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download our guidelines PDF - NatureScapes.Net

© Greg DowningIf you are a nature photographer whoenjoys writing about photographywe’d love to hear from you!Share your voice while showcasing your imagesto thousands in our worldwide audience bygetting your article published on NatureScapes.WHAT TYPES OF ARTICLES DOESNATURESCAPES PUBLISH?Submissions of articles and/or photographs/images forpublishing on NatureScapes are welcomed at any time.Acceptance of submissions will generally be based onthematic timeliness, appropriateness of subject matter,clarity, adherence to standard conventions of the Englishlanguage, and conformance with all website policies. Preferencewill be given to submissions that are clear, concise,and of educational or entertaining value to our readershipand documented or well-researched, when appropriate.We encourage relevant nature photographyrelated articles on the subjects of:• Photography tips and techniques• Software and technology• Photographic locations• Conservation or restoration• Ethics• Habitat• Biology• Natural history• Behavior• Photography as an art formSubmityour articleto NSN!NSN is the most active nature photography community on the Internet with more than750,000 1 website page views per month. Nearly every traceable country/territory hasvisited NSN—most of them regularly with the largest presence in North America andEurope. We feature articles throughout our website to further increase your visibility andexposure. Our average website visit duration of 10 minutes, 25 seconds 2 and 10.85average page views per visit 2 show a loyal and active readership that continues to grow.1. Approximate average page views per month for the first quarter of 2013 was 767,142.2. Views/visit and average visit time are as of March 2013 from SimilarWeb public information. All other reported statistics are from Google Analytics.

INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING WITHYOUR SUBMISSION:1. Article content in a Microsoft Word (.doc) or plain text(.txt) document. Please include the article title andyour name at the top.2. Images in a JPEG (.jpg) format. Images should notexceed 750kb in size, nor should their longest sideexceed 1024 pixels wide or 800 pixels tall. Do notinclude a watermark on your photographs. As photographersourselves, we respect your images—we will add“© Your Name” to your images in our universal websitestyle font for consistency.3. If applicable, specify the placement of your imageswithin the article (by file name) and any captions. Savethe files of your photos (and refer to them) using distinctnames (ex. firstname-lastname-hummingbird.jpg).4. A short biography of 150 words or less (in a .doc or .txtfile). You may include links to your website, blog, andsocial networks. Biography information appears at thebottom of articles.5. A photo of yourself sized to 120x120px at 72dpi forplacement beside your bio.6. Inform us if any part of your submission has beenpreviously published, and if so, where and when it appeared.7. Your NSN forum username (if you have one).12HOW TO SEND YOUR ARTICLEThe entire package may be compressed into a ZIP (.zip) filefor ease of sending. Failure to follow these guidelines mayresult in rejection of your submission and you will be asked toresubmit your materials.3Email Your Submission.ZIP54Send your submission to We willreply as soon as possible, generally within 3-5 business days.

IMPORTANT INFORMATIONBy providing your submissions to us, you grant us a perpetual,non-exclusive, irrevocable and royalty-free right and licenseto reproduce, copy, distribute, modify, edit, create derivativeworks from and publish your submissions (in original or editedform) on NatureScapes.Net as well as in promotional materialsand social networking mentions on our official Facebook,Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn pages. You retain your copyrightinterest as owner and/or author of your submissions andyou retain all other proprietary rights in and to such submissions.When you provide submissions to us, you represent andwarrant that:1. You are the sole author of the submission and/or you ownthe copyright and/or you have sufficient authority from theauthor or authors to grant us the rights and licenses setabove; and2. the submission is a work original to the author (unlessidentified by you as containing original works of third parties)and that such submission, including all third partyworks of authorship, does not infringe any copyright,trademark, trade name (or knowingly infringe any patentor any other proprietary right) of any third party.Any article, text, photograph, image, or other published submissionwill remain in the archives on NatureScapes.Net inperpetuity or until we remove the material. We may transferthis license and its obligations hereunder at any time andwithout prior consent to any corporate successor in interest,acquirer or other entity that purchases or otherwise obtainssubstantially all of our business assets or stock, or to anyparent corporation or entity, any subsidiary corporation orentity, or any of our divisions that are operated as a separatebusiness.We reserve the right to edit content. The right to refuse to postor to accept for publication any submission on the NatureScapeswebsite is our sole discretion.In addition to being subject to these Submissions Guidelines,all submissions are subject to the Website Terms of Use andPrivacy Policy. Please thoroughly review the Privacy Statementand the Website Terms of Use, prior to submitting any articleor photograph to us for inclusion on the Website.Please direct further inquiries to the editors by email Submission Guidelines21009 Gunpowder Road, Manchester, Maryland 21102 USA | www.NatureScapes.Net

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