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Sewer Cleaning Parts & Accessories - PipeHunter Equipment

NozzlesENZ manufactures the highestquality nozzles on the markettoday. A wide variety makes anyENZ nozzle a sure fix for yourunique jetting projects.6PipeHunter Tools - Revision 3 Toll Free: 800.373.1318

Nozzle Skids & ExtensionsNozzle Fin Skids for1/2” Systems1/2” Tubing 3007-9000 6” line1/2” Tubing 3007-9001 8” line1/2” Tubing 3007-9002 10” line1/2” Tubing 3007-9003 12” line1/2” Tubing 3007-9004 14” lineNozzle Fin Skids for3/4” Systems3/4” Tubing 3007-9100 6” line3/4” Tubing 3007-9101 8” line3/4” Tubing 3007-9102 10” line3/4” Tubing 3007-9103 12” line3/4” Tubing 3007-9104 14” lineNozzle Fin Skids for 1”Systems1” Tubing 3007-9200 6” line1” Tubing 3007-9201 8” line1” Tubing 3007-9202 10” line1” Tubing 3007-9203 12” line1” Tubing 3007-9204 14” lineNozzle Rack7600-0084 For 1/2” Nozzles7600-0083 For 3/4” Nozzles7600-0264 For 1” NozzlesToll Free: 800.373.1318PipeHunter Tools - Revision 3

Hose ProtectionFlexible Hose Guide or Tiger Tail3007-7000 3” x 36”3007-7001 2” x 36”Lower Manhole Shoe9000-0126SUpper Manhole Roller8400-1401Easement Roller3007-7503ALateral ReelManual or electric cart that is mounted to unitfor easy access. (200 ft of 1/2” hose)3004-8001 Manual3004-8019 ElectricLateral Reel CartManual cart capable of carrying 200’ of 1/2”hose. Dimensions (width of reel)3004-8000 12”3004-8001 24”8PipeHunter Tools - Revision 3Toll Free: 800.373.1318

Jet Hose & Fittings1/2” Jet HoseLength PSI Color Bend Radius Part # Cobra Part #400 4000 Green 4” PH-084040 CH-084040500 4000 Green 4” PH-084050 CH-084050600 4000 Green 4” PH-084060 CH-084060800 4000 Green 4” PH-084080 CH-0840801000 4000 Green 4” PH-084010 CH-0840101/2”3500 PSI1/2”4000 PSI3/4”3000 PSI1”2000 PSILeader Hose3009-4537 10 Ft.3009-4538 15 Ft.3009-4539 20 Ft.3009-4540 25 Ft.3009-4537-1 10 Ft.3009-4538-1 15 Ft.3009-4539-1 20 Ft.3009-4540-1 25 Ft.3009-4549 10 Ft.3009-4523 15 Ft.3009-4524 20 Ft.3009-4525 25 Ft.3009-4528 10 Ft.3009-4529 15 Ft.3009-4530 20 Ft.3009-4531 25 Ft.3/4” Jet HoseLength PSI Color Bend Radius Parker Part # Cobra Part #400 3000 Orange 4” PH-123040 CH-123040500 3000 Orange 4” PH-123050 CH-123050600 3000 Orange 4” PH-123060 CH-123060800 3000 Orange 4” PH-123080 CH-1230801000 3000 Orange 4” PH-123010 CH-1230101” Jet HoseLength PSI Color Bend Radius Parker Part # Cobra Part #400 2000 Blue 8” PH-162040 CH-162040500 2000 Blue 8” PH-162050 CH-162050600 2000 Blue 8” PH-162060 CH-162060800 2000 Blue 8” PH-162080 CH-1620801000 2000 Blue 8” PH-162010 CH-162010Toll Free: 800.373.1318PipeHunter Tools - Revision 39

LP20018 GPM @ 3000 PSILP12340 GPM @ 2000 PSILP30118-25 GPM @ 4000 PSIGP513240 GPM @ 3000 PSIGP714550-60 GPM @ 3000 PSIGP7255A60-80 GPM @ 2000 PSIWater Pump PartsWhy Giant?Unique Gear EndGiant continues to service pumps that havebeen in the fi eld forover twenty years. Veryexpensive materials are standard, such asspheroidal cast iron crankcase gear ends.Critical components such as crankshafts areforged, ground, tumbled and hardened.Tapered roller bearings evenly distributethe forces throughout the gear end. Toughbronze connecting rods not inexpensivealuminum lead to crossheads which guidethe machined and hardened stainless steelplunger bases to provide a smoothoperation and less wear on manifoldcomponents.Great Fluid EndGiant’s manifold is designed with the rightmaterials to meet your needs. Materialssuch as Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze, 303and 316 Stainless Steel, Duplex Steeland Titanium give you the fl exibility towithstand the harshest fl uid media. Withlarger surface areas and expertly machinedmanifolds, Giant’s pumps not only arequieter but run with greater effi ciency andless chance of cavitation.Giant PumpParts, Accessories &Service10 PipeHunter Tools - Revision 3Toll Free: 800.373.1318

Water Pump Parts & ServiceVactor® Jet Rodder Parts &AccessoriesVactor® Rodder pump parts, assemblies and valves for any combo truck.Pump Retrofitting, Rebuilding &Refurbish ServicesWe can rebuild and refurbish your original pump or just replace it with a new one. Our fully equippedshop can handle it.Stainless Check Valves3012-0125 1/4”3020-0017 3/8”3020-0070 1/2”3020-0016 3/4”Anti-freeze System7600-5150 Complete AssemblyAir Purge Valve3020-3011 1/4”Toll Free: 800.373.1318PipeHunter Tools - Revision 311

John Deere EngineShrouds7600-5282A 49 HP Standard Alum7600-5282S 49 HP Standard Steel7600-5282AD 49 HP Full Alum7600-5282SD 49 HP Full Steel7600-5280A 80 HP Standard Alum7600-5280S 80 HP Standard Steel7600-5280AD 80 HP Full Alum7600-5280SD 80 HP Full Steel7600-5104A 115 HP Standard Alum7600-5104S 115 HP Standard Steel7600-5104AD 115 HP Full Alum7600-5104AS 115 HP Full Steel7600-5283A 125 HP Standard Alum7600-5283S 125 HP Standard Steel7600-5283AD 125 HP Full Alum7600-5283AS 125 HP Full SteelShrouds and GuardsPerkins EngineShrouds7600-PER50A 49 HP Standard Alum7600-PER50S 49 HP Standard Steel7600-PER50AD 49 HP Full Alum7600-PER50AS 49 HP Full SteelIsuzu Engine Shrouds7600-5008A 83 HP Standard Alum7600-5008S 83 HP Standard Steel7600-5008AD 83 HP Full Alum7600-5008AS 83 HP Full SteelCaterpillar EngineShrouds7600-PER50A 51 HP Standard Alum7600-PER50S 51 HP Standard Steel7600-PER50AD 51 HP Full Alum7600-PER50AS 51 HP Full Steel7600-3844-SFA7600-3844-SFS7600-7844-TFA7600-7844-TFSFenderSingle - AlumSingle - Painted SteelTandem - AlumTandem - Painted Steel12 PipeHunter Tools - Revision 3Toll Free: 800.373.1318

Hose RepairManual CrimperSQ-101-SWCrimperSQ-101-12S6/S9SQ-101-12PSQ-101-16S6SQ-101-16PSQ-101-20S6SQ-101-20PDies and Pushers12 Size die for S6 and S912 Size pusher16 size die for S6 hose12 Size pusher20 Size die for S6 hose20 Size die pusherCobra Hose SwagePF681SwageDies and Pushers4540-H30800 1/2” Die8P1/2” Pusher4540-H1200 3/4” Die12P3/4” Pusher4540-H1600 1” Die16P1” PusherUniversal SwageUNIVERSALSWAGESwageSQ-101-12S6/S9SQ-101-12PSQ-101-16S6SQ-101-16PSQ-101-20S6SQ-101-20PDies and Pushers12 Size die for S6 and S912 Size pusher16 size die for S6 hose12 Size pusher20 Size die for S6 hose20 Size die pusherToll Free: 800.373.1318PipeHunter Tools - Revision 313

Hose Repair FittingsMender FittingsThe best way to repair your damaged hosewithout replacing the entire roll. Swage requiredfor repairs using this fitting. Contact us directly sothat we can specify which manufacturer specificfittings your hose requires.Hose End FittingsGreat hose end fittings for any manufacturer ofsewer jetting or hydraulic hose. Make sure theseare krimped with the correct dies and pushersas well.Important notice regarding mender and hosefittings:Hose fittings and manufacturers are NEVER to be mixed. Each manufacturerhas their own unique standard for kimping and mending.Fittings may burst from hose ends if they are mixed or improperlyinstalled.Parker Portable Hydraulic KrimperA great tool for keeping jetters out in the field and out of the shop. This flexiblekrimper can krimp hydraulic hose or jet hose. It can also be installed on theequipment to give a solid place for operators to work.Die94C-001-PFDKrimper80C-P08H 1/2” 4000 PSI80C-P12H 3/4” 2500 or 3000 PSI80C-P1450 1” 2500 PSI80C-P1490 1” 3000 PSI14 PipeHunter Tools - Revision 3Toll Free: 800.373.1318

Hose Reel ComponentsHose Reel Brake3004-0149 Complete Assembly3007-2161 PadsHose Reel Bearing8000-0394 8” ID8000-0393 10” IDHose Reel Sprocket3016-0031 Single3016-0009 Dual90 deg “Tank” Swivel2-year warranty included for all sewer cleaningapplications. Call for more information24.100U 1”90 deg TM Style Swivel3020-0101 3/4”3020-0113 1”663-0002 1-1/4”AeroquipStyle Swivel3020-0124 3/4”3020-0125 1”Direct Drive Coupling(motor side)3010-0544Direct Drive Insert3010-0546 (brass)Direct Drive Coupling(reel side)3010-0545Toll Free: 800.373.1318PipeHunter Tools - Revision 315

105015 20100020000RPMPSI300040005000253530Hose Reel ComponentsSwivel Guard7600-5060AA - Alum7600-5060AS - SteelMotor Guard7600-5060AA - Alum7600-5060AS - SteelSafety Lanyad Switch3004-6018Hose Reel DirectionalValve8000-0632VOLTMETERWORKLIGHT STROBESAFETY BRAKELANYARD3000 PSIWATER PSIMURPHY SWITCHIGNITIONMain Water Valve3020-0003Quick Disconnect3004-1065Manual Footage Counter9000-0006SMulti-Flow Valve3012-0001Manual Throttle9000-0157 Trailer9000-0156 TruckLevel Wind8000-04992-Bolt Hydraulic Motor3010-00264-Bolt Hydraulic Motor3010-00012-Bolt Hydraulic Motor3010-002616 PipeHunter Tools - Revision 3Toll Free: 800.373.1318

Vacuum Tubing8” Aluminum Tubing with WeldedAluminum Flanges8” x 36” FLA-8368” x 48” FLA-8488” x 60” FLA-8608” x 72” FLA-8728” x 84” FLA-8848” x 96” FLA-8968” Aluminum Tube with WeldedFlange & Crown End8” x 36” FCR-8368” x 48” FCR-8488” x 60” FCR-8608” x 72” FCR-8723” Aluminum Tube withCam-lock Flange3” x 36” M x F CAL-3363” x 48” M x F CAL-3483” x 60” M x F CAL-3603” x 72” M x F CAL-3723” x 36” F x Crown CCR -3364” Aluminum Tube withCam-lock Flange4” x 36” M x F CAL-4364” x 48” M x F CAL-4484” x 60” M x F CAL-4604” x 72” M x F CAL-4724” x 36” F x Crown CCR-436Quick ClampCCL8QC8” Vactor StyleCCL8VCCQC8” J-Hook StyleKing Bolt ClampKBC-8VA8” Vactor StyleKBC-8VC8” J-Hook StylePower ClampCCL8 8”CCL6 6”Toll Free: 800.373.1318PipeHunter Tools - Revision 317

Vaccuum HoseBlack ReinforcedVacuum HoseHose sold by the foot15-SPIRO 1100 315-SPIRO 1100 415-SPIRO 1100 83” ID4” ID8” IDGray ReinforcedVacuum HoseHose sold by the foot3008-0004 3/4” ID3008-0003 1 ” ID3008-0006 1-1/2” ID3008-0002 2” ID3008-0016 2-1/2” IDClear ReinforcedVacuum HoseHose sold by the foot15-SPIRO 1100 315-SPIRO 1100 415-SPIRO 1100 63” ID4” ID6” IDLay Flat HoseHose sold by the foot15-LAYFLAT 3” 3”15-LAYFLAT 4” 4”15-LAYFLAT-R-6” 6”15-LAYFLAT -R-8” 12”Knife Valve3040-0005 3”3040-0034 4”3040-0031 6”Gate Valve3020-3007 2”3020-5076 2.5”3020-3014 4”18PipeHunter Tools - Revision 3Toll Free: 800.373.1318

Footage Counter & LevelwindManual CounterCompatible with all brackets listed here.3004-3516Counter ClockwiseCounter3004-3511 Clockwise CounterCounter BracketCompatible with all PipeHunter equipment9000-0006SCounter ClockwiseCounter9000-0006A Clockwise CounterCounter BracketCompatible with Vac-Con© equipment9000-0006-2Counter ClockwiseCounter7600-5067-1 Clockwise CounterManual CounterCompatible with Vactor© equipment3004-3517Counter ClockwiseCounter3004-3518 Clockwise CounterJet Eye LevelwindBuild specifically for the Jet Eye camerasystem.JE-LEVELWINDDescriptionStandard LevelwindDesigned for heavy use applications.8000-0499 Complete Assembly3004-3205 Rubber RollerHandy Clam Scoop3007-6000 6’ extension3007-6002 8’ extension3007-6003 10’ extension3007-6004 12’ extension3007-6005 14’ extension3007-6006 16’ extension3007-6007 18’ extensionToll Free: 800.373.1318PipeHunter Tools - Revision 319

Cam-Lock Cap3008-4 3 DCALKnife Valve3040-0005Knife Valve Handle3040-0055100 Gallon Vacuum SystemWingnut Assembly3040-0062 Wingnut3040-0063 Washer3040-0064 Eye-bolt3040-0066 Roll pinVacuum Gauge3001-02304” Lay-Flat Hose15-LAYFLAT 8’Manway Door1010-6001 Door1019-0010 Gasket1019-6003 Debris ScreenRubber Handle3004-3072Viewer Bulb3040-0015Debris Door Screen7600-524120 PipeHunter Tools - Revision 3Toll Free: 800.373.1318

500-700 CFM Vacuum Package (Updated Design)Final Filter Screen7600-FFH99” x 9” Filter3040-0072 9” Filter Screen7600-FFH1111” x 11” Filter3040-0050 11” Filter ScreenToll Free: 800.373.1318PipeHunter Tools - Revision 321

500-700 CFM Vacuum Package (Original Design)Relief Valve3040-0017Silencer3006-0513 Silencer19-35907 4” Rain Cap19-35752 4” Clamp7600-0177 BracketVacuum Hose15-SPIRO 125 3” (3“)15-SPIRO-920-4” (4”)Hydraulic Motor3010-0048 500 CFM3010-0056 700 CFMWingnut Assembly3040-0062 wingnut3040-0063 washer3040-0064 eye-bolt3040-0066 roll pinFilter Door1021-1200 Door1019-0009 GasketHyd. Motor Bracket7600-5100-2Filter3040-0072 Filter Assem.3040-0058 Mesh FilterCoupler Guard7600-5152Filter Assembly Pad7600-5100-1Filter assembly with door removed22 PipeHunter Tools - Revision 3Toll Free: 800.373.1318

Water System4000 800Unloader Valve22973C 1/2” 4000 PSIHandgun Relief Valve3020-0006A 1/2”3020-0005 3/4”Relief Valve3020-0001 2000 - 3000 PSI3020-0004 4000 PSIY-Strainer Screen3020-7081 30 Mesh Yellow3020-7051 50 Mesh Green3020-7080 80 Mesh Bluefor strainers: 2”& 3”Poly Y-Strainer3020-7052 2” Complete Assembly3020-7053 2” O-Ring3020-7050 2” Strainer Cap3020-7069 3” Complete Assembly3020-7056 3” O-Ring3020-7068 3” Strainer CapPoly Bulkhead Fitting3013-0205 1/2” ID3013-0236 3/4” ID3013-0201 1.5” ID3013-0203 2” ID3013-0204 3” IDToll Free: 800.373.1318PipeHunter Tools - Revision 323

Ball Valves2-Way Ball Valve3020-3004 1/2” 2000 PSI3020-0014 1/4” 2000 PSI3020-3023 3/4” 2000 PSI2-Way Ball Valve662-0106 3/4” 2000 PSI1” 2000 PSI2-Way Poly Ball Valve3020-3029 1.5”3020-3030 2”3020-3027 3”2-Way Ball ValveZ-5252009 3/4” 2000 PSI2-Way Ball Valve3020-3032 1/4” 4000 PSI3020-3031 1/2” 4000 PSI3020-3017 3/4” 4000 PSI3020-3035 1” 4000 PSI3020-3015 1-1/4” 4000 PSI3-Way Ball Valve3020-3032 1/4”3020-3025 3/8”3020-3050 1/2”3020-0003 3/4”3020-0002 1”24PipeHunter Tools - Revision 3Toll Free: 800.373.1318

Fire Hydrant AccesoriesManhole Hook3007-8000 18”3008-0511 36”Hydrant Wrench3007-8001Aluminum Hose RackThe perfect size for 25’ of hydrant fill hose.7700-7600-0118Brass Hydrant Adapter3008-0505 2-1/2”x 3/4”3008-0506 2-1/2”x 1”3008-0507 2-1/2”x 1-1/2”3008-0508 2-1/2”x 2”3008-0509 3”x 2-1/2”Fill Hoses3009-9001 2-1/2”x 25’ F x F3009-9002 1-1/2”x 50’ M x F3009-9003 1-1/2”x 100’ M x F3009-9000 2-1/2”x 25’ M x BlankToll Free: 800.373.1318PipeHunter Tools - Revision 325

Handgun Accesories800Handgun Kit with Hose3023-5002 Handgun (no hose)3009-2003 25’ of hose w- handgun3009-2002 50’ of hose w- handgun3009-2000 75’ of hose w- handgun3009-2001 100’ of hose w- handgunQuick Disconnects3004-1064 1/2” Brass - Female3004-1065 1/2” Brass - MaleRetractable Hand Gun Hose Reel *3004-8012 35’hose* does not include QD or Handgun Hose with purchase3000Winter Recirc. Adapter3004-1065Handgun Shutoff Valve21290CHandgun Valve Only0 deg. Rotating Tip22700 1/4” BSPP3600 PSI Max, 0 deg. Rotating26PipeHunter Tools - Revision 3Toll Free: 800.373.1318

Lighting & ElectricalClearance Light3018-2553 Amber Lens3018-2552 Red Lens3018-2551 Rubber Grommet3018-2091 Wiring PigtailsClearance Light3018-2505A Amber3018-2505R Red3018-2505W Clear/White2-Wire Warning Light3018-2530Trailer Tail Light3018-3504Beacon Light3018-2540Strobe Light3018-2541Panel Light3018-2517License Plate Light3018-2503Work Light3018-2506Toll Free: 800.373.1318 PipeHunter Tools - Revision 327

Lighting & ElectricalRetractable Light Reel3018-2546 Light & Reel AssemblyHandheld Spotlight3018-2562Murphy Switch3001-0219Directional Arrowstick3018-2525 Arrowstick3018-2525 Controller BoxClearance Light Strip3018-2564282-Position Toggle2-Pole (light switch application)3018-00592-Position Toggle4-Pole3018-00953-Position Toggle6-Pole (electric throttle application)3018-0096Toll Free: 800.373.1318

GaugesTachometer3001-0215Hour Meter3001-0249Volt Meter3001-0213Water Temp. GaugeGauge 3001-0219Sender 3004-6017Vacuum Gauge3040-0002Oil Pressure GaugeGauge 3001-0212Sender 3001-0210Water Pressure Gauge3001-0269 Panel MountWater Pressure Gauge3001-0231 Bottom Fitting MountHydraulic Temp Gauge3001-0252Toll Free: 800.373.1318PipeHunter Tools - Revision 329

Tool Boxes36” Above Frame14” x 14” x 36”7600-141436LB48” Above Frame14” x 14” x 48”7600-141448LBDrawbar Mount52” x 26” x 15.5”7600-152652DB-A36” Below Frame14” x 14” x 36”3004-504724” Below Frame14” x 14” x 24”3004-5048Tall Tool Box19” x 33” x 40”7600-193340LBT-Handle Latches3004-0208Rubber Holdown Latch3004-3070Door Support3004-306530PipeHunter Tools - Revision 3 Toll Free: 800.373.1318

Towing & Trailer2-5/16” Ball Hitch3007-19002-5/16” Locking Hitch3007-1928Pintle Style Hitch3007-192736” Screw Jackstand2,000# capacity, 15” of lift travel3007-190130” Screw Jackstand2,000# capacity, 10” of lift travel3007-193136” Dropleg Jackstand5,000# capacity3007-1919A7-Pin Trailer Plug3018-50106-Pin Trailer Plug3018-5007Breakaway Cable3018-0083Toll Free: 800.373.1318 PipeHunter Tools - Revision 3 31

Terms & Conditions of SaleMinimum Order QuantityIn order for us to maintain the highest service possible we arerequiring a minimum of $50 per sales order (before shipping).Returns & ExchangesReturns are accepted within 14 days of receipt. Orders may be returnedonly if an Return Material Authorization number is issuedprior to shipment. Orders returned without prior authorizationwill be returned to point of origin.Warranty12 Month warranty for all “PipeHunter Parts”, any other warrantiesare responsibility of the original manufacturer and are notthe burden of PipeHunter.ShippingShipping will be completed by UPS unless otherwise requestedby customer.Contact InformationPipeHunter Parts Department1617 Garden RoadPearland, TX 775811.800.373.1318 ext. 219Sign up for our “Parts Specials Mailing List” online: StorySmall Start, Big Dreams...PipeHunter Tools and Equipment began as an eager equipmentdistributor in southern Texas in 1986. Today, over 28 companiesacross the United States, Canada and Mexico proudly representPipeHunter.Good IdeasA few simple ideas led us to build the best jetter on the marketback then and today:1. Simplicity - We don’t think that jetting equipment operationshould require any kind of special education.2. Durability - If a component has a reputation of being fragileor not very reliable, then it is worth finding something better.We are constantly searching for the best components possible tomake PipeHunter equipment last as long as possible.3. Accessibility - You shouldn’t have to make 15 phone calls tofind out where the best place to get replacement parts andservice. We work very hard to find local dealers so experienceand help is not far away.Part #: PHTOOLS-CATALOGCopyright 2009. The PipeHunter and PipeHunter Tools trademarks are property of PipeHunter, Inc.All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.Your Localdistributor is:

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