Freddy Paul Grunert 1959 born in Ludwigsstadt/Oberfranken ...

Freddy Paul Grunert 1959 born in Ludwigsstadt/Oberfranken ...

'Record > Again!, Part 2,', ZKM | Karlsruhe; Ludwig

Forum Aachen; Kunsthaus Dresden; Edith Russ Site for Media Art Oldenburg

Conference for the foundation of a humanistic university in Baghdad,

Chairman Prinz Hassan bin Talal of Jordanien, in Arezzo

Architectural plans for an ecological golf club in Salerno, in cooperation with

the architects of, Salerno, and the Italian Ministry of


Architectural plans for a public open space in front of the Etruscan Museum

in Pontecaiano, together with the architects of,

Salerno, and the Italian Ministry of Archaeology

Member of the board 'Art and Climate Change', Council of Europe, Palais de

l’Europe, Strasbourg

Workshop 'Archeovirtual', Borsa Mediterranea del turismo archeologico,

Salerno, in cooperation with Saverio Salerno Presidente del Comitato

Scientifico della Provincia di Salerno, Salvatore Garraffo Direttore CNR ITABC,

Maria Mautone Direttore Dipartimento Patrimonio Culturale CNR, coordina

Sofia Pescarin VHLab CNR ITABC


Founder of the SOLIS group, an organization the objective of which was to

found the first universal biohydrogen company in Civita di Bagnoregio, in

cooperation with the Sapienza University Rome, and supported by the

European Parliament

Invitation to Prof.Vincenzo Naso of the Energy Systems, Mechanics and

Aeronautics Department, University la Sapienza, Rome, the European

Parlament in Brussels, to present Mr. Grunert's Project SOLIS, and the

cooperation with CIRPS Research on Hydrogen: Biofuels, Hydrogen and

Climate: The story of a change; the foundation of the 1st Biohydrogen

factory in Civita di Bagnoregio together with MEP Prof.Vittorio Prodi, MEP

Prof. Vlado Panayotov

Founder of the organization Selph2, an institutional interface for the

promotion of immaterial values,, Aachen

Jury President of 'Cervino Cinemountain’, Film festival, Cervinia (cat.)

Executive member of the Association for the Construction of an Ecological

Airport in Viterbo 'Tusicia Vola'

Conference: 'German-Italian cooperation for the development of renewable

energies in the Mediterranean', Desertec-Club of Rome, Italian Embassy,

Berlin, PIK, UNO

Conference: 'Global contract based on climate justice', Memorandum for

COP 14 in Poznan, organized by MEP Jo Leinen, Prof. H. J. Schellnhuber, PIK,

Sir Niklas Stern, IPCC European Parliament, Brussels, Eco Social Forum,



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