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World War I Pathfinder Art and Literature - Cary Academy

World War I PathfinderArt and LiteratureArt of the First World WarAn incredible collection of 100 paintings taken from international collections to commemorate the 80 thanniversary of the end of the First World War.No Man’s Land: Battlefield PaintingsExamples of battlefield paintings by Mary Riter Hamilton who painted for the Veteran magazine, GoldStripe.British Posters of World War IA gallery containing over 400 poster replicas from America and Britain. Great graphic images!Photos of the Great WarWith over 1,844 photos in this “imagebase,” you can view photos on such topics as aviation, weapons,troops, individuals, animals, war at sea and more.Photo Archive of the Great WarA collection of photos broken down into subject areas including Big Guns, Mobilization, The Somme,Gallipoli Now and Then and more.World War I Political CartoonsSome examples of political cartoons created during the Great War.Biographies of World War IThis site contains one-page biographies on major personalities of World War I including ArchdukeFerdinand, Czar Nicholas II, King Albert, King George V, President Woodrow Wilson and many more.Biographical Dictionary of World War ILook up hundreds of people in this online dictionary. Each entry provides a brief biography andphotograph if available.World War I Document ArchiveA huge database containing letters, military orders, communications between countries, treaties andmore. Searchable by year or by topic. Includes images and a list of other WWI links.Lost Poets of the Great WarRead the works of several poets including Rupert Brooke, John McCrae, Wilfred Owen, Isaac Rosenberg,Alan Seeger, and Edward Thomas. Site includes a chronology and statistics of Human Cost.The First World War Poetry Digital ArchiveThe First World War Poetry Digital Archive is an online repository of over 7000 items of text,images, audio, and video for teaching, learning, and research.

Propaganda Postcards of the Great WarThis site features a collection of war-themed postal cards produced during World War I (1914-1919). Thiswebsite has been established to provide a tool to students, researchers and postcard collectors with aninterest in World War I in general or “Great War” propaganda in particular. All the cards pictured in thissite are authentic originals.The Great War SeriesThis site combines articles on WWI with galleries of photographs and images.World War I TimelinesWorld War I TimelineA time line containing events, images, and descriptions.Chronology of World War IThis timeline includes important events from 1914-1919.Timeline to the Great WarThis timeline, from PBS, includes important events and incidents that contributed to The Great War.Timeline begins in 1871and continues until 1939 when World War II begins.General HistoryWorld War I – Trenches on the WebA comprehensive site including an enormous amount of information on the Great War. This site hasmaps, timelines, biographies, images, battles, weapons, armies, and every other topic you couldimagine. Start off by visiting the Reference Library and if that doesn't work, search the site index.The Great War SocietyThe Great WarSimilar to the site above, this site is a huge index of links to Great War subjects.An interesting site from PBS providing highlights of the Great War, interviews, a timeline, maps andlocations and a list of helpful links.The First World WarThe resources on this site are extensive including Chronology, Military and Political Leaders, Soldiers,War at Sea, Battles, Trench War, War in the Air, Technology, British Home Front, War Statistics andmore.The Women in World War IThis website contains information about the women that enlisted in the Navy and the Marine Corps andthe large number of nurses who served in Europe during the Great War.

The Italian Front: 1915-1918Includes topics such as the geography of the Italian Front, doughboys in Italy, a virtual tour of the ItalianFront, a chronology of diplomacy and operations of the Italian Front.The Liberty Memorial Museum of WWIDiscover WWI phrases, terms, and slang, view a WWI timeline, view objects from the war, maps andmore. Also has a limited number of images; however, mostly useful as a source of extra information.The World War I Document ArchiveWorld War IA huge database containing letters, military orders, communications between countries, treaties andmore. Searchable by year or by topic. Includes images and a list of other WWI links.Excellent site with lots of links to timelines; primary documents, letters & diaries; diplomacy and causes ofthe war; participating countries; battle strategy & info; weapons; trench warfare, gas warfare; militarymedicine; war in the air & on the sea; maps, images & art; and war propaganda.Armed ForcesThe AerodromeArmoryAn interesting site of aces and aircraft of World War I. Includes a list of medals and decorations bycountry as well.Includes tanks, navies, gas warfare, artillery, zeppelins and more.World War I Aviation LinksThis site offers many links to aviation resources.Navies of World War IRead about weapons and warships of the world’s navies, look up naval and military events month bymonth during WWI, and read detailed campaign summaries.Military Plans and the First World WarDiscover how military plans dictated initial military moves of the Great War. Covers military plans ofFrance, Eastern Europe, Russia and more.

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