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brochure_IFFTI Annual Conference - My Laureate

www.iffticonference.comPEARL ACADEMY OF FASHIONproudly presentsEvent Rebroadcast:17,18 April 2012, JAIPURKnowledge sharingFashion researchNetworkingStudent competitionsInternational experts visionsFuture perspectivesLive crafts demonstrationsBrought to you by:

IFFTI Annual Conference 2012A unique Forum for Fashion and Related IndustriesDESTINATION INDIA· In its 14 th edition, the conference offers a wellestablished international platform, held in the pastin Paris, Melbourne, London, Toronto, Taipeh...· Opportunity for Indian export and domestic industryleaders to showcase their strength and standing toa vast international audience, promoting the imageof India’s capabilities by all stakeholders.ATTRACT HIGH-CALIBER TALENT FROMGENERATION ‘Y’· Textile/ Fashion sector is facing fierce competitionfrom other areas such as IT, Telecom and creativerealms like Architecture, Mass-communication,Media, Film and Television to attract the best talentamong fresh students· The industry and academia has therefore to play anactive role to project the full potential of the industryas well as to enhance its image. We believe that thisis a mission to be undertaken collectivelyEVENT HIGHLIGHTS· Invited GuestsPrashant Agarwal - Managing Director of BombayRayon Fashions LimitedAngela Missoni- Italian Designer· Keynote addresses by fashion industry luminaries· Contemporary research papers in four parallelsessions· Live Craft Demonstration & Student Competitions· Research Workshops & Industry panel discussion· Social Evenings, Gala Dinner and Cultural ProgramsNETWORKING WITH DECISION MAKERS FROMACROSS THE WORLD· Senior level decision makers and captains ofthe industry will be present as speakers andparticipants· More than 150 international delegates from allcorners of the world.· Delegates from USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy,Spain, Australia, Japan, India, China and many morenations have attended the previous conferences.2

Pearl Academy of Fashion (PAF) to host theprestigious 14th Annual IFFTI 2012 ConferenceIFFTI is a leading international forum, which caters tothe development of the fashion and related industriesby promoting research and development, sharedresources, best practices and ideas generation.In line with PAF’s vision and ethos to create distinction inthe field of fashion and design through the provision oftruly exceptional and distinct education offerings, IFFTIprovides aconducive platform to discuss the evolvinglandscape of design education in India and beyond.The conference will see the gathering of some of thegreatest minds from all spectrums of the fashion anddesign industry.Led by Angela Missoni who will officiate the prestigiousconference, IFFTI will also see Romeo Gigli (ItalianDesigner), Simon Lock (Creative Designer – DubaiFashion Week), Jeffry Aronsson (CEO– Emanuel Ungaro),RajeevSethi (Asian Heritage Foundation), Mr. SantoshDesai (Managing Director & CEO, Future Brands Ltd.),Manish Arora (Creative Director – PacoRabanne), RamSareen (Head Coach / Founder – TUKA group), FrancesCorner (Head, London College of Fashion), Ms. AnnPriest (Pro Vice-Chancellor and Head of College for Art,Design & Built Environment, Nottingham Trent University),and David S. Graves (CEO-Laureate Hospitality, Art andDesign Education), converging in Jaipur.The conference - themed ‘Fashion Beyond Borders’ -will be a platform for various stakeholders across thefashion industry to discuss and debate key issuesrelated to the development of the global fashion andeducation industry.Think tanks in Design, Technology and Business offashion from 40 member institutions of IFFTI representing19 countries and large enterprises and institutes fromIndia will be part of this ground-breaking event.PAF has been an active member of the InternationalFoundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI)and is the ONLY Indian member on the ExecutiveCommittee of IFFTI.3


MessageDr. Satoshi OnumaCHAIRPERSON, IFFTIIt is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 14thAnnual Conference of the International Foundation ofFashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI). The theme for thisyear’s conference is “Fashion Beyond Borders.” Thisis particularly fitting given the location, which has longbeen a center for cultural diversity and a crossroad forpeople venturing beyond their own borders. I am sure thatIndia, and our host institute, Pearl Academy of Fashion,will present delegates with a wonderful opportunity tolearn and discuss how fashion from different cultures andregions has merged to create a vibrant fashion industrythat we enjoy today. This has been accompanied by a rapidincrease in the number of opportunities for businessesand concurrently a need for discussion about whetherthey are maximizing their opportunities and responding tothe challenges that have arisen.Furthermore, it is increasingly important for us to considerthe entirely new environment of the cyber world thathas no physical boundaries and how it can empowerstakeholders in the fashion industry. Finally, it is importantthat all these issues be considered from the perspectiveof fashion education so member institutions can share andbuild upon their knowledge and experience as educators.I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to theChairman of Pearl Academy of Fashion, Mr. Deepak Sethfor agreeing to host this year’s conference. I would alsolike to acknowledge Dr. AKG Nair, Group Director, Mr.Arindam Das, Director and his team of organizers who havespent a considerable amount of time and effort arrangingthis conference.I have attended many annual conferences over the yearsand I am excited by the potential that this year’s annualconference offers to our members. I sincerely look forwardto the keynote speeches, paper presentations and bothformal and informal discussions that will take place overthe coming days. I anticipate that this year’s conferencewill be a wonderful experience for all delegates.7

PEARL ACADEMY OF FASHIONPearl Academy of Fashion (PAF) is a pioneering Instituteof Fashion and Design imparting quality and innovativeEducation. Promoted by House of Pearl Fashions Ltd.,one of India’s largest export houses, PAF functions underthe aegis of Creative Arts Education Society, a Societyregistered under the Society’s Registration Act 1860.PAF is strategically networked with Laureate InternationalUniversities, USA.The Academy enjoys very high employability among reputedorganizations and a high status as India’s most prestigiousprovider of education and training for the fashion and relatedsectors. A number of PAF alumni are in key positions inthe industry all over the world. The Academy takes pride inits high caliber faculty, outstanding track record in studentexchange, international networking and placement. It haspartnership with over twenty five foreign institutions.PAF Campus,DelhiPAF Campus, JaipurThe Academy is ranked no.1 for ‘Faculty Competence’by MINT-HT 2009 and rated no.1 in ‘Pedagogic Systemsand Processes’ by ‘The Hindustan Times 2010’ survey.Being one of the finest institutes of fashion technology, ourteaching is supported by the latest machinery, equipmentand facilities. Besides this our activities and operationsare closely linked with some of the best institutions in theworld, as well as the industry.The students of Pearl Academy of Fashion have exhibitedoutstanding skills and talent that have paved the way formany an accolade internationally as well as nationally. WillsLifestyle debut Contest 2011: PAF bagged Top 3 awards.Tanya Narula (PAF-Delhi) won the competition, whileShashank Bhushan Singh (PAF Chennai) and PratyushMaurya (PAF, Delhi) were the first and second runner uprespectively.8PAF has played an important role in introducing world-classprograms and systems in Indian fashion education. TheAcademy has been acknowledged by Quality AssuranceAgency, UK to be a role model for achieving growth withquality standards. PAF has been an active member of theInternational Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutesand is the only Indian member on the Executive Committeeof IFFTI.

MessageDr. A.K.G. NairGROUP DIRECTORPEARL ACADEMY OF FASHIONIt’s indeed a great honour to host the prestigious 14thAnnual Conference of the International Foundation ofFashion Technology Institutes to be held from 17th to 21stMarch 2012 at Jaipur, India. The IFFTI conference hasnow clearly evolved as the most important and dominantlyinfluential annual event in Fashion Academics.While the theme at each conference has been unique, itspurpose has remained constant- to bring out opportunitiesfor the international fashion community, academics, andindustry researchers to develop an evolving understandingof the fashion industry as well as a new vision for it on thewhole. The theme of the IFFTI 2012 conference is ‘FashionBeyond Borders’ which addresses issues like multiculturalidentities, virtual connections, commercial opportunities,educational responses and many more.IFFTI 2012 conference will have leaders from every sectionof the fashion world, drawn from across all continents, whowill present their thoughts and vision on fashion trends.These think tanks in Design, Technology and Business offashion will be coming from 40 members of IFFTI spreadacross 19 countries.Knowing your global interests, the IFFTI 2012 conferencewill provide you with an outstanding opportunity forasserting your prestige image and presence before aninternational audience. Hence we look forward to yourassociation with the conference as a valued sponsor. Thefollowing pages will describe to you the planned panoramaof the conference along with its prestigious businessopportunities and related benefits.I assure you that you would find IFFTI 2012 conference tobe a memorable experience for you professionally as wellas personally. I look forward to seeing you and interactingwith you during the conference.9

Destination JAIPURInteriors of City Palace, JaipurJaipur is one of the most popular destinations on a tourist’sitinerary. The magnificent forts, beautiful havelis and colourfulbazaars make Jaipur a popular tourist destination amongtourists. It’s proximity to Agra, the City of Taj, further adds toits appeal. Jaipur is part of the famous Golden Triangle Touristcircuit that includes Delhi and Agra. But Jaipur is not onlyendowed with wonderful tourist attractions but the city alsohas an excellent infrastructure to support the tourism. Jaipurhas some of the India’s best hotels, which complements thescenic and architecture beauty of the Pink City.Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, the desert state in India,which is famous for its majestic forts, opulent havelis,beautiful lakes and sand dunes. The history of Jaipur takesus about 300 years back in time, when Maharaja Sawai JaiSingh II in Rajasthan was looking for a safe place to shiftthe increasing population of Amber and found Jaipur tobuild the city. He commissioned Vidyadhar Bhattacharya,a fine architect from Bengal the responsibility of buildingthe city. Jaipur was designed strictly according to ShilpaShastra, which is the ancient treatise on architecture.10

VENUEThe conference is being hosted at a choice selection ofsome of the most impressive hotels in Jaipur. The Marriott,Jaipur has a relaxed yet highly professional and businesslikeenvironment, perfect for our plenary session.The Gala dinner on the last day is hosted at the prestigiousHotel Jai- Mahal, which provides a complete culturalexperience of the state of Rajasthan in India, whilemaintaining world-class standards.Student competitions, live craft demonstrations andpaper presentations are held simultaneously at the PearlAcademy of Fashion’s Jaipur Campus, spread across alavish 3.5 acres. The choice of the venue ensures to makethe delegate’s visit and stay a truly memorable one.Hawa Mahal, JaipurSPOUSE PROGRAMMEJaipur, being a bustling centre of craft/ textile business withhistorical associations to Maharajas and royalty, providesmany options for mixing business with pleasure for youraccompanying spouses. The city offers many recreational,Tourist, lifestyle and shopping options. The architectureof the many palaces and temples is world famous. Theparks in the city are also worth a visit. The city has a verydifferent and delicious native cuisine which is a must tryfor all visitors. Shopping here can be a very memorableexperience as the craftsmen from this area are among themost refined and colourful in the country.PAF Campus, Jaipur11


Day-I17th April, 2012, JaipurActivityDay-II18th April, 2012, JaipurActivity• Opening Ceremony and Cultural Show• Welcome Address by Dr. SatoshiOnuma and Dr.A.K.G. Nair• Inaugural Address by Chief Guest• Plenary Session - IPaper Presentations- Round IPaper Presentations- Round IIPlenary Session-IIPaper Presentations- Round IIIPlenary Session- IIIPlenary Session- IVPaper Presentations- Round IVValedictory Session and AwardCeremonyRamp EventHotel Marriott, Jaipur13

www.iffticonference.comIFFTI 2012 External Advisory CommitteeMs Harmeet Bajaj, Fashion Professional & EntrepreneurMr. Vijay Bhalla, Director, Business Enhancement ConsultingzCmde Vijay Chaturvedi, Secretery General, IFFTIMr. Manav Gangwani, Fashion DesignerMr. Dilip Gianchandani, Intertek Testing ServicesMs. Rathi Vinay Jha, Former Executive Director FDCI and Director General NIFTMr. Vinod Kaul, Director, RVG NewsvisionMs. Mita Kapur, AuthorMr. Sanjeev (Jivi) Sethi, Space Designer and consultantMr. K.K. Sharma. MD, Megatech OverseasPartners 2012Salim’s Paper - KAGZISHAHI EXPORTS PVT. LTD.14

IFFTI 2012 Theme NoteFASHION BEYOND BORDERSThe first decade of the new millennium has exhibited certain interesting and significant trends. The idea of fashion hasstruck a universal chord with fashion weeks occurring across continents. Multiple fashion sensibilities and interpretationscoexist in different cultural ecologies; national / regional fashion markets are maturing to address and serve relatedconsumer interest. Virtual and real fashion realms coexist, yet challenge each other, making fashion individually accessibleand empowering. Sustainability and Ethic are no more buzzwords, but have emerged as core business values in thefashion dialogue led by the consumer.Thus: Is fashion demonstrating a new found autonomy in its future development? What does this portend for the future ofthe fashion process? Is Fashion moving from being “exclusive” to being “inclusive”? Has the fashion space extended to andcreated access for all actors in the fashion chain to become free, equal, self-determining and self-directing participants?Can these trends sustain?Multicultural IdentitiesVirtual ConnectionsCommercial OpportunitiesEducational ResponsesWith a universal spread and crossThe virtual world is creating reach andIndependent fashion markets haveFashion Education appears to be atborder, cross cultural, sub culturalaffordability to consumers, marketers,emerged, creating widespreadcrossroads.germination, fashion today is a ‘glo-designers, entrepreneurs, producers,commercial opportunities.• What will be the role thatbal’ phenomenon.sellers of all sizes and origins,• Are emerging fashion channelseducational institutes will play in• Has fashion found a way to growempoweringthemtoengageinfashionsuccessful in satisfying all types ofthis transformation?from diverse roots?on their own terms.discerning consumer needs?• How can fashion education• Is there now scope for the• How does the virtual world create• Will customized merchandising beinnovate, reinvent?co-existence of multiple fashionroom for diverse ideas, issues andthe future trend?• What are the new challenges forsensibilities and concepts?concerns to embody the fashion• Are businesses restructuring toteachers in the future?• Do styles and interpretationsecosystem?meet these new challenges?• How can higher educationemanating from differential• What could be the limitations of the• Can consumers and fashionleverage this opportunity?cultural ecologies manifest fashionvirtual world?professionals collaborate to mutualexpression?• How involved can all stakeholderssatisfaction? How will this affect the• What do differential values inbe in trend forecasting, designing,Fashion Value Chain?varying fashion trends portend?branding, production and the deliveryof products and services?15

www.iffticonference.comSpecial InviteesGuest of HonourMs. Angela MissoniCreative DirectorMissoni Fashion HouseTai and Rosita Missoni’s third-born,Angela began assisting her motherin the conception and creation ofthe women’s collections at the ageof eighteen. When she returnedto the company (after her marrage to Marco Maccapani,producer/director of fashion shows and other events whenshe also became the mother of three children: Margherita(1983), Francesco (1985), Teresa (1988)), she began bothdesigning a collection under her own name and workingin tandem with Rosita, devoting serious attention to themain line. This set in motion a progressive restyling of theMissoni fashion vision for women.With brothers Vittorio and Luca, today Angela is co-ownerof Missoni S.p.A. Beyond her role as creative directorof the women’s collection and of the image from 1996,she assumes sole responsibility for the company’s style,including the men’s collection and licences.Guest of HonourPrashant AgarwalManaging DirectorBombay Rayon Fashions Ltd.Prashant Agarwal, aged 38years is the Managing Directorof Bombay Rayon FashionsLimited. He is the youngerson of Mr. Janardan Agrawaland has over 15 years ofexperience in the textile industry. He holds a bachelordegree in Chemical Engineering from University Instituteof Chemical Technology, Bombay. Consolidation ofthe business activities in the recent past by way ofacquisitions/mergers and/or setting up of subsidiariesoverseas has been possible under the reigns of Mr.Prashant Agrawal. He is responsible for the overallmanagement of the Company and as well as growth ofthe business in domestic and global markets.Angela is also totally committed to infusing the family brandwith new energy. Thus she proved a major force in renewingthe store concept and in giving the ad campaigns – shotby world-class photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott,Juergen Teller, Steven Meisel, Mario Testino – a mostcontemporary slant. In just a few years Missoni fashion hastaken on a fresh new identity.

Keynote SpeakersMr. Rajeev SethiAsian Heritage FoundationMr. Romeo GigliItalian DesignerA Padma Bhushan awardee,Rajeev Sethi is South Asia’sleading designer and is notedinternationally for his innovativecontribution spanning morethan 35 years in the fieldsof design, architecture,performances,festivals,exhibitions, publication. He is currently directing theArt Programme for the new Terminal 2 at the MumbaiInternational Airport.A charming Italian designer,born in luxury’s lap in France,Romeo Gigli has carved aniche for himself as one of themost influential designers ofthe late 1980’s. His necklines,de-structured jackets, fabrics,perfumes, movies and naturalsilhouettes heralded the success that was to make himone of the most prominent representatives of internationalfashion design todayMr. Simon LockCreative Director-Dubai Fashion WeekMr. Manish AroraCreative DirectorPaco RabanneFifteen years after launchingAustralian Fashion Week -and five years after selling itto IMG - IMG FASHION AsiaPacific managing directorSimon Lock has now takenon the challenge of beingCreative Director of DubaiFashion Week.Manish Arora is an Indianfashion designer based in NewDelhi. In early 2011, he wasappointed as creative directorof the womenswear collectionof the French fashion housePaco Rabanne.17

www.iffticonference.comKeynote SpeakersFrances Corner OBEHead of CollegeLondon College of FashionProfessor Frances Corner hasbeen Head of College at LondonCollege of Fashion (LCF), part ofUniversity of the Arts London, forsix years. She has over 20 yearsexperience within the HigherEducation sector on both a national and internationallevel and plays an active role in advising stakeholders onthe future of the fashion industry and the role that HigherEducation can play in the development and support ofthe creative industries.Mr. Santosh DesaiManaging Director & CEO,Future Brands LtdA post graduate from IIMA,his interest lies in studying therelationship between culture andbrands. A review of his bestsellingbook, Mother Pious Lady- MakingSense of Everyday India, byOutlook magazine calls Santosh Desai, “the nearest thingwe have to R K Laxman in prose”. His work as a socialcommentator and a media critic is reflected as a weeklycolumnist with Times of India, and columns in Mint, MediaInternational & Tehelka.Mr. Jeffry AronssonCEO- Emanuel UngaroNew CEO OF Emanuel Ungaroand President of the AronssonGroup, a company specializing infashion investment and advisorycompany. He has also been withDonna Karan, Marc Jacobs andOscar de la Renta as former chiefexecutive officer.Mr. Ram SareenHead Coach /Founder - TUKAgroupInnovator, entrepreneur andoutspoken Head Coach ofLos Angeles based CAD/CAMsupplier TUKATECH Inc., wasnamed among “The Influential20 of 2004” by the prestigiousCalifornia Apparel News (CAN)18

Mr. David S. GravesCEO-Laureate Hospitality,Art and Design EducationLaureate InternationalUniversitiesMr. David S. Graves oversees5 leading higher educationinstitutions in the arts fields- Domus Academy andNuovaAccademia di Belle Arti (NABA) in Milan, Italy;Media Design School (MDS) in Auckland, New Zealand;New School of Architecture and Design in San Diego,California; and Santa Fe University of Art and Designin Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Mr. Graves is alsoa Commissioner of the Commission on Institutions ofHigher Education of the New England Association ofSchools and Colleges (NEASC), which grants universityaccreditations for many leading institutions in the USA, aswell as arts-related institutes. He holds both bachelor’sand master’s degrees from Northwestern University,Evanston, Illinois USA.Ms. Ann PriestPro Vice-Chancellor and Headof College for Art, Design & BuiltEnvironmentNottingham Trent UniversityAnn Priest has been Pro Vice-Chancellor and Head of College forArt, Design and Built Environmentat Nottingham Trent Universitysince 2009, following two years at NTU as Dean of Artand Design. Prior to moving to Nottingham, Ann wasDean at London College of Fashion for 13 years. Annmoved into education in 1987 following a successfulcareer in the fashion industry working for householdnames including Wallis and Jeff Banks; finishing her timein industry as a buyer and product internationally for theMulberry Company. Ann has worked internationally since1988 and has advised and taught in specialist FashionInstitutions in India.19

20Social Evening

Student CompetitionsBUSINESS PROJECTSDESIGN COMPETITIONThis competition rewards smart and innovative thinkingin the arena of Fashion BusinessStop Motion Film (max. 30 visuals) based on own fashionillustrations reflecting regional fashion sensibilitiesThe idea is to help fashion stakeholders, the communityor a non-profit or civic organization in the arena offashion and lifestyleThe idea services the Fashion Consumer of tomorrow:1)Innovative business model ideas,2)non-traditional inspirations3) new methods of retailing4)new consumer opportunities5)innovative communication ideasIncludes aspects of :a) Fashion Illustrationb) Simple Animation through stop motion techniquec) Individual perceptions about regional/ culturalfashion aspectsRamp Event21

PEARL ACADEMY OF FASHION- A21/13, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-II, New Delhi-110028- SP 38A, RIICO Industrial Area, Kukas, Jaipur - 302028- 82, Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai -

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