Steel Poles at Austin Energy
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Steel Poles at Austin Energy

Austin Energy is the 10 th largest municipality located inCentral Texas along the Colorado River437 square milesAE provides service to 368,000 clienteleAE currently employee’s s 1,435 individuals.9,428 miles of Distribution & 602 miles of TransmissionLines

DeregulationResidential, Commercial and Industrial 2002Efficient Business ProcessesNew Construction TechniquesNew MaterialSecuring Long Term Contracts with CustomersIncrease Reliability

History of Austin Energy’s s Involvement withLight Duty Steel PolesMeyer approached Austin Energy (AE) with a product toeliminate three-pole structures or replace side-guyed woodpoles with a steel unguyed structureThe first self-weathering unguyed Distribution pole was aValmont pole located at US 183 and Georgian Dr.Austin Energy started using light duty self-weatheringstructures in the late 89 or early 90’s s in variousapplications

History of Austin Energy’s s Involvement withLight Duty Steel Poles(Cont’d)AE performed a cost-benefit analysis (business casejustification)In 98 AE installed their first set of IUSI tubular steel polesAfter successful use in our Distribution System,Transmission started purchasing light duty steel poles for theirwood pole replacements

Typical Three-Pole Wood Installation for Distribution Line TurnDisadvantages:This wood installation congests customer’s s business accessLabor intensive constructionMultiple hole excavations and guy anchor installationsincrease chances of underground utility conflicts

Steel Pole Replacement for Three-Pole WoodInstallationAdvantages:Less congestion, more aesthetically pleasingLabor cost for this application is 64% lower than three-pole wood structuresMaterial cost for this steel application is 8% lower thanthree-pole wood structures

Multiple Steel PoleApplicationLimited easement due to freewaywidening projectEasy installation for transformerstationsNo guy easement availableFreeway was widened tocustomer’s s parking lot

Guyed Highway Crossing70’ steel pole to maintain clearance over multi-level level highwayPrice is comparable to wood at this height of poleSteel poles have a longer life expectancy than wood

Multi-Pole Application per customer requestClean constructionCustomer prefers steel due to aestheticsMultiple unguyed turns

Direct Embedded Galvanized PolesMultiple AttachmentsUnguyed turnsGalvanized is preferred due to ground water orvegetation presentCustomer preference

hree Pole TurnWood ApplicationTwo Pole Wood InstallationDouble Circuit, 795 DoubleDead-ends ends with with guysExpensive application forAustin Energy

Self WeatheringApplication along ParmerLaneDouble Circuit 795 withFiberglass ridge pins andextension bracketsDedicated Dell ComputerCircuit on top

Another Self –WeatheringPoleLabor cost for this application is73% lower than a two polewood structure and evenhigher with a three poleconfigurationMaterial cost for this steelapplication is 43% lower thana two pole configuration

IUSI Tubular Steel Pole Installation/OpenDelta BankT & E Project to review newapplicationAesthetically pleasingEasy Drilling with 1/2 inchDrillFiberglass ridge pins andextension brackets

100% Steel Pole ConstructionRequested by:Turnpike CommissionDevelopersCommercial Development

Paint over GalvanizedApplication

Backyard Application55’ CL-3

Steel pole install application to divertthe use of Power Cable

Process of replacing a bottom section on a twopiece pole

Transmission Pole ReplacementSteel pole replaces rotten wood pole on a 138kV lineAppearance is compatible to existing wood pole lineSteel poles are uniform in diameter at top and bottom

Self Weathering Steel PoleDoesn't stand out as a replacement in existing line inan established neighborhoodTwo piece pole allows transport to job site withoutspecial permitsLighter than wood pole of same size, easier to handle,lighter equipmentSteel pole requires less maintenance

Wood TransmissionTurnPole with OverheadGuysOverhead guys and distributionunderbuildCost is 17 % higher than someunguyed steel pole applicationPermit needed to transport poleto job site

Self -Weathering SteelReplacement pole on a 69kv lineUnguyed turn pole withdistribution underbuildSteel poles have a longer lifeexpectancySteel poles do not deterioratewith ageTotal installation cost arecomparable to wood for manyapplications

Magnetic DrillsMagnetic base with safety chain for aerial drilling in the fieldThese drills make drilling steel poles an easy taskSteel pole can be pre drilled on the ground to save time

SummaryAE installed over 2,400 steel poles in our Distribution SystemAustin Energy has three Supply AgreementsSteel Pole suppliers created standardized drawings to expediteengineering and pole delivery12-15% 15% all new construction was built using steel poles

Summary (cont’d)Variety of readily available steel poles improves response time ofengineering and construction to unscheduled and maintenanceprojectsStandardized Unguyed Angle Load Chart for Distribution DesignFunctions were createdStandard Book has charts on auger sizes, diameter (top/bottom),and pole weights

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