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MAY - JUN 2013“I have no greater joy thanto hear that my childrenwalk in truth.” III John 4The Sky is Falling!

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>Michael,I am an Amish man who disagrees with youconcerning what you wrote in <strong>the</strong> NGJ magazine.You seem to lump all Amish into one lump, andwe are all listed as filled with leaven! It is nottrue. Many Amish simply choose to live <strong>the</strong> simplelifestyle, and it has nothing to do with gettingto heaven. I feel you should address this issuewith this understanding. — Judged and MisjudgedWe received many similar letters. Obviously, we overstated,assumed, and misjudged. — Michael PearlOops!Photo: Elizabeth StewartWe heard rumors that Mr. Pearlwas in jail! Is this true?—A ReaderDebi answers:Mike does go to prison every weekend tominister, but <strong>the</strong>y always let him back out! JContentsHow to Survive <strong>the</strong>Coming Apocalypse3 Part 1: Fear <strong>No</strong>t Them WhichDestroy <strong>the</strong> Body10 Part 2: Pre-Wrath Rapture?Zombies, Earthquakes, &Scorching Heat14 Part 3: Worst-Case Scenarios17 Part 4: Getting Prepared13 NGJ Kids: Know How, <strong>No</strong> Fear!23 Feed <strong>the</strong> Children25 Corny, Ten Different Ways28 Are You A Good Person?29 The Great Ozark MountainShindig (Sept. 12-15, 2013)39 Mobile Safe KidsCatalog32 NGJ Products<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> is a bimonthly publication by <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong><strong>Joy</strong> <strong>Ministries</strong>, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to <strong>the</strong>advancement of <strong>the</strong> gospel of Jesus Christ in America and in thosecountries where Christ is least known. A free subscription is availableby writing to <strong>the</strong> address below or by visiting our website.Your questions and comments are welcomed. Please send <strong>the</strong>m to<strong>the</strong> address below. All correspondence to <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> becomes<strong>the</strong> property of <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> and is available for publicationunless <strong>the</strong> writer expressly requests that it not be published.This material is copyrighted by Michael and Debi Pearl.Permission for <strong>the</strong> reprint of single articles is granted based on <strong>the</strong>following conditions:1. The article must be printed in its entirety.2. <strong>No</strong> more than one article per publication.3. Complete recognition must be given as to <strong>the</strong> source.4. Every reprint must include sufficient information for <strong>the</strong> readerto subscribe to <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>.5. <strong>No</strong> copyright privileges are conveyed by reprinting any portionof this publication.6. This license to reprint may be revoked from anyone abusingthis privilege to reprint.7. This license is in force until <strong>the</strong> printing of a public statemento<strong>the</strong>rwise.All Scripture taken from <strong>the</strong> Authorized Version (King James)Holy Bible.<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> <strong>Ministries</strong>, Inc.1000 Pearl Road • Pleasantville, TN 37033www.nogreaterjoy.orgMAY-JUN 2013Volume 19 | Number 3Printed in <strong>the</strong> USAEditors in ChiefMichael and Debi PearlStaff PhotographerElizabeth StewartCover PhotoCouple by Elizabeth StewartContributing WritersShoshanna Easling, Shalom Brand,Mel CohenArt DirectorAaron Aprile

How to Survive <strong>the</strong>Coming Apocalypse– part 1 –By Michael PearlPhoto: Debi PearlThe Pearl family in 1979Fear <strong>No</strong>t Them WhichDestroy <strong>the</strong> BodyDDear Mr. Pearl,We live in <strong>the</strong> suburbs of a fairlylarge city. We homeschool our sixchildren and also home church. Weare very concerned about <strong>the</strong> wayour country is going. There areso many bad things happening in<strong>the</strong> world, and <strong>the</strong> signs point to<strong>the</strong> coming of antichrist and <strong>the</strong>tribulation. We talk about movingto a remote place to live so wecan protect <strong>the</strong> children wheneverything falls apart, but we donot have <strong>the</strong> slightest idea whereto begin. If we could find a placeand live around people of like mindwho could help us get started, wewould probably make <strong>the</strong> move. Do youhave any recommendation? Do youknow of a community of believersthat has room for one more family?Mike answers:Wow! Where do I begin? Thereis so much in this letter that needsaddressing, and it is just one ofhundreds that we have received.www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 3

I have asked my children to respondto some of <strong>the</strong> issues, so we arededicating this entire magazine tothis one subject. First, I want to shareour personal experience with you.I can understand yourconsternation. Thirty or forty yearsago, even before it looked like <strong>the</strong>country would descend into anarchyor civil war or financial collapse,before it was obvious that socialengineering and overregulationwould prevent us from living ourconvictions, I was concerned aboutkeeping my family in a positionto survive all <strong>the</strong> crazy, direpossibilities of doom and destruction.When I was in my teens, Iknew several “whacky” adults whofollowed <strong>the</strong> John Birch Society. Ipassed <strong>the</strong>m off as conspiracy nuts.Wikipedia says of <strong>the</strong> John BirchSociety:The organization identifieswith Christian principles,seeks to limit governmentalpowers, and opposes wealthredistribution and economicinterventionism. It opposespractices it terms collectivism,totalitarianism, and communism.It opposes socialism and fascismas well, which it asserts isinfiltrating US governmentaladministration. In a 1983 editionof Crossfire, Congressman LarryMcDonald (D-Georgia), <strong>the</strong>nits newly appointed president,characterized <strong>the</strong> society asbelonging to <strong>the</strong> Old Right ra<strong>the</strong>rthan <strong>the</strong> New Right.In <strong>the</strong> fifties and sixties, <strong>the</strong>warning cry was against creepingcommunism. The USSR wasspreading its philosophy around <strong>the</strong>globe, and our leaders spoke of <strong>the</strong>4 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936“domino effect.” One by one <strong>the</strong>countries in Asia and Africa, andeven our neighbors 90 miles away inCuba were falling to <strong>the</strong> “Reds.” At<strong>the</strong> time <strong>the</strong>re was serious concernabout an eventual communistinvasion of our homeland, takingaway <strong>the</strong> liberties granted to us byGod, as denoted in <strong>the</strong> Constitution.I must confess, back in <strong>the</strong> latesixties and early seventies, I sawnothing that indicated our freedomsmight be at risk from within. Theprophets crying doom seemed tobe fringe indeed. Then <strong>the</strong> USSRdissolved and sought democraticreform. We won! Our republic wouldsurvive. <strong>No</strong> communism for us.With <strong>the</strong> “fall of communism”and <strong>the</strong> arrival of <strong>the</strong> prosperouseighties and nineties, <strong>the</strong> John BirchSociety and o<strong>the</strong>r like organizationsfaded from <strong>the</strong> public eye, appearingto be discredited prophets nowirrelevant. Little did I know that<strong>the</strong> “communists” would notcome to America in landing craftand parachutes; <strong>the</strong>y would comefrom our universities, be called“progressive,” and be voted intooffice by <strong>the</strong> people who wantedgovernment to be <strong>the</strong> source of<strong>the</strong>ir prosperity. Our personal,family awakening came when <strong>the</strong>progressives (socialists) tried toengineer our family for us.By <strong>the</strong> late seventies, Deb and Ihad begun homeschooling, a practiceunheard of in Memphis, Tennessee.After three hostile visits from ChildProtective Services (CPS) withthreats to take away our children, and<strong>the</strong>n our big day appearing before <strong>the</strong>judge, we were beginning to wonderabout a 1984-like scenario andBig Bro<strong>the</strong>r. Could <strong>the</strong> John BirchSociety and its kind be right? We

Photo: HomesteadCommunityPost.comwere pressed to form plans to escape<strong>the</strong> hand of those who “knew bestwhat was good for our children.” Thekids knew <strong>the</strong> signal that meant <strong>the</strong>ywere to go to <strong>the</strong> basement, climbup on <strong>the</strong> washing machine, open<strong>the</strong> window quietly, and slip through<strong>the</strong> woods to an old, abandoned barnabout one mile away and wait for<strong>the</strong>ir grandparents to pick <strong>the</strong>m upand take <strong>the</strong>m out of state to a secretlocation.After several visits and warningsfrom CPS, a certified letter deliveredby a sheriff notified us to bring ourchildren and appear in <strong>the</strong> judge’schamber on Monday morning atten o’clock. We stowed <strong>the</strong> childrenfor hasty departure from <strong>the</strong> stateand went to see <strong>the</strong> judge alone. Itwas <strong>the</strong> first volley in a battle wefought and eventually won, but itdid not give us any confidence in <strong>the</strong>goodwill of what I now knew to beour socialist government.We had raised <strong>the</strong> kids in <strong>the</strong>country, fifteen miles outside ofMemphis, providing <strong>the</strong>m with apond in which to swim, free access to<strong>the</strong> woods and bottom lands, huntingand fishing, planting a small garden,and working in my wood shop. Theyhad lots of Christian friends, mostof <strong>the</strong>m adults who shared <strong>the</strong>irinterests. We were part of a strongministry of winning <strong>the</strong> lost to Christand building <strong>the</strong>m up in <strong>the</strong> faith.The kids saw God save thousands ofpeople and change <strong>the</strong>ir lives. Theyknew God was <strong>the</strong> center of it all.But by 1988, with five childrenand <strong>the</strong> oldest having gone throughpuberty and one o<strong>the</strong>r not far behind,knowing <strong>the</strong> time of great temptationfor <strong>the</strong> children was approaching,we had enough of <strong>the</strong> rat raceand of trying to provide artificialcommunity for <strong>the</strong> kids. Many of<strong>the</strong> people who shared <strong>the</strong> ministrywith us did not fully embrace ourconvictions. It was obvious that <strong>the</strong>irchildren would not grow up to bewhat we wanted ours to become.Their sons and daughters wouldnot make good spouses. And youngpeople tend to pick <strong>the</strong> fruit closestto <strong>the</strong> ground, hanging over <strong>the</strong>fence in <strong>the</strong>ir own backyards. So wesold our four-acre estate and movedto a 100-acre piece of unimprovedground in <strong>the</strong> hills of MiddleTennessee.It was a wild, crazy adventure.We logged with mules, sawed ourlumber on a homemade saw mill,and built our house, barns, shop,and outbuildings. We cleared newground, plowed, strung fences,milked cows, chased chickens,trying to recover <strong>the</strong>ir eggs, grewour vegetables, killed deer for ourmeat, ground wheat and corn for ourbread, and generally lived very poor,plain lives. We loved every minuteof it and <strong>the</strong> kids grew strong andresilient.<strong>No</strong>ne of our neighbors went topublic schools or public churches.Every kid had to work hard all daylong. They met at <strong>the</strong> swimminghole in <strong>the</strong> late afternoons andsometimes spent <strong>the</strong>ir days exploring<strong>the</strong> wooded ridges within a five-mileradius. The kids never went to a mallwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 5

or movie <strong>the</strong>atre. There wasn’t—andstill isn’t—a television in <strong>the</strong> house.<strong>No</strong>t one in <strong>the</strong> barn ei<strong>the</strong>r. We didget a 15-inch screen and a VCR andon occasion let <strong>the</strong> kids watch 101Dalmatians, The Sound of Music,and o<strong>the</strong>r like movies until <strong>the</strong> tapeswore out.In <strong>the</strong> evenings we playedcheckers and “bored” games (spelledcorrectly). The girls sewed while <strong>the</strong>boys constructed spear guns or gluedfletches on <strong>the</strong>ir arrows or practiced<strong>the</strong>ir fast draw. We had Bible readingand told Bible stories. Two or threenights a week we had Bible studieswith o<strong>the</strong>r families with <strong>the</strong> kidslistening attentively, participating as<strong>the</strong>y were able.In <strong>the</strong> final analysis, it is not <strong>the</strong>community or <strong>the</strong> church thatproduces great children andtremendous adults; it is homelife rooted in sincere, relaxed loveof God and family that bearseternal fruit.I took any kind of job I couldget where <strong>the</strong> boys and girls couldwork with me, building barns andoutbuildings, laying stone, or cuttinghickory sticks for sale to rusticfurnituremakers. The boys got asmall percentage of what we made—7% and 5%, based on <strong>the</strong>ir age andabilities. In <strong>the</strong> spring and summerwe grew organic vegetables and sold<strong>the</strong>m in Nashville. That is <strong>the</strong> mostdifficult way to make a dollar. In<strong>the</strong> end I think I made about $2 anhour, and <strong>the</strong> kids got about $2 a day.Everybody was glad to see <strong>the</strong> end ofour truck patch farm.Even in our “Christiancommunity,” <strong>the</strong>re were somefamilies with whom we associatedwho matured into immaturity. <strong>No</strong>tall reaped sweet fruit. A form ofgodliness may conceal, but it willnever heal <strong>the</strong> depravity on <strong>the</strong>inside. In <strong>the</strong> final analysis, it isnot <strong>the</strong> community or <strong>the</strong> churchthat produces great children andtremendous young adults; it is homelife rooted in sincere, relaxed loveof God and family that bears eternalfruit. A rotten relationship, or just anempty relationship, between husbandand wife and parents and kids isa soul poison without an antidote.Genuine, laughing love immersed increativity is a miracle cure-all thatsupercharges <strong>the</strong> soul and grows upchildren that are too healthy to comedown with soul diseases.My children now range from 29to 39 years old and <strong>the</strong>y have givenus 21 grandkids—so far. I can saywithout reservation that <strong>the</strong> fruit ofold age is sweet indeed. There isnothing but harmony and goodwillin <strong>the</strong> family. God has blessed usbeyond our deserts. He gives usgrace for grace.What God began in a 13-year-oldboy (when I was born again) and a9-year-old girl 54 years ago, he hasbeen faithful to continue in waysthat leave us wanting for nothingand without regrets. From personalexperience I can highly recommendPhoto: HomesteadCommunityPost.com6 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

<strong>the</strong> Christian life based on <strong>the</strong> Spiritof grace and mercy.Fear <strong>No</strong>t<strong>No</strong>w, it seems like I have gottenaway from my subject of preparingfor hard times, but I haven’t. I justwant to testify that <strong>the</strong> dark curtaincoming down over our nation doesnot cause us to fear. Hard times on<strong>the</strong> outside don’t have to translateinto hard times on <strong>the</strong> inside. Wedo not want to be numbered withthose whose “hearts [are] failing<strong>the</strong>m for fear, and for looking afterthose things which are coming on<strong>the</strong> earth” (Luke 21:26). Jesus said,“And fear not <strong>the</strong>m which kill <strong>the</strong>body…” (Mat<strong>the</strong>w 10:28). Andagain he said, “But even <strong>the</strong> veryhairs of your head are all numbered.Fear not <strong>the</strong>refore: ye are of morevalue than many sparrows” (Luke12:7). And again Jesus reassures us,“Fear not, little flock; for it is yourFa<strong>the</strong>r’s good pleasure to give you<strong>the</strong> kingdom” (Luke 12:32).As to hoarding for hard timesahead, Jesus said, “Sell that ye have,and give alms; provide yourselvesbags which wax not old, a treasurein <strong>the</strong> heavens that faileth not, whereno thief approacheth, nei<strong>the</strong>r mothcorrupteth” (Luke 12:33).Hard times on <strong>the</strong> outsidedon’t have to translate intohard times on <strong>the</strong> inside.<strong>No</strong> doubt most Christians needto make some lifestyle changes if<strong>the</strong>y want to be prepared for societalunrest and economic depression. Butour starting point must be faith, notfear. “There is no fear in love; butperfect love casteth out fear: becausefear hath torment. He that feareth isnot made perfect in love” (1 John4:18). We need to be celebratinglife and liberty in <strong>the</strong> spirit, notcomplaining and whining about <strong>the</strong>poor state of <strong>the</strong> state. We must claim<strong>the</strong> promise, “Because thou hastkept <strong>the</strong> word of my patience, I alsowill keep <strong>the</strong>e from <strong>the</strong> hour oftemptation, which shall come uponall <strong>the</strong> world, to try <strong>the</strong>m thatdwell upon <strong>the</strong> earth” (Revelation3:10). I have a ticket out of herebefore <strong>the</strong> Great Tribulation (Jacob’stroubles/<strong>the</strong> time of wrath). More onthat later in this magazine.Come What MaySo come what may, if <strong>the</strong> worstdoes happen, our generation willnot be <strong>the</strong> first to suffer deprivationor persecution. The writer ofHebrews indicates that <strong>the</strong> trialsthat come upon us are to give us <strong>the</strong>opportunity to become overcomers,to crown us with glory, to buildfaith. He says of sufferings, “all arepartakers” (Hebrews 12:8).The writer of Hebrews dedicatesan entire chapter to those in adversitywho did not fear but established atestimony of faith.“And what shall I more say?for <strong>the</strong> time would fail me to tellof Gedeon, and of Barak, andof Samson, and of Jephthae; ofDavid also, and Samuel, and of <strong>the</strong>prophets:“Who through faith subduedkingdoms, wrought righteousness,obtained promises, stopped <strong>the</strong>mouths of lions,“Quenched <strong>the</strong> violence of fire,escaped <strong>the</strong> edge of <strong>the</strong> sword, out ofweakness were made strong, waxedvaliant in fight, turned to flight <strong>the</strong>armies of <strong>the</strong> aliens.“Women received <strong>the</strong>ir deadwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 7

Photo: Shoshanna Easlingraised to life again: and o<strong>the</strong>rs weretortured, not accepting deliverance;that <strong>the</strong>y might obtain a betterresurrection:“And o<strong>the</strong>rs had trial ofcruel mockings and scourgings,yea, moreover of bonds andimprisonment:“They were stoned, <strong>the</strong>y weresawn asunder, were tempted, wereslain with <strong>the</strong> sword: <strong>the</strong>y wanderedabout in sheepskins and goatskins;being destitute, afflicted, tormented;“(Of whom <strong>the</strong> world was notworthy:) <strong>the</strong>y wandered in deserts,and in mountains, and in dens andcaves of <strong>the</strong> earth.“And <strong>the</strong>se all, having obtaineda good report through faith, receivednot <strong>the</strong> promise:“God having provided somebetter thing for us, that <strong>the</strong>y withoutus should not be made perfect.“Wherefore seeing we also arecompassed about with so great acloud of witnesses, let us lay asideevery weight, and <strong>the</strong> sin which dothso easily beset us, and let us run withpatience <strong>the</strong> race that is set before us,“Looking unto Jesus <strong>the</strong> authorand finisher of our faith; who for <strong>the</strong>joy that was set before him endured<strong>the</strong> cross, despising <strong>the</strong> shame, andis set down at <strong>the</strong> right hand of <strong>the</strong>throne of God.“For consider him thatendured such contradiction ofsinners against himself, lest ye bewearied and faint in your minds”(Hebrews 11:32–12:3).Caring for Our OwnBut just because we have peaceon <strong>the</strong> inside and can overcome <strong>the</strong>world, that does not mean I wantto be thrown into <strong>the</strong> fiery furnace,or go hungry, or be vulnerable to apolitical system hostile to traditionalfamily and Christianity. It would befoolish to sit on my faith and takelightly <strong>the</strong> possibility of cominghardship and deprivation. We shouldprepare but not panic. We shouldplan while we pray. We should getready but remain steady. Whilelaying up our treasure in heaven,we should lay up a store for <strong>the</strong>day of famine here on earth. Didnot God warn <strong>the</strong> Egyptians ofhard times coming? And did not<strong>the</strong>ir preparation see <strong>the</strong>m through<strong>the</strong> days of dearth? <strong>No</strong>ah receiveda warning of coming judgmentand “prepared an ark to <strong>the</strong> savingof his house” (Hebrews 11:7).While believing in God’s care andprovision, we can save him a miracleby using <strong>the</strong> brain he gave us to takecare of ourselves. “But if any providenot for his own, and specially forthose of his own house, he hathdenied <strong>the</strong> faith, and is worse than aninfidel” (1 Timothy 5:8).If you are like me, you feel astrong, instinctual need to makeprovision for your family’s safetyand comfort. A farmer should havefaith, but he must also put his hand8 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-993629936

to <strong>the</strong> plow. The Pearl family hasmade preparation against <strong>the</strong> daysof trial, and we are comfortable withour position in a worst-case scenario.So we dedicate this magazine tosome very practical suggestionsthat, if heeded, can cause you to feelsufficiently prepared come what may.If you are like me, you feel astrong, instinctual need to makeprovision for your family’s safetyand comfort.We can say with <strong>the</strong> apostle Paul:“What shall we <strong>the</strong>n say to <strong>the</strong>sethings? If God be for us, who canbe against us?“He that spared not his own Son,but delivered him up for us all, howshall he not with him also freely giveus all things?“Who shall lay any thing to <strong>the</strong>charge of God’s elect? It is God thatjustifieth.“Who is he that condemneth? Itis Christ that died, yea ra<strong>the</strong>r, thatis risen again, who is even at <strong>the</strong>right hand of God, who also makethintercession for us.“Who shall separate usfrom <strong>the</strong> love of Christ? shalltribulation, or distress, orpersecution, or famine, ornakedness, or peril, or sword?“As it is written, For thy sakewe are killed all <strong>the</strong> day long; we areaccounted as sheep for <strong>the</strong> slaughter.“Nay, in all <strong>the</strong>se things we aremore than conquerors through himthat loved us.“For I am persuaded, that nei<strong>the</strong>rdeath, nor life, nor angels, norprincipalities, nor powers, nor thingspresent, nor things to come,“<strong>No</strong>r height, nor depth, norany o<strong>the</strong>r creature, shall be able toseparate us from <strong>the</strong> love of God,which is in Christ Jesus our Lord”(Romans 8:31–39). ~ Michael gWhat’s A Grandmo<strong>the</strong>r To Do?Dear Mrs. Pearl,As a grandmo<strong>the</strong>r, I feel you willunderstand my concern about my oldestgrandson who is now 7 years old. Heis so silly and foolish. His parents areboth sober yet loving parents, so I findit strange that he acts so ridiculous, likea slobbering fool. For example: He stickshis tongue out and waves his fingers overit, making strange noises while sendingsaliva spewing, <strong>the</strong>n laughs as everyonetries to get away.He is a kind child and very loving,although he is lazy and already overweight.My gentle-hearted, very steadyson, <strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r to my grandchild, sawmy repulsion at <strong>the</strong> boy’s slobberingbehavior and just smiled and tried toreassure me by saying, “He’ll grow up intime.” I can honestly say, out of my sevenchildren, none ever acted with such alack of dignity…not at two years old andcertainly not at seven years old. I onlyhope he will not influence <strong>the</strong> rest of <strong>the</strong>grandchildren.— What’s a grandmo<strong>the</strong>r to do?Hear Ye, Hear Ye!Mike will answer this question asa YouTube video, which will besent out on our Cane Creek Corneremails during <strong>the</strong> month of June.Tune in! Sign up today:http://ngj.me/emailwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 9

How to Survive <strong>the</strong>Coming Apocalypse– part 2 –By Michael PearlPhoto: Elizabeth StewartPre-Wrath Rapture?Zombies, Earthquakes& Scorching HeatDear Mr. Pearl,I know that you believe in <strong>the</strong>rapture and that Christians will nothave to endure <strong>the</strong> tribulation, butI have come to believe that we will gothrough <strong>the</strong> tribulation but not <strong>the</strong>day of wrath, so <strong>the</strong> church will bepurified as we become overcomers. Haveyou read <strong>the</strong> book by Rosenthal, ThePre-Wrath Rapture of <strong>the</strong> Church?10 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936Michael answers:Yes, I read it when it was firstpublished. As always, when I readsomething written by a sincerebeliever that differs with myposition, I open my mind and tryto see <strong>the</strong>ir point of view, makingmyself willing to change my viewsif I see that I have been wrong in myinterpretation of <strong>the</strong> Bible. I read<strong>the</strong> book once, and <strong>the</strong>n I read it

again, taking notes and searching hisarguments thoroughly. <strong>No</strong> one couldbe more open to his point of viewthan I, but I was greatly disappointedin <strong>the</strong> strength of his arguments.It seemed to be written by a manwho lost his faith in <strong>the</strong> words ofGod. The end result of carefullyconsidering his point of view wasthat it streng<strong>the</strong>ned my belief in <strong>the</strong>Bible believer’s historical doctrineof <strong>the</strong> pre-tribulational rapture of allbelievers.Why go through judgment whenJesus has already taken yourjudgment upon himself?Dear Michael,I know that we are living in <strong>the</strong>last times, and I feel an urgency toget my family into a place where wecan survive <strong>the</strong> tribulation that iscoming. Have you written anything onhow to survive <strong>the</strong> coming apocalypse?Michael answers:The way to survive <strong>the</strong> comingapocalypse is to reject <strong>the</strong> markof <strong>the</strong> beast when he shows up(Revelation 14:9; 15:2; 20:4), andduring <strong>the</strong> tribulation, hear, repent,believe, and obey <strong>the</strong> gospel of<strong>the</strong> kingdom preached by one of<strong>the</strong> 144,000 Jewish evangelists(Mat<strong>the</strong>w 24:14), and keep <strong>the</strong>commandments of God (Revelation12:17; 14:12) as well as <strong>the</strong> faithof Christ. Avoid drinking <strong>the</strong> water(Revelation 8:11). Store up enoughpainkillers to last each memberof your family for five months(Revelation 9:6–10). Avoid beingkilled by <strong>the</strong> zombies (Revelation9:6). Build an enclosed structure thatis defensible against <strong>the</strong> starvingmasses (Revelation 6:8) that cannotbe penetrated by flying scorpions,and prepare to stay inside during <strong>the</strong>five months that <strong>the</strong>y terrorize <strong>the</strong>earth (Revelation 9:10). Don’t expectyour children to repent during <strong>the</strong>tribulation (Revelation 9:20). Locatein an earthquake resistant zone(Revelation 11:13, 16:18). Prepareyour structure with sufficient powersupply to air condition it against <strong>the</strong>scorching heat (Revelation 16:8–9).Be prepared to move above groundwhen <strong>the</strong> tectonic shift takes place(Revelation 16:20). But whenyou do move above ground, makepreparations to avoid <strong>the</strong> 60-poundhailstones (Revelation 16:21). Avoidany area in Italy, especially close to<strong>the</strong> Vatican (Revelation 18). Knowthat if you are able to survive <strong>the</strong>judgments of God, in <strong>the</strong> end youand all your family will be deceivedby <strong>the</strong> antichrist’s lies and will bedamned (2 Thessalonians 2: 8–12).The last thing you will see onthis earth are <strong>the</strong> Christians returningto <strong>the</strong> earth at <strong>the</strong> end of <strong>the</strong>ir sevenyearheavenly cruise of worshipand praise to set up <strong>the</strong> kingdom ofheaven upon <strong>the</strong> earth.Know that if in this present ageyou had believed on <strong>the</strong> Lord JesusChrist and were born again, Godwould have kept you from <strong>the</strong> “hourof temptation, which shall comeupon all <strong>the</strong> world, to try <strong>the</strong>m thatdwell upon <strong>the</strong> earth” (Revelation3:10). Why go through <strong>the</strong> time ofjudgment when Jesus has alreadytaken your judgment upon himself?I am well aware that in <strong>the</strong> last30 years <strong>the</strong>re has been a shift from<strong>the</strong> pre-tribulation rapture to <strong>the</strong> postwrath,or mid-trib, or post-trib, or notribpositions. The shift is a result oftwo distinctive factors: degenerationwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 11

in <strong>the</strong> believer’s confidence in <strong>the</strong>inspired words of God, and loss ofconfidence in <strong>the</strong> supernatural. Thosewho have made <strong>the</strong> shift are not evenaware of <strong>the</strong>ir loss of confidence in<strong>the</strong> written words of God or of <strong>the</strong>irloss of confidence in a transcendedGod of imminent miracles. Thedegree to which one believes in <strong>the</strong>inspiration of every word of <strong>the</strong>Bible and in <strong>the</strong> normal grammaticalapproach to interpretation is <strong>the</strong>degree to which he believes in <strong>the</strong>rapture, second coming, and <strong>the</strong>millennial (thousand-year) reign ofChrist upon <strong>the</strong> earth. History atteststo <strong>the</strong> fact that as men lose <strong>the</strong>ir faithin <strong>the</strong> words of God, <strong>the</strong>y gravitatetoward <strong>the</strong> allegorical approach tointerpretation and move away frombelief in an imminent return ofChrist for his saints. The carnal mindfinds it more comfortable to believein what he can see—a coming“apocalypse” and man destroyinghimself—than to believe in <strong>the</strong>imminent rapture of <strong>the</strong> church.DDear Mr. Pearl,I have had my eye on this gal for overa year. Since I live in a different state, wekeep in daily touch by Skype. Her parentsare youth directors. Their home is opento <strong>the</strong> youth, and a bunch of youth hangout all weekend and have for years.Since this girl was a teenager, several of<strong>the</strong> same guys that don’t seek <strong>the</strong> Lordspend weekend evenings <strong>the</strong>re watchingmovies or playing games. It looks bad.She refers to <strong>the</strong>se guys as her reallygood friends. A few weeks ago I askedher point-blank if she thought any of<strong>the</strong> guys were truly seeking God. Heranswer was, “A little. I think <strong>the</strong>y mightbe thinking about it. You need to getto know <strong>the</strong>m because <strong>the</strong>y are really12 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936Anyone who can read English and,according to <strong>the</strong> rules of grammar,understand what he reads willcome to a belief in two distinctiveevents separated by seven years: <strong>the</strong>unannounced and unseen rapture of<strong>the</strong> church, and <strong>the</strong> very predictableand very visible second coming ofChrist with his saints.In this small magazine, it is notpossible to address <strong>the</strong> subject fully.So I have found a very simple, 200-page book online—free—that doesa great job of defending <strong>the</strong> pretribulationalrapture of <strong>the</strong> church.<strong>Download</strong> <strong>the</strong> entire book and shareit with o<strong>the</strong>rs. The Rapture Solution:Putting <strong>the</strong> Puzzle Toge<strong>the</strong>r(www.rapturesolution.com)by Allen Beechick.I have indeed read <strong>the</strong> books thatteach <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r positions. <strong>No</strong>w it isyour turn to think for yourself andread something different. There isno reason to live in fear when youcan be rejoicing in Christ’s soonappearing. ~ Michael gConsidering A Future Wifesweet.” Her choice of best friends givesme pause. Am I just jealous?So I go back and forth as I considerher for my future wife. I know she likesme and wonders why I hesitate whileI wonder (in light of Psalm 1) why herhang-out buddies are lost guys.— His servant, seeking first <strong>the</strong>kingdom of God.Hear Ye, Hear Ye!This question will be answered asa YouTube video, and sent out inour Cane Creek Corner emails thisJune. If you don’t get our emails,sign up today: http://ngj.me/email

Know How, <strong>No</strong> Fear!By Shalom BrandSchool time is a great timeto learn something new, right?I love homeschooling my kidsbecause I can teach <strong>the</strong>m thingsthat I want to learn too! Lastweek I asked my husband, “IfI was dropped into <strong>the</strong> middleof <strong>the</strong> woods with my children,what would I need to know toprotect us?” <strong>No</strong>t that I thinkthat will ever happen, but I waslooking for something new tolearn with <strong>the</strong> kids. He said,“Study shelter, water, and food.”Pretty basic, but when you startdoing it, it’s quite hard. All lastweek our learning project wasabout how to build a shelter.We YouTubed, looked at books,and watched Discovery Channelshows on surviving in <strong>the</strong> wild.This week we are learningabout water and how to filteror sterilize it. So cool! The kidslove it and Daddy said that afterwe are done, we will go out into<strong>the</strong> woods and spend <strong>the</strong> nightusing our new-found knowledge;<strong>the</strong> kids are so excited about it!<strong>No</strong>w here is a funhomeschool project, and it is <strong>the</strong>next magazine contest. Tell whatyou would do if you were out in<strong>the</strong> wild and it was 20 degrees,and all you had was one roll ofaluminum foil, a big sheet ofclear plastic, and some matches.What kind of shelter could youbuild, and how warm would yoube that night? Try it and send usyour results. Pictures and basicinstructions are required. We’llchoose <strong>the</strong> winner.~ Shalom g1 stMarch-AprilContest winner!Madeline LambAge 7www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 13

How to Survive <strong>the</strong>Coming Apocalypse– part 3 –By Michael PearlPhoto: HomesteadCommunityPost.comWorst-Case ScenariosII hear your fears of worst-casescenarios—marauding bands ofmotorcycle gang members rapingand pillaging. Maybe you havewatched too many apocalypticmovies. In <strong>the</strong> early nineties, my sonGabriel went over to Albania to helpa missionary defend an orphanage.The government was no more—noutilities, no jobs, no law. The peoplehad broken into <strong>the</strong> military armoriesand stolen all <strong>the</strong> guns, grenades,rocket launchers, explosives, andanything else <strong>the</strong>y wanted. Everyonewas heavily armed. The missionarywas concerned for <strong>the</strong> safety of <strong>the</strong>14 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936children, so he mounted a 50-calibermachine gun behind sandbags at <strong>the</strong>front door of his orphanage. While<strong>the</strong>re, Gabriel purchased an SKS for$65. It was <strong>the</strong> doomsday scenarioeveryone fears.Yet Gabriel saw no violence tospeak of. The people got dressed in<strong>the</strong> morning and walked <strong>the</strong> streetsjust like <strong>the</strong>y were going to work.They wandered around as in a trance,disbelieving that <strong>the</strong>ir world had shutdown. The American news reportedacts of violence and mayhem, butit was somewhere o<strong>the</strong>r than whereGabriel was. Block after block of

Photo: Shoshanna Easlingcity dwellers did not pillage <strong>the</strong>irneighbors and did not rape and riot.I lived in Memphis when MartinLu<strong>the</strong>r King, Jr. was murdered. Isaw on <strong>the</strong> news all <strong>the</strong> violencethat ensued, but I did not see any ofit personally, and I lived within onemile of <strong>the</strong> largest black communityin <strong>the</strong> city. Likewise, in <strong>the</strong> LAriots, you had to tune in to <strong>the</strong> TV toactually see violence, that is, unlessyou owned an electronics shop in <strong>the</strong>district where such things are likelyto happen.Good people in a communitywill come toge<strong>the</strong>r for mutualprotection and assistance.There is much recorded historyto consider. During <strong>the</strong> two worldwars in France, Germany, Russia,and o<strong>the</strong>r countries where for a timepeople were hungry and withoutlocal law, <strong>the</strong> populace did notgo crazy, leaving <strong>the</strong> country inapocalyptic meltdown. Most peopleacted civilized and helped <strong>the</strong>irneighbors. They suffered toge<strong>the</strong>rand shared where <strong>the</strong>y could. Ido think <strong>the</strong>re is an unreasonablefear based on Hollywood-inducedimagination.Obviously, even right now in<strong>the</strong> best of times, <strong>the</strong>re are places inevery major city where violence ismore likely, where you are riskingyour life to go out at night, whereyou are likely to be burglarized atleast once a year. Certainly, in <strong>the</strong>secrime-prone areas, during a period ofeconomic collapse or a breakdownof law and order, violence willskyrocket. If you live on <strong>the</strong> edge ofsuch an area, within easy walkingdistance, you could be in danger ifeverything goes haywire. But if youlive in <strong>the</strong> suburbs with civilizedpeople all around you, a goodnumber of <strong>the</strong>m armed, accordingto past history <strong>the</strong>re is no reason tothink you are going to be draggedinto <strong>the</strong> streets and your homepillaged.In a worst-case scenario, youmay get hungry, not have anyutilities, have to build a wood fireand boil sewer water to drink,and be at risk of roving burglarsand robbers, but good people in acommunity will come toge<strong>the</strong>r formutual protection and assistance. Ithas always been <strong>the</strong> case throughouthistory.I am not suggesting that youneed not prepare for <strong>the</strong> unthinkable.I am only suggesting that yourpreparation should be more in linewith reasonable possibilities. Don’tbe consumed with preparing forPhoto: HomesteadCommunityPost.comwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 15

something that has only happened ina Hollywood movie. Make sufficientpreparations for something like <strong>the</strong>Great Depression in a calm andreasonable manner, and <strong>the</strong>n get onwith living <strong>the</strong> life God gave you.Fear can be a self-fulfillingprophecy. Live in faith,thanksgiving, and rejoicing.Some people just seem to needa little fear in <strong>the</strong>ir lives. The worldloves doomsday scenarios, movies,books, and documentaries, likekids generating tension so <strong>the</strong>y canscream when <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r child jumpsout and says “boo.” It makes <strong>the</strong>mfeel alive. It would serve you muchbetter to fear diabetes, cancer, andheart disease so as to give attentionto prevention. You can do somethingto keep you and your children frombeing in <strong>the</strong> 75% that will succumbto one of <strong>the</strong>se diseases. If you wantto fear something, fear <strong>the</strong> 25%chance that one of your childrenwill be molested, or <strong>the</strong> 50% chancethat your spouse will get fed up withyour selfishness and leave you. Fearthat one of your sons will accesspornography and end up beinga sodomite. Fear <strong>the</strong> geneticallymodified food you are eating or <strong>the</strong>incurable infections being createdby antibiotics. These things are real.They are happening now. One of<strong>the</strong>m is more likely to happen to youthan not. For a family to escape all of<strong>the</strong>se is about as rare as winning <strong>the</strong>lottery.Don’t live as Job did, with fearas your vision. “For <strong>the</strong> thing which Igreatly feared is come upon me, andthat which I was afraid of is comeunto me” (Job 3:25). Fear can be aself-fulfilling prophecy. Live in faith,thanksgiving, and rejoicing. It ismuch better preparation for <strong>the</strong> dayof distress.“Are not five sparrows sold fortwo farthings, and not one of <strong>the</strong>mis forgotten before God? But even<strong>the</strong> very hairs of your head are allnumbered. Fear not <strong>the</strong>refore: ye areof more value than many sparrows”(Luke 12:6–7). ~ Michael gPhoto: Laura Newman Photography16 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

How to Survive <strong>the</strong>Coming Apocalypse– part 4 –By Michael PearlPhoto: Zephyr PearlGetting PreparedSSo we are not going to gothrough <strong>the</strong> tribulation, but <strong>the</strong>rehave been plenty of times in historywhen sudden hardship struck anation and <strong>the</strong> people were thrownupon <strong>the</strong>ir own resources tosurvive. We could suffer nationalor local tribulation before <strong>the</strong> GreatTribulation. It is a small possibility,but very real, that some of uscould, in our lifetime, experiencea Hurricane Katrina, or Sandy, ordevastating tornadoes, earthquakes,or <strong>the</strong> ravages of war—foreign orcivil—or an outbreak of disease thatwould require us to self-quarantine,maybe something so bad it wouldbe wise to move into <strong>the</strong> wildernessuntil it all blew over. Therefore,should I make preparation for sucha day?If you are a parent, or areresponsible for <strong>the</strong> safety andsecurity of o<strong>the</strong>rs, <strong>the</strong>n you havean obligation to be prepared tofeed and shelter <strong>the</strong>m in adversecircumstances.“But if any provide not for hisown, and specially for those of hisown house, he hath denied <strong>the</strong> faith,and is worse than an infidel”(1 Timothy 5:8).www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 17

Have you considered what itmight take to secure <strong>the</strong>ir safety? Areyou prepared?“For which of you, intending tobuild a tower, sitteth not down first,and counteth <strong>the</strong> cost, whe<strong>the</strong>r hehave sufficient to finish it? Or whatking, going to make war againstano<strong>the</strong>r king, sitteth not down first,and consulteth whe<strong>the</strong>r he be ablewith ten thousand to meet him thatcometh against him with twentythousand?” (Luke 14:28, 31).Many people have a store of food<strong>the</strong>y expect to last three months ora year. They spend lots of moneyon freeze-dried staples not to beeaten except in a survival situation.Eventually, when kept for a longtime and not needed, <strong>the</strong>y are thrownout or fed to <strong>the</strong> birds. About every10 to 15 years <strong>the</strong>re is a popularpanic like Y2K or <strong>the</strong> election ofsomeone named Hussein, and <strong>the</strong>yrefresh <strong>the</strong>ir stores. I have beenaround since <strong>the</strong> end of <strong>the</strong> SecondWorld War watching <strong>the</strong> fear cyclerepeat itself.I could not hide in my basement,grinding my wheat by hand andbaking bread, knowing <strong>the</strong>y werenext door starving.I, too, have been concerned. Imaintain a limited store of basicfoods and have made preparationto have plenty of water on handand some fuel for my vehiclesand tractors, a generator, and <strong>the</strong>ability to defend my family, butmy perspective is quite differentfrom <strong>the</strong> so-called survivalist whoprepares a bunker stored with foodand ammunition. I feel an obligationto my bro<strong>the</strong>r (anyone I have notyet met) as well as to my family. Icannot turn away a person in need.18 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936(However, I reserve <strong>the</strong> right todetermine whe<strong>the</strong>r a person is trulyin need or just in want.) If I had 20buckets of wheat and I were awareof a hungry family, I could not hidein my basement, grinding my wheatby hand and baking bread, knowing<strong>the</strong>y were next door starving.Living on a farm as I do, ifsociety were to fall apart and <strong>the</strong>rewere no more gasoline, food, orelectricity, and a family were tocome up dragging <strong>the</strong>ir meagerbelongings in a pushcart, childrenhungry, wife exhausted fromcarrying a baby, and <strong>the</strong> husband/fa<strong>the</strong>r filled with fear and concernfor his family, I could not point mygun at <strong>the</strong>m and tell <strong>the</strong>m to move ondown <strong>the</strong> road, saying, “This is myfood.” Inconceivable! What wouldJesus do?If you live in a city and societywere to degenerate into chaos anddesperation, do you want yourchildren and you to be <strong>the</strong> only fatpeople on <strong>the</strong> block? The hungrymight eat you!Does your Christianity go onhold when <strong>the</strong>re is not enough breadfor everybody?“And if any man will sue <strong>the</strong>e at<strong>the</strong> law, and take away thy coat, lethim have thy cloke also.“And whosoever shall compel<strong>the</strong>e to go a mile, go with him twain.“Give to him that asketh <strong>the</strong>e,and from him that would borrow of<strong>the</strong>e turn not thou away.“Ye have heard that it hath beensaid, Thou shalt love thy neighbour,and hate thine enemy.“But I say unto you, Love yourenemies, bless <strong>the</strong>m that curse you,do good to <strong>the</strong>m that hate you, andpray for <strong>the</strong>m which despitefully useyou, and persecute you;” (Mat<strong>the</strong>w5:40–44).

Knowledge and Skill<strong>No</strong>w I am going to share withyou <strong>the</strong> heart of my preparation, andit is my suggestion for you. The bestpreparation for adversity is not in<strong>the</strong> stores you maintain but in <strong>the</strong>knowledge and skills you possess.It is better to be resourceful than tohave resources. Knowledge is betterthan gold and goods. Your ability toassess your surroundings and adaptto <strong>the</strong>m is something you take withyou when you are stripped nakedand left for dead. A man dependentupon his storehouse of treasures isnecessarily a fearful and anxiousman. For a Christian, it is a bigdilemma.How can you reconcile eatingwhile o<strong>the</strong>rs starve? How can yourefuse shelter and aid to anyone inneed?Are you prepared to send rain on<strong>the</strong> unjust? I know this is radical, notvery Sou<strong>the</strong>rn/Mid-Western machomale, but Jesus said:“And when he had called <strong>the</strong>people unto him with his disciplesalso, he said unto <strong>the</strong>m, Whosoeverwill come after me, let him denyhimself, and take up his cross, andfollow me.“For whosoever will save his lifeshall lose it; but whosoever shall losehis life for my sake and <strong>the</strong> gospel’s,<strong>the</strong> same shall save it.“For what shall it profit a man,if he shall gain <strong>the</strong> whole world, andlose his own soul?“Or what shall a man give inexchange for his soul?“Whosoever <strong>the</strong>refore shall beashamed of me and of my words inthis adulterous and sinful generation;of him also shall <strong>the</strong> Son of man beashamed, when he cometh in <strong>the</strong>glory of his Fa<strong>the</strong>r with <strong>the</strong> holyangels” (Mark 8:34–38).I am not a pacifist. But afterbeing a Christian for 54 years,walking after <strong>the</strong> Spirit of God,having my own spirit rebuked andchecked 10,000 times, I have cometo share a little of God’s heart in<strong>the</strong>se matters, and I still have a Biblethat overrules my personal feelingsand institutional ideas.Begin PreparationPrepare your mind by learningand practicing any skill that mightbe needed in difficult times. Whereyou live will dictate areas in whichyou need to be prepared. If you livein New York City, you will needdifferent skill sets than if you liveon <strong>the</strong> bayou in Louisiana. I amgoing to share with you some of <strong>the</strong>skills I have learned that leave mecomfortable with any eventuality.But <strong>the</strong> basic principle is that youmust address your own personalfears and insecurities by attacking<strong>the</strong> darkness that leaves you feelinguncertain and insecure.If I lived in New York City,I would want a hot air balloon tolaunch from <strong>the</strong> roof of a buildingand float away. If that were notpossible, <strong>the</strong>n I would want aninflatable boat with a 15-hp motorthat I could transport to <strong>the</strong> water andmake my exit. If that is out of <strong>the</strong>question, <strong>the</strong>n I would want a bicyclein good condition—one for everymember of <strong>the</strong> family—and a coupleof trailers to pull behind <strong>the</strong> bicycles,one for each child too young to ridewww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 19Photo: Zephyr Pearl

Photo: HomesteadCommunityPost.comand one for provisions—water anda little food. You would be wastingyour time trying to exit <strong>the</strong> east coastin an automobile. It would take amonth and a lot of bulldozer work toclear out New York City. If I livedin NYC and had a bicycle, it wouldmake me feel that I was in control ofmy own life.Of course, you would need toknow that you could ride 150 milesin a day and <strong>the</strong>n camp out in <strong>the</strong>woods at night, snare wild gamefor food or make a fish trap, build ashelter, and start a fire.And it would be good to havea destination. Make preparation tomove in with a family member orfriend who lives away from <strong>the</strong> bigcities. Visit <strong>the</strong>m once or twice a yearand store your goods in <strong>the</strong> back of<strong>the</strong>ir garage or in <strong>the</strong>ir barn. Developa partnership survival pact in case itis needed. If you don’t have familyor friends in safer areas, buy a rundown,cheap farmhouse on a smallpiece of land and make it a familyproject to fix it up as a vacationhouse and a survival enclave in caseit is ever needed. Get to know <strong>the</strong>locals and learn your way around<strong>the</strong> community. A three- or fourhundred-milebicycle ride in oneweek is easy to do. Traffic jams andfuel shortages won’t be a problemfor you.Most of us do not live in <strong>the</strong>heart of big cities. Yet <strong>the</strong>re remainsa sense of insecurity when weimagine a national crisis. <strong>No</strong> matterwhere you live, you need to have<strong>the</strong> skills to live off <strong>the</strong> land like <strong>the</strong>pioneers and mountain men did 175years ago. You may live on a farmright now, but what happens if youare chased off of it by governmentthugs or overrun by people from <strong>the</strong>cities? Can you just walk out intoopen country and survive with somemeasure of comfort?There are many books andwebsites on survival skills. It is notenough to view <strong>the</strong>m; you mustpractice. Make it a family hobby tobuild a fire and cook on it. Build afish trap from old chicken wire orfrom willow branches. Go ahead,catch some fish, and <strong>the</strong>n cook<strong>the</strong>m in <strong>the</strong> wild. It will do you aworld of good. The thing aboutsurvival food is that it doesn’t haveto be good enough to be sold insupermarkets. A cup full of minnowswill add sufficient protein to yourwild salad soup to sustain <strong>the</strong> entirefamily. Wild game is quite limitedand will disappear ra<strong>the</strong>r quicklywhen a number of people begin todepend on it, but ponds, streams andlakes contain an endless supply ofprotein—turtles, frogs, fish, evensnakes and lizards. And it is a loteasier to trap fish than it is to catch asquirrel or rabbit.Because I know I would sharewhat I have with any who needed it,I know I can never store enough foodto have any sustaining effect. So Ido not have a big store. I have <strong>the</strong>ability to forage <strong>the</strong> fields and woodsto ga<strong>the</strong>r wild things to eat. Savinggarden seeds, I am prepared fromone year to <strong>the</strong> next to grow what I20 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

need to eat. I save enough corn seedeach year to plant and feed severalhundred people for an entire year.If hard times come and a familycomes to my farm, I will give <strong>the</strong>m achain saw or ax and show <strong>the</strong>m howto build a log cabin in <strong>the</strong> woods, and<strong>the</strong>n I will show <strong>the</strong>m how to ga<strong>the</strong>rwild stuff to eat—greens, seeds,nuts—and show <strong>the</strong>m how to walk<strong>the</strong> three miles to <strong>the</strong> river and usefish traps. I will help <strong>the</strong>m becomeself-sufficient. They will have toplant and hoe <strong>the</strong> corn, bend overand pull <strong>the</strong> weeds, and <strong>the</strong>n harvestit and grind it by hand into meal, and<strong>the</strong>n cook <strong>the</strong>ir corn bread to go with<strong>the</strong> wild greens and acorn cakes <strong>the</strong>ywill bake. If <strong>the</strong>y want somethingsweet, <strong>the</strong>y can follow <strong>the</strong> wild beesand harvest honey, or in <strong>the</strong> spring<strong>the</strong>y can tap maple trees and <strong>the</strong>n cutand split <strong>the</strong> wood that will be usedfor cooking it down into syrup.I know many people who laughat <strong>the</strong> thought of a time ofdeprivation…because <strong>the</strong>y know<strong>the</strong>y can wea<strong>the</strong>r anything <strong>the</strong>world throws at <strong>the</strong>m.It will not be easy, but <strong>the</strong>y willsurvive if <strong>the</strong>y are willing to work.If <strong>the</strong>y are lazy and will not work,I will not feed <strong>the</strong>m. I will not give<strong>the</strong>m my bedroom, and I will not cut<strong>the</strong>ir firewood, I will not ga<strong>the</strong>r <strong>the</strong>irwild plants or prepare <strong>the</strong>ir meals.“For even when we were with you,this we commanded you, that if anywould not work, nei<strong>the</strong>r should heeat” (2 Thessalonians 3:10).Depending on one’s knowledgeand skill instead of a hoarded store ismost liberating. I will have nothingto steal, nothing to protect. If a manwants to take my cup of fish or mybasket of wild plants, I will let himhave it and go ga<strong>the</strong>r some more. Ican give to any who ask of me andnever run out, for God supplies myneeds through nature. There arehundreds of books covering all <strong>the</strong>skill sets you will need, but you musthave hands-on experience to gain <strong>the</strong>confidence that takes away anxietyand fear. Become a practitioner of<strong>the</strong> wilderness arts.I know many people wholaugh at <strong>the</strong> thought of a time ofdeprivation, not because <strong>the</strong>y do notbelieve it could happen, but because<strong>the</strong>y know <strong>the</strong>y can wea<strong>the</strong>r anything<strong>the</strong> world throws at <strong>the</strong>m. They willgrin and say, “It sounds like fun.”Where to Begin?Start camping out or buy thatold farmhouse and make it your“little house on <strong>the</strong> prairie.” Buysome books or go online and learnto identify edible plants. Half of<strong>the</strong> plants growing in a field canbe eaten. The o<strong>the</strong>r half will makeyou sick. You have to harvest andeat <strong>the</strong>m now if you are going to beready. Make and use small fish trapsin local streams or ponds. Go for<strong>the</strong> little fish and minnows. Learnto use hand tools as well as powertools. Build something. Construct atemporary shelter out of materialswww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 21Photo: HomesteadCommunityPost.com

you can forage—old carpet, plastic,cardboard, trees and branches, scrapsof wood lying around. The kids willfind it more fun than anything <strong>the</strong>yhave ever done. Take <strong>the</strong> familyhiking and exploring. Learn <strong>the</strong>wilderness around you—watersupply, caves, building material,abandoned buildings that could becommandeered in hard times. Keepon hand <strong>the</strong> tools that would beuseful—chain saws, cross-cut saws,axes and hand saws, hammers andsharpened knives and machetes.Rope and wire are handy as isplumber’s tape. A small amountof chicken wire to make fish trapswould be useful. Outdoor cookingpots and pans, matches and lighters,flashlights, a small solar panel tocharge a radio and flashlights. I havea Geiger counter and keep iodineon hand in case <strong>the</strong> unthinkablehappens.Learn how to treat disease andwounds without modern medicalhelp. Learn how to ga<strong>the</strong>r and usehealing herbs. Right now, begingrowing something to eat. You cangrow vegetables in a one-gallon potsitting in a window. You can growan entire garden on asphalt by usingbales of straw. A garden 10 by 16feet will feed two people all <strong>the</strong>vegetables <strong>the</strong>y can eat. Most peoplestart <strong>the</strong>ir gardening experience witha plot that is too big, and <strong>the</strong> labor isso intensive, <strong>the</strong>y give up. Become astudent and a practitioner of growingyour own food. ~ Michael gChildren First, or Husband?DDear Pearls,This is a strange question and Ihardly know how to ask it as it is so weird.So here goes and I hope I make it clearenough to get a straight answer. What ismore important for children:1. Parents having a lovingrelationship, OR2. Parents pouring <strong>the</strong>ir life into <strong>the</strong>irchildren, OR can <strong>the</strong>re be a balance?I feel as a mo<strong>the</strong>r it is my job to putmy children first. My husband says tha<strong>the</strong> needs “us” time to keep him on trackto being a good fa<strong>the</strong>r. This can translateinto something as simple as putting <strong>the</strong>kids down in front of a movie so we canspend <strong>the</strong> evening talking. This reallybo<strong>the</strong>rs me. There have been times tha<strong>the</strong> is all for paying my sister to take <strong>the</strong>boys to <strong>the</strong>ir ball games even if it meansmissing key games just so we can have<strong>the</strong> whole house to ourselves because,as he says, sometimes he likes it loud.He has even insisted that I cancel music22 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936classes due to his wanting to dropeverything and have an evening out.Hel--lo, when does <strong>the</strong> responsibility ofbeing a parent kick in and when is he justbeing a little selfish? My husband insistedthat I seek counsel from an older, happilymarried lady. I agreed to this because it isputting a strain on our marriage. Just tobe totally honest, I am sending this letterto three different marriage counselors.More than anything in <strong>the</strong> world I wantchildren who are well balanced, feelloved, and seek <strong>the</strong> Lord, and I am willingto lay down my life for that end.— DianeHear Ye, Hear Ye!This question will be answered asa YouTube video, and sent out inour Cane Creek Corner emails thisJune. If you don’t get our emails,sign up today: http://ngj.me/email

Photo: Laura Newman PhotographyFeed <strong>the</strong> ChildrenBy Shoshanna EaslingPeople ask me how I get my kids to eat veggies. Well,mostly <strong>the</strong>y eat <strong>the</strong>m because that is what I feed <strong>the</strong>m!WWe just came in from plantingkale and collards that I started fromseed 6 or 8 weeks ago. I still havechocolate-brown soil underneath mynails. The smell of fresh soil in <strong>the</strong>spring is wonderful! My kids lovehelping, learning, and getting rightin <strong>the</strong> middle. The whole plantingexperience becomes a homeschoollesson. We talk about how toplant, why heirloom vegetablesare good for <strong>the</strong> body, what makeshealthy soil, and, of course, ourfavorite subject—worms! Jamesand Jeremiah had a hard time doinganything but comparing who found<strong>the</strong> biggest worm. You know youhave healthy soil when it looks likea worm bed. James said, “We aremy heroes!” as he was observing<strong>the</strong> dark, chocolate-brown, beautifulsoil full of life. Last year we startedworking on a series call MakingVegetables. We did a lot of researchand interviewed people around <strong>the</strong>world on everything pertaining togardens. From soil and compost toveggies and preserving <strong>the</strong> harvestand so much more, we’re puttingtoge<strong>the</strong>r <strong>the</strong> best tried-and-true andcutting-edge information in <strong>the</strong>world.Last year, we put in a sustainablehillside garden. It started withcarving away our driveway. Welive on <strong>the</strong> side of a hill, and wehave a circular driveway around ourhouse. We made three large, curvedwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 23

Photo: Shoshanna EaslingPhoto: Laura Newman Photographysteps terracing up <strong>the</strong> hillside. Wedug a footer along each step wall.We poured footers and laid blocks,enforcing with rebar and pouringevery o<strong>the</strong>r one solid. We had astrong wall. After letting <strong>the</strong> concreteset up for a few days, we backfilled.We added two feet of topsoil, twoinches of compost, and an inch orso of manure. We used a rototiller tomix it all toge<strong>the</strong>r, and covered it inabout 3 or 4 inches of wood chips.We had our hillside garden!The best part of our hillsidegarden is <strong>the</strong> way we built up oursoil. That was <strong>the</strong> first and last timewe will ever need to rototill ourgarden. The 4-inch layer of organicmatter on <strong>the</strong> top of <strong>the</strong> soil actslike a skin that protects and feeds<strong>the</strong> soil, making it a great home forworms. Every year we will sprinklea little compost or manure on top,and add more wood chips. This iscalled “weedless gardening” because<strong>the</strong> wood chips keep <strong>the</strong> weeds fromcoming up. One year later our soil isrich, soft, full of worms, and beggingto be planted! We are growingorganic, nutritionally dense foodsagain this year. They taste so good!People ask me all <strong>the</strong> time howI get my kids to eat veggies. Well, i<strong>the</strong>lps to have really good ones, butmostly <strong>the</strong>y eat <strong>the</strong>m because thatis what I feed <strong>the</strong>m. Penelope’s firsttaste of food was an onion. Theyare developing taste buds, and Imake sure <strong>the</strong>y develop healthy tastebuds by feeding <strong>the</strong>m lots of freshveggies. I am so excited about ourgarden this year because it is not justfun, it is growing my children intohealthy people. It makes me smile!~ Shoshanna gDear Mr. & Mrs. Pearl,Greetings in <strong>the</strong> name of JesusChrist our Lord. I am 15 and my parents,five siblings and I live on a small farmwith goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs, a catand a horse. My mom decided to readyour child training books aloud — “ToTrain Up a Child” and all three volumesof “<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>.” We were all greatlyblessed by <strong>the</strong>m! Thank you for yourgreat advice, wonderful examples andstories! I thank God for your boldness. “Yeare <strong>the</strong> light of <strong>the</strong> world. A city that is seton a hill cannot be hid” (Mat<strong>the</strong>w 5:14).God bless you! In Christ, Isaac PhillipsP.S. Thankfully, none of us are named“Johnny.”Photo: Laura Newman Photography24 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

From <strong>the</strong> NGJ ArchivesPhoto: Elizabeth StewartCorny, Ten Different WaysBy Debi PearlReprinted from <strong>the</strong> December 1998 issue of <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>.WWhen we moved to Cane Creek 26years ago, we went from <strong>the</strong> “haves” to<strong>the</strong> “have nots.” We hadn’t been exactlyaffluent, but we pretty much had whatwe wanted when we needed it. Movinghere changed all that.We sold our four-acre “estate”outside of Memphis, Tennessee, andbought 100 acres of rough woodlandwith 10 tillable acres. After paying for<strong>the</strong> land, we had $7,000 left with whichto build a house and barn and to live onfor a year while we were building. Toget lumber for our house, Mike and <strong>the</strong>two boys cut down trees, dragged <strong>the</strong>mto <strong>the</strong> house with a mule, and <strong>the</strong>n sawed<strong>the</strong> logs into lumber at a sawmill he hadpreviously built for that purpose.They had <strong>the</strong> easy job. I had to learnhow to feed <strong>the</strong> family on $10 or lesseach week. Fortunately, I had spent <strong>the</strong>summer canning and had 300 quarts offruits and vegetables to add to our larder.But when you divide 300 quarts byfive fast-growing kids and two hungryparents, it won’t go very far. By <strong>the</strong> firstof <strong>No</strong>vember, I knew we were in for alean winter. When a man came by andoffered to sell 100 pounds of cabbage for10 cents a pound, I decided it was a wiseuse of $10. He told me that if I placed<strong>the</strong> cabbage under our 12 x 16 footcabin and covered it with hay, it wouldkeep all winter. Ano<strong>the</strong>r lady sold me100 pounds of sweet potatoes and Irishpotatoes, which we also kept under <strong>the</strong>cabin covered with hay. Still, you divide200 pounds of food by eight mouths andmultiply by three months, and you don’thave many days to eat.I guess <strong>the</strong> old man down <strong>the</strong> roadthought that maybe <strong>the</strong> dumb city folksneeded a helping hand. He broughtover a small sack of rough corn meal,brownish in color. He explained to methat this was just field corn, <strong>the</strong> kind youfeed to animals. Any dried corn will do.You can buy it straight from a farmerwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 25

or from your local farmers’ co-op. It ischeaper than potting soil. Some peopleburn it in <strong>the</strong>ir stoves for heat. It ischeaper than coal or firewood. This pastyear we paid a farmer less than $3 perbushel for a truck-load of corn. A bushelwill fill up two five-gallon buckets. Apick-up truck full would only cost $50.It is easy to store. Some farmersjust dump it in an open bin in <strong>the</strong> barn.You can put it in barrels, buckets, orboxes. It must be kept dry, and in warmwea<strong>the</strong>r it must be sealed or treated withdiatomaceous earth, or <strong>the</strong> bugs willeat it. There are several easy and safeways to kill <strong>the</strong> bugs before sealing it inbuckets. You could get that informationfrom a library, but we planned to eat itbefore <strong>the</strong> next summer. A bug or twonever hurt anybody. Our kids were raisedon <strong>the</strong>m—complaining, mind you.The old man told me to lightly roast<strong>the</strong> dried corn in <strong>the</strong> oven (Indians put<strong>the</strong> whole cob in warm ashes until itroasted to a golden brown) and <strong>the</strong>ngrind it coarsely with my cheap littleflea market grinder. If you don’t havea grinder, you could do as <strong>the</strong> Indiansdid—beat it with a piece of wood.For breakfast every morning, westirred <strong>the</strong> ground corn into boiling waterto make a delicious hot cereal—just like<strong>the</strong> old man had told us to do. He calledit “corn mush.” He told us that a bushelor two would provide breakfast for ourfamily throughout <strong>the</strong> winter. The firsttime we tried it, we added a little creamthat had been given to us by a neighbor.It was delicious. As <strong>the</strong> leftover cornmush cools, it soon firms up into awiggly cake. It can <strong>the</strong>n be sliced andlater pan-fried to make a deliciousevening snack, especially if you havesome honey, maple syrup, or surghumto pour over it. The snack would nevermake it to McDonald’s as a famousspecial, but we aspiring hillbillies,not having anything else, found itdelightfully satisfying.A few days later, I told ano<strong>the</strong>rneighbor how much we enjoyed <strong>the</strong> cornmush. Amused at my simple ignorance,and seeing my eagerness to try newthings, she gave me careful instructionson how to make hominy and corntortillas. Years before, I had watched <strong>the</strong>Maya Indians in <strong>the</strong> jungles of CentralAmerica make torillas this way, but nowI was to try it myself. I put about fourcups of <strong>the</strong> same dried corn (not ground)into a large pan of water. Then I took <strong>the</strong>hardwood ashes right out of my woodstove and sifted about one cup of ashesinto <strong>the</strong> corn and water. Hardwood ashescontain lye and will make <strong>the</strong> outsidehull of <strong>the</strong> corn soften and dissolve.Ashes can also be used for making soap,cleaning bug-infested areas, treatingcertain skin fungi, and <strong>the</strong>y are greatfor keeping bugs off of <strong>the</strong> corn whenyou store it in <strong>the</strong> barn or in any opencontainer. I cooked <strong>the</strong> corn with <strong>the</strong>ashes for 30 minutes and <strong>the</strong>n checkedit. After several thirty-minute cookingsessions, or after sitting all night on <strong>the</strong>warm edge of our wood-burning stove,<strong>the</strong> outside of <strong>the</strong> corn became soft and<strong>the</strong> corn was swollen to twice its size.I <strong>the</strong>n washed <strong>the</strong> corn to remove<strong>the</strong> ashes. If your ashes are finely siftedbefore putting into <strong>the</strong> corn, <strong>the</strong>n itis easy to wash <strong>the</strong>m out of <strong>the</strong> corn;o<strong>the</strong>rwise, it takes a while. A little of itis not going to hurt you, and it doesn’ttaste bad. If you want hominy, <strong>the</strong>n put<strong>the</strong> cleaned corn back on to cook untilit swells up to several times its originalsize. It should take about an hour, andwill <strong>the</strong>n be white and tender.If you want corn tortillas insteadPhoto: HomesteadCommunityPost.com26 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

of hominy, <strong>the</strong>n instead of cooking it asecond time as you did for hominy, getout your old flea market hand-grinderand grind <strong>the</strong> soft, washed corn. Add alittle water to <strong>the</strong> mush dough that comesthrough <strong>the</strong> grinder, and make one-inchballs of dough.The Maya Indians in CentralAmerica always had a bucket of waterwith corn soaking in preparation fora meal. They just took a little out asneeded and dropped some more in. Theycarefully scooped <strong>the</strong> top floating cornso <strong>the</strong>re was little washing. They didn’thave a grinder, so <strong>the</strong>y pounded <strong>the</strong>softened corn with a large stick to bringit to a dough consistency. The dough canbe patted out and cooked in a dry pan(no oil, just sprinkle dry corn meal tokeep dough from sticking). The Indianscooked over an open fire on <strong>the</strong> lid of anold 55-gallon drum.<strong>No</strong>w my horse-feed corn wasmaking our breakfast and lunch, butwe are not through yet! Being from <strong>the</strong>south, I was raised on cornbread. Everyday, I would grind <strong>the</strong> dried corn intocornmeal and mix salt, baking powder,and sour milk (if we were really rich, I’dadd an egg) and pour into a hot, oiled,iron skillet to bake for dinner. Often,<strong>the</strong> next day <strong>the</strong> leftover cornbreadwas crumbed into a bowl with water,onions, sage, salt, pepper, celery seed,chicken seasoning, chopped cabbageand anything I thought might taste okay.This mixture was baked into a dressing.With a little seasoning, corn was feedingus well. So, <strong>the</strong>re we sat, eating hominy,cornbread, dressing, corn tortillas,dumplings, hot tamales, and corn mushpatties. With <strong>the</strong> addition of sweetpotatoes and cabbage and a pot of wildgame, we were eating fine—like kings,we thought!Before <strong>the</strong> winter was over, I wasstuffing some kind of corn concoctioninto everything from squirrel to cabbage.That first long, cold winter finallyended. We planted <strong>the</strong> leftover cornthat Spring. I had learned well that, intime of famine, <strong>the</strong> humble corn seedcan feed a family well. I also learnedthat being poor can make you or breakyou. Sometimes a family’s greatesthandicap is having too much and havingit too easy. We learned how to beresourceful because we had to. Successin business may not translate into successin <strong>the</strong> family. Creativity, work ethic,confidence, and emotional balance oftencome out of <strong>the</strong> struggle. Even in <strong>the</strong>middle of washing our clo<strong>the</strong>s outdoorsin a large pot over a fire, while trying tofigure out what I could feed <strong>the</strong> familynext, I was happy—happier than I couldever remember. And when Nanny andDaddy Bill came to visit and broughtpeanut butter, I was thrilled. We learnedhow to be thankful, because doingwithout made a little seem so good.We learned how to work toge<strong>the</strong>r,because we needed each o<strong>the</strong>r to survive.We didn’t have to tell our children that<strong>the</strong>y were needed. We didn’t pat <strong>the</strong>mon <strong>the</strong> back when <strong>the</strong>y did <strong>the</strong>ir chores,or give <strong>the</strong>m “positive affirmation” byreminding <strong>the</strong>m how important <strong>the</strong>ywere; <strong>the</strong>y were living <strong>the</strong>ir worth. Theyknew that what <strong>the</strong>y did mattered. A lifelike that grows strong kids. They learnedto be survivors.Don’t regret your struggles; rejoicein <strong>the</strong> opportunity to grow. Don’t feartomorrow; make a plan to overcome.And when <strong>the</strong> lean times come,remember: you can always eat corn. gPhoto: Elizabeth Stewartwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 27

Are You a Good Person?Some of us at NGJ have been distributingthis tract for several years, and its simpleand to-<strong>the</strong>-point presentation got Mike’sattention. He wanted to introduce it toour subscribers and make it available on<strong>the</strong> NGJ Webstore. We encourage you toinclude it as one of your tools for witnessingand spreading <strong>the</strong> Gospel. People rarelyrefuse it, and it can easily be read whilewaiting in line at restaurants, banks, etc. Itis also a great addition to (generous) tips atrestaurants and hotels. There are countlessways it can be used. Get started and use yourimagination!Share <strong>the</strong> good news of Jesus Christ.Order this gospel tract today!$10 for a 100-packItem #1325-9928 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

<strong>the</strong> Great Ozark MountainShindigWhen?Where?What?How much?September 12th – 15thWindermere BaptistConference Center in Roach, MOPhotos: Elizabeth Stewart4 fun-filled days of teaching onmarriage and child training, visiting, testimonies,music, family fun, activities, and sports—both pickupgames and organized competitive sports.NGJ Registration fee: $25 per person or $79 per family(includes children under 21) for <strong>the</strong> Shindig.Windermere fees for Lodging, Meals and Recreation:Call Windermere for pricing, 800-346-2215 ext. 0Turn <strong>the</strong> pagefor full details...Order “I Dig <strong>the</strong> Shindig” t-shirts today!See <strong>the</strong> NGJ website:http://ngj.me/shindig-tshirtswww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 29

Registration123Go online to:http://nogreaterjoy.org/shindigand click <strong>the</strong> “Register <strong>No</strong>w” button.Fill out <strong>the</strong> form with your info, click <strong>the</strong> Register button, <strong>the</strong>nmake payment for <strong>the</strong> registration fee at CheckoutCall Windermere at 800-346-2215 ext. 0 to reserve yourlodging and meals. Limited accommodations available—first come, first served!Maps & DirectionsFor maps and driving directions, go to:http://ngj.me/shindig-mapsMusicMusicians, bring yourinstruments for <strong>the</strong>informal jam sessions!We are looking formusical talent! Are you a”barbershop” quartetor ladies’ trio?Do you want to be in <strong>the</strong> choir?Sign up on our Facebook page:http://ngj.me/shindig-musicDid you see <strong>the</strong> hilarious clips of <strong>the</strong> Pearls’ Shindig bloopers?Sign up for exclusive audio and video clips sent out in <strong>the</strong>Cane Creek Corner every week: http://ngj.me/emailwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 31

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Becoming Tempered SteelJoshua Steele talks to young men about beinga man and a minister of <strong>the</strong> Gospel. Highlyrecommended by Michael Pearl.1 DVD $12.95CHILD TRAINING 101If you want to introduce child-trainingprinciples to a friend, this is <strong>the</strong> one DVD to give<strong>the</strong>m. 1 DVD $12.95Good and Evil Episodes 1-3The animated version of <strong>the</strong> first 3 chapters of<strong>the</strong> Good and Evil graphic novel.1 DVD $14.95<strong>No</strong>te: Good & Evil completed animation (13episodes) will be available soon!Herbs with Shoshanna Vol. 1In <strong>the</strong> Making Herbs Simple DVD, joinShoshanna and friends as <strong>the</strong>y teach you howto identify and use herbs.78 minutes. 1 DVD $24.95Herbs with Shoshanna Vol. 2Hands-on DVD about herbs. Shoshanna willtake you into <strong>the</strong> wild, where you can identifyherbs, learn what <strong>the</strong>y are good for, and how tomake a remedy out of <strong>the</strong>m. 75 minutes.1 DVD $24.95Homesteading forbeginners Part ITeaches you basic country-life skills likegardening, raising and butchering chickens,cutting firewood, baking bread, making cheese,and much more. Children love it!1 DVD $19.95Homesteading forbeginners Part IILearn all about making maple syrup, sodabread, vinegar, yogurt, and a variety ofhomesteading skills. Geared more for adults.1 DVD $19.95Homesteading forbeginners Part IIIMore homesteading tips from <strong>the</strong> former cityslickers. Excellent step by step instructions for<strong>the</strong> novice homesteader.1 DVD $19.95Homesteading forbeginners Part IVAdditional practical applications for those ofyou wanting to begin your own homesteadingadventure.6 DVDs $39.9534 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936Knife & TomahawkThrowing For FunMichael Pearl demonstrates and teaches knifeand tomahawk throwing. 1 DVD $16.95Marriage God’s WayHusbands, learn how to sanctify your wife andcleanse her of spots, wrinkles, and blemishes.Wives, learn <strong>the</strong> freedom of honoring andministering to your man. 2 DVDs $19.95Movers & ShakersMichael encourages parents to train <strong>the</strong>irchildren to be tomorrow’s movers and shakers.1 DVD $12.95Teaching ResponsibilityIn this seminar, Michael Pearl uses humorousstories and practical examples to illustrate <strong>the</strong>simple process of training your children to workwithout complaint. 2 DVDs $19.95The <strong>Joy</strong> of TrainingMichael and Debi Pearl tell how <strong>the</strong>ysuccessfully trained up <strong>the</strong>ir five children withlove, humor, and <strong>the</strong> rod. 2 DVDs $24.95The Telling of Dark Stories“Give ear, O my people to my law:incline your ears to <strong>the</strong> words of mymouth. I will open my mouth in aparable: I will utter dark sayings ofold (recounting over and over <strong>the</strong>stories of war, famine, judgment,etc.): Which we have heard andknown, and our fa<strong>the</strong>rs have toldus. We will not hide <strong>the</strong>m from <strong>the</strong>irchildren, shewing to <strong>the</strong> generationto come <strong>the</strong> praises of <strong>the</strong> LORD,and his strength, and his wonderfulworks that he hath done. For he(God) established a testimony inJacob, and appointed a law in Israel,which he commanded our fa<strong>the</strong>rs,that <strong>the</strong>y should make <strong>the</strong>m knownto <strong>the</strong>ir children: That <strong>the</strong> generationto come might know <strong>the</strong>m, even<strong>the</strong> children which should be born;who should arise and declare <strong>the</strong>mto <strong>the</strong>ir children: That <strong>the</strong>y (<strong>the</strong>children) might set <strong>the</strong>ir hope inGod, and not forget <strong>the</strong> works ofGod, but keep his commandments:”—Psalms 78:1-7

BIBLEBible TeachingAudio Verse by VerseBooks of <strong>the</strong> BibleMat<strong>the</strong>wMichael Pearl describes this book as <strong>the</strong> lastbook in <strong>the</strong> old covenant. A grasp of <strong>the</strong>book of Mat<strong>the</strong>w is essential to a properunderstanding of <strong>the</strong> New Testament.1 MP3 CD $12.95MarkMichael teaches through <strong>the</strong> book of Markverse by verse. 1 MP3 CD $12.95LukeMichael teaches through <strong>the</strong> book ofLuke verse by verse. 1 MP3 CD $12.95JohnEvery verse is discussed, every critical wordexamined. Here is doctrinal and practicalteaching to enrich your life.1 MP3 CD $12.95ActsA thrilling drama of <strong>the</strong> missionary activitiesof <strong>the</strong> early church. From gifts of <strong>the</strong> Spirit toshipwreck, stoning to death and deadly snakebites to angels opening prison house doors,this is <strong>the</strong> story of <strong>the</strong> men who built <strong>the</strong> churchChrist promised. 1 MP3 CD $12.95RomansUntil you know <strong>the</strong> book of Romans you don’tknow <strong>the</strong> Bible. If you have never listenedto any Bible teaching by Michael Pearl, thisis <strong>the</strong> place to start. We continually receivetestimonies of lives changed and souls savedthrough listening to this greatest of all NewTestament Books. 1 MP3 CD $12.95(See Romans Commentary in Books)GalatiansMany professing Christians who don’t have apersonal relationship with Christ are seekingmeaning in Rabbinical Judaism, keeping feastdays and Sabbaths, and resorting to usingHebrew words for God and Jesus. Many are“falling from grace” in <strong>the</strong>ir attempt to give <strong>the</strong>law of Moses a place in <strong>the</strong>ir daily lives. Godgave us <strong>the</strong> book of Galatians to answer thisancient and now modern heresy.1 MP3 CD $12.95EphesiansPractical and Scriptural Bible teaching toencourage <strong>the</strong> believer. Includes teaching onhusbands and wives. 1 MP3 CD $12.951 & 2 ThessaloniansThe Apostle Paul writes to his favoritechurch, <strong>the</strong> one that had been faithful underpersecution. 1 MP3 CD $12.951 Corinthians & ColossiansThis is a book of radical answers for radicaltimes. If you enjoyed Romans, you need tohear Colossians. Learn about your spiritualcircumcision. Two books on one MP3 CD.1 MP3 CD $12.95HebrewsThis is a book that will bless you like no o<strong>the</strong>r.As you study <strong>the</strong> book of Hebrews, you will notonly learn about faith, you will actually havefaith built into you by <strong>the</strong> Word of God.1 MP3 CD $12.951 & 2 PeterLearn about election, adding to your faith,Paradise, <strong>the</strong> seven baptisms, Christiansuffering, corrupt shepherds, and much more.There are more practical teachings in <strong>the</strong>se twoletters than one can imagine.1 MP3 CD $12.951, 2, 3 John, & JudeThe epistle of 1 John is <strong>the</strong> scariest book in <strong>the</strong>Bible. He that is born of God sinneth not! Whydid <strong>the</strong> devil try to carry off <strong>the</strong> body of Moses?Who is antichrist, and why does he deny thatJesus came in <strong>the</strong> flesh? What is <strong>the</strong> sin untodeath? 1 MP3 CD $12.95Bible Topics MP3s & CDs2 Steps to HeavenThis is <strong>the</strong> simplest, clearest, easiest tounderstand gospel message. It is especially suitedfor those who have doubts or who are trustingin a confusing mixture of faith and works.1 CD $6.9550 SinsYour sins are found in this list. 1 MP3 $12.95A-B-C Bible Verse SongsBeka and some of <strong>the</strong> kids in <strong>the</strong> church sing<strong>the</strong> A-B-C Bible verse songs that her mo<strong>the</strong>rwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 35

Good and Evil Comic BooksOur popular book, Good and Evil, has beenprinted in one-chapter comic books. Kids willbeg you for <strong>the</strong> next chapter.6 1 ⁄2" x 10 1 ⁄4" 28 pages each, soft cover, full color.English Parts 1-3 $2.99 each25+ copies $2.00 each (33% OFF)3-pack $5.99 (33% OFF)Spanish Parts 1-5 $2.9925+ copies $2.00 each (33% OFF)5-pack $9.99 (33% OFF)Good and Evil -Kids’ Coloring BooksBased on <strong>the</strong> popular Good and Evil book. Soldseparately or in a 4-Book Set.Books 1-4, $2.00 each25+ copies each $1.50 (25% OFF)4-Book Set $6.00 (25% OFF)RepentanceWhen <strong>the</strong> Bible warns a sinner torepent, what is <strong>the</strong> nature of that repentance?Michael Pearl examines all 112 uses of “repent.”44-pg. Book $4.5012+ copies ea. $3.15 (30% OFF)Revelation Poster & HandbookThis poster is a print of an original paintingdone by Michael Pearl which shows <strong>the</strong> eventsof Revelation in chronological order. It is 40"x19" on heavy, glossy paper. The handbookwhich accompanies it is filled with OldTestament references and commentary to <strong>the</strong>events in Revelation.Poster $12.95Romans ch. 1-8 CommentaryThis popular commentary is a careful word-forwordexamination of <strong>the</strong> most important bookin <strong>the</strong> Bible, addressing <strong>the</strong> hard <strong>the</strong>ologicalissues that have been <strong>the</strong> foundation of <strong>the</strong>Christian faith down through <strong>the</strong> centuries.222-pg. Book $8.95Booklets1 John 1:9 <strong>the</strong> ProtestantConfessionalMust a Christian confess his sins in order to beforgiven? <strong>No</strong>t on your eternal life.23-pg. Booklet $1.5025 or more booklets $1.00 eachBaptism in Jesus’ NameIs water baptism made valid by <strong>the</strong> preacheruttering <strong>the</strong> words “in Jesus’ name”?17-pg. Booklet $1.5025 or more booklets $1.00 eachIn Defense of Biblical ChastisementMichael brings clear understanding back into<strong>the</strong> confusing and often misunderstood subjectof corporal chastisement.29-pg. Booklet $1.5025 or more booklets $1.00 eachJustification and <strong>the</strong> Bookof JamesJames clearly teaches that works justify a manwhile Paul teaches that a man is not justified byworks. Are <strong>the</strong>y contradicting each o<strong>the</strong>r?26-pg. Booklet $1.5025 or more booklets $1.00 eachLearning From <strong>the</strong> A<strong>the</strong>istsMike tackles <strong>the</strong> arguments for <strong>the</strong> faith bytaking <strong>the</strong> a<strong>the</strong>ists’ own logic to prove JesusChrist is God.32-pg. Booklet $1.5025 or more booklets $1.00 eachPornography, Road to HellMichael addresses <strong>the</strong> deadly scourgeof pornography head-on. He shows howrepentance toward God and <strong>the</strong> power of <strong>the</strong>gospel of Jesus Christ can break <strong>the</strong> bondage ofthis wicked perversion.12-pg. Booklet $1.5025 or more booklets $1.00 eachSpanish Pornography Booklet $1.5025 or more booklets $1.00 eachThe Gap FactThe Bible clearly declares that <strong>the</strong> Earth existedbefore <strong>the</strong> six-day creation. Don’t let wellmeaningcreation scientists cloud this Biblicaltruth for you. Study it for yourself. 30-pg.Booklet $1.5025 or more booklets $1.00 eachTo Betroth or <strong>No</strong>t to BetrothThe dangers of <strong>the</strong> betrothal system areexposed with <strong>the</strong> light of biblical truth, bringingobjectivity back to an often-misunderstoodsubject.28-pg. Booklet $1.5025 or more booklets $1.00 eachO<strong>the</strong>r Books by PearlsRebekah’s DiaryRebekah Pearl (now Anast), daughter of Michaeland Debi Pearl, tells <strong>the</strong> awesome story of God’sguidance and protection as she, a 22-year-oldwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 37

NEW! Five Audio Messages from MikeBorn Sinners,or Made Sinners?Audio CD (38 min.) $6.95Prodigal SonAudio CD (45 min.) $6.95The Rich Manand LazarusAudio CD (37 min.) $6.95Order <strong>No</strong>w!To purchase our products, shop online athttp://nogreaterjoy.org/shopor call toll-free 866-292-9936Mon–Fri, 8 am–5 pm CT.Sowing & ReapingAudio CD (55 min.) $6.95CherubimAudio CD (48 min.) $6.95also available as Digital <strong>Download</strong>sonly $4.99 each at http://nogreaterjoy.org/shopMobile Safe KidsBy Mel Cohen, CFP, RFC, RTRP, General ManagerFFor <strong>the</strong> past year we have been tryingto help our teenage daughter deal withher exposure to porn and resulting boycrazy behavior. She has engaged in sexting,self-abuse, sneaking to contact various“boyfriends”, and lying to her fa<strong>the</strong>r and Iabout her involvement in <strong>the</strong>se activities.We are honestly at a loss in what to donext. We have taken her phone, she hasvery limited access to <strong>the</strong> internet(too late obviously). She is repentantand terribly sorry and embarrassed; sheloves <strong>the</strong> Lord and wants to choose <strong>the</strong>right way. She is too young to have so manyregrets. We have failed her terribly andjust do not know what to do. We are willingand ready to do whatever it takes.I— A Concerned Mo<strong>the</strong>rIn <strong>the</strong> last Magazine, we featuredan article about parents providingchildren with cell phones for safety,yet unknowingly putting children inharm’s way by not understanding risksassociated with such communicationdevices. We introduced a solution to giveparents <strong>the</strong> ability to make children’scommunication devices safer while alsogaining control and oversight.Starting May 1, 2013, we will beproviding this service, leveraging <strong>the</strong>latest web-based technologies to allowyou complete control of everythinggoing into and out of your child’s mobiledevice(s). The service allows parents to:• Manage up to 10 different Androiddevices, including phones & tablets.• Locate your child remotely usinghis/her phone’s GPS.• View calls and texting logs to makesure your kids are not talking to anunknown person.• Restrict Internet surfing to onlyapproved sites.The service will also be enhancedover time to include features like:• 24-hour tracking—view a logshowing where your child has beenover a specified time frame.• Geo-fencing—set rules based ongeography. For example, if a childshould be in school between 8 amand 4 pm and he/she leaves <strong>the</strong>designated location, you will benotified via text message and email.• Content filtering—parents canrestrict specific content across <strong>the</strong>Web in addition to specific sites.• Support for more mobile platforms,including Apple iOS (iPad/iPhone).In May <strong>the</strong> service will be madeavailable FREE for 30 days with asimple download. The cost after <strong>the</strong> trialis $49.95 per year, covering up to 10phones or tablets per family. You pick<strong>the</strong> 10 devices you want to protect. Foradditional information or to get your freetrial, contact us via email at:info@mobilesafekids.org39

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> <strong>Ministries</strong>, Inc.1000 Pearl RoadPleasantville, TN 37033MAY -JUN 2013NON-PROFITUS. POSTAGEPAIDNO GREATER JOYMINISTRIESOR CURRENT RESIDENTMAY–JUNE SPECIALSGrad Specials!For GirlsPreparing To Be A Help Meetand Rebekah’s Diary.REG. $27.90 NOW $13.95SAVE over 50%! (Item #3792-05)For GuysIn Search of a Help Meet andBecoming Tempered Steel DVD.REG. $27.90 NOW $13.95SAVE over 50%! (Item #3793-05)also…Mom & Dad Specials!Mom’s SpecialCreated To Be His Help Meetand The Help Meet’s Journey.REG. $25.90 NOW $18.95SAVE 25%! (Item #6111-05)Dad’s SpecialCreated To Need A Help Meet,Holy Sex, and Only Men CD.REG. $29.85 NOW $21.95SAVE 25%! (Item #2102-05)Discounts are goodthrough June 30,2013, and cannot becombined with anyo<strong>the</strong>r specialsor discounts.

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