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Wrong is the new rightWhat if you instead were told something that you didn’t wish for in the first place – or didn’t like thesound of at first hand? What if it turned out that exposing yourself to these outputs would actuallychange your business for the better or take it in new directions? Wouldn’t that be beautiful?NEXT 2011 might accidentally get you this …• Unique insight into the way technology is shaping the near future• Concrete suggestions on how to avoid the pitfalls and exploit the opportunities• A chance to meet some of the sharpest global minds of today on a level basis• A chance to network and socialize with other great international thinkers and doersfrom the audience• Enriched cerebral activity – plus time to hang out, party and get a new grid onreality to come.Join in at NEXT 2011 – Beautiful Mistakes

The conference is a single track conferencethat covers a sharp edge across industriesand organisationsAll speakers contributions are relevant for the forward facingand the curious professional with a special attention to five oftodays primary development modes that also correspond withAarhus core knowledge competences, FOOD, GREEN, DESIGN,HEALTH and DIGITAL. We’ve spent an entire year curating thisspeaker line-up. We met them all on the way, got to know themand experienced them all in action first hand.NEXT 2011 will do it for you.Just lean back and let the big beat lead you:You don’t have to take notes.We’ll give you a blog based and share-friendly wrap up of all keynotes.You don’t have to read the signs.We’ll give you a comprehensive catalogue of the exhibition.We’ll do the relevance sum up for you.We’ll provide you with a unique NEXT Micro Map covering toptendencies within the five themes.You do the fun stuff.At the POW WOW social track you get to meet speakers andguests on a par. Just remember to bring enough businesscards...Matteo SardiVP Ferrari global communication, founder WonderModeMatteo is an adamant spokesperson for ‘people over processes’.His interests in the Human Factor was taken to the marketplace with positions at MTV Europe. Matteo has a precise understandingof the finer psychomechanics of the market place,one he currently exercises rigorously as Founding Partner withfashion rising star and as CommunicationHead with renowned megabrand Ferrari. The world’s most valuablebrand that never spent a penny on advertising. Take a spin.– Louise O. Jakobsen, NEXT 2011 program co-chairJason AnthonyVice president / Senior editor Time INC.Vice President and senior editor with Time Inc, famed largestmagazine publisher in the US, Jason is a on bit of a mission.Combining front end games design and gaming mechanismswith insightful new media applications, Jason has successfullybeen hacking and remodeling the way we traditionally go aboutproblem solving and developing. And now he has come to NEXTto share key findings. Time is up, folks!– Louise O. Jakobsen, NEXT 2011 program co-chair

MoreNEXT 2011SpeakersMatthias HollwichArchitect, Co-founder HWKNKey NYC networker, pathfinding architect, pioneer on livingtechnology, and something as rare as a visionary whoseideas are being realized! He founded the firm HWKN that hasrenowned designer network Architizer (300,000+ likes on FB!) onits conscience and recently landed a 500 USD mio building thatoffers a new way of looking at urban life. You can catch Matthiasat TED, in the pages of NY Times, hanging out with Obama – orat NEXT!– Louise O. Jakobsen, NEXT 2011 program co-chairAlfons CornellaFounder and President, InfonomiaAlfons is the resident Spanish champion of networking, or‘connecting ideas through people’ as he coined it when he wasfeatured in Harvard Business Review spinoff Fast Company. Hehas dismissed ‘innovation’ as a trend of the past and renamedrethinking ‘co-society’. At NEXT, Alfons will share the possibilitiesand pitfalls of a coming decade, where we will be smarting upeverything - schools, health systems, product development, byworking together, co-creating.– Mads Thimmer, CEO & co-founder of Innovation LabHenrik BennetsenFounder/CEO KatalabsMark BüngerResearch Director, Lux ResearchTed HowesIndependent Thinker/DoerHenrik co-founded the Stanford Open Source Lab and directedStanford University Humanities Lab working with top brands toexplore possibilities in virtual environments. Now very active inKataLabs, Henrik comes to paint a portrait of the future of virtualgoods, worlds, and phenomena and what massive impact it willhave on our daily lives and businesses. Expect no mumblingacademia speak from a man who used to live off his skills tooutperform original AC/DC-tracks on stage!– Mads Thimmer, CEO & co-founder of Innovation LabMark has the best and most informed overview of opportunitiesand perspectives in the rising field of ‘bio’. Bio being for thenext decade what IT was for the previous. He has launched andleads the bioscience unit with Lux Research, a leading researchcompany on emerging technologies that is active in more than20 countries, servicing some of the largest corporate structuresin the world. A regular guest with CNN, Nature, Financial Timesand Wall Street Journal, Mark is an expert at getting the messageacross.– Mads Thimmer, CEO & co-founder of Innovation LabThis man is an amazing fountain of ideas and no-bullshit takeson the otherwise BS-rich green domain. Until recently, Tedchampioned famous idea/design agency IDEO’s green field aslead for their Energy domain. Ted has an eye for business proofsustainability and ‘green’ productification, a heart for effectinglasting change, and speaks his mind eloquently. Institutions likeNASA and the World Economic Forum have previously benefittedfrom meanderings of ‘The Ted’.– Mads Thimmer, CEO & co-founder of Innovation Lab

The NEXT 2011 Exhibitionpresents an overviewof the futureA tasty cookie made of the latest spacy prototypes, new ways to interact withtechnology, and crazy robots sprinkled on the crust of innovation and foresight.The exhibition also takes a look at technology’s finest beautiful mistakes, varyingfrom X-rays to chocolate chip cookies. The NEXT 2011 Exhibition is your opportunityto feel the future before it arrives.

exhibitorsFrom hoovers tohelpers: The Newrobot explosionEver found yourself in a pinch, withenergic street facers bugging you tochip in for their charity? Well if youfind those guys annoying, you mightwelcome DON-8r into your life. Thistiny robot tours the streets in searchfor donations to those in need.Intelligentconstruction 2.0Using only a casting mould and two differentliquids. The Foam Shelter exemplifieshow IT is getting more accessible andhow ‘intelligence’ is being integrated inconstruction.Building and construction isas well.Transformers becomeconsumer goods?The iMobot research project have proven,that there’s not a long way from today’stechnology to the flexible and helpfulrobots of tomorrow. When this small robotmeets obstacles or gets new chores, itsimply bends into the shape necessaryfor completing the task.

NEXTAARHUSDenmark’s largest city outside Copenhagen and a progressiveepicenter in the Danish knowledge economy. Aarhus is one ofEurope’s youngest cities with the highest number of students pr.100 capita. The city has some 300,000 inhabitants and recentarcheology suggest it is the oldest settlement in Denmark.Read more atwww.nextaarhus.comDIGITALHow will you handle the digital revolution? Aarhus has a high stake in the inventionof programming languages from C++, Java, OO to .Net. World leadingresearch in Human Computer interaction, cryptography, and Object Orientedsoftware has led the city to an EU role model for cooperation and clustering.FOODNo. 1 global transformation factor. Aarhus is the home to the largest concentrationof knowledge based food industry jobs in Europe. Of late, industrial keycompetence has been met with a gourmet scene that attracts famous chefs fromall over the world for inspiration.GREENSaving the world is big business. Aarhus is the home of world leading windturbine manufacturer Vestas and recognized as the global wind capital. 90 milesfrom Aarhus, is the town of Lem, birth city of modern wind energy.DESIGN&ARCHITECTUREApply thought and add digits. More than half of all architectural projects in Scandinaviaare landed in Aarhus, that also has more than 3000 registered designersin downtown Aarhus.HEALTHBye bye chemistry, hello data. Aarhus is a European spearhead in new ways ofapplying modern technologies to health challenges. Moreover, Aarhus is buildinga new University Hospital that will be the largest hospital compound in Europe.

BeautifulMistakesTrue progress comes through digress. The real short cut is goingacross and making connections where previously there werenone. True pioneers see no clear distinction between successand failure – only potency and latency. And a lot of experimentingtaking the latter to the former. Rarely has a new approach,a progressive turn or a reinvention not been seen as a misfit,a wrongdoing, a mistake, judging by habitual thinking. Fromairplanes, x-rays and radios to PCs and iPhones.Did you know ...Cellophane was intended as awater proofer for tableclothsDid you know ...The microwave oven was incidentallyinvented by Percy Spencerwhile testing a magnetron forradar sets – the candy bar in hispocket meltedThe Nordic Exceptional Trendshop 2011 is about progressthrough exceptional approaches, odd angles and dissonantthinking. A celebration of the extraordinary and an excursionfrom habitual thinking. 10–15 of today’s international shapersof tomorrow come to Aarhus to shed and share their insights,working methods, results and ideas going forward. A large scaleexhibition showcases prototypes, demos, and early productsfrom the most groundbreaking, surprising and progressive R&Din the world. And a famed social track blends audience withlimelighters, shakers with movers, and adds that exceptional andmemorable NEXT touch to conference going.Did you know ...Viagra failed as a chemicalremedy for angina. However, maletest persons would not give upexcess pills from clinical testsDid you know ...Penicillin was an accidentcaused by insufficient disinfectionby Dr. Fleming beforegoing on vacation

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