Calorie Salary
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Calorie Salary

1Youth Youth Version VersionTips for Using MyPyramid

Would you care foryour car like this?3

MyPyramid is like acare manual for your body!4

“If you don’ttake care ofyour body,where are yougoing to live?”~Author unknown5

MyPyramid helps you plan …• Types andamounts offoods to eat• Getting enoughphysical activity6

Think ofMyPyramidguidelines as a“calorie salary.”8

If you overspendby 100 caloriesper day10 poundweight gainper year!9

3,500 caloriesadds up toabout1 pound10

Example of 100 calories10 jelly beans10 large jelly beans (1 ounce)11

122525 pieces = 100 calories

Average calories …200 calories/1.5 oz150 calories/12 oz.240 calories/medium glazeddoughnut460 calories/medium order13

“Essential” vs. “extra” calories“Essential” caloriesare the minimumcalories needed toeat the foods yourbody needs.15

“Essential”calories are likecar payments.What happensif you skip carpayments?16

The best food “buys”are foods with:No added sugarThe least amountof fat, especiallysolid fat18

Quick math lesson1 teaspoon addedsugar = about20 calories.1 teaspoon solidfat = about35 calories.Check “Nutrition Facts” labelsfor more specific calorie countsand nutrition information.19

Sample Nutrition Facts label1. Check“Serving Size”2. Calories/serving3-6. Check nutrients

How many calories are inONE “Serving Size”?Nutrition FactsServing Size: 1 cup (228 g)Servings Per Container: 2Amount Per ServingCalories: 250 Calories from Fat: 110ANSWER: 25021

How many calories in FOURtablespoons of salad dressing?Nutrition FactsServing Size: 2 Tbsp. (30 g)Servings Per Container: 8Amount Per ServingCalories: 90 Calories from Fat: 8022ANSWER: 180; 90 calories is for 2 Tbsp.

Definition: Added sugars“Added sugars” are sugarsand syrups added during:• processing• preparationThey do NOT include naturallyoccurring sugars found in milkand fruits.

Read the Nutrition Factslabel for TOTAL sugarsNutrition FactsServing size: 1 containerAmount Per ServingCalories: 110ANutrition FactsServing size: 1 containerAmount Per ServingCalories: 240BTotal Carbohydrate: 15 g Total Carbohydrate: 44 gSugars: 15 gSugars: 44 gDietary Fiber: 0 gDietary Fiber: 0 gWhich food has more TOTAL sugar?24

Bhas more TOTAL sugarNutrition FactsServing size: 1 containerAmount Per ServingCalories: 110ANutrition FactsServing size: 1 containerAmount Per ServingCalories: 240BTotal Carbohydrate: 15 gSugars: 15 gDietary Fiber: 0 gTotal Carbohydrate: 44 gSugars: 44 gDietary Fiber: 0 g25

4 grams sugar = 1 teaspoonNutrition FactsServing size: 1 can (12 fl. oz.)Amount Per ServingCalories: 152How manyteaspoons sugarin 12 ounces ofpop?Total Carbohydrate: 40 gSugars: 40 gDietary Fiber: 0 gAnswer: 10 teaspoons!40 g sugar ÷ 4 = 10 teaspoons sugar26

Look at the ingredient listfor ADDED sugarsAINGREDIENTS: cultured pasteurized grade Anonfat milk, whey protein concentrate, pectin.INGREDIENTS: cultured grade A reduced fatmilk, apples, high-fructose corn syrup,cinnamon, nutmeg, natural flavors, pectin.BWhich food has more ADDED sugar?27

Bhas more ADDED sugarAINGREDIENTS: cultured pasteurized grade Anonfat milk, whey protein concentrate, pectin.INGREDIENTS: cultured grade A reduced fatmilk, apples, high-fructose corn syrup,cinnamon, nutmeg, natural flavors, pectin.BTIP: the ingredient that weighs the most in a food is listedfirst with the ingredient that weighs the least, listed last. 28

These words meanadded sugar• Brown Sugar• Corn Sweetener• Corn Syrup• Dextrose• Fructose• Fruit JuiceConcentrates• Glucose• High-fructose CornSyrup• Honey• Invert Sugar• Lactose• Maltose• Malt Syrup• Molasses• Raw Sugar• Sucrose• Sugar• Syrup

Foods with most of the addedsugars in American diets:• Regular soft drinks• Candy• Cakes• Cookies• Pies• Fruit drinks, such asfruitades and fruit punch• Milk-based desserts andproducts, such as ice cream,sweetened yogurt and sweetened milk• Grain products, such as sweet rolls andcinnamon toast

It’s OK to eat these foods ifyou meet MyPyramidrecommendations and don’teat too many calories.31

Definition: Solid fatsSolid fats are fats that are solid at roomtemperature. Some common solid fats are:• Butter• Beef fat (tallow, suet)• Chicken fat• Pork fat (lard)• Stick margarine• Shortening

Foods high in solid fats include:These foods are OK ifyou meet MyPyramidrecommendations anddon’t overdo calories.• Many cheeses• Creams• Ice creams• Well-marbled meat cuts• Regular ground beef• Bacon• Sausages• Poultry skin• Many baked goods,such as cookies,crackers, donuts,croissants

Spend your “caloriesalary” wisely to have“extra” calories aftermeeting “essential”nutrient needs.34

“Essential” vs. “extra” calories“Extra” calories are likemoney left after carpayments and other“essential” spending.They’re like “extra”money you canspend on things likemovies and so on.35

You can spend your“extra” calories on:• Foods with added sugar• Foods higher in fat• More foods from theMyPyramid food groups36

MyPyramid calls these“extra” calories“discretionary” calories37

Total “extra” calories rangefrom about 100 to 700 caloriesYOUR leveldepends on:• Age• Gender• Activity level

Find on the next slides …1. Approximate totalcalories YOU need2. About how manyof YOUR totalcalories can bespent on “extras”39

Calories for 9 - 13 yearsFemalesNotactiveActiveMalesNotactiveActive130130 - 290195195 - 410160018001600 –22001800 -2600CaloriesExtraTotal40

Calories for 14 - 18 yearsFemalesNotactiveActiveMalesNotactive195265 - 360290180022002000 –2400Active360 - 650CaloriesExtraTotal2400 -320041

Calculate recommended amounts of foodsfor a personalized MyPyramid Plan forYOUR calorie level at MyPyramid.gov42

Sample meal tracking worksheet: 2000 calories

Make certain you get enoughof these food groups• Fruits• Vegetables• Milk• Whole grains

Recommendations:Fruits and vegetables1. Consume a sufficientamount of fruitsand vegetables whilestaying withincalorie needs.2. Choose a variety offruits and vegetableseach day.46

Focus on fruits• Eat 2 cups of fruitsper day (for a 2,000calorie diet).• Select fresh, frozen,canned, or dried fruit,rather than drinkingfruit juice, for most ofyour fruit choices.Note this equivalent:¼ cup dried fruit = ½ cup fruit47


Portion sizes: ½ and 1 cup1 cup = 1 baseball½ cup = ½ baseball49

Vary your veggies• Eat 2½ cups of raw orcooked vegetablesper day (for a 2,000calorie diet).• Select from all fivevegetableSUBGROUPSseveral times a week.Note this equivalent:2 cups raw leafy greens = 1 cup of vegetable50

5 vegetable subgroupsDark greenOrangeStarchyDry beans& peasOther veggies51

When it comes to fruits &veggies …“For optimum health,scientists say eat arainbow of colors.Your plate shouldlook like a box ofCrayolas.”~ Janice M. Horowitz,TIME, January 12, 200252

How does YOUR plate rate?53

Recommendations: MilkConsume 3 cupsper day of fat-free orlow-fat milk or equivalentmilk products:For children ages 2 to 8, it’s2 cups per dayFor information about non-dairy sourcesof calcium, see MyPyramid.gov54

Dairy productsEquivalents:• 8 ounces milk (1 cup)• 1 cup yogurt• 1½ ounces natural or2 ounces processedcheesePhoto: Courtesy of National Dairy Council®55

Save calories by switchingto a lower fat milk!16512510085caloriescaloriescaloriescaloriesWhole2%1%Fat FreeCaloriessaved:40658056

Recommendations: GrainsEat six “1 ounceequivalents”of grainproducts daily (for a2,000 calorie diet):• Make at least half ofgrains whole grain.• The rest of grainsshould come fromenriched or wholegrain products.57

An “ounce-equivalent” fromthe Grain Group is about ...1 slicebread5 crackers½ cup cookedrice, pastaor cereal3 cupspopcorn1 cup dry cereal58

Make half your grainswhole grainEating foods richin fiber – such aswhole grains:• Reduces risk ofheart disease• Helps controlweight59

Definition: Whole grains• Foods made from the entiregrain seed (usually called thekernel) which consists of:– Bran– Germ– Endosperm• If the kernel has beencracked, crushed, or flaked,it must retain nearly thesame relative proportions ofbran, germ, and endospermas original grain to be calledwhole grain.60

Gains with whole grainsRefined grains have beenmilled — the bran and germ areremoved. This process alsoremoves much of the Bvitamins, iron, and dietary fiber.Most refined grains areenriched. This means certainB vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin,niacin, folic acid) and iron areadded back after processing.Fiber is not added back tomost enriched grains.Graphic from

Examples of whole grains• Whole wheat• Whole oats/oatmeal• Whole grain corn• Popcorn• Brown & wild rice• Whole rye• Whole grain barley• Buckwheat• Tritacale• Bulgur• Millet• Quinoa• Sorghum62

Which gives the most nutrientsfor the fewest calories?2 slices wholewheat bread1 medium croissant

140 calories 230 calories

Recommendations:Meat & BeansEat 5½ “ounceequivalents”(for a 2,000 calorie diet)• Choose lean meat &poultry; vary choicesto include fish,beans, peas, nuts &seeds65

1 ounce-equivalents:• 1 ounce meat,chicken or turkey,or fish• 1 egg• 1 tablespoonpeanut butter• ½ ounce nuts• ¼ cup dry beans66

3 ounces ofcooked meat,poultry, or fishis the size ofa deck of cards67

Which gives the most nutrientsfor the fewest calories?3 fried chickenwings with skinand batter3 oz. roasted, skinlesschicken breast

475 calories 140 calories

• Because oils contain essential fattyacids, MyPyramid includes an oilallowance.• Recommended oil intake ranges from 3to 7 teaspoons daily based on age,gender and physical activity.70

Join the “PortionControl Patrol” tohelp fit in all thefoods you like.72

Many “treat” snacks & dessertsare available in 100 calorie or lessportion sizes – for example …CookiesCrackersFruit barsChipsIce creambars73

One small piece chocolate often has less than 100 calories.74

Quick label quizNutritional InformationServing Size: 5 pieces (40 g)Servings Per Container: about 8Amount Per ServingCalories: 200 Calories from Fat: 120How many calories in ONE candy?75

Answer: 40 calories!Nutritional InformationServing Size: 5 pieces (40 g)Servings Per Container: about 8Amount Per ServingCalories: 200 Calories from Fat: 120200 calories ÷ 5 pieces= 40 calories/ONE candy76

Divide and conquer!Split a highercalorie foodwith a friend…or two…or three… or maybe thewhole table!77

Did you know …Scientificexperiments haveshown the largerthe portion size,the more you arelikely to eat!78

Watch Outfor PortionDistortion!Slides marked by are adapted from “Portion Distortion” by theNational Heart, Lung and Blood Institute at

Chocolate chip cookie20 Years AgoToday1.5 inchdiameter3.5 inchdiameter55 calories 275 caloriesGuess the caloriedifference!220 calories!80

Increased size:220 MORE caloriesHow long would you haveto wash the car to burnabout 220 calories*?1 hour and 15 minutes*Based on 130-pound person81

Cheeseburger20 Years Ago Today333 calories590 caloriesGuess the calorie difference!257 calories!82

Increased size:257 MORE caloriesHow long would you haveto lift weights to burnabout 257 calories*?1 hour and 30 minutes*Based on 130-pound person83

Soda20 Years Ago6.5 ouncesToday20 ounces85 calories250 caloriesGuess the calorie difference!165 calories!84

Increased size:165 MORE caloriesHow long would youhave to garden to burnabout 165 calories*?35 minutes*Based on 160-pound person85

Pepperoni Pizza20 Years Ago Today500 calories 850 caloriesGuess the calorie difference!350 calories!86

Increased size:350 MORE caloriesHow long would you have togolf – walking and carryingclubs – to burn about350 calories*?1 hour*Based on 160-pound person87

20 Years AgoPopcornToday5 cups11 cups270 calories 630 caloriesGuess the calorie difference!360 calories!88

Increased size:360 MORE caloriesHow long would you haveto do water aerobics toburn about 360 calories*?1 hour and 10 minutes*Based on 160-pound person89

MyPyramid’srecommendations forphysical activity …91

Each day or mostdays, include atleast:• 60 minutes ofactivity• 10 minutes ormore at a time

Walking for 30 minutes*A rate of 3.5 mphuses: 140 calories*approximate calories used93

Hiking for 30 minutes*Uses: 185 calories*approximate calories used94

Bicycling for 30 minutes*• Less than 10 mphuses: 145 calories• More than 10 mphuses: 295 calories*approximate calories used95

Basketball for 30 minutes*Vigorous basketballuses: 220 calories*approximate calories used96

Jogging for 30 minutes*A rate of 5 mphuses: 295 calories*approximate calories used97

Golfing for 30 minutes*Carrying clubsuses: 165 calories*approximate calories used98

Dancing for 30 minutes*Uses: 165 calories*approximate calories used99

Swimming for 30 minutes*Slow freestyleuses: 255 calories*approximate calories used100

Aerobics for 30 minutes*Uses: 240 calories*approximate calories used101

Walking up stairsburns almost 5times more caloriesthan riding anelevator!

Walk the dog —don’t just watchthe dog walk.103

Quick QuizWhat’s the minimumamount of activityneeded daily?At least 30 minutes,10 minutes or moreat a time.104

Most important …Have funwhile beingactive!105

Give yourself ahand if you’rephysicallyactive at least30 minutesa day!106


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