CHS における リヒートモードによる 高密度Edge Transport Barrierの形成実験 ...
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CHS における リヒートモードによる 高密度Edge Transport Barrierの形成実験 ...

Outline(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f)

0.50.4(a)80 ms100 ms120 msSN#43672before L-H transitionHαTe (keV) after L-H transitionduring L-H transition0.08090R (cm)100110ne (x10 13 cm -3 ) ms100 ms120 msduring L-H transitionjust after transitionNBIETBTwo NBIs: Balance Injection0.0before L-H transition708090R (cm)100110120Two co-Injection

ETB(2003)No ELMNBI30msHα,Hα

Rax=94.9cm, BT=1.86Tdetermined by threshold (p/n)L-mode1stETBLETBReheat

Profiles before and after Normal ETB TransitionT e(keV)ρ0.60.81.0n e(x10 13 cm -3 )ρ0.60.81.0Pressure e(x10 13 cm -3 keV) before transition4ms after transtionTemperature Density Pressure0.20.4ρ0.60.81.0

Profiles before and after TransitionTemperature Density PressureT e(keV) e(x10 13 cm -3 )141210864Pressure (x10 13 cm -3 keV )4321Pedestal Structure20.ρ0.81.0L;>L;Reheat ->H;Reheat•••00.20.4- 19 -3n e (x10 m )1510500.6ρ200.81.0Line averaged density4060H α00.280 100 120Time (ms)0.41400.6ρ1600.8180Halpha(a.u.)1.0100 ms110 ms120 ms130 ms140 ms

Plasma confinement of ETB during ReheatH-factor compared with ISS04 ATF/CHS/Heliotron1.41.2ETB with Reheatnormal ETB1.21.0Hfactor1.00.80.6HfactorHalpha0. (ms)1500.0The normal ETB: the H-factor decreases ~10ms after the transition.The ETB with reheat: the H-factor increases.

1.21.0Rax=94.9cm, BT=1.86TReheat+ETBH-factor0. onlyReheatL-modeL-modeHfactor~2@Lmode2 4 6 8 10 12 14Line average density (x10 19 m -3 )

IntroductionPage xiiiBoards, Commissions, and Like EntitiesNever Fully Organized, Disbanded, or Inactive (Cont.)Tangipahoa River Task ForceTask Force for the Reduction of Automobile Insurance Rates.Tensas Parish Port CommissionTerrebonne Parish Mass Transit AuthorityBoard of CommissionersTransportation Infrastructure Model for EconomicDevelopment Review Task ForceTri-Parish Drainage and Water Conservation DistrictBoard of CommissionersUnited States Highway 71 Four-Lane Corridor Commission....United States Highway No. 65 CommissionUnmarked Burial Sites BoardWashington Parish Port CommissionWelfare Reform Coordinating CommitteeWorker's Compensation Advisory CouncilPageD-197D-198.. B-32.D-203.D-205.D-207.D-209,0-2100-211...B-37,0-212E-131Entities for Whichthe Status IsUnknownAs of February 5,1999, we were unable to determine the actual status ofthe following six boards, commissions, and like entities. Because wehave not received any indication that they are fulfilling their establishedfunctions, we recommend they be abolished.Boards, Commissions, and Like EntitiesStatus Is UnknownBoard of River Port Pilot Commissioners and Examinersfor the Port of Lake CharlesCouncil for the Development of Spanish in LouisianaImports and Exports Trust Authority Board of Trustees...Marine Recreational Fishing Development BoardMississippi River Road CommissionPostsecondary Review CommissionPage,.D-38...E-38,0-111.D-138.D-144,0-161InsufficientResourcesCertain factors, such as the inability to generate adequate revenues,cause concern that an entity may require assistance from outsidesources to continue the purposes for which it was established. Based onthe information provided and other information available to us, weconclude that the Certified Stress Analysts Board (A-35) and thePolygraph Board (A-42) do not have sufficient resources to fulfill theirestablished purpose, causing us to question their viability. Werecommend these entities be abolished, and their duties be transferred tothe Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Public Safety Services.

YAG laser phase contrast interferometer also showsthe reduction of the fluctuation by ETB during reheatBT=0.9T,Rax=94.9cmYAG laserplasma cross-sectionincreasingduring gas-puffinginitial ETBETBno increasingReheatkθ measurement: fluctuation isintegrated along the YAG laser path.Fluctuation is rapidlyreduced and maintained tothe level of the initial ETBin the low density.No gas-puff is better ?

Power threshold ETBPowerThresholdETB NBI Power(deposition) (kW)

ETB Power Threshold depends on BT strengthRax=92.1cm NBI heatingTargetplasmacan not beproducedby ECH.No ETBThis point is the dataof maximum powerof CHS NB injectoron BT=1.5T becausethe density increaseswith the powerincrease.The ETBs have been observed from 0.83 T to 1.5T.

Power Threshold ScalingTokamak H-mode (ITPA)P threshold (MW) = (0.050 ± 0.0050) n¯0.46±0.06 e B 0.87±0.06 S 0.84±0.03 (2/M)ne:BT:SMTIn CHS case (from Akiyama)Pthresholdne 0.4 BT 0.7(Rax=92.1cm)

Density at Transition (x10 -13 cm -3 )10864200Rax=93.5 cm0.9T Reheat with ETB1.4T Reheat with ETB0.9T ETB back transition1.4T ETB back transition0.9T normal ETB1.4T normal ETBBack Transition5000.9T normal ETB10001.4T0.9TNBI Power(deposition) (kW)Reheat Transitionnormal transition1500P/n=constReheat TransitionRadiationPthreshold/neBack Transition

3.02.5Rax=93.5 cmP/ne 0.4 =const.0.9TDensity 0.4 at Transition2. Transition1.4TReheat Transitionnormal transition0.9T Reheat with ETB1.4T Reheat with ETB0.9T normal ETB back transition1.4T normal ETB back transition0.9T normal ETB1.4T normal ETB0.00500100015002000NBI Power(deposition) (kW)

ETB (• Co-Injection• CHSbalancetwo co-injectionETB• Heliotron-Jco-injection• (Gas Puff )• ?•

Power • CHSTokamak• n e~1x10 20 m -3 , a~0.6m, R=3.8m BT~1.5TM~1~9MW• LHDETB

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