BSNL net work migration
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BSNL net work migration

Ericsson NGN SolutionPresentation to ALTTC on BSNL Network ModernizationAugust 26, 2006Pankaj MukhijaPankaj.mukhija@ericsson.comJaswant BoyatJaswant.boyat@ericsson.com2005-06-08 1

Agenda, August 26• Ericsson NGN – overview– Ericsson’s strategy– Next generation network architecture– Engine The Soft Switch Solution for Telephony and Multi-media• NGN Solution – ToIP– Signalling protocols, compression, interoperability and standards– Key issues for Network design – capacity, redundancy , design anddimensioning– Carrier class Telephony over IP – just VoIP not good enough– Customer Cases– Recommendation for BSNL2006-08-26 2

Network overview – voice and dataLegacyCSCSISUPvoice & dial-upNational IPIPH.248 CLV5.2TeSIP/MPLSISPVideoSPIPDTSDLSPBXPBXAN/RSSAN/RSSPRAprop.V5.2MGW-TAGCETAGCODECH.248 UNIH.248 UNIvoiceH.248 UNISIPIPEthBRASdataPublicEthernetvoiceMSG/TAGEthdataBRASMSG/TAGEthBRASxDSLPOTSIP-MSANIP-MSANIP-MSAN2006-08-26 5

Evolution of telephony and multi-media servicesCurrentCS/TDMIntroduction ToIPBB and multi-media servicesContinued migration class 4 and 5 trafficOther NetworksVoIPIMSLegacyCSCSLegacyCSCSISUPTGWTeSToIP H.248MGWMGWSIP, H.323TeSH.248MGWSIPToIPMMoIPSIPSIPIPTeSMGCFMGWTDMISUPCSH.248POTS+DSLComplicated structureAgeing HWGrowing OPEXMigrate transit traffic to NGNRehome RSSConvert CSS to RSSPOTS2006-08-26 6

Evolution of telephony and multi-media servicesBB and multi-media servicesContinued migration class 4 and 5 trafficBB and multi-media servicesContinued migration class 4 and 5 trafficIMSSIPIMS2 to 1 strategyTeSMGWH.248SIPSIPIPTeSMGCFMGWTDMISUPCSSIPAGCH.248MGWSIPSIPIPTeSMGCFMGWTDMISUPCSH.248H.248POTS+DSLPOTS+DSLPOTSPOTS2006-08-26 7

New wireline architecture~10 1TeSTeSTeSMPLS/ IPPSTNBRAS~10 2MSG/TAGBRASPublicEthernetPublicEthernetPublicEthernet~10 3 -10 4 POTSIP-MSANPOTS~10 6Multimedia2006-08-26 10

Engine Integral - Telephony Softswitch SolutionSolution overview and main building blocksApplicationServerService Control Point (IN)Operations andManagementTelephony Softswitch Solution (TSS)TelephonySoftswitchTelephonySoftswitchManagement for TSSOther NetworksTeSTeSTransitExchangeTEMediaGatewayPacket BackboneMediaGatewayEARLocalExchangeIP-MSANLESeparation of call and connection controlSignallingConnectionPBX2006-08-26 12

Softswitch – Telephony Server (TeS)ApplicationServerService Control Point (IN)Telephony Softswitch Solution (TSS)TelephonyServerTelephonyServerOther Networks TeS TeSTransit ExchangeMediaTETelephony Server (TeS) GatewayEngine Integral SoftswitchCall control & call logicLocal ExchangeUses proven TechnologyLEGlobal Class 4 and Class 5 feature setCarrier Class HW and SW implementationPacket BackboneMediaGatewayEARPBX2006-08-26 13

Media Gateway – AXD 301Service Control Point (IN)ApplicationServerTelephony Softswitch Solution (TSS)TelephonyServerTelephonyServerOther Networks TeS TeSTransit ExchangeLocal ExchangeMedia Gateway - AXD Media 301TEMedia Gateway for telephony GatewayservicesMultiple IP and TDM interface optionsMultiple codec supportCarrier Class LE HW and SW implementationPacket BackboneMediaGatewayEARPBX2006-08-26 14

PBN – Cisco IP Core and Edge TechnologyApplicationServerService Control Point (IN)Telephony Softswitch Solution (TSS)TelephonyServerTelephonyServerOther Networks TeS TeSPBN – Cisco Core & Edge RoutersCisco 12000 and CRS-1ProvidesTransit Exchangethe IP/MPLS transportCarrier-class implementationMediaTEmeetingGatewaythe telephony requirementsPacket BackboneMediaGatewayEARLocal ExchangeLEPBX2006-08-26 15

PSTN access node - Engine Access Ramp (EAR)ApplicationServerService Control Point (IN)Telephony Softswitch Solution (TSS)TelephonyServerTelephonyServerOther Networks TeS TeSTransitExchangeLocalExchangeTELEEngine Media Access RampSolution Gateway for ISDN and PSTNCopper ConcentrationCarrier ClassPacket BackboneMediaGatewayEARPBXIP-MSAN2006-08-26 16

Operations and Management – MN OSSOperations andManagementCisco/Juniper EMSMN-OSSEMSTelephonyServerBilling ServiceMediation ActivationTelephony Softswitch Solution (TSS)TeSTeSTelephonyServerOther NetworksTeSManagement for TSSTransit ExchangeTEMediaGatewayMGWPacket BackbonePacket BackboneMGWEARMediaGatewayEARLocal ExchangeMN-OSSLENetwork Management and Service AssuranceA complete operational support solution defined specifically for multi-servicenetworksDesigned to improve the solutions performance and reduce cost of operationsPBX2006-08-26 17

Engine Multi-Media Softswitch Solution2006-08-26 18

Engine Multi-Media network solution3GPP architecture based om IMSHome Subscriber Server• Holding user profiles• Authenticating a user• Authorising user requests• Binding a user and a sessionApplication LayerControl LayerServices ServicesApplicationServersSubscriberManagerSession server (CSCF)• Routing of SIP messages• Triggering of services• Session control function• Bearer authorisation and policingThe MGC/MGW provides:Interworking Media with ISUP/TDM,SIP Manager & H.323 NWsConnectivity LayerSessionServerIPAccessBRASIP ConnectivityNetworkMGWPSTN2006-08-26 19

Value of Engine MultimediaIP Centrex•Hosted PBX• One network for voice anddata• Complete service set forthe enterprise• Easy management ofsubscribers• Multimedia servicesEngineMultimediaIP Telephony• First or second linereplacement• Several phone lines• Video call• Instant messaging• Presence• Buddy lists•The only standardized architecture for SIP basedmultimedia services•Open architecture – enables multivendor deployment•Modularity – add functionality•Fixed mobile convergence – common core networkIMS Architecture2006-08-26 21

NGN Solution – ToIP• Signalling protocols, compression, interoperabilityand standards• Key issues for Network design – capacity,redundancy , design and dimensioning• Carrier class Telephony over IP – just VoIP not goodenough• Customer cases2005-06-08 22

Signalling protocols, compression, interoperability and standards2006-08-26 23

Signalling overview in Telephony Softswitch SolutionsBasic operationOther NetworksPSTNTelephony Softswitch Solution (TSS)ASSIP-T/BICCSigtranSIPIMSISUPTeSTeSPBXDSS1PRAH.248/SCTPSIP, H.323Other NetworksVoIPTransitExchangeANTEV5.2ISUPISUPMediaGatewayPacket BackboneMediaGatewayEARLocalExchangeIP-MSANLEH.248Codecs:G.711G.723.1G726G.729PBXInteroperabilitySIP-T ”ISUP over IP” well defined by IETF RFCH.248 being standardised by ETSI/Tispan2006-08-26 24

ISUP signalling – two basic alternativesChannel associated signallingSCPSCPSTP - signallingSCPSCPINAP/CS1INAP/CS1RPGTeSBICCReduced need of RPGTeSBICCRPGISUPATM/IPATM/IPMGW MGWMGW MGWMGW MGWMGW MGWISUPISUPISUPPOIPOI EAR V5.2Secure signalling transportRedundancyPOIPOI EAR V5.22006-08-26 25

IP-MSAN in two phasesphase 1AXEV5.2H.248 UNIbased on the evolving H.248 standardizationin ETSI Tispan.H.248 CLTeSH.248 CLH.248 UNIIPPublic EthernetABG/TAGV5.2IPMSGPSTN/ISDNNetworkAXEEDA Combophase 2AGWH.248 UNIH.248 CLIPH.248 CLTeSMPLS/ IPPBN TelephonyH.248 CLMSGPSTN/ISDNNetworkAXEEDA MSANPublic EthernetAGWIP to IP gateway2006-08-26 27

Key issues for Network designCapacityRedundancyDesignDimensioning2006-08-26 28

Redundancy for transit applicationsTeStwo separate MGW50%MGWMGW50%LXLX50% MGWMGW50%partitioningTeSloss50%40%30%20%10%Redundancy20% 40% 60% 80%100%2006-08-26 29

Redundancy for local applicationsTwo optionsMGWMGWMGWMGWDual-homingRSSTeSTeS“Cold” stand-byN+1 protectionOption 1: N+1AdvantagesMSGMSGMSGMSGMSGMSG• Cost-efficient, 1 redundant TeS can supportmay working TeSOption 2: Mated pair, 1+1TeSMated pair“Hot” stand-by1+1 protectionpMSGMSGsMSGMSGAdvantages• Hot stand-by, no traffic disturbance in caseof a failure2006-08-26 30

Redundancy for local applicationsTwo optionsTeSTeS“Cold” stand-byN+1 protectionOption 1: N+1MSG MSGMSG MSGMSG MSGAdvantages• Cost-efficient, 1 redundant TeS can supportmay working TeSOption 2: Mated pair, 1+1TeSdeactivationXXMSG MSGactivationMSG MSG“Hot” stand-by1+1 protectionAdvantages• Hot stand-by, no traffic disturbance in caseof a failure2006-08-26 31

It is not only about IP – it is about carrier-class IP6 key issues Guiding principlesNetwork architectureQoSAvailabilitySecurityNetworkmgmtNetwork economicsNetwork architecture• Multi-service, Multi-vendor• Support MPLS/Pure IP• Several hundreds MGWQoS• Mouth-to-ear delay < 150 msec• Voice packet loss < 1%• MOS-value > 4Availability – better than “5 nines”• Back-up links• Link restoration time < 1 secSecurity• Protect the telephony nodes from differentkinds of attacksManagement• Proactive monitoring of voice traffic in IPnetworkMOS=Mean opinion scoreCarrier class IP is about network design and management!2006-08-26 32

Delay budgetMouth-to-ear budget:100-150 msecLocalExchangeIP-MSANLEEthernet~15 msTDMMediaGatewayTeSPacket BackboneOur tests averageMediaGatewayTDM0,650ms12 hopsLEEthernet~15 msLocalExchangeIP-MSANAccess networkdelayEncodingdelaySampling: 5-20 msEncoding algoritm: ~10 msProp. delay (5 ms/1000 km)~10 ms (2000 km)+ IP Core networkJitterBufferDelay~20 msAccess networkDecoding delayDelay~10 ms (G.711/5 ms)~25 ms (G.729/20 ms)Delay contribution from IP-core network could safely be ignoredAllow longer sampling time – if voice quality MOS>42006-08-26 33

Engine Softswitch NetworksContracted In ServiceSoftswitches 103 69Media Gateway 316 223Customers 33 24yourcommunicationsIn commercial serviceContract2006-08-26 34

Network development - Phase 1ENGINE for the growing interconnect traffic to other operatorsOther operatorsTXTelephonyServerTX1 2 13MGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWLSpacket coreLSMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWOther operatorsTXTelephonyServerTX4000 E12 Tes26 MGW2006-08-26 35

Network development - Phase 2Replacement of analogue local switchesLSXXXTX1 2 13MGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWMGWTelephonyTelephonyServerServerpacket coreMGWMGWTXMGWMGWXTXMax. 125kTelephonyTelephonyServerServerTXTeSTeSTeSTeSMGWMGWMGW MGWMGW MGWMGWMGWMGW MGWMGW MGWNew access nodes2006-08-26 36

ENGINE in MexicoStarting pointTelmex PSTNGrowthANV5.2Impossible!CSSAXE AXE AXERSSAXEE10RSSPBXR2RSSRSSR2PBX2006-08-26 37

Engine in MexicoStep 1 – introduce Engine softswitchTelmex PSTNTeSGrowthV5.2MGWAXE AXE AXEANCSSRSSAXEE10RSSPBXR2RSSRSSR2PBX2006-08-26 38

Engine in MexicoFuture steps – expansion and network consolidationPBXR2TeSTelmex PSTNGrowthV5.2MGWMGWX X XAXE AXE AXEANRSSXAXEE10RSSR2CSS RSSRSSRSSPBX2006-08-26 39

Engine in MexicoFuture steps – grow with IP-MSANPBXR2TeSTelmex PSTNGrowth V5.2MGWMGWX X XAXE AXE AXEANNAMXAXEIPIPIP-MSANIP-MSANRSSRSSRSSETHETHCSS RSSGrowth with IP-NAM´s, reduced OPEX through node reduction2006-08-26 40

BT 21C aims• Revolutionise customer experience– Make it easier to buy and use services– Enable customers• Deliver innovative products more rapidly– Rapid service creation & implementation– With more people creating new services• Make it simpler to deliver and maintain service– Process, systems & network automation• Transform the cost base of the Company– Enabler of whole life cost reduction (Capex & Opex)2006-08-26 41

What is the overall architecture?• A converged network based on IP and anMPLS core• An Intelligence layer that is mobile enabled based on 3GPPconcepts• OSS systems controlling the complete network• An open applications layer2006-08-26 42

21 st Century Network structure visionLogicalNodesToday~80,000PCPsin theAccessNetwork~100,000RemoteConcs,DLAMS& DataMuxes~1000 +Voice Switchesand Data CrossConnects~170 CoreSwitches(DMSU / NGS)DataCentreInternationalNetworksInternetPeeringEnd CustomerLogicalNodesFutureBeginFibreto thePCP~30,000Multi-ServiceAccessDevices~100MetroRouters~10CoreRoutersAggregation Service Edge CoreDataCentre2006-08-26 43

Network areas & Selected partnersI-NodeCoreTransmissionMetroAccess2006-08-26 44

Recommendation for BSNLNetwork2006-08-26 45

“Rome was not built in a day”2006-08-26 46

Recommendations for BSNL Network• Introducing NGN (TSS) Solution in InternationalGateway , Class 4 and Tandem Network.• Migration of BSNL Local Access Nodes (RSS & V5.2Nodes) to TSS based Network .• Strengthening the IP access and IP Core Network.• Increasing the Broadband Penetration.• Introducing IMS Solution in Class A and Class B citiesseeking Multimedia application.• Evolving the mobile network under IMS umbrellaproviding feature transparency and true Fixed MobileConvergence.2006-08-26 47

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