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Ernest Rutherford

Ernest Rutherford

"The phenomenaexhibited

"The phenomenaexhibited by theFrederick Soddy Soddy (1877-1956)(1877-1956) radioactive bodies areEnglishextremely complicatedEnglish Chemist Chemist –– worked worked with withRutherford and some form of theoryRutherford in in Canada Canadais essential to connect inan intelligible manner theWon Won the the Nobel Nobel Prize Prize for for mass of experimentalChemistry Chemistry in in 1921 1921 facts that have nowbeen accumulated".Came Came up up with with the the term term“isotopes” “isotopes”From “Radio-activity”,Rutherford’s 1904textbook.1908: Nobel Prize for chemistry (for ‘transmutation’)April 5, 2011 6

Age of the EarthKelvin hadmeasured ageof earth to be20-100 millionyears oldAlso, by measuring amountof helium trapped in rocks,he could work out the ageof the rocks.Rutherford showedthat taking intoheat generated byradioactive decaywould increase thisto 100s of millions ofyears."Kelvin had limited age of earth provided no new sources of heat found.That prophetic utterance referred to what we are now considering!"April 5, 2011 7

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