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Scheduling Classes for HighSchoolMarch 5-15, onlineCourse Catalog isonline also

Graduation Requirements• Standard Diploma for Ky22 Credits4 Bible4 English4 Math (years)3 Science3 Social Studies1 Health/PE1 Fine Arts2 electives (foreign language for college)

College Prep Diploma• 24 credits• 2 year of the same foreign language• GPA must be 3.0 weighted• No honors classes required

Honors Diploma• 24 credits• 2 years of the same foreign language• GPA of 3.5 weighted• Honors classes for three years in at leasttwo different subjects

Honors Tracks are available inHigh School for:• English• Science• Math• Social Studies• Foreign Language

GPACollege Prep Class A = 4.0Honors Class A = 5.0Adv. Placement Class A = 5.5Weighted andUnweighted GPA

High School has a 7 period dayFreshman Schedule1 Biblebreak2. English3. Biology4. Mathlunch5. Health/Physical Education6. Elective?7. Elective?

Honors Classes for Freshmen• English• Science (Biology)• Math (Algebra or Geometry)

Requirements for an Honors Class• Grade in the current subject• Standardized test scores in the subject• 8 th grade teacher recommendation• Final Approval from High SchoolDepartment ChairmanTrust the 8 th gradeteachers!

Honor ClassesIf you don’t know whether or not to sign upfor honors classes, sign up, this will allowyou to go through the recommendationprocessLetter in June

Freshmen ElectivePossibilities• Study Hall• Foreign Language – Spanish, French, Latin• Art• Computer• Graphic and Web Page Design• Band or before school• Choir or before school• Orchestra• Home Economics(Cannot take Adv. Wellness)• AP Human Geography

Foreign Language• Majority of freshmen• Must be the same both years• Must have for almost all colleges• Spanish, French, Latin

• Spanish I• Honors Spanish ISpanish- Moves faster than Spanish I- For students who want to take HonorsSpanish II, III and AP Spanish

Study Hall• A student can take study hall all four yearsof high school and still graduate with theHonors diploma

Two requests we can not honor:• We can not honor a request for yourclasses to be in a specific orderExample, study hall 7 th period• We can not honor a request for a specificteacher• Classes must be balanced

Rank• We do not rank, we provide colleges withtop percentiles in 10s.Policy : Valedictorianwill be calculated from quality pointsStudy Hall isno longer anadvantage

Service Hours• Must have 60 to graduate• 30 must be outside of the Christiancommunity• Not for a relative• Can start summer after 8 th grade• Mission trips, 8 hours per day• Can not be paid

Social Life• Dances, go in groups• Clubs, sports, music, drama (notthe gossip drama!!)Stay involved inChurch


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