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Part No - Honda

Open up your worldDiscover new experiences, reach new horizons.The great open road. The world at your feet. Ready for you to explore. What betterway to get around than aboard a Honda. Whether daily commuting or touring, solo orwith a pillion, you’re sure to be impressed with the enviable choice. Advancedtechnologies and renowned craftsmanship mean these motorcycles are designed forlong-running pleasure and unforgettable experiences. Start exploring.GOLD WING 03-04ST1300 PAN-EUROPEAN 05-06VFR1200F 07-10VFR800 11-12CBR600F 13-14NT700V DEAUVILLE 15-16THE POWER OF DREAMS 17-181 2

GOLD WINGSmooth, refined power. Luxurious comfort. Unmistakable presence.The Gold Wing’s five-speed gearbox comes complete with overdrive and shaft final drive. The result issmooth power with low cruising revs, more comfort and less fuel use. The Gold Wing lets you cruisethe world in style, but also in safety. Honda’s Combined Anti-lock Braking System (C-ABS) means safehandling and braking, even when fully loaded. And with Honda’s airbag system - the first on a productionmotorcycle, the level of protection is as impressive as the bike.The front fairing has been designed to improve protection against wind and weather and is supported byheated handlebar grips, seats and a foot warming system. The 6-speaker 80W SRS surround system playsMP3, WMA and AAC music files and can connect to an iPod*, iPhone* or USB stick. The next generationHonda navigation system* has a colour screen which shows lane assist and junction view and it even worksin areas with poor signal. And with over 150 litres of secure luggage capacity, large panniers, fairing pocketsand top box, you can take everything you need no matter how far you’re travelling.* iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc.Titanium Blade MetallicGraphite BlackGlint Wave Blue MetallicSpecifICationEngine: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 12-valve SOHC flat-6Displacement: 1,832 cm 3Max. Power Output: 87 kW/5,500 min -1 (95/1/EC)Max. Torque: 167 Nm/4,000 min -1 (95/1/EC)Kerb Weight: 421 kg (F: 189 kg; R: 232 kg)Fuel Consumption: 9.45 m/l (42.5 mpg) WMTC modeSeat Height: 740 mmGround Clearance: 125 mmDimensions (LxWxH): 2,630 x 945 x 1,455 mmPearl Fadeless White3PGM FIHECS3PLRSC-ABSHISSEURO 3AIRBAG*NAVI*Please refer to theback cover for details onlicensing requirements. 4

ST1300 PAN-EUROPEANSumptuous comfort. Sensational performance.Since the Pan-European first took to the roads it has carved a name for itself as the benchmark for sportstouring motorcycles. The commanding ST1300 Pan-European is designed for swift, luxurious travel, whetherit’s across town or across the continent. It takes mountains and long distances in its stride, setting thestandards of comfort and style for all riders who enjoy transcontinental sports touring.Its optional touring equipment, excellent fuel efficiency, generous 29 litre tank and comfortable passengeraccommodation make it amazingly easy to get out on the road and stay there. Its aerodynamic form issculpted to cut through the breeze, and with a unique adjustable seat, comfort is assured so you can keepgoing and going all day long. Want to see the world? What are you waiting for?Candy Glory RedDigital Silver MetallicSpecifICationEngine: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC 90° V-4Displacement: 1,261 cm 3Max. Power Output: 93 kW/8,000 min -1 (95/1/EC)Max. Torque: 125 Nm/6,000 min -1 (95/1/EC)Kerb Weight: 329 kg (F: 152 kg; R: 177 kg)Fuel Tank Capacity: 29 litresSeat Height: 790 mmGround Clearance: 135 mmDimensions (LxWxH): 2,270 x 860 x 1,390 mmPearl Cosmic Black5 6PGM FI HECS3 PLRSC-ABSHISS EURO 3Please refer to theback cover for details onlicensing requirements.

VFR1200FUtterly compellingThere is something amazing about the V4 engine of the Honda VFR1200F.A remarkable blend of raw power, never-ending torque and advancedmass centralisation. All expressed in the beat and feel that only a V4configuration from Honda can deliver.78

VFR1200FArrive in your own style.The powerful 1,200cc V4 engine offers strong torque from low rpm, while the Programmed Fuel InjectionSystem (PGM-FI) improves fuel efficiency to give you 186 miles on a single tank. Traction Control is fittedas standard and offers a more stable and reassuring ride, while comfort is delivered thanks to a vacuummoulded dual seat. Honda’s unique second generation Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology isavailable as an option and is incredibly intuitive and user friendly. The VFR1200F’s unmistakable silhouette,aerodynamic fairing, high gloss paintwork and LED tail-light complete the picture, creating a uniquely thrillingand refined ride, wherever the journey takes you.Darkness Black MetallicCandy Prominence RedTitanium Blade MetallicSpecifICationEngine: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke UNICAM ® 76° V-4Displacement: 1,237 cm 3Max. Power Output: 127 kW/10,000 min -1 (95/1/EC)Max. Torque: 129 Nm/8,750 min -1Kerb Weight: 267 kgFuel Tank Capacity: 19 litresFuel Consumption: 9.92 m/l (45.2 mpg) WMTC mode10.2 m/l (46.3 mpg) for DCT - Tested in D-mode WMTC modeSeat Height: 815 mmGround Clearance: 128 mmDimensions (LxWxH): 2,244 x 752 x 1,222 mm9 10PGM FIUNICAMHECS3HMASPLRSC-ABSHISS EURO 3DUALCLUTCHTRANSMISSIONPlease refer to theback cover for details onlicensing requirements.

VFR800All-round performer. All-round perfection.Powered by a blistering fuel-injected DOHC V4-VTEC engine featuring an innovative 2-stage valve actuationsystem, the VFR800 provides eye-watering rushes of strong, accessible power. Excelling on breathtaking runson winding mountain roads, it’s equally at home in and out of the city. Combining satisfying low-end torque withthrilling, high-revving power, the VFR800 is so versatile that it handles everything with the same ease and perfection.Its power is contained in a twin-spar pivotless aluminium frame that facilitates light, receptive handling. The rearsuspension has a single-sided cast aluminium Pro-Arm swingarm supported by a progressive Pro-Link rearsuspension system giving predictable response and awesome control. Up front a 43mm HMAS cartridge-typefork contributes to an overall sensation of control, while the Combined Anti-Lock Braking System (C-ABS) ensurespeerless braking performance over varying road conditions.Candy Glory Red(with Gold wheels)Sword Silver Metallic(with Gold wheels)SpecifICationEngine: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC 90° V-4Displacement: 782 cm 3Max. Power Output: 80 kW/10,500 min -1 (95/1/EC)Max. Torque: 80 Nm/8,750 min -1 (95/1/EC)Kerb Weight: 249 kg (F: 119 kg; R: 130 kg)Fuel Tank Capacity: 22 litresSeat Height: 805 mmGround Clearance: 125 mmDimensions (LxWxH): 2,120 x 735 x 1,195 mmPearl Sunbeam White(with White wheels)11PGM FIV4 VTEC HECS3 HMAS PLRSC-ABSHISS EURO 3Please refer to theback cover for details onlicensing requirements. 12

CBR600FA real Sports bike. Designed for the real world.Retaining all the innovative thinking that made the original such a finely balanced machine, the CBR600Fcontinues to ensure that both power and control are optimised at all times. Its dynamic styling andexhilarating performance capabilities make it a truly credible sports bike, while ultra smooth power deliveryand effortless handling make it ideal for use every time. Combined Anti-lock Braking System (C-ABS)provides even greater control and reassurance.Pearl Cool White /Hyper RedPearl Cool White /Pearl Nightstar BlackSpecifICationEngine: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC inline-4Displacement: 599 cm 3Max. Power Output: 75 kW/12,000 min -1 (95/1/EC)Max. Torque: 64 Nm/10,500 min -1 (95/1/EC)Kerb Weight: 211 kg (F: 106 kg; R: 105 kg)Fuel Tank Capacity: 18.4 litresSeat Height: 800 mmGround Clearance: 135 mmDimensions (LxWxH): 2,150 x 740 x 1,150 mmPearl Nightstar Black /Mat Cynos Grey Metallic13PGM FIHECS3C-ABSHISSHMASEURO 3Please refer to theback cover for details onlicensing requirements. 14

NT700V DEAUVILLETireless urban ally. Long distance partner.The Deauville is powered by a responsive fuel-injected 8-valve 680cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine, offeringthe ideal blend of performance, agility and comfort. The riding position is low and relaxed, the broad seathas plenty of comfortable passenger space and its 5-position adjustable windscreen provides effectiveweather protection.Plush, adjustable rear suspension and smooth-acting combined brakes contribute to an enjoyable rideand the combined ABS provides the ultimate confidence on any road surface. A true all-rounder, theDeauville is one of the most versatile solo or two-up motorcycles on the road today. This is the machineto give you back your freedom.Carnelian Red MetallicSpecifICationEngine: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve SOHC 52° V-twinDisplacement: 680 cm 3Max. Power Output: 48.3 kW/8,000 min -1 (95/1/EC)Max. Torque: 66.2 Nm/6,500 min -1Kerb Weight: 257 kg (F:113 kg; R:144 kg)Fuel Tank Capacity: 19.7 litresFuel Consumption: 12.46 m/l (56.1 mpg) WMTC modeSeat Height: 805 mmGround Clearance: 156 mmDimensions (LxWxH): 2,218 x 810 x 1,320 mmPearl Concours Black15 16PGM FI HECS3 C-ABSHISSEURO 3Please refer to theback cover for details onlicensing requirements.

thepower ofdreamsThe first product to bear the Honda name was an auxiliary engine forbicycles. Adding power to the bicycle made life a bit easier for people,and made getting around more fun. Right from the beginning, Honda wasabout creating things that people truly need – things that had never beforeexisted. This takes independent thinking, audacity and imagination to followideas wherever they lead. It also takes determination; the passion, tenacityand innovation to never allow the dream to die, and to shape dreams intoproducts for the world.To realise this dream as the world prepares for a low-carbon future, Hondais leading the way in addressing the needs of people all over the globe withadvanced fuel infrastructure. From bikes to cars, boats to planes and evento the way we fuel our homes and workplaces, our passion for innovationand our desire to make life better for all just goes from strength to strength.GLOSSARYHonda has developed many innovative technologies for its motorcycling range,designed to have the greatest possible benefit for you and the world around you.AIRBAGC-ABSEURO 3HECS3HISSHMASMotorcycle Airbag SystemThe first fully integrated motorcycleairbag system ever featured ona production motorcycle.Combined Anti-lockBraking SystemOptimises the balance of front and rearbraking control while counteractingtyre slip when braking over variableroad conditions.EURO 3Complies with EURO 3 emissionsregulations.Honda Evolutional CatalysingSystemOxygen-sensing system maintains anoptimal air/fuel mixture for the mosteffective catalytic reduction of exhaustemissions.Honda IgnitionSecurity SystemOnly allows the bike to be started byits original encoded keys to effectivelyprotect against theft.Honda Multi-Action SystemCartridge-type front fork and reardamper design ensures a confidentbalance of compliant damping andprecise handling.PLRSPGM FINAVIUNICAMV4 VTECDUALCLUTCHTRANSMISSIONPro-Link Rear SuspensionMonoshock rear suspension utilisesa triangular linkage system toprogressively increase dampingforce through range of rear swingarmmovement.Programmed Fuel InjectionMap-type computerised systemmaintains strong power andresponsive performance in allconditions.Satellite Navigation SystemHonda-installed satellite navigationsystem with display console and easyaccesscontrols.UNICAM ®Engine features innovative Unicam ®valve train, providing both the lightweight of a compact single-cam driveand an optimum combustion chambershape for maximum power at allengine speeds.V4-VTEC EngineHonda’s unique 2-stage valve controlsystem maximises power outputacross the rev range.Dual Clutch TransmissionCombines the riding enjoymentof a manual transmission withthe convenience of an automatic,delivering enhanced comfort andsporty performance.17 18

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