Group Founded S. F. Awaits Friendly Invasion in San Carlos
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Group Founded S. F. Awaits Friendly Invasion in San Carlos

Good News @,uNtrt 67Plblhh.d MoDthlr i! SE FdcL@, CdiIoBi.By (he No heE Crlilomia Coulcil ol Aloholi.s Arotrlr6usIUNE NCCONFERENCES. F. Awaits Friendly InvasionBy Bill S,, edilor, GOoD NEIYSSstr FreDclsco - smetimcs knowr ss lha City Ry Tlc Golden G!(eard/or The Clty Th3! Knows Eow - sill trc invaded by a bu8€ delesatlonover tho weekend of Salurdoy rnd Sunday, June l0-ll. Soqe pr€dlctth&t Nouse Audltorlum shlch s€ots 2500 wlll be overlloscd by mem.bers ol Alcotoltcs ADonymous, comltrs to lilcnd tlte rnnual Ju. Conter€ncespoNored by thc Northcrn CalifonlA Colocll ot AA.The Conterence Commiiteeheaded by Fnrnk B. and Bobbic OAKIANII AI.ANOS.. co-chairmen, have everylhingin readincss for the hvo day alrair.The Cbtrmber of Commerce, In addi[ion to its regular Drcrl.CTUB "BUZZING"Convention and Toulist Bureau ing schedulc, socirl activitics ar€and all cily agencies hnve coopcraledto gun.antee delcgates and CIub, 319 l4th Strcct. Oakland.buzzing ni thc Eastbay Alanovisitors ample hotel and motel TIIURS., JUNtt lt-A frcc diDrooms. And, since Snn Francisco ner will be seNcd at 6130 p.m.,is a city oi resiauranis - many followed by a Scmi Annual Busiol lhem good - no housing or iecding problems are anticipated.Bill G., secreiary, Northe.n CalilorniaCouncil of AA, said "I'mdellghted slth thc entlrf prosrdhmhgand plaDnhg ot th€ ConrclcnccCommlt(ee lnd lheti rronderful&ldca who've worLed sodlllg€ltly qnd iltelugcntly tobrlrg thls bla conclole to frultloD.Otr abe eve ol tt s J||Dc Co crenccI htrvF evcry lcsson to bc.Ucve lt wlll surpas! ony mid-ycrrcoDfereDce we've yet conductcd."KEYNOTERSNorm A. ol Monmvia, Calir. willbe the keynote speaker Saturdaynight at 8:30. No.m is very activein AA alfairs in Soulh€rn Calif. Heis much sought aft€r as a speaker,and w€ Ieel coDfidenihat this willbe a bang-up meeting. Don t missthis ve.y fine speake..Anothe. higt ight will be the addressof Helen R. of Van Nuys tolhe closing meeting on Sunday atl:00 p.E. Many of our membershave leported that she has a. ex,cellent recov€ry story lo relate.SAT.. JUNE l?-A Burlct nndDance is slated for 7:00 p.h. 109r00 p.h. DancinE to lh. Iinemusic ot Boward rnd His RhythmBand,H.zcl, sccrctary, said the Boardol Directors of rhe Alano Clubhave rmbii,:ous plans in the mrkingfor many other {ctivities whichwiu be callcd to the altenlion ofthe mambership via CoOD NEWSKICKOFF MEETahc Confercnce will be prccededby a "kick-off' meeting on Friday,June gth, at 0:30 p.m. a! i.heBuilding S..vice Cenler, 2{0 Colden Gate Ave., San Francisco. Thechairman for ihls meeting wilt beRosemary T., San lrancisco. Dickand Eve C. of Walnut Creek, of Bakersfield, arc slated asguest speakers for this atfair.These pre conference meetihgshave proved a great success, andanyone plahning an early a.dvatvill be greauy welcomed.(Continu€d on pase ?)vol. XNo- 7Group Foundedin San CarlosThe San CArlos Walnut croup,formed too lat€ to get listed in the196? AA dircctory, has b€en func,tioning sihce February.The new AA unit opcrates as aCloscd Meeting. galhering eachFriday at 8:30 p.m. in the Com.munity Congregational C h u rc h,At.oya and Walnui, Snn Carlos.Mrs. Bobbic S. is thc nerv sec.rctary ot thc San Cafbs WalnutG.oup and GOOD NEWS joins withure Fellowship ln wjshing ihcmGodsDced in Carryinc Tbe Message, even 'tho Nc rr ^bout 90The AmbassadorsCelebrate l6thBhthday lune 21Thc speaking rosler lor lheAmbassadors has been selected forIour June meelings, the Progranlcomniltee annoubces. Its prograD)is as tolloNs:WED., JUNE 7 Speflker is EdI{., Midw.y Croup, S.F. InicrWDD., JUND 14 Jack tI., SantaClara.WED., JUNII ?l-This meelingcclcbrates ihc Sixtecnth Anniversrryof The Ambassadors. cuestspeaker lor the occasion: Red X.,S.F. Inier County Fellorvship.WED., JUNE z8-Frank M., avclcran membq ol The Ambassa.dors is making the "pitch . ShouldThe Ambassadors meer ai 8ii0p.m. in the downstairs auditoriumo{ St. Boniface Chulch, 133 Gotden Gate Alenue, in dosntown

pose 2 GOOD NEWS JUNE t967No News From"Broad-Sides" NightH & I Broad sides, the monthlYcolumn which reports news abouthospital and institutional activitieswill not issue a June rcport.Inst€ad, Biu s., general chair_man, said a lull repoft on Hospiial and Insuiutions for theNofthe.n Calilornia area wi)l beissued nexl month and luuy reporled in the July edition of GOODNEWS.The July Report will be the tinalreport coming from the desk otBill S., whose term as genemlchairman of H&I, expiles June 30.Monday BegimenThe followlng speakers hAvevolunt€ered to share lh€ir expdiencerrith newcomers attendingthe Monday Bcginnels Group inMONDAY, JUNE 5-Bill P. isspeaker; Jetrn C. is chairman.MONDAY, JUNE lz-Penny willmake the "pitch"i Gary S. wiUMONDAY, JUNE Ig-Jimm! wiub€ on th€ Speakers Daisi &os€maryT. is chairman,MONDAY, JUNE 26-Bob D. willdo the speaking: Si P. is chairmanMonday Beginners meets aL8130 p.m. at 1755 CIay Street, be'tween Polk St.eel. and Van NessAvenue, Ssn Francisco.&iSaneMeetings$dayGuest speakers that will be onthe Speaker's Platform at theB.isbane Sunday Nighi OpenMeetings have been named, cnarrman, announc€s,SUNDAY, JUNE 4lpeake! isJoe K., S.F. Inter.County FeUowship,SUNDAY, JUNE ll-Waly 4.,1364 V.lencia Club of S.F. FeuosSUNDAY, JUNE l8-Roy M.,S.F. Intcr County Fellowshlp, wlllSUNDAY, JUNE z5-Spcake! isRoy J., Wcst Poftal Group of S.F.Inter County I ellowshlp.Brisbahe open Sunday NightGroup wclcomes ihe pubuc to aitendwhich arc held at the BrisbaneRecreation Hall in Brisbane.Meetings sta.t promptly at ?i30Thurs. Beginners'Thc Program Committee ot theThursday Beginners' Meetingshave lined up a fine roster orspcakcrs fo. June. Hers they are:TIIU&S., JUNE l-Doug R.,Fireside Group, is sp€akcrr IlaInURS., JUNE Excelsior Cmup is the speak'e.r Frank C. wiU chair the gath'THUnS., JUNE l5-Bus D. wtllmakc the "pitch ; Robbie D.,TEUnS., JUNE 2?-Ve!onica S.,S.F. Inter.County Fellowship, wiutalk; Paul M. is chairman.TEUBS., JUNE 29-Sam P.,Parkside Croup, is speaker; IlaW. is rgaln assigned lo chairman'sahursday Beginners' Meetingsstalt at 8r30 p.m. at U55 ClayStrcet, between Polk Stre€t andVan Ness Avenue, San Francisco.CUP O: PLENWIf your cup tuelh over, l€tsomeone ebe Mneth th€ clrlS.F. Alano ClubThe June social program of theSan Fmncisco Alano Ctub has beehcurlailed excepl for certain"must aciivlties that have be.come historical and hadtttonalreatures of the CIub s affairs.Since the Alano Club exp€cb tobe gathering center for out-of-townvisitors the big June NCCConterenc€, the weekend of Junel0 11, has been set aside with noloclal aclivities listed. Here is theJune social calendla.:SAI., JUNE 3-Satufday NightDance with the "Jumpin' Jacksproviding danceable music.SAt., JUNE l?-MidMonthDance witb the "Jumpin Jacks'pmviding [he dance tunes.SAT., JUNE ?l-The MonthlrBirthday Dance. Thls is a specialoccasion when atl AA memberswhose ve.y important AA birth.days occur in June, are duly honThe San Francisco Alano Clubis located at 414 Grant Avenue atlh€ "Gateway to San Arancisco'slamed Chinalown" - a delighilultrtt.action for visitors to the CitlDy The Golden Gate.Invitation Tolincoln ParkMany nervcomers in AA lindthemselves "shopping around lora group in thei. area in whichthey can seftlc down and callIn the Richmond DisidcL ol SanFrancisco, the Lincoln Palk Groupextends a cordial invitation to"shoppers" lo vislt thei. OpenFamily group &nd "iry it out forA discussion g.oup, Lincoln Pa.kmeets at 8:00 p.m. every SaturdayAi the Lincoln Park P!esb!"terian Church Audito.ium. 3lstAvenue and Clement Street.RESPONSIBTEWbd ayole, alvherc, lt..ho!out fo! hclrr, wc $,aa tb6 hrnd olAA alp.y3 1o t th@. Alil tortlt.ltr WE ABE BESf,ONSIBLE!

JUN:, t967 cooD N:w3 Pog. tL S. F. All4roups DalySchedules JuneSpeaker Roster\'cenFal A[-Groups Open Meelings, sponsored bY S.r' Intet'Couty relowship, Iists a grcupof fine speaters for its June meelings that have been lecruited bYthe Program Commitke rrom theEast Bay, Peninsula, and sanFrancisco. The representativegroup are:FBIDAY, JUNE 2-Dorothy Land Frank C, both of S F Inter_County Fellowshlp, share thespeaker's podium. Cha.les R. isFRIIAY, JUNE g-Eve andDick C. form€rly of Bakelstield,now Walnut Creek residetrts, wiUgive a husband.and-wife "pitch".Rosemary T. is chairman.FBIDAY, JUND lo-Mary D.and Roy M. both of S.F. Inler.County FeUowshiP, are the evening s guest speakers. John F isFRIDAY, JUNE 23-Ed C.. EastBay Fellowship. and Frances C.ot the Monday Bcglnners, will bein the spotliSht. Chairman is LenR,FBIDAY, JUNE 30-Dick L..Penjnsula All-Groupsi and JaneD., S.F. Inl€r-County Fellowship.share the Speaker's Dais. clai.eThe All Groups Meetings. heldin the Building Service Center,240 Golden Gate Avenue in downtosnSan FEncisco, starl prompfly at 8:30 p.m. But the doors openat 7:00 and the Coflee Ba! at7 r30 p.m,Meetings are open fo the publicand visitors cordiauy invited.Comlortable accommodations include padded seals, air condition''ng, tine accoustics and public ad'dless system, and elevators se.vice to the Third Floor metiDgParking, at nominal cost, isavailable alound the co.ner onLeaven{orth Street.ComplefesCity GraryFu SpeclalPlamMeefTruman H. has been designatedas the guest speaker lor a specjalmeeting which will be held underthe auspices of ihe Daly CityCmup,The meeting has been sch€duledfor Wednesday, June 7, at8:30 p.m., in the school auditoriumol Our Lady of Perpetual HelpChurch, 80 wellington Avenue, atthe "iop oI Daty City Hill" acrosslhe Bireet from the Old City IlaU,Daly Ciiy.The mect'ng is "open and thepublic lnvited to airend, ihe Pro'gram Chairman said.Plenty of tfec parking is avail.Able in the rca. ol the school.Groups laudedThe zlst Anniversary ol lheCentral All C.oups Meeting heldl'riday, M{y 2l at 240 Golden CatcAvenu€, san rranciso. was awonderlul success, Chairman JohnThis, hc soid. was a demonslra'tion of groLrp strength when lheyget behind a pmject eith unity"A simple notice to groups askingfo! help for the relEshmentand coffec bar, got immediateresponse. we had an ample supplyol cakes, sandwiches and otherrelreshmenls which we.e deliveredbefo.e thc meeting, in abun'Larry T., guesl speaker rromMalibu Beach Group, rvas jmpressedwilh big turnout.The and lhe pfogramcommtitee, speaking lor S.F. Inie.couni,y Fcllolvship sponsors oLih€ Frjday Cenfral AU GroupsMeetings joinuy said, ve aredeeply grateful for aU persons andgroups that made ihis meetingthe glerl succN that it rvas .nEsPollslBrEWh@ uyonq eywhere, rclch€.out Io! h6lp, wo wbt tha hlnd ofAA alwrF to be th6e Ard fortbAtl WE AAE BESPONSIBLD!Peninsula AllGroups SetsJune SpeakersA tine array ot speakers haveb€en rcouited by the PmgramCommittee of the PeDinsula AllGroups roi its June neetings. TheDster is as follows:SAI., JUNE 3-Speaker is LarryH., Pleasant Hills G.oup; SanCarlos Wednesday Group $illSAT,, JUNE l0-Tobe an'SAT., JUNE l?-Duane T.. S.!'.Inte. CouDty rellosship is theglest sp€aker: members or tlaltMooD Bay Group will seNc as theSAT., JUNE z4-Father aarneyof Po.tland, Ore., has accepted thesp€aking assignmenli ihe PeninsulaAll Groups will be hosts rorPcninsula All Gloups m€ets eachSaturday at 8130 p.m. is the Recreation Room ot St. MrtthcwsEpiscopal Church, Baldwin Ave.nue and El Camino Real, SanAll meetings are op€n" and thepublic is cordially inviled. thePro gram Commillee chairmansaid. Coflee is seNed befo.e -and atter - every meeting withplenty of arms-length AA As al'm Not CatholkTwo nuns were waiting lo crossa street in the Haight Ashburydistlict. One had her a.m in aA pair ot hippies on ihc opposii.ecorner $ondercd to each otherwhat was wroDg. Hippje Onee.oss€d the street and asked howthe injury occurred. ahe nun said,"I slipped in a bath tub'.The hippie went tack to hispartner and repoied, "She slippedin a bathtub. "Whafs a bathiub?", asked Hippie No. 2.Sippie No- I rclorted, "Eowshould I know. I'm not a Catholic".

?os6 4 GOOD NEWS JUNE, t957$IAII & GE]IE GEIDRUllr( A$ JAC|(A$SESNEW BRUNSWICK Stan and Cene. two standard-bred horsesown€d by lhe Rutgers Depa.tment of Animal Husbandry, have justhelped contradici th€ biochemists who said you couldn l get a horseThe suggestion lhat ii rouldprcve diliicult to intoxicaie a homehad been made because it wasknown ttut the liver enzyme whichoxidizes alcohol in the horse is a-bout l0 times more aciive, undertest tube conditions, than its buBul Dr. Drvid Lester, pmfes$rol biochemistry at the RutgersCenler ol Alcohol Studies, and hisassislanl, William z. Keokosky,were awarc that enzymes ottenbchavc quitc ditferently in livingbodles thnn in ies! iubes. They decidedio check out tor i.hemselvesthe maller oi A horse's susceptibilityio drunkenhess-As a rcsult ot iheir studies, Dr.Lesler gave a recent report beforethe Slsi annual m€eting ot lheFederation of American Societiesfo. Expc.imenbl Biology at thePick-Congress tlotcl in Chicago.He reported that the horse m€ta.bolizes alcohol at about onelhifdiho humtrn ratc and that the elfectsof Alcohol ere more persisient inthe hors€ than in man.lIoRsEs GoT "LOOPEXT""With .l per €eni alcohol in theblood som€ dilficully in coordinationof the horse's hind legs vrereevident, an cftect also noted iDother novice dri*e$. Leste.Gene and Stan \!ere given byinlEvenous infusion amounts ofalcohol equivaleni to two to fourounces of whiskey in a 150 poundman, Blood srmples we.e lhentaken whicb sbowed thrt the con.caniraiion of alcohol in the bloodol a horsc decfeases at a rate of.00? per cent per hou!, shile the.ate in man is about .02 per cent"Il the burned the atcoholin its blood at a Ete equal toor g.ealer than that of man, asharp rise in lemperature mighthave resulted. This didn t happen,Dr. Lester reporled ihat bothhors€ and man are abl€ to m€tabolizealcohol at a rate about equalto six Srams of alcohol a squaremetd ol body surface each hour.This is the tirsi study ot the rateol alcohol disappearance i. theIh addilion to satislying Dr. Les'ter's curiosily, the study has im'portant implications.IEST TUBE WARNING''Ilj can serve as a warningagninst drawing conclusions fromenzymc activity in the test tube andassuming they apply to the livingo.ganism, he points out.D.. l,cstcr also notes that alcoholresearchers have recentlyround some people rvhose live. en.zymes lvhich deal wilh alcohol arethree io five times as active asnormtrl, and bave speculated thatihis hi8h trctivity level might beral&ted to a predisposition !o al''This stndy in tbe horse indicateslihat lacl,ors other than lhose th:rtmny be ihferred from the activityol ihe pure enzyme outside thebody, control the actual metab.olism of alcohol, ' he says.San Bruno listsJune MeelingsThe San Bruno Monday op€nMeeling Group announced itsguest speakers for June meel.ings.MONDAY, JUNE 5-Lyland M..S.F. Inter-Couoty Fellowship.MONDAY, JUNE 12-Art &,.MONDAY, JUNE lg-Phyllis andJohn McG., the noted husbandand.witeteam from Panhandl.Croup, S.F. Inter-County Fello$MONDAY, JUNE 26-PaI E..Half Moon Bay Crcup.Meeaings start at 8:30 p.m. inthe Volunteer Fire Departmenl,618 $n Mateo Avenue, San Bruno.Plenty ol tree parking is avaikbleacross the street in the parkiturlot of the Grand Leader MArket.Napa fellowshipNspa F€llowship has moved toils new Fellowship HaU, 1004 Seminary Slreet. corner of First Street,Napa.As in the past, meetings wiu beheld al the same times, as tollolvs:MONDAYS - Er30 p.m.--{PENMEElINGTUESDAY-8:30 p,n.-CLOSEDMEEIING.IHURSDAY-8:30 p.!n. - CLO-SED MEETINGOn lhe lifsli and third TuesdaysoL e.cb month, Napa Fellowlhipcontinues its policy ol holdingspeaker'lype meetings, open to lheFOUR NEW IAPES trADY TOR GROUPSFoul oul3tardirg lapc lpccche! havo been rdded lo tbe lrpeDr. Earl M. Rlchmond 3-4-6?rrther Ernle B. Rlchmo 3"3-6?Iloyd B, Modesto 7-16-66Eneas "Bed" K. Modosio 3L1-6?these mry be ordered lrom the Noritcrn Cauforul& TepcLtbr!.y, iwo speeches per reel tor ! conirlbutlo! of $?.00. AU { lo.$l{.00.Make check to: Wnliam E. Mlt hell2103 MiIe! Avenue Send o.ders to same addr6.Modcsto, ClUlorlla 95351V

JUNE 1957 6('0D NtwS Pos. INews From The Monterey PeninsulaWATSONVILI.EHarold J., Tom M,, Wilbur, andHerb S. all ol watsonlille aliend.ed the "open house recently heldai Soledad Correctional Institution.The big gettogether with thoseon lhe "inside" and the outsiderswas of absorbing intcrest to boihfactions. There was pleniy ot goodfood iaced by good AA talks inwhich "insiders' and "outside$"engaged and was cnlightcning toPaf S., chairman delegaie io iheGenefal Service Ofiice, prcsentcdher repoll of the G.S. New YorkConference lo a large clowd ofcommitteemen and rcprescntativesof Area One. This meeting vashcld May 7.On May I, Herb B. celeblatedhis 18th yenr on the program. Agoodly c.osd were on hand tocohgr tulatc on ihis impori.anl.A big bilthday cake sas cutthe other seek in honor of Jim S.who was celebraiing bis birthdayand chairing the meeting at thesflme irme.__SALINASVirginia P. of Reseda cetebratedhcr fifih AA Bi hday on April30. It was a dual celebration lorVirginia. She was chailman ofm€eiing and also cui a huge sliceof her osn birthday cake. A largecrowd shared Virginia s birthdayobservahce and also shared in hercakc ivith nafy a oumb remainine.Ptans lor a nc$ Alano Club areforging ahead in a prog.essivcmanncr. All Salinas and surrouDding communities a.e looking lor.Nard to iis Grand Opening andall the actiliiies ihat wilt eventually be held l,here lvhen com-SANIA CRUZArt T. and Clifl H., faithlulsorkers lor General Service inthis area. attended ihe recentlyBy Herb S. - Wctsonville croupheld General Seryic€ Meeting tbatgalhered on May 7 in Watsonville.Sahta Cruz groups are iD decpmourning oler the rccenL dcathol Kirk S. Kirk di.d March 30 andwas buried in San Jose. Harveyw., Kirk s sponsor quietly saida gravcside eulogy iD behaii ot allthe AA mcmbcrs present.The dead man wiu be rcmetnbered ror his dedicated AA sorkand lhoughti ior tbe liiue musiardsccd he always carried lhat heused to remind him of his faith.Jobn C., Dot, Bridget, Cldude,Jack, and Judy were all visitorsat lhc Tuesday Night mcetingwhere ihcy gave Clancy a cheerin the ruw meeijng* hall.The Matiison Lane Group at afeceni Tuesday meeling had visilorsflom tbe Los Gatos area.They wcrc Chuck W, Ed W.,''Pcanuts', and John r.Sid F., and Huni,er C,, are thenewly clcctcd chanmrn rnd secrctary,respectivelr, ot thc SahiaMONTEREYAA in this old, hisioric Calilorhiacommuniiy is in a blnd. Bccauseof a Redevelopmcnt (Ufban Rencwal) Projeci ivhich bull.dozedits Alvarado Streei meeting hallout oi exisf€nce, AA in Montereyhas no permanent galboing place.Until a suiiable location can befound, many ol Monte.ey s AAmcctings are being hcld at vadousplaces, Visitors going to PaciticGrove and Montcrey who arc look,ing ior a heeting to aitend areurged !o phonc 3752281 which isthe ansse.ine scrvice for th.Monie.ey groups, Thcy lvill conneci you wiih a mehber ivho candire.t lisito.s to meerin; sit6.Monterey groups are understandably upset ove. a conditionover which they have no coDtrol,but a.e also confident lhat thesituailon is of a temporary natuE.When a new meeiing hall is tocated,all wiu be notiried viaGOOD NEWS.CAR'iEI. VALISYBeity H., reports that finecrowds continu. to attend meetings held at 8:00 p.m. every sunday al the Comity C.nier.HOLLISTER -sAN JUAN BAUTISIASecretary Ron reports large atiendancc ai thc'Houisier OpenDoo! Meetings" that are heldeach Wedhesday ai 8130 p.m. inthe library of Sacred Heart School.Eollisier, As a neiv attraction anda valuablc scrvicc io the Spanishspeaking people in the a(ea, Pautof Waisonville, recenily conducleda mecting jn all Spanish. All going to prove that it a situalion rcquircs special aliention, a way willbc iound to meet ii. it ihe needAPTOSBack from New Orlcans is flcrb8., regaling the Stag Eleven gangwith tales ol Canal Streei and iheMardi Gras. Eager listeners: BillM., Tom M., Ray O., Hugh, Jarvis,Lem, Loh, Clyde, Dalton, BiUMcG., and Earl. Joe, n visitorIrom Bakerstietd, has 19 yearson the Program and has servedin many AA capaciiies includinga hiich on the board ol the KernCounty Ndtional Council oh Alco.holism ih BakeNfield.PACIFIC GROVEEd D., Cahel, is ihe nes as,sistant manager of Beacon Eouse.Ed will take a significant part oflihe load on his shoulders of LouC., the Beacon House manager.Meefings at Beacon House arestill being held at 8:00 p.m. eachSunday wiih attendance holdiDg upvery well. Discussions are heldat every meeiing which are tailoredto belp the newcomer. Andii s almost impossible to help therewcomer without bolstering ihe''AA insurance" of the old timer,

PdgG 6Azure Acres IsExpanding SoonA developmeni program thatcalls for immediate expansion orForest Hills Rehabilitation Centerinto a minimum 100bed raciliiyDr. Sherwin U. Miller and Direcior Gene B., owner and managerrespectively, of ihe AzureAcres, property, said an outdoorenclosed swimming pool and a riveacre lake for boaiing and $atersports sill be included in thc ex-Meanshile AA programs continueto be schedulcd at 3:00 p.m.every Sunday. The June agendaSUNDAY, JUNE 1l-Dick Mc.,Frcmont (Caiif.) GrourJ $'ill speak.SUNDAY, JUNE 18-Keith 8.,Warm Springs Group, will makeSUNDAY, JUNE z5-Rollin W.,president, ARA, and busjness manager, GOOD NEWS, is speaker."Forest HiUs, Azure Acres, $illsoon b€ one of ihe ouistanding !ehabilitaiton centers on the coast,under a fuU stalf ol dociors andsocial worke$", Gene B. said.oooD NEwS luNt 1957Inler-County Fellowship of Alcolnlia Anonymous vt66 Geory SFe€t, Room 84son Frsncl5.oAs many of you knos, our beloved Central Oilice Secletarv'Harriett, is gravely ill. She is on lhc critical lisi. We are sure evervmember of the rellowship joins in \rarm and loving thoughts lor herIn llarrieti s abseDce from the oilice the Ceniral SeNice Commift€ and its subcommitlee, ihe Ceniral Office Committee' are providingihe necessary support tor &owena and Jean and the Voluhteers' tocarry on the business ot the Central OriiceThe By-la\ts and Operating Prccedures oi the Fellowship plovidelor ihe continuing operaijon oI the Cenlral Otfice under ihe dulv electedCentral Service Commiliee (15 Zone Delcgates and Aliernates)' includligoI course the seleciion oi a ne$ Secrctary should this be necessarvAs beiore, such a lunclion would be carried oui in consuliation withaU of ih€ Groups in the Inier-Couniy FcllolshipTBADIITON TWO"For our group puryosc there js but one ultimale authoritv - a lovingGod as t{e may express Hjmself in our group conscience Our leadersarc but trustcd serv6nts: the! do nor 8o\ern.The Ceniral Ollice Commitiec pays tribute to Ha.riett for the superband orderly organization and operation of ihe Centlal Oilice The Fel-Iowship has been truly blessed lo have sharcd in her experience,strength and wisdom.CENTRAL OFFICE COMMITTEEJohn F.Ray H.SUNDAY, JUNE {-SpeAker isJim S., S.F. Ihter.County Fellow-,//sI€tl/ AA&2-./ C,?/y tAA.< yOU hyTh/€ EyE 2/r'yT/ME;//4.1a;d{NEdr4E

(,JUNE, r96t GOOD N EWS pago 7Qoodlrausrublish.d Mollhly ttr Sd f@cl@Ar lhe North€rD Catiforut CouD.ilol Al$holi.i Anotrymou!Wm. J. (Dul) S,, EtutorRoIitr W,. ButlD4s MlBgerAddrcs .ll l.lleB (o GOOD NEWS1G6 G€dy Sll€et, R@m 84sd Fdci..o. Crltforrr! 9ll0€Elb...iption - tl20 0.. y.tOutside U.S. $1.50 p.r'rVol. X June, 1967 No. ?Morc AboutS. F. C()NFEREI{CE(ContiDued trom page l)WOBKSEOPSRegtstration lor the conlerenc€wlll open al 9:00 a.m. Satulday,June lfth, and the lirst meetina.the General S€rvice palticipation"Buzr" group, will start ai 10:30a.m. ftom then on ihe program isluU. wlth workshops, AA m€etlngs,Secretary's discussion meetlng, E& I, Alanon and Alateen meetings.The tl & I open meeting goe8 onai l;00 p.m., Saturday in theNours€ Auditoriun. the tuestspeaker will be Lawrence Kirk, ExecutlveSecretary TB and IleolthAssoclation, Sacramento County.The AA speaker will be Bud C..The hain aodiloriub will bo occupiedby the N.C.C. lrom 3:00 to3115 p.m. for a business meetlntwlh Bill G-, Councit Secrctary, asChailmatr. The se{eta.ies meeling *ill get underway at 3:15 the same haU with Mildr€d IL,Livermore. and Bob C., San Mateo,ALANON-ALATEENThe Alanon and Alateen p.ogramis scheduled to gei unde.way Satur.dAy at 10130 a.m. and to conclud€with a meeting on Sunday at 10:30a.m. A complete of Alanonand AlaLeen can be lound else.whe.e in this issu€ of Good News.BIG DANCEAlter hearing Norm A. Saturdaynl8ht, aI members and friends whoEnglert, Dead, Lauded By l'resno BeeJack L. Engle{, 61, pDminentcivic teader and presideot ofEngleft's Inieiio$, a Fresno in' decoEting flrm, died inFresno on Wednesday, AprU 19,apparenuy of a heart attack.The Fresno Bee, a powerful daily neespape! with wide cil1:ulationin Fresno County, devoled apicture of Mr. Englert and almosta full column describlng the deadmar's background, business affiliations,and his connection withFlesno Group of Alcoholics Anonymous,the Alano Club and hislongtime acttvities ln AA dlrairs.Ot Mr. Englerf's background,the Fresno Bee had thts to reporf,Of all his communily pursuits,he was mosi active as a wo!k-€r in Alcoholics Anonymous. Oneof the founders ot thc Fresnochapter mo.e ihan 20 years ago,wish may enjoy danclng to a fineband secured by lhe tocal committee.The dan€e will be held at theBuilding Sqvic€ Cente., 240 GoldenGate Ave.. San Flanclsco. ihe sitewhere the "Kick'Otf" m€eting willbe held on Fliday, June 9. Therewill be an AA meeting for thos€lvho do not care to dance at 10:30p.m. on th€ main floor ali 240 Go!den Gate Ave. The speake. at thlsmeeting wiu be Bert C., concord,and GeorS€ B. ol Corte Maderawill s€rve as chairnan.SUNDAY SCHEDULEThe Sunday schedule wiU starlat 9:00 a.m. with Ron G., Modeslo,serying as moderato. fo. an H & Icombined workshop. At 10:30 a.m.the General Service open meeiing$ill get underway ln the NourseAuditollum with a panel of Ex-Delegatos appeariDg on the progranlor a "Queslion and Ansv€rSession," Chairman lor thts wiu b€ Ken K,, Roseville. TheConference will come to a closealte! th€ I : 00 p.m. meeting otr Sun,alay. The local committee pmmisesampl€ refreshments and hastensto assurc ihat ihe p.ogram for thjsAnnual June Event includes somethinglo please everyone.he is c.edited by curent leadelswilh doing more tban any othe.single individual to promote theorganization and its ideals in thecity.Ee was a charter m€mber anda dilector of the AtaDo CIub, asocial club tor members of AA;and one ol the founders of theFive-Tweive Feuowship, now Half,way House for alcoholics. Ee wasalso director ol Alpha Eall, a homeAmong the alcohoucs Engleiwas said to have h€lped rehabili,tat€ with bolh lriendship and personalrunds. wele p soners of thestate operated conservation campal Milamonte, and Fresno Countyoperatedcamps at Kearney Pa*and Coalinga. He legularly spokeabout AA programs betore FresnoStale Couege classs and variousHe was a member ol the congr€gationand the board ol lecturercin the Flrst Church or ChristScientist.His survlvors are sisters,Mrs. Eva Mclesn of Tol€do, OhioiMrs. Marie Bender ol Pittsbulgh,Pa., and Mrs. Frances Bliss ofThe family requests that rememb.ancesbe in the folm ol con,tributions to th€ Fresno CotnmunttyTheater, the Fresno Opera Associationo. the building lund ofthe Alano Club at T and TulareC.emation and inurnment willbe in the Chap€l of the Light.Keep Us Informed!Ataentior to aI GDup Secleilrie:when yo!. te.m is o@r, plede inforhthe central oflie of S.I. Int.r-CountyFellow$ip the nMe ofyour suct*ori his/hd aildress aDdphone hMbe.. A posteld addEsdto 4A, 166 Gfrly Street,.oo1 84 - or,'phoneYU 2-4473,will alo the trick. Zip 6de is Ss

The AlaDo Club has a big mem-togo 8 cooD NEw5 luNt. t967AA News%,fT.*TETIENIO IIIEEDIT()RSANTA CLARA pct :o be.ship drive underway - if you I am sofry I havent writtenThe hain social event of the are not a member you should inv€stigatethe advantages of join-soone. but just couldn't myspringseason took place on Safurday, May 20 at ihe Red Coach ing - such as weekly dances toI am Rose Murray's daughter.Inn when the Sania Clara Valley live music, \reekly bingo sith aRose passed away November 3,Alanon Women hosted the Vailey $500 jackpot. a fine pool room,1966. It was a terrible shock. SheAA women at a luncheon. Over 100 picnic area, pot luck suppers, plus has so many friends that wouldgaily dressed gals were in at' an AA meeting €very nighl ot thelike to know the details yet I justtendance and the spring rinery was seek. It is true that many ot uscouldn t w.ite lhem individually.a sisht to see. A delighttul lun who do belong do not use the clubEe. love and heart was rvith lhecheon was sefled and Nas follow€dby a mceting allernating manya gfeat deal - but we feel thatSacramento Group and I lvill begraterulmembers-pariicularly newif you will tell them. Inspeakers irom Aldnon and AA. To members need the club so we supportil. There are many mcmb€rsApril, 1966, shc had an operation tothose ol us who attcnded it wascorrect ihc main blood vessels inanolher examplc ol "UNITY" here who do not bave tamilies or manyher l€gs which w€re blocked. Thefriends and so need a place todocto.s prcvided her with arlificial(plastic) arte.ies. She w&s''We80.are Responsiblc so th'nkv€ry iil but the operation was aTed K. $as the speaker for the-All Groups meeting hcld April 29at the Alano Club. Every one wasinspired by ihc message he gaveus on 'Sponsorship, ' whjch wasthe topic oI th€ N.Y. Cohfcrencelhis year. Ted ls from Calgary.Alberta, Canada, and visits hereeach spring. He is an inspir'ngsp€aker and was much in demandarcund the Bay during thcveeks he was hore.The JUNE ALL GIiOUPSMEETING $as hold two seeksearlier due to th€ Junc Conferencein San Francisco. It was heldon May l7 at the Alano Club anda line message was presented byCarl G- from Conco.d. The MondayNight Discussion GrouDhosred the me€ting.THE ANNUAL AA PICNIC dai€has been set lor Augusl 12, aiWarm Sp.ings Resort. The manangementhas again ollercd us tbeuse of rhe g.ounds and facilitieswithout cost. Therc is ample roomror at least 500 people swim,ming, bingo, kids grmes and races'- free beans and coftee and abang-up AA Meeting hosted by rheSt. Andrew s Group. Plan now tob€ with us August 12. Further deThe Dorvntown relbwshiD. which.ecently moved to 590 Soulh FirctSt., hcld open house Fliday night,May 12 - Ted K. was ihe principAlsl)eokcr - and tso brotberslold lheir story o{ havjng foundcach ol.her at the Fellowship having been separated to.about lilteen years. A good crowdMay 26 marked the 26ih anniversnryol AA in the Sant8 CloraValley. The l-os Gatos FridayNight Gloup held a spectal openmoeting $ilh Al C., our oldestmembcr, as chairman,CORRECTION In lhis columnlast edition, it was mentioned thota special Tape Meeting was slatedby tho Joe Farlani Group. TheProper nnm€ for the grcup is St.John's Group - not Joe FArrant.Todry Alorc Is ThlneThe Pas( is gone: the Futu.€ yetThey both belong to God.Waste not your time in vaio, re-Sret nor fearful dread;Let doubt give place to hope in-Let Sun in radiance shine.Guard well this p.ecious gift, OMan:Today alone is tbire.But she died of brcnchial pneumoniaand didn't even know shehad it. She said she lelt like shesas coming do\rn with the Flu.She died in her sleep. Her lungsstre seak. But died the way \1"she ano peacerul.Only its ha.d on lhe ones leltbehind. Ils very ha.d for me tos'rite lhis lo someone I don t kDow.She had so many lriends aU ove!lhe country. Those that knew her,If I remembff co ecUy shebelonged lo Strcramento (o! NorlhSacmm€nto) Group No. 3. If youcare to send this to them it isShe kepl abreAst with things inAA by rcading GOOD NEWS. ltkept her posted, ahd she €njoyedSbe worked rt Mt. Sinai Hosp!lal, Milwaukee fo. ? ycaB as s aide. Because she couldgive peopte bedside care, she lov€dI do hop€ I have not made thisleite. t@ long. I m thankful thatIv€ finally got it wdtten. It wasone of the hard€st things for me todo. Thank you lor your time.Denetta Ten Pas1218 W. State St. #204Yilwaukee, Wis. 53233

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