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E-Brochure (Grace University Reformation Tour).pub


W|ávÉäxÜ à{x e|v{Çxáá Éy çÉâÜ fÑ|Ü|àâtÄ [xÜ|àtzxV{âÜv{ exyÉÜÅtà|ÉÇ gÉâÜ[Éáàxw uç WÜA ]|Å Xv~ÅtÇ 9 WÜA ]É{Ç [tÇÇt{May 22—31, 2011Dear Friends,The heritage of Christianity is rich. God, through His promised mercies, has preserved His churchacross the centuries by orchestrating circumstances, inspiring people, and altering the direction ofnations. One of the unique moments that reveal this to be true is the great reformation of the churches inthe sixteenth century. It was a change for the fortunes of the churches that impacted western culture forfive hundred years, laid the foundation of our national beginnings, and spanned the Protestant missionsmovement that has grown to global proportions.Please join Dr. John Hannah and me as we lead you back to where it all began in places like Wittenberg,Zurich, and Geneva. We will literally traverse the streets, enter the buildings, and climb stairswhere Luther once walked. We will share his passion for the wonder of forgiving grace purchased byChrist alone and received through grace alone. The Bavarian and Swiss Alps will prove breathtaking, butto see Zwingli’s church and Calvin’s Geneva will make the wonder of it all even more impressive.It will be a life-changing time of travel, the collection of enduring memories, and the deepening ofyour faith.Dr. Jim EckmanPresident, GRACE UNIVERSITYDr. Jim EckmanPresident Grace UniversityDr. John HannahDistinguished Professor ofHistorical Theology atDallas Theological SeminaryMorning Star Tours • 9461 LBJ Freeway, Suite 208 • Dallas, Texas 75243 • (972) 690-0092 • (800) 809-5412 • www.MorningStarTours.com

THURSDAY, MAY 26 / COBURG—ROTHENBERGToday we visit the little Bavarian town of Coburg. We will see one of the mostmagnificent original castles in Germany. The highlight is the Luther Roomwhere Luther copied Psalm 118:7 on the wall, a site where he is also thoughtto have composed the beloved Protestant hymn, “A Mighty Fortress is our God.”Then it is on to Rothenberg. Known as the “romantic city,” Rothenberg is oneof a few German cities surrounded by the original medieval­aged wall. You canwalk the wall and visit the most famous Christmas store in the world.FRIDAY, MAY 27 / ROTHENBERGWe spend the day exploring Rothenberg. There will be plenty of time forshopping and relaxing in street­side cafes while enjoying the charm of thiswonderful city. Our day concludes with a magnificent organ concert in SaintJacob’s Church.SATURDAY, MAY 28 / THE ROMANTIC ROAD—AUGSBURG—BAVARIAN ALPSOur day begins with a drive down the famous Romantic Road surrounded byspectacular scenery. We will enjoy a leisurely walking tour of the city of Augsburg.In the afternoon we drive along the panoramic Bavarian Alps withsome of the most majestic and breathtaking views in Europe!SUNDAY, MAY 29 / EISENDELN—ZURICH—LUCERNEToday we cross the border and travel to Eisendeln where we will visit thechurch of well­known Reformation leader Ulrich Zwingli. We will also make astop at the Shrine of the Black Virgin Monastery. On to Zurich, Switzerland’scenter of banking and commerce and home to Zwingli. In Zurich we willvisit the Grossmunster, Zwingli’s church, and the Frauminster where artlovers will enjoy seeing the stunning Chagall windows. Our journey will thentake us through Switzerland’s lush farmland to Lucerne. With medieval heritageevery step of the way, we will walk through the center of the city and seethe impressive city walls, the famous covered wooden bridge, and the wellknownLion statue.MONDAY, MAY 30 / BRIENZ—GRUYERE—GENEVA—NYONShopping opportunities abound today in the woodworking village of Brienz,and Gruyere is world famous for its culinary delights. We then traverse themountains to Geneva, the city of John Calvin. We will walk through historicalReformation sites including Calvin’s church and the great ReformationMonument. Late afternoon we will board a ferry to Nyon for our final evening.We will enjoy a farewell celebration dinner reminiscing over our daysspent together.TUESDAY, MAY 31 / RETURN TO USWith heart­changing memories of our journey in the footsteps of Christianhistory, we board a homebound flight to the United States.Morning Star Tours • 9461 LBJ Freeway, Suite 208 • Dallas, Texas 75243 • (972) 690-0092 • (800) 809-5412 • www.MorningStarTours.com

TOUR COST: $4,995INCLUDED IN THE TOUR COSTAir Transportation—Round-trip transatlanticeconomy class from Cleveland or Newark..A limited number of seats have been confirmedfrom each gateway city. Participants will be giventhese seats on a first-come, first-served basis.Airfare used is based on economy class effective atdate of publication. Airfares and airlines are subject tochange should more seats be needed than allocated.Hotels—First class hotels throughout, doubleoccupancy.Meals—Breakfast and dinner daily.NOT INCLUDED IN THE TOUR COSTLunches—Also beverages at meals.Personal Expenses—Such as passport fees, visasfor non-US citizens, travel insurance, laundry,phone calls, etc.SPECIAL NOTESReservations—A deposit of $1,000 must accompanythe reservation form for each participantenrolling in the tour. An additional partial paymentof $1,500 is due by January 25, 2011. Finalpayment is due by March 10, 2011.Tour Prices—All tour prices are based on costs,charges, taxes and US dollar exchange ratesknown at the time of booking. We regret shouldany of these costs change, a surcharge may beadded to the cost of your tour. You would benotified prior to travel.Deviations & Changes—Participant requests fordeviations from itinerary are subject to space plusan applicable airfare surcharge, and a $50 deviationfee per person. To enable finalizing of grouparrangements, requests and changes are not acceptedless than 60 days prior to departure.Insurance—Baggage, trip cancellation and emergencymedical insurance is STRONGLY recommended.Forms will be provided upon registration.Important: The exclusion of Pre-ExistingConditions is waived provided the premium isreceived no later than fifteen days after the initialdeposit for your trip.Sightseeing—As itinerary specifies, in deluxemotorcoach with English-speaking driver.All entrance fees are included.Transfers—All group transfers airports & hotels.Porterage—Porterage of one suitcase (standardsize).Tips—Tips to guides, drivers, and hotel staff.Taxes—Airport departure taxes in the U.S. andEurope; amount is subject to change and is basedon tax rates & fuel surcharges at time of ticketing.Single Room Supplement—A limited numberof single rooms are available at an additional costof $400 per person.Services—Not specifically mentioned above.Cancellations—All cancellation notices must bereceived in writing.Date of CancellationPrior to January 25, 2011January 25 to March 10, 2011March 11, 2011 until departureRefund PolicyFull refund less 50%of your depositPenalty of 50% of yourdeposit plus $500No refundPassports—You must have a valid passport withexpiration not less than 6 months after your returnto the US. It takes about eight to twelve weeks tosecure a passport so don’t delay. Non-US passportholders must contact Morning Star Tours to confirm needfor visa. Passport information along with applicationscan be obtained on the WEB by going to:www.travel.state.gov/passport/index.htmlBaggage Allowance—Due to bus size we canonly allow one checked piece, not to exceed 62inches (length plus width plus depth) and 50 lbs.You may also bring one carry-on item.The tour operator reserves the right to makenecessary changes to the itinerary.ZÜtvx hÇ|äxÜá|àç ECDD V{âÜv{ exyÉÜÅtà|ÉÇ gÉâÜ[Éáàxw uç WÜA ]|Å Xv~ÅtÇ 9 WÜA ]É{Ç [tÇÇt{To reserve your place on this tour, please complete the reservation form and mail itwith your $1,000 deposit per person.Additional information will be sent to you upon receipt of your reservation form and deposit.Name (as it will appear on your passport)Name Tag Date of BirthAddressCity State ZipHome Phone CellE‐mailGateway city for departure*: Cleveland Newark *All seats are subject to availabilityIs this your first time to travel with Morning Star Tours? YES No, I traveled with MST in I am enclosing a $1000 deposit (for each participant, due with reservation form) and will pay a partialpayment of $1,500 per person by January 25, 2011, and the balance by March 10, 2011. I desire a single room ($400 extra).Form of Payment: Check (Make checks payable to Morning Star Tours) MasterCard Visa DiscoverCard #3 Digit Validation Code Expiration DateI authorize Morning Star Tours to charge my credit card in the amount of $1000 per person and to automaticallycharge the credit card when payments are due (January 25, 2011, and March 10, 2011). The name and billing address are the same as above for this credit card (If not, please provide below)RESPONSIBILITY Morning Star Tours, with their officers and staff, act only as agents for the various companieswhose accommodations are utilized. They assume no responsibility or liability in connection with the services of anytrain, carriage, automobile, airplane, or other conveyance which will be used either wholly or in part. Neither will theybe responsible for any act, error, omission, or any injury, loss, accident, or any delay which may be occasioned byreason of defect in any vehicle or through neglect or default of any company or person engaged in the conveying ofpassengers. Morning Star Tours accepts no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delays or changes inmotorcoach, train, airplane services, or that of any other conveyance, sickness, accident, weather, strikes, war, quarantine,or other causes; and all such losses or expenses must be borne by the passenger. The airlines and/or othertransportation companies concerned are not to be held responsible for any act, omission, or event during the time thepassengers are not aboard their plane or conveyance. The passage contract, as issued by the airlines or other transportationcompanies involved with the tour, shall constitute the sole contract between the purchaser and the airlines ortransportation companies and limit the responsibilities of the tour sponsors concerning the related travel and accommodations.Prices and schedules that appear in any brochure or website are based on current schedules and tariff ratesand are subject to change without notice.Payment of deposit for this tour signifies full understanding and acceptance of the above-mentioned conditions.SignatureMail reservation forms to: Morning Star ToursTour #551 PO Box 740305Dallas, TX 75374‐0305Payment of deposit for this tour signifies full understanding & acceptance of the conditionsmentioned in the brochure/website.Morning Star Tours • Phone: (972) 690-0092 • Fax: (972) 690-4470 • E-mail: tours@MorningStarTours.com

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