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GROUNDUPUPfrom the© 2012 Larry Lefever PhotographyLANDMARK • RLPS • LAMBERTWe Build Confidence. Architects Architecture + InteriorsSPONSORED PUBLICATION

PROJECTS/SITE INFOArbor Acres, located in the heart of Winston-Salem, offers houses andapartments of varying sizes and designs, and three distinct levels ofcare, all on 85 acres rich in natural beauty with aesthetically pleasingstructures. Facilities pre-2010 are show in terracotta. Those in yellowrepresent projects recently completed, currently under construction,or soon to be underway.1. Cluster HousesEfficient one- andtwo-bedroom homes,carefully designed andconstructed to makethem affordable.2. Asbury Neighborhood12 freestanding homes and 11 smallerscalepatio homes for active independentresidents.3. Asbury Place60 spacious residential apartments; dining,recreation, therapy, and SPA facilities; 117,000square feet supporting a state-of-the-artAssisted Living program.4. MemoryCareA 12-bed addition to the existing 18-bedMemoryCare facility, serving residents withdementia through a highly specialized program.5. Fitzgerald Health Center RenovationA warm, home-like environment with12 newskilled nursing rooms, yielding a total of 65private rooms, now available for the frailestand most vulnerable residents.6. Fitness CenterAn addition to the existing pool building,designed to house in a single location avariety of exercise and fitness programs forindependent living residents.7. Corpening Apartments20 one-bedroom, well-designed, lower-pricedapartments for independent living residents.8. Dining ExpansionGreatly enlarged dining facilities forindependent residents including a clubroomwith a full-service bar.2012 2013Corpening DesignCorpening ConstructionFitness Center DesignFitness Center ConstructionDining DesignDining ConstructionSPONSORED PUBLICATION 3

Asbury Place/MemoryCare FacilityArbor Acres strives for excellence in all things,but by 2005, when planning for the future began,its facilities for residents who required daily assistanceappeared meager. The Board of Directors recognizedthat to deliver on its promises to all residents, ArborAcres needed new facilities for Assisted Living,and expanded capacity to serve residents whohave dementia.In 1987, Arbor Acres opened one of the firstspecial care facilities for people facing Alzheimer’sDisease and other types of dementia. Withsecure perimeters to assure resident safety,MemoryCare seeks to defuse stress, tochannel resident energies productively, andto provide sufficient stimulation to keep minds engaged. Daily routinesaugmented by well-planned programs generate a quiet current ofactivity that carries residents gently through their days. In 2009,mindful of rising demand for this service, the Board of Directorsof Arbor Acres resolved to increase the number of MemoryCareaccommodations by 12 rooms. Opened to new residents in 2011,and fully occupied within its first two months of operation, theMemoryCare addition designed by Reece Lower Patrick andScott (RLPS) clusters beautifully appointed rooms around acentral naturally lit atrium.Assisted Living addresses the needs of residents who,because of diminished strength and stamina, find theyare less able to perform for themselves some of the basicroutines of life. Dressing, bathing, personal laundry, andmanaging prescription medications, some or all of thesedaily activities become compromised. As aging continuesand needs mount, residents find they require a constancy of supportthat leads many to choose an alternative living environment.But who really wants to live in “an alternate living environment?” Peoplewant to live always where there is familiarity and warmth. Over time,as Arbor Acres was called on to deliver more Assisted Living services,ultimately the light dawned: the onset of personal limitations need not,should not deny residents access to what looks and feels like home.This awakening within Arbor Acres’ residents, staff, and Board gave rise toAsbury Place. RLPS proved highly effective in translating aspiration intoa building unparalleled for its functionality and visual appeal. Openedin February 2012, Asbury Place offers spacious one- and two-bedroomapartments, and beautifully appointed public areas. Common spacesinclude a craft room, a billiards room, an elegant dining room, gardens andoutdoor sitting areas, a SPA within which bathing indulges all the senses,and a state of the art therapy center. Asbury Place provides a setting withinwhich the need for Assisted Living no longer defines its residents’ lives.Their lives, like Asbury Place itself, are defined by expanded possibilities, bybeauty and art, and by the giving and receiving of gracious hospitality.MEMORYCARE FACILITY© 2012 Larry Lefever Photography © 2012 Larry Lefever Photography4SPONSORED PUBLICATION

ASBURY PLACEClockwise starting at top right:1 Soothing massage room2 State-of-the-art therapy pool3 Lobby under the balcony4 Library/café at main entrance5 Tranquil spa waiting area6 Gracious atrium dining roomImages on this page (with the exception of lowerright) courtesy of Larry Lefever PhotographySPONSORED PUBLICATION 5

Proposed exterior of renovated facilityExisting FacilityCorpening ApartmentsBuilt in the late 1970s and opened in March of 1980, Corpening Building illustrates themanner in which Arbor Acres’ facilities evolved and continue to evolve in response tochanging needs. Originally, Corpening Building housed independent living residents insingle room studio apartments, a few of which adjoined to form suites. Within five years,demand for Assisted Living had already risen sufficiently to warrant licensure of one floor ofCorpening to permit delivery of personal care services. The trend continued, and by the early1990s, Corpening had become a fully licensed Assisted Living facility.With the opening of Asbury Place, the Corpening Building residents relocated to thenew building’s more spacious accommodations. Corpening’s next transformation beganimmediately. Stewart Beason and Stuart McCormick with Lambert Architecture + Interiorsperformed the magic of morphing a 32-year-old dysfunctional structure into an attractiveresidence housing 20 cozy one-bedroom apartments for independent residents. Theapartment design transforms compact space into a convenient floor plan with desirableamenities, yielding an overall feeling of spaciousness. Residents will customize interiorfinishes to create for themselves the experience of home.Enhanced HallwaysWith the Corpening Apartments, Arbor Acres will have within its continuum of facilities anew residency offering that will be marketable at a highly affordable price point. And theapartments will deliver one thing above all: location, location, location. Residents of therenovated Corpening Building will live within the easiest possible walking distance of thenew Fitness Center, the Dining Rooms, the Post Office, the Beauty Parlor, and many otherArbor Acres amenities.While the building is under renovation marketing efforts have begun, it’s anticipated thatthe re-invented Corpening will open in the fall of 2012. For information, contact Lynn Rossat (336) 724-7921.Bird’s eye view of typical apartment6SPONSORED PUBLICATION

Proposed exterior of expanded facilityFitness CenterThe first residents of continuing care retirement communities came lured by the promise of care in theevent of inevitable illness. Current generations of residents reject the notion of inevitable and inexorabledecline in their health. They may go down, but their goal is to go down swinging.Existing FacilityAs health conscious residents began knocking on the door of continuing care communities, a culturalshift occurred. No longer was it sufficient to have in place care during times of illness. Wellness becamethe operative word. Residents wanted resources to enable them to remain well longer, to keep theirbodies active and healthy, to support and enhance fitness. Immediately communities like Arbor Acresmorphed from care providers into promoters of healthy aging.Arbor Acres fitness program includes swimming, stretchercize, walking, and a host of other offeringsfrom Aerobics to Zumba. The Wellness Coordinator moves from venue to venue throughout the dayencouraging, cajoling, and instructing. It is a program that spans the campus and therein lies its AchillesHeel.RLPS Architects first conceived for Arbor Acres an expansion of the swimming pool building to allowfor greater centralization of the exercise program. Lambert Architecture + Interiors expanded on thoseconcepts, and today Arbor Acres is moving forward with construction of a first rate, state of the artFitness Center.New Exercise Area and TrackSwimming and water exercise will remain centerpiece offerings in Arbor Acres’ Fitness Center. Threepools are planned, one for water exercise, one for lap swimming, and the third a hot tub. Additionally,the Center will offer an exercise room furnished with equipment that residents can use to strengthenmuscle and to improve their cardiovascular health. A large multipurpose room will house exerciseclasses, and a host of specialized offerings including Zumba, yoga, tai chi, and a range of other exerciseofferings targeted to differing need and ability levels. Surrounding the whole will be a one-twentiethof a mile indoor track for warming up, cooling down, or engaging in the most popular exercise of all,walking. Options for tennis and volleyball are also under consideration.Under the constant management and supervision of the Wellness Coordinator, the Fitness Center willenable residents to enjoy exercise with far greater efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. It is an investmentcalculated to yield a coveted return, enhanced resident well-being.Aquatics AreaSPONSORED PUBLICATION 7

Lakeside Dining ExpansionAt Arbor Acres, dining has always been lakeside. Residents from theearliest days have enjoyed meals adjacent to Arbor Acres’ pristinepond. When comparing dining then to dining today, however, thelocation may be the sole point of comparison. In the beginningresidents considered it sufficient to replicate school cafeteria days,a simple serving line with limited choices. Today, diners expecteverything from heart-healthy selections, to restaurant-style finedining. Arbor Acres has risen to these expectations.Arbor Acres today provides meals in multiple dining venues.Independent residents, still dining lakeside, can self-select a mealfrom an elaborate serving line. Or they may be seated and orderfrom a menu that bears comparison to any in town. The ArborRoom, the most recent addition to the dining continuum, offersformal dining, its menus of gourmet cuisine, wine, and dessertssupporting the overall tone of elegance. Private dining is alsoavailable.Arbor Acres is growing and so must the space available to supportthe program that most impacts resident quality of life. Once againbuilding on concepts devised by RLPS, Lambert Architecture +Interiors proposes to expand the informal “servery” in order toenhance the selections available to residents. Food preparationstations will allow for specialty cooking, while a brick oven yieldsfresh pizzas and cobblers. Additionally the less formal dining roomwill be greatly enlarged through construction of the LakesidePavillion, a structure within which residents may dine in even closerproximity to the lake. Lastly, a clubroom with a full-service barwill host residents in the evening, enhancing their dining throughexpanded opportunity for fellowship with friends.Yadkin Well Co., Inc.Water WellsResidentialPublicPumpsIn Business Since 1964Hydro FracturingDown the Hole CameraYourGeo Thermal DrillingSpecialistCommercialIrrigationDrillers Licensed in N.C., S.C., Va., Tenn.N.C. HVAC License H-1, H-2, H-3Congratulations to Landmark Builders!800.248.9355336.468.4440yadkinwell@yadtel.netwww.yadkinwell.com8SPONSORED PUBLICATION

Art at Arbor AcresThe collection of original artwork displayed throughout Arbor Acres plays asingular role in the lives of residents. Begun many years ago, the collectionengages the eye, the mind and the spirit. Some works are easy to view, othershappy and light-hearted, and still others challenging or even confrontational.Original art brings with it the artist’s soul, which renders art-rich spacesprofoundly alive. Arbor Acres demonstrates this truth. Residents and visitorsenter living spaces to discover graceful landscapes, whimsical worlds, andabstract portals to mystery. Residents react to the art in accordance with theirtastes and the sensitivities of their own souls. Some see and appreciate whileothers walk away scratching their heads. Most depart awakened, enlivened bythe encounter. By nature, art moves its audience.With the opening of Asbury Place, the art collection has grown. The work theredelivers not only beauty, but also cues to help residents find their way. A gardenin front of Asbury Place features a circle of stone figures titled “The Counselof Elders.” Reaction to the work has been mixed. Some see ghoulish specters,others humanoid forms inviting them to contemplate nature’s vast time frames.The figures represent physical, mental, emotional, social, vocational, andspiritual aspects of human wholeness, core components of life Arbor Acresstrives to cultivate in those it serves. Here again, art at Arbor Acres is fulfillingits innate purposes, exciting the eye, inciting the mind, and enticing viewers toreach more deeply into their souls.© 2012 Larry Lefever Photography“Council of Elders” by sculpture artist Carl PeverallSPONSORED PUBLICATION 9

From the Design Team’s PerspectiveRLPS Architects has been privileged to be part of the masterplanning and design team that not only envisioned thelong term potential at Arbor Acres, but also helped to makethose plans a reality. We have made senior living our life’swork and remain passionate about providing appealingenvironments that quietly support the programs and missionof the organizations we serve. Founded in 1954, RLPS providesmaster planning, architecture and interior design services toclients throughout the United States. We value the relationshipswe have built over the years and particularly appreciatethe opportunity to work with clients like Arbor Acres whocontinually challenge conventional wisdom in the pursuit ofnew and better models of senior living and care.LAMBERT served two roles for Arbor Acres. First, the firmacted as the Program Manager for the three-year, $42,000,000Campus Improvements Program. Second, LAMBERT served asthe Architect of Record for several of the projects undertaken.One of the South’s pre-eminent design firms, LAMBERT providesarchitecture, interiors, and planning services to clients in 11states and 16 countries. LAMBERT serves the Senior Living,Health Care, Higher Education, Corporate, and FinancialMarkets.ARCHITECTRLPS/LAMBERTRLPS/LAMBERTRLPS/LAMBERTLAMBERT/RLPSLAMBERT/RLPSLAMBERT/RLPSLAMBERT/RLPSLAMBERTLAMBERTLAMBERTPROJECT ARCHITECTSPROJECT$22,500,000 New Asbury Place Assisted Living$2,300,000 Memory Care Addition$1,800,000 New Cluster Houses$3,600,000 Corpening Apartments Renovations$700,000 Fitzgerald Healthcare Center Renovations$1,500,000 Fitness Center Renovations and Addition(in design)$3,500,000 Dining Expansion (in design)$350,000 New Campus Entrance$2,800,000 New Asbury NeighborhoodProgram Manager for $42 Million Construction ProgramAmerican Industrial Contractors is proud to have installed theHVAC System on this very unique totally “geothermal” project.CONGRATULATIONS TO LANDMARK BUILDERS.10SPONSORED PUBLICATION

From the Contractor’s PerspectiveWhen Paul Stephens founded Landmark in 1975, he did so witha determination to make his company “the preferred builder thatconsistently delivers what is promised.” Paul’s vision laid the foundationthat Landmark is built upon today. His principles of integrity,dependability, and a disciplined work ethic paved the way for Landmarkto become one of the most trusted and respected companies in theCarolinas. Today our business is based around long-term relationshipswith customers who share our values, and appreciate quality constructionand the experience of partnering with Landmark.In 2007 Landmark set out on a strategic effort to grow our senior livingportfolio with an ultimate goal of finding like-minded partners we couldservice on a long-term basis. Early in this effort we identified Arbor Acresas a natural fit for Landmark, in large part due to our shared philosophyof providing exemplary service to our clients while maintaining highstandards and quality product.In 2009 we were selected by Arbor Acres to help them bring theirstrategic development to life. Arbor Acres had chosen a well-respecteddesign team of RLPS and LAMBERT to develop a “purposeful and vibrant”campus. In a very short time we realized we had certainly joined awonderful team and were working for a wonderful client.Today, we are pleased to have helped complete two of these projects,Asbury Place and MemoryCare. Additionally, we are currently revitalizing the Corpening Building, and in pre-construction on a renovation and expansion of both the FitnessCenter and Lakeside Dining buildings.From a construction standpoint, Asbury Place and MemoryCare were interesting and challenging projects. Asbury Place was a ground-up construction of a 117,000 squarefoot “apartment style” assisted living facility. While a beautifully designed and decorated facility, it also has one of the largest geothermal heating and cooling systemsin North Carolina. The system required 132 wells at an average depth of 400 feet. The well field acts as a giant heat exchanger to take advantage of the earth’s relativelyconstant temperature to heat the water in the winter and cool the water in the summer, ultimately requiring less energy to heat and cool the buildings.The MemoryCare addition, while much smaller in scale, involved a very high level of consideration and coordination due to the sensitivity of working in and around residentsof the existing MemoryCare facility. One of the keys to success of this project was theengagement of our lead superintendent, Buddy Whaley and project manager, RodneyCheek, at Arbor Acres monthly “What’s Up Meetings.” In these town hall formatmeetings, our team was able to explain our plans for the upcoming month, answer Lowder, Inc.questions, and address any concerns expressed by the residents. Ultimately, theseface-to-face encounters allowed Landmark to become engrained in the culture andaccepted as part of the community at Arbor Acres.FUN FACTSfrom Landmark Builders1. Over 10,000 truckloads (or 100,000 cubic yards) of dirt were removedfrom the 10-acre site. That much dirt would fill half the historic RJReynolds Building or half of the football stadium at Wake Forest.2. The geothermal system included 132 inter-connected wells at anaverage of 400 feet deep, totaling over 106,000 lineal feet of pipe.That is enough pipe to reach from downtown Winston-Salem todowntown High Point.3. The Therapy Center in Asbury Place includes a rehabilitation poolwith a high-tech floor that ascends and descends from zero to 4 feetfor ease of entry and exit.4. These projects included 2,200 cubic yards of concrete, which wouldequate to 8.5 miles of public sidewalks.5. Best news of all - during one of the toughest economic climates theTriad has seen in years, the Asbury Place and MemoryCare projectsrequired 200,000 man hours of resources, effectively funding 50 fulltimejobs for two years. Thank you Arbor Acres!!Site Development l Utility Construction l Recycled AggregatesYour complete sitedevelopment andutility contractor.Lowder is a nameyou can trust.CONGRATULATIONStoLandmark Buildersand Arbor AcresLowder, Inc.

© 2012 R H Wilson PhotographyLANDMARK • RLPS • LAMBERTWe Build Confidence. Architects Architecture + InteriorsSPONSORED PUBLICATION

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