Expense Report

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Expense Report

Expense Report Attachmentsin PeopleSoftcreated by: UHV FinanceRevised 08/11This job aid can be found at:http://www.uhv.edu/peoplesoft/required.aspx1

Before you begin: First, check the scanned image beforeattaching to PeopleSoft.Second, make sure that the document have no securitysensitive information. If there is, block-out the followinginformation, such as, Federal ID number, Check Routingnumber, Social Security, License number, Credit Card number,Birth date, & Checking Account number.Third, If receipt is on thermal paper make a copy of thedocument before scanning. If thermal paper needs to be taped,make sure to taped it around the edges avoiding theinformation needed for documentation.Fourth, if document were accidentally attached withoutblocking out the security information, inactivate the document,and notify Finance Accounts Payable as soon as possible tosecure the documents.2

Step 1: Log-on to PASS- Select UHS Finance3

Step 2: On the Menu- Select Business Processes AP P/T Cards4

Step 3: Enter the Business Unit (00765), and Last 4Digits of Card number. Optional: to be more specific withthe type of card, enter 765LP for Pro Card or 765T forTravel Card inside the “Credit Card Vendor” field. Thenselect5

Step 4: Uhs Ebpl Proccard window will appear.- Review Name and the Last 4 Digits of Card. Make sure thisinformation matches the Expense Report.6

Cont. Step 4 : If everything is correct, Add newdocument select7

Step 5: Select “Browse” and find the scannedExpense Report and Receipts to be attached.8

Step 6: Double Check the attachments. If it’scorrect then select “Save”10

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