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Simulated Distillation Simulated Distillation - Phenomenex

Simulated Distillation Simulated Distillation - Phenomenex

5 Reasonsto Switch to

5 Reasonsto Switch to Zebron ZB-1XTSimDist GC Columns1. New Glass Infusion TechnologyUniform Coating for Sharper Peaks and Higher Efficiency2. Consistency and ReliabilityZebron Columns are INDIVIDUALLY Tested for BetterReproducibility and Overall Performance3. Higher Efficiency45-70 % Higher Column Efficiency4. Long LifetimeImproved Resolution of C50/C52 Hour after Hourp. 3p. 4p. 6p. 75. 100 % Risk-Free Guarantee p. 11If Zebron columns do not provide youwith equivelant or better separationsas compared to any other GC columnof the same phase and comparabledimensions, return the column withcomparative data within 45 days forfor a Full refund.© 2011 Phenomenex, Inc. All rights reserved.

New Glass InfusionTechnology for ImprovedPerformanceMulti-layer Glass Infusion ensures a thick uniform surface that is consistentthroughout the length of the column.Due to the Glass Infusion, we achieve complete surface coveragewith our advanced high temperature polymer.Rugged Metal Tubing allows you to run methods up to450 °C without becoming brittle or breaking.Why It’s GoodThe Glass Infusion process results in a thick and uniformglass layer that completely covers the internal metal surfaceof the column. This uniform glass surface allows for thoroughstationary phase coverage which improves efficiency.Since neutral hydrocarbon test mixes do not detect unevenglass deposition, we use a test mix of acids, bases andGlass Infused ZB-1XTneutrals to monitor our manufacturing process and ensurecomplete glass infusion and stationary phase coverage. Asa result, Zebron ZB-1XT columns achieve high efficienciesand perform reliably and consistently from run-to-run andcolumn-to-column.Not Glass InfusedpA8006004002001ExcellentPeak Shapes2 345HigherEfficiency6App ID 19303pA8006004002001SevereTailing23Almost CompleteAdsorption4LowEfficiency5 6App ID 1930400.30 0.45 0.60 0.75 0.90 1.05 1.20 min00.40 0.60 0.80 1.00 1.20 1.40 1.60 minConditions for both columns:Injection: Split 100:1 @ 250 ˚C, 1.0 µLCarrier Gas: Hydrogen @ 1.93 mL/min (constant pressure)Oven Program: 130 ˚C (Isothermal)Detector: FID @ 325 ˚CSample: 1. Undecane2. 4-Chlorophenol3. Tridecane4. 1-Undecanol5. Dicyclohexylamine6. PentadecaneNote: Sample at 250 µg/mL each in hexanePhenomenex l WEB: www.phenomenex.com3

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