Prosp-blatt Crusher engl.08.02.
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Prosp-blatt Crusher engl.08.02.

The best recommendationfor crystal-clear crushed-ice

BERUFSGENOSSENSCHAFTgeprüfteSicherheitCrushed ice for the highest standardsCrushed ice is being used increasingly in gastronomy for the preparation of drinksand cocktails as well as for the presentation of food and drinks. The electronicWESSAMAT ice crushers are space-saving, easy to operate, and turn ice cubes intoperfectly crushed ice within seconds.Crystal-clear crushed ice is the guarantor forunique cocktails, refreshing drinks, uniformlycooled food and happy customers. This isbecause the crystal-clear ice diamonds turnfancy drinks and tasty, cool mixed drinksinto a special experience, not only asregards taste but also from an aestheticalpoint of view.Served in a glass, crushed ice is the crownof each cocktail.Fresh and slightly chilled fruit, salads, juicesand fresh products are a special pleasure.Also here, crushed ice is the ideal backgroundfor unusual arrangements and impressingpresentations.WESSAMAT Ice-Crusher C 103Compact dimensionsOne specialty is the compact design. Forexample, the base surface of the ice crusherC103 is smaller than a sheet of paper ofDINA4 size. With a height of 320 mm, therereally will be enough room for this unit oneach counter.Simple operationAs required, crushed ice can be producedeither in individual portions or in bulk. Tooperate, the crusher is filled with ice cubesfrom the top. Crushed ice is collected in acup which can be removed completely orpartially in order to take out the crushed ice.Reliable technologyCrushing of ice cubes requires a greatexpenditure of energy. Thus, the crushingmills of the crushers are subject to the highestrequirements. Due to the specialWESSAMAT crushing technology, themechanism is protected, efforts minimized,and energy consumption reduced. Forcrushing only ice cubes made in ice cubemachines are to be used. Do not crushfrozen ice cubes.Crushed ice is the ideal background for thepresentation of food and drinks.WESSAMAT Ice-Crusher C 105Wherever large amounts of crushed ice arerequired (for presentation of food anddrinks, salad bars, etc.), the ice crusherC105 is just the right unit.Ideal combinationWESSAMAT ice crushers are the ideal additionto any ice cube maker. Combinationwith a WESSAMAT ice cube maker is highlyrecommended. WESSAMAT ice cube makers,with their special ice preparation technology,produce crystal-clear ice cubes, thus providingthe essential prerequisites for perfectlycrushed ice. Please, request detailedinformation.Design suitable for gastronomyWESSAMAT ice crushers are, in the truesense of the word, shiny figures. The casingof polished stainless steel guarantees easycleaning and impeccable cleanliness.www.wessamat.deModel Item Type* ) Production Storage Dimensions Current WeightNo. kg/min kg (HxWxD) mm consump. kw kgYour WESSAMAT DealerC 103 1005 Inox 3 1 320/180/330 0,15 10C 105 1010 Inox 5 5 510/370/310 0,15 25* ) Casing: Inox, storage: plastics

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