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This booklet contains a member list as it was March 2011.

The list starts on page 5 and is divided into the following

categories: Consulting, Contractors, Organizations, Institutions,

Water Companies, Manufacturers, and R & D Instititions.

The various categories are listed alphabetically.


Consulting 4

Organizations 6

Contractors 6

Water Companies 6

Manufacturers 7

R & D Instititions 9

Institutions 11

DWF • Danish Water Forum • Agern Allé 5 • DK-2970 Horsholm • Denmark • Tel: +45 4516 9038 •

Welcome to Danish Water Forum

Danish Water Forum is the only Danish network for water organi-

sations aimed at highlighting expertise and knowledge and

facilitating concerted actions.

DWF was established in 2002 by a broad range of stakeholders

related to the Danish water sector with the aim of moving from

fragmentation to integration - and promoting and expanding

its role at the international scene. Among the members are

contractors, consultants, research institutions, industries, water

companies, NGOs and government authorities.

DWF can act as the direct gateway to the Danish technology

within a long range of water-related issues, whether it is water

supply, water treatment, advanced control systems, cleaner

technology, filtration etc. The Danish expertise also includes

several research institutions, providing the state-of-the-art within

all aspects of water technology and consulting.

This is a short list of key positions that the members of Danish

Water Forum can provide:

Water supply systems

• Wastewater treatment construction and processes

• Equipment for water supply, sanitation and development

• Integrated water resources management

• Capacity building on water and environment

• Research and knowledge management regarding all

aspects of water processing and management: for

instance poverty reduction and water, new well drilling

techniques or irrigation systems and methods

• Development of Decision Support Systems for water


• Monitoring of water quality and quantity

• Assessment of water resources

• Links between water and other sectors like environment

and health

Water and Millennium Development goals

For further information, contact the members directly or go

through the Danish Water Forum website at: or by email to:

DWF • Danish Water Forum • Agern Allé 5 • DK-2970 Horsholm • Denmark • Tel: +45 4516 9038 • 3




ALECTIA Aqua is a consulting engineer company providing services

concerning sustainable use and management of water resources

and environment, water supply, wastewater and clean up of soil and

groundwater contamination.


COWI operates worldwide in consultancy within engineering, environment

and economics. Since its foundation in 1930, the firm has

been involved in more than 25,000 projects in 106 countries.

Danish Water Services

Danish Water Services is a network organization within the Danish

water sector consisting of contractors, consultants, product suppliers

and utilities, as well as advisory and educational institutions.

Danish Water Services’ main focus is business development.

DanWater A/S

DanWater is the Danish mother-company of a group of 5 companies

all of them specialized to service the water sector with state-of-theart

technology solutions. The 5 companies are situated in Vietnam

(VidaGIS), Malaysia (DanWater Malaysia), Thailand (Thai DanWater),

Philippines (DanWater Philippines) and headoffice in Denmark.

DHI Water Environment Health

DHI is an independent, international consulting and research

organisation offering a wide range of consultancy services, software

tools, chemical/biological laboratories and physical model testing

facilities. The head quarter is in Denmark and with more than 20

offices world-wide.

DTI - Danish Technological Institute

Danish Technological Institute is an independent, not-for-profit institution

approved by the Danish authorities to provide technological

services to business and the community.

Freshwater Center

The Freshwater Centre is a national centre for the aquatic environment.

The centre hosts an interdisciplinary environment, comprising of private

environmental businesses, research institutions, a training department

and AQUA Freshwater Aquarium.

Grontmij/Carl Bro

Grontmij/Carl Bro is an international consulting company providing

consulting services for building, transportation, water & environment,

industry & marine, GIS & IT, project management and international

donor projects.

Krüger A/S

Krüger A/S operates internationally as contractor as well as supplier

of equipment and is specialised in: Drinking water, process

water, municipal and industrial wastewater, sludge treatment and

control and monitoring of water and wastewater treatment plants.

DWF • Danish Water Forum • Agern Allé 5 • DK-2970 Horsholm • Denmark • Tel: +45 4516 9038 •

Leif Koch A/S

LEIF KOCH A/S is a highly specialized Danish company within

leakage detection and pipe location on buried drinking water pipes.

Beside selling equipment and performing leakage detection for

water supply companies, we develop new techniques for detecting

and online monitoring for leakages. We also offer training courses

and leakage reduction consultancy.

Moe & Brødsgaard A/S

Moe & Brødsgaard A/S is a consulting company operating with a

cross-disciplinary approach within building & design, business &

residential, energy & industry, and civil works & environment. The

company was founded in 1930 and currently employs more than

360 employees.


NIRAS is a consulting engineering company both within the usual

and the special engineering disciplines, project management and

the development of human resources.


Orbicon offers engineering consultancy services in the environment

and energy area. The company’s solutions are based on a broad

range of competencies amongst its employees.


Rambøll provides technical consulting services offering solutions

within main fields of: Building and construction, transport and traffic,

water and environment, energy, oil and gas, telecommunication,

industry and waste.


SkyTEM ApS provides commercial airborne geophysical surveys

with focus on mapping the delineation and vulnerability of groundwater

aquifers. The results obtained are typically the key to set up

detailed and reliable hydrogeological models.

WTC – Water Training & Consulting ApS

WTC is a Danish consultancy company with an international profile.

WTC operates within the Water and Environmental Sector focusing

on the role as provider of partnership, know-how and competence.

WTC undertakes projects for private companies, public institutions,

authorities, and bilateral and multilateral donor organisations in

both Denmark, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Øllgaard Consulting Engineers

OLLGAARD as a Danish consulting engineer has served the Danish

Water Sector during four generations. OLLGAARD has strong competences

and references in working with water abstraction facilities,

water treatment, drinking water distribution, waste water and sewage

from the initial planning, detailed design all the way through implementation

and project monitoring.

DWF • Danish Water Forum • Agern Allé 5 • DK-2970 Horsholm • Denmark • Tel: +45 4516 9038 • 5



ATV-Foundation on Soil and Ground Water

The ATV-Foundation on Soil and Ground Water was established

by the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV) in 1985 as a

non-profit forum for arranging meetings/conferences, workshops

and courses on groundwater, soil pollution and remediation of contaminated

sites. Professionals from Danish regulatory authorities,

research institutions, industrial and consulting companies form a

unique network working within this field.

Confederation of Danish Industries (DI)

The Confederation of Danish Industries (DI) is a private organisation

funded, owned and managed entirely by currently 6.500 companies

within the manufacturing and service industries. DI aims to provide

the best possible working conditions for the Danish industry.

Danish Environmental Technology

The organisation is representing Danish companies who are

developing or manufacturing dedicated environmental technology

and special services. The organisation has at present 23 members.


MT Højgaard

With more than 5.000 employees and annual sales of just under

DKK 7.4 billion, MT Højgaard is Denmark’s leading contractor. MT

Højgaard works with customers across Denmark, and, as frontrunner

in the development of efficient construction processes, brings

both large and small contracting projects to successful completion.



Danish Water and Waste Water Association (DWWA) is a national

association of water and sewerage suppliers. The association

primarily comprises the larger municipal and private ones, local authorities

and counties, suppliers to the water and sewerage industry,

the joint municipal environmental centre’s, advisors and institutions.

Vandcenter Syd as

Vandcenter Syd is a water company owned by the public authorities.

It is responsible for the operation and construction work in the

field of water supply and wastewater treatment in the municipality

of Odense. The main objectives of the company are to ensure the

citizens clean and high quality drinking water and take care that

the wastewater is returned to the nature in a quality as close to the

original as possible.

DWF • Danish Water Forum • Agern Allé 5 • DK-2970 Horsholm • Denmark • Tel: +45 4516 9038 •



For nearly 50 years, ABB has been equipping thousands of water

& wastewater plants and networks, providing electrical products,

systems and services in more than 100 countries worldwide. ABB

provides expertise and solutions for all activities related to the water

lifecycle, from water intake to re-introduction into the environment.

Aquaporin A/S

Aquaporin A/S is a Danish cleantech company dedicated to revolutionising

water purification by means of industrial biotech techniques

and thinking. The main strategy is to develop the Aquaporin

membrane technology capable of separating and purifying water

from all other compounds. Primary market focus includes ultra pure

water (UPW) used in extreme applications such as medico, biotech,

in the production of semiconductors and flat panels and other

industrial purposes.


AVK is an international industrial Group created through the efforts

of dedicated people using advanced technology in products and

processes to achieve the highest standards af quality products and

services within the following main segments: valves & fittings, hightech,

and energy.


The BioKube Biological Wastewater Treatment System is designed

for biological treatment of house-hold (domestic) sewage water. We

clean “gray water” water coming from the kitchen and bath and we

also in the same system clean “black water” coming from the toilet.

The system is designed to be connected to an existing septic tank

or similar pre-settlement tank. We also clean industrial wastewater,

mainly from agricultural industry.

CoMeTas A/S

CoMeTas A/S develops, manufactures and globally markets ceramic

membranes for industrial processes focusing on micro- and

ultra filtration. The CoMem® ceramic membranes can be widely

used for the following applications: Mobile water treatment, surface

water treatment, municipal water, hazardous water, laboratory water,

industrial water, health care water, and bottle water.


ecoBETA is a manufacturer of standard-fit and retrofit dual-flush

toilet valves. Offering dual-flush retrofit conversions to all existing

single-flush valves as well as stand-alone dual-flush valves.

ecoBETA specialises in its unique patented single-button dual-flush

solutions that eliminates over-flushing by the user thus minimising

water consumption. ecoBETA offers total water saving solutions.

DWF • Danish Water Forum • Agern Allé 5 • DK-2970 Horsholm • Denmark • Tel: +45 4516 9038 • 7


Grundfos Management

Grundfos is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers. Circulator-,

submersible- and centrifugal pumps are the three major product

groups. In addition to pumps, Grundfos manufactures electric

motors for the pumps and has a considerable production of electric

motors for separate merchant-dising. Furthermore, Grundfos develops

and sells state-of-the-art electronics for controls for pumps and

other systems.

HOH Water Technology

HOH Water Technology A/S is developing solutions that provide private

consumers, the public sector and industry with optimum water

quality for various purposes. The areas of activity range from the

most basic technology to the biggest industrial plant.

ITT Flygt A/S

ITT Flygt A/S is a worldwide corporation, operating in over 130

countries. Throughout the last half century ITT Flygt has continued

to lead the submersible industry, with inventions such as the

submersible mixer, the submersible sewage pump, and the banana

blade mixer.

MJK Automation A/S

MJK, founded in 1977, is one of the leading Scandinavian producers

of equipment within measurements and process regulations.

The equipment is produced in Denmark and is sold and serviced in

more than 50 countries globally.


NKTF is a global supplier of highly engineered flexible pipe systems

to the chemical & water sector as well as the offshore oil & gas

industry. We also offer inspection and service work on existing water

and chemical flexible pipes. Should you have a flexible pipe in use

and wish to ensure that it is capable of fulfilling its purpose for the

forthcoming years contact: Area Sales Manager Jakob Zeuner:

Nordisk Wavin A/S

The Wavin Group, headquartered in Zwolle, the Netherlands, is a

leader in the European market for pipe systems, providing integrated

and innovative solutions tailored to the individual needs of


Siemens A/S – Turbomachinery Solutions

Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment A/S is a worldwide market

leader within the field of development, manufacturing and distribution

of turbo-compressors used for aeration of waste water in

biological treatment plants and flue gas desulphuri- zation in power

plants. Within the Siemens group we are repre- sented in 140

countries, with a total of 350 employees in head- quarter operations,

whereof 270 are based in Denmark. The company has a turnover of

approx. DKK 600 mio, whereof 98% is export sales. The sales are

executed through our Siemens regional company network.

DWF • Danish Water Forum • Agern Allé 5 • DK-2970 Horsholm • Denmark • Tel: +45 4516 9038 •

Silkhorko-Eurowater A/S

Silkorko-Eurowater A/S develops, manufactures, and market

complete solutions within water treatment. Our experience consists

of pretreatment of water for numerous waterworks together with

various fields of application within all kinds of industrial companies

and institutions. Internationally, we are represented in most of the

European countries – either through subsidiary companies or local

dealers who are all water treatment specialists.

7 Technologies A/S

7 Technologies A/S develops quality software for profitable operation

of industrial plants and utilities. The business is built upon an

alliance strategy whereby the software is sold through a network of

global partners and system integrators.


DIIS – Danish Institute for International Studies

DIIS is one of two institutes under the Danish Centre for International

Studies and Human Rights. Research, analyses and related

activities at DIIS are located within an analysis unit and five research

departments, including the Department of Development Research.

Department of Agroecology and Environment, Faculty of

Agricultural Sciences, Aarhus University

The Department of Agroecology and Environment is a public sector

research institution under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

It is an institution with research activities at several centres

in Denmark. The scientific field of Agroecology and Environment

include climate, soil and water and the utilization and protection

of these natural resources through a sustainable crop production

under temperate and tropical conditions.

DTU Environment

DTU Environment is a department at the Technical University of

Denmark aiming at developing technical and sustainable solutions

to minimize the impact of society on the environment through

research and teaching in water supply, waste water, solid waste,

hydrology, geology, ecotoxicology, environmental chemistry and

microbiology at an international level.


International Research School of Water Resources

FIVA – International Research School in Water Resources is a partnership

between 9 universities, government and private research

institutes in Denmark. The objective is to strengthen and coordinate

the research education in Denmark within water resources and to

establish a scientific forum for exchange of knowledge and research


DWF • Danish Water Forum • Agern Allé 5 • DK-2970 Horsholm • Denmark • Tel: +45 4516 9038 • 9


Forest & Landscape

Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Forest & Landscape is a centre under the Faculty of Life Sciences

(University of Copenhagen) working in the area of research, education,

communication and consultancy with special focus on forestry.

Freshwater Biological Laboratory,

University of Copenhagen

The Freshwater Biological Laboratory (FBL) is a department of the

Zoological Institute at the University of Copenhagen. The research

subjects cover ecology and ecophysiology of microbes, animals

and plants in aquatic systems as well as dynamics of inorganic

nutrients at the water-sediment interphase.

GEUS - Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, GEUS, is a

research and advisory institute in the Danish Ministry of the Environment.

The survey also operates in the private sector. The work

field of GEUS - geoscientific studies, research, consultancy and

geological mapping - primarily covers Denmark and Greenland.

NERI (National Environmental Research Institute)

NERI is a research institute under the Danish Ministry of the Science.

NERI undertakes scientific consultancy work, monitoring

of nature and the environment as well as applied and strategic

research. NERI’s task is to establish a scientific foundation for

environmental policy decisions. NERI is a department under the

University of Aarhus.

Department of Veterinary Disease Biology

Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen:

The Section works broadly on food-borne, zoonotic and antibiotic

resistant bacteriae of veterinary and human health importance.

In a development context the Microbiology Section is engaged

in research and advisory functions with special focus on capacity

building in the areas of food security, poultry, water, sanitation and


ViVa – Water Research Initiative

ViVa is a strategic research programme at the Faculty of Life Sciences,

University of Copenhagen. The main areas of water research

in ViVa are water in soil, water in biomass and food production,

urban water and water recycling. The entire water cycle from when

the water hits the ground to food production and ecosystem uses

ending with waste water is covered. Research in water chemistry,

hydrology, microbiology and biology is linked to water resource

management, legislative control, economy and policy.

DWF • Danish Water Forum • Agern Allé 5 • DK-2970 Horsholm • Denmark • Tel: +45 4516 9038 •


Nature Agency

The agency is part of the Ministry of the Environment and with

special focus on protection of natural resources, national forests

and parks, water resource planning and management, landuse and

management and climate-related issues as well.

Department of Agroecology and Environment,

Aarhus University

Agroecology and Environment, Aarhus University is a public sector

research institution under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

It is an institution with research activities at several centres in


Danish Meteorological Institute

The purpose of Danish Meteorological Institute, DMI, is making

observations, communicating them to the general public, and

developing scientific meteorology. DMI possesses comprehensive

knowledge about every aspect of weather and climate. The Institute

belongs under the Ministry of Transport.

Danish Environmental Protection Agency

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency spheres of activity

are concentrated on preventing and combating water, soil and air

pollution. The Agency belongs under the Danish Ministry of the


Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a member of DWF.

DWF • Danish Water Forum • Agern Allé 5 • DK-2970 Horsholm • Denmark • Tel: +45 4516 9038 • 11

Reklamebureauet SUM

DWF Secretariat

Agern Allé 5

DK-2970 Hørsholm


Danish Water Forum

Knowledge, research,

production, engineering

and management

• Promoting easy access to

water knowledge

• Strengthening cooperation

in the Danish water


• Enhancing visibility of

Danish water expertise

• Linking water networks in

North and South

Phone: +45 4516 9038

Fax: +45 4516 9292

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