January - Minneapolis Club


January - Minneapolis Club

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M I n n E a P O L I S C L u B

J a n u a r y 2 0 1 2

V O L . 6 n o . 1


In Case You Were Wondering…

Yes, we continue to welcome new

members—and for many prospects,

we have made it easier to join the Club

today than it has been in years. If you

have friends or business associates

who you would like to see become

members, this would be a good

time to tell them about changes in

membership programs that the Board

of Governors approved last September.

The biggest is a reduction in entrance

fees. Prospective members and Club

members who have recruited prospects

have made it clear that high entrance

fees are the biggest impediment to a

decision to apply for membership—

bigger than dues, bigger than service

prices, and bigger than fear of not

making full use of a membership.

As of last October 1, the entrance fee

for new Resident Members—members

age 40 and higher and living in our

eight-county metropolitan area—

were reduced to $3,500 after having

been $8,000 for at least 10 years. They

are likely to rise in the future, but not

for at least a year; the reduction is

“permanent”—or at least as permanent

as pricing ever becomes.

I n M e M o r y:


ClUB PResiDent

Jay Novak

Club President

The entrance fee for new Young

Members age 30 to 39 were set at

$1,500 after having ranged up to

$2,000 in recent years. For new Young

Members age 20 to 29, the entrance fee

was reduced from $1,000 to $500. We

are always eager to be joined by young

members, and I’m pleased to note than

46 of the members who joined the Club

from January through November of

2011 were younger than 40.

We are also pleased to have members

who resigned from the Club return to

membership. The Board of Governors

has made it easier for them to do so,

at least through form the next three

months, by suspending the longstanding

$1,000 reinstatement fee

through March 31. If you know former

members who you would like to see

back, let them know about the Club’s

new programming, fitness studios,

child-care facility, and lively new Grill

and Pub menus.

Current members, of course, are not

only welcome to enlist new members,

they are asked and occasionally

implored to do so. Membership

Director Margaret Leto is eager to help

(reach her at Margaretl@mplsclub.org). She will

provide packets of information, invite

prospective member to join us at two

social occasions, arrange tours of the

Clubhouse—which has been made

more impressive by the renovation of

the Pub and expansion of the Fitness

Center—and begin the processing of

all applications.

For prospective members who are

undecided about joining the Club, she

also can initiate a 30-day “Discovery

Package” program that allows potential

members to experience the Club as

guests for dinner and an overnight

stay for two on a Friday night. Then,

on Saturday morning, the guests are

invited to take part in a group class

in the fitness center and experience a

30-minute massage.

New members are essential to the

vitality of the Club—and especially

to additional improvements to

the Clubhouse, including a longcontemplated

renovation of the Gill.

We would like to grow by 50 members

in 2012. Can you identify one of them?

Suzy Kaderlik passed away suddenly on Thursday, November 24, 2011. Suzy was the

Executive Assistant at the Minneapolis Club for nearly 11 years where she touched the lives

of many members and staff.

Through her years of service at the Club, many members developed a lasting relationship with

Suzy. Her role at the Club was two-fold. Staff considered her position adminstative and behind

the scenes, where members saw her as the face of many of the committees and special events.

The loss of Suzy can be felt throughout the Club. This is a hard time for members and staff

alike, and it is important to support Suzy’s family through their time of grief.

Suzy was a loving wife, mother, daughter and sister. The loves of her life were her husband

Chad, and son Brecken.

In lieu of flowers and gifts, the Kaderlik family has requested that donations be made to the

Breken Kaderlik Education Fund. Donations can be mailed directly to the Minneapolis Club

and may be accompanied by the inserted memorial card.

If you have any questions, please contact Frank DiLapo: fdilapo@mplsclub.org or 612.332.2292


The following is a list of

Minneapolis Club Members who

made Twin Cities Business’s list of

200 Minnesotans You should Know.

This list celebrated people who are

“influential not only because of the

positions they hold and the challenges

they are overcoming, but because of

the networks they connect with and


Al AnnexstAd

Michele BAchMAnn

doug BAker

MArilyn cArlson


lynn cAsey

WilliAM cooper

richArd dAvis

Joe doWling

MArk eustis

kAyWin FeldMAn

dAvid FrAuenshuh

toM gunkel

peter heegAArd

MAttheW helMsley

stephn heMsley

BrAd heWitt

stAnley huBBArd

AndreW huMphrey

peter hutchinson

B. kristine Johnson

eric Jolly

huBert Joly

eric kAler

John koneck

MichAel lAngley

lArs leAFBlAd

hArvey MAckAy



susAn MArvin

glen nelson

chris neugent

ken poWell

Joseph puishys

steven rosenstone

steve rothschild

dennis ryAn

Joe selvAggio

MAriAnne short

edson spencer Jr

gregg steinhAFel

dAvid tilFord

kAthy tunheiM

For the full article, visit www.tcbmag.com.

We apologize for any oversight if we missed any

members who also were featured on the list.


MeMBeRsHiP neWs


through our 30 Day Guest Program

Margaret Leto

Membership Director

Know someone interested in exploring Club life?

The Minneapolis Club is growing now more than ever!

Share the excitement today!

There is something for everyone!

• The Pub is the place to be! With regular happy hours and weekly

dinner and wine features - what more could you ask for?

• The fitness center expansion features two new group exercise studios

which have allowed us to take our class offerings to a new level!

• Our Executive Chef Håkan Lundberg brings new life to the Club’s

food & beverage department. Throw a private party and experience

his speciality menu items!

• Spa Services and Child Care are also available! - check in with the

Fitness Center for specific hours.

To recommend an individual for a “trial” membership, call or email

Margaret Leto at 612.332.2292 or MargaretL@mplsclub.org for the details.


If you know of a former member that might be interested in reinstating

to the Club, please let us know! With the new Executive Chef, newly

renovated Pub and addition of our two fitness studios & child care

center, the Club continues to thrive. We have exciting plans for 2012

and you along with former members will want to be a part of our new

renovations and additions.

Please let former members know the board has decided to extend our

$0 reinstatement fee through March of 2012. Reinstatement is simple!

Obtain and fill out a reinstatement form from our Membership Office

and we will do the rest!

For recommendations to reinstatement or questions, please contact

Margaret Leto at 612.332.2292 or MargaretL@mplsclub.org.

Your Downtown Life Begins at the Minneapolis Club!!


New Years Day Open House

Sunday, January 1

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Complimentary open house for

members and their families. Enjoy

a buffet of hors d’oeuvres, and

beverages served in the Main Lounge.

Book Club Luncheon

Tuesday, January 3

11:30 am

In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror,

and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin.

by Erik Larson

Mentor Dialogue Breakfast

Wednesday, January 11

7:30 am

Bob White of Hubert White

Owner, Operator, Proprietor,

Chief Executive Officer, Clothing Buyer and

President are just a few titles Bob White

has in his portfolio.

Club Entrepreneur

Friday, January 13

11:30 am

Mary Meehan: one of the founders

of Panoramix Global

“The World in Motion 2.0:

Global Trends Shifting Your Business”

Member Connections

Beginning the week of January 16

Breakfasts, Lunches and Happy Hours

See the facing page for complete details.

Travel Club Luncehon

Wednesday, January 18

11:30 am

Walking the Camino de Santiago -

Learning the meaning of pilgrimage.

Presented by Mary Daniels.

Casino Happy Hour

Hosted by the Young

Members Committee

Wednesday, January 18

5:00 pm

Play a variety of casino games while enjoying

drink and appetizer specials in the Pub!

Classic Cocktails Club

Thursday, January 19

5:30 pm

January’s Cocktail Club will feature

potale Bitters. Campari, and Aperol

for example.

Join us to find out more!

Father Daughter Dance

Friday, January 20

6:00 - 10:00 pm

Enjoy a special evening of dinner,

dancing, and fun at the Club with

your daughter or granddaughter.

Dinner and Dancing

Wednesdays, January 18, 25,

and February 1

6:00 - 7:00 pm Dance Lessons

7:00 - 8:00 pm Dinner

Prepare for the Valentine’s Gala by

learning a variety of Ballroom dance steps.

Luncheon Lecture

Thursday, January 26

12:00 pm

Jeffery Chell, M.D.: Chief Executive Officer, National

Marrow Donor Program and

Christine Fleming: President, Be the Match Foundation

Auto Club Luncheon

Thursday, January 26

11:30 am

Join fellow Auto Enthusiast members

for Lunch in the Car Club Corner.

Members are welcome to bring guests to any and all Club events. Reservations can be made with our front desk, or through our website.

612.332.2292 - concierge@mplsclub.org - www.mplsclub.org

Member Connections

Continue through the weeks of

February 1, 13, and 27

Breakfasts, Lunches and

Happy Hours

See below for complete details.

Beer Club

Thursday, February 2

5:30 pm

Providing a higher level of understanding

and appreciation for beer.

“Why does season matter?”

This event will focus on Winter Beers.

Club Entrepreneur

Thursday, February 2

11:30 am


20 Second Presentations

and Open Mic Session

Book Club Luncheon

Tuesday, February 7

11:30 am

February Book Club Selection:

Steve Jobs

by Walter Isaacson

Valentines Gala

Saturday, February 11

6:00 pm

See page 8 for complete

event details and package


Travel Club Luncheon

Wednesday,February 15

11:30 am

Join other members of the Travel

Club to discuss favorite

romantic getaways!


Happy Hour

Hosted by the Young

Members Committee

Wednesday, February 15

5:00 pm

Socialize with other Young Members of the Club while

enjoying drink and appetizer specials in the Pub!

Auto Club Luncheon

Thursday, February 23

11:30 am

Join fellow Auto Enthusiast members

for Lunch in the Car Club Corner.

MeMber ConneCtions 2012

Get connected and enGaGe

in lively discussions!

Join fellow Club members for a Member Connection

series on the day and time of your choice.


Tuesdays at 7:30 am

January 17 and 31, February 14 and 28,

March 13 and 27, April 10 and 24


Wednesdays at 11:30 am

January 18, February 1,15, and 29,

March 14 and 28, April 11 and 25

Happy Hours

Thursdays at 5:00 pm

January 19, February 2, and 16,

March 1, 15 and 29, April 12 and 26

To sign up, please contact the front desk at

612.332.2292 or concierge@mplsclub.org

The only cost for the event is what you choose to order.

All events are subject to the Minneapolis Club Cancellation Policy. Cancellations within 48 hours of the event will be charged in-full.


PaMPer YourseLf with a ChoCoLate faCiaL

To make an appointment, call

Serenity Spa at the Minneapolis Club

612.332.2292 ext 440


FeatUReD eVents

Call Now to RSVP!

Father Daughter Dance

A Special evening for you

and your Little Princess

Friday, January 20, 2012

6:00 pm Reception and Photographs

6:30 pm Dinner Buffet

7:30 pm Dancing and Desserts

♦Entertainment Provided by the Holly Circle Band

dance lessons and dinner:

Wednesdays: January 18, 25, and February 1

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Prepare for the Valentine’s Gala by

participating in our Ballroom Dance

Lessons provided by Four-Seasons

Dance Studio.

Each session is

followed by dinner.

$55 for 1 session

$90 for 2 sessions

$120 for all 3

call 612.332.2292 or email

to concierge@mplsclub.org

to sign up.


COnCieRge UPDate

Pat Brengman

Concierge &

Front Desk Manager

Lion King

Orpheum Theatre

Thursday, February 2nd

7:30 p.m.

Million Dollar Quartet

State Theatre

Friday, March 30th

8:00 p.m.

american Idiot

Featuring the music of Green Day

Orpheum Theatre

Tuesday, February 21st

7:30 p.m.

Blue Man Group

Orpheum Theatre

Friday, June 22nd

8:00 p.m.

From the Catering Department:

the concierge staff has access to a variety

of great tickets for the 2012 theater season!

act fast to get your seats for all these

wonderful shows! tickets can always be

packaged with dinner at the club and an

overnight guest room.


Ordway Center for Performing Arts

Thursday, March 15th

7:30 pm

The addams Family

Ordway Center for Performing Arts

Thursday, May 10th

7:30 pm

Thank you for booking your events with us in 2011! We look forward to working with

you again in 2012! If you have not already contacted us to re-book your events, please

give us a call! We are here to assist in everything from menu choices and room layout to

decor and audio visual needs. Contact Jodie and Jessica for all of your catering needs:

Jodiew@mplsclub.org & 612.334.0217 or Jessicas@mplsclub.org & 612.334.0218


Valentine’s Gala

to rsVp contact 612.332.2292 or concierge@mplsclub.org

Make your reservation for the Valentine’s

Gala and have access to these great Spa


60 Minute Massage and a 60 Minute Facial $ 80

60 Minute Facial and a Bodywrap $80

2 – 60 minute massages $100

30 Minute Facial & Bodywrap for Her

with a 60 Minute Massage for Him $120

*services available February 4 - February 18

Valentine’s Gala Romance Package:

Guest Room, Bottle of Champagne, and

Continental Breakfast $100

*room available February 11th

February 11th, 2012

Join us for a night of Romance and Jazz

6:00 pm Champagne Reception

7:30 pm Chocolate Infused

Four Course Dinner

9:00 pm Dance

music by Patty Peterson

$150 per couple

***♦ formal attire, black tie optional

Valentine’s Day







serenity spa:

60min facials



Other Gift Certificates also available.

Call (612) 332-2292 x440 for details

5 for



Fitness CenteR

Jayme Sussner

Health and Fitness


Another holiday season is behind us and a new year with

new challenges lies ahead. I would like to reach out to

all of those who are looking to set weight loss New Years

Resolutions and offer some helpful hints as you start

to watch those pounds come off. A question that I get

asked a lot is: “Why should I track calories or log what

I am eating?” Research shows that only nine percent of

Americans accurately track daily calories and statistics show

that people who track calories lose twice as much weight

as others. If you do not track calories, you are likely eating

more than you think. Some of the main culprits are:

Picking and Nibbling

A few bites of your kid’s mac and cheese, a piece of

chocolate out of the office candy bowl, a few pretzels, etc.

These items can add up to more than 1,000 calories per day.

Liquid Calories

The calories in juice, soda, lemonade, sweetened iced

tea, flavored coffee, alcohol, and other drinks rack up the

calories quickly. Try low-calorie options like flavored water

and avoid adding sugar to coffee or tea.

Skipping Meals

Your body needs fuel on a regular basis. Those who skip a

meal usually overeat at the next one. When you go without

Yoga + Chocolate + Wine

Guided by Melissa Schoeller

January, 31st

5:30 pm

The Yoga+Chocolate+Wine experience highlights the sensual

exploration of taste as a secret gateway to the richer life

available in the present moment. Participants will taste a

variety of chocolates, and wines after a rich, yet accessible

practice of Yoga postures.

$25 per person or $40 for two -

registration required

You taste so much more of the

chocolate and wine. Even the

chemistry of your saliva is different

when you’re relaxed. The piece

of chocolate is a metaphor for

everything in life. When you’re in

the moment, everything is sweeter,

and richer.

eating for a long period of time your blood sugar drops,

zapping your energy. Plan snacks to keep your energy up

and hunger at bay.

Dining out

An International Food Information Council study found that

most people order meals based on taste and price rather

than nutritional value. Some dishes, however, can rack up

more than 1,500 calories. Even if you think you’re making

a healthier choice, there are often hidden calories in salads

and sandwiches from creamy sauces and toppings. Read

the calorie counts now provided in many menus before


Portion Distortion

Do you think you can accurately eyeball a half-cup of

pasta or one ounce of cheese? Many people routinely

underestimate how much they are really eating. Try

measuring your food for a week. You will have a much

better idea of how much food is enough.

Keep these tips in mind and your New Year’s resolution may

not be so daunting. If you would like more nutritional tips

I would invite you to meet with the Club’s Dietitian Lyndia

Enright. I look forward to seeing you around the Club and

in the Fitness Center this year.




holiDay’s at the minneapolis Club:

pictured above: 1) The Snyder Family at the Holiday Spectacular

2) Santa and Mrs. Claus and their happy little elf

3) Mr. Kelleher helping his daughter Maggie with a holiday craft

4) The Peterman Family enjoying the Santa Brunch

5) Santa - Happy to be at the Club

6) Mrs. Peterman helping her sons Jack and Lucas select desserts

7) Mrs. Claus assisting with cookie decorating

8) Parker Kelly enjoying his Grinch face paint

9) Cindy Calderon’s guests daughter as a Snow Fairy

10) Mr. DiLapo and Santa Claus

Thank you for spending your Holiday’s with us at the Minneapolis Club.

Man and WoMan of the Year

voted by the fitness center staff in the areas of

attendance, PerforMance achieveMent and attitude

The man and woman of the year are both

very dedicated to their health and wellness

programs. They are great ambassadors of the

Fitness Center and of the Club.

Ed spencer has been very

dedicated to his fitness

program for a few years. He

trains once a week and works

out on his own at least 4-5

times a week. Ed also enjoys

active vacations. This year

alone he went on bike trips

to Italy and California and

during the winter he will go

up to British Columbia for a

ski trip.

In the past year, Ed did a VO2

test to get his new heart rate

zones, making him more

conscious of where his heart

rate should be when he is

doing cardio. This has caused

him to alter his cardio routine

and add Spinning into his


Ed is always very positive

when he comes into work out

and rarely is it hard to make

him do an exercise; usually

he pops up from one exercise

and wants to know what is

next. For the remainder of

the year, Ed is adding in an

extra strength day to play

around on the ropes.




Penelope Greene joined the

Minneapolis Club in 2007.

The excellent fitness facilities

and professional trainers at

the Minneapolis Club drew

Penelope to the Club, and

she has maintained a regular

training schedule here for the

past four years.

Penelope credits her fitness

progress to her personal

trainer, Lani Varela. Penelope

says “Lani motivates me to

work hard. Her workouts are

always challenging and never

boring. She has monitored my

fitness level and my personal

sports training needs over the

past four years, and thanks to

her, I have had great success in

rowing, my favorite sport.”

Penelope also practices yoga,

and regularly participates in a

number of yoga classes since

the addition of the new studios.

Penelope also enjoys the

occasional spinning class. She

always has a positive attitude

and values the Fitness Center

staff. In addition to all that

she does at The Minneapolis

Club, Penelope is also an active

member of the Minneapolis

Rowing Club.

Congratulations to Nils

and Alissa Snyder. They

welcomed baby girl Mette

Jeanette Mae Snyder on

December 8th. Mette

joins big brother Bjorn and

big sister Signe.

Mark Van Note and his

daughter Claire had the

opportunity to walk in

the Holidazzle Parade this


The Minneapolis Club Car Club has partnered with the

Wayzata Rotary Club for 3 years to raise funds for the

University of Minnesota Solar Car Project.

The College of Science and Engineering Thanks the

Wayzata Rotary Club and Minneapolis Club for continuing

to support the Solar Car Project. The continued support

of this project helps to enrich the education of the next

generation of University of Minnesota engineers by

providing an opportunity to apply what they learn in class

to a real-world design project.

Pictured Above: John Thompson, Frank DiLapo, Dick

Saliterman, Jud Dayton, Henry Llop, Chad Furey, Jonathan

Nutzmann, and John Robinson.

contact Amy Charpentier

AmyC@mplsclub.org or 612.332.2292 ext 344

10 MINNEAPOLIS January 11






Frank DiLapo, CCM

General Manager

frankd@mplsclub.org, ext. 380

Margaret Leto

Membership Director

margaretl@mplsclub.org, ext. 308

Pat Brengman & Daniel Olson

Front Desk & Concierge Team

patb@mplsclub.org, ext. 306

danielo@mplsclub.org, ext. 332

Amy Charpentier

Member Relations Director

amyc@mplsclub.org, ext. 344

Håkan Lundberg

Executive Chef

hakanl@mplsclub.org, ext. 368

Jodie Weappa & Jessica Sciaretta

Catering Department

jodiew@mplsclub.org, 612.334.0217

jessicas@mplsclub.org, 612.334.0218

Jayme Sussner

Health & Fitness Director

jaymes@mplsclub.org, ext. 444

About the Cover:

Celebrating Winter in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Club

729 Second Avenue South

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402



First class Mail

U.S. PoSTage Paid

twin cities, Mn

perMit no. 1024

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

New Years

Day Open






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Travel Club


Dance Lessons



Happy Hour









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Auto Club

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29 30 Chocolate 31

Our Mission:

To nurture authentic relationships through the shared experiences of

hospitality, health & wellness, and social, professional & community programming.

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