CHIROPRACTIC - Dansk Kiropraktor Forening

CHIROPRACTIC - Dansk Kiropraktor Forening

CHIROPRACTIC - Dansk Kiropraktor Forening

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Do you like to solve complex medical cases, be challenged intellectually, be a partof a multidisciplinary team and use your hands? Do you want to help patients sufferingfrom musculoskeletal pain and disability? Then clinical biomechanics (chiropractic)could be the study programme for you! >>

[BECOME AN EXPERT IN MUSCULAR SKELETAL DISORDERS]Clinical biomechanics (chiropractic) isthe field of the health sciences linkingbiological, biomechanical and psychologicalknowledge to musculoskeletal diseases inpatients suffering from pain and disability injoints, muscles and bones. As a chiropractor,you are expected to be able to prevent,diagnose and treat musculoskeletaldisorders using of the latest knowledgeand technologies. Becoming a chiropractorinvolves being prepared for lifelong learning.PROGRAMME STRUCTUREClinical biomechanics is a 5-year studyprogramme that combines theoreticalstudies with practical manual training. Thefi rst 3 years of the programme correspondclosely to the medical programme,which is supplemented by a number ofsubjects such as theoretical and clinicalbiomechanics. Here you will learn practicalmethods for the examination and treatmentof joints and muscles.The Bachelor programme is divided intotwelve modules of 8 weeks duration. Inaddition, the programme is divided intothree parallel tracts: the biomedical, theacademic and the profession tracts. Eachof the twelve modules comprises elementswithin two or three of the tracts (Figure 1).The biomedical tract comprises thebasic health sciences on which clinicalbiomechanics is based and provides youwith extensive knowledge about humanbiological life – from beginning to end– allowing you, as a student to understandhealth and illness in a social, cultural,and ethnic context – for the individual,but also in a national and internationalhealth perspective. The overall workloadcorresponds to 2 years.The profession track includes a clinicalinternship, skills training and training inpatient communication. The teachingprovides you with fundamental clinicalcompetences to diagnose patients withFIGURE 1. STRUCTURE OF THE BACHELOR PROGRAMMEYear 1Year 2Year 3different musculoskeletal conditions, aswell as skills to perform basic chiropractictreatment. The workload corresponds to sixmonths.The academic track contains philosophy ofscience, scientifi c method and informationretrieval. The academic track ensures thatyou obtain fundamental academic skill,including construction of hypotheses andresearch questions, abilities to answerthem, interpretation of results, and skills toTHE BIOMEDICAL TRACK THE PROFESSION TRACK THE ACADEMIC TRACKLife, health and diseaseFrom cell to individualKnowledge and informationMovement and workEnergy and vital functionsNutrition and growthRegulation andcommunicationHomeostasisBrain and sensesAttack and defenceBachelor project/electivesubjectsFrom healthy to illFIGURE 2. STRUCTURE OF THE MASTER’S PROGRAMMEYear 1Year 2First aidClinical apprenticeship AHealth psychologyTheoretical biomechanics AClinical biomechanics 1aTheoretical biomechanicsB & CClinical biomechanics 1b & 1cClinical biomechanics 2EthicsClinical biomechanics3 & 4Scientifi c projectKnowledge and values IKnowledge and values IIBasic researchmethodologyBachelor’s projectTHE CLINICAL TRACK THE PROFESSION TRACK THE ACADEMIC TRACKDiagnostic imaging I & IIGeneral diagnosis I & IIElective subjectsClinical biomechanics 5 & 6RadiographyClinical internships B & CMaster’s dissertation

[CLINICAL BIOMECHANICS - A WORLD-CLASS STUDY PROGRAMME]In today’s knowledge society, the choice of education has become one of life’s mostimportant decisions. With the chiropractic study programme, you obtain a solidresearch-based education ranking among the best in the world. The programmestructure is modern and focused on providing the candidate with profi ciencies tomaster a wide spectrum of musculoskeletal disorders in both private practices and athospital wards.The chiropractic programme at the University of Southern Denmark is the only onein the world which is completely integrated with medical science. It has the uniquequality that fi eld experts teach all subjects. For example, a professor of neurologyteaches the subject neurology, while experienced chiropractors, of whom many arealso active researchers, teach the more clinically oriented subjects.INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH ENVIRONMENTThe chiropractic programme at University of Southern Denmark is the world’s most research-based programme.The Research Unit of Clinical Biomechanics is part of a great national and international network. Annually, weproduce between 50-100 scientific publications, and our research is presented at international conferences. As astudent you therefore have access to leading researchers, and many of the researchers teach at the programme.Thus, you can be certain that the chiropractic programme at SDU builds on the newest knowledge. As a studentyou have a chance to actively participate in the research environment when you write your Bachelor’s or Master’sdissertation. You also have the opportunity to enrol in the PhD programme after graduation.BECOME A ‘BIOMECH’ AT USDThe University of Southern Denmark is the only educational institution in the Nordic countries with a graduateprogramme in clinical biomechanics (chiropractic). About half of the students come from Denmark, while the otherhalf come from other European countries. The study programme in clinical biomechanics in Odense benefi ts from fullinternational recognition.If you want an education in a rapidly developing profession that combine academic and practical skills, ClinicalBiomechanics is your choice. You will be equipped to work in the health services of the future while living in acharming and enjoyable city - Odense, the no.1 Cycle City in Denmark. The future is in your hands.Henrik Hein LauridsenDirector of Studies, Clinical Biomechanics

Questions about the programme can be addressed to:STUDENT COUNSELLORE-mail: fvkb@health.sdu.dkTel.: +45 6550 2978DIRECTOR OF STUDIESHenrik Hein LauridsenTel.: +45 6550 3487E-mail: hlauridsen@health.sdu.dkwww.sdu.dk/ansat/HLauridsen.aspxQuestions about admission and enrolment:STUDENT SERVICESTel.: +45 6550 1051, Mondays to Fridays from 10 am - 2 pmE-mail: studenterservice@sdu.dkwww.sdu.dk/uddannelse/optagelse/optagelse_og_vejledning.aspxUniversity of Southern DenmarkCampusvej 55, DK-5230 Odense MDenmarkEsbjergKoldingOdense Slagelse KøbenhavnSønderborgTHERE IS PRACTICALLY NO UNEMPLOYMENT AMONG NEWLYQUALIFIED MASTERS OF SCIENCE, CLINICAL BIOMECHANICS.THE MAJORITY ARE EMPLOYED IMMEDIATELY AFTER GRADUATION.THE CHIROPRACTIC EDUCATION AT USDIS FREE OF CHARGE FOR EU CITIZENSwww.sdu.dk/kiropraktikKROGAGERSYDDANSKUNIVERSITET.DK

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