He Oranga Hapori: A model for raising Maori ... - Te Puni Kokiri

He Oranga Hapori: A model for raising Maori ... - Te Puni Kokiri

He Oranga Hapori: A model for raising Maori ... - Te Puni Kokiri

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Appendix 9: Potential means to monitor and measure displaysof tikangaKAUPAPA & TIKANGAWhakapapa1. Programmes that help us to understand thevalues and experiences of our tüpuna are freelyavailable.MONITORIncreased programme enrolments.2. Families live healthy lifestyles. Decreased doctors visits/health care costs.3. Families maintain healthy relationships witheach other, with hapü, and with their marae.Whanaungatanga4. Kaumätua are actively engaged andcontributing positively to society.5. Mäori entrepreneurs and business owners aresupported.6. Police and Ministry of Justice personnelwork with whänau, hapü and iwi.Volunteer numbers/hours increase at marae andother events.Kaumätua Councils and forums are increasing innumber and in engagements.Increased numbers of Mäori businesses areengaged by business mentors and managementprogrammes.Mäori and whänau liaison officers areengagements with whänau are increasinglypreventive in nature rather than punitive.7. Mäori students are supported in their study. Increased completion/graduation numbers.Wairuatanga8. Mäori lead spiritual lives of mutual respect. Mäori mental health numbers decrease.9. Whänau are growing, gathering andpreparing kai to sustain themselves andmembers of their community.Kaitiakitanga10. Rangatahi are encouraged to participateproductively in their community.11. Mäori are aware and engaged in activitiesthat protect and nurture te taiao.12. Whänau are maintaining and protectingwhakapapa.Te Reo13. Te reo is a compulsory subject in all primaryand secondary schools.14. Palmerston North adopts a policy thatpromotes bilingual signage.15. Numbers of te reo speakers are beingdeveloped.16 Kohanga reo, kura kaupapa and wänanga arebeing established.Maara kai numbers are increasing.Opportunities for rangatahi engagementincrease.Natural habitats, native flora and faunaincrease in numbers and condition.Increased wänanga whakapapa are held byhapü and marae.Increased number of fluent speakers.Increased awareness of Mäori place namesthrough increased signage.Increased number of fluent speakers.Numbers of Mäori programmes.57

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