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2 - Lublin

8ECONOMIC guideUnemployment structure(Central Statistical Office, Municipal Employment Office as at June 30, 2009)Unemployment rate ______________________________________________ 8,3 %Unemployment rate in the Lublin Voivodeship_____________________ 11,6%Unemployment rate in Poland _ ___________________________________ 10,7%Registered unemployed________________________________________________ 13 038including:up to 25 years of age______________________________________________________1 902college graduates up to 27 years of age _ ____________________________________ 379persons less than 12 months after graduation_ ______________________________ 366Unemployment structure according to education:higher 2 333post-secondary and secondary vocational 2 909secondary general 1 937basic vocational 2 187lower-secondary and below 3 672Registered unemployment structure according to age:18-24 1 90225-34 4 31835-44 2 43145-54 3 03255-59 1 15060-64 205

COSTSelectric energy (PLN/kWh)* ______________________________ 0,0008-0,4570- variable elements of the electricity networkrate depending on the tariff group for business receiversgas (PLN/m 3 )*___________________________________________0,0351-0,5462- variable fee rate depending on the tariff groupwater (PLN/m 3 )*___________________________________________________2,78wastewater collection and treatment (PLN/m 3 )*____________________ 3,69* net prices (excluding VAT)AVERAGE REAL ESTATE PRICESPREMISESPurchase:direct centre____________________________________________ PLN 6 000-10 000/m 2outside centre____________________________________________ PLN 5 000-6 000/m 2Lease:office space________________________________________________________PLN 45/m 2retail-service premises in housing estates____________________________PLN 35/m 2retail-service premises in the centre________________________________PLN 120/m 2Average office space lease prices (in PLN/m 2 )Kraków - 74Poznań - 74Trójmiasto - 70APARTMENTSPurchase:primary market_________________________________________________PLN 4 300/m 2secondary market:from the years 1970s-1980s______________________________________PLN 3 800/m 2after year 2000__________________________________________________PLN 4 500/m 2Lease:1-bedroom apartment_ ____________________ PLN 700/month + maintenance fees2-bedroom apartments_____________PLN 1 000-1 200/month + maintenance fees3-bedroom apartments_____________PLN 1 400-1 500/month + maintenance feesPURCHASE OF BUILDING LOTS:retail-services in the centre________________________________________ PLN 480/m 2retail-services in city outskirts_____________________________________ PLN 240 /m 2for detached houses(within 10 km of Lublin)____________________________________________ PLN 80/m 2Warsaw - 88,20Wrocław - 81,75Katowice - 74,55Łódź - 74,30Poznań - 72,25Kraków - 64,50Gdańsk - 63,60Lublin - 59,00Wrocław - 70Katowice - 66Łódź - 66Lublin - 459ECONOMIC guideBASKET OF GOODS (in PLN)*:* Example of a basket of goods (data from June 2008): bread, bread roll, tomatoes, cucumbers, semi-fat cottage cheese, milk, krakowskasausage, chicken, eggs, apples, packet of butter, taxi – getting inside the vehicle plus 1 km, public transport ticket – regular, 0.5-litreof beer at a pub.www.invest.lublin.eu

EDUCATIONPublic colleges:Maria-Curie Skłodowska University (www.umcs.lublin.pl)John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (www.kul.lublin.pl)University of Life Sciences (www.ar.lublin.pl)Medical University of Lublin (www.umlub.pl)Lublin University of Technology (www.pol.lublin.pl)European Ph.D. College of Polish and Ukrainian Universities (www.ekpu.lublin.pl)Private colleges:Higher School of Economics and Innovation (www.wsei.lublin.pl)Higher School of Entrepreneurship and Administration (www.wspa.pl)College of Social Studies (www.wsns.lublin.pl)University of Vincent Pol (www.wssp.edu.pl)King Władysław Jagiełło Lublin Higher School (www.lsw.edu.pl)Lublin Business School (www.lbs.pl)The Higher School of Pedagogy of the Society of Public Knowledgein Warsaw, branch department in Lublin (www.wsptwp.eu/n/lublin)Melchior Wańkowicz Institute of Journalism and Social Sciences(www.lublin.euczelnia.com)Graduates of Lublin colleges(thousand people – data of the Statistical Office in Lublin as at April 2009)NUMBER OF GRADUATES ANNUALLY____________________________ 17 928economic faculties_______________________________________________ 3 258liberal arts ___________________________________________________2 828technical faculties (IT)_ _____________________________________________ 351technical faculties (without IT)_ ___________________________________ 1 416other (medical, arts, etc.)________________________________________ 10 07511ECONOMIC guideForeign language skillsSource: Intellectual Capital of the Lublin region – report on results of opinion polls in 200742% - English31% - Russian19% - German3% - French2% - Italian1% - Ukrainian2% - otherwww.invest.lublin.eu

RESEARCHAND DEVELOPMENTResearch and development centres in Lublin play a key rolein the process of transfer of innovation.Science and Technology Park of Lublin Voivodeship, a joint stock company,(www.pntwl.lublin.pl)is an initiative in which four public colleges based in Lublin are involved:Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin University of Technology, Medical Universityand the University of Life Sciences.The key objectives of the Park include:- promoting the local and regional economy- supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and transfer of technology- forging partnerships between businesses and the scientific circles in Lublin.Technological Centres are established by the scientific and research institutesof colleges in Lublin and coordinated by the Centre for Innovation and Transferof Technology Park. The Centres are responsible for developing innovationin research areas and results of their work can be used for commercial purposesin the future.12ECONOMIC guidethe Centre for Innovation and Transfer of Technology Park(www.lpnt.lublin.pl)is a joint venture of the regional and local government, research and development unitsas well as enterprises and institutions fostering the development of entrepreneurship.The key objective of the Park is to create an innovative environment in the region enablingeffective transfer of technologies from research and development institutionsto enterprises.Academic Business Incubatorwww.aiplublin.inkubatory.plis affiliated with the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. The key objectiveof this initiative is to promote entrepreneurship among young people. Anyoneup to 30 years of age is able to make his/her business dreams come true thanksto cooperation with the Academic Business Incubator, which provides assistance in startingone’s own business activity and support during the ordinary course of business.Existing technological centres:- Centre of Biotechnology (Maria-Curie SkłodowskaUniversity)- Centre of Electronics, Optoelectronicsand Telecommunications (Lublin University of Technology)- Centre of Environment Protection (Lublin Universityof Technology)- Centre of Nanotechnology (Maria-Curie SkłodowskaUniversity)Planned centres:- Centre of Medicines and Vaccines- Centre of Food Technology- Centre of Transfer of Technology- Centre of Consulting and DesignECOTECH-COMPLEXAnalytical-Programming Centre- project of developing modernlaboratories and R&D centresavailable for scientists fromthe Lublin region among others.The whole investment valuedat more than EUR 40 million willbe financed by EU funds. The Centre for Environmentally-Friendly AdvancedTechnologies is due to start its activity at the end of 2011.

ECONOMYSmall and medium-sized enterprises active mainly in the retail-service sectordominate the structure of Lublin’s economy. The main sectors of Lublin’seconomy include: agricultural and food processing, machine, motor, powerand furniture industries.Due to the agricultural character of the region, agricultural and food processingconstitutes the core branch of Lublin’s industry (sugar, dairy, meat, brewing,cereals and milling, tobacco, distilling, sweets, herbal, fruit and vegetableindustries).Natural resources in the area include hard coal, natural gas, chalk,phosphors.National economy entities ACCORDING TO SPECIFIC SECTOR:total _ ________________________________________________________________________ 39,162including:public sector_ ____________________________________________________________________757private sector ________________________________________________________________ 38,405(data from the Central Statistical Office as at June 30, 2009)14ECONOMIC guideNational economy entities according to selected legal forms:state-owned enterprises ___________________________________________________________5commercial companies _________________________________________________________3,879cooperatives_ ____________________________________________________________________196natural persons conducting economic activity __________________________________ 28,942foundations_____________________________________________________________________ 265(data from the Central Statistical Office as at June 30, 2009)National economy entities in 2008Natural persons conducting economic activity:construction _________________________________________________________________________2,706trade and repairs_ ___________________________________________________________________ 8,870hotels and restaurants _ _______________________________________________________________ 639transport, warehousing management and communication______________________________3,279real estate and company service, education_ ___________________________________________ 7,396(data from the Central Statistical Office as at December 31, 2008)EU funds have a considerable influence on the growth of Lublin’seconomy. Utilising them in an effective manner contributes to enhancingcompetitiveness and innovativeness of enterprises and consequentlyto economic growth of the city and an increase in employment.EU aid funds for the Lublin Voivodeship:- Operational Programme ‘Human Resources Development’_______ EUR 435.16 million- Operational Programme for the Development of Eastern Poland____EUR 2.27 billion the pool of funds awarded to the LublinVoivodeship amounts to _ ____________________________________ EUR 508.57 million- Regional Operational Programme for LublinVoivodeship 2007-2013 ________________________________________EUR 1,155.9 million

15PRIORITYSECTORSECONOMIC guideApart from traditional sectors, i.e. agriculturaland food processing, the following investment sectorsare a priority for Lublin:- technologically advanced production,- shared service centres,- capturing energy from renewable sources.Relatively low labour costs, a well-developed higher education systemand availability of modern office space constitute powerful argumentsfor foreign investors setting up accounting-financial centres.The region of Lublin is characterised by highly favourable conditionsfor development of the power industry of a new generation basedon geothermal resources, coal gasification, solar power and biomass.www.invest.lublin.eu

16ECONOMIC guide

LUBLIN SUB-ZONEThe LUBLIN Sub-zone constitutes an integral partof the EURO-PARK MIELEC Special Economic Zone managedby the Industrial Development Agency, branch in Mielec.The sub-zone includes greenfield areas situated in the southeasternpart of the city (in the vicinity of the planned cityring-road, the hub of S-17 express route and the airport).At present, the sub-zone covers 80 hectares of land and workis in progress with the aim of extending the sub-zone.Tax benefits for investorson the basis of receiving a permit, an investor starting economicactivity in the Lublin Sub-zone is entitled to utilise regional aidin the form of exemption from corporate income tax on account of:1. incurred investment outlays,2. creating new workplaces.This exemption shall be binding until the end of 2020.Additionally, investors can apply for exemptionfrom property tax for a period of 3 years.Exemption from income tax on accountof a new investment- 50 % for big enterprises (employing 250 people and more)- 60 % for medium-sized enterprises (employing 50-249 people)- 70 % for small enterprises (employing fewer than 50 people)The amount of regional aid granted to investors on accountof new investments shall be calculated as a productof maximum intensity of aid and costs qualified for aid.17ECONOMIC guideExample:Investment outlays: PLN 5 millionTaking into account the maximum regional aid in the amount of:- 70 % (for small and micro enterprises)- 60 % (for medium-sized enterprises)50 % (for big enterprises)PLN 5 million x 70 % = PLN 3,5 millionPLN 5 million x 60 % = PLN 3 millionPLN 5 million x 50 % = PLN 2,5 millionExample of exemption from income tax on accountof creating new workplaces for a big enterprise:employment ___________________________________________300 peoplesalary ___________________________________ PLN 2 000 gross/personanalysed period of time_________________________________ 24 monthslabour costs_________________300 x PLN 2 000 x 24 = PLN 14,4 millionTaking into account the maximum regional aid in the amountof 50% (for big enterprises) the following amountof exemption shall be due:PLN 14,4 million x 50% = PLN 7,2 millionwww.invest.lublin.eu

Special economic zones are a very attractive place for investorsto locate their investments. The key objective of setting upthe EURO-PARK MIELEC Special Economic Zone in 1995,the first zone in Poland, was to intensify economic growth, reduceunemployment and increase the competitiveness of our economy.LUBLIN SUB-ZONE, the third biggest sub-zone of the EURO-PARKMIELEC Special Economic Zone, enjoys increasing interest amonginvestors. Preferential conditions for conducting business activitytogether with assets of Lublin create a favourable environmentfor setting up competitive enterprises open to innovations.So far, PLN 336 million worth of investments have been placed hereand about 500 new workplaces will soon be created.Let me cordially invite you to invest in the Lublin Sub-zone.Mariusz BłędowskiDirector of the Industrial Development Agency, Branch in Mielec.18ECONOMIC guideConditions for investingin the Lublin Sub-zone- obtaining a permit for conducting economic activityin the area of the EURO-PARK MIELEC Special EconomicZone issued by the Industrial Development Agencyon behalf of the Minister of Economy- incurring investment outlays in the amount of at leastEUR 100 thousand- conducting economic activity over a period not shorterthan 5 years from completion of the investment, 3 yearsfor small and medium-sized enterprises- maintaining newly created workplaces over a period notshorter than 5 years, 3 years for small and medium-sizedenterprises

EXPENSES INCURRED IN THE SUB-ZONE THAT QUALIFY FOR AID:- purchase of lands or right to their perpetual usufruct- purchase or internal generation of fixed assets- extension and modernisation of existing fixed assets- purchase of intangibles connected with the transfer of technologyProcedures:- submission of an Investor Application Form with a description of the investmentproject planned- entering a tender announced by the Industrial Development Agency (administratorof the EURO-PARK MIELEC Special Economic Zone)- submission of a bid in the tender procedure – receiving a permit for conductingeconomic activity in the area of the Lublin Sub-zone of the EURO-PARK MIELECSpecial Economic Zone.Investors granted a permit shall automatically acquire the right to be exempt from income tax.THEY HAVE INVESTED HERE19Ball Packaging Europe Lublin Sp. z o.o.Ramatti Sp. z o.o.ECONOMIC guideAliplast sp. z o.o.R.B.M. APEX P.W.Biomaxima S.A.BDE EuroCompass s.j.Oficyna Wydawnicza ”El-Press” s.c.www.invest.lublin.eu

BUSINESSEVENTSLUB-INVEST Investment-Economic Forum(June)- multi-sector forum targeting mainly to smalland medium-sized enterprises. It presents an excellentopportunity to discover the potential of the Lublin marketand establish effective cross-regional cooperation amongcompanies from all over the world. First and foremost,the LUB-INVEST Forum offers: individual businessmeetings arranged in accordance with participants’needs and requirements, opportunity to meet potentialbusiness partners, possibility to broaden knowledgeabout international markets and modern technologies.Organiser: City of Lublin, Investors Assistance Officewww.lom.com.plPoland-Ukraine Economic Forum(June)- meetings of businessmen from Lublin and Ukraineseeking specific proposals of economic cooperation. Paneldiscussions featuring representatives of local governmentand government, scientists and businessmen.Organiser: Marshal’s Office of Lublin Voivodeship in Lublinwww.forum.lubelskie.plPoland-Ukraine International Economic Forum(June)- meetings of intellectuals, politicians, businessmenfrom Ukraine, countries of the European Union, Russia,and the United States. Discussions about the directionof economic changes.Organiser: Lublin Business Club Associationwww.lkb.lublin.pl20ECONOMIC guide

FAIRSAND EXHIBITIONSInternational Lublin Fair Joint Stock Company(www.targi.lublin.pl)- organiser of the biggest trade fairs and exhibitionsin eastern Poland which are the pride of the regionon the domestic and international arena. Apartfrom modern infrastructure, a wealth of experiencein the field of fair marketing and product promotionalong with a professional team of employees are someof the fair’s assets. Due to their proximity to the borderof the European Union, fairs and exhibitions in Lublinconstitute a convenient platform for economic contactsof the East with the West. Every year, fairs bring togetherexhibitors from the following sectors: construction, motor,tourism, agricultural, power, medical and education.Lublin Wholesale Market JointStock Company in Elizowka(www.elizowka.pl)a wholesale market of agricultural and food productssituated in the south-eastern part of Poland. Encompassingmore than 54 hectares of land with technical and transportinfrastructure, it deals primarily with the sale of freshfruit and vegetables, cured meat, grocery products as wellas flowers, florist accessories, fertilisers, pesticides,seeds and gardening tools. At present, commercial spaceis leased to approx. 160 producers from the south-easternpart of Poland.BUSINESS ENVIRONMENTINSTITUTIONSInstitutions supporting the growth of local businesses are activein Lublin and they provide their members with consulting,promotional and training services.21ECONOMIC guideBusiness Centre Club _______________________________________________ www.bcc.org.plFoundation for Lubelskie Development_ ______________________www.fundacja.lublin.plCrafts and Small Business Chamber in Lublin______________________ www.izba.lublin.plLublin Development Foundation___________________________________ www.lfr.lublin.plLublin Chamber of Crafts____________________________________________ www.lir.com.plLublin Economic Assembly________________________________________ www.lsg.lublin.plLublin Employers’ Association_____________________________________ www.lzp.lublin.plLublin Association of Employers______________________________________ www.lfp.biz.plPolish Foundation of the Centresof Economic Development Support ‘OIC Poland’____________________ www.oic.lublin.plEnterprise Council of the Lublin Region____________________________ www.rpl.lublin.plRegional Chamber of Commerce____________________________________www.rig.lublin.plLublin Business Club Association__________________________________ www.lkb.lublin.pl‘Lewiatan’ Private Employers’ Associationof the Lublin Region _______________________________________ www.prywatni.lublin.plwww.invest.lublin.eu

INVESTMENTSIN PROGRESSA 54.5 km long ring-road around Lublin will be developedon the basis of planned express routes no. S12, S17, S19.Due to the European Football Championship EURO 2012hosted by Poland and Ukraine, the delivery of the northeasternsection of the ring-road is planned for mid-2012.The western part covering a section of express routeno. S19, regarded as one of the government’s priorities,is scheduled for delivery by the end of year 2013.Estimated investment cost: EUR 80 millionLublin Airport in Świdnik, situated approx. 10 km fromthe centre of Lublin, will ensure fast and convenient airconnections to many European and Asian countries.Estimated investment cost: EUR 110 millionThe Integrated Municipal Transport System providesamong others for the purchase of a computer trafficmanagement system at intersections as well as new,ecological city buses.Estimated investment cost: EUR 120 million22ECONOMIC guide

COMMERCIAL PROJECTSGray Office Park – ‘A’ building – 21 000 m 2 and ‘B’ building – 4 500 m 2 – modern officespace in Zana Street.Alchemia – the investment is carried out in the strict city centre and encompassesa retail-service complex along with an underground car park with 999 parking lots.Investment total space – 54 000 m 2 .Felicity – shopping and leisure complex measuring approx. 70 000 m 2 .IKEA – company store with a shopping centre with a combined space of approx. 110 000 m 2 .23ECONOMIC guidewww.invest.lublin.eu

24ECONOMIC guideCULTURELublin is a place where it is a pleasure notonly to work but also to live and relax.It abounds in beautiful recreationalareas for practicing high leveland amateur sports. Art lovers can visitnumerous monuments as well as attendcultural events, museums, theatres,and galleries. The leisure offer would not be completewithout restaurants, pubs, cafés, discos and clubs whereone can taste regional cuisine and listen to good music.

25ECONOMIC guideLublin Tourist Information Centre _ _______________________________________ www.loit.lublin.plLublin Castle and Chapel of the Holy Trinity_____________________________www.zamek-lublin.pl‘Reland’ Sports and Recreation Centre in Lublin_________________________www.nartywodne.plLublin Aero-Club in Radawiec_ ______________________________________ www.aeroklub.lublin.plBotanic Garden _ _______________________________________________ www.garden.umcs.lublin.plZemborzycki Lake_____________________________________________________ www.mosir.lublin.plwww.invest.lublin.eu

WHY LUBLIN?- strategic location- attractive investment offers- system of reliefs and incentives for investors- competitive labour costs- strongly motivated staff- absorption capacity of the local market and the neighbouringmarkets of Ukraine and Belarus- extension of the transport system – development of the ring-roadand airport- availability of qualified workforce- relatively low costs of living and conducting economic activity- a well-developed institutional and scientific environment- a social and political atmosphere conducive to business activity- availability of modern office space- positive experience of foreign investors- interesting cultural and recreational offer26ECONOMIC guide

InvestorsAssistance Officeconducts activity aimed at promoting the investmentpotential in Lublin and offers comprehensive investor services.Especially:- prepares, distributes and updates investment offers in Lublinon a regular basis,- organises and handles meetings of representatives from the localadministration bodies with investors interested in starting economicactivity within the city,- provides post-investment services - maintains positive relationswith investors,- informs about reliefs and incentives for investors,- promotes the investment and economic potential of Lublin at investmentfairs on the domestic market and overseas,- collects statistical data regarding economic and legal conditions for investingand conducting economic activity within the City of Lublin, drawsup publications promoting the investment offer in Lublin.USEFUL ADDRESSESMunicipal Employment Office in Lublin ____________________(www.mup.lublin.pl)Polish Information and Foreign InvestmentAgency in Warsaw__________________________________________ (www.paiz.gov.pl)Statistical Office in Lublin _____________________(www.stat.gov.pl/urzedy/lublin)Social Insurance Institution ______________________________________(www.zus.pl)Tax Office ______________________________________ (www.urzad-skarbowy.pl)27ECONOMIC guideCONSULATES:Consulate General of Ukraine in Lublinul. 3 Maja 14, 20-078 Lublintel.: +48 81 531 88 89; fax.: +48 81 531 88 88www.ukr-konsulat.lublin.ple-mail: gc_pll@mfa.gov.uaBritish Consulate in Lublinul. Beskidzka 9, 20-869 Lublintel.: +48 81 742 01 01; fax.: +48 81 742 91 30e-mail: ukconsul@uren.com.plHonorary Consulateof the Federal Republic of Germany in LublinRynek 7, 20-111 Lublintel.: +48 81 743 28 10; fax.: +48 81 743 73 26e-mail: andrzej.kidyba@lfr.lublin.plHonorary Consulate of Brazil in LublinPl. Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 4, 20-031 Lublintel.: +48 81 537 28 10www.invest.lublin.eu

CITY OF LUBLININVESTORS ASSISTANCE OFFICEPl. Władysława Łokietka 1, 20-950 Lublin, POLANDtel.: +48 81 466 25 00, fax: +48 81 466 25 01www.um.lublin.pl, www.lublin.euwww.invest.lublin.euinwestorzy@lublin.eu

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