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Citation of Merit to MV Green Bay - The International Organization of ...

Fallen Mariners Honored at Valparaiso CemeteryAt a wreath-laying ceremony held recently at the Cemeterio deDissidentes in Valparaiso, officials of the U.S. Navy and the U.S.Embassy in Santiago, along with sailors serving aboard theUSS George Washington and the frigate USS Kaufmann, paidtribute to American seamen killed more than a century ago.The ceremony honored sailors aboard USS Essex who werekilled in the war of 1812, sailors aboard USS Baltimore who werekilled during a riot in 1891 and sailors aboard USS Pensacola whodied in January 1883 while their ship was conducting routineoperations from Valparaiso.MM&P member Bertil James Haney had come upon thegraves two years ago in the cemetery near his Valparaiso homeand was dismayed to learn that the U.S. government was apparentlyunaware of their existence. He and his son, Bertil Haney Jr.,placed U.S. flags on the graves on the Fourth of July and on theanniversary of the 1812 battle. Haney wrote to Captain RichardGoodwyn, defense and naval attaché for the U.S. Embassy inSantiago, asking that a formal gesture be made to honor thesacrifice of these brave mariners. The result was a wreath-layingceremony held in May 2007 and the most recent ceremony, heldMay 16 of this year.CAPTAIN JEAN ROBERTS, USNCaptain Rudy Laco, commander of Destroyer Squadron Forty, at theCemeterio de Dissidentes with the family of MM&P member Bertil Haney.(Left to right) Laco, Mallory Haney, Aurora Haney and Bertil Haney Jr. Lacowas one of over 30 officers and sailors from the George Washington StrikeGroup who participated in the ceremony honoring the fallen Americanmerchant mariners.TWIC Helpdesk Broken, Says Rep. Bennie ThompsonMismanagement of the TWIC Helpdesk, the contractor-run telephoneservice that is supposed to help workers and employers withproblems related to the Transportation Worker Identification Card,is having a profoundly negative effect on the men and women whocomprise “the valuable eyes and ears of our nation’s transportationsystem,” says Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), chairmanof the House Committee on Homeland Security. In a letterto Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff,Thompson called the TWIC Helpdesk “yet another example of apoorly designed and managed program.”Thompson said his office had received complaints about theHelpdesk from transportation workers across the country. Some saidthey had been put on hold for hours by the TWIC Helpdesk, only toreceive incorrect or misleading information from the person on theother end of the phone. Thompson said he had received reports thatsome companies were considering hiring additional administrativestaffers specifically to help employees deal with the TWIC Helpdesk.Thompson called on Chertoff to immediately detail the remedialmeasures the Department of Homeland Security has askedthe contractor, Lockheed Martin, to take. Thompson also askedChertoff whether Lockheed Martin or the American taxpayerwill foot the bill for the attempt to fix the Helpdesk.“This failure exposes yet another flaw in an already troubledprogram,” Thompson said in an official statement. “TheHelpdesk was established to be the primary means of communicationbetween TSA and more than a million transportationworkers. But the phones are ringing and nobody’s home. TheDepartment of Homeland Security must improve its oversightof this program if it hopes to salvage TWIC and prevent anothercontract management fiasco like Deepwater.”The government said that at the beginning of May, the averagecaller wait-time for TWIC Helpdesk contacts was over 20minutes and that 70 percent of callers generally gave up afterspending eight minutes on hold.Openings for PugetSound PilotsThe Washington State Board of Pilotage will administer a writtenexam in Seattle the week of Oct. 20 to qualified applicants for thePuget Sound Pilotage District. Applicants who pass the written testand the simulator evaluation will be placed on a waiting list to becalled into training as needed. Successful completion of training willresult in issuance of a state pilot license for the Puget Sound District.Applications to sit for the exam can be obtained in person at theoffices of the Board of Pilotage Commissioners, 2901 Third Ave.,Seattle, WA (Floor 1) or requested by letter or e-mail from: JudyBell, Board of Pilotage Commissioners, 2901 Third Ave., Suite 500,Seattle, WA 98121; Fax: 206-515-3906; Phone: 206-515-3647; must be completed and received by the Board at2901 Third Avenue by 5:00 p.m. on Sept. 19 unless prior writtenpermission is obtained from the Board to file at a later time.The Master, Mate & Pilot - 3 - July - August 2008

Improving Mariners’ Working ConditionsOnly Way to Counter Manpower ShortageHighly trained professional mariners will continue to be inshort supply until governments and industry make significantimprovements in the conditions under which they live and work,says maritime expert Michael Grey.Grey, the honoree at this year’s Seamen’s Church InstituteSilver Bells Award Ceremony in New York, says professionalmariners “are finding that there are better opportunities ashore…and that there are too many nasty characteristics about the 21stcentury seafaring life for their peace of mind.”Grey, himself a former mariner and now senior columnistat Lloyd’s List, cited a study carried out by a U.K. recruitmentagency that surveyed seafarers to find out what their prioritieswere but also what they considered to be the worst aspects of lifeat sea. At the top of the list: long time spent apart from familyand friends; too much paperwork; time away from children;fatigue; fear of being treated like a criminal; onboard living conditions;difficult to maintain contact with home; crews too smallto share workload; few career opportunities. “If people are ourfirst line of defense in a world that will not tolerate error, then weneed good people to stay with us,” Grey says. “If we are going tosee our ships manned properly, by people we can depend upon…we must address these complaints.”What does the modern mariner want? “First,” says Grey,“respect for the job he does, by those with whom he comes incontact… Talk to seafarers and you are made painfully awarethat they regard themselves as increasingly marginalized androutinely treated badly by shore side people, whether it is swinishimmigration people, or corrupt or merely unpleasant officialscoming into their floating homes and throwing their weightabout. There’s no respect.”He said the limits of questionable legality that some terminalsand governments are placing on shore leave are taking their tollas well. “The ability of seafarers to go ashore has been greatlyconstrained by all manner of restrictions, many of which seem tosingle out the seafarer in a way that does not isolate the tourist,or even the airline aircrew,” Grey says. “How would you feel aftersome 40 days in a steel box, being parked alongside, but not evenbeing allowed to go ashore to post a letter or stroll around onsolid land?”“The seafarer would also like rather more security than hegets as a casually employed person with a contract just as long asthe voyage,” Grey says. “He would like decent conditions aboardship, and I don’t care what anyone says, the accommodation 30or 40 years ago was infinitely better than it is in the bog-standardmerchant ship of today.”Grey said seafarer’s pay and conditions have been going backwardsin relative terms for years. “And as for young people, youmay lure them to take a passing interest in shipping by the talesof early responsibility, foreign travel and the sheer excitement ofa sophisticated modern ship, but when they find out that theycannot use broadband or text, like their peers ashore, they will beoff. If we cannot address the demand of youth for connectivity,we may as well give up trying to attract them.”Grey said one often overlooked aspect of the looming manpowershortage is “the fact that we need, not just any old seafarers,not merely specialist seafarers, but expert, professional, welltrained seafarers who will protect the industry from the awesomeliabilities that shipping people face today.” He said the theory that“you could make up for a crew’s lack of expertise by equippingthe ship with brilliant gear” has been completely discredited.“Seafarers are not some sort of exotic creature, but people likeeveryone ashore. They are human beings, with exactly the samesort of ambitions and desires… If we are to surmount the currentmanpower shortage and look to the future with any degree ofconfidence, we have to examine what motivates seafarers and dosomething to address their wishes… We need radical thinkingand imagination if we are to attract and retain good seagoingemployees. We don’t need more of the same, because it won’twork anymore.”Democratic Presidential Nominee ReiteratesSupport for American Merchant MarineIllinois Sen. Barack Obama met with MM&P memberEd Galston and his wife, Sarah Chamberlain, at a rally inGreenville, N.C., this spring. Galston, who has been a memberof MM&P for 36 years, seized the opportunity to thank Obamafor his support of the U.S.-flag maritime industry and maritimelabor. Obama reiterated his support for America’s working familiesand in particular, for the members of the country’s maritimeunions.During a rally in NorthCarolina, MM&Pmember Ed Galston(right) and his wife, SarahChamberlain, talkedwith Illinois SenatorBarack Obama about theimportant role played bythe American MerchantMarine in our nation’ssecurity.The Master, Mate & Pilot - 5 - July - August 2008

NEWS FROM HEADQUARTERSUpdate on MM&P National andInternational Advocacy ActivitiesExecutive Assistant to the PresidentThe U.S. Coast Guard Medical Review ProcessThis column has reported several times in the past on the debateover the U.S. Coast Guard’s new medical policy. Readers mayrecall that the Coast Guard opened its draft Navigation andVessel Inspection Circular, Medical and Physical EvaluationGuidelines for Merchant Mariner Credentials (Medical NVIC)to public comment in 2006. In written comments provided atthat time, MM&P expressed serious concern over, among otherthings: increased costs to mariners and their health care plans,the lack of discretion allowed examining doctors and a numberof unintended consequences that the NVIC would predictablyhave on the maritime workforce.In April, the Merchant Marine Personnel AdvisoryCommittee (MERPAC) completed its discussion of theMedical NVIC and submitted its recommendations to theCoast Guard. Although a final Medical NVIC has yet to bemade public, the Coast Guard apparently is already evaluatingmedical applications for renewals and upgrades based on thecontents of some version of the drafts that were considered byMERPAC.MM&P members who feel they have a medical issueshould review the draft Medical NVIC with their physician.The draft Medical NVIC is available on the Coast Guard’slicense and document renewal website at Scroll down to Section III. PhysicalRequirements and Drug Requirements, and click on the link,“Medical and Physical Evaluation Guidelines: Medical NVICUSCG 2006-25080.” If you still have questions, contact theExecutive Assistant to the President at MM&P headquarters,410-850-8700 extension 23.MM&P is carefully monitoring the Coast Guard’s medicalevaluation processes. The union is also active in Washingtonand has played a major role in drafting legislation that wouldrequire the Coast Guard to: 1) conduct a valid study into thecauses of marine casualties and, 2) develop a new system formedical evaluations.NMSAC to Consider Seafarers’Access to Shore LeaveIn the last issue of The Master, Mate & Pilot, this column discussedthe role of federally chartered advisory committees ingeneral and the National Maritime Security Advisory Committee(NMSAC) in particular.NMSAC does its work through task statements presentedto it by the Coast Guard. Following complaints by labor organizations,crewmembers, ship owners, industry trade associations,seafarers’ welfare organizations and others, the CoastGuard has presented NMSAC with a task statement that asksthe committee to consider the problem of denial of seafarers’rights to shore leave. A working group, the members of whichrepresent a cross-section of the maritime industry, includinglabor, has been formed to discuss the issue and providerecommendations to the Coast Guard by Sept. 18.It has long been MM&P’s position that seafarers’ have abasic human right to fair treatment, visitors and shore leave—a position that is supported in several international conventionsand treaties.Developments at the InternationalMaritime OrganizationThe International Maritime Organization (IMO) has held twomeetings of significance to our members since the last editionof The Master, Mate & Pilot went to press. The first was theMaritime Safety Committee meeting held in May (MSC 84). Thesecond was the Safety of Navigation Subcommittee meeting heldin July (NAV 54).A significant development at MSC 84 was the adoptionof Resolution MSC.255 (84), The International Standardsand Recommended Practices for a Safety Investigation into aMarine Casualty or Marine Accident (Casualty InvestigationCode).The Casualty Investigation Code will become a new SOLASregulation, XI-1/6, and enter into force on Jan. 1, 2010. Itrequires that seafarers must be informed of: any potential riskthat they may incriminate themselves; the right not to selfincriminateor to remain silent; and, protections afforded toseafarers to prevent evidence they provide during the courseof a marine safety investigation from being used against them.The code also requires that seafarers be allowed access to legaladvice.Several agenda items at NAV 54 were of significance toMM&P members. The subcommittee considered; standardsfor integrated bridge systems, a strategy for e-navigation, andbridge navigational watch alarms.MM&P and other international organizations representingships’ officers and pilots insist that integrated bridge systemdesign should take into account the human element, thate-navigation should not hinder decision-making by ships’officers and pilots, and that bridge watch alarms should notbe used to reduce manning.Ongoing work at IMO includes the review of STCW thatwill continue in September and a correspondence group thatwill draft a mandatory safe manning code.If you have questions about any of the topics covered inthis article, call 410-850-8700 ext. 23 or send an e-mail Master, Mate & Pilot - 7 - July - August 2008

this fund will automatically be moved to one of the followingnew qualified default investment alternatives, unlessyou affirmatively elect otherwise. Effective Oct. 31, 2008,Vanguard will move the money from the money marketfund to one of the Freedom Retirement Funds: 2005, 2015,2025, 2035 or 2045. The actual fund that your accountwill be invested in will depend on the year closest to theone during which you will turn 65. For example, if youwere born in 1970, your account currently invested in theVanguard Federal Money Market Fund will be transferredto the Target Retirement Fund 2035. If you do not wish tohave your account so transferred, you will have to completeand return to Vanguard its “Default Fund Opt OutForm” by Oct. 24, 2008. If you need a new form or if youhave any questions, please call the Plan Office or VanguardParticipant Services at 1-800-523-1188.Fidelity 401(k) ArrangementIf you are a participant in the IRAP 401(k) arrangementand have some or all of your account invested in theFMMT Retirement Government Money Market Portfolio,the money in this account will automatically be transferredto and invested in one of the Fidelity FreedomFunds: 2000, 2010, 2020, 2030, 2040 or 2050, unless youaffirmatively elect otherwise on or before Oct. 30, 2008.The actual fund that your account will be transferred intowill depend on the year closest to the one during whichyou will turn 65. For example, if you were born in 1965,your account currently invested in the FMMT RetirementGovernment Money Market Portfolio will be transferred tothe Fidelity Freedom 2030 Fund. If you do not wish to haveyour account so transferred, you will need to call FidelityInvestments by the close of the markets (4:00 p.m. EST)on Oct. 30, 2008. Fidelity’s number is 1-866-84UNION(1-866-848-6466).PLAN AMENDMENTSThe following plan amendments were adopted by theBoards of Trustees at the June 3-4, 2008 meeting:AMENDMENT NO. 107 TO THE M.M.& P.HEALTH & BENEFIT PLAN RULES ANDREGULATIONS1) Article III (Eligibility), Section 2.A (Pensioners – InitialEligibility) shall be amended by adding the followingsentence at the end of Paragraph 8 to read as follows:Furthermore, effective March 1, 2008, an OfficeEmployee of the Organization, the Plan Office, theM.A.T.E.S. Program, MIRAID or the M.M.& P.Federal Credit Union who meets the definitionof an “Eligible Employee” set forth in Article I,Section 6 herein the day before the earlier of hisretirement or his pension effective date under apension plan, other than the M.M.& P. PensionReminder About Dependents19 Years and OlderEach April 30thThe Plan Office requires proof of support. We ask for the front sheet of yourincome tax return showing that you claim the child as a dependent. If you file anextension, we need a copy of the extension.We also require your child’s current Spring registration showing that s/he is afull-time student taking 12 or more credits.Each September 30thThe Plan Office requires your child’s current Fall registration showing s/he is afull-time student taking 12 or more credits.When documents are not received prior to these dates, no medicalclaims or prescription claims will be processed. This can create hardshipsin particular when prescriptions need to be filled.GETTIY IMAGESMM&P Plans requires proof of support and proof of full-time studentstatus for dependents 19 years and older who are covered by the MM&PHealth & Benefit Plan.The Master, Mate & Pilot - 9 - July - August 2008

PensionersScott F. Abrams, shippingout of Los Angeles/LongBeach. He last sailed forMatson Navigation Companyas master of the MV Maunalei.Ralph P. Mahoney, shippingout of New York/New Jersey. Helast sailed with Maersk LinesLimited as second mate on theSealand Quality.Frederick D. Cook, shipping out of San Francisco.He last sailed for Horizon Lines as master of the HorizonTiger.James J. McConnell,shipping out of Gulf ports. Helast sailed for Lykes BrothersCo. as chief mate on pheMallory Lykes.Richard L. Ehringer, shipping out of Great Lakesports.Dennis Newbanks, shipping out of Boston. He lastsailed for Maersk Lines as master of the Sealand Florida.Charles F. Lane Jr., shipping out of Seattle. He lastsailed for Farrell Lines Inc. as chief mate on the AustralMoon.James E. Richards, shipping out of West Coast Ports.He last sailed for West Coast Shipping as chief mate on theAvila.Steven K. Larsen, shipping out of Los Angeles/LongBeach. He last sailed with Matson Navigation Company asthird mate on the SS Lihue.Marshall M. Russell, shipping outof Los Angeles/Long Beach. He lastsailed for Matson Navigation Companyas third mate on the Matsonia.The Master, Mate & Pilot - 11 - July - August 2008

placeholderNEWS FROM MITAGSCongratulations Recent Graduates!MITAGS would like to congratulate the following graduates of theChief Mate/Master (CMM) Program for their diligence and hard work.John R. KinleinJohn Kinlein joined MM&P in 2005 after graduating from the Maine Maritime Academy.He lives in Mystic, Conn. John enjoys serving in the Army Reserve and sailing his 28-footColumbia sloop. He says he’s happy to have finally completed all Chief Mate and MasterCourses on May 30.Rohit MalhotraRohit Malhotra joined MM&P in September 2004. He lives in Sterling, Va., with his wifeSabrina and four-year old son, Shivansh. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling with hisfamily, playing golf and teaching his son the sport. Rohit sails outof the New York/New Jersey hall. He completed all Chief Mate and Master Courses onMarch 7.Matthew MerrillMatthew joined MM&P in 1994, after graduating from the California Maritime Academy.Matthew lives in Kalispell, Mont., has a second mate’s license and ships out of Seattle. Inhis free time, he enjoys woodcarving, snow skiing, camping, sailing and fishing. He completedall Chief Mate and Master Courses on May 16.Jim Clements Commended for Emergency ResponseJim Clements, the head of the Marine Safety Department atMITAGS, has received commendations from the ExecutiveDirector of the school for his prompt response to an incident thattook place last month in the MITAGS restaurant. An MM&PPlans employee staggered and fell, hitting his head on a tile. “Youdropped everything and were on the scene immediately,” theletter of commendation to Clements reads. “Had it not been foryour prompt response, the outcome could have been dire indeed.Your actions are truly commendable, reflecting well on your personalprofessionalism, your concern for others, and MITAGS.”MITAGS Marine Safety Department Head Jim Clements in fire-fighting gear.Clements was recently commended by the Executive Director of MITAGS forproviding emergency assistance to an injured co-worker.July - August 2008 - 12 - The Master, Mate & Pilot

Directory of MM&P OfficesInternational HeadquartersLegal DepartmentOffshore Membership GroupJacksonville700 Maritime Blvd., Suite BLinthicum Heights,MD 21090-1953Phone: 410-850-8700Fax: 410-850-0973iommp@bridgedeck.orgwww.bridgedeck.orgInternational OfficersTimothy A. BrownPresidentExt. 17president@bridgedeck.orgGlen P. BanksSecretary-TreasurerExt. 21sec-treas@bridgedeck.orgExecutive OfficesGeorge QuickVice PresidentPilot Membership GroupExt. 20gquick@bridgedeck.orgMike RodriguezExecutive Assistantto the PresidentExt. 23mrodriguez@bridgedeck.orgRichard PlantDirector of Special ProjectsExt. 36rplant@bridgedeck.orgAudrey ScharmannExecutive SecretaryExt. 17ascharmann@bridgedeck.orgDiane ChathamExecutive SecretaryExt. 21dchatham@bridgedeck.orgJohn SingletonInternational CounselExt. 19jsingleton@bridgedeck.orgGabriel TerrasaAssociate CounselExt. 45gterrasa@bridgedeck.orgCommunicationsLisa RosenthalCommunications DirectorExt. 27communications@bridgedeck.orgAccountingJohn GormanInternational ComptrollerExt. 12jgorman@bridgedeck.orgGovernment Employees’Membership GroupRandi CiszewskiRepresentative37 Edward Hart Dr.Jersey City, NJ 07305Phone: 732-527-0828Fax: 201-433-7959rciszewski@bridgedeck.orgDavid H. BoatnerWest Coast ContactLos Angeles/Long Beach533 N. Marine Ave.Wilmington, CA 90744-5527Phone: 310-834-7201Fax: 310-834-6667dboatner@bridgedeck.orgRandi CiszewskiU.S. Navy Civil ServicePilots Representative37 Edward Hart Dr.Jersey City, NJ 07305Phone: (201) 433-7700Fax: 201-433-7959rciszewski@bridgedeck.orgRich MayVice President-Atlantic PortsBob GrohVice President-Gulf PortsDon MarcusVice President-Pacific PortsBostonDan CartmillDan GogginRepresentativesHarbour Pointe East80 Everett Ave. – Suite 211Chelsea, MA 02150Phone: 617-884-8680Fax: 617-884-8438boston@bridgedeck.orgCharlestonElise SilversRepresentative1529 Sam Rittenberg Blvd.1st FloorCharleston, SC 29407Phone: 843-766-3565Fax: 843-766-6352esilvers@bridgedeck.orgHonoluluRandy SwindellRepresentative707 Alakea St. - No. 212Honolulu, HI 96813Phone: 808-523-8183Fax: 808-538-3672rswindell@bridgedeck.orgHoustonWayne FarthingAgent-Gulf PortsNell WilkersonRepresentative8150 S. Loop E. - Suite 207Houston, TX 77017Phone: 713-649-8812Fax: 713-649-6101wfarthing@bridgedeck.orgnwilkerson@bridgedeck.orgLiz PettitRepresentative349 E. 20th St.Jacksonville, FL 32206Phone: 904-356-0041Fax: 904-353-7413lpettit@bridgedeck.orgLos Angeles/Long BeachDavid H. BoatnerAgent-Pacific Ports533 N. Marine Ave.Wilmington, CA 90744-5527Phone: 310-834-7201Fax: 310-834-6667dboatner@bridgedeck.orgMiami/Port EvergladesBob GrohVice President-GulfAndrea FortinDave GoffRepresentatives540 East McNab Rd., Suite BPompano Beach, FL33060-9354Phone: 954-946-7883Fax: 954-946-8283rgroh@bridgedeck.orgpompano@bridgedeck.orgNew OrleansSue BourcqRepresentative3330 West Esplanade, Ste 209Metairie, LA 70002-3454Phone: 504-837-5700Fax: 504-834-1815sbourcq@bridgedeck.orgThe Master, Mate & Pilot - 13 - July - August 2008

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CROSS’D THE FINAL BARJesse C. Barron, 92, died March23. A resident of New Jerseyand a pensioner since 1983,he last sailed for WatermanSteamship Corp. as master ofthe SS Sam Houston. He wasan active member of the GulfCoast chapter of the Councilof American Master Marinersand the American MerchantMarine Veterans. He is survived by: daughters,Rhetta, Georgia, Constance and Deborah; threegrandchildren; and one great grandson.Ronald L. Boulle, 64, died March 21. A pensionersince 1993 and a resident of Victoria Quito, Ecuador,he last sailed for Lykes Brothers Steamship Co. asmaster of the SS Marjorie Lykes.Anna Bronson, 22, died March 6. A resident ofClearlake, Calif., she last sailed for AHL ShippingCompany as an ordinary seaman on the H.A.Downing. She was interested in arts and crafts,decorating, gardening and cooking. She also enjoyedmissionary work with children and traveling. She issurvived by: her parents, Rickey and Debra; brothers,Rickey and Richey; and sister, Star.Albert Compton, 100, died March 6. A resident ofLa Mesa, Calif., and a pensioner since 1981, he lastsailed for Delta Steamship Co. as second mate on theSS Santa Mercedes.Raymond F. Dwyer, 87, died March 29. A pensionersince 1987 and a resident of Treasure Island, Fla., helast sailed for Central Gulf Lines Inc. as master of theSS Dawn.Bartholomew Fennick, 85, diedMarch 9. A resident of Kingston,Mass., he last sailed for MooreMcCormack Lines as master ofthe Mormac Surf. He loved toplay tennis, swim and work inhis garden. He is survived by: hiswife of 59 years, Marjorie; sonsMichael and Thomas; daughtersDeborah and Barbara; and threegrandchildren.Frederic Highman, 91, diedApril 20. A pensioner since 1984and a resident of Holliston, Mass.,he last sailed for Trinidad second mate on the Hudson.He loved listening to classicalmusic and had a lifelong interestin sailing and rowing. He issurvived by: his wife, Phyllis;son, Christopher; daughter, Margaret; and onegranddaughter.Frank E. Holgerson, 74, died March 31. A pensionersince 1998 and a resident of Ridley Park, Pa., he lastsailed for Patriot Contract Services as third mate onthe Export Patriot. He liked to collect stamps andspend time with his grandchildren.Roger C. Johnson, 80, died March 6. A residentof New Orleans, La., and a pensioner since 1999,he last sailed for Sargeant Marine as master of theMV Asphalt Commander.George C. MacDonald, 84, died April 4. A pensionersince 1975 and a resident of Ft. Myers, Fla., he lastsailed for Boston Transport Fuel as master of the FuelOil.Jack R. Mattox, 78, died March 9.A pensioner since 1996 and aresident of Wright, Ark., he lastsailed for Central Gulf Linesas third mate on the SS AustralRainbow. His brother, John,and sisters, Margie and Wanda,survive him.Joseph C. Mello, 60, died July 17, 2007. A residentof Edgartown, Mass., and a pensioner since 2001, helast sailed for Waterman Steamship Co. as masterof the Jeb Stuart. He received the Merchant MarineExpeditionary medal for his service during theKosovo-Bosnia conflict and operations Desert Shieldand Desert Storm. He was passionate about sailing,gardening and reading about history and worldaffairs. He is survived by: his wife, Deborah; children,Corrigan and Jody; brother, Patrick; and mother,Patricia.The Master, Mate & Pilot - 17 - July - August 2008

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TurmanStephen L. TurnEdward J. UsaszJose L. ValasquezStephen R. VandaleEric C. VeloniGlenn E. ViettoneDouglas C. VinesRen W. VurpillatNancy L. WagnerHonoring MM&P WomenOfficersDavid I. WainwrightLacy J. WalkerGregory S. WalshHarold G. WalshJanet S. WalshHarry WaltonAndrew A. WargoJames H. WarmackRuffin F. WarrenPaul M. WashburnSteven D. WattJerome P. WattsWilliam H. WeissNathaniel R. WeissmanLawrence L. WelshGeorge A. Werdann, Jr.John L. WestremEugene K. WhalenMichael WholeyJohn A. WillisDenis J. WilsonRussell WilsonStephen H. WinesJon C. WinstedtJohn B. WinterlingKahai H. WodehouseChristopher WoodwardMichela Worthington-AdamsJanusz A. WozniakJose B. YapJohn B. YoungNolan YoungFrank ZabrockyJames R. Zatwarnicki, Jr.George N. Zeluff, Jr.Demetrios A. ZervopoulosThe New MM&P WatchIt Fastens andUnfastens in a Snap!The newest addition to the elegantline of MM&P Political ContributionFund (PCF) gifts is a highly polished,two-tone watch that is easy to fastenand unfasten. Perfect for any occasion,this quality, union-made watch,available in both men’s and women’seditions, can be yours for a $200contribution to the PCF. The watchfeatures the MM&P wheel on a creamcoloredbackground with Romannumerals stamped in gold. Make yourcontribution today on the MembersOnly section of www.bridgedeck.orgor call MM&P Assistant ComptrollerBeverly Gutmann at 410-850-8700ext. 11 for more information. Then,wear your MM&P watch with pride!July - August 2008 - 20 - The Master, Mate & Pilot

PCFSupport the U.S.-Flag Merchant Marine:Contribute to Our PCF!Can hold a laptop!MM&P Political Contribution Fund700 Maritime Boulevard, Suite BLinthicum Heights, MD 21090-1953✂Receipt is hereby acknowledged from:NAMEADDRESSAB NEWCNEWCITY STATE ZIPIN THE SUM OF $D NEWE FGHfrontKIWith my contribution or pledge of $250 or more, please send:❏ A. MM&P Jacket❏ M ❏ L ❏ XL ❏ XXL ❏ XXXLWith my contribution or pledge of $200 or more, please send:❏ B. Watch NEW ❏ Men’s ❏ LadiesWith my contribution or pledge of $100 or more, please send:(select one (1) item from the following)❏ C. MM&P Cloth Briefcase NEW❏ D. MM&P Black Leather Organizer NEW❏ E. MM&P Pocket Polo Shirt (Blue) ❏ M ❏ L ❏ XL ❏ XXL❏ F. MM&P Pocket Polo Shirt (Pattern) ❏ M ❏ L ❏ XL ❏ XXL❏ G. MM&P Silk Tie ❏ Blue ❏ Maroon❏ H. MM&P Sweatshirt Color: ❏ Grey ❏ YellowSize: ❏ L ❏ XL ❏ XXL ❏ XXXL❏ I. MM&P Safety Vest❏ L ❏ XL ❏ XXLWith my contribution or pledge of $50 - $99, please send:(select one (1) item from the following)❏ J. MM&P T-shirt Color: ❏ Blue ❏ WhiteSize: ❏ L ❏ XL ❏ XXL ❏ XXXL❏ K. MM&P Baseball Cap (Blue - one size fits all)❏ L. MM&P Glasses (Set of 4)With my contribution or pledge of $25–$49, please send:❏ M. MM&P Travel MugMembers can select any combination of items valued at or below thedonation. Contributors who fullfill their pledge with recurring paymentson the Members Only section of will receive theirgift upon reaching the minimum amount due. If you have already fulfilledyour annual pledge, please check the box below and make sure to clearlyindicate (above) your choice of gift.Questions?Call 410-850-8700 ext. 29 or e-mail❏ Yes, please send me my PCF gift!This is a voluntary contribution to the MM&P Political Contribution Fund.No physical force, job discrimination, financial reprisals or threat thereofhas been used to secure this contribution. The contributor has beenadvised of his or her right to refuse to contribute without reprisal.backAUTHORIZED COLLECTORPORTDATEJAlso available in whiteLMMEMBER AUTHORIZATIONDATEThe Master, Mate & Pilot - 21 - July - August 2008

700 Maritime Boulevard, Suite BLinthicum HeightsMaryland 21090-1953!

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