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Tomb Raider:UnderworldREVIEW IN THIS ISSUE

ISSUE 7WELCOMEmeet the teamproject directorsteve greenfield(Rasher)chief editorsteven dawson(djdawsonuk)graphics editorsimon bonds(Si^)First, let’s start with a slightlybelated welcome to 2009.Secondly, Welcome to thefirst issue of the new year.We have more of the samegreat previews and reviewsthat you know and love.THE EDITOR3579111315• Preview: Fear 2 : Project Origin• Article: PC vs. Console• Review: Mirrors Edge• Review: Guitar Hero : World Tour• Review: Tomb Raider : Underworld• Review: FarCry 2• Review: Rachet and Clankgraphics artistrobert whetton(Bobster)1718• Feature: Game Charts• Top 10 Game Trailersjournalistschris wakefield(evilgiraffeman)pete o’brien(POBMaestro)neil hetherington(Wedgeh)james bralant(TheGingerKid)kevin malone(Dead Alive)chris west(Kaostic)Disclaimer: The content featured throughout this magazine may contain links to your forum wherethere may be unsuitable language for children or those of a sensitive nature. We highly suggest thatyou are at least of the age 13 to visit the forums or click the links within the magazine.

PREVIEWFEAR 2 : PROJECT ORIGINThis is one of the problems Ihave though, it is all a bit toopredictable. Although I love theoriginal formula, it’s all a bit likeeverything here is “been there,done that” and although that’sno bad thing really, it left mefeeling a little like I wanted morefrom it. This is just the demothough, and there is undoubtablymore to do in the retail releasethan here. The slow motion isas fun as ever, and shooting anenemy at point blank range witha shotgun during slow motion....Just as good as it ever was (resultof such shotgun blast below).It’s hard to describe exactly how itis the game plays through text. It’sall very fluid, from hopping overa desk, to going from hip fire toiron sight. Bringing me to one ofthe games simpler, but importantfeatures, cover. Unlike the originalwhere cover was everywhere forthe enemy, but not for you, thistime around you have the abilityto create your own. Be it fromknocking over a table,or opening a car door,there’s cover whereveryou choose to make it,making fire fights with thestill impressive AI moretactical than ever before.Overall, first impressions fromthis demo are simple enough. Ifyou liked the first FEAR, you’regoing to like this, if you didn’tthere’s a high chance you maystill like it. It’s a solid FPS withtight controls and a fairly simpleHUD and interface. Maybe alittle too easy for veteran FPSplayers, I found it rather easyplaying the demo on hard mode,but worthy of checking out.There’s one last thing I want tomention, but I’m not going to goon about it, as I don’t want to spoilthis part for potential players, andthat’s the mech suit. It really doesmake you feel like a heavy hitting,damn near invincible son of a...Although I think it’s a bit easyat this point, it’s definately aday one purchase for me.Kevin Malone

ARTICLEPC VS. CONSOLE - FIRST PERSON SHOOTERSThis issue we are bringing you a new feature called “PC vs. Console”Each month we are going to look at different areas of the PC vs. Console war.PC or Console? The battlebetween the two groups ofplayers will always be neverending, but neither one will winon every genre. This month wefocus on first person shooters(FPS) and which format willreign supreme.For as long as we all know therehas been a row between PCgamers and Console gamerswhen talking about first personshooters. Many say that aFPS shouldn’t be played on aconsole as using the thumbsticks is nowhere near asaccurate as using a mouse on aPC. Others say that playing ona console is better due to therebeing more players online andless lag universally. I’m writingthis article not to just spreadmy own opinions, but to settlethe minds of those who stillask the question: “should a FPSbe played on PC or Console?”long, but has sold a tremendousamount for an exclusive consolegame. The game first made itsappearance in 2001 with ‘Halo:Combat Evolved’. From the timeof its release until this day, ithas been selling by the bucketload with more than 20millioncopies bought over the globemaking it one of the biggestgame series of all time. Tens ofthousands of people play thelatest game (Halo 3) daily onXbox Live making their dreamsof teabagging random strangersa reality. So, why is this seriesso popular? It’s different, it’smodern and it’s fantastic fun.When playing Halo on aconsole, it feels and plays right.Even though the game has beenreleased on the rival formatthat is PC, it is truly a game thatshould be played on a console.When you play this game onPC, you don’t get the same feelto the game. For one thing,the immersion is completelydifferent. When playing on aconsole, you feel more into thegame. The controller vibrateswith everyhit, you havetriggersinstead ofThe console has always beena popular favourite for almostevery game genre. Once youhave a console you don’t haveto worry about frame-rate,installing or blue screens ofdeath. All you do is grab thegame you want, shove it in andaway you go.The Halo series has been one ofthe most iconic FPS seriesof modern times.It hasn’t beenaroundfortookeys and talking to yourteammates is much easieras you can use the headsetprovided.There is only one major gripeI have. It’s one that is simplythe biggest and mostpredominantargument as towhy FPS gamescould be seenas better onPC. Using aset of twoanaloguesticksto aimefficientlyis like

ARTICLEPC VS. CONSOLE - FIRST PERSON SHOOTERSusing a chocolate kettle to boilwater, it simply doesn’t work.Imagine trying to use your consolecontroller in replace for a mouseon a computer.Frustration would occur whentrying to click play on your latestvideo or browsing forums on theinternet as the lack of accuracyis mind bogglingly bad. Granted,Halo has a somewhat noticeableaiming system where the cursor isaided to the specific target you areshooting at, but this doesn’t fix theproblem to a large enough extent.You simply cannot snipe efficientlywhen playing any FPS on aconsole as it takes five minutesto line up your scope to astationary target let alone amoving one.One of my favouriteFPS games on thePC is Call of Duty4: ModernWarfare. Asyou can tellby the name,it is part ofanotherseries withModernWarfare being the series’ biggesthit. That single game itself has soldover 10 million copies on variousdifferent formats. It has receivedmore than 80 awards includingBest Game and Best Graphicsof 2007 by several websites andmagazines. Just like Halo, thisgame is played in large numbersall around the world every day.In my honest opinion, first personshooters are games that shouldbe played on PCs. When playinga game such as Call of Duty, youcan express your true skills. Whenplaying on console, the game hasto help you when aiming verysimilar to Halo 3. When playingon PC it is raw skills that haveto be used. The mouse you useis quicker and more efficient attaking out enemies, it’s not slowand sluggish like on consoles.Every movement of the cursor isdone by you. With each kill youget using a sniper rifle or any gunfor that matter, you feel a senseof accomplishment as the shotyou made was performed by youalone and not aided in some way.As you audibly spy whilst wearingheadphones you can pounceon the enemy before they evenrealise you arethere.As in theconsoleFPSgames, there are issues with thePC games. Cheaters are morecommon, lagging can be a bigissue if servers are not stable,high spec expensive computersare needed to run the games,and some features (such as hiscoreboards in this case) are notavailable in the PC versions.I have personally always said thatthe Halo series is the only modernfirst person shooter that shouldbe played on a console becauseof how good and fun the gameis to play, but that is my opinion.When playing FPS games andchoosing between the formatsyou have to mainly think:“What is best for me?” Ifyou don’t have a lotof money to buyupgrades for yourPC, and find thatusing a mouseand keyboard (forwhatever reason)is worse than a niftygamepad, then playon a console. If you dohave a bit more money tospend and can cope with higherperforming players who are just asgood as you, choose a PC.James Bralant

REVIEWMIRRORS EDGEmore than one routethrough an area, thoughthere is very little difference tothem with one usually beingmarginally quicker or easier.If someone described a gamegenre as being “first person action”,the immediate thing that wouldspring to mind are hundreds ofenemies, endless corridors andmore weapons than a discountarmament convention. In anunusual change, Mirror’s Edgeis something very differentand is a breath of fresh air.The title is developed by DICE, adeveloper mainly known for theBattlefield series and is set in atotalitarian city sometime in thenot too distant future. The gamecentres on a “runner”, Faith, whodelivers packages and informationoutside of the government’sheavily monitored communicationchannels. The easiest way to dothis is over the pristine skylineusing building’s roofs as a methodof staying above the streets,patrolled constantly by the police.The first thing that strikes you isthe unique visual design whichis so dazzling and bright thatyou wonder how safe it is foryour eyes. The city is presentedin a glittering sheen of sunlightand cleanliness with brilliantcolours everywhere. This designchoice is startling but effective,and helps to communicate ideassubtly, not least that this isn’t a standard game.After an intelligent and measuredtutorial you are introduced to thegame’s story revolving aroundFaith’s quest to help her sister,fight the regime and uncovermore about shadowy eventswhich could have potentiallyserious consequences. The game’schapters all revolve aroundtraversing different locations,using a series of parkour stylemoves. Alongside standardjumps and grabs, you canclamber up walls, slide underobjects, wall run, roll and use theenvironment to your advantageusing zip-lines and drain pipes.The game places an emphasis onfluidity and grace, allowing you toconnect moves together to helpyou maintain your momentum. Bykeeping up a good level of speed,jumps become easier and youdevelop a natural running “line”,moving from object to objectuntil you reach your destination.Whilst this seems daunting at first,the game uses its vibrant colourpalette to help you, highlightingkey objects and directions in red,for example doors to get too andledges to jump too. This is cleverdesign and it never feels like thegame is patronising you, merelyoffering you suggestions on howto proceed. There is usuallyIn essence, this is exactly whatMirror’s Edge is about; pureunadulterated platforming infirst person. It is here that thegame works best, with minimalinformation on screen, otherthan a crosshair (which can bedisabled). You become drawnin and soon feel the pressure asyou make seemingly impossibleprogress over buildings hundredsof storeys above the ground.Some of the best sequencesinvolve desperate escapes andchases from the city’s police whereit seems impossible that you’llmake it out alive, yet somehowmanage to find a route. Cleverlevel design means that the enemyare always close and every smallvictory as you get further aheadgives you a sense of satisfactionat your skills. There are somegreat set pieces involving someaudacious escapes which you’llwant to show to anyone nearby.However, despite its core simplicitybeing the key appeal, Mirror’sEdge does have some frustratingissues which really undo someof the good work. Inevitably,this being an action game, thereis potentially combat, thougheverything possible to dissuadeyou from it is done. Fightingenemies is challenging with alimited selection of punches andkicks, often having to be usedagainst firearms. Instead, youhave the ability to disarm enemies

y waiting for their weaponto glow red before pressing abutton in response. This can betricky at the best of times whenfighting one enemy, yet laterin the game you often haveto get past several at once.In fairness, the game gives youthe usual “bullet time” that youcan use to assist you in thesesituations and it is often bestto simply avoid confrontationaltogether, though thereare times when you simplydon’t know what you have todo. There were a number ofinstances where the route isn’timmediately obvious and atthese times you are often beingshot at by several gun totingpolice officers meaning youusually crumple and die severaltimes until you finally realisewhat you were doing wrong.Other issues aresome tediouscheckpoints,where the gameputs you backa sectiondespite thecomplicatedjump beingseveralminutesaway,meaningyou haveto replaysectionsover andover untilyou getit right. Itcan also befrustratingduring chases, where youare being pursued endlesslyand are constantly trying tofind the way, which can attimes be slightly obscure.The game does degeneratein the final act, forcing you toengage in combat far more,despite you having been toldto avoid it leading to somedifficult sections on the harddifficulty settings which requiremultiple attempts to progress.As a whole, the end of the gamefeels anti-climactic aftersuch a strong build upand is short at only 9levels and a tutorial.There is limitedreplayability too, witha reasonable selectionof time trials and timeattack modes to help addsome extra challengesbut they shouldn’t taketoo long to do aftercompleting the mainstory. There are severalhidden bags in eachlevel, though if youkeep a careful eye outfor them they aren’tdifficult to locate.REVIEWMIRRORS EDGEDespite trying hard to breakaway from standard first persontitles, and in part succeeding, it isvery disappointing that the storyis so flat and clichéd. From thesecond or third level it is clearwhat is going on and several ofthe “surprising” revelations arepainfully obvious. The charactersare genre staples and whilst thecut-scenes are nicely drawn,they are by no means essential.Mirror’s Edge is a title whichis all about the gameplay,choosing to reinterpretthe standard first personconventions by makingthem feel different andactually placing you inthe game rather thanhiding you behinda glowing HUD andenormous weapon.In the end it feels like thegame itself has made a jumpyet only by desperatelygrabbing onto the ledge andhauling itself up. It is a gamehoping to be different, yetat the same time held backby brevity and a series ofissues which prevent it frombeing a must play title.REVIEWER: CHRIS WAKEFIELDGAME: MIRROR’S EDGEPLATFORM: PS3DEVELOPER: EA DIGITAL ILLUSIONSPUBLISHER: ELECTRONIC ARTSRELEASED: NOVEMBER 14, 2008PLAYABILITY: 8REPLAYABILITY: 5SOUND: 7GRAPHICS: 9OVERALL: 7.5

The Guitar Hero series hasmanaged to raise the profileof gaming since its humblebeginnings, being easy to play,accessible and most importantly:fun. What could easily havebeen another gimmicky noveltycontrollerbased game managedto tap into something enjoyableand interesting. Guitar Hero wasalways best when played witha group of mates with severalguitars, as well as large amountsof alcohol, making a sequel withband play almost inevitable.Despite being beaten to theconcept by previous developerHarmonix System’s populareffort Rock Band, Neversoft weredetermined to make a better titlewith the Guitar Hero brand namebacking them up alongside ahuge budget. There are three mainversions of World Tour availablefor the consoles: the solo game,a guitar package and a completeband edition. In this review I shallfocus on the game itself and theguitar package in particular.The core game mechanics remainlargely unchanged, with a fewnew additions included with theinevitable new guitar. In orderto play notes you hold downthe corresponding fret(s) whilststrumming as they approach youon the screen. Hammer-ons andREVIEWGUITAR HERO : WORLD TOURpull-offs are also present,more evidently on thehigher difficulties. Thesenotes don’t requirestrumming, only thecorrect fret button to be pushed aslong as you keep hitting the notes.The new wireless guitars alsoinclude a touch pad towards thebody of the guitar which can beused to play transparent notes;this feature is usually used insolos and can be very useful. Theother key addition is the ability toplay additional notes at the sametime as holding sustained onesthough this happens infrequently.Other than these inclusions thegame remains virtually identical tothe other titles, with a “Rock Meter”monitoring your progress througha song; if too many notes aremissed then you will fail and haveto replay it. Star Power gives youthe ability to double your currentscore multiplier (achieved throughgood play) and is activated bytilting the guitar after hitting achain of star shaped notes.The key single player element ofthe game revolves around thecareer mode, where you take on aseries of gigs with multiple songsand an encore. When these arecompleted you unlock the nextvenue and some bonus venuesyou can spend career cash on.Occasionally you will face one ofseveral boss characters, playingagainst them in a guitar duelbefore being rewarded with aspecial song. A nice additionis the combination of songsinto a gig, meaning you canavoid going back to the menubetween tracks, which makes ita lot easier than previous titles.The song list is expansive with86 included with the game andan online store available whereextra tracks can be downloadedfor a small price or as part of apack. At the moment the listavailable is limited, though thedevelopers promise regularnew content to be uploadedincluding new albums andmaterial from a variety of bands.As a fan of rock and metal musicI found myself very disappointedwith the tracks available. From thelist, I like perhaps 20 to 25 songsat most and find myself playingonly 15 of them regularly. There aretoo many recent or obscure songsand the focus is primarily aimed atan American audience. It is clearthat the game is trying to diversifyto appeal to as wide an audienceas possible, but in doing so isalienating the people that wantedto play the series in the first place.In previous games of the series,the songs would follow a templateand include a challenging soloor unusual section to play, butmany of the titles in World Tourare more conventional popsongs than rock or metal titles.A track list is subjective, so foreach person it will be differentand no doubt this will get morepeople playing the game asthere is at least one song for

everyone, including somewell known classics which aregreat for beginners. I can’t faultthe sound quality with everytrack being a master recordingshowing that gone are thedays of dubious quality covers.At times though, even on thehardest difficulties, you seemto be playing notes that don’texist or at times aren’t playingones you can hear which canbe distracting and frustrating.Since the impenetrabilityREVIEWGUITAR HERO : WORLD TOURYet, my biggest complaint withWorld Tour is that it is clearlydesigned to be part of a bandpackage. Neversoft designedthis game to be played withall the instruments and as aband, so selling it separately isdoing it a serious injustice asit isn’t providing a completeexperience. By selling it as a“guitar package” I was expectingmore from it, whereas there islittle merit for fans of the seriesto get this particular deal.wait for a song to play or a levelto load which is difficult tounderstand considering howbasic the graphics are for a nextgeneration console. Whilst thecartoony style suits the gamewell, they haven’t noticeablyimproved and are already ageing.In essence, World Tour isn’ta bad game, but it certainlyisn’t a good game in the guitarpackage format. Selling a gamedesigned for multiplayer useof Guitar Hero III’s final set,Neversoft listened and decidedto reduce the difficulty of thetitle, again making it moreaccessible. Whilst you now neverhit a wall of impossibility, thegame provides no challengeto veterans of the series andonly a handful of songs takemultiple attempts on expertfor proficient players. I washonestly astonished to be ableto get to the final set with littledifficulty on the hardest setting,considering I often struggledwith many of the expertsongs from the third game.It is clear that in order to providean enjoyable experience, songshad to be picked that were goodfor each instrument. Yet whenhaving just the guitar, far toomany songs are unbelievablydull to play consisting of thesame pattern of notes repeatedover and over again. When youcombine this with the fact thatyou may dislike many of thetracks it adds insult to injury,being forced to play a boringsong which you don’t even like.There are several other issueswith the game: the loadingtimes can be ludicrous as youindividually is fair enough, butthe game has to be able to standup on its merit individually,which World Tour can’t do.If you are a long time Guitar Heroplayer then I can’t recommendthe guitar package to you. Ifyou are a beginner and arenew to the series, try and gofor the complete package.No matter how you approachthis, the solo guitar versionis dissatisfying and notsuited to the concept ofthe title and is the first trulydisappointing Guitar Hero title.REVIEWER: CHRIS WAKEFIELDGAME: GH WORLD TOURPLATFORM: PS3DEVELOPER: NEVERSOFTPUBLISHER: ACTIVISIONRELEASED: NOVEMBER 7, 2008PLAYABILITY: 8REPLAYABILITY: 5SOUND: 9GRAPHICS: 6OVERALL: 6

REVIEWTOMB RAIDER : UNDERWORLDTomb Raider has always beenone of gaming’s most iconicseries. When Crystal Dynamicstook over the reigns of thefranchise it received a muchneeded overhaul after thelacklustre Angel of Darkness.Underworld follows on from bothLegend and Anniversary, howevercompleting both isn’t essentialto understanding the story anda handy recap is available shouldyou need it. The plot followsLara’s search for her motherafter her disappearance whenshe was a child, which as usualinvolves globetrotting to someimpossibly attractive locations.The visual design and graphicsare nothing short of stunning; thisis easily one of the most strikinggames of 2008. The environmentsare well chosen and intelligentlydesigned with a nice variety tohelp keeps things interesting. Attimes the game is breath-takingas you traverse huge drops incoastal Thailand or navigate thetreacherous caverns underneathJan Mayen Island in the Arctic.Continuing Crystal Dynamic’sreimagining of the series, Laracomes with several new moves.The grappling hook now plays agreater role, especially in many ofthe puzzles. Lara can grappel downcliffs, wall run and use it to knockover objects making it a widelyused addition which feels like anatural extension of Lara’s skills.The crux of the gameplay is stillfirmly split into platforming mixedwith exploration and combat. Theplatforming generally works wellmainly thanks to the competentand thoughtful level design. Forthe first time in a Tomb Raidertitle, there are different routeswhich can be used to reach yourgoal, though these usually aremerely a slight deviation from thestandard route. The game presentsyou with a seemingly impossibleselection of ledges and traps,often over a huge area which isinitially daunting. However, asyou work your way through, thepath ahead gradually appearsgiving you a sense of achievementwhen you reach the end.There are times when the gamewill present you with an overlyfiddly challenge which can quicklyturn into a serious annoyance.There were several occasions whenone tricky jump or wall run had mereplaying it in excess of a dozentimes. This was made worse bythe difficulty being increased bya camera which has a tendencyto suddenly jump wildly around.There were several locations whereI managed to be inches away froma checkpoint with one easy jumpleft, when suddenly I was facedwith a close up of Lara’s shoulderas she plummeted to her death.At times the controls alsofeel a little too sensitive andtemperamental which is worryingwhen you are trying to carefullynavigate a ledge 50ft abovethe ground. However, thesefactors rarely become majorissues, but they do diminish thesense of achievement when youfinally complete a tricky sectionsmiling with gritted teeth.The combat is pretty basic incomparison to the platformingand in typical Tomb Raider fashionholding down fire whilst jumpingrarely fails. The targeting frequentlyends up aiming at the tiger/jaguar/giant spider on the horizonrather than the one in front ofyou removing your arm from yourbody. There are two “adrenaline”special moves which are fiddlyto pull off but allow you to inflicthuge damage on your enemies.I found myself rarely using them,instead preferring to do things theold fashioned way with pistols.There are a limited range ofweapons, which can make thingseasier including a tranquiliserpistol presumably forced on thegame by animal lovers after theseries’ exterminating most of theworld’s endangered species.Puzzles are also an important partof the game and thankfully therange and variety will keep youbusy. Some are fiendishly trickyand many are combined withplatforming making them difficultbut never impossible. It seemsthat too often games spoon feedyou the correct route or solutionbut here Underworld can offeryou hints if you need them, butdoesn’t patronise you with them.I would encourage you not to usethem as it really turns the gameinto one more reminiscentof the early titles.The game is incrediblypolished with carefulattention to detailhelping it to reallystand out from thecrowd. Lara’s weight onpoles pulls them downslightly, water glistenson the steps of templesduring a thunder stormand enemies’ bodies staywhere you killed them.At times this polish isundone when you diefrom a tiny fall leavingyour corpse bouncing orwhen you end up facinghordes of tarantulas inan English manor house.

REVIEWTOMB RAIDER : UNDERWORLDDespite these annoyancesUnderworld is never less thana compelling action adventure,which is what a Tomb Raidertitle should be. The gameis challenging and at timesdownright difficult, especiallyduring the final confrontation. Thedesigners listened to feedbackand have removed the tediousboss battles from the game,replacing them with a devilishpuzzle and platforming finale.Crystal Dynamic’s also manageto turn the inevitable drivingsections into acceptable setpieces and they were nowherenear as bad as I had feared.The game is short, has the kind ofawful British stereotyping I despise(we do not say “bloody hell” inevery sentence) and has thecheek to recycle two sectionsof the game but still managesto be a competent and aboveaverage action adventure.The polish and understandingof its genre helps Underworldto be satisfying, challenging andimpressive. I never expected tobe playing Tomb Raider gamesover a decade on and stillenjoying them. It’s a testamentto the developers that the seriesis still relevant, testing andmost importantly enjoyable.REVIEWER: CHRIS WAKEFIELDGAME: TR: UNDERWORLDPLATFORM: PS3DEVELOPER: CRYSTAL DYNAMICSPUBLISHER: EIDOS INTERACTIVERELEASED: NOVEMBER 7, 2008PLAYABILITY: 8REPLAYABILITY: 6SOUND: 8GRAPHICS: 9OVERALL: 7

REVIEWFARCRY 2Far Cry 2 is the long awaitedsort-of sequel to Far Cry(although there have beenextra Far Cry games, nonecan be called a sequel.)You begin the game in SouthAfrica with a long interactivecut-scene which then quicklyturns into an attack on you.You end up with Malaria in themiddle of nowhere and you mustwork your way through missions(which mostly just include killingnumerous people, or blowingup certain objects) to find thenotorious ‘Jackal’. I was veryexcited about getting my handson this game from the videos onYouTube but when I actually got it,I was a bit disappointed. Althoughthis game is extraordinary, it hasmany flaws. But first, lets talkabout some of its good features.Although it is fun to grab thebiggest gun I could find and goblowing the enemies’ heads off; Ididn’t have to do this in Far Cry 2.If you are like me, then you willwant to try the more stealthyapproach, using the sniperrifles and silenced weapons totheir fullest, creeping aroundand picking off enemies oneby one. One of the best thingsabout this game in my view isthe independence it gives thegamer. You choose what youwant to do and when, eventhough sometimes it doesforce you to do some missions,you get to choose when youwant to do them and how.The thing that Ubisoft havepromoted the most about thisgame is the fire in it. “Play withthe most realistic fire ever seenin a game” comes from the backof the case. This statement is verytrue as in game, I could wipeout complete villages with just aMolotov cocktail or a flare gun.The vehicles in this are extremelyfun to drive and very realistic.Although I couldn’t believe thenumber of times I had to getout of my car/boat and repairthe damned thing as theybreak down so much from gundamage. One very big thing Ialso liked about this game wasthe accents. I know this is notpart of the game but I know I amnot the only person that adoresthe South African accent!

REVIEWFARCRY 2No matter how good this title is,there will always be downsidesto nearly every aspect to asno game can be perfect, canit? I complimented the fire inthis game greatly, but thereis a thing that annoys me alot too about it, I burnt downa whole forest with a singleMolotov cocktail and then itwill suddenly stop burning!One of my biggest criticismsabout the game is the AI,although very well made, thebiggest flaw I saw was that forsome reason they can see meby one shot I fired. If I let offa shot and then moved, youwould think that they wouldgo to where the shot was,but no. They just followed mearound until I was dead orthey were! Very irritating.I also have a big ‘No No’ aboutthe silenced weapons. Silencedweapons are suppose to besilent, and not attract attention,it’s in the name ‘SILENCED’.So far the only weapon Ihave found that does this isthe Dart Rifle. The SILENCEDMP5 and SILENCED pistolattracts attention as if I wasusing a Light Machine Gun!Another thing that irritatedme about this game was thestrong accents that some ofthe characters have. I couldn’tunderstand a word that theyare saying and the subtitles arefairly hard to see (not as bad asDead Rising but still!) a big downpoint for the hard of hearing.The repetitiveness of the missionsgets very annoying. “Killthis man”, “destroy this thing”,“make this man talk then killhim!” over and over again. Fairenough there may not be a lotI could have done in the wayof missions for South Africanterrain but hey, I would liketo be able to skin a few animalsor fetch some water for asimpleton. Even the mundanetasks are sometimes best!A big disappointment for mewere the multiplayer modes,these are not well made at all.The map-maker function isgood yes, but does not makeup for how bad the multiplayeris. It is very hard to connect toa good server and is then notan enjoyable experience.I did get confused a lot by thisgame when I am just standingin front of a friendly NPC theywill just drop dead right thereand then. Or I will just hear atruck pull up and the driver willalready be dead! I was gettingincreasingly confused when thiscontinuously happened. Anotherproblem with the NPC’s was thatI could walk through some ofthe watch posts (enemy look outpoints) and there will be no sightor sound of anybody. I wouldwalk in most of the houses, nothing.Then I would come acrossa building with four enemiescrouching down in the cornersfacing the walls. I walk in and stillno response at all. Shoot one,still nothing! Then I would walkoutside and there will be onestanding there with a shotgun inmy face, boom headshot, I die.Some of the NPC’s are built liketanks, I can shoot them in theleg, chest, arm, wherever andthey will not be affected at all!This is supposed to be a realisticgame, How can I shoot somebodyin the chest or face andthey do hardly anything. TheseNPC’s are mutants (no, pleaseno, not Far Cry again!), why don’twe have these men in our army!Although this review doescontain a lot of criticisms ofthe game, the high points donot dim the title for me at all.It was one of the most fungames I played last year!REVIEWER: CHRIS WESTGAME: FAR CRY 2PLATFORM: XBOX 360DEVELOPER: UBISOFT MONTREALPUBLISHER: UBISOFTRELEASED: JANUARY 20, 2009PLAYABILITY: 7REPLAYABILITY: 4SOUND: 9GRAPHICS: 9OVERALL: 7

REVIEWRACHET AND CLANKThe other main puzzle additionis the intelligent incorporation oflight and dark into the gameplay.Ratchet can now use the wrenchto pick up items, such as flamingrocks or glowing bugs anduse them in the environment.In one memorable sectionexploring a pitch black cave, youmust use fluorescent creaturesto guide you over narrowwalkways and scare off enemieswho are afraid of the light.Quest for Booty is an excellentplatforming title and providesenjoyable adventuring forthe few hours it lasts. Yet theshort length tends to mar theexperience and prevent it beingan essential recommendationfrom the PlayStation Store.Hopefully, a price reduction willoccur soon which will make itfar more appealing, especially tohelp ease the wait for the nextfull sequel in Autumn 2009.Yet, whilst Quest delivers thesame refined and well balancedRatchet & Clank experience, thelength of the title is a seriousissue. Whilst the game is a“mini-adventure” I completedit in a single sitting in aroundtwo hours, as it only has 4levels, broken up into smallerstages. I can see this takingsome inexperienced gamers amaximum of 4 to 5 hours whichis still a very short length.The title has little replay value asit acts as a self-contained storyand lacks the challenge modeof the previous titles. Thereare some secret items to findand weapon upgrades, thoughthese aren’t too well hidden andmany can be picked up on thefirst play through. The brevitywouldn’t be such an issue,were it not for the high askingprice of £14.99 which leavesyou feeling short changed. Thegame feels like it was designedto be a bite sized adventureand if it were priced accordinglyit would be easier to enjoy.REVIEWER: CHRIS WAKEFIELDGAME: R & C: QUEST FOR BOOTYPLATFORM: PS3DEVELOPER: INSOMNIAC GAMESPUBLISHER: SONYRELEASED: SEPTEMBER 12, 2008PLAYABILITY: 9REPLAYABILITY: 3SOUND: 9GRAPHICS: 9OVERALL: 6.5

Charts for all platformsARTICLEGAME CHARTS1. Wii Fit2. Call Of Duty: World At War3. Skate 24. FIFA 095. The Lord Of The Rings: Conquest6. Wii Play7. My Fitness Coach8. Mario Kart Wii9. Tomb Raider: Underworld10. Professor Layton And The Curious Village11. Guitar Hero: World Tour12. Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games13. Need For Speed: Undercover14. Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training15. Carnival: Funfair Games16. Lego Batman: The Videogame17. Lego Indiana Jones: Original Adventures18. Pro Evolution Soccer 200919. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare20. Fallout 3Leisure software charts compiled by GfK Chart Track, (C)2008 ELSPA (UK) Ltd | www.elspa.co.uk

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