registration form chinese swimming club li-ning badminton academy
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registration form chinese swimming club li-ning badminton academy

CHINESE SWIMMING CLUB LI-NING BADMINTON ACADEMYREGISTRATION FORMMONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY3-5pm (All) 3-5pm (All) 3-5pm (All) 3-5pm (All) Full 8-10am (B) Full For CSC Members only10-12pm (I&A) 2-6PM (A) FullCategory: (B) – Beginner, (I) – Intermediate, (A) – AdvanceTrainee’s ParticularsPlease mark X to select 2 or 3 sessions per week for your categoryName (In BC/NRIC): BC/NRIC No.: D.O.B:Address:Postal Code:Contact: (Hm) (HP) Email / Fax:Gender: M / F School:*Please circle (Not applicable for members who opt out of enrollment fee)T-shirt Size: 3XS 2XS XS S M L XL 2XL Shorts Size: 3XS 2XS XS S M L XL 2XLParents' ParticularsFather's Name:Mother's Name:NRIC: D.O.B: NRIC: D.O.B:Occupation:Occupation:Contact: (HP) (O) Contact: (HP) (O)Email/Fax:Email/Fax:Caregiver(s)' Particulars (For non-parent accompanying trainee below 12 years old)Name/Relation:Name/Relation:NRIC: Contact: (HP) NRIC: Contact: (HP)Registration Procedure (Inclusive of 7%GST)Acct Number:Chinese Swimming Club MemberNON - Chinese Swimming Club MembersTraining Commencement Month:Please tick Option 1A or 1B:1A. Enrollment Fee (with Welcome Pack and1.$85.60Academy photo card)Training Commencement Month:Enrollment Fee (with Welcome Pack andAcademy photo card)$128.401B. Enrollment Fee (without Welcome Pack and2.$0.00Academy photo card)Deposit(One month's training fee)$171.20 or $214.00Please tick Option 2A or 2B: Please tick Option 3A or 3B:2A. Monthly training fee3A. Monthly training fee$107.00(Two training sessions per week)(Two training sessions per week)2B. Monthly training fee3B. Monthly training fee$128.40(Three training sessions per week)(Three training sessions per week)$171.20$214.00Total fee payable upfront (1+2): $ Total fee payable upfront (1+2+3): $3. Completed registration form, together with a passport size photo 4.must be submited to CSC by the 25th of the preceding month priorto the commencement of training. Enrollment fee & Training feewill be debited from your account with CSC.4. Training fee for subsequent months will be debited from your 5.account with CSC in advance of the training month.Completed registration form, together with a passport size photo,photocopy of BC/NRIC & payment (Enrollment fee, training fee &deposit) must be submited to CSC by the 25th of the precedingmonth prior to the commencement of training.Training fee payment for subsequent months must be submittedby 15th of the month preceding the training month via cheque,credit card, nets or cash at the CSC Front Office.*IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: Non-CSC member Trainees who fail to settle payment by the stipulated date shall be deemed to havewithdrawn from the Academy. Any person who withdraws or is deemed to have wthdrawn from the Academy shall be required to pay a reregistrationfee equivalent to one month's Training Fee should they wish to re-register with the Academy within twelve months of theirwithdrawal.

Training Information1. Venue: Chinese Swimming Club Badminton Hall, Sports Complex level 2, 21/34 Amber Road2. Training will continue as scheduled on Public Holidays except the first 7 days of the Chinese New Year and unless otherwise stated.3. CSC and / or the Academy reserves the right to cancel any training session at any time. CSC and / or the Academy shall use its best endeavoursto inform trainees of any such cancellation in advance but shall not be liable if no advance notice is given. Where CSC and / or the Academyhave cancelled a training session, Trainees may replace that training sessions on the next available date falling within fourteen (14) days of thedate of the cancelled training session subject to availability.4. There shall be no refund or pro-ration of Training Fees arising from any cancellation.Withdrawal Procedure1.A duly completed official withdrawal form must reach CSC on or before the 15th of the current month for cessation of training to be effective thefollowing month. Training will only cease the month following the next month if CSC receives the withdrawal form after the 15th of the month.Rules & RegulationsGeneral1. Non-CSC member Trainees must present their Academy card to the security for access to the Club for their training. CSC and / or the Academyreserve the right to require any Trainee to produce his or her Academy Card prior to permitting that Trainee from taking part in any Academyactivity or training.2. The welcome pack consist of 4 Academy t-shirts, 3 socks, 2 shorts, an Academy photo card, and a 30% discount voucher.3. CSC and / or the Academy reserves the right to refuse any Trainee access to any training or other Academy programme where that Trainee isnot wearing Li-Ning / Kason T-shirt or improperly attired.4. No outside food may be brought into the Club.5. All Trainees and caregivers shall comply with the terms and conditions governing the use of CSC’s facilities at all times.6. CSC and their appointed staff and officials reserve the right not to admit any person who has been previously ejected from its premises.7. CSC and their appointed staff and officials reserve the right to eject any Trainee or caregiver who behaves in a disorderly manner or who isnuisance or a threat in its premises.8. CSC reserves the right to impose a reinstatement fee for any damage caused to the Club or its property by any Trainee. CSC shall determine thecost of the damage.Non-CSC Member1. Only one (1) caregiver or parent as registered above may accompany a Trainee below 12 years old at any one time.2. Trainees and their caregiver can only access the Club during their training period and are required to leave the Club immediately after training.3. Any facilities other than the Badminton courts and rest room is out of bounds to the Trainees and their caregiver.4. CSC/LN shall have the right to forfeit and/or set off the deposit against any outstanding Training fees or other fees and any expenses incurred orto be incurred by CSC and/or LN to rectify any damage caused by the non-CSC member Trainee, or in the event that the non-CSC memberTrainee is expelled or does not return the Academy Card upon termination of enrolment for whatever reasons.5.*IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: CSC member Trainees who fail to settle their CSC member's account within 90 days of the due date forpayment shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the Academy. Any person who withdraws or is deemed to have withdrawn from theAcademy shall be required to pay a re-registration fee equivalent to one month's Training Fee should they wish to re-register with theAcademy within twelve months of their withdrawal. Where a CSC member Trainee ceases to be a CSC member but wishes to continueparticipation in the Training Course, the Trainee shall re-register for the Training Course as a non-CSC member Trainee by completing theregistration form for non-CSC member and the Monthly Training Course Fees structure for a non-CSC member shall apply. The enrolmentfees for the re-registration shall be waived if the Trainee re-registers as a non-CSC member Trainee within 14 days from the cessation of hisCSC membership.Trainees shall be withdrawn from the Academy if they or their caregiver breach any of the above terms and conditions. Their deposit shall beforfeited and the Trainee shall be barred from joining any other Li-Ning Badminton Academy.IndemnityIn this declaration, I hereby agree that I shall be responsible for the conduct of the Trainee and the caregiver (where applicable) and I shall indemnifyand hold Chinese Swimming Club and Li-Ning Sports Singapore Pte Ltd, their directors, staff, agents and officials harmless from and against anyactions, proceedings, liabilities, claims, loss, damage, cost and expenses (including legal fees and related expenses) suffered by the ChineseSwimming Club and/or Li-Ning Sports Singapore Pte Ltd caused by the Trainee and/or caregiver and/or which may be brought by or asserted againstthem by any person in connection with activities involving the Trainee and/or caregiver and I will not hold Chinese Swimming Club and/or Li-NingSports Singapore Pte Ltd, their directors, staff, agents or officials responsible in any way for any mishaps, injuries or loss of life or for loss or damageto any property suffered by the Trainee and/or the caregiver and/or myself.It is the responsibility of all parents to inform the coaches if their children isfeeling unwell or sick, or have just recovered from any sign of injuries or sickness.I hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions stipulated above, subject to any amendments from time to time.Signature of Trainee/Parent (if less than 18 years of age)DateFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYIntake Date: Coach: (Approved / Not Approved)Assigned to Group:Remarks:Date Processed:Officer-in-charge:For enquiries, please call Lam Jick Sern at DID 6885-0675, Fax 6346-5685, or Email

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