A Lightweight Approach - IWAW

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A Lightweight Approach - IWAW

Constructing a RecordsArchiving System Using Off-the-shelf Tools- A Lightweight ApproachIWAW2007Jan Askhoj, , Mitsuharu Nagamori,Shigeo SugimotoTsukuba University, Japan

OutlineProblems with corporate archivesystemsOur GoalProposed ModelUse CaseTechnical Details & ImplementationCurrent work & Concluding remarks

IntroductionFor corporations today, bad recordsManagement is not an option!There are a lot of standards and laws toadhere to...NASD 3010BS 7799MoReqSarbanes-OxleyactD.o.D. 5015.2ISO 15489

ProblemRecords Management Systems (RMS)are used to ensure compliance“- Gartner estimates the worldwide records managementmarket to be approx. $350 mill. in software license andmaintenance revenue in 2006, up more than 30% from2005”Systems used to archive content areseldom good for creation... and viceversa

Furthermore...Many kinds of Content ManagementSystems in use:- Web Content Management- Digital Asset Management- Document Management- etc.All these may contain content thatneeds to be archived !

Our GoalModel for archivingcorporate records:- Lightweight- Automated- Flexible- SecureContent +MetadataArchive

Ideal SituationA system to manage the entire documentlifecycleCreateUseContent ManagementManagePreserveTo keep cost and complexity low:move data from CMS to a RMS!DestroyRecords ManagementThis cannot be done out-of-the box withdifferent systems!

Moving Records:- By hand ?Bridging the GAP- By custom export-import scripts ?A model is needed for CMS→RMS archiving(that works with exiting systems)CMSRMS

Three Layered ModelCMSRMS1ContentContentRecordContentImport2MetadataArchivemetadataMetadataMetadataImportTransport3 Metadata TransportpackageReader andInterpreterTransport/Negotiation

Information Flow: ExportCMSContentUser submits contentRetention by content typeMetadataMetadata extractedTransportMetadataMetadata + content packagedTransport Package madeavalible

Information Flow: ImportRMSContent is approved andimportedRecordMetadata is approved andimportedPackage is readMetadata is convertedTrackback is returnedMetadataReader andInterpreter

CMS/RMS Metadata SchemesCMS metadata cannot be used by the RMSas-is●●- CMS metadata schemes:Can vary according to application orcontent- RMS metadata scheme:Designed for Records ManagementCMSMetadataSchemesN→1RMSMetadataScheme

Metadata AuthorityOffers metadata conversionRequires that CMS register URI and Schemein advanceCMS 1URI: fooSchema:ATransportPackageMetadataAuthorityRMSSchema:XCMS 2URI: barSchema:BTransportPackageif URI=fooif URI=barTranslationtableA → XTranslationtableB → X

Example : Metadata ConversionCMS 1Schema:AMetadataAuthorityTranslationtableA → XTransport PackageRMSSchema:XAuthor:John SmithCreator:Smith, JohnOnly works with compatible metadata

Related Models - OAISPreservation PlanningData ManagementProducerIngestAccessConsumerSIPAIPArchival storageAIPDIPAdministrationManagement

Implementing ATLASAutomated Transfer Lightweight ArchiveSolutionExisting System Requirements:- CMS: Expandable, publish necessarycontent and metadata- RMS: Import functionality, supportingXML Metadata

ProtocolRSS 2.0 (Really Simple Syndication)- XML based- Lightweight- Expandable- Already supportedNeed to Expand: Metadata, MetadataAuthority URI, Security

Security & TrackbackAuthentication & Access:HTTP LoginData Integrity:ChecksumCMSConfidentiality:SSLConfirmation:TrackbackRMSContentPackageTrackbackAggregater

CMSSystem OverviewTrackbackRMSExistingsystemsExport ModulePackaging- Record- Record Metadata- Transport MetadataMetadataAuthorityImport ModuleImportApprovalATLASAdd-onsChecksumFeed ReaderPrepare for Ingest(Temp. Database)Advertise RSS FeedSSL + HTTP loginChecksum

Issues & Current StatusIssues- CMS must have good metadata- No provision for long term-storage- Requires good archiving environmentCurrent Status- Building ATLAS using...CMS: DrupalRMS: DspaceRuby on Rails

Concluding RemarksModel suited to problem- Simple to implement- Reduced cost- Open for expansion, modification- Guarantees safe transfer

Thank you !Merci beaucoup !Mange Tak !ありがとうございました!

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