Electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps


Electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps

Fixed Output

Electronic ballasts for

fluorescent lamps


Our new generation of fixed output ballasts has set even higher


Perfect reliability

As naturally as the eye opens and closes an innumerable number

of times, as easily and reliably are your luminaires operated

by our fixed output ballasts. Again and again – meeting any

conceivable demand thanks to our extended range. We put all

our energies into providing you with light.

We devote all

our energy into

your light.

Tridonic has been involved in the quest for perfect light

for more than 60 years. Our focus is on achieving better

lighting with further advanced components, improving

the reliability and safety of lighting systems still further

and making a real contribution to climate protection. It is

our unique expertise that enables us to achieve our prime

objective, namely of helping you install lighting solutions

that are unbeatable in terms of economy and functionality.

What drives us above all is our great passion for light and

lighting. In combination with our experience and in-depth

knowledge of the lighting industry, this passion has led

to an ever expanding portfolio of products – from lighting

components, lighting manage ment systems and LEDs. In

combination with our service expertise, it motivates us to

support you in all phases of the project as a partner you

can rely on. Wherever you are in the world. With a total

of 2,300 employees in 30 separate branch offices and

a dense network of established sales partners, Tridonic

is always nearby – at any of 73 locations throughout the




Great Britain










f Facts and figures:

South A

__ 2,300 employees

__ Headquarters in Dornbirn (A)

__ 30 separate branch offices

__ A presence on six continents

__ More than 380 inventions

__ More than 2,300 patents

__ New products account for more

than 40 % of the total




Eastern Europe

Middle East




and Hungary




Tridonic is synonymous throughout the world

for products that combine reliability with

state-of-the-art functionality.





Malaysia Singapore



Our in-depth know-how and extensive

knowledge of the lighting industry make us

your expert in all aspects of light and lighting.

New Zealand

Close customer contact

You are our focus. We want not only to supply

you with the best possible equipment but also

to support you every step of the way.

The new generation of fixed output ballasts:

standards that facilitate your work.

With the new generation of electronic ballasts,

Tridonic has achieved a new level of reliability:

never before has it been so easy to extend the

functions and increase the service life of fluorescent

lamps and luminaires.

The success of Tridonic ballasts has always been based on maximum reliability:

this was true at the time when we built the first electronic chip into a

ballast and it is still true today, when we maintain close partnership relations

with our customers. With the new fixed output generation, we are able to expand

our advantage even further – thanks to a new level of reliability, based

on an intelligent range of products and segmentation, providing the right

solution for every application.

h Reliability that meets individual demands.


Intelligent technologies

The basis for maximum customer satisfaction


Cutting-edge technologies

help us to meet

your requirements

down to a tee and at

the same time keep

your costs as low as

possible. Your benefit:

even more efficient and

reliable gear in a variety

of versions.

Increasing efficiency with electronic ballasts

Anyone in the lighting technology sector who puts the focus

on maximum efficiency will have to opt for high-quality

electronic ballasts. Legislators have already taken appropriate

measures: inefficient magnetic ballasts have already

been banned from sale, and there will be a general

EU-wide ban of magnetic ballasts for fluorescent lamps,

with effect from 2017.










Energy eciency

classes of Tridonic

Fixed Output ballasts

EU-wide ban

as of April


EU-wide ban

since April


z II ensures progress

The X II processor technology especially developed

by Tridonic creates added value and increases flexibility.

This in-house innovation allows us to respond very

quickly and individually to market developments and customer

demands. Thus, the latest chip generation X II

allows us to achieve a new level of high-precision lamp

operation – thanks to intelligent adjustment of a number

of operating parameters.

__ Most standard ballasts have a fixed operating point.

All the electronic components’ tolerances accumulate

and cannot be compensated for.

__ This problem is solved by X II: each device that

leaves the manufacturing site is measured individually

and precisely adjusted. On the basis of this exact

data, the lamp can now be operated by the electronic

chip with maximum precision.

This ensures that the individual components with their

specific tolerances will be perfectly adjusted to each

other. Tridonic offers you added value – in terms of both

luminaire design and low-wear operation.

Thanks to the enhanced integration of functions, the

number of components required can be reduced even

further. This reduces potential sources of defects, increasing

the gears’ reliability.


Fixed Output

A new level of maximum reliability

The right product for every requirement


Premium performance and lifetime

A sophisticated package of perfection and reliability

designed to get the most out of a fluorescent lamp.

The most comprehensive PC range supports all relevant

types of fluorescent lamps. For more information

on this product, see page 10 et seq.


Optimised for standard applications

Fulfilling essential market requirements, without any compromises

in terms of reliability. For more information on

this product, see page 12.


All you need to operate a lamp safely

Reliable entry-level gear in compact design. For more

information on this product, see page 13.


For applications with special requirements


Designed to resist

Designed for tough ambient conditions, ensuring maximum

service life nevertheless. The device is also perfectly

protected against serious power disruptions. For more

information on this product, see page 14 et seq.


Multi-lamp management keeps your range lean

Fewer versions and more flexibility thanks to multi-lamp

management. Lamp start after only 0.5 seconds. For

more information on this product, see page 16.


Small and flexible

Finding an individual solution despite cramped space

conditions and nevertheless being able to operate almost

any fluorescent lamp. For more information on

this product, see page 17.



Premium performance and lifetime

Make the most of a fluorescent lamp with

PC PRO. X II processor technology allows

for intelligent adjustment of various tolerances,

ensuring highly precise lamp operation.

The lamps will thank you for being handled with care by featuring a long

service life, even after more than 50,000 starts. In this context it does not

matter if ambient temperatures fluctuate between -25 °C and up to 80 °C,

depending on the model. In case of overvoltage caused by miswiring, additional

protection is provided by the Intelligent Voltage Guard triggering an


f At a glance

__ Unrivalled precision in lamp operation thanks to X II

__ Highest energy efficiency class: A2 BAT

__ Nominal service life of up to 100,000 h at ta = 50 °C

__ Minimum theoretical failure rate of only 0.1 % per 1,000 h

__ Intelligent Voltage Guard (IVG)

__ New: VDE-EMC mark of conformity


All marks of conformity included

The devices of the PC PRO range have been given all

marks of conformity required in the market. The VDE-

EMC mark of conformity has been recently added. This

mark indicates that the requirements concerning the

standards of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) have

been met, which facilitates luminaire approval. All certificates

are available for downloading at www.tridonic.com/


Built-in guard: Intelligent Voltage Guard

In order to prevent damage, the Intelligent Voltage Guard

(IVG) automatically monitors mains voltage at the ballasts:

in case of undervoltage, the devices will switch-off.

If the voltage is too high, malfunctioning will be indicated

by flashing lamps to allow the installer to take quick

measures against overvoltage. The built-in voltage guard

also helps to detect faulty wiring and prevent failure of

the device, ensuring its efficient operation.

Increased flexibility

PC TC PRO control gear can be used for one or two

lamps, which allows to reduce the number of versions

available from 10 to 6. This increases your flexibility,

since one device is able to cover various requirements.

Convenience at every level

The high-quality PC TC PRO sr+ ballasts supplied in a

surface-mountable casing are very robust and can be

installed without any tools. Colour-coded plug-in terminal

blocks facilitate looping of the mains cable; separate

strain relief for every line and generously sized terminal

spaces help you to complete installation as easily and

quickly as possibly.



Optimised for standard applications

PC TOP ballasts cannot fail to impress professionals

in the lighting sector, thanks to a broad

range of product characteristics fulfilling all essential

market requirements.

With PC TOP, you add a high degree of quality and efficiency

to your luminaire. In terms of availability, the

product range is top-class as well: PC TOP ballasts

are available not only for T8 lamps, but now also for T5



f At a glance

__ Essential market requirements fulfilled

__ Energy efficiency class: A2

__ Nominal service life of 50,000 h at ta = 50 °C

__ Available for T8 and now also for T5 fluorescent lamps


All you need to operate a lamp safely

Reliability in the most basic sense: PC TEC has

everything a ballast needs to be able to reliably

operate a fluorescent lamp.

PC TEC features simple circuitry and compact design

sizes and is the ideal entry-level product for everyone

who wants to benefit from the advantages provided by

electronic ballasts. You will see for yourself: it will make it

easy for you to say good-bye to your magnetic ballasts.

f At a glance

__ Straightforward and compact

__ Energy efficiency class: A2/A3

__ Nominal service life of 30,000 h at ta = 50 °C

__ Available for T5 and T8 lamps



Designed to resist

PC INDUSTRY ballasts boast an especially long

service life and are designed for use under the

toughest conditions in permanent operation.

Whether in tunnels, car parks or manufacturing bays – ballasts by Tridonic

are the basis for all applications depending on extremely reliable illumination.

High resistance, long service life and extended maintenance intervals ensure

permanently uninterrupted lamp operation and maximum safety.

! Due to the size of the casing,

the temperature of the compo-

nents is reduced by up to 50 %.




" Extremely robust input

filter to protect against mains

transients of up to 4 kV


h For further information on this product, please refer to the PC INDUSTRY

product brochure or the corresponding white paper. Both documents are

available for downloading from the PC INDUSTRY product site on the internet

under www.tridonic.com/com/en/products/271.asp?ln=en

Heat source

§ Two smoothing capacitors

connected in parallel extend service

life. At a max. ambient temperature

of +60°C, the nominal service

life during long-term operation is

100,000 h.



$ Double-sided printed

circuit board and therefore

better attachment of the

components as protection

against constant mechanical


Heat source


% Maximum distance

between heat sources and

lifetime-critical components

loads and vibrations f At a glance

& Optimised hot start,

particularly for longlife lamps

__ Reliable under the toughest conditions

__ For use during permanent operation with maximum

failure safety

__ Nominal service life of up to 200,000 h at ta = 50 °C

__ Protected against power disruptions of up to 4,000 V

__ Intelligent Voltage Guard (IVG)

__ 8-year guarantee



Multi-lamp management keeps your range lean

Five products for a variety of lamp types: T5, T8

or compact fluorescent lamps. The ballasts of

the PC PRO-M range are suitable for universal


Multi-lamp management gives more flexibility to designers, but also to planners,

operators and facility managers. Furthermore, multi-lamp gear allows

considerable optimisation of stock-keeping. The benefit for you: cost savings

independent of gear application and sales.

f At a glance

__ Intelligent detection of lamp type

__ Simplifies logistics and stock-keeping

__ Nominal service life of up to 100,000 h at ta = 50 °C

__ Low theoretical failure rate of only 0.1 % per 1,000 h

__ Intelligent Voltage Guard (IVG)


T5 HO and HE






Small and flexible

The small ballasts of the PC Basic product

range are the ideal solution for all applications

where little space is available or individual lighting

solutions are required.

Typical applications are escape sign luminaires and luminaires to be built into

kitchen cupboards, shelves and showcases, for private homes and aquariums.

The devices cannot fail to impress thanks to their compact size and low

power consumption. Upon request, PC Basic ballasts are available without

casing as well.

f At a glance

__ Nominal service life of up to 50,000 h at ta = 50 °C

__ Suitable for almost all lamps from 5 to 26 W

__ Long lamp life with more than 25,000 potential starts


Product overview

Application-specific versatility

Here you will find the right fixed output ballast

for any type of fluorescent lamp, any requirement

and any application, with maximum reliability.


Benefits Product characteristics

High efficiency CELMA energy efficiency class

High level of


Competence in

lamp operation

High degree of


High-precision hot start for optimum lamp life

Reduced pre-heating

Intelligent Voltage Guard for continuous monitoring of mains voltage

Safety shutdown of defective lamps

Automatic shutdown in case of undervoltage

Intelligent detection of more than 25 lamp types

Number of starts without lamp replacement

Compatible lamp types

High-precision lamp operation with tolerance adjustment

Controlled lamp operation (lamp current, lamp wattage)

Lamp operation with fixed frequency

Automatic restart after lamp replacement

Constant luminous flux even in case of mains fluctuations

Use in emergency lighting installations (EN 50172)

IDC terminal block for automatic wiring with ALF robot

Plug-in terminal block for automatic wiring

Service life at ta = 50°C

Failure rate

Ambient temperature range

Mains voltage

High quality Marks of conformity


Sustainability (ecolution)**

*depending on the model, **ecolution certification (for details see p. 20)


A2 BAT A2 A2* A2 A2 A2

f f f f f


f f f

f f f f f f

f f f f

50,000 30,000 up to 10,000* 50,000 50,000 25,000



f f

f f f

f f f f f

f f f f

f f f f

f f f

f f

up to 100,000 h* 50,000 h 30,000 h up to 200,000 h* up to 100,000 h* 50,000 h

0.1 % / 1,000 h 0.2 % / 1,000 h 0.3 % / 1,000 h 0.05 % / 1,000 h 0.1 % / 1,000 h 0.2 % / 1,000 h

-25 °C up to +80 °C* -20 °C up to +55 °C -10 °C up to +50 °C -30 °C up to +70 °C* -25 °C up to +65 °C* -25 °C up to +60 °C*

220 – 240 V

0/50/60 Hz

220 – 240 V

0/50/60 Hz

220 – 240 V

50/60 Hz

220 – 240 V

0/50/60 Hz

220 – 240 V

0/50/60 Hz

220 – 240 V

0/50/60 Hz

5 years 5 years 3 years 8 years 5 years 5 years



An initiative that makes an impact

Ballasts which consume as little power as possible

– during manufacture as well as during operation

– ensure that the customer’s efficiency

is improved as well. This is what sustainability

means to Tridonic.

The sustainability of a ballast comprises several aspects.

On the one hand, it is the energy efficiency of the device

itself which has a positive impact on the energy balance

because it requires little power. The long service life and

high profitability of Tridonic products also contribute to

saving resources. On the other hand, ballasts by Tridonic

can make an important contribution by ensuring sustainable

lamp operation in order to keep the demand for light

sources as low as possible.

Product innovations helping the environment

The new generation of fixed output ballasts makes use

of the special qualities of X II processor technology,

combining them with the components’ high economic

efficiency, in order to minimise efficiency losses during

operation and optimise the ballast’s total energy balance,

from manufacture to disposal. Classified as A2 BAT, A2

and A3 energy efficiency classes, they deliberately keep

power consumption of the operated luminaires low. In order

to allow our customers to incorporate these aspects

into their considerations and product concepts, we have

evaluated all product ranges in terms of sustainability

(see page 19).


Integral and sustainable

ecolution is the synonym for the sustainability strategy

that runs like a “green” thread through all divisions of

our company. We evaluate the entire production and life

cycles of our products and services in terms of environmental

compatibility and economic efficiency. A particular

challenge for us is the continuous improvement and

expansion of existing limits. This is the driving force that

motivates us. Accordingly, we set standards that go far

beyond mere environmental protection, assuming responsibility

– vis-à-vis our staff members and our customers,

towards the environment and society, here and

now as well as with a view to future developments.

f ecolution stands for:

__ action now to safeguard the environment

and the climate in future

__ savings in natural resources

__ efficient products and energy saving

lighting control concepts

__ use of recyclable materials

__ increased return on investment

__ eco-friendly production and packaging

At Tridonic our daily quest is to create perfect light. 2,300 experts on five continents are

working tirelessly to control, regulate and operate lighting in exactly the way you want it.

And we have been doing this for more than 60 years with enormous passion and in

cooperation with you.

We put all our energy into your light.

Go to www.tridonic.com to find your personal contact at Tridonic.

Further information and ordering data:

Control gear, lighting control systems and LED

Catalogue 2010

Product catalogue Data sheets available

Certificates at

at www.tridonic.com,


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