PC Magazine - 2009 12.pdf - Libertad Zero

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PC Magazine - 2009 12.pdf - Libertad Zero

High scores are best. Low scores are best.Bold type denotes first place.PCMARK VANTAGE MULTIMEDIA TESTSWINDOWS MEDIAENCODER min:secCINEBENCH R10 (XCPU)PHOTOSHOP CS4 min:secLenovo C300 (3012-2DU) 1,940 3:06 1,534 6:49MSI Wind CS120 N/A N/A 820 N/APolywell Poly ITX-9400B 1,327 4:55 836 8:43Product name in RED indicates Editors’ Choice. N/A: Not applicable -- The product could not complete this test.

DESKTOPS LAPTOPS PRINTERSHP PavilionAll-in-One MS214 PC$599 listGateway OneZX6810-01$1,399.99 listHP Envy 13$1,899 directCanon ColorImageClass MF8350Cdn$699 direct PROS• Windows 7• Solidly built• Good price• HD capable graphics• Improved MediaSmartsoftware• Touch screen works well• Quad-core power• Wireless keyboard andmouse• Both 64GB SSD and 1TBSATA hard drive• Great battery life• Metallic design is gorgeousand customizable• Up to 5GB of memory• Very bright screen• Nice typing experience• Fast• Good paper handling• Prints, scans, and faxesover network• Standalone copier and faxCONS• Low screen resolutionprevents 3D testing• Windows 7 and Photoshopincompatibilities• Bloatware• No Blu-ray option• System is sealed(no upgrades)• Only 60-day NortonInternet Security• Bloatware• Pricey• No illuminated keyboardoption• ExpressCard slot wouldbe nice• Only two USB ports• Fax from PC feature requirescustom installation• Scanning using a program’sscan commandrequires two trips to theprinterBOTTOM LINEThe MS214 all-in-onedesktop is a good choice ifyou’re in the market for amoderately priced PC witha screen bigger than justabout any notebook.The ZX6810-01 all-in-onedesktop PC shows thatthe touchscreen interfaceis maturing nicely withWindows 7.The HP Envy 13 is an allmetallicultraportable thatdelivered phenomenal batteryscores, but consumersmay not be ready to spend$1,899 on a laptop.The MF8350Cdn all-in-one(a.k.a. MFP) delivers impressivespeed and outputquality for a small office orworkgroup.SPECS1.5-GHz AMD Athlon X23250e processor; 2GBSDRAM; 320GB SATA harddrvie; 256MB ATI RadeonHD 3200 integratedgraphics; DVD±RW drive;18.5-inch display; Windows7 Home Premium (64-bit).2.3-GHz Intel Core 2 QuadQ8200 processor; 8GBSDRAM; 64GB SSD and 1TBSATA hard drive; 1GB ATIRadeon HD 4670 graphics;DVD±RW drive; 23-inchwidescreen; Windows 7Home Premium.2.13-GHz Intel Core 2 DuoL9600 processor; 3GBSDRAM; 250GB hard drive;13.1-inch screen; Intel WiFiLink 5100 AGN; 3.7 pounds;41-Wh battery; Windows 7Pro (64-bit).Color laser AIO; 1-passcolor; USB and Ethernetconnections; flatbedscanner; 550-sheet inputcapacity; duplexing; costper page (mono), 3.7 cents;18.9 by 17.0 by 19.1 inches(HWD); 64.2 pounds.Product name in RED indicates Editors’ Choice.

PROJECTORSDISPLAYSHP PhotosmartPremium TouchSmartWeb All-in-One PrinterRay Pico Projector$249 directAsus VW266H$309 listHP 2159m$239.99 direct$399.99 direct • World’s first standalonehome Web printer kiosk• Color LCD touch screen forall controls• High-quality photos• Low cost• Built in audio offers reasonablygood-quality, iflow-volume, sound• Very affordably priced• Good color, text, and lightgrayscale performance• Lots of connections• Powerful speakers• Good color quality• Hi-res screen• Sharp text reproduction• Three video inputs• Low paper capacity• Web features won’t work ifconnected only to a PC bya USB connection• Connects only to compositevideo sources• Hard to focus• Static images leave ghostimage on screen• So-so dark grayscaleperformance• Tilt-only stand• Backlight seepage• Some tinting• Weak grayscaleperformance• No USB portsThe Photosmart PremiumTouchSmart printer is thefirst Web kiosk printer,which is the best, if not only,reason to consider gettingit.Small enough to fit in ashirt-pocket and priced fora tight budget, the Ray PicoProjector delivers a goodenough image to be useful,but is not overly impressive.A generous selection ofvideo inputs, a decentsound system, and overallsolid performance, make theVW266H display a great dealfor the money.Despite some backlightingand tinting issues, the2159m can display HD contentin its native format.Web kiosk printer; flatbedscanner; USB and Ethernetconnections; 4.3-inch LCD;100-sheet paper capacity;7.8 by 18.0 by 20 inches(HWD).4:3 aspect ratio; LcoSengine; 100:1 rated contrastratio; composite connection;0.7 by 2.3 by 4.4 inches(HWD); 5.5 ounces.Widescreen LCD; 25.5-inchscreen; 1,920-by-1,200native resolution; 1080pformat; 16:10 aspect ratio;DVI-D, HDMI, and analogVGA connections.Widescreen LCD; 21.5-inchscreen; 1,920-by-1,080native resolution; 1080pformat; 16:9 aspect ratio;DVI-D, HDMI and analogVGA connections.Visit pcmag.com for the full reviews of these and other hardware products.

SMARTPHONESDIGITAL CAMERASBlackBerry Storm29550 (Verizon)$279.99 direct with twoyearcontractHTC Imagio (Verizon)$200 streetHTC Pure (AT&T)$150 streetCanon PowerShotSD980 IS$329.99 list PROS• Vastly improved touchscreen• Wi-Fi• True world phone• Powerful messaging andmultimedia support• Sharp screen resolutionand UI design• Global 3G roaming• Broadcast mobile TVlooks great• Excellent Web browsing• Sharp looks• Stunning LCD display• Great Web browser• Good voice quality• Responsive touch screen• Fast shooting speeds• HD video capture (720p)• 24mm wide-angle lensCONS• Browser doesn’t live up tothe screen’s potential• Touch still feels graftedon at times• Still a bit buggy• Playing videos is a pain• A little sluggish andbuggy at times• Squished control keys andon-screen keyboards• Poor speakerphone• Awful dongle required forheadphone use• Significant barrel distortionat wide angle lensposition• Soft image details at theedge of the frameBOTTOM LINEThe second time’s a charmfor RIM’s innovative clickscreensmartphone; theStorm2 cures almost all ofthe original’s ills.The HTC Imagio could bea comeback for Microsoftsmartphones due to itsrefreshed Windows Mobile6.5 OS, beautiful 3D interface,and mobile TV.The HTC Pure is a stylishoption for business customerslooking for a Microsoftpoweredsmartphone withtop-notch Web browsing.Canon’s first touch-screenpoint-and-shoot, the SD980IS masters the touchscreen,but wide-angleimage-quality issues hold itback from true greatness.SPECSVerizon; 3.3-inch, 360-by-480 touch screen; 3.2MPcamera; 4.4 by 2.4 by 0.5inches (HWD); 5.6 ounces.Verizon; Windows MobilePro; 3.6-inch, 480-by-800touch screen; 5.0MP camera;4.7 by 2.4 by 0.6 inches(HWD); 5.3 ounces.AT&T; Windows Mobile Pro;3.2-inch, 480-by-800 touchscreen; 5.0MP camera; 4.3by 2.1 by 0.5 inches (HWD);4.2 ounces.Point and shoot; 3-inchLCD; 12.1MP; SD card slot;2.1 by 3.9 by 0.9 inches(HWD).Product name in RED indicates Editors’ Choice.

HDTVS DIGITAL VOICE RECORDERS SPEAKER DOCKS GAMESLG 42SL80Olympus WS-500MKlipsch iGroove SXTHalo 3: ODST$1,699.95 list$99.99 list$149.99 direct$59.99 list • Sleek, edge-to-edge glassdesign• 240-Hz technology• Good color quality• Easy setup wizard• Retractable USB connectorfor file transfer and batteryrecharge• Plentiful playback andrecording options• Backlit LCD• Solid audio performance• Strong bass output consideringits small size• Video out• New multiplayer options• Different weapons• New main character• Soft standard-definitionquality• Some visible haloing• Weak deinterlacing performance• Complex controls• No support for MP3 playlists• No extra features• Limited remote control• Some environments aretoo dark• Not a big departure fromHalo 3 in campaign modeThe LG 42SL80 is an attractivelydesigned LCD thatdelivers a sharp HD picturebut struggles with standarddefinition content.This full-featured voice recordercan double as a USBdrive for shuttling files and arobust digital music player.This compact, no-frills iPodspeaker system delivers onaudio quality.Halo 3: ODST is a prequelto Halo 3, but with plentyof tweaks to the originalgame and new multiplayeroptions, this first-personshooter still feels fresh.42-inch LCD; 1,920 by 1,080native resolution; 16:9aspect ratio; EnergyStarcompliant.2GB storage capacity; voiceand line-in recording; MP3,WAV, and WMA playback;3.7 by 1.5 by 0.4 inches(HWD); 1.7 ounces.iPod compatible; 2-channelaudio; remote control; 4.6 by12 by 4.8 inches (HWD).Action game; rated M forMature.Visit pcmag.com for the full reviews of these and other consumer electronics products.

SECURITYCA Internet SecuritySuite Plus 20103 licenses, $69.99 direct.Microsoft SecurityEssentials 1.0FreeNetgear Live ParentalControlsFreeAd-Aware Pro 8.1$39.95 direct PROS• Components fullyintegrated in newuser-centric interface• Firewall stealths all portsand resists direct attackby malware• Good at blocking rootkitinstallation• Good parental control• Free• Small download• Clean, simple userinterface• Starts working immediately• Free• Filters inappropriatecontent for all devices onnetwork• Bypass utility exemptsparents from filtering• Full remote manage-ment• New Simple Mode fornovice users• Updated malware detectiontechnology• Optionally scans all downloads• Good malware blocking• Includes tools for expertsCONS• Slows systemperformance• Spam filter non-functionaluntil trained• Rudimentary backup• Site rating marks validsites as risky• Poor protection againstkeyloggers, rootkits, andscareware• Mediocre protectionagainst general malware• Erroneously reported successfulmalware removalin testing• Only works with certainNetgear routers• No bypass utility for devicesother than WindowsPCs• No scheduling of overallInternet access• Interrupting installationcan cause problems• Less effective removingrootkits, keyloggers• Registry protection flagsboth good and bad programsBOTTOM LINECA hired experts tocompletely overhaul theirsuite’s user interface. Theresult is unique and userfriendly.But the securitycomponents are still second-rate.Installing Security Essentialswill protect yoursystem from malware—toa degree. But you’ll getbetter protection elsewhere.If you already have asupported Netgear router,this free utility offers fullnetworkfiltering ofinappropriate content, butdedicated parental controlproducts do much more.Version 8.1 introduces newmalware-fighting technology,and the new SimpleMode is a boon for lesstechnicalusers.Product name in RED indicates Editors’ Choice.

VIDEO EDITINGPHOTO SHARINGSpyware Doctor withAntiVirus 20103 licenses, $39.95 directAVG Anti-Virus FreeEdition 9.0FreeCorel Digital Studio2010$99.99 listPicasa 3.5Free • Actively cleans malwarefound during installation• Can install or scan inSafe Mode• Top scorer inmalware-removal andmalware-blocking tests• Power-saving mode• Optimization scan speedsmalware scanning• Can scan in Safe Mode• Detected most threats• Good at keeping a cleansystem clean• Toolbar protects againstmalicious Web sites• Identity theft recovery• Simple photo and videoediting• DVD burning with AVCHDsupport• Transfers content to handhelds• Attractive, consistentinterface• Polished interface• Many new features andusability improvements• Support for RAW camerafiles• Syncs local edits withonline images• Mac version available• Free• Full scan takes longerthan some• May report valid files assuspicious• Didn’t clean up detectedthreats thoroughly• Didn’t block installation ofmuch scareware• Toolbar’s antiphishing noteffective• Limited editing and enhancementfeatures• Occasionally crashed duringtesting• Didn’t find iPhone movieswhen importing video• Atypical interface mayconfuse some users at firstSpyware Doctor 2010 addsnumerous new “guards”against malware anddelivers on its promise ofenhanced malware cleanup.AVG believes everyone deservesfree basic protectionagainst Internet threats. Thecompany’s free antivirus offersthat protection, and it’sbetter than Microsoft’s freeproduct. Of course, the bestfor-pay anti-malware toolsare even better.Corel’s first attempt at anentry-level media suiteshows promise, but somelimitations and instabilitypoint to giving it a pass fornow.With a slick new interfaceand cool new features andtools, Picasa remains aterrific, easy, and free wayto edit and organize yourimages.Visit pcmag.com for the full reviews of these and scores of other software products.

Sweet Storage Savings!Take advantage of these sweet low prices. Need a convenient way totransport pictures and music? How about a networked powerhouseto handle backup for multiple systems? PC Connection has the latesttechnologies and brands you rely on—with all the deals you need.1TB My Book Elite External USB 2.0 hard drivePassword protection and256-bit hardware-based encryptionWD SmartWare backup software andcustomizable drive e-labelOnly$139 95 #101294734TB LaCie 2big Network2-bay NAS solution withActive Directory supportHot-swappable disksRAID 0, 1Only$629 #98672504TB BlackArmor NAS 440Network Storage Server4 hot-swappable, 7200rpm hard drivesUser-confi gurable RAID 0, 1, 5, 10,and JBODUSB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivityOnly$699 #95729532TB LinkStation Pro Duo2-drive NAS solution withActive Directory supportRAID 0, 1, and JBODBuilt-in DLNA CERTIFIED for streaming multimedia fi lesOnly$299 95 #84780921TB Super Multi NAS with DVD RewriterAccess your data anywhere via the InternetScalable storage solutionwith RAID managementBuilt-in 4-in-1 memory card readerOnly$299 95 #106735324TB StorCenter ix4-200d NAS ServerRAID 5, 10 for increased data protectionDevice-to-device replication usingRsync-powered copy jobsVMware ® and XenServer certifi edfor NFS and iSCSIOnly$749 #10365644LTO Ultrium 3 400/800GBTape CartridgeUp to 80MB/s native data throughputLifetime warrantyOnly$27 95 #5650352LTO Ultrium 4 800GB/1.6TBTape CartridgeUp to 170MB/s native data throughputLifetime warrantyOnly$39 95 #7727237These offers are only available while supplies last.Call or click now!1 . 800 . 800 . 0014www.pcconnection.com©2009 PC Connection, Inc. All rights reserved. PC Connection is a registered trademark of PC Connection, Inc. or its subsidiaries. All copyrights and trademarks remain the property of their respective owners. #16708 11/09

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