Thousands celebrate Pride in Uptown Charlotte Pageant ... - Q-Notes
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Thousands celebrate Pride in Uptown Charlotte Pageant ... - Q-Notes

Not for ReproductionNoted . Notable . Noteworthy . LGBT News & ViewsVolume 24 . Number 07 August 8 . 2009 Printed on Recycled Paper FREEPower child‘Julie & JuliaJulia’ destineined d to be a hitpage 15q-notes.comThousands celebrate Pride inUptown CharlotteDespite anti-gay protests, organizerssay event is successby Matt Comer . Q-Notes staffThousands of LGBT community membersfrom across the Carolinas gathered atUptown’s Gateway Village for the 2009 PrideCharlotte festival on Saturday, July 25.Organizers said the event was a success,despite vocal anti-gay protests from religiousleader Dr. Michael Brown and his Coalition ofConscience.Event co-chair Clay Smith said police estimatesput attendance at anywhere from12,000-15,000 for the day. He said the eventhad almost 90 vendors, down from a little over100 in 2008.Smith said he was disappointed so muchof the mainstream media’s news coveragefocused on the protesters who gathered acrossthe street from the festival grounds.“We had a fantastic day of fun and fellowshipand that is what we need at least once ayear,” Smith said.“If anything is newsworthy, Ithink that is what is most important.”Organized weeks in advance by Brown andthe Coalition of Conscience, the “God Has aBetter Way” rally attracted as many as 500Pageant raises questionsSeveral eral LGBT-friendly youthygatherthered ed tocounter-protestotestthe anti-gay“God Has aBetter Way” Wrally at PrideCharlotte.Pride say rules, judging was fairwas designed to help us find quality performerswho are well spoken and entertaining toby Shane L. Windmeyerrepresent Pride Charlotte at events both in andaround North and South Carolina for the next[Ed. Note — This writer was the host of the 365 days. This year’s winners truly representCharlotte Eagle’s Miss Pride CharlottePride Charlotte’s standards,” said Michaelpreliminary.]Woods, promoter of the Pride CharlotteThis year’s Pride Charlotte festival was a Pageantry System and secretary of the Pridesuccess — with as many as 12,000 attendees Charlotte planning committee.or more, no one can doubt it. But two weeksDespite the crowning, the Miss Pridebefore the festival, the Miss Pride Charlotte Charlotte Pageant’s judging results sparkedPageantry System didn’t manage to escape debate and questions among a number of thecontroversy or questions.drag queens who competed this year. TheOn July 10, Pride Charlotte crowned Felicia most alarming result from the judging wasMonet 2009’s Miss Pride Charlotte. Two weeks that the winner, Felicia Monet, representingprior, the pageantry system also crowned its the title Miss Scorpios 2009, won every contestfirst-ever Mr. Pride Charlotte, Howard Hung. category — Interview, Presentation, On-Stagesee Pride on 11 “The Pride Charlotte Pageantry Systemsee Drag on 12WilmingtoncrimeTwo men beatenpage 4Thom BierdzOut on/off screenpage 19LOGO launchesOn Charlotte’sdigital tierpage 19Not for Reproduction

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Not for ReproductionC R I M ETwo gay men beatenin WilmingtonThree arrested on misdemeanorassault chargesby Matt Comer . Q-Notes staffWILMINGTON, N.C. — In the earlymorning hours of July 17, two gay men celebratinga birthday in downtown Wilmingtonwere attacked as they walked down a streetrunning alongside the Cape Fear River. In aninterview with The Wilmington Star News,Chaz Housand, 22, and Chet Saunders, 22,say they remember little about the attack orthe assailants. They can’t say for surewhether the attack was a direct result oftheir sexual orientation.Three men have been arrested for thecrime: Melvin Freanthony Spicer, 25; DanielMinwoo Lee, 21; and Jong Tae Chung, 27. Allthree are from Wilmington. Police chargedthem with misdemeanor assault, but DetectiveA.C. Swenson said the charges will be raised tofelonies due to the seriousness of the victims’injuries. North Carolina’s hate crimes statutedoes not include sexual orientation orgender-identity.Housand and Saunders were found unconsciouson Front St. and others called police forassistance. The two spent a few hours in thehospital. Housand suffered broken facialPhoto Credit:M Tirrell Rhinesbones and Saunders says internal injuries areaffecting his motor skills.The Wilmington attack comes on the heelsof an alleged anti-gay assault in Greensboro.In the early morning hours of July 4, a manattacked a straight man walking with two gayfriends from a downtown nightlife establishment.He is charged with felony assault. ◗only online• Forbidden Fruit: Despite the largely progressivenature of the LGBT community, we still have ourtaboos• Crape Myrtle brings the floor down• Anything But Straight, Money Mattersmore at!Editor’s Noteby Matt Comer . Q-Notes staffQ-Notes’ office has movedLooking back on the couple days I spentmoving furniture and old files from our oldoffices on Independence Blvd., all I can say is Iknow I hadn’t worked so hard and sweated somuch in a very long time.Boy, am I glad our move is done! And, allof the staff here at Q-Notes is excited to tell youabout our new office space in Charlotte’sPlaza-Midwood neighborhood.We’re now located at 2121 CommonwealthAve., Suite 200-A, Charlotte, NC, 28205.Youcan visit us any time; just come up to the secondfloor and to suite 200-A.❛speakout ❜Send your letter to the editor or anyother thoughts or click on over toour website at andjoin the conversation there.Web comments will be featured in eachissue. Limit letters to the editor to 150words or less and includeyour name, city and state and a phonenumber where you can be reached.Our new digs are a far cry fromthe old Varnadore Building. Folksheavily involved in the LGBT communityyears ago might rememberthe old seven story building. At onetime, it housed MCC Charlotte, TimeOut Youth, the switchboard and otherorganizations. Despite the great history there,the time for a move had come.We’re glad to be so close to so many LGBTownedand LGBT-friendly businesses inPlaza-Midwood. We look forwarding to visitingas many as we can as quickly as we can.Good food, good drinks — all in minutes’walking time? Sounds cool to me.P.S. — Our mailing address remains thesame: P.O. Box 221841, Charlotte, NC, 28222.You can still reach us via telephone at 704-531-9988 or by email at ◗• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •What did you think of the“God Has a Better Way”protesters at thisyear’s Pride Charlotte?See the options and vote AUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotesNot for Reproduction

Not for ReproductionP E R S P E C T I V EGeneral Gayetyby Leslie RobinsonContributing WriterThe Episcopal AgendaAt the recent Episcopal GeneralConvention, Episcopalians effectively liftedtheir temporary ban on gay bishops.They also chose to begin drafting an officialprayer for same-sex unions.In leading with its conscience likethat,the Episcopal Church,the Americanwing of the worldwide Anglican Communion, has given Anglicans abroad, and some at home,another full-body rash.It must’ve been a resoundingly difficult time for convention delegates, choosing between theirbeliefs and the prospect of a permanent Anglican split. I found myself imagining what those days atthe gathering in Anaheim, Calif., were like. I suspect the average day’s agenda looked a lot like this:7-8 a.m. Prayers. Optional. Gene Autry room.7:30-9 a.m. Breakfast.9 a.m. All-Day Excursion to Disneyland.For spouses and those who can’t face our reality.9-10:15 a.m. Business Meeting.What to do when half your diocese wants to secede. Practical and legal direction.10:15-10:30 a.m. Break.10:30 a.m.-12 p.m. Seminars.1.“Disagreeing in Christ: How to Keep the Dialogue Open and Civil.” Donald Duck Room2.“Schism: A Form of Resurrection?” Snow White Room3.“Bishop Gene Robinson: A Symbol of Our Problems, Not the Cause.” Fairy Godmother Room12-1 p.m. Lunch.1-2:15 p.m. Business Meeting. Budget question: Will the overseas Anglicans who no longerwant our financial assistance cancel out the financial losses we’re incurringdue to domestic churches fleeing the fold?2:15-2:30 p.m. Break.2:30-3 p.m. Prayer Service. Not optional. Let’s remember why we’re here.3-4:30 p.m. Seminars.1.“The Conservatives Speak: Some of Us Still Haven’t Given Up.” Scrooge McDuck Room2.“The Archbishop of Canterbury: Toughest Job in Christendom?” Goofy Room3.“Fleeing to Catholicism: Bad Idea.” Dumbo Room4:30-5:30 p.m. Free Time.5:30 p.m. Departure for those wishing to attend the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheimgame. No matter what part of the country we come from, tonight we’re on theside of the Angels.5:30-6:30 p.m. Cocktails.6:30-8 p.m. Dinner.8-10 p.m. Informal job networking. Pinocchio Room.8 p.m. Movie.“Oranges are Not the Only Fruit.” Cinderella Room.8-11 p.m. Socializing. All arguments attaining a certain decibel level must be takenelsewhere. Huey, Dewey, and Louie Rotunda.Notes: The gym is open all day.A psychologist will be available from noon to midnight in the PeterPan Room.A doctor is on hand all day in the Seven Dwarfs Room for anyone feeling faint ornauseous. If you wish to participate in tomorrow’s excursion to Knott’s Berry Farm, sign up by 1:00this afternoon. If you wish to flee altogether, we understand. But even if we don’t know where you’rehiding, God does.◗info: . www.GeneralGayety.comFor up-to-date coverage visit: www.q-notes.comthe Carolinas’ multimedia LGBT news sourceAUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotes 5Not for Reproduction

Not for ReproductionG L O BGay-friendly companiesannouncedCOPENHAGAN — The International Gayand Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (IGLCC)has released its first edition of theInternational Business Equality Index. TheIndex is the first-ever, worldwide ranking ofLGBT-friendly companies.The IGLCC named BT Group, IBM andThe Dow Chemical Company the best corporationsfor LGBT employees. Other multinationalcompanies participating in the Indexinclude: AMR (parent companyof American Airlines,Inc. and American Eagle),Cisco Systems, ING, Intel,KPMG, Kraft Food, Merck,Novartis, Philips, SAP, TNTand UBS. In all, the companiesrepresent 1.7 millionemployees in 227 countries.Their combined sales total$800 billion per year.“The findings of the surveyon which the Index isbased are somewhat mixed,but definitively encouraging,”said IGLCC SecretaryGeneral, Pascal Lépine.“Thevast majority of respondent corporations haveDiversity and Inclusion programs and mostexplicitly include LGBT issues. We see fromthis survey that most of these companies takesexual orientation and gender identity mattersvery seriously. However, full equality is stillyears or decades away.”The IGLCC said their Index provides “powerfulexamples of how diversity and inclusionprograms can be very successful,” but also“point[s] to a darker side.”Almost 50 percent ofglobal companies surveyed did not have anyopenly LGBT “Diversity & Inclusion” managers.They also found that openly gay men or lesbianswere hard to find in upper-management.The Index can be downloaded grantedGENEVA — The United Nations grantedofficial status to an LGBT Brazilian organizationon July 27 and allowed it to participate inofficial discussions and meetings on topicsranging from health to human rights.A LInternational News Notesby Matt Comer . Q-Notes staffThe Brazilian Associationof Gays, Lesbians andTranssexuals’ status acceptance“marks the third consecutiveyear in which the U.N. Economicand Social Council has overturned a decisionby a 19-country committee blockingLGBT organizations from participating inthe U.N.’s debates,” The AP’s Bradley S.Klapper reported.In past years, Swedish and Spanish LGBTorganizations have been granted recognitionas non-governmental organizations. Theyare among more than 3,000 non-governmentalorganizations and charities recognizedby the global body worldwide.“If the U.N. cannotbe open anddiverse, then we arereally set for failure,”saidGuilherme Patriota,a senior Braziliandiplomat.“Thereare another 400NGOs seeking thesame status nextyear. We need tokeep working onmaking the U.N.more open to pluralityand diversity.”Patriota told TheAP that the Brazilian LGBT group was a “valuablepartner” of the nation’s AIDS preventionand condom promotion campaigns.A boat floats past onlookers in theCanal Parade in Amsterdam.Photo Credit: Dylan ThomasSoldiers join paradeAMSTERDAM — For the first time, theDutch Ministry of Defense gave its permissionfor soldiers to participate in uniform in theCanal Parade, the city’s LGBT Pride parade.The servicemembers did not have theirown boat in the Canal Parade, but joinedboats belonging to unions and companies likeIBM, Shell and Philips.A spokesperson for the Defense Ministrysaid that soldiers’ participation in the paradewere individual decisions and that the ministryhad no official involvement. Soldierswere allowed to participate “on condition thatthey wear suitable attire.”In 2008, soldiers were forbidden fromwearing their uniforms in the parade. Theministry said then that it would “impair thedignity of the uniform,” according to NRCHandelsblad.◗6 AUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotesNot for Reproduction

National News Notesby David Stout . Q-Notes staff‘No Excuses’ for inactionWASHINGTON, D.C. — The HumanRights Campaign has launched a nationaleffort called “No Excuses” to lobby Congresson key issues of equality. Timed to take advantageof the congressional summer recess,when members are in their local offices andmeeting with constituents, the campaign callsfor HRC’s 750,000 members and their allies tomeet directly with lawmakers and push forfederal legislative change.Using online tools, one-on-one trainingsand staff and volunteer follow-through, HRCmembers will press lawmakers to repeal theDefense of Marriage Act; pass an LGBT inclusiveEmployment Non-Discrimination Act;repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”; pass immigrationreform that recognizes permanent same-sexcouples; and, provide health benefits to federalemployees’ same-sex domestic partners.The interactive “No Excuses” website( allows supporters todownload a meeting toolkit, schedule a visitand report back on how it went.“While we salute and acknowledge theheroic members of Congress who have workedtirelessly on our behalf, far too many havedragged their feet on basic matters of fairnessand equality that have lingered too long andhurt too many LGBT people and their families,”said HRC President Joe Solmonese.“Yes,there are many challenges facing this Congressand this president. But LGBT people often faceadditional hardship protecting their families,their loved ones and their jobs, andtoo few in Congress are willing to championthese issues of basic fairness. Now,more than ever, members of the LGBT communityneed to make their voices heard faceto-faceand in the districts where they live.”Gays tapped for highest honorWASHINGTON, D.C. — President BarackObama plans to award America’s highest civilianhonor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom,to a pair of gay trailblazers: Harvey Milk, oneof the country’s first openly gay elected officials,and openly lesbian tennis great BillieJean King.Milk’s award will be accepted at an Aug. 12White House ceremony by Stuart Milk, thenephew of the late San Francisco Supervisorand civil rights activist. Milk was the subjectof an Oscar-winning biopic last year featuringSean Penn in the lead role.Upon hearing the news, Stuart Milk said,“The president’s action today touches the coreof our very human hearts and my uncle wouldbe so proud of this high honor. His electionwas, for him, a beginning — a chance to makereal change. That change is happening, but westill have so far to go. I hope this recognitioninspires LGBT Americans everywhere to heedHarvey’s call to run for office, to serve openly,to live proudly with authenticity and todemand the equality that we all deserve.”In addition to Milk and Jean King, Sen.Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, whohas championed LGBT equality throughouthis political career, will be among the 16Not for ReproductionD O M E S T I Cwho receive the Presidential Medal ofHonor at the ceremony.AAA expands family planST. PETERSBURG, Fla.— AAA South, the fourthlargest AAA auto club affiliatein the country, hascommitted to recognizingall spouses, regardless ofgender or sexual orientation,in company policiesand services. The policynow allows married samesexcouples to receivespousal discounts underAAA’s AssociateMembership program.Equality Floridalaunched conversationsHarvey Milk will beposthumously honoredwith Presidential Medalof Freedom.with AAA several monthsago after receiving callsfrom married same-sexcouples who had beendenied family memberships. AAA South hasmore than four million members in Florida,Georgia, Tennessee and Puerto Rico.Same-sex couples applying for a membershipneed only state that they are married toreceive the family benefit. Management alsoleft the door open to expand the policy toinclude domestic partners — LGBT andstraight.According to the National Center forLesbian Rights, AAA has supported the organizationfor nearly a decade as one of its topcorporate sponsors.DOJ issues HIV guidelinesWASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S.Department of Justice issued a new fact sheetrecently for state licensing boardsand occupational training schoolsinforming them that it is a violationof the Americans with DisabilitiesAct to bar people with HIV fromprofessions such as barbering, massagetherapy and home health careassistance. The guidelines wereissued in response to requests fromfive AIDS advocacy organizations.“The DOJ has sent a loud andclear message to the state licensingboards and occupational trainingschools that HIV discriminationwon’t be tolerated,” said CatherineHanssens, executive director of TheCenter for HIV Law and Policy.“Even this late into the HIV epidemic,we continue to hear frompeople who are being barred fromprofessions out of fear and ignorance abouthow HIV is spread.”In its call for the guidelines, the advocacygroups provided several recent examples ofpeople with HIV facing discrimination fromstate licensing boards and training schools.These included a Georgia man whose massagelicense was revoked by the City ofAtlanta, an Arkansas man who was kicked outof a cosmetology school because of theschool’s interpretation of state licensingrequirements, and a Tennessee couple whohad their foster parent license denied becauseone of them had HIV. ◗Not for ReproductionAUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotes 7

Not for ReproductionN O R T H CCHARLOTTEAdieuCHARLOTTE — The Queen CityAlternative, an LGBT Charlotte email newsletter,bid farewell to its readers at PrideCharlotte 2009 on July 25.Over the years, founder Jeff Schmehlhas provided an important resource forinformation, news and services. With theadvent of listservs and social networkinggroups, he felt his contribution was becomingobsolete.Schmehl said,“Q-Notes also has a similarservice which I encourage you to subscribe to.Visit for more information.”He has been an active member of theLGBT community. He said he will continue toserve it as needs arise which he feels willmatch his skillset or passion.Thanks, Jeff, for a job well done.Lend a handCHARLOTTE — The BlumenthalPerforming Arts Center’s Out on the TownLGBT event resource needs some assistance.Help is needed in choosing events for theupcoming season.You could possibly win apair of tickets to “Shear Madness” by randomdrawing on Aug. 11.Deadline for feedback is Aug. 10 via ashort online survey.To participate, Be sure to includeyour name, email address and phone numberat the bottom of the survey to be included inthe drawing.TRIADNew bi/gay group formsWINSTON-SALEM — A new group forgay and bisexual men has formed in the Triad.The Triad BiGay Guys Outdoor Club is all setto hit the trail or enjoy other outdoors activities.It is open to those in their 20s and 30swho are looking to make new friends andhave fun in the open air.The first trek will be held on Aug. 22at 12 p.m. It is slated as a day hike, possiblyat Hanging Rock State Park. If there isenough interest, an overnight campingtrip might weave its way into the event orA R O L I N ANorth Carolina News Notesby Lainey Millen . Q-Notes staffin the future.To learn more aboutthis group, visit updatedCHAPEL HILL — The LGBTQ Center atthe University of North Carolina-Chapel Hillrecently unveiled a new and improved websitefor the community.Included is updated information aboutSafe Zone training dates as well as upcomingevents. A plethora of useful resources are alsoavailable, in addition to local and nationalresource guides in PDF format.Site administrators are open to suggestionsor comments on how to make it more helpfulto those it serves.For more information, call Director TerriPhoenix, Ph.D. at 919-843-5376, or visit for a changeDURHAM — AwakeningCHANGE presentsRunway: Revolution, at Steel Blue on Aug.28. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show beginsat 9 p.m. It is similar to last year’s Gender Blur.This year the show will be highlightingpioneers of change throughout history withgender bending twists, such as Mandy Carterand Mangus Hirshfield. Admission is basedupon a sliding scale $7-$10.In addition to the Runway, performancesinclude dance, costumes, original set design,new music, poetic spoken word, creative art,innovative photography, and more, producedby a community of friends and family, tacklingissues of racism, sexism, violence, environmentalism,homophobia, transphobia,mental illness, forgotten historical struggles,hope and strength.AwakeningCHANGE is a local non-profitperformance group. It’s mission is to provideeducation as a means to conquer the dividesthat isolate individuals and communitiesfrom each other by establishing commonground and encouraging compassion for allpeople. They look to inspire respect for theearth and its inhabitants. The messages ofawareness, responsibility and change forgreater humanity are driven by raw emotionand are communicated through performance,art,mediaand conversation.“Through performance art, we want tosee next page >8 AUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotesNot for Reproduction

Not for Reproductionenable the audience to look within theirhearts and minds, to really get involvedwith what they could do to broaden theirunderstandings of love and humanity, aswell as how they can help others find hopeand commonality," says Kegan Rushing,director and founder ofAwakeningCHANGE.They seek strength through unity,love through community and justicethrough humanity. More than that, theywant the audience to find their voice andlend it those who haven't. They aremeant to inspire, empower and learnfrom one another.For more information onRunway:Revolution orAwakeningCHANGE, call Jessica Hulickat 919-381-5516 or SCENESearch is onSTATEWIDE — The White Knot, anational marriage equality movement, is onthe lookout for those who are members ofhigh school or college Gay StraightAlliances, campus LGBT or another schoolgroup involved in LGBT issues and equality.A campus awareness program is scheduledto begin this fall.For more information, your community event in NC News O R T H CA R O L I N ASmoking rates higher among gaysCHAPEL HILL — Men and women whoare gay or lesbian are more likely than theirheterosexual counterparts to smoke,according to findings from a review studycarried out by the University of NorthCarolina-Chapel Hill.The findings, published in the Augustissue of the journal, Tobacco Control,show thatas many as 37 percent of lesbians and 33 percentof gays smoke. That compares to nationalsmoking rates of 18 percent for women and 24percent for men in the 2006 National HealthInterview Survey.The authors reviewed findings from 42studies of the prevalence of tobacco useamong sexual minorities in the U.S. publishedbetween 1987 and May 2007. Thefindings suggest smoking is a significanthealth inequality for sexualminorities.Recognizing and understandingthe increased risk in a particularpopulation can help policymakers,healthcare officials and others providesupport for people more likely to startsmoking or who may want to stop smoking,said Joseph Lee, lead author of thereview and a social research specialist withthe Tobacco Prevention and EvaluationProgram in the UNC School of Medicine.A number of small or geographically limitedstudies have suggested that sexualminorities have higher rates of tobacco usethan the general population, said Lee, whoconducted the review as a master's studentin collaboration with Cathy Melvin, Ph.D., atthe UNC Gillings School of Global PublicHealth and UNC’s Sheps Center for HealthServices Research and Gabriel Griffin, amedical student at the Duke UniversitySchool of Medicine.“The underlying causes ofthese disparities are not fullyexplained by this review,” Leesaid. “Likely explanations includethe success of tobacco industry’stargeted marketing to gays andlesbians, as well as time spent insmoky social venues and stressfrom discrimination.“Tobacco is likely the numberone cause of death among gays and lesbians,”Lee said,“but thereis hope.Many gayand lesbian organizations are starting toreject addictive funding from the tobaccoindustry and the community is organizingitself to address this health inequalitythrough the National LGBT TobaccoControl Network.”In late February, Lee sent a letter to theHuman Rights Campaign questioning itsperfect scoring of Winston-Salem’sReynoldsAmerican, Inc., owner of R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company, in the organization’s2009 HRC Corporate Equality Index. Ina March 21 Q-Notes story, HRC said theIndex scores are not meant to reflect anythingother than a company's treatment ofLGBT employees.Daryl Herrschaft, director of the HRCFoundation Workplace Project,told Q-Notes that the nationalorganization is cognizant of thehealth-related ramifications oftobacco use.“HRC does notaccept sponsorship dollars fromtobacco companies because werecognize the harmful effectsthat tobacco has done, and insome ways its disproportionateJoseph Lee effect on our community … Wedon’t want to play a role in advocatingsmoking to our membership and to peoplewho come to our events.”To learn more about the National LGBTTobacco Control Network and the TobaccoControl journal, visit more information on the study, callRamona DuBose at the Gillings School at 919-966-7467 or email the nation, initiatives have beenestablished to counter the use of tobaccoamong the LGBT community. Among themare the Gay America Smoke to find out about theannual non-smoking challenge set inNovember of each year. ◗Not for ReproductionAUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotes 9

Not for ReproductionM E D I ALOGO launches just intime for PrideAfter years of requests, Time WarnerCable debuts LGBT channel inCharlotte marketby Matt Comer . Q-Notes staffIn the years since MTV announced thecreation of its LGBT specialty channel,LOGO, LGBTCarolinianshave beenclamoringfor theopportunityto tune in.SouthCaroliniansgot thatopportunity awhile back, but folksin North Carolina remained waiting.For those LGBTs living in and aroundCharlotte, all those letter, email and callingcampaigns have made the dream areality.On July 25 — the same day as PrideCharlotte — Time Warner launched LOGOin one of their largest Carolinas metro markets.The network now appears on channel197 on the digital tier in Charlotte,Mecklenburg County and several other citiesand towns in the greater metro area.LOGO features more than 300 LGBT films,documentaries, newscasts and original showsand specials.“Time Warner Cable is commited toproviding diverse programming thatappeals to the dynamic demographics ofthe Charlotte area,” Time Warner CableCarolinas’MelissaBuscher, directorof media relations, told Q-Notes viaemail. “We are always looking for ways toexpand our digital channel line-up withprogramming that is of interest to ourcustomers.”LOGO is available on channel 146 on SouthCarolina’s digital tier.Time Warner also added sports channelYES Network on Aug. 1 and says theyare in the process of adding more HDchannels. ◗10 AUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotesNot for Reproduction

P R I D E 0 9Pride fest continues to growfrom page 1participants, according to The CharlotteObserver. In a prepared statement to themedia, Brown said his rally’s goals were twofold:“We say ‘Enough is enough’ to thedestructive goals of gay activism and we sayAs many as 12,000 or more LGBT and straight ally communitymembers attended the Pride Charlotte festivalat Uptown’s Gateway Village. View more Pride Charlottephotos at the GLBT community,‘Jesus loves you andGod has a better way!’”Brown enlisted the help of friend and colleagueLou Engle, director of TheCall, anational prayer movement. Three weeksbefore their rally at Pride Charlotte, Engleattended a Sunday evening worship serviceat Brown’s FIRE Church in Concord.There he called his movement against the“homosexual agenda” a “battle” and a“war.”At the service he asked for “warriors”and likened “powerful prayer” to thepower of a machine gun.Despite the violent and militant overtones,Brown claims his “Jesus Revolution”is a non-violent and compassionate spiritualmovement.There were no reports of violence,intimidation or harassment at the festival,although Brown’s “red-shirted”participants did enter festival groundsand spoke at length with several Pridefestival attendees.About 30 volunteers signed up to help withPride Charlotte’s Partners in Peace, who helpto diffuse confrontational situations and keepboth Pride attendees and protesters safe andout of trouble.Pride weekSmith said events in the week prior to thefestival were also a success, including the “SittingPretty”art exhibit and auction fundraiser.“We had a great turn out,” he said.The Voices of Pride Choral Concert,originally scheduled for the eveningbefore the festival, was canceled, but willbe rescheduled.“If we postpone the eventwe can have a better turn outand it will help with our conceptof ‘Pride 365’ — havingPride events all year roundinstead of one week eachyear,” Smith explained.One Voice Chorus, GayMen’s Chorus of Charlotteand the choir at MCCCharlotte are already signedon to participate. Smith saidthe Pride committee will bereaching out to others,including Myers ParkBaptist’s choir and UnityFellowship Church.On the evening of the Saturday festival,the Lesbian & Gay Community Center hostedits “Detour” party. Billed as a dance alternativewith “pure music, pure energy, pure fun,”David Benham, son of radical anti-gay streetpreacher Flip Benham, speaks with youth whogathered to hold signs of positive support forthe LGBT community.the event was sober and provided a safespace for those who wanted to spend anevening free of alcohol.DJ and organizer Chris Taylor said about70 community members showed up to theevent and more than $300 was raised for theCenter. Taylor said a future “Detour” event willhave a Disco and ’70s theme. ◗Not for ReproductionNot for ReproductionAUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotes 11

Not for Reproduction12 AUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotesNot for ReproductionP R I D E 0 9Drag contestants unhappyfrom page 1Question & Talent Competition.“It doesn’t happen — nobody wins everycategory, unless they’re perfect,” said ShaneKindley who performs as Jessica Raynes Starrand who won second runner up and alternatein the pageant.“There had to be some othermotive to her winning.”Kindley is not alone. The third alternaterunner up Bryan Tipton, who performs asSierra Santana, has performed for 18 years andhas competed in nearly 10 pageants, winningfour pageants including Miss Charlotte Pride2004 before the organization changed its name,ownership and leadership to Pride Charlotte in2006. She reiterated,“I believe in this communityand in the importance of drag…but it isnot common for one contestant to win everycategory especially with so many contestants.Something went foul in the judging.”Several contestants noted that since thebeginning of Pride Charlotte and the pageantin 2006, the Miss Pride Charlotte winners havebeen routine drag performers from TheScorpio. The first runner up this year,Charlotte Damone, also performs regularly inthe cast at the club.According to Denise Palm-Beck, the currentboard chair of the Lesbian & GayCommunity Center and a member of thePride Charlotte planning committee,Scorpio was one of the largest PrideCharlotte event sponsors this year, alongwith Chasers Adult Entertainment Club, itsother business property.Palm-Beck was unaware of the past winnershaving a connection to Scorpio anddenied any connection between the winnersand the sponsorship.“I think that is a dangerous assumption tomake,” Palm-Beck cautioned.“Nothing wasdone under the table and it sounds like sourgrapes from a few contestants…we tried veryhard to make the pageant fun, fair and equallyentertaining.”Palm-Beck said she didn’t know how oftena contestant wins all pageant categories.“Theprobability is like going to Vegas and winninga slot machine,” she said.Donald O’Shields, the owner of TheScorpio and Chasers, commented,“We areproud to be the main sponsor of Pride thisyear. It is an important event for our community.I believe Pride Charlotte did the best theycould with the pageant and has learned a lot.”But, like other contestants and audiencemembers, O’Shields acknowledged the difficultyin one contestant to carry all thepageant’s contests.O’Shields said Scorpio was not involvedwith the operation of the pageant and PrideCharlotte’s use of the bar facility was consideredan in-kind donation to the group.Prior to the festival at Gateway Village onJuly 25, both Kindley and Tipton had disassociatedtheir name with the Pride CharlottePageantry System. Tipton refused to performat Pride Charlotte and declined his prize winnings.Kindley said he ultimately chose to performin the spirit of Pride, but still has concernsover the contest and its results.Pageantry audience member Brian Coonessaid he shares a similar concern from the July10 pageant night.“I agree Felicia Monet is talented andmaybe even deserved to win, but I truly can’twrap my mind around one person winningevery category,” Coones said.“I was there, I havebeen in the drag world for some time and Ican’t believe Felicia won every category. I meanit seems shady — many in the audience leftimmediately after the winner was announced.”The Pride Charlotte Pageantry System confirmedthat there were five judges and twoauditors. None of the judges were to have anyconnection to any specific bar or performer.One judge was chosen from the PrideCharlotte planning committee and judges inthe final pageant could not have judged in anypreliminary. As customary, the Pride CharlottePageantry System gave each contestant copiesof their judging sheets following the pageant.Kindley and Tipton expressed their concernsabout the judging the night of the pageantto pageant committee members. Both,along with other performers, went as far as tocompare individual score sheets and concludedthat the results were “highly suspect.”According to Kindley, one contestant requesteda meeting with the pageant committee todiscuss the concerns. Woods did not confirmor deny any complaints being expressed.“Any contestant who would like to questiontheir judging results should look at the commentsmade by the judges on their score sheetsand review the video of the pageant,”Woods said.Palm-Beck said the committee hadreviewed the pageant and concluded everythingwas fair.“After a careful review, there isnothing to indicate by the score sheets that theoutcome would have been any different. I don’tknow what else you can do.”O’Shields questioned the knowledge andexperience of those organizing and judgingthe event.“I think it is safe to say that Pride Charlotteknew nothing about pageants or pickingjudges,” he said.“Frankly there are people onthe panel who should not have been judges. Idon’t know their qualifications and it isimportant to have quality judges.”According to Kindley and Tipton, many ofthe contestants will not participate again nextyear and question whether their sponsor barwould do so either. Kindley cites not only thejudging bias but also the amount of time,money and energy spent on the pageant.“I feel like we should stand up for what wesee Pageant on 13

Not for ReproductionH E A L T H CA R ESyphilis on the riseCHARLOTTE — The Mecklenburg County Health Departmentis urging more testing as a dramatic rise in syphilis cases puts thesexually transmitted disease back on the department’s high prioritylist. Other areas across the state are also dealing with a surprisingincrease in cases this year.In Mecklenburg County, new cases of the STD have more thandoubled during 2009. From Jan. 1 through the end of July, 98 newcases were reported. Only 45 cases were reported in the same periodin 2008. Officials say the county’s infection rate is the secondhighest increase reported across the state. Forsyth County has thehighest rate of increase this year; officials there have identified 100new cases, compared to 27 in 2008.Mecklenburg health officials said they would begin offering freeand confidential syphilis and HIV testing on Tuesday evenings atCarolinas Medical Center’s Northpark location, 251 Eastway Dr.The free clinic will be open 6 p.m.-8 p.m.Free testing continues at both Mecklenburg Health Departmentclinics: 2845 Beatties Ford Rd. and 249 Billingsley Rd. For moreinformation on clinic testing times, call 704-336-6500.Other walk-in locations for syphilis and HIV testing include:Metrolina Care Network Clinic, 5801 Executive Center Dr., Suite114; Urban Ministries, 945 N. College St.; and Metrolina AIDSProject, 127 Scaleybark Rd.The Lesbian & Gay Community Center of Charlotte, at 820Hamilton St., Suite B-11, also offers free HIV testing on the firstand third Wednesdays of every month, 5 p.m.-7 p.m.In Forsyth County, state and local officials are planning aRapid Intervention Outreach Team to address the outbreak. A twodaytesting and education outreach campaign is planned for Aug.28 and 29.Patrice Toney, an HIV/STI prevention supervisor with theForsyth County Health Department, said they are working to reachout to MSM and gay and bisexual men. They have a partnershipwith a local LGBT congregation and on the third Friday of everymonth, they organize outreach and educational efforts at a localclub popular with gay and MSM men. Toney said the departmentwill be working to build closer relationships with LGBT studentorganizations at area colleges.Gay and bisexual men, as well as men who have sex with men(MSM), are at a higher risk of contracting syphilis, as officialshave seen infection rates in these communities rise for sevenstraight years. Numbers released by the Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention show that syphilis infections are up 81percent. Gay and bisexual men and MSM represent 65 percent ofthe total number of cases. ◗— by Matt Comer . Q-Notes staffPageant controversyfrom page 12believe… this event was supposed to bring us all together,” Kindleysaid.“When Felicia was crowned the audience immediatelyleft…the place emptied out. The community knows it was wrong.”Pride Charlotte is a project of the Lesbian & Gay CommunityCenter. This year the Pride Charlotte planning committee unveiled anew Pride Charlotte Pageantry System along with a revised set ofrules in hopes of garnering a diversity of contestants and greaterparticipation by several local bars and establishments. This year sixestablishments held preliminary pageants leading up to the MissPride Charlotte final pageant competition including Hartigans IrishPub, Hide-A-Way, Petra’s Piano Bar, Liaisons, The Scorpio Loungeand the Charlotte Eagle.“I’m really sad for Charlotte.All these talents from all the barscoming together in such a great way and then for the pageant to endlike this. It’s not going to help when they ask people to compete nextyear at all,” Coones said.Despite any questions or controversy, O’Shields stands by hismission to support his community: “We have a long history of drag.We respect it and our goal is to support Pride in our community.”◗— Shane L. Windmeyer is a freelance writer for Q-Notes.He is recognizedas a local and national leader on LGBT issues. He alsoperforms camp drag as Buff Faye, who recently made RuPaul’s Top25 in her Drag Race Online Competition. More information online or for ReproductionAUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotes 13

Drag RagNot for ReproductionC R O W N I N G M O M E N T Sby Miss Della . Contributing WriterSummer rains shower crowns on gals and guys!Oh my goodness, kiddies — here it is,the one and only Drag Rag and I’m runninglate (as usual) and trying to get tothe “American Idol” concert in downtownto see this year’s winner Kris Allen andmy Indian baby, Anoop Desai. Don’t blinkyour eyes or you’ll miss this one, OK? Ipromise a longer one next time since we’llhave a new national Entertainer of theYear by then.As you might know, I’m always on thephone with our Miss U.S.ofA. at large,Tajma Hall. Seems she calls every timeshe’s at the airport waiting for anotherflight to go somewhere. And, she’s been asbusy as a one-armed paper hanger recently,traveling everywhere for either prelimsor bookings or to judge a contest. I thinkthe ole gal had two days off in July. Girl, sitdown for a minute! Her most recent prelimsinclude Miss Wisconsin, which CocoChanel won with alternate Felicia EauClair; Miss Arizona, won by Candi Cole;and Miss Indiana, won by Raleigh”sVictoria Parker, with runner-up ChelseyNicole Stephens. The Pig has done it again!How many titles does that make in a year?The world may never know, but she’ll begiving up her Miss NC America title in justweeks at The Scorpio here in Charlotte.Isn’t it strange how two queens from a littlebar in Fayetteville canmake their rounds and both be MissContinental PLUS and then end up in abar in Indianapolis together, one watchingthe other getting crowned to maybe go onand succeed her. It is a small world, as theysay, for sure.It’s less than one month until Tulsi relinquishesher Continental crown, and I knowNorth Carolina will be well represented in thehouse — in our group of 18 who purchasedtickets together, the majority are NorthCarolinians. The Carolina kids will knock youdown for a good pageant, ya know? David‘Freklz’ Hunter will also relinquish his Mr. titlethat weekend, too. It should be lovely to see allthe family and the formers. I’m looking forwardto gazing upon the lovely face of ourMiss PLUS, Coco Van Cartier, as well. What alovely queen!Speaking of Tajma earlier, she flew out tojudge final night of Miss TX FFI and AtLarge this year held in Houston and washappy to share these results with me: JennaSky won the Miss and her RUs were AdeciaIman and Monika Adams; Chanel LaMasterswon Miss At-Large and her RUs were Kofiand Armani Nicoe Davenport. Congrats toChevelle Brooks and Leyla Edwards O’Haraon a fierce year!On the America scene, Electra Fearce-St.James recently won Miss Pennsylvania withRU Aurora Fontaine; the new Miss Ohio isSymphony Alexander Love with RU BrionnaBrooks; and Miss Missouri is Erica Foxxwith RU Tajma Stetson. Miss America takesplace this year at the Millenium Hotel GrandBallroom in St. Louis from Oct. 28 throughNov. 1. The reigning Miss, Victoria DePaula,will be here in Charlotte for Miss Mid-Eastin just a few weeks at Scorpio, along with afew of her sisters as Coti Collins relinquishesher crown. Should be quite a festive night!Promoter Mike Rhinehart tells me also performingthat night will be his new MissWinston-Salem America, Angelica Dust.Come out and see which big names in theAmerica system come to duke it out onFreedom Drive!In local news, Angelica also just wonMiss Firecracker up at Scandals in Asheville;her RU was Manhattan. Fuchsia Rage is thenew Miss Summer Dream with alternateAngelica Froste. Congrats are going out toFelicia Monet who won Miss Pride Charlotteat Scorpio recently. Her RUs includedCharlotte Damone, Jessica Raynes Starr andSierra Santana. The new Mr. Pride CharlotteMI is Howard Hung. I almost got all the contestantslisted in the last Rag, but I did missKylie DaVinci who won Miss Queeen Cityand did not want to let her slip me by! Iheard the show at Pride in downtown wasfierce with the likes of Dorae Saunders,Detra Penucci, Brooke Divine and AngelaLopez. Sorry I missed that one! Y’all comeback now, ya hear? ◗info: Drop me a line, OK? . The TeaMissD@yahoo.com14 AUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotesNot for Reproduction

Not for ReproductionThom BierdzOut on/offscreenpage 19Power childAmy Adams plays Julie Powell in Sony Entertainment’s “Julie & Julia.”Meryl Streep embodies iconic cookbook author and television chef Julia Child inNora Ephron’s highly anticipated film ‘Julie & Julia’Before Ina, before Rachael, before Emeril, there was Julia,the woman who forever changed the way America cooks.Now comes “Julie & Julia,” the new film starring MerylStreep as Child and Amy Adams as secretary-turned-food bloggerJulie Powell. The film, set in post-9/11 New York and post-WWII Paris, is a delicious exploration of the ways people canfeed one another physically and, more importantly, emotionally.Written and directed by Nora Ephron (“Sleepless inSeattle,” “You’ve Got Mail”), “Julie & Julia” interweaves thestories adapted from two best-selling memoirs: JuliePowell’s “Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 TinyApartment Kitchen” (reissued in paperback with the subtitle“My Year of Cooking Dangerously”) and “My Life inFrance” by Julia Child with Alex Prud’homme.“What unites these two stories is passion,” says producerLaurence Mark (“Dreamgirls”). “Julie Powell and JuliaChild both discovered a passion — in each case, a passionfor food — that got them through tough or uncertaintimes.“When you talk about passion, Julia Child didn’t justhave it for her husband or cooking. She had a passion forliving. Real, true joie de vivre,” says Streep, who portraysthe 6-foot-2, button-down shirt and denim-apron-wearingicon’s unbridled joy for life with her typical panache. “Sheloved being alive, and that’s inspirational in and of itself.”Photo Credit: Sony Entertainmentby Robert Firpo-CappielloPowell discovered her passion in 2002 when, approaching30 and stifled by a dead-end cubicle job, she hit on aremarkably unconventional way to break out of her rut: Shewould spend a year cooking every recipe — all 524 of them— in Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”and, without realizing she’d become a digital pioneer,blogged every day about it. The experience quickly becamecathartic — and about more than just food. A typicalPowell post exhorted, “Julia Child wants you — that’s right,you, the one living in the tract house in sprawling suburbiawith a dead-end secretarial job and nothing but a Stop &Shop for miles around — toknow how to make good pastry, see Bon Appétite on 17Not for • QNotes

Not for ReproductionTriangleAreaAroundThe Carolinas16 AUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotesNot for Reproduction

Bon appétite everyonefrom page 15and also how to make those canned greenbeans taste all right.”Powell’s blog caught the attention ofproducer Eric Steel (best known for thecontroversial documentary “The Bridge,”which examines why San Francisco’sGolden Gate Bridge is such a popular suicidesite) and before her book “Julie andJulia,” a chick-lit-style retelling of her cookingand blogging experiment, was published,Steel had already optioned it for afilm.At the same time producer AmyRobinson (“Twelve and Holding,” “TheGreat New Wonderful”) was developing afilm adaptation of “My Life in France”about Julia and Paul Child and their lifeand love in post-war Paris. The two settledin Paris after the war as Paul worked in theAmerican foreign service and, with her firstexposure to French cuisine, Child’s lifechanged. Her ardor for fresh, flavorful foodmade with joy, instead of the cold,processed “food” frequently used then inthe U.S., started her on a path that lead toher becoming the first American woman toattend the Cordon Bleu cooking school,co-author of a world-famous cookbook,and the beloved host of a television programthat would help revolutionizeAmerican cuisine — and 50 years later, theinspiration that transformed Julie Powell’slife. When Steel and Robinson met to discusstheir related projects, the idea of combiningthem into one seemed not onlyobvious but downright brilliant.The project attracted the interest ofwriter/directorEphron, with her wittysensibility and interestin food as it relates tolife, and producer Laurence Mark andexecutive producer Scott Rudin came onboard to shepherd the project.Ephron, for one, found the conceptirresistible. “As soon as I heard the idea, Ithought, ‘Oh, I have to do that,’” she says.“In 1962 or so, when I first moved to NewYork, everybody was buying a copy of‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ — itwas a way of saying you were intelligentand therefore you were going to cook in away that a smart person was going tocook. So Julia Child became an imaginaryfriend for me.”Soon after Ephron became attached tothe project she ran into the prodigiously talentedStreep at a Shakespeare in the Parkproduction in New York City. When theactress heard what Ephron’s latest projectwas, she immediately went into a dead-onimpersonation of Child’s signature highpitchedvoice. From the moment on Ephronknew who her leading lady would be.“Julia Child is so vivid in everybody’smind,” says Streep. “You can just call upher size, her shape, her voice, her laugh,her way of breathing. It’s so familiar to us.In a way, it sort of meant my work was halfdone. I didn’t have to make anything up— there she was.”For many of us who may have knownChild best through Dan Ackroyd’s absurd“Saturday Night Live” impersonation, it’seasy to forget what a strong, inspiring rolemodel she was when she first appeared ontelevision in the early ‘60s on “The FrenchChef.”Not for ReproductionQ - L I V I N GMeryl Streep as Julia Child and Stanley Tucci as PaulChild in “Julie & Julia.” Photo Credit: Sony Entertainment“She was a television personalityin a pre-televisionage,” Streep observes.“People responded to herbecause she was a real personand they needed a real personon television.”Amy Adams, in portrayingJulie Powell, faces the dualchallenge of playing a muchlesser known character thanJulia Child and inhabiting thescreen when the scenerychewingStreep is absent. Butthe gifted young actress, whohas already deftly handledmajor roles in “Doubt” and“Enchanted,” more than roseto the occasion, finding inspirationin Powell’s own insecurities.“‘Julie & Julia’ is about diving in andnot being intimidated by things that seemoverwhelming,” Adams says.Portraying the supportive partners ofJulie and Julia, Chris Messina as Eric Powelland Stanley Tucci as Paul Child demonstratethe ways in which gender roles haveevolved — and not — over the decades.“It’s about partnerships and how you cansupport each other in good times andbad,” says Streep.Messina, who memorably portrayedLauren Ambrose’s last boyfriend during thefinal season of the acclaimed HBO series“Six Feet Under,” shines in the role in partbecause “he is a brilliant eater,” accordingto co-star Adams. “I don’t know how hedoes it. He eats like a man, yet he doesn’tmake it look grotesque. It’s a talent.”Messina did indeed spend much of theshoot chowing down on his screen partner’sFrench dishes, at one point complainingabout the effort. “Nora yelled from theother room, ‘Robert De Niro would do it!’— and that got me back in there andfocused for another seven lobsters,” laughsMessina.Tucci, who did a memorable turnopposite Streep in 2006’s “The Devil WearsPrada” as Miranda Priestly’s fashion editor,for his part was in awe of the commitmentStreep brought to this role. “It’s not animitation,” says Tucci. “She became JuliaChild.”And how does the real Julie Powell feelabout the transformation of her online andliterary efforts into big-screen fare?“They’ve made a beautiful movie,” sheenthuses, “about being brave and creatingyourself.” ◗— ’Julie & Julia’ opened at theatersAug. 7. Check local movie listingsfor times and locations.Not for ReproductionAUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotes 17

Not for Reproduction18 AUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotesNot for Reproduction

Q - L I V I N GComing out off screen and onActor and artist Thom Bierdzreturns to ‘Young & the Restless’by David Alex NahmodContributing WriterThom Bierdz is a man of many talents.During the 1980s, when he first played PhilipChancellor III on the top-rated soap opera“The Young & the Restless,” he was a teen idol.But, as he recalls in his memoir,“ForgivingTroy,” Bierdz hada secret. As millionsof teenagersswooned over hisstunning goodlooks, Bierdzstruggled toaccept his homosexuality.He livedin fear — inthose days, comingout inHollywood meantcareer suicide.In 1989,Bierdz left “TheYoung & theRestless,” hopingfor a film career.The events thatfollowed provedto be far more dramatic, and traumatic, thanany of his soap opera exploits.As he recounts in “Forgiving Troy,” Bierdzhad to deal with the murder of his mom at thehands of a mentally-ill brother and his otherbrother’s suicide. But, he’s a strong guy. Hebounced back, came out, and forged a new,successful career as an artist.A few weeks ago, the still beautiful Bierdzreturned to “The Young & the Restless.”It seems that Philip didn’t die in that car accidentall those years ago — he staged his death tokeep his loved ones from finding out that he wasgay. On July 7, 2009, Philip Chancellor III, back inGenoa City, came out to his “widow,”Nina.Nina is played by Tricia Cast, Bierdz’ costarfrom the 1980s. She also returned to theshow and couldn’t be happier about the currentstoryline.“I’m pleased and proud to be part of such awell written storyline,”Cast said in an email to Q-Notes.“I’m hopeful that it will be helpful to someThom Bierdz returns to histeenage years’ role as Philip onCBS’ “The Young & the Restless.”people. Perhaps those who have yet to come outwill feel freer to do so.And, perhaps, others willbe led to a place of love and acceptance.”Bierdz reports that longtime viewers are“shocked” by this new development —Philip was one of the show’s “straightest”characters. But, the reaction has been overwhelminglypositive.“I get hundreds of emails from people in thecloset thanking me,” he says.“And emails fromstraight people thanking me for helping to representthe gays in their families. I getkudos from ex-wives of gays and childrenof gays and mothers of gays.”As daunting as it may seem, Bierdzwill continue to work on his art whileperforming on a daily, network TVshow. He travels extensively in order tofill the numerous portrait commissionshe gets. He’s also become a well knownartist in the Hollywood community,having done paintings inspired by thefilm “Brokeback Mountain,”and portraitsof the recently departed iconsMichael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.Bierdz reports that he’s currentlysingle, which has worked out wellbecause he’s so busy.“But, I’m lookingforward to romance,” he says.And will romance find it’s way intothe life of his character? A partnershipbetween Philip and Rafe, the show’sother gay character?“Man, I hope so! Rafe is very cute,” saysBierdz.For now, Bierdz is happy to work on his artand develop the Chancellor storyline. He saysthat his current deal with the show is openended, and he thanks head writer Maria ArenaBell for her support and open-mindedness.“I am honored to be a gay man playing agay man in such a visible role that’s seen dailyby millions of people,” he says.“I think Philip’spresence on this show is needed to show howgay people are normal and a part of everyone’slives. I want to make Philip someone people areproud to know.”“The Young & the Restless” airs weekdayson CBS and weeknights on Soap Net.For more information on Thom Bierdz’ art,or to order his book “Forgiving Troy,” ◗— David Alex Nahmod lives in San Francisco.Visit him at for ReproductionNot for ReproductionAUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotes 19

Not for ReproductionTell Trinityby Trinity . Contributing WriterDefining boundaries andstopping blasphemyHello Trinity,Someone I’m dating and really love hastendencies to say the wrong thing at thewrong time. It’s not only embarrassing, itshows a lack of character in both of us. Howdo I teach boundaries to someone who hasno clue?BoundQueries,Minneapolis,Minn.Hello BoundQueries,Boundaries are something we acquirewith time,education,wisdom and commonsense. And, when it comes to boundaries, I(at least) try these four golden rules: 1) keepunkind words short; 2) keep kind words sincere;3) keep your mouth shut aroundstrangers; and, darling lastly, 4) only speakwell of the dead. Bett Davis once said,“I onlyspeak good of the dead. Joan Crawford isdead. Good!”Hey Trinity,Why are straight men so straight? Don’t youthink if straight men hung around gay men theywould learn a thing or two about politeness, cultureand even decorating?Straight Thoughts, New Orleans, La.Hey Straight Thoughts,If straight men hung around gay men theywould definitely learn a lot about many thingsand visa versa. But as far as teaching straightmen art and/or decorating, sweetie, I don’tknow if you can teach a lion the esotericimportance of lighting! (My cartoon showsthis for sure.)Q - L I V I N GDearest Trinity,I have no trouble with dating, butI think waiting for someone special isthe right way to meet someone.Forced dating seems so fake. Am Ialone in this thought?Date-O-Wait, Seattle, Wash.Dearest Date-O-Wait,It has been said that if you work hard forwhat you want, you should get what you wish…eventually, hopefully. Well anyway, the keyword is work! When it comes to dating, meetingsomeone or even life itself you really arebetter off working towards your dreams anddesires rather than sitting and hoping and justgrowing old. Sweetie, it’s good to be patient,but try acting like a busy patient!Hello Trinity,How do you know when you have ahealthy sex life versus when you’re overlypromiscuous?PromisCurious, Nashville, Tenn.Hello PromisCurious,That question not only deserves oneanswer but at least 10:Trinity’s Sleazy Tips For KnowingIf You’re A PIG (PromiscuousIndiscriminate Gorilla)1. When you have multiple sex partners, multipletimes a week and you don’t get paidfor it, PIG!2. So, you have syphilis again, no problem.But, when you have sex while taking penicillin,PIG!3. When your glands are swollen from overuseand you have no jewelry to show forit, PIG!4. Staying out late, cruising for whateverand sleeping with whomever does notmake you a total PIG unless you’re aninsatiable PIG!5. If you try to keep a lover and can’t, but stillneed sex and sleep around to fulfill yourneeds, then you’re a practical PIG!6. PIGs are not bad, wrong or dirty forbeing PIGs unless, of course, youboast, are unkind or never grow out ofbeing a PIG!7.You’re not a PIG for having sex 20 differenttimes a year, but when it all occursin the same month then you’re, PIG OfThe Month!8. So, you keep in contact with and genuinelylove your many sexual partners, still a PIG!9. Sex a few times a week is normal, everyother day, extremely healthy. But, if you’renot trying to stick with the same mate, PIG!10.Lastly, when you can’t remember who,where, why or how many, then you’renot only a PIG but you have a big PIGproblem! ◗— With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinitywas host of “Spiritually Speaking,” a weeklyradio drama, and now performs . Trinity@telltrinity.comTell Trinity, P.O. Box 23861 . Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33307Sponsored by: Provincetown Business Guild800-637-8696 . www.ptown.orgSubmit your events onlineYou can submit your event listings andfill out the form and your event will appear inour event listings online and in print! It really isthat easy!20 AUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotesNot for Reproduction

Not for ReproductionQ - L I V I N GOut in the Starsby Charlene Lichtenstein . Contributing WriterAugust 8-21Mercury enters Virgo and opposes shockingUranus. Prepare for all thoughts and opinions topropel us into unrestricted airspace. How far canyou fly on a dream? Just be sure to pack a parachute(and a pillow) for that long trip back to earth.LEO (07.24-08.23) Money issues bubble to thesurface with some surprising results. Will youdecide to make a big investment in some cockamamiescheme or will you plant your fortune in asafe, but low, reward enterprise? Proud Lionsthink that they have money to burn but could findashes in their wallets when all the bills are due.Ask for advice…and then wait.VIRGO (08.24-09.23) Avoid any major discussionswith partners at this time. Queer Virgins areapt to say something shocking that could havelongterm ramifications. However, if you are seekinga connection with a certain someone, this isthe time to try a new bait line.Not only do you stirup the social soup, you appear to be very cleverand cutting. I say “appear”…ahem.LIBRA (09.24-10.23) Spill a personal secret ortwo among carefully chosen co-workers and seewhat happens.You might find that it could changeyour perspective on your job and clear up a cloudon your corporate ascent. Proud Libras strive forbalance and harmony. Can this be achieved whenyou feel overly protective of certain ideas? Let itall hang out…but watch for drafts.SCORPIO(10.24-11.22) Friends hatch a schemethat will prove to be fun. Go with the flow and seehow the group think can carry you to new places,new people and new things. Discover hidden talentsand take a calculatedrisk with acertain project orperson. Who knowswhat can happen? You might find that there is anartist inside of you waiting to come out. So, comeout already!SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.22) Get your mindfocused on your professional goals . Not only willyou be able to attain anything you can imagine,you can also solidify your base and become moreconfident in general. Gay Archers are ready totake charge and have great ideas with which tobuild an empire.Will you be a benevolent dictatorwhen you reach the top or a petty corrupt official.Let’s guess.CAPRICORN (12.23-01.20) Pink Caps shouldconsider traveling or planning a trip while the timeis ripe. Not only are they full of ways and meansabout what to do and where to go, they also have agood idea of who should join them. Expect morethan a few happy surprises along the way. Don’t sitat home and wait for the doorbell to ring. Get outthere and ring a few bells yourself. Ringading.AQUARIUS (01.21-02.19) How sexy do youfeel? It is all in your mind, Aqueerius! Of course,that is not a bad thing. Sometimes just thinking itis all that we need to muster up the courage to doit. So it will be for you. Find the time and themeans to connect on a meaningful level with youknow-who.Generate some heat and see what iscooking. Do I smell someone burning?PISCES (02.20-03.20) Relationships are in fora few surprises. How much independence do youneed Guppie? There are issues that need to beaddressed and, in talking about them, you createa new level of understanding. Think of ways toreadjust things so that you can feel uncompromisedand liberated and yet still connected andclose. It is not impossible to a willing heart.ARIES (03.21-04.20) Proud Rams hate intrigueand dishonesty. That is why all closets are openedand all lurid shenanigans are bared now. Goodthing too! No sooner do you release your gremlinsthan you liberate yourself to a healthier outlookand a more productive attitude. What are youwaiting for? Grab a granola bar and get back towork on life’s ever-speeding treadmill. Oh goody.TAURUS (04.21-.5.21) Thinking creatively cantake you far. But, it could take you too far and offcourse if you are unable to rein it in. Queer Bullstempt fate, taking a small, insignificant item andblasting it into a wild, crazy out of control orbit.Friends are impressed and a little awed. Maybelife will become more interesting? It will certainlybecome more complicated.GEMINI(05.22-06.21) Your home life is a sourceof activity and excitement. Pink Twins, with aneye to redecorating, renovating or even moving,will charge ahead with projects with some surprisingresults.Your secret to success is to not takeon too much homework at once. Something isbound to go awry. Take things slowly and one at atime, or, better still, delegate.CANCER (06.22-07.23) Anything that you say— any stray comment — can be blown out ofproportion. So, mind your Ps and Qs, pink Crab,and be sure that what mulls in your mind doesnot necessarily find its way to your lips.It will certainlybe uncensored and broadcast globally. Ofcourse, you may be interested in upending thelandscape. If so, give it your best shot and thenstand back. ◗© 2008 Madam Lichtenstein, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Visit for e-greetings,horoscopes and Pride jewelry. My book “HerScopes: A GuideTo Astrology For Lesbians” from Simon & Schuster isavailable at bookstores and major booksites.Not for ReproductionAUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotes 21

Not for ReproductionQ - L I V I N GOut and About . compiled by Q-Notes staffUpcoming Events:Aug. 8-22 • Charlotte‘Altar Boyz’The Altar Boyz are coming to Charlotte! Full of sharp parody,sinfully spectacular dancing, and irreverent humor,this spoof about a heavenly guy-group is adored by audiencesand critics alike. Queen City Theatre Company,Duke Energy Theatre, 345 N. College St.Various times.Various prices. 8-30 • Raleigh‘R & J’Four Students. An Empty Classroom. One Hell of aStory! Four young prep school students, tired of goingthrough the usual drill of conjugating Latin and othertedious school routines, decide to vary their very governedlives. After school, one breaks out a copy ofWilliam Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” and they alltake turns reading the play aloud. Enmeshed in theemotion so much so that they break school rules inorder to continue their readings. Raleigh EnsemblePlayers, REP Upstairs, 213 Fayetteville St. Free.Reservations suggested. 13 • CharlotteSex ed saves livesJoin the ACLU of Charlotte for a panel discussion aboutcomprehensive sex education in North Carolina, includingan LGBT perspective. The panel will discuss therecently passed Healthy Youth Act and how it affectsyour family. Co-hosted by ACLU, NOW, NARAL, TimeOut Youth and Planned Parenthood. UnitarianUniversalist Church of Charlotte, 234 N. Sharon AmityRd. 6:30 p.m. Free. 13 • DurhamA Sordid Comedy AffairKick-off the N.C. Gay and Lesbian Film Festival witha stand-up comedy all-star spectacular featuringCarolina Rhea, Rue McClanahan and “Sordid Lives” creatorDel Shores. Carolina Theatre, 309 W. Morgan St. 8p.m.Various prices. 13-16 • Raleigh‘Metamorphoses’Directed by Mary Zimmerman, the Raleigh EnsemblePlayers present David R. Slavitt’s translation of “TheMetamorphosis of Ovid.” NWU Press: “Zimmerman’sstunning play juxtaposes the ancient and the contemporaryin both language and image, offering a compassionateview of the human condition and givingwitness to the transformative power of love, redemptionand forgiveness.” Cardinal Gibbons PerformingArts Center, 1401 Edwards Mill Rd.Various times.$10. 15 • CarrboroAmy RayAmy Ray of the Indigo Girls performs live. Cat’sCradle, 300 E. Main St. $8 advance/$10 day of 20 • GreensboroPool party and cookoutThe Triad Business and Professional Guild will holdits annual pool party and cookout social. 105Willoughby Blvd. 6 p.m. $15, members and nonmemberswith pre-registration/$20, late registration/$5,children 10 and under. 25 • DurhamChorus potluckCommon Woman Chorus kicks off their new seasonwith a potluck dinner. Eno River UnitarianUniversalist Fellowship, 4097 Garrett Rd. 7 p.m. 26 • DurhamWelcome ReceptionDuke University’s Center for LGBT Life hosts awelcome reception for returning and new students,faculty and staff. 2 West Union Building. 4 p.m.-6 28 • Chapel HillWelcome Back GatheringThe UNC-Chapel Hill LGBTQ Office hosts a welcomeback gathering on the campus’ Upper Quad, betweenRuffin and Grimes Halls. Make new friends and eatgreat food, getting connected to the LGBT communitiesat UNC. 4 p.m.-6 p.m. 29 • DurhamRunway: RevolutionAwakeningCHANGE presents this special presentationof change pioneers throughout history with dance,music, poetic spoken word and creative art. Steel Blue,1426-A S. Miami Blvd. $7-$ 29 • Greenville, N.C.Community meetingA meeting will be held to discuss Eastern NorthCarolina LGBT community needs and affairs, and toexplore the creation of a local LGBT community centerand Pride festival. Tipsy Teapot, 409 S. Evans St. 2p.m. For more information 29 • ClemmonsUnity CelebrationThe House of Minavanichi holds its first annual UnityCelebration with food,vendors,live entertainmentand games at Tanglewood Park. 4061 Clemmons Rd.Noon. 336-587-8789. ◗info: Announce your community event in Out &’t Miss ThisAug. 13-16 • DurhamFilm FestJoin queer film festival lovers from across theCarolinas and the nation as they descend on theCarolina Theatre for three full days of brilliant, starworthyLGBT films at the North Carolina Gay andLesbian Film Festival. The Carolina Theatre, 3009Morgan St. AUGUST 8 . 2009 • QNotesNot for Reproduction

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