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cover point - Weston Creek Cricket Club


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COVERPOINTNEWS MAGAZINEWESTONCRICKETSponsoredbyCREEKCLUBP A . C R E D I T U N I O NC O O P E R A T I V EPublished by:Weston Creek Cricket Club14 Hyndes CrescentHolder, A.C.T. 2611Printedby:Lowes—PrinterGarran, A.C.T. 2605L T DEditorial Committee:Percy Samara-Wickrama—EditorBruce Coe—Statistical and Match ReportsWal Hall-Feature and Special ArticlesContentsTerry Daviesashort profile Pg 3Dates to rememberFromCricketoonthe boundaryThe Club Management 8 2/8 3 .. 8Silver CircleThe Primary Club 10Competition Draw 11Closing date for contributions tothe November issue is 3rd Nov.46'9EditoriaWill this be the season in which WestonCreek establishes itself as a cricketingforce in the A.C.T.?I know we all hope so. Hope, however,is not enough to change our dreams andambitions into reality and results. Hardwork, dedication, concentration, applicationand highly developed team work arethe attributes that will bring thesuccess that we all so earnestly seek.The preseason practice sessions havegiven every indication that players aretaking a more serious approach to theseason ahead. The response to the morecontrolled practices, especially the fieldingexercises so expertly devised andpresented by Trevor Cobbold, has beenmost gratifying and most players haveprepared themselves well for the openingof the season. Good practice sessions areessential in the maintenance of form, thecorrection of faults and the developmentof team and Club spirit and we must allwork hard to ensure that our good startis maintained throughout the season.The acquisition to the Club of TerryDavies is certain to have a most beneficialeffect on all members. Terry's abilityto communicate easily with all playersand his obvious skill in coaching as wellas his very professional playing approachmay well be the catalyst that the Clubneeds to make 1982/83 the kind of seasonwe all are hoping for.My best wishes to all playershappy and successful season.DoniurBrookerC O M M E N T * * * * * * * * * * * * *'Cover Point 1 continues into its 5thyear of publication. It is regretted thatthis first issue for the 1982/83 seasonis somewhat delayed, and it is hoped thatsubsequent issues will be produced ontime.With a view to reducing the work loadon the captains the editorial committeerequests the captains to delegate the dutyof writing match reports to other membersof the team.

DATESTo RememberOCTOBER Thu. 7th Team announcements at a "Pie and Beer" nightSat. 9th All Competitions start.Sat 16th 1st. Round contd.Sat.23rd 2nd Round.Thu.28th Toohey's Cup. ACT V Goulburn Day-Night gameat Bruce Stadium 4.15 start.Sat.30th 2nd Round contd. v Queanbeyan for NOEL SHORT TROPHYSilver Circle final Draw at the VI.C.Sports Centre.NOVEMBER Sat. 6th 3rd RoundWed.10th Start of the Twilight Competition.Sat.13th 3rd Round contd.Sun.14th Geoff Smith's Wildcats v A WCCC XI at Stirling.Sat 20th 4th Round.Wed.24th Twilight Comp. WCCC vs ANU at Kingstone 4.00pm.Sat.27th 4th Round Contd.DECEMBERJANUARYWed. 1stSat. 4thSat.11thSat.18thMon.20thSat.25thSat. 1stSat. 8thSat.15thWed.19thSat.22ndMon 24thTue.25thWed.26thTwilight Longest throw and hit WCCC and Queanbeyan.5th Round.5th Round Contd.6th Round vs Queanbeyan after match function arrangedby Queanbeyan.School Holidays begin.Christmas DayNo Grade competition's.7th Round.8th Round.Twilight 1st Semi-final at Kingston 4.00pm.8th Round contd.ACT v New Zealand at Manuka Term Commence.Twilight Semi-final 2 at Kingston 4.00pm.10th RoundKambah v Creek.ACT v Sri Lanka at Manuka.Wed. 9thSat.12thSat.19thSat.26thTwilight Finals.10th Round Contd.11th Round11th Round contd.(WCCC V ? )Sat. 5th 12th Round.Sat.12th 12th Round contd.Sat 19th and Sun 20th Semi-finals of ACTCA and CCSCA comps.Sat. 26th and Sun 27th Finals of ACTCA and CCSCA comps.APRIL Sat. 2nd PRESENTATION NIGHT AT WESTON CREEK SPORTS CENTRE.

5PRACTICE DATES PRACTICE DATES PRACTICE1STTO ^TH GRADES ON TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS,5TH TO 7TH GRADES ON WEDNESDAYS,Any played unable to attend practice on Wednesdays should attend onThursdays.STOP PRESS ! WCCC First grade should not be short of runsand wickets this season. CATHY PHELAN hasjoined the Club as the scorer for the firstgrade . Welcome aboard Cathy.NEED A PAINTER ?THINKING OF WALLPAPERING?Don't be StumpedSERVICE,CIVILITY,OBLIGATION FREE CONSULTATIONAND QUOTATION.CENTURY PERFORMANCE EVERY TIME,SATISFACTIONGUARANTEEDJOBSLARGE OR SMALLJimNuttallWEDDING 'Colin and Wendy ImmsENGAGEMENTSTin> OverlandBill NorthamC O N G R A T V L A T I O N S TO T H E M A L L

6IFROM THE BOUNDARY Z 1P.A.CREDIT UNION TROPHIESOur generous sponsors have done it again. P.A.Credit Union Co-operative Ltd.has donated two new perpectual trophies. One will be known as P. A. CREDITUNION YOUTH CRICKETER OF THE YEAR" and the other "P.A.CREDIT UNION CRICKETEROF THE YEAR Winners will be decided on a point system awarded as follows.1 point per run scored, 10 points per wicket taken and 5 points per catchtaken.NOEL SHORT SPORT TROPHYAnother new trophy this season is the "NOEL SHORT SPORTS TROPHY". This trophywill be up for grabs every time WCCC meet that interstate team, Queanbeyan- and that will be on two occasions this season. The winner will be theClub getting the higher aggregate of points including second innings pointstaking all four grades into account^PRESEASONPRACTICEPreseason practice sessions this year started with great enthusiasm. ThatBold-Cobbold approach to fielding practice has got everybody on their toes.If this can be kept up we must strike gold by the end of the season.JUNIORCRICKETCricket continues to be popular in Weston Creek. During Junior RegistrationWee* some 350 boys in the 9 to 16 age groups joined the Club, resulting inthe nomination of 28 teams. An increase of 8 teams on last year. This is arecord for the Club.A GREATSERVICEThanks to NOEL SHORT SPORT and Paddy O'Brien, our former Treasurer,. As aresult of a "tip off" by Noel Short Paddy bought a large quantity of cricketballs at the end of last season, before the costs escalated by some 25%. Thishas saved the Club some $700 - about $2.00 per player (Junior and Senior)-INDOORCRICKETThe Club entered two teams in the Indoor Cricket Competition run by the ACTCricket Association during the winter months. Congratulations to the playersparticularly to those who played in the 'B' team for being runners-up andwinning $75.00. for the Club.THE CLUB'S SPORTS GOODS SUPPLIERS49 T O W N S V I L L E ST., F Y S H W I C KW I L L S U P P L Y C R I C K E T G E A R A TS P E C I A L R A T E S T O C L U B MMEMEE M B E R SSee Percy Samara-Wickrama or Ray Kentfor details

CANBERRA TROPHYCENTRE PTY. LTD.(Formerly Fyshwick Trophies)Wholesalers of Trophies &Associated GiftsALL TROPHIES AT DISCOUNT PRICESAll Sports, Clubs & Associations & Public Catered For• TROPHIES AND GIFTWARE• ALL TYPES. OF NAMEPLATES AND PANELS INMETAL AND PLASTIC• PANTOGRAPHIC ANDHAND ENGRAVING• PENNANTS AND BANNERSTrophies, Shields & Medallions, Silverware, PewterQA fiCOH 10 Molonglo Mall,Oil U3ft>U FyshwickSOUTHWELLBUTCHERYCHAPMANCENTRESHOPPINGTel 885788)f Trading in top qualityMeats^All Orders cut to yourrequirements% Special Dinner PartyOrders preparedon requestTRADING UNTIL6-30 pmWEEK DAYSPROPRIETORSNOEL & LYNDASOUTHWE LL

8THE CLUB MANAGEMENTE X E C U T I V E C O M M I T T E EPRESIDENT Don Brooker . 10, Rockland Street, Duffy. Tel 88 6873DEP. PRESIDENT Frank Lonie . ...11, Kalgoorlie Cres, Fisher 88 3946HON. SECRETARY Percy Samara-•Wickrama 14 Hyndes Cr. , Holder. 88 6873HON. TREASURER . , . 6, Adamson Cres, Wanniassa 31 4576HON.Asst SEC John Waldron. 11, Faulkner PI., Chapman 88 6067HON.Asst TREAS. Jim Nuttall.. ... 52, Eugenia St., Rivett. 88 5439C H A I R M E N OF S U B - C O M M I T T E E SSELECTIONS '. Brian Kensey 31 3389JUNIOR CRICKET CO-ORDINATOR... Ron CasburnGROUNDS Chris Body . . .SOCIAL Peter Mosley ..FUND RAISING Jim Nuttall . . .* * * * * * * * *88 817388 699291 020288 5439O T H E R O F F I C I A L SEDITORIAL COMMITTEE Percy Samara-WickramaBruce CoeWal HallPROPERTY OFFICER Ray Kent5318ACTCA DELEGATES President, Hon.Secretary, Chris Body(Alternate) Chris HarrisCCSCA DELEGATES Jim Nuttall, Steve McDonaldCLUB STATISTICIAN Chris BodyHON AUDITOR Ron Smith(Alternate) Peter Mosley.CLUB REPRESENTATIVES TO THE WCFC ..Ron Smith and Bill Northam. ^ • . • . u . ^ - " " - 2

9SILVERCIRCLEAt the time of going to press, the 1982 Silver Circle is well under way,withthe ninth draw completed, and $6 000 banked. Regretfully I have to report thatof the 600 tickets (even with the extra efforts of a number of sellers) .fortyremained unsoled.With the proliferation of Silver Circles, raffles and other similar fundraisingactivities of many other social and sporting organizations (a number ofwhich operate parallel with oursj it has become more difficult to achieve ourobjective. Considerations may have to be given to the timing of operating ourSilver Circle, or alternatively some other means of fund raising in the future.In this regard members views would be appreciated.At one stage it seemed sales of 500 tickets would be unattainable, however ,the challenge was taken by some sellers and the sales reached 560. Whilst theefforts of the 50 ticket sellers has been greatly appreciated, special thanksshould go to those who took up the challenge when the pressure was on. NamelyBill Northam, Bruce Russell, Steve McDonald, Tom Porter Peter s Jane Mosley. Mypersonal thanks and appreciation go to the collectors,Bruce Kenna, Ron Farrawe-11, Steve McDonald, Paddy O'Brien and Tom Porter. Without their help managementof the Silver Circle would have been impossible.Results of weekly draws are published in The Canberra Times each Tuesday.Final Draw will be held at the Weston Creek Sports Centre on Saturday 30thOctober. Drinks and supper will be provided free to ticket holders and a smallcharge will be made for non ticket holders.The following is a list of weekly winners and sellers.WEEK 1. 23/ 7/ 82 Ticket No. 575 S.Hayes sold by C.Harris563 J.Creswell " P.Robins» 2. 30/ 7/ 82 89 P.Carnett " Don Brooker60 D.Gould P.Samara3 6/ 8/ 82 461 C.McKew P.Duffus45 G.Ratford " G.Ratford•13/ 8/ a 2 258 J.Houssenlodge B.Kensey•» 256 A.Nix " B.Kensey5 20/ 8/ 82 2 79 M.Thomas ' L.Evans456 I.Farrawell " R.Farrawell6 27/ 8/ 82 122 D.Love " B.Hulse•213 G.Moore " B.Coughlan7 3/ 9/ 82•124 C.Hunter B.Hulse• 115 B.Hammond " H. Youngs 10/•9/ 82 214 R.Warry " R.Coughlan138 T.Nordin " C.Imms••9 17/ 9/ 8.! 87 S.Kalend " Don Brooker40 M.Marshall " G.Ratford.Bill Northam sold a record 50 tickets. Great effort Bill.JimNuttall

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES"QTePrimaryClub of(AustraliaThe aim of the Club and its members is toraise funds by membership subscription,direct donations, the arrangement of functions and the use of the LemonTree Ground, these funds to be made available to other registered charitiescaring for the disabled to enable the purchace of sporting and recreationalfacilities.Through sporting activities the integration of the disabled with the able bodiedis acclerated and their lives enriched.HISTORY OF THE CLUBThe idea of forming the Club resulted from an association Peter Howarth hadwith a similar Club in England. Known as the "Primary Club", it was formed bymembers of the Beckenham Cricket Club of Kent and to qualify one had to beunsuccessful in surviving one's first ball.Such a distinguished effort, oftenreferred as a "Golden duck" in Australia, is known as a "primary" in thehome of cricket. The object of the English Club is to raise funds to enableblind children to play cricket.The inaugural meeting of the Primary Club of Australia was held in February ,1974. A committee of 8 was appointed and Jonathan Erby, a former captain ofSydney University Cricket Club, was elected president,An invitation was extendedto His Excellency the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Roden Cutler,V.C.K.C.M.G., K.C.V.O., C.B.E., to accept appointment as "Twelfth Man". He acceptedthis in his private capacity.FACILITIESA picturesque cricket ground with a first class wicket located in the DooralongVally some eighteen kilometres north-west of Wyong is in regular use byClub members and visitors. A Club House and other facilities has been constructedand various other amenities, particularly for children are available.The aim of the matches is to make the day enjoyable for all the family.This ground and its facilities are designed so as to be available for the use,enjoyment and recreational needs of handicapped people.MEMBERSHIPAll sportsmen and women and other persons interested in the welfare of handicappedpeople, are invited to join this unique Club, thereby supporting itsaims and objectives,All people , including cricketers who have been successful in surviving thefirst ball received, will be elegible for membership.The aim of the Committeeis to increase the active membership of the Club.A "Primary Club of Australia" tie, cuff links and brooch are available . forpurchace by members.Persons wishing to join the Club should contact Wal Hall for more details andapplication forms.

COMPETITIONDRAWACTCAROUND DATE OPPONANT 1st 2nd 3rd 4 th1 9-16 Oct Ginninderra Kippax Stirling Kaleen Mawson2 23-30 Oct Queanbeyan Marg.Dong. Stirling Q'bn Pk. Mawson3 6-13 Nov City Manuka Stirling Reid Mawson4 20-27 Nov Norths Stirling Ma jura Maws on Dickson5 4-11 Dec A.N.U. ANU South Stirling ANU North Mawson6 18 Dec Queanbeyan Manuka Marg.Dong Stirling Qbn. Pk7 8 Jan Easts Kingston Stirling Forestry Mawson8 15-22 Jan Woden Stirling Deakin Mawson Dek.Wst9 29 Jan Ginninderra Stirling Kippax Mawson Kaleen10 5-12 Feb Wests 0 'Connor Stirling Aranda Mawson11 19-26 Feb Sou th Woden Phillip Stirling Phil.Dist Mawson12 5-12 March Easts Stirling Kingston Mawson Forest.Semi -Finals 19-•20 March FINALS 26-27 MarchAll two-day games start at 1.00 pm and one-day games start at 11.00am.CCSCA 4th gradeROUND DATE DATE OPPONANT VENUE1 9 Oct Woden Chapman2 16 Oct Quenbean Taylor Park3 23 Oct ANU Chapman4 30 Oct Teachers Mill Creek5 6 Nov Workers Yarralumla II6 13 Nov College Chapman7 20 Nov Wests Chapman8 27 Nov Tu ggeronong Kambah I9 4 Dec CCAE Aranda10 11 Dec Woden Deakin West11 18 Dec Queanbeyan Chapman12 8 Jan ANU Jerrabomberra13 15 Jan Teachers Chapman14 22 Jan Workers Chapman15 29 Jan College Chapman16 5 Feb Wests Kaleen North17 12 Feb Tuggeronong Chapman18 19 Feb CCAE Chapman19 26 Feb Woden Chapman20 5 Mar Queanbeyan Taylor Park21 12 Mar ANU Jerrabomberra IISemi- -Finals 19ih Mar Finals 26th Mar

121st & 2nd gradesROUND DATE GRADE OPPONANT VENUE1 9-16 Oct 1st Easts Rivett SW2nd BBC Latham2 23-30 Oct 1st. KNRSL Rivett SW2ndBye3 6 Nov 1st S.Woden Rivett SW2nd CCAE 0 'Connor Enc SW(or O'C Cone)4 13 NOV 1st Daramaian O'Connor Enc SW(or O'C Cone)2nd Ginninderra Charnwood5 20-27 NOV 1st ANU Rivett SW2nd Tuggerat nong Kambah 26 4-11 Dec 1st Ginninderra Downer SW2nd Daramaian Wanniassa7. 18 Dec 1st Woden O'C End or O'C2nd Norths Wanniassaa 8 Jan 1st ANU Deakin West2nd Tuggernonong O'C End or O'C9 15-22 Jan 1st Woden Deakin West2nd Norths Majura10 29 Jan 1st Ginninderra Rivett SW2nd Daramaian Southwell 211 5-12 Feb 1st Daramaian Rivett SW2nd Ginninderra Wanniassa12 19 Feb 1st KNRSL Rivett SW2ndBye13 26 Feb 1st Easts Waramanga2nd BBC O'C End of O'C14 . 5-12 Mar 1st South Woden Waramanga SW2nd CCAE CookSemi Finals 19- 20 March Finals 26-27 MarchAll two-day games start at 1 00 pm and finish at 6 00pm . One-day gameistart at 12. 30 pm and finish at 6.30pm.SW = Synthetic WicketConMANUFACTURERS AGENTS &SPORTS GOODS DISTRIBUTORS80 4800 Clubs-Schools- Associations49 TOWNSVILLE ST., FYSHWICK Specialists

TOPMELON.Batlow Apples & Pears at Market prices% Fruit & Vegetables home delivered.Fruit Baskets delivered to Homes & HospitalsC O O L E M A N COURT, W E S T O N ~~~ 88 3 744TENDER CUT MEATSFor fresh Quality Meats"HOME FREEZERS SUPPLIED WITH QUALITY MEATSRIVETTBUTCHERY88 2651RIVETT PLACE, RIVETTGARRANMEAT SERVICE81 1815GARRAN PLACE, GARRANen/iqno ALL MAKES OF NEW TYRESo LARGE RANGE OF RADIAL & X PLY RETREADSo SEMPERITo MAG & CHROME WHEEL SPECIALISTo ELECTRONIC WHEEL BALANCING & WHEEL ALIGNMENTo FRONT END, BRAKE & MECHANICAL REPAIRSSpecialists in supplying & fitting exhaust systems to most makes of carsSingle & duel systems - ExtractorsOn the spot expert fittingBotany StreetPhillip, A.C.T. 82139282 3410Cr. Cape & Badham Sts.DICKSON 48 636560 Gladstone St.FYSHWICK 80 6454

FISHER and HOLDER PHARMACIES"SERVING WESTON CREEK"s"VlisclTKWIKCARJE sports medccme pioductsjk activeCome to us for • %ftice ontfu tmtitwit of'juuei ~ fife ofJnfa'Witia padsItem, on suitable Tyumnj Vi4ts~ utiUidittf & tanae ofYitanm muT MtWACSupp&iunts • Sudafft Sun^Semtvpupawtms fk spotU pewits • Compufwisivv TfitoawfccSemce • Fa,$z, fiimdGj*r cmamt T)ispmsin4i AdviceHOURS.. } at* -f 6JHH, MBKDAYS $«,ftu~ IX 30 SATUPHONB.. $$I676(#$#£R) $$4$$$ (holder)COLLINSBOOKSELLERS^ WODEN SHOPPING SQUARE BELCONNAN MALL813968 514813fSupportsWeston Creek Cricket ClubButPIAVUJCUGear fortheGamesPeopleplayBRIERLY ST.,WESTONTel. 8 8 8 3 5 2

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