pt_issue 1 - City of Greater Geelong

pt_issue 1 - City of Greater Geelong

issue #1 autumn ‘08

a youth publication

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to the first ever

edition of the

Piercing Truth

Have you ever been pre-judged, excluded or ragged upon, just because you’re different, or young? Well, we have,

that’s why we have gotten together to make this magazine. The Piercing Truth expresses individual opinions on a

range of topics and ideas. The Piercing Truth aims to be informative, interesting, funny and serious and to represent

as many different views as possible. We understand that all young people are different- we also understand that we

all have an opinion about what’s going on around us, problem is that there aren’t really many places to express it.

We want you to become part of the magazine too. ANYONE who is a ‘youth’ – aged 12-24, can add their 2 cents

worth- as long as it is not racist or homophobic or sexist or discriminatory. The Piercing Truth will use pictures,

cartoons, writing and a whole heap of other things that you can squeeze into a magazine to show that we don’t all get

up to mischief, and that one person’s mischief is another person’s fun.

Would you like to get involved in the Piercing Truth? You can be part of the editorial team, contribute an article, a

picture or photo or just a one line thought. You might just want to tell us what you think about the magazine.

You can email us:

We hope you like reading it, and at least find a few things that you like. Let us know what you think. We want this

magazine to be something for all the youth of Geelong.

Happy reading, The Piercing Truth editorial team.

Editorial Team-Georgia Zwilling, Ash Andrews, Lisa Gray, Van Nguyen, Kim Sinnott, Susanne Prosser and many


Text- Georigia Zwilling, Ash Andrews, Lisa Gray, Van Nguyen Kim Sinnott, Talissa Kelly, Shannon Secombe, qnd

Headspace’s (Barwon) Youth Future Crew. Photography- Justin Hoedly, Van Nguyen, Eric Pizzani, Tim Carroll,

Susanne Prosser, Monica Butler, Mardi Janetzki and many more.

Design/Art- Adcell Media and Shannon Seacombe forDepression / Random Thoughts articles.

Production Services-Adcell Media

Thank you to all those who contributed, designed, supported and read the first issue of Piercing Truth, we apologise

we could not mention everyone by name, but our heart felt thanks are yours!

The Editorial Team would particularly like to thank the City of Greater Geelong Youth Development Unit and Councilor

Jan Farrell, BATforce, Headspace and in particular a special big thank you to Susanne Prosser who supported the

vision and assisted us all along, thank you.

Anyone else we forgot, we humbly apologise.

Privacy Notice: If you choose to enter or partake in any competitions, surveys, or offers in this featured issue of

Piercing Truth then you are required to provide some personal details about yourself to us. In the case you do, they

will not be used or given to third parties, unless contacting you in regards to said promotions.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this magazine are those of the young people writing the articles and do not necessarily represent the views and

opinions of the city of Greater Geelong.



By Lisa Gray

It is plain to see that the sky is blue and the grass is green

But we can never predict what will happen tomorrow and before you know it,

it’s already been.

Life is not worth regretting.

They encourage us not to gamble but life itself is a game of betting.

We wish for harmony and peace and last of all relief.

But first of all we need within ourselves courage and belief.

Look not at the outside of a book

For you may not find the thing you want and overlook.

Together we are one, together we are strong

Why can’t everyone realize, why is it so wrong.

By Lisa Gray

A day in the life

of my cookie!

This cookie was made with the tender loving care of the

baker, which was me.

I crafted it with love and sometimes I thought I heard it

speak and say I love you. Awwwwww how sweet.

Then I put my cookie dough in the oven

and I ignored the screams of how hot it was in there.

‘Better you than me’, I thought.

Time was up and my cookie was soft and hot. I let it

cool down to a nice degree and as I picked it up to

marvel in my expertise, my stomach grumbled.

This reminded me of why I cooked the cookie dough in

the first place.

Seems my cookie heard my

stomach as well as it looked

at me with

pleading ‘chocolate

chip’ looking eyes.

I took one look at my

cookie then shoved it

in my mouth.

I don’t do guilt!

By Ash Andrews



“Would you be happier living a lie

and have everyone love you for that,

or would you be happier being true

to yourself and having your true

friends love you regardless?”

Shannon Secombe



We are the Youth Future Crew and we meet fortnightly to discuss health issues for young

people in our region. We really wanted a way to get the message out to all the young crew


around Geelong and here it is!

F Each issue we will give you youth health updates and more!

This newsletter C is written by us for you guys so if you have any ideas or suggestions on health

please email them through to: Or you can add us on myspace at

Seeing A Doctor

Most doctors are very busy so

you most likely need to make

an appointment. When you see

the doctor the visit will likely

run between 10-15 minutes.

If you require a longer visit or

have lots of problems ask for a

longer appointment when you

book in. Be sure to call and

cancel if you cant make your



Your information is safe with

your doctor and protected

by privacy laws The doctor

will discuss with you anytime

they feel they need to pass on

information to another person

or they may need to act in

cases where they think you

are in danger. Eg. Subjected to

child abuse


Going to Doctors

How do Doctors


Doctors help with all types

of problems including if you

need help or advice about;

feeling down or upset, drugs

and alcohol, not sleeping well,

relationships, S.T.I.s (sexually

transmitted infections),

contraception, other sexual

health issues, or if you

are being hurt or sexually

assaulted. Doctor may refer

you to another health worker

or youth/social worker but only

with your consent.


Where the doctor bulk bills,

instead of having to pay just

show your Medicare card and

no payment is needed. If you

don’t have a Medicare card

ask the receptionist to ring

the Provider Hotline for your

Medicare number. If you do

pay, keep the receipt and go to

a Medicare office and get some

re-fund. You can get your own

Medicare card as soon as you

turn 15.

Choose a Doctor





Supports your healthcare decisions

and doesn’t pressure

you. Seeks your permission

before examining you or

asking personal questions Is

kind, understanding and reassuring.

Will be non judgmental

and treat you with respect.

Where can you find

a Doctor?

To find a doctor in Geelong look

under ‘Medical Practitioners’

in the yellow pages Or for

youth specific doctors ring

Clockwork Young People’s

Health Service on 52226690 or

Jigsaw Young Persons Health

Service on 52792754 and make

an appointment or just drop in!



Discrimination Discrimination





Written By Georgia Zwilling

environment of Geelong’s youth is particularly

stereotypical and over-all hypocritical. The adolescent

community has been separated by generalised groups or

cliques based around clothing and individual interests.

A particular group which can be bought to attention is

that of the ‘goths’ or ‘town rats’ of Geelong. This group is

primarily found loitering around Little Malop Street with

the ‘intention to offend’. This group have received cruel

insults that have ranged from ‘goth pigs’ to ‘reckless


In this situation the actions and behaviour of very few

individuals wearing the colour black has singed the

reputations of others. Understandably, in all groups or

cliques there are either one or numerous people who

will not conform. In relation to this, mistreatment and

judgemental allegations should not be used simply

against one group in the Geelong’s area. In many cases

the term ‘kids will be kids’ should appropriately be used.

The brutal accusations which are frequently made by

victimising individuals in society has created a deceptive

classification of this group and its members. This has

not only affected the people but has increased the

discriminative treatment they receive from both the

community and the authorities.

The ‘reasons’ or ‘motives’ for this group, or any group

for that matter, to be meeting and simply socialising in

a public place should not be questioned or immediately


Particularly, intolerable disrespect has been shown

by the local areas shopping centre’s security guards.

On one instance the group were informed that they

are “banned from the public area and if not removed,

the police will be called.” Accusations against their

individual characters were made as well as threats

relating to “further action”.

Why do these adolescents deserve to be continually

persecuted? More importantly, what makes them a

greater target than other groups who ‘hang’ in the same

area? They have the same rights as any other individual

in Geelong’s region. Regardless of this, there are

numerous people who prefer to judge and undermine

rather than accept and tolerate. Misinterpretations of

their intention to gather in this particular area should

be over-looked before making a pre-judgement or

discriminative threat.

All individuals in this group are unique and should be

treated like any other person, in spite of what clothing

they choose to wear. The colour of clothing that a person

wears should not justify an individual’s personality or

alter their rights when compared to others.




with the Family,,,

some things

to remember

a family vacation overseas (or in this case Vietnam) is a time for siblings

to unleash their inner brats and parental guidance to take a new

extreme. But by the end of the holiday we all would have learnt some

good lessons to remember for future life travels, such as...

• Always read the fine print and laws on the conditions on traveling

overseas. This means check that your passport expires 6 weeks AFTER

your visa expires. Not 2 weeks after, but 6. Not following airport rules just

makes parents frustrated and a whole lot of wasted time talking to airport

managers instead of doing some duty-free shopping and drinking coffee.

• When planning to travel on Vietnam Airline or any airline for that matter-

try to get tickets that locates you next to people you know. Or else you

might be seated between some men who are too fond of VB and an

annoying young couple with a baby for eight extremely long hours…

• Before you hit the packed markets learn the currency. Which in Vietnam

is the “dong” and for 12,000 dong you have 1 Australian dollar. The retail

industry can most definitely be described as competitive so be prepared

to bargain in markets or have service with you in shopping malls every

minute you spend there.

• Tourists in any foreign country should watch out for personal belongings.

When on a motorbike or scooter (a common form of transport in Vietnam

for being economically friendly and not space-consuming) travel with

expensive jewelry, such as necklaces hidden from view, bags, cameras

etc. Plus you don’t want to go dropping such items on the over-crowded

and bustling streets.

• South Vietnam is where Ho Chi Minh, the most populated city in Vietnam,

is located. This part of Vietnam has two distinct seasons: May-October

features rain however still includes warm and oppressive atmosphere and

November to April is the dry season meaning no chances of it raining cats

and dogs. Yet no trip to a tropical Asian country can be complete without

lazing around by the poolside or fun at the beach. Just remember to slip

slop slap and watch out for those darn jellyfish!

• A country rich in culture there are numerous ancient myths and legends

such as queen fairies being married to dragon kings and wise turtles

giving out magical war-winning swords. The Dom San is Vietnam’s

version of Geelong’s Fairy Park only with Vietnamese fairy tales, a

look into one of Vietnam’s major religions Buddhism and anyone for

um, crocodile fishing? And additional information when entering any

Buddhism temple - take off your shoes.

• Vietnam is home to a wide range of foreign wildlife. As much fun it is to

see elephants, small lizard on walls and feeding monkeys bits of fruit

remember, just because they don’t speak English or human for that

matter doesn’t make them inadequate of knowing when they are being

teased. Monkeys are highly intelligent animals and this lady in the picture

would have learnt her lesson after being bitten by the monkey she was


• A fishing village on the coastal shore, farming regions that took you 14

hours by train from Saigon to get there or even Saigon itself- no matter

where you go mosquitoes will be there. They suck so much blood from

you that it would be more convenient to make a huge blood donation

to their whole species. So to enjoy your holiday take tons of anti-bite

mosquito cream or vegemite (which is rumored to be great to stop


• Foods to avoid when in Asian countries: raw meats, raw

fish and already cut up fruit at the markets, obviously

avoid anything that looks unhygienic and drink bottled

water. In Vietnam the medical aid phone number is 115

while police is 113. The best thing (in my opinion) to try

in Vietnam is sugar cane juice and pig out on the exotic

fruits such as lychee because they are cheap as…well

cheaper than chips.

• Enjoy your time, have fun, remember what you see, and

take photos of the funny/weird/unique experiences,

because once you get back everyone will be questioning

you about your holiday. A weird story might just be the fact

you saw a man put a nail into his throat and lifted up 2

steal balls from it. Whatever you do enjoy being away from

work or school because in the end family vacations don’t

last forever.

By Van NgUyen





Aries March 21 - April 19

Aries, you rams need to be careful. The farmer has

decided you are dinner!

TAurus April 20 - May 20

Taurus, shopping has started to become much

harder for you in the up coming months, people are

realizing you are a bull and are now enforcing no

animals in the store policy.

GeMini May 21 - June 20

Gemini, your twin is really annoyed at how you are

treating them. Watch them; they are planning to sell

you on eBay.

CAnCer June 21 - July 22

Cancer, not only are you a crab you can’t even walk

straight. Because of this, everyone thinks your

drunk and we all know what cops think of that.

You’re going to be riding in the back of the cop car if

you even think about leaving your house.

Leo July 23 - August 22

Leo, homework is going to be a hassle since you

keep eating everyone who tries to help you!

VirGo August 23 - september 22

Virgo, the sign of the virgin. Who are you trying to

kid, you aren’t as innocent as you make everyone

think. So beware, because everyone really does

suspect you.

Blue Oyster Cult, Def Leppard, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Styx,

Bad Company, Cheap Trick and Quiet Riot. What have all these

names got in common? I bet if you asked your parents they could

tell you exactly what these names mean. Yes, what these names

have in common are the fact that they are bands from the 60s, 70s

and 80s. I tried to name the less obvious ones. The ones that you

don’t really see commonly like AC DC and Led Zeppelin. But these

are a few of the bands I listen to on a regular basis because to me,

they sound so much better than what is being played on radio today.

Modern music, move over!

Star Signs

I say, modern music move over and let the classic stars rule the

stage once more. But not only are the classic rock legends showing

talent, they also never needed technology to make themselves

sound better then what they are. This is the other reason why I love

them so. They are pure and talented and I’m on a mission to let the

youth remember the once talented stars that should never have

been forgotten!

By ash andrews

from the not so in touch with

the stars Astrological Ash

LibrA september 23 - october 22

Libra, your conscious wants you to weigh up the

good and the bad aspects of a decision or thought.

Guess what…. That’s not what its full intention is.

sCorpio october 23 - november 21

Scorpio, Jupiter is entering too close into your

world. Its only plan is to squish you so you better

start finding a good hiding spot now!

sAGiTTArius november 22 - December 21

Sagittarius, you need to learn to keep your bow and

arrow away from everyone. They all want to touch

it just as much as they want to ride you. You know

what the voices say, do it.

CApriCorn December 22 - January 19

Capricorn, you have trouble coming to grips with the

type of creature that you are. And who wouldn’t, I

mean look at you, your half goat, half fish. But here’s

the thing, I’ll give you $10 and you can work in my

freak show. Then you find a place to belong and I get

money. A win-win situation.

AquArius January 20 - February 18

Aquarius; the water bearer. You are shrinking in

this drought as everyone wants the water you bear.

Teach them a lesson about water usage. Make them

suffer mwahahaha *cough*

pisCes February 19 - March 20

Pisces, you will be given the opportunity to travel

very soon but once you get to this place, you need to

heed this warning. The ground is hot and hardly any

water so don’t fall over because you will be a cooked

little fishy and food for the natives.

Pressure On Sex!

Pressure On Sex!

Often youth today are discovering and experimenting

with new things and there is a possibility that this

can lead to sex. There may be conflicting issues

concerning this like, am I old enough? And when will I

be ready?

Just because you may feel you are ready and prepared

you shouldn’t have to sell yourself short because you

feel pressured by others to have sex when it doesn’t

suit you. You should keep in mind that:

Sex should be:

• Something you decide to do when you are


• Something that you both want to do

• Something you can stop at any time

• Safe (making sure you are prepared and have


Sex should nevert be:

• The only way to prove that you love someone

• Something you feel forced to do

• Something you feel you can’t say no to

• Something that makes you feel used

• Something you do because everyone else is

doing it

• Something you do to make the other person

happy, even when you don’t really want to.

You should also take into consideration that people

have their first sexual encounter at different ages.

Some people it is at 16 and others may have theirs

at 19 or 20, and others heaps later. Some people

choose never to have sex, ever. People shouldn’t feel

ashamed about this, as it is perfectly natural and

normal and everyone is ready at different times.

But make sure you consider the laws that are

put into place- if you are 16 the person you have

sex without cannot be more than 2 years older

than you.

You should also realize that sex isn’t something to be

ashamed of as it is human nature and it is normal for

people to have sex.

Another really important thing to make sure you

have safe and protected sex. You should always take

precaution in it, such as using condoms or dental

dams (oral sex). even if you are on the pill you still

must use a condom, this is the only sure way

to protect yourself from sexually transmitted

infections. These are sold at FPV (Family Planning

Victoria) clinics. And condoms are also sold at chemist

and supermarkets and most youth health places, like

Clockwork and Jigsaw have them.

Youth are frequently making decisions on whether

they will engage in sexual intercourse or not. Decision

making can be hard, and you should be aware that

drinking alcohol or using other drugs and peer

pressure can affect your ability to make safe decisions.

Your decision should reflect what you and your partner

want and you should be able to talk about sex with

your partner and feel safe in doing so. After you have

come to a decision that you may like to have sex

then you will know when you are ready to have sex,

remembering that everybody is different and what my

be right for you may not be right for someone else.

if you do not feel safe, comfortable and good

about having sex then maybe it isn’t the right

time for you.

NOTE: Parents and adults must realize that this is

an issue for youth and it is something that is going to

happen regardless of anything that is said or done.

So why not make sure your child knows the risks and

safety measures about sex so you can help protect

them against any possible harm.

By shannon secombe

Phone numbers and website that might be useful


clockwork: 5222 6690

Jigsaw: 5279 2754

Family Planning Victoria, action centre;

1800 013 952

Family Planning Victoria website

Barwon centre against sexual assault

1800 806 292












Find a word - Words to describe young people

Quirky Scary Fussy Friend

Loud Creative Fashion Social

Fun Out there Confused Wild


Win an


Do you know where this

picture was taken – (hint its in


If you think you know where

the picture was taken email

your answer to youthcan@ all

entries will go into a draw

to win an Ipod Nano, winner

announced in the Winter issue

and contacted via email.



Most teenagers have suffered depression at some point of their

lives. Some feel that people don’t understand them. According

to, depression is a state of unhappiness or

sadness that is a minor downturn in a mood that may last for a

few hours, days, months or even years.

Depression is usually related with grief, loss or a

major social transition. There are many factors that can

trigger a depressed mood such as the break up of a significant

relationship, the death of a loved one or even graduation.

It is important to listen with an empathic ear and offer unconditional love

and concern. People need to understand that stress and problems that

may sound small to you may be very important to them.

The three common types of depression that effect teenagers:

DEPRESSED MOODS – A depressed mood is an emotional one that

doesn’t interfere with daily activities. It is more a feeling and can last

from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Many people feel better after

talking about the problem causing the depression.

DYSTHYMIA – Dysthymia is a mild type of depression that can last for a

year. It is more serious than a depressed mood.

Symptoms include:

- Appearing ‘down’ all the time

- Appearing to have less confidence

- Appearing to have less enjoyment in their lives

- Troubles with eating and sleeping

What is with Youtube?

Youtube, basically everyone who has ever had the internet knows all

about Youtube. For those that don’t, it is a website that lets you upload

videos of anything you want. They could be you doing something or

anyone else doing something. It is also the site where the man who

started the whole free hugs campaign was founded. But what I put

foreword to you is, are we making this website the new generation

must do before you die? Are we choosing to exploit ourselves for the

kicks of others? Now don’t get me wrong, I love Youtube but I don’t

use it to watch complete strangers making fools of themselves. Yeah, I

bet their hilarious but I do have better things to do then watch people

be stupid. I would prefer to go outside and do something foolish and

entertain myself in places other then the internet. Plus you never know

what creep is watching you on the net. But I guess Youtube is for all

who want to exploit themselves worldwide.

By Ash Andrews

MAJOR DEPRESSION – Major depression is usually triggered by a big

stressful event – but there are cases where there hasn’t been an obvious

cause. Major depression can last for years.

Symptoms include:

- Sleeping problems

- Feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness

- Increase of drug and alcohol use

- Carelessness of their lives

Websites such as beyondblue and reachout are excellent and are there

for support. Each has real life stories, information about depression and

what to do about it, advice from a range of people and much more.

If you think that you are suffering form depression or know someone

who is, then do something about it. Talk to family, friends or even your

school counsellor.

For more information or for someone to talk to, contact

Kids Help Line – 1800 551 800

Clockwork – 5222 6690


A dream

What is a dream?

Is it a thought?

A hope? A wish?

Can we touch it?

Can we eat it?

Can we buy it?

Can we see it?

Well, the answer is this

A dream lies in the mind of the dreamer.

If this dream is a bed,

Then the dreamer can feel it

If this dream is a roast

Then the dreamer can eat it

If the dream is a home,

Then the dreamer can buy it.

If the dream is a face,

Then the dreamer can see it

I guess that the only answer that we need is that

A dream can only be when a dreamer dreams it.

“Today’s Dreams are Tomorrow’s Realities”

Author for ‘a dream’ Lisa Gray



Finding It Hard To Be


Hidden deep within us our secrets usually stay. But is hiding these things really the

best way? Do we have to cover ourselves up because of what others may think? By

hiding things does this mean our family and friends don’t know the true us? Are we

scared to like things that others don’t? Or are we too scared to say, and come out

because maybe we haven’t accepted ourselves because we too have been brain washed

into thinking that everything not classed as ‘normal’ is bad? Do all these things

make it harder for you to be yourself?

It seems that fear leads us to think that maybe we are something that we are not,

and most of the time we don’t even know that these fears are controlling us. All these

fears we have to be socially accepted, stopping us from doing things or being the

people we really want to be. What are the social standards these days anyway? Who is

to say what is normal and what isn’t?

If you are black, white, gay, straight or even if you’re into books while others are into

cars, you shouldn’t have to hide and be scared to be who you are or to say what you

want to say. We are all here and we are all equal no matter how different we may be.

Besides how boring would the world be if we where all the same?

By shannon secombe

Being judged...

Why do we get so affected by being judged?

Well everyone is judged, some in bad ways and

some in good. But it’s how we deal with being

judged that effects us. Being judged hurts, we

feel helpless and as if we are not good enough or

not as good as the person that judged us. We can

be judged on anything, our appearances, beliefs,

races, religions, careers etc. We are judged by

everything we do or have done in the past.

There’s no real way to deal with being judged.

Most people take being judged really badly and

can’t find a way to get over it and move on… come

on this is not a way to live!! Everyone has their

right to their opinion but that’s all it is. An opinion

is not going to change your life or affect your

health so don’t let it effect you.

As we know, we are all affected by what people

think of us. But is it really relevant what others

think? Of course it is!! If we didn’t know or care

what people thought of us we wouldn’t be the

people we are. People would be not confident

enough or too over the top. We need to be put

in our place sometimes that’s just the way it is.

These people that live by saying that they don’t

care what people think are lying to themselves. Let

alone not all judgment is bad, we just see it that

way because no one likes to hear bad stuff about

them or take the chance that it’s good.

We like our opinion and like to judge ourselves.

But why is this? Is it because we are so self

indulged that once someone judges us we

realise who we are and what we’re hiding? Or is

it because we’re not hiding anything at all and

people want us to be confused about our real

personalities? There’s no real answer to any of

these questions. I guess all I can say is that it’s

‘Life’, you can’t predict or control people’s actions

but you can control how you allow them to effect


By Talissa Kelley


Local Stuff...

radio, café and band

more often than not young people want to get out of Geelong because they think it a hole and

there nothing for young people to do. Well, we have decided to devote a page to “local stuff” to

showcase some of the many things that Geelong has to offer. so in this edition of local stuff you

will find info on a local radio station, a café review and a local band review.

Pulse it UP!

Let’s face it; Geelong’s local community radio station isn’t a big hit amongst us youth. We seem to prefer the more up

beat commercial radio stations that play the hits we love or we simply just don’t listen to the radio because we don’t

like the music it plays. But exploring what the Pulse actually plays has brought to my attention that it isn’t as bad as

I assumed it was originally. It has something for everyone, yet none of us actually know when to listen to get what we

want. So the following is the more youth orientated shows to listen to that would suit many listening needs.


12:00 am The Fuzz Box, which plays

Punk, Grunge and Alternative music

02:00am The Magical Highway, plays

Rock, Garage, Blues and Alternative



22:00 pm Blues Revolution, which

obviously plays blues music for those

who love that sort of thing


02:00am The Wacky Wazza Show,

plays Rock music from the 60’s to

today for those that love both the

classics and the modern artists of



12:00 am Ministry of Metal Redux,

is a replay of the Friday night show

which plays Heavy Metal music

02:00am The Daggy Dance Show,

plays the favorites from the 80’s

music to today’s hits.

12:00pm The School’s Hour, features

students from Geelong Secondary

School playing the music, interviews

and their own reviews.


12:00am Ministry of Metal, with

Heavy Metal music.

02:00am The Magical Highway,

playing Rock, Garage, Blues and

Alternative music

18:00pm Aussie Assault, plays

music from local artists and general

Australian artists combined with

interviews and general chat with

information on the Aussie artists.

20:00pm Inside Splinters, plays all

the latest Pop and Electro tunes.

21:00pm Blak Chat, The Wathaurong

youth present “Blak Chat” discussing

indigenous music and issues.

22:00pm Phat Music, For the R&B,

Hip-Hop and Urban music fan.


12:00am Professional Distortion,

plays all the latest in electro music.

10:00 am SportsLink, The show for

the ultimate sports fanatic. This

show includes regular segments,

news and information and general

sports chat.


12:00am Dark Euphoria, playing

Heavy Metal music.

02:00am The Unnamed Show, plays

Heavy Metal and the 60’s to today’s

latest hits.

04:00 pm Stroke It, A show for the

person that loves Funk, Soul and

Reggae music.

Also for bands falling under any of

these categories you can send in

your demo and a bio to the pulse and

it is more than likely to be played by

the show that enjoys it the most.

So there you have it, 94.7 The Pulse

does have shows

for everyone

even if the

majority is early

in the morning

or late at night

but that’s radio law

for you.

By ash andrews


Looking for something other than your average

drenched-in-fat takeaway food? Looking for a healthy

alternative for lunch?

Then take a chance and head into Wholefoods - which is

both a café and an organic produce retailer.

Located on Baylie Parade and hidden on the outskirts

of the CBD, Wholefoods is a bright, lively place with

approachable staff and a welcoming vibe. It is rather

sophisticated yet casual and everyone is welcomed.

There is a whole range of foods offered that only

contain the finest and healthiest ingredients. However,

if the ‘foreign-looking’ menu overwhelms you, then try

something simple such as a Salad Wrap or Sandwich

for $6.50. It contains the essential ingredients needed

for a great salad such as lettuce, tomato, carrot, onion

and cucumber. This was Kim’s order and she enjoyed

it though felt like something was missing. But it would

depend on the taste of whoever is eating it. But it is not a

place Kim would go to very often.

Ash, however had the curry puffs with salad which costs

about $8. The plate was huge with piles of food. Ash

enjoyed the salad as she is the Veggie Queen, the curry

wasn’t that hot but still was rather nice.

Ash would recommend Wholefoods especially as she felt

rather welcomed and appreciated as a customer and not

looked down for being a youth. So if you love your veggies

and are a daredevil when it comes to food, make an

effort to try something new and go into Wholefoods.

Wholefoods is located on:

2 Baylie Parade (next to the little Ryrie St carpark)

Geelong (Off Moorabool St)

By the great team work of Kim and ash

Band review:

The sKeTchy Three

The Guys: Carey McManus, Jamie Daborn, Jack Madin

Genre: Blues alternative

influences: Tom Waits, John Butler Trio, Sunhouse,

Jeff Lang

What made them become a blues band? Love listening

to blues and they loved playing it.

how they formed: Carey started writing songs at the

start of this year. He was in a previous band in which

when he left he took the drummer with him. They

performed in battle of the bands then ended up getting a

bass player.

Would they want blues to become mainstream music?

No, keep it the way it is.

advice to those that would play in a blues band: Play

what you like to play and be proud of it.

Their music: Their music is unique and strong. All

3 boys show remarkable skill when it comes to their

instruments. They preformed a non-vocal song, and yet,

each rift, drum beat goes through you like good music

should. It was more powerful than I actually expected.

Their other songs had vocals but I must say, my favourite

song they preformed was “aint gunna drink no more” It

is my favourite as it showed me the pure skill these boys

have. There is no doubt in my mind that I would listen to

these boys when they get their E.P. out. But just like all

bands, they don’t always suit everyone so it is a matter of

taste and your own concept of what music is. If you are

interested in hearing their stuff check out http://www. Also a mental note to

myself while watching these boys perform, don’t mess

with the drummer. If he fights like he drums then I’m

going to stay out of his way.

The SkeTchy Three

The SkeTchy Three

15 16


I have a problem of getting bored too easily and one thing I love to do is freak people

out in an elevator. Now elevator jokes are old, I know, but they are fun, so here are my

favourite things to do in the elevator.

Open your handbag or bag, peer inside and ask, "Got enough air in there?"

Offer name tags to everyone getting on the elevator. Wear yours upside-down.

Stand silently and motionless in the corner facing the wall. Don't get off at any floor.

Meow occasionally.

Sing "Mary had a Little Lamb" while continually pushing buttons.

Stare at another passenger for a while, then announce "You're one of them!" and move

to the far corner of the elevator.

Draw a little square on the floor with chalk and announce to the other passengers that

this is your "personal space."

Stare and grin at another passenger for a while. Finally announce, "I've got new socks

on!" (My personal favorite)

These exercises are hilarious and they don’t hurt anyone, you do get some weird looks

but at least you won’t be quite so bored when you’re out shopping. Have fun.

By ash andrews



Strange things

that are


Phone numbers

you might need

Barwon Centre Against Sexual Assault ..........................................................5222 4802

Barwon Health Drug Treatment Services .......................................................5222 1700

Time for Youth (accommodation) ....................................................................5223 2966

Clockwork Young People’s Health Service .....................................................5222 6690

Jigsaw Young Person’s Health Service .........................................................5279 2754

GASP- Same Sex Attracted Support ..............................................................5227 0977

Geelong Community Legal Services ..............................................................5221 4744

Headspace (Barwon) at Clockwork Young Persons Health Service ...............5222 6690

Headspace (Barwon) at Jigsaw Young Persons Service ................................5279 2754

24 Hour Crisis Support

Barwon Health Swanston Centre ...................................................................5226 7410

Child Protection (after hours) .............................................................................. 131 278

Direct Line (drug and alcohol) ..................................................................1800 888 236

Gay and Lesbian Switchboard ..................................................................1800 184 527

Kids Helpline .............................................................................................1800 551 800

Lifeline ................................................................................................................. 131 114

Sexual Assault Crisis Line ........................................................................1800 806 292

Youth Substance Abuse Service ..............................................................1800 014 446

Emergency (fire police ambulance) .............................................................................000


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