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About Placarding

About Placarding

TDG Supplement – More

TDG Supplement – More about Placarding page 4Loading and UnloadingThe person responsible for loading dangerous goods into a large container or onto a vehicle mustmake sure the placards are attached to all four sides before the goods are loaded. This personcould be a loader, a shipper or a driver.The person who unloads the dangerous goods is responsible for making sure the placards areremoved unless there is still a residue of dangerous goods in the container. If so, it is the personwho cleans or purges the container who must remove the placards.ReferencesRegs 4.3Regs 4.9Q5A tank truck driver finishes delivering a load of hydrochloric acid. Since the tank isempty, should he remove the placards?ST page 51YES ____NO ____Attaching PlacardsOne of the four placards should be visible from any direction. The placard at the front can beattached to the cargo unit or to the front of the truck.Regs 4.15(3)Q6A driver picks up a portable tank, whichthe shipper has placarded on all four sides,and loads it into a closed trailer. Does thevehicle have to be placarded as well?ST page 50Regs 4.15(2)YES ____NO ____(If you’re not sure, look for a hint in theReferences column beside the question. Itusually guides you to a page in the self-teach manual.)The Regulations say that placards must be displayed as a “square on point.”Regs 4.7(1)Q7Is this a permissible way to attach a placard?YES ____NO ____Q8Who is responsible for replacing a placard that goes missing during transport?___ (A) the shipper___ (B) the driverRegs 4.5(1)(b)© Danatec Educational Services Ltd. 1-800-465-3366 TDG Self-Teach Supplement – Placarding – Jun/08

TDG Supplement – More about Placarding page 5UN NumbersQ9Whenever placards are required, there must be a UN number displayed on or besideeach placard.ReferencesST page 52Placard GuideTRUE ____FALSE ____Q10A shipment requiring an ERAP must always display the UN number as well asthe placard.ST page 52Placard GuideTRUE ____FALSE ____Q11A UN number that is displayed on or beside a placard does not include theletters “UN”.ST page 52Placard GuideRegs 4.8(2)TRUE ____FALSE ____Primary and Subsidiary Class PlacardsUsually only the placard for the primary class is required.Subsidiary class placards are used in addition to the primary class placards only whentransporting extremely hazardous materials that require an ERAP and have a subsidiary risk of:• Class 1 – Explosives• Class 4.3 – Dangerous When Wet• Class 6.1, Packing Group 1 (inhalation toxicity) – Toxic• Class 8 – Corrosive – if the dangerous goods are radioactive materials, UN 2977 orUN 2978Regs 4.15(4)Q12When chlorine is shipped in containers with a capacity larger than 500 litres itrequires an ERAP. What class placards and UN number would be required?___ (A) Class 2.3 (no UN number)___ (B) Class 2.3 and UN 1017___ (C) Class 2.3 and Class 8 (no UN number)___ (C) Class 2.3 and Class 8 and UN 1017DG List© Danatec Educational Services Ltd. 1-800-465-3366 TDG Self-Teach Supplement – Placarding – Jun/08

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