EGO Clean Lights

EGO Clean Lights

EGO Clean Lights

EGO Clean Oil

EGO Clean Oil is a new and revolutionary lamp oil which significantly reduces CO2 pollution compared to

standard petroleum-based and hazardous lamp oils.

EGO Clean Oil = A clean and healthy indoor climate for adults and children

Do you know how much ordinary petroleum-based lamp oil pollutes your indoor climate? A single oil lamp emits

particle pollution corresponding to one smoker. In a restaurant with more than 20 tables and a lit oil lamp on

each table, this corresponds to one smoker at every table – all night long! And many restaurants have more

than 40 tables.

EGO Clean Oil is an eco-friendly vegetable oil that poses no health hazard in your home.

EGO Clean Oil = Safety in your home / no accidents involving children

Did you know that standard petroleum-based lamp oil is so toxic that if a child sucks on the wick, it can contract

chemical pneumonia? Each year, around 150 children (per European country) ingest petroleum-based lamp oil.

30 per cent of these children develop chemical pneumonia, some even suffering death. There are a lot of

countries in Europe, so this equates to a lot of children. This is not the case for EGO Clean Oil.

Safe and user-friendly disposable containers eliminate the need for bottles, refills and greasy fingers.

EGO Clean Oil = 40 burning hours per 150 ml disposable cartridge

EGO Clean Light

Simple design and clean light

EGO’s new oil lamps are beautifully simple, designed to conceal the oil cartridge in the most practical and

straightforward manner. A sustainable bamboo bottom and a ceramic top conceal the oil cartridge, allowing only

the beautiful flame to be seen. EGO Clean Light is sold in an attractive box – always accompanied, of course, by

an EGO Clean Oil cartridge with a burning life of 50 hours. Extra cartridges are always available from your nearest

dealer or at

EGO Clean Light: The Hope Collection

We respect nature and draw our inspiration from the earth and nature around us, always trying to recreate its

beauty and strength. Organic shapes. Soft colours. Green in focus.

The Hope Collection consists of a bottom made from EGO’s biodegradable and biodynamic fibre bamboo, while

the series includes three different ceramic tops: A neutral white top, a ceramic top in diffuse dark colours, invoking

images of the wind, and a top sporting soft, green drops.

EGO Clean Light

First generation ...

EGO Clean Light is a smart little collectible lamp that will match any decor. Select the colour or pattern that best

suits your mood. Bottoms and tops can be combined as you wish, and new and exciting versions will be introduced

every year. As you compile a collection of favourites, you can style your tables, living room, bathroom etc. for any

occasion. And with a clean conscience vis-à-vis the environment and your indoor climate!

EGO Clean Light: The Craft Collection

Back to traditional values and solid craftsmanship. Our home is our base, and when we make new purchases,

we want sustainable and honest products that mke environmental sense. Embroidery, retro patterns and muted

colours create a cosy and homely atmosphere that makes us feel comfortable.

The Craft Collection consists of a neutral white ceramic top with a bottom made from sustainable bamboo, an

embroidered ceramic top as well as a top featuring a retro pattern and soft colours.

EGO Clean Light

EGO Clean Light: The Graphic Collection

Graphic simplicity, black and white. Industrial raw edge which harks back to the industrial age. Classical graphic

patterns and clean, bright colours. For the contrast colour in the Graphic Collection, EGO has chosen yellow, an

upbeat and positive colour that brings light into your room, even when the lamp is unlit.

The Graphic Collection consists of a bright yellow ceramic top and a bottom made from EGO’s biodegradable and

biodynamic fibre bamboo. It also includes a ceramic top with a graphic black motif. The third lamp top sports a

decorative graphic stripe pattern.

Design: The oil lamp as well as the graphic decoration are designed by MaMi, EGO’s creative in-house team.

EGO Clean Light


Bamboo fibre

In 2009, EGO started producing environmentally friendly products from bamboo fibre. We use bamboo in new and

exciting ways that make this material quite unique. The bamboo is ground to a powder and then moulded under

high pressure to form amazing designer products. The products are 100% biodegradable in nature after only

8-10 months. They are also microwave and dishwasher-safe. This environment-friendly bamboo fibre production

process uses a natural binder, avoiding the need for pollutants.


Bamboo can grow as much as one metre a day, making it one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. It has many

of the same properties as wood and even some further advantages, which make this plant an extremely useful

alternative to wood.

For this reason, bamboo was the natural choice for EGO when selecting a material for its highly aesthetic and functional

designer products. The natural world is close to our hearts and we support the idea of protecting the world’s

natural resources. At the same time, EGO’s bamboo is an appealing and sustainable material which creates the

perfect link between an ethical approach and attractive design.

Read more about EGO Clean Oil and EGO Clean Light at

EGO Clean Light

The two Danish companies EGOtogether A/S and Agowa ApS are now, in close collaboration, launching a new

vegetable lamp oil on the global market. This oil is so far the only known alternative to the health-hazardous

oils available on the market today.

Agowa Bio Solution’s patented lamp oil in Agowa Clean Oil dispensers is primarily extracted from palm kernel and,

to a lesser extent, from coconut oil. These two oil types are the only types of vegetable oil whose content of special

light unsaturated fatty acids can be used to replace petroleum-based lamp oils.

Palm oil is the most widely produced vegetable oil type in the world because of its high yield and relatively low costs

compared to e.g. soy and rapeseed oils. The palm kernel fruit consists of a kernel enclosed in pulp which contains

the oil used to produce human food and animal feed. The palm kernels, on the other hand, contain oil types that

cannot be readily used for food purposes, and therefore, in 1990, they found a use in industrial applications.

Palm kernel and coconut oils are generally known as ‘lauric oils’, which refers to the fact that the main components

in the fatty acids of the oils are used for producing shampoo and soaps, primarily for human use. These fatty acids

are also the reason why the oils are processed industrially and separated into three fractions.

Of these, the lighter part – approx. 12 per cent – can be used, e.g., for the lamp oil in Agowa Clean Oil dispensers

and cosmetic products. The middle fraction – approx. two-thirds of the oil – is used for shampoo and soap ingredients,

while the heavy part is primarily used as biodiesel.

Agowa Bio Solution’s primary raw material supplier for Agowa Clean Oil is Procter & Gamble USA, which processes

palm kernel oil at two facilities in Malaysia and the USA. This not only ensures high-quality and uniform raw

materials, it also guarantees a dedicated business partner who, like Agowa Bio Solutions, focuses on consumer

safety and sustainable production. Sustainability is to some extent ensured through Procter & Gamble’s membership

of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).

Another exciting aspect is that the oil is now presented in safe and user-friendly disposable containers, thus eliminating

the need for bottles, refills and greasy fingers. The containers are made from recycled disposable bottles.

The collaboration with the Danish design company EGOtogether has been developing positively over a long period,

and because EGO is renowned for its curiosity and knack for pursuing new paths, the dialogue between these two

companies has resulted in an exciting and high-quality development venture in which EGO’s patented bamboo fibre

is used for the most exclusive oil lamps – introduced this autumn as EGO Clean Light.

It’s like taking the best of two worlds and combing it in one ... We are using our common sense and trying to exercise

social responsibility and care for the world which we all inhabit.

The two companies have already prepared the first outlines and launch plans for conquering the vast café and

restaurant market where petroleum-based lamp oil is currently polluting the indoor environment! Here, there are

obvious first-mover opportunities for profiling the green and responsible dimension which the new lamp oil and

EGO Clean Lights represent.

EGO Together

We know how wonderful it feels to give someone else a present! And we know how equally wonderful it is to receive

a beautiful and carefully produced product packed in attractive and well-designed packaging. That’s why

we have worked hard to design beautiful, functional and innovative products with equally attractive wrapping.

EGO - the most award-winning new Danish design universe.We have received 19 awards and 16 nominations

in only three years, among them the coveted international red dot design award, iF Design Award, Good Design

Award and the Formland Design Award.

EGO hopes and believes in the future. We believe in a society where people respect the Earth and each other!

We get much of our inspiration from the Earth – from nature, and we try to recreate its beauty and strength in

our simple and functional design. We create unceremonious luxury that challenges your mind and tickles your


We use sustainable bamboo and keep an open and innovative mind regarding new and environmentally friendly

materials. We try to avoid using plastics, but we do not see ourselves as an organic or ‘green’ company.

We merely use our common sense and try to exercise social responsibility.

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EGO Clean Lights

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