Quality Stainless Steel Tube Fittings - Andron Stainless

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Quality Stainless Steel Tube Fittings - Andron Stainless

Quality Stainless Steel Tube FittingsSaniClean is a trademark of the Newark Wire CompanyAndron Stainless Corporation7404 Fairfield Rd.Columbia, SC 29203Ph. (803) 754-8808 | Fax (803) 754-8838http://www.Sanitary-Strainers.com

Andron Stainless Corporation and Newark Wire Cloth company - a leader in thewire cloth industry since 1911 - collaborated on several custom strainer projectsover the last several years. During this time, many requests were received toprovide “Industry Standard” strainers. As a result of these requests, Andron andNewark are pleased to introduce the SaniClean Strainer product line, whichincludes:• Inline Strainers • SKS OverScreens • Custom Fabricated Strainers• Tee Strainers • Basket Strainers • “Standard” Wire Mesh OverScreensThe SaniClean Strainer product line features quality crafted strainers and allsanitary construction – crevice freeand polished. SaniClean Strainersare cost effective and manufacturedto the highest quality standards.• Andron’s Inline SaniCleanStrainers are designed to bedimensionally interchangeable withindustry standard inline sanitarystrainers.• Perforated Support Cores aremade using a heavier gauge sheet;they are less likely to fail underpressure.• Wire Mesh OverScreens offer a snug slip fit over the perforated support core.SaniClean Strainers standard construction provides OverScreens with hemmedends tack welded in place. OverScreens with hemmed ends provide a finished,smooth edge. The hem, when tack welded in place, captures the raw edge wiresof the mesh.• The SKS OverScreen is a non-woven screen, available in most popular meshsizes, offering similar open area characteristics to wire cloth - yet has no wireintersections.• No wire intersections mean a cleaner screen – less chance of contamination!The SKS OverScreen is easier to clean!• No individual wires mean no loose edge wires at the cylinder ends – no chanceof wires breaking off. SaniClean Sanitary Strainers from Newark Wire Cloth! Weknow wire cloth, and how to fabricate wire mesh strainers. We’ve fabricated"custom" wire cloth strainers and filters for more than 25 years. The completeline of Sanitary Strainers is a welcome addition to our SaniClean Strainersproduct line.

Andron’s Wire Mesh OverScreens are ideal replacement parts for the industry standard inline strainer overscreens. Andron’sOverScreens are quality crafted. The longitudinal seam is continuously welded using a welding mandrel to ensure a consistentdiameter for the full length of the cylinder, insuring a snug fit over the perforated support core. Newark Wire Cloth’s standardconstruction calls for the cylinder ends to be hemmed and the hem is then tack welded in place. This secures the raw edge wireof the wire cloth so it can’t break loose and cause problems downstream. Pure Tin Soldered cylinder ends are available as anoption. Different size wire mesh is available upon request. All material is 316L Stainless Steel.

SKS OverScreensTM are comparable to the traditional Wire Mesh OverScreens. They are available with similar opening sizesand open area percentages as wire cloth, but the materials of construction are very different. In many waysthe SKS OverScreenTM material is superior to wire cloth. The material used to make the SKS OverScreensTM is punched fromstainless steel sheet; it is not made up of individual wires like wire cloth.Since the SKS OverScreenTM material is not a woven product (made up of individual wires) it has no potential contaminationzones or areas where the wires contact each other and make the traditional Wire Mesh OverScreen more difficult to cleanthoroughly. The design of the material used to fabricate SKS OverScreenTM makes the SKS OverScreenTM easier to clean!SKS OverScreensTM are quality crafted the same as our Wire Mesh OverScreens. The longitudinal seam is continuously weldedusing a welding mandrel to ensure a consistent diameter for the full length of the SKS OverScreenTM cylinder. The SKS OverScreenTMcylinder ends are hemmed to provide a smooth, finished edge for the strainer element. All material is 316LStainless Steel.

Custom Sanitary StrainersOur sanitary strainers are proven performers! They protectvaluable processing equipment and provide insurance againstdowntime. They are designed and built to the most stringentprocess requirements and available in single and duplex styleswith a smooth contoured basket seat for positive cleaning. Youchange the basket in seconds, just by removing a single clampwhile your process line remains intact. Or, select a customduplex model and clean one trap while the other continuesdoing your work! Our sanitary strainers provide filtering capabilitiesdown to 5 microns.Basket Strainer-Model S10(325 mesh lined baskets)Custom fabricated strainersfor a major food processor.Designed and builtto satisfy specificprocessingrequirements.Custom strainerFeatures:Operating Pressure:Pressure tested:Material:4" Bevel Seat Inlet / Outlet withquick opening Swing Bolt top cover165 F300 psi316L SS

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