Blue Book 1917 - Newton Free Library
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Blue Book 1917 - Newton Free Library

Q^jJfa&JUU cNETVTOX BLUE BOOKGEO. LINCOLN PARKERPianos, Player-pianos, VictrolasEdison DiscPhonographs;Records and Player Rolls100 Boylston St., Boston Residence: 39 Nonantum St., NewtonPhone Beach 1971 Phone Newton North 768-MTelephone ConnectionWM. 1\ BEMISASA C. JEWETTBEMIS & JEWETTForeignall Papers DomesticFINE FURNITURE MADE TO ORDERUPHOLSTERY AND DRAPERYSTUFFSPainting and Decorating.Holiday DecorationsOFFICES AND SALESROOMS101 UNION ST., Bray Bldg., NEWTON CENTRECHAPEL STREET,NEEDHAM, MASS.

i\AuNEHTON FREE LIBRARY1323 00536 506 8/NEWTOX BLUE BOOKhuurfaiVr C?^SJ^T.•'JV^r..«•*.S&SSEU. «S-.PRIVATE RESIDENCESare a necessity in the adjusting of LOSSES by FIREor BURGLARY and in the SETTLING OF ESTATES.They should be made by people expert in the art, andbound in duplicate, one to be kept in the house forready reference and the other put in a safe place togetherwith the Insurance Policies.Fifteen years ago, I originated the System of Inventoryingthe contents of Private Residences, which hassince become so popular and well known throughoutthe country, and which I have since perfected to ahigh degree.It affords the owner ABSOLUTE PROTECTION asover Five Thousand Patrons in the principal Cities andSummer Colonies of the United States will testify.Estimates furnished free of charge and satisfactory work guaranteed.Send for my Illustrated Booklet which contains the names ofmany of your friends and neighbors./X-Frederick C. RussellOriginator of the SystemSecond Floor, Board of Trade Bldg., Boston*TELEPHONE MAIN 1939'O 1•"

NEWTON BLUE BOOKWE SELL Massachusetts Wharf Coal CoCOAL and WOODYARD: 285 Newtonville AvenueOFFICE: 793 Washington St., NewtonvilleBOSTON OFFICE, 93 Milk StreetOrder Office with NewcoUib's ExpressCo., 402 Centre Street, NewtonALWAYS SATISFACTORYTelephones:; Newton North 348 and 358Tetephones: Office, 82 BrightonResidence, 82 BrightonC. E. HOLBROWWh olesale an Retail FloristAll Kinds of Cut F!owers and Floral Work, Landscape Gardener, New GroundsLaid Out. Old Grounds Remodeled. All Varieties of Trees and Shrubs.117 TREMONT STREET, BRIGHTONBoston and Newton Electrics Pass the Door.RICHARDSON BROS. & CO.CHIMNEY SWEEPINGwi&'We are the only Chimney Sweeps in theUnited States who have the patent rights toclean chimneys the proper way—from thebottom.Our New Method prevents filling the houseandcostly funrshings with Black Soot.MAKE INQUIRIESHeating and Cooking Apparatus Cleanedand Repaired. Furnace, Steam and HotWater Heating.PLUMBING26 BRATTLE STREET,BOSTONTelephone Haymarket 2603Copyrighted 1915 by J. B. Richardson

cn f M4HN~~WJCC3J -V(UQ.&Published byBOSTON SUBURBAN BOOK CO.Room 10-13, Old South Building,Boston, Mass.Copyrighted 1917 by the Boston Suburban Book Co.

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 3CONTENTSAlbermarle Golf Club 228Alphabetical list 155A. 0. U. W 23GAuburndale Residents 94Brae-Burn Country Club 228Business Directory 240Census 251Chestnut Hill Residents 147Churches 221•Clubs and Societies 228Commonwealth Country Club 220Daughters of the Revolution 229Fire Alarm 5F. & A. M 237G. A. R 236Hunnewell Club 229I. 0. 0. F 231)Knights of Columbus .... 237Knights of Malta 237Knights of Pythias 237Knights Templar 237Monday Club 230Mothers 5 Rest Association of X. C. . . 230Neighborhood Club 230Newton Boat Club 230Newton Centre Woman's Club 230New ton Centre Residents 104Newton Club 231Newton Ladies' Home Circle 231Newton Federation of Women'sClubs 231Newton Highlands Residents 128Newton Hospital 231Newton Residents . 27Newtonville Residents 50Newtonville Women's Guild 233North Gate Club 233Post Offices 239Postal Rates 250Rebecca Pomeroy Home 233Royal Arcanum 238Secret and Benevolent Societies . . . 236Shakespeare Club 234Street Directory 9Waban Residents 141Waban Woman's Club 234West End Literary Club 234West Newton Residents 74West Newton Women's EducationalClub 234Young Men's Christian Association . 235

4 NEWTON BLUE BOOKINDEX TO ADVERTISERSAdams & Swett Co., Roxbury 87American Fountain Pen Co., Boston. 70Barbour & Travis 80BeU, Wdlliana G. Co. The, Boston . 39Bemis & Jewett .... inside front coverBonnev's P. F. Sons, Boston outside cover*/JBoston Employment Agency,Boston opp 136Boston Safe Deposit & TrustCo., outside front coverBreck-Rohinson Nursery Co.,Lexington 87Burns, John T. & Sons, Inc. . . foot lines(Jabot Cleansing Co 51Cate Henry F 84(handler & Barber Co., Boston .... 84Delaney John Jfoot linesDowd, A, Dudley 112Eddy. C. F. Co 80Edmands & Byfield, Boston 34Evans R H 26First National Bank, The opp 78Fiske, A. F, & Co. 247Forbush Miss, Specialty Shop 76French James W., Boston 33Fmbush Bros. Garage 80Garden City Laundry Co. 46(Jeranan & Morton 130Giknour, Rothery & Co., Bostonfoot lines(Jreen, Louis E. G., Boston 244Harrington, I. B 246Hatch, B. S. Co 112Hewdns & Hollis, Boston 87Highland Villa 58Hinckley & Woods, Boston 33• *Holbrow, C. E.front col.I hidson, Arthur 46Jones, McDuffee & 5tratton Co.outside back coverMacv. B. F. Boston 33Mass Wharf Coal Co., Boston front col.Me Adams, Wm. M. L., Boston .... 26McKenney & Whterbnry Co., Boston 70McNeilly's Riding Academy, Brookline40Melvin & Badger, Boston 112Meredith & Grew, Boston 84Minards Liniment Mfg. Co., Franiinghain76_eal & Company 76Newton Co-operative BankoSXewton Garage & Auto Co. Inc 26Newton Highlands Garage 130Xewton Trust Co. opp 104Xobscot Mt. Spring Co., Boston .... 34Xorth Shore Blue Book opp 137Old Natick Inn 30Parker, Geo. Lincoln, Bostoninside front coverPaxton's 34Pearmain & Brooksfoot linesPennell, Gibbs & Quiring Co., Boston 87Perry Pictures Co> opp 152Pierce & Cox, Boston opp 136Pinkham & Smith Co., Boston 30Rhodes Bros. Co 40Richardson Bros. & Co., Boston front col*Robart, E, A. & Sons, Brooklinefoot line-Russell, Frederick Cfront col.Savage, Henry W. Inc. foot lines and 62Steinert, M. & Sons Co., Boston foot lineThompson, Edwin T 62Torre, C. L., Miss 46Wadsworth, Howl and & Co. Inc.,Boston . 33Walker Lithograph & Publishing Co..Boston 70Ward's, Boston opp 136Waterman, J. S. & Sons Inc., Boston 88West Xewton SavingsBank. . . . opp 70White, James G., Boston 40

NEW TON BLUM BOOKFIRE ALARM12 Park and Church sts., X.13 Sargent and Centre st&., X.14 Washington and Jewett sts., N.15 No. 1 Engine station, Newton.16 Church and Centre sts., N.17 Pearl and Thornton sts., N.18 Newtonville av. and Howard st., N.19 Bellevue and Summit sts., N.112 Washington st. and Waverley av.,Newton.113 Waverlv av. and Vernon st., N.114 Eldridge and Vernon sts., N.115 Centre and Elmwood sts., X.116 Franklin opp. Eldridge. N.117 Washington opp. Channing st., N.121 Stanley Motor Carriage Co. (P), N.122 Billings park, off Church st. (P), N.123 Hunnewell av. and Copley st., N.124 Nonantum st. near Pembroke, N.125 St. James st. n R R bridge, N.126 Washington and Grassmere Sts.,X.131 Centre and Bellevue Sts.. X.151 Carlton and Centre Sts., X.171 Boyd and Jewett sts., X.172 Pearl and Gardner sts., X.173 Pearl st. near Watertown, X.174 West and Green, Xonantum.175 Cook near Morgan place, Xewton21 Xo. 1 Truck station, Nv.23 Washington and Walnut sts, Xv.24 Xo. 3 Hose station. i\onantum25 Crafts and Watertown sts., Xv.26 Walnut st. opp. High School. Xv.27 Highland st. and Forest av., Xv.28 Crafts and California sts., Xv.29 Watertown and Eclinboro sts., Xv.212 Watertown and Parson sts., Xv.224 Xonantum Worsted Mills (P), Nonantum.225 Silver Lake Company (P), Xv.22823123223323424124224324524626126226326427128131313234353536373839311312313314315lligli School (P), Xv.Uu» »L. and Lowell av., Xv.Technical High School. Elm rd.,Xv.Washington park, Xv.Xewton Club (P), Xv.Masonic Building (P), Xv.Xewtonville av. and Har. st., Xv.Adams and Middle sts., Xonantum.Crafts st. opp. Planing Mills, Xv.City Stable, Crafts st., Xv.California and Faxon sts., Xonanturn.Barker's starch factory, Californiast. NonantumWalnut st. and Prospect av., Nv.N. & B. car station, Homer st. (P),Nv.Homer st. and Lake View av., Nv.Kirks tall road, Nv.Austin st., near Greenwood av. ?W. N.North st. near Farwell, Nv.Waltham and Wash, sts., W. N.(Duplicate) Police Headquarters,West Newton.River and Pine sts., W. N.Waltham and Derbv sts., W. N.No. 2 Engine Station, W. N.(Duplicate) Lucas Mill (P.), W. N.Washington st. and Commonwealthav., West Newton.Fountain and Otis sts., W. N.Highland, cor. Chestnut st.. W. N.Berkeley and Prince sts., W. N.Office Newton Street Railwav Co.(P.), W. N.City Hall, W. N.Webster st. and Webster pi., W. N.Cherry and River sts., W. N.City Stable, Auburndale av., W. N.

6 NEWTON BLUE BOOK321 River and Lexington sts., W. N.331 Chestnut and Margin sts., W. N.334 Shaw and Winthrop sts., W. N.335 Sterling, near Temple sts., W. N.336 Woodland Park Hotel (P.), Au.341 Cherry and Derby sts., W. N.342 Crafts near Walt ham St., W. N.351 H. H. Hunt's shop (P.) Webster st.West Newton.352 North Prospect st., near Washington,W. N.361 Brae Burn Country Club, Fuller,W. X.381 Valentine, opp. Lenox, W. N.391 Prince and Chestnut Sts., W. N.4 No. 5 Hose Station, Au.41 Auburn and Charles sts., Riverside.42 Woodland rd. and Grove st., Au.43 Islington rd., Auburndale.44 Lexington and Freeman sts., Au.45 Auburn and Greenough sts., Au.46 Maple and Central sts., Au.47 Woodland rd. and Vista av., Au.48 Auburndale av. and Rowe sts., Au.421 Pancock and Fern sts., Au.422 Central near Fern, Au.441 Car House (P.), Norumbega Park.442 Lasell Seminary (P.), Au.443 Melrose st., near Ware rd., Au.5 No. 6 Hose Station, Lower Falls.51 Concord and Washington sts., L. F.52 Beacon st. and R. R. bridge, Waban.53 Grove st. and Pine Grove av., L. F.54 Washington and Beacon sts, L. F.55 Washington and Wales sts., L. F.56 Nehoiden and Carlton rds., Waban.512 Paper Mills, C. F. Crehore & Son(P.), L. F.521 Chestnut and Woodward sts., W.522 Windsor rd., Moffatt Hill, W.523 Chestnut and Fuller sts., W. N.524 Commonwealth av., cor Prince st.,W. N.541 Newton Hospital (P.), Woodland:>(il Waban avo.. near Carlton rd., W.6 Centre, cor. Clark, Newton H.61 Forest and Chester sts, Highlands.62 Walnut and Duncklee sts., N. H.63Centre, between Walnut and Boylstonsts., Highlands.64 Walnut and Lincoln sts., Highlands65 No. 2 Truck Station, Highlands.66 Lincoln st., B. & A. R. R. Station,Eliot.67686116126136146156166176216226236316416516617717273747576711712713714715721722731751881828384Lakewood rd. near Lake a v., N. H.Woodward st. and Carver rd. N. H.Pumping Station (P.), Upper Falls.Saco and Pettee Machine Shops,Upper Falls.Newton Mills (P.), U. F.Game well Fire Alarm Company(P.), Upper Falls.No. 7 Hose Station, Upper Falls.Winter and Chestnut sts., U. F.Boylston and Chestnut sts., U. F.Oak and Chestnut sts., Upper Falls.Chestnut st., opp. St. Mary's Church,Upper Falls.Masten & Wells Fire Works (P.),Upper Falls.Mechanic and Elliot sts., U. F.M. G. Crane's Building (P.), N. H.Needham and Winchester sts., N. H.Boylston st., Elliot Heights.Langley rd. and Beacon st., N. C.Walnut and Beacon sts., N. C.Centre and Pelham sts., N. C.No. 3 Engine Station, N. C.Beacon st. opp Laurel av. N. C.Cypress st. and Railroad bridge,N. C.Centre st. opp. Norwood av., N. C.Beacon st. near Beethoven av.,N. C.Homer and Cedar sts., N. C.Centre and Ward sts., N. C.Commonwealth av. near SummerSt., N. C.Homer st. near Ashton Park, N. C.Langler road and Jackson st.,Thompsonville.Langley rd. and Glen av., N. C.Grant av. and Montvale rd., N. C.Parker st. and Oxford rd., N. C.Hammond st. and B. & A. R RStation, C H.Ward st. and Waverly av., N. C.Kenrick st. and Waverley'av., N.Waverley av. near Kenilworth st. N.Commonwealth av. and Hammondst.. C. H.

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 484(Duplicate) Station B, Manet road,C. H.912DudleyHill.and Greenwood sts., Oak858118128138149919293Commonwealth av. cor Algonquinroad, C. H.Beacon st. near R. R. Bishop'sdriveway, C. H.Beacon and Hammond sts., C. H.Hammond st. near Kingsbury st.,C. H.Reservoir av. near Lee av., C. H.Brookline and Dedham sts., OakHill.Clark and Parker sts., Oak Hill.Parker and Dedham sts., Oak Hill.Boys' Home, Winchester st. OakHill.11415Blow for test 11.45 a. m. and 5.45p. m. Sundays at 12.15 p. m.Blows followed by station numberwill assemble the police in caseof emergency.Blows followed by one round ofstation number 311, military call.The School signal, 3-3-3, will be givenat 7.15 or 7.45 a. m., meaning no morningsession; at 12.45 p. m., meaning noafternoon session of school.

8 NEWTON BLUE BOOKUnion Publishing Company*Publishers ofDl RECTORI ESOFNew Hampshire State Business Directory.Laconia, N. H.Concord City and Merrimack Co., 1ST. H.Claremont, Newport and Sunapee, N. H.Lebanon, Hanover and Enfield, N. H.Easton, Penn.St. Johnsbury, Vt.Hartford Suburban, Conn.Massachusetts DirectoriesArlingtonMethuenBelmontMiddleboroBraintreeMiltonChelseaNorwood and WalpoleFraminghamNantucketHingham and Cohasset NatickLexingtonPlymouth and KingstonMarthas Vineyard WeymouthMelroseWhitmanLakeville, Freetown and BerkleyRhode Island DirectoriesPawtuxet ValleyBristol, Warren and BarringtonNorth Providence and JohnstonCumberland and LincolnBurrillville and North SmithfieldSouth Kingstown and NarragansettJamestown and New ShorehamApponaug, East Greenwich and WickfordTiverton, Portsmouth and MiddletonBoston Suburban BookPublishers ofCambridge Blue BookNewton Blue BookBrook! ine Blue BookMaiden Blue BookNorth Shore Blue BookRoxbury and West Roxbury Blue BookSouth Shore Blue BookSomerville Blue BookWinchester Blue BookOld South Building, Room 1013, 294 Washington St., BostonEDWARD A. JONES, Treas. Tel. Main 3624-W

XEWTON BLUE BOOK 9STREETDIRECTORYAv. for avenue; C. H., Chestnut Hill;sq., square; ter., terrace; Au., Auburndale ;Lower Falls; N. H., Newton Highlands;cor., corner;N., Newton;U. F., Upperfr., from; opp., opposite;Nv., Newtonville; L. F.,Falls; W., Waban.ABBOTT, U. F., fr. 157 Oak souJi toCharles riverAberdeen, N. H., fr. opp. 1600 Centre to787 BoylstonAdams, N., fr. 35 Chandler to 551 WashingtonAdams Avenue, W. N., fr. 219 Cherryto Lexington near City lineAdams Court, N., fr. 145 Adams westAdams Terrace, N., fr. 238 Adams eastAdella Avenue, W. N., fr 881 to 83.1WatertownAdena Road, W N., from Northgate Parkto DerbyAgawam Road, Waban, fr. 2014 Beaconto 467 Waban av.Alban Road, Waban, fr. 154 Nehoidenroad to 317 Waban av.Albermarle Road, W. N., fr. Charles rivernear Farwell, southerly to EddyAlbion, N. C, fr. 1028 Beacon south toAlbion placeAlbion Place, N. C, fr. 29 Newbury westAlden, N. C, fr. 33 Summer to 1026CentreAlden, N. H., fr. 146 Winslow roadacross Vaughan av.Alden Court, W. N., fr. Alden placeeasterlvAlden Place, W. N., fr. 149 RiverAlder, N. C, fr. 236 Langley rd. to 49Euclid av.Alexander Road, N. H. fr. 82 WalnutHill rd. to 202 Walnut Hill rd.Algonquin Road, C. H., fr. 81 Commonwealthav. at junction of Waban Hillrd., on Waban HillAllen Avenue, Nv., fr. 123 Wilton rd.Allen Avenue, N. H., fr. 1376 Beaconnear Chestnut to 263 WoodwardAllen Place, W. N., fr. 1489 WashingtonAllen Terrace, N., fr. 1084 Walnut nearHillside rd. eastAllerton Road, N., fr. 1475 Centre westto 102 HydeAllison, N., fr. Allison park southerlyacross California and Los Angeles* Allison Park, N., bounded by Charlesriver, California and Allison streetsAllston, Nv., fr. Austin to Highland av.Andrew, N. H., fr. 1313 Walnut to 67WillardAnnawan Road, W., fr. 32 Waban av.Applegarth, N. C, fr. street near Morselandav. to 63 ElmoreArdmore Road, W. N., fr. 79 Prospect,westArlington, N., fr. 21 Nonantum to 1118ParkArmory, W. N., fr. 1131 WashingtonArundel Terrace, N., fr. 18 Boyd, nearEmersonAsh, Au., fr. 353 Auburn to 2188 Commonwealthav.Ashford Road, N. C, fr. 31 Glendale 403 Ward*Ashmont Avenue, Nv., fr. 73 Hawthornto 105 CraftsAshmont Road, W. fr. 550 Chestnut toBeaconAshton Avenue, N. C, fr. 189 Morton to193 HomerAshton Park, N. C, bounded by Mortonand Homer, Kenwood av.

10 NEWTON BLUE BOOKAspen Avenue, Au., fr. 89 Lake to 1809WashingtonAtherton Place, L. F., fr. 21 HamiltonnorthAuburn, fr. 1537 Washington, W. N., to2384 Commonwealth av. near Westonline at Starr bridge, Au.Auburn Place, Au., irom 1920 CommonwealthavAuburn Terrace, Au., fr. Sharon a v.Auburndale Avenue, W. N., fr. 126 Riverto 364 Lexington, Au.Auburndale Park, Au., bounded by Islingtonrd., Commonwealth av.. Pine andCharles riverAustin, Nv., fr. 299 Walnut, opp. Xewtonvilleav. to 80 Chestnut, W. N.Avalon Road, W., fr. 43 Allen av. to 624ChestnutAvon Place, K, fr. 35 Thornton westAvondale Road, N. C, fr. 308 WardsouthBACON, N., fr. 32 Pearl to 303 WashingtonBacon Place, U. F., fr. 1167 Boylstonnortherlv4Badger Place, Nv., fr. 330 Newtonville av.Bailey Place, Nv., fr. 857 Washingtonnear Walnut northBalcarres Road, W. N., fr. 266 Otis southBalchvin, N., fr. 38 Elmwood opp. Brookto 105 VernonBallard, N. C, fr. 956 Centre to 431WardBarnes Road, N., fr. 81 Hunnewell av.near Copley to R. R.Barnstable Road, W. N., fr. 76 ValentinePark to 234 PrinceBarrieau Court, Nv., fr. 468 WatertownBartlett Road, N. C, fr. 4 Bartlett ter.northerlyBartlett Terrace, N. C, fr. 198 Langleyroad near Ripley eastBeach, Nv., fr. 74 Court to 737 WashingtonBeacon, fr. Boston line near reservoirwest across Washington, L. F.Beacon Place, N. C, fr. 1257 Centre westBeaumont Avenue, Nv., fr. 84 Hull toCommonwealth av.Beech, N., fr. 24 Faxon to 21 CrescentBeachcroft Road, N., fr. 140 Franklin toFarlow roadBeecher Place, N. C, fr. 352 Langleyroad near Jackson northeaste.lvBeecher Terrace, N. C, fr. 53 Beecherplace southBeethoven Avenue, N. H., fr. 1348 Beaconnear Chestnut south to WoodwardBelgrade Road, W., fr. 1677 BeaconnorthwesterlyBellevue, N., fr. 629 Centre over Mt. Idato ChurchBellevue Avenue, Au., fr. 29 Forest a Studio roadBellingham, N. H., fr. 30 Bradford roadto 35 Plymouth roadBelmont, N., fr. 230 Tremont southwestto ArlingtonBemis, Nv., fr. Fair to Oaks av.Bemuth Road, N. H., fr. 232 Lincolnnear Harrison southerlyBennington, N., fr. 591 Centre near Newtonvilleav. passing Mt. Ida ter.Berkeley, W. N., fr. 247 Chestnut cross*ing Prince to TempleBerkeley Place, Au., fr. 54 Maple eastBerwick Road, N. C, fr. 177 Lake WalnutBerwick Road, Waban, fr.road to 1753 Beacon78 BelgraveBigelow Road, W. N., fr. 58 Svlvan 194 ValentineBigelow Terrace, N., fr. 10 Boyd nearCalen southBillings Park, N., fr. 68 Church nearPark south to ChurchBirch Hill Road, Nv., fr. 126 Highlandav. near Lowell av. southBishopsgate Road, N. C, fr. 18 Montvaleroad to 595 BeaconBlaekstone Terrace, from 93 NonantumBlake, Nv.. fr. 224 Cabot to MillBlithdale, Nv., fr. 67 Elm rd. to 72 OtisBorder, W. N., 101 Elm near Washington west to B. & A. R. R. °Bothfeld Road, N. C, fr. 888 Commonwealthav. to 20 Ellison roadBourne, Au., fr. 2266 Commonwealth 523 Auburn

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 11Bowdoin, N. H., fr. 94 Hillside road to45 Erie av.Bowen, N. C., fr. 1127 Centre to 30HomerBowers, Nv., fr. 17 Harvard to 278 WalnutBoyd, N., fr. 119 Galen, in Watertown,to FayetteBoylston, fr. Brookline line, C. H., nearHammond's Pond to bridge at WellesleylineBoylston Road, N. H., fr. 1620 Centre toBoylstonBracebridge Road, N. C, fr. 160 Pleasantto 21 Hancock av.Brackett Road, N., fr. 371 Waverley av.crossing Park av. to 95 Park av.Bradford Road, N. H., fr. 135 Woodwardto 22 EndicottBrae-Burn rd., Au. fr. 11 Greenough to1823 Commonwealth av.Braeland Avenue, N. C, fr. 79 Langleyroad to CypressBraemore Road, N., fr. B. & A. R. R.southerly to 149 Hunnewell av.Bray Park (N. C.) bounded by Institutionav., Union & B. & A. R. R. atNewton CentreBrentwood Avenue, N. C, fr. 28 GreenLawn av. to 840 WalnutBrewster rd, N. H., fr. 178 WoodwardBridge, N., fr. Charles river to Watertown,near AdamsBridges Avenue, Nv., fr. 92 Norwood av.Bristol Road, W. N., fr. 249 Prince to1279 Commonwealth av.Bullough's Pond Park, corner Mill andCommonwealth av.Burnham Road, W. N., fr. Highland andValentine to HampshireBurr Road, N. C, fr. 40 Bothfeld to 33Fenno roadBurton Avenue, Nv., fr. 57 HawthornBuswell Terrace, Nv., fr. 651 WatertownButtrick, W. N., fr. Riverview to WalthamlineButts, N. F., fr. Sweet east to 15 WilliamsCABOT, from 723 Centre, N., opp. Sargentto 394 Walnut, Nv.Cabot Park, between Newtonville av.and CabotCalifornia, Nv., fr. Crafts near Walnutto Watertown lineCamden Road, Au., fr. 244 Auburndaleav. near Howe to WolcottCannon, N. H., fr. Dedham near WalnuteasterlyCanterberry Road, N. H. and Waldorfrd. WestCapital, N., fr. 242 Watertown to JacksonroadCarleton, N., fr. 251 Centre to 53 PearlCarlisle, N. C, fr. 98 Elgin southerlyand westerly to 288 Langley roadCarlton Road, W., fr. 1848 Beacon to 28RokebyCarpenter Park, W. N., bounded byCrafts and Waltham sts.Carter, Nv., fr. 298 Newtonville av. nearHarvardvBroadway, Nv., fr. 517 WatertowntoCarver Road, N. H., fr. WoodwardtoLinwood av.Broadway Terrace, Nv., fr. 19 BroadwaynortherlyBrook, N., fr. 220 Washington south toElmwoodBrookline, Oak Hill, fr. Brookline line to788 DedhamBrooks Avenue, Nv., fr. 945 WashingtonBrookside Avenue, Nv., fr. 1005 Washingtonto WatertownBrowning Road, N. C, fr. 81 Parkerwest to Oxford roadBullough Park, Nv., fr. 248 Mill to Commonwealthav.EndicottCedar, N. C, fr. 136 Mill to 113 HomerCemetery Avenue, N. C, from 402 Homerto cemeteryCentral, Au., fr. 1852 Commonwealth av.across to Woodland roadCentral Avenue, Nv., fr. 170 Crafts to791 WashingtonCentral Terrace, Au., fr. 144 Central to45 GroveCentre, fr. Watertown line to 865 Boylston,N. H.Centre Place, N., fr. 423 Centre neardepot to Washington

\2 NEWTON BLUE BOOKChampa, U. F., fr. 71 Cottage westerlyChandler, N., fr. 115 Bridge to AdamsChandler Place, U. F., fr. foot Columbiaav westerlyCharming, N., fr. 60 Pearl to 341 WashingtonChanning Road X. C. fr 17 Morse Land*1 VChapel, N., fr. Middle to 330 CaliforniaCharles, Au., fr. 534 Auburn to RiversideStationCharles, N. XL, fr. Elliot to Margaret rd.Charlesbank Road, N., fr. Washingtonnear R. R. to R. R.Chase, N. C, fr. 91 Langley road to Institutionav.Chase Avenue, W. N., fr. Kelly av. toHardingChaske Avenue, Au., fr. 151 Melrose toKaposiaCheney Court, U. F., fr. Cheney northCherry Court, W. N., fr. 436 Cherry eastCherry, W. N., fr. 1345 Washington toWaltham lineCherry Place, W. N., fr. 237 Cherry westCheslev Avenue, Nv., fr. Central av. nearCourtChesley Road, N C., fr. 46 Everett to735 BeaconChester, N. H., fr. Hillside road to 70LincolnChester^Road, W., fr. 49 Devon road to550 Qninobequin roadChestnut, fr. 1260 Washington, W. N., toLindenChestnut Hill Road, C. H., fr. 102 Beaconto 466 HammondChestnut Terrace, N. C, fr. Marshall to554 Commonwealth av.Cbeswick Road, Au., fr. 1840 Common -wealth av. to Woodland roadChilton Place, U. F., fr. 97 High eastChurch. X.. fr. 151 Waverley av. to 404WashingtonChurch Road, from 222 Church st.Churchill, Nv., fr. 93 Nevada to 227CraftsCircuit Avenue, U. F., fr. 1094 BoylstonCheney. T T . F.. fr. 41 Mechanic to LindenClaflin Field. Nv., bounded by Elm roadand Lowell av.Claflin Place, Nv., fr. 377 WalnutClaremont, N., fr. Bellevue passing. Fairmontav. and Lombard to CabotClarendon Avenue, Nv., fr. 130 Norwoodav. to CabotClark, N. C, fr, 1506 Centre near Hydeto BoylstonClark PJace, Nv., fr. Mt. VernonClark Road, W. N., fr. Jerome av. toRussell roadCleveland, W. N., fr. Cherry pi. to SlieridanCliff Road, U. F., fr. 27 Linden west toOakClinton, N., fr. 237 Adams to CraftsClinton Place, N. C, fr. Mill to 959CentraCloelia Terrace, fr. 38 Washington Parkto 309 CabotClovelly Road, C. H., fr. 227 Sufi oik roadto 90 Old England roadClyde, Nv., fr. 442 Walnut to CayCobb Place, Waban, fr. Pontiac road toQuinobequin roadColby, N., fr. 809 Centre to 132 BlakeColby, N. C, fr. 62 Sears to 49 HackettColeman Road, N. C, fr. 771 WalnutwestCollins Road, Waban, fr. Beacon nearWaban Station south to 765 ChestnutColman, W. N., fr. 127 Elliot av. northand east to Eliot av.Columbia Avenue, N. H., 141 AndrewColumbia Avenue, U. F., fr. 34 Cottageto Chandler placeColumbus, N. H., fr, 40 Hillside road to53 LincolnColumbus Place, W. N., fr. 25 Websternear CherryColumbus Terrace, N. H., fr. Columbusnear Hillside road eastCommonwealth Avenue, fr. Boston linenear C. H. Reservoir to Weston lineat Starr bridge, Au.Concord, L. F., fr. 2353 Washington nearbridge to Weston lineCook, N. H., fr. Boylston to 33 Winchesternear BoylstonCook, N., fr. 308 Watortown to GreenCopley, N., fr. 65 Washington to Hunnewellav.

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 13Cornell, L. F., fr. 58 Pine Grove av.Dartmouth, W. N., fr. 159 PrincetoCottage, U. F., fr. 201 Elliot to ThurstonroadCottage Court, N., fr. 156 Adams nearWatertownCottage Place, W. N., fr. 113 River neaiElmCotton, N. C, fr. 407 Waverley av. to898 CentreCourt, Nv., fr. 679 Washington to 106Central av.Crafts, Nv., fr. 621 Washington to Waltham,W. N.Crafts Square, N. H., at junction ofBoylston, Elliot, Cook and WoodwardstreetsCranberry, W. N., fr. 205 Derby northerlyto Waltham lineCrescent, N,, fr. California to FaxonCrescent, W. N., fr. 232 Webster to 91AuburnCrescent Avenue, N. C, fr. 1329 Centrenear Beacon to PleasantCrescent Square, N., fr. Thornton nearPearl to WabanCrofton Road, Waban, fr. 74 Nehoidenroad to Waban a v.Cross Road, Nv., fr. 89 Kirkstall roadto 207 Upland roadCross, W. N., fr. 840 Watertown to 1101WashingtonCrown, Au., fr. Auburndale av. to KingCrystal, N. C, fr. 988 Beacon to Lake av.Crystal Lake Park, N. C, bounded byLake av and Crystal LakeCrystal Terrace, N. C, fr. Lake av. nearBerwick road east to Crystal LakeCurve, W. N., fr. 7 No. Prospect to 37Auburndishing, N. C, fr. 1525 Centre opp.Clark north to Allerton roadCypress, N. C, fr. 1298 Centre to Jacksonnear DudleyDALBY, N., fr. 300 California to 313WatertownDale, Nv., fr. 20 Washington park to289 CabotDalton Road, N. C. fr 707 Beacon to 20EverettDaly Terrace, U. F., fr. 11 Cliff roadCommonwealth av.Davis, W. N., fr. 37 Chestnut near depotto HighlandDavis Avenue, W. N., fr. 442 Walthamto WatertownDavis Court, W. N., fr. 960 Watertownto 1239 WashingtonDearborn, W. N., fr. 187 Adams av.south across ClevelandDearborn Terrace, W. N., fr. 52 DearbornDecatur, W. N., fr. 198 North to WalthamlineDedham Oak Hill, fr 102 Winchesterto Boston lineDeland, Nv., fr. Clarendon av. easterlyDelmore Road, N. H., fr. 951 BoylstonDenns Place, N. C, fr. 16 Cemetery av.Derby, W. N., fr 309 Waltham to Lexingtonnear Waltham lineDevon Road, C. H., fr. 55 Middlesex roadto Brookline lineDevon Road, N. C, fr. 137 Grant av. toMarshallDevon Road, Waban, fr. 79 Collins roadto Illford roadDevon Terrace, N. C, fr. 35 Devon roadDexter Road, Nv., fr. Bullough's Parkto HullDickerman Road, N. H., fr. 225 Lincolnnear Eliot station westerlyDix Lane, W. N., footway, fr. 1582 Commonwealthav.Dorset Road, W., fr. 19 Berwick roadDouglas, W. N., fr. Hicks westerlyDover Avenue/Nv., fr. 17 HawthornDuane Avenue, W. N., fr. 8 Pine southDudley, N. C, fr. 98 Jackson to Brooklinenear VineDuffield Road. Au., fr. 63 Islington roadDuncklee, N. EC., fr. 1061 Walnut westto Terrace av.Dunstan, W. N., fr. 914 Watertown to1191 WashingtonDunster Road, C. H., fr. 33 Middlesexroad to Brookline lineDurant, N., fr. 65 Pembroke to 124 Waverleyav.Dwhinda Road, Waban, fr. 228 Varickroad to Quinobequin road.

14 NEWTON BLUE BOOK— **EASTBOURNE ROAD, from 326 Wardto 501 Commonwealth av.Elmwood Park, Nv., fr. 96 AustinHighland avtoEast Boulevard Road, N. C, fr. 359WardEmerald, N., fr. 93 Hawthorn to ShamrockEast Quinobequin Road, W., fr. 460 Wabanav. south to Quinobequin roadEmerson, N., fr. 58 Boyd to 71 PearlEndicott, N. H., fr. Hinckley roadtoEast Side Parkway, Nv., fr. 250 Newtonvilleav. to Cabot, through CabotparkEasy, N. H., fr. Needham near WinchesterwesterlyEddy, Nv., fr. 796 Watertown to 1039WashingtonEden Avenue, W. N., fr. 965 Watertownto Davis av.Edgefield Road, W., fr. to 47 Devon id.Edinboro, Nv., fr. 663 WatertownEdinboro Circle, Nv., fr 57 Page roadEdinboro Place, Nv., fr. 66 Page roadEdinboro Terrace, Nv., fr. 119 EdinboroeasterlyEldredge," N., fr. 320 Franklin to 20ElmwoodElgin, N. C, fr. 132 Langley road easterlyand northerlyEliot Avenue, W. *N., fr. 797 Watertownto 376 WalthamEliot Memorial Road, N. fr. 310 Waverlevav.Elliot, fr. 990 Boylston at junction ofCook and Woodward, N. H., to bridgeat Neelham line, U. F.Elliot Place, U. F., fr. 326 Elliot southElliot Terrace, U. F., fr. 180 ElliotEllis. U. F., fr. 1308 Boylston to ChestnutEllison Road, N. C, fr. 956 Commonwealthav.Elm, W. N.. fr. Washington to RiverElm Court, W. N., 105 River opp. ElmnorthElm Place, Nv., fr. 28 Otis to near WalnutsouthElm Road. Nv., fr. 429 Walnut to Lowellav.Elmhurst Road, N.. fr. 21 Washingtoncro-simr Hunnewell av.Elmore. N. C, fr. 501 Ward to Morselandav.Elmwood. N., fr. 382 Centre to 35 ParkPlymouth roadErie Avenue, N. H., fr. 41 Hartford toWoodwardEssex Road, C. H.. fr. 430 Hammond to177 Chestnut Hill roadEuclid Avenue, N. C, fr. 31 Bartlett rd.Everett, N. C, fr. 215 Grant av.Evergreen Avenue, Au., fr. 584 Auburnto 45 Pigeon Hill roadExeter, W. N., fr. 72 Berkeley nearPrince to 1507 Comonwealth av.FAIRFAX, W. N., fr. 75 Prince toSterlingFairmount Avenue, N., fr. 650 Centre to40 ClaremontFairmount, L. F., fr. 2076 Beacon nearWashington westFair Oaks Avenue, Nv., fr. 67 Linwoodav. north across CaliforniaFairview, N., fr. 128 Oakleigh road southto Hunnewell av.Fairview Terrace, W. N., fr. 99 Chestnutnear Hillside ter.Farlow r Hill, between Kenrick, Waverlevav. and NonantumFarlow Park, N., bounded by Vernon,Eldredge and Church streetsFarlow r Road, N., fr. 264 Waverley av.easterlyFarwell, Nv.. fr. 203 North to NorthFaxon, N., fr. 276 California to 293WatertownFayette, N., fr. 69 Gardner to 130 BoydFayette Place, N., fr. Favette westFelton, W. N., fr. 1206'Washington toAustinFenno Road, N. C, fr. 57 Manemet 315 HomerFenwick Road, Waban, fr. 107 Collinsroad to ChestnutFern, Au., fr. 308 Central to 111 HancockFerncroft Road. An., fr. 11 Greenonghto 1S23 Commonwealth

KEWTOX BLUE BOOKi5Fisher Avenue, N T .to WalnutII., fr. 21 DunckleeGibson Road, Nv., fr. 56 Clyde opp. PulsifersouthFloral Place, N. H., fr. 330 BoylstonFloral Place., N. H., fr. 19 Floral northGilbert, W. N., fr. 38 Auburn to 60Greenough.Florence, N. C,Brookline linefr. 330 Boylston to Glen Avenue, N. 0., fr. 630 Beacon toLanglev roadForest, N. H., fr. 1117 Walnut crossingBowdoinForest Avenue, W. N., fr. 204 Mt. VernonForest Avenue, Au., fr. 227 Woodlandroad to Aspen av.Forest Grove Road, Au., fr. Islingtonroad to Waltliam line.Foster, Nv., fr. 215 Walnut to Lowellnear WashingtonFoster. W. N., fr. 150 Derby to Adams av.Fountain, W. N., fr. 328 Otis to 46 ValentineFrances, N. H., fr. Elliot to Margaret rd.Francis, N. C, fr. 366 Ward near IrvingFranklin, N., fr. 144 Farlow road to 554CentreFrederick, Nv., fr. 157 Harvard to GayFreeman, Au., fr. 34 StanifordFuller, W. N., fr. 1306 Commonwealthav. near WashingtonFuller Terrace, W. N., fr. 169 Walthamto 185 WalthamFurber Lane, N. C, fr. 664 Commonwealthav. to HomerFurness Place, Au., fr. 219 AuburnGALEN, N., fr. Charles river to the beginningof Centre at Watertown lineGalway, N., fr. Charles river southerlyto 163 CaliforniaGannon Court, W. N., fr 24 Alden piGarden Road, fr. Hyde av. to 658 CentreGardner, N., fr. 27 School to 183 PearlGarland Road, N. C, fr. 1065 Beaconnear Walnut crossing Brentwood av.Gates, Au., fr. 1802 Washington nearStanton av. easterlyGay, Nv., fr. 312 Cabot near HarvardGeorge, N., fr. 73 Hyde av.George, N. H.. fr. 110 Vaughan av.GeorQe, W. N., fr. 43 JamesGerard Court, W. N., fr. Cross to WashingtonGibbs, N. C, fr. 707 BeaconGlen Road, N. C, from 154 Langiey rd.Glendale Road, N. C, fr. Ballard eastGlenland Road, N. C, fr. Florence nearBrookline lineGlenmore Terrace, N. H., fr. 977 BoylstonnortherlyGlenwood Avenue, N. C, fr. 29 Ridgeav. to ParkerGordon ter. N. fr. 39 PearlGould Road, Au., fr. 1849 Washingtonnear Aspen av. westGrafton, N. C, fr. 1047 Centre to HomerGrand View Terrace, W. N., fr. Greenwoodav. eastGrant, W. N., fr. Foster to SheridanGrant, Au., fr. 62 Newell roadGrant Avenue, N. C, fr. 272 Ward to677 BeaconGrasmere, N., fr. 47 Washington to B.& A. R. R. crossing Hunnewell av.Gray Birch Terrace, fr. 125 Highland av.Gray Cliff Road, N. C, fr. 645 Beacon toGrant av.Green, N., fr. West to PearlGreen Court, N., fr. 59 Green northerlyGreen Lawn Avenue, N. C, fr. 87 Hancockav. across Park laneGreenough, W. N., fr. 112 Auburn to1609 WashingtonGreenwood, N. C, fr. 608 Dedham to335 DudleyGreenwood Avenue, W. N., fr. 261 Austinto Mt. VernonGrove, Au., fr. 244 Auburn to 2317 WashingtonGrove Hill Avenue, Nv., fr. 78 Prospectav.Grove Hill Park, Nv., fr. 56 Prospectav. southGroveland, Au., fr. Grove to MapleHACKETT, N. C, fr. 293 Langiey roadto 260 CypressHagar Path. L. F., fr. 635 Grove streetat cemeterv to Concord

16 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHaffermehl Place, N. 0-, fr. 116 Carlislesoutherly-Hale, U. F., fr. 334 Elliot to Penn. av.Hall, N., fr. 357 Centre to 294 WashingtonHamilton, L. F., 2225 to 2279 WashingtonHamlet, N. C, fr. 326 Langley^ road nearCarlisle easterlyHammell Place, N. C., fr. 176 Florencenear Brookline line northHammond, N. C, fr. 140 Ward to BrooklinelineHammondswood Road, N. C, fr. 286Commonwealth av. southerly to BeaconHampshire, W. N., fr. Valentine opp.Fountain to Chestnut opp. BerkeleyHancock, Au., fr. 180 Central to GroveHancock Avenue, N. C, fr. 965 Beacon to1035 BeaconHarding, W. N., fr. 537 Crafts to WalthamlineHarrington Nv. fr. 450 Albermarle rd. to1023 WashingtonHarris Road, W. N., fr. 240 Cherry opp.Cherry place to TalbotHarrison, N. H., fr. 243 Lincoln nearEliot station westerlyHartford, N. H., fr. Lincoln to BoylstonHarvard, Nv., fr. 704 Washington crossingCabotHarvey Place, W. N., 140 Webster toBorderHawthorn, N., fr. 434 Watertown to 29Lincoln roadHawthorn Avenue, Au., fr. 185 Woodlandroad across Aspen av.Haywood rd., C. H., fr. 12 BeaconHazelton Road, Nv., fr. 865 Commonwealthav.Hazelhurst av. W. N. fr. 92 WalthamHenshaw, W. N., fr. 314 Cherry to 43RiverHenshaw Place, W. N., fr. 27 HenshaweasterlyHenshaw Terrace, W. N., fr. 47 HenshawHermon Terrace, N., fr. 241 WashingtonnortheastHereford Road, Waban, fr. 189 Kent 47 Kinmonth roadHersey, N. H., fr. 15 Thornton rd. to 32WadeHicks, W. N., fr. 34 Virginia roadHiggins, Au., fr. 2145 Commonwealthav. northerlyHigh, N. H., fr. Columbia av. to JaconnetHigh, U. F., fr. 30b Elliot to 1254 BoylstonHighland, W. N., fr. 1320 Washingtonto Lowell av.Highland Avenue, Nv. and W. N., fr.337 Walnut to Hillside av.Highland Park, Nv., fr. 57 Highland av.near MurrayHighland Terrace, Nv., fr. 49 HighlandavenueHillsboro Terrace, N. C, fr. 35 Devonroad northerlyHillside Road, N. H., fr. 1087 Walnut to2 BowdoinHillside Avenue, W. N., fr. 358 Austinto OtisHillside Terrace, W. N., fr. 75 ChestnutwesterlyHinckley Road, N. H., fr. Cochituateacqueduct to 183 WoodwardHobart Road, N. C, fr. 210 Ward to 525BeaconHobart Terrace, N. C, fr. 135 Hobart rd.Hobson, L. F., fr. 166 ConcordHollis, N., fr. 515 Centre to 544 CentreHomer, N. C, fr. 1105 Centre to Commonwealthav.Homestead, W., fr. 39 PlainfieldHovey, N., fr. 36 Waban to 411 WashingtonHoward, N., fr. 180 Newtonville avenuesouth to BellevueHoward, W. N., fr. Derby to Adams av.Hull, Nv., fr. 507 Walnut to Lowell av.Hunnewell Avenue, N., fr. near Bostonline to 151 WashingtonHunnewell Terrace, N., fr. Hunnewell 44 S. JamesHunter, W. N., fr. 45 Highland to 18PutnamHuntington Road, N., fr. 71 Farlow road

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 17Hurley Place, N. C., fr. 5U0 BoylstonsouthHyde N. II., fr. Centre to WalnutHyde Avenue, N BJ fr. 63U Centre toSargent1LLFORD ROAD, We ban, fr. 37 Fen wickroad to Quinobequin roadInstitution Avenue, N. C, fr. 814 Beoconto Newton The logical InstitutionIntervale Road, N. C, fr. 82 MontvaleroadIntervale Road, W. N., fr. 75 Auburndaleav.Ionia, Au., from 318 Auburndale av., to421 LexingtonIrving, N. C, fr. 390 WardIrvington, W., from 1708 Beacon toNehoiden roadIrwin Road, W., from 200 Waban 392 Quinobequin roadIslington Road, Au., fr. 2227 Commonwealthav. near the riverlvanhoe, N., fr. 40 Kenilworth to 43Montroselvanhoe Avenue, W. N., fr. Chase a v.JACKSON, N. C., fr. 341 Boylston to 591BoylstonJackson Road, N., fr. Morse to 541WashingtonJaconnet, N. II., fr. 245 WinchesterJames. W. N., fr. 315 RiverJefferson, N., fr. 39 Maple to 292 CentreJenison, Nv., from 49 Lothrop to 32JudkinsJepsen Court, W. N., fr. 11 Henshawter. northerlyJerome Avenue, W. N., fr. 143 Cherrynear Pleasant west to Russell roadJewett, N., fr. Morse to 465 WashingtonJewett Place, N., fr. Jewett near BoydeastJohn, N. C, fr. 331 Boylston opp. FlorencenortherlyJohnson Place, Au., fr. 508 Auburn nearWoodbine ter. southerlyJones Court, N., fr. .225 Adams southJosselvn Place, N. H., fr. 41 ElliotJudkins, Nv., fr. 161 Crafts opp. Centralav. to JenisonJudkins Path, Nv., fr. 2 LothropIvAPOSlA, Au., fr. 51 Ware road to 66Chaske av.Keefe Avenue, U. F., fr. 34 River av. toPennsylvania av.Ivelveden Road, W., fr. 63 Carlton roadto Alban roadKempton Place, W. N., fr. 1161 WashingtonnorthKendall Terrace, fr. 89 ParkKendall Road, N. H., fr. 313 Parker to60 Walnut HillKenihvorth, N., fr. 352 Waverley av.passing lvanhoeKenmore, N. C, fr. 161 Lake avenuewesterlyKenneth, N. H., fr. Columbia av. to JaconnetKenney Place, L. F., fr. 1999 BeaconKenosha, Au., fr. Met. Park near WoerdavenueKenrick, N., fr. 266 Waverley av. toBoston lineKenrick Park, N., on Park st. between36 Church and 243 FranklinKensington, W. N., fr. Watertown toWildwood av.Kent Road, W., fr. 106 Kinmonth roadto 114 Windsor roadKenwood Avenue, N. C, fr. Homer opp.Pleasant to Commonwealth av.Kewadin Road, W., fr. 25 Tamworthroad to 40 IllfordKeyes, W. N., fr. Taft av. to WalthamKimball Terrace, Nv., fr. 46 Otis southerlyto Elm roadKing, Au., fr. 316 Lexington near Orrisacross CrownKingsbury, C. H., fr. 347 Hammond toSuffolk roadKinmonth Road, fr. Windsor road nearBeacon westKirkstall Road, Nv., fr. 492 Walnut to149 Upland roadKnowles, N. C, fr. 151 Langley road toRipleyKnowles Terrace, Nv., fr. 640 WatertownLACRANGE, N. C, fr. Brookline line toBoston lineLake Avenue, Au., fr. Woodland to AspenavPEARMAINBROOKS. BROKERSMembers of Boston andNew York Stock Exchanges.S. B. PEARMAIN L. LORING BROOKS53 STATE ST., BOSTON

N18 NEWTON BLUE BOOKLake Avenue, N. C, fr. 102 Pleasant to1144 WalnutLake Terrace, N. C, fr. 146 Lake av.easterly to Crystal LakeLake View Avenue, Nv., fr. 629 Walnutto 395 HomerLakewood Road, N. H., fr. 203 Lakeav. to 48 Fisher av.Langdon, N., fr. Bellevue south to CabotLangley Road, N. C, fr. 1216 Centre toJackson near BoylstonLarkin Road, W. N., fr. 54 Murray WestwoodLasell, Au., fr. 98 Hancock southeastLaurel, N. C, fr. 970 Beacon to Lake av.Laurel Avenue, W. N., fr. Waltham lineto 75 TolmanLawrence Avenue, C. H., fr. 254 Beaconto Lee a v.Lawrence Road, C. H., fr. 315 Hammondto Suffolk roadLedges Road The, N. C, fr. 126 Bishop^gateroadLee Avenue, C. H., fr. Reservoir av. toLawrence av.Lenox, W. N., fr. 284 Otis to 88 ValentineLewis, Nv, fr. Newtonville av. to LangdonLewis Terrace, N., fr. 554 Washingtonto 235 Newtonville av.Lexington. Au., fr. Waltham line to 291AuturnLill Avenue, W. N., fr. 246 River to PineLincoln, N. H., fr. 1165 Walnut to B.&. A. R. R. at Eliot stationLincoln Park, W N., between Washington.Margin and Lincoln Park streetsLincoln Park (street), W. N., fr. 106Margin to 1472 WashingtonLincoln Place, W. N., fr. 10 Lincoln parksoutherlyLincoln Road, N., fr. 259 Adams to 28ShamrockLinden. U. F., fr. 250 Elliot across ChestnvtLinder Terrace, N., fr. 118 Hunnewellav. southerlyLinwood Avenue, Nv., fr. 635 Watertownto Silver LakeLinwood Park, Nv., bounded by Walnut,Crafts and Linwood av.Lombard, N., fr. 679 Centre to ClaremontLoring, N. C, fr. 19 Ballard to 453 WardLoring Park, N. C, cor. Cotton and CentrestreetsLoring Road, N. C, fr. 16 Glendale roadLos Angeles. N., fr. 184 California toAllisonLothrop, Nv., fr. 127 CraftsLotus Avenue, N. C, fr. 82 Clark acrossWheelerLowell Avenue, Nv., fr. 186 Crafts, cor.W?tertowTi to Commonwealth av.Lower Falls Park, L. F., between Concordand Charles riverLucas Court, W. N., fr. 1397 WashingtonnorthLyman, N. C, fr. 185 Sumner to 1178CentreLyons Court, N., fr. 81 Watertown northMADISON AVENUE, Nv., fr. 59 Harvardto 322 WalnutMadoc, N. C M fr. 250 Langley rd. easterlyto CarlisleMagnolia Avenue, N., fr. 364 Kenrick toEliot MemorialMague Avenue, W. N., fr. 171 RivernorthMague Place, W. N., fr. 26 Mague av.easterlv acioss ThomasMaguire Court, Nv., fr. 66 Crafts opp.Clinton FcuthManemet Road, fr. N. C, 14 Bothfeldroad to 239 HomerManet lioau, C. H., fr. Waban Hill to114 HammondManhattan Road, W. N., fr. 57 Thomasto 110 WestlandMaple, Au. fr. 198 Auburn to WoodlandroadMaple, N., fr. 1 Jefferson to GalenMt-.ple Avenue, N., fr. 212 Church nearCentre southMaple Circle. N., fr. 22 Maple avenueeasterlvMople Park, N. C. fr. 131 Langley roadsouth v,-estMaple Road. Au.. from 348 Central to 37WiHMon PondE. A. ROBART & SONSAWNINGS(Successors to ROB ART BROS.)311-317 Washington St., - - - BrooklinoPhone 1269 Brooklino

XEWTOX BLUE BOOK 19Maple Terrace, Au., fr. Maple nearWoodland road westerlyMaple Terrace, N., fr. 91 Maple av. toOaklandMargaret Road, N. H,near Circuit 1074 Boylstonto ElliotMargin, W. N., fr. 55 Chestnut to 1422WashingtonMarion, W. N., fr. 74 Cherry placeMarlboro, N., fr. Tremont near Pembroketo NonantumMarshall, N. C, fr. 167 Grant av. to114 SumnerMason Terrace, W.. fr. Collins rd. southMassasoit, Au., fr. Norumbega at Met.ParkMay, Au., fr. 42 Newell road to 273Auburndale av.Mechanic, U. F., fr. 212 Elliot crossingrailroadMelrose, Au., fr. 141 Staniford to 351AuburnMelrose Avenue, Au., fr. 439 Lexingtonto 276 MelroseMelville Terrace, N., fr. Morse near Galen,southMeredith Avenue, N. H., fr. 1095 Boylstonto Circuit R. R. at Eliot stationMeredith Road, N., fr. 37 RichardsonnortherlyMerrill, N. C, fr. 77 Ripley to 11 SearsMerton, N., fr. 64 Elmhurst roadMiddle, N., fr. 239 Chapel to 258 AdamsMiddlesex Road, C. H., fr. 510 Hammondnear Chestnut Hill station to BrooklinelineMidland Avenue, N., fr. 23 Riverdale av.Mill, Nv., fr. 919 CentreMilton, W. N., fr. 81 Underwood avenuenear Waltham lineMinot Avenue, Au., crossing Gould road'north and southMinot Place, Nv., fr. 37 Walnut westerlyMoffat- Road, Waban, fr. 59 Montclair rd.northerly and easterly to 501 ChestnutMonadnock Road, N. C., fr. 124 Hobartroad east crossing- Wachusett roadMontclair Road. W., fr. 1537 Beaconwpst to Windsor roadMontrose, N., fr. 400 Waverley av. passingTvanhoeMont vale Crescent, N. C, fr 51 Montvaleroad to Montvale roadMontvale Road, N C, fr. Hobart roadto 134 Grant av.Monument, N., fr. 320 Waverley av. toEliot MemorialMoreland Avenue, N. C, fr. 127 Lake av.northwesterlyMorgan Place, N>, fr. Cook near WatertowneasterlyMorrill, W. N., fr. 503 CraftsMorse, N., fr. Galen to WatertownMorseland Avenue, N. C, fr. 102 Mill to759 Commonwealth av.Morton, N. C, fr. 196 Mill to 157 HomerMossfield Road, W., fr. Carlton road toWaban av.Moulton, L. F., fr. 686 Grove near WashingtoneasterlyMountfort Road, N. H., fr. 139 LincolnMount Ida, N. fr. 525 Centre to Newtonvilleav.Mount Ida Terrace, N., fr. 40 BenningtonsoutherlyMount Vernon, Nv. and W. N., fr. 1000Washington across R. R. to 58 HillsideavenueMount Vernon Terrace, Nv., fr. 118 Mt.Vernon near Allston eastMunroe, Nv., fr. 284 Newtonville avenuenear Harvard southMurphy Court, N., fr. 203 AdamsMurray Road, Au., fr. 164 Auburndaleav. to WebsterMyrtle, W. N., fr. 1556 Washington toTempleMyrtle Avenue, Au., fr. 39 Lake av. to'l30 GroveNAHANTON, N. H., fr. 739 Dedham atOak Hill to Kenrick's bridgeNeal, L. F., fr. 51 Cornell westerly toB. & A. R. R.Needham, N. H., fr. 97 Winchester toCharles riverNehoiden Road, W., fr. 73 Waban 1910 BeaconNeshobe Road, W., fr. 2106 Washingtonto Alban roadNevada. Nv.. fr. 534 CaliforniaNewbury, N. C, fr. 1012 Beacon to 33CrystalReal EstateJOHN Jc DELANEYInsurance249 WASHINGTON ST. NONANTUM BLDG., Listings Solicited in the NewtonsNewton Tel. N.N. 191

20 NEWTON BLUE BOOKNewbury Terrace, N. C, fr. 10 Newburynear BeaconNewell Road, Au., fr. 229 Auburndale 2 OrrisNewland, Au., fr. 52 Charles to B. &A P R^x. it, -LV.Newton Centre Playground, bounded byCentre, Pleasant and Bowen streetsNewtonville Avenue, fr. 565 Centre toWalnut, Nv.Nobscott Road, N. C, fr. 170 WardNonantum, N., fr. 182 Waverley av. opp.Franklin to Boston lineNonantum Hill, N., between Tremontand Kenrick at Boston lineNonantum Place, fr. 183 Charlesbank rd.near WashingtonNorfolk Road, C. H., fr 95 Middlesex 1083 BovlstonNorman Road, N, H., fr. 1-i Lake Woodroad near Lake av.North, N. C, fr. 1098 Commonwealthaw to Cemetery a v.North, Nv., fr. Crafts to Walthain lineNorth Gate Park, W. N., fr. 353 Walthamnear Derby westerlyNorth Prospect, W. N., fr 102 Hicks to1519 WashingtonNorumbega Road, N. C, fr. 67 AlgonquinroadNorwood Avenue, N. C, fr. 57 Crescentav. to Centre near railroadNorwood Avenue, Nv., fr. 1 Parkviewav. to 70 Harvard crossing ClarendonOAK, U. F., fr. 284 Elliott to NeedhamOak Avenue, W. N., fr. 22 Auburndaleav. to 109 WebsterOak Hill, O. H., fr. 289 Brookline toDedhamOak Ri Ige, Au., fr. 58 Seminary av.Oak Terrace, N. H., fr. 32 Mountfort rd.Oakdale Road, N. H., fr. 267 Parker to100 Woodcliff roadOakland, N., fr. 240 Church to 79 Newtonvilleav.Oakland Avenue, Au., fr. 2400 Commonwealthav. near Charles river toPigeon Hill roadOakleigh Road, N., fr. east of Willardto 133 Hunnewell av.Oakwood Road. Nv., fr. 255 Upland rd.Oakwood, Au., from47 Williston rd.Oakwood Terrace, 28 Kenwood av.10 Maple Road toC, fr. 157 MortonOhio Avenue, U. F., fr. Pennsylvania av.near Oak northerlyOld England Road, C. H. fr 57 Woodmanrd.Old Orchard Road, fr. 245 Hammond,near Beacon, Chestnut Hill to DeerlieldroadOld Winchester, N. H., fr. Columbia WinchesterOmar Terrace, Nv., fr. 71 Central av.westerlyOrchard, N., fr. 25 St. James to 150Charlesbank roadOrchard Avenue, N. H., fr. Woodwardsouth to railroadOrient Avenue, N. C, fr. 20 OakwoodterraceOrris, Au., fr. 294 Lexington to NewellroadOssippee Road, U. F., fr. Linden westto 06 OakOtis, Nv., fr. 383 Walnut to Chestnut atWest NewtonOtis Place, Nv., fr. 75 Otis near LowellavenueOwaisa Road, W., fr. 1824 Beacon toNehoiden roadOwatonna Road, Au., fr. 24 Chaske 21 Ware roadOxford Road, N. C, fr. 40 Paul to ParkerPACKARD, W. N., fr. Cherry nearPleasant easterlyPage Road, Nv., fr. 189 Walnut crossingWatertownPark, N.. fr, 196 Washington near therailroad to SargentPark, fr. Morse to Boyd opp EmersonPark Avenue, N., fr. 90 Sargent nearPark to CottonPark Lane, N. C, fr. 190 Pleasant toCreenlawn av.Park Place, Nv.. fr. 78 Washington parksoutherly to CabotParker, N. C, fr. 67 Cypress near Paulto DedhamAll Kinds of Insurance HENRY W.tablished 1840NEWTON OFFICE, 255SAVAGE, INC.WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 27S0--J7S1

NEWTOX BLUE BOOK 21Parker Avenue, N. C,westfr. 291 ParkerPond Avenue, N., fr. 17 Fayette northerlyParkview Avenue, N. C, fr. 291 ParkerParkway Road, N. C. fr. 992 Commonwealthav. to 359 HomerParsons, Nv., fr. 822 Watertown to 1063WashingtonPaul, N. C, fr. 45 Cypress to 1400 CentrePaul Park, N. C, on Centre opp. PaulPearlPeabody, N., fr. 323 Washington to 48Pearl, N., fr. 281 Centre to 260 WatertownPearl Court, fr. 12 Pearl to 282 WashingtonPelham, N. C, fr. 1219 Centre to Crescentav.Pembroke, N., fr. Tremont to NonantumPennsylvania Avenue, U. F., fr. 49 Oakto Keefe av.Perkins, W. N., fr. 1474 Washingtonpassing WinthropPettee, U. F., Ir. 118 Thurston road toElliotPhillips, Au., fr. 49 Bourne to Commonwealthav.Pigeon Hill Road, Au., fr. 107 Riversiderd. to 75 Oakland av.Pike, W. N., fr. 61 AuburnPilgrim Road, fr. Waban av. W.Pillion Court, Nv., fr. 270 Newtonvilleav. southPine, N. H., fr. 178 WoodwardPine, W. N., fr. 220 River to WashburnavenuePine Grove Avenue, L. F., fr. 525 Groveto ConcordPine Ridge Road, W., fr. 107 Allen 449 WoodwardPla infield, W., fr. 666 Chestnut nearWoodward east to Allen av.Pleasant, N. C, from 1195 Centre toHomer.Pleasant, W. N., fr. 263 Waltham to168 CherryPlymouth Road, N. H., fr. 2 EndicottPond, N., fr. Watertown at Watertownline southeasterlyPontiac Road, W., fr. 200 Varick roadto Quiiiobequin roadPotter, N., fr. 270 AdamsPrairie Avenue, Au., fr. 22 Rowe acrossAuburndale av.Prescott, Nv., fr. 32 Lowell across Centralav.Prince, W. N., fr. 44 Temple to Commonwealthav.Proctor, fr. 19 Brooks av. to 36 WalkerProspect, W. N., fr. 1520 Washington to130 TempleProspect Avenue, Nv., fr. 579 Walnut toBeaumont av.Prospect Park, Nv., fr. 28 Beaumont 1 Grove Hill av.Prospect Place, W. N., fr. 20 NorthProspect near Hicks easterlyProspect Terrace, Nv., fr. 70 ProspectparkPulsifer, Nv., fr. 358 Cabot to ClydePutnam, W. N., fr. 1372 Washingtonacross railroad to TempleQUINOBEQU1N ROAD, fr. 2202 Washington,L. F., to 1309 Boylston, U. F.Quirck Court, N., fr. 199 Adams southRADCLIFF ROAD, W., fr. 53 Tamworthroad to 640 Quinobequin roadRaeburn Terrace, N. H., fr. 33 Hillsideroad northerlyRandolph, N. H., fr. 104 Woodward to33 Dickerman roadRanson Road, N. C, from 685 Commonwealthav.Raymond Place, W. N., fr. 334 Cherrynear River eastRead Court. N. C, fr. 520 Commonwealthav. near Grant av. southerlyRegent, W. N., fr. 29 Lenox to 24 FountainRemick Terrace, N., fr. 64 CharlesbankRoad to B. & A. R. R.Reservoir Avenue, C. H., fr. 170 Beaconto HammondRice, N. C, from 69 Summer to 1068CentreRichardson, N., fr. 451 Centre to Churchcrossing B. & A. R. R. to WashingtonREAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLE

22 XEWTOX BLUE BOOKRichardson Road, U. F., fr. 1259 BoylstonnorthRicker Road, N., fr. 160 Tremont to ArlingtonRicker Terrace, N., fr. Ricker road easterlyRidge Avenue, N. C, fr. 70 Parker southpassing Glenwood avenueRidge Road, W., fr.across Carlton road180 Varick roadRipley, N. C., fr. 50 Chase to 191 LangleyroadRipley Terrace, N. C, fr. 1307 Centrenear Beacon westerlyRiver, W. N., fr. 481 Waltham to 64LexingtonRiver, U. F., fr. 165 Oak to AbbottRiver Avenue, U. F., fr. 376 Elliot toCharles riverRiver Path, Au., fr. Islington road toCharles riverRiverdale Avenue, N., fr. 163 CaliforniaRiver Place, W., fr. Dwhinda road to 190Quinobequin roadRiverside, Au., fr. 70 Charles north ofangle to Charles again near railroadRiverside Road, Au., fr. 95 Charles toCharles riverRiverview, W. N., fr. Rumford av. atWaltham line across ButtrickRobin Dell, Au., fr. 218 Grove easterlyRobin Hood Road, Au., fr. 73 Crescentnear railroadRockland, N., fr. 41 Jewett to 16 FayetteRockland, N. H., fr. 217 Winchester to124 XeedhamRockland Place, U. F., fr. 1214 BoylstonRockledge Road, N. H., fr. Woodclilf Woodside roadRockwood Terrace, Au., fr. 479 AuburnRogers. X. C, fr. 1459 Centre to Lake av.Rogers, K H. fr. 234 Lake av. to 33Allerton roadRokeby Road, W., fr. 54 Pontiac roadacross Irwin roadRossmere, Nv., fr. 61 Lowell av. westerlyto WatertownRowe, Au., fr. 216 Auburndale av. to'1 '7 Commonwealth av.Rowe Terrace, Au., fr. 1962 Commonwealthav.Royce rd., Nv., fr. 05 MortonRumford Avenue, W. N., fr. Lexingtonopp. River to Waltham lineRussell Court, Nv., fr. 403 Walnut westRussell Road, N., fr. 119 Charlesbank rd.Russell Road, W. N., fr. Jerome av. toClark roadRustic, N., fr. Charles river south to 253CaliforniaRuthven Road, N., fr. 239 Waverley 262 ParkRyan Court, W. N., fr. 31 Auburndaleav. northerlySALISBURY ROAD, N., fr. 24 Winchesterroad to 163 CabotSargent, N., fr. 269 Waverley av. toCentreSaxon Road, N. H., fr. 34 Berwick roadto 45 Lake Wood roadSaxon Terrace, N. H., fr. Saxon roadeasterlySchool, N., fr. Pearl near Thorntoncrossing Gardner •Sears, N. C, fr. Langley rd. to CypressSelden, N. H., fr. 11 Hinckley road to182 Winslow roadSeminary Avenue, Au., fr. 139 Woodlandrd. southwesterly crossing Myrtle av.Sewall, W. X T ., fr. 39 Prince to SterlingShamrock, N., fr. 36 Emerald to 65 LincolnroadSharon Avenue, W. 1ST., fr. 109 CrescentwestShaw, W, N., fr. 20 Lincoln park toWinthropShawmut Park, U. F., fr. 13 Ossipee roadnortherlySheridan, W. N., fr. 218 Derby to 227RiverShorncliffe Road, N., fr. 22 Nonantuni toFarlow roadShort, W., fr. Chestnut to BeaconSimms Court, W. N., fr. 1483 Washingtonopp. Perkins to 122 HicksSimpson Terrace, Nv., fr. 14 Washingtonpark to 113 HarvardSmith, Au., fr. 2109 Commonwealth av.Smith Avenue, W. N., fr. 211 River toClevelandE. A. ROBART & SONS .uSnJSyy?^. 1^^Antique Furniture Repaired and Refinished Phone 1269 Brookline

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 23Smith's Court, W. N., fr. 156 River westSomerset Road, W. N., fr. 248 Otis toHighlandSomerset Road, W., fr. 2034 Beacon to34 Neshobe roadSouth, N. C, fr. 337 Beacon to Commonwealthav.South River, N., continuation of Californiainto Watertown, east to GalenSpring, U. F., fr. 12 Summer to WinterSquirrel Lane, N. C, fr. 117 Bishopsgaterd. to 39 Gray CliffStandish, N. H., fr. Columbus to ChesteiStaniford, Au., fr. 239 Lexington to MelroseStanton Avenue, Au., fr. 1808 Washingtonto Washington near Aspen av.Station Avenue, N. H., fr. 332 Lake N. H. StationStearns, N. C, fr. 185 Parker to ClarkSterling, W. N., fr. 110 Temple to Berkeley,southeasterlyStetson Way, Waban, fr. 39 Pontiac Dwhinda roadSt. James, N., fr. 90 Charlesbank rd. to173 WashingtonSt. Mary's, L. F., fr. 112 Pine Grove toConcordStone Avenue, C. H., fr. 220 Beacon toHammondStudio Road, Au., fr. 245 Woodland Aspen av.Suffolk Road, C. H., fr. 451 Hammondto BeaconSullivan Avenue, U. F., fr. 329 Elliot to1034 ChestnutSummit, N., fr. 94 Newtonville av. to126 BellevueSummer, U. F., fr. 96 High to 978ChestnutSumner, N. C, fr. 442 Ward near Centreto Langley roadSurrey Road, N., fr. Claremont to LangdonSwallow, L. F., fr. 8 HobsonSwan av., W. N., fr. Kelly av. to HardingSweet, U. F., fr. Oak southerly acrossButtsSylvan Avenue, W. N., fr. 321 Highlandto ValentineSylvan Road, W., fr. 69 Allen av. to 45Upland roadTAFT AVENUE, W. N., fr.across KeyesHardingTalbot, W. N., fr. 72 Derby to 37 HarrisroadTanrworth Road, W., fr. 73 Fenwick ChestnutTarleton Road, N. C, fr. 212 Homersouth to Park laneTemple, W. N., fr. 101 Highland toFullerTerrace Avenue, N. H., fr. 58 Dunckleeto 83 Hillside roadThomas, W. N., fr. 16 Mague placenortherlyThornton, N., fr. 90 Pearl to 365 WashingtonThornton Place, N., fr. 40 Thornton eastThornton Road, N. H., fr. 844 Boylstonnear Walnut southThurston Road, U. F., fr. 71 Circuit av.westerly to PetteeTileston, L. P., fr. 2102 Beacon westTolman, W. N., fr. Robbins in Walthamto 275 DerbyTremont, N., fr. Boston line to 58 ParkTrent Road, W., fr. 67 Devon rd. to568 Quinobequin roadTrowbridge, N. C, fr. 28 Norwood av. to1355 CentreTrowbridge Avenue, Nv., fr. 470 WalnuteastTroy Lane, W. N., fr. 14 Fuller nearChestnut southerlyTudor Terrace, Au., fr. 262 Auburndaleav. near Rowe southTurner, Nv., fr. Central av. to WalnutTyler Terrace, N. C, fr. Centre to PleasantUNDERWOOD AVEXUE, W. N., fr.Waltham line to 117 TolmanUnion, N. C, fr. 736 Beacon to 28 Institutionav.Unity, Au., fr. 43 Hawthorn av., to 44Lake av.Upham, W. N., fr. 295 CherryUpland Road, W., fr. 1424 BeaconUpland Avenue, N. H., fr. 22 WinchesterReal EstateJOHN J. DELANEYInsurance249 WASHINGTON ST., NONANTUM BLDG., Listings Solicited in the NewtonsNewton Tel. N.N. 191

24 XEWTOX BLUE BOOKUpland Road, Nv., fr. 149 Kirkstall roadto 247 MillVALENTINE, W. N., fr. 212 Highlandto Commonwealth av.Valentine Park, W. N., fr. 41 Valentineto HampshireWalnut Park, N., fr. 98 Waban to 483WashingtonWalnut Place, Nv., fr. 353 Walnut toHighland av.Walnut Terrace, Nv., fr. 107 Central WalnutVarick Road, W., fr. 198G BeaconQuinobequintoWalsingham, L. F., fr. 2065 Washingtonat junction of Beacon northwesterlyVaughn Avenue, N. H., fr. 1298 Beaconto 152 Quinobequin roadVeazie, N. H., fr. near Wade across WillardVernon, N., fr. 57 Waverley av. to 440CentreVincent, W. N., fr. 47 Orchard av.Vine, N. C, fr. Brookline at Oak Hillto LagrangeVirginia Road, W. N., fr. 1451 Washingtonto HicksVista Avenue, Au., fr. 213 Woodlandrd. to Aspen av.Vista Road, W., fr. Varick rd. westerlyWABAN AVENUE, W., fr. 1674 Beaconto 2184 WashingtonWaban, N., fr. 17 Thornton to 184 PearlWaban Hill Road, N. C, fr. 83 Commonwealthav. northerly on WabanHillWaban Hill Terrace, N. C, fr. 40 WabanHill road to New T ton ReservoirWaban Park, N., on Waban betweenJewett and Walnut parkWabasso, Au., fr. Metropolitan Pk., n.Woerd a v.Wachusett Road, N. C. fr. 322 Commonwealthav. at junction Hammond to150 Hobart roadWade, N. H., fr. Winchester near BoylstonsouthWalden, Nv., fr. 140 Otis to 422 HighlandWaldorf Road, U. F., fr. 12 Meredith Bacon placeWalos, L. F., fr. 2204 Washington tobridge at Wellesley lineWalker, Nv., fr. 664 Watertown to 977Wa-hini'tonWalnut, Nv., fr. 306 Crafts to Dedhamat N. H.Walnut Hill Road, N. H., fr. 664 Boylstonto WalnutWaltliam, W. N., fr. Waltham line to1289 WashingtonWard, N. C, fr. 225 Commonwealth Morseland av. near CommonwealthavenueWare Lane, fr. 2149 Commonwealth Ware roadWare Road, Au., fr. 203 Melrose westerlyto KaposiaWarren, N. C, fr. 131 Elgin to 94 LangleyroadWarren Avenue, W. N., fr. 26 River to11 WebsterWarren Terrace, N. C, fr. 163 WarrenWarwick Road, W. N., fr, 304 WaltliameasterlyWashburn, N., fr. 224 Watertown nearcity line to PearlWashburn Avenue, Au., fr. 221 Auburndaleav. to OrrisWashington, fr. Boston line to Bridge atWellesley lineWashington Park, Nv., fr. 87 Harvard to348 WalnutWashington Terrace, Nv., fr. 885 WashingtonnortherlyWater, N. C, fr. 706 Commonwealth 71 HomerWaterston Road, N., fr. 226 Franklin toRuthven roadWatertown, fr. Watertown line to 1285Washington; also fr. Galen in Watertownto Newton lineWaverly Avenue, N., fr. 116 Washingtonto WardWaverly Place, L. F., fr. 2225 Washingtonnear HamiltonWebster, W. N., fr. 499 Waltham toRoweWebster Court, N. C, fr. 939 BeaconnorthWebster Park, W. N., fr. 161 Websterto Auburndale av.6ILM0UR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST BOSTON• »

VNEWTON BLUE BOOK 25Webster Place, W. N., fr. 129 WebsternorthWeir, Au., fr. 34 Robin Hood road to 23Sharon av.Wellington Terrace, N., fr. 87 ChurchWensley Road, W., fr. 74 Waban av.Wesley, N., fr. 503 Centre to CentreagainWessex Road, N. C, fr. 416 Ward nearSumner southWest, N., fr. 366 Watertown to 23 MiddleWest Boulevard Road, N. C, fr. 361WardWestbourne Road, N. C, fr. 356 Wardto 503 Commonwealth av.Westland Avenue, W. N., fr. Mague 275 CherryWestland Terrace, W. N., fr. 87 Westlandav.West Pine, Au., fr. 63 Freeman northerlyto Charles riverWestwood, W. N., fr. Webster to LarkinroadWestwood Road, W. N., fr. Eliot av. toEliot av.Wetherell, U. F., fr. 198 Elliot east to36 MechanicWhite Avenue, N. C, fr. 181 JacksonnortherlyWhite Oak Road, W., fr. 1952 Beacon toNeshobe roadWhitlowe Road, W. N., fr. 30 LexingtonWilber, N. H., fr. 72 Winslow rd. acrossVaughn av.Wilde Road, W., fr. Beacon to Alban rd.Wildwood Avenue, W. N., fr. 2 Kensingtonto 721 WatertownWillard, N., fr. 110 Oakleigh rd. to 97Hunnewell av.William, N., fr. Jefferson west to Watertownline to GalenWilliams, U. F., fr. 141 Oak southWilliams Court, U. F., fr. Williams eastWilliston Road, Au., fr. 131 Hancock av.Willow, N. C, fr. Centre to SummerWillow Terrace, N. C, fr. 35 BowensoutherlyWilton Road, Nv., fr. Central av. opp.Omer ter. easterlyWiltshire Road, N., fr. 286 Adams toJackson roadWinchester, N. H., fr. Boylston to NahantonWinchester Road, N., fr. 89 Langdon to138 East Side ParkwayWindermere Road, Au., fr. 1796 Commonwealthav. to opp 11 Brae BurnRoadWindsor Road, W., fr. 1627 Beacon northopp. Waban stationWinona, Au., fr. 44 Chaske av., to 41Ware roadWinslow Road, N. H., fr. 1320 BeaconWinsted Road, W., fr. 144 Montclair to207 WoodwardWinter, U. F., fr. 76 High to 1012 ChestnutWinthrop, W. N., fr. 50 Putnam to 57PerkinsWinthrop Avenue, N., fr. 35 Oaklandnear Newtonville av.Wiswall, W. N., fr. 45 Parsons to 44CrossWiswall Road, N. H., fr. 831 Dedhamnear Brookline southwesterlyWoerd Avenue, Au., fr. Metropolitan pk.near WabassoWolcott, Au., fr. 43 RoweWolcott-Burr Park, Au., on Central cor.HancockWolcott Park, Au., on Walcott betweenLexington and RoweWoodbine, Au., fr. 441 Auburn to beyondCommonwealth avWoodbine Terrace, Au., fr. Woodbinesouth to AuburnWoodcliff Road, N. H., fr. 1578 Centreopp. Hyde to 149 Walnut Hill roadWoodland Road, Au., fr. 470 Auburn to1729 WashingtonWoodland Terrace, Au., fr. 7 Woodlandroad near railroad southerlyWoodman Road, N. C, fr. 283 Hammondto 183 Suffolk roadWoodside Road, Nv., fr. 29 Kirkstall Mill, Nv.Woodward, U. F., fr. 997 Boylston toBeaconWylore Road, W., fr. 77 Collins roadWyman, W., fr. 717 Chestnut to 1630Beacon and WoodwardYork Road, W., fr. 24 Edgefield road to532 Quinobequin roadManagement of Estates HENRY W. SAVAGE, INCEstablished 1840NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-2781

26 NEWTOX BLUE BOOKQuality and ServiceStudebaker and MaxwellMOTOR CARSR. H. EVANS1-3 and 24 BROOK STREET, NEWTON (CORNER)Wm, M. L. McAdams3\m s>tatumprg iEngramng mb StampingPRINTER AND LITHOGRAPHERBlank Book ManufacturerLoose Leaf Systems272 DEVONSHIRE STREET, - - - BOSTONTelephone 425 Main

XEWTOX 27STREET LISTPRINCIPAL RESIDENTSNEWTONNames and post-office addresses of theprincipalresidents of Newton,arranged in the orderof residences,, runningfromone street to another.Those in the right-hand column are residents of the right side of the street;those on the left, of the left side, in order as printed, except when the list islonger on one side than the other.ARLINGTON STREET4304652565656707082888896Mr & Mrs Orra H FellowsMr & Mrs Harry C FreemanMr & Mrs Thomas D GotchellMr & Mrs Edmond G MillsMrs A J BurnsMiss Eelen G BurnsMiss Katharine A BurnsMr & Mrs Joseph MayerMr & Mrs Moses J HirshfitldMr & Mrs Hiram W JacksonMr & Mrs J Alfred TuckerMrs J C ElmsMr & Mrs Samuel L PowersSum res Meredith, N H7 Mr & Mrs Wm A Robart19 Mr & Mrs Henry W Robart29 Mr & Mrs Ralph W Bartlett41 Mr & Mrs Charles N Holmes45 Mrs Lilla K Durgin45 Mr Clifton K Durgin00 Mrs George A Flint77 Miss Marion F Holbrook91 Mr & Mrs John C Ferguson01 The Misses Ferguson91 Mr Charles J Ferguson129 Mr & Mrs J William Blaisdell135 Mr & Mrs Walter C WryeBALDWIN STREET4 Mr & Mrs D H Robblee6 Mr & Mrs George F Briggs6 Mr & Mrs John B Ware12 Mrs George H Brown12 Miss Bertha D. Hartzel16 Mr & Mrs Newton F Stanley18 Mr & Mrs Charles A Drew•9 Mrs Gorham D Gilman9 Miss Ella C Rand9 Miss Ethel S Gilman15 Mr Joseph W Pearson15 Miss Mvra L Ware19 Dr & Mrs J Herbert Young*REAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLE

28 XEWTOX BLUE BOOKBARNES ROAD12 Mr & Mrs James P Airth18 Mrs George 1) Vaughan18 Mr 'Winthrop Vaughan11 Mr & Mrs Richard U Clark JrBEECHCROFT ROAD12 Mr & Mrs Franklin E Huntress20 Mrs John H Schafer38 Mr & Mrs John H Sellman11 Mr & iMrs John K Bacon37 iMr & Mrs Louis M BowesBELLEVUE STREET22 Rev & Mrs Walcott Calkins42 Mr & Mrs Samuel Hyslop100 Mr ,& Mrs Herbert G Pratt100 Miss Katherine Pratt120 Mrs Henry E Cobb12G The Misses Cobb144 Mr & Mrs Lewis E Coffin144 Miss Emma F Barker144 Miss Jessie H Barker178 Mr & Mrs Frederick W Stone'210 Mr & Mrs Charles N Fitts210 Mrs Jane L North214 Mr & Mrs George K Harrington246 Mr Howard B Coffin240 Miss C L Coffin246 Miss Mary L Coffin33576575939312518919!)19921121721722!)269271271285309315315319319Mr & Mrs Gaston A SchererMr & Mrs Willard G BrackettMr & Mrs Wm R BrackettMr & Mrs William E LitchfieldMr & Mrs- Charles K RileyMiss Mabel Louise RileyMr & Mrs George F JewettMrs Charles A BryantMr & Mrs Louis M AlexanderMrs Wm A AlexanderMr & Mrs Frederick A WetherbeeMr Walter I WoodmanThe Misses WoodmanMr it Mrs Payson W. DuncanMi-MrM rMrMrMrDrMr& Mrs William C BriggsJoseph N Briggs& Mrs Pitt F Parker& Mrs Norman F Xavier&&Mrs W R FerryMrs iWalter D SeivwriehtMrs Wm L Graves& Mrs Howard Moore& Mrs Fred L MasonBELMONT STREET24 Mr Joseph H Buerk24 Miss Estella Buerk15 Mr & Mrs Frederick White17 'Mrs IMyra B Lord17 Mr Kenneth A Lord21 Mr & Mrs Francis T CasmayBENNINGTON STREETis Mi - George Briggs24 Mr & Mrs Louis Stoughton Drake24 Mrs A J Drake30 Mr & Mrs Elliott B Church38 Miss O I Alexander19 Mr & Mrs Clifford T Switzler21 Mrs C S Emmons33 Mr & Mrs George F Tracy35 Mr & Mrs Clarence 0 DalesMortgagesEstablished 1840Placed;; HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-2781

NEWTON 29BILLINGS PARK6 Dr & Mrs C W Bradley12 Mr & Mrs Charles Nicholas Young36 Dr & Mrs Frederick L Mcltosh36 Miss Alice Ruth Pearson44 Mrs Winfield S Hutchinson48 Mr & Mrs Charles S Ensign1999Mr & Mrs Louis D Gibbs'Mr & Mrs Harry H PowersMr Joseph 'H PowersMiss Mildred S CookeBLACK3T0NE TERRACE10 Mr & Mrs Harry F. IBattey 15 Mr & Mrs Stanton D BullockBRACKETT ROAD(From 363 Waverly av to Park av)25 QJr & Mrs Arthur iW LincolnBREAMORE ROAD8122024Mi-MrMrMr&&&&Mrs George N PutnamMrs 'Walter K StaffordMrs Charles II BarneyMrs James McCandlish3 Mr & Mrs Carlton L Shaw11 Mr & Mrs Frank B Cummings25 Mr & Mrs John C BrimblecomCABOT PARK122 Mr & Mrs George E StuartCENTRE STREET264 Mrs H D Bassett204 Miss Mary Bassett2

30 NEWTON BLUR BOOK(©fti Natick 3tm, Smith 3NTattirk; ittassacltnsctts. iON THE CHARL3S RIVER"In the picturesque and old part of Natick.suites with bath. Excellent table with milk,Farm. Afternoon tea served indoors and outcarriages, sleighs and automobiles. Skating andphone Natick 8010.A newly remodeled inn with open fire andcream, eggs and vegetables from Carver Hillon piazza. Canoes can be rented as well ascoasting in winter. Billiards and pool. Tele-MISS HARRIS, Manager.lllliraiftlflllfllflfllltlllllllllllllliiiiiiMlllilMlirillllMMIllllllllllllltlUtlMflfllltlllllllMllllliii ililirnir in- iriiriiiiriiMiiiiliiiMiiiiri ••ll«.iiiiiiMfMiiii«i|'i««litililiiiii a iii l tli**atlitlti4.iillilti4.taaiitia«titntiii iiiniini in ,,,,> ,vectades, EyeI jyfetrolog ical InSrumerfts,(3> Developing, Printing and Enlargin

NEWTON 31CENTRESTREET—Continued450450450400488Mrs Wm MitchellMiss M R WheelerMr & Mrs George BuffumMr & Mrs John SimsonMrs S E LearnardMr & Mrs Richard A BoernerMiss Martinetta WrightMr Gilbert BrownDr Henry C SpencerMr & Mrs Frederick E LibbyMrs M D CurtisMrs Thomas Dana637645703703749749749785785785Mr & Mrs William H AllenMr & Mrs Quincy A At woodMr & Mrs Edmund W ConverseMrs Margaret G PearsonMr & Mrs Harry M TaylorMiss Mary S WingateMrs E W MackMr & Mrs Andrew B CobbMiss Margaret E CobbMiss Kathleen Cobb488 Judge William F Dana488 The Misses Dana500 Mr & Mrs Everett504 Mr & Mrs David M504 Mr Wm E McKee510566566570578578584594602602610618626626638T RyderMcKeeDr & Mrs Frank R StubbsMr Frederick A RogersThe Misses RogersMr & Mrs Horace C HarringtonMr & Mrs Daniel M BonneyMr James H BonneyMr & Mrs Thomas F MurrayMr & Mrs Henry P CurtissMiss Anne E BakerMiss Mary R BakerMr & Mrs Robert J EstabrookMr & Mrs A H CliffordMr & Mrs Clarence Cheney SmithMrs A K P Know!tonMr & Mrs Francis Edgar StanleySum res Squirrel Island, Me638 Miss Emma E Walker638 Mr Raymond Walker Stanley650 Mr & Mrs Freedom Hutchinson666 Dr & Mrs John W T Baker686686764764790Mrs William H FurfcerMr & Mrs Edward BurbeekMrs C B PrescottMr Otis B PrescottMr & Mrs M L MaddenCHANNING STREET6 Mr & Mrs Benjamin S Rich12 Mr & Mrs Rupert R Sanborn12 Mr & Mrs Henry J Woods24 The Misses Sloan30 Mr & Mrs James R Townsend34 Mr & Mrs Beverly G Secord11 Mrs Nellie M Howard25 Mr & Mrs James S Cannon31 Dr & Mrs Thomas M Gallagher37 Mr & Mrs Patrick ArmatageCHARLESBANK ROAD103 Phillips 'ByfieldE. A. ROBART & SONS Painting and DecoratingESTABLISHED 1880Phones, 15 and loJ LrooklineThe Best That Is Possible to Produce204 WASHINGTON STREET, BROOKLINE

32 XEWTOX BLUE BOOKCHURCH STREET6 Mr & Mrs (Wm A Spurrier10 Mr & Mrs Joseph W Gerrity14 Mr & Mrs Charles M Ford116 Miss S M Edgarton116 The Misses Wolff120 Mr & Mrs Charles H Woodworth120 Mr Leaverett S Woodworth120 Mrs Elizabeth Ball120 The Misses Ball126 Mr & Mrs Eben D Seccomb12!) Miss Dorothy B Seccomb126 Mr Edward O Seccomb140 Mr & Mrs Irving U Townsend140 Mrs C W Whitaker140 Mr Irving U Townsend, Jr142 Mr & Mrs Wm A Somerby142 Mrs Katherine S Huntress148 Miss H M Marcy148 Miss C Lewinthal150 Mr & Mrs Frank I188 Mr & Mrs WilliamPeckhamE Porter194 Mr & Mrs Charles S Greenwood200 Mr & Mrs James S Norris206 Mr & Mrs Fred H Tucker206 Mr Herman Lathrop Tucker206 The Misses Tucker218 Mr & Mrs Frederick E Williams222 Mr & Mrs Frank A Barrows234 Mr Seth Stevens1119212525356773 ,818183195195195195199199199199199205211217217217223233267267269Mi-MrMrMrMrs& Mrs Isaac S Dillingham, Jr& Mrs Francis W Dana& Mrs Arthur Watson& Mrs Goldwin S SpragueJ L BaileyMr & Mrs Wm F GarcelonMr & Mrs Herbert H WalleyMr & Mrs Henry B WatsonMr & Mrs Arthur J WellingtonThe Misses WellingtonMr & Mrs Loring B HallMr & Mrs Walter R ForbushThe Misses ForbushMr Bruce R WareMrs Harriet E HarperMr & Mrs Louis E MooreMr Harold Moore»Miss Bertha MooreMiss Fannie MooreMiss Gladys MooreMrs Henry G ReidMr & Mrs John W FisherMiss Jessie M FisherMr Irving AngellMrs Harriet I GrowMr & Mrs Henry CollinsMr & Mrs Samuel W TuckerMr & Mrs I Boutwell HarringtonMr & Mrs Walter MooreMr & Mrs Walter E MarsCHURCHROAD(From 222 Church street)4 Vacant10 Mr & Mrs10 Mr & Mrs DwiightEdwardM WymanN Haag3 Mrs Amanda iH Houghton3 Mr Herbert R Houghton!) Mr & Mrs James P Donahue9 Mr & Mrs Henry Turner Bailey0 Miss Elizabeth Bailey9 Mr Theodore L BaileySum res North Scituate, MassCLAREMONTSTREETSOso80Mr James E ClarkMi-- Lucy Mildred ClarkMr JTas Lomax ClarkSum res New London N H93 Mr & Mrs Charles E LordSum res The Elms Farm, Wells,Me.93 Miss Marion W Lord93 Mr Charles Rogers LordPEARMAINBROOKS, BROKERSMembers of Boston andNew York Stock ExchangesS. B. PEARMAIN L LORING BROOKS53 STATE ST., BOSTON

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 33HINCKLEY & WOODSINSURANCEFire, Automobile, Burglary and Theft, Marine, Plate Glass, Steam Boiler,Teams, Employers 5 Compensation, Public, Elevators and General Liability,Surety and Fidelity Bonds, Sprinkler Leakage, Rent, Leasehold, Use and Occupancy,Accident, Fly Wheel, Baggage, Tourist Floaters, Transportation.Telephones Main 1465, 1466, 1467, 1468, 4085 and 4139.Our Surety, Fidelity and Contract Bond Department Maintains AbsoluteSecrecy in Regard to All Matters.32 KILBY STREET, BOSTONOur Branch Store, 222 Clarendon StreetCarries a Complete Line ofARTISTS' AND DRAUGHTSMEN'S SUPPLIESChina Colors, Oil Colors, Water Colors, Brushes, Crayons, Outfits for BrassWork and Pyrography, Drawing Paper, Draughting Instruments, Etc., Etc.MATERIALS FOR THE MUNSELL COLOR SYSTEMWADSWORTH, HOWLAND & CO., IncorporatedMfrs. of Paints, Varnishes and White Lead.MAIN OFFICES: I ^ W a S ^ S t .BOSTONReal Estate. Mortgages. Insurance.JAMES W. FRENCHAUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER73 TREMONT ST., Room 650, BOSTONTel. 3609 Back BayFREE DELIVERYB. F. MACYFormerly of F. A. WALKER & CO.Kitchen FurnishingsFireplace Furnishings410 BOYLSTON ST., near Berkeley St., BOSTON

34 NEWTON BLUE BOOKSPECIALTYReal Estate in NewtonAnd adjoining TownsMORTGAGESINSURANCEEDMANDS & BYFIELD392 Centre St., NEWTON. 200 Devonshire St., BOSTONTelephone 3159 MainP AXTO N S(Enttfertumnrs anft (EatmraIces, Salads, Oysters, Croquettes, Etc.Creams, Cakes,Candies, Etc., of our own manufacture.Weddings, Receptions and Parties Catered for in Superior Style.388 Centre Street, Eliot Block NEWTON, MASS.Telephone, 68 Newton, NorthNobscot Spring WaterNatural or CarbonatedFrotn the mountain spring at FraminghamMass. A delicious, wholesome, springwater; write for full information.Analvsissent on request.Nobscot Mt. Spring CompanyEstablished 189214 Sears Street, BOSTON, Fort Hill 860271 Washington Street, NEWTON, Newton North 2110

NEWTON 35COPLEY STREET4 Mr & Mrs Otis W Holmes12 Dr & Mrs Waldo F Whitney18 Mr & Mrs Everett W Crawford28 Mr & Mrs Henry C Hardon51117MrMrMr&&&Mrs David J SwiftMrs Henry B PinkhamMrs J Harris AubinCOTTON STREET83 Mr & Mrs William F PlantSum res Mirror Lake, N HELDREDGE STREET.4 Mr •& Mrs Newton T Turner8 Mrs Ellen Magoley8 The Misses Magoley8 Mr John J MagoleyTel Newton North 97234 Mr & Mrs Richard W Wright38 Mr & Mrs Charles B Gallond42 Mrs Edward T Merrihew48 Mr & Mrs /Martin M Simmon48 Mr & Mrs Albert E Simmon52 Mr & Mrs Edwin F Sawyer56 Mrs William H Hallett56 Mr & Mrs Gray lilandy60 Rev & Mrs Laurens MacLure60 Miss Dorothy L MacLure60 Mr Henry G MacLure00 Hunnewell Club104 Mr & Mrs John R SimpsonD D15 Mrs George D Byfield15 Miss Eleanor H Magarity83 Mr .& Mrs Emil C Wilm83 Mrs Ernestine Wilm93 Mr & Mrs Frederick W Burrows97 Mr & Mrs Samuel H Uhler105 Mrs Alvin A Sweet105 Mr & Mrs Charles B JacksonELIOT MEMORIAL ROAD.15 Mr & Mrs Welles E Holmes41 Miss Lucy A Jones41 Mrs Henry K Hobart41 The Misses Kenrick00 Mr & Mrs C L HarrisonELMHURSTROAD.58 Mr & Mrs Winslow B. Taylor74 Mr & Mrs Theodore

36 NEWTON BLUE BOOKELMWCOD STREET22 Mr & Mrs John B Ware24 The Misses Leland52 Mr & Mrs John C Cole9 Dr & Mrs T 0 Loveland15 Mr & Mrs Samuel S Crocker29 Mr & Mrs Ralph E Pierce37 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Lane37 Mr Frank H Lane37 Mrs Caroline W Heisler43 Mr James Paxton43 Mr & Mrs William M Paxton53 Mr & Mrs Fred L CrawfordFAIRMONT AVENUE16 Mr & Mrs Charles Henry BreckAt home first Mondays30 Mr & Mrs Samuel Willard Bridges42 Mr & Mrs Jeremiah J McCarthy56 Mr & Mrs Franklin E SmithSum res Sandwich Mass64 Mrs George M Nash74 Mr & Mrs John T Alden84 Mr & Mrs Joseph W Howard84 The Misses Howard84 J Dwight Howard84 Willett Howard84 Kenneth Howard19 Mr & Mrs Wallace H Foss19 The Misses Foss53 Mr Herbert A Wilder53 Miss E F Wilder53 Miss Constance P Wilder53 Miss Margaret G Wilder83 Mr & Mrs Jesse C IvyFAIRVIEW STREET.4 Mrs Thomas W Flinn4 Mr Chess W Flinn10 Mr & Mrs Herbert M Bacon16 Mr & Mrs Charles A Balcom3 Mr & Mrs G T Currier11 Mr & Mrs George S Thorne21 Dr & Mrs Jean J LoizeauxFARLOW ROAD32 Mr & Mrs Frank M Sheldon32 Mrs David Bartlett56 Mr & Mrs William G Soule78 Dr & Mrs Charles F Painter120 Mrs E L Hill151531490000Mr & Mrs William Estabrook JoneaMr Durham JonesMr & Mrs Clarence C ColbyMr & Mrs Grosvenor CalkinsMr & Mrs Harold Dwight CoreyMiss Kate B Wallace130 Mr & Mrs James E McAfee180 Mr & Mrs Vernon B Swett180 Mrs Anna E Eager206 Mr & Mrs George C Travis206 Mr & Mrs Howard C TravisFRANKLINSTREET.151 Mr & Mrs Harry Nason Milliken169 Mr & Mrs Ralph' C Emery177 Mr & Mrs Harry E Damon215 Mr & Mrs Lorcn D Towle261 Rev & Mrs Cornelius H PattonE. A. ROBART & SONSAWNINGS(Successors to ROBART BROS.)311-317 Washington St., - - - BrooklinePhone 1269 Brookline

NEWTON 37FRANKLINSTREET—Continued232244244252252252260276276284292292300300306306316316322334Mr & Mrs William R DeweyMrs Alex S TwomblyMr Howland TwomblyMrs I Newton PeirceTel. Newton North 182Mr Fred N PeirceMiss Eunice RuiterMr & Mrs Oliver M FisherMr & Mrs Thomas WestonMiss Grace WestonMrs Wm L RatcliffeMr & Mrs William F HollingsMr & Mrs Charles H BuswelliMrs Louisa J ByingtonMrs Daniel GreeneMr & Mrs Howard R MasonMrs M A LawtonMrs Walter WhiteMiss Sarah D WitherbeeMr & Mrs Ralph W AngierMr & Mrs Clifford C Emerson261269285285293293303303303315327327The Misses PattonThe Misses WellsMrs Charles E BillingsCharles O BillingsMrs George S PageMr & Mrs Charles S Ensign, JrMr & Mrs Myron H TarboxMiss Julia C TarboxMiss L D CarrierMr & Mrs G Fred SimpsonSum res Lane rd, Anni&quaniMr John A GilmanThe Misses GilmanGARDENROAD12 Mrs Jered Whitman12 The Misses Whitman16 Mr & Mrs Harry A Nealley24 Mr & Mrs Herbert E SmithGEORGESTREET19 Mr & Mrs Herbert W Kenway27 Mr & Mrs Edward L Horsfall80 Mr & Mrs Stephen iW Holmes102 Mr & Mrs Fred N March124 Mr & Mrs Hiram L Simpson125 Mr & Mrs Abraham Byfield128 Mr Phillips ByfieldGRASMERESTREET77 Mr ,& Mrs Fred H Drisko79 Mr & Mrs Edward D Baldwin111 Mr & Mrs Harry D Smith115 Mr & Mrs Charles V Daiger119 Mr & Mrs Clinton H Scovell119 The Misses Gustin125 Mr & Mrs Mark A LawtonSunn res Falmouth, Mass129 Mr & Mrs Loring L MarshallSouth West Harbor, MeReal EstateJOHN J c DELANEYInsurance249 WASHINGTON SL, NONANTUM BLDG., Listings Solicited in the NewtonsNewton Tel. N.N. 191

38 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHOLLIS STREET8 Mrs Fred A Hubbard14 Mrs Henry F Wellington14 Mr & Mrs Frederick L Trowbridge18 Mr & Mrs William H Guild22 Mr & Mrs Alfred G Fearing22 Mr & Mrs Raymond Glennie32 Miss Susan A ShermanCentre Sandwich, N H36 Mr & Mrs George Owen42 Mr & Mrs Frank E Perkins42 Miss Perkins11 Mr & Mrs Percy N Kenway23 Mrs Evelyn P BrownHOVEY STREET4 The Misses Rogers12 Mr & Mrs F Bancroft Smith18 Mr & Mrs Charles W Ford24 Pomroy Home, Miss Clara MmatronITayes515212131MrMrMrMrMr& Mrs Ernest W Paine& Mrs Donald W PerinGeorge A Graves& Mrs Percy Plumer Russ& Mrs Wm Hobart EmersonHOWARD STREET19 Mr & Mrs David L WhittemoreSum res Falmouth. Mass44 Mr & Mrs C Alfred Claflin70 Mr & Mrs Franklin W Ganse102 Mr & Mrs Richard G BadgerMr & Mrs Henry AdamsMr Nat C WhitakerMr & Mrs Sidney R SmithMr Edward W PopeRev & Mrs Frederick A ReeveMr & Mrs Gilbert R GriffinMr George S DwinnellMiss Mary J DwinnellMiss Nellie E DwinnellDr & Mrs Albert B Jewell108118124134134136142142142178192 Mrs Delia E CleggHUNNEWELLAVENUE25 Mr & Mrs Edward E ElmsSum res Duxbury, Mass3545454557758991103Mr & Mrs Frank M FerrinMrs Henry B WellsMr Arthur KendrickMiss Eliza H KendrickMr & Mrs Joseph B SimpsonMrMrMrMr115 ' Mr115 Mr121 Mr137 Mr155 Mr159 Mr165169179179& Mrs H C Hansen& Mrs William M Ferris& Mrs Henry I Harriman& Mrs Robert P Hains& Mrs Mitchell W T ingAlfred H Wing& Mrs Charles P Marshall& Mrs Willard H Cross& Mrs Henry R Viets& Mrs Charles E CurrierRev & Mrs Charles W WendteDr & Mis L H Nay lorMr & Mrs Joseph B JamiesonMiss Edith JamiesonAll Kinds of Insurance HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.Established 1840NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-2781

NETVTOX39HUNNEWELL TERRACE197 Mr & Mrs Mason H Stone199 Mr J Henry Webber199 Miss Gertrude A Webber213 ,Mr & Mrs Daniel I Pickett225 Mr & Mrs Frank D Wilde229 Mr & Mrs George H SnyderHYDE AVENUE14 Rev & Mrs H Grant Person30 Mr & Mrs Frederick J Fawcett36 Dr & Mrs R A Reid42 Mr & Mrs Samuel M Sayford52 Mr & Mrs William F Bacon62 Mr & Mrs Walter H Barker76 Mr & Mrs Hiram E Barker35 Mr & Mrs Prescott WarrenMiss Marjorie WarrenSum res Squirrel Island, Me45 Mr & Mrs Edward M HallettSum res Milton, N H59 Mr & Mrs Julius HollanderIVANHOE STREET14 "Sunyhurst"Mrs George S HarwoodMr George Fred Harwood30 Miss Caroline R Braman .13 Mr & Mrs William B Emery13 Miss E K Emery29 The Misses HuilJEFFERSON STREET44 Mr &48 Mr &MrsMrsThomas P JewettJohn M Vogel45 Mr & Mrs Frederick H GowingAt home Wednesdays45 Miss Lela E Gowing51 Mr & Mrs A R Carley55 Miss Emily E Williams55 Mr George H Williams65 Mr & Mrs John T BurnsSum res Brant RockJEWETTSTREET88 Mr & Mrs George P Flood90 Mr & Mrs George W At water92 Mr & Mrs Abram Vokey110 Mrs C W Turner110 Mr & Mrs Henry Turner146 Mr & Mrs J Eliot Trowbridge146 Mr & Mrs Charles F Fredy115 Mrs Julian A MeadSum res "Cedar Farm," Charlotte,Vermont129 Mr & Mrs Charles A Cunningham135 Mr & Mrs Charles E Reese141 Mrs Henry L Emery145 Mr & Mrs George F*HickmottKENDALL TERRACE16 Mrs A F Emery16 Miss Alice F Emery16 Mrs R B RobinsonREAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.363 CENTRE ST.. NEWTON.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLB

40 XEWTOX BLUE BOOKJAMES G. WHITEDISTRICTAGENTTRAVELERS INSURANCE CO., of Hartford, Conn.LIFE, ACCIDENT AND LIABILITY INSURANCETelephone Main 434810 FOST OFFICE SQ., Delta Building, BOSTONMcNeilly's Riding AcademyA large, well lighted ring.Dressing rooms for men andwomen, with all modern equipmentsSPECIAL RATES FOR EVENING CLASSESTel. Brookline 166S. J. McNEILLY, Prop.HEATH STREET, near HAMMONDCHESTNUT HILL,MASSACHUSETTSRhodes BrothersImporters and Receivers on CommissionGROCERIES. PROVISIONS and FISH1Wholesale and RetailHARVARD SQUARE, BROOKLINE438 to 444 Tremont Street. 170 to 17-4 Massachusetts Ave.256 to 260 Warren Street, (Rox. Dist.)BOSTON

NEWTON 41382 Mr & Mrs Robert M GoodeKENRICK STREETLINDERTERRACE10 Mrs Frederick A Leeds16 Mrs Judd W Cone13 Mr & Mrs Edward 11 Cutler13 The Misses Cutler13 Mr Henry CutlerLOMBARD STREET68 Mr & Mrs Curtis Nye Smith 47 Mrs George E Merrill47 Miss Elinor Merrill53 Rev & Mrs John Y Aitchison65 Mr & Mrs Joseph N Palmer73 Mrs William A Goodman73 Miss Mabel S Goodman85 Mrs Herbert P KenwayMAGNOLIA AVENUE15 Mr & Mrs John L Rollins21 Mr & Mrs Frank EdwardsMAPLE AVENUE14 Mr18 Mr20 Mr26 Mr32 Mr32 Mr36 Mr&&&&&&&Mrs Alfred E AllenMrs Spencer W SliepardsonMrs William T EarleMrs Frank 0 BarberMrs Harold T DoughertyMrs A B FoxMrs Edward S Smilie11 Mr & Mrs Walter H Cutler19 Mr & Mrs Edgar M Home33 Mr & Mrs H Samuel LeonardMAPLE CIRCLE11 Mr & Mrs Wm H Haynes13 Mr & Mrs Charles W SutherlandMARLBORO STREET4 Mr & Mrs John R Waters12 Mr & Mrs Daniel A Richardson16 Mrs Catherine A Duffey16 Miss Mary A Duffey20 Mr & Mrs George Simmons22 Mr & Mrs David S Lawler28 Mr & Mrs Henry McElwain54 Mr & Mrs Harry C Wiggin54 William R Wiggin11 Mr & Mrs Daniel I Baker21 Mrs Annie T Walsh21 Mrs Annie G Libbey29 Mr & Mrs Carl Peirce61 Mr & Mrs Edward J St Coeur67 Mr & Mrs John F McNamara66 Dr & Mrs J A Ewingm Mr & Mrs WilfredCobbReal EstateJOHN J. DELANEYInsurance249 WASHINGTON ST., NONANTUM BLDG., Listings Solicited in the NewtonsNewton Tel. N. N. 191

42 NEWTON BLUE BOOK6 Mr & Mrs Charles A JohnsonMERTON STREET44 Mr & Mrs N P Cutler44 Miss Sally A CutlerMONTROSE STREETNEWTONVILLE AVENUE14 Mr & Mrs Alfred W Fuller14 Miss Elizabeth S Fuller24 Mrs W H Drury24 Miss Miriam Drury24 Mr Herbert L Drury32 Mrs Russell Freeman40 Mr & Mrs Albert D Howlett52 Mr & Mrs George A Kinley114 Mr

NEWTON 43OAKLEIGHROAD—Continued151 Mr & Mrs C Burton Cotting155 Mr & Mrs Charles H Peterson159 Mr & Mrs Walter Hart105 Mr & Mrs William H Darling173 Mr & Mrs Stephen Moore173 Mrs S Wallace Moore173 Miss Hattie P Cxoulding173 Miss Edith >H MoorePARK AVENUE8 Mr & Mrs Benjamin W Fredericks50 Mr Alonzo N Burbank50 Miss Harriet G Burbank50 Mrs E S Osgood50 Miss Annie L Osgood37 Dr Alice M Jackman51 Mr & Mrs Miner Robinson75 Mr & Mrs E Raymond BrackettPARK STREET28 Mr & Mrs Ernest E Forsyth34 Mr & Mrs William H Ruef34 Mr & Mrs J Warren Story36 Mr & Mrs Jesse A Rogers40 Mrs James T Moore46 Mr & Mrs Edward E Barnes54 Dr & Mrs Eugene McCarthy86 Mrs Henry J Marshman94 Mr George G Wilkins94 The Misses Wilkins142 Mrs Isaac T Burr156 Mr & Mrs Henry C Grant172 Mr & Mrs Frank B Converse172 Mr Frank Lee Converse186 Mr & Mrs Edwin T Fearing186 Mr William I Fearing234 Mr & Mrs Philip NicholsSum Res., Monument Beach242 Miss Abbie F Davis248 Mr & Mrs Frank H Howes248 Henry Fessenden Howes10711511511912313313914916917718718725 Dr & Mrs Charles A Davenport41 Mr & Mrs Amasa W B Hutf47 Mr & Mrs George Agry91 Rev & Mrs Harry Lutz99 Mr & Mrs Henrv W Kendal107 Mr & Mrs William John FollettSum res "Nushka," Lake WinnipiseogeeMr Austin W FollettMrs Amelia B ScofieldMiss Cora L ScofieldMr &Mr &Mr &Mrs Walter T HanniganMrs Daniel M GoodridgeMrs Edward 0 GruenerMr & Mrs Arthur W BlakemoreMr &Mr &Mr &Mrs Alonzon R WeedMrs Frank Blake HopewellMrs Benjamin S HinckleySum res Rexhame, MassMr & Mrs Eugene CarpenterThe Misses CarpenteriSum res Harbor .Lights,'Martha's Vineyard237 Mr & Mrs Edmund I LeeJy243 Mrs William H Capen243 Miss Marjorie H Capen269 Mr & Mrs Frank W Stearns269 Mrs H R Clark281 Mr & Mrs Duncan M Stewart289 Mr & Mrs George DefrenManagement of Estates HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETEstablished 1840 Telephones: Newton North 2780-2781

44 NEWTON BLUE BOOKPEARL STREET18 Mr & Mrs John R Learned24 Mr & Mrs Webster S Hayden24 Mr & Mrs Louis P Mott136 Mr Harris E Johonnot216 Mr & Mrs Albert T Stuart222 Mr & Mrs Frank H Stuart000 Mrs Thomas P Stuart (cor Green)19 Mr & Mrs Charles G Newcomb61 Mrs Bertha vv'ordenPEMBROKE STREET44122456606870MrMi-MrMrMrMrMrMr& Mrs Edward E Hayward& Mrs George Hardy WrightMrs Henry W Sylvester& Mrs Arthur H Allen& Mrs Levi P BowersMrs Edward M Moore&& Mrs Arthur C MudgeGeorge Lincoln DarlingAt home Sundays, October to May23495155777983Mrs W T illiam H PartridgeMrs C FrancisMr & Mrs Theodore E JewellMrMrMrMr&&&&MrsMrsMrsMrsHerman WeinbergHenry W JarvisHarry W FittsThomas S Allen7070Mrs E A PhippenMiss Mildred PhippenRICHARDSON STREET24 Mr & Mrs Frank G Westwood38 Mrs John D Morgan38 Miss Flora E Wise38 Mr & Mrs John H Robinson38 Miss Harriet A Tinker42 Mrs Maria J Pinkham42 Miss Nellie M Hart48 Mrs Edwin O Childs48 Miss Mary C Childs48 Miss Carolyn H Childs56 Mrs R V C Emerson56 Miss E F Emerson62 Miss Sarah A Titus13 Mr & Mrs Milton C Hardy27 Mr & Mrs Edgar Eames29 Mr & Mrs Albert L Babbett41 Mrs F L Oakes41 Mr & Mrs Herbert E Eames47 Mrs A T Poole53 Mr & Mrs George E MerrillRUTHVEN ROAD00 Mr & Mrs Fred H Loveland34 Mr & Mrs George AngierSARGENT STREET2020202020Mr & Mrs William TMrs S A RichMiss S B RichMr Win T Rick, JrMiss M Etta BntosRich27 Mr & Mrs Charles A Haskell27 Miss Jennie L Haskell59 Mr & Mrs Chester Guild73 Dr G S Eddy73 Miss M Eleanor EddyE.-A. ROBART & SONSMATTRESSES CLEANSED and MADE OVER(Successors to ROBAliT BROS.)311-317 Washington St., - - - BrooklineP:!onc 12G9 Brookline

XEWTOX 45SARGENTSTREET—Continued28 'Mr Samuel Farqulrar86 Mr & Mrs Harry B Stebbens140 Dr & Mrs Henry 0 Marcy Jr154 Mrs Frank A Day109123123123131145159Mr & Mrs Carlton L EllisonMr & Mrs Kirk W HobanMiss Janie D HobartMrs Gordon Weld StearnsMr Carroll DoubledayMr & Mrs Thomas F DolanMrs Horace EdmandsSHORNECLIFFE ROAD40 Mr & Mrs J Porter Russell96 Mr & Mrs Edgar W Hodgson96 Mr Maurice Lee Hodgson96 Miss Gladys Hodgson106 Mr & Mrs Charles B Beasom114 Mr & Mrs Harry F Morse122 Mrs John B Rackliffe122 Mrs S E Smith79 Mr &115 Miss115 MissMrs Robert E MandellRose LoringElizabeth L HolmesSUMMIT STREET66 Mr & Mrs John Wesley Barber 73 Mr & Mrs Charles WhittemoreSum res "Corby Hall," Quissett,00 Mr & Mrs Charles J Bailey00 The Misses BaileySURREY ROADTREMONT STREET168182190190196196212248274Mr & Mrs Albert H TiltonMr & Mrs Joseph P McDonaldMr & Mrs J W BarryMr F W BentleyMr & Mrs Fred W WhitingMrs L T JonesDr & Mrs H D WilsonMr & Mrs Daniel A WhiteRev & Mrs Harrie R Chamberlin117 Mr & Mrs C E HolbrowP. O. Brighton273 Mr & Mrs Reuben Ford275 Mr & Mrs A McCrea283 Mr & Mrs Warren F Ells285 Mr Clement Gallichan295 Mr & Mrs George H Butler299 Mrs Alice M Kennerson305 Mr & Mrs Elmer B Wilcox321 Mr & Mrs Willard L Sampson321 Mr & Mrs Alexander R Atkins321 Mrs Edna D Wallis327 Mr & Mrs A W BosworthVERNON STREET61824Mr & Mrs Thomas R BrookeMr & Mrs Frank P ScofieldMr & Mrs Frank A Pelton3 Mrs George A Miller15 Mrs William P Ellison15 William EllisonREAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLE

46 NEWT0X BLUE BOOKMiss C. L. TorreICE CREAM.CONFECTIONERY and CATERINGCandy I\Iade Fresh Every Day338 CENTRE STREET, NEWTON, MASS.Telephone ConnectionARTHUR HUDSONAnalytical and PharmaceuticalCHEMIST AND APOTHECARYOver Fifty years' experience in the businessSTORES:265 and 258 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTON, MASS.Corner Centre StreetPatronize Home IndustryTheNewton's first and only Modern LaundryA. W. OSGOOD, MgrNEWTONMASS.Our work is strictly first class and we guarantee prompt collectionsand Deliveries.Fine Collar and Shirt Laundering our Specialty.Phone 317 Newton, North

NEWTON 47VERNON28 Mr & Mrs Edward Moll36 Mrs Wiley S Edmands30 Mr & (Mrs Edwin W Pyle42 Mr & Mrs Eben H Ellison42 Mr Eben H Ellison Jr60 Mr & Mrs Albert H Waitt124 Mr & Mrs John P R ShermanSTREET—Continued41 Mrs S C Rawson41 Mr & Mrs George A Rawson109 Mrs Nathaniel K Putnam109 Mr & Mrs Fred A Gay117 Mrs Joel H Hills125 Dr & Mrs M E Gleason131 Dr & Mrs L R StoneWABAN PARK74 Mr & Mrs Wm L Whitney90 Mr & Mrs 'Solomon A Campbell61 Mr. Howard Jackson01 Miss Kate JacksonWABAN STREET38 Mr & Mrs Edward Gray 45 Mr & Mrs John J DohertyWALNUT PARK36 Dr & Mrs Harry F Hartwell46 Mr & Mrs Michael O'Connor62 Mr & Mrs Edward E Deai born74 Miss Kate Potter82 Mr Herman C Soule71 Mr & Mrs Joseph F FlanaganSum res Nantucket, Mass71 Joseph F Flanagan, Jr71 Edward Flanagan71 Miss Gertrude Flanagan89 Miss Abbie Spear89 Miss Elizabeth SpearWASHINGTONSTREET2 Mr & Mrs John Q A WhittemoreAt home first MondaysSum res "The Moorings,'zard's Bay14 Mr & Mrs Edwin P Brown14 George W Brown42 Mr & Mrs Charles R BattSum res Mount Desert, Me.64 Mrs Samuel B WhittemoreBuz-64 Mr & Mrs Thorndike H Whittemore90 Mr & Mrs Elmer L Gibbs98 Mr & Mrs Joseph N DamonSum res Annisquam, Mass98 Mr S Foster Damon98 Miss Sallie Pastorius Damon106 Dr & Mrs Charles L PearsonDr's office hours until 9.30 a. m.and 7 to 8 p. m.Boston office 583 BeaconstreetHours 2.30 to 4.00 and by appointment.11 Miss Anna M Whiting33 Mr & Mrs Charles Atherton Clarke41 Mr & Mrs William Otis Delano55 Mr & Mrs James W French556577778799999999113137145145145159Mrs M F BaldwinMr & Mrs Harry H HubbardMrs S Edward WarrenMiss Grace M GeorgeCol & Mrs Alexander M FerrisMiss Clara J CoburnMrs E H HosmerMr Robert L HosmerMr Edwin H HosmerMr & Mrs Charles J BrownMr & Mrs Henry TolmanMr & Mrs John P EustisMr Warner EustisMr Grant B EustisSum res "Isla Vista," Hull, MassMrs George C DunneFor all kinds of Real Estate see HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.Established 1840NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-2781

48 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWASHINGTON STREET. —Continued130 Mr & Mrs Charles M Boyd136 Mr & Mrs Harold P Fuller142 Mr & Mrs Arthur Hudson142 Mr & Mrs James A Morse160 Mr Herman E HibbardSum res Woods Hole, Mass172 Mr & Mrs Edward D Conant180 Mr & Mrs Theodore C Walker184 Mr & Mrs Patrick A Murray322 Mr & Mrs Joseph M Briggs169 THE HUNNEWELLMiss E A BlaneyMr & Mrs Harry L Dexter JrMr John M WhittemoreThe Misses StoneMrs E J LockeMr & Mrs Walter R AndrewsMrs John W BradfordMiss Cecelia J BradfordMr & Mrs Charles PeckerMr Herbert PeckerMr & Mrs George E GoodwinMr & Mrs Edward 0 LoringMr Henry BartlettMrs A Winthrop Pope197 Mr & Mrs Henry C Daniels405 Mr & Mrs John Flood439 /Mrs Adelia Earnest457 THE MARIONMr George H BauerMr Wm H Wilder'Mr Alfred C WilderMr Edwin H WilliamsMr & Mrs Paul C SykesMarcellus B ChipmanMiss Calista S Wood527 Mr & Mrs Harry H Keith527 Miss Mary L Smallwood607 Mr & Mrs Harry J Potter619 Dr & Mrs F M O'DonnellWATERSTON ROAD34 Mr & Mrs Shirley K Kerns42 Mr & Mrs Everett E Kent21 Dr & Mrs Frank F Lamson45 Mr & Mrs Charles B GleasonWAVERLEY AVENUE22 Mr & Mrs Thomas W Greer70 Miss Georgia H Emery78 Dr & Mrs Wm D Reid116 Mr Amos M Leonard134 Mr & Mrs William H Jones134 Mr Webster Jones134 Mrs H E Hesseltine148 Mr & Mrs Arthur Ricker148 'Mrs Catherine Webster166 Mr & Mrs Wm A Lockwood206 Mr & Mrs Mylert Bruner3 Mr & Mrs Charles Wells Hall3 Mr Roger Eastman Hall11 Mrs Harriette W Robinson11 Mr B F Wood11 Mr Harold W Robinson23 Mrs Emily E Sharp23 Mr Walter Sharp27 Mr Lorenz Muther27 Mr & Mrs Frederick C W Bray27 Mr Herbert C Muther31 Mr & Mrs Charles HuntMortgagesEstablished 1840PlacedHENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-2781

NEWTON 49260278278286286300300310322390WAVEELEYMr & Mrs Frank HopewelliSum res Wolfeboro, N HMr & Mrs Albert S HoweMr & Mrs George M ForbesMr & Mrs Albert J DaigneauMrs Edmund A PooleMr & Mrs Walter H HolbrookMrs George E HatchMr & Mrs John K TaylorMr Isaac B SpoffordMr & Mrs Herbert F HatchAVENUE -€on.t inued31 Mr Lowell Hunt45 Dr & Mrs Oliver Van Dyne127 Mr & Mrs James D Kinsley127 Mr Alan D Kinsley137 Mr & Mrs Nathan Heard151 Mr & Mrs Charles W Lord231 Mr & Mrs Atherton Clark245 Mr& Mrs Robert G Howard259 Mr & Mrs Henry H LearnardSum res "Crow Point," Hingham,Mass273273Mrs JohnMr HenrySum resHopewellC HopewellNatick, Mass337363419419Mr & Mrs Freelan 0 StanleyMr & Mrs Sydney HarwoodDr & Mrs Edward MeliusDr Florence H AbbotWESLEY STREET30 Rev & Mrs G. Charles Gray 25 Mr & Mrs Clayton S Packard27 Mrs S L B Speare27 Miss Mary L Speare31 Mrs Joseph W Andrews35 Mr & Mrs Clarence V Moore39 Mrs E J EstenWILLARD STREET101218MrMrMr&&&Mrs James StevensonMrs D B 0 BourdonMrs Frederick E Harwood5 Mr & Mrs William B Rogerson5 Mrs Samuel W Simpson11 Mr & Mrs Carlton F Stanley17 Mr Augustus Marshall17 The Misses MarshallJZJ* Jr\» & SONSCARPET AND RUG CLEANSERS(Successors to ROBART BROS.)311-317 Washington St., - - - BrooklinePhone 1269 Brookline

50 NEWTOX BLUE BOOKNEWTONVILLEALBERMARLE ROAD430 Mr & Mrs Clifford B Whitney 353 Mr & Mrs Don M Leonard361 Mr & Mrs John W Duff367 Mr & Mrs George A SeibertAUSTINSTREET16 Mr & Mrs Joseph G Birch22 Mr & Mrs Franklin Banchor2S Mr £ Mrs Thaddeus S Grant34 Mr & Mrs Paul Revere Knight40 Mr Edward A Richardson40 Miss Lydia Richardson42 Mr & Mrs Thomas W Hovenden54 Mr & Mrs Emery B Fisher60 Mr & Mrs C M Panunzio66 Mr & Mrs John J Francis68 Mr & Mrs Walter Sisson76 Mr & Mrs Charles H Goodwin80 Mr & Mrs Marcellus W Chase192 Mr & Mrs George D Burrage204 Miss M L Metherall204 Mrs E L Scott204 Mr Jarvis M ScottJr11 Miss Florence Mills11 Miss 'Phoebe Fairbanks15 Mr & Mrs Joseph E Butler17 Mr & Mrs William II Marston21 Mr & Mrs Carl G M Miller27 Mr & Mrs Hamlin W Calder31 Mrs C Grafton Richards31 Miss Lucv Dunnels41 Mr J Clifton Whitney41 Miss Flora W Whitney75 Miss Ellen Valentine75 Miss Josephine Danforth195 Mr & Mrs F K ClarkBEAUMONT AVENUE36 Mr & Mrs Edward K Hall66 Mr & Mrs Leland Powers33 Mr & Mrs Herbert E SmithBEMIS STREET28 Mr & Mrs Geo A WheelerBIRCH HILL ROAD8 Mr & Mrs H Howard Willcox20 Mr & Mrs George Royal Pulsifer20 Mrs R M Pulsifer30 Mr & Mrs Herbert S Kempton30 Miss Frances C Tredell30 Mr & Mrs Hubert G Ripley511111933MrMrMrsColMr&&i E&&MrsMrs! J FisherMrsMrsGeorge W RoopeWm M Bun-Frank B StevensJohn B HebberdPEARMAINBROOKS, BROKERSMembers of Boston andNew York Stock ExchangesS. B. PEARMAIN L. LORING BROOKS53 STATE ST., BOSTON

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 51eansmg• • • • • • •92 Bowers St.,NEWTONVILLEWorks atEVERETT, MASSandWECLEANSEClothing of all kinds for MenjWomen and ChildrenALSOBlankets Lace Curtains Waistcoats Silk sDraperiesPortieresT rousersSatinsRugsCarpetsOvercoatsWoolensRibb onsNecktiesDCottonsGl ovesCoats(Whole or Ripped)Li mensGoods Called For and Delivered PromptlyALL WE ASK IS TO GIVE US A TRIALCABOT CLEANSING COMPANYTelephone Newton North 2483

52 NEWTON BLUE BOOKUnion Publishing CompanyPublishers ofDl RECTORI ESOFNow Hampshire State Business DirectoryLaconia, N. H.Concord City and Merrimack Co., N. H.Claremont, Newport and Sunapee, N. H.Lebanon, Hanover and Enfield, N. H.Easton, Penn.St. Johnsbury, Vt.Hartford Suburban, Conn.Massachusetts DirectoriesArlingtonMethuenBelmontMiddleboroBraintreeMiltonChelseaNorwood and WalpolFraminghamNantucketHingham and Cohasset NatickLexingtonPlymouth and KingstonMarthas Vineyard WeymouthMelroseWhitmanLakeville, Freetown and BerkleyRhode Island DirectoriesPawtuxet ValleyBristol, Warren and BarringtonNorth Providence and JohnstonCumberland and LincolnBurrillville and North SmithfieldSouth Kingstown and NarragansettJamestown and New ShorehamApponaug, East Greenwich and WickfordTiverton, Portsmouth and MiddletonBoston Suburban Book Co,Publishers ofCambridge Blue BookNewton Blue BookBrookline Blue BookMaiden Blue BookNorth Shore Blue BookRoxbury and West Roxbury Blue BookSouth Shore Blue BookSomerville Blue BookWinchester Blue Book;Old South Building, Room 1013, 294 Washington St., BostonEDWARD A. JONES, Treas. Tel. Main 3624-W

.NEWTOXVILLK 53BLITHEDALESTREET15 Miss Emma M Sibley15 Miss Lenora SibleyBOWERS STREET22 Mrs Edith M Jewett38 Mr & Mrs Astley Atkins38 Arthur K Atkins50 Mr & Mrs Percy J Evans50 Mrs L E Smyth58 Mr & Mrs Herbert C Soulis4343496.567Mr & Mrs Herbert F SylvesterMiss Mary N ValentineMrs Lane B SehofieldMrs I F McFarlaneMr & Mrs John F Payne71111172325252531313535393943Mr & Mrs William K HoughtonMr & Mrs Fred N WalesMiss Eleanor L WalesMr & Mrs Geo A TaylorMr & Mrs Charles A AdamsMiss Lillian B DorneySarah A Dorneys Catherine V DorneyMiss Grace E WalkerMr Wm ManningMr Wm H SylvesterMiss Florence M B SylvesterMr & Mrs Horace W OrrMr & Mrs Lester WilliamsMr Frank M CopelandBROADWAY22 John J Cranitch22 Robert F Cranitch26 Mr & Mrs William P Soule30 Mr & Mrs Charles R King32 Mr & Mrs IH Gordon Weiz15 Mr & Mrs William J Doherty15 Miss Helen J Doherty23 Mr & Mrs H A O'Gr'ady23 Miss Delia McXewy63 Mr & Mrs S E EmeryBROOKS AVENUE26 Mr & Mrs 0 X Towne30 Mrs Mary E Hughes30 Mr Fred Hughes40 Mr & Mrs Xathaniel LeRoy50 Mr & .Mrs William A Dell54 Mr & Mrs W E Dearborn64 Mr & Mrs Edward J Cox68 Mr & Mrs Albert A Savage27 Mr & Mrs H A Jewett35 Mr & Mrs H X Hiekey35 Mr & Mrs Thomas L Hiekey41 Mr & Mrs Frank Y Orcutt51 Mr & Mrs William E Leonard55 Mrs Sarah Quinn61 Miss Ellen Adelaide Brooks61 Z\Ir Freeman C Brooks67 Mr & Mrs Willard S HigginsBROOKSIDE AVENUE46 Mr & Mrs J Ellis Gammons40 Mrs Thirza E Gammons52 Rev & Mrs John Goddard60 Mrs Thomas Emerson00 Mr & Mrs Herbert S Riley68 Mr & Mrs Winthrop M Baker74 Rev & Mrs William E Strong49 Mr & Mrs C Haviiand Morse55 Mr & Mrs F A Cole59 Mr & Mrs Roland F Gammons,67 Mr & Mrs Herbert M Corey75 Mrs S Gay Greenwood75 Miss Olive Seward77 Mr & Mrs Fred L Reed83 Mrs E T Smith83 Mr & Mrs Malcolm Hurd2dPEARMAIN & BROOKS, BROKERS.XtfJSS.S. B. PEARMAIN L. LORING BROOKS 53 STATE ST., BOSTON

54 NEWTON" BLUE BOOKCABOT STREET3083083083183283363363363363403463463463463503503523523643643569575589589603613MrMi-Mr(MrMrLirMrMrMi-Mr& Mrs Geo C Anderson& Mrs C L Moulton& Mrs Frederick J Driscoll&&&•MrsMrsMrsJ M AllenDavid SmithFrederick W HardingM Sinclair WilliamsMrs&Bradford D Williams& Mrs Alfred M Russell& Mrs James H PatonCENTRAL AVENUE8 Mr & Mrs D P Jewett8 Miss Elizabeth A Judkins24 Mr & Mrs Carl G Cutler36 Mr & Mrs John F Lothrop46 Mr & Mrs W H Lothrop56 The Misses Allen80 Mr & Mrs P A Evans3399111717Mr & Mrs Elbridge B LincolnMiss Josephine CollierMr & Mrs Gilbert H GloasonMr & Mrs William L JudkinsMr & Mrs Louis R RootMiss Clara L ConantMr Arthur S ConantE. A. ROBART & SONSESTABLISHED 1880Phones, 15 and l./J brooklinePainting and DecoratingThe Best That Is Possible to Produce201 WASHINGTON STREET, Z^ROOIvLINE

XEWTONVILLE 55CENTRALAVENUE —Continued84888888Mr & Mrs J F DunleavyMr & Mrs Christopher F WhitneyMiss Mabelle H WhitneyMiss Bertha N Whitney31 Mr & Mrs Oren F Clark41 Mr & Mrs Fred Ballou Young41 Mrs Elizabeth S Barker41 Mr Harry D Mcintosh43 Mr & Mrs Fred C Hinds47 Mr & Mrs Fredrick A Toole53 Mrs Emma M Bass53 Miss Marion Bass77 Mr & Mrs Albert J Jones79 Mr & Mrs Charles B Pear83 Mrs Augustus J Hine93 Mr & Mrs E E Wakefield101 Mr & Mrs Edward P OTIalloiiin105 Mr & Mis Abbot Bassett105 Miss Marion Drew Bassett107 Mr William E Fuller107 Mr & Mrs A S FullerCHESLEY AVENUE\12 Mr & Mrs ASN Estes 9 Mr & Mrs John H Baker13 Mr & Mrs George H HeathCHURCHILLSTREET20 Mr & Mrs Charles E Calken20 Mr & Mrs David J B Duane30 Mr & Mrs William J Goodbar30 Mr & Mrs C A Turnbull38 Mr & Mrs Augustus Thurgood44 Mr & Mrs Edgar K Porter3252933394347475361Mr & Mrs Charles E HodgesMr & Mrs W F PerryMr & Mrs Edward D HangeMr & Mrs William E HallidayMr & Mrs Charles V CarterMr & Mrs Herbert H CookProf & Mrs (iorham W HarrisMrs Mary E DyerMr & Mrs John L SibleyMr & Mrs E T CampbellCLAFLIN PLACE1414141418IS182299MrsMissMissMissMrsE E WestLillian WestE L NottEtta ME O GilmanC R GilmanRichmondMissMr & Mrs Elmer KeeneMr & Mrs Alfred Newton Miner, JrMiss Stowell9 Mr Frederick L Steele9 Miss Harriette Steele11 Mr & Mrs Curtis Abbott15 Mr & Mrs Joseph B SargentICLOELIA TERRACE20 Mr & Mrs Charles R Lynde20 Mrs J W Fairbanks19 Mr & Mrs William E JerauldReal Estate JOHN J c DELANEY Insurance•249 WASHINGTON ST., NONANTUM BLDG.,Listings Solicited in the Newtons Newton Tel. N.N. 191

56 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCLYDE STREETi101010141420202028343440404040525252606060Mr & Mrs Charles HMr Clifton H SimonsMr Fred A SimonsSimonsMr & Mrs Fred M BlanchardMrs M MMrs ClaraMr & MrsMi-MrMi-MrMi-&&&MrsMrsMrsBlanchardE BrownGeorge B VoorheesGeorge L WilleyWalter H PulsiferWilliam S TrowbridgeBelden C TrowbridgeMrs&& Mrs Edgar S BarkerMr Went worth P BarkerMiss Helen D BarkerMr & Mrs Fred R HillMr & Mrs John E FrostMiss Hattie FrostMr & Mrs Edward A MitchellMr & Mrs George H SteereCarl Dana SteereMr & Mrs Charles H Hurst31 Mr & Mrs Walter D Richardson37 Mr & Mrs Allen D Cady43 Mr & Mrs Wm C Adams49 Mr & Mrs Charles W Rolfe49 Miss Mary L Rolfe67 Mr & Mrs Warner MarshallCOURT STREET46 Mr & Mrs George W Washburn50 Mr & Mrs Charles W Dodge54 Mr & Mrs Thomas M Waters58 Mr & Mrs Martin Murphy62 Mr & Mrs F H Heislein76 Mr & Mrs Thomas Rideout98 Mr John B Turner98 Mrs L E McCertney120 Mrs George W Morse120 Mrs Walter Lovell120 Miss Genevieve Morse ,53 Mr & Mrs W 0 Harrington83 Mr & Mrs Fred S Cotton91 Mr & Mrs Albert E Leighton95 Mr Win J MacDonald97 Mr & Mrs Llewellyn E Huston103 Mr & Mrs Albert L Tompkins103 Raymond B Tompkins111 Mr & Mrs John J HartCRAFTS STREET124 Ma- & Mrs Walter J Paine126 Mr & Mrs Frank H .Hadden324 Mr & Mrs Elisha L Avery346 Mr Charles F Avery346 Miss F Gladys Avery346 Mrs Charles H Avery346 Mrs Jane Erickson131 Mr & Mrs Frederick M Heermann131 Mr &. Mrs Elmer H Ring141 Mrs E S Nagle141 Miss Eleanor Nagle147 Mr & Mrs J Edgar Bartlett147 Mrs M B Rimbach173 Mr & Mrs Francis G Ingraham179 Mr & Mrs Albert B Allison205 Mr & Mrs Augustus 0 Clark205 Mr Norman B Clark211 Mr & Mrs Haywood S French^17 Mr & Mrs Thomas Stewart221 Mr & Mrs Joseph B RobsonAll Kinds of Insurance HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.Established 1840NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 27S0-27S1

XEWTOXYILLE 5:221221249249251253271271CRAFTSMiss Gertrude E RobsonMiss Bertha V RobsonMr & Mrs Charles F AlexanderMr & Mrs Robert E BruceMr & Mrs J C AtkinsonMr & Mrs Ranisford H GriffinMr & Mrs John R PrescottThe Misses PrescottSTREET—Continued285 Mr & Mrs George W Grebensteiu297 Mr & Mrs Harold B Sherman309 Mr & Mrs E P Hendrick343 Mr & Mrs Duncan Wright345 Miss Ethel M Pope345 Mr T E Pope351 Mr & Mrs Phillip M Clark363 Mr & Mrs M J HickeyDALE STREET1515232327Mrs Julia M ButlerThe Misses ButlerDr & Mrs Harold W SheddMrs Charles W RichardsMr & Mrs Ira B Ogden12 Mr & Mrs Edwin P Crawe20 Mr & Mrs Charles Albert Cotton36 Mr & Mrs Nelson B Vanderhoof36 Mrs James W O'BrienDEXTER ROADEDINBORO PLACE2 Dr & Mrs iWilldam T White2 Mrs Lydia MacKenzie11 Mr & Mrs Benjamin D Miller13 Mr & Mrs Frank LeB AurelioELM PLACE15 Mr & Mrs J Augustus Remington19 Mr & Mrs Harry J KaneELM ROAD54 Mr & Mrs Andrew J McGlinchie3941576373Mi-MrMrMi-Mr&&&&&Mrs J S M HolleyMrs Walter A BarrowsMrs Charles M HowellMrs Walter A CorsonMrs Frederick Moir GibbELMWOOD PARK19 Mr & Mrs Harry L BarkerREAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.363 CENTRE ST.. NEWTON.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLB

58 NEWTON BLUE BOOKnpmttiw IBank297 WALNUT ST., NEWTONVILLEChartered June, 1888Assets, -Surplus and Guaranty Fund,$984,000.0022,800.00NEW SHARES ISSUED MARCH AND SEPTEMBER5% InterestOFFICERSJAMES W. FRENCH, Pres.THOMAS B. FITZPATRICK, Vice-PresJ. CHEEVER FULLER, Treas. and Clerk.DIRECTORS:Henry E. BothfeldCharles R. BrownThomas B. FitzpatrickWilliam M. FlandersJames W. FrenchSamuel W. FrenchJ. Cheever FullerFrank J. HaleP. A. McVicarG. Fred SimpsonAlonzo R. WeedGeorge M. WeedVillaAn Ideal Family Home for Business Menwith Small FamiliesSingle and Connecting Rooms "With or "Without BathA. I. BROWNTelephone, Newton North 2126925 HIGHLAND AVENUE, NEWTONVILLE


60 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHARVARD STREET—Continued4448505074768282949698MrMrMrMrMrMrMr&&&&&&&Mrs Fred E MannMrs Harry B GreeneMrsMrsMrsMrsMrsJames F CurrierW H RowlandWilliam F ChaseTheodore O BjornsonLindsay HooperMrs A H HaynesMr & Mrs Edgar iW GreeneMr & Mrs Frank M KeithMr & Mrs A E Ward3 Dr. Elsie V McLaughlin3 Miss Kathryn L. McLaughlin63 Mr & Mrs George G West63 Mrs C S Crane67 Mrs Edward h Purdy101 Mr & Mrs Capel Hanbury105 Mr & Mrs P Aloysius Do Ian105 Mr & Mrs Curtis De'ano109 Miss Martha E Gaskin100106112112116138140Wesley L Wright-Mr & Mrs Edward MeCrud !enMr & Mrs Louis BelcherMr Donald BelcherMr & Mrs Fred A O'SullivanMr & Mrs John A ChaseMr & Mrs Henry A Lane144 Mr146 Mr& Mrs M W Solomon& Mrs Hiram W Forbes148 Mr & Mrs Albert Farnsworth150 Mrs I E Olmstead152 Mr & Mrs Gerald A BoattHIGHLAND AVENUE30 Miss Jennie F. Strout30 Mr & Mrs Irving O Palmer30 Miss Marie Palmer50 Mrs Alfred E Wyman58 Mr & Mrs Donald MacDonald58 The Misses MacDonald58 Miss Clara Owen58 Miss Frances Owen66 Mr & Mrs F Breakey Freeman74 Mrs Horatio B Hackett74 William F. Hackett74 Howard Hackett74 Miss Bertha Hackett74 Miss Sarah B Hackett80 Mr & Mrs Leonard G Roberts90 Mrs William P Upham104 Mr & Mrs Albert P Carter148 Mr & Mrs Charles Gardner164 Mr J T Lord164 Mr F M Brown186 Hon & Mrs Marcus Morton186 Miss Helen Morton228 Mr & Mrs Wm A Richardson9 Mrs Thomas Webster9 Mr & Mrs Richard Webster25-31 Highland Villa (Arthur I. Brown,prop)Mr Robert Arthur BrownMr & Mrs Albion C BrownMrs Eustace LaneMrs Lillian WymanMr & Mrs Benton SillowayMr Edward H LittleMr & Mrs Henry A NortonMr & Mrs George C WeedMr & Mrs T A EstabrookMiss Louise EstabrookMr Charles A XottMr & Mrs Hubert A RathoaberMiss Ceoile M DiniondMrs E M Chapin33 Mr & Mrs Harley Lackey35 Mr & Mrs H Clifford Drury43 Mr & Mrs James C Irwin43 Mrs W A Cheyney55 Mr & Mrs John j' Reynolds59 Mrs Florence Dawes MooreGILMOUR, ROTHERY CO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST•% BOSTON

NEWTOXVILLi: 61HIGHLAND AVENUE—Continued61 Mr & Mrs J E Adams63 Mr & Mrs George E Eames09 Mr & Mrs Roy V Collins77 Mr & Mrs S D Hayden95 Mr & Mrs John M Quinn101 Mr & Mrs J Everett Hicks109 Mr & Mrs William Cummings Richardson109 Mr James Herbert Richardson147 Mrs D C Heath161 Mr & Mrs Henry H Carter171 Mr & Mrs G B H Macomber185 Mr & Mrs Richard B Carter185 Mrs Wm N Hobart21 I Mr & Mrs William F Keesler215 Mr & Mrs Nathan E Covel221 Mr & Mrs Joseph A BryantHULL STREET60707890MrMrMrMr&&&&MrsMrsMrsMrsRupert C ThompsonChristopher I FlyeXatt IW EmersonCharles D MeserveJENISON STREET8 Mr8 Mr12 Mr22 Mr00 Mr& Mrs Herbert E Fisher& Mrs Stanley B Arend& Mrs William Zoller& Mrs William E Hickox& Mrs A F Noble5 Mr11 Mr21 Mr21 Mr27 Mr& Mrs Frank A McMann& Mrs John Doane& Mrs Alfred 0 DoaneHenry K Doane& Mrs Albert D AuryansenJUDKINS STREET44 Mrs W H Tucker44 Miss Ethelyn M Tucker58 Mr & Mrs W C Whitney60 Mr & Mrs J F Hall3137435559MrMrMrMrMr&&&&&Mrs Frank W ChaseMrs Nelson H TuckerMrs George W AuryansenMrs Herbert R GibbsMrs A W ChurchKIMBALL TERRACE12 Mr & Mrs George H Robinson20 Mr & Mrs William L Vosburgh26 Mr & Mrs Donald E Rust32 Mr & Mrs Charles H Cobb36 Mr & Mrs Harry E Merritt36 Mrs Mary E Merritt11 Mrs Charles A Burgess11 Miss Clara A Burgess15 Mrs C W Selleck21 Mr & Mrs Joseph L Jellerson21 Miss Louise Jellerson21 Mr Stephen 0 Jellerson21 Miss Emily F Bradbury25 Mrs Austin SandersKIRKSTALL ROAD22 Mr & Mrs C Foster Coombs66 Mr & Mrs George F Schraff82 Rev & Mrs D Brewer Eddy25 Mr & Mrs Edward W Davis47 Mr & Mrs James L Richards47 Mrs Amelia Tow neManagement of Estates HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETEstablished 1840 Telephones: Newton North 2780-2781

62 NEWTOX BLUE BOOKTHE LIGHT SHOPELECTRIC AND GASFlash Lights, Lamps, Batteries, Electric Supplies, Etc., WelsbachMantles, Burners, Chimneys, Globes and Fittings.EDWINT. THOMPSONElectrician and ContractorEstimates Furnished.801 WASHINGTON STREET, NEWTONVILLETelephones: Newton North 112-M; Residence, Newton North, 1497-W. SAVAEstablished 1840Real Estate, Insurance, MortgagesBig Listing of Single and Two-Family HousesReal Estate on Easy Terms; Small Payments downProperties in all Parts of NewtonRepairs on Real Estate SupervisedComplete Listing of Building Sites255 WASHINGTON STREET, NEWTONTelephones: Newton North 2780, 2781

XEYVTOX VILLI. 63KIRKSTALLrROAD—Cont inued98 Mrs Eugene Rust1)8 Mr Frederick W Rust114 Mrs William H Lucas61 Mr & Mrs Eugene C Andres77 Mr & Mrs Frank Wendall Pray77 Mr Thornton C Pray77 Miss Helen Wadham83 Mr & Mrs Frank L Nagle99 Mr & Mrs William Sermon Allen111 Mr & Mrs John B Hunter«LINWOOD AVENUE70 Mr & Mrs Harry Adams Harwood82 Mr & Mrs Alexander J Uoyle100 Mr & Mrs Kirby S Ducayet100 Mr & Mrs Charles C Somes79 Mr & Mrs Horace M WaltonLOTHROP STREET55 Mr & Mrs W I FrostLOWELL AVENUEi2101014202626363838464682114118122128128128128142154154154154162192192194194Mr & Mrs Fred A WilcoxMr & Mrs William H EavesMiss Dorothy EavesMr & Mrs Louis B ViningMr & Mrs Arthur G ReedMr & Mrs Theodore C NickersonMiss Frances L NickersonMiss Theresa V PowerMrs Sarah E AbbottMi s Harriett E AbbottMrs N Selwin SmithThe Misses SmithMr & Mrs Russell C GibbsMr & Mrs Charles P DavisMrMr& Mrs Lawrence F Norman& Mrs Henry J Barringer& Mrs Charles B SomersMrMiss Grace L SomersMr Ralph H SomersMrs E L GroutMr & Mrs Charles A WashburnMr & Mrs John W ByersJoseph ByersMr John Rogers ByersMr Joseph Byers, 2ndMr & Mrs David BarryMrs Charles WilsonMr & Mrs Charles J A WilsonMrs Carl M WheatonMiss MargaretWheaton596!>75798383899710910910911912:>133147147157157167167171195195Mr & Mrs John A RcardonMr & Mrs Chester H LarimerDr & Mrs Godwin M BrownMr & Mrs Edwin II CramMr & Mrs Charles N SladenMiss Marie F SladenMr & Mrs William B DenisonMr & Mrs John W L CramMr & Mrs David B NeedhamMiss Alice S AdamsMiss Carrie A FoskettMr & Mrs John L McKeonMr & Mrs Thomas B Wales, JrMr & Mrs William E BrownMrs George F ElliotThe Misses ElliotMr & Mrs James B TavlorTaylorJohn T Burns, JrJohn A Reardon, JrGeorge A StroutMiss H MMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & Mrs Alfred F LuardMrs Caroline LuardMiss Pearl M Raymond199 Mr & Mrs James P. Smith203 Mr & Mrs Joseph R Beatty203 Mr Joseph J Beatty271 Mr & Mrs Ralph Temple Jackson311 Rev & Mrs Richard T LoringHEAL ESTATE363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON.LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLE

64 NEWTON BLUE BOOKLOWELL AVENUE—Continued1982202222.56258264264270270304310314Mr & Mrs Walter H MarshMr & Mrs Arthur D QuimbyMr & Mrs Oscar HartellMr & Mrs Herbert G SumnerMr & Mrs George L HortonWm A RobinsonMrs Nellie E RobinsonMr & Mrs Sidney S ColburnMiss Miriam ColburnMrs Elizabeth G DameMr & Mrs Charles S KimballMr & Mrs Alden SweetserMADISON AVENUE121422222440424876767880808080828282949496Mr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr Mrs&Mrs LanaJoseph P CryanFrank M GrantJ Liston NauGeorge H TracvJohn H ThomasGeorge I RhodesC HuntJohn M ReithMr & MrsMrs Anna S WetherbeeMiss Louise WetherbeeMr & Mrs L T CollinsMr & Mrs Henrv W MerrillMr & Mrs William T HallidayMiss Mabel C BraggMiss RobinsonMr & Mrs Horace KidgerMiss Margaret McGillMr & Mrs Wilbur P PorterMr Theodore M ReedMiss E G WhitehorneMr & Mrs George Saunders67 Mr & Mrs William H Lowcry69 Mr & Mrs Charles S Dole71 Mr & Mrs George H Hastings73 Dr & Mrs Harold O Hunt75 Mr & Mrs A H Park81 Mr & Mrs Warren S Colegrove83 Mr & Mrs Barton Easby Brooke83 Mrs Levi Cole Wadleigh, Jr89 Mr & Mrs Frederick L Edmands93 Mr & Mrs Chester H Whelden93 Mr & Mrs Joseph At wood97 Mr & Mrs A P Martin101 Mr & Mrs Alden E Bartlett101 Miss Adeline M Bartlett101 Miss. Marie Bartlett103 Mr & Mrs George A Edmands103 Mrs W E SpragueMILL STREET270 Mr & Mrs Louis E Moore288 Mr & Mrs Edward A Wilkie215231237251255271275289289Mr & Mrs George H BrownMiss Annie E ChisholmMr & Mrs F Lincoln PeirceMr & Mrs P R ZieglerDr & Mrs L M S MinerMr & Mrs Charles W BartlettMr & Mrs Edward P HatchMr & Mrs Henry A WheelerMiss Margaret WheelerLORING BROOKSPEARMAIN & BROOKS, Brokers,Members of Boston & New York Stock Exchanges

XEWT0XV1LLE 65MOUNT VERNON STREET140 Mr & Mrs Charles E Conant150 Mrs Arthur Little156 Mr & Mrs George W Abbott162 Mr & Mrs Charles L Anderson168 Mr & Mrs Howard J Schafer174 Mr & Mrs Edward C Johnson174 Miss Ruth H Johnson117 Mr & Mrs William Cushing Bamburgh139 Mr & Mrs Luther B Woodward151 Mr & Mrs Wm H Whitcomb151 Miss Pearl E Whitcomb169 Mr & Mrs Arthur B Munroe169 Mr Guy M Munroe175 Rev & Mrs E M L GouldMOUNT VERNON TERRACE2 Mr and Mrs Kenelm Winslow8 Mr & Mrs Frank F Carr7 Mr & Mrs Harlan H Ballard Jr9 Dr & Mrs Robert WhitehillNEWTONVILLE AVENUE338 Mrs Charles T West366 Mr & Mrs Charles T Pulsifer370 Mr & Mrs Arthur F Jones376 Mr & Mrs Stuart Peirce384 Mr Alonzo P Curtis390 Mrs Edward D Van Tassel390 Miss Elizabeth Van Tassel390 Raymond S Van Tassel400 Mrs A Williams402 Mr & Mrs George A Mead410 Mrs Mary A Rumery416 Mr & Mrs Robert C Bridgham424 Dr & Mrs William O Hunt424 Mr Donald R Hunt440 Rev & Mrs Peter Black448 Mrs John F Banchor448 Miss Anna L Waite355355367:i (; 7371375399409411417425425445Dr & Mrs E E HopkinsMr Stephen T HopkinsMr & Mrs W F KimballMiss Katherine KimballMrs W T illiam F LuntMr & Mrs Frederick Edgar FrenchMr Mrs Edward Page&Mr Mrs Liverus H Howe&Mr Mrs Edward W Howe&Mr Mrs Winfield Scott SmythDr Mrs Wilson C Dort&Dr Mrs Fred S HopkinsMiss Mary F CommonsOAKWOOD ROAD42 Mr & Mrs Harry J Dooley48 Mr & Mrs Monroe C Rand54 Mr & Mrs Fred H Daniels60 Mr & Mrs Charles B Harrington60 Mr & Mrs Dr J L W Jenkins(14 Mr & Mrs Wallace C Boyden1137-135151:>1Rev & Mrs J F BrantMrs Morgan C RenoMr & Mrs Herbert E CurrierMiss F V LundMrs F H CarlisleMr John H ThaxterMr & Mrs Francis J V DakinMiss Ella G WillcoxMiss Mary A Willcoxt>3OMAR TERRACE10 Miss H A RobinsonKi Mrs Robert D Rhodes24 Mr & Mrs John E Upham111115151723Mr & Mrs George H JacksonMr George H Jackson, JrRev William L D TwomblyMiss Isabella TwomblvMr & Mrs Clayton B ConeMr & Mrs W E GuilfordFor all kinds of Real Estate see HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.Established 1S40N'EWTOX OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-2781

6CNEWTOX BLUE BOOKOTIS PLACE16 Mr & Mrs Alfred S Mawson16 Mrs A M Wedger15 Mr & Mrs Charles H Allen23 Mr & Mrs William P HannafordOTIS STREET24 Mr & Mrs John B Gifford28 Rev & Mrs Frank M Sheldon34 Mr & Mrs Wesley W Blair38 Mr & Mrs Albert L Gordon44 Mr & Mrs Edwin L Gardiner54 Mr Charles French54 Mr & Mrs Peter Tancred54 Mr Charles F Tancred60 Mr & Mrs Ulysses G Wheeler64 Mr Frederic W Grigg76 Dr & Mrs Charles Fl Yeo88 Mr & Mrs John G Tompson88 The Misses Tompson120 Mr & Mrs Melvin ,S Barber150 Mr & Mrs Ezra E Clark .170 Mr & Mrs Hubert L Carter1723232735435150596977859195123131131131Mr & Mrs Thomas C LeavensMrs Martha A WellsMiss Nellie F WellsMr & Mrs Stanley E HortonMrMrMi-MrMrsAlfred& Mrs& Mrs& MrsE KW ColeMaurice JJohn WEdwin CEddyWatsonLockeWilcoxMr & Mrs HerbertMr & Mrs WallaceMiss H A BucklinMr & Mrs James B HartfordK HalletE RichmondMr & Mrs William H DonnellyMiss Mary P CaseyMr & Mrs Emil F ShultMr William H PavneMiss Susie E PavneMiss Mary PaynePAGE ROAD16 Mrs Mary J Robertson16 Mrs E T Stone26 Mr & Mrs George I Colesworthy26 Miss Helen N Colesworthy44 Mr & Mrs William F Warner52 Mr & Mrs Ernest N Boyden52 Mrs Mary S Sawtelle52 Miss Emma A Page58 Miss Henrietta F Greenwood62 Mr & Mrs Charles L Wilkins62 Mrs H M Sjpaulding70 Mr & Mrs Albert G Seavey74 Mrs Bimey A Robinson78 Mr & Mrs William H Rogers78 Mrs James B Rogers1515252547515501616163677783Mrs N Henry ChadwickMr & Mrs Augustus PattersonMr & Mrs William PriceMiss Anna PriceMr & Mrs Charles W HardyMiss Marion C HardyMr & Mrs A Ellis HuntMr Albert T SissonMr Francis J GarrisonMr Wendell H GarrisonMiss Helen T RemingtonMr & Mrs William D NugentMr & Mrs Edward D BrineMr & Mrs H W SchaschkeMr & Mrs Charles E Bevan20 Mr & Mrs Wm N Dudley26 Mr & Mrs Frank G Will'son5 Mr & Mrs Arthur H Soden5 Mr & Mrs Charles A R Soden5 Miss Edith Soden5 Miss Alice Soden5 Miss Marjorie Soden5 Miss Edith SimpsonPARK PLACE15 Mr & Mrs Nicholas RichardsonAt home TuesdaySum res Lake Windameerland19 Mrs Francis Taylor21 Wm II Pentz23 Dr & Mrs Charles S PalmerEngMortgagesPlacedHENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.Established 1840NEWTOX OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 27S0-27S1

y /NEWTOXVILLE 6?PRESCOTT STREET, 16 Dr Stephen F Chase16 Miss Gertrude Chase16 Miss Ethel W Chase22 Mr & Mrs Harry E Bryant34 Mr & Mrs Levi Cooley34 Master Richard Cooley58 Mr & Mrs J E Cornish58 Mr Donald 0 Cornish58 Miss Gladys N Cornish62 Mr Richard. M Larned62 Miss E ;L Larned66 Mr & Mrs Edmund W Kellogg66 Mr George S W Kellogg74 Mr & Mrs F C Bassett80 Mr & Mrs James D Bennett80 Mr & Mrs F B Bennett86 Mr & Mrs Henry B Nickerson15 Mr & Mrs George H Martin19 Mr & Mrs Charles W Davidson25 Rev & Mrs Edgar E Davidson25 Miss Alice Nelson55 Mrs Mary R Martin55 Mr & Mrs Augustus L Wakefield55 The Misses Goodridge55 Miss Sarah F Courante61 Mr & Mrs Emanuel F Pillman61 Miss D E Pillman67 Mrs George P Cooke67 Miss Clara B Cooke67 Mrs R D Morehouse75 Mr & Mrs J W ChapmanPROCTOR STREET9 Mrs Arthur T Hill9 Mr Stuart M Hill9 Mr Donald M Hill11 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Chamberlin11 Mrs Mabel Hanson17 Mr & Mrs Eugene W Leighton19 Mr & Mrs Percy G StilesPROSPECT AVENUE25 Mr & Mrs Alex D Salinger39 Mr F iB Kendall34 Mr & Mrs Joseph M Dunham34 Mr & Mrs F H CushingPROSPECT PARKPULSIFER STREET171935Mrs Lottie A RossMr & Mrs Howard B GibbsMr & Mrs Charles W SolomonROSSMERE STREET38 Mr40 Mr44 Mr& Mrs W Llovd Allen& Mrs Oscar J Gatchell& Mrs John F Dever, Jr373535MrMrMrMr&&&Mrs Adam iHaugMrs George LucasMrs 01 in D DickermanMrs James E OdellE. A. ROBART & SONSAntique Furniture Repaired andRefinished(Successors to ROBART BROS.)311-317 Washington St., - - - BrooklineP]i01^ 1269Brookline

6SNEWTON" BLUE BOOKRUSSELL COURT11 Mr & Mrs Edward H BellSIMPSON TERRACE12 Mr & Mrs Albert L Walker 9 Mr & Mrs Walter H CoombsTROWBRIDGE AVENUE20 Mr & Mrs Frederick E Proctor20 Mr Roger B Proctor20 Mr Donald C Proctor23 Mr & Mrs Harry C Weare29 Mr & Mrs Ernest Nixon35 Mr Frank T Benner47 Mr & Mrs Carl F SchipperTURNER STREET20 Mr &24 Mr &MrsMrsFrank C MildramHoward B Josslyn21 Mrs J H WilleyUPLAND ROAD214 Mr & Mrs Lester B Hunter216 The Misses Dumas234 Mr & Mrs Edward C Wyatt240 Mr & Mrs Walter T Kelley264 Mr & Mrs Frank B Fletcher270 Mrs Martha C McGregpry261 Mr267 Mr& Mrs William P Carr& Mrs Robert W CunninghamWALKER STREET16 Mr & Mrs William F Ferrin20 Mr & Mrs W H Stevens24 Mr & Mrs George W Wright36 Mrs Newton Hammond36 The Misses Hammond36 Mr X Leroy Hammond44 Mr & Mrs" William Higgins46 Mr & Mrs Joseph L Caverly70 Mrs Nathaniel H Bryant78 Mr & Mrs Maynard Maxim78 Mr & Mrs A D Rice84 Mr & Mrs W S Houghton84 Mrs Edwin D Dodge84 Miss Elinor Dodge65 Mr & Mrs John Da boll(55 Miss Jeannette G Daboll75 Mr Lewis Breeden75 Mr George Breeden83 Mr & Mrs John Cutler91 Rev & Mrs A J MusteeWALNUT PLACE22 Mr & Mrs Robert B Capon26 Mr & Mrs Samuel P Putnam28 Mr & Mrs W C Paine32 Mr & Mrs Otto Ruhlin38 Mrs George L Keyes38 Walter P Keyes25 Mr & Mrs Horton S Allen37 Mr & Mrs Samuel W FrenchPEARMAINBROOKS, BROKERSMembers of Boston andNew York Stock ExchangesS. B. PEARMAIN L LORING BROOKS53 STATE ST., BOSTON

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Walker Lithograph ssJ Publishing Co.Successors to Geo. H. Walker & Co.LITHOGRAPHERSPhoto-Lithographs, Process Cuts, Letter Heads, Cards, andColor Work.TYPEPRINTINGSEND FOR ESTIMATESAUTOMOBILE ROAD MAPSNew England, New Jersey, New York, Eastern and SouthernPennsylvania and to Washington City by Districts.CITY MAPS, RAILROAD MAPS ANDATLASESSend for Descriptive Catalogue400 Newbury Street, BOSTONM^KENNEYeWATERBURYCOit i9M>*«•v VY!//,:' I I%FIXTURESGASAND OILr^." -.' * , ^MV A-1&\\* *«tTHE NLW fcVEN LIGHTCLASS-. .4 . ......r^^5181en /» v -i / M '

NEWTONVILLE 71WALNUT STREET130130146L601601741741821821901901982002:5i)3003063103183243:5234037840641442442442443i •44244245445446246246247247-'472472480Mr & Mrs Max II HaaseMrs W s SpringMr & Mrs Charles ScipioneMr & Mrs Leon T CoombsMr Leonard S CoombsMr & Mrs Lewis E BinneyMr William H LovettMiss Mary PigotMiss Josephine TaylorMr Edward A DrowneMiss Mary L DrowneMr S k BillingsMrs J U BillingsThe Colonna ApartmentsThe Misses PerkinsMiss Harriet A RabinsMr & Mrs Arthur R Xa»'leMr & Mrs Thomas H RoweMr B .H LothropMr & Mrs Arthur C CarterMrs Arthur L BerryMr & Mrs Preston J CalleyMr MissLouise R ShermanEthel ShermanMiss Marion ShermanMiss Alice TerrellMrs George F Kimball7 Mr & Mrs Charles A Peakes15 Mr & Mrs Morton S Keith Jr21 Mr & Mrs Harry Bates Owens21 Mr & Mrs Morton II Graves35 Mr & Mrs Harold D Billings35 Mrs Florence E Ware43 Mr & Mrs Morris H Brown49 Mr & Mrs Nathan W Tupper57 Mr William W Keith57 Mr W B Keith67 Mr & Mrs Henry A Mansfield67 Mr & Mrs Charles F Dow109 Mr & Mrs James M Bacon109 Edwin H Keach109 Mr & Mrs George B Nauss137 Mr F O Young137 The Misses Young143 Mr F Hollis Appleton14:! Mrs Anna N Appleton143 Mrs Edward A Hooper153 Mr & Mrs Robert W Fitzpatrick15315 3161161175Miss Angelia XickersonMrs W B (HoimanMr & Mrs Mark C TaylorMiss Helen D TaylorMr & Mrs Herbert F Hunter209 Mr & Mrs Edwin T Thompson221 Dr Frank R Clark227 Dr & Mrs David E Baker227 The Misses Baker241 T S Grant315 Mrs A R Mitchell000 The Newton Club HouseDr & Mrs Hartley Wales Thayer355 Mrs W H Seaver363 Mr & Mrs Jesse K Park369 Mr & Mrs Henry A Young377 Mr403479489 Mr5035035035155155 2 55075 (i 7587& Mrs Warren F Gregory( ol & Mrs Francis H HazeltineMr & Mrs Raymond Tucker& Mrs George W BishopMrs George A ClappMr John S ClappMiss Antoinette W ClappMr & Mrs William B ArnoldMiss Betty ArnoldMr & Mrs Charles W RyderMr & Mrs Albeit M LyonMiss Yiana Elk insMr & Mrs George F MalcolmPEARMAINBROOKS, BROKERSMembers of Boston andNew York Stock Exchanges.S. B. PEARMAIN L. LORING BROOKS 53 STATE ST., BOSTON

72 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWALNUT490 Mrs Nelson H Brown490 Mr Emerlus B Cross490 Mr R W P Brown508 Mr & Mrs Edward P Hind536 Mr Eugene C Belcher542 Mr & Mrs John H Eddy542 Miss Beatrice F Eddy544 Mr & Mrs Lincoln Righter580 Mr & Mrs Samuel J Brown598 Mr & Mrs James P Richardson604 Mrs Susan E Williams604 H W Eddy614 Mr & Mrs L GoodbarSTREET.—Continued613 Mr & Mrs Edwin S Woodbury'Sum. res., Big Moose Lake, N. Y.(21 Mr & Mrs Wilfred OwenWASHINGTON PARK4 Mr & Mrs Harry C Scofield10 Mrs Josephine Wetherbee18 Fred G Schipper26 Mrs M E White26 Miss M V White32 Mrs John F Carey44 Mr & Mrs John J Downey46 Mrs Edward T Trofitter52 Mr & Mrs Christian F Becker52 Mr .& Mrs Charles T Price56 Mr & Mrs Walter V Judkins64 Mr & Mrs Leon C Carter70 Mr & Mrs Clarence G McDavitt74 Mr & Mrs (Harrison P PageMr &92 John A Andrew Home97 Mr & Mrs Stephen Mallett97 Dr Stephen P Mallett105 Mr & Mrs John J Cornish77152125252727293333394749557373798591Mr James H ShermanMiss Lillie L ShermanMr & Mrs E Lndsey CuminingsMr & Mrs Ethelbert ParkerMr & Mrs W G WlilkinsRe\ & Mrs Geo H KaltenbachMr & Mrs D Frank LordMrs J H CrandonMr & Mrs C C ConnorDr & Mrs William T NoyesMr & Mrs Thomas F LyonsMr & Mrs Ralph A JonesMrMrMrMrMr&&&&&Mrs Henry M HavnesWilliam J McClellanJosiah P WestcottThurbur F RussellFrank V RussellMrsMrsMrsMrsMr & Mrs Joseph C HagarMr & Mrs Walter F JacksonMr & Mrs Frederick A BarrettWASHINGTON STREET573 Rev Aloysius Malone573 Rev Lawrence W Slattery573 Rev James Kelley619 Dr & Mrs Francis M O'Donnell619 Mr Paul O'Donnell727 Mr John M Jones731 Mr & Mrs George Oakes Stoddard731 Mr & Mrs Howard G Tut tie743 Mr & Mrs John A Purdy757 Mr & Mrs John D Harrington899 Mrs Henry J Patrick905905931941938101110111015101510191019Mr & Mrs Charles A GreggMr Waldo A GreggDr & Mrs L T NagleMrs E BrothersMr & Mrs Thomas Burn-;Mr & Mrs J C WalshMr & Mrs John K NolanMr George E ColeMr W E NashMrs Flora A BlairMr & Mrs James S WilsonE. A. ROBART & SONSCARPET AND RUG CLEANSERS(Successors to ROBART BROS.)311-317 Washington St., - - - RrooklinePhone 12 69 P>rooklino

NI-AVT0XY1LLE :3WASHINGTON TERRACE182299Mrs 0 ?> TruesdellMr & Mrs Thomas C ClayMr Melvin Clay17 Mrs Mary A B Allen17 Miss Clara Allen21 Mr & Mrs A Sidney BryantWATERTOWN STREET4S44884SS49449449449449849850451051G524524.124.124010612• #Mr & Mrs J Walter AllenMr & Mrs Louis E G GreenLeut Fred M GreenMr & Mrs J W BrighamMrs Frances BowenMrs Florence GoodrowMiss Sylvia BrighamMr & Mrs Samuel J SpearMiss Gertrude L SpearMr & Mrs Augustus I HadleyMr & Mrs Charles D CabotMr & Mrs E P LeonardMiss Gertrude C EstesMiss Josephine E EstesMrs Herbert M ChaseMiss Ethel G DavisMrs Charles W HamiltonMr & Mrs A W OsgoodMr i& Mrs C A Sullivan495 Mr & Mrs Herbert G Seeley495 James A. Seeley-111 Mr Morgan Mahoney•111 Dr Edward Mahoney•111 The Misses Mahoney523 Miss F G Nichols.123 Miss Ella Nichols561 Mr & Mrs Harry D Cabot567 Mr & Mrs Charles C Briggs567 Raymond E Briggs.175 Mr & Mrs Hubert W Pierce.1/5 Mr Earl H Pierce583 Mr & Mrs Frederick S Sherman.183 Mr Leighton >R Sherman607 Mr & Mrs W P Sullivan613 Mr & Mrs M P McKinnonWOODSIDE ROAD20 Ernest L Miller2i) Miss A A Miller25 Mr & Mrs Bartlett F KenneyReal EstateJOHN J c DELANEYInsurance249 WASHINGTON ST, NONANTUM BLOG., Listings Solicited in the Newtons Newton Tel. N.N. 191

i •iNEWTOX BLUE BOOKWEST NEWTONADELLA AVENUE16 Mr & Mrs Cecil Ogden48 Mr Columbus G Carley54 Dr & Mrs Francis J Costello58 Mr & Mrs Donald 0 MacNaughton64 Mr & Mrs Thomas Kellar5395155658770Mi-MrDrMi-MrMrDr&&&&&&&Mrs Dwisfht W RobinsonMrs C E CherryMrs Alexander F McWillianisMrs Stanley B DowelMrs Frederick M MitchellMrs Raymond D .HuntingMrs AdamsARDMORE ROADFrom12 Mr & Mrs Henry Alvin Dodge22 Mr & Mrs Charles H Sampsoni O Prospect Street'9 Mr & Mrs Scott K Wainwright15 Mr & Mrs Alfred B RichARDMORE TERRACE8 Mr & Mrs Elliott S Church14 Mr & Mrs George H Fernald7 Mr & Mrs Ernest C. Snow11 Mr & Mrs Jerome SchauerAUBURN STREET42 Mr & Mrs T Wallace Travis42 Herbert A Travis42 Mrs Annie Lyons58 Rev & Mrs Harry Beal70 Mrs John H Hoyt94 Miss Emily A Kaupp106 Mr & Mrs James \Y Woodward7 Mr & Mrs James J Deffley17 Mr & Mrs Francis Linnell31 Mr & Mrs Harry G Chesley75 Mrs Clara G Inman85 Mr & Mrs Thomas C DonovanAUSTIN STREET370 Mrs Eleanor Ross370 Mr & Mrs Alfred E Thayer365 Mrs Anne371 Mr & Mrs370 Dr & MrsE HosmerAlvah J SteadmanLewis H Jack241 John W Condit241 The Misses Condit247 Mr & Mrs William H Rand247 Dr N Louise Rand247 Miss Abbie M Rand361 Miss Marianna C Porter365 Mr & Mrs Arthur G HosmerAll Kinds of Insurance HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.Established 1840NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-2781

WEST NEWTON"T5BALCARRES ROAD12 Mr16 Mr38 Mr& Mrs Arthur C Dunmorc& Mrs Philip Walker Carter& Mrs Joseph T Gilman10 Dr & Mrs William F KnowlesSum res Bay Hill Farm. Tilton.N. II.19 Robert Treat Knowles19 Miss Katharine KnowlesBARNSTABLE ROAD8 Mr & Mrs William22 Mrs E C Griffin30 Mr & Mrs Ernest ST Glidden, JrGileBERKELEY STREET6G Mr & Mrs Percival S Howe80 Mr & Mrs William C Hall96 Mrs Frederic B iRice96 Mrs Grace Felton Rice106 Mr & Mrs Maynard Hutchinson13132121334141677575758597Mr & Mrs Robert G ChidseyMiss Marion ChidseyDr & Mrs H P HollnagelMrs Margaret HollnagelMr & Mrs W Herbert BoutellMr & Mrs Edward F WoodsMr Edward H WoodsMr & Mrs Clifton H DwinnellMr & Mrs Frederick W BrownCarleton W BrownRichard H BrownMr & Mrs Charles MatlackMr & Mrs Arthur R SmithBIGELOW ROADSi) Mr & Mrs Frank J Hale80 Miss Marjorie Hale120 Mr & Mrs Wm R King85 Mr & Mrs George Winslow Eddy133 Mrs Louis J BalliettBRISTOL ROAD28 Mr & Mrs Thomas F BaxterBURNHAM ROAD10 Mr & Mrs Robert H Gross 9 Mr & Mrs Sumner Robinson19 Mr & Mrs Frederick Bigelowcroft19 Miss Leslie Bancroft19 Mr Amos Roberts Bancroft31 Mrs A C ThomasBan-REAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.363 CENTRE ST.. NEWTON.807 WASHINGTON ST.. NEWTONVILLE

v76 NEWTOX BLUE BOOKSPECIALTYSHOPGifts and Homemade CandiesGood Shepherd Fingering Yarns1292 WASHINGTON STREET, WEST NEWTONTelephone ConnectionA\INARD'SLINIA\ENTKING OF PAINMUSCLE SORENESS—Prevent soreness and lameness when playing tennis,ball, golf and other out-of-door sports, by having for instant useMinard's liniment the effective antiseptic which is pure and stainless, andwhich is so popularly used by most every one this season.A\INARD'S LINIMENT MFG. CO.EAMES ST., FRAMINGTONNEWTON BLUEBOOKPrice, $2.00A good advertising medium going direct to the homes of the citizens ofNewton.Also Cambridge Blue Book, Brookline Blue Book, North Shore Blue Book,Koxbury and West Roxbury Blue Book, South Shore Blue Book, WinchesterBlue Book.Published byBOSTON SUBURBAN BOOK CO.Old South Bldg., Room 1013,BOSTON, MASS.

WEST NEWTON ;:CHERRY STREET108 Mr & Mrs Chas E HatfieldSum res., Centre Harbor, N HHi8 Mrs S Edmund Whitley378 Mrs Ella J Robbins378 Miss Hazel Robbins386 Mr & Mrs Burton YV392 Mr & Mrs T Arthur400 Mrs Caleb F Eddy400 Miss Bertha Eddy400 Miss Elizabeth Eddy400 Miss Ruth W EddyMooreNelsonSum res, Eddyville Middleboro424 Mr c^c Mrs Harlan P Barber365 Mr Maurice B Coleman365 Mr Joseph E Coleman371 Mr & Mrs Reuben S Elliott:>77 Mrs Anna M Langelv377 Dr Mabel A Langley377 Miss Martha E Langley383 Prof & Mrs Henry C Sheldon391 Mr & Mrs Malcolm McPhec399 Dr & Mrs C E A Ross413 Mr & Mrs William Nicholson413 Miss Ruth Nicholson413 Miss Fannie E MorrillCHESTNUT STREET76 l)i100100100112& Mrs H A ReedMr Edward A HuntingMiss Anna H HuntingMiss Grace M FisherMr & Mrs George HutchinsonSum res Rexhame, Mass128 Mr & Mrs Frederick Everett Jones160 Mr & Mrs Charles A Fitz Gerald170 Mr & Mrs George A Frost170 Miss Eleanor R Frost212 Mr & Mrs Henry A Robbins260 Mr & Mrs George R Whitten260 Mr Robinson S Whitten274 Mr & Mrs Thomas O Marvin294 Mrs Benjamin S Palmer294 Miss Mary B Palmer320 Mr & Mrs John S Alley320 Miss Elisabeth B Alley320 Mr & Mrs Henry W Robbins7373798787107129129155173203257271287321Mr & Mrs Arthur H FrostMr Henry L FrostDr & Mrs Irving J FisherMr & Mrs George F Newell IMr Channing P NewellMr & Mrs Norman MarshallMr & Mrs Charles F HowiandMiss Ethel HowiandMr & Mrs William C SaffordMr & Mrs Charles I TravelliMr & Mrs Frederic Luther FeltonProspect Farm, Bolton, MassMr & Mrs Lawrence MayoMr & Mrs Charles Wood NoyesSum res Belgrade Lakes, MaineMr & MrsMr & MrsSum resFrederic R CutterHenry B DayWianno, Cape CodCOMMONWEALTHAVENUE1245 Mr & Mrs George H EllisCRAFTS STREET450 Mr456 Mr460 Mr460 Mr472 Mr500 Dr*& Mrs Raymond Pa ton*& Mrs Benjamin Armstrong& Mrs V J SalviacV Mrs L (iuarente& Mrs Olof Ohlson& Mrs Harry W Hammondv445 Mr & Mrs445 Miss M H451 Mr & Mrs457 Mr & Mrs457 Miss Pearl515 Mr £ Mrs510 Mr & Mrs529 Mr & MrsFrank A JacksonJacksonWalter L NourseCharles J MaynardA MaynardLyman B MorrillLouis N GowellFrank Jl TuttleReal EstateJOHN J. DELANEYInsurance249 WASHINGTON ST., NONANTUM BLDG, Listings Solicited in the NewtonsNewton Tel. N.N. 191

78 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCROSS STREET12 Mr & Mrs Noah F Bosworth16 Mr & Mrs Charles E Prescott28 Mr & Mrs Ernest F Dow40 Mr & Mrs Edmund T Wiswall40 Mr Waldo Trowbridge58 Mr & Mrs George W Marsh5151719273541434949MrMrMrMrMrMrMr&&&&&&&MrsMrsMrsMrsrsMrsMrsL M Col wellThomas Cooper JrEdward W WhoofF A BowesHarrison A BennettAlfred L KershawMeylert GrangerMrs Margaret MarshMrs L P GammonsMr Charles E (.{amnionsDARTMOUTH STREET19 Mr & Mrs T A CrimminsDAVIS AVENUE66 Mr & Mrs J B Sanderson66 Miss Eva Sanderson66 Mr & Mrs Fred R Furbushm Mr & Mrs Alfred C Furbush3 Mr Charles Burrill3 Miss Ella M Burrill15 Mr & Mrs Joseph A Symonds29 Mr & Mrs F D Wellington47 Mr & Mrs Edward L Lemon51 Mr & Mrs Ernest C Reed51 Mrs Lunette M .Loukes57 Mr & Mrs Ralph L 'Warren61 Mr & Mrs Thomas R SheehanDAVIS STREET15 Mr & Mrs Orville H Shirley19 Miss Margaret Connolly23 Mr & Mrs F C Blair31 Mr & Mrs Frank ElderEDDY STREET70707474Mr & Mrs Edward M StannardRev and Mrs. Rufus H DixMr & Mrs Ralph E FrenchMr & Mrs John P McMahon232733395767MrMrMrMrMr& Mrs& Mrs& Mrs& Mrs& MrsMrs Calvin P SangerRobert E HillsChester B PrattEdward A DexterAlbert E BillingsEdward C WaterliouseEDEN AVENUE48814303240Mr & Mrs James WoodsMr A F A G LibbyMrs M E CampbellMr & Mrs George H HaynesMr & Mrs Wiilliam C CarterMr & Airs Geon»e E DresserMr & Mrs Miles We 1 ! in''ton11 Mr & Mrs Frank E Stearns17 Mr & Mrs James W Hammond23 Mr & Mrs Frederick T Burgess29 Mr & Mrs Herman R Place29 Mrs Celia L HopkinsGILMOUR, ROTHERY GO. NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST BOSTON• I

NEWTON BLUE BOOK"in any great amounts on your person, isdangerous.There are always the possibilitiesof loss and robbery.Deposit your funds with this BankPay out by Check.A lost check-book can always be replaced.H ow success ful are you in recovering a lostbank-roll?Your bank-roll is an open invitationtothieves; a check-book, never.Because of our location in your home City,we are able to promise you maximum conveniencein the handling of your CheckingAccount.tttyp IFtrat National mnkOF WEST NEWTON

NEWTON BLUE BOOKWEST NEWTON SAVINGS BANKWEST NEWTON, MASS.Incorporated 1887GEORGE P. BULLARD, PresidentROLAND F. GAMMONS, Treas.J. ELLIS GAMMONS, Asst. TreasDeposits placed on interest January 10, April 10, July 10, October 10Recent Dividends 4 per cent, per AnnumAssets over $2,425,000Banking Hours: 8 a. m. to 3 p. m.; Saturday, 8 a. m. to 12 m.; 7 to 9 p. m.

WEST X I:\VTOX 79ELIOT AVENUE18 Mr & Mrs Harry E Raymond28 Mr & Mrs C P Earley104 Mr & Mrs F G L Henderson108 Mr & Mrs William H Howland27 Mr & Mrs J Cheever Oarley37 Mr & Mrs Henry D Howard131 Mrs H L Butterfield131 The Misses B.itterfield108108114120120120128136Miss Marion HowlandMrs Edith H WrightMr & Mrs William CooperMr & Mrs Phillip T DavisMrs Lucy BentlyMr & Mrs Joseph N BrownMr & Mrs W H BlacklerMr & Mrs Herbert F PierceELM STREET32 Mr & Mrs Timothy J Kennedy38 Mrs Johanna Kelley46 Mr & Mrs George Green5(> Mr & Mrs J J Murphy70 Mrs F A Emerson70 Mr & Mrs J J MacRae76 Mr & Mrs A L Jordan80 Mr & Mrs Chester A Morton80 Miss Alice Morton90 Mrs Fred L Cook13132131313737454589Mr Lawrence BondThe Misses BondMr & Mrs S Warren DavisMr & Mrs Edward H CrandellThe Misses CrandallMr & Mrs Percy E CarterMr & Mrs William W HarringtonMrs Theodore A FleuMiss Ethel FlenThe West Newton Day NurseryEXETER STREET14 Miss Elizabeth D Hinckley20 Mr & Mrs Robert W Newell34 Mr & Mrs Frank W Remick29 Mr & Mrs Stanley M BolsterFAIRFAX STREET12 Mr & Mrs Francis J Burrage34 Mr & Mrs William P Morse44 Mr & Mrs Augustus V II Kimberly19 Mr & Mrs George H Adams25 Mrs Daniel Scudder25 Miss Maud C Scudder25 Mrs Nathan Crocker37 Mr & Mrs Fred S Sawyer49 Mr & Mrs Joseph T EddyFAIRVIEW TERRACE11 Dr & Mrs Frank M Sherman11 Mrs Lvdia A Sisson*17 Mrs George T Garrison17 The Misses Garrison17 Miss E L AnthonyManagement of Estates HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.Established 1S40NEWTONOFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-2781

I80 NEWTON" BLUE BOOKFurbush Bros Garage1203 WASHINGTON STREET, WEST NEWTON, MASS.Agents for JEFFERY and CHEVROLET AutomobilesSUPPLIES REPAIRS RENTINGFIREPROOFStorage Capacity,14,000 Square FeetCharging Batteries.Our aim is to give the Public "Service•9In an emergency, Telephone—we will do the rest.Deliveries made in all parts of Newton.J. T. BURNS, Agent, NEWTONC. F. EDDY CO.COAL AND WOODHay, Straw, Flour, Grain, FeedLIME, CEMENT, DRAIN PIPE, ETC.Offices and Yards,AUBURNDALE and WEST NEWTONBARBOUR AND TRAVISInsurance and Real Estate of Every DescriptionCare of, Renting, and Selling.T. WALLACE TRAVIS, Notary Public, Justice of the Peace.Telephone, N. W. 689-WBank Building,1345 WASHINGTON ST., WEST NEWTON

WEST NEWTON 81FOREST AVENUE130 Mr Charles W Leonard 23 Mr & Mrs Robert W Neff20 Mr & Mrs Fred S Retan97 Mr & Mrs Henry C FrenchFOUNTAIN STREET•16 Mr William A Thurston10 The Misses Thurston24 Mr & Mrs Frederic H Newton40 Mr & Mrs James L Blaisdell66 Mrs Andrew S Woods66 The Misses Woods252533959595Mr & Mrs Theodore A EstabrookMiss Louise EstabrookRev & Mrs Charles J FowlerMrs Harriet IsaacMr William T IsaacMiss Grace M IsaacGREENWOODAVENJE40 Mr & Mrs Henry L Fairbrother60 Mr & Mrs Joseph B RossTel Newton West 938-MHAMPSHIRESTREET10 Mr & Mrs Merrick Gay Estabrook,Jr.40 Mr J A Karnheim40 Mrs Wilhelmina CrossHIGHLAND AVENUE228 Mr & Mrs William A RichardsonSum res East Andover, N H266 Mr & Mrs William E Gill286 Mr & Mrs Henry M Davis294 Mr & Mrs Frederick C Graves294 Mr John O Graves302 Mr & Mrs Carl E Pickhardt2332452892S930331331933733.737Mr & Mrs Arthur P Felt onMr & Mrs William F BartholemewMr & Mrs Samuel PrayMiss Dorothy PrayMrs DeWitt B BraceMr & Mrs Henry F DewingMr & Mrs Edward A MarshMrs Marcus M WadsworthThe Misses WadsworthMr & Mrs Webster G SimonHIGHLAND STREET72 Mr Edward C Burrage72 Miss Caroline S Burrage72 Miss Mary Evelyn Smith84 Mrs James P Tolman10210210210211011612S140140150Mr & Mrs Edgar T WardThe Misses WardMr Edgar WardMr Asline WardMr & Mrs Arthur P GayMrs Pierpont WiseMr & Mrs Louis F BachrachMr & Mrs Wilfred Dwight SmithMrs Elizabeth P HarrisMrs Mary P Converse41515173737373«7Mr & Mrs James A RomkeyMr & Mrs Charles M PrattMr & Mrs Frank H PrattMr & Mrs A Stuart PrattMiss Mabel S PrattAlfred Stuart Pratt JrMr Lucius G PrattMr & Mrs Frederick S PrattMr Henry D Woods99145 Mr & Mrs Herbert Emerson Fales145 Mr Dean Abner Fales235 Mr J Franklin Fuller269 Mr & Mrs Horace M WheelockREAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLE

8° vXEWTOX BLUE BOOKHIGHLAND !156 Miss Margaret Converse150 Mr Elisha E Converse156 Mr Parker Converse216 Mr & Mrs Fred W Albree240 Mr & Mrs Harry W Crooker250 Mr & Mrs Richard Gardner Elkins270 Mrs Charles Laurie280 Mr Joseph Foster280 Mr & Mrs Walter Foster280300300300300302326320•ContinuedMr William FosterMrs Charles H AmesMUs Helen H AmesMr Charles iB AmesMr Lawrence C AmesMr & Mrs Carl Emile PickhardtMr & Mrs Charles E GibsonMr James W GibsonHILLSIDE AVENUE40 Mr & Mrs Clifton F Leatherbee52 Mrs Josiah B Chase52 Mr Lewis B Belknap04 Mrs John Wooldredge04 Miss Blanch L Dunbar100 Mr & Mrs Orrin C Hubbard100 Miss Amy Hubbard30 Mr & Mrs Benjamin F Shattuck69 Mr & Mrs Samuel N Fleming70 Mr & Mrs Frederick S. Blodgett85 Mr & Mrs George W Newhall85!>1!)19197Miss Emma X NewhallMr & Mi's Frank F BaldwinMiss M X BaldwinMr Robert BaldwinMr & Mrs Clifford H Frost97 Mr & Mrs Henry C MitchellHILLSIDE TERRACE13 Mr & Mrs Benjamin J BowenHUNTER STREET10 Mr & Mrs Charles E Braman20 Mrs Rodney M Lucas20 Mr & Mrs 'Walter M Lucas252929Mr James R GawMrs A K TolmanMiss Emma T TolmanLENOX STREET22 Mr & Mrs Enoch C AdamsSum res Camp Taeonnet, BelgradeLakes, Me83 Mr & Mrs Sam W Manning91 Mr & Mrs Orris W Xelson22 Mr Schuyler Adams22 Miss Katherine Adams28 Mr & Mrs Leon B Rogers32 Mr & Mrs Willard C Warren32 Miss Margaret WarrenStun res Belgrade Lakes. Maine32 Mr Keith F Warren40 Mr & Mrs Win E Crosby62 Mr & Mrs Wentworth V Lander82 Mr & Mis Arthur E Gill82 Mr Fletcher L Gill90 Mr & Mrs Clarence L Newton102 Mr & Mrs Ernest F LovejoyLORING BROOKS,PEARMAIN & BROOKS, Brokers,Members of Boston & New York Stock Exchanges

WEST X KWTOX 83LINCOLN PARK6 Mr & Mrs George Hugo26 Mr & Mrs Henry K Burrison34 Mr & Mrs Alexander Bennett40 Rev & Mrs Thomas S Roy50 Mr & Mrs Charles Scott54 Mr & Mrs Dennis McCarthy02 Mr i& Mrs Francis E Nbwers02 Mr Samuel A Langley68 Mr & Mrs Richard T Kyte72 Mrs Jane H HaydenMARGIN STREETMOUNT VERNON STREET15619819823023024024024825S258258284284Mr & Mrs George W AbbottMr & Mrs William L PufferMrs Dexter R PufferMr & Mrs William M BullivantMr Stewart L BullivantMr & Mrs Sidney B ThomasMr & Mrs Henry E CopelandMr & Mrs Frederick B HomerMrs Harriet M FreemanMiss Caroline L FreemanMiss Ethel H FreemanMrs Charles L HosmerMr & Mrs George T Howard189 Mr & Mrs Everett L Upham197 Mr & Mrs William H Graham221 Mrs George L Lovett221 The Misses Lovett221 Arthur T Lovett235 Mr & Mrs James Richard Carter235 Miss Evelyn CarterSum res 'The Hummock?/' Jef2 ? 5ferson Highlands, N HM'ss Carrie GilesMr & Mrs Charles W Leatherbee279279 Miss Eleanor W LeatherbeeSum res Marion, MassNORTH GATE PARK3 Mrs Ellen E Wright3 Miss Alice M Wright15 Xorthgate Club HouseOTIS STREET2402422422622622742923043143203343Mr & Mrs Harry F GibbsMr Austin II DecaturMr & Mr. Arthur U DecaturMi- & Mrs Glover S LlastingsMr & Mrs Walton S RedfieldMr & Mrs A A HartelMr & Mrs John P EagerMr & Mrs Edward B WilsonSum res Milford, X HMiss Katharine S HaleMrs Levi F WarrenMr & Mrs F Paul iWelschTV Julia M Dutton243 Mr & Mrs George T Lincoln243 Miss Marjorie Lincoln257 Mr & Mrs Joseph N Lovell257 Mrs H S Dale265 Mrs John Parker Holmes265 Miss Eleanore Holmes265 Mrs Caroline C Furbush273 Prof & Mrs Henry P Talbot273 Miss Dukehart281 Prof & Mrs S Homer Woodbridge291 Mr & Mrs George H Bond291 Miss Annie M Bond301 Mr & Mrs Dnniol O WWi*For all kinds of Real Estate see HENRY W. SAVAGE, INCEstablished 1840NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-2781

84 NEWTOX BLUE BOOKJ. Morris Meredith Edward W. Grew Henry Whitmor aKsMEREDITH & GREW15 CONGRESS STREET, BOSTONWest Newton Hill Real EstateAgents for theWEST NEWTON BOULEVARD SYNDICATELands on Commonwealth Ave., Prince, Fuller and Exeter Sts.HENRYWHITMORE31 STERLING STREET, WEST NEWTON, MASS.Telephone Connection Established 1861HENRY F. CATE(Successor to Stephen F. Cate)SUttOTal itortor mxh Embalmn*1251 WASHINGTON STREET, WEST NEV/TON, MASS.CH ANDLEMARBER (5124 SUMMER 5? BOSTON.SPECIALTIESM| •r J [ i' 1 !'

WEST NEWTON 85315333351359OTISMrs John W CarterMr & Mrs Horace A BennettMr & Mrs Frederick P BarnesMr & Mrs Harry M StonemetzSTREET—Continued359 Mr Philip T Stonemetz367 Mr & Mrs William H Pearson367 Miss Xella J Pearson367 Mr Arthur E PearsonPARSONS STREETi14 Mr & Mrs Alvah A Libbey14 Mr Joseph II Libbey20 Mrs Samuel P Darling20 Miss Muriel Darling28 Mr & Mrs Harry S Wells36 Mr & Mrs Robert S Bowen42 Mr & Mrs Guy C Holbrook46 Mrs Rodney Q Barlow46 Mrs Angie A Weeks46 Mr & Mrs H Herbert Cook50 Mrs Benjamin F Barlow56 Mr & Mrs Horace E Woodberry50 Mr Dwight L Woodberry56 Miss Ethel M Woodberry62 Mr & Mrs Henry E Thompson68 Mr & Mrs Lucian N Davis27 Mr & Mrs A E Trowbridge33 Mr & Mrs W E Glover51 Mr & Mrs Clarence T BerryPERKINS STREET22 Mrs Alfred L Barbour22 Miss Mary S Barbour22 Miss Ethel S Barbour22 Mr Walter F Barbour72 Mrs L A Kimberly72 Miss E S Kimberly15171717173131374563737373Dr & Mrs Sidney B SargentMr & Mrs Lawrence A SpragueHenry Z BurbankMrs Emma F SpragueMrs Edith A OberhauserMrs Henry A InmanMr & Mrs George T GammonsMrMrMrMr& Mrs Daniel B Burnett& Mrs Wilfrid 0 WhiteMrs Samuel F Tower&& Mrs Robert W HarringtonMrs Sarah N HarrisGeorge B Harrington323238384862Mrs John Murdoch. JrMiss Gertrude I SearsMr Herbert E BurrageMiss Alice BurrageMr & Mrs Walter S WaitMr & Mrs Frank W WisePRINCE STREET17 Mrs E S Dunham17 Mr Charles T Dunham23 Mr & Mrs Francis E Macombe23 Miss Katharine L Macomber23 Miss Dorothea Macomber33 Miss E P Whi+novMortgagesEstablished 1840PlacedHENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-2781

86 NEWTOX BLUE BOOKPRINCE STREET—Continued70 Rev Julian C Javnes76 Dr & Mrs Donald Macomber86 Mr & Mrs Herbert L Felton100 Mr & Mrs Herbert Rogers126140158222244258208208208288292Mr & Mrs Charles P HallMr & Mrs Harry L AyerMr Arthur E MasonMr & Mrs Arthur HowlandMrs W T CobbMr & Mrs Henrv S HowesMrs Harvey G RuheMr Willard L RuheMiss Helen RuheDr & Mrs Thomas J KingMr & Mrs Robert W Deane43 Mr & Mrs Clarence G Haskell59 Mrs George E Peters69 Mrs George P Howlett09 Miss Adeline M Howlett85 Mr & Mrs Arthur P Friend95 Mr & Mrs George T Dodd95 Mr Malcolm Dodd109 Mr & Mrs Wlilliam Hall Best125 Mr & Mrs Norman W Bingham131 Mr & Mrs Frank F Cutter141 Mrs Horatio N Glover141 Mrs William A Wheeler147 Miss Kate Carroll159 Mr & Mrs John E Pushee159 Miss Ethel M Rundlett221 Mr & Mrs Arthur F LukeSum res Beverlv Farms, Mass257 Mrs Charles A Zinderstein281 Mr & Mrs George B RowbothamPROSPECT STREET66 Mrs M T Wildes70 Christopher H Lacey78 Mr & Mrs Benjamin F Eddy65 Mr & Mrs A W Dewire73 Mr & Mrs George W Hunt83 Mr & Mrs Jacob Schmitt119 Mr & Mrs Josiah E BaconPUTNAM STREET6121828384450MrMrDrMrMrMrDr& Mrs Dudley P Tenney& Mrs William H Porter& Mrs Cecil Xorbert BradyS: Mrs S W Eager& c Mrs E P Merlet&Mrs George F LarcomMrs David W Wells3 Mr & Mrs Frank J Chaplin11 Mr & Mrs Frank E Hunter11 The Misses Hunter19 Mr Charles A Royce29 Mr & Mrs Jonathan L Damon39 Mr & Mrs George P Hatch79 Prof & Mrs Herbert E Cushman5050Oculist, Hotel Westminster,ley square, BostonMrs Nellie F CopeMr Ralph A WellsCop-047480MrMrMr& Mrs Henry B Patrick& Mrs William Lester Bates& Mrs Clifford R EddyREGENT STREET10 Mr & Mrs Henrv L Whittlesey22 Miss Clara M Holmes2S Mr & Mrs Harrison G Burgess30 Mr & Mrs J Charles Thomas36 Mr Howard C Thomas30 Miss Edith G Thomas30 Mrs Charlotte A Clark27 Mr & Mrs Hector M GordonE.-A. ROBART & SONSMATTRESSES CLEANSED and MADE OVER(Successors to ROBART BROS.)311-317 Washington St., - - - BrooklineP'.ione 12G9 Brookline

ADVERTISEMENTSHEWINS & HOLLISMEN'SFURNISHING GOODS4 HAMILTON PLACE, BOSTONPENNELL, GIBBS & QUIRING COMPANY(INC.)DECORATORSI — — ^ M — — — • —15ABEACON STREETBOSTON,MASS.Established 1856 Telephones 1299, 1071, Roxbury Incorporated 1903Adams & Swett Cleansing CompanyCarpet Beating.House Furnishings Cleaned with Our PortahleVacuum System. Heated Naphtha Process. SanitaryRenovation for Mattresses and Bedding.130 KEMBLE STREET, corner Magazine, ROXBURYBreck-Robinson Nursery Co.NURSERYMEN,HORTICULTURISTS,LANDSCAPE ENGINEERS51-52 NO. MARKET STREET, BOSTON, MASS.MUNROE STATION,LEXINGTON, MASS.

ADVERTISEMENTSFIFTY NINTH YEARJ. S. Waterman SonsINCORPORATEDUNDERTAKERS2326 an 2328 Washington StreetAdjoining Dudley St. Elevated StationFuneral, Cemetery, Cremation andTransfer Arrangements.CHAPELEXTENSIVE SALESROOMSCITY AND OUT-OF-TOWN SERVICECARRIAGE AND MOTOR EQUIPMENTSRegistered in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts,Rhode Island and Connecticut.FRANK S. WATERMAN, Pres.JOSEPH S. WATERMAN, Vice-Pres.FRANK S. WATERMAN, JR.Telegraph and Cable Address"Undertaker-Boston"TelephonesRoxbury 72, 73, 74

AY EST NEWTON" 89RIVER STREET34 Mr & Mrs Henry W Crafts 25 Miss Amelia Davis25 Mr & Mrs Edward Rice25 Miss Evelyn RiceSEW ALL STREET18 Mr & Mrs Edward L EstabrookSum res Framingham, Mass32 Mr & Mrs John W Estabrook40 Mr & Mrs Arthur T Safford15 Mrs Annie P Avery15 Mr John Avery25 Mr & Mrs Eugene A Ford31 Mr & Mrs Roy R Merchant39 Mr & Mrs Charles E Lauriat45 Mr & Mrs Albert MannJrSHAW STREET10 Mr & Mrs Walter B Davis10 The Misses Davis10 Mr Arthur W Davis22 Mr & Mrs J Cheever Fuller30 Mr & Mrs Samuel Barnard44 Mr & Mrs A Shirley Ladd50 Mr & Mrs Sidney P Brown131319212127374949Mrs Clara A BrownDr Josiah H BrownMr & Mrs Eustace B RiceMr & Mrs S W DyerMiss Mildred C DyerMr & Mrs Maxwell J LowryMr & Mrs Frank B LaytonMrs William G BellMr & Mrs Douglas CrookSOMERSET ROAD20 Mr & Mrs Herbert M Cole20 Master Richard B Cole38 Mr & Mrs Clarence B Wood38 Mr Ellery E Wood9 Mr17 Mr25 Mr33 Mr& Mrs& Mrs& Mrs& MrsCharles E BensonJohn A PaineGeorge M McCoy, JrFrank W SadlerSTERLING STREET14 Mr & Mrs Joseph D Wood14 Miss Louise Wood18 Mr & Mrs Albert C Blunt Jr26 Mr & Mrs George Edwin Peters15 Mr & Mrs Philip L Ross23 Mr & Mrs Herbert M Andrews31 Mr & Mrs Henrv Whitmore39 Mr & Mrs Stephen H Widden(>5 Mr & Mrs William Lloyd Garrson,JriSum res Wianno, Cape CodSYLVAN AVENUE20 Mr & Mrs Arthur H Leonard32 Dr & Mrs Louis Bell40 Mr & Mrs Stewart K Gibson31 Mr & Mrs W O Turner45 Mr & Mrs Frederick S HardyPEARMAINBROOKS, BROKERSMembers of Boston andNew York Stock Exchanges.S. B. PEARMAIN L. LORING BROOKS 53 STATE ST., BOSTON

90 NEWTON BLUE BOOKTEMPLE STREET34 Mr & Mrs William F Chase34 Mrs Edna F Chase54 Mr & Mrs William A Young54 Mrs Mary J York60 Mr & Mrs Richard W Buntin70 Mr & Mrs Ellery Peabody86 Mr & Mrs George P Bullard86 Miss Clara M Bullard104 Mr & Mrs Francis Newhall114 Mr & Mrs Robert A Whidden122 Henry L Jewett122 The Misses Jewett122 H Dana Jewett130 Mr & Mrs Henry F Gate174 Mr & Mrs Edward E Blodgett218 Mr & Mrs W B H Dowse218 Miss Dorothv P Dowse15 Mrs John T Prince15 Miss Isabel C Bacon49 Mr & Mrs Clift R Clapp49 Howard R Clapp49 The Misses Clapp61 Mr Samuel Hobbs61 Mr Stafford Baldwin Hobb aSum res 5 Beach Bluff av, BeachBluff67 Mr & Mrs Charles A Wyman77 Mr & Mrs Manly U Adams77 The Misses Adams95 Mr & Mrs Wm H Bacon105 Mr & Mrs Edwin H Rogers111 Mr & Mrs Jarvis Lamson111 Miss Barbara Lamson155 Mr & Mrs Frank B With ei bee155 Miss Frances S WitherbeeSum res Smith Cove, Nova Scotia175 Mr & Mrs Swan Hart well185 Mr & Mrs George D Davis199 Mrs William Emerson BarrettAt home first Tuesdays199 Miss Florence Barrett199 Miss Constance BarrettSum res Booth Bay Harbor, Me215 Miss Agnes B Hastings227 Mr & Mrs William GrayVALENTINE STREET12 Mr & Mrs Frederick T Walsh12 Miss H E Bingham56 Mr •& Mrs Thomas Weston, Jr70 Mr & Mrs Charles S Cook Jr84 Mr & Mrs Gardner Irving Jones100 Mr & Mrs Harris 0 Poor55 Mr & Mrs James A Hutchinson97 Hon & Mrs John W WeeksWALTHAM STREET206246246250280292298330330350352MrMrMrMrMrMrMrMrMrMrMr&&P&&&&Mrs Wallace I LamsonMrs Frank S WebsterS WebsterMrs Louis A WebsterMrsMrsMrsPercy F WilliamsII T GrevattPhilip L WarrenCharles A WilburMrs&Charles A Williams Jr& Mrs Dana Libby& Mrs Warren D Provost243 Mr Vernon E Carpenter243 Miss Fanii} B Carpenter243 Miss Josephine C Carpenter275 Mr & Mrs Robert Chapman Jr309 Mr Frederick W Yelland309 Mrs Catherine Yelland309 Mrs Mad a Yelland309 Miss Emily Yelland309 Mr J B Powers339 Mr & Mrs Rudolph F Koops367 Mr & Mrs H Ross CallawayE. A. ROBART & SONSCARPET AND RUG CLEANSERS(Successors to UOBAKT BROS.)311-317 Washington St., - - - BrooklinePhone 1269 Brookline

WEST NEW TON 91WALTHAM STREET—Continued354 Mr & Mrs Louie A Bacon356 Mr & Mrs Willard C Church358 Miss Jennie Dow360 Mr & Mrs Chester N Reed362 Mr & Mrs Edward M Hall304 Mr & Mrs Wellington Rindge366 Mr & Mrs A H Hilton372 Mr & Mrs Howard C Frederick380 Mi & Mrs Edward G Perry398 Miss Elizabeth A Potter398 Mr Charles A Potter398 Mr & Mrs Andrew B Potter404 Mr & Mrs Ernest W Graves414 Mr & Mrs John A Potter414 Miss Helen Potter414 Miss L Torrey420 Mr & Mrs Philip H Thayer432 Mr & Mrs V S Grant454 Mrs Emma H Thompson454 Miss Alice Thompson371 Mr & Mis William H Dowd377 Mr & Mrs Warren S Kilburn399 Mr & Mrs William B Baker40!) Mr & Mrs Austin S Kilburn473 Mr & Mrs Everett J Jones491 Dr & Mrs Patrick F Coady*-WARRENAVENUE*3 Mr & Mrs Frank V Cushman9 Mr & Mrs Charles F McCarthy17 Miss A B Coe17 Miss Ellen CoeWARWICK ROAD4121218222228Mr & Mrs Martin GannonMrs E A WeaverMr Clarence T WeaverMrMr& Mrs Edgar P Hay& Mrs James P Ramee& Mrs Ernest H Adams& Mrs Edward ClarkMi-Wyn-15 Mr & Mrs Daniel E McLaughlin19 Mrs Irving T Farnham25 Mr & Mrs Ravmond Forte27 Mr & Mrs Charles P Frail35 Mr & Mrs Wm S Bowen43 Mr & Mrs John J Gill283434.">438RevceloweMiss Ruby Belle WynecloweMr & Mrs James E BeairstaMr & Mrs diaries BakerMr & Mrs Alvin DinsmoreMr & Mrs Luther M RameeWASHINGTON STREET13541358148214821482Dr & Mrs Fred M LoweMr & Mrs Bernard D FarrellMrs Albert E PutnamMiss Edith L GrayMiss Carrie B Fleming10551081111311491157MrMrMi-MrMr&&&&Mrs X P BernardMrs William XewsteadMrs William BatstoneMrs R B ConrovMrs A E TrowbridgeC-Real EstateJOHN J c DELANEYInsurance249 WASHINGTON SL, NONANTUM BLOC, Listings Solicited in the NewtonsNewton Tel. N.N. 191

92 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWASHINGTONSTREET—Continued1482149215161516151615161650Reginald F PutnamMr & Mrs George S HolmesMi- Benjamin F MonaghanMr Edward F MonaghanMr Richard J MonaghanMiss Agnes F MonaghanDr & Mrs N Emmons Paine117713371367148714871529Mr & Mrs F L TalbotCity HallMr & Mrs Harry M JenkinsMrs Andrew PetersThe Misses PetersRev John F KeleherWATERTOWN STREET712724724790790802806808814826846848854854856858860868868782876882886892904910920924Mr & Mrs F Roseoe Webber, 3rdMr & Mrs D J HerlihyMr & Mrs Fred J WilliamsMr William G HarleyMiss Sarah G HarleyMr & Mrs John 0 : NeillMr Mrs H C Barber&Mi- Mrs S L Baxter&Mr & Mrs Edgar R HillsMr & Mrs Ralph E HatchMrs G O'NeilMr & Mrs C H LippincottMrs Edward CarterMiss Ethel CarterMr & Mrs Herbert W GrindalMr & Mrs Arthur D BatsonMr & Mrs Edwin AMr & Mrs Leroy LMiss Lillian ParkerMrMi-Mr&&BosworthParkerMrs I I HanceMrs John W ShowierMrs George K StaceyMrs "William BeebeMrRev & Mrs George H CateMr & Mrs Frank A RiviniusMr & Mrs James L BarrettMr & Mrs John A GriffinMrs J Howe Allen713715719725789803803819835843889893905907930934936942Mi-MrMrMi-MrMi-MrMrMi-MrMrDrMrMrMi-MrMrMrMrs Bennett Glynn&Mrs M A Clouse&Mrs H H Lane&Mrs Earl E Wakefield, Jr&Mrs Charles S Blair&Mrs James B Newell&Charles Newell& Mrs William E Tomlinson& Mrs William W Wells& Mrs E C Reed& Mrs Sylvanus Smith& Mrs Clarence M Glazier& Mrs Frank C Hincks& Mrs Murdock L Briaon& Mrs Arthur W Corrigan& Mrs Herbert M Stuart& Mrs Charles E Nally& Mrs M John EnesressWEBSTER PARK80 Franklin Metcalf80 Mrs Sarah F Johnson80 Miss Myra E Metcalf92 Mr & Mrs Charles W Sweetland92 Mr & Mrs August Sweetland102 Mr & Mrs Bamfoid Hoar15 Mr Wilbur A Paine69 Mr & Mrs Edward L Spaulding79 Mr & Mrs Joseph M Towle79 Mr & Mrs William G Hambleton87 Mr & Mrs Walter G Collagan95 Mr John J Ruddick95 Miss Lillian Ruddick103 Dr & Mrs Frank W Putnam103 Mrs Adelaide Putnam111 Mr Samuel N WatersAll Kinds of Insurance HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.Established 1840NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHING-TON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-27S1

WEST NEWTONfl:;14182424303040565S026466909610411011011212012S136136144174174Mr & Mrs Fred L SmithMr & Mrs T J NolanMiss Marguerite HuntMiss Mildred F BatesMr & Mrs Arthur M TeulonMrMi-Mr])rMi-MrDrMrMrArthur& Mrs&&&&&&&MissMrsMrsMrsMrsMrsMrsParker Teulon1) M StokesMelvin S BarberIlarland ChandlerGeorge S FullerGeorge W BondThomas HaydenWilliam J GannonCharles S FraryMrsDelia PerkinsGeorge W RobertsMrsMr & Mrs V E NunezMr & Mrs Henry C LittleThe Misses WheelerMr & Mrs H J GammonsMr & Mrs William G FolsomWilliam H FolsomMr & Mrs James T BaileyMr & Mrs William KellarMrs Sarah M RayWEBSTERSTREET15212:i353535MrMrMrDrMr& Mrs& Mis& MrsEdwin< rUS'tofCharles R FisherLewis M BaileyAlton R SedgleyNeilsenA NeilsenMiss Lucy Ellis AllenSum res Linekin, Maine115 Mr & Mrs Thomas Bradley125 Mr & Mrs Roland F Gammons133 Mr & Mrs Nepthali Forte141 Mr Joshua S Roberts141 Mr & Mrs J Pearl Roberts153 Mr & Mrs Chauncey S Stiments153 Mr Robert Kirk157 Mr & Mrs G Melvin Holmes157 Mrs Charles L BerryWILDWOOD AVENUE66 Mr & Mrs Lincoln B Rice72 Mr & Mrs George A Allen77 Mr & Mrs Richard Porter BoyerWINTHROP STREET41422344458MrMrMi-MrMrMr& Mrs Clinton L EddyWilliam E Elder& Mrs Joseph Phelps Gray& Mrs Clarence L Weaver& Mrs Franklin S Hoyt& Mrs William R Jones3 Rev & Mrs J Edgar Park51 Dr Henry B ChandlerSum res Sullivan, Me51 Mrs Isaac F Osgood69 Mr & Mrs Josfah E Lincoln69 Mr & Mrs James P Lhi.olnWISWALL STREET44612162426Mrs Helen Trowbridge.Mrs Addie L GouldMr & Mrs Arthur G BakerMr & Mrs Edward E SavaryMr & Mrs William T RiceMr & Mrs Lee W WoolstonMr & Mrs F B HoldenREAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.363 CENTRE ST.. NEWTON.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLB

94 NEWTON BLUE BOOKAUBURNDALEASH STREET16 Mr & Mrs John € Fronde20 Mr & Mrs Albert L Wright24 Mr Elliot W Keyes28 Mr & Mrs John McDonald62 Mrs William B Fowle27 Mr & Mrs W G S Chamberlin27 Mrs Gertrude B Barnes45 Mr & Mrs Henry G HildrethASPENAVENUE116 Mr & Mrs Harry D Priest116 Miss Helene Priest33 Mr & Mrs William Capstick55 Mr Waldo Noyes55 Mrs Inez C Noves55 Miss Margaret G Noyes63 Mr & Mrs Wm H Wilkinson63 Miss Esther S Wilkinson111 Mr & Mrs J Parker B Fiske111 Mr iGeorge Adams Fiske115 Mr & Mrs James W Messenger125 Mr & Mrs Ira W McConnellAUBURN STREET158 Mr & Mrs Henry A Wentworth164 Mr & Mrs Albert L Cole164 Howard E Cole174 Mr & Mrs Charles R Barker180 Dr & Mrs John E Hale180 Mr & Mrs Lewis S Miner208 Mr & Mrs John J Foristall220 Miss E N Little236 Mrs M B Hazen236 Miss Emily H Hazen236 Miss Emilv Hazen175191201221311409465465473473483MrMrMr & MrsThomas FMrs A W& Mrs Brewer G Whitmore& Mrs George W McNearEdward WalesMelodyBurrFrank E PorterDr & MrsMrs Emma F BaileyMiss Emma C BaileyMr & Mrs Charles 6 FoxMr & Mrs Raymond EMrs Li 11 a BournePerkinsE.-A. ROB ART & SONSMATTRESSES CLEANSED and MADE OVER(Successors to ROBART BROS.)311-317 Washington St., - - - BrooklinePhone 1269 Brookline

AUBURN DALEi^O1AUBURNDALE AVENUE202 Mr & Mrs Arthur L Lewis236 Mr & Mrs \ Arthur 11 .Hardy334 Mr & Mrs Donald D Williams342 Mr & Mrs Thomas F Gleason340 Mrs Julia E Iamb350 Mr & Mrs G Fred Pond350 Mr & Mrs Maxwell C Hutchins•-187 Mr & Mrs Nathaniel Allen191 Mrs Marion W Brewster201 Mr & Mrs Samuel C Lawrence205 Mr & Mrs Byron L Sikea215 Mr & Mrs Richard C Jacobs239 Mr & Mrs Charles H Tainter251 Mr & Mrs John L White257 Mr & Mrs Herman M Noyes203 Mr & Mrs William C Rodders209 Mr & Mrs John P CaldwellBOURNE STREET44 Mr &52 Mr &58 Mi- &02 Mr &08 Mr &70 Mr &Mrs Walter I SmithMrs Charles E FoggAirs Herbert E iB CaseMrs Arthur H WigginMrs James A DeLacyAirs Kdward McLaughlin510777MrAirAir& Airs Thomas J Alurphy& Mrs Al J Blaisdell& Mrs George W LangleyBRAE BURN ROAD22 Air & Mrs Amasa W B Foster32 Mr & Airs Clarence S Foss112935AirAirAir&&&AirsMrsAirsWinthrop A StilesAlbert B DurellRalph TirrellCENTRAL STREET22304242424052587882889413213S15S15S158238246254Airs George W ShepardAir. & Airs Robert H JamesMr Colon S OberAliss Alabel P OberAliss Jessie S PeabodyMi-MrAirMi-MrDrAirs& Mrs Robert Pier pout& Airs Henry W> Sprague& Airs Charles E KennedyA: Airs Arthur W Hollis& Airs David Sturtevant& Airs Chessman P HutchinsonAlary G McAllisterMr • & Mrs William CoulsonAli-• & Mrs Edwin W DaleyMr & Airs William H SmithMr Leighton B SmithAli- P Marlborough SmithMr Mrs Walter M Brooks&Mr Mrs&Air Airs&At homeSum resAustin 'H EatonRobert P GilmanWednesdaysSouth Harwich21 Air & Airs Edward R Jones31 Mr & Airs Timothy J Alurphy35 Capt & Airs Albert W Hersey01 Mr & Airs Elmer E B Johnson81 Mr & Mrs John E Fitzpatrick211 Mrs A F Hall211 Mrs Wilbur F Hall223 Mr & Mrs William I Goodrich223 Mrs G A Drost223 Aliss Laura Drost231 Dr & Mrs E U Ufford251 Air & Airs Arthur C Farley251 Mr Charles Judd FarleyFourth Alondays251 Aliss Emily Farley251 Air Arthur Francis Farley271 Miss Sarah E Estabrook277 Mr Franklin Estabrook283 Air & Airs Rufus Estabrook305 Dr & Mrs George A Bates321 Air George B Knapp321 Mrs George P KnappReal EstateJOHN J. DELANEYInsurance249 WASHINGTON ST., NONANTUM BLDG., Listings Solicited in the NewtonsNewton Tel. N. N. 191

9GNEWTON BLUE BOOKCENTRALSTREET—Continued254254254254254290298304304316324330338348360360366376376Miss Lucy GilmanMiss Marjorie GilmanMiss Pauline M GilmanRobert GilmanArthur GilmanMr & Mrs Wilmar H NashMrs C M LamsonRev & Mrs George S ButtersMiss Marion ButtersMr & Mrs Arthur L GoodrichMrMrMrMrMrMr&&&MrsMrsMrsErnest F DrewFred R MillerFrederick A FossJames StrangMrs&& Mrs Theodore W ReedHenry B Reed& Mrs Ernest BraithwaiteMrCapt Charles E RanlettMiss S Alice Ranlett337337337347347357367367379387399399407Mrs E E StrongMiss Annie C StrongMrs E L ConditMrs George D HarveyMiss Helen W BalchMr & Mrs Frederick J RanlettMrs John B PerkinsMr & Mrs Percy I PerkinsMr & Mrs Edward J FrostMr & Mrs Frank W RugglesMrs Frederic E SargentMiss Ethel E MorganMr & Mrs Warren D FosterCENTRAL TERRACE14 Mr & Mrs Joseph A McDonald32 Mr & Mrs Herman Goldberger27 Mr & Mrs Edward Legge39 Mr & Mrs William 0 Cutter39 Miss Helen CutterCHESWICK ROAD44 Mr & Mrs Langdon W Chandler 515152737Mr & Mrs Henry A HansenMr & Mrs Orrin ChamplainMiss Dorothea M ChamplainMr & Mrs Arthur B SederquistMr & Mrs Carl S DowCOMMONWEALTH AVENUE18301870187418781878187822022202221222122396Mr & Mrs William Kirk CoreyMr & Mrs Charles R ButlerMr & Mrs Harry B RossMrs Theodore F GoodwinMr Frank T GoodwinMiss Pauline M GoodwinMr & Mrs Charles W BergMr Charles B SpencerMr & Mrs J F RiderThe Misses WilliamsMr & Mrs J Ernest Mullen18551887189918992007201520272031203920432049Mr & Mrs Charles D WillcuttMr & Mrs Andrew J MartinMr & Mrs Frank H UnderwoodMr William K UnderwoodMrs William C WithingtonMr & Mrs James H KelleyMr & Mrs John R ForistallMrMrMr&&&&Mrs George H HavenMrs C D RobinsonMrs Edward J GilesMrs Jesse A Leonard—.GILMOUR, ROTHERY GO. NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST • * BOSTON

AUBUIINDALE 97DUFFIELD ROAD1G2024MrMrMr& Mrs& Mrs& MrsArthur HuntHenry A Perry-John L GrobyL517212537Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mrs Arthur H CoffinMrs Royal P lleuterMrs Philip H GardnerMrs Chester S AllenMrs Edward H FryeFERN STREET10 Mr & Mrs Richard 0 Walter20 Mr & Mrs William J Champion20 Mrs J Walter Davis32 Mr & Mrs Kenneth Beal11 Mr & Mrs John D Ansley20 Mr & Mrs William B HerrickGROVE STREET6 Mr & Mrs Peter J McAleer30 Mr & Mrs Franklin T Miller42 Mrs W F Mallalieu42 Mr Willard E Mallalieu50 Mr & Mrs James H Gardner50 Mr Richard A Klein50 Mrs Victor H Klein52 Mrs George D Rand60 Mr & Mrs Morrison W Eastman60 Dr Luther G Eastman74 Mr & Mrs Charles E Sweet84 Mr & Mrs Charles H Johnson160 Mr & Mrs D George Burr162 Miss Elizabeth Thomson OrdwayAt home Thursdays176 Mrs Harriet L Bunker176 Mr Horace McC Bunker176 Miss Annie E Bunker192 Mr & Mrs Richard Patterson210 Mr & Mrs Fred Van Wormer222 Mr & Mrs E James Winslow248 Mr & Mrs Loury293549595959MrMrMrDrMrMrMr& Mrs Herbert A Wiley& Mrs Herbert H Longfellow& Mrs E Arthur Robinson& Mrs H Sterling PomeroyKenneth PomeroyNorman Pomeroy& Mrs Charles P Darling7389 Rev & Mrs William C Gordon113 Mr & Mrs Edward H Kimball161 Seminary Annex191 Mr & Mrs John P Adams191 Miss Grace K Adams191 Mr John I Adams191 Miss Jennie H Adams205 Mr & Mrs Charles E Kattelle233 Miss Louise J Goring247 Mr & Mrs Arthur E WilsonGROVELAND STREET183030344040Mi-MrMi-MrMr&&&&&MrsMrsMrsMrsMrsC Edward AlleyLester PerrineAlfred D BeckerJames E BrettGeorge Gay BrownMaster Richardson BrownSum res 309 Beach av, Allerton,Mass.25 Mr & Mrs John F Norton35 Mr & Mrs Edward C HammondManagement of Estates HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETEstablished 1840 Telephones: Newton North 2780-2781

98 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHANCOCK STREET14 Dr & Mrs H W Godfrey42 Miss Lucv W Burr86 Rev & Mrs Georae E Martin90 Mr & Mrs Raymond L Bridgman90 Miss Florence N Bridsman116 Mr & Mrs J W Weinberg138 Walker Missionary Cottage144 Walker Missionary Home119119139147153Mrs Fred X DayMr Frederick D DayRev & Mrs Daniel A PolingRev & Mrs Edward P AllenMrs Walter F Edmands17252525474751515761616193939999105113113Mr & Mrs J Scott RiderMr Wm A KnowltonMiss Marion E KnowltonMr Harold W KnowltonSum res Kenberma, HullMiss M F BurksMr & Mrs Olin F HerrickMr & Mrs Albert PalmateerMrs Emily C JuddMr & Mrs Albion L CummingsMr & Mrs John G SimondsMr Horace DuttonMiss Martha S DuttonMr George D DuttonMr & Mrs W Franklin SpoonerMrs Charlotte E SpoonerMr & Mrs Harry W GreenleafMrs Jane GreenleafMrs Dean A WalkerMrs Samuel W DikeThe Misses DikeHAWTHORNE AVENUE24 Mr & Mrs George W St AmantSum res North Falmouth, Mass19 Mr & Mrs Lyman W Gore19 Mr & Mrs Harold Whitehead25 Mr & Mrs George H Burnett37 Mr & Mrs Henry L Goodman39 Seminary Annex51 Mr & Mrs Edgar T White63 Dr & Mrs Henry H HaskellIONIA STREET18 Mr & Mrs John E CarterISLINGTON ROAD6 Mr & Mrs James B Lehneman16 Mrs C Beverly Bostwick16 Mrs Mary B Ridpath36 Mrs Elizabeth H Rider36 Mr Henry One Rider36 Miss Elizabeth A Rider48 Mr & Mrs Fred E Whiting122 Miss Rebecca M White122 Dr & Mrs Alfred E Baker236 Mr & Mrs Herbert L Hopkins45 Mrs Henry A Thorndike(il Mr & Mrs George Parker65 Mi- & Mrs Robert J Sisk73 Mr & Mrs William H Brown77 Mi- & Mrs Harold B Kelley81 Mr & Mrs Arthur F Brown85 Rev & Mrs William I Lawrence161 Mi- & Mrs Charles H Cutter203 Mr & Mrs Harrv W Chandler207 Mr & Mrs Charles E WareEA R n R A R T f j P r CAMC (Successors to KOBAKT BROS.)• -r\« rVVyO>Vl\ l f (X OWl^lO 311-317 Washington St., - - - BrooklineCarpets Taken Up, Cleaned, Made Over and Laid Phone !269 Brookline

AUBURNDALEVVLEXINGTONSTREET336 Mr & Mrs Edward L Lefler342 Mr & Mrs William II Dolan376 Mrs Henry W Robinson388 Mr & Mrs George L Johnson406 Mr & Mrs Thomas iS Newman321 Mr & Mrs YV illis F Hadlock321 Miss Mary Aldrich335 Mr & Mrs Francis E Fuller341 Mr Dennis J O'Donnell373 Mr & Mrs Walter I Clarke377 Mr & Mrs Nelson Freeman377 Mr & Mrs Stacy Baxter377 Mr Thomas D Baldwin383 Mr Clark Harwood395 Mrs Mary E Herron441 Mr & Mrs Arthur S PlummerLASELL STREET21 Mr & Mrs Joseph Emory Clapp35 Mrs Thomas E BakerMAPLE STREET12 Mrs Eliza Vickers12 Mr & Mrs Kaludy Spalding22 Mrs William Fuller42 Mrs Henry R Turner44 Mrs Vine D Baldwin50 Miss Gertrude E Wightman54 Mr & Mrs Chauncey B Conn62 Mrs George P Pickard23 Mrs C L Harrington23 Fred W Stanton53 Mr & Mrs Alden B Joy69 Dr & Mrs Henry F Keever77 Mr & Mrs Wilmond K Chandler77 Miss Gladys ChandlerMAPLE TERRACE18 Mr & Mrs William Wells Tyler 9 Mr & Mrs Leo E Bova15 Mr & Mrs iHarold P Kelley15 Mr & Mrs Wm A Gove23 Mr & Mrs Charles H Hunter23 Mr & Mrs Walter BakerMELROSE STREET206210218224230258264266268268274278Mr & Mrs Nathaniel L GrantMr & Mrs John R FletcherMr & Mrs Fred A MiddletonMr & Mrs Eugene E FoxMrs John BeanAt home WednesdayMrs Mary BryantMr & Mrs George G GoldieMrMi-MrMi-Mr&&&&Mrs C E A PeckMrs Earl H OrdwavMrs Ernest W HallMrs J O PetersonMrs W C Lowe231 Mr & Mrs John R Lowe235 Mr & Mrs John D Rockefeller261 Mrs M H Kimball261 Mr Frank R Kimball267 Mr & Mrs James S LeonardREAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS J363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON. 807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLE

100 NEWTON BLUE BOOK12 The Misses Hall18 Mrs Alma W Tower18 Mr & Mrs Clarence L TowerMYRTLE STREETNEWELL ROAD32 Mr & Mrs Edward E Fernald 7 & Mrs Florance F Sullivan15 Mi& Mrs Wilbur D Gilpatrick35 Mr & Mrs M E Hall43 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Hale51 Mr & Mrs Richard P ReynoldsOAK RIDGE14 Mr & Mrs Nathaniel Dike 11 Mr & Mrs James I WingateOAKWOOD ROAD12 Mr & Mrs John A Urquhart 11 Mr & Mrs Louis R HenrichPRAIRIE AVENUE76 Mr & Mrs R L Fox75 Mr & Mrs James F AllenROWE STREET14 Mr & Mrs George P Brophy2i> Vacant34 Mr & Mrs Theodore W Gore44 Mr & Mrs Chester D Pierce50 Mr William F Soule50 Mr & Mrs George E Keyes29 Mr & Mrs Joseph Kellar35 Mr & Mrs Frederick B Stearns35 Mr & Mrs Arthur E Binford49 Mr & Mrs Austin W Fisher129 Mrs Alice H Smith131 Mr & Mrs Arthur H Guild135 Mr & Mrs Albert E Watts139 Mr & Mrs Perlev R Meisner143 Mr & Mrs William F WentzellROWE TERRACE130 Mr & Mrs Vincent A Pluta 119 Mrs Annie WyethSEMINARY AVENUE49 Mrs George R Eager49 Miss Mabel T Eager49 Miss Florence E Tower73 Mr & Mrs W J RatseyL. LORING BROOKS,PEARMAIN & BROOKS, Brokers,Members of Boston & New York Stock Exchanges

AUBURNDALE 101STUDIO ROAD21 Mr & Mrs Henry R Nash29 Mr & Mrs Adolph E Lorey35 Mr & Mrs William J FrancisVISTA AVENUE20 Mr & Mrs Ernest O'Barton30 Dr & Mrs George Mayers38 Mr & Mrs Wm W Radcliffe38 Miss Blanche K Brink46 Mr & Mrs J J Hennessey62 Mr & Mrs Frederick W Grantham74 Mrs Henry A Priest5 Mrs E B Haskell15 Mr & Mrs W W Cole15 Mrs Mary H Cole31 Mr & Mrs George F Howland53 Mr & Mrs George E FarringtonWASHBURN AVENUE16 Mr & Mrs E Burnard Squire 11 Mr & Mrs William Arthur Millard17 Mr & Mrs Percival Waters61 Mr & Airs Clarence CurtisWASHINGTON STREET17441776179817981828182818281838IS 581900Mr & Mrs Francis H BlackwellMr & Mrs Francis J MagueMr Edward DummerMiss Carlotta R DummerMiss Dora A AllenMiss E A MattesonMrs J H BrooksMr & Mrs Charles A ColeMr Oliver L BriggsMr & Mrs Harry W Spicer1761 Woodland Park HotelMr & Mrs J A Met hot props1761 Mr & Mrs F M Gooding1761 Miss Emma A Prescott1761 Mr R N Allen1761 Mrs George B Griggs1761 Mr W U Sternberg1839 Mr & Mrs H C Philbricl 7-V000 Woodland Golf ClubWILLISTON ROAD10 Miss Blanche M Noyes16 Miss Caroline E Bush30 Mr & Mrs J Frank Dunton4!) Prof & Mrs Amos R Wells40 Miss Elizabeth Wells7 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Lane23 Mrs L E Robinson23 Miss Ella M Robinson37 Mr & Mrs Howard W Schafer43 Mr & Mrs Fred H Cartwright47 Mr & Mrs John J Fitzpatrick55 Mr & Mrs Denis O'LearyWINDERMERE ROAD212•J 4324SMi-MrMrMrMr& Mrs Chester M Robbins& Mrs Edwin H Alexander& Mrs Lewis W Hall& Mrs A W Hapgood& Mrs Brooks C Ulman39 Mr & Mrs Frank G Head39 Mr & Mrs Walter H Scheehl41 Mr & Mrs H B Van Dorn47 Mr Myron W Jo sly n47 Miss Rosamond Ames JoslvnFor all kinds of Real Estate see HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.Established 1840NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-2781

102 NEWTON BLUE BOOK118 Mr & Mr s118 Mr & Mrs122 Mr & MrsWINDERMEREFrederic C ShepardLawrence H SidneyFrederick Webb YoungROAD—Continued57 Mr & Mrs Thurlow S Chandler115 Mr & Mrs Nathan W Dennett115 Mrs Abbie D Dennett115 Miss Annie A Dennett119 Mr & Mrs William W HeckmanWOLCOTT STREET346 Mr & Mrs Harry J West354 Mr & Mrs C C Shepard362 Mr & Mrs Charles E Valentine370 Miss Maria Barker382 Mr & Mrs William Cant386 Mr & Mrs Theodore Dearborn392 Mr Edward G Chamberlain392 Miss Abbie G Chamberlain412 Mr & Mrs Frank H Rudy428 Mr & Mrs Carl Alberte438 Mr & Mrs George M Fiske454 Rev & Mrs James Franklin327335335341361387405413421421429435435457457457Mr & Mrs John H KellarMr & Mrs William M WiseMr & Mrs Samuel WaterworthMr & Mrs Charles P SmithDr & Mrs Arthur FurbishMr & Mrs Richard E AshendenMr & Mrs Charles A BrownMr & Mrs Benjamin K BrownMrs Ella E MorseMr Herbert B MorseMr & Mrs Wycliffe J SpauldingMr & Mrs Herbert L StilesThe Misses StilesMr & Mrs Edwin F RipleyMrs Edwina R Ripley~""ss E A RipleyWOODBINE STREET1218263030384444485460707078Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &MrMrs George H BourneMrs Edward AlmyMrs W T illis H ChandlerMrs William P SnowMrs Roy Lee MillerMrs Charles W His'sins»oJoseph Stone HuntMiss Harriet D HuntMr & Mrs Will C EddyMr & Mrs Wilfred G PaineMr & Mrs John D LamondMrs Edward R HoweMrs William R GuilfordMr & Mrs Robert W MoirCorner Commonwealth avenue31314949494!)Mrs William H BloodMr Charles W BloodMr & Mrs Walter N WallingMrs Caroline MillerRoy MillerLester Walling112 Mr & Mrs C H OsgoodWOODLAND ROAD120 The Seminary Annex120 Mr & Mrs W S Wagner33 Mr & Mrs Charles A J Smith33 Mr & Mrs. Henry S DawsonPEARMAINS. B. PEARMA1N L. LORING BROOKSBROOKS, BROKERSMembers of Boston andNew York Stock Exchanges.53 STATE ST., BOSTON

AUBURXDALE 103WOODLAND ROAD—Continued59 Mr & Mrs Frank F Davidson597171777781Sum res, South China, MaineThe Misses DavidsonMrs J R DraperMrs L D PackardMrs Geo E JohnsonMr & Mrs Charles E AlmyMr & Mrs Isaac S Dillingham132 Rev & Mrs Francis N PeloubetSum res Waterville, N HTel Newton West 4136 Mr & Mrs James R Dayton136 Miss Sally E Turner142 Dr & Mrs Kurt H Thoma150 Mrs Albert Van Wagenen150 Mr & Mrs Howard Pendleton Converse150 Miss Eva G Van Wagenen174 Seminary Annex188 Mr & Mrs Frank Nason204 Seminary Annex000145155155195221239Lasell Young Ladies' SeminaryMr & Mrs Guy M WinslowMrs William E PlummerMr Fred PlummerMr & Mrs John F PriestMiss Jane BishopProf & Mrs Charles H WarrenMortgagesEstablished 1840PlacedHENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-2781

104 NEWTON BLUE BOOKNEWTON CENTREALDEN STREET10 Mrs Silas R Curry10 Mr Francis H Curry18 Mr & Mrs Everett A Greene19 Dr & Mrs F E Banfield19 Mrs William DanforthALBION STREET2 Mr &6 Mr &12 Mr &16 Mr &20 Mr &24 Mr &Mrs Oscar W WalkerMrs Walter H WestonMrs Timothy C Sullivan,Mrs Albert E HallMrs Hiram J BoydMrs Philip F TurnerJr27 Dr & Mrs Robert F HaydenAPPLEGARTH STREET9 Mr & Mrs Albert G Hopkins19 Mr & Mrs Allen McNab52 Mr & Mrs Hugh A Heath66 Mrs Everett Burr80 Mr & Mrs Robert K ShepardASHTONAVENUE3 Mr & Mrs W H Slade33 Mr & Mrs William H Greeley45 Mrs E Story Smith55 Mr & Mrs Frank C PopeAVONDALE ROAD12 Mr & Mrs Ephraim Orrell, Jr16 Mr & Mrs Lawrence S Ireland15 Mr & Mrs Clarence H KimballBALLARD STREET2834384448485454Mr & Mrs Solomon YoungMr & Mrs George W JacksonMr & Mrs Ernest W BrighamMr & Mrs W F HallMiss Hetty WalleyMiss Beatrice FarringtonMr & Mrs Thomas F ReynoldsMr Joseph A Reynolds25 Mr & Mrs William Dana Follett55 Mr & Mrs William J PhelpsGILMOUR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST.. BCSTON

NEWTON BLUE BOOKNEWTONTRUST COMPANYWe solicit the accounts of individuals, firms,corporations and associations.Our serviceincludes the use of four wellappointedoffices in Newton.OurSAFE DEPOSIT VAULTSare of modern construction with electricprotection throughout.We are an independentbanking institution.Our serviceis efficient.Total Resources over $4,500,000,00OFFICESBank Building, NEWTONMasonic Building, NEWTONVILLEBray Block, NEWTON CENTRETaylor Block, AUBURNDALEBOARD OF DIRECTORSSeward W. Jones, President Frank J. Hale James B. MelcherWilliam F. Bacon Sydney Harwood Franklin T. MillerAlbert P. Carter Fred R. Hayward Francis MurdockHoward P. Converse Dr. Edward E. Hopkins Frederick S. PrattSamuel Farquhar George Hutchinson James L. RichardsJames W. French John F. Lothrop George F. Sehrafft'Norman H. George Edward H. Mason G. Fred SimpsonOFFICERSSEWARD W. JONES, PresidentEDWARD H. MASON, Vice-Pres.FRANCIS MURDOCK, Vice-Pres.FRANK L. RICHARDSON, TreasurerJAMES B. MELCHER, Assistant Treasurer and SecretaryWILLIAM T. HALLIDAY, Asst. Treas.WILLIAM M. CAHILL, Asst. Secy.

NEWTON BLUE BOOKNEWTONTRUST COMPANYA personal bank account is essential if youare to handle your personal business affairsin the simplest, safest, and mostefficientmanner.Pay your bills by check; the endorsedcheck is a receipt for bill paid.Every person responsible for the expenditureof money should have an account.Two per cent, interest allowed on daily balances$500 and over, subject to checkHigher rates on special depositsFor your Beneficiaries you should provide for safety ofprincipal and stability of incomeAS TRUSTEE under Wills or Voluntary Instruments of TrustThe Newton Trust Company assumes full responsibility for thecare and investment of property, real and personal, the collectionof income, payment of all charges, and distribution of net incometo beneficiaries.on all trusts.Five per cent, or better net has been realizedThe guarantee of the Newton Trust Company,exceeding one million dollars, plus the collective wisdom of itsdirectors in making investments, absolutely ensure safety ofprincipal, stability of income and greatest possible protection tobeneficiaries.AS EXECUTOR under Wills it handles estates efficiently andeconomically.Every provision of the will is given careful andconscientious attention.CONSULTATION INVITED

t/NEWTON CENTRE 105BEACON STREETiI550600600680698698700700700706706848848S48854860860860866sot;866876876888888888908930930934942942952952952960970Mr & Mrs Gardner H CraftsMr & Mrs William A SextonMr Alfred SextonMr Horace S CousensMr & Mrs H D JacksonMi - Frank HomeMr & Mrs W Herbert StetsonMiss Helen L StetsonMr William P> StetsonMr & Mrs James 0 WrightMrs Mary L BowersRev & Mrs Emory W HuntMiss Helen K HuntMiss (Harriet O HuntMr & Mrs Albert L HarwoodDr & Mrs George L WestOffice hours until 9 a m, 2 to 3and 6 to 7 p m Tel NewtonSouth 22Mr Moses W MerrillDr & Mrs Stephen A SylvesterDr Philip H SylvesterOffice hours: 8 to 9 a m; 2 to 3pm Tel, 33 Newton, SouthMr Carl A Sylvestergen'l mgr Pearson EngneeringCo., Rio De Janerio, So AmericaMiss Edith E SylvesterMr & Mrs Henry H KendallMiss Dorothy KendallMr & Mrs Edward H HaskellMiss Marion R HaskellMiss Edith L HaskellNewton South 06Mr & Mrs Henry H MathewsMr & Mrs Herbert N SmithMiss Alice T SmithMrs H M CampProf & Mrs Harry E CliffordMrs William A RogersMr & Mrs William H BreedMr William M BreedMrs S K MitchellMiss Edith GammansMr & Mrs Edward McLellano(,9°711723731741741743745839839859865865871877877885891891891921929929929935935935945945

106 NEWTON BLUE BOOKBERWICK ROAD16 Mr & Mrs Willis G Parmelee22 Mr & Mrs William P Pillsbury30 Mr & Mrs A Dudley Dowd42 Mr John P Foster42 Miss Florence A Foster42 Miss Maude Maddocks46 Mr & Mrs Earnest V Alley46 Mrs Abbey J Snow52 Mr & Mrs Fred Bene17 Mr & Mrs Albert Elliot25 Mr & Mrs Joseph W Briggs25 Miss Edith B Briggs29 Mr & Mrs Walter C Prescott35 Mrs Alice J MelcherBISHOP'S GATE ROAD91 Mr & Mrs Harry J Carlson121 Mr & Mrs Ellis Spear Jr121 Mr Edward N GoddingBOWEN STREET20 Mrs Mary A Roach24 Mr & Mrs Ralph W Hazelton26 Mr & Mrs John R Coulter26 Mr & Mrs Charles R Mills32 Mr & Mrs Gustav W Ulmer32 The Misses Ulmer58 Mrs Lewis C Melcher58 Arthur Melcher64 Mr & Mrs Daniel F Daley64 Miss Anna T Daley70 Mr & Mrs Frank E Kneel and74 Mr & Mrs Benjamin Cooper74 Miss Katherine Meade25 Mr & Mrs George Smith55 Mr & Mrs Alexander Smith57 Mrs H F Harrington57 Mr Foster S Harrington57 Miss M Elsie Harrington63 Mr & Mrs Walter B Randlett69 Mrs Emily A Waters69 Miss Elvira GoveBOYLSTON STREET592 Mr & Mrs Francis H Chapman 595 Mr & Mrs M B DallachieBRACEBRIDGE ROAD38 Prof & Mrs William Z Ripley 15 Mr & Mrs Addison C Burnham35 Mr & Mrs William M Noble35 Mrs Rebecca Noble43 Mr & Mrs Jesse E PerryBRADFORD COURT(See 17-31 Institution Avenue)GILMOUR, ROTHERY & CO.,S. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTREINSURANCE UNDERWRITERS120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

XE WTO X CEXTRE 10710 Mr & Mrs G E Glynn20 Mrs William J Cooney20 Mr & Mrs Oscar D McClelland20 Miss Alma Johnston24 Mr & Mrs Casper B Holden38 Mr & Mrs Fred H Davis38 Mr Samuel M Tourtellot40 .John 0 Rorabach40 Miss Alice P Rorabach40 Mrs G W Partridge48 Mr & Mrs Charles E E Thompson48 Mr Norman R ThompsonBRAELAND AVENUEBROOKLINE STREET328 Rev & Mrs Lyman W King 175 Carrie M Skinner215 Miss M B SchworerCEDAR STREET8 Mr & Mrs J N Jackson18 Mr & Mrs Joseph F Vaas40 Mr & Mrs A Thomas40 Mr & Mrs Lemuel A Rathburn9 Mr George E Wales9 Miss Etta Wales9 Miss Amy Wales93 Mr & Mrs Homer Arthur Ely93 Mr August K Ely119 Mr & Mrs Herbert S MorleyCENTRE STREET9209389449449509509509029709709709901010103210381(13810401120110411301150Mr & Mrs W Whitney WoodMr & Mrs Harold M BowmanMr & Mrs G Horace WilliamsMiss Elizabeth WilliamsMr & Mrs James Gardiner WhiteMiss Charlotte L WhiteJames Mattocks WhiteMr & Mrs E Clifford PotterMr & Mrs J Edward MastersMr & Mrs Henry BailyMiss Elizabeth BailyMr & Mrs Sidney J FrancisMr & Mrs R N HallMr & Mrs William Henry RiceMrs Stephen GreeneMr F /Hartwell GreeneMr & Mrs J H BurghardtMr &Mr &Mrs C H RichardsMrs Morgan L Cooleyfor Missionaries' ChildrenHomeMrs Robert R West, suptMr & Mrs Joseph A AllisonJr85593193193197398310231073107310811081108110911091117511791181118111811181Mr & Mrs Joseph L ColbyMr & Mrs Arthur C WalworthMr George R WalworthMiss Louise WalworthMr & Mrs Irving P DodgeMrs Charles C BurrMrs Alden SpeareMr & Mrs William L PillsburyMiss Bertha M PillsburyMrs George A PierceMr Carlos Thornton PierceMr Charles Wilder PierceMr Eben ShuteMrs Ellwood M NelsonDr & Mrs E Heath ClarkOffice hours 8 a m to 12 mTel Newton South 102Mr & Mrs George F WhiteMrs S F SmithMrs F E WallisMiss Anna R SmithRev & Mrs A W Archibald, D DGILMOUR, ROTHERY GO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST.. BCSTON

108 XEWTON BLUE BOOKCENTRESTREET—Continued1190119012881402140214021430Mr & Mrs George W YoungMrs Elizabeth E StanleyMrs George F EvansMrs Luther PaulMr Irving C PaulMiss Harriett O PaulMiss Mary R Paul120312411243124312411301THE GRAFTONMrs Frank C PrattMiss Maria F WoodMr & Mrs Augustus HMrs Harriet A SwainMr & Mrs A L Russe'lMrMrMrDr&&&&MrsMrsMrsMrsChildsFred JordanW F WoodmanSeaforth SilverMian S Kirkwood1321133513591457Rev James F HaneyThe .Misses ColburnMr & Mrs A I EnglishMr & Mfs John W Paul1321Office hours 8 to 10 a m, 1 to 3 and6 to 7.30 p m Telephone Newton(South 1260Rev D C RiordanCHANNING ROAD52 Mr & Mrs E B Frank06 Mr & Mrs Howard TuckerCEASE STREET10 Mr & Mrs William Lee Church10 Miss Dai Buell18 Mr James D Greene30 Mr & Mrs Albert L Scott40 Hasseltine House40 Mrs Albert H Henderson1521252525313741Mrs Rita A ButterworthRev & Mrs F W PadelfordMiss B A SpragueMrs Zadoc LongMrs W HDr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsBurrCharlesCharlesCharlesM WhitneyE TownsemlP PowersTel Newton South 543-W3032424248Mr & Mrs William ScottMrs M Grace DeanMr & Mrs Hugh BurnsMr & Mrs Miles SmithMr & Mrs Alvah C RisteenCHESLEY ROAD11 Mr & Mrs Asa C Jewett29 Mr Louis B Martin37 Mr & Mrs Stanley F Barton45 Mr & Mrs Alfred Pearson45 Miss Pauline Pearson45 Mr Arthur M PearsonCHESTNUT TERRACE102234344048Mr Mrs&Mr Mrs&Mrs i AlvahMiss H AMr Mrs&Mr Mrs&WilliamMortonHoveyDuntonFrancisMatthevScwCarltonTuttleMcAleerr C ' S'kelton19 Mr & Mrs William D Rising25 Mr & Mrs Edwin H Kidder31 Mr & Mrs Henry L Johnson39 Mr & Mrs W F WyethY & CO.,INSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

NEWTON CENTRE 109CLARK STREET130 Mr & Mrs John N Macleod130 Mrs William F Gardner144 Mr Martin Moher144 Mss B Moher158 Mr & Mrs Richard F lover162 Mr & Mrs F C Wittig15212727333337373!)414747616365717397MrMrMi-MrMrMrMrMrMrMrMi-MrMrMr& Mrs W X Davenport& Mis Chester 1) ( oram& Mrs Wiilliam II TimbieCharles N TimbieMrs Benjamin T MeMahon&Mrs Robert J Wilkie&Mrs Allan M MacLeod&&&&&&&&Mrs R W SmileyMrs Fred I BrownMrs Willard MorseMrs Fredrick AmbursenMrs Flenry SHioen fieldMrs Edward A BovdenMrs Thomas I TaylorGeorge B WilsonMr & Mrs William G SawyerMr & Mrs Thomas iBurkeMr & Mrs George C Gilbert111 Mr & Mrs Charles C StearnsCOMMONWEALTH AVENUE332 Mr & Mrs Frank A Schirmer360 Mr & Mrs William A Mosman360 Miss Marguerite Mosman386 Mr & Mrs James Brown460 Mr & Mrs Joshua M Dill516 Mrs Edwin A Gordon516 Miss Grace Rix Gordon518 Mr & Mrs Frank N Nathan692 Mr & Mrs Sannie B Rowe700 Mr & Mrs John Richards PerrySOS l)r & Mrs C H WinnsoS Miss Mary A Winn33334136151753355562!)629647647661661661683693693693707767775805841861863Mi-MrMrMrMr&&&&&MrsMrsMrsMrsMrsJ X LaundresFrank W LaneG J KennedyWilliam A HaskellWilliam H MitchellVitalait Laboratory of X E IncEarl L Ovington, prestMr & Mrs Charles E LibbyMr Edgar E LibbvMr & Mrs William E HuntingtonMiss Miriam HuntingtonDr & Mrs George E MayOffice hours by appointment.32 Newton SouthMiss Shirley MayDr & Mrs E D LeonardOffice hours: 2-4 p mMr & Mrs John D BogertMr Charles Z AdamsMrs C W CornellMi-MrMrMrMrMi-MrMrWard& Mrs& Mrs&&&&&CornellArthur W EmmonsFrank E H GaryTelMrs R L DavidsonMrs Ralph B NettletonMrs William Herbert RogersMrs Charles A FowlerMrs Samuel E SouleGILMOUR, ROTHERYCO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

110 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCRESCENT AVENUE36 Mr & Mrs Samuel Abbott36 Miss Madeleine W Abbott38 Mr & Mrs L E Bright52 Mrs Frances J Young56 Mrs William Macomber56 Miss Betsey A Macomber60 Mr & Mrs J Charles Holden60 Mr & Mrs Fred W Woohvay64 Mr & Mrs Christopher C Patten64 Miss Louise Patten72 Mr & Mrs Arthur A Blanchard80 Mr & Mrs Samuel WardSum res Eggemoggin Me9 Mr & Mrs S D Loring19 Dr & Mrs Robert P Loring37 Mrs Charles S Young37 Miss Anna M Young51 Mrs Ida May Allen51 Mr James E Reid63 Mrs Henry E Twombly63 Miss Lena M Twombly63 Mr George C Twombly63 Dr Henry E Johnson73 Mrs Daniel A White73 Miss Grace White81 Mr & Mrs Fred H ClarkeCRYSTAL STREET14 Mr & Mrs Alden H Speare20 Mr & Mrs Frederick B Weston15 Dr & Mrs Frank L Marshall19 Mrs Elbridge C Leach19 Miss Mabel M Leach27 Mrs Helen Flint Taylor37 Miss Ethel Egerton37 Miss Esther Egerton37 Mrs J B Rafter37 Miss Justina C RafterCYPRESS STREET8 Mr & Mrs George A Remick16 Mr A H Roffe16 Mr & Mrs Arthur L Bray ton16 Miss Helen E Rolfe78 Mr & Mrs Sidney B Paine78 Miss Mary L PaineTel Newton South 998-W47 Mrs G Stanley Hall51 Mr & Mrs Frederick W Bakeman117 Mr & Mrs George A Keith117 Mr Frank Peterson117 Miss Josephine Peterson117 Miss Nita Morris121 Mr & Mrs Roy T Wells123 Mrs Charles W Dyar129 Mr & Mrs Albert Temperley139 Mr & Mrs John McGrath153 Mr & Mrs Edward F Goodwin163 Mr Alexander Fife163 Mr & Mrs Charles Danforth163 Mr & Mrs Edward WarnerDALTON ROADFrom 707 Beacon to Gibbs, corner Everett62 Mr Charles F Shourds62 Mrs John F Hallett72 Mr & Mrs Alfred E Alvord72 Miss Rebecca Alvord72 Mr Alvin G Bartlett59 Dr & Mrs ,R F Hanscom787886Mrs Otis Stafford JohnsonMr Stafford F JohnsonMr & Mrs Eugene H TiltonGILMQUR, R0THERY & 00.,INSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

XEWTON CENTRE 111DEVON ROAD»20 Mr & Mrs It Esmond Rowley38 Mr & Mrs Frederic T Parks11 Mr & Mrs William G Snow11 Mr Albert J Beal31 Mr & Mrs Clarence H Wilkins31 Mr Warde W ilk ins31 Miss Margaret Wilkins31 Miss Katherine Wilkins39 Mr & Mrs Charles Haas39 Miss Vera Haas45 Mr & Mrs Jerome C SmithDEVON TERRACE8 Mr & Mrs Charles A SawinL2 Mr & Mrs G N LeBonte12 ZNIiss Elenor LeBonte12 Mr Robert E Granger18 Mr & Mrs William H Edmands17 Mrs Henry Haynie17 Miss Helen Haynie17 Miss Hylda HaynieDUDLEY ROAD50 Mr & Mrs J A Munroe100 Mr & Mrs C P Waldinger110 Mr & Mrs Allan McKissock130 Dr & Mrs Henry T Hutchins140 Mr & Mrs Henry G Pearson1(H> Miss Mary P Winsor166 Miss Harriet Ware200 Mr & Mrs Charles Collens246 Mr & Mrs F H Kennard85 Dr & Mrs D Crosby Greene, Jr95 Miss Mary Morton133 Herbert D Ward167 Mr & Mrs Arthur C Badger167 Miss Doris Badger167 Miss Priscilla BadgerEASTBOURNE ROAD26 Mr & Mrs Alexander Kevorkian 91533555555Mr & Mrs Ira A StoneMrs Robert MoGuireMr & Mrs Benjamin PalmerMrs F M HemenwaySum res Birchmont Camps,iWolfeboro, N HMr Raymond HemenwayMr Russell G HemenwayEastELGIN STREET30304280Mr & Mrs Rufus J SmithMiss E M BackusDr & Mrs Harrison P SmallMr & Mrs Lorenz Francis Muther37 Rev & Mrs William H Cobb37 Miss Mary B Cobb45 Mr & Mrs Louis Carter Smith57 Mrs William G Levi57 Mr Charles W Levi75 Mr Sidney G Steeves75 Miss Mary E SteevesGILMOUR, ROTHERYGO.INSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

112 NEWTON BLUE BOOKA. DUDLEY DOWDREAL ESTATEInsurance of all kinds.Real Estate Development16 STATE STREET, BOSTONTelephone 1246 MainA. DUDLEY DOWDEdwin P. Burleigh (Established 1831) Arthur H. ChaseMELVIN & BADGERDruggists and ApothecariesWe are constantly in receipt of the Latest "New Remedies."Our facilities for dispensing "Physician's Prescriptions" areunsurpassed.Particular attention paid to Orders by mail or telephone.43 TEMPLE PLACE, BOSTON, MASS.R. E. HATCH, Pres. G. P. HATCH, TreasB. S. HATCH COMPANYCOAL- AND COKWOOD, HAY, GRAIN AND CEMENTOFFICES:79 UNION ST., Tel. Newton South 181, NEWTON CENTRE1288 WASHINGTON ST., Tel. Newton West 66, WEST NEWTONBOSTON SUBURBAN BOOK COMPANYPublishersBLUE BOOKSOLD SOUTH BUILDING, Room 1013,BOSTON, MASS.Telephone Main 3624-W

NEWTON CENTR] 113ELMORE STREET16 Mr & Mrs George E B Putnam16 Mrs Elizabeth W Folger50 Mr & Mrs John F Capron76 .Mr & Mrs W E Hills78 Mr & Mrs Preseott S Hill11 Mr & Mrs Augustus II Withington11 Mrs A C Bosworth11 Mr James H Withington11 George J Withington19 Mr & Mrs E Ernest Smith•21 Mr & Mrs Bradford C Edmunds25 Mr & Mrs Frederick H Baird31 Mr & Mrs David Porter Cummings45 Mrs Mary A Foley53 Mr & Mrs A Maxwell StoneEVERETT STREET26 Mr & Mrs Harrison W Hayward2(i Mrs Emma W Hayward38 Mr & Mrs G Wilbur Thompson50 Miss Lottie A Tomlinson50 Mr & Mrs Benjamin W Polly58 Mr & Mrs R J 1 Inward41 Mr45 Mr51 MrMrs William H Xelson&Mrs H Lansdon Pratt&& Mrs Charles R DarlinsrFURBER LANE20 Mr & Mrs H C Hawkes15 Mr & Mrs George F Wales15 Miss Jessie F Fitch21 Mr & Mrs C J McCarthyGIBBS STREET106112112112136136136136144144184184Mr & Mrs James GuilerMr & Mrs Charles Wood BondMrs Daniel W BondMissMrsMrsMis>MssN Maria StevensCharles B GareyCalvin HaleZ M RandE A Heck manMr & Mrs Bertram C BixbyMrs R H VivianMr & Mrs Frank E AndersonMr Robert Mills111129129133139145145181181193193195Mr & MrsMr & MrsGeorge WMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsHerbert I OrdwayAbner K PrattPrattThomas B BoothWaldron H Rand, JrWilliam C BrewerMrs George WarrenMrs Agnes Mc A XoyesThe Misses XoyesMr & Mrs D Bradlee RichMr & Mrs Henry A RichMr & Mrs F M WilsonGLEN AVENUE78 Mr & Mrs Joseph R Leeson110 Mr & Mrs William P Underbill12t> Mr & Mrs Wilbur H Russell87 Mr & Mrs Perry Chandler87 Mr & Mrs Webster A ChandlerGLEN ROAD20 Mr & Mrs H Arnold Tinkham, Jr9 Mr & Mrs Robert B ParkerGILMOUR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST.. BOSTON

114 NEWTON BLUE BOOKGLENWOOD AVENUE12 Mr & Mrs George T Standbridge16 Mr & Mrs Edward P Young16 Miss Dorothy" Young22 Mr & Mrs Walter M Marston48 Mr & Mrs Charles 0 Burbank48 Miss Jessie L Burbank48 Miss Alice H Burbank48 Mr Harry H Marshall54 Mr & Mrs Arthur E Viets11 Mr & Mrs Francis H Williams11 Miss Priscilla A Williams17 Mr & Mrs William F McCarthy23 Mr & Mrs Alfred S Norris29 Rev & Mrs 0 B Hawes37 Mr & Mrs Arthur E Van Bibber53 Mr & Mrs Henry H LowellGRAFTON STREETTel 823 Newton South47 Miss Annie S Waters57 Mr & Mrs Frederick D RobinsonSummer res Edgehill, Nahant63 Mr & Mrs George William CramptonGRANT AVENUE92 Mr & Mrs Arthur P Underhill98 Mr & Mrs William G Burbeck156 Mr & Mrs Adams D Claflin156 William Walker Claflin156 Mr & Mrs Henry H Marshall238 Mrs Bertrand E Taylor238 Mr Aldrich TaylorSum res Camp Wampanoag,zard's Bay, Mass238 Miss Marjorie Taylor238 Miss Dorothy Taylor50 Mr & Mrs Alden Dodge Wheeler 47 Dr Henry WaitersOffice*hours: 1-3, and by appointment.Buz-31 Mr & Mrs William P Edwards105 Mr Emil H RichterMiss Anna J Richter105111111113123131141189223233251251Dr & Mrs Homer J WheelerRoland A WheelerMr & Mrs A T BeateyMr & Mrs Frank C HatchMr & Mrs Arthur W McKeyMr & Mrs H Newton MarshallMrs George H EllisMr & Mrs Norman F PrattMr & Mrs George S SmithMr & Mrs Louis 0 DuclosMiss Agnes A DuclosGRAY CLIFF ROAD54 Mr & Mrs John Y Mainland64 Mr & Mrs Norman H George70 Mr & Mrs Harry L Jones535365Mr & Mrs Charles CopelandThe Misses CopelandMr & Mrs Harrison P Eddy21 Mr & Mrs George A Burdett21 Miss Elizabeth M Burdett21 Miss Ellen M Burdett21 Miss Sylvia S Burdett35 Mrs Anna May35 Mr William f May39 Dr & Mrs Harry W Tyler39 Mme. Harriet W Tyler39 Miss Emily W Tyler43 Mr & Mrs Robert* Casson43 Miss Beatrice S CassonGILMOUR, ROTHERY & CO.,INSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

XKWTOX CENTRE 115HANCOCK AVENUE16 Dr & Mrs Leonard E Brewster16 Mr George Brewster34 Mr & Mrs James H Ritchie44 Mr & Mrs D G Crandon44 Miss F Elizabeth Crandon58 Mr & Mrs John H Chandler64 Mr & Mrs Henry B Bovey64 Mrs Mary P BoveyS4 Mr & Mrs F Eugene Banfield, Jr15 Mr & Mrs H Frederick Lesh21 Mr & Mrs Charles B Wilbar47 Mr & Mrs Augustus T Clark59 Mr & Mrs Levi B Dowley59 The Misses Dowley59 Miss M B Hazard65 Mr & Mrs Ernest W DearingHOBART ROAD00 Mr & Mrs Frank Locke00 Mrs L S Hartshorn107 Mr & Mrs Walter W Beckett117 Mrs George S Worcester117 Mr & Mrs Frederic F Cutler143 Mr & Mrs Carlton W Baxter00 Mr & Mrs Wallace B DonhamHOBART TERRACEHOMER STREET40404046482112132142154154168202204204210Mr & Mrs James P PowersMr & Mrs William F McGrathMr & Mrs Oscar JohnsonMr Charles H SawyerMr & Mrs S W WilderSum res, South Surry, MeMr & Mrs Robert Means ClarkMr & Mrs Charles S /WingMr & MrsDr & MrsMr & MrsCharlesDo WittOtis DDennisonN FitzG WilcoxFellowsMrs E HMiss Marie -11 DennisonMr & Mrs George Reed KelleyMrs Ellen T MoriartyMr & Mrs L H BaileyMr & Mrs G W RobinsonMr & Mrs I S Whittemore85 Mrs Hughenna M Henry85 Miss Anna M Henry85 Mr & Mrs James T Tartt93 Mr & Mrs Louis E Emmes93 Mrs Lucy M Hopkins107 Mr & Mrs Frank A Mason143 Mr & Mrs Thurlow S Widger161 Mr & Mrs Ora F Sampson161 Miss Gladys B Sampson161 Gordon G Sampson169 Mr & Mrs Frederick L Anderson169 Frederick W Anderson177 Mr & Mrs Herbert R Havens205 Mr & Mrs Kenneth Holbrook211 Mr & Mrs George E Hill219 Mr & Mrs Harry F Ward249 Mr & Mrs Ralph E Hadley255 Mr & Mrs Frederick J Bean261 Mr & Mrs Kristian A JutheINSTITUTION AVENUE14 Dr & Mrs Edward A Andrews14 Mrs Martha J Andrews14 Mrs E L Bond17-31 BRADFORD COURT1 Dr Anna B Lown (Osteopath)1 Mr & Mrs Henry A RideoutGILMOUR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

116 NEWTON BLUE BOOKINSTITUTION AVENUE—Continued16 Mr & Mrs Claude C Leitner52 Mrs J A D Gross112 Mrs J C Hartshorn112 Mrs H A Stetson120 Mr & Mrs Edwin P Wells128 Mrs William H Brewer128 Mr A Farlev Brewer128 Miss Ruth Brewer0000Newton Theological InstitutionRev & Mrs George Edwin HorrSum res Oak Bluffs, Mass1 Mr & Mrs John M English1 Mr & Mrs Merrill P Butler1 Mrs Louisa Banker2 Mrs Mabel R Fowle2 Mrs Fannie K Rowe2 Rev & Mrs Willard T Perrin2 Mr & Mrs Guy B Keith2 Mrs Willis D Leland2 Mr & Mrs Wm C Noetzel2 Mr John Knudsen, Sr2 Miss K M Knudsen3 Mr Frank E Remiek3 Miss Harriet E Remiek3 Mr William F RemiekSum res, York Harbor, Me3 Mrs H L Titcomb3 Mrs Julius A Rising3 Miss Mary S Rising3 Mr & Mrs George Nelson Goddard3 Mrs C Babbitt Smith83 Mrs C F Kendall91 Mr & Mrs William C Bray91 Robert C BraySum res Wareham, Mass• IRVING STREET6 Mr & Mrs B H Schmitz8 Mr & Mrs E Valentine Wetmore10 Mr W G Witmore12 Mr & Mrs Rodney C Jones34 Mrs Robert Rodden34 Mr Robert K Rodden30 Mr & Mrs George E Nichols172525252933353939Mr & Mrs Charles B CliffordMrs Joseph M KellawayHerbert' J KellawayMiss Elsie M KellawayMr & Mrs M John BarryMr & Mrs James M WilsonMr & Mrs Irving W IrelandMr & Mrs John McCulloughMr & Mrs Phillip T LamondKENMORE STREET14 Mr & Mrs Everett W English 25 Mr & Mrs Edward B StrattonKENWOOD AVENUE38 Carlton S Blanchard 23 Miss E Mitton43 Prof & Mrs Alaric Stone49 Mr & Mrs E F Butler63 Mr & Mrs L M Young63 Miss M E Young6!L£0UR, R^THERY & CO.,INSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

NEWTON CENTRE 1171622222424262838Mr & Mrs Ernest J BartlettMrs George LeachMiss M M LeachMiss Nellie M TaylorMiss GraceMr & MrsMr & MrsM EvertsFred T WileyM Chester MarstonMr & Mrs Edward A CutlerKNOWLESSTREET15 Mr & Mrs John B Nero15 Mr William E Xero21 Mr & Mrs Hawley W Morton27 Mr & Mrs Allan S White31 Mr & Mrs Louis F Chapin37 Mr & Mrs George RichburyLAKE AVENUE86 Mr & Mrs Herbert Swann Wilkinson38 Mr & Mrs David H Andrews38 Miss L B Gilbert98 Mrs Frank Edmands130 Mr & Mrs Chas L SmithJ 52 Mrs George W Bartlett170 Mr & Mrs Morton E Cobb51 Mr & Mrs Tracey A Rudd53 Mrs Francis 0 Davis57 Mr & Mrs Sidney Van Dusen71 Mr William B Young71 The Misses Young97 Mr & Mrs J M W Hall97 Miss Helen W Hall97 Mrs Alice K Crossman97 Mr Alfred H Crossman97 Mr Mortimer B Crossman97 Mr Stanley B Hall97 Mr Horace W Hall117 Mrs David S Farnham131 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Rayner137 Mrs Edward J Payne147 Mr & Mrs Joseph L Foster155 Mr & Mrs Harry P Bradford167 Mr & Mrs William H BundyLAKE TERRACE12 Mr & Mrs William M FlandersSumMassres "Sea Pines'* Craigville,11 Mr & Mrs William Blakemore Merrill11 Miss Margaret MerrillLANGLEY ROADn nv. Mr & Mrs J Albert Cole7^ Mr & Mrs Edgar A Brown80 Mrs M E Dudley92 Mr & Mrs William JohnstonKin Mr & Mrs Vincent P Malonev112 Mr & Mrs G S Githens118 Mr & Mrs William H Head154 Mr Henry Warren154 Mrs Emma Beissner17t» Mr & Mrs F Winchester Denio182 Mr & Mrs Burr A Church190 Mr & Mrs Charles .1 Lyons10!) Miss Lottie M Lamkin123 Mr & Mrs Fred M Stuart127 Mrs Adelaide M Allen127 Mrs 0 M C Holman127 Miss Ida A Merrill135 Mr & Mrs T C McMullen135 Mr & Mrs Albert S Bailey137 Mrs Ernest Porter137 Miss Emma E Porter145 Mr & Mrs Walter W Webber157 Mr & Mrs J G Murphy171 Mr & Mrs Stephen S BcaleGILMOUR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST • * CCSTON

118 NEWTON BLUE BOOKLANGLEY ROAD—Continued204 Mr & Mrs John P Manning210 Mr & Mrs Sumner Clement214 Mr & Mrs William Halm220 Mr & Mrs Edward H Faxon220 Mrs Elvira L Faxon220 Miss Roxana W Longley228 Mrs Elizabeth L Breitzke228 Mrs George H Brock234 Mr G Horace Williams234 Mr A W Muther254 Mr & Mrs Walter I Muldoon177 Mr & Mrs Andrew Marshall181 Mr & Mrs W Eugene H Phillips189 Mr & Mrs Frank M SwettLAUREL STREET9 Rev & Mrs Edward M Noyes15 Mrs Walter C Brooks15 Mr Walter C Brooks15 Miss Phyllis BrooksTHE LEDGES ROAD(Fr 559 Beacon and Bishop's Gate Rd)30 Mr & Mrs Matt B JonesSum res Waitsfield, Vt40 Mr & Mrs Ellis B Bishop9 Mr & Mrs Edward P BossomSum res Bear Island, N H9 Miss Ruth Bossom9 Miss Flora M Bossom9 Mss Mary H Marshall33 Mr & Mrs Robert E Anderson45 Mr & Mrs Burton Payne GrayLORING STREET14 Mr & Mrs Albert H McAnslan14 Mrs Mary B Cornish24 Mr & Mrs Willis G Bancroft24 Mrs Walter Field20 Mr & Mrs Eastham Guild32 Mr & Mrs Dwight S Brigham11 Mr & Mrs Clinton L Babcock19 Mr & Mrs Sylvanus G Morse25 Mr & Mrs Ernest F Russ00 Mr & Mrs Theodore J RitterMANEMET ROADMAPLE PARK16 Mr & Mrs Charles D Burnham16 William J Burnham20 Fred T Burnham20 Mr F Parker Burnhami) Mrs Alviu L Greenwood9 Miss Ethel Greenwood15 Mrs George Proudfoot15 Mr Worcester ProudfootG1LM0UR, ROTHERY & CO.,S. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTREINSURANCE UNDERWRITERS120-130 WATER ST., - BOSTON

XEWTOX CENTRE 119MARSHALL STREET18 Mr & Mrs Charles M Brett44 Mr & Mrs George F Richardson62 Mr Daniel Seaverns62 Mrs I S Burkhardt62 Mr Edgar Burkhardt11 Mr & Mrs Stephen Harold. Greene11 Miss Dorothy Greene27 Mr & Mrs Henry A Tomlinson53 Mrs Martha S Barney53 Edward S Barney53 Marion Barney53 Giles L BarneyMILL STREET66 Mr Joseph Mclnnis90 Mr & Mrs Elbridge A Lucas116 Mr & Mrs Joseph DegnanMONADNOCK ROAD10 Dr & Mrs Alfred P Rogers20 George Ernest Morrison28 Admiral Samuel W Very21 Mr & Mrs John V Beekman Jr21 Mrs Frederic K Hill63 Mr & Mrs Henry P RichmondMONTVALE ROAD547096MrMrMr& Mrs Howard Emerson& Mrs Isaac F North& Mrs George Walker111111Mr & Mrs Allen HubbardAllen Hubbard, JrGilbert HubbardTel Newton, So 421 M00007777879797Allen S RaymondRobert F Raymond.Sum res BirchfWinnipesaukee, NMr & Mrs Charles EMrs Albert S PrattJrIsland,HKelseyMr & Mrs Sherburne M MerrillMr & Mrs Anselm L BaconMiss Virginia B ParkerLake313141416161616100000000Mrs George A FieldMr & Mrs Walter L LeightonMr & Mrs Frank H StewartMrs Antonio GuimoreasMr & Mrs Edward Ray SpeareAlbert R SpeareMiss Dorothy iSpeareMiss Virginia SpeareSum res Berriebank, MarshfieldCenter, MassJudge & Mrs Robert F RaymondMiss Anna AMiss Mary LMiss Grace BRaymondRaymond•RaymondMORELAND AVENUE18 Mr &24 Mr &Mrs Abraham PolhemusMrs Rollin T Lincoln3 Mr & Mrs S Hardy Mitchell3 Mrs E M McRae9 Mr & Mrs Alfred L Bliss15 Mr & Mrs Lionel G H Palmer15 Mrs E A Mason21 Mr & Mrs Alfred S Pratt25 Mr & Mrs George H WightGILMOUR, R0THERY & CO.,S. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTREINSURANCE UNDERWRITERS120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

120 NEAVTOX BLUE BOOKMORSELAND AVENUE15 Mr & Mrs G Richard Perry21 The Misses Morse21 Mrs C L Morse45 Mr & Mrs Thomas M Hoi den38 Mr & Mrs Richard BishopMORTON STREET156 Mr & Mrs John H Bishop 07 Mr & Mrs Park N Gondii173 Mr & Mrs Horace S Bassett173 Miss Edith I Bassett195 Miss Mary F Curtis195 Miss Hazel Curtis40 Mr & Mrs Arthur A Phelps46 Miss Agnes M PhelpsNEWBURY STREETNORWOOD AVENUE20 Mrs A M Smith20 Mrs Annie M Belcher32 Mr & Mrs Benjamin W Spence44 Mr & Mrs George D Miller44 Mr George E Miller56 Mr & Mrs Charles A White56 Mr Allen O White1515333333Mr & Mrs Frank RumrillMrs E S WhiteMrs Edwin M FowleMiss J L FowleMr & Mrs Albert M FowleOAKWOOD TERRACE4 Mr & Mrs R A McMullin 19 Mr & Mrs Alan Jewett Young00 Mr & Mrs Edward C SandsORCHARD STREETORIENT AVENUE20 Mr & Mrs Herbert F Blood20 Miss Elise C Dodge26 Miss Katharine H Dodge26 Rev & Mrs Edward T SullivanSum res Windermere, Point Allerton,Mass26 Mrs U S Courvoisier26 Miss Elise C Dodge26 Miss Katharine H Dodge30 Mr & Mrs Enoch L Pope30 The Misses Pope21 Rev & Mrs James L Barton21 Howard H Barton21 Miss Maude G Barton27 Dr & Mrs Michael Chirurg27 Mr James Thomas Chirurg33 Mrs Henry S Jenkins33 Mrs A L BakerG1LMQUR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSs. T. EMERY, N:;WTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST., BCSTOM

X KWTON CENTKE 121OXFORD ROAD14 Dr Galusha Anderson14 Mr & Mrs E L Cadwell20 Mr & Mrs Michael J Carroll24 Mr & Mrs Fred D Bond32 Mr & Mrs Henry K Rowe36 Mr & Mrs G Herbert Brazcr42 Miss Helen C Parker42 Miss Fannie B Parker48 Mr & Mrs Roger Quincy Pease54 Mr & Mrs Albert Wetherbee54 Mr & Mrs Frederick W LeatherbeeGO Mr C Willis Morse60 Mr Carroll iW Morse82 Mr & Mrs James P Berkeley92 Mrs Ellen M Francis96 Mr & Mrs John C De Mille11 Mr & Mrs Henry R Plimpton17 Mr & Mrs Alfred D Howard23 Mr & Mrs John E Holbrook29 Mr & Mrs B R T Collins35 Mr & Mrs Roland F Winslow41 Mr & Mrs George C Ewing47 Mr & Mrs Cyrus Y Ferris53 Mrs Gertrude T Cook53 Miss Emily C Merriam59 Mr & Mrs John R Lotz65 Mr & Mrs John F Milner71 Mr & Mrs George M Coss71 Miss Hazel A Coss2dPARKLANE11 Mr & Mrs John C CrayPARKER STREET26 Mr & Mrs William S Jones26 Mr & Mrs Milton T Coffin36 Mr & Mrs John A Daniels42 Mrs Charles Everett68 Mr & Mrs J Edward Dudley84 Mr & Mrs Frederick C Rising94 Dr & Mrs Charles H Corken94 The Misses Corken118 Mr & Mrs John Briggs126 Mr & Mrs William P Kerr138 Mrs Henry B Cragin7193131314357576365739197Mrs Dwight ChesterMr & Mrs D M PrattMr & Mrs Asa W ArmingtonMiss Elizabeth ArmingtonMr A Warren ArmingtonMr & Mrs Harry A CookeTel Newton South 306-RMrs R B EverettThe Misses EverettMr & Mrs Francis C HoffmanMrMrMrMr& Mrs K Mansfield& Mrs Albert S Kendall& Mrs A D Handy& Mrs John A Groves1751S1219Mr & Mrs Benjamin AdeyMr & Mrs R E ArgersingerProf Arthur Michael10911111511911912512.">12912!)151151151Mr & Mrs Newell L CutlerMr & Mrs George L Osgood JrProf & Mrs Richard M VaughanMr & Mrs Joseph S CordinglyMr Joseph Sykes Cordingly, JrMr & Mrs Arthur W BarnardMiss Addie B FitchMr & Mrs Albert H SilberMiss Addie WoodMrs Eunice GilesMiss Emma GilesMrs Calista HayfordGILMOUR, ROTHERYCO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST • * BOSTON

1 99 NEWTON BLUE BOOKPAUL STREETIS Mr & Mrs P H Gilmartin18 The Misses Gilmartin22 Mr Alfred 0 Knudsen24 Mrs Ella W Arnold24 The Misses Arnold32 Mr & Mrs Walter C Cogswell38 Mr & Mrs George F Spalding38 Mr Atherton Spalding38 Mr Robert E Spaulding38 Miss Rosamond Spaulding50 Mrs Katherine F Henshaw50 Miss Julia C Henshaw50 Miss Blanche E Henshaw17 Mr Henry H Read17 Miss Edith B Read17 Miss Ethel A Read25 Mr & Mrs Charles A Peck45 Prof & Mrs Winfred N Donovan47 Mr & Mrs William C Durkee47 Mr & Mrs Stephen C LyonPELHAM STREET14 Mr & Mrs Samuel A Walker20 Mr & Mrs J C Marston22 Mr & Mrs Joseph P Barry24 Mrs J Arthur Pochette24 Mr Martin Byrne28 Mr & Mrs Daniel McDonald30 Mr David N B Coffin30 Miss Lillian P Coffin32 Mr & Mrs F W Bentley34 Dr & Mrs Charles H Fessenden34 Mr Howard P Fessenden40 Mr & Mrs Donald A Ferguson46 Capt & Mrs Jas M MacdougallRetired U S C G service48 Mrs Alice L Clark50 Mr & Mrs J Wiley Edmands50 Mrs George W Butters58 Mr & Mrs Edward F Hamlin27 Mrs L E Murphy27 Mr Ralph A Murphy35 Rev & Mrs M O Wolfe35 Mr & Mrs Geo H Williams37 Mrs Margaret McDonald37 Miss Mary M McDonald37 Miss Fannie H McDonald45 Mr & Mrs Daniel H McWain49 Mrs Hiram F Russell49 Mrs Charles F Ham61 Mr & Mrs David F Clark69 Mr & Mrs Frank F McLeod69 Mrs Mary E McLeodPLEASANT STREET24 Mr & Mrs Arthur L Huntington24 Miss Esther E Huntington24 Miss Caroline L Huntington28 Mrs J C Flagg28 Mr & Mrs Harry W Murphy106 Mr & Mrs George G Frost106 Miss Mildred N Frost106 George D Frost112 Dr & Mrs Geo C Moore120 Mr & Mrs William W McLean120 Miss Jeanette McLean126 Mr & Mrs Cornelius F Lane140 Mr William Frost140 Miss Sarah A Frost1721212525313535353545455759Mr & Mrs Frank M DavisMrs Alpheus W SnowMr John F LinnellMr & Mrs Edmund J McAdamsMr & Mrs Charles L BirdMrs John J NobleMr William P BemisMrs G F JamesMrs Josephine T EvansMr Frank R OshornMr & Mrs Herman HoltMr Edward E Wright (U S N)Miss Helen TolmanMr & Mrs Henry E OhlcrGILMOUR, ROTHERY & CO.,INSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

XEWTOX CENTRE 123150150150150186210228228PLEASANTMr & Mrs Wilbur G DavisMiss Genevieve DavisMrs M F StimsonMrs Mary F DayMr & Mrs Charles A QuickMr & Mrs Wallace ,E BelcherMr & Mrs George M RandallMiss C G BullardSTREET—Continued63 Mr •& Mrs S E Whitaker75 Mr & Mrs C Peter ClarkeRANSOM ROAD3 Mr & Mrs Thomas Baldwin Ticknor3 Dr & Mrs W Vernon RyderRICE STREET14 Mr & Mrs Edward L Rugg20 Mr & Mrs Albert C Titcomb26 Mr & Mrs M A Williams11 Dr & Mrs Arthur H Stoddard15 Mr & Mrs Warner R Holt15 Arthur R Holt15 Mr Frank H Ratcliffe21 Mr & Mrs George E Walcott21 Miss Emma GerberRIDGE AVENUE22 Mr J Frederick (Sweeney, Jr22 Miss Harriet L Sweeney22 Mr & Mrs James F Sweeney32 Mr & Mrs Mason B Whittemore38 Mrs William E Shedd38 Mr William Edmund Shedd44 Mr & Mrs B Benjamin Buck25 Mr & Mrs D J Callaghan18 Mrs Thomas A Rowe24 Rev & Mrs William J Cloues24 Mr Paul Cloues46 Mr & Mrs Archie Levesque52 Mr & Mrs Thomas G Fuller56 Mr & Mrs Charles F WoodRIPLEY STREETRIPLEY TERRACE10 Mr & Mrs Frank Davis10 Miss C Estelle Davis10 Miss G M Francese14 Mr & Mrs Horace B Kendall18 Mr & Mrs Samuel B Paul20 Mr ev Mrs Parris T Farwell20 Miss Helen M Farwell20 Mr Lawrence C Farwell25 Mrs George Bullen27 Mrs Gustavus Forbes27 Miss Bertha ForbesGILMOUR, ROTHERYCO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. To EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST.. DCSTON

124 NEWTON BLUE BOOKSTEARNS STREET34 Mr & Mrs George H Damon38 Mr & Mrs Howard W Wellwood50 Mr £ Mrs Allan A Kawel50 Mrs s E Demott50 Miss E L Demott17 Mr & Mrs Charles M Mumford23 Mr & Mrs George 0 Monroe27 Mr & Mrs Matthew Julian Tobey31 Mr & Mrs James Liddell43 Mr & Mrs Charles E Quinn47 Mr & Mrs R C Whittinghill53 Mr & Mrs Frank B PerrySUMNER STREET6 Mr & Mrs George X Brown28 Mr & Mrs James W Dyson48 Mr & Mrs Henry Mc Grady48 Miss Eleanor McGrady48 Margaret McGrady48 Mary McGrady64 Mr& Mrs William T Chase64 Mrs William T Chase, Sr64 Miss Kathrina Chase70 Mr & Mrs Frank M Forbush70 Mr Robert L Forbush76 Mr & Mrs Samuel K Chamberlin84 Mr Philip H Butler90 Mr & Mrs Robert Burgess9098106106120126134140148148156156166166178178206206206206206206206206206Tel Newton South 649The Misses iBurgessMr & Mrs Henry J IdeMr & Mrs Abbott Barnes RiceMrMrMrMrMrAdams& Mrs& Mrs& Mrs& MrsT RiceFrederic H ButtsCharles B GordonCarlos W Van LawGeorge A HolmesLouis H FitchMr & MrsMiss Dorothy B FitchMr Charles 1W EatonMiss Bessie I BroadMissMissMrsLucy J EllisM Abbie EllisJohn H NoyesMiss Ethel W NoyesMrs Charles H FrisbieMrs Adolphus J BlanchardMr & Mrs Banks M DavisonMrs John P TenneyMis> Hester EatonMrs Mary E HuntMi-- Eliza WigyinRuth II WigginMr & Mrs William S Newcomb15156363758391105115123131131139139139139147147147155161175189189189189195201203209Mr & Mrs Wendell P MardenMiss Isabel F NutterDr & Mrs William P CookJohn Wicks CookMr & Mrs George F HuntressMiss E L SmithMr & Mrs John Edwin SmithMr & Mrs E B BourneMr & Mrs Daniel T KidderMr & Mrs Frederick S WoodsMr & Mrs Theodore A PlimptonMiss Louise PlimptonMr & Mrs Edward A EllisMiss Lillian E EllisMiss Evelyn EllisPrivate SchoolMr & Mrs Charles B MooreMr John Stanley MooreMiss Constantia W SmithDr & Mrs Samuel T ElliottMr & Mrs Hugh MacDonnellMr James E HuntressMr & Mrs Robert M McClellandMiss Cora L SwallowMiss Martha AllenMrs A L WillsMr & Mrs Herbert T LaneMrs J T Bo stockMr & Mrs William J FreethyMr & Mrs Otto R HoweGIL C*f*1L •, ~IR, ROTHERY & CO.,INSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

NEWTON CEXTRE 125TARLETON ROAD18 Mr & Mrs Sidney R Porter24 Mr & .Mrs Howard 0 Winslow30 Mr & Mrs Sydney P Meleney58 Mr & Mrs James H Bombard58 Miss Fannie M Bombard13 Mr & Mrs Vincent Paul Roberts17 Mr & Mrs Samuel F Brewer21 Mr & Mrs Charles D Sage31 Mr & Mrs Sumner R VintonTROWBRIDGESTREET15 Mr & Mrs Willis E Darrell15 Mr & Mrs D Feirley15 Mrs Jane Donelson21 Mr & Mrs Robert Weir25 Mr & Mrs John H Murray27 Mr & Mrs John H Murray, JrWACHUSETT ROAD40 Dr & Mrs George Holmes 25 Mr & Mrs Cyrus T SchirmerWARD STREET10810420424420(53243803823S438G30644S-154504510524530530530538544535541547501Giovanni TrocolliDr Sarah M CrawfordMr & Mrs Charles F WardMr & Mrs Frederick A WardMiss Emma L JamesRev & Mrs William EwingMr & Mrs W Connell AppletonMi- Mrs W L Pullen&Mr Mrs Minot Guild&Mr Mrs A Barnett Nathan&Mr Mrs Albert Bartlett Cram&Mi- Mrs W A P MacKnight&Mr Mrs Ralph F Whitehead&Mr Mrs M H Smith&Mrs L E H JonesDr & Mrs H Winchester HardyMr & Mrs John L Barry JrMr Edward H BarryMiss Margaret L BarryMr & Mrs Edward F MillerMr & Mrs Allen Wayne ConnorMi>s Grace Ma umberMr & Mrs Leverett N FreemanSum res Welllleet, MassMr & Mrs John W FieldMr & Mrs J Roll in Stuart Jr11012112119324324327728130331937537737742342542549750750951152352352!)520529535Miss Annie C WardMrs T Albert WardMr C Grafton WardMrMrMrMrMrMrWilliam F Harbach& Mrs Albert H Marston& Mrs Norris Viles& Mrs Theodore D Laubner& Mrs Isidore Buxbaum& Mrs Harvey JamesMrs William H IrelandMr & Mrs D A GallagherMrs Charles H IrelandMrs Geo A KinghamM & Mrs Victor XealMr & Mrs Charles E DennisonHenry E RohlsenMr & Mrs David R BrownAt home Fridays. Tel NewtonSo 1368Mi-MrMr& Mrs& Mrs& MrsR W E LeachW B BarkleyGardner C WalworthB WarrenMr GeorgeMiss Elsie G WarrenMr Fred A FernaldMiss Josephine TarbellMr & Mrs S K TarbellDr & Mrs C A BoutelleGILMOUR, ROTHERYGQ.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST•% N

126 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWARREN STREET56 Mr130 Mr132 Mr136 Mr148 Mr154 Mr156 Dr160 Mr162 Mr168 Mr170 Mr& Mrs John BianchiWilliam J Eddy& Mrs George Linn& Mrs Moses D Monroe& Mrs James T Giles& Mrs Angus McDonald& Mrs Martin B Dill& Mrs Daniel L Philoon& Mrs Michael McDonald& Mrs S T Emerv& Mrs Albert P* Everts45 Mr & Mrs Robert A Vachon79 Mr & Mrs Horace A Bailey95 Mr & Mrs Moses L Stevens95 Mrs Eliza F Sylvester95 Miss Frances Stevens109 Mr & Mrs F J B Cordeiro125 Mr & Mrs Alexander Montgomery125 Mrs Elsie C Good125 Mr George W Good125 Mrs Ella M Crosby151 Miss Priscilla A Vachon151 Edgar J Vachon151 Mr & Mrs James Vachon151 Mr John Macdonald159 Mr & Mrs Edward H Hansen3 Mr & Mrs Milton E Stephenson5 Mrs Alvin R Flanders5 Mr Alvin B Flanders5 Miss Charlotte A Flanders7 Mr & Mrs John M Tomb9 Miss Agnes Farrington11 Mr & Mrs John D LittleWARREN TERRACEWEBSTER COURT32 Prof & Mrs Alfred E Burton32 Mrs Emily Yates19 Miss Sarah P LittleWESSEX ROAD00 Mr & Mrs Fred H Curtis00 Mrs Adam Curtis14 Mr & Mrs Francis F MortonWESTBOURNE ROAD26404245516161MrMi-Mr&Mrs Paul T WiswellMrs Louis G AbbottMrs William C SnowMr & Mrs A L FalesMr & Mrs Henry C EarleRoland V MillerMr & Mrs Edward H Bill7 Mr & Mrs7 Mr & Mrs11 Mr & Mrs17 Mr & Mrs17 Mr Edmun17 Miss Mary21 Mr & Mrs27 Mr & Mrs27 Mr & Mrs31 Mr & Mrs37 Mr & MrsSidney J CliffordC AV FrenchH B EamesWilliam C Andersond T StewartH StewartJames M PorterFrederick M JourdanEdward H TaylorJolm F McKe'yWilliam H HamPEARMAINBROOKS, BROKERSMembers of Boston andNew York Stock Exchanges.S. B. PEARMAIN L. LORING BROOKS53 STATE ST., BOSTON

XEWTON CENTRE 12?20 Mr Samuel F Chadbourne26 Mr & Mrs J W Edwards20 Mr & Mrs Robert W McCabe30 Mrs Tilley J Asbell32 Mrs L E Clark36 Miss A M Peeler38 Mr & Mrs Parmenas E EllisWILLOW STREETWILLOW TERRACE1 Mr & Mrs G W Ulmer, Jr1 Mr & Mrs Fred Wilson2 Mr & Mrs Walter C Newell2 Mr & Mrs Clarence W Randlett3 Mr & Mrs F Wallace RamseyROTHERY GO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

128 NEWTON BLUE BOOKNEWTON HIGHLANDSABERDEEN STREET14 Dr & Mrs P Challis Bartlett18 Mr & Mrs Bert T Wilkerson22 Mr & Mrs Luther W Piper26 Mr Thomas L Goodwin38 Mr & Mrs Frank A Hovey38 Mr & Mrs Gannett F Allen50 Mrs Horace Parker17 Mr Mrs Harold B Wilder&21 Mr Mrs Daniel S MacFarlane&25 Mr Mrs Charles H Sampson&33 Mr Mrs Robert Hopkins&35 Mr Mrs Francis J Small&41 Mr Mrs Edwin A Benclnev&45 Dr & Mrs Hadley C KinderALLERTON ROAD18 Mr & Mrs24 Mr & Mrs28 Mr & Mrs38 Mr & Mrs68 Mr & Mrs74 Mr & Mrs74 Mr & MrsJohn H LetteneyFrederick W RossJames B StudleyEmery W ClarkCharles S FarnhamCharles A BurnhamCalvin B Hawkes9 Mr & Mrs Thomas H Davis15 Mr & Mrs Joseph A Hurd21 Mr & Mrs John 0 Reay27 Miss Florence M Hardwirk37 Mr & Mrs Theodore J Bradley61 Mr & Mrs Leonard Boyd61 Mr Howard Morse61 Miss Marion Morse69 Mr Albert H Mellen69 Mrs Albert S Hutchinson91 Mr & Mrs Henry C Robbing218 Mr & Mrs Harry L StrandBEETHOVEN AVENUEBELLINGHAM ROAD5 Mr & Mrs Gerald H Noon an12 Mrs Paul A Garey18 Mr & Mrs Frederick BadgerBEMUTH ROADBERWICK ROAD(See Newton Centre)All Kinds of Insurance HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.Established 1840NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHING-TON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-2781

NEYTTOX HIGHLANDS 129BOWDOIN STREET141418242838445650Mr & Mrs George W ReynoldsMiss Alice G ReynoldsMr & Mrs Winthrop G NorrisMr Mrs&Mr Mrs&Mr Mrs&Mr Mrs&Mr Mrs&Mrs E N ReddingEdward J SavageFrank A ShuteRay HuntsmanLewis A WallonAlfred II Brodick1 Mr Frederick W Emerson3 Mr & Mrs Roland H Barnes19 Mr & Mrs James R Palmer29 Mr & Mrs Harold H Shuniway39 Mrs Charles A Barrett39 Miss Mabel A Sampson43 Mrs Harry B Walker43 Mr Theron B Walker49 Miss M C Douglass49 Mrs Mabel F A Douglass49 Miss Ethel Douglass55 Mr & Mrs Maurice Wrigley03 Mr & Mrs Frank E Marston87 Dr & Mrs Pope93 Rev & Mrs John J Walker93 Mrs Elizabeth E Walker99 Mr & Mrs Thomas W BestBOYLSTON ROAD18 Mrs L M Soule18 Mr Charles M Soule20 Mrs Sarah P Barnes20 Mr & Mrs Robert W Muther20 Mr & Mrs Charles H Sawver1515292937Dr Clarence M HaskellMr & Mrs John B HaskellMr & Mrs Jas F HydeMr & Mrs George G ShermanMr & Mrs Zachariah FeindellBOYLSTON STREET890 Mr & Mrs Charles B Lentell890 Mr & Mrs Myron L Cudworth950 Mr & Mrs H Gordon Martin1100 Mr & Mrs Charles Nathan Barnard1100 Mr & Mrs Mark Gorham947907971979983985987989Mrs Carrie D NewellMr Mrs Thomas J Allingham&Mr Mrs Francis T Knight&Dr Mrs Carl Kolb&Mr•Mrs Elof Benson&Mr Mrs E W Weeks&Mr Mrs Edwin C Hanscom&Mrs Joseph C LoughreyBRADFORD ROAD16 Mr & Mrs William A Og or 3 Mr & Mrs Herbert S Virtue11 Mr & Mrs Harry J Whittaker11 Mrs Joseph Whittaker15 Mrs A H Armstrong15 Mrs H G Blanchard21 Mr & Mrs John E Mason Jr25 Mr & Mrs Andrew Y Sharpe35 Mr & Mrs Philip T DavisPEARIYIAINBROOKS, BROKERSMembers of Boston andNew Ycrk Stock Exchanges,S. B. PEARMAIN L. LORING BROOKS53 STATE ST., BOSTON


XEWTOX HIGHLANDS 131BREWSTERROAD15 Mr & Mrs John Lind29 Mr & Mrs Charles P Lewis29 Mr & Mrs Daniel F Cronin33 Mr & Mrs John H Elwell JrCANTERBERRY ROAD30 Mr & Mrs Lester H Hilton32 Mr & Mrs J M Burton11 Mr & Mrs Henry J WagnerCARVER ROAD30 Mr & Mrs Joseph A Abbott34 Mr & Mrs Frank V Stone44 Mr & Mrs William P Collins50 Mr & Mrs Ray D Farnsworth54 Mr & Mrs Howard Whitmore54 Mr Thomas T Hinkley88 Mrs James W Hiscock21 Mr & Mrs Almon J Fairbanks43 Mr & Mrs Edwin C Johnson83 Mr & Mrs Ira C Nye93 Mr & Mrs George R LoudCENTRE STREET1544 Mr & Mrs Thomas Went worth 1469 Mr & Mrs Charles E Doane1574 Mr & Mrs George Hall1471 Mr & Mrs Charles C Brown158G Mr & Mrs J James MacGregor 1471 Mr Charles J Brown1590 Mr & Mrs Harris P GraySum res, Hyannis, Mass1596 Mi & Mrs Richard A Cod}*- 1489 Mr George H Low1624 Mr & Mrs William M L McAdams 1489 Mr & Mrs Arthur M Low1652 Mr & Mrs Thomas W Mullen 1489 Mrs Jennie M Low1658 Mr & Mrs Alfred H Geyer1489 Mr & Mrs Seward J Johnson1670 John Faherty1495 Mrs M D Hills1523152315491585158916031619162316231627162716651665Mrs Albert F HaywoodMiss M Bernice HatchMr & Mrs Fred R HaywoodArthur H Fewkes& Mrs William H CarrMr &Mr &AirMrMrMrMrMr&&&&&&Mrs Harry A HagermanMrs Henry C SawyerMrs William 0 LichtnerMrs Perrin C NewellMrs Charles E BeaneMrs Oliver PhillipsMrs Allan W ParmenterMrs Donald G Robbins4 Mr & Mrs Ernest G Hapgood10 Mr William P Webster10 The Misses WebsterCHESTERSTREET5 Mr & Mrs Everett E Bird11 Mr & Mrs William E Bo wen17 Mr & Mrs George L AveryReal EstateJOHN J c DELANEYInsurance249 WASHINGTON SL, NONANTUM BLDG., Listings Solicited in the NewtonsNewton Tel. N.N. 191

132 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCHESTER STREET—Continued16246268Mr & Mrs John GloverMr & Mrs Clarence A WhitneyMr & Mrs Curtis ChipmanStephen A Wiswell1739S945556167Mr & Mrs Walter B NicholMr & Mrs Joseph W MooreMiss Mildred D MooreMr & Mrs Robert Levi& Mrs John Douglas& Mrs Arthur A BrownMr & Mrs Edward R CogswellMi-Mr12 Mrs Martha S Reed20 Mr & Mrs Horace P Stevens22 Mr & Mrs John L Wright26 Mr & Mrs Walter D K Taylor74 Mr & Mrs R J MeGlashing74 Mr .& Mrs Arthur M CurrvCIRCUIT AVENUECOLUMBUS6 Mr & Mrs Howard S Hiltz6 Miss Evelyn Louise Hiltz6 Miss Caroline May Hiltz6 Miss Mildred Beatrice Hiltz20 Mr & Mrs John R Sweeney20 Miss Mary L Sweeney40 Mr & Mrs David F Hill46 Mr & Mrs James H Turnbull56 Mr & Mrs Clifford W Dow60 Rev & Mrs Louis Augustus ParsonsSTREET39194949MrMr& Mrs John H McCreadyFrank GrahamOscar JacobiSeward W JonesDonald D McKayMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & Mrs63 Mr & Mrs M Marsden Griswold Jr69 Mr & Mrs Henry II Cummings69 Miss Alberta J Crombie4 Mr & Mrs Reuben L Rottler10 Mr & Mrs George H Stewart10 Mr & Mrs Floyd C Reeves12 Mrs Harriet E HolmesCOLUMBUS TERRACECUSHING STREET17 Mr & Mrs Payson T Lowell17 Miss Beatrice M LowellDEDHAM STREET92 Mr & Mrs J Francis Munroe360 Mr & Mrs William E Sanderson472 Mr & Mrs Earle L Ovington95 Mr & Mrs Herbert W Drew349 Mr & Mrs Clarence W StetsonPost Office Newton CentreREAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCE363 CENTRE ST.. NEWTON.JOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLE

XEWTOX HIGHLANDS 133DELMORE ROAD14 Mr & Mrs Buenos A Weeks16 Mr & Mrs Ernest Smith '9 Mr & Mrs Albert H NortonDICKERMAN ROAD10 Mr & Mrs David A Cox20 Mr & Mrs Lester M Dorr24 Mr & Mrs Jesse L Heath30 Mr & Mrs A Lawrence Ball36 Mr & Mrs Nelson P Trickey40 Mr & Mrs Nehemiah H Lane44 Mr & Mrs Rufus H Moulton50 Mr & Mrs Warren C B Robbins11152327Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mrs Wilmont M BrownMrs Leonard M CottonMrs Daniel J FarnanMrs Luther A HansenDUNCKLEE STREET18 Mr & Mrs James M Beck18 Miss Mabel A Beck24 Mr & Mrs Clarence S Luitwieler24 Miss Helen Luitwieler24 Mr Edward B Luitwieler111515273131Rev & Mrs George T SmartMr Hiram Allen MillerMrs Elizabeth G BuckinghamMr & Mrs James A DarlingMr & Mrs George W BarkerMr Thomas W ShapleighENDICOTT ROAD32 Mr & Mrs Franklin I Jordan 21 Mr & Mrs Charles F Jones25 Mr & Mrs Charles W Dillaway37 Mr & Mrs Henry F Guild37 Miss Muriel L Cox51 Mrs George R Drowne51 Mr & Mrs Wilfred S Drowne51 Miss Ethel L DrowneERIE AVENUE22303430-1444485252586404OS68Mr & Mrs Ira CopelandMr & Mrs Lester S FairchildMr & Mrs William T CoanMr & Mrs Albert H ElderMr & Mrs Frederick A O'ConnorMiss Bertha E O'ConnorMr & Mrs Charles W MercerMr & Mrs Frank FrostIrving F FrostMr & Mrs Chester R LittlefieldMr & Mrs Edward J SingletonMiss Mabel A SingletonMrs Charles F JohnsonHarry C Johnson57 Mr & Mrs Alfred W Bell57 Miss Dorothv Bell57 Mr William *E Bell57 Mr Alfred W Bell, Jr01 Mr & Mrs Amos Bancroft69 Mr & Mrs Lewis P Varney71 Mr & Mrs William A Hall85 Miss Bertha Converse73 Mr & Mrs Robert Eliot Clark77 Mr & Mrs B Walter Godsoe89 Rev & Mrs Harry W Kimball95 Mr & Mrs Harold V BowenLORING BROOKSPEARMAIN & BROOKS, Brokers,Members of Boston & New York Stock Exchanges

134 NEWTOX BLUE BOOKK RIE AVENUE—Continued7478848490Mr & Mrs George A GleasonMr & Mrs Robert P SmithMr & Mrs William J BicknellEliot BicknellMr & Mrs Leon E Ryther102 Mr & Mrs Irving M AtwoodFISHER AVENUE18 Mr & Mrs Frederick H Van Geldei32 Mr & Mrs James Kingman5(5 Mr & Mrs Walter B Southgate66 Mr & Mrs Silas R Mills66 Miss Charlotte Mills72 Mr i& Mrs George A Bushee25313743515757576773Mr & Mrs Lawrence SouthwickSmithMr & Mrs William T CoveneyMr & Mrs Paul P FosterMr & Mrs Frederick T McGillMi- & Mrs Robert S IngramMr & Mrs Charles OgdenMiss Amy L OgdenMiss Florence OgdenMr & Mrs Alfred L PrattMr & Mrs John SegersonFLORAL STREET612222226283036465678788286909696Mr & Mrs John PMr & Mrs James RMrs J F C HydeMiss Mary E HydeMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsWalshDoyleRichard SandersonRichardson Sanderson, JrCharles S GermanRoyal T LaphamRoscoe M PackardCharles H DelanyArthur H FewkesMiss Flora F FewkesMr & Mrs Charles A FersonMr & Mrs Louis GilesAlfred DurbinMr & Mrs William W PattenMr & Mrs George E Trowbridge2121334349498585879397Mr & Mrs Harper A LeavittMr & Mrs Albert A HansonMi- & Mrs Patrick T HurleyMr Frank G SampsonMr & Mrs John S SedsrwickMiss Mary E SedgwickMr & Mrs Edwin H CoreyMi- Edwin H Corev JrMr & Mrs Alvira'B KelleyMr Charles H PitfieldMrs Harriet E PitfieldMr & Mrs Chester C SmallCharles C SmallMr & Mrs Peter DLudyMr & Mrs George N B ShermanMr & Mrs William J Hodges103 Mr & Mrs George W Munroe107 Mr & Mrs Edmund M Studley107 Mr & Mrs Charles M White123 Mr & Mrs Frederick W ColeUK)100102102102102Miss Albcrtina P SampsonMiss Electa H SampsonFLORAL PLACE13 Mr & Mrs Wall nee X Beal15 Mr & Mrs Calvin C StevensE. A. ROBART & SONS Painting and Decorating] 3TABLISHED 1880Phones, 15 and 152 ] ookliiThe Bert That In Possible to Produce201 WASHINGTON GTKEET, Dl.OO.xLINIi

XEWTOX CEXTRE 135FOREST STREET60 Miss Clara B AchornG6 Mr Charles W Fewkes66 Mrs Henry J Fewkes66 Miss Editn E Fewkes88 Mr & Mrs Charles A MacCalkim3 Miss Ella M Bacall3 Mrs Mary B (Stephenson9 Dr & Mrs Frederick E Withee15 Dr & Mrs J Douglas Thompson19 Mr & Mrs D Frederick Early23 Mr & Mrs Wallace M Leonard31 Mr & Mrs William T Logan31 Charles S Logan39 Dr Charles H Newhall39 Miss Sarah S Newhall45 Mr &.Mrs Frederick S Pry47 Mr & Mrs William C Pierce47 Miss Mabel E Pierce47 Miss Fannie I Lord65 Mr & Mrs John T Webster83 Mr & Mrs Raleigh B Adams89 Mr & Mrs Charles MitchellGLENMORE TERRACE4 Mr & Mrs Robert Bonner 3 Mr & Mrs Samuel Cunningham15 Mr & Mrs Frank H StrattonHARRISON STREET20 Mr & Mrs J Arthur McKean24 Mr & Mrs Charles A Clark30 Mrs Gertrude W Torrey34 Mr & Mrs Harlon J Maynard40 Mr & Mrs Wm F Keith48 Mr & Mrs Arthur L Currier52 Mr & Mrs Lester H Allen15 Mr & Mrs George E French19 Mr & Mrs D W Sutherland23 Mr & Mrs F William Johnson33 Miss Harriet A Chisholm43 Mr & Mrs John R Stout6 Mr & Mrs Frank W Allen10 Mr & Mrs Harry B Woolover14 Dr & Mrs Louis*H Marshall20 Dr & Mrs Frederick S Keith26 Mr & Mrs Arthur St C Hilton34 Mrs Augusta H Martin34 Miss Minnie A Nickerson40 Mr & Mrs David Bates40 Miss Miriam F. Bates44 Mr & Mrs Franklin P Brown44 Vivian GreenHILM50 Mr & Mrs Oram Fulton56 Mr & Mrs Leslie Sanderson62 Mr & Mrs Guilford S Newhall68 Mr & Mrs Arthur WilliamsHARTFORDSTREET59 Rev & Mrs William J Kelly63 The Misses Thompson63 Harriet W Ryder77 Mr & Mrs William S Jackson87 William Kodak insG1LM0UR, ROTHERYCO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-120 WAT:R ST.. SOSTON

136 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHILLSIDE ROAD14 Dr & Mrs Joseph R Phelps14 Mrs Ellen A Mansfield20 Mr & Mrs Charlton D Miller15172527374349558793Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mi- &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mrs Eben Luther, 2ndMrs Stanley L BloodMrs James I HuntonMrs Martin H GarrityMrs Clarence N StoneMrs Wallace H NicholsMrs Edwin T CadyMrs William E MooreMrs Charles E WhiteMrs William H ChappieHYDE STREET10 Mr & Mrs Harry W Osgood16 Mr & Mrs Edward H Ruby16 Mrs Catherine L Ruby22 Mrs William H Hyde22 Mr George N Hyde22 Miss Helen C Hyde38 Mrs Gene L Carbone50 Mr & Mrs Henry H Skelton54 Mr & Mrs Herbert Warren Colby68 Mr & Mrs Charles F Whitehead82 Mr & Mrs Charles F Libbey112 Mr & Mrs Joshua Seaver120 Mr & Mrs Ernest E Fewkes11 Mr & Mrs James E Rayner19 Mr & Mrs Edgar J Smith25 Mr & Mrs Hubert S Dennie41 Mr & Mrs Arthur S Williams51 Mr & Mrs John Harvey51 Miss Arvilla T Harvey51 Miss Elvira T Harvey57 Mr & Mrs John E Lewis63 Mr & Mrs George H WooleyLAKE AVENUE2562582602602622642662722782782S4292292292292290300312320326MrMrMrMrMrMr&&&&&&Mrs Preble W BlakeMrs Ritchie H StevensMrs C William ClarkeMrs John V PeckMrs Chas P SlocumMrs Charles L EdwardsMrs John McKeyMrs George B KingMr &Mr &Tel 909-M Newton SouthMr & Mrs Howard M BiscoeMrs A G BiscoeMr & Mrs Ernest StevensMrs Elizabeth E BragdonMr & Mrs Fred G SandfordMrs Mabel B LymanMiss Gladys LymanMr & Mrs William J WaltherMrs Henry C DimondMr & Mrs Philip H FarleyMr & Mrs Charles H ClarkMiss Lorania C Morton183191191191191191203249249257257263263271271291301305309321Mr & Mrs Guilford Miles StuartMr & Mrs John A GardnerMr Harry E GardnerMr John W GardnerMr Samuel A GardnerMiss Ethel M GardnerMr & Mrs Walton Lee CrockerTelephone 148 Newton SouthMr & Mrs Frank W DorrMiss Marion H DorrMr & Mrs Alfred W SmallMiss Laura M KendrickMr & Mrs Gurdon R FisherErnest W FisherMr & Mrs Edgar B SampsonMrs C H SmithMr & Mrs George H Mellen& Mrs Percy W CarverMrMrMrMr& Mrs John G Schroder& Mrs Clarence II Lingham& Mrs Edmund E HillsFor all kinds of Real Estate see HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETEstablished 1840 Telephones: Newton North 2780-2781

NEWTON BLUE BOOKFine StationeryENGRAVER TERSHigh Grade EngravingSTATIONERSWedding Announcements and InvitationsReception and Visiting CardsMonogram and Address DiesMenus, Programs and Dance OrdersAUTHORITATIVE AND DISTINCTIVESTATIONERYFOUNTAIN PENS AND OFFICE EQUIPMENTEXCLUSIVE LEATHER SPECIALTIESBRASS GOODS57-61 FRANKLIN STREET, BOSTON, MASS.BOSTON EMPLOYMENT AGENCYLicensedEstablished 26 yearsDomestic Department, H. G. PRESTON, Mgr.Hours, 9 to 4; Saturday, 9 to 1; Wednesday and Thursday evenings, 7 to 9Engineering and Mercantile Department, H. A. SWEET, Mgr.Hours: 8 to 5; Saturdays, 9 to 1; Wednesday and Thursday evenings, 7 to 9274 Boylston Street, Rooms 1, 2, 3, Boston, Mass.Phone Beach, 1472 and 1473pi RCE &COXEngineers and Contractors forPlumbingand HeatingPROMPT AND CAREFUL ATTENTION TO REPAIRING.Members Master Builders Association143 KINGSTON STREET, BOSTON, MASS.

NEWTON BLUE BOOKThe North Shore Blue BookA Society, Private Address and Social Registerof Summer ResidentsThe nineteenth edition of the North Shore Blue Book will beissued early in July.It will include, as usual, the addresses ofthe Summer Residents ofNahant, Swampscott, Marblehead,Beach Bluff, Clifton, Beverly, Pride's,Manchester, Magnolia, Hamilton,Wenham, Topsfield, Ipswich, Etc.GLOUCESTER POINTSGloucester, East and West Gloucester,Annisquam, Bass Rocks, Eastern Point,Ferncliff, Fernwood, Pigeon Cove,Riverview, Rockport, Etc.•We will publish the following information: Winter address (city, streetand number). Christian Xame of "Mrs/ 5 Telephone Numbers, At-Home Days,etc.Half-tones of cottages, etc., at small expense, when requested.Walker's Automobile Map of Central or Eastern Massachusetts, bound inloth (price $2.00). including North Shore Blue Book; price of both. $2.50.EOSTON SUBURBAN BOOK COMPANY, PublishersE. A. JONES, Treasurer. Room 1013 Old South Building, Boston.Publishers ofBROOKLIXE. CAMBRIDGE, NEWTON, WINCHESTER andKOXBCEY BLUE HOOKS.Telephone 3624-W Main

NEWTON HIGHLANDS 137LAKE AVENUE—Continued338 Mr & Mrs Henry D Fisher340 Dr & Mrs Samuel L Eaton340 Mr Willard H Eaton344 Mr & Mrs Frank A Burdick348 Dr & Mrs Robert W Guiler348 Miss Ida M Thrasher335 Dr Eaton's Sanitarium347 Mr & Mrs Thomas P CurtisLAKEWOOD ROAD28 Mr & Mrs J' Weston Allen32 Mr & Mrs Edwin S Drowne38 Mr & Mrs William S Simpson44 Dr & Mrs Marquis D Littig50 Mr & Mrs Arthur G Wellman54 Mr & Mrs Eliot H Robinson23 Mr & Mrs Henry P Ayer23 Miss Olga Gretchen Ayer23 Mr Gordon Whittier Ayer35 Mr & Mrs Winsor B Naughler51 Mr & Mrs J Howard Thompson59 Mr & Mrs Herbert M Chase77 Mr & Mrs M W MelcherLINCOLN STREE126130130138138146154160166170170224228238Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mrs Almond M TewksburyMrs Philip S SweetserMrs Henry H GardinerMrs William R PiattMrs Walter A DaneMrs W Isaac RobinsonMrs W E B RyderMr & Mrs William B DraperMrs Albert BucknanHarrison W MellenGeorge iH Mellen, JrMrs E Lester DavisMr & Mrs Jacob H GreenMr & Mrs James H Wentworth213 Anna E Bliss227 Mr & Mrs James R Emmett235 Mr & Mrs Lawson W Oakes69 Mr & Mrs Vincent M Bowen69 Mr Earl W Bowen75 Dr Caroline Y Wentworth75 Miss Amanda F Sylvester87 Mr & Mrs Edmund H Tarbell95 Mrs Benjamin F Trueblood95 Miss Lyra D Trueblood111 Mr & Mrs Augustine Jones, A MLL. B111 Williams A Jones, A M111 Miss Mary R Osborn119 Rev & Mrs Charles T Noble135 Mr & Mrs Edgar W W T arren151 Mr & Mrs Sampson D Whittemore163 Mr & Mrs Jesse Tirrell189 Mr Benjamin Dickerman189 Mrs Alice C Jones207 Mr & Mrs Thomas W Ness213 Mr & Mrs Loren W Penny213 Mrs Ann D NoyesMARGARET ROAD9 Mr & Mrs Stephen J Henrich15 The Misses RobertsonMEREDITH AVENUE11 Mr & Mrs Jeremiah A Sullivan17 Mrs Hannah E Norton17 Mrs Sarah E Roberts17 Miss Cristene A NortonPEARMAINBROOKS JS. B. PEARMAIN L. LORING BROOKSBROKERS Members of Boston andNew York Stock Exchanges.53 STATE ST., BOSTON

138NEWTON BLUE BOOKMOUNTFORT ROAD18 Mr Jonas M Knight24 Mr & Mrs Edward J Ball19 Mr & Mrs James M BarlowNORMAN ROAD18 Mr24 Mr& Mrs Chester W Nichols& Mrs Ralph G Kilmer7 Mr &17 Mr &23 Mr .&MrsMrsMrsHenry E WilliamsCharles F JohnsonJames C S TaberJrOAK TERRACE10 Mr & Mrs Frederick C Nash14 Mr & Mrs George A Cotey30 Mrs M L Eaton34 Mr & Mrs Alexander J MacDongall36 Mr & Mrs Charles H Keeler3 Mr & Mrs William H Mitchell9 Mr & Mrs Richard Whight15 Mrs John H Burt15 Mr & Mrs Thomas C Davi321 Mr & Mrs Rolfe Colbleigh25 Mr & Mrs George E Littlefield35 Mr & Mrs William Glover35 Mr & Mrs Wyman Dyer77 Mr & Mrs Ephraim ,M EstellePLYMOUTH ROAD30 Mr & Mrs Loren F Fletcher46 Mr & Mrs E Channing Bouve46 Mrs Mary E Moore11 Mr &51 Mr &Mrs Charles A EvansMrs George L CallRAEBURN TERRACE2 Mr & Mrs John E DodgeROCKLEDGE ROAD4 Mr &12 Mr &40 Mr &46 Mr &52 Mr &MrsMrsMrsMrsJoseph E PeckhamGilbert H NoyesLouis I SchreinerJames M BarkerMrs William R Reed11 Mr & Mrs William H Raye21 Mr & Mrs Merton A Holmes51 Dr & Mrs Westford M TaylorSAXON ROAD26 Mr & Mrs Robert B Chapin30 Mrs Laura P Elliott30 Mr & Mrs Frederick J Elliott36 Mr & Mrs Clarence Haven Waldo36 Mrs A J Ford9151923MrMrMrMr& Mrs Grosvenor D W Marcy& Mrs John Marshall& Mrs Harry I Cook& Mrs Charles W IlawkesSAXON TERRACE14 Mr & Mrs Arthur R Logan9 Mr & Mrs Albion H Brown15 Mr & Mrs Joseph H Wellman21 Mr & Mrs George Q Hill

XEWTOX HIGHLANDS 139STANDISH STREET15 Mr & Mrs John M 0 Hewitt21 Mr & Mrs Paul FranzTERRACE AVENUE22 Mr & Mrs John M Knudsen 19 Mr & Mrs Frank P Hurley21 Mr & Mrs iGeorge Fuller39 Mr & Mrs Henry B Hopkins41 Mrs Arthur F Atwood41 Miss Alice L Atwood47 Mr & Mrs Charles G WetherbeeWALDORF ROAD29 Mr & Mrs George L Hanna33 Mr & Mrs Joseph P Lyons37 Mr & Mrs George H White65 Mrs Grace M Pettee White65 Mr & Mrs G T AshendenWALNUT STREET1000102810281036104810541058106610661090111011201150119412001358Mr & Mrs Albert M (BeersMrs Erastus MoultonE Burt MoultonMr & Mrs William B WoodMr & Mrs Warren B PageMrs Edward S Colton JrMrs Florence E FosterMr & Mrs Arthur A ChildMr & Mrs John E AtwoodMr & Mrs Sanford E ThompsonMr & Mrs Luther ElliotMr & Mrs Lewis CurtisMr & Mrs Wilmerton M DuffieldMoses ThompsonMiss Alma RossMr & Mrs George M Stone9991013102510331039104710471057108310831083108310931099114911491193Mr & Mrs George A SalmonMr & Mrs Henry W CrowellMr & Mrs Henry W BailMr & Mrs John S PattonMr & Mrs Stewart E BrennanDr & Mrs Charles S ParkerDr Levi ParkerMr & Mrs Ervin G BaileyMr & Mrs Joseph T WaterhouseMiss Vera WaterhouseMrs Jessie Palmer GrahamHarry B BradfordMr & Mrs Elbert G AllenDr & Mrs Charles A ThompsonMr & Mrs J M WoodworthMr & Mrs Alfred F EmeryRev & Mrs George G PhippsWINCHESTER STREET230 Mr & Mrs Jason T Bacon430 Mr Frank H Morgan430 Mr & Mrs S M Morgan430 Mrs Almira L Chamberlain430 Mrs A W Littlefield450 Mr & Mrs John W Warren139 Mr & Mrs Arthur D Hall139 Miss Ethel L Hall139 Miss Fannie E Hall155 Mr & Mrs Patrick J Flaherty383 Mr & Mrs Joseph B Watt000 St John Industrial School

140 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWOODCLIFF ROAD34 Mr & Mrs Rupert B Rogers56 Mr & Mrs Archie T Robinson56 Mr & Mrs William J Robinson15 Alonzo A Cole15 Mr & Mrs Stephen A Smith15 Mr & Mrs Sumner B Cole25 Mr & Mrs Edward G Swift35 Mr & Mrs Charles Gardner Hunt49 Mr Ralph F AlvordWOODWARD STREET38 Mr & Mrs William J Cozens38 Miss Bessie B Cozens146 Mr & Mrs Henry E Warren156 Mr & Mrs Richard S True Jr174 Mr & Mrs C Gordon McMullin186 Mr & Mrs Carl F Monk192 Mr & Mrs Daniel Horgan1517192125274179Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Dr &Mr &Mrs Charles E SmithMrs William M ColeMrs Isaac GoddardMrs Frederick A BowesMrs Philip L BrownMrs Edwin N KentMrs Benjamin R GilbertMiss Fannie W Fogg107129167175245Mr & Mrs William A FosterMr '& Mrs William E CraryMrs Abbie M GuildMr & Mrs John WorleyMr & Mrs Frank L RichardsonPE&RMAINROOKS, BROKERSMembers of Boston andNew York Stock ExchangesS. B. PEARMA1N L L0R1HG BROOKS 53 STATE ST., BOSTCN

WABAN 141WABANALBAN ROAD56 Miss Alice N Henderson56 Miss A Elizabeth Henderson66 Mr & Mrs Carl H Gove55 Mr & Mrs William F Lamont79 Mr & Mrs George W Souther101 Mr. & Mrs Lawrence Allen18 Mr & Mrs Fred S Gourley26 Mr & Mrs Philip W Ayres26 Miss Harriett C TaylorANNA WAN ROADASHMONT ROAD7 Mr & Mrs Llewellyn A Marr15 Mr & Mrs David Sutton21 Mr & Mrs Adna C DennisonAVALON ROAD128 Dr & Mrs Edwin J Morse128 Mr & Mrs Edward W King101 Mr & Mrs Ellis L Gates121 Mr & Mrs Winfield M Thompson131 Mr & Mrs Damon E Cummings131 Mrs Joana B MorrisBEACON STREET14581530] 53815381548154815581564169017041704170417341746Mr & Mrs Clement A BortonMr & Mrs Willard F ScottMr & Mrs James He winsMr J E EverettMr Sterling P WileyThe Misses WileyMr & Mrs Elmer W KeeverMr & Mrs Harry L TiltonDr & Mrs Earle E BesseyMr & Mrs William II GouldMr Amasa C GouldMiss Jessie G GouldMr & Mrs William F LambMrs Florence T Horn1451145714571535154515891615164316471647172717351743Mr & Mrs Arthur A EvansMrs M P LongsdorfMr Charles L LongsdorfMr & Mrs Frank W RaneMr & Mrs William MansfieldBuffumMr & Mrs Joseph F BreckMi-MrMrMrMrMrDr&&&&&Mrs Albert AllenMrs Wendell H Bray tonMrs Pietro IsolaMrs Gordon H RhodesMrs Frederick A Horn& Mrs Raymond L Fowle& Mrs Benjamin H CodmanReal EstateJOHN J. DELANEYInsurance249 WASHINGTON ST., NONANTUM BLOC, Listings Solicited in the NewtonsNewton Tel. N. N. 191

142 NEWTON BLUE BOOKBEACONSTREETContinued1746 Mr Everett B Horn1746 Mr Harold S Horn1756 Mr & Mrs C Oscar Buttrick1756 Mr George W Eddy1772 Mr & Mrs Charles H Cook1784 Mr & Mrs Dana B Jefferson1818 Mr & Mrs Henrv E Woodworl1775 Mr & Mrs Albert D LockeCARLTON ROAD60 Mr & Mrs Harry N Matthews90 Mr & Mrs George L Griffin *172 Mr & Mrs Chester W Banton172 Miss Virginia Batterman180 Mr & Mrs W S Schmeltz65 Mr & Mrs Henry C ShortCHESTNUT STREET41853855058464(>652658712795795807847847Mr & MrsDr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsDr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsPatrick C CotterFrederic T LewisGeorge H FlebbeFrederick G MarshRobert HornRobert H MasonCreed W FultonArthur W BurnhamMiss Justine A DavisMr Harcourt W DavisMr & Mrs Fred NeuschaferMr & Mrs John T DickinsonMrs L T Graffam497 Mr & Mrs Joseph E Burke627 Mr & Mrs Lewis H Bacon653 Mr & Mrs Frank E Wing659 Mrs Noble E Roscoe667 Mr & Mrs David B McPherson677 Mr & Mrs Frank L Miller677 Miss Grace E Miller677 Miss Marion F MillerTel Newton South 448-2703 Mr & Mrs Alexander L Stephen711 Mr & Mrs Clifford H Walker765 Mr & Mrs Chauncey B McGee765 Dr Fannie M McGee775 Mr & Mrs Harry B Thayer787 Mr & Mrs Samuel L Carr795 Mrs Lawrence H DavisCOLLINS ROAD34 Vacant138 Mr & Mrs George T Wilson49 Mr & Mrs Otis R Maynard61 Mr & Mrs Archibald S Fuller165 Mr & Mrs E Payson UphamCROFTON ROAD86 Mr & Mrs92 Dr cV Mrs'.•8 Mr & MrsGeorge H MooreJohn A MacDonaldFrank T Cram9 Mr & Mrs William Gilmore9 Mr Howard P GilmoreTel Newton South 645-MSum res Asquam Lake, Ashland.N H75 Mr & Mrs Henry A SymondsE. A. ROBART*& SONS(Successors to KOBART BROS.)311-317 Washington St., - - - BrooklineCarpets Taken Up, Cleaned, MadeOver and LaidPhone 1269 Brookline

WABAN 143FENWICK ROAD74 Mr & Mrs Frank C Hodgins74 Miss Eleanor Dresser20 Mr & Mrs Henry C WalkerHEREFORD ROADIRVINGTON STREET12 Mrs Sarah Chadbourne 11 Mr & Mrs Joseph H Chadbourne19 Mr & Mrs S Herbert WileyIRWIN ROAD8 Mr & Mrs Ralph F Coburn 5 Mr & Mrs Morton W HaddockKELVEDEN ROAD32 Mr & Mrs Herbert E Rose 35 Mr & Mrs Frederick ParsonsKENT ROAD19G Mr & Mrs George V Phipps200 Mr & Mrs Charles M Burt201 Mr & Mrs Arthur B HarlowMOFFAT ROAD158 Mr & Mrs Everett W Conant166 Mr & Mrs Charles A Andrews166 Miss Grace E Andrews129 Miss Margaret D Stone129 Miss Helen E Cleaves129 Miss Helen M Monk155 Mr & Mrs Theodore H Piser173 Rev & Mrs Charles H Cutler179 Mr & Mrs William H Fearnside187 Mr & Mrs George H CollyerMOSSFIELDROAD46 Mr & Mrs Lucius W Pond 33 Mr & Mrs Edwin R Davis45 Mr & Mrs Austin CI Bourne45 Philip B BourneNEHOIDEN ROAD94 Mr & Mrs Earnest L Zeiss94 Miss Gertrude Zeiss102 Mr & Mrs George F Rivinius108 Dr Frances M Morris108 Miss Lucy E Locke130 Mr & Mrs William F Trefrey144 Mr & Mrs Willard M Whitman170 Mr & Mrs Henry R Chadbourne Jr17S Mr & Mrs Harry W Annable63 Mr & Mrs Homer F Prouty63 Mrs Martha A Aldrich69 Mr & Mrs Harry F Sawtelle69 Mrs George T Merrill101 Mr & Mrs Edward C ShermanReal EstateJOHN J. DELANEYinsurance249 WASHINGTON ST, NONANTUM BLOC, Listings Solicited in the NewtonsNewton Tel. N. N. 191

144 NEWTON BLUE BOOKNESHOBE ROAD78 Mr & Mrs Andrew W Holland166 Mr & Mrs Harold S Wonson53 Mr & Mrs George M Heathcote63 Mr & Mrs Oliver C Lombard81 Mr & Mrs Wallace Egerton91 Mr & Mrs Harry Eugene Milliken143 Mr & Mrs Edward C Street, Jr165 Mr & Mrs Charles F Hastings165 Miss Alice L HastingsPILGRIM ROAD8 Mr & Mrs Willis R Fisher16 Mr & Mrs Guv B McKinney24 Mr & Mrs Herbert S Kimball25 Mr & Mrs William C HolbrookPINE RIDGE ROAD40 Mr & Mrs Frank L Hardy40 Mr & Mrs Herbert R Hunting54 Mr & Mrs George N Roberts72 Mr & Mrs Donald M Hill80 Dr & Mrs Edmund W Clap144 Mr & Mrs Charles E Comer170 Mr & Mrs Harry S Millard180 Mr & Mrs J Henry Hunt184 Mr & Mrs Edward A Adler192 Mr & Mrs Nelson H Marvin253939515969859199Mr & Mrs George M AngierMiss Martha SeaverMrs A M AyerMrs Lucy W WilsonMr & Mrs Francis S SmithMr & Mrs John L SnowMr & Mrs Willard W DowMr & Mrs Herbert O StetsonMr & Mrs George K Heald151 Mr & Mrs Edmund Winchester161 Mr & Mrs Perry L McKinney175 Mr & Mrs Harry B Eaton181 Mr & Mrs Rhodes A Garrison24 Mr & Mrs Robert E Andrews30 Mr & Mrs N W T Knott36 Mr & Mrs Lucius B Folsom42 Mrs Charles H Wardwell42 Mr & Mrs Henry K Rowe58 Mr & Mrs Charles L Hovey72 Mr & Mrs Thomas J KellyPLAINFIELD STREETRIDGE ROAD14 Mr & Mrs San ford S Ames1925418589Mr & Mrs Charles H PorterMr & Mrs James R ChandlerMr & Mrs Joseph W BartlettMr & Mrs David A AmbroseMr & Mrs Arthur H BrownSOMERSET ROAD24 Mr & Mrs Alfred ShalesGILMOUR, ROTHERY GO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

WABA:N" 145TAMWORTH ROAD17 Mr & Mrs Earle W Smith86 Mr & Mrs Gifford LeClear100 Mr & Mrs William H Oakes100 Miss Catherine Oakes130 Mr & Mrs A Parker Newman134 Mr & Mrs Theodore E QuinbyUPLAND ROADVARICK ROAD39 Mr & Mrs William G Shockley81 Mr & Mrs Willard H LoudWABAN AVENUE28 Mr & Mrs Louis O Tilton46 Dr & Mrs John B May54 Mr & Mrs George F Reinhardt96 Mr & Mrs C Fred Lawrence138 Mr & Mrs Hector M Holmes152 Mr & Mrs Louis W Arnold152 Mrs Annie Gascoigne162 Mr & Mrs Howard M North176 Mr & Mrs Francis R Southwick186 Mr & Mrs Edward Becker194 Mr & Mrs Arthur LeBurton Robinsonsummer residence Manomet, MassTel 311-W Newton South194 Mrs Helen Friend-Robinson194 Miss Dorothy F Robinson206 Mr & Mrs George Guppy236 Mr & Mrs Oscar R Rice24-2 Dr & Mrs R R Andrews288 Mr & Mrs Theodore A Earl91 Mr & Mrs George J Higgins103 Mr & Mrs John S White119 Mr & Mrs Walter B Peabody119 Mrs Charles H Isburg153 Mr & Mrs Archie C Burnett245 Mr & Mrs Dana M Dutch257 Mr & Mrs John Earle Parker263 Mr & Mrs Clarence A St Lawrence271 Mr & Mrs Walter E Brown271 Mrs Sarah W Green281 Mr & Mrs Joseph Congdon281 Mrs F W Cherrington287 Mr & Mrs Robert Jackson Cram287 Mr Robert A Southworth321 Mr & Mrs Lester B Cardell347 Mr •& Mrs Harry P Farnham8 Mr & Mrs Robert J M FyfeWHITE OAK ROADWINDSOR ROAD26 Dr & Mrs William F BoosDoctor's Boston office 427 Marlborost, hours 1.30-3.00 and byappointmentTel Back Bay 3226Tel res Newton South 104047 Mr & Mrs Francis W Davis55 Mr & Mrs Herbert R Lane63 Mr & Mrs Fred P Hayward89 Mr & Mrs Harry G Cloyes101 Mr & Mrs John Preston True115 Mr & Mrs Daniel 0 Earle

146 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWINDSOR ROAD—Continued40 Mr & Mrs William H Taylor40 Mr Herbert C Taylor48 Mr & Mrs Earle E Conway62 Mr & Mrs Alfred C Turner74 Mr & Mrs John T Bowers74 Miss Bernice Bowers82 Mr & Mrs Charles C Blaney102 Dr & Mrs Charles E Stevens102 Mr. Frederick W Gregory126 Mr & Mrs William Saville126 Mr William Saville Jr184 Mr & Mrs William Paul Brown196 Mr & Mrs Samuel D Elmore206 Mr & Mrs Horace C Dunham121 Mr & Mrs Harry Howard Ham153 Mr & Mrs George B Evans181 Mr & Mrs Frederic W Webster203 Mr & Mrs Charles I De Witt215 Mr & Mrs Frank A ChildsWOODWARD STREET23829i»390398398406414418418444448452458Mr & Mrs Frederick R WoodwardMr & Mrs Robert H JohnsonMr & Mrs George D EldrigeMr Louis W ParentMr William B ParentRev & Mrs James Clement SharpMr & Mrs Archibald M StoneMrs Augustus ChamplinMiss Mary ChamplinMr & Mrs Arthur H WilsonMr & Mrs Harold A BellowsMr & Mrs Charles W ElmerMr & Mrs Sharlton A Whitaker325 Mr & Mrs Herbert W Kimball325 Mr Richard D Kimball325 Miss Kathrina P Kimball337 Mr & Mrs Herbert W Hayes389 Mr & Mrs James Willing401 Mr & Mrs Le Roy PhillipsWYMAN STREET19 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Kellaway31 Mr & Mrs Edward T KellawayPEARMAIN & BROOKS, BROKERSMembers of Boston andNew York Stock Exchange*S. B. PEARMAIN. L. LORING BROOKS 53 STATE ST., BOSTON

CHESTXUT HILL 147CHESTNUT HILLPost Office, Chestnut Hill, unless otherwise indicatedALGONQUINROADFrom Commonwealth Avenue30 Mr & Mrs E Carleton Greenwood*40 Mr & Mrs David J Coburn48 Dr & Mrs J Herbert Johnson52 Vacant78 Vacant100 Miss Susan Wiseman91 Commonwealth Country Club106 Miss Frieda GerhardMr & Mrs Ludwig GerhardMr and Mrs Oliver C. FaustMiss MargueriteFaustMr and Mrs J. HarveyWhiteALWINGTONROADOff Norfolk Road4 Mr & Mrs Andrew N Winslow 3 Mr & Mrs Francis W TullyBEACON STREETFrom Boston line to Chestnut Hill Road34 Mr & Mrs E E Fay40 Mr & Mrs Richard H Jones50 Dr & Mrs H S Draper214 Mr & Mrs Henry S Bush262 Dr & Mrs B Daly384 Mrs Victoria H SargentAgent for the Mary Baker EddyEstate377 Miss M J SitgreavesREAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLE

148 NEWTON BLUE BOOKBOYLSTON STREETFrom Washington Street to Newton1106114011401140Mr & Mrs James H ReedMiss Marjorie SparrowMrs Mary J PaulMr & Mrs Albert W Sparrow1051 Mr & Mrs Arthur B Denny1083 Mr & Mrs William R CordingleyiSum res Meadowlands, NewLondon, N H1109 Miss J E LeMay1117 Mr & Mrs George A Page1083 Miss Harriet Cordingley1083 Miss Mary F. Cordingley1083 Miss Jessie L. Cordingley1101 VacantCHESTNUT HILL ROADFrom Hammond, near Depot164190206222224256256256256Mr & Mrs Charles A MorssMr & Mrs Henry W BlissMr & Mrs Allston BurrMr & Mrs George S WestMi- & Mrs George P Gardner, JrMr & Mrs Richard M SaltonstallMiss Eleanor SaltonstallMiss Muriel SaltonstallMr Richard Saltonstall245 Mr & Mrs E P SaltonstallCIRCUIT ROADFrom Middlesex Road to Norfolk4 Mr & Mrs Richard S Townsend10 Mr & Mrs Arthur H Taber20 Mr & Mrs Rufus L Wilbur26 Mr & Mrs Kirkland H GibsonSum res Marblehead Neck, Mass44 Mrs C C Ely62 Mr & Mrs Henry iB. Prout70 Mr & Mrs George D Burrage70 The Misses Burrage551527333743Rev & Mrs Edward HaleMiss Emily HaleMr & Mrs Harold C SearsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsS St John MorganGeorge Phillips DikeFrederick M StearnsA Marshall Jonc»

CHESTNUT HILL 149COMMONWEALTH AVENUE—Continued71 Mr & Mrs James H Johnson85 Mr & Mrs M H Gulesian95 Mr & Mrs A H Foucar103 Mr & Mrs Philip A Hartley109 Mr & Mrs Albert E Miller115 Mr & Mrs Willis F Gross127 Mr & Mrs George Grow219 THE CHESTNUT HILLMr & Mrs H J O'BrienMr & Mrs Raymond HayesDr & Mrs Herbert Nichols255 Mr & Mrs J'ames F Fay267 Mr & Mrs John J McGregor279 Mr & Mrs R G Crosby295 Mr & Mrs Walter A O'Brien305 Mr & Mrs John F CronanMr & Mrs George J MartinMrs Carrie A BushnellMr. & Mrs Fred L HookerMr & Mrs Elmer W NuttinsrCRAFTS ROADFrom 52 Norfolk Road24 Mr & Mrs George Partridge HaywardSum res Newport, R I32 Mr P F Carey32 Miss Maria Carey40 Mr & Mrs N J Neall42 Vacant76 Mr & Mrs George B Baker90 Mr & Mrs James C T Baldwin106 Mr & Mrs Wheaton Kittredge128 Mr & Mrs Francis R Parks142 Mr & Mrs Roland G HopkinsAt home Tuesdays35 Mr & Mrs Chester A Howe41 Mr & Mrs Bryan S Permar51 Mr & Mrs Clarence Barton65 Mr & Mrs Frank A Farnhain79 Mr & Mrs Stanwood G Wellington99 Mr & Mrs Walter Gordon ResorSum res Bass Rocks, Gloucester,Mass.107 Mr & Mrs George A Sagendorph127 Mr & Mrs Harold E NesbittDEVON STREETChestnut Hill P. O.From Middlesex Road to Norfolk16 Mr & Mrs M Grant Edmands16 Miss Violet Edmands38 Mrs Isaac P T Edmands38 Miss Marion Edmands38 Miss Grace Edmonds48 Mr William McKissock4S Mrs Harriett Davenport172737374545455 5Mr & Mrs Daniel E KennedyMr & Mrs Charles H PhinneyMr & Mrs Edwin FordMr Nevil FordMiss M P BaconMrs J Henry DavenportMiss Mary P DavenportMr & Mrs E C RustReal EstateJOHN J. DELANEYInsurance249 WASHINGTON ST., NONANTUM BLDG., Listings Solicited in the NewtonsNewton Tel. N.N. 191

150 NEWTON BLUE BOOKDUNSTER ROADFrom Middlesex Road to HeathStreet22264050MrMi-MrMr& Mrs Lincoln Forbes Brigham& Mrs Edmund J Burke& Mrs Charles K Cobb& Mrs Howard Coonley83 Mr & Mrs J Everett YoungESSEX ROADFrom 410 Hammond Street24 Mr & Mrs George S Mumford52 Mrs Reginald Gray100 Mr & Mrs Sewell H Fessenden100 Caroline L Fessenden100 Harriett L FessendenWinter res 1 Raleigh st, Boston39 Mr & Mrs R H White85 Mrs Charles M HammondHAMMOND STREETFrom Ward Street to Brookline80 Mr & Mrs Winfred Prescott88 Mrs 0 H iStoddard88 Miss Edna D Stoddard146 Mr & Mrs William F Miller15618618625825829230.0300314326334334340360374382394408420Mr & Mrs Henry W MarrinerMr & Mrs Harry F StimpsonMiss Mabel StimpsonMiss Margaret B SladeMrs Daniel D SladeMr & Mrs Henry W HarrisSum res Quissett, MassMr & Mrs H A WolffMrMrMrMrJohn E Wolff& Mrs Arthur T Bradlee& Mrs Arthur Needham Hood& Mrs John MoirMiss Edith R MoirVacantMr & Mrs Charles W Sabine, JrSum res, Dux-bury, MassDr & Mrs George W GayMr & Mrs John RichardsonMr & Mrs Alanson BigelowMr & Mrs Francis W LeeMr & Mrs Randolph Foster Tucker23 Mr & Mrs Thomas W Proctor69 Mrs George E Armstrong69 Mr & Mrs Edwin W Cates69 Mr Harrison Keller87 Mrs W M Campbell101 Mr & Mrs Fred C Hebard185 Mr & Mrs Louis K Liggett185 Miss Janice Liggett185 Mr Leigh Bence Liggett(35 WestmOTly Court, Cambridge)263 Mr & Mrs Robert Wilcox Sayles279279307321329MrMrMrMrMr& Mrs Louis B HardingLouis B Harding, Jr& Mrs Edwin S Webster&&MrsMrsConover FitchCharles B ButterfieldCharles A Locke355 Mr Mrs&381 Rev & Mrs Lucian Waterman Rogers381 Mr Horatio Rogers391 Mr & Mrs Ernest Winsor399 Dr & Mrs Francis G Curtis399 Mr (ieorge W Curtis399 Mr Edward D Curtis399 Mr Francis Shaw Curtis413 Mr & Mrs Frederick R Easterbrook481 Mr & Mrs Montgomery Rollins481 Miss Ellen Rollins

CHESTNUT HILL 151THE LOWELL ESTATEFrom 517 Hammond Street517 Mr & Mrs John A LowellWinter res 24 Commonwealth av,Boston517 Mr & Mrs James A Lowell517 Mr & Mrs William H Aspinwall517 Mr & Mrs William G Thompson573 Mr & Mrs Edwin Sheafe573 Miss Ann W SheafeHEATH STREET400 Mrs John G Wright400 Mr & Mrs Andrew Adie464 Mr & Mrs Charles R Adams476 Mrs James S Newton476 Miss Helen C. Newton476 Miss Rosamond Newton471 Mr & Mrs Horace S FrazerSum res, Osterville, MassKINGSBURY ROADFrom Hammond to Suffolk Road12 Miss Mary I Locke30 Mr & Mrs William L Allen25 Mr & Mrs Samuel Cabot33 Mr & Mrs Robert E Stone39 Mr & Mrs Walter B NyeLAWRENCE ROADFrom Suffolk Road to Hammond Street14 Mr & Mrs William A Copeland32 Mr & Mrs Chandler Hovey42 The Misses Motley56 Mr & Mrs Alexander S Browne56 Alan Browne47 Mr & Mrs Dwight P RobinsonLEE ROAD24 Mr & Mrs Wallace S King 15 Mrs William R Clarke15 Mr & Mrs Franklin Whitney17 Mrs Joseph S Ludlam17 E Gordon Ludlam25 Mr & Mrs William A Spalding67 Mr & Mrs Winthrop B HammondMANET ROADFrom Hammond Street to Waban88 Mr & Mrs W C Kelley 79 Mr & Mrs Michael Curley85 Mr & Mrs Alexander Russell89 Miss M A Kelley93 Mr & Mrs W Kansler97 Mr & Mrs Eugene Daley

152 NEWTON BLUE BOOKMIDDLESEX CIRCLE2 Mr & Mrs Dana H Fisher2 Mrs John J Weston4 Dr & Mrs Arthur E Gale4 Mr & Mrs Alfred D K Shurtleff4 Mr & Mrs Alfred M S Butler6 Mrs Henry C Baldwin6 Miss A M Macqueen6 Mr & Mrs Leon H Cilley6 Miss Fannie M Hubbard3 Mr & Mrs Frederic A Fenger3 Mr & Mrs J H Schweinfurth3 Mrs Nellie F Threshie5 Mr & Mrs Charles H Fowle5 Miss Margaret Kiley5 Mr & Mrs Warren JE Col son7 Mr & Mrs C E Brier7 Mr & Mrs Edward B Germain7 Mr & Mrs William A BedfordMIDDLESEX ROADFrom Boylston Road to Middlesex96 Dr & Mrs Herman T Baldwin110 Mr & Mrs E B Swift120 Mr & Mrs A T Harris162 Mr & Mrs Miles Washburn Weeks91 Mr & Mrs George S Baldwin137 Mr & Mrs Brooks Faxon145 Mr & Mrs John P Meade157 Mr & Mrs Nathaniel W Niles175 Mr & Mrs Albert G Messerve414141516565(557381Mr & Mrs George Copp WarrenMiss Mary A WarrenMr Herbert WarrenMr & Mrs M Lewis CrosbyMr &MissMr AMr &Mr &AtMrs A H MunsellMargaret MunsellEctor MunsellMrs David 0 IvesMrs Harold Murdockhome Monday Sum res "Farview"Danbury, N HNORFOLK ROADFrom Middlesex Road to Boylston Street6 Mrs William E Butler14 Mr & Mrs Edgar C Rust30 Mr & Mrs Henry J Williams40 Mr & Mrs Arthur A L K Volkman52 Mr & Mrs George R Ulman15 Mr & Mrs Stephen S Bartlett47 Mrs Dana Estes63 Mr Donald B Kingsbury63 Mrs Anette R Kingsbury63 Mrs Chapin Daniels63 Miss Rose Kingsbury DanielsOLD ENGLAND ROADFrom Woodman Road17 Mr & Mrs Charles W Hubbard, JrOLD ORCHARD ROADFrom Hammond Street, near Beacon14 Mr & Mrs William Blodget26 Mr & Mrs Harry H Bemi340 Mr & Mrs Albert F Bemis116 Mr & Mrs George Hall Waterman25 Mr & Mrs Samuel Woodman37 Mr & Mrs Homer L Bigelow81 Dr & Mrs Edward C BrisksManagement of Estates HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.Established 1840NEWTON OFFICE, 255 WASHINGTON STREETTelephones: Newton North 2780-27S1


After January 1, 1917, the price of the One Cent Size will be A-CenthundredUntil January 1, you can buy as many as you want at One Cent Eachfor 25 or more; $1.00 per hundred.Order To-day.The price of the Artotypes is now 90 cents each; 10 for $8.50.AWARDED FOUR GOLD MEDALS.THIS IS ONE OF THE BOSTON EDITION OPeyip^piciares(ONE CENT SIZE.)THIS EDITION is on rough paper, 5^x8 inches, and in the beautifulsepia tone that resembles that of high cost photographs. Most ofthe Perry Pictures are in black and white and on smooth paper, but wenow publish a large number of subjects in this Boston Edition, and otherswill be added. (This name is given to them simply to distinguish themfrom the Regular Edition in black and white.)We send the BostonEdition in all subjects we are supplying in that Edition without extracharge, and the rest in the Regular Edition.PRICE: The price of the Perry Pictures isONE CENT EACHfor 25 or more. Postpaid. Assorted as desired,$1.00 PER HUNDRED: $10.00 PER THOUSAND.No orders for less than *25 of the One Cent Size.Half-Cent Size.3x3^ inches. One-half cent each for 50 or more. Assortedas desired. No orders for less than *5o of this size.Two-Cent Size. New York Edition. Size 7x9. All printed in Sepia. Twocents each for ^13 or more.Seven-Cent Size—Extra Size. 10 x 12 inches. In Sepia. Seven Cents eachfor 5 or more; 15 for $1.00. No orders for less than 5 of this size.Pictures in Colors. Birds, Animals, Minerals, Fruits, etc., portrayed in naturalcolors. Size 7x9. 648 subjects. Two cents each for *I3 or more.Large Pictures for Framing*Portraits $1.00.United States Carbons.Much larger than the Artotypes. Price, #1.50 each;10 for $13.50.Also Forest Trees, Elson Prints, Indian Portraits in Colors, the Perry ArtBooks.^Special — When the required number of any size is ordered, with them may beordered any number^ however small, of a smaller size picture, but not of alarger size.Catalogues. Send five two-cent stamps for our NEW CATALOGUE of 64 pages,containing 1600 miniature illustrations, a Half Cent picture, two One Centpictures, a New York Edition picture, and a Bird picture in natural colors.THE PERRY PICTURES COMPANYMALDEN, MASSACHUSETTSThe Perry Pictures have no printing on the back.

CIIESTXUT HILL 153RESERVOIRAVENUEFrom Beacon Street to Hammond Street00 "THE GRANGE"Mr and Mrs William Firth92 Mr & Mrs Harold K Estabrook1!) Mr & Mrs Edwin Bullard IdeSummer res Edgartown, Mass00 Mr & Mrs J Mott HallowellRESERVOIR ROAD185 Mr & Mrs Edward X VallandighanSPOONER ROADFrom 60«Circuit Road to Reservoir182434505664647284Mi-MrMrMrMrMr& Mrs& Mrs&&MrsMrsCharles BarneyFergus S TurnerHoward L RogersThomas R YoungSturgis CoffinMrs&Chester M SwensonThe Misses SwensonMr & Mrs George FrostMr & Mrs Charles W Lillie3 Mr & Mrs Frank Dexter Bennett35 Mr & Mrs Malcolm T Curtiss61 Mr •& Mrs George M Sherman81 Mr & Mrs H L Ewer91 Mr & Mrs Wm E Putnam, JrSUFFOLK ROADFrom Hammond to Chestnut Hill38 Mr & Mrs Barclay Tilton46 Mr & Mrs Louis Mortimer Pratt46 Mr Louis Mortimer Pratt Jr152 Mr & Mrs Clement S Houghton172737476595Mr & Mrs Walter H SeaveyMr Mrs James D Colt&Mr & Mrs Frederic M CrehoreMr & Mrs A Winsor WeldMr & Mrs Frank W HallowellMr & Mrs Alfred T Hartwell137 The Misses Burrage155 Mr & Mrs Arthur C Baldwin163 Mr & Mrs G Winthrop Brown207 Mr & Mrs John R Cousens111111121121131137Mr & Mrs Edwin S MartinMrs Susan W MartinMr & Mrs Frederick H DarlingMiss Frances C DarlingMr & Mrs James Willard WheelerMrs Charles H BurrageWABAN HILL ROAD*From Commonwealth Avenue, near Boston Line14 Mr & Mrs William C Collett70 Mrs Ella E Williams82 Mr & Mrs George D Strachan86 Mr & Mrs Fred S Carr110 Mr & Mrs George ,H Brown19 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Robinson43 Mr & Mrs Edward Crans49 Mr & Mrs Louis Meynell101 Mr John Wilson107 Mr & Mrs Lewis L JonesPEARMAINBROOKS, BROKERSMembers of Boston andNew York Stock Exchanges.S. B. PEARMAIN L. LORING BROOKS53 STATE ST., BOSTON

154 XEWTOX BLUE BOOKWABAN HILL ROAD (NORTH)68 Mr and Mrs B R Felton 77 Miss Edith D 'Beck93 Prof & Mrs Burt G Wilder97 Mr & Mrs Willett99 Mrs Julia M Rowe109 Mr ,& Mrs Robert L Williams111 Mr & Mrs Steward LawrenceWACHUSETT ROAD25 Mr & Mrs Cyrus T SchirmerWOODMAN ROADFrom Hammond Street to Suffolk Road23 Mr & Mrs George B PoolePEARMAINOKSBROKERSMembers of Bost>m andNew York Stock Exchange*S. B. PEARMAIN. L. LOR1NG BROOKS53 STATE ST.. BOSTON

XEWTOX BLUE BOOK 1 5 5ALPHABETICAL LISTNAME AND P. 0. ADDEESS OF PRINCIPALRESIDENTSARRANGEDALPHABETICALLY.Abbreviations—Au, Auburn dale; av, Avenue; C H, Chestnut Hill; NC, Newton Centre; N H, Newton Highlands; Nv, Newtonville; pi, place;W, Waban; W N, West Newton. After the name of the street the word"street" is omitted.Newton Has no abbreviation.AbbotAbbottAbbottAbbottNvAbbottAbbottAbbottAbbottAbbottAcliornAdamsAdamsAdamsAdamsC IIAdamsN CAdamsAdamsAdamsAdamsAdamsAdamsAdamsAdamsAdamsFlorence H Dr 419 Waverley avCurtis 11 Claflin pi NvGeorge W 156 Mt Vernon NvHarriett E Miss 38 Lowell avJoseph A 30 Carver rd N HLouis G 40 Westbouine rd N CM W Miss 36 Crescent av N CSamuel 36 Crescent av N CSarah E Mrs 38 Lowell av NvClara B Miss 60 Forest N HAlice S Miss 109 Lowell av Nvdiaries A 23 Bowers NvCharles R 464 Heath C HCharles W 41 Commonwealth avCharles Z 693 Commonwealth avDr 79 Adella av W NEnoch C 22 Lenox W NGeorge H 19 Fairfax W NGrace K Miss 191 Grove avHenry 108 Hunnewell avJennie H Miss 191 Grove AuJohn I 191 Grove avJohn P 191 Grove avJ E 01 I tighland av NvAdams Katherine Miss 22 Lenox W NAdams Manly U 77 Temple W NAdams Raleigh B 83 Forest N HAdams .Schuyler 22 Lenox W NAdams The Misses 77 Temple W NAdams Wm C 43 Clyde NvAdey Benjamin 175 Parker N CAdie Andrew 400 Heath, C HAdler Edward A 184 Pine Ridge rd WAgry George 47 ParkAirth James P 12 Barnes rdAitchison John Y Rev 53 LombardAlberte Carl 428 Wolcott avAlbree Fred W 216 Highland W NAlden John 40 Harvard NvAlden John T 74 Fairmont avAldrich Martha A Mrs 63 Nehoiden rdWAldrich Mary Miss 321 Lexington avAlexander Charles F 249 Crafts NvAlexander Edwin H 12 Windermere' rdAuAlexanderAlexanderAlexanderAlexanderF B 606 California NvLouis M 199 BellevueO I Miss 38 BenningtonWm A Mrs 199 BeilevueAllen Albert Kilo Beacon ^

156 NEWTON BLUE BOOKAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenAllenA VenAllenAUenAlfred E 14 Maple avArthur H 24 PembrokeA M Mrs 127 Langley rd N CCharles H 15 Otis pi NvChester S 25 Duffield rd AuClara Miss 17 Washington terDora A Miss 1828 WashingtonEdward P Rev 147 HancockElbert G 1093 Walnut N HFrank W 6 Hartford N HGeorge A 72 Wildwood av WGannett F 38 Aberdeen N HHorton S 25 Walnut pi NvNNvAuAuIda C Miss 49 Elmhurst rdIda May Mrs 51 Crescent av N CJames F 75 Prairie av AuJames W 17 Foster NvJoseph W 8 Devon ter N CJ Howe Mrs 924 Watertown W NJ M 561 California NvJ Walter 484 Watertown NvJ Weston 28 Lakewood rd N HLawrence 101 Aban rd WLester H. 52 Harrison N HAllen Lucy E Miss 35 Webster W NAllen Martha Miss 189 Sumner N CAllen Mary A B Mrs 17 Washington terNvNathaniel 187 Auburndale avR N 1761 Washington AuAmesAmesAmesAmesAmesAmesAndersonAndersonAndersonAndersonAndersonAndersonAndersonAndersonN CCharles B 300 Highland W XCharles H Mrs 300 Highland WHelen H Miss 300 High ami WHenry Mrs 230 Walnut NvLawrence C 300 Highland WSanford S 14 Ridge rd WXjNNCharles L 162 Mt Vernon NvFrank E 184 Gibbs N CFrederick L 169 Homer N CFrederick W 169 Homer N CGalusha Dr 14 Oxford rd XGeorge C 525 California NvRobert E The Ledges rd NAnderton John H 191 Newtonville avAndres Eugene C 61 Kirkstall rd NvAndrews Charles A 166 Moffat rd WAndrews David H 38 Lake av N CAndrews Edward A Dr 14 Institutionav N CAndrews Grace E Miss 166 Moffat rd WAndrewsAndrewsAndrewsav NWilliam C 17 Westbourne rdHerbert M 23 Sterling W NJoseph W Mrs 31 WesleyMartha J Mrs 14 InstitutionCAndrews Robert E 24 Plainfield WAndrews R R Dr 242 Waban av WAndrews Walter R 169 WashingtonAngell Irving 217 ChurchccAllen The Misses 56 Central av NvAngierGeorge 34 Ruthven rdAllen Thomas S 83 PembrokeAllen William H 99 Kirkstall rd NvAllen William H 637 CentreAllen William L 30 Kingsbary rd C HAllen W Lloyd 38 Rossmere NvAllen W Hermon 99 Kirkstall rd NvC Edward 18 Groveland AuElizabeth B Miss 320 ChestnutAlleyAlleyWAlley Ernest V 46 Berwick rd N CAlley John S 320 Chestnut W N -Allingham T J 967 Boylston N HAllison Albert B 179 Crafts NvAllison Joseph A 1150 Center N CAngier George M 25 Pine Ridge rd WAngier Ralph W 322 FranklinAnnable Harry W 178 Nehoiden rd WAnnex Seminary 161 Grove AuAnsley John D 11 Fern AuAnthony E L Miss 17 Fairview ter W NAnthonyAppletonAppletonApplet onMary S Miss 49 Elmhurst rdAnna N Mrs 143 Walnut NvA M Mrs 132 ChurchF Hollis 143 Walnut NvW Connell 380 Ward N CAppletonArend Frank S 15 Fair Oaks av NvArend Stanley B 8 Jenison NvArgersincrer R, E 181 Parker N CAlmy Charles E 77 Woodland rdAlmy Edward 18 Woodbine AuAlvord Alfred E 72 Dalton rd NAlvord Ralph F 49 Woodeliffe rd NAlvord Rebecca Miss 72 Dalton rdAmbrose David A 85 Ridge rd WAmbur>en Frederick 47 Clark XAuCHNCCArmatage Patrick 37 ChanningArmington Asa W 31 Parker N CArmington A Warren 31 Parker N CArmington Elizabeth Miss 31 Parker NCArmstrong A H Mrs 15 Bradford rd NH

VNEWTON BLUE BOOK 157Armstrong George E MrsC HArnoldArnoldArnoldA n i oldArnoldArcherArcher69 HammondBetty Miss 515 Walnut XvElla* W Mrs 24 Paul N CLouis W 152 Waban av WThe Misses 24 Paul N CWilliam B 515 Walnut NvEvelyn 274 Langley rd N CSusan Mrs 274 Langley rd N CArchibald A W Rev, D D 1181 Centre NCAsbell Tilley J 30 Willow N CAshenden Alfred 127 Oakleigh rdAshenden G T 65 Waldorf rd N HAshenden Richard E 387 Wolcott AuAspinwall William H 517 Hammond CHtkins Alexander R 321 TremontAtkins Arthur K 38 Bowers NvAtkins Astley 38 Bowers NvAtkinson J C 251 Crafts XvAt water George H 90 JewettA.water Georjje W 90 JewettAtwood Alice L Miss 41 Terrace av N HAtwood Arthur F Mrs 41 Terrace av NIIAtwoodAtwoodAtwoodAtwoodIrving M 102 Erie avJohn E 100G WalnutJoseph 93 Madison avQuincy A 645 CentreN HN HNvAubin J Harris 17 CopleyLiirelio Frank LeB 13 Edinboro pi XvAuryansen Albert D 27 Jenison NvAuryansen George W 43 Judkins NvAvery Annie P Airs 15 Sewall W NAveryAveryAveryAveryAveryAverjAyerAverAyerAyerAverCharles F 346 Crafts NvCharles H Mrs 346 Crafts NvElisha L 324 Crafts NvF Gladys Miss 346 Crafts NvGeorge L 17 Chester N HJohn 15 Sewall \V XA M Mrs 39 Pine Ridge rd WCordon W 2:5 Lakewoo l rd X HHarry L 140 Prince W NHenry P 23 Lakewood rd N HOlga G Miss 23 Lakewood rd XAyres Philip W 26 Annawan rd WBabbett Albert L 29 RchardsonBabcock Clinton L 11 Loring X CBacall Ella M Miss 3 Forest N HBadhrach Louis F 128 Highland WBackus E M Miss 30 Elgin X CHXBaconBaconBaconBaconBaconBaconBaconBaconBaconBaconAns'hii I !)7 Montviio rd N CHerbert M 10 Fair view[sabel C Miss 1"> Cenjpie W NJames M 109 Walnut XvJason T 230 Winchester N HJohn i\ 11 Beecheroft rdJosiah E 119 Prospect W NJ Henry 170 Oakleigh rdLewis H 627 Chestnut WLouie A 354 Waltham W NBacon M P Miss 45 Devon C HBacon William F 52 Hyde avBacon William H 95 Temple W NBadger Arthur C 167 Dudley rd NBadger Doris Miss 167 D-d ey rd NjBadger Frederick 18 Bemuth rd X HBadger Priscilla Miss 167 Dud-lev rd XBadger Richard G 102 Hunnewell avBail Henry W 1025 Walnut X HBailey Albert S 135 Langley rd X CBailey Charles J Surrey rdBailey Edward R 328 Cabot XvBailey Elizabeth Miss 9 Church rdBailey Emma C Miss 465 Auburn AuBailey Emma F Mrs 465 Auburn AuBailey Ervin G 1057 Wain, t X^ HBailey Henry T 9 Church rdBailey Horace A 79 Warren N CBailey James T 144 Webster W NBailey J L Mrs 25 ChurchBailey Lewis M 21 Webster W XBailey L H 204 Homer N CBailey The Misses Surrey rdBailey Theodore L 9 Church rdBaily Elizabeth Miss 976 Centre XBaily Henry 976 Centre N CBaird Frederick H 25 Elmore X CBakeman Frederick W 51 CypressBaker Alfred E Dr 122 Islington rdBaker Anne E Miss 602 CentreBaker Arthur G 6 Wiswall W NBaker A L Mrs 33 Orient av N CBaker David E Dr 227 WalnutBaker Daniel L 11 MarlboroBaker George B 76 Crafts rd CBaker John H 9 Chesley av XvBakerBakerBakerBakerBakerBakerTXvJohn W, Dr 666 CentreMary R Miss 602 CentreThe Misses 227 Walnut NvThomas E Mrs 35 Lasell AuWallace B 37 Gay NvWalter 23 Maple ter AuHcccCX cAu

15 I CXEWTON BLUE BOOKBaker William B 399 Waltham W NBaker Winthrop M 68 Brookside av NvBakli Helen W Miss 347 Central AuBalcom Charles A 16 FairviewBaldwin Arthur C 155 Suffolk rd C HBaldwinBaldwinBaldwinBaldwinBaldwinC HBaldwinBaldwinBaldwinBaldwinBaldwinBaldwinBaldwinEdward D 79 GrasmereFrank F 91 Hillside av W NGeorge S 91 Middlesex rd C HHenry C 6 Middlesex Circle C HHerman T Dr 96 Middlesex rdJames O T 96 Crafts rd C HJoseph H 134 Oakleigh rdM F Mrs 55 WashingtonM X Miss 91 Hillside av W NRobert 91 Hillside av W X ,Thomas D 377 Lexington AuVine D Mrs 44 Maple ABall A Lawrence 30 Dickerman rd N HBall Edward J 24 Mount-fort rd N HBall Elizabeth Mrs 120 ChurchBall The Misses 120 ChurchBallard Harlan H Jr 7 Mt Vernon terNvBalliett Louis J Mrs 133 Bigelow rd WNBamburgh William Cushing 117 Mt VernonNvBanchor Franklin 22 Austin NvBanchor John F Mrs 448 Newtonville avNvBancroftBancroftW NBancroftBancroftAmos 61 Erie av X HAmos Roberts 19 BurnhamrdFranklin 160 Oakleigh rdFrederick Bigelow 19 Burnhamrd W NBancroft Leslie Miss 19 Burnham rd WXBancroft Willis G 24 Loring N CBanfield F Eugene Jr 84 Hancock av N CBanfield F E Dr 19 Alden N CBanton Chester W 172 Carlton rd WBarber D Fletcher 131 Newtonville avHarber Frank 0 26 Maple avBarber George W 174 Newtonville avBarber Harlan P 424 Cherrv W NBarber Harold F 158 Newtonville avBarber H C 80(5 Watertown W XBarber John W 66 SummitBarber Melvin S 120 Otis XvBarbour Alfred L Mrs 22 Perkins W NBarbour Ethel S Miss 22 Perkins W NBarbour Mary S Miss 22 Perkins W NBarbour Walter F 22 Perkins W NBarker Charles R 174 Auburn AuBarkerBarkerNvBarkerBarkerBarkerBarkerBarkerBarkerBarkerBarkerBarkerBarkerEdgar S 40 Clvde NvElizabeth S Mrs 41 CentralEmma F Miss 144 BellevueGeorge W 31 Duncklee N HHarry L 19 Elm wood pk NvHelen D Miss 40 Clyde NvHiram E 76 Hyde avJames M 46 Rockled^e rd N HJessie H Miss 144 BellevueMaria Miss 370 Wolcott AuWalter H 62 Hyde avWentworth P 40 Clvde X T vBarkley W B 509 Ward N 'CBarlow Benjamin F Mrs 50 Parsons W XBarlow James M 19 Monntfort rd X HBarlow Rodney Q Mrs 46 Parsons W XBarnard Arthur W 125 Parker N CBarnard Charles Nathan 1100 BoylstonN HBarnard Samuel 30 Shaw W NBarnes Edward E 46 ParkBarnesBarnesBarnesBarnesHBarneyBarneyBarneyBarneyBarneyBarneyBarrettFrederick P 351 Otis W NGertrude B Mrs 27 Ash AuRoland H 3 Bowdoin N HSarah P Mrs 20 Boylston rd NCharles 18 Spooner rd C HCharles H 20 Breamore rdEdward S 53 Marshall N CGiles L 53 Marshall N CM anion 53 Marshall N CMartha S Mrs 53 Marshall XCharles A Mrs 39 Bowdoin NBarrett Constance Miss 199 Temple WCHNBarrett Florence Miss 199 Temple W NFrederick A 91 Washington pkBarrettNvBarrett James L 910 Watertown W NBarrett/WE Mrs 199 Temple W NBarringer Henry J 122 Lowell NvBarrows Frank A 222 ChurchBarrows W A 41 Elm rd NvBarry David 162 Lowell av NvBarry Edward H 530 Ward N CBarry John L Jr 530 Ward N CBarry Joseph P 22 Pelham N CBarry J W 190 Tremontav

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 159Barry Margaret L Miss 530 Ward N CBarry M John 29 Irving N CBartholomew William F 245 Highlandav W NBartlettBartlettNvBartlettBartlettBartlettBartlettAlden E 101 Madison av NvAdeline M Miss 10i Madison avAlvin G 72 Dalton rd N CCharles W 271 Mill NvDavid Mrs 32 Farlow rdErnest J 16 Knowles N CBartlett Henry 169 WashingtonBartlett Joseph W 41 Ridge rd WBartlett J Edgar 147 Crafts NvBartlett Marie Miss 101 Madison av NvBartlett P. Challis Dr 14 Aberdeen N HBartlett Ralph W 29 ArlingtonBartlett Stephen ® 15 Norfolk rd C HBarton Alice S Miss 127 Oakleigh rdBarton Clarence 51 Crafts rd C H *Barton Ernest 0 20 Vista av AuBarton Howard H 21 Orient av N CBarton James L Rev 21 Orient av N CBarton Maude G Miss 21 Orient av NCBarton Stanley F 37 Chesley rd N CBass Emma M Mrs 53 Central av NvBass Marion Miss 53 Central av AuBassett Abbot 105 Central av NvBassettBassettBassettBassettBassettNvBassettBatesBatesBatesBatesBatesBatesEdith I Miss 173 Morton N CF C 74 Prescott NvHorace S 173 Morton N CH D Mrs 264 CentreMarion D Miss 105 CentralavMary Miss 264 CentreDavid 40 Hartford N HGeorge A Dr 305 Central AuMildred F Miss 24 Webster W NMiriam F Miss 40 Hartford N HM Etta Miss 20 SargentWilliam L 74 Putnam W NHatson Arthur D 858 Watertown W NBatstone William 1113 Washington W NBatt Charles R 42 WashingtonBatterman Virginia Miss 172 Carlton rdWBattey Harry F 10 Blackstone terBauer George H 457 WashingtonBaukart George N 4 Fair Oaks av NvBaxter Carlton W 143 Hobart rd N CBaxter S L 808 Watertown W XBaxter Stacy 377 Lexington AuBaxter Thomas F 28 Bristol rd W NBeairsta James E 34 Warwick rd W NBeal Albert J 11 Devon rd N CBeal Harry Rev 58 Auburn W XBeal Kenneth 32 Fern AuBeal Wallace X 13 Floral pi X HBeale Stephen S 171 Langley rd N CBean Frederick J 255 Homer N CBean John Mrs 230 Melrose AuBeane Charles E 1027 Centre X HBeasom Charles B 106 Shornecliffe rdBeatey A T 113 Grant av N CBeatty Joseph J 203 Lowell av NvBeatty Joseph R 203 Lowell av NvBeck Edith D Miss 77 Waban Hill rdNorth C HBeck James M 18 Duncklee N HBeck Mabel A Miss 18 Duncklee N HBecker Alfred D 30 Oroveland AuBecker Christian F 52 Washington PkNvBecker Alfred D 30 Groveland AuBecker Edward 186 Waban av WBeckett Walter W 107 Hobart rd N CBedford William A 7 Middlesex Circle CHBeebe William 886 Watertown W XBeekman John V Jr 21 Monadnock rdN CBeers Albert M 1000 Walnut N HBeissner Emma Mrs 154 Langley rd NCBelcherBelcherBelcherBelcherAnnie M Mrs 20 Norwood av N CDonald 112 Harvard NvEugene C 536 Walnut NvLouis 112 Harvard NvBelcher Wallace E 216 PleasantBelknap Lewis B 52 Hillside W NBell Alfred W 57 Erie av X HBell Alfred W Jr 57 Erie av X HBell Dorothy Miss 57 Erie avBell Edward H. 11 Russell ct XvBell James S 30 Foster NvBell Louis Dr 32 Sylvan av W XBell William E 57 Erie av X H-Bell William G Mis 49 Shaw W NX CBellows Harold A 448 Woodward WBemis Albert F 40 Old Orchard rd C HBemis Harry H 26 Old Orchard rd C HBemis William P 35 Pleasant N CXHi

160 NEWTON BLUE BOOKBene Fred 52 Berwick rd N CBenchlev Edwin A 41 Aberdeen N HBenner Frank T 35 Trowbridge av NvBennett Alexander 34 Lincoln pk W NBennett Charles H 921 Beacon N CBennett Frank D 3 Spooner rd C HBennett F B 80 Prescott NvBennett Harrison A 27 Cross W NBennett Horace A 333 Otis W NBennett James D 80 Prescott NvBenson Charles E 9 Somerset rd W NBenson Elof 983 Boylston N HBentley Francis W 190 TremontBentley Frederick W 32 Pelham N CBentley Lucy Mrs 120 Eliot av W NBerg C W 2202 Commonwealth av AuBergerson John Dr 885 Beacon N CBerkeley James P 82 Oxford rd N CBernard N P 1055 Washington W NBerry Arthur L Mrs 230 Walnut NvBerry Charles L Mrs 157 Webster W NtBerry Clarence T 51 Parsons W NBessey Earle E Dr 1090 Beacon WBest Thomas W 99 Bowdon N HBest William H 109 Prince W NBevan Charles E 83 Page rd NvBianchi John 56 Warren N 0Bicknell Eliot 84 Erie av N HBicknell Wm J 84 Erie av N HBigelow Alanson 394 Hammond C HBigelow Homer L 37 Old Orchard rd CHBill Edward H 61 Westbourm rd N CBillings Albert E 39 Eddy W NBillings Charles E Mrs 285 FranklinBillings Charles O 285 FranklinBillings Harold D 35 Walnut NvBillings J D Mrs 200 Walnut NvBillings S K 198 Walnut Nvl> inford Arthur E 35 Rowe'AuBingham H E Miss 12 Valentine W NBingham Norman W 125 Prince W NBinney Lewis E 174 Walnut NvBirch Joseph G 16 Austin NvBird Charles L 25 Pleasant N CBird Everett E 5 Chester N PIBirdsall Wm E 118 Newtonville avBirmingham James 38 Newbury N CBischoff R P 52 XonantumBiscoe A G Mrs 278 Lake av N HBisc-oe Howard M 278 Lake av N HBishop Ellis 15 40 The Ledges rd N CBishop George W 489 Walnut NvBishop Jane Miss 221 Woodland rd AuBishop John H 156 Morton X CBishop Rchard 38 Morseland a\X CBissell Allan H 52 Ripley X CBixby Bertram C 144 Gibbs X CBjorson Theodore O 76 Harvard NvBlack James S 48 Fair Oaks av NvBlack Peter Rev 440 Newtonville av XvBladder W H'l28 Eliot av W XBlackwell Francis H 1744 WashingtonAuBlair Charles !S 789 Watertown W NBlair Flora A Mrs 1019 Washington NvBlair F C 23 Davis W NBlair Wesley W 34 Otis NvBlaisdell James L 40 Fountain W NBlaisdell J Wm 129 ArlingtonBlaisdell M J 67 Bourne ABlake Isabel S Miss 454 Walnut NvBlake Percy M 454 Walnut NvBlake Preble W 259 Lake av X HBlakemore Arthur W 139 ParkBlanchard Adolphus J Mrs 206 SumnerN CBlanchard Arthur A 72 Crescent av NBlanchard Carlton S 38 Kenwood avCBlanchardBlanchardHBlanchard M M Mrs 14 Clyde NvBlandy Gray 56 EldredgeBlaney Charles C 82 Windsor rd WBlaney E A Miss 169 WashingtonBliss Alfred L 9 Moreland av N CBliss Anna E 213 Lincoln N HBliss Henry W 190 Chestnut Hill rd CHBlodgett Edward E 174 Temple W NBlodgett Frederick S 79 Hillside av WNBlodgett William 14 Old Orchard rd C HBlood Charles W 31 Woodbine AuBlood Herbert F 20 Orient av N ClUood Stanley L. 17 Hillside rd X HBlood William H Mrs 31 Woodbine AuBloomfield H S 90 Fair Oaks av XvBlunt Albert C Jr 18 Sterling W XBoatt herald A. 152 Harvard XvBoerner Richard A 430 CentreCNFred M 14 Clyde NvH G Mrs 15 Bradford rd N

NEWTON BLUE BOOK1G1Bogert John D 083 Commonwealth avN CBolster Stanley M 29 Exeter W NBombard Fannie M Miss 58 Tarleton rdN CBombard James H 58 Tarleton rd NT CBond Annie M Miss 291 Otis W NBond Charles Wood 112 Gibbs N CBondBondBondBondBondBondDaniel W Mrs 112 Gibbs N CE L Mrs 14 Institution av NFred D 24 Oxford rd N CGeorge H 291 Otis W N"George W 64 Webster W NLawrence 13 Elm W NBond The Misses 13 Elm W NBonner Robert 4 Glenmore terBonney Daniel M 578 CentreBonney James H 578 CentreBoos William F Dr 26 Windsor rdBooth Thomas B 133 Gibbs N CBoothby H W 299 CentreMorton Clement A 1458 Bea "on WMossom Edward P 9 The Ledges rdN HWN CFlora M Miss 9 The Ledges rdl/ossomN CMossom Ruth Miss 9 The Ledges rd N CRostockMostwiekrd AuBosworthBosworthJ T Mrs 201 Sumner N CC Beverly Mrs 16 IslingtonA C Mrs 11 ElmoreA W 327 TremontN CBosworth Edwin A 860 Watertown W NBosworth Noah F 12 Cross W NBourdon D B O 12 WillardBourne Austin G 45 Mossfield rd WBourne E B 105 Sumner N CBourne George H 12 Woodbine AuBourne Lilla Mrs 483 Auburn AuBourne Philip B 45 Mossfield rd WBoutell W Herbert 33 Berkeley W NBoutelle C A Dr 535 Ward N CBouve E Channing 46 Plymouth rd NHBova Leo E 9 Maple ter AuBovey Henry B 64 Hancock av N CBoveyBo wenBow enBowenBowenBowenBowenMary P Mrs 64 Hancock av N CBenjamin J 13 Hillside ter W NEarl W 69 Lincoln N HFrances Mrs 494 Watertown NvHarold V 95 Erie av N HRobert S 36 Parsons W NVincent M 69 Lincoln N HCBowen William E 11 Chester N HBowen William S 35 Warwick rd W NBowers Berenece Miss 74 Windsor rd WBowers John T 74 Windsor rd WBowers Levi P 56 PembrokeBowers Mary L Mrs 706 Beacon N CBowes Frederick A 21 Woodward N HBowes F A 19 Cross W NBowes Louis M 37 Beechcroft rdBowman Harold M 938 Center N CBoyd Charles M 130 WashingtonBoyd Hiram J 20 Albion N CBoyd Leonard 61 Allerton rd N HBoyden Edward A 61 Clark N CBoyden Ernest N 52 Page rd NvBoyden Wallace C 64 Oakwood rd XvBover Rchard P 77 Wildwood av•Brace DeW NBrackettBrackettBrackettBradburyNvW NWitt B Mrs 303 Highland avE Raymond 75 Park avWillard G 57 BellevueWm R 65 BellevueEmily F Miss 21 Kimball terBradbury N L Mrs 430 CentreBradford Cecelia J Miss 169 WashingtonBradford Harry B 1083 Walnut N HBradford Harry P 155 Lake av N CBradford John W Mrs 169 WashingtonBradlee Arthur T 314 Hammond C HBradley C W Dr 6 Billings pkBradley Theodore J 37 Allerton rd N LIBradley Thomas 115 Webster W NBrady Cecil N Dr 18 Putnam W NBrady Thomas A 18 Gay NvBraffith James 839 Beacon N CBragdon Elizabeth E Mrs 292 Lake avN HBragg Mabel C Miss 80 Madison av XvBraithwaite Ernest 366 Central AuBraman Caroline R Miss 30 IvanhoeBraman Charles E 16 Hunter W NBrant J F Rev 11 Oakwood rd NvBray Frederick C W 27 Waver] ey avBray Robert C 91 Institution av N CBray William C 91 Institution av N CBray ton Arthur L 16 Cypress N CBrayton Wendell H 1643 Bea-on WBrazer G Herbert 36 Oxford rd N CBreck Charles Henry 16 Fairmont avBreck Joseph F 1589 Beacon WBreed Wm H 952 Beacon N C

16: NEWTON BLUE BOOKBreed William M 952 Beacon N CBreeden George 75 Walker NvBreeden Lewis 75 Walker NvBreitzke Elizabeth L Mrs 228 Langley rdN CBrennan Stewart E 1039 Walnut N HBrett Charles M 18 Marshall N CBrett James E 34 Groveland AuBrewer A Farley 128 Institution av NCBrewer Ruth Miss 128 Institution av NCBrewer Samuel F 17 Tarleton rd N CBrewer William C 145 Gibbs N CBrewer William H Mrs 128 Institutionav N CBrewster George 16 Hancock av N CBrewster Leonard E Dr 16 Hancock avN CBrewster Marion W Mrs 191 Auburndaleav AuBridges Samuel W 36 Fairmont avBridghamNvBridgmanBridgmanAuRobert C 416 Newtonville avAlice G Miss 865 Beacon N CFlorence N Miss 90 HancockBridgman George H, Dr 865 Beacon N CBridgman Raymond L 90 Hancock AuBrier C E 7 Middlesex Circle C HBriggs Charles C 567 Watertown NvBriggs Edith B Miss 25 Berwick rd NCEdward C Dr 81 Old Orchard rdBriggsCHBriggs Frank H 193 Newtonville avBriggs Frederick B 41 Commonwealth avC HBrBrBrBrBrBrBrBrBrBrBrBrGeorge Mrs 18 Bennington.- r ° George F 6 Baldwinggs John 118 Parker N Cggs Joseph M 322 Washingtongg* Joseph W 25 Berwick rd N Cggs Oliver L 1858 Washington Augg* Raymond E 567 Watertown Nvggs William C 269 Bellevuegham Dwight S 32 Loring N Cgham Ernest W 38 Ballard N Cgham J W 494 Watertown Nvgham Lincoln Forbes 22 Dunster rdC HBiiiiha in Sylvia Miss 494 Watertown NvBrimbleeom John C 25 Breamore rdBrink Blanche Miss 38 Vista av AuBrine Edward D G7 Page rd NvBrison Murdock L 907 Watertown W NBroad Bessie I Miss, 156 Sunnier NBrock George H Mrs 228 Langley rd NBrodrick Alfred H 56 Bowdoin N HBrooke Thomas R 6 VernonBrooke Barton E 83 Madison av NvBrooks Ellen A Miss 61 Brooks av NvBrooks Freeman C 61 Brook av NvBrooks J H Mrs 1828 Washington AuBrooks Phyllis Miss 15 Laurell N CBrooks Walter C 15 Laurel N CBrooks Walter C Mrs 15 Laurel N CBrooks Walter M 238 Central AuBrophy George P 14 Rowe AuBrothers E Mrs 941 Washington NvBrownBrownBrownBrownBrownBrownAlbion C 25 Highland av NvAlbion II 9 Saxon ter N HArthur A 61 Chester N HArthur F 81 Islington rd AuArthur H 89 Ridge rci WArthur I 25 Highland av NvBrown Benjamin K 413 Wolcott AuBrown Carleton W 75 Berkeley W NBrown Charles A 405 Wolcott AuBrown Charles C 1471 Centre N HBrown Charles J 113 WashingtonBrown Charles J 1471 Center N HBrown Clara A Mrs 13 Shaw W NBrown Clara E Mrs 20 Clyde NvBrown Dale E Dr 447 CentreBrown David R 497 Ward N CBrown Edgar A 78 Langley rd N CBrown Edwin P 14 WashingtonBrown Evelyn P Mrs 23 HollisBrown Franklin P 44 Hartford N HBrown Fred I 39 Clark N CBrown Frederick W 75 Berkeley W NBrown F M 104 Highland av Nv»George G 40 Groveland AutoBrownBrownBrownBrownBrownBrownBrownBrownBrownBrownBrownCGeorgeGeorgeGeorge(GeorgeGeorgeH 215 Mill NvH 110 Waban Hill rd(H Mrs 12 BaldwinN 6 SumnerW 14 Washington450 CentreGilbertGodwin M Dr 75 Lowell av NvG Winthrop 163 Suffolk rd C HHenry A 693 Beacon N CJames 386 Commonwealth av NCCC 11

XEWTOX BLUE BOOK 163BrownBrownBrownBrownJosephJos i ahMorrisNelsonN 126 Eliot av W NH Dr 13 Shaw W NH 43 Walnut NvH Mrs 490 Walnut NvBrown Philip L 25 Woodward X HBrown Richard H 75 Berkeley W NBrown Ridhardson 40 throve and AnBrown Robert A 25 Highland av NvBrown R \V P 400 Walnut NvBrown Samuel J 580 Walnut NvBrown Sidney P 50 Shaw W NBrown Walter E 271 Waban av WBrown William E 133 Lowell av NvBrown William H 73 Islington rd AuBrown William Paul 184 Windsor rd WBrown Wilmont M 11 Dickerman rd NHBrowne Alan 56 Lawrence rd C HBrowne Alexander S 56 Lawrence rd CHBruce Robert E 249 Crafts NvBruner Mylert 206 Waverley avBryant A Sidney 21 Washington terNvBryant Charles A Mrs 189 BellevueBryant Harry E 22 Prescott NvBryantBryantBrvantJoseph A 221 Highland av NvMary Mrs 258 Melrose AuNathaniel H Mrs 70 Walker NvBuck B Benjamin 44 Ridge av N CBuckingham Elizabeth G Mrs 15 DunckleeN HBucklin H A Miss 77 Otis NvBucknan Albert 1GG Lincoln N HBuell Dai Miss 10 Chase N CBuerk Estella Miss 24 BelmontBuerk Joseph H 24 BelmontBuffum George 430 CentreBuffum William Mansfield 1545 BeaconWBull Arthur S 47 Stearns N CBullard Clara M Miss 86 Temple W NBullard C G Miss 228 Pleasant N CBullard George P 86 Temple W NBullen George Mrs 25 Ripley ter X CBullivant Stewart L 230 Mt Vernon WNBullivant William M 230 Mt Vernon WNBullock Stanton D 15 Blackstone terBundy William 167 Lake av N CBunker Annie E Miss 176 Grove AuBunker Harriet L Mrs 176 Grove AuBunker Horace McC 176 Grove AuBunker Louisa Mrs 1 Bradford ct X CBuntin Richard W 60 Temple W NBurbank Alice H Miss 48 Glenwood avBurbank Alonzo N 50 Park avBurbank Charles O 48 Glenwood av N CBurbank Harriet G Miss 50 Park avBurbank Henry Z 17 Perkins W NBurbank Jessie L Miss 48 Glenwood avN CBurbeck Edward 686 CentreBurbeck William G 98 Grant av N CBurdett Elizabeth M Miss 21 Gray Cliffrd N CBurdett Ellen M Miss 21 Gray Cliff rdX OBurdett George A 21 Gray Cliff rd N CBurdett Sylvia S Miss 21 Gray Cliff rdX T CBurdick Frank A 344 Lake av N HBurditt Fred M 891 Beacon N CBurgess Frederick T 23 Eden av W NBurgess Clara A Miss 11 Kimball terNvBurgess Charles A Mrs 11 Kimball terNvBurgess Harrison G 28 Regent W NBurgess Robert 90 Sumner N CBurgess The Misses 90 Sumner X CBurghardt J H 1046 Centre N CBurke Edmund J 26 Dunster rd C HBurke Joseph E 497 Chestnut WBurke Thomas 73 Clark X CBurkhardt Edgar 62 Marshall N CBurkhardt I S Mrs 62 Marshall X^ CBurks M F Miss 25 Hancock AuBurnett Archie C 153 Waban av WBurnett Daniel B 37 Perkins W NBurnett George H 25 Hawthorne av AuBurnham Addison C 15 Bracebridge rdN CBurnhamBurnhamHBurnhamBurnhamBurnhamArthur W 712 Chestnut WCharles A 74 Allerton rd NCharles D 16 Maple pk NFred T 20 Maple pk X CF Parker 20 Maple pk X TBurnham William J 16 Maple pk NBurns A J Mrs 56 ArlingtonBurns Helen G Miss oQ ArlingtonBurns Hugh 42 Chesley rd N CC4cc

164 NEWTON BLUE BOOKBurns John T 65 JeffersonBurns John T Jr 167 Lowell av NvBurns Katharine A Miss 50 ArlingtonB rrns Thomas 938 Washington NvBurr Allston 206 Chestnut' Hill rd C HA W Mrs 311 Auburn AuBurrBurrBurrBurrBurrBurrBurrBurrBurrageBurrageNBarrageC HBurrageBurrageCharles C Mrs 983 Centre N CD George 160 Grove AuEverett Mrs 66 Ashton avIsaac T Mrs 142 ParkL W Miss 42 Hancock AuWm M 11 Birch Hill rd NvW H Mrs 25 Chase N CAlice Miss 38 Prince WX CNCaroline S Miss 72 Highland WCharles H Mrs 137 Suffolk rdEdward C 72 Highland W NFrancis J 12 Fairfax W NBurrage George D 70 Circuit rd C HBurrage George D 192 Austin NvBurrage Herbert E 38 Prince W NBurrage The Misses 70 Circuit rdBurrage The Misses 137 Suffolk rdBurrill Charles 3 Davis av W NBur rill Ella M Miss 3 Davis av WBurrison Henry K 26 Lincoln pk W NBurrows Frederick W 93 EldredgeBurt Charles M 200 Kent rd WBurt John H Mrs 15 Oak ter N HBurton Alfred E Prof 32 Webster ct NCBurton J M 32 Canterberry rd X HBurton Katherine Miss 621 CentreBurton Smith P 621 CentreBush Caroline E Miss 16 Williston rdAuBush Henry S 214 Beacon C HBushee George A 72 Fisher av X HBushnell Carrie A Mrs 219 Commonwealthav C HBuswell Charles H 292 FranklinButler Alfred M S 4 Middlesex CircleC HButler Charles R 1870 Commonwealthav AuB -tier E F 49 Kenwood av X CButler I reorge II 295 TremontButler Joseph 15 Austin NvButler Julia M Mrs 15 Dale NvButler Merrill P 1 Bradford ct N CCCNHHButler Philip H 84 Sumner N CButler The Misses 15 Dale NvButler Wm E Mrs 6 Norfolk rd C HButterfield Charles B 329 HammondH'Butterfield H L Mrs 131 Eliot av W XButterfield The Misses 131 Eliot av WButters Edaar A 629 CentreButtersButtersButtersGeorge S Rev 304 Central AuGeorge W Mrs 50 Pelha a XMarion Miss 304 Central AuButterworth Rita A Mrs 15 Chase X CButtrick C Oscar 1756 Beacon WButts Frederick H 120 Sumner N CBuxbaum Isidore 281 Ward X CByers John R 154 Lowell NvByers John W 154 Lowell av NvByers Joseph 154 Lowell av NvBvers Joseph 2nd 154 Lowell NvBvfield Abraham 128 GrasmereByfiekl George D Mrs 15 EldredgeByfield Phillips 128 GrasmereByfiekl Phillips 103 Oharlesbank rdByington Louisa J Mrs 300 FranklinBvrne Martin 2i Pelham N CCabot Charles D 510 Watertown NvCabot Harry D 561 Watertown NvCabot Samuel 25 Kingsbury rd C HCady Allen D 37 Clyde NvCady Edwin T 49 Hillside rdCalder Hamlin W 27 AustinCaldwell E L 14 Oxford rdX CCaldwell John P 269 Auburndale avCalkin Charles E 20 Churchill NvCalkins Grosvenor 49 Farlow rdCalkins Walcott Rev 22 BellevueCall George L 51 Plvmouth rd X HCallaghan D J 25 Ridge av X CCallaway -H Ross 367 Waltham W XCallev Preston J 230 Walnut NvCallowhill Sidney T 997 Beacon N CCamp H M Mrs 934 Beacon N CCampbell E T 61 Churchill NvCampbellCampbellM E Mrs 8 Eden av WS A 90 Waban pkW M Mrs 87 HammondCampbellCannon James S 25 ChanningCant William 382 Woleott AuN HNvCapen Marjorie H Miss 243 Pa rkCapen William H Mrs 243 ParkCapon Robert B 22 Walnut pi NvCapron J F 50 Elmore N CNC HCXr

NEWTON' BLUE BOOK 165Capstick William 33 Aspen av AuCarbone Gene L Mrs 38 Hyde X HCardell Lester B 321 Waban av WCarey John F Mrs 32 Washington pk XvCarey P F 32 Crafts rd C HCarey Maria Miss 32 Crafts rd C IICarley A R 51 JeffersonCarley Columbus G 48 Adella av W NCarley J Cheever 27 Eliot av W XCarlisle F H Mrs 51 Oakwood rd NvCarlson Harry J Bishop's Gate rd N CCarlton William S 1G Chestnut ter X CCarney L J 430 CentreCarpenter Eugene 187 ParkCarpenter Fanny B Miss 243 WalthamW NCarpenter Josephine C Miss 243 WalthamW XCarpenter The Misses 187 ParkCarpenter Vernon E 243 Waltham W. NCarr Frank F 8 Mt Vernon ter NvCarr Fred

166i>XEWTOX BLUE BOOKChaplin Frank J 3 Putnam W NChapman Francis H 592 Boylston N CChapman J W 75 Prescott NvChapman Robert Jr 275 Waltham WChappie William H 93 Hillside rd NChase Edna F Mrs 34 Temple W NChaseChaseChaseChaseChaseNvChaseChaseChaseChaseChaseEthel W Miss 16 Prescott NvFrank W 31 Judkins NvGertrude Miss 16 Prescott NvHerbert M 59 Lakewood rd NHerbertNHHM Mrs 524 WatertownJohn A 138 Harvard NvJosiah B Mrs 52 Hillside av W NKathrina Miss 64 Sumner N CMarcellus W 80 Austin NvStephen F Dr 16 Prescott NvChase Wrn F 34 Temple W NChase William F 74 Harvard NvChase William T Mrs Sr 64 Sumner N CChase Wm T 64 Sumner N CChellis Olin F 6 Harvard NvCheney Charles F 406 Walnut NvCheyney W A Mrs 43 Highland av NvCherrington F W Mrs 281 Waban avWCherry C E 39 Adella av W NChesley Harry G 31 Auburn W NChester Dwight Mrs 7 Parker N CChidsey Marion Miss 13 Berkeley WChidsey Robert G 13 Berkeley W NChild Arthur A 1066 Walnut N HChildsChildsChildsChilds( hildsChildsAugustus H 1203 Centre N CCarolyn H Miss 48 RichardsonEdwin 0 Mrs 48 RichardsonFrank A 215 Windsor rd WMary C Miss 48 RchardsonWilliam R 1203 Centre N CChipman Curtis 62 Chester N HChipman Marcellus B 457 WashingtonChirurg James T 27 Orient av N C(hiring Michael Dr 27 Orient av N CChisholm A E Miss 231 Mill NvChisholm Harriet A Miss 33 HarrisonN HChurch A W 59 Judkins Nv( liurch Burr A 182 Langley rd N CChurch Elliott B 30 BenningtonChurch Elliott S 8 Aidmore ter W NChurch Willard C 356 Waltham W NChurch W Lee 10 Chase N CCilley Leon H 6 Middlesex Circle C HNClaflin Adams D 156 Grant av N CClaflin C Alfred 44 Hunnewell avClaflin Wm Walker 156 Grant av N CClap Edmund W Dr 80 Pine Ridge rdWClapp Antoinette W Miss 503 WalnutNvClappClappClappClappClappClappClift R 49 Temple W NGeorge A Mrs 503 Walnut NvHoward R 49 Temple W NJohn S 503 Walnut NvJoseph E 21 Lasell AuThe Misses 49 Temple W NClark Alice L Mrs 48 Pelham N CClark Atherton 231 Waverley avClarkClarkClarkClarkClarkAugustus 0 205 Crafts NvAugustus T 47 Hancock av NCharles A 24 Harrison N HCharles H 45 NonantumCharles H 320 Lake av N HClark Charlotte A Mrs 36 Regent W NClark David F 61 Pelham N CClark Emery W 38 Allerton rd N HClark Ezra E 150 Otis NvClark E Heath Dr 1175 Centre N CClark F K 195 Austin NvClark Frank R Dr 221 Walnut NvClark H R Mrs 269 ParkClark James E 80 ClaremontClark J Lomax 80 ClaremontClark L E Mrs 32 Willow N CClark Mildred Miss 80 ClaremontClark Norman B 215 Crafts NvClark Or en F 31 Central av NvClark Phillip M 351 Crafts NvClark Richard U Jr 11 Barnes rdClark Robert Eliot 73 Erie av N HClark Robert Means 82 Homer N CClarke Charles A 33 WashingtonClarke C Peter 75 Pleasant N CClarke C William 260 Lake av N HClarke Fred H 81 Crescent av N C|Clarke Walter I 373 Lexington AuClarke William R Mrs 15 Lee rd C HClay Melvin 22 Washington ter NvClay Thomas C 22 Washington ter NvCleaves Helen E Miss 129 Moffat rd WClegg Delia E Mrs 192 Himnewell avClement Sumner 210 Langley rd N CClifford A .H 018 CentreClifford Charles B 17 Irving N CC

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 167Clifford Harry E Prof 942 Beacon N CClifford Sidney J 7 Westbourne rd N CCloues Paul 24 Ripley N CCloues Wm J Rev 24 Ripley N C(louse M A 715 Watertown W NCloyes Hairy G 89 Windsor rd WCoady Patrick F Dr 491 Waltham W NCoan William T 34 Erie av N HCobb Andrew B 785 CentreCobb Charles H 32 Kimball ter NvCobb Charles K 40 Dunster rd C HCobb Henry E Mrs 126 BellevueCobb Kathleen Miss 785 CentreCobb Margaret E Miss 785 CentreCobb Mary B Miss 37 Elgin N CCobb Morton E 170 Lake av N CCobb The Misses 126 BellevueCobb Wilfred 66 MarlboroCobb William H Rev 37 Elgin N CCobb W T Mrs 244 Prince W NCobleigh Rolfe 21 Oak ter N HCoburn Clara J Miss 99 WashingtonCoburn David J 40 Algonquin rd C HCoburn Ralph F 8 Irwin rd WCodman Benjamin H Dr 1743 Beacon WCody Richard A 1596 Centre N HCoe'A B Miss 17 Warren av W NCoe Ellen Miss 17 Warren av W NCoe Richard 413 Hammond C HCoffin Arthur H 15 Dufneld rd AuCoffin C L Miss 246 BellevueCoffin David N B 30 Pelham N CCoffin Howard B 246 BellevueCoffin Lewis E 144 Bellevue.Coffin Lillian P Miss 30 Pelham N CCoffin Mary L Miss 246 BellevueCoffin Milfon T 26 Parker N CCoffin Sturgis 56 Spooner rd C HCoffin The Misses 115 Newtonville avCogswell Edward R (57 Chester N HCogswell Waller C 32 Paul X CColburn Edwin W 877 Beacon N CColburn Harriet Miss 877 Beacon N CColburn Miriam .Miss 270 Lowell av NvColburn Sidney S 270 Lowell av NvColburn The Misses 1335 Centre N CColbv Clarence C 31 Fallow rdColby Herbert Warren 54 Hyde N HColby Joseph L 855 Centre N CCole Albert L 164 Auburn AuCole Alfred W 35 Otis NvCole Alonzo A 15 Woodcliff rd X HCole Charles A 1838 Washington AuCole Frederick W 123 Floral X HCole F A 55 Broo'kside av NvCole George E 1015 Washington XvCole Herbert M 20 Somerset rd W NCole Howard E 164 Auburn AuCole J Albert 30 Langley rd X CCole John C 52 ElmwoodCole Mary H Mrs 15 Vista av AuCole Richard B 20 Somerset W NCole Sumner B 15 Woodcliff rd X HCole William M 17 Woodward X HCole W W 15 Vista av AuColegrove Warren S 81 Madison av XvColeman Joseph E 365 Cherry W XColeman Maurice B 365 Cherry W XColes worthy George I 26 Page rd XvColesworthy Helen X Miss 26 Page rdNvCollagan Walter G 87 Webster pk W NCollens Charles 200 Dudley rd X CCollett William C. 14 Waban Hill rd CHCollier Josephine Miss 3 Central av XvCollins B R T 29 Oxford rd N CCollins Henry 223 ChurchCollins L T 78 Madison av XvCollins Roy V 69 Highland av XvCollins William P 44 Carver rd X HCollyer George H 187 Moffat rd WColson Warren H 5 Middlesex Circle C HColt James D 27 Suffolk rd C HColton Edward S Jr Mrs 1054 Walnut NHColwell L M 5 Cross W NComer Charles E 144 Pine Ridge rd WCommons Mary F Miss 445 Newtonvilleav NvCommonwealth Country Club 91 Algonquinrd C LIConant A S 17 Central av NvConant Charles E 140 Mt Vernon NvConant Clara L Miss 17 Central av NvConant Edward D 172 WashingtonConant Everett W 158 Moffat rd WCondit E L Mrs 337 Central AuCondit John W 241 Austin W NCondit Park X 97 Morton N CCondit The Misses 241 Austin W NCone Clavton B 17 Omar ter XvCone Jud'd W Mrs 16 Linder terCongdon Joseph 281 Waban av W

168 NEWTON" BLUE BOOKConn Chauncey B 54 Maple AnConnolly Margaret Miss 19 Davis W NConnor Allen V 544 Ward N CConnor C C 29 Wiasliington pk NvConroy R B 1149 Washington W NConverse Bertha Miss 85 Erie av N HConverse Edmund W 703 CentreConverse Elislia E 156 Highland W NConverse Frank B 172 ParkConverse Frank L 172 ParkConverse Howard Pendleton 150 Woodlandrd AuConverseW NMargaret Miss 156 HighlandConverse Mary P Mrs 156 Highland WCopeland William 14 Lawrence rd C HCoppins George T 567 CentreCoppins Raymond G 567 CentreCoram Chester D 21 Clark N CCordeiro F J B 109 Warren N CCordingley Harriet Miss 1083 BoylstonCordingley Jessie L Miss 1083 BovlstonIC HCordingley Mary F Miss 1083 BoylstonC HCordingley William R 1083 BovlstonC HCordingly Joseph S 119 Parker N CCordinglv Joseph S Jr 119 Parker N CCorey Edwin H 33 Floral N HConverse Parker 156 Highland W NConwav Earle E 48 Windsor rd WCook Charles H 1772 Beacon WCoreyCoreyCoreyEdwin H Jr 33 Floral N HHarold Dwight Farlow rdHerbert M 67 Brookside av NvCookCookCookCookCookCookCookCookCookCookeCookeCookeCookeCharles S Jr 70 Valentine W NFred L Mrs 90 Elm W NGertrude T Mrs 53 Oxford rd N CHarry I 19 Saxon rd N HHerbert H 43 Churchill NvH Herbert 46 Parsons W NJohn W 63 Sumner N COrlo E 872 Watertown W NWm P Dr 63 Sumner N CClara B Miss 67 Prescott NvGeorge P Mrs 67 Prescott NvHarry A 43 Parker N CMildred S Miss 9 Billings pkCooley Levi 34 Prescott NvCooley Morgan L 1104 Centre N CCooley Richard Master 34 Prescott NvCoombs C Foster 22 Kirkstall rd NvCoombsCoombsCoombsCooneyN C.Leon T 160 Walnut NvLeonard S 160 Walnut NvWalter H 9 Simpson ter NvWilliam J Mrs 20 Braeland avCoonley Howard 50 Dunster rd C HCooper Benjamin 74 Bowen N CCooper Thomas Jr 15 Cross W NCooper William 114 Eliot av W NCope Nellie F Mrs 50 Putnam W NCopeland Charles 53 Gray Cliff rd N 0Copeland Frank M 43 Bowers NvCopeland Henry E 240 Mt Vernon W NCopeland Ira 22 Erie av N HCopeland The Misses 53 Gray CliffN CrdCorey William Kirk 1830 Commonwealthav AuCorken Charles H Dr 94 Parker N CCorken The Misses 94 Parker N CCornell C W Mrs 693 Commonwealthlav N CCornell Ward 693 Commonwealth av N CCornish Donald 58 PrescottCornishCornishCornishCornishNvGladys N Miss 58 Prescott NvJohn J 105 Washington pk NvJ E 58 Prescott NvMary B Mrs 14 Loring N CCorrigan Arthur W 930 Watertown W NCorson Walter A 63 Elm rd NvCoss George M 71 Oxford rd N CCoss Hazel A Miss 71 Oxford rd N CCostello Francis J Dr 54 Adella av W NCotev George A 14 Oak ter N HCotter Patrick C 418 Chestnut WCotting C Burton 151 Oakleioh rdCotton Charles A 20 Dexter rd NvCottonCottonCottonCottonFred S 83 Court NvLeonard M ilfi Dickerman rd N HPersis A Mrs 346 Cabot NvThe Misses 346 Cabot NvThomas W 346 Cabot NvCottonCoulson William 132 Central AnCoulter John R 26 Bowen N CCourante Sarah F Miss 55 Prescott *NvCousens Horace S 680 Beacon N CCousens John 207 Suffolk rd C HCourvoisier U S Mrs 26 Orient av N CCovel Nathan E 215 Highland av Nv

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 169Coveney William T 31 Fisher av N HCox D A 10 Dickerman rd N HCox Edward J 64 Brooks av NvCox Muriel L Miss 37 Endicott rd N HCoxeter John J Dr 364 Cabot NvCoxeter John S Dr 364 Cabot NvCoxeter Mary Miss 364 Cabot NvCozens Bessie B Miss 38 Woodward NHCozens William J 38 Woodward N HCrafts Gardner H 550 Beacon N CCrafts Henrv W 34 River W NCragin Henry QB Mrs 138 Parker N CCrain Florence L Miss 336 Cabot NvGrain Gladys L Miss 336 Cabot Nv(rain Murie! F Miss 336 Cabot NvCrain Shepherd M 336 Cabot NvCram Albeit B 396 Ward N CCram Edwin H 79 Lowell av NvCram Frank T 98 Crofton rd WCram John W L 97 Lowell av NvCram Robert J 287 Waban av WCrampton George W 63 Grafton N CCrandell Edward H 31 Elm W NCrandell The Misses 31 Elm W NCrandon D G 44 Hancock av N CCrandon F Elizabeth Miss 44 Hancockav N CCrandon J H Mrs 27 Washington pkNvCrane C S Mrs 63 Harvard NvCranitch John J 22 Broadway NvCranitch Robert F 22 Broadway NvCrans Edward 43 Waban Hill rd C HCrary Calvert 21 Foster NvCrary Ruth Miss 21 Foster NvCrary William E 129 Woodward N HCrawe Edwin P 12 Dexter rd NvCrawford Everett W 18 CopleyCraw fold Fred L 53 ElmwoodCrawford Sarah M Dr 194 Ward N 0Cray John C 11 Park Lane N CCrehore Frederic M 37 Suffolk rd C HCrimmins T A 19 Dartmouth W NCrocker Carlton H 21 Newtonville avCrocker Nathan Mrs 25 Fairfax W NCrocker Samuel S 15 ElmwoodCrocker Walton Lee 203 Lake av N HCrombie Alberta J Miss 69 ColumbusN HCronan John F 305 CommonwealthC HavCronin Daniel F 29 Brewster rd N HCrook Douglas 49 Shaw W NCrooker Harry W 240 Highland W NCrosby Ella M Mrs 125 Warren N CCrosby M Lewis 51 Middlesex rd C HCrosby R G 279 Commonwealth av C HCrosby William E 40 Lenox W NCross Emerlous B 490 Walnut NvCross Wilhelmina Mrs 40 Hampshire WCross Willard H 137 Hunnewell avCrossman Alfred H 97 Lake av N CCrossman Alice K Mrs 97 Lake av N CCrossman Mortimer B 97 Lake av N CCrowell Henry W 1013 Walnut N HCry an Joseph P 12 Madison av NvCudworth Myron L 896 Boylston N HCummings Albion 51 Hancock AuCummings Alvah C Dr 437 CentreCummings Damon E 131 Avalon rd WCummings David Porter 31 Elmore N CCummngs E Lindsey 15 Washington pk'NvCummings Frank B 11 Breamore rdCummings Henry H 69 Columbus N HCunningham Charles A 129 JewettCunningham Charles E 158 NewtonvilleavCunningham E J Miss 336 CentreCunningham Robert W 267 Upland rd NvCunningham Samuel 3 Glenmore ter N HCurley Michael 79 Manet rd C HCurrie Nelson 524 California NvCurrier Arthur L 48 Harrison N HCurrier Charles E 159 Hunnewell avCurrier G T 3 FairviewCurrier Herbert E 43 Oakwood rd NvCurrier James F 50 Harvard NvCurry Arthur M 74 Circuit av N HCurry Francis H 10 Alden N CCurry Silas R Mrs 10 Alden N CCurtis Adam Mrs Wessex rd N CCurtis Alonzo P 384 Newtonville av NvCurtis Clarence 61 Washburn av AuCurtis Edward D 399 Hammond C HCurtis Francis G Dr 399 Hammond C HCurtis Francis Shaw 399 Hammond C HCurtis Fred H Wessex rd N CCurtis George W 39!) Hammond C HCurtis Hazel Miss 195 Morton N CCurtis Lewis 1120 Walnut N HCurtis Mary F Miss 195 Morton N C

170 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCurtis M D Mrs 460 CentreCurtis Thomas P 347 Lake av XCurtiss Henry P 594 CentreCurtiss Malcolm T 35 Spooner rdCushing F H 34 Prospect pk NvHC HCushman Frank V 3 Warren av W NCushman Herbert E Prof 79 Putnam WNCarl G 24 Central av NvCutlerCutlerCutlerCutlerCutlerCutlerCutlerCutlerCutlerCutlerCutlerCutlerCutterrd WCharles H Rev 173 MoffatEdward A 38 Knowles N CEdward H 13 Linder terFrederic F Hobart rd X CHenry 13 Linder terJohn 83 Walker XvNewell L 109 Parker N CN P 44 MontroseSally A Miss 44 MontroseThe Misses 13 Linder terWalter H 11 Maple avCharles H 161 Islington rd AuCutter Frank F 131 Prince W NCutter Frederic R 287 Chestnut W NCutter Helen Miss 39 Central ter AuCutter William 0 39 Central ter AuDaboll Jeaniiette G Miss So Walker XvDaboll John 65 Walker NvDaiger Charles V 115 GrassmereDanforth Charles 163 Cypress N CDanforth Josephine Miss 75 Austin NvDanforth William Mrs 19 Alden X CDaniels Chapin Mrs 63 Xorfolk rd C HDaniels Fred H 54 Oakv/ood rd XvDaniels Henry C 197 WashingtonDaniels John" A 36 Parker X CDaniels Rose Kingsbury Miss 63 Xorfolkrd C HDarling Charles P 73 Grove AuDarling Charles R 51 Everett >s CDarling Frances C Miss 121 Suffolk rdoHDarling Frederick H 121 Suffolk rd C HDarling George L 70 PembrokeDarling James A 27 Dimcklee X HDarling Muriel Mis> 20 Parsons W XDarling Samuel P Mrs 20 Parsons W XDarling Wm H 165 Oaklei°h rdDarrell Willis E 15 Trowbridge X CDavenport Charles A Dr 25 ParkDavenport Harriett Mrs 48 Devon C HDavenport J Henry Mrs 45 Devon C HDavenport Mary P Miss 45 Devon C HDavenport W X 15 Clark X CDavidson Charles W 19 Preseott XvDavidson Edgar E Rev 25 Preseott XvDavidson Frank F 59 Woodland rd AuDavidson R L 775 Commonwealth av XDaigneau Albert J 286 Waverley avDakin Francis J 57 Oakwood rd XvDale H S Mrs 257 Otis W XDavidsonAuThe Misses 59 WoodlandrdDales Clarence 0 35 BenningtonDaley Anna T Miss 64 Bowen N CDaley Daniel F 64 Bowen N CDaley Edwin iW 138 Central AuDaley Eugene 97 Manet rd C HDallachie M B 595 Bovlston N CDaly B Dr 262 Beacon C HDame Elizabeth G Mrs 304 Lowell avNvGeorge H 34 Stearns N CDamonDamonDamonDamonDamonDamonDanaDanaDanaDanaDaneHarry E 177 FranklinJonathanJoseph NSallie PS FosterFrancis WL 29 Putnam W N98 WashingtonMiss 98 Washington98 Washington19 Church488 CentreThe MissesThomas Mrs 488 CentreWilliam F Judge 488 CentreWalter A 138 Lincoln N HDavis Abbie F Miss 242 ParkDavis Amelia Miss 25 River W XDavis Arthur W 10 Shaw W XDavis Charles P 114 Lowell av XvDavis C Estelle Miss 10 Ripley ter X^ CDavis Edward W 25 Kirkstall rd XvDavis Edwin R 33 Mossfield rd WDavis Ethel G Miss 524 Watertown XvDavis E Lester Mrs 224 Lincoln X" HDavis Frances O Mrs 53 Lake av X CDavis Francis W 47 Windsor rd WDavis Frank 10 [Ripley ter X CDavisDavisDavisFrank M 17 Pleasant X CFred H 38 Braeland av X CGeorge D 185 Temple W X^Genevieve Miss 150 Pleasant X CDavisDavis Harcourt W 795 Chestnut WDavis Henry M 286 Highland av W XDavis Justine A Miss 795 Chestnut WDavis J Walter Mrs 26 Fern Au

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 171Davis Lawrence H Mrs 795 Chestnut WDavis Lucian N C8 Parsons W NDavis Philip T 35 Bradford rd N HDavis Phillip T 120 Eliot av

172 NEWTON BLUE BOOKDonnelly William H 91 Otis NvDonovan Thomas C 85 Auburn W NDonovan Winfred. N Prof 45 Paul N CDooley Harry J 42 Oakwood rd XvDorney Catherine V Miss 25 Bowers NvDorney Lillian B Miss 25 Bowers NvDorney Sarah A Miss 25 Bowers NvDorr Frank W 249 Lake av N HDorr Lester M 20 Dickerman rd N HDorr Marion H Miss 249 Lake av N HDort Wilson C Dr 425 Newtonville av NvDoubleday Carroll 131 SargentDougherty (Harold T 32 Maple avDouglas John 55 Chester N HDouglas Robert 378 Walnut NvDouglass Ethel Miss 49 Bowdoin N HDouglass Mabel F A Mrs 49 Bowdoin NHDouglass M C Miss 49 Bowdoin N HDow Carl S 37 Clieswick rd AuDow Charles F 67 Walnut NvDow Clifford W 50 Columbus N HDow Ernest F 28 Cross W NDow Jennie Miss 358 Waltham W NDow Willard W 85 Pine Ridge rd WDowd A Dudley 30 Berwick rd N CDowd Stanley B 55 Adella av W NDowd William H 371 Waltham W NDowley Levi B 59 Hancock av N CDowley The Misses 59 Hancock av N CDowney John J 44 Washington pk NvDowse Dorothy P Miss 218 Temple W NDowse W B H 218 Temple W NDoyle Alexander J 82 Linwood av NvDoyle James R 12 Floral N HDrake A J Mrs 24 BenningtonDrake Louis Stoughton 24 BenningtonDraper H S Dr 50 Beacon C HDraper J R Mrs 71 Woodland rd AuDraper Wm B 160 Lincoln N HDresser Eleanor Miss Fenwick rd WDresser George E 32 Eden W NDrew Charles A 18 BaldwinDrew Ernest F 324 Central AuDrew Herbert W 95 Dedham N HDrew Pitt 27 Grove Hill av NvDriseoll Frederick J 557 California NvDrisko Fred H 77 GrasmereDrost G A Mrs 223 Central AuDrost Laura Miss 223 Central AuDrowne Edward A 190 Walnut NvDrowne Edwin S 32 Lakewood rd N FIDrowne Ethel L Miss 51 Endicott rd X HDrowne George R Mrs 51 Endicott rd N HDrowne Mary L Miss 190 Walnut XvDrowne Wilfred S 51 Endicott rd N HDrury Herbert L 24 Xewtonville avDrury II Clifford 35 Highland av XvDrury Miriam Miss 24 Xewtonville avDrury W H Mrs 24 Xewtonville avDuane David J B 20 Churchill XvDucayet Kirby S 100 Linwood av XvDuclos Agnes A Mi— 251 '.rant av X CDuclos Louis O 251 Grant av X CDudleyDudlevDudlevJ Edward 68 Parker X~ CM E 80 Langley rd X CWm X 2D Park 1 pi XvDuff John W 301 Albemarle rd XvDuffey Catherine A Mrs 16 MarlboroDuffev Mary A Miss 16 MarlboroDuffield Wilmerton M 1150 Walnut X HDukehart Miss 273 Otis W XDumas The Misses 210 Upland rd XvDummer Carlotta R Miss 1798 WashingtonAuDummer Edward 179S Washington AuDunbar Blanch L Miss 04 Hills le W XDuncan Carolyn L Miss 34 Foster NvDuncan H E 34 Foster XvDuncan Katharine F Miss 34 Foster XvDuncan Payson W 229 BellevueDunham Charles T 17 Prince W NDunham E S Mrs 17 Prince W XDunham Horace C 200 Windsor rd WDunham Joseph M 34 Prospect pk XvDunleavy J F 84 Central av XvDunmore Arthur C 12 Balcarres rd W NDunne George C Mrs 159 WashingtonDunnels Lucy Mi— 31 Austin XvDunton H A Miss 34 Chestnut ter X CDunton J Frank 30 Williston rd AuDurbin Alfred 90 Floral X HDurell Albert B 29 Brae Burn rd AuDurgin Clifton K 45 ArlingtonDurgin Lilla K Mrs 45 ArlingtonDurkee Wm C 47 Paul X CDutch Dana M 245 Waban av WDutton George D 61 Hancock AuDutton Horace 61 Hancock AuDutton Martha S Miss 61 Hancock AuDutton Julia M Dr 350 Otis W NDwinnell Clifton H 67 Berkeley W XDwinnell George S 142 Hunnewell av

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 173Dwinnell Mary J Miss 142 IluniiewellavDwinnell Xellie E Miss 142 HunnewellavDyar Charles W Mrs 123 Cypress N Cl)vcr Mary E Mrs 47 Churchill XvDyer Mildred C Miss 21 Shaw W NDver S W 21 Shaw W NDyer Wyman 35 Oak ter X HDyson James W 28 Sumner N CEddEddvKddyEddyEddyC HHarrison P 65 Grav Cliff rd X CH W 604 Walnut NvJohn H 542 Walnut XvJoseph T 49 Fairfax W XMary Baker Estate 384 BeacouEddy M Eleanor Miss 73 SargentEddy Ruth W Miss 400 Cherry W XEddy Will C 48 Woodbine AuEddy William J 130 Warren X CEageiAnna E Mrs 180 FranklinEdgarton S M Miss 116 ChurchEager George R Mrs 49 Seminary av AuEager John P 292 Otis W NEager Mabel T Miss 49 Seminary av AuEager S W 28 Putnam W NEagles Howard A 120 Clark N CFrank Mrs 98 Lake av X CFrederick L 89 Madison av XvGeorge A 103 Madison av NvGrace Miss 38 Devon C 11EdmandsEdmandsEdmandsEdmandsEdmands Horace Mrs 159 SargentEames Edgar 27 HchardsonEamesEamesKarnesGeorge E 03 Highland av NvHerbert E 41 RichardsonH B 11 Westbourne rd N CEdmands Isaac P T Mrs 38 DevonEdmands J Wiley 50 Pelham X CEdmands Marion Miss 38 Devon CEdmands M Grant 16 Devon C HC IIIIEarl Theodore 288 Waban av WEarle Daniel 0 115 Windsor rd WEarle Henrv C 51 Westbourne rd N CEarle Wm T 20 Maple avEarley C P 28 Eliot av W NEarly D Frederick 19 Forest N HEarnest Adelia Mrs 439 WashingtonE-asterbrook Frederick R 413 HammondC HEastman Luther G Dr 60 Grove AuEastman Morrison W 60 Grove AuEaton Austin H 246 Central AuEaton Charles W 156 Sumner N CEatonHarry B 175 Pine Ridge rd WHester Miss 206 Sumner X CEatonEaton M L Mrs 30 Oak ter N HEaton Samuel L Dr 340 Lake av N HEaton Willard H 340 Lake av N HEaves Dorothy Miss 10 Lowell av XvEaves William H 10 Lowell av XvEddy Beatrice F Miss 542 Walnut XvEddy Benjamin F 78 Prospect W XEddy Bertha Miss 400 Cherry W XEddy Caleb F Mrs 400 Cherry W XEddy Clifford R SO Putnam W XEddy Clinton L 4 Winthrop W XEddy D Brewer Rev 82 Kirkstall rd NvEddy Elizabeth Miss 400 Cherry W NK

174 XEWTOX BLUE BOOKEllis Lillian E Miss 130 Sumner N CEllis Lucy J Miss 166 Sumner N CEllis M Abbie Miss 166 Sumner N CEllis Parmenas E 38 Willow N CEllison Carlton L 109 iSargentEllison Eben H 42 VernonEllison Eben H Jr 42 VernonEllison William 15 VernonEllison Wm P Mrs 15 VernonElls Warren F 283 TremontElmer Charles W 452 Woodward WElmore Samuel D 196 Windsor id WElms Edward E 25 Hunnewell avElms J C Mrs 88 ArlingtonElwell John H Jr 33 Brews; er id X HEly August K 03 Cedar N CEl'v C C Mrs 44 Circuit rd C HEly Homer A 93 Cedar X CEly Homer K 41 Gar Nv1-dv 3 A Fritz 44 Harvard NvEmerson Cliiiord C 334 FranklinEmerson E F Miss 56 RichardsonEmerson Frederick W 1 BowdoinEmerson F A Mrs 70 Elm W XEmerson Howard 54 Montvale rd N CEmerson Xatt W 78 Hull NvEmerson RVC Mrs 56 RichardsonEmerson Thomas Mrs 60 Brookside avXvEmerson William Hobart 31 HoveyEmery Alfred F 1149 WalnutEmerv A F Mrs 16 Kendall terEmery Alice F Miss 16 Kendall terEmery E K Miss 13 IvanhoeEmery Georgia H Miss 70 WaverleyN HavEmery Ralph C 109 FranklinEmery •S E 63 Broadway NvEmery S T 168 Warren' N CEmery Wm B 13 IvanhoeEmmes Louis E 93 Homer X CEmmett James R 227 Lincoln N HEmmons Arthur W 707 Commonwealthav N CEmmons C S Mrs 21 BenningtonEnegess M John 942 Wiatertown W NEnglish A I 1359 Centre N CEnglish Everett W 14 Kenmore N CEnglish John M 1 Bradford et N CEnman Albert G 741 Beacon N CEnsign Charles S 48 Billings pkEnsign Charles S Jr 293 FranklinErrickson Jane Mrs 346 Crafts XvEstabrook Edward L 18 Sewall W NEstabrook Franklin 277 Central AnEstabrook Harold K 92 Reservoir av C HEstabrook John W 32 Sewall W NEstabrook Louise Miss 25-31 Highlanda v N vEstabrook Merrick G Jr 10 HampshireW NEstabrook Robert J 610 CentreEstabrook Rufus 2S3 Central AnEstabrook Sarah E Miss 271 Central AnEstabrook T A 25-31 Highland av NvEstelle Ephraim M 77 Oak ter N HEsten E J Mrs 39 WesleyEstes A S N 12 Cheslev av NvEstes Dana Mrs 47 Norfolk rd C HEstes Gertrude C Miss 524 WatentownNvEstes Josephine E Miss 524 WatertownXvEustis Grant B 145 WashingtonEustis John P 145 WashingtonEustis Warner 145 WashingtonEvan sEvansEvansArthur 1451 Beacon WCharles A 11 Plymouth rd N HGeorge B 153 Windsor rd WEvans George F Mrs 1288 Centre X CEvans Josephine T Mrs 35 Pleasant X CEvans Percy J 50 Bowers NvEvans P A 80 Central av NvEverett Charles Mrs 42 Parker X CEverett Jennie H Mrs 41 Commonwealthav C IIEverett J E 1538 Beacon WEverett R B Mrs 57 Parker X CEverett The Misses 27 Parker X CEverts Albert P 170 Warren X CEverts Grace M Miss 24 Knowles X CEwer H L 81 Spooner rd C IIEwing George C 41 Oxford rd X CEwing J A Dr 66 MarlboroEwing Wm Rev 324 Ward X CFahertv John 1G70 Centre X H•Fairbanks Almon J 21 Carver rd X IIFairbanks J W Mrs 20 Cloelia ter NvFairbanks Phoebe Mi>> 1,1 Austin XvFairbrother Henrv L 40 GreenwoodavFairchild Lester S 30 Erie av X HFairchild Adelaide W Mrs 350 Cabot XvFairfield Harrison H 359 Cabot XvFales A L 45 Westbourne rd N CFales Dean Abner 145 Highland W N

XKWTON BLUE BOOK 175Fales Herbert EmersonW NFarley Arthur C 251 Central AnFarley Arthur F 251 Central AuFarley Charles J 251 Central AuFarley Emily Miss 251 CentralFarley Philip H 312 Lake av N145 HighlandAuHFarnan Daniel J 23 Diekerman rd N HFarnham Charles S 68 Allerton rd N HFarnham David S Mrs 117 Lake av N CFarnham Frank A 05 Crafts rd C HFarnham Hairy P 347 Waban av WIrving T Mrs 19 Warwick rdFarnhamW NFarnsworth Albert 148 Harvard NvFarnsworth Pay D 50 Carver rd N HFarquhar James S 524 California NvFarquhar Samuel 28 SargentFarrell Bernard D 1358 Washington WNFarrington Agnes Miss 9 Warren ter N CFarrington Beatrice Miss 48 Ballard N CFarrington George E 53 Vista av AuFawcett Deborah Dr 430 CentreFawcett Frederick J 30 Hyde avFarwell Helen M Miss 20 Ripley ter N CHarwell (Lawrence 20 Ripley ter N CFarwell Parris T 20 Ripley ter N CFaust .Marguerite Miss 110 Algonquinrd C H"Faust Oliver C 110 Algonquin rd C HFaxon Brooks 137 Middlesex rd C HFaxon Edward H 220 Langley rd N CFay E E 34 Beacon C HFay James P 255 Commonwealth avC IIFearing Alfred G 22 HollisFearing Edwin T 186 ParkFearing Win I 186 ParkFearnside William H 170 Moffat rd WFeindell Zachariah 37 Boylston rd N HFeirley D 15 Trowbridge X CI •'. I lows Orra H 4 ArlingtonFellows Otis D 142 Homer N CFelton Arthur P 233 Highland av W NFelton Burton R Waban Hill rd C HFelton Frederic Luther 203 Chestnut WNFelton Herbert L 86 Prince W NFensrer Frederic A 3 Middlesex Circle CillFenno James W 319 Cabot NvFenno John A 318 Walnut NvFerguson Charles J 91 ArlingtonFerguson Donald A. 40 Pelhani N CFerguson John C 91 ArlingtonFergusonFernaldFernaldFernaldFernaldFerrinFerrinFerrisFerrisFerrisFerryThe MissesAdelbert DrEdward E. 32Fred A 529George H 1491 Arlington63 Elmhurst rdNewell rd AuWard N CArdmore ter W XFrank M 35 Hunnewell avWm F 10 Walker NvAlexander M Col 87 WashingtonCyrus Y 47 Oxford rd N CWilliam M 89 Hunnewell avW R 309 BellevueFerson Charles A 82 Floral N HFessenden Caroline L 100 Essex rdFessenden Charles H Dr 34 PelhamFessenden Harriett L ;100 Essex rdFessenden Howard P 34 Pelham NFessenden (Sewell H 100 Essex rd CFewkes Arthur H 78 Floral N HFewkes Arthur H 1585 Centre N HFewkes Charles W 66 Foster N HFewkesFewkesFewkesFewkesFieldCFieldFieldFieldEdith E Miss 66 Forest NErnest E 120 Hyde N HFlora F Miss 78" Floral NHenry J Mrs 66 Forest NGeorge A Mrs 3d MontvaleH C 562 California NvJohn W 547 Ward N CWalter Mrs 24 Loring N CFife Alexander 163 Cypress N CFirth William Reservoir av C HFisher Austin W 49 Rowe AuC HN CC HCHHHHrd NFisher Charles R 15 Webster W NFi slier Dana H 2 Middlesex Circle C ffFisher E J Mrs 11 Birch Hill rd NvFisher Emerv B 54 Austin NvFisher Ernest W 263 Lake av N FIFisher Grace M Miss 100 Chestnut W NFisher Gurdon R 263 Lake av N HFisher Henry D 338 Lake av N HFisher Herbert E 8 Jenison NvFisher Irving J Dr 79 Chestnut W NFisher Jessie M Miss 217 ChurchFisher John W 211 ChurchFisher Oliver M 2G0 FranklinFisher Willis R 8 Pilgrim rd WFiske Abbie I Miss 28 Foster NvFiske George A 111Aspen av Au/

17 6 NEWTON BLUE BOOKFiske George M 438 Wolcott AuFiske J Parker B 111 Aspen av AuFitch Addie B Miss 125 Parker N CFitch Conover 321 Hammond C HFitch Dorothy B Miss 148 Sumner N CFitch Jessie F Miss 15 Furber lane N CFitch Louis H 148 Sumner N CFitts Charles N 210 BellevueFitts Harry W 79 PembrokeFitz Charles N 112 Homer N CFitzgerald Charles A 160 Chestnut W NFitzpatrick John E 81 Central AuFitzpatrick John J 47 Williston rd AuFitzpatrick Robert W 153 Walnut NvFlagg J C Mrs 28 Pleasant N CFlanagan Edward 71 Walnut pkFlanagan Gertrude Miss 71 Walnut pkFlanagan Joseph F 71 Walnut pkFlanagan Joseph F Jr 71 Walnut pkFlanders Alvin R 5 Warren ter N CFlanders Alvin R Mrs 5 Warren ter N CFlanders Charlotte A Miss 5 Warren terN CFlanders William M 12 Lake ter N CFlebbe George H 550 Chestnut WFleming Carrie B Miss 1482 WashingtonW NFleming Samuel N 69 Hillside av W NFletcher Frank B 264 Upland rd NvFletcher John R 210 Melrose AuFletcher Loren F 30 Plymouth rd N HFleu Ethel Miss 45 Elm W NFleu Theodore A Mrs 45 Elm W NFlinn Chess W 4 FairviewFlinn Thomas W Mrs 4 FairviewFlint George A Mrs 55 ArlingtonFlood George P *88 JewettFlood John 405 WashingtonFlye Christopher I 70 Hull NvFlynn Helen C Miss 74)1 Beacon N CFogg Charles E 52 Bourne AuFogg Fannie W Miss 79' Woodward N HFoley Mary A Mrs 45 Elmore N CFolger Elizabeth Mrs 16 Elmore N CFollett Austin W 107 ParkFollett William Dana 25 Ballard N CFollett Wm J 107 ParkFolsom L B 36 Plainfield WFolsom Wm G 136 Webster W NFolsom Wm H 136 Webster W NForbes Bertha Miss 27 Ripley ter N CForbes George M 278 Waverley avForbes Gustavus Mrs. 27 Ripley ter X CForbes Hiram W 14(i Harvard NvForbush Frank M 70 Sumner N CForbush Robert L 70 Sumner X CForbush The Misses 195 ChurchForbush Walter R 195 ChurchFord A J Mrs 36 Saxon rd X HFord Charles M 14 ChurchFord Charles W 18 HoveyFord Edwin 37 Devon C HFord Eugene A 25 Sewall W NFord Nevil 37 Devon C HForistall John J 208 Auburn AuForistail John R 2027 Commonwealth avAuForsvth Ernest E 28 ParkForte Nepthali 133 Webster W XFoskett Carrie A Miss 109 Lowell av NvFoss Clarence S 32 Brae Burn rd AuFoss Frederick A 338 Central AuFoss The Misses 19 Fairmont avFoss Wallace H 19 Fairmount avFoster Amasa W B 22 Brae Burn rd AuFoster Florence A Miss 42 Berwick rdN CFoster Florence E Mrs 1058 Walnut NHFoster John P 42 Berwick N CFoster Joseph 286 Highland W NFoster Joseph L 147 Lake av N CFoster Paul P 37 Fisher av N HFoster Walter 286 Highland W NFoster Warren D 407 Central AuFoster William 286 Highland W X TFoster William A 107 Woodward N HFoucar A H 95 Commonwealth av C HFowle Albert M 33 Norwood av N CFowle Charles H 5 Middlesex Circle CHFowle Edwin M Mrs 33 Norwood avN CFowle J L Miss 33 Norwood av N CFowle Mabel R Mrs 2 Bradford ct X CFowle Raymond L 1735 Beacon WFowle William B Mrs 62 Ash AuFowler Charles A 861 Commonwealth avNCFowler Charles J Rev 33 Fountain W NFox A B 32 Maple avFox Charles O 473 Auburn AuFox Eugene E 224 Melrose AuFox R L 76 Prairie av Au

NEWTON BLUE BOOK i;7Foyer Richard F 15S Clark X CFrail Charles P 27 Warwick rd W NFrancese G M Miss 10 Ripley ter N CFrancis C Mrs 49 PembrokeFrancis Ellen M Mrs 92 Oxford rd N CFrancis John J 66 Austin NvFrancis Sidney J 990 Centre N CFrancis William J 35 Studio rd AuFranklin James Rev 454 Wolcott AuFranz Paul 21 Standish N HFrary Charles S 96 Webster W XFrazer Horace S 471 Fleath C HFredericks Benjamin W 8 Park avFrederick Howard C 372 Waltham W NFredy Charles F 146 JewettFreeman Caroline L Miss 25S Mt VernonW NFreeman Ethel H Miss 258 Mt VernonW NFreeman F Breakey 66 Highland av NvFreeman Harriet M 258 Mt Vernon W NFreeman Harry 0 30 ArlingtonFreeman Leverett H 541 Ward N CFreeman Nelson 377 Lexington AuFreeman Russell Mrs 32 Newtonville avFreethy Wm J 203 Sumner N CFrench Charles 54 Otis NvFrench C W 7 Westbourne rd N CFrench Frederick Edgar 375 Newtonvilleav NvFrench George E 15 Harrison N HFrench Haywood S 211 Crafts NvFrench Henry C 97 Forest av W NFrench Irving J 1002 Beacon N CFrench James W 55 WashingtonFrench Ralph E 74 Eddy W NFrench Samuel W 37 Walnut pi NvFreshel Curt P 74 Commonwealth av C HFried Anton R Dr 324 Walnut NvFriend Arthur P 85 Prince W NFrink E B 52 Channing rd N CFrisbie Charles H Mrs 206 Sumner N CFrost Arthur H 73 Chestnut W NFrost Clifford H 97 Hillside av W NFrost Edward J 379 Central AuFrost Eleanor R Miss 170 Chestnut W NFrost Frank 52 Erie av N HFrost George 72 Spooner rd C HFrost George A 170 Chestnut W NFrost George D 106 Pleasant N CFrost George G 106 Pleasant N CFrost Hattie Miss 52 Clyde XvFrost Henry L 73 Chestnut W XFrost Irving F 52 Erie av N HFrost John E 52 Clyde NvFrost Mildred N Miss 106 Pleasant X CFrost Sarah A Miss 140 Pleasant X CFrost William 140 Pleasant N CFrost W I Lothrop NvFroude J C 16 Ash AuFrye Edward H 37 Duffield rd AuFuller Alfred W 14 Newtonville avFuller Archibald S 61 Collins rd WFuller A S 107 Central av NvFuller Elizabeth S Miss 14 NewtonvilleavFuller Francis E 335 Lexington AuFuller Frederic D 457 CentreFuller George 211 Terrace av N IIFuller George S 62 Webster W NFuller Harold P 136 WashingtonFuller J Cheever 22 Shaw W NFuller J Franklin 235 Highland W XFuller Thomas G 52 Ripley N CFuller William Mrs 22 Maple AuFuller Wm E 107 Central av NvFulton Creed W 658 Chestnut WFulton Oram 50 Hartford N HFulton Wm D 16 Harvard NvFurber Wjm H Mrs 686 CentreFurbish Arthur 'Dr 361 Wolcott AuFurbush Alfred C 66 Davis av W XFurbush Caroline C Mrs 265 Otis W NFurbush Fred R 66 Davis av W NFurlong Charles W 40 NonantumFyfe Robert J M 8 White Oak rd WGale Arthur E Dr 4 Middlesex CircleC HGallagher D A 375 W^ard N CGallagher Thomas M Dr 31 ChanningGallichan Clement 285 TremontGallond Charles B 38 EldredgeGammons Charles E 49 Cross W NGammons Edith Miss 960 Beacon N CGammons George T 31 Perkins W N(iamnions H J 128 Webster W NGammons J Ellis 46 Brookside av NvGammons L P Mrs 49 Cross W NGammons Roland F 125 Webster' W NGammons Rolland F 2d 59 Brookside avNvGammons Thirza E Mrs 46 Brooksideav XVGannon Martin 4 Warwick rd W N

178 NEWTON BLUE BOOKGannon Wm J 90 Webster W NGanse Franklin W 70 Hunnewell avGarcelon Wm F 35 ChurchGardiner Edwin L 44 Otis NvGardiner Henry H 130 Lincoln N HGardner Charles 148 Highland av NvGardner Ethel M Miss 191 Lake av N HGardner George P Jr 224 Chestnut Hillrd C HGardner Harry E 191 Lake av N HGardner Henry R 20 Gay NvGardner James H 50 Grove AuGardner John A 191 Lake av N HGardner John W 191 Lake av N HGardner Philip H 21 Duffield rd AuGardner Samuel A 191 Lake av N HGardner Wm F Mrs 430 Clark N 0Garey Charles B Mrs 136 Gibbs N CGarey Paul A Mrs 12 Bemuth rd N HGarrison Francis J Mrs 61 Page rd NvGarrison George T Mrs 17 Fairview terW NGarrison Rhodes A 181 Pine Ridge rd WGarrison The Misses 17 Fairview ter WNHarrison Wendell H 61 Page rd NvGarrison Wm L 175 Newtonville avGarrison Wm Llovd Jr 65 Sterling W NGarrity Martin H27 Hillside rd N"HGary Frank E H 767 Commonwealth avN CGascoigne Annie Mrs 152 Waban av WGaskin Martha E Miss 109 Harvard NvGatchell Oscar J 40 Rossmere NvGates Ellis L 101 Avalon rd WGaw James R 25 Hunter W NGay Arthur P 110 Highland W NGay Fred A 109 VernonGay George W Dr 374 Hammond C IIGenaske Henrv 266 Commonwealth avC HGeorge Grace M Miss 77 WashingtonGeorge Norman H 64 Gray Cliff rd N CCerber Emma Miss 21 Rice N CGerhard Frieda Miss 106 Algonquin rdC HGerhard Ludwig 106 Algonquin rd C HGermain Edward B 7 Middlesex CircleC HGerman Charles S 30 Floral N HGerrity Joseph W 10 ChurchGerry M L Mrs 140 Newtonville avGeyer Alfred H 1658 Centre N HGibb Frederick M 73 Elm rd NvGibbs Elmer L 90 WashingtonGibbs Harry F 240 Otis W NGibbs Herbert R oo Judkins NvGibbs Howard B 19 Pulsifer NvGibbs Louis D 1 Billings pkGibbs Russell C 82 Lowell av NvGibson Charles E 326 Highland W NGibson James W 326 Highland W NGibson Kirkland H 26 Circuit rd C HGibson Stewart K 40 Sylvan av W NGifford John B 24 Otis NvGilbert Aimie E A Mrs 580 CaliforniaNvGilbert Benjamin R 41 Woodward N HGilbert George C 97 Clark N CGilbert L B Miss 38 Lake av N CGilbert Wm A 5S0 California NvGile Ernest S 30 Barnstable rd W NGiles Carrie Miss 235 Mt Vernon W NGiles EdAvard J 2043 Commonwealth avAuGiles Emma Miss 151 Parker N CGiles Eunice Mrs 151 Parker N CGiles James T 148 Warren N CGiles Louis 86 Floral N HGill Arthur E 82 Lenox W NGill Fletcher L 82 Lenox W NGill John J 43 Warwick rd W NGill William E 266 Highland av W NGilman Arthur 254 Central AuGilman C R Miss 18 Claflin pi NvGilman Ethel S Miss 9 BaldwinGilman E O Mrs 18 Claflin pi NvGilman Gorham D Mrs 9 BaldwinGilman John A 327 FranklinGilman Joseph T 3S Balcarres rd W NGilman Lucy Miss 254 Central AuGilman Marjorie Miss 254 Central AuGilman Pauline M 254 Central AuGilman Robert 254 Central AuGilman Robert P 254 Central AuGilman The Misses 327 FranklinGilmartin P H 18 Paul N CGilmartin The Misses 18 Paul N CGilmore Howard P 9 Crofton rd WGilmore William 9 Crofton rd WGilpatrick Wilbur D 15 Newell rd AuGithens G S 112 Langley rd N CGlazier Clarence M Dr '893 WatertownW N

XEWTOX BLUE BOOK 179Glennie Raymond 22 HollisGlynn Bennett 713 Wiatertown W NGlynn G E 16 Braeland av N CGleason Charles B 45 Waterston rdGleason George A 74 Erie av X HGleason Gilbert H 9 Central av XvGleason M E Dr 12.") VernonGleason Thomas F 342 Auburndale avAuGlidden William T Jr 8 Barnstable rdW NGlover Horatio N Mrs 141 Prince W NGlover John 10 Chester N HGlover William 35 Oak ter N HGlover W E 33 Parsons W XGoddard Christopher M 1008 Beacon N CGoddard George Nelson 3 Bradford ct NCGoddard Isaac 19 WoodAvard N HGoddard John Rev 52 Brookside av NvGodfrey H W Dr 14 Hancock AuGodfrey M A Mrs 41 Commonwealth avC HGodsoe B Walter 77 Erie av N H> Goldberger Herman 32 Central ter AuGoldie George G 264 Melrose AuGood Elsie C Mrs 125 Warren N CGood George W 125 Warren N CGoodbar L 014 Walnut XvGoodbar William J 30 Churchill XvGoode Robert M 382 KendrickGooding F M 1701 Washington AuGoodman Henry L 37 Hawthorn av AuGoodman Mabel S Miss 73 LombardGoodman Wm A Mrs 73 LombardGoodrich Arthur L 316 Central AuGoodrich William I 223 Central AuGoodridge Daniel M 123 ParkGoodridge The Misses 55 Prescott XvGoodrow Florence Mrs 494 Water townNvGoodwin Charles H Jr 76 Austin XvGoodwin Edward F 153 Cypress X CGoodwin Frank T 1878 Commonwealthav AuGoodwin George E 169 WashingtonGoodwin Pauline M Miss 1878 Commonwealthav AuGoodwin Theodore F Mrs 1878 Commonwealthav AuGoodwin Thomas L 26 Aberdeen N HGordon Albert L 38 Otis XvGordon Charles B 126 Sumner X CGordon Edwin A Mrs 510 Commonwealthav X CGordon Grace Rix Miss 516 Commonwealthav N CGordon Hector M 27 Regent W XGordon Wm C Rev 89 Grove AuGore Lyman W 19 Hawthorne av AuGore Theodore W 34 Rowe AuGorham Mark 1100 Boylston X HGoring Louise J Miss 233 Grove AuGotchell Thomas D 46 ArlingtonGould Addie L Mrs 4 Wiswall W XGould Amasa C 1704 Beacon WGould E M L Rev 175 Mt Vernon XvGould Jessie G Miss 1704 Beacon WGould William H 1704 Beacon WGoulding Hattie P Miss 173 Oakleigh rdGourley Fred S 18 Annawan rd WGove Carl H 66 Alban rd WGove Elvira Miss 69 Bowen N CGove Wm A 15 Maple ter AuGowell Louis X 519 Crafts W XGowing Frederick H 45 JeffersonGowing Lela E. Miss 45 JeffersonGraffam L T Mrs 847 Chestnut WGraham Frank 9 Columbus X HGraham Jessie Palmer Mrs 1083 WalnutX HGraham William H 197 Mt Vernon W NGranger Meylert 41 Cross W NGranger Robert E 12 Devon ter X CGrant Frank M 14 Lowell av XvGrant Henry C 156 ParkGrant Nathaniel L 206 Melrose AuGrant Thaddeus S 28 Austin XvGrant T S 241 Walnut XvGrant V S 432 Waltham W XGrantham Frederick W 62 Vista av AuGraves Ernest W 404 Waltham W NGraves Frederick C 294 Highland av WNGraves George A 21 HoveyGraves George A 1002 Beacon N CGraves John 0 294 Highland av W X"Graves Morton H 27 Walnut XvGraves Wm L 315 BellevueGray Burton Pavne The Ledges rd X CGray Edith L Miss 1482 Washington WXGray Edward 38 WabanGray G Charles Rev 30 Wesley

180 NEWTON BLUE BOOKGray Harris P 1590 Centre X HGray Joseph P 22 Winthrop W XGray Reginald Mrs 52 Essex rd C HGray William 227 Temple W XGrebenstein George W 285 Crafts XvGreeley William H 33 Ashton av X CGreen Fred M Lieut 488 Watertown XvGreen Jacob H 228 Lincoln X HGreen Louis E G 488 Watertown XvGreen Sarah W Mrs 271 Waban av WGreene Daniel Mrs 300 FranklinGreene Dorothy Miss 11 Marshall X CGreene Dr D Crosby Jr 85 Dudley rd XGreeneGreeneGreeneGreeneGreeneGreeneGreeneGreeneEdgar W 94 Harvard XvEverett A 18 Alden X CE Warren Mrs 305 Cabot XvF Hart well 1038 Centre X CHarry B 48 Harvard XvJames D 18 Chase X CStephen H 11 Marshall X CStephen Mrs 1038 Centre X CGreenidge Vivian 44 Hartford X HGreenleaf Harry W 99 Hancock AuGreenleaf Jane Mrs 99 Hancock AuGreenwood Alvn L Mrs 9 Maple pk XCGreenwood Charles S 194 ChurchGreenwood Ethel Miss 9 Maple pk X CGreenwood E Carleton 36 Algonquin rdC HGreenwood Henrietta F Miss 58 Page rdXvGreenwood S Gay Mrs 75 Brooside avGroby John L 24 Duffield rd AuGross J A D Mrs 52 Institution av XGross Robert H 10 Burnham rd W XGross Willis F 115 Commonwealth avHGrout E L Mrs 128 Lowell av XvGroves John A 97 Parker X C

XEWTOX BLUE BOOK 181Hale John E Dr 180 Auburn AuHale Katharine S Miss 314 Otis W NHal o Marjorie Miss SO Bigelow rd W XrHall Albert E 16 Albion N CHall Arthur D 139 Winchester N HHall A F Mrs 211 Central AuHall Charles P 126 Prince W NHall Charles W 3 Waverley avHall Edward K 36 Beaumont av NvHall Edward M 362 Waltham W NHall Ernest W 268 Melrose AuHall Ethel L Miss 139 Winchester N 1Hall Fannie E Miss 139 Winchester N HHall Ceorge 1574 Centre N HHall G Stanley Mrs 47 Cypress N CHall Helen W Miss 97 Lake av N CHall Horace W 97 Lake av N CHall J F 60 Judkins NvHall J M W 97 Lake av N CHammond James W 17 Eden av W XHammond Newton Mrs 36 Walker XvHammond X Leroy 30 Walker XvHammond The Misses 3(i Walker XvHammond Winthrop B 67 Lee rd C HHanbury Capel 101 Harvard XvHance I I 872 Wutertown W XHandley Alfred H 105 Oakleigh rdHandy A D 91 Parker X CHaney James F Rev 1321 Centre X CHanna George L 29 Waldorf rd N HHannaford William P 23 Otis pi XvHannigan Walter T 119 ParkHanscom Edwin C 987 Boylston X HHans com R F Dr 59 Dalton rd X CHansen Edward H 159 Warren X 0HansenHansenHansenHenry A 5 Cheswick rd AuH C 75 Hunnewell avL A 27 Diekerman rd X IIBallHallHallLewis W 24 'Windermere rd AuLoring B 83 ChurchM E 35 Newell rd AuHanson Albert A 100 Floral X HiHanson Mabel Mrs 1.1 Proctor XvHapgood Arthur W 32 WindermererdHall Roger E 3 Waverley avAuHall R N 1016 Centre N CHall Stanley B 97 Lake av NCHapgoodHarbachErnest G 4Wm F 193Chester X HWard X CHall The Misses 12 Myrtle AuHall Wilbur F Mrs 211 Central AuHall William A 71 Erie av N HHall William C 80 Berkeley W NHall W F 44 Ballard N CHallett Edward M 45 Hyde avHallett Herbert K 69 Otis NvHallett John F Mrs 02 Dalton rd N CHallett William H Mrs 56 EldredgeHalliday William E 33 Churchill NvHalliday William T 80 Madison av NvHallowell Frank W 65 Suffolk rd C HHallowell J Mott Reservoir av C HHam Charles F .Mrs 49 Pelham N CHam Colin E 46 NonantumHam Harry Howard 121 Windsor rd WHam Wm H 37 Westbourne rd N CHambleton Wm G 79 Webster pk W NHamilton Charles W Mrs 610 WatertownNvHamilton Virginia C Mrs 430 CentreHamlin Edward F 58 Pelham N CHammett William F Mrs 457 CentreHammond Charles M Mrs 85 Essex rd C11Hammond Edward C 35 Groveland AnHammond Harry \V Dr 500 Crafts W NHarding Frederick W 595 California XvHarding Louis B 279 Hammond C HHarding-HardingLouis B Jr 279 Hammond C HWill E 430 CentreHardon Henry C 28 CapleyHardwick Florence M Miss 27 Allertonrd X HHardy Arthur \H 236 Auburndale av AuHardy Charles W 47 Page rd XvHardy Frank L 40 Pine Ridge rd WHardv Frederick S 45 Sylvan av W XHardy H Winchester Dr 524 Ward X CHardy Marion C Miss 47 Page rd XvHardy Milton C 13 RichardsonHarlev Sarah G Miss 790 WatertownXHarleyWilliam G 790 Watertown W XHarlot Arthur B 201 Kent rd WHarper Harriet E Mrs 195 ChurchHarriman Henry I 91 Hunnewell avHarrington Charles B 60 Oak wood rd XvHarrington C L Mrs 83 Maple Au •Harrington Foster S 57 Bowen X CHarrington George B 73 Perkins W XHarrington George K 214 BellevueHarrington Horace C 570 CentreHarrington H F Mrs 57 Bowen X CW

182 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHarrington I Boutwell 267 ChurchHarrington John D 757 Washington XvHarrington M Elsie Miss 57 Bow en X CHarrington Robert W 73 Perkins W XHarrington W 0 53 Court XvHarrington William W 37 Elm W XHarris A T 120 Middlesex rd C HHarris Elizabeth P Mrs 140 Highland WN *Harris Gorham W Prof 47 Churchill XvHarris Henry W 202 Hammond C HHarris Sarah X Mrs 73 Perkins W XHarrison C L Eliot Memorial idHart John J 111 Court XvHart Nellie M Miss 42 RichardsonHart Walter 159 Oakleigh rdHartel A A 274 Otis W XHartell Oscar 222 Lowell av XvHartford James B 85 Otis XvHartley Philip A 103 Commonwealth avC HHartshorn J C Mrs 112 Institution avX CHartshorn L S Mrs Hobart rd X CHartshorne Francis J 31S Cabot XvHartwell Alfred T 95 Suffolk rd C H'Hartwell Harry F Dr 36 Walnut rdHartwell Swan 175 Temple W XHartzel Bertha D Miss 12 BaldwinHarvev Arvilla Miss 51 Hyde X HHarvey Elvira Miss 51 Hyde X HHarvey George D Mrs 347^ Central AuHarvey John 51 Hyde N HHarwood Albert L 854 Beacon X CHarwood A Leslie Jr 945 Beacon X CHarwood Clark 383 Lexington AuHarwood Frederick E 18 WillardHarwood George F 14 IvanhoeHanvood George S Mrs 14 IvanhoeHarwood Harry Adams 70 Linwood avXvHarwood Sydney 363 Waverley avHaskell Charles A 27 SargentHaskell Clarence M Dr 15 Bovlston rdN HHaskell Clarence G 43 Prince W XHaskell Edith L Miss 888 Beacon X CHaskell Edward H 888 Beacon X CHaskell E B Mrs 5 Vista av AuHaskell Henry H Dr 63 Hawthorne avAuHaskell Jennie L Miss 27 SargentHaskell John B 15 Bovlston rd X HHaskell Marion h. Mi 888 Beacon X CHaskell William A 517 Commonwealthav X CHastings Agnes B Miss 215 Temple W 2sHastings Alice L Miss 165 Xeshobe rdWHastings Charles F 165 Xeshobe rd W[astings George H 71 Madison av XvHastings Glover S 262 Otis W XHatch Cheney L 369 Cabot XvHatch Edward P 275 Mill XvHatch Frank C 123 Grant av X CHatch George E Mrs 300 Waverley avHatch George P 39 Putnam W XHatch Mary E Miss 51 Grove Hill av 2s vHatch M Bernice Miss 1523 Centre X HHatch Ralph E 826 Watertown W XHatch Wendell C 51 Grove Hill av XvHatfield Charles E 10S Cherry W XHaug Adam 17 Ro--mere XvHauge Edward D 29 Churchill XvHaven George H 2031 Commonwealth avAuHavens Herbert R 177 Homer 2s CH:\wes O B Rev 29 Glen wood av X CHayes Raymond 21!> Commonwealth avC HHawkes Calvin B 74 Allerton rd X HHawkes Charles W 23 Saxon id X HHawkes H C 20 Fmber Lane X CHay Edgar P 18 Warwick rd W XHayden Robert F Dr 27 Albion X CHayden S D 77 Highland av XvHayden Thomas Dr 66 Webster W XHayden Webster S 24 PearlHayes Clara M Miss 24 HoveyHayes Herbert W 327 Woodward WHayford Calista Mrs 151 Parker X CHaynes A H Mrs 82 Harvard XvHaynes George H 14 Eden av AV XHaynes Henry M 47 Washington pk XvHaynes Wm H 11 Maple CircleHaynie Henry Mrs 17 Devon ter X CHaynie The Misses 17 Devon ter X CHayward Edward E 4 PembrokeHayward Emma W Mrs 26 Everett X CHayward Fred P 63 Windsor rd WHayward George Partridge 24 Crafts rdC HHayward Harrison W 26 Everett X CHaywood Albert F Mrs 1549 Centre X H

XEWTOX BLUE BOOK 183Haywood Fred R 1549 Centre N HHazard M B Miss 59 Hancock av N CHazeltine Francis II Col 403 Walnut NvHazelton Ralph W 24 Bowen X CBazen Emily Miss 236 Auburn AnHazen Emily H Miss 230 Auburn AuHazen M B Mrs 230 Auburn AuHead Frank G 39 Windermere rd AuHead William H 118 Langley rd N CHeald George K 99 Pine Ridge rd WHeard Nathan 137 Waverley avHeath D C Mrs 147 Highland av NvHeath George H 13 Chesley av NvHeath Hugh A 52 Ashton N CHeath Jesse 24 Dickerman rd N HHeath cote George M 53 Neshobe rd WHebard Fred C 101 Hammond C HHebberd John B 33 Birch Hill rd NvHeckman E A Miss 136 Gibbs N Clleckman W'illiam W 119 Windermererd AuHeebner Robert C 976 Beacon N CHeermann Frederick M 131 Crafts NvHeisler Caroline W Mrs 37 ElmwoodHeislein F H 62 Court NvHemenway F M Mrs 55 Eastbourne rd'N CHemenway Raymond B 55 Eastbournerd X CHemenway Russell G 55 Eastbourne rdX 0Henderson Albert H Miss 40 Chase X CHenderson Alice N Miss 56 Alban rd WHenderson A Elizabeth Miss 56 Alban rdHenderson FGL 104 Eliot av W XHendrick E P 309 Crafts XvHennessey J J 46 Vista av AuHen rich Louis R 11 Oakwood rd AuHenry Anna M Miss 85 Homer N CHenry Hughenna M Mrs 85 Homer N CHenry Ralph 80 NonantumHenry The Misses 457 CentreHenshaw Blanche E Miss 50 Paul X CHenshaw Julia C Miss 50 Paul X CHenshaw Katherine F Mrs 50 Paul X Cllerlihv D J 724 Watertown W XHerrick 01 in F 47 Hancock AuHerrick William B 29 Fern AuHerron Mary E Mrs 395 Lexington AuHersey Albert W Capt 35 Central AuJiersey E Danfield 538 California XvHesseltine H E Mrs 134 Waverley avHeuter Royal P 17 DufTield rd AuRenins James 1538 Beacon WHewitt J M O 15 Standish N HHeyes Arthur R P 40 Fair Oaks av XvHibbard Herman E 1(50 WashingtonHickey H X 35 Brooks av XvHickey M J 363 Crafts XvHickey Thomas L 35 Brooks av XvHickox Wm E 22 Jenison XvHicks J Everett 101 Highland av XvHiggins C W 38 Woodbine AuHiggins George J 91 Waban av WF'ggins William 44 Walker XvHiggins Willard S 67 Brooks av XvHighland Villa 25 Highland av XvHildreth Henry G 45 Ash AuHill Arthur T Mrs 9 Proctor XvHill David F 40 Columbus X HHill Donald M 72 Pine Ridge rd WHill Donald 31 9 Proctor XvHill E L Mrs 120 Farlow rdHill Fred R 46 Clyde XvHill Frederic K Mrs 21 Monadnock rdX CHill F R 46 Clyde XvHill George E 211 Flomer X CHill George Q 21 Saxon ter X HHill Prescott S 78 Elmore X CHiU Stuart M 9 Proctor XvHills Edgar R 814 Watertown W XHills Edmund E 321 Lake av X HHills Joel H Mrs 117 VernonHills M D Mrs 1495 Centre X IIHills Robert E 23 Eddy W X(Hills W E 76 Elmore X CHilton Arthur St C 26 Hartford X HTMlton A H 366 Waltham W XHilton Lester H 30 Canterbury rd X HHiltz Caroline May Miss 6 Columbus NHHiltz Evelyn Louise Miss 6 Columbus NIIHiltz Howard S 6 Columbus X HHiltz Mildred Beatrice Miss 6 ColumbusX HHinckley B S 177 ParkHincks Frank C 905 Watertown W XHinds Fred C 43 Central av XvHine Augustus J Mrs 83 Central av XvHinkley Elizabeth D Miss 14 Exeter W N11 inklev Thomas T 54 Carver rd X H

184 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHirshfield Moses J 70 ArlingtonHiscock James W Mrs 88 Carver rdNHHoar Bamford 102 Webster pk W NHobart Henry K Mrs 41 Eliot MemorialrdHobart Janie D Miss 123 SargentHobart Kirk W 123 SargentHobart William N Mrs 185 Highland avNvHobbs Samuel 61 Temple W NHobbs Stafford B 01 Temple W NHodges Charles E 3 Churchill XvHodges William J 97 Floral N HHodgins Frank C Fenwick rd WHod-kins William 87 Hartford N HHodgsonHodgsonHodgsonHoffmanHolbrookHolbrookHolbrookEdgar W 96 Shornecliffe rdGladys Miss 96 Shornecliffe rdMaurice L 96 Shornecliffe rdFrancis C 63 Parker X CGuy C 42 Parsons W NJohn E 23 Oxford rd N CKenneth 205 Homer X CMarion F Miss 77 ArlingtonHolbrookHolbrook Walter H 300 Waverley avHolbrook William C 25 Pilgrim rd WHolbrow C E 117 TremontHolden Casper B 24 Braeland av N CHoldenF B 26 Wiswall W XJ Charles 60 Crescent av N CHoldenHolden Thomas M 45 Morseland av N CHolland Andrew W 78 Xeshobe rd WHollander Julius 59 Hyde avHolley J S M 39 Elm rd XvHollings William F 292 FranklinHollis Arthur W 78 Central AnHollnagel H P Dr 21 Berkeley W XHollnagel Margaret Mrs 21 Berkeley VI 7XO M C Mrs 127 Langley rd N CHolmanHoi manHolmesWHolmesHolmesHolmesHolmescliffeHolmesHolmesHolmesHolmesW B Mrs 153 Walnut XvAlice M Mrs 192 Pine Ridge rdGeorge A 140 Sumner X CGeorge Dr 46 Wachusett rd X CGeorge S 1492 Washington W XG Melvin 157 Webster W XHolmes Harriet E Mrs 12 Columbus terX HHolmes Hector 138 Waban av WHolmes John Parker Mrs 265 Otis W XHolmes Joseph 192 Pine Ridge rd WCharles X 41 ArlingtonClara M Miss 22 Regent W XEleanore Miss 265 Otis W XElizabeth L Miss 115 Shorne-HolmesHolmesHolme-M A 21 Rockledge rd X HOtis W 4 CopleyStephen W 80 GrasmereHolmes Welles E 15 Eliot Memorial rdHolt Arthur R 15 Rice X CHolt Herman 45 Pleasant X CHolt Warner R 15 Rice X CHomer Frederick B 248 Mt Vernon W NHood Arthur Xeedham 326 Hammond CHHooker Fred L 21!) Commonwealth av (iHHooper Albert Ell Gray Birch ter XvHooper Edward A Mrs 143 Walnut XvHooper Lindsay 82 Harvard XvHopewell Frank 260 Waverly avHopewell Frank B 169 ParkHopewell Henvy C 273 Waverley avHopewell John Mrs 273 Waverley avHopkin Albert G 9 Applegarth X CHopkins Celia L Mrs 29 Eden av W XHopkins E E Dr 355 Xewtonville av XvHopkins Fred S Dr 425 Xewtonville avXvHopkins Henry B 39 Terrace av X HHopkins Herbert L 236 Islington rd AuHopkins Lucy M Mrs 93 Homer X CHopkins Robert 33 Aberdeen X^ HHopkins Roland G 142 Crafts rd C HHopkins Stephen T 355 Xewtonville avXvMorgan Daniel 192 Woodward X HHorn Everett B 1746 Beacon WHorn Florence T Mrs 1746 Beacon WHorn Frederick A 1727 Beacon WHorn Harold S 1746 Beacon WHorn RobertHome EdgarHome FrankDr 646 Chestnut WM 19 Maple av608 Beacon X CEdwin Rev Institution avHorr GeorgeX CHorsfall Edward L 27 GeorgeHorton George L 258 Lowell av XvHorton Stanley E 27 Otis NvHosmer Anne E Mrs 365 Austin W XHosmer Arthur G 365 Austin W X

•K lAYTOX BLUE BOOK 185Hosmer Charles L Mrs 284 Mt Vernon WNHosmer Edwin H 99 WashingtonHosmer E H Mrs 99 WjashinfftoiiI [osmer Robert LI [ougbton AmandaHoughton ClementI foughton1 louglitonHoughtonI [oughtonHovendenHoveyHoveyHoveyHoveyHowardHowardI TowardHowardHowardHowardHowardHowardHowardHow T ardHowardHoweHoweI loweHoweHoweHoweHoweHoweHoweHoweHowe99 WashingtonIL Mrs 3 ChurchS 152 Suffolk rd CFred 430 CentreHerbert R 3 Church rdWilliam K 7 Bowes NvW S 84 Walker NvThomas W 42 Austin NvAlvah Mrs 34 Chestnut ter NChandler 30 Lawrence rd C HCharles L 58 Phi infield WFrank A 38 Aberdeen N HAlfred D 17 Oxford rd NGeorge T 284 Mt VernonHenry D 37 Eliot av W NJoseph W 84 Fairmont avJ Dwight 84 Fairmont av •Kenneth 84 Fairmont avNellie M Mrs 11 ChanningPerez B Dr 340 Walnut NvRobert G 245 Waverley avThe Misses 84 Fairmont avWillett 84 Fairmont avAlbert S 278 Waverley avBradford L 77 Fair Oaks avChester 77 Fair Oaks av NvrdHCCw NChester A 35 Crafts rd C HEdward R Mrs 70 Woodbine AuEdward W 411 Newtonville av NvEdward W Mrs 430 CentreLiverus H 409 Newtonville avOtto R 209 Sumner N CPercival S 66 Berkeley W NT Lyman 77 Fair Oaks av NvHowell Charles M 57 Elm rd NvHowes Frank H 24S ParkHowes Henry F 248 ParkHowes Henry S 258 Prince W NHowland Arthur 222 Prince W NHowland Charles F 129 Chestnut WHowland Ethel Miss 129 Chestnut WHowland George F 31 Vista av AuHowland Marion Miss 108 Eliot av WHowland William H 108 Eliot av WHowiett Adeline M Miss 69 Prince WHowlett Albert D 40 Newtonville avHowiett George P Mrs 69 Prince W NHoyt Franklin S 44 Winthrop W N7NvNvNNNNNHoyt John H Mrs 70 Auburn W NHubbard Allen 11 Mont vale rd N CHubbard Allen Jr 11 Mont vale rd N CHubbard Amy Miss 100 Hillside av W NHubbard Charles A 929 Beacon N CHubbard Charles W Jr 17 Old Englandrd C HHubbard Fannie M Miss 6 MiddlesexCircle C HHubbard Fred A9HubbardHubbardHubbardHubbardHubbardMrs 8 HollisGilbert 11 Montvale rd N CHarry A 929 Beacon N CHarry H 65 WashingtonMarion Miss 929 Beacon N COrrin C 100 Hillside av W NHudson Arthur 142 WashingtonHuff Am as a W B 41 ParkHuggard R J 58 Everett N CHughes Fred 30 Brooks av NvHughes Mary E Mrs 30 Brooks av NvHugo George 6 Lincoln pk W NHull The Misses 29 IvanhoeHunnewell Club,Hunt Arthur 165131GHuntHuntHuntHuntHuntHuntHuntA EllisCharlesCharlesDonaldEmoryGeorgeHaroldHunt HarrietHuntHuntHuntHuntEldredgeOutfield rd AuPage rd NvWaverley av35 Woodcliff rd HNR 424 Newtonville avW Rev 848 BeaconW 73 Prospect W NO Dr 73 Madison av NvD Miss 44 Woodbine AuHarriet O Miss 848 Beacon N OHelen K Miss 848 Beacon N CJoseph Stone 44 Woodbine AuJ Henry 180 Pine Ridge rd WLana C Mrs 42 Madison av NvNvHuntHunt Lowell 31 Waverley avHunt Marguerite Miss 24 Webster W NHuntHuntNvHunterHunterHunterHunterI funterHunterHunterMary E Mrs 206 Sumner N CWilliam O Dr 424 Newtonville avCharles H 23 Maple ter AuFrank E 11 Putnam W NHerbert F 175 Walnut NvJohn B 11 Kirkstall rd NvLester B 214 Upland rd XvThe Misses 11 Putnam W NWm L 136 Clark N CHunting Anna H Miss 100 Chestnut WNHunting Edward A 100 Chestnut W N\>

186 NEWTON" BLUE BOOKHunting Herbert R 40 Pine Ridge rd WHunting Raymond D 87 Adella av W NHuntington Arthur L 24 Pleasant N CHuntington Caroline L Miss 24 PleasantN CHuntington Esther E Miss 24 PleasantN CHuntington Miriam Miss G47 Commonwealthav N CHuntington William E 647 Commonwealthav N CHunt on James I 25 Hillside rd N HHuntress Franklin E 12 Beeehcroft rdHuntress George F 75 Sumner N CHuntress James E 175 Sumner N CHuntress Katharine S Mrs 142 ChurchHuntsman Ray 38 Bowdoin N HHurd Edward P 508 Walnut l\ T vHurd Joseph A 15 Allerton rd N HHurd Malcolm 83 Brookside av NvHurley Frank P 19 Terrace av N HHurley Patrick T 102 Floral N HHurst Charles H 66 Clyde NvHuston Llewellyn E 17 Court NvHutchins Henry T Dr 130 Dudley rd N CHutcliins Maxwell C 356 Auburndale avAuHutchinson Albert S Mrs 69 Allerton rdN HHutchinson Chessman P Dr 88 CentralAuHutchinson Freedom 650 CentreHutchinson George 112 Chestnut W NHutchinson James A 55 Valentine W NHutchinson Maynard 106 Berkeley W NHutchinson Winfield S Mrs 44 BillingspkHyde George N 22 Hyde N HHyde Helen C Miss 22 Hvde N HHyde James F 29 Boylstbn rd NT HHyde J F C Mrs 22 Floral N HHyde Mary E Miss 22 Floral N HHyde William H Mrs 22 Hyde N HHyslop Samuel 42 BellevueIde Edwin B 19 Reservoir av C HIde Henry J 98 Sumner N CIngraham Francis G 173 Crafts NvIngram Robert S 51 Fisher av N HInman Clara G Mrs 75 Auburn W NInman Henry A Mrs 31 Perkins W NIreland Charles H Mrs 377 Ward N CIreland Irving W 35 Irving N CIreland Lawrence S 16 Avondale rd N CIreland Wm H Mrs 319 Ward N CIrwin James C 43 Highland av NvIsaac Grace M Miss 95 Fountain W NIsaac Harriet Mrs 9^ Fountain W NIsaac William T 95 Fountain W NIsburg Charles H Mrs 119 Waban av WIsola Pietro 1647 Beacon WIves David O 73 Middlesex rd C HIvy Jesse C 83 Fairmont avJack Lewis H Dr 379 Austin W NJackman Alice M Dr 37 Park avJackson Charles B 105 EldredgeJackson Frank A 445 Crafts W NJackson George H 11 Omar ter NvJackson George H Jr 11 Omar ter NvJackson George W 34 Ballard N CJackson Hiram W 82 ArlingtonJackson Howard 61 Waban pkJackson H D 698 Beacon N CJackson J N 8 Cedar N CJackson Kate Miss 61 Waban pkJackson M H Miss 445 Crafts W NJackson Ralph T 271 Lowell av NvJackson Walter F 85 Washington pk NvJackson William S 77 Hartford N HJacobi Oscar 19 Columbus N HJacobs Richard C 215 Auburndale avAuJames Emma L 296 Ward N CJames G F Mrs 35 Pleasant N CJames Harvey 303 Ward N CJames Robert H 36 Central AuJamieson Edith Miss 179 Hunnewell avJamieson Joseph B 179 Hunnewell avJarvis Henrv W 77 PembrokeJaynes Julian C Rev 76 Prince W NJefferson Dana B 1784 Beacon WJellerson Joseph L 21 Kimball ter NvJellerson Louise Miss 21 Kimball ter NvJellerson Stephen O 21 Kimball ter NvJenkins Henry S Mrs 33 Orient av N CJenkins J L W Dr 60 Oakwood rd NvJennings Loton D 90S Beacon N CJerauld Wm E 19 Cloelia ter NvJewell Albert B Dr 178 Hunnewell avJewell Theodore E 51 PembrokeJewett Asa C 11 Cheslev rd N CJewett DPS Central av NvJewett Edith M Mrs 22 Bowers NvJewett George F 125 BellevueJewett Henry L 122 Temple W N

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 187Jewett II A 27 Brooks av XvJewett II Dana 122 Temple AV XJewett Misses The 122 Temple W NJewett Thomas P 44 JeffersonJohnson Charles A 6 MertonJohnson Charles F Mrs 08 Erie av N IIJohnson Charles F Jr 17 Norman rd NIIJohnson Charles H 84 Grove AuJohnson C II 542 California XvJohnson Edward C 174 Mt Vernon NvJohnson Edwin C 43 Carver rd N HJohnson Elmer E B 01 Central AuJohnson F William 23 Harrison X HJohnson George E Mrs 77 Woodland rdAuJohnson George L 388 Lexington AuJohnson Harry C 08 Erie av X HJohnson Henry E Dr 03 Crescent av NCJohnson Henry L 31 Chestnut ter* X CJohnson James H 71 Commonwealth avC HJohnson J Herbert Dr 40 Algonquin rdC HJohnson Oscar 40 Homer X CJohnson Oscar B 121 Oakleigh rdJohnson Otis S Mrs 78 Dalton rd X CJohnson Robert H 290 Woodward WJohnson Ruth H Miss 174 Mt Vernon XvJohnson Seward J 1489 Centre X HJohnson Sarah F Mrs 80 Webster pk WXJohnson Stafford F 78 Dalton rd X CJohnston Alma Miss 20 Braeland av X CJohnston William 92 Langley rd X CJohonnot Harris E 130 PearlJones Albert J 77 Central av XvJones Alice C Mrs 189 Lincoln X HJones Arthur F 370 Xewtonville av XvJones Augustine A M, LL B 111 LincolnX HJones A Marshall 43 Circuit rd C HJones Charles F 21 Endicott rd X HJones Durham 15 Farlow rdJones Edward R 21 Central AuJones Everett J 473 Waltham W XJones Frederick Everett 128 Chestnut WXJones Gardner I 84 Valentine W XJones Harry L 70 Gray Cliff rd X CJones Henry V 4 Gay XvJones John'M 727 Washington XvJones Lewis L 107 Waban Hill rd C HJones Lucy A Miss 41 Eliot Memorial rdJones L T Mrs 190 TremontTones L E H Mrs 510 Ward X CJones Matt B, The Ledges rd X CJones Ralph A 39 Washington pk XvJones Richard H 40 Beacon C HJones Rodney C 12 Irving X CJones Seward W 49 Columbus X HJones Webster 134 Waverley avJones Wm A, A M 111 Lincoln X HJones William Estabrook 15 Farlow rdJones Wm H 134 Waverley avJones William R 58 Winthrop W XJones William S 20 Parker X CJordan A L 70 Elm W XJordan Franklin I 32 Endicott rd X HJordan Fred 1243 Centre X CJoslyn Myron W 47 Windermere rd AuJoslyn Rosamond A Miss 47 Windermererd AuJosslyn Howard B 24 Turner XvJourdan Frederick M 27 Westbourne rdX CJoy Alden B 53 Maple AuJudd E C Mrs 51 Hancock AuJudkins Elizabeth A Miss 8 Central avXvJudkins Walter V 50 Washington pk XvJudkins Wm L 9 Central av XvJuthe Kristian A 201 Homer X CKaltenbach George H Rev 25 Washingtonpk XvKane Harry J 19 Elm pi XvKansler W 93 Manet rd C HKarnheim J A 40 Hampshire W XKattelle Charles E 205 Grove AuKaupp Emily A Miss 94 Auburn W XKawel Allan A 50 Stearns X CReach Edwin R 109 Walnut XvKeeler Charles H 30 Oak ter X HKeene Elmer 18 Claflin pi XvKeesler William F 211 Highland av XvKeever Elmer W 1558 Beacon WKeever Henrv F Dr 09 Maple AuKeith Frank'M 96 Harvard XvKeith Frederick S Dr 20 Hartford X HKeith George A 117 Cvpress X 0Keith Guy B 2 Bradford ct X CKeith Harry H 527 WashingtonKeith Merton S Jr 15 Wfetlnut Xv\eith William F 40 Harrison X HKeith Wm W 57 Walnut Xv

188 NEWTON BLUE BOOKKeith W B 57 Walnut XvKeleher John F Rev 1529 WashingtonW NKellar John H 327 Woleott AuKellar Joseph 29 Rowe AuKellar William 174 Webster W NKellaway Arthur W 19 Wyman WKellaway Edward T 31 Wyman WKellaway Elsie M Miss 25 Irving N CKellaway Herbert J 25 Irving N CKeller Harrison G9 Hammond C HKelley Alvira B 43 Floral N HKelley George Reed 108 Homer N CKelley Harold B 77 Islington rd AuKelley Harold P il5 Maple ter AuKelley James H 2015 Commonwealthav AuKelley James Rev 573 "Washington NvKelley Johanna Mrs 38 Elm W NKelley M A Miss 89 Manet rd C HKelley Walter T 240 Upland rd XvKelley W C 88 Manet rd C HKellogg Edmund W 66 Preseott NvKellogg George S W 66 Preseott NvKelly Thomas J 72 Plainfield WKelly Wm J Rev 59 Hartford N HKelsey Charles E 77 Montvale rd N CKempton Herbert S 30 Birch Hill rd N\Kendal Henry W 99 ParkKendall Albert S 73 Parker N 0Kendall C F Mrs S3 Institution av N CKendall Dorothy Miss 876 Beacon N CKendall iF B 39 Prospect av NvKendall Henry H 876 Beacon N CKendall Horace B 14 Ripley ter N CKendrick Arthur 45 Hunnewell avKendrick Eliza H Miss 45 Hunnewell avKendrick Laura M Miss 257 Lake av NHKennard F H 246 Dudley rd N CKennedy Charles E 58 Central AuKennedy Daniel E 17 Devon C HKennedv G J 361 Commonwealth av N CKennedy Timothy J 32 Elm W NKennerson Alice M Mrs 299 TremontKenney Bartlett F 25 Woodside rd NvKenrick The Misses 41 Eliot MemorialrdKent Edwin N Dr 27 Woodward N HKent Everett E 42 Waterston rdKent Lewis B 67 Grove Hill av NvKenwav Herbert P Mrs 85 LombardKenway Herbert W 19 GeorgeKenway Percy N 11 HollisKepner Charles D 43 Grove Hill av XvKerns Shirley K 34 Waterston rdKerr William P 126 Parker X CKershaw Alfred L 35 Cross W XKevorkian Alexander 26 Eastbourne rdN C:eyes Elliot W 24 Ash AuKeyes George E •">•) Rowe AuKeyes George L Mrs 38 Walnut pi XvKeyes Walter P 38 Walnut pi NvKidder Daniel T 115 Sumner X CKidder Edwin H 25 Chestnut ter X CKidger Horace 82 Madison av XvKilburn Austin S 409 Waltham W XKilburn Warren S 377 Waltham W XKilev Margaret Miss 5 Middlesex CircleC HKilmer Ralph G 24 Norman rd X HKimball Charles S 310 Lowell av XvKimball Clarence H 15 Avondale rd X CKimball Edward H 113 Grove AuKimball E H Mrs 11 Gray Birch ter Xv«Kimball Frank R 261 Melrose AuKimball George F Mrs 480 Walnut XvKimball Harrv W Rev 89 Erie av X HKimball Herbert S 24 Pilgrim rd WKimball Herbert W 325 Woodward WKimball J H Mrs 11 Gray Birch ter XvKimball Katharine Miss 367 Xewtonvilleav XvKimball Kathrina P Miss 325 WoodwardWKimball Lanson 542 California XvKimball M H Mrs 261 Melrose AuKimball Reuben 347 Cabot XvKimball Richard D 325 Woodward WKimball W F 307 Xewtonville av XvKimberly Augustus V H 44 Fairfax WNKimberly E S Miss 72 Perkins W XKimberly L A Mrs 72 Perkins W XKincard P B 502 California XvKinder Hadlev C Dr 45 Aberdeen X HtKing Charles R 30 Broadway XvKing Edward W 12S Avalon rd WKing George B 272 Lake av X" HKing Lyman W Rev 328 Brookline X CLing Thomas J Dr 288 Prince W X"vino- Wallace S 24 Lee rd C HKing Wm R 120 Bigelow rd W X"Kingham George A Mrs 377 Ward X CKingman James 32 Fisher av X rl

NKWTON BLUE J!')0!\ 189Kingsbury Annette R Mrs 03 Norfolk rdC HKingsbury Donald B 03 Norfolk rd C 11Kinley George A 52 Newtonville avKinsley Alan D 127 Waverley avKinsley James D 127 Waverley avKirk Robert 153 Webster \V NKirkwood Allan S Dr 1301 Centre N CKistler A E Mrs 945 Beacon N CKittredge Wheaton 100 Crafts rd C IIKlein Richard A 50 Grove AuKlein Victor h Mrs 50 Grove AuKnapp George B 321 Central AuKnapp George P Mrs 321 Central AuKneeland Frank E 70 Bowen X CLamson Wallace I 200 Waltham W XLander Wentworth V 02 Lenox W XLane Arthur W 37 ElmwoodLaneLaneLaneLaneLaneGLaneLaneLaneLaneLaneLaneArthur W 7 Will is ton rd AuCornelius F 120 Pleasant X CEustace Mrs 25 Highland av XvFrank H, 37 ElmwoodFrank W 341 Commonwealth av XHenry A 140 Harvard XvHenry R 1002 Beacon X^ CHerbert R 55 Windsor rd WHerbert T 195 Sumner X CH H 719 WWtertown W XXehemiah H 40 Dickerman rd X LiKnight Jonas M 18 MountfortKnight Francis T 971 BoylstonKnight Paul R 34 Austin NvKnott X W T 30 Plainfield Wrd NHHLangley Anna M Mrs 377 Cherry W XLangley George W 77 Bourne AuLangley Mabel A Dr 377 Cherry W XLangley Martha E Miss 377 Cherry W XKnowles Katharine Miss 19 BalcarresrdLangley Samuel A 04 Margin W XW XKnowles Robert T 19 Balcarres rd WKnowles William F Dr 19 BalcarresW NKnowlton A K P Mrs 020 CentreKnowlton Harold W 25 Hancock AuKnowlton Marion E Miss 25 HancockAuKnowlton William A 25 Hancock AuKnudsen Alfred O 22 Paul X CKnudsen John Sr 2 Bradford ct X CKnudsen John M 22 Terrace av X HKnudsen K M Miss 2 Bradford ct X CKolb Carl Dr 979 Bovlston X HKoops Rudolph F 339'Wal-tham W NKuntz Peter J D 337 Cabot XvKing Jenney L Mrs 442 Walnut XvKyte Richard T 08 Margin W XLacey Christopher H 70 Prospect W XLackey Harley 33 Highland av XvLadd A Shirley 44 Shaw W XLamb Julia E Mrs 340 Auburndale -avAuLamb William F 1734 Beacon WLamkin L M Miss 109 Langley rd X CLamond John D GO Woodbine AuLamond Phillip T 39 Irving X CLamont William F 5^ Alban rd WLamson Barbara Miss 111 Temple W XLamson C M Mrs 298 Central AuLamson Frank F Dr 21 Waterston rdLamson Jarvis 111 Temple W XNrdLaphamLarcomLarimerRoyal T 30 Floral X HGeorge F 44 Putnam W XChester H 09 Lowell av XvLarned E L Miss 02 Prescott XvLarned Richard M 02 Prescott XvLasell Young Ladies' Seminary Woodlandrd AuLathe Martha L Miss 430 CentreLaubner Theodore D 277 Ward X Ci^aundres J X 333 Commonwealth av XGLauriat Charles E Jr 30 Sewall W XLaurie Charles Mrs 276 Highland W NLawler David S 22 MarlboroLawrence C Fred 96 Waban av WLawrence Samuel C 201 Auburndale avAuLawrence Steward 111 Waban Hill rdNorth C HLawrence Wlna I Rev 85 Islington rd ALawton Mark A 125 GrasmereLawton M A Mrs 306 Franklinl.avton Frank B 37 Shaw W XLeach Elbridge C Mrs 19 Crystal X CLeachLeachI eachGeorge Mrs 22 Knowles X CMabel M Miss 19 Crystal-X CM M Miss 22 Knowles X CR \V E 507 Ward X CLeachLearnard Henry H 259 Waverley avLearnard S E Mrs 430 CentreLearned John R 18 PearlLeatherbee Clifton F 40 Hillside av W X

190 XEWTOX BLUE BOOKLeatlierbee Charles W 2?9 Mt VernonW NLeatlierbee Eleanor W Miss 279 Mt VernonW NLevi Robert 45 Chester X IILevi William G Mrs 57 Elgin X~ CLewinthal C Miss 148 ChurchLewis Arthur L 202 Auburndale av AuLeatlierbee Frederick W 54 OxfordrdLewis Charles P 20 Brewsterrd X' HX CLeavens Thomas C 17 Otis XvLeavitt Harper A 100 Floral N HLeBonte Eleanor Miss 12 'Devon ter X CN CLeBonte G N 12 Devon ter X CLeClear Gifford 86 Upland rd Y\Lee Francis W 408 Hammond C HLeeds Edmund I 237 ParkLeeds Frederick A Mrs 10 Finder terLeeson Joseph R 78 Glen av X CLeete William W Rev 365 Cabot NvLefler Edward L 336 Lexington AuLegge Edward 27 Central ter AuLehneman James B 6 Islington rd AuLeighton Albert E 91 Court XvLeigliton Eugene W 17 Proctor XvLeigliton Walter L 31 Montvale rd X CLeitner Claude C 16 Institution av X CLeland W D Mrs 2 Bradford ct N CLeland The Misses 24 ElmwoodLeMay J E Miss 1109 Boylston C HLemon Edward L 47 Davis av W XLemont Arthur E 382 Ward X CLentell Charles B 896 Bovlston X HLeonard Amos M 116 Waverly avLeonard Arthur H 20 Sylvan av W XLeonard Charles W 130 Forest av W XLeonard Don M 353 Albermarle rd XvLeonard E D Dr 661 Commonwealth avX CLeonard E P 516 Watertown XvLeonard H Samuel 33 Maple avLeonard James S 267 Melrose AnLeonard Jesse A 2049 Commonwealth avAuLeonard J S 267 Melrose AuLeonard Mary A Mrs 47 Xewtonville avLeonard Wallace M 23 Forest X HLeonard Wm E 51 Brooks av XvLeRov Xathaniel 40 Brooks av XvLesh H Frederick 15 Hancock av X CLesh John H 955 Beacon X CLesh Olga Miss 955 Beacon X CLetteney John H 18 Allerton rd X HLevesque Archie 46 Ripley X CLevi Charles W 57 Elgin X CLewis Frederick T Dr 538 Chestnut WLewis John E 57 Hvde X HLibbey Alvah A 14 Parsons W NLibbev Annie G Mr- 21 MarlboroLibbey Charles F 82 Hyde X HLibbev Joseph H 14 Parsons W XLibby A F A G 8 Eden av W X^Libbv Charles E 020 Commonwealth avXLLibby Dana 350 Waltham W X'Libbv Edgar E 029 Commonwealth avX CLibbv Frederick E 460 CentreLichtner William O 1023 ( litre X HLiddell James 31 Stearns N CLiggett .Janice Mi-- 185 Hammond C HLiggett Louis K 185 Hammond C HLiggett Leigh B 185 Hammond C HLiilie Charles W 84 ^pooner rd C HLincoln Arthur W 25 Brackett rdLincoln Elbridue B 3 Central av XvLincoln George T 243 Otis W X^Lincoln .Tames P 00 Winthrop W XLincoln Josiah E 69 Winthrop W XLincoln Marjorie Mi-- 243 Otis W XLincoln Rollin T 24 Moreland av X CLind John 15 Brewster rd X HLingham Clarence H 309 Lake av X~ HLinn George 132 Warren X CLinnell Francis 17 Auburn W XLinnell John F 21 Pleasant X" CLippincott C H 848 Watertown W XLitchfield Wm E 75 BellevueLittle Arthur Mrs 150 Mt Vernon XvLittle Edward H 25 Highland av XvLittle E X" Miss 220 Auburn AuLittle Henry C 112 Webster W X TLittle John D 11 Warren ter X CLittle Sarah P Miss 19 Webster ct X^ CLittlefield A W Mrs 430 Winchester N HLittlefield Chester R 58 Erie av X HLittlefield George E 25 Oak ter X" HLittig Marquis D Dr Lake wood rd X HLloyd Henry D Dr Grove Hill av XvLocke Albert D 1775 Beacon WLocke Charles A 355 Hammond C HLocke E J Mrs 169 Washington

XEWTON BLUE BOOK' 191Locke Frank llobart rd N CLocke John W 51 Otis XvLocke Lucy E Miss 108 Nehoiden rd WLocke Mary I Miss 12 Kingsbury rdC HLockwood Theodore It 74 Elmhurst rdGLockwood Win A 156 Waverley avLodge William 375 Cabot NvLogan Arthur R 14 Saxon ter N HLogan Charles S 31 Forest N HLogan William T 31 Forest N HLoizeaux Jean J Dr 21 FairviewLombard Oliver C 63 Neshobe rd WLong Zadoc Mrs 25 Chase N CLongfellow Herbert H 35 Grove AuLongley Roxana W Miss 220 Langley rdN CLovett William H 174 Walnut NvLow Arthur M 1489 Centre N HLow George H 1489 Centre N HLow Jennie M Mrs 1489 Centre N IILowe Fred M Dr 1354 Washington WLowe John R 231 Melrose AuLowe W C 278 Melrose AuLowell Beatrice M Miss 17HHenry HLowellLowellLowellLowellNdishing N53 Glenwood av N C517 Hammond C IIJames AJohn A 517 Hammond C HPayson T 17 Cushing N HLowery William H 67 Madison av NvLown Anna B Dr 1 Bradford ct, N CLowry Maxwell J 27 Shaw W NLuard Alfred F 195 Lowell av NvLongsdorf Charles L 1457 Beacon WLongsdorf M P Mrs 1457 Beacon WLord Charles E 93 ClaremontLord Charles Rogers 93 ClaremontLord Charles W 151 Waverley avLord 1) Frank 27 Washington pk NvLord Fannie I Miss 47 Forest N HLuardLucasLucasLucasLucasLucasNvCaroline Mrs 195 Lowell av NvElbridge A 90 Mill N CGeorge 15 Rossmere NvRodney M Mrs 20 Hunter W NWalter M 20 Hunter W NWilliam H Mrs 114 Kirkstall rdLord J T 1(54 Highland av NvLord Kenneth A 17 BelmontLord Marion W Miss 93 ClaremontLord ^Nlyra B Mrs 17 BelmontLorey Adolph E 29 Studio rd AuLoring Edward 0 169 WashingtonLoring _ Richard T Rev 311 Lowell av NvLoring Robert P Dr, 19 Crescent av, N ULoring Rose Miss 115 Shornecliffe rdLoring S D 9 Crescent av N CLothrop B II 230 Walnut XvLothrop John F 36 Central av NvLothrop W H 46 Central av NvLotz John R 59 Oxford rd N CLoud George R 93 Carver rd N HLoud Willard H 81 Varick rd WLoughrey Joseph C Mrs 989 Bovlston NIILoukes Lunette M Mis 51 Davis av W NLovejoy Ernest F 102 Lenox W NLoveland Fred H Ruthven rdLoveland T 0 Dr 9 ElmwoodNovell Joseph N 257 Otis W NLovell Walter Mrs 120 CourtNvLudlam E Gordon 17 Lee rd C HLudlam Joseph S Mrs 17 Lee rd C HLudy Peter D 87 Floral N HLuitwieler Clarence S 24 Duncklee N HLuitwieler Edward B 24 Duncklee N HLuitwieler Helen Miss 24 Duncklee N HLuke Arthur F 221 Prince W NLund F V Miss 51 Oakwood rd NvLunt William F Mrs 371 Newtonvilleav NvLuther Charles E Jr 341 Cabot NvLuther Eben 2nd 15 Hillside rd N HLutz Harry Rev 91 ParkLyman Gladys Miss 292 Lake av N HLyman Mabel B Mrs 292 Lake av N HLynde Charles R 20 Cloelia ter NvLyon Albert M 567 Walnut NvLyon Stephen C 47 Paul N CLyons Anna Mrs 42 Auburn W NLvons Charles J 190 Langlev rd N CLyons Joseph P 33 Waldorf Vd N HLyons Thomas T 33 Washington pk NvLvthgoe Hermann C 36 Fair Oaks av*NvLovett Arthur T 221 Mt Vernon W NLovett George L Mrs 221 Mt Vernon WLovett The blisses 221 Mt Vernon W NMacCallumMacDonaldMacDonaldMacDonaldCharles A 88 Forest N HDonald 58 Highland av NvGeorge A 745 Beacon N CJohn 28 Ash Au

192 NEWTON BLUE BOOKMacDonaldW .MacdonaldMacDonaldNvJohn A Dr 92 CroftonJohn 151 Warren N 0The Misses 58 HighlandMacdonald Wm H 152 Oakleigh rdMacDonald Wm J 95 Court NvMacDonnell Hugh 161 'Sumner N CMacDougall Alexander J 34 Oak terHMacdougallJames M 46MacFarlane Daniel S 21MacGregor J James 1586rdavNPelham N CAberdeen N HCentre N HMacKenzie Lydia Mrs 2 Edinboro pi NvMac Knight W A P 448 Ward N CMack E W Mrs 749 CentreMac Leod Allan M 37 Clark N CMacleod John N 130 Clark N CMac Lure Dorothy L Miss 60 EldredgeMacLure Henry G 60 EldredgeMacLure Laurens Rev 60 EldredgeMac Naught on Donald 0 58 Adella av WNMacomber Dorothea Miss 23 Prince W NMacomber Grace Miss, 535 Wteird N CMacomber Katharine L Miss 23 Prince WNMacqueen A M Miss 6 Middlesex CircleC HMadden M L 790 CentreMagarity Eleanor H Miss 15 EldredgeMague Francis J 1776 Washington AuMacomber Betsey A Miss 56 Crescent avN CMacomberMacomberMacomberMacomberN CMacRae JMaddocksCMagoleyMagoleyMagoleyMahoneyMahoneyMahoneyMalcolmDonald Dr 76 Prince W NFrancis E 23 Prince W NG B H 171 Highland av NvWilliam Mrs 56 Crescent avJ 70 Elm W NMaude Miss 42 Berwick rd NEllen Mrs 8 EldredgeJohn J 8 EldredgeThe Misses 8 EldredgeEdward Dr 511 Watertown NvMorgan 511 Watertown NvThe Misses 511 Watertown NvGeorge F 587 Walnut NvMallalieu Willard E 42 Grove AuMallalieu W F Mrs 42 Grove AuMallett Stephen 97 Washington pk NvMallett Stephen P Dr 97 Washington pkNvMalone Aloysius Rev 573 WashingtonNvMandell Robert E 99 Shornecliffe rdMann Albert 45 Sewall W NMann Fred E 44 Harvard NvManningManningManningManningJohn P 204 LangleySam W 83 Lenox WThe Misses 611 CentreTheodore Mrs 011 CentreWilliam 31 Bowers NvManningMansfield Ellen A Mrs 14 Hillside rd NHNvMansfield Henrv A 67 WalnutMansfield K 65'Parker N CMarch Fred N 102 GrasmereMarcyMarcyMarcyrd N CXGrosvenor D W 9 Saxon rd N HH M Miss 148 ChurchDr H O Jr 140 SargentMarden Wendell P 15 Sumner N CMarr Llewellyn A 7 Ashmont rd WMarriner Henrv W 156 Hammond C HMars Walter E 269 ChurchMarsh Edward A 319 Highland av W NMarsh Frederick G 584 Chestnut WMarsh George E 296 Lake av N HMarsh George W 58 Cross W NMarsh Margaret Mrs 43 Cross W NMarsh Walter H 198 Lowell av NvMarsh W V V 53 Newtonville avMarshall Andrew 177 Langley rd N CMarshall Augustus 17 WillardMarshall Charles P 121 Hunnewell avMarshall Frank L Dr 15 Crystal N CMarshall Harry H 48 Glenwood av N CMarshall Henry H 156 Grant av N CMarshall 'H Newton 141 Grant av N CMarshall John 15 Saxon rd N ±iMarshall Loring L 129 GrasmereMarshall Louis H Dr 14 Hartford N HMarshall Mary G Miss 41 Commonwealthav C HMarshall Mary H Miss 9 The Ledges rdN CMarshall Norman 107 Chestnut W NMarshallThe Misses 17 WillardWarner 67 Clyde NvMarshallMarshman Hemy J Mrs 86 ParkMarston Albert H 243 Ward N CMarston Frank E 63 Bowdoin N HMarston J C 20 Pelham N C

NEWTON BLUE BOOK IP 3Marston M Chester 28 Knowles N CMarston William H 17 Austin NvMarston Walter M 22 Glenwood av N CMartin Andrew J 1887 Commonwealthav AuMartin Augusta H Mrs 34 Hartford X HMartinMartinMartinMartinMartinC HMartinMartinMartinMartinHA P 07 Madison av NvEdwin S 111 Suffolk rd C HGeorge E Rev 86 11 uncock AuGeorge H 15 Prescott NvGeorge J 219 CommonwealthavH Gordon 950 Boylston X HLouis B 29 Chesley rd N CMary R Mrs 55 Prescott NvSusan W Mrs 111 Suffolk rd CMarvin Nelson A 192 Pine Ridge rd WMarvin Thomas 0 274 Chestnut W NMason Arthur E 158 Prince W N .Mason E A Mrs 15 Moreland av N CMason Frank A 107 Homer N CMason Fred L 319 BellevueMason Howard R 306 FranklinMason John E Jr 21 Bradford rd N HMason Robert H 652 Chestnut WMasters J Edward 970 Centre N CMathews Henry H 908 Beacon N CMatlack Charles 85 Berkeley WNMatteson E A Miss 1828 Washington AuMatthews Harry N 60 Carlton rd WMawson Alfred S 16 Otis Place NvMaxim Maynard 78 Walker Nv.May Anna Mrs 35 Gray Cliff rd N CMay George E Dr 661 Commonwealth avNMayMayMayavMayCJohn B Dr 46 Waban av WSamuel P 272 CentreShirley Miss 661 CommonwealthN CWilliam T 35 Gray Cliff rd N CMayer Joseph 70 ArlingtonMayers George Dr 30 Vista av AuMavnard Charles J 457 Crafts W NMavnardMaynardMavnardMarlon J 34 Harrison X HOtis R 49 Collins rd WPearl A Miss 457 Crafts WMavo Lawrence 257 Chestnut W NMayo Lieut 41 Commonwealth av CMcAdams Edmund J 25 Pleasant NMcAdams William M L 1624 Centre XMcAfee James E 130 FranklinNHCHMcAleer Francis W 40 Chestnut ter X CMcAleer Peter J G Grove Au•McAllister Mary G Mrs 94 Central AuMcAnslan Albert H 14 Loring X CMeCabe Robert W 2(i Willow X CMcCandlish James 24 Breamore rdMcCarthy Charles F 9 Warren av W X"McCarthy C J 21 Furber Lane X" CMcCarthy Dennis 54 Margin W NMcCarthy Eugene Dr 54 ParkMcCarthy Jeremiah J 42 Fairmont avMcCarthy William F 17 Glenwood av NCMcCertney L E Mrs 98 Court NvMcClellan Wm J 49 Washington pk NvMcClelland Oscar D 20 Braeland av N CMcClelland Robert M 189 Sumner N CMcConnell Ira W 125 Aspen av AuMcCoy George M Jr 25 Somerset rd W NMcCrea A 275 TremontMeCready John H 3 Columbus N HMcCrudden Edward 106 Harvard NvMcCullough John 39 Irving N CMcCoy George M Jr 25 Somerset rd W NMcDavitt Clarence 70 Washington pk NvMcDonald Angus 154 WarrenMcDonald Daniel 28 Pelham N CMcDonald Fannie H Miss 37 Pelham X" CMcDonald John 28 Ash AuMcDonald Joseph A 14 Central ter AuMcDonald Joseph P 182 TremontMcDonald Margaret Mrs 37 Pelham X CMcDonald Marv M Miss 37 Pelham X CMcDonald Michael 162 Warren N CMcElwain Henry 28 MarlboroMcFarlane I F Mrs 65 Bowers NvMcGee Chauncey B 765 Chestnut WMcGee Fannie M Dr 765 Chestnut WMcGill Frederick T 43 Fisher av N HMcGill Margaret Miss 82 Madison av NvMeG la string B J 74 Circuit av N HMcGlinchie Andrew J 54 Elm rd NvMcGrady Henry 48 Sumner N CMcGradv Eleanor Miss 48 Sumner N ct/Margaret Miss 48 Sumner N cMcGradvMcGradv Mary Miss 48 Sumner X CMcGrath John 139 Cvpress N CMcOrath William F 46 Homer N CMcGregor John J 2»i7 Commonwealth avC H

194 NEWTON BLUE BOOKMoGregory Martha C Mrs 270 Uplandrd NvMcGuire Robert Mrs 15 Eastbourne rdX CMclnnis Joseph 66 Mill N CMeltosli Frederick L Dr 36 Billings pkMcintosh Harry D 41 Central av NvMcKay Donald' D 49 Columbus N HMcKean J Arthur 20 Harrison N HMcKee David M 504 CentreMcXee William E 504 CentreMcKeon John L 119 Lowell av NvMeKeiTcnv H Gardner 230 Walnut NvMcKey Arthur W 131 Grant av N CMead Julian A Mrs 115 JewettMeade John P 145 Middlesex rd C HMeade Xatherine Miss 74 Bowen N CMeisner Perley E, 139 Rowe AuMelcher Alice J Mrs 35 Berwick rd N CMelcher Arthur 58 Bowen N CMelcher Lewis C Mrs 58 Bowen N CMelcher M W 77 Lakewood rd N HMeleney- Sydney P 30 Tarleton rd N CMellen Albert H 69 Allerton rd N HMellen George H 291 Lake av N HMellen George H Jr 170 Lincoln N HMellen Harrison W 170 Lincoln X HMelius Edward Dr 419 Waverley avMcKev John 2G6 Lake avN HMelodyThomas F 221 Auburn Au

XI-;WTOX BLUE BOOK 19 5Millard William Arthur 11 Washburn avAuMiller Albert E 109 Commonwealth avC HMiller A A Miss 20 Woodside rd NvMiller Benjamin D 11 Edinboro pi NvMiller Carl G M 21 Austin NvMiller Caroline Mrs 49 Woodbine AuMiller Charlton D 20 Hillside rd N HMiller Edward F 538 Ward N CMiller Ernest L 20 Woodside rd NvMiller Frank L G77 Chestnut WMiller Franklin T 30 Grove AuMiller Fred R 330 Central AuMiller George A Mrs 3 VernonMiller George D 44 Norwood av N CMiller George E 44 Norwood av N CMiller Grace E Miss 677 Chestnut WMiller Hiram Allen 15 Dimcklee N ,HMiller Marion F Miss 677 Chestnut WMiller Roland V 61 Westbourne rd N CMiller Hoy 49 Woodbine AuMiller Rov Lee 30 Woodbine AuMiller William F 146 Hammond C HMilliken Harry E 81 Neshobe rd WMilliken Harry Nason 151 FranklinMills Charles R 26 Bowen N CMills Charlotte Miss 66 Fisher av N IIMills Edmond G 52 ArlingtonMills Florence Miss 11 Austin NvMills Robert 184 Gibbs N CMills Silas R 66 Fisher av N HMil nor John F 65 Oxford rd N CMiner Alfred N Jr 22 Clafiin pi NvMiner Lewis S 186 Auburn AuMiner L M S Dr 255 Mill avMitchellMitchellMitchellMitchellMitchellMitchellMitchellMitchellN CMitchellMitchellA R Mrs 315 Walnut NvCharles 89 Forest N HEdward A 52 Clyde NvFrederick M 65 Adella av W NHenry C 97 Hillside av W NS Hardy 3 Moreland av N CS K Mis 952 Beacon N CWin II 533 Commonwealth avWilliam II 3 Oak ter N ITWm Mrs 430 CentreMitt on E Miss 23 Kenwood av N CMoher B Miss 144 Clark N CMoher Martin 144 Clark N CMoir Edith R Miss 334 Hammond C 11Moir John 334 Hammond C HMoir Robert W 78 Woodbine AuMoll Edward 28 VernonMonaghan Agnes F Miss 1516 WashingtonW NMonaghan Benjamin F 1516 WashingtonW NMonaghan Edward F 1516 WashingtonW NMonaghan Richard J 1516 WashingtonW NMonk Carl F 186 Woodward N HMonk Helen M Miss 129 Moffat rd WMonroe George O 23 Stearns N CMonroe Moses D 136 Warren N CMontgomery Alexander 125 Warren N CMoore Bertha Miss 199 ChinchMoore Burton W 386 Cherry W NMoore Charles B 147 Sumner N CMoore Clarence V 35 WesleyMoore Edith Miss 173 Oakleigh rdMoore Edward M 60 PembrokeMoore Fannie Miss 199 ChurchMoore Florence D Mrs 59 FlighlandNvMoore GeorgeMoore Georg eMoore GladysMoore HaroldMooreMooreMooreMooreC Dr 112 Pleasant N CH 86 Crofton id WMiss 199 Church199 ChurchHoward Dr 319 BellevueJames T Mrs 40 ParkJohn S 147 Sumner N CJoseph W 39 Chester N HavMoore Louis E 199 ChurchMoore Louis E 270 Mill NvMoore Mary E Mrs 46 Plymouth rd NHMoore Mildred D Miss 39 Chester N HMooreMooreMooreMooreStephen 173 Oakleigh rdS Wallace Mix 173 Oakleigh rdWalter 267 ChurchWilliam E 55 Hillside rd N HMorehouse R D Mrs 67 Prescott NvMorgan Ethel E Miss 399 Central AuMorgan Frank H 430 Winchester N HMoruan John D Mrs 38 RichardsonMorgan S St John 27 Circuit rd C HMorgan S M 430 Winchester N HMoriarty A W 711 Beacon N CMoriartv Ellen T Mrs 202 Homer N CMorlev 'Herbert S 119 Cedar N CMorrill Fannie E Miss 413 Cherry W NMorrill Lyman B 515 Crafts W N

196 NEWTON BLUE BOOKMorris Frances M Dr 108 Nehoiden rdWMorris Joana B Mrs 131 Avalon rd WMorris Nit a Miss 117 Cypress X CMorrison George Ernest 20 Monadnockrd N CMorrow Helen E Miss 462 Walnut XvMorse Carroll W 60 Oxford rd X CMorseMorseMorseMorseMorseMorseMorseMorseMorseMorseMorseMorseMorseMorseMorseMorseMorssMortonMortonMortonMortonMortonMortonHMortonMortonMosherC Haviland 49 Brookside av XvC L Mrs 21 Morseland avC Willis 60 Oxford rd X CWillard 41 Clark X CEdwin J Dr 128 Avalon rd WElla E Mrs 421 Woleott AuGenevieve Miss 120 Court NvGeorge W Mrs 120 Court NvHarry F 114 Sliornecliffe rdHerbert B 421 Wolcott AuHcnvard 61 Allerton rd X" HJames A 142 WashingtonMarion Miss 61 Allerton rd X HSylvanus G 19 Loring X CThe Misses 21 Morseland av N CWilliam P 34 Fairfax W XCharles A 164 C H rd C HAlice Miss 80 Elm W X TChester A 80 Elm W X"Francis F 14 Wessex rd X CHawley W 21 Knowles X CHelen'Miss 186 Highland av NvLorania C Miss 326 Lake av NMarcus Hon 186 Highland av NvMary Miss 95 Dudley rd N CS J Mrs 839 Beacon N CMosman Marguerite Miss 360 CommonwealthN CMosman William A 360 Commonwealthav N CMotley The Misses 42 Lawrence rd C HMott Louis P 24 PearlMoulton Erastus Mrs 1028 Walnut N HMoultonMoultonC L 529 California NvE Burt 1028 Walnut N HMoulton Rufus H 44 Dickerman rd N HMudge Arthur C 68 PembrokeMuldoon Walter I 254 Langley rd N CMullen J Ernest 2396 Commonwealthav AuMullen T W 1652 Centre N HMumford Charles M 17 Stearns N CMumford Georjre S 24 Essex rd C HMunroe Arthur B 169 Mt Vernon XvGeorge W 103 Floral X HGuv M 169 Mt Vernon NvJ A 50 Dudlev rd X CJ Francis 92 Dedham X HMunroeMunroeMunroeMunroeMunsellMunsellMunsellC HA Ector 65 Middlesex rd CA H 65 Middlesex rd C HMargaret Mi-- 65 MiddlesexMurdoch John Mrs Sr 32 Prince W XMiirdock Francis 261 CentreMurdock Harold 81 Middlesex rd C HMurphyMurphyMurphyMurphyMurphyMurphyMurphyMurphyMurravMurrayMurrayMurrayMurrayMusteeMutlierMutlierMutlierMutlierMutlierXagleXagleXa°*leXagleXagleXallyXashXashXashXashHarry W 28 Pleasant X GJ G'l57 Langlev rd X CJ J oi) Elm Wi XL E Mrs 27 Pelhara X CMartin 58 Court XvRalph A 27 Pelham X CThomas J 51 Bourne AuTimothv J 31 Central AuJohn H'25 Trowbridce X CHrdJohn H Jr 27 Trowbridge X CJames 743 Beacon X CPatrick A 184 WashingtonThomas F 5S4 CentreA J Rev 91 Walker XvA W 234 Lano-lev rd ^ CHerbert C 27 Waverly avLor en z 27 Waverlev avLorenz F 80 Elgin X CRobert W 26 Bovlston rd XArthur R 230 Walnut NvEleanor Miss 141 Crafts NVE S Mrs 141 Crafts XvFrank L 83 Xirkstall rd NvL T Dr 931 Washington NvCharles E 936 Watertown WFrederick C 10 Oak ter X HGeorge M Mrs 64 Fairmont avHenry R 21 Studio rd AuWilmar H 290 Central AuW E 1015 Washington NvXa shNason Frank 188 Woodland rd AuNathan A Barnett 396 Ward X CXathan Frank N 518 CommonwealthN CNau J Liston 22 Madison av XvXaugler Winsor B 35 Lake wood rd X HNauss George B 109 Walnut NvNaylor L H Dr 169 Hunnewell avHXav

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 19;Neal Victor 42:5 Ward N CNeall N J 40 Crafts rd C HNealley Harry A 1(5 Garden idNeedham David B 109 Lowell av NvNeff Robert W 23 Forest av W XXeilsen Fdwin Dr 35 Webster W XXeilsen Gustof A 35 Webster W XXelson Alice Miss 25 Prescott XvXelson Ellwood M Mrs 1091 Centre N CXelson Orris W 91 Lenox W XXelson Win H 41 Everett X CNero John B 15 Knowles X CNero William E 15 Knowles X CXesbitt Harold E 127 Crafts rd C HXess Thomas W 207 Lincoln N HNettleton Ralph B 805 Commonwealthav N CNenschafer Fred 807 Chestnut WXewcomb Charles G 19 PearlXewcomb Wm S 206 Sumner N CXewell Carrie D Mrs 947 BoylstonNewell Channing P 87 Chestnut WXewell Charles 803 Watertown WNewell George F 87 Chestnut W NNewell James B 803 Watertown WXewell Perrin C 1623 Centre N HNewell Robert W 20 Exeter W NX HNNXewell Walter C 2 Willow ter X CNewhall Charles H Dr 39 Forest X HNewhall Emma X Miss 85 Hillside avW XNewhall Francis 104 Temple W XNewhall George W 85 Hillside av W NNewhall Guilford S 62 Hartford N HNewhall Sarah S Miss 39 Forest N FTNewman A Parker 130 Upland rd WNewman Thomas S 406 Lexington AnNewstead William 1081 Washington WNNewtonNewtonNewtonNew tonClarence L (Hi Lenox W NClub House Walnut NvFrederic 11 24 Fountain W XHelen C Mi- 47(i Heath C Hdames S 470 Heath C HNewtonNewton -fames s Mrs 470 Heath C HNewton Rosamond Miss 476 Heath C IINewton Theological Institution, Institutionav X CNichol Walter B 17 Chester X HNichols Chester W 18 Norman rd X IINichols Elk Miss 523 Watertown NvNichols F G Miss 523 Watertown NvNNichols George E 3(5 Irving N CNichols Henry J 321 Cabot NvNichols Herbert Dr 219 Commonwealthav C HNichols Philip 234 ParkNichols Wallace H 43 Hillside rd N HNicholson Ruth Miss 413 Cherrv W NNicholsonNickersonNickersonXvXickersonNickersonX HXlekersonWilliam 413 Cherrv vV NAngelia Miss 153 Walnut XvFrances L Miss 2G Lowell avHenry B 86 Prescott XvMinnie A Miss 34 HartfordTheodore C 20 Lowell av NvXiles Nathaniel W 157 Middlesex rd CHXixonXobleXobleXobleX^obleX CNobleCErnest 29 Trowbridge av NvA F Jenison NvCharles T Rev 119 Lincoln XJohn J Mrs 31 Pleasant X CRebecca Mrs 35 BracebridgeWilliam M 35 Bracebridge rdNoetzel William C 2 Bradford ct N CNolan John K 1011 Washington NvNolan T J 18 Webster W NNoonan Gerald H 5 Bellingham rd N HNorman Lawrence F 118 Lowell av NvNorris Alfred S 23 Glemvood av N CXorrisXorrisNorthXorthJames S 200 ChurchWinthrop G 18 Bowdoin N IIHoward M 162 Waban av WIsaac F 70 Montvale rd N CJane L Mrs 210 BellevueNorthNorthgate Club House 15 North Gate pkW XXorton A H 9 Delmore rd N HNorton C A Miss 17 Meredith av X^ HXorton Hannah E Mrs 17 Meredith avX HXorton Henrv A 25 Highland av XvXorton Howard 109 Oakleigh rdNorton John F 25 Groveland AnX^ott Charles A 25-31 Highland av XvXott E L Miss 14 Clan in pi Xv -X^ourse Walter L 451 Crafts W XNowers Francis E 62 Margin W XNoyes Agnes McA Mrs 181 Gibbs X CXoves Ann D Mrs 213 Lincoln X HXoves B M Miss 16 Williston rd AuHrdX

198 NEWTON" BLUE BOOKNoyesNoyesNoyesNoyesNoyesNoyesNoyesNoyesNoyesNoyesNoyesNvNugent WilliamNunez V E 110Nutter Isabel FNutting ElmerCharles W 271 Chestnut W NEdward M Rev 9 Laurel N CEthel W 178 Sumner N CGilbert H 12 Rockledge rd N HHerman M 257 Auburndale av AuInez C Mrs 55 Aspen av AuJohn H Mrs 178 Sumner N CMargaret G Miss 55 Aspen av AuThe Misses 181 Gibbs N CWaldo 55 Aspen av AuWilliam T Dr 33 Washington pkD 63 Page rd NvWebster W NMiss 15 Sumner N CW .219 Comimonwealthav C HNye Ira C 83 Carver rd N HNye Walter B 39 Kingsbury rd C HOakes Catherine Miss 100 Upland rd WOakesOakesOakesF L Mrs 41 RichardsonLawson W 235 Lincoln N HWilliam H 100 Upland rd WSanatorium 564 California NvOaksO'Barton Ernest 20 Vista av AuOber Colon S 42 Central AuOber Mabel P Miss 42 Central AuOberliauser Edith A Mrs 17 Perkins WNO'BrienO'BrienO'BrienC HJames W Mrs 36 Dexter rd NvH J 219 Commonwealth av C ITWalter A 295 Commonwealth avO'Connor Bertha E Miss 44 Erie av N IIO'Connor Frederick A 44 Erie av N HO'Connor Michael 46 Walnut pkOdell James E 35 Rossmere Nv #O'Donnell Dennis J 341 Lexington AuO'Donnell Francis M Dr 619 WashingtonNvO'Donnell Paul 619 Washington NvOgden Amy L Miss 57 Fisher av N HOgdenOgdenOgdenCecil 16 Adella av W NCharles 57 Fisher av N LIFlorence Miss 57 Fisher av N LIIra B 27 Dale NvOgdenOgg William A 16 Bradford rd N HO'Grady H A 23 Broadway NvO'Halloran Edward P 101 Central av NvOhler Henrv E 59 Pleasant N COhlson 01 of 472 Crafts W NO'Leary Denis 55 Wlilliston rd AuOlmstead I E Mrs 150 Harvard NvO'Neil G Mrs 846 Watertown W NO'Neill John 802 Watertown W NOrcutt Frank Y 41 Brooks av NvOrdwayOrdwayGroveEarl H 268 Melrose AuElizabeth Thomson Miss 162AuOrdway Herbert I 111 Gibbs N COrr Horace W 39 Bowers NvOrrell Ephraim Jr 12 Avondale rdOsborn Frank R 35 Pleasant N COsborn Mary R Miss 111 Lincoln NOsborne William S 319 Cabot NvOsgood Annie L Miss 50 ParkOsgood A W 612 WatertownOsgoodOsgoodOsgoodOsgoodOsgoodavNvN CC H 112 Woodbine AuE S Mrs 50 Park avGeorge L Jr 111 Parker N CH W 10 Hyde N HIsaac F Mrs 51 Winthrop W BTO'Sullivan Fred A 116 Harvard NvOvington Earle L 472 Dedham N HOwen Clara Miss 58 Highland av NvOwen Frances Miss 58 Highland av NvOwen George 36 HollisOwen Wilfred 621 Walnut NvOwens Harry Bates 21 Walnut NvOwens M E Mrs 174 Newtonville avPackard Clayton S 25 WesleyPackard L D Mrs 71 Woodland rd AuPackard Roscoe M 46 Floral N HPadelford F W Rev 21 Chase N CPage Edward 399 Newtonville av NvPage Emma A Miss 52 Page rd NvPage George A 1117 Boylston C HPage George S Mrs 293* FranklinPage Harrison 74 Washington pk NvPage Warren B 1048 Walnut N HPaine Ernest W 5 HoveyPaine John A 17 Somerset rd W NPaine Mary L Miss 78 Cypress N CPaineWPainePainePainePainePainePaineN Emmons Dr 1650 WashingtonNSidneyWalterWalterHP 78 Cvpress N C3E 77 Fair Oaks av NvJ 124 Crafts NvA 15 Webster pk W NWilburWilfred G 54 Woodbine AuW C 28 Walnut pi NvPainter Charles F Dr 78 Farlow rdPalmateer Albert 47 Hancock AuPalmer Benjamin 33 Eastbourne rd N C

M:\VTOX BLUE BOOK 191)Palmer BenjaminS Mrs 294 ChestnutPatten Christopher C 64 Crescent av XW NPalmer Charles S Dr 23 Park pi NvPalmer Irving O 30 Highland av NvPalmer James R 19 Bowdoin X 11Palmer John L 352 Cabot XvPalmer Joseph N 65 LombardPalmer Lionel G H 15 Moreland av N CPalmer Marie Miss 30 Highland av NvPalmer Mary B Miss 294 Chestnut W XPalmer William \V 352 Cabot NvPanunzio C M 00 Austin NvParent Louis W 398 Woodward WParent William B 39S Woodward WPark A II 75 Madison av NvPark -Jesse K 363 Walnut XvPark J Edgar Rev 3 Winthrop W NParker Charles S Dr 1047 Walnut N HParker Ethelbert 21 Washington pk NvParker Fannie B Miss 42 Oxford rd XCParker George 61 Islington rd AuParker George L 39 NonantumParker Helen C Miss 42 Oxford rd N CParker Horace Mrs 50 Aberdeen N HParker John E.irle 257 Waban av WParker Leroy L 868 Watertown W NParker Levi' Dr 1047 Walnut N HParker Lillian Miss 868 Watertown WXParker Pitt F 271 BellevueParker Robert B 9 Glen rd N 0Parker Virginia B Miss 97 Montvale rdX CParks Dana 166 Xewtonville AveParks Francis R 128 Crafts rd C IIParks Freddie T 38 Devon rd N CParmelee Willis G 16 Berwick rd N CParmenter Allan W 1665 Centre X" HParsons Frederick 35 Kelvelen rd WParsons Louis A Rev 60 Columbus N HPartridge Albert 111 Oakleigh rdPartridge G W Mrs 46 Bra el and av XCPartridge Wm H Mrs 23 PembrokePatey II Philip 57 Grove Hill av XvPaton dames H 613 California XvPaton J A 94 Fair Oaks av NvPatrick Henry B 64 Putnam W X'f.Patrick Honrv J Mrs 809 WashingtonXvCPatten William W 96 Floral X HPatterson Augustus 15 Page rd XvPatterson Richard 192 Grove AnPatton Cornelius H Rev 2(51 FranklinPatton John S 1033 Walnut N HPatton Richard 22 Florence ct XvPatton The Misses 261 FranklinPaul Harriett O Miss 1402 Centre X 0Paul Irving C 1402 Centre N CPaul John W 1457 Centre N CPaul Luther Mrs 1402 Centre N CPaul Mary J Mrs 1140 Boylston C HPaul Mary R Miss 1430 Centre X CPaul Samuel B 18 Ripley ter N CPaxton James 43 Elm woodPaxton William M 43 ElmwoodPayne Edward J Mrs 137 Lake av N CPayne John F 67 Bowers NvPayne Mary Miss 131 tis NvPayne Susie E Miss 131 Otis NvPayne William H 131 Otis NvPea'body Ellery 70 Temple W XPeabody Jessie S Miss 42 Central AuPeabody Walter B 119 Waban av WPeakes Charles A 7 Walnut NvPear Charles B 79 Central av NvPearson Alfred 45 Chesley rd X' CPearson Alice R Miss 36 Billings pkPearson Arthur E 367 Otis W NPearson Arthur M 45 Chesley rd N CPearson Charles L Dr 106 WashingtonPearson Henry G 140 Dudley id X CPearson Joseph W 15 BaldwinPearson Margaret G Mrs 703 CentrePearson Nella J Miss 367 Otis W NPearson Pauline Miss 45 Cheslev rdPearson William H 367 Otis W NPease Roger Q 48 Oxford rd X CPeck Charles A 25 Paul X CPeck C E A 266 Melrose AuPeck John V 260 Lake av N HPecker Charles 169 WashingtonPecker Herbert 169 WashingtonPeckham Frank S 1">I> ChurchPeekham Joseph E 4 Roekledae rd N HPeeler A M Mi^s 36 Willow N CPeirce Carl 29 MarlboroPeiree Fred N 252 FranklinPeirce F Lincoln 237 Mill Nv

200 NEWTON BLUE BOOKPeirce I Newton Mrs 252 FranklinPeirce Stuart 376 Newtonville av NvPeloubet Francis N Rev 132 Woodlandrd AuPelton Frank A 24 VernonPenny Loren W 213 Lincoln N HPentz rwim H 21 Park pi NvPerin Donald W 15 HoveyPerkins Delia Miss 104 WebsterPerkins Frank E 42 HollisPerkins John B Mrs 367 Central AuPerkins Miss 42 HollisPerkins Percy I 367 Central AuPerkins Raymond 473 Auburn AuPerkins S R 430 CentrePerkinsThe Misses 230 WalnutBryan S 41 Crafts rd CPermarPerrin Willard T Rev 2 BradfordPerrine (Lester 30 Groveland AuPerry Edward G 380 Waltham W NPerryPerryPerryPeriryPerryWFrank B 53 Stearns N CFrederick C 430 Walnut NvG Richard 15 Morseland av NHenry A 20 Duffield rd AuJ E 43 Bracebridge rd N CNNvHct N CPerry John R 700 Commonwealth av NCPerryPersonPetersNW F 25 Churchill NvH Grant Rev 14 Hyde avAndrew Mrs 1487 Washington WPeters George E Mrs 59 Prince W NPeters George Edwin 26 Sterling WPeters The Misses 1487 WashingtonNPetersonPetersonPetersonN CPeterson J O 274 Melrose AuPettesPhelpsPhelpsPhelpsPhelpsOtis F Mrs 65 Waldorf rdAgnes M Miss 46 NewburyArthur A 46 Newbury N CJ R Dr 14 Hillside rd N HWilliam J 55 Ballard N CCNVVCharles H 155 Oakleigh rdFrank 1,17 Cypress N CJosephine Miss 117 CypressPhilbrick H C 1839 Washington AuPhillips LeRoy 401 Woodward WPhillips Oliver 1627 Centre N HPhillips W Eugene H 181 Langley rd NCPhiloon Daniel L 160 Warren N CNNHCPhinney Charles H 27Phippen E A Mrs 70Phippen Mildred MissPhipps George G RevPhipps George V 196Pickard George P MrsDevon C HPembroke70 Pembroke1193 WalnutKent rd W62 Maple AuPickett Daniel I 213 Hunnewell TerPickhardt Carl E 302 Highland av WPierce Carlos T 1081 Centre N CCharles W 1081 Centre N CPiercePiercePiercePierceC HPiercePiercePiercePierceChester D 44 Rowe AuEarl H 575 Watertown NvEdwin W 41 CommonwealthN ttGeorge A Mrs 1081 Centre N CHerbert F 136 Eliot av W NHubert W 575 Watertown NvMabel E Miss 47 Forest N HPierce Ralph E 29 ElmwoodPierce Richard D 462 Walnut NvPierce Richard H 462 Walnut NvPierce William C 47 Forest N HPierpont Robert 46 Central AuPigot Mary Miss 182 Walnut NvPillman D E Miss 61 Prescott NvPillman Emanuel F 61 Prescott NvPillsbuTy Bertha M Miss 1073 Centre NCPillsbury William L 1073 Centre N CPinkham Henry B 11 CopleyPinkham Maria J Mrs 42 RichardsonPiper (Luther W 22 Aberdeen N HPiser Theodore H 155 Moffat rd WPitfield Charles H 49 Floral N HPitfield Harriet E Mrs 49 Floral N HPlace Herman R 29 Eden av W NPlant William F 83 CottonPiatt William R 138 Lincoln N HPlimpton Henry R 2d 11 Oxford rd N CPlimpton Louise Miss 131 Sumnei N CPlimpton Theodore A 131 Sumner N CPlumer Wm H 992 Beacon N CPlummer Arthur S 441 Lexington AuPlummer Fred 155 Woodland rd AuPlummer William E Mrs 155 Woodlandrd AuPluta Vincent A 130 Rowe ter AuPolhemus Abraham 18 Moreland av NPoling Daniel A Rev 139 Hancock AuPolly Benjamin W 50 Everett N CPomeroy H Sterling Dr 59 Grove AuNavC

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 201Pomeroy Kenneth 59 Grove AuPomeroy M T Mrs 260 Commonwealthav C HPomeroy Norman 59 Grove AuPomroy Home 24 HoveyPond G Fred 350 Auburndale av AuPond Lucius W 46 Mossfield rd WPoole A T Mrs 47 RichardsonPoole Edmund A Mrs 286 Waverley avPoole George B 23 Woodman rd C 11Poor Harris 0 100 Valentine W NPopePopePopePopePopePopePopePopePorterPorterPorterCPorterPorterPorterA Winthrop Mrs 169 WashingtonDr 87 Bowdoin N HEdward W 134 Hunnewell avEnoch L 30 Orient av N CEthel M Miss 345 Crafts NvFrank C 55 Ashton av N CT E 345 Crafts NvThe Misses 30 Orient av N CCharles H 19 Ridge rd W .Edgar K 44 Churchill NvEmma E Miss 137 Langley rd NErnest Mrs 137 Langley rd NFrank E Dr 409 Auburn AuJames M 21 Westbourne rd N CPorter Marianna C Miss 361 Austin W NPorter Sidney R 18 Tarleton rd N CPorter Wilbur T 82 Madison Av NvPorter William E 188 ChurchPorter William H 12 Putnam W NPotter Andrew B 398 Waltham W NPotter Charles A 398 Waltham W NPotter Elizabeth A Miss 398 WalthamW NPotter E Clifford 962 Centre N CHairy J 607 WashingtonHeleii Miss 414 Waltham W NJohn A 414 Waltham W NPotterPotterPotterPotterPowerPowersPowersPowersPowersPowersPowersKate Miss 74 Walnut pkTheresa V Miss 36 LowellCharles P 41 Chase N CHarry H 9 Billings PkJames P 40 Homer N CJoseph H 9 Billings PkJ B 309 Waltham W NLeland 66 Beaumont avSamuel L 96 Arlingtonav NNvPowersPratt Abner K 129 Gibbs N CPratt Albert S Mrs 77 Montvale rd NPratt Alfred L 667 Fisher av N HPratt Alfred S 21 Moreland av N CPratt Alfred Stuart Jr 73 Highland W NPrattPrattPrattPrattPrattPrattPrattPrattA Stuart 73 Highland W NCharles M 51 Highland W NChester B 27 Eddy W ND M 19 Parker N CFrank C Mrs 1203 Centre N CFrank H 51 Highland W NFrederick S 87 Highland W NGeorge W 129 Gibbs N CPratt Herbert G 100 BellevuePratt H Langdon 45 Everett N CPratt Katharine Miss 400 BellevuePratt Louis M 46 Suffolk rd C HPratt Louis M Jr 46 Suffolk rd CPratt Lucius G 73 Highland W NPratt Mabel S Miss 73 Highland W NPratt Norman F 223 Grant av N CPray Dorothy Miss 289 Highland av WNPray Frank Wendall 77 Kirkstall rd NvPray Samuel 289 Highland av W NPray Thornton C 77 Kirkstall rd NvPrescott Charles E 16 Cross W NPrescottPrescottAuPrescottPrescottPrescottPrescottPrescottC B Mrs 764 CentreEmma A Miss 1761 WashingtonJohn R 271 Crafts NvOtis B 764 CentreThe Misses 271 Crafts NvWalter C 29 Berwick rd N CWinfred 80 Hammond C HPrice Anna Miss 25 Page rd NvPrice Charles T 52 Washington pk NvPrice William 25 Page rd NvPriest Harry D 116 Aspen AuPriest Helene Miss 116 Aspen av AuPriest Henry A Mrs 74 Vista av AuPriest John' F 195 Woodland rd AnPi inee John T Mrs 15 Temple W NProctor Donald C 20 Trowbridge av NvProctor Frederick E 20 Trowbridge avNvProctorProctorRoger B 20 Trowbridge av NvThomas W 23 Hammond C HProudfoot George Mrs 15 Maple pk'NProudfoot Worcester 15 Maple pk NProut Henry B 02 Circuit rd C HProuty Homer F 63 Nehoiden rd WProvost Warren D 352 Waltham W NPry Frederick S 45 Forest N HHCC

\202 NEWT OX BLUE BOOKPudsey John R 731 Beacon N CPuffer Dexter R Mrs 198 Mt Vernon WNPuffer William L 198 Mt Vernon W NPullen W L 382 Ward N CPulsifer Charles T 366 Newtonville avNvPulsiferNvPulsiferPulsiferGeorge Royal 20 Birch Hill rdR M Mrs 20 Birch Hill rd N\Walter H 28 Clyde NvPurdy Edward B Mrs 67 Harvard NvPurdy John A 743 Washington NvPushee John E 159 Prince W NPutnam Adelaide Mrs 103 Webster pkW NPutnam Albert E Mrs 1482 WashingtonW NPutnam Frank W Dr 103 Webster pkVVNPutnamPutnamPutnamPutnamGeorge E B 16 Elmore N CGeorge N 8 Breamore rdNathan 114 Newtonville avNathaniel K Mrs 109 VernonPutnam Reginald F 1482 Washington WNPutnamSamuel P 26 Walnut pi NvWm E Jr 91 Spooner rd C HPutnamPyle Edwin W 36 VernonQuartz James 93 NonantumQuick Charles A 186 PleasantQuimby Arthur D 220 LowellN Cav NvQuinby Martha F Mrs 372 Cabot NvQuinby Theodore E 134 Upland rd WQuinby William 372 Cabot NvQuinn Charles E 43 Stearns N CQuinn John M 95 Highland av NvQuinn Sarah Mrs 55 Brooks av NvRackliffe John B Mrs 122 Shornecliffe rdRadcliffe W W 38 Vista av AuRafter J B Mrs 37 Crystal N CRafterRameeJustina C Miss 37 Crystal N CJames P 22 Warwick rd W NLuther M 38 Warwick rd W NRa m eeRamsbottom J G 86 Commonwealth avC HRamsey F Wallace 3 Willow ter N CRamsev Harry 132 Algonquin rd C HRand Abbie M Miss 247 Austin W NRand Ella C Miss 9 BaldwinRand George D Mrs 52 Grove AuRandRandRandRandHandMonroe C 48 Oak wood Rd NvN Louise Dr 247 Austin W NWaldron H Jr 139 Gibbs N CWilliam H 247 Austin W NZ M Miss 136 Gibbs N CRandall George M 228 Pleasant N CR mdlett Clarence W 2 Willow ter N CRane Frank W 1535 Beacon WRanlett Charles E Capt 376 Central AuRanlett Frederick J 357 Central AuRanlett S Alice Miss 376 Central AuRandlett Walter B 63 Bowen X CRatcliffe Frank H 15 Rice X CRatcliffe Wm L Mrs 284 FranklinRathburn Lemuel A 46 Cedar N CRathgaber Hubert A 25-31 Highland AvNvRatsev W J 73 Seminarv av AuRa\vson George A 41 VernonRa\vson S C Mrs 41 VernonRay Sarah M Mrs 174 Webster W XRaye William H 11 Rockledge rd N HRaymond Allen S Montvale rd X CRaymondRaymondRaymondRaymondCRaymondNvRaymondN CAnna A Miss Montvale rd NGrace B Miss Montvale rdHarr\MaryE 18 Eliot av W NL Miss Montvale rdPearl M Miss 195 Lowell AvRobert F Judge Montvale rdRaymond Robert F Jr Montvale rd NRayner Arthur W 131 Lake av N CRayner James E Hvde N HRead Edith B Miss'17 Paul N CRead Ethel A Miss 17 Paul N CRead Henry H 17 Paul N CReardon John A 59 Lowell AvReardon John A Jr 167 LowellNvav XvReav John O 21 Allerton rd N HRedding E N Mrs 56 Bowdoin N HRedfield Walton S 262 Otis W NReece Alonzo N 39 Adella av W NReed Arthur G 20 Lowell av NvReed Charles A 33 NonantumReed Chester N 360 Waltham W XReed Ernest C 51 Davis av W NReed E C 843 Watcrtown W XReed Fred L 77 Brookside av NvCXX-C

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 203Reed Henry B 3(50 Central AnReed H A Or 76 Chestnut WReed James H 1106 BoylstonNC HReed Martha S Mrs 12 Circuit av N HReed Theodore M 94 Madison av NvReed Theodore W 360 Central AuReed William R 52 Roekledge rd N HReese Charles E 135 JewettReeve Frederick A Rev 134 HunnewellavReeves Floyd C ilO Columbus Ter N HRe'.d Henry G Mrs 205 ChurchReidReidReidJames E 51 Crescent av N CMarietta P Dr 114 NewtonvilleR A Dr 36 Hyde avWilliam D Dr 78 Waverly avReidReinhardt George F 54 Waban av WReith John M 48 Madison Av NvRemick Frank E 31 Institution av NRemickFrank W 34 Exeter W N •George A 8 Cypress N CRemickRemick Harriet E Miss Bradford ct NRemick William F 31 Institution avCRemington Helen T Miss 61 Page Rd NvRemington J Augustus 15 Elm pi NvReno Morgan C Mrs 37 Oakwood rd NvResor Walter G 99 Crafts rd C HRetan Fred S 29 Forest av W NReynoldsReynoldsReynoldsReynoldsReynoldsReynoldsRhodes GeorgeRhodes GordonRhodes RobertRice Abbott BRiceRiceRiceRiceavCCNAlice G Miss 14 Bowdoin N HGeorge W 14 Bowdoin N HJohn J 55 Highland av NvJoseph A 54 Ballard N 0Richard P 51 Newell rd AuThomas F 54 Ashton av N CI 40 Madison av NvH 1647 Beacon WD Mrs 16 Omar Ter Nv106 Sumner N CA D 78 Walker NvAdams T 106 Sumner N CEdward 25 River W NEustace B 19 Shaw W NEvelyn Miss 25 River W NRiceRice Frederick B Mrs 96 Berkeley W NRice Grace F Mrs 96 Berkeley W NRiceRiceRiceRiceRichRichLincoln B QH Wildwood av W NOscar R 236 Waban av WWilliam T 16 Wiswall W NWm Henry 1032 Centre N CAlfred B 15 Ardmore rd W NBenjamin S 6 ChanningxRichRichRichRichRichRichRichardsRichardsRichardsRichardsD Bradlee 193 Gibbs N CHenry A 193 Gibbs N CS A Mrs 20 SargentS B Miss 20 SargentWm T 20 SargentWin T Jr 20 SargentRichardsonRicliardsonRichardsonNvRichardsonRichardsonRichardsonRichardsonav NvRichardsonRichardsonRichardsonRichardsonRichardsonRichardsonRichardsonW NRichardsonRichardsonAustin NvCC Grafton Mrs 31C H 1120 Centre NCharles W Mrs 23 Dale NvJames L 47 Kirkstall rd NvDaniel A 12 MarlboroEdward A 40 Austin NvFrances M Miss 51 PagerdFrank Mrs 51 Page rd NvFrank L 245 Woodward N HGeorge F 44 Marshall N CJames Herbert 109 HighlandJames P 598 Walnut NvJohn 382 Hammond C HLydia Miss 40 Austin NvNicholas 15 Park pi NvWalter D 31 Clyde NvWalter G 871 Beacon N 0William A 228 Highland avWm A 228 Highland av NvWm C 109 Highland av NvRichbury George 37 Knowles N CRichmond Etta M Miss 14 Claflin pi NvRichmond Henry P 63 Monadnock rdCRichmond Wallace E 77 Otis NvRichter Anna J Miss 105 Grant avRichter Emil H .105 Grant av N CRicker Albert A 1002 Beacon N CRicker Arthur 148 Waverley avRideout Henry A 31 Institution avRideout Thomas 76 Court NvRiderAuRiderAuRiderRiderRider± NN CN CElizabeth A Miss 36 Islington rdElizabeth H Mrs 36 Islington rdHenry Orne 36 Islington rd AnJ F 2212 Commonwealth av • AuJ Scott 17 Hancock AuRidpath M B Mrs 16 Islington rd AuRighter Lincoln 544 Walnut NvRiley Charles E 93 BellevueRiley Herbert S 60 Brooks! le av XvRiley Mabel L Miss 93 Bellevue

204 NEWTON BLUE BOOKRimbach M B Mrs 147 Crafts NvRindge Wellington 364 Waltham W NKing Elmer H 131 Crafts NvRiordan D C Rev 1321 Centre N CRipley Edwin F 457 Wolcott AuRipley Edwina R Mrs 457 Wolcott AuRipley E A Miss 457 Wolcott AuRipley Hubert G 30 Birch Hill rd NvRipley William Z Prof 38 Bracebridge rdN CRising Frederick C 84 Parker N CRising Julius A Mrs 3 Bradford ct N 0Rising Mary S Miss 3 Bradford ct N CRising Wm D 19 Chestnut ter N CRisteen Alvah C 48 Chesley rd N CRitchie James H 34 Hancock av N CRitter Theodore J Manemet rd N CRivinius Frank A 904 Watertown W NRivinius George F 102 Nehoiden rd WRoach Mary A Mrs 20 Bowen N CRobart Henry W 19 ArlingtonRobart Wm A 7 ArlingtonRobb E Donald 30 Grove Hill Av NvBobbins Chester M 2 Windermere rd AuRobbins Donald G 1665 Centre N IIRobbins Ella J Mrs 378 Cherry W NRobbins Hazel Miss 378 Cherry W NRobbins Flenry A 212 Chestnut W NRobbins Henry C 91 Allerton rd N IIRobbins Henry W 320 Chestnut W NRobbins W C*B 50 Dickerman rd N HRobblee D II 4 BaldwinRoberts George 54 Pine Ridge rd WRoberts George W Mrs 110 Webster WNRoberts Joshua S 141 Webster W NRoberts J Pearl 141 Webster W NRoberts Leonard G 80 Highland Av NvRoberts Sarah E Mrs 17 Meredith av ftHRoberts Vincent P 13 Tarleton rdRobertson Harold C 37 Waldorf .rd N HRobertson Mary J Mrs 16 Page rd NvRobertson The Misses 15 Margaret rd NIIRobins Harriet A Miss 230 Walnut NvRobinson Archie T 56 Woodcliff rd N IIRobinson Arthur Le Burton 194 Wabanav WRobinson Arthur W 19 Waban Hill rdC HRobinson Birney A Mrs 74 Page rd NvRobinson C D 2039 Commonwealth av AuRobinson Dorothy Friend Miss 194 W T a-ban av WRobinson Dwight P 47 Lawrence rd C IIRobinson Dwight W 5 Adella av W NRobinson E Arthur 49 Grove AuRobinson Ella M Miss 23 Williston rdAuRobinson Eliot H 54 Lakewood rd N HRobinson Frederick D 57 Grafton N CRobinson George H 12 Kimball ter NvRobinson G W 204 Homer N CRobinson Harold W 11 Waverley avRobinson Harriet Miss 230 .Walnut NvRobinson Harriette W Mrs 11 WaverleyavRobinson Helen Friend Mrs 194 Wabanav WRo'binson Henry W Mrs 376 LexingtonAuRobinson H A Miss 10 Omar ter NvRobinson John 38 RichardsonRobinson L E Mrs 23 Williston rd AuRobinson Miner 51 Park avRo>binson Miss 80 Madison Av NvRobinson Nellie E Mrs 264 Lowell av NvRobinson R B Mrs 16 Kendall terRobinson Sumner 9 Burnham rd W NRobinson William A 264 Lowell av NvRobinson William J 56 Woodcliff rd NH-Robinson W Isaac 146 Lincoln N HRobson Bertha V Miss 221 Crafts NvRobson Gertrude E Miss 221 Crafts NvRobson Joseph B 221 Crafts NvRochetti J Arthur Mrs 24 Pelham N 0Rockefeller John D 235 Melrose AuRockwood E Farnum 961 Beacon N CRodden Robert K 34 Irving N CRodden Robert Mrs 34 Irving N CRodgers William C 263 Auburndale AveAuRoffe A II 16 Cypress N CKoffe Helen E Miss 16 Cvpress N CRogers Alfred P Dr 10 Monadnock rd NCRogers Edwin H 105 Temple W NRogers Frederick A 566 CentreRogers Herbert 100 Prince W NRogers Horatio 381 Hammond C IT

NEWTON BLUE BOOKRogers Howard L 34 Spooner rd (' 11Rogers James B Mrs 78 Page rd KvRogers Jesse A 30 ParkRogers Leon B 28 Lenox W NRogers Lucian Waterman Rev 381 HammondC HRogers Rupert B 34 Woodcliff rd N HRogers The Misses 566 CentreThe Misses 4 HovevWilliam A Mrs 942 Beacon N CRogersRogersRoerersWilliam Herbert 841 Commonwealthav N CRogers William LI 78 Page rd NvRogerson Wm B 5 WillardRohlsen Henry E 425 Ward N CRolfe Charles W 49 Clvde NvRolfe M L Miss 49 Clyde NvRollins Ellen Miss 481 Hammond C HRollins John L 15 Magnolia avRollins Montgomery 481 Hammond *C HRomkey James A 41 Highland W NRoope George W 5 Birch Hill rd NvRoot Louis R 11 Central av NvRorabacli Alice P Miss 46 Braeland avN CRorabach John O 46 Braeland av N CRoscoe Noble E Mrs 659 Chestnut WR :seRoseRossRossRossRossRossHerbert E 32 Kelveden rd WW Alden 9 Gay NvAlma Miss 1200 Walnut N HC E A Dr 399 Cherry W NEleanor Mrs 370 Austin W NFrederick W 24 Allerton rd N HHarry B 1874 Commonwealth avAuRoss JosephLottieB 60 Greenwood av W NRoss A Mrs 17 Pulsifor NvRoss Louis S 414 Walnut NvPoSS Philip L 15 Sterling W NRottler Reuben L 4 Columbus tor N [iRowbotham George B 281 Prince W NRowe Fannie K Mrs 2 Bradford ct N CRowe Henry K 32 Oxford rd N CRoweH K 42 Plainfield WJulia M Mrs 99 Waban Hill rdRoweNorth C HRowe Sannie B 692 CommonwealthN CRowe Thomas A Mrs 18 Ripley N CRowe Thomas H 230 Walnut NvRowland W H 50 Harvard NvRowley H Esmond 20 Devon rd N CavRoy Thomas S Rev 40 Lincoln pk W NRoyce Charles A 19 Putnam V\ NRuby Catherine L Mrs 16 Hyde N IIRuby Edward A 16 Hyde N LIRudd Tracey A 51 Lake av N CRuddick John J 95 Webster pk W NRuddick Lillian Miss 95 Webster pk \\NRudy Frank H 412 Wolcott AuRuef Wm H 34 ParkRugg Edward L 14 Rice N CRuggles Frank W 387 Central AuRuhe Harvey G Mrs 268 Prince W NRuhe Helen L Miss 268 Prince W NRuhe Willard L 268 Prince W NRuiter Eunice Miss 252 FranklinRukhn Otto 32 Walnut Place NvRumery Edward M 297 Cabot NvRumery Mary A Mrs 410 Newton\i!ieav NvRumrill Frank 15 Norwood av N CRundlett Ethel M Miss 159 Prince W NRussell AlexanderRussell Alfred MRussell A L 1241Russell Frank VRussell Hiram FRussell J PorterRussell ThurburCSVRussellRussRussRustRustRustRustRustRyderRyderRyderRyderRyderRytherSabineSadlerSaffordSafford85 Manet rd C H603 California NvCentre N C73 AVashington Pk NvMrs 49 Pelham N C40 Shorncliffe rdF 73 Washington PkWilbur H 126 Glen av N CErnest F 25 Loring N CPercy P 21 HoveyDonald E 26 Kimball ter NvEdgar C 14 Norfolk rd C HEugene Mrs 98 Kirkstall rd NvE C 55 Devon C HFrederick W 98 Kirkstall rd NvCharles W 525 Walnut NvEverett T 500 CentreHarriet W 63 Hartford N HW E B Mrs 154 Lincoln N HW Vernon Dr 3 Ransom rd N CLeon E 90 Erie av N HCharles W Jr 360 Hammond C HFrank W 33 Somerset rd W NArthur T 40 Sewall W NWilliam C 155 Chestnut W NSage Charles D 21 Tarleton rd N CSagendorp'h George A 107 Crafts rd C HSt Amant Geo W 24 Hawthorne av AuSt Coeur Edward J 61 Marlboro

206 NEWTON BLUE BOOKSt John Industrial School WinchesterN HSt Lawrence Clarence A 263 Waban av WSalinger Alexander D 25 Prospect avNvSalmon George A 999 Walnut N IISaltonstall Eleanor Miss 25(5 Chestnutmill rd C HSaltonstall E P 245 Chestnut Hill rdC HSaltonstall Muriel Miss 256 ChestnutHill rd C HSaltonstall Richard 256 Chestnut Hillrd C HSaltonstall Richard M 256 Chestnut Hillrd C HSampson Albertina P Miss 102 FloralN HSampson Charles H 22 Ardmore rd W NSampson Charles H 25 Aberdeen N HSampson Edgar B 271 Lake av N HSampson Electa H Miss 102 Floral N HSampson Frank G 102 Floral N HSampson Gladys B Miss 161 Homer N CSampson Gordon G 161 Homer N CSampson Mabel A Miss 39 Bowdoin N HSampson Ora F 161 Homer N CSampson Willard L 321 TremontSanborn Rupert R 12 ChanningSanders Austin Mrs 25 Kimball ter NvSanderson Eva Miss 66 Davis av W NSanderson J B 66 Davis av W NSawtelle Mary S Mrs 52 Page rd NvSawyer Charles H 64 Homer N CSawyer Charles H 26 Bovl.ston rd N HSawyer Edwin F 52 EldredgeSawyer Fred S 37 Fairfax W NSawyer Henrv C 1619 Centre N HSawyer William G 71 Clark N CSayford Samuel M 42 Hyde avSavles Robert Wilcox 263 Hammond CHSchafer Howard W 37 Williston rd AuSchafer John H Mrs 20 Beechcroft rdSchaschke H W 77 Page rd NvSchauer Jerome 11 Ardmore ter W NScheehl Walter H 39 Windermere RdAuScherer Gaston A 33 BellevueSchermerhorn Edgar O 166 Oaklei^h rdSchipper Carl F 47 Trowbriu_e av NvSchipper Fred G 18 Washington pk NvSchirmer Cyrus T 25 Wachusett rd C HSchirmer Frank A 332 Commonwealthav C HSdimeltz W S 180 Carlton rd WSehmitt Jacob 83 Prospect W XSchmitz B H 6 Irvine X CSchofer Howard 1 *>S Mt Vernon XvSchofield Lane B 40 Borers XvScholield O L Dr 504 California XvSchraff George F 66 Kirkstall rd XvSchreiner Louis I 40 Rocklcdge rd X HSchroder J G 305 Lake av X HSandersonSandersonSandersonSandersonLeslie 56 Hartford N HRichard 26 Floral N HRichardson Jr 28 Floral N HWilliam E 360 Dedham N IISchultz Christian 303 Cabot XvSchweinfurth JH3 Middlesex Circle,HSchworer M B Miss 215 Brookline XCCSandford Fred G 292 Lake av N HSands Edward C Orchard N CSanger Calvin P Mrs 67 Eddy W NSargent Frederic E Mrs 399 Central AuSargent Joseph B 15 Claflin pi NvSargent Sidney B Dr 15 Perkins W NSargent Victoria H Mrs 384 Beacon C IISaunders George 96 Madison av NvSavage Albert A 68 Brooks av NvSavage Edward J 24 Bowdoin N HSavarv Edward E 12 Wiswall W NSaville William 126 Windsor rd WSaville William Jr 126 Windsor rd WSawin Charles A 8 Devon ter N CSawtelle Harry F 69 Nehoiden rd WScipione Charles 140 Walnut XvScoiield Amelia B Mrs 115 ParkScofield Cora L Miss 115 ParkScofield Frank P IS VernonScofield Harry C 4 Washington Pk XvScofield [Henry B 224 Newtonville avScott Albert L 30 Chase X CScott Charles 50 Margin W X'Scott E L Mrs 204 Austin XvScott Jarvis M 204 Austin XvScott Willard F 1530 Beacon WScott William 30 Chesley rd X CScovell Clinton H 110 GrasmereScudder Daniel Mrs 25 Fairfax W XScudder Maud C Miss 25 Fairfax W N

NEWTON" BLUE BOOK 20?Sears Gertrude I Miss 32 Prince W NSears Harold C 15 Circuit rd C HSeaver Joshua 112 ±iyde N HSeaver Martha Miss 39 Pine Ridge rd WSeaver W H Mrs 355 Walnut NvSeaverns Daniel 62 Marshall N CSeavey Albert G 70 Page rd NvSeavey Walter IISecconib DorothySeceomb Eben DSecconib Edward17 Suffolk rd C HMiss 12G Church126 ChurchO 126 ChurchSecord Beverly G 34 ChanningSederquist Arthur B 27 Cheswick rd AuSedgley Alton R 23 Webster W NSedgwick John S 21 Eloral N HSedgwick Mary E Miss 21 Floral N HSedlmaier Marie L Mrs 71 Elmhurst rdSedlmaier The Misses 71 Elmhurst rdSeeley Herbert G 495 Watertown NvSeeley James A 495 Watertown NvSegerson John 73 Fisher av N H *Selleck C W Mrs 15 Kimball ter NvSellman John H 38 Beechcroft rdSeiviwright Walter D 315 BellevueSeibert George A 367 Albermarle rd NvSeward Olive Miss 75 Brookside av N\Sexton Alfred 600 Beacon N CSexton William A 600 Beacon N CShales Alfred 24 Somerset rd WShapleigh Thomas W 31 Dunckle N HSharp Emily E Mrs 23 Waverly avSharp James C Rev 406 Woodward WSharp Walter 23 Waverly avSharpe Andrew Y 25 Bradford rd N HShattuck Benjamin F 39 Hillside av WNShaw Carlton L 3 Braemore rdSlieafe Ann W Miss 573 Hammond C HSheafe Edwin 573 Hammond C HShedd Harold W Dr 23 Dale NvShedd William E 38 Pudge av N CShedd Wm E Mrs 38 Ridge av N CSheehan Thomas R 61 Davis av W NSheldon Frank M Rev 28 Otis NvSheldon Frank M 32 Farlow rdSheldon Henry C Prof 383 Cherry W NShelton Wilbur N 355 Cabot NvShepard C C 354 Wolcott AuShepard Frederic C 118 Windermere rdAuShepard George W Mrs 22 Central AuShepard Robert K 80 Ashton av N CShepardson Spencer W 18 Maple avSherman Edward C 101 Nehoiden rd WEthel Miss 472 Walnut NvFrank M Dr 11 Fairview terShermanShermanW NShermanShermanShermanShermanFrederickGeorge GGeorgeGeorge t5MNS 583 Watertown Nv29 Boylston rd N H61 Spooner rd C HB 93 Floral N HSherman Harold B 297 Crafts NvSherman James H 7 Washington pk NvShermanShermanShermanNvShermanShermanShermanJohn P R 124 VernonLeighton R 583 Watertown NvLillie L Miss 7 Washington pkLouise R Miss 472 Walnut NvMarion Miss 472 Walnut NvSusan A Miss 32 HollisShirley Orville H 15 Davis W NShockley William G 39 Varick rd WShort Henry C 65 Carlton rd WlShowier John W 876 Watertown W NShult Emil F 123 Otis NvShumway Harold H 29 Bowdoin N HShurtleff Alfred D K 4 Middlesex CircleC HShute Eben 1091 Centre N CShute Frank A 28 Bowdoin N HSibley Emma M Miss 15 Blithedale NvSibley John L 53 Churchill NvSibley Lenora Miss 15 Blithedale NvSidney Lawrence H 118 Windermere rdAuSikes Byron L 205 Auburndale avSilber Albert H 129 Parker N CSilloway Benton 25 Highland av NvSi>er Seaforth 1241 Centre N CSimmon Albert E 48 Eldredgebimmon Martin M 48 EldredgeSimmons George 20 MarlboroSimon Webster G 337 Highland av W NSimonds John G 57 Hancock Au•Simons Charles H 10 Clyde NvSimons CHfton H 10 Clyde NvSimons Fred A 10 Clyde NvSimpson Edith Miss 5 Park pi NvSimpson G Fred 315 FranklinSimpson Hiram L 124 GrasmercSimpson John R 104 EldredgeSimpson Joseph B 57 Hunnewell avSimpson Samuel W Mrs 5 WillardSimpson Wm S 38 Lakewood rd N H

208 NEWTON BLUE BOOKSimson John 430 CentreSingleton Edward J 04 Erie avSingleton Mabel A Miss t>4 Erie av X HSisk Robert J 05 Islington rd AuSisson Albert T 55 Page rd NvSisson Lydia A Mrs 11 Fairview terW NSisson Walter 08 Austin NvSitgreaves M J Miss 377 Beacon C HSkelton Henry H 50 Hyde N HSkelton Matthew C 48 Chestnut ter N CSkinner Carrie M 175 Brookline N CSlade Daniel D Mrs 258 Hammond C ASlade Margaret B Miss 258 HammondC HSlade W H 3 Ashton av N CSladen Charles N 83 Lowell av NvSladen Marie F Miss 83 Lowell av NvSlattery Lawrence W Rev 573 WashingtonNvSloan Douglas 327 Cabot NvSloan The Misses 24 ChanningSlocum Charles P 202 Lake av N HSlocum Winfield S Mrs 424 Walnut NvSlocum Winfield S Jr 424 Walnut NvSly H Belden 313 Cabot NvSmall Alfred W 257 Lake av N HSmallSmallSmallSmallCharles C 85 Floral N HChester C 85 Floral N HFrancis 35 Aberdeen N HHarrison P Dr 42 Etein NCSmallwood Mary L Miss 527 WashingtonSmart George T Rev 11 Duncklee N HSmiley R W 37 Clark X CSmilie Edward S 30 Maple avSmithSmithSmithSmithAlexander 55 Bowen N CAlice H Mrs 129 Rowe AuAlice T Miss 930 Beacon N CAnna R Miss 1181 Centre N CArthur R 97 Berkeley W NSmithSmith A M Mrs 20 Norwood av N CSmith Charles A J 33 Woodland rd AuSmithSmithSmithSmithSmithN CSmithSmithCharles E 15 Woodward N HCharles L 130 Lake av N CCharles P 341 Walcott AuClarence C 020 CentreConstantia W Miss 147 SumnerCurtis N 08 LombardC Babbitt Mrs 3 Bradford Ct N CSmith C LI Mrs 271 Lake av N HSmith C R Mrs 330 CentreSmith David 509 California XvSmith Earle W 17 Tamworth rd WSmith Ed-ar J 19 Hvde X HSmith Edwin W Dr 457 CentreSmith Ernest 16 Delmore rd X HSmith E Ernest 19 Elmore X CSmith E L Miss 83 Sumner X CSmith E Story Mrs 45 Ashton av X CSmith E T Mrs 83 Brookside av XvSmith Francis S 59 Pine Ridge rd WSmith Franklin E 56 Fairmont avSmith Fred L 14 Webster AV XSmith F Bancroft 12 HovevSmith George 25 Bowen W CSmith George F 850 Beacon X CSmith George S 233 Grant av X CSmith Harriett B 80 Bowers XvSmith Harrv D 111 GrasmereSmith Herbert 33 Beaumont av XvSmith Herbert E 24 Garden rdSmith Herbert X 930 Beacon X Csmith James P 199 Lowell av XvSmith Jerome C 45 Devon rd X CSmith John E 91 Sumner X CSmith Joseph 57 Elmhurst rdSmith Lawrence Southwick 25 Fishe-- «*TN HSmith Leighton B 15S Central AuSmith Louis Carter 45 Elsin XEvelvn Miss 72 CHiehlaivlSmith MaryW NSmith Miles 42 Cheslev rd X CSmith M H 504 Ward N CSmithSmithSmithSmith Robert P 7S^ Erie av X TX Selwin Mrs 40 Lowell Av XvOliver A 147 Oakleigh RdP Marlborough 158 Central AuHSmith Rufus J 30 Elgin X CSmith Sidnev R 124 Hunnewell avSmith Stephen A 15 Wioodcliff rd X ITSmithSmithSmithSvlvanus 889 Wateftown W XS E Mrs 122 ShorneclitYe rdS F Mrs 1181 Centre X CThe Misses 40 Lowell av XvSmithSmith Walter I 44 Bourne AttSmith Wilfred Dwight 140 Highland YSNSmith William H 15S Central AuSmvth L E Mrs 50 Bowers Xv

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 20!)Smyth Winfield Scott 417 Newtonvilieav NvSpear Samuel J 498 Watertown NvSpeare Albert R 01 Montvale rd N CSnowSnowSnowSnowSnowAbby J Mrs 46 Berwick rdAlplieus W Mrs 21 PleasantJohn L 69 Pine Ridge rd WWilliam C 42 Westbourne rdWilliam G 11 Devon rd N CNCCN CSpeare Alden H 14 Crvstal N CSpeare Dorothy Miss 01 Montvale rd NGSpeare Edward R 61 Montvale rd N CSpeare Mary L Miss 27 WesleySnow William P 30 Woodbine AnSnyder George H 229 Hunnewell terSoden Arthur H 5 Park pi NvSoden Charles A R 5 Park pi NvSoden The Misses 5 Park pi NvSolomon Charles W 35 Pulsifer NvSolomon M W 144 Harvard NvSomerby Wm A 142 ChurchSoniers Charles B 128 Lowell av NvSomers Grace L Miss 128 Lowell av NvSomers Ralph H 128 Lowell av NvSomes Charles C 106 Linwood av NvSoule Charles M 18 Boylston rd N HSoule Herman C 82 Walnut pkSoule L M Mrs 18 Boylston rd N HSoule Samuel E 803 CommonwealthN CSoule William F 50 Rowe AuSoule William G 56 Farlow rdSoule Wm P 26 Broadway NvSoulia Herbert C 58 (Bowers NvSouther George W 79 Alban rd WSouthgate Walter B 56 Fisher av N HSouthwick Francis R 176 Waban av WSouthworth Robert A 287 Waban av WSpalding Atherton 38 Paul N CSpalding George F 38 Paul N CSpalding Wm A 25 Lee rd C HSparrow Albert W 1140 Boylston C HSparrow Marjorie Miss 1140 Boylston CHSpanlding Edward L 09 Webster pk WXSpaulding II M Mrs 02 Page Rd NvSpanlding Kabulv 12 Maple Au .Spanlding Robert E 38 Paul N CSpanlding Rosamond Miss 38 Paul N CSpanlding Wycliffe J 429 Wolcott AuSpear Abbie Miss 89 Walnut pkSpear Elizabeth Miss 89 Walnut pkSpear Ellis Jr 121 Bishops Gate rd NCSpear Gertrude L Miss 498 WatertownNvavSpeareSpeareN CS L B Mrs 27 WesleyVirginia Miss 61 MontvaleSpence Benjamin W 32 Norwood av N CSpencer C B 2202 Commonwealth av AuSpencer Henry C Dr 450 CentreSpicer Harry W 1900 Washington Aus -pofford Isaac B 322 Waverley av.SpoonerSpoonerSpragueSpragueSpragueSprague Henry W 52 Central AuSpragueSpragueSpraguerdCharlotte E Mrs 93 Hancock AuW Franklin 93 Hancock AuB A Miss 25 Chase N CEmma F Mrs 17 Perkins W NGoldwin S 25 ChurchH B Col 430 CentreLawrence A 17 Perkins W NW E Mrs 103 Madison av NvSprenger James A 43 Gay NvSpring W S Mrs 130 Walnut NvSpurrier William 6 ChurchSquire E Burnard 16 Washburn av AuStacey George K 882 Watertown W NStafford James A 340 Cabot NvStafford M H 343 Cabot NvStafford Walter K ;12 Breamore rdStandbridge George T 12 Glenwood avN CCarlton F 11 WillardElizabeth E Mrs 1196 Centre NStanleyStanleyCStanley Francis Edgar 638 CentreStanley Freelan O 337 Waverly avStanleyNewton F 16 BaldwinRaymond Walker 638 CentreStanleyStannard Edward M 70 Eddv W NStanton Fred W 23 Maple AuSteadman Alvah J 371 Austin WStearnsStearnsStearnsStearnsCharles C 111 Clark N CFrank E 11 Eden av W NFrank W 269 ParkFrederick B 35 Rowe AuFrederick M 37 Circuit rd CStearnsStearns Gordon W Mrs 123 SargentStebbins Harry B 86 SargentNH

210 NEWTON" BLUE BOOKSteele Frederick L 9 Clarlin pi NvSteele Harriette Miss 9 Clanin pi NvSteere Carl Dana 00 Clyde NvSteere George H 60 Clyde NvStoddardHStoddardStoddardStokes DEdna D Miss 88 Hammond CGeo Oakes 731 Washington NvO H Mrs 88 Hammond C HM 40 Webster W NSteere Mark 424 Walnut NvSteeves Mary E Miss 75 Elgin N CSteeves Sidney G 75 Elgin N CStephen Alexander L 703 Chestnut WStephenson Many B Mrs 3 Forest N HStephenson Milton E 3 Warren ter N CSternberg W XJ 1701 Washington AuSterns Katharine M Miss 176 Oakleigh rdStetson Clarence W 349 Dedham N HStetson Helen L Miss 700 Beacon N CStetson Herbert O 91 Pine Ridge rd WStetson H A Mrs 112 Institution av N CStetson William B 700 Beacon N CStetson Wm H 700 Beacon N CStevens Bernard W 1013 Beacon N CStevens Calvin C 15 Floral pi N


212 NEWTON BLUE BOOKThatcher Franklin X Mrs 971 Beacon XThayer Alfred E 370 Austin W XThayer Harry B 775 Chestnut WThayer Hartley W Dr 355 Walnut XvThayer Philip'H 420 Waltham W XThaxter John H 51 Oakwood rd XvThoma Kurt H Dr 142 Woodland rd AuThomas A 40 Cedar X CThomasThomasThomasThomasThomasThomasA C Mrs 31 Burnham rd WEdith Miss 36 Regent W XHoward 36 Regent W XJohn H 24 Lowell Av XvJ Charles 36 Regent W XSidney B 240 Mt Vernon WThompson Alice Miss 454 Waltham WThompson Charles E E 48 BraelandX CThompson C A Dr 1099 Walnut X HThompson Edwin T 209 Walnut XvThompson Emma H Mrs 454 WalthamW XThompson G Wilbur 38 Everett X CThompson Henry E 62 Parsons W XThompson J Douglas Dr 15 Forest X HThompson J Howard 51 Lakewood rdX HThompsonThompsonX CThompsonThompsonThompsonThompsonHThompsonThorndikeMoses 1194 Walnut X HXorman R 48 BraelandXXXavavRupert C 60 Hull XvSanford E 1090 Walnut X HThe Misses 63 Hartford X HWilliam G 517 Hammond CWinfield M 121 Aval on rd WHenry A Mrs 45 Islington rdAuThorne George S 11 FairviewThrasher Ida M Miss 348 Lake av X HThreshie Xellie F Mrs 3 Middlesex CircleC HThurgood Augustus 38 Churchill XvThurston The Misses 16 Fountain WThurston William A 16 Fountain WTicknor Thomas Baldwin 3 RansomX CJL imbieTimbieCharles X 27 Clark X CWilliam H 27 Clark X CH A Miss 433 CentreTinkerTinkham H Arnold Jr 20 Glen rdTilton Albert H 168 TremontXXrdX CTilton Barclay 38 Suffolk rd C HTilton Eugene H 86 Dalton rd X CTilton Harry L 1564 Beacon WTilton Louis O 28 Waban avWTirrell Jesse 163 Lincoln X HTirrell Ralph 35 Brae Burn rd AuTitcomb Albert C 20 Rice X CTitcomb H L Mrs 3 Bradford ct >;Titus Sarah A Miss 62 RichardsonTobey Matthew Julian 27 StearnsCX CTodd A W 430 CentreTolman A K Mrs 29 Hunter W XTolman Emma T Miss 29 Hunter W XTolman Helen Miss 57 Pleasant X CTolman Henrv 137 WashingtonTolman James P Mrs 84 Highland W XTomb John M 7 Warren ter X CTomlinson Henry A 27 Marshall X CLottie A Miss 50 Everett XTomlinsonCTomlinsonTompkinsWm E 819 Watertown WAlbert L 103 Court XvTompkins Ravmond B 103 Court XvTompson John G 88 Otis XvTompson The Misses 88 Otis XvToole Frederick A 47 Central av XvTorrey Gertrude W Mrs 30 HarrisonHTorrey L Miss 414 Waltham W XTourtellot Samuel M 38 Braeland avTower Alma W Mrs 18 Myrtle avT ow er Clarence L 18 Myrtle AuTower Florence E Miss 49 Seminarv a\Tower Samuel F 63 Perkins W NTowle Joseph M 79 Webster pk W XTowle Loren D 215 FranklinTowne Amelia Mrs 47 Kirkstall rdTowne O X 26 Brooks av XvTownsend Charles E 37 Chase X CTownsend Irving U 140 ChurchTownsend Irving U Jr 140 ChurchTownsend James R 30 ChanningTownsend Richard S 4 Circuit rdTracy George F 33 BenningtonTracy George H 22 Madison av XvTravelli Charles I 173 Chestnut W XTravis George C 206 FranklinTravis Herbert A 42 Auburn W XTravis Howard C 206 FranklinTravis T Wallace 42 Auburn W XXXXXvC H

NEWTON BLUE BOOK2UTredell Frances C Miss 30 Birch Hill rdXvTrefrey William F 130 Xehoiden rd WTrickey Nelson P 30 Diekerman rd N HTrocolli Giovanni 108 Ward X CTrofitter Edward T .Mrs 46 Washingtonpk XvTrowbridge A E 27 Parsons W NTrowbridge Belden C 34 Clyde XvTrowbridge Frederick L 14 HollisTrowbridge otoGeorge E 96 Floral NHelen Mrs 4 WiswallHW NTrowbridgeTrowbridge J Eliot 146 JewettTrowbridge Waldo 40 Cross W XTrowbridge William S 34 Clyde XvTrue John Preston 101 Windsor rd WTrue Richard S Jr 150 .Woodward X HTrueblood [Benjamin F Mrs 95 LincolnX iHTrueblood Lyra D Miss 95 Lincoln X HTruesdell O B Mrs 18 Washington terXvTucker Charles O 154 Oakleigh rdTucker Ethelyn M Miss 44 Judkins XvTucker Fred H 206 ChurchTucker George G 985 Beacon X CTucker Herman Lathrop 206 ChurchTucker Howard (if) Channing rd X CTuckerTuckerTuckerTuckerTuckerTuckerTuckerTuckerTuckerTuckerJ Alfred 88 ArlingtonKenneth D 154 Oakleigh RdLillian M Miss 985 Beacon XXelson H 37 Judkins XvRandolph F 420 Hammond CRaymond 479 Walnut XvSarah M Mrs 985 Beacon X CSamuel W 233 ChurchThe Misses 206 ChurchW H Mrs 44 Judkins XvTully Francis W 3 Alwyngton rdTupper Nathan W 49 Walnut XvTurnbull C A 30 Churchill XvTurnbull James H 46 Columbus X IITurner Alfred C 02 Winsor rd WTurner C W Mrs 110 JewettTurner Fergus S 24 Spooner rd C IITurner Henry 110 JewettTurner Henry R Mrs 42 Maple AnTurner John B 08 Court XvTurner Newton T 4 EVdredgeTurner Philip F 24 Albion X CTurner Sally E Miss 136 WoodlandAnC ITCIIrdTurner W O 31 Sylvan av W XTuttle Howard G 731 Washington XvTuttle Morton C 22 Chestnut ter X CTw r ombly Alexander S Mrs 244 FranklinTwombly George C 63 Crescent av X CTwrombly Henry E Mrs 63 Crescent avX CTw r ombly Howland 244 FranklinTwombly Isabella Miss 15 Omar ter XvTwombly Lena M Miss 63 Crescent avX CTw r ombly William L D Rev 15 Omar terXvTylee Clinton W 558 California XvTyler Emily W Miss 39 Gray Cliff rdX CTyler Harriet W 39 Gray Cliff rd X CTyler Harry W Dr 39 Gray Cliff rd N CTyler William Wells 18 Maple ter AuUfford E U Dr 231 Central AuUhler G Frank 78 XonantumUhler Samuel H 97 EldredgeUlman Brooks C 48 Windermere rd AuUlman George R 52 Xorfolk rd C HUlmer Gustav W 32 Bowen X CUlmer G W Jr 1 Willow ter X CUlmer The Misses 32 Bowen X CUnderhill Arthur P 92 Grant av X CUnderbill Wm P 110 Glen av X CUnderwood Frank H 1899 Commonwealthav AuUnderwood William K 1899 Commonwealthav AuUpham Everett L 189 Mt Vernon W XUpham E Payson 165 Collins rd AuUpham John E 24 Omar ter XvUpham Wm P Mrs 90 Highland av XvUrquhart Henry 137 Oakleigh RdUrquhart John A 12 Oak wood Rd AuUtley James Mrs 497 CentreVaas Joseph F 18 Cedar X CVachon Edgar J 151 Warren X CVachon James 151 Warren X CVachon Priscilla A Miss 151 Warren X CVachon Robert A 45 Warren X CValentine Charles E 362 Wolcott AuValentine Ellen Miss 75 Austin XvValentine Mary X Miss 43 Bowers XvVallandighani Edward X Reservoir rdC HVandevhoof Xelson B 36 Dexter rd Xv

214 NEWTON BLUE BOOKVan Bibber Arthur E 37 Glen wood avN CVan Dorn H B 41 Windermere rd AuVan Dusen Sidney 57 Lake av N CVan Dyne Oliver Dr 45 Waver ley avVan •Gelder Frederick H (18 Fisher avN HVan Law Carlos W 134 Sumner N CVan Tassel Edward D Mrs 390 Newtonvilleav NvVan Tassel Elizabeth Miss 390 Newtonvilleav NvVan Tassel Raymond S 390 Newtonvilleav NvVan Wagenen Albert Mrs 150 Woodlandrd AuVan Wagenen Eva G Miss 150 Woodlandrd AuVan Wormer Fred 210 Grove AuVarney Lewis P 69 Erie Av N HVaughan George D Mrs 18 Barnes rdVaughan Richard M Prof 115 Parker NCVaughan Winthrop 18 Barnes rdVeo Charles H Dr 76 Otis NvVery Samuel W Admiral 28 Monadnockrd N CVickers Eliza Mrs 12 Maple AuViets Arthur E 54 Glenwood av N CA lets Henry R 155 Hunnewell AveViles Norris 243 Ward N CVincent D Howard 41 Commonwealth avC HVining Louis B 14 Lowell av NvVinton Sumner R 31 Tarleton rd N CVirtue Herbert S 3 Bradford rd N HVitalait Laboratory of N E Inc 555 Commonwealthav N CVivian R H Mrs 144 Gibbs N CVoojel John M 48 JeffersonVokey Abram 92 JewettVolkman Arthur A L K 40 Norfolk rdC HVoorhees George B 20 Clyde NvVosfourgh Wm L 20 Kimball Ter NvVose Alfred E 350 Cabot NvVos e Arthur W 1538 Beacon WWadham Helen Miss 77 Kirkstall rd NvWadleigh Levi C Jr Mrs 83 Madison avNvWadswortb Marcus M Mrs 337 Highlandav W NWadsworth The Misses 337 Highland avW NWagner Henry J 11 Canterberry rd NHWagner W S 120 Woodland rd AuWainwright Scott K 9 Ardmore rd W NWait Walter S 48 Prince W NWaite Anna L Miss 448 Newtonville avNvWaitt Albert H 60 VernonWakefield Augustus L 55 Prescott NvWakefield Earl E Jr 725 Watertown WWakefield E E 93 Central av NvWaleott Georue 21 Rice X CWaldinger C P 100 Dudley rd NWaldo Clarence Haven 3G SaxonWales Amy Miss 9 Cedar N CWalesWalesWalesCid N HEdward 201 Auburn AuEleanor L Miss 11 Bowers NvEtta Miss 9 Cedar N CWales Fred N 11 Bowers NvWales George E 9 Cedar N CWales George F 15 Furber Lane N CWales The Misses 9 Cedar N CWales Thomas B Jr 125 Lowell av NvWalker Albert L 12 Simpson ter NvWalker Clifford H 711 Chestnut WWalker Dean A Mrs 105 Hancock AuWalker Elizabeth E Mrs 93 Bowdoin N HWalker Emm a E Miss 638 CentreWalkerWalkerGeorge 96 Montvale rd N CGrace E Miss 31 Bowers NvHarry B Mrs 43 Bowdoin N HWalkerWalker Henry C 20 Hereford rd WWalker John'J Rev 93 Bowdoin N HWalker Missionarv Home 141 HancockAuWalker Oscar W 2 Albion N CWalkerWalkerSamuel A 14 Pelham N CTheodore C 180 WashingtonTheron B 43 Bowdoin N HWalkerWallace Kate B Miss Far low rdWalley Herbert H 67 ChurchWalley Hetty Miss 48 Ballard N CWalling Lester 49 Woodbine AuWalling Walter N 49 Woodbine AuWallington J S Mrs 54 WoodbineWallis Edna D Mrs 321 TremontWallis F E Mrs 1181 Centre N CWallon Lewis A 44 Bowdoin N HWalsh Annie T Mrs 21 MarlboroAu

NEWTON BLUE BOOK21. : •jWalsh Frederick T 12 Valentine W NWalsh John P 6 Floral N HWalsh J C 1011 Washington NvWalter Richard 0 10 Fern AuWalther Wm J 296 Lake av N HWalton Horace M 79 Lin-wood av NvWalworth Arthur C 931 Centre N CWalworth Gardner C 511 Ward N CWalworth George R 931 Centre N CWalworth Louise Miss 931 Centre N CWard Annie C Miss 119 Ward N CWard Aaline 102 Highland W NWard A K 98 Harvard XvWard Charles F 204 Ward N CWardWardWardC Grafton 121 Ward N CEdgar 102 Highland W NEdgar T 102 Highland WNWard Frederick A 244 Ward N CWard Harry F 219 Homer N CWard Herbert D 133 Dudlev rd N CWard Samuel 80 Crescent av N CWard The Misses 102 Highland W NWard T Albert Mrs 121 Ward N CWardwell Charles H Mrs 42 Plainfield WWare Bruce R 195 ChurchWare Charles E 207 Islington rd AuWare Florence E Mrs 35 Walnut NvWare Harriet Miss 166 Dudley N CWare John B 6 BaldwinWare John .!> 22 Elm woodWare Myra L Miss 15 BaldwinWlarner Edward 163 Cypress N CWarner William F 44 Page rd NvWarren Charles H Prof 239 Woodlandrd AuWarren Edgar W 135 Lincoln N HWarren Elsie G Miss 523 Ward N CWarren George Mrs 145 Gihbs'N CWarren George B 523 Ward N CHWarrenWa rrenWarrenWarrenWarrenWarrenWarrenWarrenC HWarrenGeorge C 41 Middlesex rd CHenry 154 Langley rd N CHenry E 146 Woodward N HHerbert 41 Middlesex rd C HJohn W 450 Winchester N HLevi F Mrs 230 Otis W NMarjorie Miss 35 Hyde avMarv A Miss 41 MiddlesexPhilip L 298 WalthamYVPrescott 35 Hvde avWarrenWarren Ralph L 57 Davis av W NWarren S Edward Mrs 77 WashingtonNrdWarren Willard C 32 Lenox W NWashburn Charles A 142 Lowell av NvWashburn George W Mrs 46 Court NvWaterhouse Edward C 57 Eddy W NWaterhouse Joseph T 1083 Walnut N HWaterhouse Roscoe D 300 Commonwealthav C HWaterhouse Vera Miss 1083 Walnut N HWaterman George H 116 Old Orchard rdC HWatersWatersWatersWatersWatersWatersAnnie S Miss 47 Grafton N CEmily A Mrs 69 Bowen N CJohn R 4 MarlboroPercival 17 Washburn av AuSamuel N 111 Webster pk W NThomas M 54 Court NvWaterworth Samuel 335 Wolcott AuWatson Arthur 21 ChurchWatson Henry B 73 ChurchWatson Maurice J 43 Otis NvWatt Joseph B 383 Winchester N HWatters Henry Dr 47 Grafton N CWatts Albert E 135 Rowe AuWeare Harry C 23 Trowbridge av NvWeaver Clarence L 34 Winthrop W NWeaver Clarence T 12 Warwick rd W NWeaver E A Mrs 12 Warwick rd W NW?bb George E 35 Fair Oaks Av NvWebber F W Dr 465 CentreWebber F Roscoe 3rd 712 WatertownW NWebberTerWebberWebberGertrude A Miss 199 HnnnewellJ Henrv 199 Hnnnewell terWalter W 145 Langley rd N CWebster Catherne Mrs 148 Waverlev AvWebster Edwin S 307 Hammond C HWebster Frank S 246 Waltham W NWebster Frederic W 181 Windsor rd WWebster John T 65 Forest N HWebster Louis A 250 Waltham W NWebster P S 246 Waltham W NWebster Richard 9 Highland av NvWebster The Misses 10 Chester N HWebster Thomas Mrs 9 Highland av NvWebster William P 10 Chester N HWedger A M Mrs 16 Otis pi NvWeed Alonzo R 149 ParkWeed George C 25 Highland av NvWeeks Angie A Mrs 46 Parsons W NWeeks Buenos A 14 Delmore rd N HWeeks E W 985 Bovlston N H

216 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWeeks John W Hon 97 Valentine W NWeeks Miles Washburn 162 Middlesexrd C HWeinberg Herman 55 PembrokeWeinberg J W 116 Hancock AuWeiz A Gordon 32 Broadway NvWeld A Winsor 47Wellington ArthurWellington F D 29Wellington HenryWellingtonWellingtonHWellingtonWellman ASuffolk rd C HJ 81 ChurchDavis av W NF Mrs 14 HollisMiles 46 Eden W XStanwood G 79 Crafts rd CThe Misses 81 ChurchG 50 Lakewood rd N HWellman Joseph H 15 Saxon ter N HWells Amos R Prof 40 Williston rd AuNN Crd AuWellsWellsWellsWellsWellsWellsWellsWellsWellsWellsDavid W Dr 50 Putnam WEdwin P 120 Institution avElizabeth Miss 40 WillistonHarry S 28 Parsons W NHenry B Mrs 45 HunnewellMartha A Mrs 23 Otis NvNellio F Miss 23 Otis NvRalph A 50 Putnam W NRoy T 121 Cvpress N CThe Misses 269 FranklinWm W 835 Watertown WWellsNWellwood Howard W 38 Stearns N CWelsch F Paul 334 Otis W NWendte Charles W Rev 165 Hunnewell avWentworth Caroline Y Dr 75 Lincoln NHHenryWentworth A 15S Auburn AuWentworth James H 238 Lincoln N HWentworth Ralph S 29 Newtonville avWentworth Thomas 1544 Centre N HWentworth Veranus 20 loster NvWentzell William FWest Charles T MisNvWestWestWestWestWestWestWestav143 Rowe Au338 NewtonvilleE E Mrs 14 Clallin pi NvGeorge L Dr 860 Beacon N CGeorge G 63 Harvard NvGeorse S 222 Chestnut Hill rdHarry J 346 Wolcott AuLillian Miss 14 Clallin pi NvavC HNewton Day Nursery 89 Elm W NWestcott Josiah P 55 Washington pk NvWeston Frederick B 20 Crystal N CWeston Grace Miss 276 FranklinWestonC HWestonWestonWestonJohn J Mrs 2 Middlesex CircleThomas 276 FranklinThomas Jr 56 Valentine W NWalter H 6 Albion N CWestwood Frank G 24 RichardsonWetherbee Albert 54 Oxford rd N CWetherbee Anna S Mrs 76 Madison avNvWetherbee Louise Miss 76 MadisonNvWheaton Carl M Mrs 194 Lowell avWheaton Margaret Miss 194 LowellNvWheelerWheelerWheelerWheelerWheelerWheelerWheelerWheelerWheelerWheelerWheelerWheelerWheelerWetherbee Charles G 47 Terrace av N HWetherbee Frederick A 211 BellevueWetherbee Josephine Mrs 10 Washing-ton piavNvAvAlden Dod°e 50 Grafton N CCarl O J 111 Grant av N CEdward S 5S5 CentreGeorge A 28 Bemis NvHenrv A 2S9 Mill NvHomer J Dr 111 Grant av N CJames W 131 Suffolk rd C HMargaret W Miss 289 Mill NvM R Miss 430 CentreRoland A 111 Grant av N CThe Misses 120 Webster W NUlysses G 60 Otis NvWilliam A Mrs 141 Prince W NWheelock Horace M 269 Highland W NWhelden Charles M Mrs 176 Oakleiah rdWhelden Chester H 93 Madison av NvWhidden Robert A 114 Temple W NWhidden Stephen H 39 Sterling W NWhio-ht Richard 9 Oak ter N^HWhitaker C W Mrs 140 Church'WhitakerWhitakerW,hi takerWhitcombWhitcombWhitcombWhitcombNvNat C 118 Hunnewell avSharlton A 458 Woodward WS E 63 Pleasant N CCharles G 133 Newtonville avC Gordon 133 Newtonville avHerbert 264 CentrePearl E Miss 151 Mt VernonWhitcomb William H 151 Mt Vernon NvWhite Allan S 27 Nnowles N CWhite Allen O 56 Norwood av N CWhite Charles A 5i\ Norwood av N CWhite Charles E 87 Hillside rd N 11

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 217White Charles M .107 Floral N HWhite Charlotte L Miss 950 Centre N CWhite Daniel A 248 TremontWhite Daniel A Mrs 73 Crescent av N CWhite Edgar T 51 Hawthorne av AuWhite E S Mrs 15 Norwood av N CWhite Frederick 15 BelmontWhite George F 1179 Centre N CWhite Grace M Mrs 65 Waldorf rd N HWhite Grace Miss 73 Crescent av N CWhite James G 950 Centre N CWhite James M 950 Centre N CWhite John L 251 Auburndale av AuWhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteAnWhiteWhiteWhiteJohn S'103 Waban av WJ' lHarvey 116 Algonquin rd C HM E Mrs 26 Washington pk NvM V Miss 26 Washington pk NvRebecca M Miss 122 Islington rdR H 39 Essex rd C HWalter Mrs 316 FranklinWilfrid 0 45 Perkins W NWhite William T Dr 2 Edinboro PI NvWhitney Waldo F Dr 12 CopleyWhitney Wm L 74 Waban pkWhitney W C 58 Judkins NvWhittaker Harry J 11 Bradford rd N HWhittaker Joseph Mrs 11 Bradford rdN HWhittaker Sharlton A 458 Woodward WWhittemore Carl T 184 Newtonville avWhittemore Charles 73 SummitWhittemore David L 19 HowardWhittemore I S 216 Homer N CWhittemore John M 169 WashingtonWhittemore John Q A 2 WashingtonWhittemore Mason B 32 Ridge av N CWhittemore Sampson D 151 Lincoln N HWhittemore S B Mrs 64 WashingtonWhittemore Thorndike H 64 WashingtonWhitten George R 260 Chestnut W NWhitten Robinson S 260 Chestnut W NiWhittinghill R C 47 Stearns N CWhittlesey Henry L 10 Regent W NWhoof Edward W 17 Cross W NWidden Stephen H 39 Sterling W NWhitehead Charles F 68 Hyde N HWhitehead Harold 19 Hawthorne av AuWhitehead Ralph F 454 Ward N :CWhitehill Robert Dr 9 Mt Vernon ter NvWhitehorne E G Miss 94 Madison avNvWhiting Anna M Miss 11 WashingtonWhiting Fred E 48 Islington rd AuWhiting Fred W 196 TremontWhitley S Edmund Mrs 108 Cherry WNWiggin Arthur H 62 Bourne AuWiggin Eliza Miss 206 iSumner N CWiggin Harry C 54 MarlboroWiggin Ruth H Miss 206 Sumner NWiggin Wm R 54 MarlboroWight George H 25 Moreland av N CWightman G E Miss 50 Maple AuWilbar Charles B 21 Hancock av N CWilbur Charles A 330 Waltham W NWilbur Rufus L 20 Circuit rd C HWilcox De Witt G Dr 132 Homer N CCWhitman Jered Mrs 12 Garden rdWhitman The Misses 12 Garden rdWhitman Willard M 144 Nehoiden rd WWhitmore Brewer G 175 Auburn AuWhitmore Howard 54 Carver rd N HWhitmore W G 10 Irving N CWhitney Bertha N Miss 88 Central av NvWhitney Charles M Dr 31 Chase N CChristopher F 88 Central av NvClarence A 24 Chester N HClifford B 430 Albermarle rdWhitneyWhitneyWhitneyNvWhitneyWhitneyWhitneyWhitneyWhitneyNvFlora W Miss 41 Austin NvE P Miss 33 Prince W NFranklin 15 Lee rd C HJ Clifton 41 Austin NvMabelle II Miss 88 Central avWilcox Edwin C 59 Otis NvWilcox Elmer B 305 TremontWilcox Fred A 2 Lowell av NvWiley Sterling P 1548 Beacon WWilde Frank D 225 Hunnewell terWilder Alfred C W WashingtonWilder Burt G Prof 93 Waban Hill rdNorth C HWilder Constance P Miss 53 FairmontavWilderWilderWilderWilderWilderWilderWildesWileyE F Miss 53 Fairmont avHarold B 17 Aberdeen N HHerbert A 53 Fairmont avMargaret G Miss 53 FairmontS W 54 Homer N CWm H 457 WashingtonM T Mrs 66 Prospect W NFred T 26 Knowles N Cav

218 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWiley Herbert A 29 Grove Au'Wiley Sterling P 1548 Beacon WWiley S Herbert 19 lrvington WWiley The Misses 1548 Beacon WWilkerson Bert T 18 Aberdeen N HWilkie Edward A 288 Mill NvWilkie Robert J 33 Clark N CWilkins Charles L 62 Page rd NvWilkins Clarence H 31 Devon rd N CWilkins George G 94 ParkWilkins Katherine Miss 31 Devon rd N CWilkins Margaret Miss 31 Devon rd X T CWilkins Th e Misses 94 ParkWilkins Warde 31 Devon rd N CWilkins W G 25 Washington pk NvWilkinson Esther S Miss 63 Aspen avAuWilkinson Herbert Swann 30 Lake av>N CWilkinson Wm H 63 Aspen av AuWillcox Ella G Miss 63 Oakwood rd XvWillcox H Howard 8 Birch Hill rd NvWillcox Mary A Miss 63 Oakwood rd NvWillett —97 Waban Hill rd North C HWillcutt Charles D 1855 Commonwealthav AuWilley Edgar E 891 Beacon N CWilley George L 20 Clyde NvWilley Gladys A Miss 891 Beacon N CWilley J H Mrs 21 Turner NvWilliams Arthur 68 Hartford N HWilliams Arthur S 41 Hyde N HWilliams A Mrs 400 Newtonville av NvWilliams Bradford D 589 California NvWilliams Charles A Jr 330 Walt ham WNWilliams Donald D 334 Auburndale avAuWilliams Edwin H 457 WashingtonWilliams Elizabeth Miss 944 Centre N CWilliams Ella E Mrs 70 Waban Hill rdC HWilliams Emily E Miss 55 JeffersonWilliams Frances H 11 Glenwood av N CWilliams Fred J 724 Wjatertown W NWilliams Frederick E 218 ChurchWilliams George H 55 JeffersonWilliams George H 35 Pelliam N CWilliams G Horace 234 Langley rd N CWilliams G Horace Jr 944 Centre N CWilliams Henry E 7 Norman rd N HWilliams Henry J 30 Norfolk rd C HWilliams Henry S 1196 Centre N CWilliams Lester 39 iBowers NvWilliams Mabel Miss 1196 Centre N CWilliams M A 26 Rice N CWilliams M Sinclair 589 California NvWilliams Percy 280 Waltham W XWilliams Priscilla A Miss 11 Glen woodav X CWilliams Robert L 109 Waban Hill rdNorth C HWilliams Susan E Mrs 604 Walnut NvWilliams The Misses 2212 Commonwealthav AuWilling James 389 Woodward WWills A L Mrs 189 Sumner X CWilm Emil C 83 EldredgeWilm Ernestine Mrs 83 EldredgeWillson Frank G 26 Park pi XvWilson Arthur E 247 Grove AuWilson Arthur H 444 Woodward WWilson Charles Mrs 192 Lowell av XvWilson Charles J A 192 Lowell av XvWilson Edward B 304 Otis W XWilson Fred 1 Willow ter X" CWilson F M 195 Gibbs X CWilson Georoe B 65 Clark N CWilson George T 138 Collins rd WWilson H D Dr 212 TremontWilson James M 33 Irving X CWilson James S 1019 Washington XvWilson John 101 Waban Hilled C HWilson Lucy W Mrs 51 Pine Ridge rd WWinchester Edmund 151 Pine Ridse rdWWing Alfred H 115 Hunnewell avWing Charles S 9S Homer N CWing Daniel G 301 Otis W NWing Ernest R 22 Fair Oaks Ave NvWing Frank E 653 Chestnut WWing Mitchell 115 Hunnewell avWins;ate James I 11 Oakridge AuWingate Mary S Miss 749 CentreWinn C iH Dr SOS Commonwealth av NCWinn Mary A Miss SOS Commonwealth'av N CWin slow Andrew N 4 Alwington rd C HWinslow^ E James 222 Grove" AuWinslow T Guy M 145 Woodland rd AuWinslow Howard O 24 Tarleton rd N CWinslow Ken elm 21 Mt Vernon ter NvWinslow Roland F 35 Oxford rd N C

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 219rWinsor Ernest 391 Hammond C HWinsor Mary P Miss 166 Dudley rd N CWise Flora E Miss 38 RichardsonWise Frank W 62 Prince W NWiseWiseWisePierpont Mrs 116 Highland WRuth C Miss 62 Prince W NThe Misses 457 CentreWilliam M 335 Wolcott AnWiseWiseman Susan Miss 100 AlgonquinC HWiswall Edmund T 40 Cross W NWiswell Stephen A 68 Chester N HWi swell Paul T 26 Westbourne rd NWithee Frederick E Dr 9 Forest NCHWitherbee Frances S Miss 155 TempleW NWitherbee Frank B 155 Temple W NWitherbee Sarah D Miss 316 FranklinWithington Augustus H 11 Elmore N CWithington George J 11 Elmore N CWithington James H 11 Elmore N CWithington Wm C Mrs 2007 Commonwealthav AuWit tig F C 162 Clark N CWolfe M O Rev 35 Pelham N CWolff H A 300 Hammond C HWolff John E 300 Hammond C HWolff The Misses 116 ChurchWonson Harold S 166 Neshobe rd WWood Addie Miss 129 Parker N CWoodWoodWoodWoodWoodWoodWoodNrdB F 11 Waverley avCarlista S Miss 457 WashingtonCharles F 56 Ripley N CClarence B 38 Somerset rd W NEllery E 38 Somerset rd W NJoseph D 14 Sterling W NLouise Miss 14 Sterling W NMaria F Miss 1203 Centre N CWoodWood Mary M Miss 346 Cabot NvWood William B 1036 Walnut N HWood W Whitney 920 Centre N CWoodberry Dwight L 56 Parsons W NWoodberry Ethel M Miss 56 Parsons W NWoodberry Horace E 56 Parsons W NWoodbridge S Homer Prof 281 Otis W NWoodbury Edwin S 613 Walnut NvWoodland Golf Club Washington AuWoodland Park Hotel 1761 WashingtonWoodman W F 1243 Centre N CWoods Andrew iS Mrs 66 Fountain W XWoods Edw T ard F 41 Berkeley W NWoods Edward H 41 Berkeley W NWoods Frederick S 123 Sumner N CWoods Henry D 99 Highland W NWoods Henry J 12 ChanningWoods James 4 Eden av W NWoods The Misses 66 Fountain AV NWoodward [Frederick R 238 WoodwardWWoodward James W 106 Auburn W NWoodward Luther B 139 Mt Vernon NvWood worth Charles H 120 ChurchWoodworth Henry E 1818 Beacon WWoodworth J M 1149 Walnut N HWoodworth Leaverett S 120 ChurchWooldredge John Mrs 64 Hillside W NWooley George H 63 Hyde N HWoolover Harry B 10 Hartford N HWoolston Lee W 24 Wiswall W NWoolway Fred W 60 Crescent av N CWorden Bertha Mrs 61 PearlWorleyWrightWrightW NWrightWrightWrightJohn 175 Woodward N HAlbert L 20 Ash AuAlice M Miss 3 North Gate pkDuncan 343 Crafts NvEdith H Mrs 108 Eliot av W NEdward E (U S N) 45 PleasantN CWright Ellen E Mrs 3 North Gate pk WNWright George Hardy 4 PembrokeWlright George W 24 Walker NvWright James O 706 Beacon N CWright John 22 Circuit av N HWright John G Mrs 400 Heath C HWright John L 22 Circuit av N HWright Martinetta Miss 450 CentreWright Richard W 34 EldredgeWright Wesley L 100 Harvard XvWrigley Maurice 55 Bowdoin N HWrye Walter C 135 ArlingtonWyatt Edward Upland rd NvWyatt Edward C 274 Upland Rd NvWyeth Annie Mrs 119 Rowe ter AuWyman Alfred E Mrs 50 Highland avAuWoodman Samuel 25 Old Orchard rd C HWoodman The Misses 217 BellevueWoodman Walter I 217 BellevueNvWymanWymanWymanCharles A 67 Temple W NDwight M 10 Church rdLillian Mrs 25 Highland av Nv

220 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWyncelowe Edward C Rev 28 Warwickrd W NXavier Norman F 285 BellevueYates Emily Mrs 32 Webster ct N CYelland Catherine Mrs 309 Waltham W NYelland Emily Miss 309 Waltham W NYelland Frederick W 309 Waltham W NYelland Mada Mrs 309 Waltham W NYork Mary J Mrs 54 Temple W NYoung Alan Jewett 19 Oak wood ter N CYoung Anna M Miss 37 Crescent av N CYoung Charles Nicholas 12 Billings pkYoung Charles S Mrs 37 Crescent av NYoung Dorothy Miss 16 Glen wood av NGYoung F O 137 Walnut XvYoung George W 1190 Centre X CYoung Henry A 369 Walnut XvYoung J Everett 83 Dunster rd C HYounsr J Herbert Dr 19 BaldwinYoung L M 63 Kenwood av X CYoung M E Miss 63 Kenwood avYoung Solomon 28 Ballard X^ CYoung The Misses 137 Walnut XvN CYoung The Misses 71 Lake av X CYoung Thomas R 50 Spooner rd C HYoung Wm A 54 Temple W XYoung William B 71 Lake av X CZeiss Ernest L 94 Xehoiden rd WZeiss Gertrude Miss 94 Xehoiden rd WZiegler P R 251 Mill XvYoung Edward P 16 Glenwood av N CZinclerstcin Charles A Mrs 257PrinceYoungYoungAuFred B 41 Central av NvFrederick W 122 Windermere rdW XZoller William 12 Jenison Xv

NEWTOX BLUE BOOK 221CHURCHESNEWTONOHAXXINIG CHURCHCorner Vernon and Eldridge StreetsPastor, Rev. Harry Lutz, 91 Park stClerk, Mr. Joseph PalmerServices: 10.30 a. m. Sunday School,12 mELIOT CHURCH (Congregational)Centre and Church Streets, NewtonPastor, Rev. H. Grant Person, 14 Hydeave, NewtonClerk, Everett E. KentSunday School iSupt, Richard 0. WalterSunday Services: Preaching at 10.30 Sunday School meets at 12 m.Young Peoples' Christan Asso, 5 p. in.Vespers from Oct. to May at 4 p. m.Week Day Services: Friday at 7.45 p.m.GRACE OHURCHCorner of Church and Eldredge StreetsPastor, Rev. Laurens MacLure, S. T. D.60 Eldredge streetClerk, Edward H. Cutler, Linder Terrace.Sunday School Supt.,Sunday Services: Holy Communion, 9 Morning Prayer and Sermon, 10.30a.' m. Sunday School, 12 m. EveningPrayer and Sermon, 7.30 p. m.First Sunday, in imonth, Holy Communion,8 and 10.30 a. m.Week Day Services: Holy Days, HolyCommunion, 10.30 a. m. Other servicesannounced on monthly calendarIMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCHChurch Street, NewtonPastor Rev. Harrie R. Chamberlin, 174Tremont street, NewtonClerk, Dr. L. )H. MaylorSunday School Supt., C. V. MooreSunday Services: Preaching, 10.30 a. m.Bible School, 12 m. Junior Y. P. S.C. E., 6.00 p. m. Preaching 7.00 p. m.Week Day Services: Prayer Meeting,Friday, 7.45 p. m.NEWTON METHODIST'CHURCHCentre Street, corner of WesleyEPISCOPALStreetPastor, Rev. G. Charles Gray, 30 WesleystreetRecording Steward, D. F. BarberSunday School Supt., Frank O. BarberSunday Services: Morning Worship,10.30. Sunday School, 12 m. EpworthLeague, 6.30. Evening Worship, 7.30Prayer Meeting on Friday night at 7.45NORTH CONGREGATIONALChapel StreetCHURCHPastor, Rev. Robert L. Rae, 40 BridgestreetClerk, Leslie A. BurgessSunday School Supt., Wm. E. LowrySunday Services: 10.45 a. m., 7.00 p. m.Y. P. S. C. E., 6 p. m. Sunday School,12 m. Praver meeting, Fridav at 7.15p. m.

222 NEWTON BLUE BOOKiST. JOHN THE EVANGELISTCHURCHDalby StreetRector, Rev. Joseph E. Robichaud, 328Watertown street, Newton(Sunday ^Services: Masses, 7.40 and 9.40a. m. Sunday School, 2 p. m. Vespersand Benediction, 7 p. m.NEWTONVILLECENTRAL CONGREGATIONALCHURCH OF NEWTONST. JOHN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCHLowell avenue and Otis street(Incorporated)Rledtor, Rev. RichardT. Loring,311Walnut Street, NewtonvillePastor, Rev. A. J. Muste, 91 Walkerstreet, NewtonvilleClerk, Wallace C. BoydenSunday School Supt., C. W. WaldronSunday Services: 10.45 a. m., Sunday-School at 12.10 p. m.Week Day Services: Friday at 7.45 p. m.Lowell avenue, NewtonvilleClerk, James 'P. RichardsonSunday School Supt., George G. WillSunday Services: 8 a. m. and 10.45 a. m.Sunday School at 12.15 p. m.FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL•CHURCHCHURCH OF THE NEW JERUSALEMNewtonvilleSquare(Swedenborgian)Highland Avenue, between WalnutStreet and Lowell AvenuePastor, Rev. John Goddard, 52 Brooksideavenue, NewtonvilleAssistant, Rev. E. M. L Gould, 175 Mt.VernonClerk, Philip W. CarterPastor, Rev.440 Newtonville street, NewtonvilleTreasurer, Leon C. CarterSunday School Supt., Geo. W. TaylorSunday Services at 10.45 a. m. and 7.30p. m. Sunday Scliool a

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 223NEWTON UNIVERSALIS^CHURiCH OF OUR LADYCHURCH(RomanCatholic)Washington Park, NewtonvillePastor, iRev. Rufus H. Dix, 70 Eddystreet, W NSunday School Supt., -Lewis P. EverettSunday Services: Morning worship at10.45. Sunday School, 12. Y. P. C. U.,6 p. m. Monthly supper and socialthe second Thursday in the month.Church meeting first Friday eveningin the monthWashington street, corner Adams streetPastor, Rev. Lawrence W. Slattery, P.:R., 573 Washington streetAssistants, Rev. James Kelly and Rev.Aloysius MaloneSunday Services: Masses, 6, 7.30, 9,10.30 a. m. Vespers at 3.30 p. m.Week Day Mass: 7 a. im.NEWTON HIGHLANDSPARISH OF ST. PAULWalnut street, Newton HighlandsRector, Rev. Louis A Parsons, 60 Columbusstreet, Newton HighlandsClerk, P. S. SampsonSunday School Supt., Alonzo ColeSunday Services at 10.45 a. m., 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 9.30 a. m. HolyCommunion first and third Sundaysin the month 7.30 a. m.CLINE MEMORIAL METHODISTEPISCOPALCorner Erie avenue and Hartford streetPastor, Rev. G. W. Jones, 59 Hartford,,Newton HighlandsClerk, Miss Edith McCann, Upland ave^SundaySchool Supt., Chas. T. Noble r119 Lincoln streetSunday Services:Preaching service atCONGREGATIONALCHURCH10.45 a. m. Sunday School at 12 m..Corner Lincoln and Hartford streetsiPreaching service at 7 p. m.EpwortbPastor, Rev. George T. Smart, D. D., 11Duncklee streetClerk, Charles H. Keeler, 35 Oak terraceSunday School Supt., Charles H. SampsonSunday Services: At .10.30 a. m. Sunday^School at 12 m. Y. P. S. ChristainEndeavor, 6.30 p. m.Week Day Services. Friday eveningprayer meeting at 7.45League Devotional and Evangelisticservice at 8 o'clockWeek Day Services: Prayer meeting,Friday evenings at 7.45. Ladies'.Aidmeeting first Monday evening ofevery month. Epworth League business,social or literary meeting firstTuesday evening of every month.

£24 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWEST NEWTONLINCOLN PARKCHURCHBAPTISTFIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH JXNEWTONWashington street, corner HighlandstreetPastor, Rev. Julian Clifford Jaynes, 70Prince streetClerk, W/illiam YoungSunday School Supt., iSamuel ThurberSunday Services: 10.45 a. m. Sunday.SchoolU2.05. Kindergarten, 10.45 a.m.Corner Washington and Perkins streetsPastor, Rev. Thomas S. Roy, 40 Lincolnpark, West Newton, Mass.Clerk, Arthur M. TuelonSunday School Supt., Fred L. SmithSunday Services: 10.45 a. m. and 7.30p. m. Sunday School at 12 m. ChristianEndeavor, 6.45 p. m."Week Day Services: Prayer meetingFriday evening at 7.45.FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST(Scientist)Player's Hall, West NewtonReading Room, 297 WalnutSt., Newtonville,open week days 2 to 0 p. m.and Tuesday and SaturdayeveningsSECOND CHURCH IN NEWTONWest NewtonPastor, J. Edgar Park, 3 Winthrop7.30 to 9 p. m.Sunday Services, 10.45 a. m. Sunday-School, 10.45 a. m.Week Day (Services, Wednesday 8 p. m.street, West NewtonClerk, Charles A. WynianSunday School Supt., Charles SwainThomasSunday Services: Morning Worship,10.45. Sunday School, 12 m.Week Day Services: Church night, Fridaysat 7.45 p. m.MYRTLE BAPTIST CHURCHPastor, Rev. William W. Ryan, B. D.,151 Hicks streetSunday Services: Preaching at 10.30 a.m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday School at12.15 p. m. Young People's Meeting,6.30 ]). m.Prayer Meeting, Tuesday and Fridayevenings

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 22*AUBURNDALEEVANGELIC AL CONG-RE G AT ION ALCHURCHWeek Day Services: /Prayer meetingevery Friday at 7.45 p. m. Ladies'Aid Socety every other WednesdayHancockstreet, corner "Wloodland roadat 2 p. m.Sunday School Board firstPastor, Rev. William C. Gordon, 89Grove streetClerk, Henry G. iHildrethSunday School Supt., Rev. H. E. B. CaseSunday Services: 10.30 a. m. and 7.30p. m. Sunday School at 12 m. JuniorEndeavor, 4 p. m. Young People'sMeeting at 6.30 p. m.Week Day Services: Prayer meeting onFriday at 7.45 p. m.CENTENARY .METHODIST EPISCO­Monday evening each month. OfficialBoard last Sunday afternoon in eachmonth. Epworth League third Tuesdayevening in each monthCHURCH OF THE MESSIAH(Episcopal)*West Newton and AuburndalePAL CHURCHAuburn street and CommonwealthaveCentral Street, AuburndalePastor, Dr. George S. Butters, 304 CentralstreetSecretary, H. L. Hardy, 42 OaklandavenueSunday School Supt,, I. S. Dillingham,81 Woodland roadSunday Services:Worship, \10.30 a. m.Sunday School, 12 m. EpworthLeague, 6.30 p. m. Worship, 7.30 p. m.Rector, Rev. Harry Beal, 58 Auburnstreet, AuburndaleSunday Services: Holy Communion, 1stSunday at '10.30 a. m.; other Sundaysat 8.00 a. m. Morning prayer andsermon, except first Sunday, at 10.30Litany the first Sunday. Evening prayerand sermon at 4.30 p. m. ChurchSchool at 12 m.Services Saints' Days, Holy Communionat 9.00 a. m. Special services in LentNEWTON CENTRENEWTON CENTREUNITARIANTRINITY CHURCH (Episcopal)SOCIETYsPastor, Oscar B. Ha-wes, Glen woodavenue, Newton Centre, Mass.Clerk, Arthur A. Blanchard, Crescentavenue, Newton CentreSunday School Supt., James B. Melcher,15 Water street, Newton CentreSunday Services: 11 o'clock. SundaySchool, 9.45. Centre street, corner Homer street,Newton CentreRector, Rev. Edward T. Sullivan, AshtonParkClerk, Samuel B. PaulSunday School Supt., F. WinchesterDenioSunday Services: 11 a. m. and 7 p. m.Sunday School, 9.30 a. m.

226 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCHURCH OF THE SACRED HEARTNEWTON CENTREMETHODISTCorner Centre street and Crescent avePastor, Rev. D. C. Riordan, 1321 CentreAssistant, Rev. J. F. HarneySunday Services: Masses at 7, 8.30 a. m.High Mass at 10.30. Sunday School2.T5 p. m. Vespers 3.15 p. m.FIRST CHURCH IN NEWTONEPISCOPAL CHURCHCorner Centre street and Langley rcradPastor, Rev. Herbert S. Wilkinson, 30Lake avenueSunday School Supt., Webster A. ChandlerSunday Services: Morning worship at10.30. Sunday School at 12 m. EpworthLeague, 6.15 p. m. Evening worshipat 7.00 p. m.Week Dav Services: Praver and conferencemeeting, Friday at 7.45 p. m.(Congregational)FIRST BAPTIST CHURCHIXCentre and Homer streets, NewtonCentrePastor, Edward Mac Arthur Noyes, 9Laurel street, Newton CentreClerk, Herbert J. KellawaySunday School 'Supt., Charles E. KelseySunday Services: Morning worship,10.30 a. m.; bible school 12.15 p. m.Young Peoples' Meeting, 7.00 p. m.Week Day (Services: Prayer meeting,Friday, 7.45 p. m.NEWTONCorner Centre and Beacon streets, NewtonCentrePastor, Rev. Emory W. Hunt. D. D.. 848Beacon street. Newton CentreClerk, J. W. DvsonSunday ^choof Supt., E. Clifford PotterSunday Services: 10.30 a. m., morningworship. Sunday School, general sessionat 12 m. Y. P. S. C. E., 7.30 p.m.Week Day Services: Meeting for prayerand conference Fridays at 7.45 p. m.OAK HILLUNION CHAPELCorner iDedham and Nahanton streetsClerk, Herman EstySupt. Sunday School, F. W. Emerson1193 Walnut street, Newton Highlands Sunday Services: 2.30 p. m. SundayPastor, Rev. George G. PhippsiSchool, 3.00 p. m. Christian Endeavor

,NEWTON" BLUE BOOK 227WABANCHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERDBeacon street, Waban, (Newton), Mass.Rector, Rev. James Clement Sharp,Chestnut street, WabanClerk, David A. AmbroseSunday School Supt., The RectorSunday Services: Morning service, 10.45a. m. Sunday School, 9.40 a. m.Week Day Services: Daily during LentUNION CHURCHCollins road, near BeaconMinister,Rev. Charles H. Cutler, D. D.>173 Moffat roadClerk, George F. RiviniusSunday School Supt., Frank L. RaneSunday Services: 10.30, worship andpreaching, 12 Sunday SchoolNEWTON LOWER FALLSPERRIN MEMORIALCHURCHST. MARY'S CHURCH(Methodist Episcopal)2342 Washington street, Newton LowerFallsPastor, Rev. Arthur P. Sharp, 576 GrovestreetSunday School Supt., Peter C. BakerSunday Services: Preaching 10.45 a. m.,7.00 "p. m. Sunday School 12 m.Week Day Services: Prayer meetingFriday 7.45 p. in.Concord street, near Washington, NewtonLower FallsRector, Rev. Francis B. White, 82 WashingtonstreetSunday School Supt., the Rector.Sunday Services: 7.30 a. m., 10.45 a. m.,7.30 p. m.Sunday School, 9.30 a. m.

228 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCLUBS, SOCIETIES*ETCLITERARY AND SOCIAIALBERMARLE GOLF CLUBInc. Nov. 15, '1900Pres., Charles F. AveryTreas., Henry J. NicholsSec., Charles E. StearnsAnnual meeting third Monday in FebruaryGrounds located on line of electric carsabout three-quarters of a mile fromNewtonville depot on Crafts streetand Albermarle road. Nine hole courseAUBURNDALE VILLAGE IMPROVE­MENT SOCIETYPres., E. James WinslowSec. 3\ A. FurbishTreas., 'Henry G. HildrethAnnual meeting' held first Wednesday inOctoberAL^BURNDALE WOMAN'S CLUBMeets alternate Tuesday afternoonsat2.30Annual meeting last of AprilAUBURNDALEFRATERNALBENEFITASSOCIATIONBRAE-BLTRN COUNTRYCLUBPresident, Geo. H. BourneSecretary-Treasurer, W. F. Hadlock,Auburndale, Mass.Annual meeting second Tuesday in FebruaryClub house, Fuller street. West NewtonAnnual meet ins: first Wednesday afterfirst Mondav in MarchOLAFLIN GUARD VETERAN ASSO.AUBURNDALE REVIEW CLUBPresident, Mrs. John F. DuntonSecretary, Miss Harriette 0. HuntMeets Tuesday a. m. (fortnightly)home of some memberAnnual meeting held in AprilatPresident, Fred BogardusVice President, Harry S. StormsJunior Vice Pres., William WarrenSecretary, Fred P. BarnesTreas., Arthur C. WalworthAnnual meeting and banquet week ofOct. 10th each yearSmoke talks and outing, one in sprin, yand one in summer

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 229COMMONWEALTHCOUNTRY )CLUBAlgonquin rd, Chestnut HillAnnual meeting second Wednesday inJanuaryCALEB STARK CHAPTER, JR., SONSAND DAUGHTERS OF THEREVOLUTIONThey meet monthly from October toMayAnnual meeting in MarchDAUGHTERS OF AMERICANREVOLUTIONLucy Jackson ChapterRegent, Mrs. F. J. FessendenVice Regent, Miss Lucy Allen and Mrs.Francis NewhallCor. Secretary, Mrs. Edwin DodgeRec. Secretary, Mrs. W. H. ThayerTreasurer, Mrs. Frank Morton ShermanRegistrar, Mrs. Frank W. PrayHistorian, Mrs. A. C. DummoreMeets second Monday of each monthfrom October to MayAnnual meeting held in MayDAUGHTERS OF THE REVO­EVERY SATURDAY CLUBPresident, Wallace C BoydenVice President, Winfield S. SmytheSec.-Treas., Miss Clara A. BurgessMeets every other Saturday eveninghomes of membersAnnual meeting held in AprilHUNNEWELL CLUBEldridge, corner Church streetPresident, Warren F. GregoryVice-Pres., Wm. F. GarcelonSecretary, Mason iH. StoneTreasurer, Amasa iW, B. HuffatLUTION, SARAH HULL CHAPTERRegent, Mrs. F. W. GauseVice Regents, Mrs. Arthur C. Hill, Mrs.Edwin P. Leonard, Mrs. Ralph C.EmeryRec. 'Sec, Miss Maria R. WheelerCor. Sec, Mrs. George L. ParkerAsst. Cor. iSec, Miss Helen PartridgeTreas., Mrs. Wiillard L. SampsonHistorian, Mrs. Stephen WiswallThe meetings are held monthly fromOct. to May.Annual meeting the first week in MarchDirectors, the above and IH. I. Harriman,Edw. M. Hallett, John R. Simpson,Walter T. Bryant, Charles B. Gleason,\James A. Hathaway, Herman C. SouleAnnual meeting in MayLANGLEY CLUB31 Jackson streetPres., Fred 'SimpkinsVice Pres., Joseph HockriclgeSec.-Treas., Leonard J. HickmanMeets first Tuesday of every monthAnnual meeting first Tuesday in Jan.GOV. JOHN A. ANDREW HOME ASSO92 Washington Park, NewtonvillePresident, Lou Stewart Wads worth, BostonVice Pres., James E. Reid2nd Vice Pres., Edith M. JewellClerk-Sec, Florence

230 NEWTON BLUE BOOKMONDAY OLUB OF NEWTON HIGH-(LANDSPresident, Mrs. Chas. H. KeelerRec. Sec, Mrs. Eben WilliamsTreasurer, Mrs. Charles T. BartlettCor. Sec, Mrs. John S. PattonMeets alternate Monday afternoonsfrom October to May at the homes ofmembersAnnual meeting last Monday in AprilNEWTON CENTRE ASSOCIATESTHE MOTHERS' REST ASSOCIATIONOF NEWTON CENTERNEWTON CENTRE SQUASHTENNIS CLUBPresident, Mrs. E. D. Burr1st Yice President, Mrs. Samuel Ward2nd Yice President, Mrs. G. M. AngierSecretary, Mrs. H. H. KendallTreasurer, Mrs. W. R. HoltHome of the Mothers' Rest, 8 High st.,President. Frank N. NathanSecretary. E. Ray SpeareTreasurer. C. F. KendallAnnual meet in? second SaturdayAprilmNeedham Heights.OctoberOpen from June toNEWTON EQUALFRANCHISEPresident, William B. YoungYice Pres., Helen C. TaylorTreasurer, Henry H. ReedAuditor, Irving C. PaulClerk. Elias B. BishopDirectors, Officers named aboye withWilliam F. Harbach, Ellen Noble andSamuel WardAnnual meeting second Monday in JanuaryAnnual meeting of the Association inOctoberMeetings of the Executive Board fortnightlyfrom April to NovemberASSOCIATION-Meets at homes of membersAnnual meeting held in AprilNEWTON CENTRE WOMAN'S CLUBNEIGHBORHOODCLUBBerkeley street, W. N.President. Frank W. RemickYice Pres., Frederick B. BancroftClerk and Treasurer, Francis J. BurrageAnnual meeting second Wednesday inNovember at club housePresident. Mrs. S. Hardy MitchellRec. Sec, Mrs. Thomas B. Booth .Cor. See., Miss Priscilla OrdwayTreasurer, Mrs. C. L. Smith, 9 MorelaniavMeets last Thursday in each month atBray HallAnnual meeting second Thursday inAprilNEWTON BOAT CLUB, INC.President, Walter G. BarrowsSecretary, Dr. J. Arthur FurbishTreasurer, Bancroft L. Goodwin, 394 Atlanticave., BostonMeets at club house RiversideAnnual meeting second Monday in AprilNEWTON GOLF CLUBCentre streetPresident, Andrew B. CobbYice Pres., Loren B. TowleSecretary, Charles A. HaskellTreasurer, (Frank N. BobbinsAnnual meeting held in February

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 231NEWTON CITY BANDMeets Monday nights Y. M. €. Ass'nAuditoriumNichols, Hubert 'G. Ripley, Carl F.Schipper, George F. Schrafft, H. BeldenSlyThe Executive Committee meets at leastonce a monthThe annual meeting is held in AprilNEW?TON EQUAL SUFFRAGELEAGUE.Pres., Mrs. -Frank B. ScofieldRec. Sec, Miss Cora S. CobbCor. Sec, Mrs. R. P. GrayTreas., Miss Martha C. LeatheMeets monthly at home of the presidentNEWTON LADIES' HOME CIRCLEPresident, Mrs. Wm. H. BrownCor. Sec, Mrs. John Bean, 230 MelroseRec. Sec, Mrs. W. F. HadlockTreasurer, Miss Abbie ChamberlainMeets first and third Thursday at G. A.R. Hall, NewtonvilleAnnual meeting first Thursday in AprilNEWTON FEDERATION OFWOMEN'S CLUBS.President, Mrs. Irving 0. Palmer•NEWTON HOSPITALVice Presidents, Mrs. Geo. iSt. Amant,Mrs. Sterling Elliott, Mrs. Geo. M.AngierRec. Sec, Mrs. Frank E. AndersonCor. Sec, Mrs. Geo. W. BarkerTreasurer, Miss Lila A. RiderAuditor, Mrs. George KeyesMeets second Wednesday of Novemberand fourth Wednesday of February at2.30Annual meeting held first Tuesday inMayNEWTON CLUBWashington Street near Beacon, NewtonLower Falls(Highland avenue, NewtonvillePresident, Charles E. RileyNEWTON HOSPITAL AIDNearest railway station, B. & A. R. R.,WoodlandElectric cars pass the propertyTelephone connectionPersons able to pay board are chargeda moderate sum per week. Others areadmitted freeQuarterly meetings are held in March,June, September and December atNurses' Home on Hospital groundsAnnual meeting last Monday of SeptemberASSOCIA-Vice Presidents, Albert P. Carter, WilliamJ. Follett, Charles E. Hatfield,Jarvis Lamson, Frank L. Nagle, JamesL. RichardsSecretary, Horton S. AllenTreasurer, William T. HallidayThe above officers and the followinggentlemen comprise the ExecutiveCommittee. William C. Bannburgh,G. Norman Bankart, Edgar S. Barker,William D. Fulton, Dr. Harold O.Hunt, Albert M. Lyon, Henry J.TIONPresident, Mrs. H. H. CarterVice President, Mrs. J. (H. TalbotSecretary, Mrs. Frank E. Anderson, 184Gibbs st., NewtonvilleTreasurer, Miss Rose LoringAuditor, Mr. J. S. AlleyMeets the second Tuesday morning ineach month from October to May at•New Church, NewtonvilleAnnual meeting in May

vd/^NEWTON BLUE BOOKXEWiTON DISTRICT NURSINGASSOCIATIONMeets third Monday of the month atNewton Club HouseAnnual meeting, second Monday of NovemberNEWTON SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUBMeets Wednesday mornings at 10 o'clockNovember to May at Hunnewell ClubHouseAnnual meeting last Wednesday inAprilNEWTON MEDICAL CLUBMeets second Monday evening of eachmonth at Newton HospitalAnnual meeting second Monday in JanuaryNEWTON CENTRE READING CLUBPres., Mrs. W. N. DonovanSec. treas., Mrs. A. PolhemusVice Pres., Mrs. H. H. KendallMeets every Monday afternoon at homesof membersAnnual meeting April tenthNEWTON MONDAY EVENING CLUB•Sec.-Treas., Alvin R. Bailey, 13 Richardsonst., NewtonMeets alternate Mondays, Nov. J5 toApril 1 •Annual meeting 1st meeting in NovemberNEWTON NATURAL HISTORYNEWITON HIGHLANDS IMPROVE­MENT ASSO.President, Howard WhitmoreVice President, Clarence H. TinghamTreas., Aaron L. BallSec, Theodore L. TewksburyMeets at irregular intervals during yearat call of Executive CommitteeAnnual meeting 1st Monday in MarchSOCIETYMeets at members' housesTeachers and any others interested inany branch of natural history arecordially invited to attendNEWTON POLICE BENEFIT AS­SOCIATION (Incorporated)Organized Feb. 20, 1900; incorporatedJan. 31, 1907Board meets at police headquartersAnnual meeting first Wednesday in JanuaryMAN'S CLUB, INC.Officers for 1916-1917:President, L. E. LowryVice President, Dr. C. A. ThompsonTreasurer, J. T. HeathSecretary, F. I. JordanField Captain, (H. V. BowenAssistant Field Captain, Dr. C M(HaskellAnnual meeting third Monday in Sept.XEWTOXVILLEIMPROVEMENT. ASSOCIATIONNEWTON REAL ESTATEASSOCIATIONPresident, James W. FrenchSecretary and Treasurer, Lewis E, Coffin, 144 diellevue street, NewtonAnnual meeting first Monday in MayNEWTON HIGHLANDS SPORTS­President, Ernest L. MillerVice Presidents, George F. Malcolm, AlbertP. Carter. John P. Prescott.Sec.-Treasnrer. Harry D. Cabot. 501'Watertown street, XewtonvilleExecutive committee meets once eachmonth at members' housesAnnual meeting in May

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 233NEWTON MASONIC HALL ASSOCIA­TIONAnnual meeting of association, secondThursday in January at Masonic hallNEWOTONVILLE WOMAN'S GUILD,1916-1917President, Mrs. Willard &. HigginsVice Presidents, Mrs. W. A. Corson, Mrs.J. L. ^Richards, Mrs. H. G. Ripley, MrsJ. Daboll, Mrs. A. D. Cady, Mrs. W. S.Smythe, Miss L. C. Allen, Mrs. H. W.Crooker.Recording Secretary, Mrs. Samuel ThurberCor. Sec, Mrs. G. F. MalcolmTreasurer, Mrs. John Wj. ByersClerk, Miss Louise R. iShermanChairman of Finance, Mrs. E. E. HopkinsAuditor, Mrs. E. C. WyattDirectors: Mrs. G. F. Kimball, Mrs. W.W. Blair, Mrs. W. G. Starkweather,Mrs. A. L. Wakefield, Mrs. A. E. Vose,Mrs. John F. Brent, Mrs. C. D. Kepner,Mrs. Chas. Whittemore, Mrs. W. F.Noyes, Mrs. G. H. Talbot, Mrs. H. H.Fairfield, Mrs. P. A. Evans.Meets first and third Tuesdays of eachmonth from November to April inclusivein the parlors of New Church-Highland avenueAnnual meeting third Tuesday in AprilPIERIAN CLUBPres., Mrs. Charles MillsVice Pres., Mrs. C. A. ChadwickTreas., Mrs. Arthur ColbySec, Mrs. H. E. Child, Chestnut, NewtonUpper FallsMeets every other Wednesday beginningwith the first Wednesday in OctoberAnnual meeting first Wednesday in AprilREBECCA POMROY NEWTON HOMEFOR ORPHAN GIRLSHovey street, near WashingtonNewtonstreet,No child is received under one and onehalf or over eleven years of age, andthe number limited to twenty. Theyremain until considered capable of selfsupport,or until ther parents can carefor themNewton children have the preferenceMeets 3.30 p. m. last Friday of eachmonth at the homeAnnual meeting held second Friday inDecemberROUNDABOUT CLUBMeets alternate Tuesday atmembersAnnual meeting in OctoberhomesofTHE VILLAGERSNEWTON WELFARE BUREAUPres., William H. RiceClerk, James B. MelcherTreas., John F. LothropMeets Room 7 Central Block, Newtonville.Annual meeting OctoberSec, Henry Baily, 976 Centre, N CExecutive Committee: Frederic F. Cutler,chairman; Wm. H. Rice, Matt B 6Jones, Chas. L. SmithMeetings fourth Tuesdays, October toMay, at members' homesAnnual meeting fourth Tuesday in January^ NORTH GATE CLUBWaltham Street, West Newton(Incorporated)Sec, C. Herbert Florance, 378 Cherry,W. N. .Annual meeting second Wednesday inNovember at the club houseSTEARNS SCHOOL CENTREPres. Mrs. S. W. BridgesVice Pres., Mrs. W. E. JanesSec Miss Louise R. ShermanTreas. Mrs. W. H. AllenAnnual meeting held third TuesdayJanuarym

234 XEWTOX BLUE BOOKSHAKESPEARE CLUBXewton HighlandsPres.. Mrs. W. E. MooreVice Pres., Miss Mary L. SweeneySec. Miss Alberta J. CrombieTreas., Mrs. E. J. SmithWABAX WOMAX^ CLUBPres., Florence P. Kimball 'Air.-. HerbertS.)Pvec. Sen-.. Fast net E. Dutch (Mrs. DanaM.)Cor. Sec, Lorraine (-. Phipps • Mr-. Treas.. Florence R. GUippy (Mrs. (^orgeAuditor, Miss Mary NewhallMeet> alternate Monday afternoonsatMeets fortnightly iSaturday afternoonsFrom October to May, at the homes ofmembersAnnual meetings last Saturday in AprilSOCIAL SCIENCE CLUBPres., Mrs. Sterling ElliotRec. Sec, Mrs. Louis D. GibbsCor. Sec, Mrs. John H. ChaseTreas., Mrs. Henry K. HobartMeets Wednesday mornings at 10 o'clockNovember to May at Hunnewell ClubHouseAnnual meeting last Wednesday inAprilSTOXE INSTITUTE AXD XEWTOX(HOME FOR AGED PEOPLEEliot street, Xewton Upper FallsTelephone Xewton South 23Pres., Charles E. Riley* •Vice Pres., Joseph ByersTreas., Albert P. Carter, 60 State st.,BostonClerk, Henry BailyMatron, Mrs. Anna E. FfaleAnnual meeting held first Saturday inFebruary at Xewton ClubUNITARIAN CLUB OF XEWTOXPres., Alvin R. BaileyVice Presidents, Robt. T. Holt, Win. B.BakerSec, James Kingman, 32 Fisher a v.,Xewton HighlandsTreas., Horace C. HarringtonMeets third Thursday of each monthfrom October to April inclusiveAnnual meeting third Thursday of April2.30 beginning with 1st Monday in NovemberAnnual meeting first Monday in May•WEDNESDAY CLUB OF XEWTOXCEXTREPres., Mrs. Matt B. Join-Vice Pre-.. Mrs. Samuel WidgerSec, Mrs. A. B. RiceTreas., Mrs. C. B. GordonMeets first and third Wedm*>day- fromOctober to April at home of membersAnnual meeting held n AprilWESTX^EWTOX WOMEX^S EDUCA-TIOXAL CLUBPres., Mrs. Walter A. BeedleSec, Mrs. Howard B Gibbs. 19 Pulsiver,NewtonvilleTreas.. Mrs. Francis E. NowersMeets the second and fourth Fridavs ofeach month, from Xovember to MayAnnual meeting the fourth Friday inAprilWEST EXD LITERARY OLUBPres.. Mrs. Frederic S. KeithSec. and treas., Mrs. C. H. Lingham, 309Lake aw, X HMeets every Monday at the residenceof a memberAnnual meeting first Monday n MarchWEST XEWTOX .MUSIC ^CHOOL TXC.•Headquarters—Peirce SchoolWest Xewton, MassachusettsPres., Miss Mabel T. EagerTreas., Mrs. L. A. KimberlyMusical Director. Miss Elizabeth IVrt'eSecretary & Clerk. Miss Marion Chulsey,13 Berkeley st.. West Newton

NEWTOX BLUE BOOK 235>WEST NEWTON DAY NURSERYPres., Mrs. George A. FrostTreas., Mrs. Sidney B. Thomas•JSee, Mrs. Irving J. FisherDirectors meetings held at the Nursery.89 Elm street. West Newton, on firstTuesday of each monthAnnual meeting third Tuesday in Januaryat the Nursery, 89 Elm, WestNewtonWOODLAND GOLF CLUBPresident, L. B. FolsomVice President, T. W. WhittemoreSecretary, I. J. FrenchTreasurer, E. J. FrostAnnual meeting held in NovemberWOMAN'S CHRISTIANANCE UNIONWestNewtonPresident, Mrs. Nellie B. RandSecretary, Mrs. May F. SweattTEMPER-'Treasurer, Mrs. Grace L. EarlyMeets third Monday of each month ; t7.45 p. m. at the homes of the membersAnnual meeting in SeptemberYOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIA­TIONAssociation Building, corner Church andBellevue streetsPresident. C. D. KepnerVice President, Edwin 0. Childs. Jr.General (Secretary, H. W. BascomTreasurer, J. W. BlaisdellClerk, C. V. MoorePhysical Director, S. A. CarlingBoys' Work Secretary, W. H. SearsMeets first Tuesday evening of themonthAnnual meeting first Monday evening inMay

236 NEWTON BLUE BOOKSECRET AND BENEVOLENTA. 0. U. >W.AUBURNDALE 'LODGE 111Meets first and third Wednesday evenngsof each month in McVicar's hall,AuburndaleG. A. R.Meets first and third Thursday at Ternpie hall, XewtonvilleCHARLES WARD POST, Xo. 62GARDEN CITY LODGE 182Meets first and third Tuesdays in Nonantumhall, Nonantum square, Newton'Annual meeting first Thursday in JanuaryI. 0. G. T.AUBURNDALE LODGE XO. 152JOHN ELIOT LODGE 149Meets first and third Tuesdays of each'month at A. O. U. W. hall, West NewtonMeets Thursday at S p. m. at 62 Bournestreet, AuburndaleI 0. 0. F.GEN. HULL LODGE 123HOME LODGE NO, 162Meets every Thursday evening inFellows hall, Newton HighlandsAnnual meeting last Thursday incemberOddMeets second and fourth Fridays ofeach month in Dennison hall, NewtonvilleDe-XEWTOX LODGE 21NEWTON LODGE XO. 92Meets second and fourth Tuesdays ofeach month in Eliot hall, XewtonMeets every Thursday evening at eighto'clock at 11351 Washington street •West XewtonDAUGHGTERS OF VETERANSMrs. A. E. Cunningham, Tent Xo.Meets second and fourth TuesdaysMasonic building, Xewtonville2atWABAX LODGE XO. 156Meets at 8 p. m. every Wednesday atOdd Fellows' hall, Xewtonville

NEWTON" BLUE BOOK 23;>GARDEN CITYENCAMPMENTMASONIC SOCIETIESNO. 62DALHOUSIE LODGEMeets every firsteach month atHighlandsand third Mondav int/Lincoln hall, XewtonMeets second Wednesday evening in everv month at Masonic hall, NewtonvilleNEWTON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTERHIGHLAND REBECCA LODGE NO. 82Meets first and third Wednesday evenofeach month in Odd Fellows'nigshall at Newton HighlandsMeets third Tuesday of each month exceptJuly and August at Masonicbuilding, NewtonvilleAnnual meeting in JuneKNIGHTS TEMPLARTENNYSON RBBEKAH LODGE 119GETHSEMANECOMMANDERYMeets first and thirdat 1351 Washington.tonTuesday eveningsstreet, West New-NO. 35Meets fourth Tuesday in each month atMasonic hall, NewtonvilleFRATERNITY LODGEKNIGHTS OF COLUMBUSNEWTON COUNCIL NO. 167Meets third Friday of the month in Masonic hall, NewtonvilleNewtonville, Mass.Meets first and third Tuesday eveningsin Dennison hall, NewtonvilleAnnual meeting first Tuesday in DecemberCRYPTIC COUNCIL OF SELECT ANDROYAL MASTERSRegular meetings second Tuesday ofeach month at .Masonic Hall, NewtonvilleKNIGHTS OF MALTAORDER OF EASTERNSTARNEWTON COMMANDERY r NO. 234Meets Tuesdav evening at 8 o'clock atOdd Fellows' hall, N HAnnual meeting last Tuesday in FebruarvMeets first Tuesday of each month atMasonic hall, NewtonvilleNEWTON MASONIC HALL ASSOAnnual meeting held in JanuaryKNIGHTS OF PY^THIASNEWTON LODGE NO. 110fleets second and fourtli Tuesdays inOdd Fellows 5 hall, W< NCRESCENT COMMANDERY^ NO. 86U. O. OF G. C.Meet- third Wednesdavs of each monthat A. 0. U. IW hall *

238 NEWTON BLUE BOOKU. O. OF INDEPENDENT ODDLADIESBOYNTON LODGE NO. 20Meets second and fourth Tuesdays inDennison hall, NewtonvilleECHO BRIDGE COUNCIL NO. 843Meets first and third Wednesdays inArcanum hall on High street at NewtonUpper FallsAnnual meeting third Wednesday in themonth of JanuaryMT. IDA COUNCIL NO. 1247NEW 1 ENGLAND ORDER OF PROTEC­TION; RIVERDALELODGE 7GMeets first and third Mondays of eachmonth at Society hall, AuburndaleAnnual meeting third Monday in DecemberMeets second and fourth Mondays at 8o'clock p. m. in Dennison hall, NewtonvilleThis council has a membership of 246SONS OF VETERANSJ. VTILEY EDMANDS CAMP NO. 31Meets first and third Wednesdays inMasonic building, NewtonvilleROYAL ARCANUMMeetsthetheOHANNING COUNCIL NO. 76at eight o'clock at Nonantum hallsecond and fourth Thursdays ofmonth.SPANISH ^YAR VETERANSTHOMAS BURNETT CAMP NO. 10Meets first and third Mondays of eachmonth at Nonantum buildingTRITON COUNCIL, NO. 547UNITED ORDER OF PILGRIMMeets second and fourth Monday eveningsof each month in Mague hall,West NewtonAnnual meeting first Monday in JanuaryFATHERSNONANTUM COLONY NO. 77Meets second and fourth Mondayseach month n Nonantum hallof

XEWTOX BLUE BOOK 239POST OFFICESNEWT OX320 Center streetSuperintendent, John I. FarwellMails arrive:From Watertown at 9 a. m.; 12.15,1. 15, 6 p. m.From other points at 3, 4.30, 7,7.15,9.30 a. m.; 12 m.; 1, 2.30, 3.45, 5, 7,•8.30 p. m.From all points Sunday at 9.30 a. m.Mails close:For Watertown at 6.45, 9.30 a. m.; 12.30,2.30, 5.30 p. m.For Boston and the east at 3, 7, 8.45, 11a. m.; 12.15, 1, 3, 5, 8, 9.30 p. m.For New York City at 3, 8.20, 11 a. m.;1, 3, 5, 9.30 p. m.For New York state and the west at 3,8.45, 11 a. m.; 1, 3, 5, 9.30 p. m.For other Newton offices at 6.45, 8.45a. m.; 12.15, 4.15 p. m.Carriers leave the Newton office at 7.40,10.30 a. m.; 2.45 p. m.Night collection from street letter boxesdespatched at 3 a. m. for all pointsClose for all points 9.30 p. m. on SundavsNEWTONYILLE825 Washington streetSuperintendent, TV). E. GuilfordMails received: 6.10, 7, 7.15, 9.25, 12 1, d.50, 3.35 (from New York Cityand the south), 2.30, 3.35, 5, 7, 8.25,i8.40 p. m.Sunday mail received at 9.25 a. m.Mails despatched: 6.40, 8.15 (for NewYork City and the south), 8.45, 11.00a. m.; 12.15, 1.15, 2.45, 4.45, 8, 9.30p. m.No despatch on SundayBoxes collected and mail despatchedfrom Newton Mass. office on Sundays•WEST NEWTON1353 Washington streetSuperintendent, C. H. StacyMails arrive:From all points at 6.15, 7, 7.15, 9.4011.45 a. m.; 12.50, 1.40, 2.30, 3.30, 5,'6.45, 8.20 p. m. Sundays at 9.15 a. m.Mails close-.For Boston and the east at 7, 8.45, 10.15,11.15 a. m.; 12.30, 1.20, 3, 4.30, 7.45p. m.For New York City and the south at8.30, 10.15, 11.45 a. m.; 12.30, 4.45, 7.45ip. m.For New York state and the west at8.30, 8.45, 10.)15 a. m.; 12.30, 1.20, 4.45,7.45 p. mFor other Newton offices at 6.40, 8.45,11.15 a. m.; 12.30, 1.20, 4.45, 7.45 p. m.Carriers leave West Newton office at7.20, 10.30 a. m.; 2.45 p. m.Parcel Post Delivery, 8.30 a. m.; 3.30 p.m.NEWTONCENTRE1199 Centre streetSuperintendent, Charles A. HaskellMails arrive: 6.15, 6.45, 8.30, 110.30 a. m.,-1, 1.30, 2.40, 3.15, 6, 8 p. m. Sundaysat 8.50 a. m.Mails close: 6.15, 8, 9.45, 10.30 a. m.;12.30, 2.30, 5, 7.15, 9.)15 p. m.Registered mail closes: 6.15, 8, 9.45 a.m.; 12.30, 2.30, 5.00, 7.15 p. m.Registered mail arrives: 6.45, 8.30, 10.30a. m.; 1, 1.30, 3.15, 6, 8 p. m.Carriers leave the Newton Centre officeat 7.30, 10.45 a. m.; and 2.45 p. m.NEWTON HIGHLANDS26 Lincoln streetSuperintendent, A. S. PrattMails close:6.30, 8, 10, 10.15 a. m.; 12.30, 2.45. 5,7T5, 8 p. m.Mails arrive:(i.15, 6.50, 7.05, 8.30, 10.30 a. m.; 1.15,2.45, 3.15, 6, 8 p. m.Carrier deliveries: 7.30, 10.45 a. m.; and2.45 p. m.

240 NEWTON BLUE BOOKSHOPPERS' GUIDEANDBUSINESS DIRECTORY OF ADVERTISERSAntique FurnitureBern is & Jewett, 101 Union, X. C.inside front coverMacy .B. F. 410 Boylston, Boston.SeeSeeAutomobile DealersFurbush Bros. Garage, 1203 Washington,W. X. See page 80Xewton Garage & Auto Co.. Inc.. 1. 3page 33Pennell Gibbs & Quiring Co. 15a Beacon.tBoston. See page 851151 Wal­and 24 Brook See page 20Xewton Highlands (Garage,nut. X. H. See page 130Antique Furniture RepairedRobart E. A. & Sons, 311 Washington,Brookline See foot linesAutomobile Road MapsWalker Lithograph & Publishing Co..400 Xewburv. iBoston See page 70ApothecariesHudson Arthur, 266 Washington Seepage 40Melvin & Badger, 43 Temple pi., Boston.See page 112Automobiles For Sale and To LetFurbush Bros. Garage, 1203 WashingtonW. X. See page 80Xewton Oarage & Auto Co., Inc.. 24Brook, X. See page 26Xewton Highlands Garage, 1151 Walnut.X. H. See page 130Artists' MaterialsWads'worth, Howland & Co. Inc.139Auto Supplies and RepairsFederal, 84 Washington and 222 Clarendon,Boston See page 33Furbusii Bros. Garage, 1203 Washington,W. X. See page 80Xewton Garage & Auto Co.. Inc.. 24AuctioneersBarbour & Travis, 1345 Washington, W.X. See page 80Burns John T. & Sons, Inc., 363 -Centre.XewtonSee foot lines1151 Wal­Brook, X. See page 26Xewton Highlands Garage,nut, X. H. See page 130AwningsDelaney John J. 249 Washington. X.See foot linesRobart E. A. & Sons, 311 Washington,Brookline See foot lines

m/XEWTON BLUE BOOK 241BanksBoston Safe Deposit & Trust Co., Franklin,Boston See outside front coverFirst Nat'l Bank, West Newton, 1347Washington, W. N". See opp page 78Newton Co-operative Bank, 297 Walnut,Nv. See page 58Newton Trust Co. Bank Bldg., X. andBray Bldg., N. C. See opp page 104West Xewton -Savings Bank, Washington(near Post Office) W. X. See opppage 79Carpet LayingAdams & Swett Cleansing Co.. 130 Kemble.Roxbury See page 87CaterersPaxton James & Co., 388 Centre. N. Seepage 34Torre C. L. Miss, 338 Centre. X*. Seepage 46Chimney SweepersBlank Book ManufacturersMcAdams Wm. M. L., 272 Devonshire,Boston ;See page 26Richardson Bros..See page IV26 Brattle, Boston,China, Glassware, Etc.Boston Employment AgencyPreston H. C, 274 Boylston, Bostonopp page 136Jones, McDuffee & Stmt ton Co.. 33See Franklin, Boston. See back coverCigarsBrokersPearmain & Brooks, 53 State, Boston.See foot linesHarrington I. B., 365 CentreBuilders HardwareCoal and WoodEddy C. F. Co., Washington. W. X.SeeChandler & Barber Co., 124 Summer,Boston See page 84Cameras and Suppliespage 80Hatch B. S. Co., 79 Union, X. C, and 12S8Washington, W. X. See page 112Mass. Wharf Coal Co.. 793 Washington.Xv.. 402 Centre, X. and 93 Milk, Boston.See front eol. pagePinkham & Smith Co., 288 Bovlston and13% Bromfield. iBoston See page 30ConfectionersCarpet and Rug CleansersAdams & Swett Cleansing Co.. 130 Kemble,Roxbury See page 87Forbush Miss, Specialty Shop, -1202Washington, W. X. See page 70Paxton James & Co., 388 Centre, X.See page 34Robart E. A. & Sons, 311 WashingtonBrookline See foot linesTorre C. L. Mi-, 338 Centre.46See page

242 XEWTOX BLUE BOOKCo-operative BankNewton Co-operative Bank. 297 Walnut,Xv. See page 58Crockery, Glassware, Etc.ElectriciansDelaney C. H. 56 Floral. X. H. ^ee page130MeKenney & Waterburv Co. 181 Frank-Jin, Boston. See page 7Thompson Edwin T. 801 Washington,Xv. See page 02Jones, McDuffee & Stratton Co., 3:]Franklin, Boston. See back coverCut Flowers and PlantsHolbrow C. E. 117 Tremont, Brighton.See front eol. pageBostonston.Employment AgencyEmployment Agency. 274 BoylBoston. See opp page 130EngraversCutleryMc AdamsBostonWm. M. L.. 272See page 2(3Devonshire.ChandlerBoston& Barber Co..See page 84124 Summer.Family HomeDruggistsHighland Villa. 25 Highlandpage 58av., Xv. SeeHudson Arthur, 265page 46Washington.SeeMelvin & Badger. 43 Temple pi., Boston.See page 112Fire Place FurnishingsMacy B. F. 410 Boylston, Boston,page 33SeeDyers and CleansersFish, Oysters, Etc.CabotCleansung Co.,92 Bowers, Xv.See page 50Garden City LaundrySee page 46Co., 75 Adams.Rhodes Bros. Co., 438 Tremont andMas s av., Boston. See page 40170FloristElectric and Gas Light FixturesMaKenney & Waterburv Co. 181 Franklin,Boston. See page 70Thompson Edwin T . 801 Washington,Xv. See page 62Holbrow C. E., 117 Tremont,See front col. pageFood ShopBrightonForbush Miss, SpecialtyWashington, W. X. SeeShop,page 76 1202ElectricalContractorsDelaney C. H. 56 Floral. X. H.See footlinesMoKenney & Waterburv Co. 181 Franklin,Boston. See page 70Thompson Edwin T. 801 Washington.Xv. See page 62Fountain PensAmerican Fountain Pen Co. 168 Devonshire,Boston. See page 70Wards. 57-01 Franklin. Boston, ^ee opppage 130

XEWTOX BLUE BOOK 243Funeral DirectorsCate Henry F. 1251 Washington, W. X..See page 84Waterman J. S. & Sons, Inc. 2326 Washington,Roxbury. See page 88Gift ShopForbusli Miss, Specialty Shop, 1202Washington, W.' X. See page 76GreenhousesHFurnace Heating and RepairsHolbrow C. E. 117 Tremont, BrightonSee front col. pageRichardson Bros. 26 Brattle, Boston. Seefront col pageGroceriesFurniture Designers and ManufacturersRhodes Bros. Co. 438 Themont and 170Mass av., Boston. See page 40Robart E. A. & Sons, 311 Washington,Brookline, See foot linesHardwareFurniture RepairingBemis & Jewett, 101 Union, Ninside front icoverC. iSeeChandler & Barber Co., 124 Summer,Boston See page 84Hay, Grain, Etc.Eddy C. F, Co. Washington, W. X,SeeGarageFurbush Bros. Garage 1203 Washington,W. X. See page .80Newton Garage & Auto Co. Inc., 24page 80Hatch B. S. Co.Washington,79 Union, X. C, and 1288W, X, See page 1121151 Wal­Brook, N. See page 26Xewton Highlands Garage,nut, X. H. -See page 130Heating and VentilatingPierce & Cox, 143 Kingston, Boston. Seeopp page 136Gas and Electric FixturesMeKenney & Waterbury Co. 181 Franklin,Boston. See page 70Thompson Edwin T. 801 Washington,Xv. See page 62Help WantedBoston Employment Agency, 274 Boylston, Boston. See opp page 136Gas and Oil StovesMcKenney & Waterbury Co. 181 Franklin, Boston. See page 70HorticulturistBreck-Robinson Xursery Co.Market, Boston and MimroeLexington. See page 8751 Xo.Station,Gents' Furnishing GoodsHewins & Hollis, 4 Hamilton pi., BostonSee page 87Hot Water Heating and RepairsRichardson Bros. 26 Brattle, Boston. Seepage IV

244 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHotelsHighland Villa, 25 Highland av., Nv. Seepage 58Old Xatick Tnn, South Natick. 'See page30Edmands & Byfield, 302 Centre and 200•Devonshire, Boston. See page 34French James W. 73 Tremont, Boston.See page 33Gilmour Rotherv & Co. 120 Water. Boston.See foot linesHouse FurnishingsMacy B. F. 410 Boylston. Bostonpage 33SeeGreen Louis E. G. 53 State, BostonHinckley & Wood, 32 Kilby, Boston. Seepage 33Meredith & Grew, 15 Congress, Boston.See page 84Xeal & Company, Centre. See page 76Savage HenryIce Cream and Fancy IcesPax-ton James & Co., 388 Centre, X. Seepage 34W. Inc., 255 Washington,X. and Tremont, .Boston. Seefoot lines and page 62White James G. 10 Post Office sq.. Boston.See page 40Torre C. L. Miss, 338 Centre.See page46Interior DecoratorsInnOld Natick Inn, South Xatick.See pageBemis & Jewett, 101 Union, X. C.inside front coverPennell, Gibbs & Quiring Co. 15acon, Boston. See page 85SeeBea-30InventoriesLOUIS E. G. GREENRussell Frederick C. 131 State. BostonSee front col. pageInsurance and InvestmentsNotary Public, Justice of PeaceInvestmentSecuritiesGreen Louis E. 53 State, BostonRoom 1053 Exchange Bldg.53 State St., Boston, MassInsuranceBarbour & Travis, 1345 Washington, W.X. See page 80JusticesDelaney John J. 249 Washington, X.See foot linesFrench James W. 73 Tremont, Boston.See page 33Green Louis E. 53 State, BostonBurns John T. & Sons, Inc., 363 Centre.Newton.See foot linesDelaney John J. 249 Washington.SeeKitchenUtensilsfoot linesDowd A. Dudley. 16 State, 112SeeFiske A. F.Macy B. 33& Co. 087 Watertown. W. X.410 Boylston, Boston. ;>ee

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 24Ladies' GarmentsBonney's P. F. Sons, 459 Washington,Boston. See outside back coverManufacturerMinards Liniment Mfg. Co. Fames,Framingham. See page 76LampsMcKenney & Waterbury Co. 181 Franklin, Boston. See page 70Map PublishersWalker Lithograph & Publishing Co.,Newbury, .Boston. See page 70Landscape GardenerBreck-Robinson Nursery Co. 51 No. Market, Boston and Munroe Sta., Lexington. See page 87Mattress MakingAdams & Swett Cleansing Co., '130 Kemble, Roxbury iSee page 87LaunderersCabot Cleansing Co. 92 Bowers, Nv. Seepage 50Garden City Laundry Co. 75 Adams. Seepage 46Men's Custom ShirtsHewins & Hollis, 4 'Hamilton pi., Boston.See page 87Mineral WaterLaundry AgencyHarrington I. B. 305 CentreNobscot Mt. Spring Co. 271 Washington,N. and 14 Sears, Boston, Seepage 34Lime, Cement, Drain Pipe, EtcEddy C. F. Co. Washington, W. 80SeeMisses' and Children's GarmentsBonney's P. F. Sons, 459 Washington,Boston. See outside back coverLiniment• •MortgagesMinards Liniment Mfg. Co. Fames,Framingham. See page 76Barbour & Travis, 1345 Washington, W.N. See page 80Burns John T. & Sons, Inc., 363 Centre,Newton.See foot linesLithographersWalker Lithograph & Publishing Co.400 Newbury, Boston. See page 70Livery StableivfcNeilly l S. F. Heath n HaimmondH. See page 40C.Delaney John J. 249 Washington, N. Seefoot lanesDowd A. Dudley, 16 State, Boston. Seepage 112Edmands & By field, 392 Centre and 200Devonshire, Boston. See page 34French James W., 73 Tremont, Boston.See page 33Meredith & Grew, 15 Congress, Boston.^ee page 84

246 NEWTON" BLUE BOOKNeal eV Company, Centre. See page 7Savage Henrv W. Inc., 255 Washington,X. and Tremont. Boston. See footlines and page 62Outfitters, MenHewins & Hollis. 4 Hamilton pi.. BostonSee page S7•Naphtha CleansingPaints, Oils and VarnishesAdams & Swett Cleansing Co.. 130 Kemble. Roxbury See page S7I. B. HARRINGTONChandler & Barber Co., 124 Summer.Boston See page 84German & Morton. 8 Hartford, X. H. Seepa^e 130Wudsworth Hawland & Co. Inc. 139 Federal,84 Washington and 222 Clarendon,Boston. See page 33•News Depot and Cigar StoreCole's Block, 365 Centre StreetPainters and DecoratorsBemis & Jewett, 101 Union. N C.inside front coverSeeAgent for Lewando's French LaundryGerman & Morton. S Hartford. X. H.See page 130Pennell Gibbs & Quiring Co. (interior),and Dye House15a Beacon, Boston.See page SoRobart E. A. & Sons, 204 Washington,Brookline. See foot linesNewsdealerHarrington I .B. 3(>5 CentrePaper HangersBemis & Jewett. 101 Union. X C.SeeNotariesBarbour & Travis, 1345 Washington,X. See page 80 Broinfield, Boston See page 30Chandler & Barber Co., 124 Summer,Boston See page S4Pink'ham & Smith Co., 288 Boylston and13% Bromtielcl. Boston. See page 30*

XEWTOX BLUE BOOK 24* iPhysiciansNewton members of the MassachusettsMedical Society, corrected by DrF. B. M. Cadv, acting secretary.Abbot, Florence H. West NewtonAndrews, Edward A. Newton CentreAtkinson, Lizzie D. R. West NewtonBaker, David E. NewtonvilleBaldwin, Herman T. Chestnut HillBartlett, P. Clialis, Newton HighlandsBessey, Earl E. WabanBrady, Cecil N. West NewtonBrickett, Beatrice H. Newton HighlandsBriggs, Edward C. Chestnut HillChandler, Harold B. West Newton•Chandler, Henry B. West NewtonClark, Frank R. NewtonvilleCrawford, Sarah M. Newton CentreCunimings, Alvah C. NewtonCurtis, Francis G. Chestnut HillDempsey, James E. NewtonEddy, George S. NewtonEverett, Willard S. Newton Upper FallsFisher, Irving J. West NewtonFriedman, Leo. V. Newton CentreGallagher, Thos. M. NewtonGay, George W. Chestnut HillGodfrey, Henry W. AuburnclaleHaskell, Henry C. AuburndaleHopkinson, George, NewtonHunt, Harold 0. NewtonvilleHunt, William 0. NewtonvilleHutchinson, Chessman P. AuburndaleJack, Lewis H. West NewtonKeever, Henry F. AuburndaleKirkwood, Allan S. Newton CentreKnowles, William F. West NewtonLeary, Alfred J. NewtonLeonard, E. DeW. Newton CentreLoring, Robert P. Newton CentreLowe, Fred M. West NewtonMarcy, Henry 0. Jr., NewtonMarston, Warren W. NewtonMay, George E. Newton CentreMeGee, 'Fannie M. WabanMcOwen, William H. Newton Up.Mellen, Eleanor May A. NewtonlandsMelius, Edward, NewtonMiner, Lerov M. S. NewtonvilleMoore, Howard, NewtonNielson, Edwin B. West NewtonFallsHi2

248 NEWTON BLUE BOOKPlayerPianosRiding SchoolParker Geo.ton. SeeSteinert M.BostonLincoln, 100 Boylston, Bosinsidefront cover& Sons Co. 162 Boylston,McNeilly's Riding Academy, Heath nHammond, C. >H. See page 40Rugs Repaired, Cleansed, RemodelledandDisinfectedBell Wan.BostonPoultrySeasoningG. Co. The, 19-20 So. Market,See page 69Adams & Swett Cleansing Co.. 130 Kemble,Roxbury See page 87Safe Deposit BoxesProvisionsRhodes Bros. Co. 438 Tremont and 170Mass av., Boston. See page 40Boston Safe Deposit & Trust Co. Franklin,Boston. See outside front coverSafe Deposit VaultsReal EstateBarbour & Travis, 1345 Washington,'W. N. See page 80Burns John T. & Sons. Inc. 363 Centre,First National Bank of West Newton,1347 Washington, W. X See opp page78Newton Trust Co. Bank bldg\ X. andBray bldg, N. C. ^ee opp page 104Newton.See foot linesDelaney Jo/hn J. 249 Washington, N. Seefootlines•Dawd A. Dudley, 16 State, Boston.SeeSavings Bankspage L12Edmands & Bylield, 392 Centre and 200Devonshire, Boston. See page 34French James W. 73 Tremont, Boston.See page 33Meredith & Grew, 15 Congress, Boston.See page 84Neil & Company, Centre. See page 76Savage Henry W. Inc. 255 Washington.N. and Tremont, Boston. See footlines and page 02West Newton Savings Bank. Washington(near P. O.) W. N. See opp pa ire79Shrubs, Trees, Etc.Breck-Robinson Xursery Co. 51 NorthMarket, Boston, and Munroe station.Lexington. See page S7RefrigeratorsBell Wm. G. Co. The. 10-20 So. Market,Boston. See page 69Specialty ShopForbush, Miss, Specialty Shop, 1202Washington, W. N. See page 76Spring WaterHighland Villa, 25See page 58RestaurantHighland av., Xv.Xobscot Mt, Spring Co.ton, Newton, 14 Seai 'Spage 34271 Washing-Boston, See

NKAYTOX liLUK BOOK 241)StationersHarrington I. B. 365 CentreMeAdamis Wm, M. L. 272 Devonshire.TypewritersMeAdams Won. M. L. 272 Devonshire,Boston. See page 26Boston. See page 26Wards, 57-61 Franklin, Boston.Seeopp page 136Steam and Hot Water HeatingPierce & Cox. 14:5opp page 136Kingston, Boston. SeeUndertakersCate Henry F. 1251 Washington, W. NSee page 84Waterman J. S & Sons, Inc. 2326 Washington,Uoxbury. See page 88RichardsonBros.26 Brattle, BostonSee page IVStocks and BondsPearmain & Brooks, 53 State, BostonSee foot linesUpholsterersBemis & Jewett, 101 Union, Ninside front coverVacuum CleanersC. SeeStorage for ValuablesAdams & Swett Cleansing Co., 130 Keinble, Roxbury See page 87Boston Safe Deposit & Trust Co. Franklin,Boston.See outside front coverFirst National Bank of West Newton,1347 Washington, W. N. iSee opp page78Newton Trust Co. Bank bldg, N. andBray bldg, N. C. See opp page 104Victor VictrolasSteinert M. & Sons Co. 102 Boylston,BostonStoves and RangesFiske A. F. & Co. 987 Watertown, W. N.Wall PapersBemis & Tewett, 101 Union, N. C. Seeinside frontcoverRichardsonpage IVStove RepairsKros. 26 Hrattle, Boston. See(Jennan &: -Morton, 8 Hartford, N. H.See page 130Robart E. A. & Sons, 204 Washington,Brookline. See foot linesVTheatresWedding GiftsSee end of bookJones. McDuffee & Stratton Co.,Franklin, Boston. Sec back cover3 3Trust Company*Boston Safe Deposit &. Trust Co. Franklin.Boston. See outside front coverNewton Trust Co. Bank bldg, N. iandBray bldg, X. C. See opp page 104Window and Door ScreensBemds & Jewett, 101 Union. X. Cinside front coverSee

250 NEWTON BLUE BOOKPOST OFFICE REGULATIONSCLASSIFICATION AND RATES OFPOSTAGE.DOMESTIC MAIL MATTER includes mail addressed for local delivery,or for transmission from one place to another within the UnitedStates, or to or from or between the possessions of the United States,and to that for transmission to or from the United States, or itspossessions and officers or members of crews of United States nuvalvessels, and to or from the United States postal agency at Shanghai.China, and to officers and men of the United States Navy in theUnited States Naval Hospital at Yokohama, Japan and is divided uitotour classes:FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH (PARCEL POST). Domesticrates and conditions, with certain exceptions, apply to mail addressed toCanada, Cuba, Mexico and the Republic of Panama.The domesticrates apply also to letters, but not to other articles, addressed to GreatBritain, Ireland, and Newfoundland, and to letters for Germany dispatchedonly by steamers which sail direct to German ports.ALL MAIL MATTER (except regular publications sent to subscribers)must be wholly prepaid.LETTERS, POSTAL CARDS and "POST CARDS/ 5 and all matteron which first class postage is paid, may be forwarded from one postoffice to another without additional postage, but all other matter musthave postage prepaid anew.MAIL MATTER OF ALL CLASSES MAY BE REGISTERED,EXCEPT DOMESTIC PARCEL POST WHICH MAY BE INSURED:fee, in addition to regular postage fully prepaid, 10 cents.Indemnityfor loss:—1st class, not to exceed $50: 3d class not to exceed $25.FIRST CLASS MATTER—LETTERS AND POSTAL CARDS.LETTERS—(To be sent beyond the office where deposited, or forany letter-carrier office or rural delivery).Letters and other matterwholly or in part in writing or type writing, and all matter sealed orclosed against inspection, for each ounce or fraction thereof, limit ofweight, four pounds 02DROP OR LOCAL LETTERS, depos ; ted in other than a letter-carrieroffice or rural delivery, for each ounce or fraction 01SPECIAL (OR IMMEDIATE) DELIVERY LETTERS require aspecial stamp in addition to regular postage (ordinary stamps may beused, but the words Special Delivery must be written across the letteror package) 10POSTAL CARDS. A message may be written on left-thrd ofaddress side. Cost each 01REPLY POSTAL CARDS 02PRIVATE MAILING CARDS (POST CARDS) 01SECOND CLASS MATTER—NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS.TRANSIENT NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS, when posted bypersons other than the publisher or news agent, for each four ounces orfraction 01



CENSUS OF MASSACHUSETTSTotal, 3,693,310y 1915BARNSTABLEBarnstableBourneBrewsterChathamDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichMashpeeOrleansProvincetownSandwichTruroWellfleetYarmouthCO.4,9052,67-27831,61-71,8225453,9172,1792631,1664,2951,5006639361,41528,818BERKSHIRE CO.AdamsAlfordBecketCheshireClarksburgDaltonEgremontFloridaGreat BarringtonHancockHinsdaleLanesboroughLeeLenoxMontereyMountWashingtonNew AshfordNewMarlboroughNorthAdamsOtisPeruPittsfieldRichmondSandisfieldSavovSheffieldStoekbrid^eTyringhamWashingtonWest StockbridgeWilliamstownWindsor13,2182719731,5351,1143,8585994276,6275141,2571,0894,4813,24235895921,03022,03544219539,6075645645241,8621,9013272751,2773,981375114,709BRISTOL CO.AeushnetAttleboroBerkleyDartmouthDightonEastonFairhavenFall RiverFreetownMinsfieldNew Bedford2,3S718,-I- I98 55,3302,4005.0646.277124.7011.6635.772100,568North AttleboroughNortonRaynhamRehobothSeekonkS >mersetSwanseaTauntonWestport0,3982,5871,8102.22>2,7673 3772,55836,1613,262—346,964DUKES CO.ChilmarkEdgartownGayHeadGosnoldOak BluffsTisburyWest Tisbury2881,2761751551,2451,324441* ESSEX CO.AmesburyAndoverBeverlyBoxfordDanversEssexGeorgetownGloucesterGrovelandHamiltonHaverhillIpswichLawrenceLynnLvnn fieldManchesterMarbleheadMerrimacMethuenMiddletonNahantNewburyNewburyportNorth AndoverPeabodv•RockportRowleySalemSalisburySaugusRwampscottTopsfieldWenhamWestNewbury4,9048,5437,97822,95971411,1771,6772,05824,4782,3771,87949,4506,27290,25995,8031,1122.0457.6062,10114,0071,3081,3871,50015,3115,95618,6254,3511,48137,2001,71710.2267,3451.1731,06*1,520463,662FRANKLIN CO.*shfieldBernardstonBuck] andCharlemontColrain0047901,5600771,829ConwayDeerfieldErvingGillGreenfieldHawleyHeathLeverettLeydenMonroeMontagueNew SalemNorthfieldOrangeRoweShelburneShutesburySunderlandWarwickWendellWhately1,2202,7391,16895112,6184273837793442967,9256251,7825,3794241,4842921,2784773881,11848,256HAMPDEN CO.AgawamBlandfordBrimfieldChesterCTiicopeeEast LongmeadowGranvilleHampdenHollandHolyokeLongmeadowLudlowMonsonMontgomeryPalmerRussellSouth wickSpringfieldTollandWalesWestfieldWestSpringfieldWilbraham4,5556239341,34430,1381,93978467015960,8161,7826,2515,0042309,4681,1041,365102,97119933718,41111,3392,521262,944HAMPSHIRE CO.AmherstBelchertownChesterfieldCummingtonEasthamptonEnfieldGoshenGran byGreenwichHadlevHatfieldHuntingtonMiddlefieldNorthamptonPelham5,5582,0625596609,84580'2808284262,6nh2,6301,42732521,654499

PlainfieldPi I scottSouthamptonSouth Hadl

Diagrams of Boston Theatres1BOSTON OPERA HOUSEHuntington avenue Telephone, BackBay 4490. (Box office open on days ofOffce, Washington street, open 9 a. 8 p. m. Performances, Matinees, 2]). m. Evenings, 7.45 p. m.performance, 9 a. m. to 10 p. m.Branch Ticket Office, M. SteinertsandMAJESTIC THEATRESons, 162 Boylston street, 9 a. m. to 6p. m. daily. Doors open, 1.30 p. m.and 7.30 p. m.BOSTON THEATREKeith's Boston Theatre Co., lessee.539 Washington street. Tel. 722 Beach.Box Office open 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. DoorsLocation, 223 Tremont street. Tel.Beach 4520. Office open 9 a. m. to 10.30p. m. Matinees, Wednesday and Saturday.Doors open at 7.30 evenings; 1.30Matinees. Commences: evenings at 8p. m.; matinees at 2 p. m.PARK SQUARE THEATREopen 10 a. m. to 10 p. m.every day.MatineesCASTLE SQUARE THEATRE•421 Tremont street.Branch iBox Office atTel. 5300 Beach.Vorenberg's, 15iPark square. Tel. 5080 Beach. BoxOffice opens 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. MatineesWednesday and Saturday at 2.15p. m.; doors open 1.30 p. m. Evenings,8.15 p. m.; doors open at 7.30 p. m.Winter street. Evenings at 8.10. Matineesdaily at 2.10. The Craig Players.PLYMOUTHTel. Beach 4520.THEATREOffice open, 9 a. m.COLONIAL THEATREBoylston, near Tremont street. Tel.411 Beach, Box Office opens 8 a. m. toend of p. m. performance. MatineesWednesday and .Saturday. Doors open1.30 and 7.30 p. m. Tickets can be orderedby Telephone, Mail or Telegraph.Tickets ordered and paid for by mai! 1Jwill be held until called for.till 10 p. m. Mai!Sat:rdays. Doorsinees. Thursdavs andJt/open 1.30 and 7.30.S'HUBERT THEATRELocation, Tremont street, opp Hollisstreet. Tel. Beach 4520. Office open 9a. m. to 10.30 p. m. Matinees, Wednesdaysand Saturdays. Doors open 7.30even'n^s; 1.30 matinees. Commences:Evenings at 8 p. m.; matinees, 2 p. m.COPLEY THEATRE180 Dartmouth street.Tel. Back Ba\TREMONT THEATRE5518. Matinees 2.10.Evenings 8.10.176 Tremont street. Tel. 608 Beach.HOLLIS STREET THEATRE•Hollis street. To!. 131 Beach. BoxOffice opens 8 a. m. imt'1 termination ofevening performances. Mail orders givenprompt and careful attention. MatineesWednesday and Saturday. Doorsopen 1.30 and 7.30 p. m. Performancesusually begin at 2 and 8 p. m.B. F. KEITH'S THEATREEntrance Washington and Tremontstreets. Tel. 1724 Beach. Advance saleBox Office op MI 9 a. m. to 11 p. m. Matinees,Wednesday and Saturday. Doorsopen 1.30 and 7.30 p. m. Commences2 il5 and 8.15 p. mYE WILBUR THEATRELocation, Tremont street. Tel. Beach4520. Office open 9 a. m. to 10.30 p. in.Matinees, Wednesday and Saturday.Doors open, 7.30 evenings; 1.30 matinees.Commences: Evenings at 8.15 p.m.; matinees at 2.15 p. m.




MAJESTICTHEATREI-FIRST BALCONY -HHitfJv>//%«?•B0XE56C /Toolfl0ll0f/l0 2 J l0 }| |0 « r f l0> j lO > > j lO 7:^Bl02|iOjIlOvJ.05|i0c|!07M/wjio,j|)ovJ)Ojji06|icK)BV- [ 10 |io7|ioaHQslno] Mttf*° SwJl02|f0j|i^|,e)ji06lH)7|H)8OJ •06 JOT |Q81109-SECONDBALCONY-V'Or106 107V IJAfllim li/i-jh*?!.^ tZStCSl EStJSwAnUll £60XE3eoxe*|)03'|M}oli07ll08[ig^}ilJ*,'•?i03|ioc|)0?|io^i^Ql L.l^IOftIl07ll05ll03[i>oF3 M106 K)7 TogJToTjTioJmj ^Jl05|l06|l07ll08|loiW3OWtIOo|W7il08ll03|l^ol)Tj]j^ll06|l07^(Bll09ll!0lin]iS]106 107106 Wio8jio9jno]m0JnJu^lBcj|'Q6l;o7lic^l'osjiio)m jnlMPQRUV





STEINERT HALL.RIGHT CENTRE. LEFTXw8 6 L>8 7 6 6 4- 3. | ,1 76 5 | . 3 21lw*on6T|.s 8u6 57 | 67 | 64 35 | 46 4• '33l u2 | 1• 1 'R| 7 | 6 1 5 | 4 3 2 'RQ 6 4 3 2 I Q4p\lO\ o^o>o>CO•oa*CO•A*4M. STEINERT & SONS CO.STEINWAY AND OTHERPIANOSPIANOLAPIANOSVICTORVICTROLASSteinert Hall, 162 Boylston St.Stores thruout New England

STAGE,V Ela?i?ii?o|io|jft||»7|ife|!si^i»3i^ YZ gMfell?0h9hftl|l7l^l5ll4l>3lia z-M gg?^||?0ll9hftlli7l)6l)5lHlo[Ja MB B BHa2ilaoli9liftii7iifeii5h4li5lgl BBCC BS?kl|?Qh9l>A|l7h6ll5lHh5ia CCKD gg51?l|?0ll9ll8|l7l^ll5lHllMT?l DD£E lf^bT|^0|l9|l8fl7l}6h3ll4|l3|l2] £E*r &^^i2i|^o;i9it&ni7ifeh^^n^i i zi FFJfff Jh|g|?>l?Q|l9ll8lll7l^>lt5l14n5l^] HflII g^2|2l|^|l9l^l7ll6llMHh3ll.a 11JJ£^J2l^0flQ|ift|||7ll6l151)4Ujlr^ cJJKK g3]??l2i[2Q|.9li&Bl7|l6l^lHl^lSl KKLL-MilW00ppQQKR13)|'9ll6l)7JK)fll5ll4H3lf2l»iH(t6|l7lt6Bl5|l4ll3ll2lnl'«>|l9| J&|i7|ffeilSlH 1151121*11Hl9l»&Il7[W>|l5U4ll5UgtfH03 © QHSUHJOS • siS>9|»|l7ll6Bt5h4it3hallDLLMMCOPPQQRRHUNTINQTON AVENUE CORRIDOR,SYMPHONY HALLfON AND MASSACHUSETTS AVENUES.

STAQE.Av\OJ >>oOONNoWr*jr jte^ o> >w»< CQH*S#r\I00< (Q O5


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