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Good Sole - Shoes That Fit

E-mailus!As part of our ongoingeffort to increase communicationswith ourdonors and volunteers, ShoesThat Fit would like to increasethe use of e-mail to send andreceive information quickly andinexpensively. Please send anemail to info@shoesthatfit.orgso that we can ensure your addressis included in our database!Toyota Party HelpsShoes That Fit KidsToyota employees in Torrance, Californiaturned a service hanger into a realsummer shindig July 30, complete withbarbecue, music, and red and white checkedtablecloths. But the best part was the 150pairs of new shoes for children and anadditional gift of $5,000 for Shoes That Fit.“The people who work here are very generous,”said Diane O’Neal, chair of the event and amember of Toyota’s Associate InvolvementCommittee. The IAC, as it’s called, is part ofToyota’s commitment to being a good corporatecitizen and is charged with boosting morale andjob satisfaction. “It’s the first time we combinedour summer barbecue with a fundraising eventand it was a huge success.”Each pair of shoes was placed in a festive redToyota bag along with a red Toyota key chainfor the kids. After the party, the shoes werepiled into a truck and delivered to Oak Street ElementarySchool innearbyInglewood.Oak Street hasmore than1,000 students,78 percent ofwhom are onthe free orreduced lunchprogram. Theschool wasthrilled toreceive theshoes.“We’re just happy we can give back to the community,”said Diane. “The fact that we’re making a difference –it moves us all to tears.”STF Founder’s Legacy ContinuesWhen Elodie McGuirk founded Shoes That Fit at onePomona school over 12 years ago, she never dreamedthat her simple idea would end up helping nearly300,000 children nationwide. Although Elodie retired in 2002,she remains an inspiration to all of us. Now, we commemorateher good work with the Elodie McGuirk Emergency ClothingFund. This fund will be used to assist children with immediateneeds, such as a child who must stay home from school becausethey do not have appropriate clothing. We especially want tothank Elodie for her donation in loving memory of her mother,Olga. These contributions established the Elodie McGuirkEmergency Clothing Fund, and will help Shoes That Fit providenew shoes and clothing for the children who need them most.To make a donation to the Elodie McGuirk Emergency ClothingFund, please visit our website at or call usat (888) 715-4333 for more information.A Family AffairPhilanthropy is much more than simply writing a check. It istruly a person-to-person effort upon which Shoes That Fitdepends. Making a family commitment to help on aregular basis can create a closer family bond andwiden the circle of people who care. Involvingchildren in supporting Shoes That Fit has benefitsfar beyond helping us provide new shoes and clothingand better lives for children in need nationwide:___Giving demonstrates to children the valueof love and respect for others.Volunteering helps children build self-esteem.Including children in philanthropy efforts guidesthem on a path of knowledge, compassion andinvolvement.Please call the Shoes That Fit office at (909) 482-0050 or(888) 715-4333 or email us at for moreinformation on how to involve children in our program.WISH LISTWe always need newshoes and clothes foremergency requests forelementary age children. If you cansupplement your regular shoppingwith a new item or two, pleaseconsider our list of needs!< Boys’ and girls’ new athleticshoes, sizes youth 10 throughadult size 9.+ Socks for shoe sizes youth10 through adult size 9.i Underwear< Uniform clothing for school:navy blue pants or jeans,and skirts, white shirts orblouses with collars.+ Assorted clothing for school:pants or jeans, knit shirts,sweaters, and hoodedsweatshirts.i Winter coats, boots,rainwear, umbrellas, mittensand hats.< Target, Payless, WalMart,and any other major retailergift cards.We are always on the lookout forbusinesses and service organizations,wishing to sponsor a local school intheir community. Please contact us ifyou know of a group interested inparticipating!6 Shoes That Fit FALL 2004 FALL 2004 Shoes That Fit 3

Kids Say It Best!Take the stepto be a Sole MateOne of the joys of a Shoes That Fit delivery iswatching the children’s faces and see theirsincere appreciation for that new pair ofshoes or warm coat. Many students sendus thank you notes.If you have received one that hasespecially touched your heart, pleasesend us a copy so we can share it.Make Your Gift Keep On GivingWe want to thank Joanne Glauser and RobertJohnson for making it possible for ShoesThat Fit to benefit frommatching fundsfrom theiremployers. MBNAAmerica Bank’sVolunteerIncentive Programdonated $1,000 toShoes That Fit ofNewark, Delware inrecognition ofJoanne’s volunteerwork with the STFchapter there. PfizerFoundation’sMatching GiftProgram donated $50in addition to Robert’s$100 donation.Our new Sole Mate program allowsyou to make monthly donationsautomatically through your debitcard, credit card, or bank fundtransfer. No checks, no stamps, nomailboxes. You decide how muchand how often you’d like to giveand we’ll automatically charge yourcard on the date you choose. Youcan stop these transactions at anytime. To honor a loved one withyour donation, just let us know andwe’ll send the appropriate acknowledgements.Shoes That Fit will havea reliable cash flow each month andyou won’t have to risk forgettingchildren who need your support.Become a Shoes That Fit Sole Matetoday. Visit our web site or callour office at (909) 482-0050 ortollfree at (888) 715-4333.Thanks to matchinggift programs, Joanne’sand Robert’s donationsgrew to enable ShoesThat Fit to help morechildren. Please, talk toyour human resources department to find out ifyour employer has a matching gift program. Youcould end up making your donation or volunteerwork do twice as much to help those who are lessfortunate!4 Shoes That Fit FALL 2004 FALL 2004 Shoes That Fit 5

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