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MAGAZINE Lifestyle in a class of its own ...

MAGAZINE Lifestyle in a class of its own ...

MAGAZINE Lifestyle in a class of its own

Please fill out the contract and save the file to your computer. Send the completed contract by email to: ADVERTISEMENTCONTRACT magaZine Lifestyle in a class of its own It is hereby confirmed that CONTRACT FOR ADVERTISEMENT Business VAT no Address Zip City Phone Email By agreement with Date has purchased advertisement in Jeanne d’Arc Living Magazine for the following ¼ page (515 USD/403 €/3000 dkr) ½ page - oblong format - (857 USD/672 €/5000 dkr) ½ page (upright format (857 USD/672 €/5000 dkr) Full page (1372 USD/1073 €/8000 dkr) All prices exclusive of VAT Jan. Febr. Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec. Check the boxes for the months in which you wish to place an ad in the Magazine. Advertisement can be purchased for 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. DISCOUNT: 3 insertions - 5% • 6 insertions - 10% • 9 insertions - 20% • 12 insertions - 25%. Choose between any sizes. For the Advertiser: I accept the terms and hereby confirm my advertisement order(s). Date Nameår Order confirmation will be sent out immediately upon receipt of the signed advertisement contract. Advertisement Manager: Tina Hald · + 45 36 93 20 10 · Country: Once the contract has been completed, it can be either saved locally to your computer and submitted via email to or printed and submitted by mail to the address below. Attn: Advertisement. Houmarksvej 92 · Kondrup · 8920 Randers NV · Denmark · Tel. +45 36 93 20 10 · ·

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