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The minute you step inside a new 1984Volvo Estate Car you'll realise you haveentered a unique environment. You willnotice the practical advantagesestablished over the years with Volvo'sestates-lots of room for people andcargo-and in addition to this, Volvo'sworld famous virtues-comfort,quality, safety and value for money.Today these incomparable 200 Seriesestate cars are more refined than ever,as a result of continuing research anddevelopment and a commitment toproviding Volvo Owners with thehighest standard of specifications. Apresentation of the 1984 range of 200Series Estate cars can be found in thisbrochure, but this is no substitute for apersonal inspection of the new 1984Volvos at your local Volvo dealership.Your Volvo DealerYour local Volvo Dealer is ideallyequipped not only to answer any queriesThe incomparabyou may have about the 1984 range, butalso to look after every otherrequirement a Volvo owner has inconnection with his car. This includesAftersales Departments staffed bypeople who are highly trained in theskills of servicing, repairing andgenerally helping to maintain orrestore Volvos to their original highquality levels. An example of yourDealer's commitment to looking afterhis customers is that he is now able to

le Volvo Estatesoffer a special Volvo Owner's Insurancescheme, exclusive to U.K. VolvoOwners, which has been specificallydesigned to reduce the normal costs ofcar ownership. You can find your localVolvo Dealer in Yellow Pages, or phoneVolvo Customer Information on (0494)33444.When you visit your Volvo dealershipyou'll notice the wide choice of estatecar models. The range starts with the240 DL powered by a 2.1 litrecarburettor engine, with 5-speedmanual gearbox. An automatic versionis also available. The 240 GL is poweredby the same rugged 2.1 litre engine butin addition to an enhanced interiortrim, has electric door mirrors, metallicpaint and tinted glass as standard. Thenext variant is the 240 GLE which hasVolvo's 2.3 litre carburettor enginewith a 4-speed plus overdrive manualgearbox or alternatively, Volvo's new4-speed automatic transmission, and aneven more luxurious specification. Topof the 240 range, for sports carperformance coupled with high levels ofcomfort and luxury is the GLT poweredby a 131 hp 2.3 litre fuel-injected enginecoupled with the same choice oftransmissions as the 240 GLE. Theflagship of the Volvo Estate car range isthe 260 GLE which offers a superbluxury specification with 6 cylinder 2.8litre fuel-injected comfort andperformance.

The yardstick of sMany of the safety features which wetake for granted in today's cars werepioneered by Volvo in the 1950's. Forexample 3-point safety belts andlaminated windscreens. But for Volvo,safety goes much deeper than this; it isdesigned in from the start as part of atotal philosophy which alsoencompasses quality, reliability anddurability. Ample proof of the success ofthis approach comes from the SwedishMotor Vehicle Inspection Authoritywhose findings show that the averagelife expectancy of a Volvo is 19.3 years,some 2.5 years longer than its closestrival.The quality built into a Volvo meansthat it should hold its value better thanmost-a reassuring thought when youcome to change it for the latest Volvomodel-as many Volvo ownersregularly do. However, even a Volvohas to be maintained and servicedperiodically to perpetuate thereliability and durability youpurchased it for. Your local VolvoDealer employs Volvo-trainedmechanics and uses genuine Volvoparts to ensure that the original safetyand quality built into your Volvo is keptup to standard.

afety, and quality1. Crumple zones front and rear.2. You and our passengers are protected byan extreme ystrong safety cage.3. Strong steel bars, welded into the doors,protect you in the event o fside-on collisions.4. The petrol tank is safely situated awayfrom the rear bumper and isolated from thepassenger compartment.5. The steering wheel is designed to givemaximum protection in the event of a crash.6. The laminated safety windscreen isexceptionally strong.7. Every model has Volvo's patented 3 -pointinertia reel safety belts fitted to both front andrear seats.8. The interior is designed with your safety inmind. No dangerous sharp edges, everythingpadded and covered.9. Volvo head restraints, essentialcomponents o f the safety package, aredesigned to protect you from whiplash'accidents.10. The high standards o f body worktreatment help to keep your Volvo looking asgood as new, year after year.11. Slipstream ventilation keeps the door sillsdry and protects them from corrosion.12. Volvo apply underseal while the cars arestill inside the factory.13. Plastic inner wheel housings protect theunder body from flying stones and dirt.14. Exceptionally strong, wrap-aroundbumpers-capable of absorbing impacts ofup to 2 1 /2 mph-prevent damage occurring inthe event of minor bumps and knocks.15. Parts o f the car which are exposed toharsh treatment are made from hot-dipgalvanized metal covered with a layer of zinc.16. The most vulnerable parts of the exhaustsystem are made of corrosion-resistantaluminized metal.

When safety and drivingCars, in today's demanding drivingenvironment, require a special type ofsafety if motorists are to experiencenatural driving pleasure in allconditions.The Volvo 200 Series Estates aredesigned in such a way that withnormal driving skills you can dealeasily with unexpected or difficultsituations.In short, this means that a Volvobehaves as you expect it to, even inextreme circumstances. After all, adriver's ability must not be the decisivefactor where safety is concerned. A carmust behave predictably no matter howit is driven. Consequently the driverwill always remain in full control. Thisrequirement should apply not only tonormal road conditions, but also in thecase of a driver having to take suddenevasive action.Perhaps this sounds obvious. But it'ssomething to which Volvo have devoted

pleasure come togetherlarge-scale resources and developmenttime, and this careful attention andcommitment to safety is designed intoeach of their 200 Series Estate cars.It is the basis of safe, relaxed drivingwhich is the foundation of real drivingpleasure.1. The triangular, dual-circuit brake systemretains 80% of braking effect even if one brakecircuit ceases to function. The unique steppedbore master cylinder also means that you donot need to increase pressure significantly onthe brake pedal in such a situation.2. The secret behind Volvo's Safety is adesign expertise produced by precisiontesting. Developing designs in which everycomponent has been chosen so that it will, incombination with all the other components,produce a car with excellent driving qualitiesunder any driving condition.3. With Volvo's power assisted rack andpinion steering, the driver is able to steer thecar safely with comfortable ease andprecision.

The driver's environment in the Volvo200 Series Estates has been createdafter extensive studies of people in cars.Everything has been done to enablethe driver to devote the greatestpossible attention to the road. A singleglance should be enough to give all theinformation he or she needs to stay incontrol at all times. One of the moreimportant features should be a gooddriver's seat. A comfortable driver is aThe driver's carmore relaxed driver. This in turn meansa safer driver. Medical and orthopaedicconsultants have been involved in thedevelopment of the renowned Volvofront seat. The result is a seat with sucha wide range of adjustments thatvirtually every adult can find his or herideal individual driving position.Adjustable lumbar supports are builtinto both front seats to allow occupantsto adjust the shape of the back of theseats to suit their own body contours.This helps provide support for one of theleast protected but highly vulnerableparts of the body-the small of the backor lumbar region. The driver's seat isalso electrically heated to ensure morecomfort when starting winter journeys.Notice too how easily you can reachall the switches and controls. As you cansee, the instrumentation is extremelycomprehensive, including a wide range

Total family comfort and safetyincludes the children. Volvo'sinternational acclaim as one of thesafest cars in the world, combined withVolvo's special child safety features andaccessories, mean that children travelas safely as adults and in as muchcomfort.But comfort is not just a question ofsitting in a soft seat-far from it. If youand your family are going to sit in aCaring for the whole familylimited space, (think of it as a livingroomwith an area of 3 square yards) fora reasonable length of time then it mustbe both relaxing and well ventilated.So sit in the rear seat. There's realcomfort but at the same time providingthe support needed to travelcomfortably for long distances. There'splenty of room for arms and legs and theroof is high enough to accommodate tallpeople.It should come as no suprise to findthat as a native of Scandinavia, the carsare built for cold winters. But Volvosdon't just have a large and efficientheating capacity; they are alsoextremely well equipped for cool airventilation. No fewer than 14 air inletsdistribute the air efficiently throughoutthe passenger compartment.

1.14 inlets make for an abundantavailability of ventilation.2. The illuminated glove compartment with a"table" and vanity mirror is just one of aVolvo Estate car's numerous storagecompartments.3. Your Volvo dealer would be only too happyto tell you more about child-safety featuresand accessories.

1The trulyversatile carVolvo Estate cars are unique. The cargoarea is colour coordinated with the restof the upholstery and interior.There are no extraordinary shapes orprojections to prevent the use of themaximum floor area.Lift the tailgate and you willappreciate that this is a car designed todo what it is meant to-carry a largeload with ease.The loading level is only 23" abovethe ground-especially appreciated ifyou are lifting heavy items.The tailgate opening is 3'8" wide,supported by twin gas-filled struts,which makes for safe and easy lifting.The rear seat folds down simply togive an area over 6' long with more than75 cu. ft. of usable space.Additional small, but important,design features are powerful rear demistersand wash/wipe units on allmodels (with the GLT and GLEvariants there is also an intermittentrear wipe facility). Every model also hasa secret storage area beneath theloading platform with 2 cu. ft. of spacefor valuables etc.341. The luggage compartment with the rearseats up can hold no less than 40 cu. ft.-ample for a whole family's holiday luggage.2. With the rear seat down there's a long, flatload area, no less than an enormous 75.3 cu.ft.; ideal for business and pleasure.3. A steel dog guard can turn the load areainto a mobile kennel. It can be fitted behindeither the front or rear seats.4. Secret box. Below the floor o f the loadingarea is a 2 cu. ft. storage area where one canconceal valuables. It's only a small feature,but one which demonstrates Volvo'sthoughtful and practical approach.5. The rear window is fitted with apowerful de-mister and a wash/wipe unit.6. Headlight wash/wipers are standard onall Volvos. They ensure good forward visionin poor weather.5s

Volvo Estates have long been regardedas the leaders in their class.The 1984 models reinforce thatlead-they are more refined than ever.No matter which you choose, you'll bedriving a classic car.Volvo 240 DL EstateThe range starts with the 240 DLpowered by a 2.1 litre carburettorengine. Its standard specificationincludes power steering, centrallocking, headlamp wipers/washers,internally adjustable door mirrors, andfront spoiler. The 1984 240 DL has a5-speed manual gearbox oralternatively a 3-speed automaticversion.Volvo 240 GL EstateThe 240 GL is powered by the samerugged 2.1 litre engine with a 5-speedThe choicmanual gearbox or 3-speed automatic,but also has tinted glass, metallic paint,electric door mirrors, and an exclusiverange of upholstery.Volvo 240 GLE EstateThe next in line is the 240 GLE whichhas Volvo's 2.3 litre carburettor engine.It also features special alloy wheels,electrically operated front windows,electrically operated door mirrors and a

e is yours.choice of leather or plush upholstery.The '84 240 GLE is available witheither a 4-speed manual gearbox withoverdrive or a new 4-speed automaticversion.Volvo 240 GLT EstateThe top of the 240 range is the GLTwhich to those who know little aboutVolvo may come as something of asurprise. On top of the traditional Volvovirtues it has an outstanding level ofperformance like 0-60 mph in 10seconds and a top speed of 112 mphgenerated from a 131 hp 2.3 litre fuelinjection engine. It also has a luxuryspecification to match, includingelectrically operated door mirrors andelectric front and rear windows. Both4-speed manual with overdrive and thenew 4-speed automatic gearboxes areavailable.Volvo 260 GLE EstateOf course the unashamed leader of theVolvo estate car range is the 260 GLE.Its 6 cylinder 2.8 litre V6 enginedevelops 155 hp and its specificationincludes tinted glass, metallic paint,electrically operated window and doormirrors, and light alloy wheels. Thisluxury model also has air conditioningas standard.

There's a Volvo Estate car to meet yourindividual requirements.To assist you to choose, here is anoutline of Volvo Estate cars' engine andtransmission programme.A 2.1-litre carburettor engine (B21A)which delivers 102 hp (75 kW) DIN witha new 5-speed manual gearbox, wherethe fifth gear has the transmissioncharacteristics of an overdrive, is thecombination for the DL and GL.Alternatively for these models there isthe convenience and comfort of a 3-speed automatic gearbox.The 240 GLE sports a 2.3 litrecarburettor engine (B23A) producing112 hp (82 kW) DIN. This is combinedwith a four speed manual gearbox plusoverdrive, and new for 1984, Volvointroduce a 4-speed automatic gearbox.The car for yourA 3-speed performance mode can besimply selected where the benefits ofthe fourth speed are not required.In the GLT a 4-cylinder 2.3 litre fuelinjection engine (B23E) generates 131hp (96 kW) DIN and is combined witheither a 4-speed manual gearbox plusoverdrive or the new 4-speed automaticgearbox.

heart and mindFinally there's Volvo's 2.8 litre, V6fuel-injection engine (B28E) with 155 hp(114 kW) DIN combined with the wellknown4-speed manual gearbox plusoverdrive or the convenient andrelaxing 3-speed automatic gearbox.1. The B21A carburettor engine powers the240 DL and GL models. A rugged and provenVolvo engine which develops 102 hp (75 kW).2. The B23A carburettor engine. Thisrecently developed engine built into the 240GLE develops 112 hp (82 kW) and is a veryflexible and responsive unit.3. The B23E fuel injection engine. Volvo's131 hp (96 kW) high performance enginewhich takes the GLT from 0-60 in 10 seconds.4. The B28E fuel injection engine fitted in the260 GLE which develops 155 hp (114 kW)also has transistorised ignition.5. The 4-seed manual gearbox pluselectrical selected overdrive. Standard onthe GLE and GLT.6. Volvo's new 5-speed manual gearboxwhere the 5th gear has the transmissioncharacteristic of an overdrive. This isavailable on the DL and GL.7. Volvo's famous 3-speed automatic gearbox(DL, GL and 260 GLE).8. Volvo's new 4-seed automatic gearbox(240 GLE & GLT).

As you can see, the 1984 Volvo 200Series Estates offer you a wide range ofchoice all of which have extremely highstandard specifications. However, youmay wish to tailor your Volvo to yourown individual requirements.Volvo Accessories enable you to dothis. They are specially designed forVolvos to complement the car and thusavoid looking like an afterthought.The accessories shown on these pagesare just some examples from Volvo'sunique range.Your Volvo dealer will be pleased togive you further information.Develop your own1. Extension wing mirrors afford an excellentand stable rear view when towing, andare quick and easy to fit without damagingthe bodywork.2. An alternative to the regular fixed towbar is this `swinging' version which foldsaway when not in use.3. A caravan spoiler reduces wind resistanceand noise as well as improving directionalstability.4. A range o f Volvo roof racks or load carriersare available to suit your requirements.

personalised estate5. A front pillar mounted aerial is just oneo f the range o f ancillary products availablein the Volvo `In Car Entertainment' programme.6.20-spoke light alloy rims give your car aneven more attractive look.7. An extra rear seat, which folds neatlyaway when not required, turns your VolvoEstate into a 7-seater.8. Front auxiliary lights, with halogenbulbs, are fitted using anti-vibration struts.9. A carrycot should normally be secured bycarrycot restraint straps.If these are not used, a child bench will fillthe gap between a front and rear seat.10. Attached to the back o f the driver's seat,a child guard will prevent a child frombeing thrown between the front seats in theevent o f an accident or heavy braking.These two accessories may be fitted forextra safety, however, we recommend thatyour child should always be protected by aVolvo approved child safety restraint.11. A variety o f additional instruments canbe fitted to the fascia o f your Volvo.12. In order to maintain your car's normallevel while towing, an automatic (semiautomatic also available) levelling systemcan be fitted to your Volvo.13. One of a range of Volvo radios andradio cassettes which are specifically designedby Volvo to give the very best insound quality.

Technical Information 240 DL 240 GL 240 GLE GLT 260 GLEEngineDesignation B21A B21A B23A B23E B28EConfiguration In line 4 In line 4 In line 4 In line 4 V6Displacement (cm 3 ) 2127 2127 2316 2316 2849Max. output kW DIN at r/s(hp DIN r/min)Max. torque Nm DIN at r/s(kpm DIN r/min)Compression ratio/OctaneratingElectrical SystemAlternator rating/BatterycapacityN.B. `A' engines are fitted with a carburettor, `E' engines are fuel injected.75/88 (102/5250) 75/88 (102/5250) 82/83 (112/5000) 96/90 (131/5400) 114/92 (155/5500)170/50 (17.3/3000) 170/50 (17.3/3000) 185/42 (18.9/2500) 190/60 (19.4/3600) 230/50 (23.4/3000)10.0:1/98 10.0:1/98 10.3:1/98 10.0:1/98 9.5:1/9855A/12 V 60 Ah 55 A/12 V 60 Ah 55 A/12 V 60 Ah 55 A/12 V 60 Ah 70 A/12 V 70 AhIgnition system Breaker points Breaker points Breaker Points ContactlesstransistorisedSteering GearRack and pinion, power ass.RatioContactlesstransitorised17.3:1 17.3:1 17.3:1 17.3:1 17.3:1Turning circle 9.8 m (32 ft 2 ins) 9.8 m (32 ft 2 ins) 9.8 m (32 ft 2 ins) 9.8 m (32 ft 2 ins) 9.8 m (32 ft 2 ins)Wheels and TyresTyres 185 SR 185 SR 185 SR 195 HR 185 HRRims 5.5 J-14" 5.5 J-14" 5.5 J-14" Alloy 6.0 J-15" Alloy 5.5 J-14" AlloyBrakesFront/Rear Disc/disc Disc/disc Disc/disc Disc/disc Disc/discCooling SystemFrost-proofed and sealed.Volume (1/pts)Fuel Tank9.5/16.6 9.5/16.6 9.5/16.6 9.5/16.6 10.9/19.2Volume (1/gals) 60/13.2 60/13.2 60/13.2 60/13.2 60/13.2TransmissionManual gearbox 5 speed 5 speedAutomaticSuspension3 stage torqueconvertor3 stage torqueconvertor4 speed withoverdrive4 stage torqueconvertor4 speed withoverdrive4 stage torqueconvertor4 speed withoverdrive3 stage torqueconvertorFront Spring strut Spring strut Spring strut Spring strut Spring strutRear Live Live Live Live LiveWeights/CapacityGross weight (kg/lbs) 1950/4295 1950/4295 1950/4295 1950/4295 1950/4295Permissible Trailer Weight(kg/lbs)1500/3307 1500/3307 1500/3307 1500/3307 1500/3307Cargo area capacity (cu ft)-rear seat up 42.1 42.1 42.1 42.1 42.1-rear seat down 75.3 75.3 75.3 75.3 75.3Warranty12 month warranty without mileage limitations.The factory reserves the right to make changesat any time, without notice, to prices, colours,material, equipment or specifications and alsoto discontinue models.95264

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