi<br />

nish cardboard. Box is 61 /2”x11”x11 /2”. Each<br />

cell is 11 /2”x11 /2”.<br />

31125 S<strong>to</strong>rage Boxes __________$7.00<br />


Learn <strong>to</strong> identify 12 common minerals<br />

by observing and testing physical<br />

properties. Kit contains 1 pound bag<br />

of mineral chips, forceps, streak plate,<br />

magnet, and magnifi er. Three large rock<br />

samples show how rocks are composed<br />

of small mineral chips. Teacher guide<br />

and s<strong>to</strong>rage box. Grades 6-12. (Our<br />

younger children enjoyed this, <strong>to</strong>o!)<br />

31129 Mineral Hunt Kit __________________________ $24.50<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />


Kit contains 2 specimens each of 25 different<br />

varieties of rocks and minerals; one <strong>to</strong> test or share,<br />

and one <strong>to</strong> keep. Each is individually bagged and<br />

identifi ed. For ages 10 and up.<br />

31120 Rock & Mineral<br />

Specimens________________$14.75<br />


A three-inch pencil combined<br />

with a 4-inch plastic tube of miniature<br />

polished s<strong>to</strong>nes. An eraser seals the<br />

tube. Not recommended for children<br />

under 3. Packaged with a colorful<br />

insert listing the s<strong>to</strong>nes on back.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

31142 Miniature Rock Collection Pencil ______________$1.50<br />


A very high quality<br />

rock tumbler. When<br />

compared <strong>to</strong> expensive<br />

<strong>to</strong>y tumblers, we decided<br />

<strong>to</strong> offer this professional<br />

quality equipment<br />

instead. It has a sturdy<br />

steel frame construction<br />

and mechanism enabling<br />

continuous operation.<br />

The manufacturer says<br />

it is great for collec<strong>to</strong>rs<br />

or professionals and has<br />

dedicated it <strong>to</strong> all “rock<br />

hounds” who have never<br />

ceased <strong>to</strong> experience the<br />

joys and excitement of<br />

discovering something<br />

new!<br />

31131 Thumler’s Tumbler ______________________ $115.00<br />

31132 Grit Pack (Contains: Coarse, fi ne, prepolish,polish) ____ $10.00<br />

31133 Gem Mix (1 lb for tumbling) _________________$8.00<br />

31134 Beach Mix (l lb for tumbling) _________________$8.00

50<br />


Play the role of archaeologist as<br />

you explore this pyramid model and<br />

the treasures buried within. After<br />

using hieroglyphics <strong>to</strong> decipher the<br />

secret <strong>to</strong> unlocking the pyramid, use<br />

<strong>to</strong>ols and techniques similar <strong>to</strong> those<br />

of a real archaeologist <strong>to</strong> carefully<br />

excavate a sarcophagus, death mask, and four canopic urns from<br />

inside. Open the sarcophagus and you will discover a model mummy<br />

preserved within. As you uncover the artifacts in the pyramid, you will<br />

learn about archaeological science, including excavation, conservation,<br />

dating, and remote sensing. You will also learn about ancient<br />

Egyptian cus<strong>to</strong>ms, hieroglyphics, mummifi cation, and pyramid construction.<br />

Investigate the layout of the pyramid, its various chambers,<br />

hidden passageways, and security devices by constructing a threedimensional<br />

cross section. Full-color, 16-page experiment manual.<br />

Kit includes model pyramid containing sarcophagus, mummy, death<br />

mask, and four canopic urns; hammer; brush; chisel; peg; sponge; 3D<br />

cardboard cross section model; and manual. Ages 8 and up.<br />

20532 Archaeology Kit: Egyptian Pyramid _________ $22.50<br />


Fossilize, dig up, and reconstruct a dinosaur<br />

skele<strong>to</strong>n replica. Learn how fossils form, how<br />

paleon<strong>to</strong>logists excavate them, and how dinosaur<br />

bones are pieced <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong> form complete<br />

skele<strong>to</strong>ns. Model the process of fossilization by<br />

burying your dinosaur bones in layers of plaster<br />

“rock.” Carefully excavate the bones from the plaster<br />

using the <strong>to</strong>ols and techniques of paleon<strong>to</strong>logists. Finally, assemble<br />

the dinosaur bones in<strong>to</strong> a complete skele<strong>to</strong>n. Ages 8 and up. (Contains<br />

some evolutionary material) CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

20486 Dinosaur Fossils _________________________ $12.75<br />


In the early morning hours of May 18, 1980, the<br />

pristine p scenery around Washing<strong>to</strong>n’s Mount St.<br />

Helens H was shattered by a powerful explosion that<br />

devastated d<br />

its north slope. In the aftermath, amid the<br />

rivers r of mud, blankets of ash, and eerie quiet, a “startling”<br />

t discovery was made: the evidence that many<br />

of o the geological formations we see were caused by<br />

catastrophe c<br />

- not millions of years of erosion. Mount<br />

St. St Helens becam became a living labora<strong>to</strong>ry as scientists studied the aftermath<br />

of the explosion and the changes it made <strong>to</strong> the surroundings<br />

in a very, very short time. 127 pages of stunning pho<strong>to</strong>graphy and<br />

revealing information. Hardback, 7¼”x9¼”.<br />

13135 Footprints In the Ash ______________________ $15.00<br />

NOAH’S ARK<br />

This must be one of the most stunning, unique, and captivating<br />

books about the Ark and the global Flood of Noah’s day ever produced.<br />

Based on Genesis 6-9, with the author’s insight as <strong>to</strong> what it might<br />

have been like <strong>to</strong> have been in Noah’s shoes. The narrative is thoughtprovoking,<br />

causing the reader <strong>to</strong> meditate on its truths. The artwork<br />

is exquisite and incredibly wonderful! The size of the ark is discussed<br />

at the end of the book, comparing it <strong>to</strong> modern-day sea vessels. It was<br />

one of the most stable fl oating platforms ever built, and its construction<br />

ratios are still used <strong>to</strong>day. Captivating<br />

from beginning <strong>to</strong> end, this book would make<br />

an excellent adult gift or a wonderful addition<br />

<strong>to</strong> your “coffee table” collection. It is not a preschool<br />

version, but rather a serious presentation n<br />

of the magnifi cent s<strong>to</strong>ry! 72 pages, hardback,<br />

10”x8”.<br />

16039 Noah’s Ark ___________ $14.50<br />

Rocks & Minerals<br />


Developed with three educational levels in<br />

mind, The Archaeology Book takes you on an<br />

exciting exploration of his<strong>to</strong>ry and ancient cultures.<br />

YYou’ll<br />

learn both the techniques of the archaeologist<br />

and the accounts of some of the richest<br />

discoveries of the Middle East that demonstrate<br />

tthe<br />

accuracy and his<strong>to</strong>ricity of the Bible. Learn<br />

about the Hittites Hittites, BBabylonians,<br />

Egyptians, the Dead Sea scrolls, and<br />

more. Filled with vivid full-color pho<strong>to</strong>s, detailed drawings, and maps,<br />

you will have access <strong>to</strong> some of the greatest biblical mysteries ever<br />

uncovered. With the enhanced educational format of this book and<br />

the unique color-coded, multi-age design, it allows the ease of teaching<br />

the fundamentals of archaeology through complex insights <strong>to</strong><br />

three distinct grade levels. Grades 5-6, 7-8, 9-12. Master Books, 96<br />

pages, hardcover, 8¾”x11¼”.<br />

15992 The Archaeology Book ____________________ $15.50<br />


It’s one of the greatest challenges one can face on<br />

Earth; an ascent <strong>to</strong> the <strong>to</strong>p of the world on the slopes<br />

of Mount Everest. Eric Alexander experienced grace<br />

and a faith-empowering journey he will never forget<br />

as part of a record-setting team in May 2001, scaling<br />

the heights of Everest with his friend, blind climber Erik<br />

Weinhenmayer. Here is the powerful s<strong>to</strong>ry of Eric Alexander<br />

and his unique life journey of guiding people<br />

with disabilities <strong>to</strong> the most perilous places of the world, including<br />

Mount Everest’s fi rst blind ascent. In The Summit: Faith Beyond Everest’s<br />

Death Zone you will follow in their his<strong>to</strong>ric footsteps, and learn about<br />

faith, trust, prayer, depending on God, as well as the perseverance<br />

needed during these climbs and in your own life. Be inspired and<br />

motivated by Eric’s insight, not simply <strong>to</strong> survive but <strong>to</strong> thrive every<br />

day in God’s grace. 222 pages, paperback, 6”x9”<br />

16054 The Summit _____________________________ $14.00<br />


Unearth the his<strong>to</strong>ry of the small nation of<br />

Israel . Far from being a book of myths, the Bible is<br />

an amazing his<strong>to</strong>rical record, and each year more<br />

archaeological discoveries continue <strong>to</strong> prove its<br />

validity v and signifi cance. Follow the intriguing<br />

clues found buried in ancient cities, on the walls of<br />

early monuments, and in the written records of our<br />

world’s w oldest civilizations. Walk the ancient streets,<br />

explore the distant temples, and unearth the compelling<br />

his<strong>to</strong>ry. Some of the 20 chapters include: Mankind’s Ances<strong>to</strong>rs,<br />

Abraham in Canaan, Issac and Rebekah including information on<br />

ancient marriage cus<strong>to</strong>ms, Jacob and Esau, Joseph <strong>to</strong> Moses, Crossing<br />

the Sinai Peninsula, Joshua <strong>to</strong> Judges, Samuel and Saul, David as<br />

King, Israel and Judah, Judah in<strong>to</strong> Exile, Esther <strong>to</strong> Malachi, and the last<br />

chapter King of Kings! The appendix is also fascinating discussing life<br />

in the Tabernacle, Solomon’s Temple, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. A perfect<br />

companion and reference for ancient his<strong>to</strong>ry studies.176 pages,<br />

hardcover, 8½”x11”.<br />

16058 Unveiling the Kings of Israel _______________ $28.50<br />


The Original Magic Rocks: This simple and fun<br />

project has been around for decades and is still as<br />

entertaining as ever. Simply place colored s<strong>to</strong>nes in<strong>to</strong> a<br />

solution and watch them grow in<strong>to</strong> beautiful, colorful<br />

crystal formations. Crystals begin <strong>to</strong> grow in ten<br />

minutes and will amaze kids of all ages. The rocks come e<br />

in bright multiple colors. Set includes rocks, growing<br />

solution and stickers. Ages 10 and up.<br />

30100 Magic Rocks®_________________$9.50


A smaller 8”x8” tank and the Discovery<br />

Book Sampler with eight lessons that will<br />

get you excited and on your way <strong>to</strong> enjoying<br />

science and learning new things about the<br />

world we live in. Activities include: acids and<br />

bases, simple diffusion, pond life, color mixing,<br />

seed germination, density and more.<br />

50292 The Teaching Tank® Jr._$29.50<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />

The Teaching Tank® Tank<br />


The Teaching Tank® is one of the best teaching aids available when you really<br />

want <strong>to</strong> see science. The Teaching Tank® has been designated one of the 100 Best<br />

Children’s Products for 2006 and one of the 10 Best Education Products for 2006<br />

by Dr. Toy. The 12”x12” tank doesn’t require a lot of materials, but the large viewing<br />

area allows students <strong>to</strong> easily see what is happening. T<strong>here</strong> is no better way <strong>to</strong><br />

view roots, worms, or ants! In addition, the tanks are a snap <strong>to</strong> assemble, a breeze<br />

<strong>to</strong> clean, and fun <strong>to</strong> use. Use for activities, lessons and demonstrations for kindergarten<br />

through college. Great for classroom or co-op teaching or any situation<br />

w<strong>here</strong> visual learning is desired. A serious investment for in-depth visual learning.<br />


KIT Comes complete with a<br />

12”x12” tank, small bag of growing<br />

crystals, and Discovery Book<br />

Volume 1, containing 50 experiments<br />

such as acids, bases, density,<br />

solubility, diffusion, evaporation,<br />

temperature, hydroponics, mass<br />

and volume, solar radiation, sugar<br />

crystals, water cycle, and more.<br />

50295 The Teaching Tank®<br />

Starter Kit _________ $74.50<br />

50294 Teaching Tank only (12”x12”) _____________________ $44.50<br />


SION KIT<br />

With this expansion kit, you can<br />

widen the tank, opening up another<br />

range of great experiments. The expansion<br />

kits are available in both small and<br />

large sizes. Necessary for some experiments<br />

in each of the Discovery book volumes.<br />

50298 Large Expansion Kit (For12”x12”Teaching Tank) ___ $20.00<br />

50296 Small Expansion Kit (For 8”x8” Teaching Tank) ____ $17.00<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />

51<br />


50 lessons. Detailed instructions, well-written<br />

lessons with notes and questions. Easy <strong>to</strong> follow<br />

and visually exciting! Experiments include: acid<br />

strength, surface tension, color mixing, dew point,<br />

evaporation, melting point, macro-pond life, mass<br />

and volume, volcanic action, and many more. 118<br />

pages, spiralbound, 8½”x11”.<br />

50281 Discovery Book Vol. 1 _____ $29.50<br />


50 lessons. Detailed instructions, augmented<br />

by thinking questions and notes for the instruc<strong>to</strong>r.<br />

Lessons include: color, gravity, oxygen, osmosis,<br />

saturation, refraction, and more. Experiments<br />

using oil, milk, dough, ice, egg, salt, raisins, soda,<br />

coffee grounds, yeast and sugar. Loaded with<br />

ideas for science fair. 108 pages, spiralbound,<br />

8½”x11”.<br />

50282 Discovery Book Vol. 2_____ $29.50<br />


50 lessons. Detailed instructions, augmented<br />

bby<br />

thinking questions and notes for the instruc<strong>to</strong>r.<br />

LLessons<br />

include: buoyancy, discovering convec-<br />

ttion,<br />

electrolytes and conductivity, magnetic fi eld,<br />

water w wheel, viscosity, wind and waves, and more.<br />

Loaded L with ideas for science fair. 108 pages,<br />

spiralbound, s<br />

8½”x11”.<br />

50283 Discovery Book Vol. 3______$29.50<br />


These water-less crystals are just plain fun! Not only<br />

can you grow plants in them, but you can investigate cells,<br />

moni<strong>to</strong>r water absorbtion, etc. 4 oz. bag.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50288 Clear Growing Crystals______________$4.25<br />


From Thee all skill and science fl ow,<br />

All pity, care and love,<br />

All calm and courage, faith and hope;<br />

O pour them from above.<br />

And part them, Lord, <strong>to</strong> each and all,<br />

As each and all shall need,<br />

To rise, like incense, each <strong>to</strong> Thee,<br />

In noble thought and deed.<br />

Charles Kingsley 1871

52<br />


The fi rst thing you will notice<br />

about a Mystical Magnets is their<br />

smooth s fi nish and luminescent color.<br />

These T remarkable magnets are made<br />

from f an Anisotropic Ferrite material.<br />

And, A d th their i compact tsize izeis<br />

is deceiving deceiving. Match these magnets with others<br />

of similar size and you will notice immediately their hidden power! Be<br />

sure <strong>to</strong> listen for the sounds of twittering and chirping the magnets<br />

make when they come in<strong>to</strong> contact with one another. Soon you will<br />

have the magnets fl ipping, spinning and doing amazing tricks! Have<br />

fun! Clever shapes, appealing “hematite” fi nish and super-strength<br />

make these new science magnets super intriguing! Great value and<br />

great fun! Ages 8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1,3). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50051 Mystical Magnet Orbs _______________________$4.25<br />

50052 Mystical Magnet Sp<strong>here</strong>s ____________________$4.25<br />

50053 Mystical Magnet S<strong>to</strong>nes _____________________$4.25<br />

50055 Set of 3 Mystical Magnets (1 of each) ________ $11.00<br />


Plastic encased magnets, great magnets with amazing<br />

holding power for holding your favorite pho<strong>to</strong>s or<br />

notes <strong>to</strong> any magnetic surface, or for play. Colors will<br />

vary, each side a different color. Rectangle magnets are<br />

1”x2”x½”, round magnets are 1” diameter 3/8” thick.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

49055 Rectangle Memo Magnet_________$1.00<br />

49056 Round Memo Magnet____________$1.00<br />


Two 2” long alnico bar magnets, engraved with North &<br />

South markings. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

45026 Alnico Bar Magnets ________________$9.50<br />


This 8” tall, giant horseshoe magnet is safe,<br />

durable, fun and magnetically correct. Lifts up <strong>to</strong> 4<br />

pounds. Ages 3 and up.<br />

50026 Horseshoe Magnet________$7.00<br />


Easy and fun <strong>to</strong> build. Demonstrates the basic principles<br />

c of electromagnetism. Directions and explanations<br />

printed p on the back of the 5”x8” blister card packaging.<br />

Requires R D-cell battery.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

20043 TThe<br />

World’s Simplest Mo<strong>to</strong>r ___________________$5.00<br />

MAGNETS!<br />

Make a chain, a cluster, or a pyramid design with the<br />

marbles. Hours of fun and discovery<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,5). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50035 Magnetic Wand with fi ve<br />

Magnetic Marbles__________________$4.00<br />


Contains a super magnet set that could be transformed <strong>to</strong> o<br />

perform 10 fun experiments and games. Make a super power horse<br />

shoe magnet or a magnet wand. Construct a<br />

super magnet racer, a yacht compass or a mysterious<br />

dangler. Have fun playing a fi shing game or<br />

creating a manetic sculpture, and more. Detailed<br />

assembly and game instructions with fun facts and<br />

principles of magnetism. For ages over 8.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,8). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50111 Magnet Science Kit _______ $11.75<br />

Magnets<br />


These colorful best-sellers will attract<br />

anyone’s attention, young or old! String<br />

them <strong>to</strong>gether or create a 3-dimensional<br />

structure. Magnet Marbles merge fascination<br />

with polarity, the mystery of magnetic fi elds, and the fun of 3-D<br />

interaction. Endless hours of extended learning and play. A great addition<br />

<strong>to</strong> a child’s collection of amusements. Each ball magnet is 5/8” in<br />

diameter. Colors will vary. 20 marbles per container. Ages 4 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,5). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

49057 Magnet Marbles Set of 20 ____________________$4.75<br />


Individual magnets or compass for using your own<br />

creative abilities, for experiments or play.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

49051 North/South Bar Magnet 1¼”_______$0.35<br />

49052 Horseshoe Magnet 1¼”____________$0.80<br />

49060 Ring Magnet 1” dia. _______________$0.35<br />

49061 Magnetic Compass 1½” dia. ________$1.50<br />


Learn the mystery y of magnets. An activity pad with 30 activities<br />

and a the stuff <strong>to</strong> experiment with. The kit covers<br />

the t basic information about all kinds of magnets<br />

including how magnets work, which materials are<br />

attracted a <strong>to</strong> magnets, the nature of magnetic fi elds,<br />

how compasses work, the difference between<br />

aan<br />

iron-based magnet and a super magnet, how<br />

t<strong>to</strong><br />

make as electromagnet, how <strong>to</strong> do tricks and<br />

play games with magnets, how <strong>to</strong> fi nd iron in your<br />

breakfast b kf t cereal, l and more. Kit includes: compass, bar magnet, copper<br />

wire, hex nut, iron fi lings, neodymium magnet, magnetic putty, nail,<br />

magnet viewing fi lm, aluminum tube and a magnetic maze/face. Ages 8<br />

and up .<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,7,8). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50246 Magnetic Marvels ________________________ $18.50<br />


Over 20 powerfully exciting<br />

experiments. Learn about static<br />

electricity, make an electromagnet,<br />

a room alarm, a simple telegraph, a<br />

switch, and a simple mo<strong>to</strong>r. Make a<br />

game board <strong>to</strong> see how smart your<br />

friends are, and more. Kit includes: a<br />

small neon light, plastic comb, balloon, nail, copper wire, D cell battery<br />

holder, alliga<strong>to</strong>r clips, light sockets, buzzer, paper clips, ceramic magnets,<br />

game board, and more. Ages 8 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,2,8). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50245 Electrifi ed Fun ___________________________ $18.50<br />


This kit is complete with everything young<br />

scientists need for performing the simple experiments<br />

from the 24-page book. Three magnets, a<br />

compass, 5 feet of coated wire, iron fi lings, corks,<br />

clay and paper clips will provide hours of experimentation,<br />

education, and plain old fun. Children<br />

six years old and up can easily explore the mysteries<br />

of magnetism with these safe experiments. The<br />

book is 81 /4”x81 /4” and is fi lled with colorful, simple<strong>to</strong>-understand<br />

pictures.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

40035 Science with Magnets Kit ___ $14.50

A<br />

C<br />

B<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />

Magnets & Electricity<br />

D<br />


This cleverly designed plastic 3” diameter, 4” long tube comes<br />

fi lled with iron fi lings. Inserting the cow magnet (included!) in<strong>to</strong> the<br />

center of the tube causes the fi lings <strong>to</strong> “jump” on<strong>to</strong> the magnet. Since<br />

all of the fi lings are sealed inside the tube (no mess), mom likes it as<br />

much as the children. Recommended for ages 6 and up.<br />

50023 Mysterious Magnet Tube ___________________ $12.00<br />


Six 1” colorful ring magnets <strong>to</strong> demonstrate how magnets attract<br />

and repel. Packaged in a 6” plastic tube. These are great for loads of<br />

fun! Ages 4 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50031 Floating Magnet Rings _______________________$4.75<br />


One tube of iron fi lings and one tube of steel shapes <strong>to</strong> aid your<br />

study of magnetism. 11 /2-2 oz. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50041 Iron Shapes & Filings _______________________ $3.00<br />

50022 2 Tubes of Iron Filings ________________________$3.00<br />

COW MAGNET (D)<br />

Did you know that cow magnets are used in some cows <strong>to</strong><br />

prevent Hardware Disease? This standard Alnico cow magnet has a<br />

magnetic pole on each end, and is perfect for many science activities.<br />

The cow magnet is stronger than bar magnets of equal size.<br />

50038 Alnico Cow Magnet __________________________$7.00<br />


This is an exciting, new way <strong>to</strong> learn about magnetism—with a<br />

cow magnet. A 16-piece magnet (including 5 powerful ceramic ring<br />

magnets) for use with a fun 16-page activity booklet. 5½”x8½”.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50037 Moo Magnet & Activity Kit ____________________$7.25<br />


Explore the earth’s own magnetic fi eld with this naturally<br />

occurring magnetic lodes<strong>to</strong>ne.<br />

50042 Lodes<strong>to</strong>ne _______________________ $ 1.00<br />

E<br />


Have you ever made a working electric circuit<br />

on a page in a book? Well now you can with this<br />

KitBook! KitBook contains all the instructions and<br />

parts you need <strong>to</strong> complete several experiments,<br />

PLUS it has a PowerPage built right in<strong>to</strong> the book<br />

w<strong>here</strong> you actually build the working circuits.<br />

Because it’s safe and self-contained, Mom and Dad<br />

will love it <strong>to</strong>o. It’s easy <strong>to</strong> keep organized because<br />

53<br />

all the parts have a place in the tray. And it’s great for home or travel travel.<br />

Take one with you in the car!<br />

20900 KitBook−Electric Circuits___________________$39.95<br />


With this kit, children use real scientifi c<br />

components (magnets,<br />

copper wire, light bulbs,<br />

batteries, pre-drilled wood,<br />

nails, etc.) <strong>to</strong> build actual<br />

working science projects. It<br />

includes a 30 page booklet<br />

with instructions and everything you need <strong>to</strong> build an electromagnet,<br />

electrical catapult, doorbell chime, telegraph, a electromagnetic relay,<br />

and more. For young scientists ages 10 <strong>to</strong> 18.<br />

50030 Electromagnet Science Set _________________ $23.50<br />


Learn about electricity and build a mo<strong>to</strong>r/genera<strong>to</strong>r<br />

that actually powers a light bulb. A 30-page<br />

guide book is included, and just like the Electromagnet<br />

Science Set, (see above #50030) this set uses real<br />

components. No <strong>to</strong>y party! Ages 10-18.<br />

50050 Electric Mo<strong>to</strong>r/Genera<strong>to</strong>r Set _______________ $23.50<br />


Perform 32 as<strong>to</strong>unding feats of magnetism<br />

using magnets and newly-minted British coins!<br />

Includes 24 authentic British coins, two extrastrong<br />

magnets and a 64-page instruction booklet.<br />

For ages 8 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50024 Penny Magnet Kit ________ $18.75<br />


Here are 101 entertaining experiments<br />

and a projects. While learning the basic principles<br />

c of electricity, you will be exposed <strong>to</strong> SAMUEL F. B. MORSE<br />

these t fundamental categories; static electric-<br />

Samuel Morse was an artist! While sailing <strong>to</strong> New<br />

ity, i magnetism, current electricity, and electro-<br />

York, Y he listened as passengers pondered whether or<br />

magnetism. m Each experiment begins with<br />

not n the fl ow of electricity was slowed by the length of<br />

a list of safe and inexpensive materials and<br />

a wire. Could signals be sent instantly anyw<strong>here</strong> along<br />

some s introduc<strong>to</strong>ry remarks. Includes detailed<br />

a wire by electricity? Could newspapers in America<br />

step-by-step s<br />

instructions and illustrations<br />

carry c news of events that had taken place that very<br />

and a brief discussion discu of the results that should be expected.<br />

morning m in Europe? It <strong>to</strong>ok Samuel Morse 12 years<br />

This book is sure <strong>to</strong> challenge young minds and build a solid<br />

<strong>to</strong> t fi nd out! An exciting s<strong>to</strong>ry of discovery awaits<br />

understanding of the basic principles of electricity. 117 pages,<br />

the t reader of this well-written biography. 169 pages,<br />

paperback, 8¼” x 10¾”.<br />

paperback, b k 5¼”x8¼”. ” Ages 10 and up.<br />

14838 Safe & Simple Electrical Exp._ __________$9.50 13426 Samuel F. B. Morse _________________________ $7.75<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.

54 CHEMISTRY C<br />


This book offers 40 experiments for upper-grade<br />

students. s It has a very helpful section on establishing<br />

a a home labora<strong>to</strong>ry, and illustrates valuable labora<strong>to</strong>ry<br />

techniques t<br />

using basic labora<strong>to</strong>ry equipment. You will<br />

also a appreciate a long list of chemicals translated in<strong>to</strong><br />

items i easily attained from your grocery, hardware, or<br />

drug d s<strong>to</strong>re. Has many clear black-and-white line drawings.<br />

ings Grade 7 and up, 96 pages, paperback, 6”x9”.<br />

15005 Chemistry Experiments For Children ___________$6.50<br />


Witness dozens of as<strong>to</strong>nishing effects with “The<br />

World’s Most Powerful Magnet.” It’s so strong it can<br />

s<strong>to</strong>p a clock and remove the iron from cereal. Each<br />

experiment can be performed using household<br />

substances, and will provide hours of fun. 136 pages,<br />

paperback, 5 1 /2” x8½”.<br />

15079 39 Experiments w/Magnet_ $20.50<br />

15080 Mega-Magnet: Book Only__ $12.95<br />


This delightful book, by popular science educa<strong>to</strong>r<br />

t George Barr, shows youngsters how <strong>to</strong> perform<br />

dozens d of unusual and startling scientifi c demonstrations.<br />

t By following the simply worded instructions<br />

and a easy-<strong>to</strong>-follow illustrations, they can quickly learn<br />

<strong>to</strong> t do The Weightless Milk Mystery, The Mystery of the<br />

Balancing B Butterfl ies, The Lighted-Bulb Puzzle, The<br />

Invisible I Movie Screen, The Suspended Paper Clip,<br />

The Water-Pail Hoax Ho and other feats that demonstrate basic scientifi c<br />

principles. Mr. Barr also includes excellent suggestions for the proper<br />

staging and planning of many different and exciting types of science<br />

shows. 158 pages, paperback, 5½” x 8½”.<br />

14834 Fun With Science ___________________________$6.50<br />


These books are for all who love science! All experiments<br />

are doable with ordinary substances easily obtainable from<br />

the grocery or hardware<br />

s<strong>to</strong>re. You’ll be pleasantly<br />

surprised how much you<br />

can accomplish on a<br />

very small budget. Each<br />

experiment includes stepby-step<br />

instructions and<br />

is thoroughly explained<br />

in an easy-<strong>to</strong>-understand<br />

language. Suitable for all<br />

grade levels. Adult supervision<br />

is crucial!<br />


Topics include: Density, Air Pressure, Surface Tension, Gas, Solids<br />

and Liquids, Chemical Reactions, Combustion, Acids and Bases, Mixtures,<br />

Polymers and Light. 208 pages, paperback, 8½”x11”.<br />

15071 150 Captivating Chemistry Experiments______ $19.00<br />


Topics include: Density, Air Pressure, Gas Laws, Phase Changes,<br />

Properties of Liquids, Properties of Solids, Solutions and Solubility,<br />

Chemical Reactions, Acids and Bases, Polymers, Energy, Electricity and<br />

Magnetism, Light, Edible Chemistry. 216 pages, paperback, 8½”x11”.<br />

15072 150 More Captivating Chemistry Experiments_ $19.00<br />

Science Project Books<br />


Ninety-four pages of fi zzing fun just waiting <strong>to</strong> dazzle you! Fizz<br />

Fac<strong>to</strong>r is overfl owing with science fair project<br />

ideas for students, amazing stunts for parents,<br />

and solid classroom connections for teachers<br />

who want <strong>to</strong> add a little “pop” <strong>to</strong> their science<br />

lessons. Learn about lab safety, the his<strong>to</strong>ry of<br />

soda pop, the contents of soda pop, fun soda<br />

facts (such as: in 1874, the fi rst ice cream soda<br />

was created and served), carbonation, why it<br />

makes us “burp” or “belch” (excuse me!), how it<br />

goes fl at, the pH of soda, and many other interesting<br />

soda facts. You’ll amaze your dinner guests and have fun with<br />

this book! Ages 8 and up, 93 pages, paperback, 81 y p g<br />

F<br />

i<br />

a<br />

w<br />

l<br />

s<br />

f<br />

w<br />

m<br />

g<br />

esting soda facts You’<br />

/2” x11”.<br />

15073 Fizz Fac<strong>to</strong>r - 50 Amazing Exp. w/ Soda Pop_____ $14.75<br />


While learning <strong>to</strong> do the 100 experiments and<br />

“how did you do THAT!?” tricks in this book, the child<br />

is learning about the laws of science in such areas as<br />

astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, geometry, hydraulics,<br />

acoustics, etc. Ages 12 and up, 127 pages, paperback,<br />

5¼”x8½”.<br />

15011 Entertaining Science Exp._________$3.75<br />




This Dover book features 73 scientifi c experiments<br />

easily e done by children without parental supervision.<br />

They T require only household equipment, and are<br />

illustrated i with line drawings as well as clear blackand-white<br />

a pho<strong>to</strong>graphs. Ages 12 and up, 96 pages,<br />

paperback, p 6”x9”.<br />

15010 Sci Sci. EExperiments<br />

& Amusements _______________$6.00<br />


Over 100 experiments you can do in ten<br />

minutes or less. This book covers twelve different<br />

areas: air, animals, energy, gravity, magnetism,<br />

light, the human body, magnifi cation, weather,<br />

and more. You’ll need <strong>to</strong> gather a few supplies <strong>to</strong><br />

perform the experiments. Procedures are clearly<br />

explained, and an explanation of the results is<br />

included for each investigation. 132 pages, paperback,<br />

8”x8”. Ages 8 and up.<br />

14998 Science in Seconds for Kids _________________ $14.00<br />


50 incredible ways <strong>to</strong> make slime using household<br />

substances! s<br />

Step-by-step instructions and the science<br />

behind b the slime presented with each experiment.<br />

The T book is divided in<strong>to</strong> edible and inedible slime.<br />

Science S concepts covered in this book include: physical<br />

c and chemical change, solubility and the nature of<br />

mixtures, m a<strong>to</strong>mic structure, polymers, non-New<strong>to</strong>nian<br />

fl fluids,<br />

viscosity, science of cooking, fl uorescence and<br />

phosphorescen<br />

phosphorescence, phases of matter, acids and bases, and recycling.<br />

Ages 10 and up, 225 pages, paperback, 6” x 9”.<br />

15074 Pure Slime________________________________ $12.75<br />


Create science contraptions that work!<br />

Explore, think like an inven<strong>to</strong>r, meet Sir Isaac<br />

New<strong>to</strong>n and Galileo, and create lots of Gizmos<br />

& Gadgets with this book of fun! Car<strong>to</strong>on<br />

illustrations, 144 pages, paperback, 11”x8½”.<br />

Ages 7 and up.<br />

50060 Gizmos and Gadgets________________________$11.50 $11 50


This books will help you: pick a project, make a<br />

schedule, research a <strong>to</strong>pic, perform an experiment,<br />

record the results, do the math, create charts and<br />

graphs, design a display, write a report, talk <strong>to</strong> judges, ,<br />

and have a great time learning about science at the<br />

same time, The book presents 24 projects <strong>to</strong> choose<br />

from. An outstanding guide <strong>to</strong> help your child<br />

prepare for an elementary science fair. 64 pages,<br />

hardcover, 8¼”x9¼”.<br />

14840 Yikes! Wow! Yuck! ________________________ $12.00<br />


Why are plants so important <strong>to</strong> our lives? What<br />

causes c earthquakes? Find out by taking a closer look<br />

at a the incredible forces that affect the Earth. You’ll also<br />

learn l how you can help save our lands, forests, and<br />

waters, w whether it’s recycling garbage through worm<br />

composting c<br />

or using the sun’s rays <strong>to</strong> heat water. Each<br />

activity a is fun <strong>to</strong> do and uses only easy-<strong>to</strong>-fi nd materials.<br />

a The world is your science lab! Ages 8 and up. 128<br />

pages, pages paperbac paperback, 5½” x 8½”.<br />

14814 Earth Science Experiments __________________$5.50<br />


This book enables youngsters ages 7-13 <strong>to</strong> do 38<br />

safe experiments at home with common household<br />

items. Clear, accurate and informative text in language<br />

written for grade school. A valuable aid <strong>to</strong> parents who<br />

have children interested in chemistry. Ages 10 and up,<br />

94 pages, paperback, 6”x9¼”.<br />

14047 Cup & Saucer Chemistry________$6.50<br />


Can you blow a square soap bubble? Or make a<br />

balloon b sing? Find out while checking out a little basic<br />

physics. p The hands-on science activities inside will let<br />

you y take a close look at an invisible world all around<br />

you. y You need only a few odds and ends and a keen<br />

curiosity. c Each experiment is fun <strong>to</strong> do and uses only<br />

easy-<strong>to</strong>-fi e nd materials. You can turn your home in<strong>to</strong><br />

your y own incredible science lab! Ages 8 and up. 128<br />

pages, pages paperback, paperbac 5½” x 8½”.<br />

14820 Physics Experiments ________________________$5.50<br />


How do airplanes turn? What would it be like <strong>to</strong><br />

live on the moon? Blast off on an exciting adventure <strong>to</strong><br />

fi nd out the answers! The hands-on experiments inside<br />

will let you take a closer look at space and fl ight. Each<br />

activity, from making a kite <strong>to</strong> building a rocket, is fun<br />

<strong>to</strong> do and uses only easy-<strong>to</strong>-fi nd materials. Let your<br />

imagination soar! Ages 8 and up. 128 pages, paperback,<br />

5½” x 8½”.<br />

14822 Space & Flight Experiments __________________$5.50<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />

55<br />


The World of Science explores God’s creation<br />

all around us, from the furthest star in the Universe<br />

<strong>to</strong> t the smallest a<strong>to</strong>m under our feet. Through six<br />

accessible sections, children will gain an understanding<br />

of the importance of science in our<br />

ever-changing world. This book brings a fresh and<br />

engaging approach <strong>to</strong> all aspects of the subject,<br />

while w a fi nal section of practical activities and<br />

experiments makes the application of science<br />

fun and enjoyable. Sections include: Matter and Chemicals; Energy,<br />

Motion and Machines; Electricity and Magnetism; Light and Sound;<br />

Earth and Life; Space and Time. Over 800 brilliantly colored illustrations<br />

and 60 experiments. Ideal for home reference and school project<br />

work. A joint publication of Master Books and My Father’s World. 256<br />

pages, hardback, 8½”x11”.<br />

15996 World of Science _________________________ $22.50<br />


Forty easy-<strong>to</strong>-perform experiments invite children<br />

<strong>to</strong> explore electricity and magnetism, transportation,<br />

sound and light, the human body, weather, water,<br />

insects, plants, distance, time, and much more. Simple<br />

instructions, enhanced with carefully drawn illustrations,<br />

tell young researchers what materials they need<br />

for their experiments and how <strong>to</strong> proceed. No special<br />

labora<strong>to</strong>ry equipment is needed. Designed <strong>to</strong> challenge<br />

and stimulate young minds. 142 pages, paperback, k 5½” x 8½” 8½”.<br />

14830 Science Research for Young People ___________$5.50<br />


By working with such common household items<br />

as a a pota<strong>to</strong> and a drinking straw, for example, researchers<br />

e can learn how a <strong>to</strong>rnado is able <strong>to</strong> drive a blade<br />

of o dried grass in<strong>to</strong> a tree trunk. Study: light and color,<br />

electricity e and magnetism, water and earth science, air<br />

and a weather, sound and music, and much moore. Each<br />

of o these projects may spur the eager investiga<strong>to</strong>r on<br />

<strong>to</strong> t further explorations in the thrilling fi eld of scientifi c<br />

rresearch.<br />

153 pages, paperback, 5½” x 8½”.<br />

14828 Science Projects for Young People ____________$5.50<br />


Do you think an everyday drinking straw could<br />

pierce a pota<strong>to</strong> without breaking? What appears <strong>to</strong> be<br />

ordinary can become extraordinary when it comes <strong>to</strong><br />

science. The amazing activities in this no-sweat science<br />

guide will help you take a closer look at the world<br />

around you. Each experiment is fun <strong>to</strong> do and uses only<br />

easy-<strong>to</strong>-fi nd materials. Ages 8 and up. 128 pages, paperback,<br />

5½” x 8½”.<br />

14824 Super Science Experiments __________________$5.50<br />


Why isn’t white a color? How does distance affect AMAZING SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS<br />

how h fast an object seems <strong>to</strong> move? Don’t always<br />

You can hear a dog barking, but do you know<br />

believe b what you see! The hands-on experiments<br />

wwhy?<br />

To learn the answer <strong>to</strong> this question and many<br />

inside i will help you understand how and why your<br />

mmore,<br />

you need <strong>to</strong> learn about science! The remarkable<br />

eyes e play tricks on you. Each activity, from drawing<br />

aactivities<br />

in this no-sweat science guide will help you<br />

comic c strips <strong>to</strong> making a fl ipbook, is fun <strong>to</strong> do and uses<br />

ttake<br />

a closer look at how our lives are affected by every<br />

only o easy-<strong>to</strong>-fi nd materials. Isn’t it amazing how your<br />

tthing<br />

from light and heat <strong>to</strong> air and wind. Each experi-<br />

eyes e can fool your brain? Ages 8 and up. 128 pages,<br />

mment<br />

is fun <strong>to</strong> do and uses only easy-<strong>to</strong>-fi nd materials.<br />

paperback, p 5½” x 8½”.<br />

1128<br />

pages, paperback, 5½” x 8½”.<br />

14818 Optical Illusion Experiments _________________$5.50 14810 Am Amazing Science Experiments _______________$5.50<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.

56<br />


Looking for safe and effective science experiments, combined<br />

with a fun way <strong>to</strong> teach Bible truths?<br />

The Science and The Bible series does<br />

just that! Each volume contains 30<br />

exciting demonstrations which help<br />

you <strong>to</strong> combine family devotions with<br />

scientifi c knowledge. The demonstrations<br />

are also good for Sunday School<br />

object lessons, and the Scriptural<br />

lessons are not lost in the excitement of the presentation. Common<br />

household items and clear illustrations make these demonstrations<br />

easy <strong>to</strong> perform. Books are not chronological. 104-110 pages each,<br />

paperback, 5 1 /2” x 8 1 /2”. Grades 4-9.<br />

16012 Science & The Bible Volume 1________________ $13.00<br />

16013 Science & The Bible Volume 2________________ $13.00<br />

16014 Science & The Bible Volume 3________________ $13.00<br />

16015 Science & The Bible 3 Vol. Set________________ $35.00<br />

ELEMENTS OF FAITH Elements of Faith, Vol. 1 examines the fi rst 50<br />

elements of the Periodic Table and fi nds meaningful<br />

insights and spiritual applications in each<br />

of them. A look at the elements can teach many<br />

lessons, from the awesomeness of God’s creation<br />

<strong>to</strong> the dedication of many God-fearing scientists<br />

who have been so infl uential in the his<strong>to</strong>ry of science.<br />

Add activities, quizzes, and a treasure trove<br />

of helpful information, and you have a one-ofa-kind<br />

resource every student would enjoy. 160<br />

pages, paperback, 8½” x 11”.<br />

16019 Elements of Faith ________________________ $14.75<br />


Night after night she walked among the cots of<br />

wounded soldiers, carrying her kerosene lamp ready <strong>to</strong><br />

assist any way she could. Up until Florence’s time, the<br />

hospitals in England were a disgrace. Could she better<br />

the conditions? This is the engaging biography of Florence<br />

Nightingale, the nurse who always remembered<br />

the entry she made in<strong>to</strong> her diary as a young girl: “God<br />

spoke <strong>to</strong> me and called me <strong>to</strong> His service.” 139 pages,<br />

paperback, 5¼”x8¼”. Ages 10 and up.<br />

13428 Florence Nightingale _______________________$7.75 $7.75<br />

Science Kits<br />


This module allows you <strong>to</strong><br />

observe and examine the germination<br />

and growth process of<br />

plants. The student will examine<br />

plant seeds and become<br />

aware of the outer skin of the<br />

seed, the embryonic plant<br />

within the seed and the s<strong>to</strong>red<br />

plant food within the seed; sow<br />

plant seeds and observe and<br />

sketch their growth; and conduct<br />

climatic experiments with respect <strong>to</strong> plant growth and observe<br />

the results of varied weather patterns. This kit contains: instruction<br />

guide, clear plastic cover sheet, 15 small cups, 2 foam trays, plant<br />

guide sticks, labels, 24 fl ower pots, 6 sandwich bags, sunfl ower seeds,<br />

pea seeds, pumpkin seeds, lima bean seeds, soil, tape measure, twist<br />

ties, and a water sprinkler. Excellent kit for youngsters studying plants<br />

for the fi rst time.<br />

50174 Growing Seeds: Plantation for One __________ $19.50<br />

Science Books<br />


Beginning with the use of a microscope for<br />

observing the simplest items, such as cot<strong>to</strong>n fi bers,<br />

fi sh cells, cork and onion cells, this book progresses<br />

on <strong>to</strong> growing and studying plant cultures, leaves and<br />

seeds, and then <strong>to</strong> one-celled animals, sea creatures,<br />

insects and mammals. 96 pages, paperback, 6”x9¼”.<br />

15016 Biology Experiments___________$5.50<br />


“101 Easy Experiments that Really Work.” This<br />

bbook<br />

is rich with practical experiments from The<br />

WWorld<br />

of Plants (Leaf Colors, Grow a Bean, Hard <strong>to</strong><br />

FFreeze,<br />

Limp Spuds, and 30 others); The Animal King-<br />

ddom<br />

(Bread Mold, Firefl ies, Equal Pressure, Oily Feath-<br />

eers,<br />

and 31 others); and The Amazing Human Body<br />

( (Negative Afterimages, Water Drop Lens, Pictures from<br />

Sound, Sound Tendon Action, A and 30 more). 224 pages, paperback, 6”x9”.<br />

15013 Biology For Every Kid ______________________ $13.50<br />


These projects demonstrate what things are made<br />

of and how substances are affected by the different<br />

forms of energy, heat, light, sound, mechanical energy,<br />

electricity and magnetism. 96 pages, paperback, 103<br />

experiments, 6”x9”.<br />

15007 Dover Physics Experiments______$5.50<br />



One day, when Archimedes and Hiero were having<br />

their th favorite argument, Archimedes said that it was<br />

quite qu easy <strong>to</strong> apply mathematics <strong>to</strong> real things. “In fact,”<br />

he said fi rmly, “I have fi gured it out carefully, and t<strong>here</strong> is<br />

no weight, anyw<strong>here</strong>, that could not be moved if enough<br />

force fo were applied.” Though it was impossible for Archi-<br />

medes <strong>to</strong> move the physical world, t<strong>here</strong> is no doubt he moved the<br />

world of science. He began the science of mechanics; he discovered<br />

the principle of buoyancy, the laws of the lever and pulleys, and how<br />

<strong>to</strong> measure the circle. He gave mathematics a way of working, and<br />

was one of the fi rst <strong>to</strong> apply scientifi c thinking <strong>to</strong> everyday problems.<br />

This biography of the ancient Greek, Archimedes, is <strong>to</strong>ld in clear,<br />

simple terms, and in a lively, humorous style. An excellent way <strong>to</strong><br />

integrate science and literature. 142 pages, paperback, 5½”x 8½”.<br />

13436 Archimedes and the Door of Science _________ $13.50<br />


This module will provide you<br />

with the opportunity <strong>to</strong> observe life<br />

cycles in and around ponds. You<br />

will study a local pond’s ability <strong>to</strong><br />

sustain microscopic life and choose<br />

one or more ponds <strong>to</strong> study, collect<br />

samples of small and microscopic<br />

life forms, set up a labora<strong>to</strong>ry <strong>to</strong><br />

study collections, and observe and<br />

collect data on the life forms and<br />

life cycles of the samples. Materials<br />

include: ½-gallon plastic aquarium,<br />

labels, 6 plastic depression slides, standard slides, aquarium thermometer,<br />

wooden tube holder, 1 small net, instruction guide, charts,<br />

2 collecting jars, cover slips, 6 culture tubes, dropper, 5 vials with lids,<br />

disposable rubber gloves and a magnifi er. To enhance your study and<br />

quickly identify your samples, you might want <strong>to</strong> purchase a Pond Life<br />

Golden Guide®.<br />

50170 Pond Water Study _________________________ $29.50<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.


This jumbo jar is jam-packed with<br />

all kinds of ooey-gooey projects. Dive<br />

in<strong>to</strong> the world of polymers by creating<br />

red ooze, growing giant crystals,<br />

making water disappear, mixing up a<br />

batch of colored snow, molding your<br />

own bouncy ball, and so much more! Amaze your friends and family<br />

with all of your oozey creations. Ages 8 and up. Jar measures 8½” x 6”.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50240 Science Kit Jar ___________________________ $20.00<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />

Science Kits<br />


The perfect science kit for younger children.<br />

d Set up a color mixing lab and perform<br />

10 1 experiments, grow gobs of crystals in<br />

24 2 different hues and capture a rainbow in<br />

a tube. Each experiment is complete with<br />

explanations e<br />

of why it works. Kit contains:<br />

magnifi m er, mini mixing tray, packet of super,<br />

water-soaking crystals (polyacrylamide), packets of Tub Tints® pipettes,<br />

plastic cups, plastic caps, plastic test tubes and instructions. T<strong>here</strong> are<br />

a few household items you’ll need, such as, <strong>to</strong>othpick, liquid soap, milk,<br />

zipperlock bag, rubber band, shallow dish and an adult lab partner! The<br />

plastic test tubes are extremely durable. They’re made of 5½” tubes<br />

which when enlarged are used <strong>to</strong> contain 2 liters of soda. Intended for<br />

young scientists, ages 4-8. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50146 My First Science Kit _______________________ $18.50<br />


Perform over 50 amazing science experiments.<br />

This kit encompasses all science fi elds<br />

with experiments in: Biology, Chemistry, and<br />

Physics. Crush a soda can without ever <strong>to</strong>uching<br />

it. Infl ate a balloon without ever blowing<br />

in<strong>to</strong> it. Test which products are acids or bases<br />

and see how acids affect the environment.<br />

Make your own prepared slides and petri<br />

dishes. Test gravity and air pressure. Make<br />

your own battery and many more experiments. Ages 8 and up. Adult<br />

supervision required. CHOKING HAZARD (1,2). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

50148 My First Lab Scientist Kit __________________ $28.00<br />


Make a colorful glitter wand, erupting lava or<br />

catch a shimmering wave in a tube! Learn what’s<br />

behind this kit’s “magical” concoctions as you impress<br />

your friends and family! You’ll amaze everyone with<br />

your genius. Kit includes: tubes with caps, color<br />

tablets, oil, glitter, activity and instruction guide. Ages<br />

5 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50116 Erupt, Spark, Fizz Fun ________ $12.50<br />


Discover how a simple spinning <strong>to</strong>p can produce<br />

light with this incredible spinning <strong>to</strong>p genera<strong>to</strong>r. No<br />

batteries, just amazement. For ages over 8.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50104 Spinning Top Genera<strong>to</strong>r_______$10.50<br />

57<br />


Turn a simple <strong>to</strong>y mo<strong>to</strong>r in<strong>to</strong> a genera<strong>to</strong>r which<br />

converts hand motion <strong>to</strong> electric energy and powers<br />

a light bulb. No battery, no pollution, just amazement.<br />

The genera<strong>to</strong>r could be used as an emergency <strong>to</strong>rch.<br />

Ages over 8. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50101 Dynamo Torch ______________ $10.50<br />


Learn the science behind the power! Using natural<br />

materials like mud, lemons, and water <strong>to</strong> power a light<br />

bulb, a watch, and activate a music chip. An amazing,<br />

enviromentally friendly science kit that includes<br />

detailed instructions so you can create many unusual<br />

batteries with fruit juices, vegetables, coins, utensils,<br />

and more! For ages over 8. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50102 Enviro Battery ___________________________ $10.50<br />


Build, recycle, create! A unique robot that is as<br />

much a science project as it is a <strong>to</strong>y! Robug emits<br />

sound and moves across the fl oor. For ages over 8.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50103 Soda Can Robug _____________ $10.50<br />


Build this amazing wind genera<strong>to</strong>r and learn<br />

about renewable energy. Watch the LED glow as it is<br />

powered by free energy from the wind. No batteries<br />

required! For ages over 8.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50105 Windmill Genera<strong>to</strong>r _________ $10.50<br />


Build miniature working models of a solar oven<br />

and a solar water heater. Explore the science of solar<br />

thermal energy. Recommended for ages over 8.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50108 Solar Science Kit _________________________ $10.50<br />


50106<br />


Observe and record the weather with your own<br />

multifunctional weather station. The kit features a<br />

windvane, aneometer, thermometer, and a rain gauge.<br />

Experiment with the greenhouse effect and creat a<br />

terrarium in a bottle. Recommended for ages over 8.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

Weather Station Kit _______________________ $10.50<br />

This rocket on wheels is powered by some BOOM! SPLAT! KABLOOEY!<br />

remarkable r<br />

chemistry when baking soda and<br />

Boom! Splat! Kablooey! comes with all the spe-<br />

vinegar v meet in the fueling chamber. Expericial equipment you need <strong>to</strong> make ordinary ingrement<br />

m with the proportions of vinegar and dients from your kitchen go boom in impressive<br />

baking b soda <strong>to</strong> create your own secret rocket yet non−destructive style. A Geyser Tube and a<br />

fuel mixture mixture. Use the cle clearly-written instructions for easy assembly. depth charge make table salt and a bottle of soda<br />

The kit is complete with everything you need except scissors, a ruler in<strong>to</strong> a backyard geyser. A bevy of balloons turns a regular pop in<strong>to</strong> a<br />

and glue. When you’re ready, just head <strong>to</strong> the kitchen for your fuel. big ol’ BOOM. And the Can O’Pops is specially designed <strong>to</strong> explode<br />

With the right fuel proportions, the rocket car could zoom for 200 feet. again and again and again and... you get the idea. Have a blast! For<br />

Fun for the whole family. Parental supervision required.<br />

ages 8 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,2). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

50134 Rocket Car ______________________________ $18.50 14996 Boom, Splat, Kablooey ____________________ $19.00<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.

58<br />

SMART BOXES SCIENCE KITS * Volcano - Explore the erupting<br />

properties of volcanos., while<br />

performing the four lively experiments<br />

with this kit. You will get: a<br />

volcano model, lava powder, syringe,<br />

L-shaped connec<strong>to</strong>r, tubing, vinegar,<br />

volcanic rock, beaker, magnifying<br />

glass, map of volcanos and instruction<br />

booklet. Ages 8 and up.<br />

* Bubble - Explore different<br />

methods of brilliant bubble making,<br />

while performing the six bubble<br />

experiments in this kit. You will get:<br />

bubble liquid, bubble pan, liquid pan<br />

<strong>to</strong>ols, balloons, bubble funnel, connecting<br />

straw, string, and instruction<br />

booklet. Ages 8 and up.<br />

* Sticky - This kit contains all sorts<br />

of gooey, gunky, gloopy experimental<br />

stuff for you <strong>to</strong> make an assortment of<br />

different slimes. You will get: beakers,<br />

scoop, white glue, borax, food dye, stirrer,<br />

PHOV, mixing tank, slime powder,<br />

and instruction booklet. Ages 8 & up.<br />

* Force - Explore a collection of<br />

magnifi cent moving experiments.<br />

Learn about New<strong>to</strong>n’s 1st Law, 2nd<br />

Law and 3rd Law and discover and<br />

explore the force of gravity. You will<br />

get: a parachute model, parachute<br />

sheet, cord, ruler, two coins, model<br />

car, 4-piece track set, protrac<strong>to</strong>r, and<br />

instruction booklet. Ages 8 & up.<br />

* Watery - With this kit, you will<br />

explore different hydrophilic and hydrophobic<br />

materials. You will get: diaper,<br />

zipper bag, beaker, magnifying glass,<br />

tweezers, magic powder, cup, waterproof<br />

sand, scultping <strong>to</strong>ols, observation tank,<br />

regular sand, Hydro-Grow creature, and<br />

instruction booklet. Ages 8 and up.<br />

* Crystal Science - Explore the<br />

properties of crystals. After you have<br />

grown your crystals, see if you can identify<br />

which crystal system they belong<br />

<strong>to</strong>. You will get: special crystal formula,<br />

base rocks, crystal-growing tube, magnifying<br />

glass, measuring beaker, spatula, thread, tweezers, beakers,<br />

dish, salt, string, wooden stick, crystal tree kit, limes<strong>to</strong>ne, vinegar, food<br />

dye and instruction booklet. Ages 10 and up.<br />

* Air Science - Explore the<br />

as<strong>to</strong>unding properties of air power.<br />

You will get: air pump shooter, foam<br />

projectiles, two targets, wind bags,<br />

ping pong balls, beaker, balloons,<br />

straws, rubber bands, plastic syringe,<br />

foam packing pieces and instruction booklet. Ages 8 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,2,4). Not for under 8 yrs. (Applies <strong>to</strong> all kits above)<br />

50341 Volcano _________________________________ $14.00<br />

50342 Bubble _________________________________ $14.00<br />

50343 Sticky __________________________________ $14.00<br />

50344 Force ___________________________________ $14.00<br />

50345 Watery _________________________________ $14.00<br />

50346 Crystal Science __________________________ $14.00<br />

50347 Air Science ______________________________ $14.00<br />

Science Kits<br />


Build fl ying <strong>to</strong>ys and learn the scientifi c principles<br />

behind them. Makes 9 fl ying projects. Build an<br />

airfoil model which demonstrates the basic theory<br />

of fl ying. Construct a kite or a parachute for fun on<br />

sunny days. Amaze your friends with the stunts<br />

performed by a paper plane, boomerang and more.<br />

Detailed instruction with fun facts. For ages over 8.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50110 Flying Science Kit ________________________ $11.75<br />


Contains 6 specially designed kitchen science<br />

experiments. Generate electricity by using a fork<br />

and lemon, then light up a bulb. Launch a rocket<br />

fuelled by baking soda and vinegar. Build a table<br />

<strong>to</strong>p volcano which erupts with bubbly “lava”, and<br />

more. Detailed instructions with explanations and<br />

fun facts. Materials required from home kitchen:<br />

vinegar, baking soda, red food coloring, measuring cup, sugar, cloth<br />

pegs, teaspoon, forks, corn starch, black currant/grape juice concentrate,<br />

lemon. For ages over 8.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50109 Kitchen Science Kit _______________________ $11.75<br />


Learn the science behind the Amazing Slinky!<br />

What is a wave? How are seismic waves formed?<br />

What does a Slinky have <strong>to</strong> do with an earthquake?<br />

Includes: mini and classic size slinkys, 24 page activity<br />

booklet and accessories. Ages 8 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

50073 Slinky, Wacky Waves Kit_____$12.50<br />


These kits are great ways <strong>to</strong> explore the scientifi c properties of<br />

domestic science. Each kit includes 10 different experiments regarding<br />

cooking, the great outdoors, squeaky clean and luminosity.<br />

*Crazy Cuisine - Inside this delicious kit<br />

are 10 culinary experiments that you can<br />

do in your own kitchen. You’ll discover how<br />

pepper surfs on water, how salt can bubble<br />

up like magma, how cornstarch makes<br />

malleable dough, and much more. Some of<br />

the Tasty Tricks are: Fizzy Yeast, Salta Lava,<br />

Milky Plastic, and Cornstarch Putty. Kit<br />

includes: large plastic beaker, stirrer, cornstarch, measuring beaker,<br />

sieve, balloon, cloth, test tube, yeast, zip lock bag, magnifying glass,<br />

pepper, soap, paint brush, blank recipe cards, baking soda, sponge and<br />

plastic tub. Ages 8 and up.<br />

*Rub-A-Dub Tub - This kit opens a<br />

whole underwater world right in front<br />

of your eyes, in your very own bathtub!<br />

Marvel as ducks slip and slide, soap<br />

twists and turns, bubbles blow up and<br />

expand, and much more. A squeaky<br />

clean experience for you and your<br />

friends! Some of the watery experiments<br />

include: Deep Diver, Sticky Duck, Whirling Tornado, and Deep<br />

Sea Volcano. Kit includes: water striders, small plastic beaker, pipette,<br />

test tube, ball bearing, baking soda, balloon, rubber band, plastic<br />

diver, 2 sticky ducks, plastic viewer cover, plastic viewer base, Ein-O’s<br />

express, long bendable straw, short straw, plastic funnel, plastic connec<strong>to</strong>r,<br />

fi zzy tablets, bubble bazooka and plastic tub. Ages 8 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,2,4). Not for under 8 yrs. (Applies <strong>to</strong> all kits above)<br />

50331 Crazy Cuisine ____________________________ $15.00<br />

50333 Rub-A-Dub Tub __________________________ $15.00


Small kits with one important focus. All kits are contained in plastic<br />

box with easy-<strong>to</strong>-follow instructions and all necessary supplies.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

* Electric Buzzer - Build your own sound genera<strong>to</strong>r.<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />

* Electromagnet - Build your own<br />

electromagnet.<br />

* Electric Mo<strong>to</strong>r - Build your own fan and genera<strong>to</strong>r.<br />

* Light Circuits - Build your own<br />

light circuits.<br />

* Energy - Learn about properties of energy.<br />

* Magnets - Learn about properties<br />

of magnets.<br />

* Molecular Models - Learn about chemical bonds.<br />

* Color Mixer - Learn about tints<br />

and dilutions.<br />

* Acid & Base - Learn about pH levels.<br />

* Rain Detec<strong>to</strong>r - Make a warning<br />

system for rain.<br />

* Morse Code - Send and receive coded messages<br />

* Burglar Alarm - Detect<br />

unwanted intruders.<br />

50351 Electric Buzzer______________________________$8.00<br />

50352 Electromagnet _____________________________$8.00<br />

50353 Electric Mo<strong>to</strong>r ______________________________$8.00<br />

50354 Light Circuits _______________________________$8.00<br />

50355 Energy ____________________________________$8.00<br />

50356 Magnets ___________________________________$8.00<br />

50357 Molecular Models ___________________________$8.00<br />

50358 Color Mixer ________________________________$8.00<br />

50359 Acid & Base ________________________________$8.00<br />

50360 Rain Detec<strong>to</strong>r ______________________________$8.00<br />

50361 Morse Code ________________________________$8.00<br />

50362 Burglar Alarm ______________________________$8.00<br />

50350 Set of 12 Science Box Kits __________________ $88.00<br />


Over 15 activities including: play with<br />

<strong>to</strong>uchable bubbles, make a super bouncing<br />

ball, make yards of worms, watch ink disappear,<br />

grow bright jiggly crystals, learn about<br />

membranes in substances, learn why bubbles<br />

fl oat, make a rainbow tube, learn <strong>to</strong> categorize<br />

colors, learn aboutpH reactions, and more. For<br />

59<br />


Based on the bestselling children’s<br />

book The Dangerous Book for Boys, this kit<br />

presents chemistry every kid should know<br />

through fun, engaging, and impressive<br />

experiments and activities. Learn about<br />

a<strong>to</strong>ms, elements, and the periodic table<br />

by building simple models. Experiment<br />

with compounds, mixtures, solutions, and<br />

suspensions. Discover ionic and covalent<br />

bonding. Perform chemical reactions involving acids and bases,<br />

indica<strong>to</strong>rs, salts, and electrochemistry. Explore examples of important<br />

metals, metalloids, and nonmetals, and then conduct chemistry<br />

experiments with them. Investigate <strong>to</strong>pics in organic chemistry such<br />

as alcohols, proteins, and plastics. Make plastic out of milk, a stink<br />

bomb, a smoke bomb, and colorful slime. Learn about w<strong>here</strong> and<br />

how chemistry is used in the real world and read a brief his<strong>to</strong>ry of the<br />

science. Parents and grandparents will appreciate this nostalgic kit,<br />

updated for <strong>to</strong>day’s kids. With more than 30 hands-on experiments<br />

and projects. The full-color, 32-page manual guides your experiments.<br />

Ages 8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20500 Dangerous Book For Boys —Chemistry ______ $32.50<br />


Based on the bestselling children’s<br />

book The Dangerous Book for Boys, this<br />

kit presents electronics every kid should<br />

know through fun, engaging, and impressive<br />

experiments and activities. Learn about<br />

electric current and electrons. Conduct<br />

hair-raising experiments with static electricity.<br />

Read a brief his<strong>to</strong>ry of the research and<br />

discoveries associated with electricity and electronics. Investigate<br />

materials <strong>to</strong> see if they are conduc<strong>to</strong>rs or insula<strong>to</strong>rs. Assemble series<br />

circuits and parallel circuits. Discover the relationships between voltage,<br />

current, and power. Experiment with resis<strong>to</strong>rs, capaci<strong>to</strong>rs, diodes,<br />

and LEDs. Investigate logical circuits and transis<strong>to</strong>rs. Build an electromagnet,<br />

an electric mo<strong>to</strong>r, a voltaic pile, a joy buzzer, and a vibrating<br />

bug. Learn about how some common electronic devices work, such<br />

as cell phones, computers, satellites, and televisions. Parents and<br />

grandparents will appreciate this nostalgic kit, updated for <strong>to</strong>day’s<br />

kids. With more than 30 hands-on experiments and projects, it offers<br />

a great opportunity for parent-son bonding. The full-color, 32-page<br />

manual. Ages 8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (2,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20501 Dangerous Book for Boys—Electronics ______ $32.50<br />

ages 8 & up. CHOKING HAZARD (1,4). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />


50190 Test tube Adventures__$17.50<br />

Perfect for the young scientist. An introduc-<br />


tion <strong>to</strong> the wonders of scientifi c exploration<br />

Can you bounce an egg on its end? Can you fl oat an egg in<br />

through the medium of color. It incorporates<br />

water? Can you bounce an egg without it<br />

three basic skills: measuring, observing, classifying.<br />

breaking? Learn how andmuch more as you<br />

Using their own “lab” children will make colored<br />

investigate the extraordinary properties of<br />

water, use a color wheel <strong>to</strong> make even more colors,<br />

eggs. You will get: salt, straw, large beaker,<br />

grow colored crystals then make them in<strong>to</strong> a rainbow tube, grow col-<br />

stirrer, vinegar, small cup, eggy gel, cardboard<br />

ored snow, garbled marbles from small beads, and then sort them by<br />

tube, square cardboard, balloon, and instruc-<br />

color using the sorting/mixing tray. Ages 4+.<br />

tion booklet. Ages 8 & up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,6). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,2). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

50188 Blast of Color Science Kit __________________ $17.50 50311 “Egg”cellent Experiments _________________ $12.50<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.

60<br />


Begin a lifetime of scientifi c<br />

investigation and understanding<br />

with 25 fun experiments in fi ve key<br />

areas: nature, physics, chemistry, air,<br />

and water. Learn what plants need<br />

<strong>to</strong> grow, build a barometer, see how<br />

water climbs, watch plants sweat,<br />

and investigate plant propagation. Discover how a magnifying glass<br />

enlarges, how colors mix, how static electricity attracts, how sundials<br />

tell time, and how a motion picture works. Investigate air pressure, air<br />

fl ow, hovercraft, paper airplanes, and suction. Write secret messages,<br />

fl oat a paper clip, and test displacement. Build a soap-driven boat,<br />

mix oil and water, experiment with evaporation, paint with sugar, and<br />

watch a balloon infl ate itself. With a 48-page guidebook, Stepping in<strong>to</strong><br />

Science teaches science fundamentals with step-by-step, hands-on<br />

experiments, while also introducing children <strong>to</strong> the scientifi c method<br />

itself. Ages 5 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1,2,4,7). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

20502 Stepping In<strong>to</strong> Science _____________________ $33.50<br />


Learn about the human body<br />

by doing experiments with your<br />

fi ve senses that show you how<br />

your body works. By exploring<br />

the outside of your body with<br />

hands-on experiments, you can<br />

learn a lot about the inside ana<strong>to</strong>my<br />

of the body. Examine your<br />

fi ngerprints <strong>to</strong> learn how you are<br />

unique. Build a stethoscope and<br />

listen <strong>to</strong> your heartbeat <strong>to</strong> learn how your heart pumps blood, and<br />

listen <strong>to</strong> your gurgling tummy <strong>to</strong> learn how your s<strong>to</strong>mach works. With<br />

the stethoscope, you can investigate how your ears hear with a listening<br />

game and a sound memory experiment. Test your lung capacity <strong>to</strong><br />

learn about how your lungs work. Examine your diet and your digestive<br />

functions <strong>to</strong> learn how your body processes nutrients <strong>to</strong> give you<br />

the energy <strong>to</strong> do more experiments! Try a blindfolded exercise <strong>to</strong><br />

fi nd out about hand-eye coordination. Take a tickle test <strong>to</strong> learn about<br />

your skin and sensory recep<strong>to</strong>rs. Moni<strong>to</strong>r your pulse <strong>to</strong> learn about<br />

your circula<strong>to</strong>ry system. Follow your nose in a smell memory game <strong>to</strong><br />

learn about your sense of smell. Take a blindfolded taste test <strong>to</strong> learn<br />

about your <strong>to</strong>ngue. Try some balancing exercises <strong>to</strong> explore your muscles<br />

and bones. Discover how your ears play a role in your balance.<br />

Construct a magic telescope, spin an optical illusion <strong>to</strong>p, and hold a<br />

staring contest <strong>to</strong> see how your eyes work. Relate your experiments<br />

back <strong>to</strong> human body systems, including the internal organs, skele<strong>to</strong>n,<br />

muscles, and the circula<strong>to</strong>ry system, with clear and accurate ana<strong>to</strong>mical<br />

illustrations. With a 48-page, full-color illustrated guidebook, this<br />

kit teaches human biology fundamentals with step-by-step, hands-on<br />

experiments. Ages 5 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,2,4,7). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

20528 The Human Body Science Kit _______________ $33.50<br />

Science Kits<br />

The Little Labs line begins with Stepping in<strong>to</strong> Science, a starter kit that covers fi ve <strong>to</strong>pics. The kit teaches science fundamentals<br />

through 25 experiments, while at the same time introducing children <strong>to</strong> the concept and process of experimentation. Intro <strong>to</strong><br />

Engineering welcomes children <strong>to</strong> the world of engineering, The Human Body gives them an introduction <strong>to</strong> human ana<strong>to</strong>my, and<br />

Botany enables them <strong>to</strong> learn about plant biology.<br />

In addition, t<strong>here</strong> are nine single-<strong>to</strong>pic kits: Plant Science, Physics & Forces, Colorful Science, Animal Science, Weather Science, Cars<br />

& Gears, Boats & Buoyancy, Stars & Planets, Cranes & Pulleys, and Navigation Science. Each kit offers a handful of essential experiments<br />

that address common questions children have from their everyday observations.<br />

The simple instructions included in each Little Labs kit rely heavily on illustrations. They have just enough text <strong>to</strong> reinforce vocabulary<br />

and aid in language learning, and also <strong>to</strong> advise parents and adult supervisors. The kits do not have <strong>to</strong> be used sequentially<br />


Intro <strong>to</strong> Engineering welcomes<br />

young children <strong>to</strong> the fi eld of engineering<br />

with 25 experiments and<br />

building projects in fi ve sections.<br />

By engaging in hands-on activities,<br />

children will learn how engineers<br />

apply their scientifi c and technical<br />

knowledge <strong>to</strong> design machines and<br />

devices. Start by learning some<br />

engineering basics with experiments<br />

on levers, forces, and pulleys.<br />

Build simple devices using these basic components. Move on <strong>to</strong><br />

explore engineering on land by building vehicles with wheels, such<br />

as a race car and a wind-up car. Next, investigate engineering with<br />

air (and in the air) by building a helicopter, a pinwheel, a parachute,<br />

a glider, a balloon rocket, and an air-powered carousel. Then, build a<br />

diving bell, a sailboat, and a paddle boat <strong>to</strong> experiment with engineering<br />

in water. Finally, fi nd engineering in your own home with<br />

experiments modeling the telephone and television. With a 48-page<br />

guidebook, Intro <strong>to</strong> Engineering teaches engineering fundamentals<br />

with step-by-step, hands-on experiments and building projects. Ages<br />

5 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,2,4,7). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

20504 Intro <strong>to</strong> Engineering ______________________ $33.50<br />


Budding botanists will love getting<br />

their hands dirty in this unique<br />

biological science experiment kit. Learn<br />

about plants and seeds by conducting<br />

experiments in a specially designed<br />

botanical labora<strong>to</strong>ry with greenhouse<br />

domes. Assemble the domed greenhouses,<br />

complete with thermometers<br />

and ventilation. Construct an au<strong>to</strong>matic<br />

watering system <strong>to</strong> keep your plants<br />

from getting <strong>to</strong>o thirsty. Grow beans, cress, and zinnia fl owers, and<br />

learn how each plant has different needs. Experiment with plant cells<br />

and capillary action. Learn how roots work <strong>to</strong> transport water and<br />

nutrients throughout a plant. Conduct experiments that demonstrate<br />

how plants need water, light, and heat <strong>to</strong> grow. Discover the strength<br />

of a bean and how leaves sweat. See why grass grows back after it is<br />

cut and how cuttings can grow roots. Germinate fruit and vegetable<br />

plants from the seeds in your kitchen. Grow a fl ower garden. Make<br />

tiny plaster bugs <strong>to</strong> decorate your garden. Collect seeds with your<br />

socks, and grow a funny grass head. Make leaf and bark rubbings.<br />

Learn how you can force budded branches <strong>to</strong> bloom in winter. With<br />

a 48-page, full-color illustrated guidebook, this kit teaches botany<br />

fundamentals with step-by-step instructions for the hands-on experiments<br />

as well as growing information for many common plants. Ages<br />

5 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

20509 Botany: Experimental Greenhouse _________ $33.50


By building different boats and<br />

watercraft, learn why some things fl oat<br />

while others do not, what buoyancy<br />

means, and how propellers and sails<br />

work. 20-page color guidebook.<br />

20522 Boats & Buoyancy ________________________ $15.50<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,2). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

CARS & GEARS<br />

Experiment with wheels, gear<br />

ratios, and energy transmission by<br />

building tricycles, bicycles, cars, and<br />

mo<strong>to</strong>rs. 20-page color guidebook.<br />

20512 Cars & Gears _____________________________ $15.50<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


Experiment with additive and<br />

subtractive colors, mixing pigments, and<br />

the color wheel. Mold your own colored<br />

sidewalk chalk. 20-page color guidebook.<br />

20516 Colorful Science _ $15.50<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />


Build cranes and learn how they lift<br />

heavy loads at construction sites. Experiment<br />

with different types of cranes<br />

and pulleys. 20-page color guidebook.<br />

20518 Cranes & Pulleys _________________________ $15.50<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />


Investigate weather with experiments<br />

on wind, rain, s<strong>to</strong>rms, clouds,<br />

rainbows, temperature, evaporation,<br />

pressure, and more. 20-page color<br />

61<br />

guidebook.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

20510 Weather Science _________________________ $15.50<br />


Blast off on a mission <strong>to</strong> explore outer<br />

space and the objects in it. Learn about<br />

rocket propulsion with balloons and<br />

chemically powered rockets. Build a telescope<br />

and star map <strong>to</strong> investigate the stars<br />

and constellations. Assemble a model of<br />

the solar system and learn about the planets<br />

that share it. Find out how Earth’s rotation creates day and night,<br />

how Earth’s axis and revolution around the sun causes the seasons,<br />

and how the moon’s rotation around Earth gives us the phases of<br />

the moon. See for yourself how meteorites formed the craters on the<br />

moon. Make a moon fl ip book and a moon calendar. Build a sundial<br />

and a solar collec<strong>to</strong>r <strong>to</strong> experiment with the sun. Grasp a comet’s tail<br />

and learn how meteoroids become falling stars. Launch three types<br />

of rockets, build a telescope and star map, and model the solar system.<br />

A full-color, 32-page experiment book guides your space exploration.<br />

Ages 8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1,2). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20620 Space Exploration ________________________ $31.50<br />


Experiment with the whimsical wonder<br />

of bubbles. For countless generations,<br />

people have been fascinated by the unique<br />

properties of soap bubbles. See for yourself<br />


why these elegantly simple structures of<br />

Learn how <strong>to</strong> use a compass, read a<br />

soap, water, and air are so much fun. Learn<br />

map, fi nd your way in nature, and work<br />

about the love-hate relationship between<br />

with other navigational <strong>to</strong>ols and meth-<br />

soap and water. Blow giant bubbles,<br />

ods. 20-page color guidebook.<br />

mini-bubbles, bubbles within bubbles, chains of bubbles, and bubble<br />

20524 Navigation _______ $15.50 blankets. Learn about surface tension, make geometric bubbles, and<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. play tricks & games with bubbles. Discover how a bubble’s color can<br />

reveal when it will pop. Build soap fi lm domes, roofs, and bridges. The<br />


full-color, 48-page book guides you through 35 experiments. Ages 8<br />

Learn about mechanical physics<br />

and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

by building simple machines such as<br />

levers, gears, and pulleys. Discover force<br />

20576 Bubble Science __________________________ $31.50<br />

and motion. 20-page color guidebook.<br />


CHOKING HAZARD (1,4). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

As<strong>to</strong>nish yourself with optical illu-<br />

20506 Physics & Forces _________________________ $15.50 sions and amazing visual phenomena<br />


Learn how plants germinate from<br />

seeds, how they grow, what they need<br />

<strong>to</strong> grow, what they produce, and how<br />

their roots, stems, and leaves work.<br />

20-page color guidebook.<br />

20508 Plant Science ___ $15.50<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

as you explore the science of human<br />

perception in this fascinating kit.<br />

Experiment with light and the color<br />

spectrum by building a color wheel, a<br />

fi ber optic peacock, and diffraction glasses. Learn how the eye and a<br />

camera are similar and how they are different. Build a camera obscura<br />

and pinhole glasses. Investigate lenses and light refraction. Experiment<br />

with spatial vision and depth perception with 3D glasses and an<br />

Ames room model. Find your blind spot and watch things disappear.<br />

View stunning optical illusions involving shapes, color, depth, and<br />


scale. Make a curved line look straight. Turn cardboard transparent.<br />

Explore outer space by building a<br />

See the world shrink. Make white by mixing red, green, and blue, and<br />

solar system, making moon craters and<br />

see colors in black and white. Learn about how optical illusions relate<br />

constellations, launching a rocket, and<br />

<strong>to</strong> techniques commonly used by artists. See fi rsthand how your eye<br />

testing <strong>to</strong> see which planets could sup-<br />

and brain work <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong> perceive color, light, depth, perspective,<br />

port life. 20 page color guidebook.<br />

size, shape, and motion. 24 experiments, with a 48-page, full-color<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,2). Not for under 3 yrs.<br />

20526 Stars & Planets ___________________________ $15.50<br />

manual. Ages 8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20592 Optical Science & Art _____________________ $31.50<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.

62<br />

CHEM C100 TEST LAB<br />

Conduct experiments on household<br />

substances <strong>to</strong> reveal their unique chemical<br />

properties. Learn about chemical analysis as<br />

you use basic lab techniques <strong>to</strong> distinguish<br />

common chemicals from one another. Test the<br />

substances <strong>to</strong> see if they dissolve in a solution<br />

with water, are acidic or basic with a pH test,<br />

react <strong>to</strong> form gases, crystallize out of solution, and carbonize when<br />

heated. Compare your data <strong>to</strong> chemical ID cards <strong>to</strong> fi nd out what each<br />

chemical is. Ages 8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20492 Chem C100 Test Lab ______________________ $12.75<br />


Fossilize, dig up, and reconstruct a dinosaur<br />

skele<strong>to</strong>n replica. Learn how fossils form,<br />

how paleon<strong>to</strong>logists excavate them, and<br />

how dinosaur bones are pieced <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong><br />

form complete skele<strong>to</strong>ns. Model the process<br />

of fossilization by burying your dinosaur<br />

bones in layers of plaster “rock.” Carefully<br />

excavate the bones from the plaster using<br />

the <strong>to</strong>ols and techniques of paleon<strong>to</strong>logists. Finally, assemble the<br />

dinosaur bones in<strong>to</strong> a complete skele<strong>to</strong>n. Ages 8 and up. (Contains some<br />

evolutionary material) CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20486 Dinosaur Fossils _________________________ $12.75<br />


Become a science sleuth as you<br />

practice the science of fi ngerprint detection<br />

and collection. Collect fi ngerprints<br />

by dusting them with black powder and<br />

lifting them with clear stickers. Design a<br />

fi ngerprint fi le card and take prints from<br />

your friends and family. Learn how the<br />

FBI classifi es fi ngerprints. Once you have<br />

mastered fi ngerprinting, put your skills <strong>to</strong> the test by playing a detective<br />

game <strong>to</strong> fi nd and match prints. Learn why our fi ngers leave prints<br />

and why they are such solid evidence in criminal investigations. Ages<br />

8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20488 Forensics Fingerprint Lab _________________ $12.75<br />


Join a global chemistry experiment!<br />

2011 is the International Year of<br />

Chemistry, and scientists, educa<strong>to</strong>rs, and<br />

students around the world are uniting<br />

<strong>to</strong> conduct the largest experiment ever.<br />

The subject is water, our most precious<br />

natural resource. This kit offers you the<br />

<strong>to</strong>ols you need <strong>to</strong> participate. Test water quality with pH and carbon<br />

dioxide analysis. Build a water fi lter <strong>to</strong>wer <strong>to</strong> clean dirty water. Experiment<br />

with water purifi cation by evaporation. Learn how science can<br />

be used <strong>to</strong> give people around the world access <strong>to</strong> clean water. Ages 8<br />

and up. See www.chemistry2011.org for additional information.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,2,7). Not for under 8 yrs.,<br />

20484 Global Water Quality _____________________ $12.75<br />


Grow phosphorescent crystals that<br />

glow in the dark! Experiment with growing<br />

crystals of different sizes. Learn about why<br />

crystals form, what crystal lattice structure<br />

is, and what makes these crystals glow.<br />

Ages 8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20498 Glowing Crystals _________________________ $12.75<br />

Science Kits<br />


Recycle your scrap paper, old newspapers,<br />

and tissue paper in<strong>to</strong> beautiful hand-crafted<br />

paper. Start with a slurry of paper pulp, drain<br />

it in the sieve tray, then press it fl at with a<br />

special <strong>to</strong>ol. Experiment with different paper<br />

fi bers and add pigment tablets <strong>to</strong> change the<br />

color of your paper. Learn why recycling used<br />

materials in<strong>to</strong> new ones is a crucial and growing practice around the<br />

world. Ages 8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20490 Recycled Paper Press _____________________ $12.75<br />


Construct a parabolic solar cooker<br />

with 14 interlocking foil pieces that<br />

refl ect and focus the sun’s radiation on<br />

a small cooking container. Heat water<br />

or melt chocolate <strong>to</strong> make an environmentally<br />

friendly fondue. Learn about<br />

solar thermal energy, a powerful and<br />

promising source of renewable energy.<br />

Ages 8 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20494 Solar Cooking Science ____________________ $12.75<br />


Establish a foundation in physics by<br />

building models of all six simple machines:<br />

levers, pulleys, inclined planes, screws,<br />

wedges, and wheels and axles. Assemble<br />

and use a spring scale <strong>to</strong> measure how the<br />

machines change the direction and magnitude<br />

of forces, making work easier <strong>to</strong> do.<br />

Ages 8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20496 Physics: Simple Machines _________________ $12.75<br />


Investigate the most important<br />

phenomena in biology, chemistry, and<br />

physics by conducting more than 100<br />

experiments. This kit is intended <strong>to</strong><br />

expose children <strong>to</strong> the full spectrum of<br />

science and show fi rsthand how these<br />

three core disciplines interrelate. Ages 10<br />

and up. The full-color, 112-page book is organized in<strong>to</strong> the following<br />

15 chapters:<br />

1. Water: adhesion, cohesion, buoyancy, density, states of water,<br />

surface tension<br />

2. Air: Bernoulli’s Principle, gases, pressure, wind, molecular theory<br />

3. Heat: temperature, evaporation, heat energy<br />

4. Sound: music, sound waves, vibration<br />

5. Forces: centrifugal force, energy, weight, gravity, inertia,<br />

pendulums, rockets<br />

6. Magnetism: magnetic fi elds, compasses, magnetic poles,<br />

radiation<br />

7. Electricity: mo<strong>to</strong>rs, light bulbs, simple circuits, static electricity<br />

8. Electromagnetism: electromagnets, the EM spectrum, waves,<br />

current indica<strong>to</strong>rs<br />

9. Light: camera obscura, light and shadow, light intensity<br />

10. Optics: microscopes, telescopes, lenses, prisms, refl ection,<br />

refraction, optical illusions<br />

11. Plants and Animals: seeds, microscopic organisms, plant cycles,<br />

plants and light<br />

12. Colors: color theory, printing, spectrum<br />

13. The Human Body: brain, eyes, circula<strong>to</strong>ry system, ears<br />

14. Chemistry: acids, bases, chroma<strong>to</strong>graphy, fi ltration, reactions,<br />

tricks, safety<br />

15. Earth and Sun: globes, day and night, seasons, rotation,<br />

sundials, time zones. CHOKING HAZARD (1,2,7). Not for under 8 yrs.,<br />

20572 Elements of Science ______________________ $72.00


Build your own mo<strong>to</strong>rized vehicles<br />

and machines and control them with a<br />

wireless remote control unit. A unique<br />

six-but<strong>to</strong>n infrared remote allows<br />

you <strong>to</strong> control three different mo<strong>to</strong>rs<br />

simultaneously, moving each of them<br />

forward or in reverse, with easy-<strong>to</strong> activate <strong>to</strong>uch sensors. The three<br />

mo<strong>to</strong>rs can be combined <strong>to</strong> make complex vehicles and machines in<br />

numerous confi gurations limited only by your imagination. Assemble<br />

ten models demonstrating different ways in which the mo<strong>to</strong>rs<br />

can be used including a bulldozer, car, three-wheeler, crane, antique<br />

car, plow, folding car, formula one racer, three-blade dozer, and robotic<br />

arm. You can design your own remote control creations! The kit<br />

comes with three mo<strong>to</strong>rs, remote control unit, battery holder, and<br />

building pieces. 48-page color instruction book. 182 building pieces.<br />

Ages 8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20646 Remote-Control Machines _________________ $63.50<br />

www.workshopplus.com Phone: 888-393-5663<br />


Head in<strong>to</strong> the lab for an in-depth<br />

investigation of genetics, the branch of<br />

biology focused on <strong>here</strong>dity and variation<br />

in organisms, and DNA, the acid that<br />

holds the blueprints for life. See genetic<br />

material with your own eyes as you<br />

isolate the DNA from a <strong>to</strong>ma<strong>to</strong> in a test<br />

tube. Investigate inheritance and learn how traits are passed down<br />

from parents <strong>to</strong> children. Learn about dominant and recessive genes<br />

and play inheritance games <strong>to</strong> determine how traits will be expressed.<br />

Learn about the biology of reproduction, the components of cells, and<br />

how chromosomes are combined and copied. Assemble a model<br />

<strong>to</strong> see the elegant double-stranded helical structure of DNA. Then<br />

crack the genetic code and fi nd out how the different parts, called<br />

nucleotides, fi t <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong> compose it. Read about how scientists use<br />

DNA sequencing <strong>to</strong> reveal the order of nucleotides in DNA. Analyze<br />

DNA evidence <strong>to</strong> identify suspects and solve a crime. Learn about the<br />

infl uential scientists, including Mendel, Watson, and Crick, who made<br />

breakthrough contributions <strong>to</strong> this fi eld. Breed your own bacteria<br />

colony <strong>to</strong> experiment with genetic engineering. Read about how<br />

mutation affects genes and how scientists clone plants and animals.<br />

Full-color, 48-page manual guides your experiments. Ages 10 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20560 Genetics & DNA __________________________ $32.50<br />

TK2 SCOPE<br />

Embark on a guided journey<br />

through the microscopic world, revealing<br />

its hidden creatures and unseen<br />

structures with the TK2 Scope. First,<br />

learn how <strong>to</strong> use the microscope and<br />

all of its parts. Next, become familiar<br />

with your scope by examining some<br />

prepared slides. Now, you are ready <strong>to</strong><br />

take off on a guided investigation of plant and animal specimens that<br />

you gather and prepare yourself. This kit gives you the <strong>to</strong>ols, knowledge,<br />

and skills you need <strong>to</strong> view virtually any specimen you can fi nd.<br />

The microscope is a dual light 40-, 100-, and 400-power metal and<br />

plastic microscope. The two battery-powered LED light sources allow<br />

for both the viewing of large or opaque objects lit from above and the<br />

viewing of thinly sliced or translucent specimens lit from below. It has<br />

a 10-power ocular lens; 4-, 10-, and 40-power objective lenses; and an<br />

aperture wheel. The lenses are all quality optical glass. The microscope<br />

is durable and powerful, permitting years of continued observations.<br />

Over 20 <strong>to</strong>ols and accessories. Full-color, 48-page manual guides you<br />

through set-up, usage, and fascinating observations of biological<br />

specimens. Ages 8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20562 TK2 Scope ______________________________ $108.50<br />

63<br />


Willy Wonka. Mil<strong>to</strong>n Hershey. Forrest<br />

Mars. John Cadbury. Factual or fi ctional,<br />

the great names in the his<strong>to</strong>ry of candy<br />

making all share one thing: they were<br />

experimenters and innova<strong>to</strong>rs. Now you<br />

can experiment with the art of making<br />

candy, and learn the science behind how it forms and why it tastes<br />

so good. Inside this giant chocolate bar-shaped box is a scientifi c<br />

candy wonderland including the special <strong>to</strong>ols and recipes you need<br />

<strong>to</strong> make candy. Use the plastic and metal molds, shape cutters, candy<br />

thermometer, spatula, dipping fork, and various other <strong>to</strong>ols <strong>to</strong> form<br />

and coat your candies. Finish them with foils, paper cups, sticks, and<br />

wrappers. The 48-page illustrated book provides instructions, recipes,<br />

and scientifi c explanations. This kit does not contain any food items.<br />

Ingredients must be purchased separately, giving you control over the<br />

ingredients you use. Make hard candy, lollipops, chocolates, caramels,<br />

fudge, gummy shapes, chocolate eggs, gum drops, marshmallows,<br />

licorice, marzipan, pralines, peppermint patties, and more. Learn the<br />

chemistry of crystals and the biology of taste. Read about popular<br />

candies and the candy industry then explore the origins of chocolate<br />

and sugar. Ages 10 and up. (The white plate and candies shown in the picture are<br />

not included.)<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20594 Candy Fac<strong>to</strong>ry ___________________________ $41.50<br />


Experience the beautiful side<br />

of biology and chemistry with this<br />

unique collection of experiments.<br />

Learn how <strong>to</strong> care for your skin, hair,<br />

and nails so they are healthy and<br />

radiant. Start by building a foundation<br />

in basic derma<strong>to</strong>logy, and then<br />

learn about the chemistry of oils, gels, and lotions. Next, mix your own<br />

personalized beauty formulas from the cosmetic bases in the kit and<br />

natural ingredients from your local market. Finally, learn how <strong>to</strong> apply<br />

your creations <strong>to</strong> your body, face, lips, and eyes. You will also learn the<br />

hygiene and safety necessary for proper skin care. The kit includes<br />

eleven different cosmetics base substances <strong>to</strong> make personalized<br />

makeup, lip gloss, body lotion, face cream, and shower gel. These are<br />

real cosmetic grade substances that are safe, clean, hypoallergenic,<br />

and made in Europe by a company that manufactures high-quality<br />

commercial cosmetics. The 32-page, full-color book guides you<br />

through the science and his<strong>to</strong>ry of cosmetics, and gives dozens of<br />

beauty recipes and techniques. Ages 12 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20598 Creative Cosmetics________________________ $54.50<br />

Please see page 126 for full product safety information.<br />


Follow your nose on a fragrant<br />

journey through the science, his<strong>to</strong>ry,<br />

and art of making perfumes. Experiment<br />

with countless fragrance combinations<br />

on your way <strong>to</strong> becoming a master<br />

perfumer. Start by learning about how<br />

your nose and brain work <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong> perceive smells. Next, play some<br />

games with scents <strong>to</strong> train your nose. After a look at the his<strong>to</strong>ry of<br />

fragrances and the current theories behind perfume design, you will<br />

be ready <strong>to</strong> start making your own perfumes. This kit is a complete<br />

perfumer’s labora<strong>to</strong>ry including eight perfume oils, fi nishing solution,<br />

decorative fl acons and important <strong>to</strong>ols of the trade. The perfume oils<br />

are the same as those used in high-quality designer perfumes. The<br />

32-page, full-color book blossoms with information about the biology<br />

of smell, the chemistry of scents, the fi ne fragrance industry, and the<br />

his<strong>to</strong>ry of perfumes. Ages 10 and up.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20596 Perfume Science__________________________ $54.50

64<br />


Build your own models powered by<br />

air and water pressure <strong>to</strong> learn about the<br />

laws of physics. This unique kit allows<br />

you <strong>to</strong> build two different air-and-waterpowered<br />

systems: water-jet propelled<br />

cars and hydropneumo (which simply<br />

means air pressure and water pressure)<br />

powered engines. The hydro-pneumo system uses a self-contained<br />

air-and-water turbine system as a mo<strong>to</strong>r. Construct 15 models including<br />

a truck, excava<strong>to</strong>r, radar car, tank, antique car, helicopter, mo<strong>to</strong>rbike,<br />

backhoe, rocket car, forklift, roadster, propeller plane, grinder,<br />

and cutting machine. The water-jet propelled cars are a fun outdoor<br />

activity, while the self-contained hydro-pneumo powered models are<br />

fun both indoors and out. Compete with your friends <strong>to</strong> see whose<br />

water-jet propelled car and hydro-pneumo car goes the farthest!<br />

48-page color instruction book. 165 building pieces.<br />

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20640 Air+Water Power _________________________ $37.50<br />


Build a working wind turbine <strong>to</strong> harness<br />

power out of thin air. Wind is one<br />

of the most promising sources of clean,<br />

renewable energy available <strong>to</strong>day. Wind<br />

energy has been used for centuries <strong>to</strong><br />

pump water and crush grain in windmills,<br />

and is now increasingly being used<br />

<strong>to</strong> generate electricity <strong>to</strong> power our<br />

modern world. First, assemble a wind<br />

turbine complete with electric genera<strong>to</strong>r,<br />

adjustable ro<strong>to</strong>rs, and wind speed indica<strong>to</strong>r. Then, conduct more<br />

than 20 experiments with your wind turbine, including experiments<br />

with different numbers of ro<strong>to</strong>r blades, different blade angles and<br />

profi les, different wind speeds, different gear ratios, and so on. Use the<br />

wind turbine <strong>to</strong> generate mechanical power <strong>to</strong> lift a heavy weight or<br />

generate electricity <strong>to</strong> light up an LED and charge a rechargeable battery.<br />

During the experiments, you will learn the physics of force and<br />

motion as it applies <strong>to</strong> wind power technology. Learn how <strong>to</strong> measure<br />

and calculate the different forces acting on the ro<strong>to</strong>r blades by breaking<br />

them down in<strong>to</strong> vec<strong>to</strong>rs. Discover how the sun makes the wind,<br />

providing us with an endless source of energy. Read about different<br />

types of wind turbines and windmills. The full-color, 32-page experiment<br />

manual offers illustrated instructions and scientifi c information.<br />

Ages 8 and up. CHOKING HAZARD (1,7). Not for under 8 yrs.<br />

20602 Wind Power _____________________________ $45.00<br />

Science Kits HYDROPOWER<br />

Hydropower has been used for<br />

hundreds of years in watermills and<br />

is now commonly used <strong>to</strong> generate<br />

electricity in applications such as<br />

hydroelectric dams and tidal power<br />

plants. Explore the power of water by<br />

building models and conducting experiments with them. Learn about<br />

how different devices are used <strong>to</strong> extract useful energy from moving<br />

water — from a waterwheel in a small stream <strong>to</strong> a giant turbine in a<br />

tidal power station. Build a waterwheel, a sawmill, and a hammer mill<br />

<strong>to</strong> harness the energy of moving water <strong>to</strong> do different types of physical<br />

work. Investigate the properties of water by performing experiments<br />

involving surface tension, adhesion, and cohesion. Learn about<br />

water pressure by building a water <strong>to</strong>wer, communicating vessels, and<br />

a water fountain. Construct a hydroelectric power station <strong>to</strong> generate<br />

electricity and light an LED. Learn w<strong>here</strong> the energy in ocean waves,<br />

tides, and rivers comes from, and discover how we can generate<br />