Steam Cracker Interfaces of Litvinov Site - Česká rafinérská, as
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Steam Cracker Interfaces of Litvinov Site - Česká rafinérská, as

www.ceskarafinerska.czContent• CRC introduction• Interfaces of refinery and steamcracker inLitvínov• Modifications of feed structure• New hydrocracker revamp• Advantages of hydrocracker revamp• ConclusionRefinery – Steam Cracker Interfaces

www.ceskarafinerska.czWho we are …Česká rafinérská (Czech RefiningCompany) is the largest crude oilprocessing company and the largestproducer of oil products in the CzechRepublic.It operates refineries in Litvínov andKralupy nad Vltavou. The company wasestablished on April 28th 1995.Česká rafinérská is a joint venture of 3shareholders: refining­petrochemicalholding company Unipetrol ( PKN) and thetwo international companies ­ ENI, andShell.Litvínov: Hydrocracking as conversion processes, Kralupy: FCCRefinery – Steam Cracker Interfaces

www.ceskarafinerska.czWho we are …contHistory of Litvínov refineryLitvínov refinery was originally constructed as a plant forproduction of fuels from coal. Tar arising from the processof coal liquefaction was hydrocraced, hydrotreated andprocessed to produce motor fuelsLater the equipment was rebuilt for crude oil processing.Two of the original units for hydrocracking of coal havebeen reconstructed for crude oil vacuum distillateshydrocrackingRefinery was gradually equipped with modern processesas Penex zomerization, Unocal hydrocracker, IFPcontinuous reformer, and Shell soker visbreakerRefinery – Steam Cracker Interfaces

www.ceskarafinerska.czWho we we are are …Who we are …History of Litvínov refinery contAs a part of CRC Litvínov refinery has gone through a massivereconstruction and efficiency improvement after 1995From the main activities it was namely:• investment into safety and environmental protection• reconstruction of oil movement facilities• central control room, including new DCS independentsafeguarding system• centralization and modernization of laboratory• clean fuels investment• further development investmentThe overall accent on the energy efficiency, cost effective maintenance andmotivated labour force moved CRC and Litvínov refinery ahead towards weststandardsRefinery – Steam Cracker Interfaces

www.ceskarafinerska.czRefinery ­ steam cracker interfacesSteamcracker was built in Litvínov at the end of 70 tiesVarious feed structure should balance a need of the chemfeed pool and motor fuels consumption in formerCzechoslovakia.Following products were originally planned as feed forsteamcracker:LPG, naphtha, (kero), gas oilThe equipment of the steamcracker was constructed asflexible enough to switch different feeds of the respectivequalityFeed %naphtha 55gas oil 43Refinery – Steam Cracker Interfaces

www.ceskarafinerska.czModifications of feed structure of steam cracker• Growt of consumption of the motor fuels in Czechoslovakia• Surplus of heavy fuel oil due to import of natural gas from former SUNeed for the conversion unit : Hydrocracking selected from practicality and traditions pointof view. Hydrogen was available, Shell gasification process put in operation in 1971Decision : to construct a low conversion (Unocal) hydrocracker and to use unconverted oilas a feed for steam cracker. The unit has been operating since 1988Synergy of refinery and ethylene cracker again utilizedThe technology of mild hydrocracking saved capital expenditure for the HC unit andhydrogen and energy during past operation. The steam cracker product yield structure didnot differ from naphtha one too muchRefinery – Steam Cracker Interfaces

www.ceskarafinerska.czModifications of feed structure of steam cracker contThe modern hydrocracking unit has became a keyinstrument for balancing of the motor fuel pool and chemfeed pool.The unit operates at 16 MPa and represents a classicalsystem of 2 reactors – the pre­treatment and zeolystbased hydrocracking reactor. At the conversion approx.40 % the main product was unconverted oil as the feedfor steamcracker.The unit has been operating reliably for more then 20years.The unit was important for management of upcomingchanges following predominantly from the protection ofenvironment and need of the efficiency of operationRefinery – Steam Cracker Interfaces

www.ceskarafinerska.czModifications of feed structure of steam cracker contHigh sulphur heavy fuel oils productionreductionEnvironmental regulations seized use of heavy fuel oilfor combustion with more then 1 % S since 1998.The option was construction of visbreaking unit withvacuum flasher . Nevertheless the hydrocracking unithad to be revamped to increase capacity. Thethroughput was increased by 30 % whilst the conversionwas maintained at the level of approx. 40 %The (first) revamp utilized the design reserves withminimum demand for reconstructionsFeed %The rate of unconverted oil for steam cracker hasincreasednaphtha 27gas oil 23HCVD 44Refinery – Steam Cracker Interfaces

www.ceskarafinerska.czModifications of feed structure of steamcracker contNew European legislation for clean fuelsproduction and dieselization of public andcommercial transportationClean fuels and namely production of diesel fuel with lessthen 10 ppm S claim for low sulfur components.Product demand change in favour of diesel and decliningmogas consumption represent a very challengingenvironment for refineriesCzech republic fuel market is not an exceptionRefinery – Steam Cracker Interfaces

www.ceskarafinerska.czModifications of feed structure of steamcracker cont180Situation in trends of mogas and diesel consumptionConsumption (1997=100 %)160140120100MogasDiesel801997 1999 20012003 2005 2007Refinery – Steam Cracker Interfaces

www.ceskarafinerska.czNew hydrocracker revampAlignment of refinery and steam cracker again offered anoption in the synergy.Increasing of the conversion and throughput of hydrocrackerunit may contribute to the diesel oil production increase anda deficit in the delivery of unconverted oil may imply in theincrease of naphtha consumption at the steam crackerThat principle was used for the second revamp of thehydrocracking unit. The capacity was increased by 60 % ( tooriginal design) and conversion level from 40 to 71 %.Refinery – Steam Cracker Interfaces

www.ceskarafinerska.czNew hydrocracker revampMain principles of the hydrocracker modifications:Reactor part:slight increase of the catalyst volume, increased dutyof preheater, increased capacity of effluent cooler,modification of recycle gas compressor and feedpump, replacement of pumps for wash water.Work up section:Retrying of debutaniser, fractionator, naphtha splitter, adraw off tray for kero, additional preheater forfractionator, heat exchangers and pumps modificationEngineering: SGSI feasibility part, (ABB Lummus) CBIBDEP and EPC phaseRefinery – Steam Cracker Interfaces

Advantages of hydrocracker revampwww.ceskarafinerska.czNHC unit revamp provided unique opportunity again toutilize the synergy of refinery and the ethylene crackerand solve the challenges of last period in terms of:• fuel product demand change – diesel demand growth• clean fuels issue producing higher volume of lowsulfur diesel component• increased consumption of naphtha at the ethylenecracker implied in increased utilization of the FCCUWin ­ win principle for both sides:• Higher conversion of the hydrocracking improvedquality of unconverted oilFeed %naphtha 56gas oil 1HCVD 35• More naphtha for steam crackingRefinery – Steam Cracker Interfaces

www.ceskarafinerska.czConclusion• Combination of refinery and steam crackingrepresents a strategy advantage• market swings of fuel and chem feed poolmoderation• Accommodation of refinery tomiscellaneous challenges, as­ heavy fuel oil production reduction­ clean fuels­ dieselization of transport• Gradual improvement of chem feed pool quality as aconsequence of changes in refineryRefinery – Steam Cracker Interfaces

www.ceskarafinerska.czThank you forattention, wishing apleasant stay inLitvínov Refinery andinteresting site tourMilan VitvarTechnology ManagerČESKÁ RAFINÉRSKÁ, a.s.Tel : + 420 47 616 4477E­mail :

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