a summer disciplines top 5 why are super hero movies so poplular?

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a summer disciplines top 5 why are super hero movies so poplular?


INSIDE THIS ISSUE3-4 Our Staff5 Why Are Super Hero Movies So Popular? - By Bill Hogg8 A Summer Discipline - By Phil Wagler9-10 Gracepoint Worship Arts11 Praccing Joy - by Jeff Renaud12-15 Kid’s Unlimited16-19 Wonderfaire20-22 The Parents Link— for parents of teens23 Young Adult Ministry24 Recipes by Marie/The Global Leadership Summit/Community Dinner25 Newcomers Pizza Party/FUEL/Ladies Book Club/Life Groups26 Window on the World27 Services Times and Locaons28 Aug CalendarTHE CONNECTION POINTserves a purpose within the GracepointTo CONNECT \kə-ˈnekt\ 1 : to become joined ... 2 a : to meet for the transference of [fellow travellers] b : totransfer ... as a step in traveling to a final desnaon 3 : to make a successful hit, shot, or throw 4 : to have or establish a rapport 5 : to establish a communicaonsTo INSPIRE \in-ˈspī(-ə)r\ 1 a : to influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural inspiraon b : to exert an animang, enlivening, or exalng influence on c : to spur on : , d : 2 a archaic : to breathe or blow into or upon b archaic : to infuse (as life) by breathing 3 a : tocommunicate to an agent supernaturally b : to draw forth or bring out 4 : 1 5 a : , b : 6 : to spread ([good] rumours) by indirectmeans or through the agency of the Connecon Point.To TRANSFORM \tran(t)s-ˈfȯrm\ 1 a : to change in composion or structure b : to change the inner essence and therefore outward appearance of c : to radically change incharacter or condion as to what one cares deeply about : 2 : to subject to mathemacal transformaon 3 : to cause (a [person]) to undergo a total transformaon [of the heart and mind].Page 2

LEAD PASTOR, BILL HOGGbill@gracepoint.caEx.208Iwas born in Scotland and enjoyed a transatlanc boyhood because of my Dad’swork. I have been a construcon worker, movie extra, talk show host, evangelistand adjunct professor. I have picked up Bachelors degrees in Industrial Engineeringand Theology, and a Masters in Evangelism Studies. I am currently working on mydoctorate. (So much packed into such a young life!) I am navigang my fourthculture and loving life in beauful B.C.It is a great joy to be part of Gracepoint and to lead the staff team. I am excitedabout what God has in store for us as we journey together with Jesus.I am passionate about us becoming and being a church for those who have givenup on church and connecng with those farthest from Christ. I want to see thosewho are “found” experiencing Jesus in the fullness of His grace, power and healingand being equipped and released as agents of transformaon. I love preaching thegospel and expounding the Scriptures.I enjoy strong Starbucks coffee, movies, browsing in bookstores, watchingManchester United, barbecues and dabbling in the kitchen on vacaon.Page 3

LEADERSHIP TEAM: THE ELDERSBill Hogg, Phil Wagler, Ernie and Marie Isaac, Ron Marshall, Bryan Jakeman, Doug Stuart, Cecil Rast, Sam RowlandBELLCAMPUSPhil WaglerSenior Associate Pastorphil@gracepoint.caEx.209SURREYSOUTHCAMPUSJeff RenaudBell Campus Pastorjeff@gracepoint.caEx.205Lisa CarpenterDirector of Administraonlisa@gracepoint.caEx.204STEVE BAINSSurrey South Campus Pastorsteve@gracepoint.caEx. 215Naomi HoggChildren’s Pastornaomi@gracepoint.caEx.206Loree MittonChildren’s Administratorloree@gracepoint.caEx.203Michelle RakotonaivoChildren’s Pastormichelle@gracepoint.caEx.207Gregg BakerCreave Programming Director/Music Pastorgregg@gracepoint.caEx.202Randy PlettPastor of Technical Artsrandy@gracepoint.ca604-809-4050Page 4Connie PlettVisual Media Administratorconnie@gracepoint.ca604-272-2211Jeremy PueYoung Adults Pastor/Music Pastorjeremy@gracepoint.caEx.213

WHY ARE SUPER HERO MOVIES SO POPULAR?Currently Hollywood is servingus several summer servingsof superheroes. The GreenLantern, Thor and the X-Menall hit the big screen. At a recentKindlings event I discussed thiscultural trend with Kevin Miller, PeterChaaway and Allyson Jule. If youwant to enjoy a lively andenlightening discussion about theenduring appeal of this cinemacgenre, check outwww.thekindlings.ca.As I write this, moviegoers await“Captain America: The First Avenger”.This of course means I can’t give youa “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down.”What I can say with certainty is thecinemac super hero genre is here tostay. Samuel L Jackson, who appearsaer the credits have rolled in Thor,These tales of cosmic costumedcaped crusaders offer up escapism.When you sit in a darkened theatreyou are ushered into another world,another place and another me.These movies offer up Technicolorand even 3-D distracon from therounes, hum drum and challengesof our ordinary lives."This guy has a disnct starng point.He's a bit of a fractured human being,having seen his father die. Later inlife, he's cocky and aimless. It's thisextraordinary power bestowed onhim that sets him on a humblingpath,” offers Reynolds."For me, the most interesng aspectof him was that transformaon. Ithas signed a contract that willA couple of the summer was having this guy who is arrogant,obligate him to play Nick Fury in up tonine Avenger movies. (See, it pays tobe the last one out of the theatre!)blockbusterstransformaon.are tales of cocky and reckless and could be givena higher calling and really rise to thatpurpose and, in that process, find itVancouver’s own Ryan Reynolds ishumbling. I thought that was really,The Green Lantern. He plays a cockyreally interesng."self absorbed test pilot, Hal Jordan,who becomes the protector of Kenneth Branagh who has directedplanet earth. Reynolds claims the Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Henry V andmovie is the tale of a personal Much Ado About Nothing has turnedtransformaon.to the big screen to bring an old(Continued on page 6)Page 5

6club eliminated from contention for the championship in the current season, would beexpected in that season to adopt the strategy that maximizes the quality of players itwill have available in future seasons. 8Introduction of the National Draft and theSpecial Assistance system mean that a club can potentially improve its quality ofplayers in future seasons by having the highest draft choices possible in the currentseason; that is, achieving the lowest possible finishing position on the league table orby not having a winning percentage above a specified level. As Taylor and Trogdon(2002, p.27) then argue: ‘…as the reward for losing increases, teams should exert lesswinning effort and more losing effort, and performance should decline.’ Exertingmore ‘losing effort’ might for example involve choosing a team or adopting a training9regime that does not maximize a club’s chance of winning a match.The first main hypothesis to be tested is with regard to the introduction of the reverseorderNational Draft. We examine whether introduction of the draft caused a decreasein the probability of winning matches for clubs eliminated from contention fromfinals. The incentive to lose extra matches would be that by doing so a club canobtain a higher choice in the draft. For example, a club that, by losing extra matchescan change its finishing position in the regular season from 2 nd last to bottom, wouldmove from having the 2 nd choice in the National Draft to having the 1 st choice. Asupplementary hypothesis is that any effect of the National Draft on the probability ofwinning matches for teams eliminated from contention from finals will have increasedover time, since it appears that the importance of the National Draft has grown due toits greater scope and smaller club playing lists.The second main hypothesis that we test involves the Special Assistance prioritychoice system. There have been three phases of this system, and we argue thatincentive effects to lose matches would have been strongest in the third phase. This isbecause it was in this phase that the effect of a club’s performance in the currentseason on whether a priority choice would be received in the next season was greatest.For example, consider the case of a club that has won less than five matches in thecurrent season. In the first Special Assistance phase (1986-93), priority choices wereprovided to clubs on an ad-hoc basis. Hence in this phase a club’s number of gameswon could not have been seen as directly related to the likelihood of receiving a

SHARE YOUR TALENT FOR GOD’S GLORY!Iam wring this quick lile arcle to expressmy deepest joy and gratude for the SundayJam that happened on the aernoon of July 17.Much to my surprise, NINE(9) PEOPLE SHOWEDUP to share their musical gis as an act ofworship, which is a theological way of saying “wejammed”. The rehearsal studio was as packed asit could be and a good me was had by all. I thinkGod was smiling to see the next generaon ofworshippers playing their hearts out!You might have noced that we placed an ad thismonth for more musicians and vocalists atGracepoint. Believe it or not, we need more ofyou (really). This summer has presented manychallenges to field complete worship bands atboth campuses, but we recognise that Summer isa different season of life and we love honouringour most faithful servant musicians and vocalists withseasons of rest too. So, if you love Jesus and you havebegun to call Gracepoint home, and you have anymusical talent at all ... CALL US @ 1 – 800 –GODWANTSYOUTOBRINGHIMGLORY!!!!! – (604) 538-1825 actually and ask to speak to Jeremy or Gregg. Youcan also email us at jeremy@gracepoint.ca orgregg@gracepoint.ca . We look forward with greatancipaon to who God will bring next into the fold atGracepoint Worship Arts (GpWA). I think it might beyou!For His Glory,Gregg BakerCreave Programming DirectorMusic Pastor (Bell Campus)Page 10

But perhaps God is strong enough to“T o s o is o s, i o.” s 126:3As I’ve thought about life with our youngfamily over the last few years, one truthis as clear as day – without a doubt I amoen on a different metable than them.For one, I almost always find myself to bemore hurried than them, unless of coursethey hear the ice cream truck comingdown the street. I am also the one topush everyone on to the next acvity,whether it be geng out the door to anlike saying good-bye to a close friend.While I know that not a lot would getdone in this world if we were all onchildren-me, I do wonder if they teachus a lot about joy. Children live for themoment, while we as adults live oen forthe next moment. And in living for thatnext moment – geng agendas done,looking for the next task to do – I wonderif it can rob us of seeing the joy in theevent, cleaning up their rooms, or geng here and now. Author GK Chestertonready for bed. I am busy in acvity. My arculates this so well when he says,children, however, love to linger in “Because children have aboundingacvity. Swinging a bat in the backyardnever seems to get boring, nor do teapares with dolls or friends. Books canbe read over and over – even when theyknow the outcome. And trips to the parkare always primed with ancipaon as ifit was our first me there, and leaving isvitality, because they are in spirit fierceand free, therefore they want thingsrepeated and unchanged. They alwayssay, “Do it again”; and the grown-upperson does it again and again unl he isnearly dead. For grown-up people arenot strong enough to exult in monotony.Page 11exult in monotony. It is possible thatGod says every morning, “Do it again” tothe sun; and every evening, “Do it again”to the moon.He has the eternalappete of infancy; for we have sinnedand grown old, and our Father isyounger than we.”In my schedule – especially during thissummer season – I am reminded to slowdown and enjoy the moment just for thesake of enjoying the moment. I need toretrain myself to linger. And as I lookaround, I see so many moments in myday to be able to do this, and perhapsyou do to.I can take a moment tobreathe deeply and thank God for thegi of breath we have. I can leave mycell phone at home when I go to thepark, or beer yet, turn it off for enreday. I have a chance to wake up to a dayoff with no agenda and fill the day withfor-the-moment acvies.And takemore moments in my day to quiet myheart and thank our Father for hispursuing love of us.These types of things force me to slowdown, to allow my heart to linger, andsee that so many situaons before meare opportunies for joy, and to makemy soul feel younger.Thank you,Father, that you are unhurried, that youyourself linger, and you have given usevery reason to find joy.Jeff RenaudBell Campus Pastorjeff@gracepoint.caEx.205

Nursery (0(0-23 Months)AGES 0– GR 5Nursery is provided for babies & toddlers up to 2 years old.Children will be promoted automacally each month fromNursery to the Tadpool class when they turn 2 years old.God Gives Me Friends“Love each other.” John 15:12This month we will help your child:• Enjoy happy encounters with other children atchurch;• Associate God with happy experiences with others.To connue the learning your child has experienced atchurch, check out the monthly Nursery Parent’s HomePage for more acvies—copies available in the Nursery.Tadpool-Kermit(2-5 year olds)Frogsquad (Gr.1-3)/3)/Leapzone(Gr. 4(Gr. 4-5)FaithWeaver curriculum makes Bible learning fun by using avariety of acve experiences to help kids learn in the ways theylearn best. FaithWeaver lessons are designed to encourage faithdevelopment beyond Sunday so faith grows all week long.—helping children and parents “weave faith into life” by applyingthe Bible to their lives throughout every week. With theresources that are a part of FaithWeaver, you can make a hugecontribuon to your child’s spiritual growth by leading acviesand discussions that help make connecons and apply what’slearned at church to daily life. That is why every Sunday yourchild will receive a take-home paper that includes ideas for familydiscussions and acvies that will help cement what your childlearns in KidsUnlimited.F: God Restores His People and God is in ControlMEMORY VERSESEarly Childhood "God created us to do goodworks" (adapted from Ephesians 2:10)Elementary: “For we are God's workmanship, created inChrist Jesus to do good works, which God prepared Inadvance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10Parents: Be sure to check your child’s Sunday HomeConnect take home sheet to help them apply what theylearn throughout the week at home. Its fun, interacveacvies will get families talking about their faith all weeklong. You are your family’s FaithWeaver, and your aconsand words are having a tremendous impact on your child’sfaith!ENCOURAGE CHILDREN TO BE FAITH HEROESPARTNERING WITH PARENTSRecommended Resourcesto Inspire & Equip Families:PARENT LINK MONTHLY NEWSLETTER:Children’s Edion Praccal ideasfor nurturing children’s faith onthe following pagesThanks for faithfullyserving children and families!StephanieMarnEditor, The ParentLinkThis month's topic is being a faith herosomething that's possiblefor people of all ages. Although it's essenal for children to learnabout Biblical heroes, they also need to know that they themselvesplay an important role in the great history God is wring. In thisissue, we help families and children explore what it means to liveheroically and confidently for God.Highlights of this new issue include:• Prayer guides to launch some quiet me with God about thistopic.• Easy, praccal ideas for incorporang discussions about faithheroism into daily life.• Two "Family Experiences" for exploring how children can becourageous, posive faith role models.• Informaon and insights about the upcoming movie The Smurfsand the new album from contemporary Chrisan musicianSteven Curs Chapman.NEXTPAGEPage 12

MARCHChildren’s Ministry EdionAUG 2011Help Your Kids Be Faith Heroeshildren’s heroes can be ficonal or real, from cartoon and movie charactersC to pop singers and fire fighters. The Bible is filled with faith heroes whomGod used to fulfill his plan of salvaon. But not all of these heroes were adults.David, a shepherd boy, defeated the giant Goliath, and Mary was a teenager whogave birth to our Savior. God doesn’t put an age limit on being a faith hero. Kidsof all ages are doing—and can do—mighty things for God’s kingdom.POWERSOURCEASK GOD:1. To help your children followJesus as the ultimate heroand role model.2. To strengthen you to be anexample of heroic faith foryour family.3. To guide you as you sharenews of Jesus’ “heroism”with others.Somemes children have trouble thinking of people in the Bible as anythingmore than ficonal. They may show more interest in celebries or athletes andstrive to be like them. So it’s important to help children put themselves in biblicalpeople’s shoes. Together, explore their lives and mes, consider their fears andemoons, and try to get inside their skin. Ask children how they would feel andreact in similar situaons. This is a great way for kids to apply the Bible to theirlives—and to show them that as Chrisans, they themselves figure in the greathistory God is wring. Read on for more ps about raising young faith heroes.INSIGHTS• In a 2010 U.K. poll, children listed their fathers as their top hero. Moms came in atnumber three. Also making the list were Hannah Montana, their teacher, SpongeBobSquarePants, and Grandpa. (Children’s Mutual)• 77 percent of Americans say celebries and athletes have far too much influence onkids. (Newsweek)• Only 25% of kids report that adults talk with them about their personal values.(Search Instute)Page 13

“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be anexample to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, inyour love, your faith, and your purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12)The apostle Paul assured Timothy that even though he was young,God could use Timothy in a big way.TEACHABLE MOMENTS1. Hero Journal—This summer,help children see how God isusing them. First, list thetalents and abilies God hasgiven each child. Then writeways that kids can use theirtalents to honor God.Whenever you or kids nocethat God is using them, jotdown the date and whathappened. At summer’s end,have a Hero Party (completewith hero sandwiches) andshare journal excerpts.2. Read All About It!—Be alert forstories of young heroes in yourneighborhood and beyond.Share the accounts with yourchildren to give them ideasabout the incredible things theycan accomplish.3. Big-Screen Heroes—With olderkids and preteens, watchmovies that feature faithheroes; for example, SoulSurfer, about BethanyHamilton, and Chariots of Fire,about Olympian Eric Liddell.Then discuss how thecharacters faced fears, madedecisions, showed heroism, andtrusted in God’s plans.Use these conversaon starters to get kids thinking about the waysthey can be heroes for God:1. Who are your heroes, and why? How do you try to be like them?2. In what ways is God or Jesus your hero? What has he done for you that’sspecial and unique?3. What can you do or say to be a hero for God at home? at school? at church?How can God help you with this goal?FAMILY EXPERIENCEThese acvies will help your family membersexplore what it means to live heroically andconfidently for God.• Excellent Examples—Write the words speech, life,love, faith, and purity on index cards. Then put thecards in a bag or hat. Have family members taketurns picking a card and acng out a situaon ofbeing a good example of what’s on the card. Keepthe cards in a visible locaon. Throughout the week,encourage family members to share new waysthey’ve lived out their faith.• Confidence Carryall—Collect and clean some emptycontainers, such as tall potato chip cans. Set outconstrucon paper, markers, and sckers and have each family memberdecorate his or her own can. Ask: “On a scale of one to 10, how bold would yousay you are, and why? What are some things that frighten you? Do heroesalways have to be bold? Why or why not?”Read aloud Hebrews 4:16. Say: “When we’re afraid, we can always talk to God,who makes us strong and helps us.” Have family members brainstorm thingsthey’re confident about and write or draw them on slips of paper. (Helpyounger children.) Ideas can range from riding a bike and tying a shoe toknowing that Jesus loves me and hears my prayers.Have everyone put the slips in their containers. Say: “Any me you feel shyabout talking to God or being a hero for him, open your Confidence Carryall.Then remember what it feels like to be bold, with God’s help.”Page 14

MOVIESMEDIAMADNESSMUSICMovie: TheSmurfsGenre: Liveacon/animated3DRang: PG (forsome mild rude humor and acon)Cast: Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays,Hank Azaria, Katy PerrySynopsis: When the evil wizardGargamel chases the Smurfs, they getscaered and are transported tomodern-day New York. The Smurfshide out with a married couple whilethey figure out how to return to theirMiddle Ages village.Our Take: Although this movie isn’tfilled with profound take-awaymessages, parents who grew up withthe Smurfs may enjoy introducing theirchildren to the cartoon characters.GAMESTitle Content Rang & PlaormFruit NinjaKinectJunior MysteryQuestRiddler.comPlayers move their arms to “slice”through assorted produce in thispopular gaming phenomenon.Arst: StevenCurs ChapmanAlbum: re:creaonBy solving problems, players becomedetectives who reveal the true identitiesof various characters.This online site features trivia, cardgames, word puzzles, and multiplayeronline games. Membership is free, butparents must set up the account.Arst Info:Chapman, 48, is a mul-planumcontemporary Chrisan musician, aswell as an adopon advocate. His 5-year-old daughter, Maria Sue, died in adriveway accident in 2008.Summary: Chapman’s 17 th albumcontains five new songs, as well as“reimagined” recordings of his eightbiggest hits. The first single, “DoEverything,” emphasizes that everythingwe do is an act of worship and shouldglorify God.Our Take: Chapman’s hope-filled lyricsare set to upbeat tunes that aim tostrengthen relaonships with God. Hismusic is beloved by Chrisans of allages.E; Xbox 360E; Nintendo DSMost games areappropriate for ages10+.This page is designed to help educate parents and isn’t meant toendorse any movie, music, or product. Our prayer is that you’ll makeinformed decisions about what your children watch, listen to, and wear.CULTURE & TRENDS• Birth mothers are using Facebook totrack down children they put up foradoption—sometimes before thechildren have been told they’readopted. (New York Times)• Many states are halting Medicaidcoverage for circumcision, andprivate insurers are expected tofollow suit. Meanwhile, someupcoming ballot measures aim to banthe procedure• QUICK STATS• 50% of parents say that havingchildren has had no influence on theirdecision to attend church on a regularbasis. (Children’s Ministry Magazine)• 101 million Sony PlayStation Networkaccounts, mostly owned by kids,have been hacked into, puttingpersonal info at risk.Page 15

Well another season ofWonderfaire has flown by andwhat a fabulous week it was! The sunwas shining, there were a lot of smilesand tons of laughter filling the SurreySouth Campus, and God’s name wasglorified throughout the week! We hadover 260 kids show up to have fun, meetnew friends, sing songs together, eatdelicious snacks, make cool cras, playsome fun games in recreaon (whichwas actually exercise but don’t tell themthat) and they learned Bible stories andmemorized scripture every day. Plus,some of the kids even made first mecommitments to follow Jesus and theyreceived their very first Bibles. What ablessed moment that was!With so many kids coming toWonderfaire, we needed a lot ofvolunteers to show up and pourthemselves into the lives of these kids.Without volunteers Wonderfaire justcan’t happen! Well I’m thrilled to saythat over 170 volunteers came andshared God’s love with those lile ones,and they had so much fun doing it. Wedidn’t just have any ordinary peopleshow up. They came faithfully eachmorning with smiles on their faces andlove in their hearts. Now that is just apowerful and beauful thing!At the end of the week I even witnessedmany volunteers exchanging phonenumbers so they could hang out in thesummer. Don’t you just love when newfriendships are formed and conneconsare made? That’s what happens whenyou volunteer at Wonderfaire! (Besidesgeng a FREE shirt and have a lot offun) So maybe next year you’ll want toget on board! There’s a place foreveryone to serve at Wonderfaire!Well there are so many people to thankand I wish I could name every one, butthat would take another few pages!There are so many keys areas as wellthat serve behind the scenes too (youknow who you are—set designers,decorators, painters, cra preparaonteam, technical support people and allthe rest of you). So if you are readingthis right now and you were a volunteerfor Wonderfaire this year, I want to sayTHANK YOU so much for serving. I amgrateful for you!Well now it’s me for rest and to spendsome much needed me with my threewonderful children and my verysupporve husband. I’m so thankful tohave been part of this wonderfulministry again and I look forward toseeing what God has planned forWonderfaire next year!Have a Wonderful summer!In His Glorious Love,Tracy Baker (Tiki Tracy—Co-Director)It’s allaboutJesus, Dude!Page 16

Tracy & Evelyn, Wonderfaire Directors &Surrey South Children’s Pastor Michelle‘BADGES’‘STAR’‘STAR’‘REC WRECKERS’Steve & Pastor Phil‘STAR’ & ‘SHELLEY’Candice, KindergartenDirector & ‘Badges’Dwight, SecurityPage 17

ThePARENTPARENTLinkAUGFor parents of teensBible FocusDon’t copy the behavior and customs of this world,but let God transform you into a new person bychanging the way you think. Then you will learn toknow God’s will for you, which is good and pleasingand perfect.”Conformity and peer pressurethreaten to squeeze theindividuality right out of teenagers.As they’re confronted with choicesand expectaons, kids are oenterrified to be idenfied asdifferent. Discouragement andhopelessness can leave teenagerseven more vulnerable tounhealthy, unsafe pressures.1. In The Religious Life of YoungAmericans, George Gallup Jr.and Robert Bezilla offer thesesix things teenagers need whenfacing challenges and pressures:2. The belief that life is meaningfuland has a purpose. ForChrisans, the ulmatemeaning and purpose are foundin a relaonship with Jesus.3. A sense of community. “Radicalindividualism” leads to loneliness.Kids need deep relaonships withposive, supporve role modelsand peers.4. To be appreciated and loved. Thecloser people feel to God, say theauthors, the beer they feel aboutthemselves. They also have ahappier outlook.5. To be listened to and heard.6. To feel like one is growing in faith.Young people need support as theypass through various “faithpassages.”7. Praccal help in developing amature faith. By partnering withyour church and youth minister,you can guide teenagers intoowning their faith.Page 20THE VIEW• In a poll of more than700,000 American kids ages10 to 18, 53% said they’rehopeful, with numerous ideasand abundant energy for thefuture. Meanwhile, 31% saidthey’re stuck and 16% saidthey’re discouraged, lackingideas and energy to navigateproblems and reach goals.Reports of hopefulness variedlile across age and gradelevels.(Gallup Student Poll)• In an ongoing survey, only 6%of respondents say they’vebeen affected by peerpressure in a posive way.(survelum.com)

GOING DEEPERExpert Insights for Parents of TeenagersAt SimplyYouthMinistry.com, student-ministry pastorChuck Bomar discusses the importance of identy inChrist, especially for older teenagers:For college-age people, the search for identy goes to anenrely different level. They have dreams but most lack asense of direcon as to how to get there. Here are someareas in which young people need to embrace theirspiritual identy in Christ:• Beyond the crowd.Although we can never completely separate ouridenty as Chrisans from the body of Christ, we sllmust have a personal relaonship with Jesus.• Beyond sin. The number- one ingredient to a mediocreChrisan life is wrongfully idenfying our selves in sinstruggles rather than in Christ.TIPSCelebrate your teenagers’ uniqueness with these insightsfrom youth leaders Steve Argue and Dave Livermore:• Avoid saying, “When I was your age.” That will justcause kids to shut down. We can’t make our ownexperience the primary reference point for teenagers.• Value your teenagers for their “in process” selves.Don’t focus just on the future and on the person yourson or daughter is becoming.• Be willing to tackle the “messy reality” of faith.When you talk about your own journey, be sure toinclude failures as well as successes.Don’t worry about using the correct Chrisan lingo orhaving all the right answers.• Honor your teenagers’ unique ideas and expressions.Tell them, in specific ways, how they’re inspiring youto follow Jesus and serve others.• Watch for examples of individuality and hope.Together, seek out news reports that highlightpeople’s differences and explore their transformaonsfor the beer.• Help your teenagers embrace the “messiness” of life.Let them know you’ll support them through all itstwists and turns.• Beyond circumstances.Young people may not yet have a career identy or aromanc relaonship, but they can idenfy themselvesin one abstract truth: hope in Jesus Christ.• Beyond sociological changes.Because today’s young people live in a fast-paced worldof change, their identy must be found outside of theirsituaons (good or bad).• Beyond the American dream.Help young people move past society’s standard of“success” to a point of contentment where they’re okaywith doing and being anything God has for them. Youngpeople in college or preparing for college feel atremendous amount of pressure in this area, and youcould be the breath of fresh air they needPonder This• How would you characterize your own identy andpurpose? When did you find that—or are you sllsearching?• What are you hopeful about? What are your biggestdiscouragements? Explain.• What traits or qualies make your teenagers stand outfrom the crowd, and how do you celebrate those things?ResourceSimplyYouthMinistry.comIn the devoonal The Way I’m Wired (SimplyYouth Ministry), Life Purpose coach KaeBrazelton helps young people put together thepuzzle of God’s plan for their life and teachesthat God never intended for their purpose tobe a big mystery.Page 21

MEDIA SPOTLIGHTTHE PARENT LINK | JUNEFor parents of teensMAINSTREAM MUSICCOLBIE CAILLATBackground: The 26-year-oldsinger’s laid-back style has earnedher numerous fans and awards.She’s been nominated for TeenChoice Awards and has won twoGrammy Awards. In 2010, Caillatwas named BMI’s songwriter of theyear.Albums: All of You (2011),Breakthrough (2009), Coco (2007)What Caillat Says: When askedabout staying grounded while livingin party-happy Los Angeles, shesays, “I’m not going out to clubs. I’mprey much a homebody. I’ve hadthe same friends since fih grade.My family raised me well, and welike each other, and we hang out.It’s all a maer of who you are andwho you associate with.”Explore: Caillat’s songs deal mostlywith the highs and lows of love. Youcan hear many of her songs on herMyspace page: www.myspace.com/colbiecaillat. Her Grammy-winningduet with Jason Mraz is available atwww.youtube.com/watch?v=acvIVA9-FMQ.CHRISTIAN MUSICBLINDSIDEBackground: Singer-songwriterKearney picked up a guitar in college,moved to Nashville, and neverlooked back. His songs have beenfeatured in numerous TV shows andmovies. In 2006, he won the DoveAward for Rap/Hip-Hop Song of theYear. Kearney’s new album bringsback some of his hip-hop roots.Albums: Young Love (2011), City ofBlack and White (2009), Nothing Leto Lose (2006)What Kearney Says: Regardingcollege and his eventual faith in God,he says, “I guess I lived it up and didwhat everyone said you should do incollege. I discovered the depth ofdepravity, the bleakness of thatlifestyle. It just wasn’t working. Ifinally started understanding theremust be more to life.”Explore: “Hey Mama,” the first videofrom Young Love, is available atwww.youtube.com/watch?v=L9qUMr6feOI..MOVIEMovie: Final Desnaon 5Genre: HorrorRang: RSynopsis: A young man has apremonion and saves a group ofpeople in a bridge collapse. Butthose people weren’t supposed tosurvive, so Death is coming for themnow.Our Take: According to the MPAA,this film doesn’t contain sex ornudity, but it will more than makeup for that in gruesome death anddismemberments.Movie: Rise of the Planet of theApesGenre: Acon-Adventure/Sci-FiRang: N/A (probably PG-13)Synopsis: When doctors test asuper-cure on a chimpanzee, theanimal becomes far smarter thanthey ancipated. Soon it leads arevoluon against humans.Our Take: The special effects on thefilm’s trailer look terrific, but thisfranchise has already beenrebooted once—with poor results.This film might be a goodopportunity to discuss evoluon vs.Creaon.For more media discussions andideas, go towww.MinistryandMedia.com.VIDEO GAMEDeus Ex: Human Revoluon—The “Deus Ex” series prides itself on excellent wring and compelling gameplay.You are Adam Jensen, whose life was saved with implanted cybernec limbs. Adam now must find out who’sbehind the biotechnology and what it means for all of mankind. This violent shooter game will be too mature forteenagers.Madden NFL 12—This squeaky-clean game puts you in the coach’s seat as you control your team’s desny. Therealism has increased with each new iteraon of the successful franchise. Even if the NFL lockout means there’sno real football this year, you can sll have your own season at home.Page 22

This season our gathering for Young Adults – Ascent –connues to meet at Wired Monk Rodeo (152 nd street&Hwy 10) on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. (with theexcepon of the 2nd Wednesday of the month)We set aside me during every gathering to pray with eachother and for each other. It is so evident that God ismoving in the hearts of some of these young people, andwe hope to be a movement of people that grows andspreads the love of Christ to those around us.With delicious coffee in a comfortable seng andmusicians typically singing to end off each gathering,Ascent is a growing community of young adults that arelearning to care and pray for each other and dive deeperinto God’s word together. We hope to see some new facesjoining our community throughout 2011, come and be apart of our movement.Email jeremy@gracepoint.ca if you would like to be addedto the Ascent mailing list.Jeremy Puejeremy@gracepoint.caEx. 215Page 23

gspn!uif!!Ljudifo!pg;!!Nbsjf!!Jtbbd!BLUEBERRY SOUR CREAM COFFEESTREUSEL2/3 cup graham crumbs1/3 cup toasted chopped hazelnuts3 t white sugar3 t brown sugar1/ 2 tsp cinnamon¼ cup melted buercombine dry ingredients.drizzle with buer, mix well, set asideCAKE1 ¾ cup flour1 tsp baking powder½ tsp baking soda½ tsp salt½ cup room temp. buer1 cup white sugar2 large eggs1 tsp vanilla1 cup sour creamGot a favorite recipe that you would like to share?Contact Marie at cater4umi @yahoo.ca• Combine dry ingredients and set aside.• Beat together buer & sugar unl fluffy.• Add the eggs and the vanilla.• Beat well.• Sr flour mixture & sour cream alternatelybeginning and ending with flour mixture.Gently fold in the blueberries.• Spread half of the baer into a greasedand floured 9 inch spring form pan• Sprinkle with half the streusel.• Spoon the remaining baer over thestreusel.• Spread evenly and top with the remainingstreusel.• Bake at 350 for 78 to 80 minutes.SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2011Northview Church(32040 Downes Road Abbotsford) orBroadway church(2700 East Broadway, Vancouver)The Gracepoint Staff and Leadership Team havemade every effort to aend this summit for thepast 11 years. These Leadership Summits providecontent for our Gracepoint Mini-Leadership Summits.Please consider joining us and make aninvestment in your leadership development.For more info or to register tohp://www.growingleadership.com/summit/index.aspAug 7Adrienne Alkema14 Brigee Bourassa21 Joe Milankovics28 Rob & Kandy YakemchuckIf you would like to volunteer please arrive at2:30pm on any Sunday aernoon and beprepared to stay unl approx. 6:30pm. (aer all iscleaned up) If you are interested or have anyquesons please email cater4umi@yahoo.caPage 24

DATES FOR YOUR CALENDARSUNDAY, AUG 14TH, 7PMat Bill and Morag Hogg’s homeIf you are new here, or even if you have been attendingfor awhile, please accept our warmest invitation to attendthe next Newcomers’ Pizza Party .Please RSVP to bill@gracepoint.caLADIES␣␣BOOK␣␣CLUB␣␣␣TUES, AUG 16THJudy Marshall's home(13112 - 66B Avenue)We will be discussingFor more info contactLorna at 604-341-0526WEDNESDAY, AUG 10TH(2nd Wednesday of the month)Surrey South CampusDinner ($7) starts at 6:30pmand then as we clear away the platesform a great meal we will turn ourhearts to God through musicand guided prayer.There will also be opportunity toreceive prayer. Come and enjoy theopportunity to linger in prayer.Come and be refreshed.To reserve your spot for dinner,please email maxine@gracepointYes, Gracepoint Life Groups are a great way to connectwith others and grow as a follower of Jesus. A varietyof groups are up and going this fall and we’d love to seemany new ones begin.If you have quesons or want to know about gengplugged in, connect with Senior Associate Pastor PhilWagler at phil@gracepoint.ca and check out the website tosee exisng groups.Page 25

Cecil RastJen HubbardServing with Youth for Christ in Surrey,www.gvyfc.orgBrian BrownSam RowlandServing with Youth for Christ in Greater Vancouver,www.gvyfc.orgTim IbbotsonServing with Young Life in Great Vancouverwww.younglife.caCarolyn ThiessenServing with Child Evangelism Fellowship in Greater Vancouvercrtcare@telus.netOur Missionaries & SponsorshipsGarry and Kristen CorriganServing with the Canadian Conference of MB in QuebecJohn and Ev WiensServing with MBMSI in (Zaporozhve) Ukrainewww.mbmsi.orgRob and Judy GriffioenServing with MBMS International in (PHUKET) Southern Thailandwww.mbmsi.orgCynthia FriesenServing with MBMS International in (PHUKET) Southern Thailandwww.mbmsi.orgPage 26

AUGSun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat1 2 3ASCENT4 5 67GPWATrainingCamp8 9 10FUEL11 12 1314Newcomer’sPizza Party15 16Ladies BookClub17ASCENT18 19 2021GPWATrainingCamp22 23 24ASCENT25 26 2728 29 30 31ASCENTFloor Hockey will take a break for the summer!We will start up again on Sept 7thPage 27

SERVICE TIMES & LOCATIONSSURREY SOUTH CAMPUS3487 King George BoulevardSUNDAY SERVICE TIMES9:00am and 11:15amBELL CAMPUS6250 144th StreetSUNDAY SERVICE TIME10:30amOFFICE INFORMATION3487 King George BlvdSurrey, BC V4P 1B7(T) 604-538-1825(F) 604-538-6139Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30Visit our websitewww.gracepoint.caPage 28

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