Department of Transportation and Works Annual Report 2009-10
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Department of Transportation and Works Annual Report 2009-10

Transportation & WorksAnnual Report2009-2010

Tableof ContentsCreditsPrepared by: Policy & Planning DivisionDepartment of Transportation & WorksDesigned by: Roseann LinsteadMessage from the MinisteriDepartmental Overview 4Vision 4Mission 4Mandate 4Lines of Business 5Organization and Staffing 6Revenues and Expenditures for 2009-10 11Shared Commitments 12Fire Suppression 12Human Resource Management 13Infrastructure Renewal 14Environmental Stewardship 14Highlights and Accomplishments 15Improved Transportation for Labrador 15Improved Road Safety 16Occupational Health and Safety 17Awards of Excellence 18Outcomes of Objectives 20Improved Highway System 20Improved Marine Services 23Improved Government Air Services 26Support the Provincial Energy Plan 28Opportunities and Challenges Ahead 30Provincial Infrastructure Strategy 30Vessel Replacement 31The Plan Ahead 32Improved Highway System 32Improved Marine Services 32Improved Government Air Services 33Support the Provincial Energy Plan 34Statement of Expenditures and Revenues 35Appendix A: Organizational Chart 36Appendix B: Contact Information 37Appendix C: Transportation Infrastructure 382Department of Transportation and Works

Message from the MinisterIn accordance with Government’s commitment to transparencyand accountability, I am pleased to submit the 2009-10 AnnualReport for the Department of Transportation and Works. Thisreport provides an overview of departmental activities and keyaccomplishments during the 2009-10 fiscal year. As Ministerresponsible, I am accountable for the preparation of this reportand the results contained herein.As part of its Mandate, the Department provides a safe and efficienttransportation system, landlord services for all governmentdepartments and support services such as leasing and air services.A detailed description of the Department’s Mandate is availablein the Department of Transportation and Works 2008-11 StrategicPlan.It is with great enthusiasm that the Department of Transportationand Works looks towards 2010-11 and builds upon our recentsuccesses to make way for even more great achievements in theyears to come.Sincerely,TOM HEDDERSON, MHAMinister of Transportation and WorksIt has been a year of great achievement for the Department ofTransportation and Works as we witnessed significant advancementin all modes of transportation within Newfoundland and Labrador.Record investments were once again made in our provincial roadsand bridges and our fleet of Government aircraft was revitalizedwith the purchase of four new water bombers. New initiativeswere undertaken to enhance our ferry services including a pilotproject that provided year-round service on the Labrador Straitsand the progression of vessel replacement.Of all the successes of 2009-10, the Department’s most significantachievement came with the opening of Phase III of the TransLabrador Highway on December 16, 2009. The completion ofPhase III was truly a pivotal moment in the history of Labradorand indeed the entire province. This advancement, combinedwith the provision of year-round ferry service on the Straits,enhanced transportation services for both Labradorians andNewfoundlanders alike.

VisionThe vision of the Department ofTransportation and Works is ofa sustainable public works andtransportation infrastructure thatmeets the economic and socialneeds of the province.MissionTransportation and Works willhave improved the transportationand public works infrastructureand services to meet the economicand social requirements ofNewfoundland and Labrador by2011.Departmental OverviewSt. John’s Long-Term Care FacilityMandateThe mandate of the Department of Transportation and Works is derived from the ExecutiveCouncil Act and includes responsibly for the administration, supervision, control, regulation,management and direction of all matters relating to transportation and public works, including:• Design, construction, improvement, repair and maintenance of highways, local roads,airstrips, ferry landings and related facilities;• Acquisition, use, maintenance and operation of ferries under ownership, charter or administration;• Acquisition, use, maintenance and operation of provincial air ambulance, water bomberand other aircraft and services under ownership, charter or administration;• Property that belongs to or is held or occupied by the Crown, and the works and propertiesacquired, constructed, extended, enlarged, repaired or improved at the expense ofthe province, or for the acquisition, construction, extension, enlargement, repair or improvementof which public funds are voted and appropriated by the Legislature, otherthan property and works assigned to another minister or department of the governmentof the province;• Property management including the design, construction, repair, maintenance, heating,lighting, cleaning, phone, mail and security of buildings that belong to or are held or occupiedby the Crown and grounds that belong to those buildings;• The leasing of real property by the Crown and related activities;• The disposition of surplus real property; and,• The administration of Acts under the responsibility of the Department and of all ordersand regulations passed or made under those Acts, including those powers, functions orduties necessary or desirable for carrying out the purpose of those Acts.4Department of Transportation and Works

Construction of Ferry Hull 57 Bow at Marystown Ship YardLines of BusinessIn delivering its mandate, the Department of Transportation andWorks provides the following lines of business:TransportationProvision and/or management of transportation infrastructureand services for the Province, including:• Provincial roads;• Provincial marine passenger, vehicle and freight services;• Provincial airstrips; and• Provincial air ambulance and forest fire suppression.Public WorksProvision and/or management of:• Facility/building infrastructure for Government and selectagencies;• Building security; and• Government phone and mail services.The primary clients of the Department of Transportation andWorks include all provincial government departments and theirrelated boards and agencies, municipal governments, roadusers, provincial ferry users, shippers, carriers and transportworkers, and consultants.2009-2010 Annual Report5

Corner Brook Long-Term Care FacilityWorksManagement and maintenance of approximately 622,000 square metres of floor space,consisting of approximately 850 buildings, on 380 sites across the province;• Construction of new buildings and management of other capital projects for governmentdepartments and government-funded bodies with expenditures of $135.2 million for2009-10 and a total multi-year construction value of over $1 billion;• Provision of space for government departments in government-owned buildings andleased accommodations;• Acquisition of land on behalf of government departments and agencies for variousprojects and public works;• Provision of environmental services for government buildings;• Provision of centralized mail and messenger services for government, which includes theprocessing and delivery of over 8.5 million pieces of correspondence annually; and,• Provision of telecommunications services to all government departments.8Reception Area - Corner BrookLong-Term Care FacilityDepartment of Transportation and Works

Construction of CNA - Labrador WestRevenues and Expenditures for 2009-10Where the Money Comes From($ Millions)Federal Funding$66.5Provincial Revenue$16.7Where the Money Was Spent($ Millions)Executive & SupportServices$8.0Construction of Roads& Buildings$220.2Marine Services$90.4Air Services$44.0Provincial Funding$442.9Maintenance of Roads& Buildings$163.52009-2010 Annual Report11

Heavy Equipment Technician Apprenticeship ProgramHuman Resource ManagementThe Strategic Human Resources Division of the Department of Transportation and Workscontinued to work vigorously on strengthening leadership, workplace safety and organizationallearning throughout the Department. This past year, the Department collaborated with othergovernment departments and agencies to develop and deliver a number of initiatives aroundrecruitment and retention, workplace safety, and skills development.The Heavy Equipment Technician Apprenticeship Program is an innovative and successfulexample of collaboration amongst multiple government entities. Partnering with ServiceCanada and the Industrial Training Division of the Department of Education, the programprovides youth with opportunities to enhance their skills as well as allowing the Province tohighlight employment opportunities within the Department of Transportation and Works.In advance of a possible H1N1 threat, the Department participated in an interdepartmentalPandemic Planning Committee to develop and adopt new initiatives with an emphasis onenhanced worker safety. By working with other departments, the Committee ensured that therewas a consistent approach to human resource issues across Government to preserve businesscontinuity in the event of a pandemic.2009-2010 Annual ReportSnow School Training - Clarenville13

New K-12 School - L’Anse Au LoupInfrastructure RenewalThe Department of Transportation and Works continues to play a key role in Government’sunprecedented commitment to infrastructure renewal and economic stimulus. In 2009-10, the Provincial Government announced $800 million in infrastructure funding to furtherGovernment’s infrastructure strategy, help stimulate the economy, and benefit from federalprovincialcost-sharing opportunities. The provincial infrastructure strategy is valued atmore than $4 billion over the next several years.The Department’s involvement in infrastructure renewal extends beyond the constructionand rehabilitation of roads, bridges and ferries and the acquisition of aircraft. TheDepartment also manages and oversees major building projects for all provincialgovernment departments and many agencies. This includes not only office buildingsbut also new schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and courts, to name just a few.Through strategic partnerships with other government departments and agencies, theDepartment of Transportation and Works manages the design and construction process ofmajor projects throughout the province.Environmental StewardshipThe Department of Transportation and Works actively participated in an interdepartmentalworking group tasked with creating a policy that sets firm standards on incorporatingenergy efficiency when building new government funded buildings or major additions. Theproposed policy includes tools and guidelines that will assist in creating a life-cycle analysison new buildings in order to develop a business case for incorporating the required energyefficiency standards contained in the policy. Should the life-cycle analysis fail to producea favorable business case, the policy allows for exceptions from the new energy efficiencystandards.14Department of Transportation and Works

Trans Labrador HighwayHighlights and AccomplishmentsImproved Transportation for LabradorIt has been a historic year for transportation to, from and within Labrador. With the openingof Phase III of the Trans Labrador Highway and the year-round ferry service pilot projectimplemented on the Strait of Belle Isle, residents can now travel year-round from LabradorWest through Southern Labrador and on to the island portion of the province. Theseaccomplishments will change the face of transportation in Labrador for future generations.In 2004, the Department began awarding contracts for construction of Phase III of the TransLabrador Highway: the section of road connecting Cartwright Junction and Happy Valley-Goose Bay. On December 16, 2009, Phase III was officially opened to the traveling public tocreate one continuous route that spans approximately 1,150 kilometres from Labrador West toSouthern Labrador. The total cost of Phase III is approximately $138 million.Over the past year, theDepartment of Transportationand Works has madeconsiderable achievements inaddition to the strategic issuesoutlined in later sections.These accomplishments assistthe Department in effectivelycarrying out its Mandate andfulfilling its Mission by 2011.Building upon the success of the Trans Labrador Highway, the Department implemented apilot project with the goal of providing a year-round ferry service between the Island andLabrador across the Strait of Belle Isle. On February 1, 2010, the MV Apollo was taken outof service to undergo its annual refit for approximately nine weeks. During the MV Apollo’srefit, service on the Straits continued using the MV Sir Robert Bond. Operating the MV SirRobert Bond on the Straits was a first time initiative that provided a dedicated service betweenthe Island and Labrador during the winter months, when ice conditions generally prohibit theprovision of marine service in this area. The MV Sir Robert Bond provided two round tripsper week between Corner Brook and Blanc Sablon from February 1 to April 7. The ProvincialGovernment invested approximately $1.5 million to launch the pilot project.2009-2010 Annual Report15

Daniels Harbour BypassImproved Road SafetySafety on roadways throughout the province remains a number one priority of theDepartment of Transportation and Works. This past year, the Department invested in severalnew initiatives to improve road safety for both the traveling public as well as employees andconstruction crews working on our provincial roads.Ensuring safety in the workplace is always a top priority of Government. For this reason,the Departments of Transportation and Works and Government Services launched a newcampaign to encourage motorists to slow down when approaching construction zones. Theinitiative includes new signage that features Transportation and Works employees and theirchildren with the message “Slow Down – My Mom/Dad Works Here.” Fines for speeding indesignated construction zones also doubled, reflecting the importance of safe roads for thetraveling public and our dedicated employees.Trans Labrador Highway Hard-Surfacing16Department of Transportation and Works

Snow School Training ProgramOccupational Health and SafetyThe Department of Transportation and Works continued with the focus of workplace safetyby promoting safety in the workplace through ongoing training development programs.In 2009-10, 117 Highway Maintenance Equipment Operators graduated from theDepartment’s three-day “Snow School” training program. The Department implemented theProgram to enhance safety and increase the knowledge and technical skills of its snowplowoperators. The program is delivered annually in five regions across the province.In 2009-10, 117 HighwayMaintenance EquipmentOperators graduated from theDepartment’s three-day “SnowSchool” training program.Other occupational health and safety initiatives included the implementation of a PrescriptionSafety Glasses Program and a Hearing Conservation Program. As a result of these and otherinitiatives, Workers Compensation claims are down 20 per cent from last year, demonstratingthe Department’s focus on occupational health and safety.OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY2009-2010 Annual Report17

2008 Award RecipientKen HannafordIn 2008, as a result of bridge construction bythe Department of Transportation and Works,there was a substantial drop in the waterlevels of Healey’s Pond located in the Townof Portugal Cove - St. Philip’s. Through thediligent effort and dedication demonstratedby Ken Hannaford, an Environmental Scientistwith the Highway and Construction Division,a serious situation was averted.Along with the recreational problems forresidents and park users, the fish and wildlifehabitats of Healey’s Pond were under threat ofbeing permanently affected by the lower waterlevels. Ken quickly set into play a remedialaction plan to rectify the problem. He alsoliaised with concerned residents requestingtheir patience and ultimately gaining theirconfidence while he gradually restored thewater level in Healey’s Pond.Throughout the project Ken demonstratedenvironmental leadership abilities,innovative techniques for restoring streammorphological features, experience withcreating artificial spawning beds and interpersonalskills. Ultimately, his dedicated workover many days, evenings and weekends,enhanced the spawning habitat for theresident trout population. Area residentswere very appreciative for the restorationand enhancement of the Healey’s Pondenvironments.His commitment, determination and passionfor his work combined with his interpersonalskills avoided a serious environmentalproblem and resulted in a positive outcomefor all involved. Ken has also displayed thesesame qualities while working on other projectsfor the department.Ken Hannaford is a true ambassador for theDepartment of Transportation and Worksand the Government of Newfoundland andLabrador.18Hon. Jerome Kennedy, KenHannaford, Gary Norris - Clerk ofthe Executive CouncilDepartment of Transportation and Works

The Public Service Award of Excellence recognizes individuals and teams who have made outstandingcontributions to the public service. The award celebrates the exceptional work, commitment andcreativity of employees who are making a notable contribution to the people of Newfoundland andLabrador. The Department of Transportation and Works would like to congratulate Ken Hannaford andKirby Rose as recipients of the 2008 and 2009 Public Service Award of Excellence.Kirby Rose has been a HighwayMaintenance Equipment Operator with theDepartment of Transportation and Works for20 winter seasons. The quality of Kirby’s jobperformance affects the lives of commuters.Kirby’s responsibility is immense and his taskis one inherent with the dangers of wintertimehighway maintenance. His character is suchthat he puts the safety of the driving publicahead of his own well being.and infant were no longer in jeopardy Kirbyresumed his route for the rest of his shift onlyto stop in and check on the occupants of thehouse and ensure their safety before goinghome himself.It is reassuring to know unselfish and trulyvaliant people like Kirby are out there on theroad safeguarding us from the elements on adaily basis.When he is on shift, Kirby wakes at 4 a.m.often facing harsh winter weather conditionsof drifting snow and zero visibility whichare especially common to the NorthernPeninsula.2009 Award RecipientKirby RoseOn one of those winter mornings, Kirbyshowed great perception and remarkableforesight. The moment he spotted flamescoming from the chimney of a house in GooseCove, he sprang into action by knocking onthe door and awaking the female occupantand her infant. Telling them of the fire hethen proceeded to the basement and put outthe flames. Displaying the kind of attentionto detail and diligence it takes to performhis equipment operator position, Kirby thensprayed water in the fire pit, went outsideand made a visual inspection of the chimney,then returned again to soak the coals onemore time. When he felt secure the mother2009-2010 Annual ReportPremier Danny Williams, KirbyRose, Gary Norris - Clerk of theExecutive Council19

In keeping with Government’sstrategic directions andthe Mandate and financialresources of the Department ofTransportation and Works, theDepartment has worked towardaddressing four key strategicissues over the past year:• Improved Highway System• Improved Marine Services• Improved Government AirServices• Support the Provincial EnergyPlanOutcomes of ObjectivesIntelligent Transportation System - Grand Bank InstallationImproved Highway SystemThe Department of Transportation and Works further improved the Province’s highwaysystem with record investments in roads and bridges. The Department also expanded itsroad condition monitoring efforts with the installation of new Intelligent TransportationSystems and enhanced data collection. This past year, the Department focused its effortson providing an improved level of service for the traveling public. Recent initiativessuch as 24-hour snow-clearing and the completion of the Trans Labrador Highway havefurther improved the Province’s road network system for the benefit of all road usersin Newfoundland and Labrador. The following goal supports the strategic directions ofGovernment by contributing to the improvement of transportation infrastructure andservices in the province.GOALBy March 31, 2011 Transportation and Works will have improved the condition andmaintenance of the province’s roads and bridges.2009-10 OBJECTIVEBy March 31, 2010 Transportation and Works will have expanded its monitoring efforts andcontinued to invest in highway transportation.20Department of Transportation and Works

Snow clearing EquipmentPlanned Results1. RESULTSMeasure: Increased monitoring and investmentPhase III of the Trans Labrador Highway completedWidening and paving of Phase I of the TransLabrador Highway continuedInvestments in road maintenance and constructionprojects continuedSnow clearing equipment improvementsimplementedActual ResultsPhase III of the Trans Labrador Highway opened to thepublic on December 16, 2009. Although the route isopen, some finishing work remains such as signageand guide rails.325.6 kilometres widened and 44 kilometres surfacedby the end of the 2009-10 construction season.$271.0 million spent on road maintenance andconstruction projects in 2009-10.30 new snowplows purchased in 2009-10, all featuringnew safety side guards.21 other pieces of new equipment purchased in 2009- snow clearing pilot project evaluated andyear two implementedRoad condition monitoring and data collectionexpandedThe evaluation of year one of the 24-hour snowclearing pilot project was completed in Fall 2009. Yeartwo of the pilot project commenced in December 2009.Road condition monitoring capabilities were expandedwith the purchase of four new Weigh-in-Motion (WIM)systems and two new Road Weather InformationSystems (RWIS). Data collection expanded to includethe remainder of the Trans Canada Highway andmajor trunk roads throughout Fall 2009 using theDepartment’s Automated Road Analyzer vehicle.2009-2010 Annual ReportSafety Side Guard21

Discussion of Results1. The opening of the Trans Labrador Highwaywas one of the Department’s monumentalachievements. While harsher than anticipatedconditions prevented the Trans Labrador Highwayfrom being 100 percent complete last Fall, thecontractor worked diligently to ensure the Highwaywas open to the traveling public. The Departmentwill spend approximately $10.3 million in 2010-11 to officially complete Phase III of the highway.Remaining work includes the completion of twopermanent bridge structures currently underconstruction, finishing work on the road surfaceand the completion of guide rails and permanentsignage.2. The Province continued to move forward withwidening and hard-surfacing Phase I of the TransLabrador Highway. Contracts have already beenawarded to widen an additional 83.4 kilometresand hard-surface an additional 92 kilometres ofroad.4.5.Trans Labrador HighwayThe Department is in the fourth year of a fiveyear$50 million heavy equipment replacementplan. This past year, Transportation and Workscontinued with improvements to our fleet of snowclearing equipment with the purchase of 30 newsnowplows and 21 other pieces of equipment. Allnew government-owned snowplows are equippedwith side guards to protect pedestrians.The evaluation of year one of the 24-hour snowclearingpilot project was completed in Fall 2009.The evaluation utilized stakeholder surveys andfocus groups as well as an analysis of traffic countsand weather patterns to determine the effectiveness,necessity, and long-term sustainability of theproject. Results of the evaluation suggest thatthe project was successful in meeting the goal ofimproving driving conditions for traffic traveling onthe Trans Canada Highway and major trunk roadsduring the overnight and early morning hours.Year two of the pilot project was implemented inDecember 2009.RWIS Grand Bank3.2009-10 was also another record-breaking yearfor investments in road and bridge maintenanceand construction. This past year’s Provincial RoadsProgram exceeded $70 million and the Departmentmade substantial progress on pre-constructionwork on the Torbay Bypass, Conception Bay Bypass,and the Placentia Lift Bridge.6.The Department continues to expand its roadcondition monitoring with the addition of new RoadWeather Information Systems (RWIS) and Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) systems. RWIS has been in use in theprovince for the past five years and is an essentialtool for providing safe winter transportation. Theinstallation of WIM was a joint initiative of theDepartment of Transportation and Works and theDepartment of Government Services. The system22Department of Transportation and Works

MV Sir Robert Bond - Corner Brookis currently used by Government Services toenhance enforcement efforts on legal load limitsfor commercial traffic and by the Department ofTransportation and Works for capturing trafficdata.Improved Marine ServicesThe Department of Transportation and Works improved marine services in Newfoundland andLabrador with a continued focus on vessel replacement, safety management, and an enhancedlevel of service. Budget 2009 allocated $44 million for the construction of new provincialferries, $13 million for maintenance of existing ferries and $7 million for the maintenance ofterminal buildings and wharves. The Department also continues to maintain ferry rates atroad equivalency since implementing the road equivalency standard in 2007. The provisionof a year-round ferry service across the Strait of Belle Isle builds upon the Province’s roadnetwork and enhances the overall level of service for the traveling public. The Departmentalso updated the marine policy manual to further improve operations of our Provincial FerryServices. The following goal supports the strategic directions of Government by contributing tothe improvement of transportation infrastructure and services in the province.GOALBy March 31, 2011 Transportation and Works will have improved marine services withinthe province.2009-10 OBJECTIVEBy March 31, 2010 Transportation and Works will have substantially completedconstruction of the first two ferries and further implemented initiatives related to vesselreplacement and maintenance.2009-2010 Annual Report23

Measure:Planned Results1.2.3.2009-10 ResultsConstruction of New FerryAdvancements made on new ferries and program and planning initiativesConstruction on first two new medium-sizedferries advancedDecision on the construction of a third newmedium-sized ferry finalizedContract for the preliminary design of a largeferry vessel awardedActual ResultsConstruction of the first of two new medium-sizedferries commenced July 2009 and continued through2009-10.The Department is in the process of finalizing adecision on the construction of a third new mediumsizedferry.Contract for the preliminary design of a large ferryvessel signed on December 24, 2009.4.5.6.Planned maintenance program implementedSafety management plan progressedPlan for the long-term configuration of Labradormarine services developedImplementation of a planned maintenance programdeferred pending the completion of an evaluation ofpotential contractors.Safety management plan progressed with thedevelopment and distribution of Volume I of a twovolumesafety manual.Plan for the long-term configuration of Labradormarine services developed and under review forfinal approval.24MV Captain Earl W. Winsor FerryDepartment of Transportation and Works

Ferry Leaving Wharf - Blanc SablonDiscussion of Results1. The Department of Transportation and Worksaggressively pursued a Vessel ReplacementProgram that would see new Provincial ferriesbuilt right here in Newfoundland and Labrador.After experiencing some delays in negotiationsand construction, the Department is pleased toannounce that the first two medium-sized vesselswill be delivered to the Province by the first quarterof 2011.5.The Department completed the first volume of itsMarine Safety Manual in April 2009. Upon itscompletion, the Marine Safety Officer distributedthe manual to all staff and provided the necessarytraining. Volume I of the manual contains genericsafety procedures applicable to all provincialvessels. The Department awarded a contract inFebruary 2010 for the development of Volume II,which will contain vessel specific safety regulationsand instructions.2.Direction to proceed with the construction ofa third new medium-sized ferry is pending andconstruction is expected to get underway in Fall2010. The decision on the construction of a thirdnew medium-sized ferry was postponed brieflydue to unanticipated delays with the completionof the first two new vessels.6.The Department advanced the development of aplan for the long-term configuration of Labradormarine services. Furthermore, the provision ofa year-round ferry service across the Strait ofBelle Isle is a key component of transportation inLabrador.3.Preliminary design of a large vessel progressedon schedule and is expected to be completedJune 2010. Once completed, the Departmentanticipates moving forward into the detaileddesign phase.4.The evaluation of a proposal for a computerizedPlanned Maintenance Program is taking longer thananticipated. The Department continues to consultwith the Office of the Chief Information Officer togather more information on the proponents anddevelop recommendations with regards to thebest program to serve the Department’s needs.2009-2010 Annual ReportMV Sir Robert Bond - Corner Brook25

New WaterbomberImproved Government Air ServicesThe Department of Transportation and Works operates and maintains Government’s fleetof aircraft for air ambulance and water bombing services. In fulfilling its goal of improvingair services, the Department focused its efforts on revitalizing Government’s fleet of aircraftand improved safety with the implementation of new safety management systems. TheDepartment also owns, operates, and maintains numerous airstrips on the Island and alongthe Coast of Labrador that assist in the delivery of air services throughout the province.The following goal supports the strategic directions of Government by contributing tothe improvement of transportation infrastructure and services in the province as well asmodernizing the Provincial water bomber fleet.GOALBy March 31, 2011 Transportation and Works will have enhanced its government airservices.2009-10 OBJECTIVEBy March 31, 2010 Transportation and Works will have one new waterbomber inoperation and commenced the next phase of its safety management and planningprocesses.26Airstrip - NainDepartment of Transportation and Works

Port Hope Simpson AirstripPlanned Results1.2.2009-10 ResultsMeasure: Plan in place for water bombing services andsafety management systems advancedPlan for long-term sustainability of the Province’swater bombing services developedPhase II of safety management systems forairstrips and aircraft operations implementedActual ResultsThe Department no longer required a long-termplan for water bombing services since it successfullynegotiated a contract with Bombardier for theacquisition of four new water bomber aircraft.Planning processes completed and all componentsof Phase II of the safety management systems forairstrips and aircraft were developed, implementedand submitted to Transport Canada.Discussion of Results1. The Department’s long-term plan for fire suppression has always been to modernize the waterbomber fleet. The need for an alternate plan that focused on sustainability arose when theDepartment anticipated delays in negotiations with Bombardier for the acquisition of new aircraft.However, the Department successfully concluded negotiations with Bombardier and an alternateplan was no longer required. On October 20, 2009, an agreement was signed for the purchaseof four new state-of-the-art Bombardier 415 aircraft. Although delays in negotiations slightlypostponed the delivery of the first aircraft, it is expected to arrive in the Province in April 2010.2.The Department engaged consultants to develop the second phase of a safety managementsystem for both airstrips and aircraft. Components of Phase II included the development andimplementation of specific safety management plans, policies and procedures. Phase II of bothplans were completed and submitted on time to Transport Canada.2009-2010 Annual ReportAirstrip Runway Edge Lighting27

New Hybrid VehicleSupport the Provincial Energy PlanIn September 2007, the Province released its Provincial Energy Plan - Focusing Our Energyto guide energy policy in the Province for the coming years. The Provincial Energy Plancontains a number of initiatives targeted at conservation and efficiencies, including targetsfor government buildings and vehicles. This past year, the Department delivered on itscommitments by exceeding targets set out for government buildings and light vehicles.Efficiency ratings for new government buildings and major renovations are exceeding the 25percent commitment contained in the Provincial Energy Plan. The following goal supportsthe strategic directions of Government by contributing to government’s environmentalstewardship.Provincial Energy PlanGOALBy March 31, 2011 Transportation and Works will have more environmentallyfriendly government buildings, light vehicles and operating practices.2009-10 OBJECTIVEBy March 31, 2010 Transportation and Works will have commenced implementationof specifications and procedures in support of the Provincial Energy Plan.28Department of Transportation and Works

Components of a Geothermal HVAC SystemPlanned Results1.2.2009-10 ResultsMeasure: Policies and procedures implementedUse of energy performance assessment modelsfor new buildings and major renovationsMeasurement and verification programs forenergy performance in new governmentbuildings implementedActual ResultsEnergy performance assessment models applied to allnew buildings and major renovations through variouscontracted services.Measurement and verification program plans in placefor new government buildings. Awaiting completion andoccupancy of the new buildings prior to implementation.3.Purchase of energy efficient cars and SUVs andmonitoring of efficiency ratings of new vehiclepurchase continued5 hybrid cars and 6 hybrid SUVs purchased in 2009-10.Fuel efficiency ratings continue to be monitored andconsidered when purchasing new government vehicles.Discussion of Results1. The Department applied energy performance assessment models to all new government buildingsand major renovations with the expectation of exceeding the model National Energy Code by 25percent. Recently completed projects that use ground source heat pumps are demonstrating an energyperformance that exceeds 50 percent of the model energy code. Projects not availing of geothermaltechnology are exceeding the model energy code by 28 to 30 percent.2.3.Prior to implementing the established measurement and verification plans, the Department must collectenergy usage data on the newly completed buildings. Once the buildings are occupied and operational,the Department will begin collecting the necessary data to measure energy performance. TheDepartment anticipates that the first series of results will be available in 2010-11.Since the Provincial Energy Plan came into effect on April 1, 2008, 50 percent of Government’s car andSUV purchases have been hybrid vehicles. Government’s Light Vehicle Fleet now consists of 35 Hybrids,18 Hybrid SUVs and 17 Hybrid Cars.2009-2010 Annual Report29

Opportunities and Challenges AheadLewisporte Long-Term Care Facility RenderingProvincial Infrastructure StrategyIn keeping with Government’s commitment to infrastructure renewal, the Department ofTransportation and Works is making significant improvements in its building inventory throughincreased investments. While priorities of life safety and Occupational Health and Safety topthe list, ongoing maintenance of our facilities continues to be a challenge. Some facilitiesare in poor condition and the investment required may exceed the cost of replacement. TheDepartment is completing a comprehensive analysis of its facilities and is developing a plan formedium-to-long term replacement or consolidation of the facilities at or near the end of theirservice lives.The Department of Transportation and Works further supports the Infrastructure Strategy withmanagement and oversight of major government projects from the design to constructionstage. The Corner Brook Regional Hospital is currently in the design stage with someconstruction underway. Projects in the early stages of construction include the new Hoyles-Escasoni Long-Term Care Facility and the Labrador Regional Health Centre. Other projectsmaking significant progress include the Lewisporte Long-Term Care Facility, the RoyalNewfoundland Constabulary Headquarters re-development, and several new K-12 schools.The Department is also undertaking a full building envelope (brick and window replacement)upgrade at the Confederation Building. These few projects alone represent over half of theProvincial Infrastructure Strategy.The Department is working closely with both the consulting and construction communities toensure that infrastructure development is balanced and that the strategy is implemented at arate that does not strain local labour and supply markets. The Infrastructure Strategy continuesto deliver benefits to the provincial economy and, ultimately, to the people of Newfoundlandand Labrador.30Department of Transportation and Works

Marystown ShipyardVessel ReplacementThe Department of Transportation and Works has embarked upon an aggressive VesselReplacement Program, with the delivery of two new medium-sized ferries scheduled for the Fallof 2010. These ferries are being constructed at the Peter Kiewit Shipyard facility in Marystownand are the first ferries to be constructed within the Province since 1990. The Departmentplans to move forward with vessel replacement to include the construction of a third mediumsizedferry, six smaller passenger/freight ferries for the South Coast and Southern Labrador,and a replacement ferry for the MV Captain Earl W. Winsor on the Fogo Island /Change Islandsservice.The potential construction of all of these ferries within the Province would provide substantialregional economic benefits, as well as, spin off opportunities for the supply of labour, materialsand services. However, the Department faces a number of challenges when attempting toprovide the construction work to shipyards within the Province.The primary challenges concerning the construction of these new vessels solely withinNewfoundland and Labrador generally involves capacity. Although the six smaller passenger/freight ferries can be constructed at various yards throughout the Province, only one shipyardcurrently possesses the capacity to construct the larger roll-on roll-off ferries required byGovernment. Smaller yards interested in constructing these ferries would require varyingamounts of upgrades and investments.2009-2010 Annual ReportFirst Cut of Steel for Constructionof New Ferry31

The Plan AheadTrans Labrador HighwayImproved Highway SystemGoalBy March 31, 2011 Transportation and Works willhave improved the condition and maintenance ofthe province’s roads and bridges.2010-11 Objective:By March 31, 2011 Transportation and Works willhave further expanded its monitoring efforts andcontinued to invest in highway transportation.Measure:Increased monitoring and investmentIndicators:• Additional Road Weather Information Systems installed• Widening and paving of Phase I of Trans Labrador Highway continued• Investments in road maintenance and construction projects continued• Year two of the 24-hour snow-clearing pilot project evaluated• Road condition monitoring and data collection expandedImproved Marine ServicesGoalBy March 31, 2011 Transportation and Works willhave improved marine services within the province.2010-11 Objective:By March 31, 2011 Transportation and Works willhave significantly advanced on our commitmentfor new ferry vessels and implemented our plannedmaintenance program.32Department of Transportation and Works

Air AmbulanceMeasure:Advancements made on new ferries and implementation of the plannedmaintenance programIndicators:• Construction completed on two new medium-sized ferries• Construction started on third medium-sized ferry• Design of a smaller passenger/freight vessel commenced• Detailed design work for a large ferry vessel commenced• Year two of pilot project for year-round service on the Labrador Straits implemented• Volume II of safety management plan manual completed• Implementation of the planned maintenance program advancedImproved Government Air ServicesGoalBy March 31, 2011 Transportation and Works willhave enhanced its government air services.2010-11 Objective:By March 31, 2011 Transportation and Works willhave the second new water bomber in operationand have further advanced its safety managementsystems and planning processes.Measure: New water bomber delivered and safety management systems and planningprocesses advancedIndicators:• Second new water bomber delivered and in operation• Planning processes advanced for safety management systems for airstrip and aircraftoperations• New air ambulance delivered2009-2010 Annual Report33

FocusingOUR ENERGYSupport the Provincial Energy PlanGoalBy March 31, 2011 Transportation and Works willhave more environmentally friendly governmentbuildings, light vehicles and operating practices.2010-11 Objective:By March 31, 2011 Transportation and Works willhave further implemented its specifications andprocedures in support of the Provincial Energy Plan.Measure:Policies and procedures implementedIndicators:• Use of energy performance assessment models for new buildings and major renovationscontinued• Measurement and verification programs for energy performance in new governmentbuildings implemented• Purchase of energy efficient cars and SUVs and monitoring of efficiency ratings of new vehiclepurchases continued34Department of Transportation and Works

Statement of Expenditures and RevenuesSummary of Expenditure and Related Revenue (un-audited)For the year ending March 31, 2009EstimatesActual Amended OriginalExecutive and Support ServicesMinister’s Office $340,273 $373,100 $286,900General Administration $7,647,376 $8,657,500 $8,644,000Less Revenue ($1,989,199) ($500,000) ($500,000)Maintenance of Roads and BuildingsRoad Maintenance $74,845,010 $75,808,400 $74,659,400Less Revenue ($3,110,153) ($2,715,000) ($2,715,000)Building Maintenance Operations andAccommodations $51,382,671 $53,598,600 $52,445,500Less Revenue ($711,564) ($987,200) ($987,200)Equipment Maintenance $37,289,562 $38,357,600 $37,102,700Less Revenue ($138,103) ($475,000) ($475,000)Construction of Roads and BuildingsAdministration and Support $2,753,893 $2,829,800 $3,524,300Road Construction $196,174,779 $211,611,500 $241,599,500Less Revenue ($66,209,041) ($82,645,000) ($82,645,000)Building Construction $21,221,915 $23,300,000 $22,450,000Less Revenue ($294,889) ($75,000) ($75,000)Note: Expenditure and revenuefigures included in this documentare un-audited and based onpublic information provided in theReport on the Program Expendituresand Revenues of the ConsolidatedRevenue Fund for the Year Ended31 March 2010. Audited financialstatements are a requirement atthe government level and are madepublic through the Public Accountsprocess, however the Departmentof Transportation and Works is notrequired to provide a separateaudited financial statement.Transportation ServicesAir Support $1,711,268 $2,199,600 $2,390,100Less Revenue ($274,235) ($1,117,000) ($1,117,000)Marine Operations $90,437,762 $114,349,500 $118,351,200Less Revenue ($7,554,451) ($4,873,000) ($4,873,000)Air Services $42,310,333 $42,808,000 $12,270,000Less Revenue ($2,879,124) ($3,030,000) ($3,030,000)Total Expenditure $526,114,842 $573,893,600 $573,723,600Total Related Revenue ($83,160,759) ($96,417,200) ($96,417,200)2009-2010 Annual Report35

Appendix A:Organizational Chart36Department of Transportation and Works

Construction of Labrador West Health Centre & College of North AtlanticAvalon Region (Works)West Block, Confederation ComplexPO Box 8700St. John’s, NL A1B 4J6Phone: 709-729-3362Fax: 709-729-0036Avalon Region (Transportation)White HillsPO Box 21301St. John’s, NL A1A 5G6Phone: 709-729-2382Fax: 709-729-0219Central Region (Works)McCurdy ComplexPO Box 2222Gander, NL A1V 2N9Phone: 709-256-1000Fax: 709-256-1013Central Region (Transportation)Transportation DepotPO Box 10, Duggan StreetGrand Falls-Windsor, NL A2A 2J3Phone: 709-292-4300Fax: 709-292-4364Regional OfficesEastern Region (Transportation)Box 70, 3 Duffitt PlaceClarenville, NL A5A 1E9Phone: 709-466-4120Fax: 709-466-3927Western Region(Transportation & Works)Sir Richard Squires BuildingPO Box 2006, Mt. Bernard AvenueCorner Brook, NL A4H 6J8Phone: 709-637-2532Fax: 709-637-2549Labrador Region(Transportation & Works )PO Box 3014, Stn “B”Happy Valley-Goose BayLabrador A0P 1E0Phone: 709-896-7840Fax: 709-896-5513Corporate HeadquartersDepartment of Transportation and WorksWest Block, Confederation ComplexPO Box 8700St. John’s, NL A1B 4J6Phone: 709-729-2300Fax: 709-729-4658E-Mail: Transportation ServicesDepartment of Transportation and Works1 Fairview StreetPO Box 97Lewisporte, NL A0G 3A0Phone: 709-535-6201Fax: 709-535-6245Public Information Officer:1-888-638-5454E-Mail: B:Contact Information2009-2010 Annual Report37

Appendix C:TransportationInfrastructure38Department of Transportation and Works

2009-2010 Annual Report39

Transportation & WorksSt. John’s Long-Term Care Facility

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