10-18-11 board meeting minutes - Bend Parks and Rec

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10-18-11 board meeting minutes - Bend Parks and Rec

Bend Metro Park & Recreation DistrictBoard of DirectorsWork Session & Executive SessionOctober 18, 2011BOARD PRESENT:STAFF PRESENT:LEGAL COUNSEL:MEDIA:VISITORS:Ted Schoenborn, Ruth Williamson, Scott Asla, Scott Wallace and Dallas Brown.Don Horton, Lindsey Lombard, Ed Moore, Jan Taylor, Matt Mercer, TheresaAlbert, Sue Jorgensen, Norm Ziesmer, Colleen McNally and Paula Lowery.Neil Bryant.Nick Grube, The Bulletin.Mike Lovely, Geoff Roach, Kurt Petrich, Justin Gottlieb, Jennifer Poncia and JoshAlpert.WORK SESSIONChair Ted Schoenborn convened the work session at 5:35 pm.PUBLIC RECOGNITIONArtist, Jennifer Poncia, was introduced by Sue Jorgenson. Sue explained that she had been matched withJennifer through the city of Bend arts in city hall project titled “Growing up in Bend”. Sue noted thatJennifer has a background in parks and recreation and added that Jennifer is donating 50% of the sale ofher piece to the Bend Park and Recreation Foundation. Jennifer described the components of her pieceand the meaning of the use of the different materials. She stated the message she wanted to convey is thepower to engage because of the importance of parks and recreation in a community and what it contributesto the foundation of the community. The board thanked Jennifer for her presentation. Ted Schoenbornstated that he hoped the district would be able to purchase the piece to hang in the office building. RuthWilliamson thanked Jennifer for capturing the powerful message so beautifully.STAFF INTRODUCTIONJan Taylor introduced Colleen McNally, Marketing Manager. Colleen stated she is a third generationOregonian. She stated she attended the University of Portland where she earned a degree incommunications. She reviewed her extensive experience in facility rental, event planning, marketing, andcommunications. She stated she was recruited by Palmer Homes in Bend where she was a marketingdepartment of one working in new construction and real estate. She stated she feels very fortunate to beworking for the district.Trust for Public Land Services – Conservation FinanceJosh Alpert representing Trust for Public Land (TPL) conducted a comprehensive presentation of TPLsservices for organizations seeking local ballot measures. He noted that TPL has completed over 50 greenprint plans and assisted with over 400 state and local ballot measures with an 83% passage rate resultingin $33.5 billion in new public funding. He explained TPLs services with regard to conducting surveys,assisting with program recommendations, ballot measure design, obtaining legislative support, andcampaign planning. He identified key questions to be considered in approaching conservation finance. Heexplained how the ballot measure language is taken directly from polling. Don Horton asked about the

Bend Park & Recreation DistrictBoard of DirectorsMinutes – 10-18-11Page 2timeframe for the ballot measure process. Josh stated that he would cautiously estimate allowing 14 to 15months for the process from beginning to end. Don asked how you choose a variety of components for theballot measure. Josh explained how information is gathered from surveys and stakeholder meetings. Hestated there is a science to matching what the public wants with what the district needs. Ted Schoenbornasked about the use of regional bond measures. Josh explained how a regional entity received apercentage of the bond and then could apply to a local government grant program built into the bond foradditional funds. He also explained how agencies could share messaging in terms of separate ballotmeasures. Scott Wallace asked about the public outreach and education process. Josh explained howTPL works with the staff of the jurisdiction on message training to ensure staff is publicizing the district andits various roles appropriately, and the use of direct mail for public education about the district can be usedeffectively. Dallas Brown asked what the criteria for TPL is with regard to their involvement in a project.Josh stated that they are a fairly slim division of TPL and it is their capacity that determines whether theyare able to take on a bond measure. He noted that he and his predecessor have worked with Don Hortonand Bruce Ronning for years leading up to discussions such as this and central Oregon has always been abig investment for TPL. Ruth Williamson expressed concern about the absence of substantial discussionsabout a regional effort prior to polling and going before the community without adequate groundwork. Shestated she is also concerned about the cost of this effort. Josh stated the cost of the campaign is separateand constitutes fundraising efforts while the cost of the upfront work is for the survey itself. He stated thelast thing he would ever recommend is to rush something to the ballot and he urged the board to look at thedistrict’s needs as it becomes a question internally as to when it is the right time for the district to goforward aside from a regional effort. He explained how the use of the survey helps to determine the pulse ofthe community in terms of what it wants. Ted stated that he had asked the question about regional effortsin terms of finding common ground to develop a regional coalition for advocacy.2010-11 Year End Financial SummaryLindsey Lombard presented a spreadsheet that was included in the board report and explained how theboard receives information in the budget process with respect to estimates, but they do not receiveinformation with regard to how the year end compares to those estimates. She reviewed the estimatescompared to actual and reported the district ended the year with $360,000 more than estimated during thebudget process. She stated that this was due to higher property tax revenues and less expenditures. Shestated that approximately $50,000 to $60,000 of that is anticipated to be spent this fiscal year on projectsthat have been affected by timing of certain elements of each project. She stated that theoretically$300,000 can be appropriated for other use. Lindsey reported that recreation revenues realized anadditional $147,000 over estimates and recreation expenditures were lower than anticipated resulting in atotal of $205,000 over estimates in the recreation fund. She compared this year’s total of $565,000 to lastyear’s total ending fund balance in the amount of $519,000. She also reviewed restricted funds and notedthat $150,000 more than estimated was received in SDC funds. She explained the board has the option tospend these funds in the current year through a supplemental budget process that requires a publichearing. She stated that traditionally the board has determined to carry these funds over to beappropriated for the following fiscal year. She stated that she estimated a reduction of 5% in property taxrevenue in the current fiscal year and reported that she has received information that the district’s propertytax assessed value is being reduced by .7%. She stated that will provide an estimated additional $500,000over what was budgeted and be included the ending fund balance for the prior year. She cautioned theboard to be mindful of the current economic conditions in terms of the district’s long-term vision andfinancial plan. She cited significant decreases in tax assessed value of other entities of the county asexamples compared to what the district has experienced. Dallas Brown stated he appreciates the staff and

Bend Park & Recreation DistrictBoard of DirectorsMinutes – 10-18-11Page 3board’s current work with the budget. He added it is nice to receive this type of information especially inlight of what other governments are experiencing across the state.Community Gardens UpdateEd Moore reviewed the history of the district’s involvement with community gardens at Hollinshead Park.He stated there are currently 72 plots that are filled every year. He explained the involvement of theCentral Oregon Master Gardeners in terms of providing volunteers and managing the site. He stated thedistrict provides water, compost, chips for the paths within the garden and year partnered with thegardeners last year in building a deer proof fence. He added that the district receives $3.00 per plot forproviding the site at Hollinshead. He explained that if this program grows the district will need to expandstaff time to manage the expansion in terms of other locations throughout the district. He also explainedthat staff has drafted criteria to aid in identifying additional potential garden sites. He recommendedphasing in future garden sites based on the success of adding to this program. Scott Asla stated he wouldsupport expanding this program and noted neighborhoods in need of this program such as Pioneer Parkand Larkspur Park. Ted Schoenborn asked if the district would be actively seeking partners to manage anexpansion of the program. Scott Asla suggested getting the information out through the neighborhoodassociations. Ruth Williamson asked about the potential for partnering with private property owners. DonHorton cautioned the board to be mindful of what the district is allowed to do under the laws of specialdistricts in terms of providing services. Following the discussion the board directed staff to continue to workon ways to expand the program.EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORTDon Horton reminded the board of changes to future meeting dates with the cancellation of the November 1meeting and 4:00 pm start time for the November 15 meeting.Don Horton provided a season end report on the Sun Country Tour concession in Farewell Bend Park. Hereported that the district will receive $10,000 per the agreement with Sun Country and noted that 47% ofthe business was a result of tube rentals by people from out of state and 46% of the remainder of theirbusiness was from people from out of central Oregon. He stated the district will conduct a request forproposal process for next season and it is anticipated the contract will be for a two or three year period.Don Horton reported the roof replacement project for the Old Bend Gym is now going well. He stated it isanticipated the work will be completed a week before the completion date of November 14.Don Horton reported on a meeting of the Mirror Pond Steering Committee. He stated the RFP selectioncommittee is negotiating with a firm to conduct the study, but there is not adequate funding to do this work.He stated the district budgeted $100,000 in this year’s budget to go toward the first phase of the needsassessment, and the city has between $50,000 and $60,000. He stated the first phase is estimated at$200,000, however, the entire needs assessment is estimated at $500,000. He expressed concern forlosing momentum by stalling the project in the middle due to a lack of funding. He stated the SteeringCommittee has discussed and shared with the Management Board is seeking a long-term funding sourcethat could be dedicated to taking care of Mirror Pond. He stated the committee is evaluating creating aspecial district and creating a local improvement district (LID). He added legal counsel for both the city andthe district do not believe the project would qualify for an LID. Don explained how special districts areformed by a vote of the public, and stated the county could determine how the special district would bemanaged by appointing an entity such as the park district to take on that role. He stated this proposal isstill being discussed, and that includes going to the voters in May. He also explained how the funding of a

Bend Park & Recreation DistrictBoard of DirectorsMinutes – 10-18-11Page 4special district could be used to sell revenue bonds to fund the study and subsequent construction as wellas creating a savings account to maintain the pond. He stressed the main goal is to find a dedicatedfunding source to take care of this community asset.The work session was concluded at 7:32 pm.EXECUTIVE SESSIONChair Ted Schoenborn convened an executive session at 7:40 pm pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(e) for thepurpose of discussing real property transactions. The executive session was concluded at 8:38 pm.Prepared by,Paula LoweryExecutive Assistant__________________________________Ted Schoenborn, Chair___________________________________Scott Asla, Vice-Chair__________________________________Ruth Williamson__________________________________Scott Wallace__________________________________Dallas Brown

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