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PLASTERBOARDCeilings:GTEC Suspended MFThe Lafarge GTEC Suspended MFCeiling System is designed forvariable height ceilings and isideal for commercial use.TECHNICALENQUIRYLINET. 01275 377789F. 01275 377456email: enquiryline@lafarge-gypsum.lafarge.comwww.lafargeplasterboard.co.uk

CEILINGS: GTEC Suspended MFGTEC Ceiling ChannelGTEC Primary ChannelGTEC Ceiling ChannelGTEC Soffit CleatFrame formed fromGTEC Edge ChannelGTEC Metal AngelNote: Where ceiling weight exceeds 20 kg/m 2(most double plasterboard systems) use GTECWafer Head screws in lieu of GTEC ConnectingClips. Lafarge recommend that all double boardsystems are screw fixed.GTEC Primary ChannelMetal Angle fixingTable 1: Recommended maximum loadings and spacing ofprimary componentsSuspension GTEC Primary Maximum loadingCentres Channel Centres including plasterboard(mm) (mm) (kg/m 2 )1200 600 741200 900 501200 1200 35Table 2: Board dimensions and spacing of secondarycomponentsBoard Board Ceiling ChannelThickness Length Centres(mm) (mm) (mm)12.5 2400 4001800, 2700, 3600 4503000 60015 and 19 2400 4002700 4503000 600

GTEC Primary ChannelGTEC Connecting Clip60 x 60mm rock mineralwool insulationMovement control jointsThe continuity of the plasterboard and supporting structureshould be broken by movement control joints:1. Where the ceiling runs 10 metres or more in anydirection2. Where the ceiling crosses structural movement joints.GTEC Ceiling ChannelCeiling Channel AGTEC Movement Control Joint60 x 100mm rock mineralwool insulationCeiling Channel BMovement joints running parallel to theCeiling Channels:Locate GTEC Ceiling Channels along each side 60mm fromthe movement joint (measured to centres). Secure GTECCeiling Channels to GTEC Primary Channels with GTECConnecting Clips.Leave a 12.5mm gap in the runs of GTEC Primary Channelas wide as the movement joint, and support the cut endsof the GTEC Primary Channels with hangers. Whenboarding the ceiling, leave a 12.5mm continuous gap alongthe line of the movement joint.GTEC Metal AngleGTEC CeilingChannelGTEC Edge ChannelGTEC MovementControl JointGTEC Primary ChannelGTEC CeilingChannel fixedvertically to edgechannels at top andbottom.GTEC Edge ChannelMovement joints running across theCeiling ChannelsForm a 12.5mm gap along the line of the movement joint,supported by GTEC Primary Channels 60mm from eachside of the joint. The GTEC Ceiling Channels A and Bshould overlap by 50mm but not fixed.To maintain the acoustic and fire integrity of the ceiling,pack the space behind the joint with 60mm rock mineralwool insulation with a density of 23 kg/m 3 .When boarding the ceiling, leave a 12.5mm continuousgap along the line of the movement joint.Ceiling RecessCeiling recess detail incorporating a change in ceilingheight is suitable for a maximum change in levelof 600mm.

INSTALLATION1Mark the position on walls for the finishedceiling height taking into account the thicknessand number of layers of plasterboard to beused. Fix the GTEC Edge Channels to walls at600mm maximum centres.For the location of the GTEC Primary Channels,mark lines on the ceiling at centres inaccordance with the thickness and numberof layers to be used. See table 1.2Attach GTEC Soffit Cleats to the structural soffitat 1200mm centres along the centre lines forGTEC Primary Channels.Cut lengths of GTEC Metal Angle equal to thevertical distance from the GTEC Soffit Cleats tothe top of the edge channels. Fix GTEC MetalAngle to the GTEC Soffit Cleats with appropriateNut and Bolt.A GTEC Soffit Cleat is not required for timber joistfloors. Instead, fix GTEC Metal Angles direct to thesides of timber joist with a minimum overlap of50mm using a minimum of 2 suitable fixings.3Fix GTEC Primary Channel to GTEC Metal Angleswith two GTEC Pan Head Self Drilling screws.Where necessary, join the GTEC Primary Channelby overlapping 150mm back to back and fixingwith two appropriate Nuts and Bolts.

4Secure the GTEC Ceiling Channels at rightangles to the underside of the GTEC PrimaryChannels, at centres as specified in table 2,using GTEC Connecting Clips.For the entire length of each GTEC PrimaryChannel, alternate GTEC Connecting Clips oneach side.5Position the boards with bound (long) edgesat right angles to the GTEC Ceiling Channelsections, with adjoining edges lightly butted.End joints must occur at the centre of the GTECCeiling Channel section, staggered by half aboard length whenever possible.6Across field of board, screw-fix the plasterboardat 230mm max. centres with GTEC SelfTapping screws.Screw fix the cut edges of the plasterboardat 150mm max. centres to the GTEC CeilingChannel. Similarly screw fix all edges to theGTEC Edge Channel at 150mm centres.IG/CSMF/0308/CD

Lafarge GTECSuspended MFCeiling SystemThe Lafarge GTEC Suspended MF CeilingSystem is ideal for commercialapplications. Ceiling height may bevaried to accommodate services, ductingetc. Providing a high performance ceilingwith sound insulation and fire protection,Lafarge GTEC MF Suspended Ceilingsystem can be used to upgrade andprotect existing structures.Applications• Ideal for commercial applications.• Where services must be accommodated.• To upgrade and protect existingstructures.Benefits• Ceiling height may be varied.• Compatible with Lafarge GTECPartition System.• Suitable for direct decoration ortextured finish.Good Site Practice• Suspend heavy loads, air ducting, lightingunits etc. directly from structural soffit toavoid loading of the suspension framing.See table 1.• Always alternate GTEC Connecting Clipson primary channels.• When more than one layer of plasterboardis installed. The GTEC Ceiling Channelshould be screw fixed to the GTEC PrimaryChannel.ComponentsGTECPrimaryChannelGTEC CeilingChannelGTEC EdgeChannelGTEC MetalAngleGTECStrapHanger*GTECConnectingClipGTEC SoffitCleatAppropriateNut & BoltGTEC Pan Head SelfDrilling screwsGTEC Self TappingscrewsGTEC WaferHead SelfDrilling screwsGTEC BoardLafargecodeMFCP44MFCC50MFCE26MFC2330MFCSTRAPMFCCLIP3MFCCLEAT11PHSD500various14WHSD500See GTECProductInstallationGuideSelector fordetailsDimensions3600mm3600mm3600mm3600mm25M roll200per box200per box11mmrangingfrom25 to 86mm14mmvarious* GTEC Strap Hanger may be used in lieu of GTEC Metal Angle forceiling depths up to 1 metre.

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