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2012 Foundation Annual Report - American Society for ...

ASGE Foundation ChairRobert A. Ganz, MD, FASGEDear ASGE Members and Donors to the ASGE Foundation:The ASGE Foundation exists to help the Society pursue its mission to advance patient care and digestive health by promoting excellence andinnovation in gastrointestinal endoscopy. With financial support from the ASGE Foundation, ASGE’s efforts have improved the quality of digestivecare provided for patients and enhanced our members’ practices. We are on solid ground fiscally thanks to the generous support from ASGEmembers, corporate partners and grateful patients.The 2012 Annual Report commemorates the 10-year anniversary of the ASGE Foundation. In these pages, I invite you to join me in celebratingnot only our most recent accomplishments, but the many milestones we have achieved in the areas of clinical research, physician education andpublic outreach efforts over the past ten years. These accomplishments would not be possible without you.In April 2012, ASGE broke ground on the new Institute for Training & Technology (IT&T) in Downers Grove, Illinois. The new $21 million, 42,000square-foot, state-of-the-art gastrointestinal endoscopy training center and ASGE world headquarters will use cutting-edge technologies tofoster the development, training and adoption of new techniques in order to improve physician performance and advance patient care. Sincebreaking ground last April, the building project has moved forward on time and on budget. I am pleased to announce that we are mere weeksaway from completing construction on the new IT&T with a full calendar of hands-on courses scheduled to begin in July 2013.To help finance construction of the new facility, ASGE launched the IT&T Capital Campaign. The Campaign concluded in September 2012, havingexceeded the original $6 million fundraising goal. All of the ASGE members and companies who have generously pledged their financial supportto the IT&T Capital Campaign are recognized in this report. Thanks to their investment, the vision of the new IT&T is now a reality.One of the achievements I am most proud of personally is our increased investment in GI endoscopic research. Through the Foundation, ASGEis a leading funder of GI endoscopic research, having granted more than $12 million dollars to support clinical research in GI endoscopy overthe past decade. Most recently, ASGE’s focus is to fund research that addresses larger unanswered questions related to GI disease; specificallyresearch pertaining to Barrett’s esophagus, capsule endoscopy, colorectal cancer, controlled trials in endoscopic ultrasound, endoscopicretrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), endoscopic optical recognition techniques, measuring quality in endoscopy, NOTES ® , and novelendoscopic treatments for obesity.The ASGE Foundation Trustees are committed to increasing the Society’s investment in clinical research. I believe the future looks promising.There is a lot of room to improve screening and treatment options for our patients. Better endoscopic solutions to major digestive health issuesare out there, but we will only be able to identify them if we continue to make discovery and innovation a priority by funding clinical research inGI endoscopy.As you review the many impressive achievements and accomplishments of ASGE, I invite you to consider how its work can benefit you, yourpatients and your practice. Support from our members, like you, truly makes a difference.Mission StatementThe ASGE Foundation is thephilanthropic arm of the AmericanSociety for GastrointestinalEndoscopy (ASGE). Its mission is toprovide long-term financial supportfor ASGE by raising funds and buildingendowments through charitablegifts and contributions. Through thissupport, the ASGE Foundation helpsthe Society pursue its mission toadvance patient care and digestivehealth by promoting excellence ingastrointestinal endoscopy.With financial support from the ASGEFoundation, ASGE’s efforts haveimproved the quality of digestive careprovided for patients and enhancedour members’ practices.Best regards,Robert A. Ganz, MD, FASGEASGE Foundation Chair2

2012 2012In April 2012, the ASGE Institute for Training andTechnology (IT&T) Capital Campaign reached its$6 million goal through the generous support of itsmembers and corporate partners. ASGE leaders andstaff celebrated this monumental achievement onApril 27 by “breaking ground” at the building site ofthe new ASGE IT&T in Downers Grove, Illinois.In June 2012, the ASGE Institutefor Training and Technology startedto take form as the structural steelelements of the building were putin place and the early stages of theparking lot construction began.IT&T Capital Campaign | The Global Home for EndoscopyIn April 2012, ASGE broke ground on the new Institute for Training & Technology (IT&T) inDowners Grove, Illinois. The new $21 million, 42,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art gastrointestinalendoscopy training center and ASGE world headquarters will use cutting-edge technologies tofoster the development, training and adoption of new techniques in order to improve physicianperformance and advance patient care.To help finance construction of the new facility, ASGE launched the IT&T Capital Campaign. TheCampaign concluded in September 2012, having exceeded the original $6 million goal. All of theASGE members and companies who have generously pledged their financial support to the IT&TCapital Campaign are recognized in this Annual Report. Thanks to their investment, the vision of the new IT&T is now a reality.Since breaking ground last April, the building project has moved forward on time and on budget. Construction will be completed in summer 2013.ASGE staff will move in to the new IT&T in June 2013. A full calendar of hands-on courses is scheduled in the new IT&T beginning in July 2013.We look forward to welcoming all ASGE members to your new IT&T.Cornerstone Circle Partners ($1,000,000+) Foundation Circle Partners ($500,000+)Pillar Circle Partners ($250,000+)Granite Circle Partners ($100,000+)Brick Circle Partners ($50,000+)Friends Circle Partners (Less than $50,000)IT&T Capital CampaignNational Steering CommitteeChristopher J. Gostout, MD, FASGEIT&T Capital Campaign Co-ChairMayo Clinic – RochesterJohn L. Petrini, MD, FASGEIT&T Capital Campaign Co-ChairSansum ClinicJohn Baillie, MD, ChB, FASGECarteret Medical GroupThomas M. Deas Jr., MD, FASGEGastroenterology Associatesof North TexasDouglas O. Faigel, MD, FASGEMayo Clinic – ScottsdaleAshley L. Faulx, MD, FASGEUniversity HospitalsCase Medical CenterM. Brian Fennerty, MD, FASGEOregon Health & Science UniversityRobert A. Ganz, MD, FASGEMinnesota GastroenterologyGregory G. Ginsberg, MD, FASGEUniversity of PennsylvaniaMichael L. Kochman, MD, FASGEUniversity of PennsylvaniaMichael J. Levy, MDMayo Clinic-RochesterJohn A. Martin, MD, FASGENorthwestern UniversityColleen M. Schmitt, MD, MHS, FASGEGalen Medical GroupJohn J. Vargo II, MD, FASGECleveland Clinic FoundationIn memory of Peter Stevens, MD5

2012In November 2012, with the exteriorof the ASGE IT&T Center in itsfinal stage of completion, interiorproduction work began in making theIT&T Center the finest GI endoscopytraining facility in the world.2013Opening in summer 2013, new ASGE IT&T Center andheadquarters will be the global home for endoscopy and providestate-of-the-art educational and training opportunities throughenhanced capabilities and equipment. “This monumentalachievement was made possible by our members’ vision, theircommitment and their passion for enhancing the field of GIendoscopy and improving patient care. We couldn’t be moreproud,” said IT&T Campaign Co-Chair John L. Petrini, MD, FASGE.IT&T Capital Campaign | Member DonorsCornerstone Circle – $50,000Deborah & Tom Deas Jr., MD, FASGEChristopher J. Gostout, MD, FASGEMaryella & John Petrini, MD, FASGEFoundation Circle – $25,000Shirish A. Amin, MDJohn Baillie, MB, ChB, FASGEDouglas O. Faigel, MD, FASGEAshley L. Faulx, MD, FASGEMo & M. Brian Fennerty, MD, FASGEJane & Greg Ginsberg, MD, FASGEJohn A. Martin, MD, FASGEMary E. Melton, MD & Michael L. Kochman,MD, FASGEPravinchandra H. Patel, MDEllen J. Scherl-Harbus, MD, FASGEClint & Colleen Schmitt, MD, MHS, FASGEHerb Wolfsen, MD, FASGE & Christine Ng, MDPillar Circle – $15,000+Tonya L. Adams, MDJennifer S. Chennat, MDLawrence B. Cohen, MD, FASGEMarcia R. Cruz-Correa, MD, PhD, FASGEAnnemarie & Steven Edmundowicz, MD,FASGERobert A. Ganz, MD, FASGEChris & Rob Hawes, MD, FASGERichard A. Kozarek, MD, FASGEMichael J. Levy, MDKlaus Mergener, MD, PhD, MBA, FASGE &Sabine Endrigkeit, MDMary & John J. Vargo II, MD, MPH, FASGEGranite Circle – $10,000+AnonymousFiras H. Al-Kawas, MD, FASGEEdward S. Bentley, MDCharles E. Dye, MDGlenn M. Eisen, MD, MPH, FASGEDr. & Mrs. James T. Frakes, FASGENorio Fukami, MD, FASGEFerga C. Gleeson, MD, FASGELaith H. Jamil, MDSreenivasa S. Jonnalagadda, MD, FASGEJames F. King, MD, FASGEJason B. Klapman, MD, FASGERabi Kundu, MDJulia J. Liu, MD, FASGEKenneth R. McQuaid, MD, FASGEElizabeth Rajan, MD, FASGEBennett E. Roth, MD, FASGEThomas J. Savides, MD, FASGEVanessa M. Shami, MD, FASGEPrateek Sharma, MDBeverly & Jerry Siegel, MD, FASGESubbaramiah Sridhar, MD, FASGEStavros N. Stavropoulos, MDLuann L. & Francis J. Tedesco, MD, FASGEScott M. Tenner, MD, MPHWilliam M. Tierney, MD, FASGES. & M. VenkataramanMichael B. Wallace, MD, MPH, FASGEKenneth K. Wang, MD, FASGELouis-Michel Wong Kee Song, MDBrick Circle – $5,000+Nuzhat Aziz Ahmad, MDMichelle A. Anderson, MD, MSc, FASGEBeatrice & Todd Baron, MD, FASGETamir Ben-Menachem, MD, MScPatricia & Raymond BlakeLaura & Jay Bosco, MD, FASGESarah & David Carr-Locke, MD, FASGEEdward L. Cattau, Jr., MD, FASGEJonathan Cohen, MD, FASGEBarbara Connell and John ConnellWalter J. Coyle, MDAnanya Das, MD, FASGEMarta L. Davila, MD, FASGEChristopher J. DiMaio, MDDr. & Mrs. Jack A. DiPalmaJames A. DiSario, MD, FASGEJason Dominitz, MD, MHS, FASGE & JosephineYoung, MD, MPHJohn A. Dumot, DO, FASGEGrace H. Elta, MD, FASGEGary W. Falk, MD, MS, FASGEDavid E. Fleischer, MDHarish K. Gagneja, MDLauren B. Gerson, MD, MSc, FASGEPatrick D. Gerstenberger, MD, FASGEMark GilreathIan M. Gralnek, MD, MSHS, FASGEDavid A. Greenwald, MD, FASGEFrank G. Gress, MD, FASGEFares S. Hakim, MDCalvin M. Hall Jr., MDSamuel & Sharon HarozDiane & Reed B. Hogan II, MDGerard A. Isenberg, MD, MBA, FASGEDavid L. Jaffe, MDTerry L. Jue, MDIoannis Katsogridakis, MDPeter B. Kelsey, MD, FASGE & Brenna W.Casey, MD, FASGERajesh N. Keswani, MDDr. & Mrs. Omar KhokharLouis Y. Korman, MD, FASGE & Iris SteinKormanRastislav Kunda, MD, FASGEGlenn D. Littenberg, MDMarianne & Hugh Mai, MD, FASGEArnold J. Markowitz, MDAbraham Mathew, MD, MScShaibal Mazumdar, MDMick S. Meiselman, MD, FASGEDrs. C. Micames MayaguezJennifer Michalek, MSBret T. Petersen, MD, FASGEPatrick R. Pfau, MDSasha & Anaka Prakash, MDPatrick G. Quinn, MD, FASGEBetsy Rodriguez, MDJason N. Rogart, MDJoseph Romagnuolo, MD, MScEpid, FASGEAndrew S. Ross, MD, FASGEJohn R. Saltzman, MD, FASGEBetsey & Bryan G. Sauer, MD, MScPhilip S. Schoenfeld, MDDean J. SecrestUzma D. Siddiqui, MD, FASGEHarry Snady, MD, PhDCarey Strom, MD, FASGESamira & Kamal Syed, MDShou Jiang Tang, MDJoseph Vicari, MD, MBA, FASGE & SusanVicari, PharmDDr. & Mrs. Andrew Y. WangJames R. Wood, MDKaren L. Woods, MD, FASGE6Phaedra & Patrick Yachimski, MD, MPHFriends Circle – $1000-$4,999AnonymousSyed M. Abbas Fehmi, MD, MScDouglas G. Adler, MD, FASGEMichelle Norwood AkersMounzer Alsamman, MDHarry R. Aslanian, MD, FASGEScott BallSusan H. Barton, MDJeff BorchardtBrian P. Bosworth, MDDeborah E. Bowman, MFAWilliam R. Brugge, MD, FASGEJames L. Buxbaum, MDWilliam D. Carey, MDMaurice A. Cerulli, MD, FASGERoger J. Charles, MD, FASGEGregory S. Cooper, MDNicholas V. Costrini, MDGregory A. Cote, MD, MSKathryn A. DattomoDavid J. Desilets, MD, PhDRebecca S. DeVivo, MPH, MSWKulwinder S. Dua, MD, FASGEDayna S. Early, MD, FASGEBarbara B. Frank, MD, FASGEScott D. FraserLawrence S. Friedman, MD, FASGEJoseph E. Geenen, MD, FASGEDeepak V. Gopal, MD, FASGEStuart R. Gordon, MDTherese E. GraySeth A. Gross, MDTheresa & Wilfrido HerrejonTerri Herzog, RNGordon C. Hunt, MD, FASGEBrian C. Jacobson, MD, MPH, FASGEJames H. Janssen II & Mark A. CraytonVanita & James MooreEsther & Franklin E. Kasmin, MD, FASGEEmmet B. Keeffe, MD, FASGESri Komanduri, MDVani Konda, MDChristopher Lawrence, MD, FASGEYeong Yeh Lee, MDJonathan A. Leighton, MD, FASGEDavid R. Lichtenstein, MD, FASGECharles J. Lightdale, MD, FASGEJenifer R. Lightdale, MD, MPH, FASGESimon K. Lo, MDPramod Malik, MD, FASGERaj I. Narayani, MD, FASGEYoung S. Oh, MD, FASGEElizabeth O’KeefeRahul Pannala, MD, MPHIrving M. Pike, MD, FASGEDouglas K. Pleskow, MD, FASGEDavid H. Robbins, MD, FASGEDavid N. Roberts, MDLarry L. Robertson, CAERobin A.E. RossRichard I. Rothstein, MDMankanwal Singh Sachdev, MDAndrew K. Sanderson II, MDDrew B. Schembre, MD, FASGEBernard M. Schuman, MD, FASGEStuart Sherman, MD, FASGERoy M. Soetikno, MD, FASGESelvi Thirumurthi, MDJeffrey L. Tokar, MD, FASGELinda & Andrew TylerJerome D. Waye, MD, FASGEField F. Willingham, MD, MPHRichard C. K. Wong, MD, FASGEMemorial/Honorary GroupGift – $50,000+ CombinedIn memory of Yang K. Chen, MD, FASGE fromthe University of ColoradoBrian C. Brauer, MD, FASGEKrishnavel V. Chathadi, MDMohammad E. Hoque, MDVaman S. Jakribettuu, MDAbdul H. Khan, MDRajasekhara R. Mummadi, MD, MSCyrus R. Piraka, MDDaniel A. Ringold, MDAmrita Sethi, MDRaj J. Shah, MD, FASGERoy D. Yen, MDASGE also gratefully acknowledges donors whosupported the IT&T Capital Campaign withdonations less than $1000.

2003In 2003, ASGE established the IT&TCenter with a fully operational ex vivoendoscopy lab, equipped with nineendoscopic workstations, two capsuleendoscopy workstations and onecomputer simulation workstation.2005In 2005, ASGE introduced its firstDDW ® hands-on course entitled“Advanced Endoscopy Skills” tomore than 100 participants.2012 ASGE Foundation Highlights | EducationASGE is the world leader in hands-on trainingand education in gastrointestinal endoscopyEducational programming through the ASGE Institute forTraining & Technology (IT&T) is made possible, in part, throughthe ASGE Foundation Education Fund. 2012 supporters includedFUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Endoscopy Division and othergenerous donors.Continuing Education and Hands-on TrainingASGE conductedmore than 25 highlyinteractive and handsoneducational coursesat ASGE’s Institutefor Training andTechnology, a handsontraining venueused to demonstratethe latest endoscopicequipment, expert techniques and cutting-edge technologiesin endoscopy. Several popular courses offered in 2012 featuredtopics such as Managing Endoscopic Complications, AdvancedTechniques in Colonoscopy, ERCP Boot Camp for the GI Team andImproving Quality and Safety in Your Endoscopy Unit. ASGE’s newInstitute for Training and Technology Center is currently underconstruction and will open in 2013.Course Feedback“The best part of the course was having video cases and casestudies with the panel up for discussion. This allowed me tointegrate all the facts from the individual presentations into acoherent approach to patients.”(Colorectal Polyps and Cancers: A Multidisciplinary Approach)“Excellent to be with my nursing staff and address technicalissues we’ve encountered during procedures. Strengthened mygoals for ways to improve communication in guidance and furthertraining staff.”(ERCP Boot Camp for the GI Team)“This course had a small, more personal format with lots ofdialogue and interaction with faculty. I really enjoyed the expertopinion regarding clinical challenges.”(Advanced cases in ERCP and EUS)Endofest ®In September, GI professionalsfrom around the world,including an astounding20 countries, gathered inWashington, D.C. for EndoFest ® .ASGE’s signature educational event continued its tradition asthe place to learn about the latest research from the experts,and gain experience with the newest advanced techniques andtechnologies in the practice of endoscopy.Highlights this year included a new one-day postgraduatecourse at EndoFest, “Ask the Expert” hands-on sessions in whichparticipants had a dedicated hour in a small group with anexpert faculty member to explore specific skills, as well as a newEndoFest Video Forum demonstrating cutting-edge techniques.Course Feedback“The best part of EndoFest was the opportunity to gain practicalknowledge and advice on how to deal with everyday “real world”scenarios from experts, both in symposia and hands-on sessions.”“During EndoFest, the hands-on stations provided great teacherto student ratio and gave me the opportunity to ask questionsdirectly to the experts.”2012 Cook Medical Don Wilson AwardsThe Don Wilson Award provides advanced fellows or junior facultywith the opportunity to train outside of their home country witha premier GI endoscopist or group to advance training. The awardwas named to honor Dr. Don Wilson, who was a strong advocateand supporter of international education and training in GIendoscopy. The awards are underwritten by a grant fromCook Medical.7Rees Cameron, MDWellington Hospital, Wellington, New ZealandI am honored to receive the Cook Medical DonWilson Award which has greatly assisted me inpursing an interventional endoscopy fellowshipat California Pacific Medical Center with Drs.Binmoeller, Shah and Bhat. My aim was todevelop skills in endoscopic ultrasound and other therapeutictechniques, and to use these to establish an endoscopic centerof excellence in my public hospital in New Zealand. What Ihave learned from these excellent teachers has exceeded myexpectations and I look forward to passing this knowledge on tofuture generations of endoscopists in New Zealand.Muhammad Dawwas, MDThe Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne,United KingdomI am very honored to receive this prestigiousaward and would like to express my deepgratitude to the ASGE International Committeefor selecting me to be one of its recipients.Hyoung-Chul Oh, MD, PhDChung-Ang University Medical Center,Seoul, South KoreaIt is a great honor and pleasure for me tobe selected as a recipient of the 2012 ASGECook Medical Don Wilson Award. The DonWilson Award will allow me an excellenteducational opportunity that provides newinsights into practice, research and milestonesin career development.

2007In 2007, ASGE released its mostpopular DVD “ColonoscopyTechnique: Basic and Advanced”in Spanish and Japanese.2010In 2010, ASGE debuted the first ever EndoFest ® to GI professionalsfrom around the world in Aventura, Florida. With the small-groupsetting and intensive hands-on training sessions, EndoFest was theplace to exchange ideas and learn the latest research, skillsand technologies in the practice of endoscopy.2012 ASGE Foundation Highlights | EducationAmbassador Program – TaiwanIn February2012, four ASGEAmbassadorstraveled to Taipei,Taiwan to train thirtyninephysicians fromTaiwan and othersoutheastern Asiancountries in a six-dayprogram, which wascarried out in collaboration with the Digestive Endoscopy Societyof Taiwan (DEST) and two local ASGE Ambassadors. The programprovided endoscopic training in basic and advanced ERCPthrough didactic lectures, hands-on training using mechanicalERCP simulators, and by observing local experts and ASGEAmbassadors perform ERCP at seven hospitals throughout Taipei.Approximately forty patients were treated during the program.As a result of this program, the DEST now has a working-modelwith which to establish a formal ERCP training and credentialingprogram in Taiwan.ASGE Ambassadors: TaiwanJoseph W. Leung, MD, FRCP, FASGEUniversity of California Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, Calif.Wei-Chih Liao, MD, MScNational Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, TaiwanJaw-Town Lin, MD, PhDNational Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, TaiwanJames M. Scheiman, MD, FASGEUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.Shou Jiang Tang, MDUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, Miss.Andrew Y. Wang, MDUniversity of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.Program Feedback“The ASGE Ambassador Program establishes a friendship bridgebetween ASGE and other international endoscopy societies.I grew up in Asia and then received medical training in theWest, so the opportunity to go back to the East was particularlyimportant to me.”Shou Jiang Tang, MDAmbassador Program – BrazilIn December 2012, fourASGE Ambassadorstraveled to Manaus,Brazil to train twentyninephysicians fromnorthern Brazil ina six-day program,which was carried outin collaboration withthe Brazilian Societyof Digestive Endoscopy (SOBED). Various SOBED representativestraveled to Manaus to assist in the training. The program providedendoscopic training in band ligation, sclerotherapy, PEG, EMR,dilatations, foreign bodies, clips, endoloops and argon plasmacoagulation through didactic lectures, hands-on workshops andendoscopic procedures. Over a three-day period, more than 100patients were treated.ASGE Ambassadors: BrazilQiang Cai, MD, PhD, FASGEEmory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Ga.8Ricardo A. Dib, MDHospital Ipiranga, São Paulo, BrazilAngelo P. Ferrari, Jr., MD, PhDHospital Albert Einstein, São Paulo, BrazilIan Gan, MDVirginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, Wash.Program Feedback“The Ambassador Program in Manaus reached its goals thanks tothe work of our fabulous team, faculty, staff and partners willingto work hard to meet the intended objectives. I want to thank allmy national and international friends who voluntarily dedicatedthemselves to this program.”Ricardo A. Dib, MD“I thought the program did a fantastic job towards its traininggoals, particularly given the organization and orchestration of thedidactic sessions and hands-on education. It was an honor to bepart of the program.”Ian Gan, MD“The Ambassador Program truly is the “pearl” of our internationalefforts and outreach. It is so encouraging to see it grow witheach succeeding event. Thank you to all who participated in theplanning, coordination, and participation in this great successin Manaus.”Thomas M. Deas Jr., MD, MMM, FASGEThe ASGE Ambassador Program would not be possible withoutthe generous grant funding and equipment provided by ourindustry partners – Boston Scientific Corporation, Pentax MedicalCompany, Olympus Corporation of the Americas and CookMedical. In-kind donations provided by Cook Medical, PentaxMedical Company and Olympus Corporation of the Americas.

2011In 2011, ASGE launchedInthe Online Learning Center,which offers more than100 educational activitiesincluding Endoscopic LearningLibrary Videos-On-Demand,CME activities related toclinical guidelines, practicemanagement resources andrecorded sessions frompostgraduate courses.2012April 2012, ASGE broke ground to erect thenew IT&T, “The Global Home for Endoscopy”.The new training center will provide state-ofthe-arteducational and training opportunitiesthrough enhanced capabilities and equipment.In addition, it will be the new site of ASGEheadquarters. Construction of the newfacility was supported, in part, by the ASGEFoundation IT&T Capital Campaign, a $6million fundraising initiative.2012 ASGE Foundation Highlights | Education2012 J. Edward Berk, MD, DSc, FASGE Endowed LectureKenneth J. Chang, MD, FASGEUniversity of California Irvine Medical Center, Orange, Calif.Opportunities for Therapeutic EUSI had the distinct honor and privilege to workdirectly under Dr. Berk as a GI fellow from1988 to 1991. I recall many times during ourfellow’s clinic, Dr. Berk, after hearing my casepresentation, would go back into the room andtake his own very detailed history. He wouldalmost always extract additional pieces of vitalinformation from the patient in his very charmingand “Sherlockian” way. Over the subsequent years, I must haveheard over 15 of his commencement speeches to our graduatingfellows. Most of them were around a similar theme – that chanceor “serendipity” falling in the hands of an inquisitive mind is thekey to medical breakthroughs. He was a tremendous leader –and his example was a great inspiration to me. It is somewhatpoetic that Dr. Berk became our first Department Chair and GIDivision Chief in 1963. Now, nearly 50 years later, I am serving asour Division Chief. Although I could never fill his shoes, his spiritof devotion to teaching and cultivating an investigative mind isdeeply imprinted in my DNA. For me, this award is a testimony ofthe perpetual impact we have on those we teach and encourage.The lectureship in memory of Dr. Berk was established throughthe generous support of The Berk Family.2012 Jack A. Vennes, MD, and Stephen E. Silvis, MDEndowed LectureKenneth R. McQuaid, MD, FASGESan Francisco VA Medical Center, San Francisco, Calif.Quality In Colonoscopy, What Does It Mean?After their 1972 publication in GastrointestinalEndoscopy introduced ERCP to the United StatesGI community, these ‘fathers of ERCP’ spentover two decades at the Minneapolis VA MedicalCenter studying and perfecting techniquespertaining to cannulation, sphincterotomy,electrocautery, lithotripsy, and stenting. Inaddition, they served as patient mentors to ageneration of fellows and visiting faculty, many of whom havebecome leaders in the field of interventional endoscopy. For theiroutstanding achievements, they both have been honored withthe ASGE Schindler award.As a medicine resident at Hennepin County Medical Centerfrom 1981-85 (where I trained with Greg Silvis, Stephen’s son),I enjoyed the pleasure of meeting briefly both Dr. Silvis andVennes; however, I never had the opportunity to work with either.But, as a native of Minnesota and a person who also has made hiscareer in the VA health care system, I have always felt a kinshipwith them. I am deeply humbled and profoundly honored toprovide a lecture that recognizes these pioneers and to join thedistinguished list of past lecturers.The lectureship was established through the generous supportof Cook Medical and supported with contributions from theOlympus Medical Charitable Foundation, colleagues, friends andtrainees of both doctors.2012 Basil I. Hirschowitz, MD, Endowed LectureM. Brian Fennerty, MD, FASGEOregon Health and Science University, Portland, Ore.The Future of Innovation in Endoscopy: Challenges and SolutionsIt is an incredible honor to be giving a talknamed after the person that made endoscopyas we know it today possible. My endowedlecture on endoscopic innovation would not bepossible if not for the vision and innovative “outof the box” thinking of Dr. Hirschowitz. What anamazing device the endoscope has become andwhat an amazing professional society ASGE hasflourished into out of that innovation! Thank you, Dr. Hirschowitz.The lectureship was established in honor of Dr. Hirschowitzthrough the generous support of his friends, trainees andcolleagues.The 2012 Endowed Lectures were sponsored by theASGE Foundation.9

2005In 2005, ASGE produced 14patient education brochureswith 7 translated in Spanish.ASGE currently offers 18patient educationtitles in Englishand Spanishon variousgastrointestinalconditions andendoscopicprocedures.2006 2007 2008 2010In 2006, ASGE launched screen4coloncancer.org, a Web site focused on colorectal cancerscreening. The site highlighted frequentlyasked questions, ASGE’s toll-free andbilingual public call center and the “Find anASGE Doctor”physicianlocator tool.In May of 2007, ASGE,the American Collegeof Obstetricians andGynecologists (ACOG),the American College ofGastroenterology, and TheJay Monahan Center forGastrointestinal Healthpartnered to launch a CRCawareness campaign, targeted to gynecologists andtheir patients. Campaign materials included a factsheet for women describing CRC risk factors andscreening guidelines and a poster depicting CRCscreening advocate and past CBS Evening NewsAnchor and Managing Editor, Katie Couric.In March of 2008, ASGE introduced theworld to Peter and Polly Polyp. Thesecharacters were featured in an animatedbirthday e-Card reminding patients 50 andover to get screened for colon cancer.In 2010, to help promote National ColorectalCancer Awareness Month (NCRCAM) in March,ASGE produced TV and radio Public ServiceAnnouncements with CSI: New York actorHill Harper to raise awareness about CRCscreening in the African-American community.The PSA was redistributedin 2012through satelliteprovider DIRECTVto a televisionaudience of nearly70 million andradio audience ofmore than 15 million.2012 ASGE Foundation Highlights | Public OutreachASGE serves patients with accurate and credibleInformation on gastrointestinal endoscopyASGE Foundation-funded public outreach initiatives focus ondemystifying common endoscopic procedures; raising awarenessabout screening, available treatments, therapies and diagnostictechniques; providing timely and expert information on questionspatients should ask their doctors; and helping patients findqualified endoscopists.• A Community Outreach Award supported by the ASGEFoundation was established in 2011 to help raise awarenessabout CRC screening and acknowledge GI trainees forcommunity service. The first awards were presented in 2012 toASGE trainee members who sent the most screening remindereCards during the allotted time frame.Antonio Mendoza Ladd, MDLenox Hill Hospital, New York, N.Y.This award means a lot to me. The feeling ofknowing that you are contributing towardsincreasing the awareness of colon cancer amongpatients is amazing. I would like to encourageeveryone to talk about colon cancer with theirfamilies, friends, neighbors and even strangers.You might be making a crucial difference in their lives. I am verygrateful to the ASGE for this award and encourage all the fellowsin training to participate in this wonderful opportunity to make adifference in your patients.Michelle Nazareth, MDUniversity of California, San Francisco, SanFrancisco, Calif.I am honored to be a recipient of ASGE’sCommunity Outreach Award. I appreciate ASGE’scommitment to fostering community health andfor the opportunity to educate people on theimportance of colorectal cancer screening.• ASGE has distributed more than 40,000 BlueStar pins to the public through members andvarious outreach events. ASGE continues topromote the Blue Star symbol in external andinternal communications to raise awarenessabout colorectal cancer screening.• In 2012, ASGE introduced a new patient education tool to helpphysicians clearly explain complex conditions and proceduresto their patients.ASGE offers fournotepads illustratingvarious sections ofthe digestive tract.Physicians canmake notes on thenotepad’s tear-offsheets and let theirpatients take themhome for futurereference.• ASGE continues to update its screen4coloncancer.org websitewith new information for patients such as press releases,statistics, screening reminder eCards and videos to raise publicawareness about colorectal cancer. In 2012, ASGE created afree downloadable banner for physician offices to promoteNCRCAM. A small poster for bulletin boards was also createdas a free download. Both are available on asge.org andscreen4coloncancer.org.10

2005Nearly 300 people attendedthe inaugural Crystal Awardshosted by ASGE and the ASGEFoundation on Sunday, May15, 2005, at the worldrenownedArt Institute ofChicago. This inauguralevent acknowledged 35honorees for their uniquecontributions to ASGE andto GI endoscopy.2008In 2008, the Crystal Awards gala in San Diego onOnethe USS Midway celebrated the accomplishmentsof more than 55 award and grant recipientshonored for the evening.2010of our most popular Crystal Awards venues was in 2010 in New Orleans atthe Louisiana Superdome. Attendees were able to celebrate the triumphs andaccomplishments of the evening’shonorees on the NFL field of the2010 New Orleans Saints SuperBowl Champions!2012 ASGE Foundation Highlights | Special EventsCrystal AwardsHosted by ASGE and the ASGE Foundation, the eighth annualCrystal Awards was held in San Diego during Digestive DiseaseWeek ® at PETCO Park, home of the San Diego Padres.The sold-out event featured a VIP reception in the historicwarehouse of the Western Metal Supply Co. building followed bydinner and awards presentation in the dramatic space of the LeftField Concourse.A big hit for the attendees immediately following the event wasthe Dessert Reception on the Warning Track of the San DiegoPadres playing field. Twenty lucky bidders dreams were made areality when they won the chance to “hit one out of the park”against a San Diego Padres practice pitcher in a major leaguebaseball stadium. Each batter’s name was prominentlydisplayed on the JumboTron along with a live feed of thebatting session for the attendees to view.The exciting event honored the 2012 award and grantrecipients for their dedication and leadership in the field ofgastrointestinal endoscopy.Rudolf V. Schindler AwardDennis M. Jensen, MDWest Los Angeles VA Healthcare Center, Los Angeles, Calif.Distinguished Service AwardGlenn D. Littenberg, MDGastroenterology Associates, Pasadena, Calif.Distinguished Educator AwardDouglas A. Howell, MD, FASGEPortland Gastroenterology Center, Portland, MaineDistinguished Endoscopic Research Mentoring AwardMichael B. Wallace, MD, MPH, FASGEMayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Fla.Master Endoscopist AwardMartin L. Freeman, MD, FASGEUniversity of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn.International Service AwardIbrahim Mostafa, MDTheodor Bilharz Research Institute, Cairo, EgyptHonorary Membership AwardHirohumi Niwa, MDJapan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society, Tokyo, JapanPresident’s AwardDavid E. Fleischer, MDMayo Clinic, Scottsdale, Ariz.Additional InformationPlease visit www.asge.org/foundation to learn moreabout the ASGE Foundation. We also invite you to visitwww.screen4coloncancer.org to learn more aboutcolon cancer awareness.11

Statement of Financial PositionAmerican Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) FoundationStatement of Financial Position as of December 31, 2012 and 2011Statement of Activities for the Twelve Months Ending December 31, 201212/31/12 12/31/11TOTAL ASSETS $ 20,947,263 $ 17,534,567TOTAL LIABILITIES 248,460 188,004NET ASSETS:Unrestricted Fund 8,788,622 7,177,297Temporarily Restricted 6,969,620 5,238,305Permanently Restricted 4,940,561 4,930,961TOTAL NET ASSETS $ 20,698,803 $ 17,346,563REVENUES:UnrestrictedTemporaryRestrictionPermanentRestrictionOther Income $ 3,200 $ — $ —Special Events 43,750 — —Contributions 864,567 1,348,410 9,600Grants — 1,231,417 —Affiliate Transfer 1,276,535 (1,276,535) —Net Assets Released From Restriction 85,101 —TOTAL REVENUES 2,273,153 1,303,292 9,600TOTAL EXPENSES 1,503,560 — —ASGE Foundation Net Assets as of December 31, 201225,000,00020,000,000REVENUES OVER EXPENSES 769,593 1,303,292 9,600TOTAL INVESTING ACTIVITY 841,732 428,023 —INCREASE IN NET ASSETS 1,611,325 1,731,315 9,600Net Assets, Beginning of Year 7,177,297 5,238,305 4,930,961Net Assets End of Period $ 8,788,622 $ 6,969,620 $ 4,940,56115,000,000ASGE and ASGE Foundation audit report and financial statements are available upon request.10,000,0005,000,000020052006200720082009201020112012Circle of Light Society DonorNalini Guda, MD, FASGEUniversity of Wisconsin Schoolof Medicine, Milwaukee, Wis.By supporting the ASGEFoundation, you are helping tobring innovation to endoscopy,educate and train fellowendoscopists and improveoutcomes in patient care.12

2012 ASGE Foundation ContributorsGI Corporate Partners ProgramThrough tax-deductible, unrestricted contributions to the ASGE Foundation,GI Corporate Partners demonstrate their shared commitment to partner inASGE’s mission to advance patient care and digestive health by promotingexcellence in endoscopy.Platinum SponsorsGold SponsorsSilver SponsorDonorsThe ASGE Foundation graciouslyacknowledges those donorswho generously support ASGE’scommitment to advance patient careand digestive health by promotingexcellence in gastrointestinalendoscopy.The following contributions to theASGE Foundation were receivedbetween January 1 and December 31,2012.Corporate Donors$100,000 to $499,999BARRX Medical, Inc.Boston Scientific CorporationCook MedicalFujinon, Inc.Olympus Corporation of the AmericasPENTAX Medical CompanyThe Lester & Sue Smith Foundation$10,000 to $99,999Mauna Kea TechnologiesSalix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.$5,000 to $9,999AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, LPBraintree Laboratories, IncERBE USA, Inc.Given Imaging, Inc.Merit Medical EndotekUS Endoscopy$1,000 to $4,999Bracco Diagnostics, Inc.California Pacific Medical CenterCDx DiagnosticsDelaware Valley Society forGastrointestinal EndoscopyGW Hoffman Marketing &CommunicationsHiroshima University HospitalIndiana University Medical CenterWashington University School ofMedicineIndividual DonorsCircle of Light Society5 Year DonorsJoseph R. Armengol-Miro, MDJohn Baillie, MB, ChB, FASGEDavid J. Bjorkman, MD, MSPH, SM,FASGEPatricia V. Blake, CAERobert F. Crochelt Jr., MDDeborah and Thomas M. Deas Jr., MD,FASGEJames A. DiSario, MD, FASGEJason A. Dominitz, MD, MHS, FASGECharles E. Dye, MDSteven A. Edmundowicz, MD, FASGEGrace H. Elta, MD, FASGEDouglas O. Faigel, MD, FASGEGary W. Falk, MD, MS, FASGEM. Brian Fennerty, MD, FASGELaurel R. Fisher, MD, FASGEDavid E. Fleischer, MDBarbara B. Frank, MD, FASGELawrence S. Friedman, MD, FASGENorio Fukami, MD, FASGERobert A. Ganz, MD, FASGEGregory G. Ginsberg, MD, FASGEChristopher J. Gostout, MD, FASGEDavid A. Greenwald, MD, FASGELyndon V. Hernandez, MD, MPH,FASGEGordon C. Hunt, MD, FASGEMichelle Inkster, MD, PhDCostas H. Kefalas, MD, FASGEMichael B. Kimmey, MD, FASGEMichael L. Kochman, MD, FASGEGlen A. Lehman, MD, FASGEMichael J. Levy, MDDavid A. Lieberman, MD, FASGESimon K. Lo, MDKenneth R. McQuaid, MD, FASGEJoel F. Panish, MD, FASGEBret T. Petersen, MD, FASGEDr. John and Mrs. Maryella PetriniBennett E. Roth, MD, FASGEColleen M. Schmitt, MD, MHS, FASGEUzma D. Siddiqui, MD, FASGEBeverly and Jerry Siegel, MD, FASGEWilliam M. Tierney, MD, FASGEJohn J. Vargo II, MD, MPH, FASGEJoseph J. Vicari, MD, MBA, FASGEMichael B. Wallace, MD, MPH, FASGEKenneth K. Wang, MD, FASGERichard C.K. Wong, MD, FASGECircle of Light Society Donors$1,000 to $4,999Mohammad A. Al-Haddad, MD, FASGEJohn I. Allen, MDMichelle A. Anderson, MD, FASGEJoseph R. Armengol-Miro, MD*Vijaypal Arya, MDDale R. Bachwich, MDJohn Baillie, MB, ChB, FASGE*Edward S. Bentley, MDRichard BerkDavid J. Bjorkman, MD, MSPH, SM,FASGE*Patricia V. Blake, CAE*Brian P. Bosworth, MDLawrence J. Brandt, MD, FASGEBrian C. Brauer, MD, FASGEWilliam R. Brugge, MD, FASGEDavid L. Carr-Locke, MD, FASGEBrenna Casey, MD, FASGEMaurice A. Cerulli, MD, FASGEJonathan Cohen, MD, FASGE13

2012 ASGE Foundation ContributorsRobert F. Crochelt Jr., MD*Deborah and Thomas M. Deas Jr. MD,FASGE*John M. DeWitt, MD, FASGEJames A. DiSario, MD, FASGE*Jason A. Dominitz, MD, MHS, FASGE*Charles E. Dye, MD*Steven A. Edmundowicz, MD, FASGE*Grace H. Elta, MD, FASGE*Douglas O. Faigel, MD, FASGE*Gary W. Falk, MD, MS, FASGE*M. Brian Fennerty, MD, FASGE*Laurel R. Fisher, MD, FASGE*David E. Fleischer, MD*Barbara B. Frank, MD, FASGE*Lawrence S. Friedman, MD, FASGE*Norio Fukami, MD, FASGE*Robert A. Ganz, MD, FASGE*Patrick D. Gerstenberger, MD, FASGEGregory G. Ginsberg, MD, FASGE*Ferga C. Gleeson, MD, FASGEChristopher J. Gostout, MD, FASGE*Martin L. Greene, MD, FASGEDavid A. Greenwald, MD, FASGE*Robert H. Hawes, MD, FASGELyndon V. Hernandez, MD, MPH,FASGE*Gordon C. Hunt, MD, FASGE*Michelle Inkster, MD, PhD*Brian C. Jacobson, MD, MPH, FASGESreenivasa S. Jonnalagadda, MD,FASGETonya R. Kaltenbach, MD, FASGEIoannis Katsogridakis, MDCostas H. Kefalas, MD, FASGE*Peter B. Kelsey, MD, FASGERajesh N. Keswani, MDMichael B. Kimmey, MD, FASGE*Jeffrey K. Klingenstein, MDMichael L. Kochman, MD, FASGE*Vani Konda, MDLawrence R. Kosinski, MDRichard S. Kwon, MDFern C. LazarGlen A. Lehman, MD, FASGE*Jonathan A. Leighton, MD, FASGEMichael J. Levy, MD*David A. Lieberman, MD, FASGE*Simon K. Lo, MD*Arnold J. Markowitz, MDKenneth R. McQuaid, MD, FASGE*Mick S. Meiselman, MD, FASGEKlaus Mergener, MD, PhD, MBA, FASGEIbrahim Mostafa, MDV. Raman Muthusamy, MD, FASGECharles C. Owen, MDJoel F. Panish, MD, FASGE*Pravinchandra H. Patel, MDBret T. Petersen, MD, FASGE*Dr. John and Mrs. Maryella Petrini*Jeffrey L. Ponsky, MD, FASGEAnaka Prakash, MDPatrick G. Quinn, MD, FASGEDouglas K. Rex, MD, FASGEJoel E. Richter, MD, FASGEElizabeth D. Rock, MDJason N. Rogart, MDYvonne Romero, MDBennett E. Roth, MD, FASGE*John R. Saltzman, MD, FASGEColleen M. Schmitt, MD, MHS,FASGE*Brian J. Schwender, MDUzma D. Siddiqui, MD, FASGE*Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Beverly Siegel*Stavros N. Stavropoulos, MDCarey B. Strom, MD, FASGEKazuki Sumiyama, MD, PhDHisao Tajiri, MDSelvi Thirumurthi, MDWilliam M. Tierney, MD, FASGE*John J. Vargo II, MD, MPH, FASGE*Joseph J. Vicari, MD, MBA, FASGE*Dr. Ravishanker and Mrs. Minu VyasMihir S. Wagh, MDMichael B. Wallace, MD, MPH,FASGE*Andrew Y. Wang, MDKenneth K. Wang, MD, FASGE*Timothy J. WilmottField F. Willingham, MD, MPHSidney J. Winawer, MD, FASGERichard C. K. Wong, MD, FASGE*Karen L. Woods, MD, FASGEPatrick S. Yachimski, MD*Circle of Light Society contributors for5 or more consecutive years.$500-$999James Aisenberg, MDRebecca ArmatoTodd H. Baron Sr., MD, FASGEMichael D. Bender, MDYasser M. Bhat, MDSergio Coda, MDKathryn A. Dattomo, CFREMarta L. Davila, MD, FASGERaquel E. Davila, MD, FASGEBarry DeGregorio, MDCarlos F. Gonzalez Del Solar, MD,FASGEJuergen H. Hochberger, MD, PhDBrenda J. Hoffman, MD, FASGETakao Itoi, MD, FASGEShinsuke Kiriyama, MDJames F. Kruidenier, MDJulia K. LeBlanc, MD, MPHEric LeeHenry Levine, MDKevin LockeGary R. May, MD, FASGECharles L. Menz, MDNicholas J. Nickl, MDPankaj J. Patel, MDPatrick R. Pfau, MDCharlene M. Prather, MDD. Nageshwar Reddy, MD, FASGESarah A. Rodriguez, MDJeffrey S. Sams, MD, FASGEChoichi Sugawa, MD, FASGEBrian TinkhamCircle of Light Society DonorMohammad A. Al-Haddad, MD, FASGEIndiana University School ofMedicine, Indianapolis, Ind.When I contribute to the ASGEFoundation, I know that my donationwill go toward supporting a novelresearch idea, help an investigatorbring an idea to life, or educateendoscopists on a new endoscopicmethod or application. I encourage all ASGE membersto contribute and consider their donation as a long-terminvestment in the health and well-being of our profession.$250 to $499Elie M. Abemayor, MDRajeev Attam, MDAugustin R. Attwell, MD, FASGEMilan S. Bassan, MBBSAmitabh Chak, MD, FASGEBipan Chand, MD, FASGECharles Cheng, MDGregory A. Cote, MD, MSWalter J. Coyle, MDL. Matthew Deppe, MDKulwinder S. Dua, MD, FASGEFabian A. Emura, MD, PhD, FASGEJerry C. Evans, MDFrancis A. Farraye, MD, FASGESuliman S. Fedail, MD, FRCPHarold Frankl, MDHernando Gonzalez, MDKrishnarao V. Gorrepati, MDTakuji Gotoda, MD, PhD, FASGEClark A. Harrison, MDDouglas A. Howell, MD, FASGEThomas F. Imperiale, MDGerard A. Isenberg, MD, MBA, FASGEDennis M. Jensen, MDMichel Kahaleh, MD, FASGEMichelle K. Kim, MD, FASGEAnn M. Kools, MDPhilip M. Koszyk, MDBlair S. Lewis, MD, FASGEDavid R. Lichtenstein, MD, FASGEJenifer R. Lightdale, MD, MPH, FASGEFauze Maluf-Filho, MD, FASGEAbraham Mathew, MD, MHESMary Melton, MDPatrick Mosler, MDLuis S. Nasiff, MDYoung S. Oh, MD, FASGEMahmoud M. Omar, MD, FASGEFredrick A. Oni, MD, FASGEGulshan Parasher, MDDavid E. Peach, MDMarcos C. Pedrosa, MD, MPH, FASGETed PhelanMark B. Pochapin, MD, FASGENakechand PooranAbbas Raza, MDPellegrina M. RegoJean-Francois Rey, MDJoyce L. Richards, DODavid H. Robbins, MD, FASGEJoseph Romagnuolo, MD, MScEpid,FASGEIan L. Sachs, MDPaulo Sakai, MD, FASGEAndres Sanchez Yague, MD14

2012 ASGE Foundation ContributorsThomas J. Savides, MD, FASGECarol E. Semrad, MDJanak N. Shah, MD, FASGENicholas J. Shaheen, MD, MPHVanessa M. Shami, MD, FASGENirmala Maya Siva, MDAlagusundaram Somasundaram, MDAnthony A. Starpoli, MDJohn R. Stroehlein, MD, FASGEUnmesh V. Takalkar, MDShyam J. Thakkar, MDMustafa Tiewala, MDLeonard B. Weinstock, MDTodd A. Williams, MDGregory Woolfolk, MD, FASGEYunsheng Yang, MDIhor A. Zakaluzny, MD$101-$249Sabas F. Abuabara, MDMohamed Tamer A. Afifi, MDJesus A. Armenta, MDRobert R. Atkins, MDSofuni Atsushi, MDAli Banaie, MDDarren S. Baroni, MDPatrick P. Basu, MDNatalya Belova, MDMark E. Benson, MDPer E. Bergenzaun, MDCircle of Light Society DonorJonathan A. Leighton, MD, FASGEMayo College of Medicine, Scottsdale, Ariz.It is through our financial support of the ASGEFoundation that the field of gastroenterology willcontinue to enhance quality andsafety and advance new conceptsand devices. I invite you tocontribute to these goals with adonation to the ASGE Foundation.Gary S. Bochna, MDJeffrey R. Breiter, MDCharles L. Brooks, MDMichael D. Brown, MDKenneth M. Brown, MDKathryn R. Byrne, MDPascual M. Camasta, MDDennis Y. Chan, MDFrank J. Chapman, MBAChirayu Chokshi, MDSean Connolly, MDNicholas V. Costrini, MDCynthia L. Cotton, MDEdward Croen, MDW. David Curtis, MD, FASGEJames M. David, MDAlexander A. Dekovich, MDThomas N. Dewar, MDUjagger S. Dhillon, MDMichael T. Draelos, MDJ. William DuVal Jr., MDHerbert Dyrszka, MDJoseph B. Eisenach, MDCharles B. Evans, MDAndrew T. Fanelli, DOJeffrey P. Fenyves, MDDino Ferrante, MDStephen W. Fry, MDCasey S. Fu, MD, PhDSam R. Fulp, MDFlorin Gaidici, MDGeorge N. Galifianakis, MDCarl E. Gessner, MDMichael J. Gilbert, MDLawrence N. Goldman, MDApril BM Grudell, MDNicholas M. Gualtieri, MDNalini Guda, MD, FASGEWilliam Hale, MDKiyoshi Hashiba, MDJohn H. Helzberg, MDLudie Hernandez-Buck, MDJohn D. Hines, DOJames K. Howden, MDKoh Ikeda, MDMarcelo Kalousek, MDFranklin E. Kasmin, MD, FASGEMichael T. Keegan, MDRichard J. Kenney, MDFrancis S. Kleckner, MDBurton I. Korelitz, MDRichard A. Kozarek, MD, FASGEPeter E. Krims, MDRabi Kundu, MDDonald H. Kutner, DOLawrence J. LaHatte, MDLuis F. Lara, MDJoel A. Levien, MDJohn G. Lieb, MDWayne B. Lucas, MDRamesh Luther, MD, FASGESiva T. Maran, MD, FASGECraig Margulies, MDJeffrey M. Marks, MD, FASGEJames F. Martin, MDIra E. Mayer, MDTimothy W. McClellan, MDLee McHenry Jr., MDLeonardo Mendez, MDChristopher Middleton, MDWilliam J. Mitchell, MDClyde T. Miyaki, MDMichael D. Molinari, MDSam E. Moussa, MDSamiappan Muthusamy, MDNoriyoshi Nagai, MDFadel Nammour, MDMatthew Nikoloff, MDMichael M. Owens, MD, FASGELaurent Palazzo, MDAshwinkumar D. Patel, MDKandarp R. Patel, DOMahendra N. Patel, MDJeffrey H. Peters, MDVijaya Lakshmi V. Pratha, MDNeil M. Price, MDRamu P. Raju, MDSrihari R. Ramanujam, MDDan Ramasamy, MD, CNSPLakshmipathi R. Reddi, MDDennis W. Reedy, MDChristoph R. Reitz, MDCarlos A. Ricotti, MDTimothy E. Ritter, MD, FASGELewis R. Roberts, MD, FASGERoderick K. Roberts, MDIrvin Robinson, MDHoracio Rubio, MDHenry L. Safier, MDAlan R. Sandberg, MDTakahiro Sato, MDMartin Schmidt, MDCharles J. Schwartz, MDSteven M. Schwartz, MDGary L. Shapiro, MDDaniel J. Sher, MDSusumu Shinoura, MDSteven H. Silver, MDBenjamin N. Smith, MDRoy M. Soetikno, MD, FASGEDavid N. Speranza, MDPhilip Stack, MDMarc A. Subik, MDWilliam H. Sweatt, MDAbdalla A. Tahiri, MDJonathan P. Terdiman, MDRobert D. Thomson, MDStanley A. Toelle, MDGerard I. Tomasso, MDEiichi Tomita, MDPenny S. Turtel, MDNicholas J. Tutticci, FRACPAtul Vahil, MDBenedicto Velasco Sepulveda, MDFrank P. Vleggaar, MD, PhDDonald G. Walker, MDXuefeng Wang, MDStanley P. Weiselberg, MDDennis B. Weiserbs, MDC. Mel Wilcox, MD, FASGEBarry D. Winston, MDDouglas C. Wolf, MD, FASGERoy K. Wong, MDDamian N. Wong, MDDavid T. Wortham, MDStewart R. Wright, MDDennis T. Yamamoto, MDDouglas W. Yoder, MDRichard E. Zander, MDJohn J. Ziebert, MDRichard S. Zubarik, MDBruce E. Zweiban, MDThe ASGE Foundation also gratefullyacknowledges donors who supportedthe Foundation in 2012 with donationsof $100 or less. Every donation makesa difference.15

Investing in the future of GI endoscopy for better patient care.ASGE Foundation Board of Trustees2012-2013Robert A. Ganz, MD, FASGEFoundation ChairMinnesota GastroenterologyMinneapolis, Minn.Mick S. Meiselman, MD, FASGEFoundation TreasurerNorth Shore University Health SystemEvanston, Ill.Kenneth K. Wang, MD, FASGEASGE President-ElectMayo ClinicRochester, Minn.Douglas O. Faigel, MD, FASGEASGE TreasurerMayo ClinicScottsdale, Ariz.Ann Marie Connolly-GarciaPentax Medical CompanyMontvale, N.J.Grace H. Elta, MD, FASGEUniversity of MichiganAnn Arbor, Mich.Arnold J. Markowitz, MDMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer CenterNew York, N.Y.Thomas A. McCourtIronwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Cambridge, MAYukio NakajimaOlympus America Inc.Center Valley, Pa.John L. Petrini, MD, FASGESansum ClinicSanta Barbara, Calif.David A. PierceBoston Scientific Corporation EndoscopyMarlborough, Mass.Bennett E. Roth, MD, FASGEUniversity of California at Los AngelesLos Angeles, Calif.Carey B. Strom, MD, FASGETower Digestive Health Medical GroupBeverly Hills, Calif.Timothy J. WilmottPenn National GamingWyomissing, Pa.Karen L. Woods, MD, FASGEMethodist HospitalHouston, Tex.ASGE Governing Board2012-2013Thomas M. Deas Jr., MD, MMM, FASGEASGE PresidentGastroenterology Associates of North TexasFort Worth, Tex.Kenneth K. Wang, MD, FASGEASGE President-electMayo ClinicRochester, Minn.Colleen M. Schmitt, MD, MHS, FASGEASGE President-elect-electGalen Medical GroupChattanooga, Tenn.Kenneth R. McQuaid, MD, FASGESecretaryVA Medical CenterSan Francisco, Calif.Douglas O. Faigel, MD, FASGETreasurerMayo ClinicScottsdale, Ariz.M. Brian Fennerty, MD, FASGEPast PresidentOregon Health and Science UniversityPortland, Ore.Gregory G. Ginsberg, MD, FASGEPast PresidentHospital of the University of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia, Pa.Amitabh Chak, MD, FASGEUniversity Hospitals Case Medical CenterCleveland, OhioSteven A. Edmundowicz, MD, FASGEWashington University School of MedicineSaint Louis, Mo.Klaus Mergener, MD, PhD, MBA, FASGEDigestive Health SpecialistsTacoma, Wash.Bret T. Petersen, MD, FASGEMayo ClinicRochester, Minn.William M. Tierney, MD, FASGEUniversity of Oklahoma Health Sciences CenterOklahoma City, Okla.John J. Vargo II, MD, MPH, FASGECleveland Clinic FoundationCleveland, OhioEx OfficioRobert A. Ganz, MD, FASGEFoundation ChairMinnesota GastroenterologyMinneapolis, Minn.StaffPatricia V. Blake, CAEChief Executive OfficerSamuel A. Haroz II, CPAChief Financial OfficerKathryn A. Dattomo, CFREFoundation DirectorAshley A. GillFoundation ManagerContact InformationASGE FoundationPhone: (630) 573-0600Toll Free: (866) 353-ASGE (2743)Fax: (630) 573-0691foundation@asge.orgwww.asge.orgwww.screen4coloncancer.orgOur best efforts have been made to determine the accuracy of thisreport. We appreciate the opportunity to correct our records. If yourname has been omitted or misrepresented, please accept our sincereapologies and contact the ASGE Foundation.To make a contribution, visit asge.org or contact the ASGE Foundationdirectly via phone or email. Contributions to the ASGE Foundation aredeductible for current income tax purposes to the extent providedby law.16

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