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Brooklyn print edition (PDF) - Caribbean Life BROOKLYN/STATEN ISLAND EDITIONAug. 17–23, 2012CAR DEALSYOURGUIDE TOAutomotiveSavings!INSIDE: 8-PAGEAUTO SECTIONSPECIAL READER BONUS 15-PAGE CLASSIFIEDFREE coupons to save you CASH SECTIONPEOPLEWhere the World Meets the World!Harlem comes alive this weekend with five stages of live entertainment, including specialevents for kids, as the village’s annual summer-fest reaches its peak. See Page 3.Photo courtesy Images Of Us.N.Y. to fund groups aiding immigrantsBy Nelson A. KingAs the United States on Aug.15 began accepting applicationsfrom young illegal Caribbean andother immigrants for temporaryreprieve from deportation, NewYork State officials say they areproviding US$450,000 in grantsto groups that can help assistthem.In June, President BarackObama announced the initiative,which grants two-year deportationdeferrals and work permitsto illegal Caribbean and otherimmigrants brought to the children.“It is critical that we get informationout to our immigrantcommunities so that people willknow who is eligible for deferredaction and so that they can avoidbeing scammed,” said New YorkState Assembly Speaker SheldonSilver.Silver said the grants will aidan estimated 80,000 immigrants,between the ages of 15 and 30,through clinics, workshops andlegal services.The Assembly Speaker disclosedthat Legal Services NYCContinued on Page 4DEFYPOLICELindeners in a face-off with lawmenBy Bert WilkinsonAs the one-month anniversaryof the fatal police killingsof three people in the bauxitetown of Linden was beingmarked this weekend, pressureis mounting on the combinedopposition to widen the proteststo include the city and mainurban areas to force governmentto back away from using militaryforce to solve the simmering disputeover increases in electricityrates and other ills affecting theopposition stronghold.This is as police riot units,supported by heavily armed soldiers,mounted several assaultson the bauxite community 65miles southwest of the city, fromthe weekend onwards injuringopposition supporters with shotgunpellets and firing dozens oftear gas canisters into homesof people in the town of Lindenwhere the district remains on aresidents-led lockdown since riotpolice killed three and injured20 during protests on July 18.Member of Parliament VanessaKissoon said a huge demonstrationis being planned for thisweekend to both mark the fourweekanniversary of the threeand to show “continued defiance”of authorities who plan tosteeply hike electricity rates andfor their failure to come up witha proper economic plan for thetown that depends mainly onbauxite for its existence.This weekend protest actionscome about a week after fireContinued on Page 4

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 2Updated daily at www.caribbeanlifenews.comCARIBBEAN ROUNDUPDOMINICAVenezuela is providing assistanceto Dominica to help the island withan outbreak of the deadly BlackSigatoka disease that affects bananaplants.A statement from the Office of thePrime Minister said Caracas is providingUS$64,000worth of fungicideas well asthree experts tohelp deal with theoutbreak. The disease, which killsbanana and plantain plants, hasbeen confirmed in the island, withagriculture officials admitting thatthey are worried about the situation.Minister of Agriculture MathewWalter recently told a news conferencevigorous steps were beingtaken to deal with the problem.GRENADAGrenada has provided 85 acres ofland for the University of the WestIndies (UWI) to build a campus.The transfer of the land at Hopein St. Andrew makes Grenada a contributorof the third-largest parcel ofland to the university.Grenada’s Prime Minister TillmanThomas called themove for a UWIcampus in Grenadaa “significantinvestment in thefuture of the people of Grenada,”particularly the island’s northeasternsection.“This project will afford both ashort-term and long-term progressto Hope and surrounding areas,similar to the changes and enhancementsthat came with campus locationsin Trinidad and Tobago, Barbadosand Jamaica,” he noted.Work on clearing of the land willbegin soon, with construction to bedone on a phased basis, according toUWI Vice Chancellor Nigel Harris.GRENADAA 23-year-old Grenadian primaryschool teacher was remandedin custody whenhe appeared in aSt. George’s courtcharged withthe murder of a19-year-old woman whose dismemberedbody was found by garbagecollectors on a street overlookingthe capital recently.John Redhead has been chargedwith killing Akera Lalgie. An autopsyrevealed that she was strangledto death.Redhead will re-appear in theSt. George’s Magistrate Court onAug. 20.GUYANAThe International MonetaryFund (IMF) says despite a deterioratingexternal environment,including the deepening Euro-zonecrisis, Guyana’s economy continuesto be resilient.It said last year, the economyrecorded another year of impressivegrowth of morethan five percentdriven in part byhigh commodityprices, foreigndirect investment and domesticcredit expansion to the private sector.“Real Gross Domestic Productis projected to grow by about fourpercent this year supported byincreased activity in bauxite, gold,rice and the services sectors, whichshould offset any expected fall off insugar production,” the IMF said.It said while inflation remainedlow, an IFM team, which has justconcluded the yearly review of theGuyana economy, noted a marginalTHE NEWS FROM BACK HOMEBritish agog over BoltUsain Bolt (second from left) with compatriots on the Jamaican gold medal team (l-r) YohanBlake, Nesta Carter, and Michael Frater was a huge favorite of the British people during the2012 Summer Olympics, with headlines in all the daily newspapers. See Page 16.(AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus)drop in gross foreign reserves toabout four months of imports atend of June 2012, as capital importsrose.The IMF said the Donald Ramoutaradministration has been commendedfor its continued prudentmacro-economic management.GUYANAThe Guyana government hasordered the police and the militaryto forcibly reopen the sole bridgeconnecting a mining town to Brazilthat protestors have blocked formore than two weeks.President Donald Ramoutarissued the order shortly before hevisited Linden,where police fatallyshot three protestorsand injured 20others on July 18.Residents in the impoverishedarea are still protesting a proposedelectricity rate increase fromGuy$25 monthly to about $100.They said they will not removeobstacles including huge logs andtrucks from the bridge until NationalSecurity Minister Clement Roheeresigns and the police officers arecharged with murder.The bridge across the DemeraraRiver is the main access to gold anddiamond mines as well as timbergrants owned by local and foreigncompanies.Minister Rohee said he has nointention of resigning.JAMAICAJamaica police are seeking theassistance of the InternationalPolice, Interpol, to assist in theinvestigations into three Americanswho were found hiding onthe island recently after fleeing theUnited States.The family of three – DonaldHenderson, 45, his wife, MariaHenderson, 43,and daughter AjaHenderson, 21,arrived on a Carnivalcruise shipin St. Ann.They were later reported missingby authorities. But following asearch by the police, the Americans,who are from Virginia, were foundhiding in a villa at Discovery Bay.Police say they are trying todetermine whether the Americansare fleeing law enforcement in theU.S.They are being held in custodywhile police are interrogating themas to why they abandoned the shipand stayed in Jamaica.The family was on a six-day cruisewhen they disembarked the vesseland failed to return.JAMAICAFour men were killed in a recentshootout with police in Jamaica.Residents of Windsor Heights inCentral Village, St. Catherine havechallenged claims by the police thatthe men were involved in a gun battlewith them.They claim that Tyrone Reid, 17, agraduate of Jamaica College, DwayneJohnson, 29, Mario “The Devil” Gabbidonand Delano “Jermaine” Pinnockwere killed in cold blood.Three of the men were comingfrom a dance in avehicle and policewaited until theyreach a spot in thecommunity andopened fire on the vehicle.Police had reported that the four– whom they say are wanted forseveral crimes in and around theCorporate area – were killed duringa shootout with members of theArea Four Special Operations Team.According to the police, the menopened fire on them after refusingto stop the vehicle in which theywere traveling.TRINIDADNewly-appointed National SecurityMinister Jack Warner said heplanned to take a special initiativefor Cabinet approval that will allowU.S. forces to patrol the country’smaritime border.Warner made the statement followinga recent closed-door meetingwith United StatesAmbassador BeatriceWilkinson-Welters at the Ministryof NationalSecurity office in Port of Spain.It was the first meeting sinceWarner assumed office on June 25.Warner said he wanted to take theCustoms Patrol Assistance Programin order to help crack the drug trade.“Our borders are porous and allthe drugs and arms come throughour borders and we need help….and the Americans can help us,”he said.He said the Caribbean Basin Initiative(CBSI) was high on both hisand the Ambassador’s agenda.Compiled by Azad Ali

Javelin thrower Keshorn Walcott proudly displayshis country’s national flag after his gold medal victory.Photo courtesy: Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of National Security.Olympic winnerKeshorn Walcottreturns homeBy Azad AliTrinidad and TobagoOlympic Gold medalist,teenage sensation, KeshornWalcott, returned home to ahero’s welcome on Mondaymorning after his recordbreakingperformance duringthe men’s javelin throwat the London 2012 Olympicslast Saturday.It was like a carnivallikeatmosphere at PiarcoInternational Airport asthousands of flag-wavingsupporters, dressed in red,danced to the music of tassadrumming, steelpan musicand music trucks with DJs,as they waited the arrivalof Walcott on board a CaribbeanAirlines Ltd (CAL)aircraft from London withWalcott aboard. Moko Jumbies,soca music, formedpart of the celebrations.Prime Minister KamlaPersad-Bissessar hadannounced a national holidayto celebrate Walcott’sgold medal achievement inthe event- 36 years afterTrinidad and Tobago’s HasleyCrawford brought homethe country’s first Olympicgold at the Olympic Gamesin Montreal , Canada in1976 after winning themen’s 100 meters final.Walcott, 19, won goldwith a throw of 84.58meters.A large entourage ofGovernment Ministersheaded Prime Minister Persad-Bissessarand NationalSecurity Minister JackWarner were on hand togreet Walcott at the VIPLounge at the airport.In declaring the holiday,Persad-Bissessar in a televisedaddress to the nationon Sunday night said:“Our Olympic athletes notonly validated our beliefand faith in their superiorsporting talent, but onceagain proved to the worldthat Trinidad and Tobagois a force to be reckonedwith, winning one gold andthree bronze medals at theOlympics.”Flanked by Walcott onher right and T&T’s firstOlympic gold medalistCrawford,, Persad-Bissessarsaid among the giftsthe teenager from the ruralfishing village of Toco, EastTrinidad, would get is TT$1million, “to be invested ashe so desires,” a $2.5 millionhome in the upscalecommunity of FederationPark, Port of Spain, 20,00-square feet of land near tohere he lives, a scholarshipat the University of Trinidadand Tobago (UTT), a CaribbeanAirlines aircraft tobe named after him, TocoLighthouse to be namedthe “Keshon Walcott TocoLighthouse” and a HousingDevelopment Corporation(HDC) development inWalcott’s name in Toco.Walcott’s victorystunned the world andplaced him in the historybooks as the youngest everOlympic javelin championand the first in the WesternHemisphere to win medalin a javelin event in 40years.The only time the Olympicjavelin title left Europewas 60 years ago whenAmerican Cyrus Youngwon gold.Walcott won the WorldJunior Championships inBarcelona, Spain earlierthis year. His throw also seta new national record.Blow out weekend festivalplanned for Harlem Week 2012Courtesy Keith L. Forest,Themed Harlem: Where the WorldMeets the World, this year’s HarlemWeek events celebrates Harlem’s globalpresence and international legacywhile honoring the 50th anniversaryof Jamaica’s independence; the100th anniversaries of South Africa’sAfrican National Congress andJapan’s Sakura Festival plus muchmore. Harlem Week 2012, New YorkCity’s largest outdoor festival, celebratesthe famed neighborhood witha spectacular line up of activities andevents. This includes musical salutesto Harry Belafonte and the late BobMarley; Soul Train and Don Cornelius;a Walk-A-Thon for peace; New YorkCity Children’s Festival; InternationalAuto Show, and much more.On Saturday, August 18th, it’s“Summer In The City” featuring PartI of The NYC Children’s Festival from12 noon – 6:00 PM. This family-friendlyevent will include exhibits, games,arts & crafts, cultural performances,free health testing and special surpriseguest appearances from the SesameStreet characters. The Historic BlackCollege Fair & Expo, The Dancing inThe Street & Uptown Saturday Niteoutdoor concerts celebrating Jamaica’s50th Anniversary of independencewith salutes to music icon Harry Belafonteand the late Bob Marley hostedby WBLS FM radio personality DahvedLevy and more. The evening willend with the Harlem Week OutdoorFilm Festival produced in concertwith Imagenation screening of the hitdocumentary film “Marley.”By Chudi ChukwudiSwimmer Lia Neal a17-year-old Brooklyn native,won a bronze medal as partof the Women’s 4x100mFreestyle Relay in the 2012Olympic Games. She is thefirst of the Asphalt GreenUnified Aquatics (AGUA)swim team to earn a spot onthe U.S. Olympic SwimmingTeam, and the first to bringhome an Olympic medal.Lia, a Swim for the FutureScholarship recipient, hasbeen developing her talentson the AGUA swim team fornine years. For thousands ofchildren that participate inswimming and other sportsat Asphalt Green, Neal isrole-model for those justAfrican dance will be among the highlights of the NYC Children’s Festival,noon to 6:00 p.m.Photo courtesy Keith ForestOn Sunday, August 19th, HarlemWeek 2012’s theme Harlem: Wherethe World Meets the World, comes tolife with five (5) stages of live entertainment; salutes to South Africa andJapan; special tributes to Nelson Mandela,Mariam Makeba, Hugh Masakela;and the music of Japan. Otherlearning to swim, to thosewith dreams of becoming anOlympian.Lia was raised in the FortGreene section of Brooklynby her parents Jerome andSui Neal, who are of African-Americanand Chinese-American descent. She hasthree older brothers.Lia, a rising senior atthe Convent of the SacredHeart School in Manhattan,is bilingual -- being fluentin English and Cantanoeseand is currently studyingMandarin.Her career highlightsinclude the most recent2012 Olympic Games(Bronze in 4xl00m FreestyleRelay with a time of 3:34.24)as well as the 2011 WorldJunior Championships (Goldin 100m Freestyle, Silver inactivities include the Upper ManhattanAuto Show; the New York CityHealth Village; the Small BusinessExpo and Fair; international vendingand exhibits. The day will also includea tribute to “Soul Train” & Don Corneliuswith a spectacular dance partyalong 135th Street.Homecoming for B’klyn Olympic bronze medalistBronze medalist Lia Nealof Brooklyn’s AsphaltGreen Unified Aquaticsswim team.Photo by Lem Peterkin.50m Freestyle); 2010 JuniorPan Pacific Championships(Gold in 4xl00m FreestyleRelay, Gold in 800m FreestyleRelay, Gold in 400mMedley Relay, Silver in100m Freestyle, and Bronzein 50m Freestyle) and 2008Olympic Trials participant,having qualified by breakingthe 11-12 age-group recordin the 100m Freestyle.She started swimmingat six years old and joinedAGUA (Asphalt Green UnifiedAquatics) at eight. Sheis a Swim for the FutureScholarship recipient andthe first AGUA team memberto make the Olympicteam and earn an Olympicmedal.Page 3 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17–23, 2012

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 4Weekend confrontation in GuyanaContinued from coverdestroyed nearly a dozenbuildings, includingthe agriculture ministry’soffice, the state’stax department and themain primary school thatcatered to more than 800students among others.But it is now becomingclear that government-encouragedagents have successfullyinfiltrated thedemonstrations and mighthave been responsible forthe slew of fires that haveblighted the town of 30,000since the shootings.On Sunday, residentsheld two men they suspectedof burning the school atthe weekend and handedthem over to local police.One reportedly blurted outKANGEN WATER &ARDYSSLIFE CELEBRATESCaribbean-American Opportunities Available:Bibi5402ansel@Optonline.NetTel: 917-754-2731plans to also torch themultilateral school laterthat night. Police havesince released them for“want of proper evidence”and talks between theopposition and authoritieshave been called offindefinitely. Town leaderssay they will rebuild theschool through self-helpefforts and donations fromwell wishers.But what is also becomingquite clear is the reluctanceof the opposition,the larger A PartnershipFor National Unity (APNU)in particular, to escalatethe protests and bring it tothe city which is the seatof government.David Hinds, an APNUactivists and associateprofessor at Arizona StateUniversity, said he is at aloss to understand why theAPNU leadership has notfaced down the administrationof President DonaldRamotar as its supportersare being “shotdown in the streets likedogs” without any pressurebeing brought to bear.State funds to groups aiding immigrantsContinued from coverand to a new state taskforce run by the New YorkImmigration Coalition andthe New York State ImmigrantAction Fund will alsobe grant beneficiaries.Officials at the U.S. Citizenshipand ImmigrationServices, the federal agencyin charge of the initiative,said they anticipate amassive load of paperworkin the shortest amount oftime for the new program.In 1986, more thanthree million immigrantswho were in the countryillegally became legal residentsunder an amnestyprogram.Officials said eligibleyoung illegal immigrantscan obtain valid SocialSecurity numbers, andapply for driver’s licenses,professional certificates andfinancial aid for college.The Washington-basedMigration Institute, a nonpartisanresearch group,said about 1.2 million immigrantsare eligible to applynow for the program.It said another 500,000children will be able toapply when they reach theminimum eligibility age of15 in coming years.U.S. officials said to beeligible for the reprieve,illegal immigrants musthave been in the countryand under age 31 on Jun.15.They must also havecome to the U.S. beforethey were 16 years of ageand have resided in thecountry continuously forat least five years.In addition, officials saidthe illegal immigrants mustbe in school, or have graduatedfrom high school orhonorably discharged fromthe U.S. Armed Forces.Officials said immigrantsconvicted of a felony,a serious misdemeanor(including a sexual abuseor drug violation), or threeless serious misdemeanorswill be rejected.Anyone deemed to posea threat to U.S. nationalsecurity will also not begranted the reprieve, theysaid.Officials said immigrantswill not be allowedto appeal if their applicationis rejected, but theymay re-apply and pay theUS$465 fee again.HIV StigmaScarsHeal the Pain. End the Shame.Learn how to stop HIV stigma | project was funded in part by the New York City Departmentof Health and Mental Hygiene through a contract withPublic Health Solutions.

Caribbean to write Obamaabout U.S. rum subsidiesBy Bert WilkinsonArguing that heavy Americansubsidies paid to two ofthe world’s largest rum-producingcompanies will soondevastate regional exports tothe U.S., Caribbean governmentsthis week announcedplans to directly write PresidentBarack Obama askinghim to help negotiate a solutionbefore it is too late.Current Chairman of the15-nation trade bloc and St.Lucia’s Prime Minister KennethAnthony is to send aletter of appeal asking theWhite House to urgentlyreview the situation whereauthorities in the U.S. VirginIslands and Puerto Rico aregiving significant subsidiesto British producer Diageoand Illinois-based CruzanRums to operate plants thereand sell rums much cheaperto American mainland marketsthan the Caribbean thebloc said Thursday.The bloc also said that theDominican Republic whichis also teaming up with itsEnglish-speaking neighborsto fight the issue has askedthe legal advisory council atthe World Trade Organizationfor an opinion on the matteras its entire exports to the UScould be wiped out like thosein the bloc. Officials saythe DR is likely to fully pursuethe issue at the GenevabasedWTO. They also speculatethat it is leaning in thisdirection while Caricom, withwhich the DR sits in a groupingcalled CariForum, seemsfor now to prefer to negotiatewith the Americans.The rum industry thatdates back to the Europeancolonial era is worth $60Min annual sales to the Caribbean.The region said thatit is forced to take the issueto the White House eventhough it is aware that theseare the final months in therun up to presidential electionsin November and littlemight get done in congressin this regard.Talks have already beenheld with U.S. Trade RepresentativeRon Kirk. Theforeign ministers forum,(COFCOR) say they also planto write Secretary of StateHilary Clinton as part “of adouble-barreled approach” toget movement on the issue.”Diageo is the world’s leadingpremium drinks producerresponsible for brandslike Johnny Walker Whiskey,Smirnoff Vodka, Baileys andCaptain Morgan Rum whichis now being produced fromthe USVI for export to theU.S. mainland, while Cruzanis known for its spiced andother rums.Apart from the subsidieswhich allow the two to producecheaper spirits than theCaribbean, the firms havereceived help to build newstate of the art plants andare getting molasses muchcheaper than producers inthe region, advantages thatofficials argue are contraryto WTO rules.most excitingSaturday, Sept. 8 @ 1pmName, Age, Phone, and EmailLimit: 10 contestants in each groupEmails must be received by Thursday, Aug. 30We will contact all contestants by email by Aug. 31, 2012Contact Stephanie at (718) 260-2575 or sstellaccio@cnglocal.comPage 5 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17–23, 2012NYLOTTERY.ORG

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 6NYC Restaurant Week Menu Til September 3 rdComplete Lunch$24 07GREENHOUSE CAFE LUNCH | DINNER | BRUNCHKARAOKEEvery Wed. 8pmLIVE MUSICThurs.-Sun. Nights Valet Parking917-379-9388 Call For Music ScheduleComplete Dinner$35 00Appetizer, Entree, Dessert & CoffeeCappuccino CaféPrice Fixed MenuIncludesBeverage, Entree & a Treat7721 3 rd Avenue, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn718-989-8951Free Delivery$7 95 By Vinette K. PrycePresident Obama hails JamaicaPresident Barack Obama.President Barack Obamaled the voices of congratulatorymessage lauding Jamaicafor its democratic principlesand relentless pursuitof independent leadershipwhen he accepted credentialsfor the island’s newlyappointed ambassador to theU.S., Professor Stephen Vasciannie.The president made hiscomments at a ceremony inthe Oval Office at the WhiteHouse after accepting thedocuments.“Over the years, we havecome to know Jamaica as aleader in the Caribbean. Asone of the largest countriesin the Caribbean community,Jamaica is an indispensablepartner in programssuch as the Caribbean BasinSecurity Initiative (CBSI)and is a leading politicalvoice in the region,” thepresident said.“We are nearing the beginningof the third year of theCBSI, with its strong focuson a collaborative approachto ensuring citizen safety. Iam pleased that our Caribbeanneighbors have workedclosely with us to make it areality. Jamaica’s contributionto our CBSI discussionshave greatly strengthenedthe counter narcotics andcounter terrorism components,”he added.Pres. Obama used theoccasion to compliment thenation’s government for itsclose collaboration in ensuringsecurity of the region.He praised the joint effortAP Photo/Jacquelyn Martinsaying: “we have undertakento counter the growingthreat posed by narcoticsand weapons trafficking tothe security of our citizensand our economies.”The nation’s golden celebrationwas not lost on theleader.“On August 6, Jamaicawill celebrate 50 years ofindependence, and shortlythereafter, the 50th anniver-Continued on Page 39MEDICAL, COSMETIC & SURGICAL DERMATOLOGYAlan Kling, MD (Board-Certified Dermatologist)AcneCystsWartsMolesScalp conditionsRashesPsoriasisHPV infectionsHair lossSpider veinsGenital wartsNail problemsKeloidsComplexion problemsEczemaSkin allergiesBlemishesWhite & dark spotsSTD’sHerpesFungal conditionsBotox, Juvederm, Radiesse, Fillers, Laser Hair & Vein Removal,Xtrac Laser for Psoriasis and Vitiligo, Chemical Peels, CosmeticSkin Treatments, Contact Allergy Testing718-636-042527 8th Avenue(One block from Prospect Park)Brooklyn, NY 11217212-288-13001000 Park Avenue(At 84th Street)New York, NY 10028MOST INSURANCES ACCEPTED (FOR MEDICAL SERVICES)SATURDAY HOURS AVAILABLE

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Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 8Caribbeans honored at Citi FieldBy Robert Elkin“It’s a great feeling to berecognized by the CACCI.We do a lot of communityservice for the neighborhood.”David ‘Junior’ Gayle,owner of Tropical ParadiseBallroom and Restaurant,said last week.He and four other honoreeswere recognized beforethe New York Mets lost bya route to Miami when theCaribbean American Iconsreceived Spirit Awards fortheir efforts to make theevening possible.“We’re really happy andproud to have them to bepart of this day,” said NewYork Mets representativeMatt Gulotta before theMets lost the game. “TheChamber of Commerce hasbeen awesome to work with.It has been a real fun event.In addition, there was pregameentertainment. ”Pre-game festivities featuredmusical entertainmentand a celebration ofCaribbean Culture.The Caribbean AmericanDionne Poilite, Associate State Director AARP; Dr.Melony Samules, AARP New York; George Hulse, VicePresdient, Healthfirst - Honoree.Chamber of Commerce andIndustry, Inc. was foundedin August of 1985 to providesmall businesses with entrepreneurialservices and promoteopportunities that willyield more sustainable tradeand investment betweenNew York, the United States,and the Caribbeans.“This (gathering behindhome plate at Citi Field,home of the New York Mets)is a special occasion whenmembers of the CaribbeanDiaspora come out in largenumbers together withfriends, family and otherMet fans to have fun….”However, how could theMets have fun on a nightthey did when they werecompletely trounced by theMarlins. But the Mets didsee the return of infielderJose Reyes, who played forthe Mets from 2003 up tothis season.“Being over here with thebig stars is a lot like HealthFirst,” said Vice President ofExternal Affairs at HealthFirst, George Hulse. “We’renot the biggest health fansin the country. This Metteam is hard working.“We have a lot of confidencethat they are goingto have a good season. Theyhad some tough breaks andsome tough injuries andthey had to make someadjustments. We have a lotof confidence that we aregoing to (still) come back.They have a great tradition….Winnersalwaysmake adjustments andcome back.“I think that they willdo well. I’m absolutely flatteredand honored to receivethis award. The partnershipthey have with the Caribbeancommunity in reallyoutstanding.”Another honoree is baseballfan Syima Brown Bramble,director of CaribbeanTourism OrganizationIt’s an honor to be on thefield where the Mets play,”she said. “I also had thesame honor to be on theDr. Roy A. Hasticlk,. Sr., president/CEO, CACCI; Hon.John Liu, NYC Comptroller, Dr. Eda Harris-Hastick, professor,Medgar Evers College. Photo by Ted Levinfield several months ago tocome here and meet withmanagement to talk abouthow the Caribbeans couldcorroborate with the Metsorganization in an eventlike this.”Still another recipientwas Edmund Sadio, Presidentand Broker of Century21 Achievers Realty.“I thank the CACCI forthe award that I received,”Sadio added. “I’ve been inthe realty business for 22years….We love training fornew business owners andfor people who are aboutto set up their own businesses.”Sadio was a former cricketplayer in the Caribbeans.For now all the honorees,along with Dr. Roy Hastick,Sr., CACCI president andfounder wants is a successfulseason for the New YorkMets is a drive toward a possibleplayoff position comeOctober.BUSINESS BROOKLYN STYLE – ADVERTISEMENTDid you know that the same diseases that affectthe blood vessels which lead to the heart and brainalso affect the delicate vessels that supply blood tothe genital organs. Careful evaluation of erectiledysfunction can uncover these problems years beforecritical damage occurs.According to the Male Aging Study on sexualdysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can firstemerge in a man at age 40. In addition, an estimated30 million men in the United States are affected byED. What causes this dreadful condition and whatmust one do to prevent it?In this article, we seek advice from two awardwinning urologic surgeons, Dr. Vitaly Raykhmanand Dr. Yuly Chalik. These two recipients of theprestigious Patient’s Choice Award were also namedAmerica’s Top Urologists of 2009 and 2010.What Is Erectile Dysfunction?Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the constant or periodic,recurring inability of a male to get or maintainan erection. An erection occurs when bloodfills the chambers of the penis, causing it to expandand stiffen. This is controlled by impulses from thebrain and genital nerves. Despite the fact that 95%of ED cases can be easily treated, only 10% of menseek medical attention when ED first begins.What causes erectile dysfunction?The root causes of ED are either physical, psychological,or hormonal. Most men experienceerectile dysfunction as a result of another chronicdisease, such as diabetes, or as a result of poor lifestylechoices, such as smoking, drinking, and drugabuse. 10-20% of men suffer from ED as a resultof psychological factors such as stress, depression,low self-esteem, and performance anxiety. ED canalso occur as a result of damaged nerves from aprevious surgery or as a side-effect of your currentmedication.DiagnosisThe main premise in diagnosing erectile dysfunctionis determining what it is caused by, whether itis physical, psychological, or hormonal. Men whocannot get or maintain an erection at least 75% ofthe time are considered to have erectile dysfunction.Our advanced diagnostic capabilities include:All of these tests are conducted within the pristineNew York Urologic Institute. This relieves patientsof the need to go back and forth between medicaloffices to obtain final diagnosis.TreatmentIn the last few years, there have been significantadvances in medicinal therapies. At NYUI, we takeadvantage of a full range of cutting-edge technologiesthat allow our patients to live healthier andhappier lives.Therefore, we utilize medications such as Viagra,Cialis, and Livitra, which are guaranteed by theFDA to increase potency. 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Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 10Desperation leads toLareche’s demiseBy Farah LouisOn Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2012, 42ndAssembly hopeful Zachary Larechewithdrew his candidacy from theState Assembly race due to allegedfraudulent signatures he submittedto the board of elections toget on the ballot. This has beenLareche’s third failed attempt towin the State Assembly seat.The 42nd Assembly Female DistrictLeader Rodneyse Bichotte,currently candidate for the Assemblyseat, and her running mateJosue Pierre, candidate for theMale District Leader seat, initiatedlegal proceedings against petitionssubmitted by opposing candidateZachary Lareche. In order to beeligible for the ballot, each candidatemust obtain and present aminimum of 500 valid signaturesto the board of elections. Larechesubmitted approximately 1,218 signaturesto the board of elections ofwhich 717 were initially deemedvalid. After a thorough review ofLareche’s questionable signaturesby Bichotte’s and Pierre’s team, ahandwriting expert was broughton-board to verify suspicions offorged signatures. The expert, aboard certified forensic documentexaminer employed by the SuffolkCounty Crime Laboratory,produced a twenty page documentoutlining more than 100 fraudulentsignatures included:Different people signing witnessstatements for the same petitionerBoard of election cards didnot match signatures obtain byLareche’s teamMany local observers believethat Lareche was planted in the42nd Assembly District Race totake votes away from Bichotte whoposes a real challenge to 34-yearincumbent Rhoda Jacobs. If so,Lareche’s plans have failed andmay lead to his own politicaldemise. Team Bichotte- Pierre upthe ante and pursued a refereedreview where the Board of Electionscompared voter registrationcards to Lareche’s petitions. Thisresulted in a reduction of Lareche’svalid signatures of which 619 signatureson voter’s registration cardsand petitions were invalid. Constituentswhose names were forgedwere sought by Team Bichotte-Pierre’s attorney and were subpoenaedto court yesterday.Bichotte’s attorney, AaronMaslow stated, “Its reprehensiblepeople would commit fraud toBoard of Elections. The report submittedby the hand writing expertcontained at least 100 forgeries.It’s disgraceful that they didn’tdrop out earlier but dragged thisout, causing Ms. Bichotte and Mr.Pierre to spend thousands of dollarsin legal fees and a handwritingexpert. I am disappointed RhodaJacobs didn’t pursue this electionfraud; it took Bichotte to do it andRhoda stood on the sidelines anddid nothing.”One of the reasons RhodaJacobs has retained her seat for 34years is due to the crowded fieldof two or more blacks or Caribbeancandidates seeking to unseatthe incumbent in the same year.From Michele Adolphe to ZacharyLareche who crowded the ballots,allowing Ms. Jacobs to win pastelections with a landslide.Founded 1990 • Published by Community Newspaper GroupCorporate Headquarters: One Metrotech Center North, Suite 1001, Brooklyn, NY 11201PUBLISHER: Clifford LusterASSOCIATE PUBLISHER: Ralph D’OnofrioEDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Kenton KirbyASSOCIATE EDITOR: Kevin WilliamsContributing Writers: Azad Ali, Roderick J. Broome, Fabian Burrell, Tangerine Clarke,Robert Elkin, Patrick Horne, Nelson King, Donna Lamb, Tequila Minsky, Vinette K. Pryce,George H. Whyte, Bert Wilkinson, Lloyd Kam WilliamsGENERAL INFORMATION (718) 260-2500This newspaper is not responsible for typographical errors in ads beyond the cost of the space occupied bythe error. All rights reserved. Copyright© 2012 by Courier-Life, Inc., publishers. Caribbean Life is protectedby Federal copyright law. Each issue of Caribbean Life is registered with the Library of Congress, Washington,D.C. The Caribbean Life, its advertisements, articles and photographs, may not be reproduced, either in wholeor part, without permission in writing from the publisher except brief portions for purposes of review or commentaryconsistent with the law.OP-EDSNeed for a Carib sports academySir Ronald SandersOn the basis of the size of populationsand medals won, the tinyCaribbean island of Grenada wouldbe ranked in first place in the 2012Olympic Games in London withanother Caribbean island, Jamaica,in second place – though with alarger number of medals.Officially, Jamaica is ranked at 18and Grenada at 42.At the time of writing at the endof Day 13 of the 16-days OlympicGames, the United States is officiallyranked number one with Chinain second place. But the medal haulof the US and China is drawn frompopulations of 312 million and 1.3billion respectively, while Grenada’smedal – a gold for Kirani James inthe 400-metre race – comes from apopulation of a mere 110,000 andJamaica’s outstanding nine medals(three golds, three silvers andthree bronze) from a population of2.8 million.Using medals per head of populationas a measurement, the USwould be number 36 and Chinanumber 60. When Gross DomesticProduct (GDP) is added to thisTime to end Offshore Tax loopholesBy Scott KlingerWhile attention focuses oncongressional action on the Bushtax cuts, another tax bill is quietlytiptoeing through the Senate.The Senate Finance Committeehas reported out the corporatetax extenders bill, a collectionof dozens of tax breaks, manytargeting industries whose lobbyistshave filled campaign larderswith cash. These tax breaks allexpired at the end of last year,and are on track to be renewedfor another year with little debateor scrutiny.In today’s climate of tightbudgets and growing publicoutrage over tax laws that createincentives to move jobs andinvestments offshore, it is timeto permanently close two of thegaping loopholes in the extendersbill which reward that verybehavior.The General Electric offshoretax loophole – known on CapitolHill as the “Active FinancingException” – was repealed aspart of the 1986 reform efforts tomake the tax code fairer. But itanalysis, Grenada and Jamaicaperformed even better. The UnitedStates and China are rated bythe International Monetary Fundat first and second respectively asthe two largest economies in theworld, while Grenada and Jamaicaare ranked at 172 and 113 of 182nations.As I write, there are 3 more daysto go and more medals will be wonby several countries, including thetwo leaders, the US and China, andalso Jamaica.In track and field, Caribbeanathletes have shown that they areamong the world’s best. This iscause for much pride by the peopleof these two English-speaking Caribbeancountries and their partnercountriesin the CommonwealthCaribbean whose total population isjust about five million people. Thephenomenal Usain Bolt, who hasspectacularly won two gold medalsin the 100 and 200 metres events,and Yohan Blake, who took silver,behind him are as much heroes oftheir neighbouring English-speakingCaribbean countries as theyare of their native Jamaica. So tooIt’s never right togive tax giveawaysto prosperouscorporations.are Warren Weir who gave Jamaicaa clean sweep in the 200 metresby taking the bronze, and HansleParchment who won bronze in the110 metre hurdles. The Jamaicanwomen Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce(gold and silver in the 100 metresand 200 metres respectively) andVeronica Campbell Brown (bronzein the 100 metres) are also specialheroines upholding the prowess ofCaribbean womanhood and takingon the best of the United States.It should be noted that, of theEnglish-speaking Caribbean countries,Trinidad and Tobago also wona bronze medal through GordonLalonde who was third in the Men’s400 metres event. Other Caribbeanathletes, such as Antigua’sDaniel Bailey and Barbados’ RyanBrathwaite, creditably made it tothe finals and semi-finals.But beyond the marvellous performancesby these athletes is areality that, apart from Jamaica,the development of sports personsin the English-speaking Caribbeancountries is woefully poor. Neithergovernments nor the private sec-Continued on Page 12came back in 1997 after a fiercelobbying effort led by GeneralElectric as a one-year temporarymeasure. It has been dutifullyrenewed six times since.The U.S. tax code requirescompanies to count “passiveincome” from things like financingcustomer purchases as U.S.income regardless of where inthe world these transactionstake place. This is because thesefinancial transactions are easy tomanipulate and make it look likedomestic income is being earnedoffshore.The GE offshore tax loopholeis, as the official name says, anexception to the rule. It blessesthe very sort of manipulationsthat the tax code seeks to avoid.It is one of the principle reasonsGeneral Electric reported aneffective tax rate of just 1.8 percentover the last decade, accordingto Citizens for Tax Justice.When one of our nation’s mostpowerful corporations pays aneffective tax rate of less than 2percent, you know our Treasuryhas a giant hole in it.The “Active Financing Exception”is also widely used by banksand is one of the reasons thebanking industry has one of thelowest effective tax rates amongall industry groups. There is noexcuse for extending a loopholethat allows banks to pay lowereffective tax rates than smallbusinesses and working Americanswho bailed out the bankingindustry.The Apple offshore tax loopholealso creates an exceptionto the normal tax rules. Knownformally inside the Beltway asthe “CFC Look-Through Rule”,this loophole allows companieslike Apple to indefinitely deferpayment of taxes on things likepatents, royalties and licenses, ifearnings from these transactionsare passed between offshore enti-Continued on Page 12

Veep choice further defines this raceMitt Romney’s stuttering advancetoward his party’s anointing in a fewdays and the election in Novembercontinues just as bland and predictableas his candidacy has beensince he began quest No. 2 for thepresidency. The latest attempt toinject some pizzazz into the routine– the addition of Congressman PaulRyan to the ticket – was, in the finalanalysis, as formulaic as everythingelse about Romney’s bid, even if theRyan choice as running mate wasn’texactly a foregone conclusion amongprognosticators.Although Romney started off asthe presumptive nominee in thecrowded field of contenders for thenomination, the GOP’s long, roughprimary season saw him stretchedevery which way trying to sell theparty faithful on his conservativebona fides. Given the support garneredby Rick Santorum and otherright-wing darlings along the way,it’s obvious that Romney hadn’t altogethermade that sale by the timehe made it to the finish line. And itwas only natural that, like the SarahPalin package thrust upon JohnMcCain four years ago, GOP puppetmasters – mega donors and assortedother gurus – would be dictating thebedrock-right stock from which theThe11thAnnualLiberty MedalAwardsViewpointBy Les Slatervice presidential nominee had to beplucked. Enter Paul Ryan.Ryan, they’ve been saying, hasbrought some spirit to the Romneycampaign. Well, in a Romney universe,so would famously poker-facedPatriots head coach Bill Belichick.But an infusion of (relatively) youthfulvigor isn’t all Ryan brings. As ifhe didn’t already have more thanenough on his plate in the way ofcontradictions and what he reallystood for, Romney’s balancing actjust got even more challenging, giventhe extremist positions staked out inthe much ballyhooed budget that hasbecome Ryan’s primary calling card.The Ryan budget’s radical changesfor Medicare, discontinuation of severalother entitlements, cuts in taxesfor the wealthy, among other hatchetswings, are all positions that Romneysurely would rather not have todefend on the campaign trail. In a“60 Minutes” TV interview featuringboth Romney and Ryan, when thosehard-line Ryan budget proposalscame up, Romney’s not-very-assertivereminder that he had a budgetplan of his own was a clear indicationof how much this could complicatematters for him on the stump.Criticism of the Ryan budget bythe Obama camp or folks of progressiveor middle-of-the-road orientationis one thing. The kind ofblast of that document that camein a New York Times op-ed pieceby David Stockman, former budgetdirector in the Reagan administration,couldn’t possibly resonate wellamong the conservative rank andfile. The budget was “devoid of crediblemath or hard political choices,”Stockman said. “Mr. Romney andMr. Ryan have no plan to take onWall Street, the Fed, the militaryindustrial-complex,social insuranceor the nation’s fiscal calamity and noplan to revive capitalist prosperity –just empty sermons.” Yipes!Indeed, Ryan as their pied piper,articulated much of the rhetoric thathas since become well-worn Republican/TeaParty mantra. There’s thefamiliar hash about treating socalled“job creators” as untouchables.They have in one breath criticizedthe money spent to bail outbig banks when the financial collapsecame (a process begun underOur secretSamaritansTHE Olympics will consecutive years.decide the world’s finestathletes, but when year’s great stories from the“I’ll be there for thisit comes to hometown people in this city who haveheroes, there’s no competition:New York has the beston the planet.It’s again time to salutedone something to makeyou feel good about NewYork,” said Philbin. “Thereare so many things like thatour superstar neighbors going on in this town. If youwith the 11th annual NewYork Post Liberty Medalawards, and we’re invitingyou, our readers, totell us about those amongus whose compassion andcourage make this the mostwonderful city on earth.The Post is partneringwith Fox 5 and getting anknow somebody who doesgood things, let us know; wewant to say thanks and tellthem how important theyare to all of us.”You’ll find it easy to nominatesomeone. Just log on submit nominations inthe eight categories outlinedexuberant assist from quintessentialbelow: Leadership, Courage,New Yorker RegisPhilbin, who has emceedthe award ceremony for nineLifetime Achievement,Young Heart, Freedom andone each for the city’s teachers,cops and dfirefighters.Just tell us in 100 wordsor less why your nomineedeserves to be the toast ofthe town. You may nominateonly living people. Andplease nominate as manyheroes as you like.A panel of notable NewYorkers, including NYPDCommissioner Ray Kelly,FDNY Commissioner SalvatoreCassano and Lew Leone,vice president and generalmanager of WNYW-Fox5 andWWOR-My 9, will choosefrom among the nominees ineach category to determinethe winners, who will be honoredby The Post on Oct. 17.Each winner will receivea medal engraved with LadyLiberty’s torch and speciallydesigned for The Post byNew York graphic artist MiltonGlaser, who created theiconic “I New York” logo.InpartnershipwithTM Leadership MedalFor a compassionate,disciplined personwhose activities duringthe past year mostimproved the qualityof life in a borough orneighborhood. Freedom MedalFor an immigrantNew Yorker who bestembodies the valuesof honesty, industriousnessand hardearnedsuccess,ora New Yorker whoreflects the finestqualities of New Yorkto the world. New York’sBravest MedalFor the firefighteror EMS technicianwhose performancein the line of dutybest exemplifiesthe department’sunflinching heroism;to be selected inconsultation with theFDNY. New York’sFinest MedalFor the police officerwhose on-the-job performancereflects thedepartment’s honorand selflessness; tobe selected in consultationwith the NYPDand the Port AuthorityPolice Department. Courage MedalFor a notable act ofbravery by a civilianthat contributed tosaving human life. Educator MedalFor an administratoror teacher who excelsat preparing the nextgeneration of NewYorkers for their futurechallenges.George Bush). And with a straightface have been bitterly opposed toregulations intended to forestall thekind of “runaway train” financialsector behavior that precipitated themeltdown.But besides a laundry list of allegedeconomy-reforming measures thatcuriously impact punitively on thesociety’s most vulnerable while askingno sacrifice of, indeed rewarding, thewell-to-do, Ryan brazenly advocatesan increase in military spending, signalinga desire to return to the typeof neocon interventionist madnessin foreign policy that got the nationensnared in the Iraq booby trap.Small wonder that the Obama campresponded so gleefully when Romneyannounced the Ryan choice.Republicans were already thumbingtheir noses big time at JohnPublic, being totally indifferent,for instance, to polls which haveindicated a majority of Americansfavoring the wealthiest folk beingasked to contribute a bit more tothe tax coffers. Or, again going defiantlyagainst the grain of popularsentiment, opposing the eliminationof subsidies for businesses that arealready hugely profitable, major oilcompanies perhaps the most controversialexample. Republicans’ deificationof their no-tax, pro-big businessoracle, Grover Norquist, continuesrock-solid.And therein lies probably the mostlucid defining of what this year’selection is about. Although the GOPhas traditionally been identified aswedded to business, as opposed topeople, interests, the tilt in that directionhas now become so pronounced,and the stand taken with such inyour-facearrogance, it actually hasattained proportions of incredulity.The ranks of GOP/Tea Party supportersobviously contain a hugeoverflow beyond that one or two percentwho constitute the most well-todopeople in the country. This classicformation, in which the marchingsong of the Republican side isuncompromising alignment withthe interests of the haves, even to theextent of indifference as to how farethe rest, figures to be quite revealing.We should learn how much someamong the masses are prepared torisk personal well being, economicsurvival even, in blind loyalty to anunconscionable demagoguery.Democracy isn’t supposed toreward leaders for a “The heck withyou!” hurled at the people. Election2012 could well be that truism’s ultimateacid test.2012 LIBERTY MEDAL CATEGORIES Young HeartMedalFor the youth under17 who most impressivelydisplayedadult resolve — notfor a physical featbut for behavior thatdemonstrates moralcharacter or maturejudgment — in thepast year. LifetimeAchievement MedalFor the individualwhose accomplishmentsreflect the verybest of our city.How to Nominate Your Hero for ®Go to Fill out a nomination 2 Or mail your essay with the fullyform and tell us in 100 wordsor less about an outstandingcompleted printed nomination formlocated at to:New Yorker who you feelNew York Post 2012 Liberty Medalsdeserves to be recognized.Nomination CategoryBefore submitting your1211 Sixth Avenue, Promotions Department,nomination, please identifyNew York, NY 10036-8790the category for which yourcandidate is nominated. For nomination rules, go to and online entries must be received by 5 p.m. E.D.T. on 9/14/12. Mailed entries must bepostmarked by 9/14/12 and received by 9/18/12. Incomplete forms/entries will be disqualified.3 Or faxyourcompletednominationform to:(212)997-9272Page 11 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17–23, 2012

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 12Continued from Page 10tor in the region are contributingto the development of sports inthe quantities that they should.Yet, everyone basks in the superbaccomplishment of Caribbean athleteswho triumph largely becauseof their natural talent and dedication.Caribbean countries have beenlucky to have unearthed personswith natural talent, but that talentalone will not sustain themin the future against competitionfrom athletes from other countrieswhose governments and privatesector are investing heavily inthem precisely because they wantglorious results at the Olympicsand other international games.For any athlete, while a substantialpart of his or her capacity resides innatural talent, they will fail if theyare denied financial support, goodcoaching and tireless training.This has been the basis for China’ssuccess. Once identified, itssports persons are taken out oftheir homes and away from theirfamilies to spend years in rigoroustraining and coaching camps. Thisis the extreme position. No countryhas to go as far as separatingsports persons from their homesand family for the inordinatelength of time that China does, butall countries that want their sportspeople to do well because of thepride it brings to their people andthe joy of seeing them win, have toinvest in the facilities they need tobecome world champions.Jamaica in the English-speakingCaribbean has invested more thanany other country in the developmentof its athletics and sprinting,and it is reaping the benefits.In the case of Kirani James ofGrenada, it should be recalled thathe is a student at the Universityof Alabama in the US, where hehas benefitted from the skills of aremarkable coach, Harvey Glance,and facilities that are far superiorto anything in the region.OP-EDSCarib sports training facilityCaribbean athleteshave shown thatthey are among theworld’s best.Even as the London 2012 Olympicevents were in full swing, withthe host country achieving a recordcollection of medals, leading sportspersons warned the British governmentnot to cut spending forsport. They cautioned that anycuts would have dire consequencesfor the performance of Britishsports persons in the 2016 OlympicGames in Brazil. The people of theEnglish-speaking Caribbean haveevery reason to be proud of theirathletes and of the impact theyare making on the world, but thispride will not be sustained unlessgovernments and the private sectorsinvest in the facilities thesegifted athletes need. To ensurefuture champions, how about asingle sports academy manned byoutstanding coaches, located inJamaica and funded by all the governmentsand private sectors ofthe Caribbean Community, for theregion’s elite athletes?The writer is a Consultant andformer Caribbean diplomat)Responses and previous commentaries:www.sirronaldsanders.comEnd offshore tax loopholesContinued from Page 10ties of the corporation.When a consumer purchases asong recorded by an American artistin a Los Angeles studio fromiTunes, that transaction most likelyis booked in Ireland, before thefunds make their way to anothertax haven country like Luxembourgafter a brief stop in The Netherlands.This loophole allows Apple tohave amassed more than $23 billionin offshore accounts, all of which isuntaxed in the U.S.Technology and pharmaceuticalcompanies commonly use this loopholeto strip earnings from theirdomestic operations and throughaccounting acrobatics shift themto offshore subsidiaries where the“foreign profits” are free from U.S.taxation.These two loopholes alone costthe U.S. Treasury more than $5billion a year. To put that amountin perspective, it’s more than thebudget of the Small BusinessAdministration.These loopholes distort the playingfield between multinationalcorporations and small businesses.When big corporations dodge theirtaxes, it gives them a competitiveadvantage over small businesses andundermines our economy. Ninetyonepercent of small business ownerssaid that U.S. multinational corporationsusing accounting loopholesto shift U.S. profits offshore isa problem in a recent national survey.Moreover, 75 percent said theirbusinesses are personally harmedwhen big corporations use loopholesto avoid taxes.It’s never right to give tax giveawaysto prosperous corporationsthat reward them for using cleveraccounting gimmicks to ship jobsand investments offshore.It’s even more irresponsible ata time when millions of Americansneed jobs and we are cuttinggovernment budgets for education,public safety, transportation infrastructure,research and other servicesand investments we need for astrong economy.It’s time to end the exceptions,close the loopholes and have bigcorporations pay their fair share.Scott Klinger is the tax policydirector of Business for SharedProsperity.Feuer Nursing ReviewCelebrating 41 Years of Helping NursingStudents Pass the RN/LPN NCLEXMention “Caribbean” – Get $40 off TuitionMust mention code during registrationLive Review Schedule:New York: September 29-October 4, 2012New York: January 26-31, 2013New York: March 30-April 4, 2013One-DayPharmacologyCourse andRN/LPN HomeStudies Available$1,000$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000$25,000LOANS AVAILABLEReplace Your CarExpand a BusinessBuy MerchandiseEducate a ChildImprove a StoreFurnish a HomeBuild a FutureHelp a RelativeCall us today!800-Feuer-RN or800-338-3776www.f-n-r.netwww.brfcu.orgGroup DiscountsAvailable! Serving the community since 19349000 4th Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11209Tel: 718-680-21211609 Avenue Z | Brooklyn, NY 11235Tel: 718-934-6809 Sheepshead Bay BranchOpen Saturdays 9am–1pm

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You thentake the drugs soon to feel strangelylike you’re not altogether “there” oryou immediately are sick, feel nauseaand vomit the drugs as fast as youswallowed them. When you get sickof that (pardon the pun! I couldn’tresist), you go back to your doctorlooking for another more appealingtreatment. This time it’s physicaltherapy. The thing you already can’tdo!! You already can’t bend over, twist,lift things, and now they want you todo more of it with a bunch of otherback pain sufferers! Gimme a break.Now, you’ve really had it. You try thechiropractor and either you feel betterfor a little while only to have the painreturn, or worse nothing happens atall. Or even worse than that, afteryour treatment you have MOREpain (not because chiropractic doesnot work..your condition is just toodeteriorated or severe). Then you tryacupuncture because you read in amagazine it could help pain. You thenrealize sticking a bunch of needles inyou will not magically remove thebulging disc that is smashing yournerve and causing you pain.You try massage as you read on theinternet massage may help alleviateback pain...only to be disappointed.You’re now beginning to feeldesperate. Back to your primarycare doctor to tell him about youradventures hoping he will have adifferent answer this time. He does.“We can inject pain drugs througha big needle into your spine.” Youcringe in fear and reluctantly agreeat this point. “NOW I will be fixed.”Or at least that’s what you’ve been ledto believe. You have either no painrelief, some pain relief, a whole lot ofpain relief or it makes you have morepain. The second pain shot (oh, yesthere will be a second and a third)is usually less effective or not at alland requires another one. You cometo the realization that pain shots willnot fix the disc bulge or herniationstill smashing your delicate nervescausing you pain. Finally, your doctorrecommends you see a “Specialist”(Back Surgeon) and he can do riskysurgery. If you’ve read the latest articlein the Journal Of American MedicalAssociation*, you will see surgerypatients and non surgery patientsturned out the same ! Why even dothe surgery ? Risk of paralysis, death,infections, more pain. No thanks.So. Back to the question. What areYOU going to do if you are stuckbetween serious back pain or legpain or surgery? Great News! A newextremely effective non surgicalnew back pain treatment is nowavailable in Brooklyn. If you aresuffering from back pain or leg pain,having pain at the belt line, fire downyour legs, numb legs, feet or toes orfeel like a knife is stuck in your backyou owe to yourself to check out thisnew procedure.Finally, Some Good News! Ifyou’ve been suffering with back painor arm/leg pain caused by a discbulge, disc herniation or squashedor compressed discs.My name is Dr. Melinda Keller andI’ve successfully treated hundreds ofpatients with spinal decompressionso there’s no reason your backproblem should be any different.In fact, I’m so confident we can helpyou, I’m willing to back it up...butnot with empty promises.I GUARANTEE you will only beaccepted into our program IF YOUQUALIFY for the treatment AFTERhavingTHE MOSTTHOROUGHAND COMPREHENSIVEASSESSMENT YOU HAVE EVERHAD or I will buy you lunch! (Ihaven’t bought one yet!)Yes! I am very confident, but I can’thelp EVERYBODY. You see, there’sa very small percentage of folks wecan’t help. Here’s what a coupleapplicants said after I told themboth I couldn’t help them:“I was treated very well by the staff.The doctors actually listened to me andI thought they would rush me out of theoffice but didn’t, despite the fact I wasn’ta candidate. The exam I had was verythorough, more so than any doctor Ihave seen yet. The doctor explainedthings to me that no one else ever has.”Non-CandidateBrooklyn, NY“Meeting with the doctor, we discussedand viewed if I was truly a candidate forthe treatment. The doctor let me knowI was not a candidate but did leave thedoor open for me to seek her servicesin the future if I thought I needed herservices.Non-CandidateBrooklyn, NYAnd that’s why I’m offering a limitedtime…The FREE 17 Point“Damaged-Disc”Qualifying AssessmentThat’s right, no charge and noobligation to buy or do anything.But you will find out if you are acandidate for this revolutionary newdisc treatment. 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I cannot thankthe doctor and her staff enough as I ampain free!Bud HillisBrooklyn, NYCall718-559-6989Today!Dr. Melinda Keller1117-57 StreetBrooklyn, NY 11219Tel :*JAMA 2008: 296(20):2441-2450This offer does not apply to federalbeneficiaries or CAN membersPage 13 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17–23, 2012

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 14Revitalizing the ‘hoodMets, NYCHA, Citi, Habitat-NYCBy Tequila MinskyFormer center fielder and NY Mets coachMookie Wilson shared his favorite foods andcooking tips with Mets great Ron Darling asthey both painted swaths of color recently inthe hall of the King Towers Community Centerin Harlem. The Center is in the New York CityHousing Authority complex at East 115th St.As part of Habitat-NYC’s ‘Brush With Kindness’program, the Mets alums, 25 Citi volunteersand family partners brought fresh colorsto the Center’s rooms and a vivid new muralto brighten the hallway. Kings Towers has 10buildings.At nearby Taft Houses, the Youth ChorusOffice also benefitted from the “Teammates inthe Community” volunteer efforts on a verysoggy May 24.This is the fourth year that the Mets, Citiand Habitat-NYC have teamed up together.This year, New York City Housing Authorityjoined them.Fielding raindrops during the outdoor presentations,Victor Gonzalez, the first publichousing resident Board Member, mentionedthat 40 centers in the Housing Authority havebeen painted through the ‘Brush With Kindness’program, “brightening up spaces we callhome.” He said, “This activity creates inspirationand changes lives of those it touches.”Pitching legend Ron Darling is a Habitat-NYC Board member and comes out for allthe Mets–Citi–Habitat events. “It’s a winningpartnership with a long-standing commitmentto the community. As a team we willwork together to revitalize the rooms andareas where young people and residents of thisneighborhood gather every day,” he said, keepinghis remarks brief to avoid the impendingdeluge.Thanking the Mets alumni and Citi volunteers,Bill Borden of Citi spoke of how muchthe partnership between these four institutionscollectively makes a tremendous impact.Borden painted a segment of the mural.Family partner Aisha Torres, a 28-year-oldhospital police officer and single mom with asix-year-old son, painted alongside the baseballlegends. She has completed 50 of her 200 sweatequity hours. “This is an awesome program,”she gushed. “I never thought I’d be able toafford to buy something. This is security formy son’s future.”She appreciates learning the building andhome ownership skills that are part of theHabitat homeowner experience and meetingpeople from all walks of life as she puts in hersweat equity hours. Living in Mill Basin now,Aisha hopes to move into a new two-bedroomhome in Bed-Stuy, this fall.Mr. Mets, the team’s mascot and NYCHABoard Member Victor Gonzalez (center)were on hand with the high profile Mets’alumn and the energetic Citi volunteers.Photo by Tequila Minsky‘Brush with Kindness’ serves as a companionto Habitat-NYC’s core building services,enabling them to serve more familiesand increase opportunities for volunteers andsponsors. The program is designed to revitalizethe appearance of the neighborhood andencourage connections within the communitywhile preserving affordable housing stock.At work too was Habitat-NYC volunteerAnthony Collins, honored the next day in apre-game ceremony on the field with a “Teammatesin the Community” award for his 10years of volunteering for Habitat-NYC. Theaward recognizes individuals who have demonstratedextraordinary ways to give back tothe community.TourismconferenceBy Azad AliTrinidad and Tobago willhost two tourism conferencesscheduled for next year, whichare intended to promote thecountry as a travel destination.Minister of Tourism StephenCadiz told a press conferencethat the two meetings are theCaribbean Tourism Organization(CTO) conference onSustainable Tourism Developmentas well as the 11th TravelProfessionals of Color (TPOC)International Conference andTrade Show.Gail Henry, CTO’s sustainabletourism product specialist,said the organization’s conferencewill address issues facingthe economy, society and theenvironment and find solutionsto themCharlotte Haymore, presidentof TPOC said the conference,which is to be hostednext August, will help Trinidadand Tobago and the UnitedStates to intertwine throughworkshops and seminars.TESTOSTERONEAre any of these problems or diseases part of your life?❖ Fatigue?❖ Anxiety?❖ Depression?❖ Type II Diabetes?❖ Vascular Diseases?❖ Weight Gain?❖ Confusion?❖ Weakness?❖ Osteoporosis?❖ Shortness Of Breath?❖ Lost Interest In Sex?❖ Lack Of Self-Esteem?❖ Lack Of Motivation?❖ Poor Self-Confi dence❖ Coronary Disease?❖ Erectile Dysfunction?❖ Sexual Discomfort?❖ Lost Sexual Feelings?❖ Heart Failure?❖ Menstrual Cramps?In both men and women these conditions are caused by, or worsened by, the lack of sufficient testosterone, andall are almost always significantly helped or eliminated by testosterone replacement. Testosterone has been availableby prescription for fifty-seven years. Testosterone replacement is safe and effective in both men and women.Testosterone deficiency treatmentis covered by most insurances.Get your testosterone level checked!!!Martin Slavin, MD 718-444-7040

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Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 16Call For Pricing & InfoNow CarryingErnest HemingwayVintage InspiredEyewearWith Crown Prince Harry in the lead and all the British tabloids following his everymove, the Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt (seen here with a special fan, Great Britain’sdouble-gold winner “Mo” Farrah, after his record-breaking 100-meters run), clearlywas the favorite of the people of Great Britain, who cheered his every move duringthe 30th Olympiad in London.Photo by Clive BrunskillBritain loves BoltMonday-Friday 9am-6pm; Saturday 10am-5pm; Closed SundayBy Vinette K. PryceGreat Britain loves sportsand as evidenced in Londonat the 30th Olympiad, theBritish loves Usain Bolt.From the day the athletearrived at his training campat Birmingham University,reporters, fans and curiousLondoners stalked theman known as the fasteston earth.On arriving at the OlympicVillage, a security forcehad to ensure his daily arrivalsand departure. Whileinside, he was hounded byvolunteers, workers and fellowOlympians in search ofautographs.His entrance inside theOlympic Stadium was nocasual walk.Spectators cheered eachday as if HRH Queen ElizabethII had parachuted intothe venue.Bolt obliged each cheer,clowning, mimicking England’sbest 10,000 metresrunner and even hi-fived afew workers and volunteers.Prince Harry, one of theroyal cheerleaders did notmiss Bolt’s record-breakingruns.An NBC commentatorsaid the crown princearrived at the stadium intime to watch Bolt run the220 meter race, the sameone he blazed to victory inBeijing, China, four yearsago. The prince had alreadywatched him win the goldin the 100 metres race andreturned to see the athletehe visited at his trainingcamp in Kingston, Jamaicaearlier this year.All eyes were on Bolt, hesaid.With a capacity 85,000crowd inside the Olympicvenue, Bolt’s mettle wastested and scrutinized bysome of the world’s bestanalysts, athletes, criticsand fans.According to theannouncer, sitting in a vantagefrom a curve, he wasable to see the prince as wellas Bolt.“As soon as the raceended, right after Bolt won,the prince ran out of hisseat,” he said.Undoubtedly, PrinceHarry headed straight toBolt and Team Jamaica tooffer his compliments onhis world-record breakingand Olympic back-to-backrun.The prince was not theonly celebrity fan.Great Britain’s doublegold winner Mohammed“Mo” Farah publicly displayedhis admiration forthe Jamaican, superstar.After winning his secondgold, Mo tried to out-do Boltby doing sit-ups comparableto the push-ups Bolt demonstratedafter his win runningthe 200 metres.Like Bolt’s “to the world”signature pose, the SomaliabornMo draws cheers andjubilation with his Mobot.The overhead, heartshapedgesture seems to fireup Brits watching the sport.And although Mo knowshow, Bolt also knows howto please British crowds.Saturday, the final dayof track and field events,the two traded mimicry byamusing them demonstratingeach other’s pose.Photo by Mike Hewitt

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Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 18SMALL BUSINESSSmall Business Energy | on Small Business Energy Bills andCompare Rates. Get a Quote Now!NYC Small Business ResourceCenter | The New York PublicLibrarysmallbiz.nypl.orgSmall Business Services -Empire State DevelopmentNew Business - BusinessFirst - New York CARIBBEAN BUSINESS REPORTNew business generators and job creators in AmericaPartnership for A NewAmerican EconomyThe Partnership for aNew American Economy –a group of more than 450Republican, Democratic, andIndependent mayors andbusiness leaders who supportimmigration reformsthat will help create jobs forAmericans – today releaseda new report, “Open for Business:How Immigrants AreDriving Business Creationin the United States,” thatfound that immigrants wereresponsible for 28 percent ofnew U.S. businesses in 2011and are increasingly likelyto start a business just asthe rate of new business generationamong native-bornAmericans declines. Thereport also found that immigrantbusinesses collectivelygenerated more than $775billion in revenue, $100 millionin income and employone of every ten people workingfor private companies.The Partnership released thisreport today at two forumson “The Economics and Politicsof Immigration” in thepresidential campaign headquartercities of Chicago,IL and Boston, MA. Chicago’sforum, held at 8:00AM CDT this morning andcohosted by the Chicago EconomicClub, included PartnershipCo-Chair New YorkCity Mayor Michael Bloombergand former White HouseChief of Staff William M.Daley, and was moderated byAndrea Mitchell of MSNBC.At the Boston forum, whichwill be at 6:00 PM EDT andcohosted by the New EnglandCouncil, Mayor Bloombergwill be joined by News Corp.Chief Executive Officer andPartnership Co-Chair RupertMurdoch in a discussionmoderated by Gerald Seib ofThe Wall Street Journal.“Both parties’ presidentialcandidates agree thatthe main issue of the campaignis the economy, andyet neither candidate is talkingabout one of the mosteffective and cost-free ways togenerate economic growth:immigration reform,” saidMayor Bloomberg. “It’s timefor the two candidates to stopusing immigration reformas a wedge issue and startlistening to Democratic andRepublican business leadersand mayors who agree onRESOURCES2012 New York, NY SmallBusiness Resources: InternetBibliographies: New YorkState business-related web sitescompiled by staff at the New York StateLibrary for use in response to referencequestions.Start a Business in New York— Resources for New YorkSmall resources and advice on starting acommon sense reforms thatwould create jobs across thecountry.”“In an election seasonfocused on the economy, thisreport’s findings that immigrantsare playing a large andgrowing role in starting thecompanies that are puttingAmericans back to workshould be an invitation topolicy makers to stop usingimmigration as a partisanpolitical tool and start usingit as a way to jump start oureconomy,” said former WhiteHouse chief of staff WilliamM. Daley. “Just as their doorsare open for business, America’sdoors need to be opento the very people who arejob creators and economicdrivers.”“America is a great nationbuilt on the hard work andingenuity of immigrants, andour economic prosperity willdepend upon our ability tounleash innovation and competein the global marketplace,”said Rupert Murdoch.“Unfortunately, Washingtonhas failed to enact immigrationpolicies that acknowledgethe role of immigrantsin our economic successes,or consistently support theemployment needs of America’sbusinesses. We have toget beyond politics and antiquatednotions about immigrationif we are serious aboutattracting and retaining thebusiness in New York City. Get informationon New York business licenses andincorporation, free NYC resources forstarting a business.Your Money New York - Helpand Resources for section of Your Money New York isdesigned to help small business owners –and New Yorkers interested in starting asmall business.Small Business Resources -The Business Council of Business Blog - Read about theissues.Visit to learn whatNew York State can do for talent in America.”The report looks at thesteadily growing importanceof immigrant entrepreneursto the American economyand examines the ways inwhich immigrant entrepreneursplay a vital role in newbusiness creation:•While the entrepreneurshiprate of native-born Americanshas slowly declined overthe last 15 years, the entrepreneurshiprate of immigrantshas climbed by over50 percent.•Immigrants are nowmore than twice as likely asthe native-born to start abusiness and, in 2011, wereresponsible for more than onein every four (28 percent) newU.S. businesses, significantlyoutpacing their share of thepopulation (12.9 percent).•While immigrant-startedbusinesses tend to be smallerthan those started by nativebornAmericans, they have alarge collective impact on theeconomy. Immigrant-ownedbusinesses now employ oneout of every 10 workers inprivately-owned companiesand contribute more than$775 billion in revenue, $125billion in payroll and $100million in income to the U.S.economy.To better understand whothe new immigrant entrepreneursare and in what regionsand industries they make themost impact, the report alsoexamines where immigrantbusiness owners come from,what sectors of the economythey contribute to most,and which states are mostaffected by their contributions.The report’s in-depthanalysis reveals additionalevidence of the importance ofimmigrant entrepreneurs toAmerica’s economic growthin the coming years:•Over the past 10 years,immigrant business incomegrew by more than 60 percent,while income fromnative-owned businesses onlygrew by 14.4 percent, a ratenot sufficient to keep up withinflation.•Immigrant-owned businessesare more than 60 percentmore likely to exportthan non-immigrant ownedbusinesses, and in recentyears, exports accounted forabout half the growth in theU.S. economy.•Immigrants start morethan 25 percent of all businessesin seven of the eightsectorsof the economy thatthe U.S. government expectsto grow fastest over the nextdecade (health care andsocial assistance companies,professional and businessservices, constructionfirms, retail trade, educationalservices, “other services”,and transportationand utilities.)Resources for Businesses inNew York City - you operate a business in New YorkCity, you are especially fortunate. Thecity has pulled together a wealth ofresources for small business owners.Small Business ResourceGuide - New York - items – to assist the small businesscommunity in the State of New York.Empire State DevelopmentStrategic Business DivisionMinority and Women’sBusiness DevelopmentNew York Regional Office 26 FederalPlaza, Suite 3108. New York, NY 10278

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Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 20Barbados to host region’slargest economic forumBy Nelson A. KingThe Inter-AmericanDevelopment Bank (IDB)says Barbados will this yearhost the 15th Inter-AmericanMicroenterprise Forum(Foromic 2012), the biggestannual microfinance andmicroenterprise developmentevent in Latin Americaand the Caribbean.The Washington-basedfinancial institution saidon Aug. 10 that more than1,000 participants areexpected to attend Foromic,which for the firsttime ever will be held inan English-speaking Caribbeancountry.The IDB said the Oct.1–3 event will focus on“innovative ways to unlockentrepreneurship.”It is being organizedby the Multilateral InvestmentFund (MIF), a memberof the IDB Group, incollaboration with the Governmentof Barbados.The IDB said impactinvestors and delegatesfrom financial and microfinanceinstitutions, associationsof micro-entrepreneurs,government agencies,non-governmentalorganizations, internationalorganizations, foundationsand the academiaworking in the sector willparticipate in the forum.The first day of the conferencefocuses on Barbadosand the Caribbean,with panels discussingdevelopment opportunitiesfor small businesses,microfinance, entrepreneurshipamong youthand women, and emergingbusiness from renewableenergies, the IDB said.It said the second daywill highlight innovativefinancing models for smalland medium-sized businesses,as well as expandingbusiness models to providefinancial services forthe poor beyond microfinanceto include savings.“As in previous years,the latest developmentsin microfinance are at thecenter of the event, whichwill have panels presentinglessons learned aboutthe effective use of newtechnologies in providingfinancial services,improvements in corporategovernance, and promisinginnovations in rural andagricultural finance,” theIDB said.It said the final day willfeature panels on impactinvesting as an opportunityfor the Caribbean,and ways to unlock womenentrepreneurship.The IDB said the conferencewill close with a seminaron improving clientprotection and financingmodels to finance greenbusinesses, particularlyrelated to renewable energyand energy efficiency.Caymanian expats win tax debateBy David McFaddenKINGSTON, Jamaica(AP) - The Cayman Islandsis scrapping a plan toimpose a direct income taxon thousands of expatriatesworking in the BritishCaribbean territory that isfamed as a no-tax financialcenter.Premier McKeeva Bushissued a terse statementlate Monday saying that hisproposed tax was “off thetable and will not be implemented.”He did not saywhat alternative revenuesmight replace it.The islands’ leader saidonly that his administrationwas “satisfied thatmany of the commitmentsfrom the private sector” willmeet his demands for a newsource of revenue for thegovernment that won’t hitthe poorest citizens. He hasbeen huddling with businessleaders in recent days.Zero direct taxation,friendly regulations and theglobal money they luredhave transformed the tinyBritish territory into theworld’s sixth largest financialcenter, with $1.6 trillionofficially booked internationalassets.Bush announced inlate July that he plannedto impose a direct tax onexpatriate workers’ incomeSept. 1 to bail the territorialgovernment out of a financialhole and to meet Britain’sdemand that Caymandiversify its sources of revenuebeyond the work permitfees, duties and otherfees it now relies on.He later said the annualincome threshold would be$36,000, which would haveaffected about 5,870 expatriates.He described it as a“community enhancementfee” rather than a tax.The proposal outragedmany people, who said thetax would be discriminatoryand could destroy theislands’ main economicanchor.On Tuesday, many expatriateswere still left guessingabout what the newrevenue measures wouldinclude.“The only reaction isconfusion as the uncertaintycontinues. At least hehas removed this one taxthat would have been ourdeath sentence,” said GrandCayman real estate brokerKim Lund, who added thatseveral deals fell throughafter Bush announced thetax plan.Some wealthy expatriateshad said they plannedto leave Grand Cayman,where accountants, lawyersand other skilled professionalswork in coastaloffices looking out on clear,blue seas.Eden Hurlston, a localman who was a vocalmember of a roughly11,000-member Facebookgroup called “Caymanians& Expats Against Taxation,”said he believes the controversyover the scrappedtax has helped people onthe islands realize they candemand more accountabilityfrom their leaders.You are Cordially Invited to Celebrate Trinidad& Tobago 50th Independence AnniversaryAugust 25th, 2012New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge333 Adams Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201Cocktail: Dinner/Dancing: 9:00pm–1:00amMusic by Sunshine BandGolden Jubilee HonoreesMachel MontanoSoca SuperstarEntertainer of the Year AwardWendell Adrian MottleySenior Advisor andInvestment Banker–Credit SuisseLeadership AwardMohan JaikaranBusinessman and EntrepreneurBusinessman of The Year AwardJean LeonHumanitarian AwardGiselle Jeanne-MarieLaronde-WestFormer Miss World–1986Image AwardSonny LawrenceTATUCA’s LifetimeAchievement AwardTickets $150.00 Dress Formal–Black Tie

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Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 22Is my obesity related to my depression?By Peter Jackson, CPTQ: I am a 30-year-oldman, 5’9” and I weigh 245pounds. I am depressedbecause I am so overweightand so I eat even more. Iread somewhere that thereason some people can’tlose weight is because oflow serotonin levels. Is thatconnected to my being overweight?A: The fact that you havereached out to me indicatesthat you realize you needhelp – and that’s an importantfirst step. My first recommendationwould be tosee a physician who can giveyou a thorough physicalexamination and determinewhat, if any, underlyingmedical conditions are contributingto your obesity.Secondly, you should seekthe help of an experiencedfitness professional you canhelp you with an exerciseprogram and offer guidanceon a healthy food plan.There is no magic pill ordiet to lose body fat. In theend it comes down to learninghow to eat the right foodsin the correct portions andengaging in regular exercisecomprising both cardio andstrength training. That’s thecold, hard truth.Your personal trainer cancalculate exactly how muchfat you need to lose. For a30-year-old man like yourself,12-15 percent body fatwould be considered good.A pound of fat equatesto approximately 3,500 calories,so burning 500 caloriesmore than you eat each day(500 x 7 days = 3,500) willlead to a pound of fat loss ina week. Health professionalsadvise against losing morethan 1.5-2 pounds of fat perweek.I am not in a position tomake a connection betweenyour obesity and possible lowlevels of serotonin, but I canaddress this topic in generalterms. Serotonin (5-hydroxytrptamine)is a chemicalproduced naturally by thebody which essentially helpsbrain cells communicate.It can help to calm anxiety,relieve mild depression,improve sleep and create ageneral sense of well-being.Changes in the levelof this neurotransmittercaused by excessive use ofalcohol and caffeine, a lackof exercise, smoking anddiabetes, among other factors,have been attributedto a number of conditionsincluding insomnia and, yes,obesity.Low serotonin levelsadversely change our mood,so much so that drugs prescribedto treat depressionand anxiety are typicallyengineered to work byincreasing serotonin production.Americans spend$3 billion a year or more ondrugs to treat depression andanxiety, according to publishedreports, but there aresimple, inexpensive steps wecan take to influence ourmood naturally.HEALTHThe simple fact is this:We are what we eat becausewhat we eat affects how wefeel.Scientists have discoveredthat our diet influences thebrain’s neurotransmitters –including serotonin – andcertain foods affect the naturalproduction of this importantchemical.Serotonin is made followinga chemical reaction withtryptophan, an essentialamino acid which is presentin varying amounts in allprotein foods. Here are afew:Turkey: Ever notice howrelaxed you get after eatingturkey at Thanksgiving dinner?That’s because turkeycontains high levels of tryptophanfrom which serotoninis made. Turkey and otherlean meats including roastbeef, tenderloin and skinlesschicken breasts are goodsources of tryptophan.Salmon: Wild fatty fishlike salmon, mackerel andsardines and packed withtryptophan and omega-3fatty acids which positivelyaffect mood. A 3.5 ounceserving of salmon contains22 grams of protein and is anexcellent source of omega-3fats. Put wild fish on yourdinner table at least once aweek.Eggs: Eggs are one of thebest, natural sources of protein(6.3 grams per egg) andare rich in amino acids andnutrients the body needs.Forget egg substitutes and,please, eat the yolk! Scientistshave now dispelled themyth that eggs yolks have adirect link to heart attacks.Dietary cholesterol foundin eggs yolks are no longerbelieved to impact serumcholesterol which can lead tocoronary disease.Bananas: Bananas havebeen called “the world’s perfectfood” – and with goodcause. This amazing fruit isrich in vitamin C, fiber, mineralsand potassium. A littleknown fact is that bananascontain tryptophan, and soalso contributes to a positivemood.Flax Oil Or Flaxseeds:Flaxseed oil is a great sourceof omega-3 fatty acids and isknown for its anti-inflammatoryproperties. Other nutsand seeds such as peanuts,almonds, sesame seeds, walnutsand pecans similarlycontain generous levels oftryptophan.Peter Jackson is nationally-syndicatedfitness columnist.Courtesy HealthyLiving News$99 MOVE IN SPECIALBrand New Studios 1, 2 & 3 Bdrms, Furnished & Unfurnished, Short and Long Term LeasesQUEENS: 718-943-1150 or 718-291-3331 NASSAU: 516-292-6071Some with Free Gas, Gym, LaundromatBrand New Kitchens and Bathrooms24 Hr. Maintenance and Emergency Repairs24 Hr. Surveillance all Sites.Professional and Friendly StaffZARA REALTY HOLDING CORP.166-07 HILLSIDE AVENUE JAMAICA NY 11432VISIT US AT WWW.ZARAREALTY.COMClean, Secure, Comfortable & AffordablePresent This Coupon & Receive up to $200NOT TO BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER OFFEROFFER EXPIRES DEC 2012

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Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 24Intense cardio that’s not for everyoneBy Peter Jackson, CPTQ: I have a friend who haslost massive amounts offat doing High IntensityInterval Training. Whatexactly is this and will itwork for me? I’m 36, 6’,175, about 9% body fat.A: High Intensity IntervalTraining (HIIT) is a formof cardiovascular exerciseperformed in a short periodat an intense rate, followedby a less intense recoveryperiod and repeated multipletimes during the samesession.Yes, it has its benefitswhich include acceleratedfat loss and cardio conditioning,but it can be agrueling workout and isn’tfor everybody. Given yourstats (six feet tall and 175lbs. with only 9% body fat),HIIT certainly isn’t theprogram I would prescribefor you if your goals are tobuild muscle.Example: For an individualwanting to try HIIT ona treadmill, I would havehim warm-up at a comfortablebut brisk intensity for5 minutes. Then I’d havehim sprint at full intensity,no-holds-barred, for 45seconds to a minute. Forthe next two minutes duringthe “recovery” phase,he would jog at a comfortablepace. We wouldthen repeat this pattern ofsprint and recovery about 6to 10 times and finish it offwith a cool-down. The totalworkout should take 15-20minutes.The benefits of this typeof training are numerous.The major one is improvedoxygen uptake or EPOC(Excess Post-Exercise OxygenConsumption). In verybasic terms, this meansyou will be consuming alot more oxygen for thenext 24 hours, raising yourmetabolism and, in turn,burning more fat.The other big benefitto HIIT is that it worksboth the aerobic and theanaerobic system. Exercisephysiologist ElizabethQuinn explains itthis way:“During the high intensityefforts, the anaerobicsystem uses the energystored in the muscles (glycogen)for short bursts ofactivity. Anaerobic metabolismworks without oxygen,but the by-product islactic acid. As lactic acidbuilds, the athlete entersoxygen debt, and it is duringthe recovery phase thatthe heart and lungs worktogether to “pay back” thisoxygen debt and break downthe lactic acid. It is in thisphase that the aerobic systemis using oxygen to convertstored carbohydratesinto energy. It’s thoughtthat by performing highintensity intervals thatproduce lactic acid duringpractice, the body adaptsand burns lactic acid moreefficiently during exercise.HEALTHThis means athletes canexercise at a higher intensityfor a longer period oftime before fatigue or painslows them down.”The next time you spendtime on a treadmill, trya pre-programmed intervaltraining set and seefor yourself if this type oftraining is for you.Tip Of The Week ThePower Of Vitamin DVitamin D was consideredso vital to buildingstrong bones that in the1930s the U.S. governmentmandated that milk be fortifiedwith it. This amazingvitamin, which worksto increase the absorptionof calcium from foods andsupplements, has beenfound in more recent studiesto play a vital role indefending the body againsta host of illnesses includingcolds, heart disease,asthma, diabetes and cancer.People over 50 tend tobe at greatest risk for vitaminD deficiencies oftenresulting in osteoporosis.More recently, a high percentageof HIV+ individualshave been found tohave vitamin D deficiencies.Experts recommendbeginning a vitamin D supplementregimen by taking1,000 IU per 25 pounds ofbody weight. Consult withyour doctor or registereddietitian before any type ofsupplementation.Peter Jackson is nationally-syndicatedfitness columnist.Peter welcomesyour questions at orvisit him online at Healthy LivingNewshealth & wellnessEXPO2012Saturday, September 8th, 11:00am - 6:00pm atWHY YOU SHOULD BE PART OF OUR HEALTH EXPO Kings Plaza Mall is the LARGEST mall in all of Brooklyn! Saturday, September 8 is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. THOUSANDS of adults & children will pass through the exposition area. Our inaugural expo was wildly popular; all of our vendors renewed!You will be reaching families and decision-makers oneducational, financial, social, recreational, & health issues!SPACE STILL AVAILABLEFor booth & sponsorship info contactStephanie Stellaccio at (718) 260-2575or sstellaccio@cnglocal.comMost Major Insurances AcceptedStephen Finger, M.D. 718-692-1515Board Certified Otolaryngology.Ear, Nose & Throat–Facial Plastic Surgery2256 Hendrickson Street (1 Block from Kings Plaza)VISIT US ON THE WEB AT: www.drfinger.comVisit our blog: thepointingfinger.blogspot.comFREE WIFI

BUSINESS BROOKLYN STYLE – ADVERTISEMENTBrooklyn’s ‘bread boss’ takes on newest ventureBy Camille SperrazzaIf he had starting working in the shoe businessas a teen, rather than the bakery business,he might have been Manolo Blahnik, he says.Instead, Joseph Ayoub’s first job was at alocal bakery, and the rest is history. Brooklynhistory, that is.Baked in Brooklynopened in Greenwood Heights in April.Maybe you don’t recognize his name, butodds are you eat the bread he produces. Callhim the “Bread Boss,” because Ayoub is thebrains behind Aladdin Middle Eastern-stylebread and more than 100 other types of bakedgoods, all created right here in the borough,for the last 40 years. That’s a lot of dough.His latest venture, Baked in Brooklyn,opened in Greenwood Heights this April.It’s a retail store, selling artisan bread, gourmetsandwiches, wraps, pita chips, and othergoodies to the community.Retail is a new field for Ayoub because themore than one million pounds of bread producedeach week by Aladdin Bakers are soldto airlines, schools, institutions, and to companieswhose names are very recognizable.But Baked in Brooklyn sells directly to theconsumer. All the breads are handmade, anda huge floor-to-ceiling glass window allowscustomers to witness the entire process — thehandling, kneading, molding, and the bakingof crisp and delicious breads.After all, artisan baking is a craft, and therest of us can learn a thing or two by watchingthe action. It’s fascinating to see simple materialsuch as flour and water take on shape,molded into breads of different sizes and textures.Then, watch as seeds, nuts, raisins, andother intriguing ingredients become part ofthat creation.But there’s a lot more than that. Some tantalizingselections have included raspberrybread and chocolate-filled challah bread.Whoever said, “Man cannot live on breadalone,” has not been here. Some of us canmake a steady diet of it.The store is just less than 1,000 square feet,and when it opened, the intention was to sellbread only.“But one thing led to another,” says Ayoub,and they started creating sandwiches to go.Then breakfast was added for those who wantedsome eggs and bacon on their freshly madebagels. Now, if about eight to 10 people wanta quick bite and don’t mind standing, there’sa ledge where they can lean to enjoy theirBaked in Brooklyn treasures. Coffee, cheese,spreads, and other goodies are also offered.Jaclyn Fenton serves up some fresh bagels at Baked in Brooklyn.Another expansion is on the horizon — atthe soon-to-open Barclays Center.“Baked in Brooklyn will be one of theseven stores at this arena,” says Ayoub. Sandwichesand breads will be sold.Ayoub didn’t start the Aladdin kingdom bymaking a wish. He did it the old-fashionedway — by working hard. He grew up in BayRidge, where he was taught the value of hardwork and discipline, skills necessary for success.Today, there are 14 buildings in SunsetPark that are affiliated with his bread empire,and he employs about 300 people.“I am extremely passionate about Brooklyn,”he says. It’s where he was born andraised, and while it’s been a wonderful magiccarpet ride so far, he thinks the best is yet tocome. “I believe in this city, and I know that itwill continue to grow and prosper, and I wantto be part of its rise.”Baked in Brooklyn [755 Fifth Ave. between25th and 26th streets in Greenwood Heights,(718) 788–3164]. Open Monday through Saturday,7 am–7 pm.Photos by Steve SolomonsonPage 25 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17–23, 2012The Law Offices OfGeorgia E. McCarthy902 East 86 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11236CONTESTED/UNCONTESTED DIVORCESAggressive Representation In Supreme CourtAnd Family Court VISITATION AND CHILD ABUSEProtect Your Parental Rights In Family CourtREAL ESTATEContracts & Closings, Foreclosures, Basement EjectionsCRIMINAL MATTERSLANDLORD & TENANT ALL CIVIL MATTERSCALL: By Appointment Only

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 26Clear Healthy Skinisn’t it time you call?Medical Services we accept:GHI, HIP, 1199, AETNA, CIGNA, UNITED, OXFORD,HORIZON, HEALTHNET, MEDICARE, BLUE CROSS,MAGNACARE, AMERICHOICE, ELDERPLANCosmetic Services Botox, Restylane,Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra, Laser Hair Removal,Laser Tattoo Removal, Laser Vein Removal, TornEarlobe Repair, Keloid Surgery…Coolsculpting Trim Fat, No Needles, No Downtime254 Prospect Park West, Park Slope136 West 17th Street, NYCJavier Zelaya, MDVerna Broughton, PA718.832.3313BrooklynQueensBronxLong IslandManhattan$1,800$1,700$1,800$1,600$1,400Miss Guyana World winsthe People’s Choice AwardArti Cameron,By Tangerine ClarkeThe Guyanese communityis abuzz with excitementa the latest news thatMiss World Contestant ArtiCameron captured the People’sChoice Award at MissWorld pageant pre-congestsin Ordos China, witha stunning 7,058 “Likes”on Face Book to beat out79 other contestants fromaround the world.Cameron is now posedto be in the top 25 to viefor the crown during thepageant that will be broadcaston NBC TV on August18.The twenty-three yearold beauty holds a pre-meddegree in biology with aminor in chemistry andplans to pursue her childhooddream of becominga medical doctor. She haslived in three countriesso far—Guyana, Jamaica,and the United States.The Guyanese communityvoted in the thousands,to give Arti an astoundingwin.“Thank you all for yourPHENOMENAL support tohelp Guyana become thePeople’s Choice for MissWorld 2012. It means theworld to me that you tookthe time to vote. I’m theluckiest girl in the world,love you lots, posted thebeauty queen.Arti, who received outstandingsupport from herGuyanese family in her bidfor the crown has becomeone of the darlings in thecountry where she hasbeen attending pre-pageantevents, meeting localofficials and sightseeingwith other contestants.New York-based fashiondesigner Michelle Cole, ofCole Facts, has outfittedthe queen with a lavishwardrobe, and creations tocompete in the Cultural,Swim and Eveningwearcategories.To further support Artifor the crown, tune in onSaturday, August 18, tocast your vote.Good Luck! Arti.Family Dental CareFREETeeth WhiteningDr. Michael Entin(bet. Kings Hwy & Ave P) 718-758-2301Medicaid & MostDental InsurancesAcceptedMost Major CreditCards Accepted

ATTORNEYACCIDENT VICTIMS Home, Office or Hospital Visits Available PERSONAL INJURYA Se habla español2352 80th St., Brooklyn, NY 11214Tel: 718-996-5600 Fax: 718-996-5800Page 27 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17–23, 20122012EXPO Why you should be part of our Back to School Expo 9/8/12 Kings Plaza Mall is the LARGEST mall in all of Brooklyn! Saturday, September 8 is one of the biggest shopping days of the year THOUSANDS of adults and children will pass through the exposition area Our inaugural expo was wildly popular; all of our vendors renewed!You will be reaching families and decision-makers oneducational, financial, social, recreational, and health issues!SPACE STILL AVAILABLEFor Booth and Sponsorship Info contact Stephanie Stellaccioat 718-260-2575or via email

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 28Jamaicans ‘Glean’ notice in Canada & UKJamaicans living in theUnited Kingdom andCanada are no lessjubilant about theircontribution to enhancingcultural pride in the black,green and gold banner.Some claim that nationalsresiding throughout theworld have always knownthat their ‘featherweightisland has the heart andpunch of a super heavyweight.”According to a report inthe island’s Gleaner, “Whilelarger neighbors in theCaribbean and Latin Americahave been torn apartby revolution and civilwar, Jamaica is one of theworld’s longest-standingdemocracies.”The article cites Jamaicahas produced world leadersin politics; world renownedintellectuals and artists,and supplied millions ofimmigrants to build “developed”countries all over theworld.It is the third largestisland in the Caribbean,behind Cuba and Hispaniola— Haiti and the DominicanRepublic.Jamaica was the firstcountry to impose economicsanctions against theapartheid regime of SouthAfrica; it was the founderof the International BauxiteAssociation and spearheadedthe International SeabedAuthority, which both nowhave their headquartersin Kingston. The authorityorganizes and controlsall mineral-related activitiesin the international seabedarea beyond the limits ofnational jurisdiction, anarea underlying most of theworld’s oceans.Jamaica is the first countryto sign a grant agreementon a global fund tofight AIDS, tuberculosis andmalaria.The island nation haswon the most world andInside LifeBy Vinette K. PryceOlympic sporting medalsover all others in the Caribbean.In 1688, Jamaica was thefirst British colonial territoryto establish a postalservice. Black River in St.Elizabeth, then an extremelyimportant port, got electricityin 1893, before NewYork.Part of the island’simpact comes from thelarge number of Jamaicanswho have migrated to otherparts of the world.More or less twice asmany Jamaicans live outsideJamaica than reside intheir native land.The official count is 2.7million residents on theisland.It is estimated the Jamaicandiaspora is estimated tobe between three and fivemillion.These immigrants anddescendants predominantlylive in Canada, the UnitedStates and the United Kingdom.However, increasingnumbers Jamaicans arebecoming a growing populationin other parts ofEurope and in Africa.The island’s population isethnically diverse. Accordingto the University of theWest Indies, Jamaica’s ethnicmake-up consists of 76.3percent of people of Africandescent, 15.1 percent Afro-European, 3.4 percent EastIndian and Afro-East-Indian,3.2 percent Caucasian,1.2 percent Chinese. Thereare 424,000 Jamaicans ofJewish ancestries.Jews were among the firstimmigrants from Europe toJamaica. They arrived therewith Christopher Columbusfrom Portugal and Spainwhen they fled the SpanishInquisition in the 1400s.Jamaican workers helpedto build the Panama Canal.They worked in the sugarcane fields of Cuba; theapple orchards of the USAand Canada and enhancedBritain’s post World War IIrecovery in rebuilding thepublic transport system andthe health sector.A long list of Jamaicansimpacted the Canadianeconomy.If a child has surgery atToronto’s Hospital for SickChildren, it may well be performed,either by a Jamaicanor a doctor trained by aJamaican who is a professorof pediatrics at the Universityof Toronto.Most recent estimates ofthe number of Jamaicansin Canada are as high as300,000 people.Jamaicans first immigratedto Canada in 1796,when 600 or so JamaicanMaroons were deportedfrom Jamaica to Nova Scotiafollowing their rebellionagainst the British.In the last three decades,three ministers in theOntario cabinet have beenJamaicans.They include: JamaicanbornJames Curling, Ministerof Housing, Ministerof Skills Development andthe first Black to be namedSpeaker of the House.He was also the first BlackAmbassador to the DominicanRepublic.Mary Anne Chambers,born in Jamaica, and aformer senior vice-presidentof Scotia Bank, was the LiberalMinister of Training,Colleges and Universitiesand, later, Minister of Childrenand Youth Services.Margarette Best is ministerfor Health Promotions.Links between Jamaicaand Canada go the otherway, too.The Bank of Nova Scotiawas established in Jamaicain 1889, before it came toToronto. It was the first foreignoperation of a Canadianbank outside of the U.S.or the U.K.The impact of Jamaicanson other countries has beendescribed as profound.In Britain, Diane Abbottwas the first Black womanelected to that country’sHouse of Commons, as aLabor Party MP.

Grace Eye CareTry us and you will stay with us $40 $20 $10 Tue-Fri: Sat: 9am - 5pmClosed - Sundays & MondaysPage 29 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17–23, 2012T: Fax: 718-826-20221615 Cortelyou Road (Bet. East 17th & 16th St.)Brooklyn, NY 11226www.graceeyecare.netInsurances AcceptedDavis Vision, VSP, UFT, Eye Med, 1199, Vision Screening, Spectera, Wellcare, Amerigroup,Americhoice, HealthPlus, HealthFirst, Affinity,Neighborhood, Medicare, Medicaid,Metro Plus, Fidelis, United Health Care, Organizations of Staff Analysts, Cigna,NYC Management Benefit Fund, Verizon, 32BJ, Emblem Health & many more.

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 30Conrad’s Famous BakeryCongratulatesTrinidadOn Its Gold MedalAchievement should be celebrated andThe Management and Staff ofElcock Funeral HomeJoins with the People of Grenada to celebrateIts first gold medal!!! You deserve itFor tasty cakes and pastriesVisit Conrad’s Bakery at any of our locations299 or 856 Utica AvenueBrooklyn, NYTelephone: 718-773-8266 Hearts and Hands in UnityReaching our DestinyThe Management & Staff ofCompass ShippingCongratulates Grenada onAchieving GoldAs one people! One family!Congratulations GrenadaOn achieving its first gold medalFrom the Management and Staff ofCompass Shipping Call us at 718-773-5430 FUNERAL SERVICELet Our Family Serve Your Family In Time of NeedWe are located at 108-20 Sulphin Blvd., Jamaica, NYCall us at 718-291-3823“Let our family take care of your family in time of need”God Bless our Nation

CAR DEALSYOURGUIDE TOAutomotiveSavings!Page 31 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17-23, 2012 • CAR DEALS2012 Chevy CamaroBayRidgeNissan.com888-801-9107 888-315-2169866-483-8441888-761-7955877-929-0880KINGSAUTO GROUP718-645-3550866-7-CREDIT 888-445-1693

CAR DEALS • Aug. 17-23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 320% APR †YOU PAY WHAT WE PAYfor 60 months* *Security$0 $0Down,EMPLOYEE*PRICING0% APR † for 60 monthson every 2012 Volkswagen gasmodel, including the Passat.JETTA PASSAT BEETLE$159 $189 $199LEASE LEASE LEASE*PER*PER*MO.MO.PERMO.2012 Jetta SLease for only $159*/Month orBUY FOR $14,99936 month term. Manual. A/C, ABS, PWR W/L, CD. $0 Down,$0 Security, MSRP: $17,415, Total Payments: $5,724, Residual:$9,404. Plus title, tax, options and dealer fees. Excludes TDIModels. Offer expires 8/31/12. Deal # 1045322012 Passat SLease for only $189*/Month orBUY FOR $18,99936 month term. Manual. A/C, PWR W/L, CD, ABS, Bluetooth.$0 Down, $0 Security, MSRP: $23,460, Total Payments: $6,804,Residual: $11,358. Plus title, tax, options and dealer fees. ExcludesTDI Models. Offer expires 8/31/12. Deal # 1045342012 Beetle 2.5LLease for only $199 * /Month orBUY FOR $17,99936 month term. Manual, A/C, PWR W/L, CD, ABS, Bluetooth.$0 Down, $0 Security, MSRP: $20,565, Total Payments: $7,164,Residual: $11,105. Plus title, tax, options and dealer fees. ExcludesTDI Models. Offer expires 8/31/12. Deal # 104537(866) 483-8441208-12 NORTHERN BLVD. • BAYSIDE, NY 11361BAYSIDEVW.COM†Excludes TDI models. *Financing with approval through dealer primary lender. Leases based on 10K miles/year. Lessee responsible for excess mileage/wear/tear at lease end.All offers: Excludes tax, title and dealer fees. Offers can not be combined. Not responsible for typographical errors. See dealer for details. Expires 8/31/12.

M OVER 750 USED CARS, TRUCKS, VANS & 4X4sMUST BE DISPOSED OF IMMEDIATELY!BAYSIDE CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE RAM is forced, due to physical storage constraints, to sell 100 Vehicles by Saturday,September 15th. In order to do this by September 15th vehicle prices will be SLASHED by up to 65%* of their retail value. This means $17,000to $19,000 vehicles will sell for as little as $3,888 to $5,888.* Luxury $27,000 to $29,000 vehicles will drop to $7,888 to $9,888.‡ All thesevehicles are in super condition. Just $19.00 Down, then just make the payments! **$19DOWN THEN JUSTMAKE THE PAYMENTS **BUY WITH CONFIDENCE FROM BAYSIDECHRYSLER DODGE JEEP RAM!WE LOVE TO SAY “ YES, YOU’RE APPROVED! “†2001TOYOTA AVALONBuy for:$6,999plus tax & tagsStk# T2721. 53,300 mi.SAME DAY DELIVERY AVAILABLE!1. Bankers will be on premises for immediate credit approval. †2. All trades will be accepted and once we make a deal,we will pay it off no matter how much you owe! §3. Bring your trade-in, title and/or payment book. Be preparedto take immediate delivery! No dealers allowed.4. Buyers are standing by to bid on your trade-in,assuring you of the best possible price.5. All these cars are in excellent condition, many with originalfactory warranties still in effect.6. Hurry in for the best selections!$ 30 MILLION SETASIDE FOR FINANCING!FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY...CONSUMERS BEAT THE BANK!!!NOTICE: The economy has left banks and credit unions with thousands oflate-model vehicles their customers could no longer afford to make paymentson. Financial lenders are not equipped to sell the large number of vehiclescoming back on defaulted loans. Their only way to sell off this inventory fastis to send some, or all, of these repossessed vehicles to wholesalers and selectdealers to help them collect what little money they can. Local residents thatact fast may be the only winners in this banking and economic crisis.WHO IS ELIGIBLE?1) Be a licensed driver2) Be 18 years of age or older3) Be able to pay $19.00 down**HOW DOES IT WORK?1) Show up by September 15th, 2012 with $19.00**2) Select vehicle from over 700 pre-owned vehicles3) Stop by the event desk and schedule the delivery of your newvehicle! It’s that easy! We will work out your easy payment plan.To drive home on the same day please bring:Title to trade or payoff (if applicable)Current and valid driver’s licenseProof of Income (i.e; check stub, W-2 Tax return, orany document that may be verified by your employer)Phone BillProof of InsuranceWE LOVE TO SAY ”YES, YOU’RE APPROVED!”CALL NOW: 1(888)315-2169ENDS SATURDAY,SEPT. 15TH“THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE YOU’LL EVER SEE”BAYSIDE CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE RAMPLUS HUGE PRE-OWNED LOT212-19 Northern Blvd. Bayside, NYCALL NOW! 1 (888) 315-2169www.BaysideChryslerJeepDodge.netPrices include all costs to be paid by consumer except for tax, license & registration. *2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser.Auto, 4cyl. Stk#T2866. 52,843 mi. MSRP:$28,795. Buy for: $5,888. ‡2001 Ram 1500 Quad Cab. Stk#T2885. 52,891 mi.MSRP: $28,795. Buy for: $9,888. **Option available with approved credit. †Severity of credit situation may affect downpayment, APR & terms, subject to primary lender approval. §The negative equity will be transferred into your new loanor lease. See dealer for details. DCA#902850 DMV#7062132 MPage 33 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17-23, 2012 • CAR DEALS

CAR DEALS • Aug. 17-23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 34Drive pickup trucks safelyAround three million pickuptrucks are purchased and usedfor various reasons across thecountry each year. With so manylight trucks on the road, the wise driver cantake heed of safety precautions when drivingthis type of vehicle.Pickup trucks tend to be the safer of thetwo vehicles in a collision with another car.This is called “passive safety.” The largersize and the higher stance means the vehiclewill probably suffer less damage thanthe smaller car. Its height also puts it onpar with the bumpers of other trucks andSUVs.However, pickups do have some disadvantagesthat will need to be taken into considerationin order to drive safely. Pickupshave a higher rollover potential than passengercars. Therefore, turning should bedone slowly and corners shouldn’t be takenlike one is driving on a racetrack. Accordingto the Department of Transportation’sFatality Analysis Reporting System, in2007, the most recent year from which statisticsare available, rollovers accountedfor 59 percent of SUV fatalities, 46 percentof pickup truck deaths, and 25 percent ofcar fatalities. Pickups have a lower centerof gravity than SUVs, but they can still rolloverif driven aggressively.Another thing to consider is the heavierweight of a pickup, which causes it to have aTruck owners can drive safely if they understand the differences between pickups andother vehicles.longer stopping distance. This means driverswill need to add an even greater spacecushion between the pickup and other vehiclesto be able to avoid road hazards.Something else to consider is that pickupsare not designed to be nimble, overlyresponsive vehicles. They are primarilydesigned for hauling. That means swervingaround obstacles isn’t achieved as easilyas it may be in a passenger car. Again, thisdrives home the point of leaving more spaceto react to the road.Pickup drivers should also note thatmany pickups, with the exception of a few,are rear-wheel drive vehicles. This meansthat the back wheels power the forwardmovement of the truck. When the cargobed is full, this can work out fine. However,when the cargo bed is empty, the front halfof the truck tends to be the heavier part ofthe vehicle, and essentially the lighter halfof the truck — the empty back — is pushingthe truck along. On slick roadways this cancause fishtailing or poor breaking. An easyfix is to keep some sort of cargo in the bed toweigh down the rear of the vehicle, but thisisn’t something all drivers remember.The height of pickup trucks (and SUVs forthat matter) create blind zones in the backof the vehicle and below the front grill. Theorganization Kids and Cars, which works toimprove child safety, says that roughly 90children die each year when drivers backover them while they are in blind zones.Pickup drivers should be aware of blindzones and make efforts to check these areasbefore backing up or pulling out. Backupcameras can also provide assistance.Pickup trucks are much safer to drivewhen owners know the particulars of truckdesign and maneuverability.EarlyTermination:We make the last 12 paymentson your lease on purchase:Any Make, Any ModelHundreds of Certified Pre-OwnedNissans Plus We Carry ManyOther Brands Starting at $ 4,9958 Year or 120,000 Mile Warranty on All Certified VehiclesMinimum$4,000Trade-InWe Offer More $$$Than Other Dealers.FreeLoaner CarsCar Wash &VacuumWith EveryServiceDavid Ricardo Steve CraigNEW 2012 NISSANALTIMA 2.5Model#13012,VIN#255769,Auto, 4 cyl, p/str/b/l/w, a/c,MSRP $21,350, Only $895due at signing.$99LEASE FOR$0$0$0Per Mo. 24 mos †12k miles per year includedOne or More at This PriceSecurityDepositDownPaymentFirstMonth$159NEW 2012 NISSAN LEASE FORROGUE SModel#22212,VIN#408949,Auto, 4 cyl, p/str/b/l/w, a/c, AWD, MSRP$22,775, Only $895due at signing.$0$0$0SecurityDepositDownPaymentFirstMonthPer Mo. 39 mos †12k miles per year includedOne or More at This Price$229LEASE FOR$0$0$0Per Mo. 39 mos †12k miles per year includedOne or More at This PriceNEW 2012 NISSANMAXIMA SModel#16112,VIN#808065,Auto, 6 cyl, p/str/b/l/w, a/c, MSRP$30,430, Only $895due at signing.SecurityDepositDownPaymentFirstMonth$239LEASE FOR$0$0$0Per Mo. 39 mos †12k miles per year includedOne or More at This PriceNEW 2012 NISSANMURANOModel#23112,VIN#108467,Auto, 6 cyl, p/str/b/l/w, a/c, FWD, MSRP$30,430, Only $895due at signing.SecurityDepositDownPaymentFirstMonth0 % APR 0 % APR 0 % APR 0 % APR$17,995BuyForPlus Receive an Additional$1000 Instant Dealer RebateLIMITEDTIME$20,499BuyForPlus Receive an Additional$1000 Instant Dealer RebateLIMITEDTIME$27,995BuyForPlus Receive an Additional$1000 Instant Dealer RebateLIMITEDTIME$25,699BuyForPlus Receive an Additional$1000 Instant Dealer RebateLIMITEDTIMEBayRidgeNissan.com888.801.91075th Ave. and 65th St., BrooklynDMV#7076824 NYCDCA Lic. #698282Offers exp 3 days after pub. Price incl dlr prep & any cost except tax, tags, DMV fees & reg fees. Leases incl 12k mi per yr, add’l mi at 18¢ per mi. Lessee resp. for maint. excess wear. Prices reflect all avail incentives to dlr. Mustbe approv. by prim lender Tier 0. Tier 1 Sign & Drive. Total paymts/Due at Sign: Altima=$2277/$895; Maxima=$6042/$895; Rogue=$8702/$895; Murano=$9082/$895. Due at signing=$0 1st mo. paymt+$0 Down pymt+$0Security Dep+$895 Acq fee. Closed end leases. Must be from dlr stock. Offers can’t be combined with other offers. ‡Restrictions apply. See dlr for details. Not resp for typos. Prices and availability subject to change from time of pub.

GUARANTEEDCREDITAPPROVALWE WILL GET YOURCREDITAPPROVED!OR WE PAY YOU$ §300"We Finance Your FUTURE...Not your Past."Page 35 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17-23, 2012 • CAR DEALSIf You’ve Been Turned Down Or Had ProblemsAt Any Car Dealership In The Past...WE CAN HELP!• Prior Repossessions and DischargedChapter 7, 11 & 13 Bankruptcies• Divorce • First-Time Buyer• New In This Country • Tax IDs• Late Payments • Past Medical Billing Problems• YOU ARE APPROVED!FREECREDIT REPAIR& IDENTITYTHEFT GUARD *FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR LOANRebuild your creditwhile you DRIVE.Even if you don't qualifyfor the vehicle you prefer,we will still get you on theroad to credit worthiness..NO PURCHASENECESSARY!*1 YEAR CREDIT PROTECTION FREEWITH NO PURCHASE NECESSARYWe Have A Nationwide Network Of LendersWho Will Work To Find You The Lowest RateAnd Down Payment Possible.Just call us1-866-7-CREDITToll-Free:§Approval guarantee based on verifiable income of $1200 per month & Area residency of 12 months. Must have valid drivers license.SE HABLAESPAÑOL

CAR DEALS • Aug. 17-23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 36 Tips for using yournavigation systemToday’s drivers relyheavily on navigationsystem technology.It has revolutionizedthe way peopledrive and use maps and directions.There are no hard statisticson the number of peoplewho own these devices, butthousands of people haveeither a navigation systemthat comes pre-equipped ina car that they purchased,or a stand-alone device thatwas bought after the fact.These devices come preloadedwith maps that workwith satellites in space. Thesystem receiver figures outthe distance to each anduses this information to deducethe location of the devicein a process called trilateration.These devices havemade paper maps obsoletefor many people. While navigationsystems can be veryconvenient, especially onroad trips, there are sometips to keep in mind.• Place the device whereit won’t obstruct your visionor take your eyes off ofthe road for a good deal oftime.• Don’t treat it as if it isinfallible. Even with mapupdates and other accessories,a navigation systemcan still make mistakes.Use common sense, especiallywhere it would seemthe system is guiding you inthe wrong way.It’s a common visual: adriver glances to thecar that’s pulled upalongside it at a stoplightto find that driver withcellphone in hand, typing amessage. Many drivers donot even wait until comingto a stop before texting— they simply do so whilekeeping up with traffic, adanger that’s causing accidentson roadways.Texting is distractingdrivers all across NorthAmerica and beyond. Thirtystates in the U.S. have madetexting while driving illegal,but many people stillcontinue to do it.The U.S. Departmentof Transportation reportsthat nearly 6,000 peoplewere killed on Americanroads in 2008 in accidentscaused by distracted drivers.Many of these driverswere teenagers, who mayhave been talking or textingon a phone.When a person devotesattention to a cellphone —even for a few seconds — hecan travel the distance of afootball field without eyeson the road. What’s more,talking or texting divertsa part of the brain that isneeded to focus on driving.Individuals are able tomulti-task, but they shouldlimit the amount of distractionswhile driving becausethere is already an overloadof stimuli commandingtheir attention.Sixty percent of teensadmit to texting while driving,according to a 2009survey. Overall, 26 percentof respondents admitted todoing it, despite knowing it• Do not play with thecontrols while operatingthe car. If you need to adjustsomething on the device, doso only after pulling over toa safe area.• Have a general ideawhere you are going soyou’ll know if the deviceis potentially guiding youin the wrong direction andyou can maneuver in advance.Texting while drivingis not a smart ideawas dangerous. More than80 percent of people believedriving while textingshould be banned.Studies conducted invirtual driving simulatorshave shown driving whiletexting to be deadly. Peopledoing it change speeds rapidlyfor no reason, and theyweave in and out of lanes.Additional research hasindicated that using a cellphonein any matter whiledriving is on par with drivingdrunk.What these studies boildown to is that when behindthe wheel of a car,drivers should simply stickto driving. Even searchingfor music files or eating asnack can reduce concentrationon the road — somethingthat may end in accidents.

2012 Nissan Sentra 2.0SAS LOW AS0% FINANCING *UP TO 36 MONTHSAuto, ABS, Keyless, 4-Way Adj. FrontSeats, 140 HP 2L, Side Crtn Airbags, TirePressure Monitoring SystemGET THE BEST DEALS UNDER THE SUN$119 $13,995PER MO.LEASE FOR39 MOS.ORBUYFORINCLUDES $500 CAPTIVE CASH & $2,000 FACTORY REBATE. PROGRAM REQUIRES $995 DOWN, $1,114 DUE@SIGNING,MSRP: $18,870, TT PYMTS/RES: $4,641/$11,888. 10 AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE. MODEL: 12112, VIN: 735203.2012 Nissan Rogue S AWDAS LOW AS0.9% FINANCING *UP TO 60 MONTHS$179 $18,995PER MO.LEASE FOR39 MOS.ORBUYFORAuto, ABS, 4 CYL, A/C, AM/FM/CD,CC, PW, PL, PM, Tilt Steering, TractionControl & Side Curtain AirbagsINCLUDES $500 CAPTIVE CASH & $1,000 FACTORY REBATE. PROGRAM REQUIRES $995 DOWN, $1,174 DUE@SIGNING,TOTAL PAYMENTS/RES: $6,981/$14,957, MSRP: $22,530. 22 AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE. MODEL: 22212, VIN: 399818AS LOW AS0.9% FINANCING *UP TO 60 MONTHSThe 2012 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab SVThe All-New 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5 S$179 $19,995PER MO.LEASE FOR42 MOS.ORBUYFOR$199PER MO.LEASE FOR39 MOS.Auto, V6, 4 door, WP/PL, CDPROGRAM REQUIRES $1,495 DOWN ($1,694 DUE AT SIGNING), MSRP: $28,835, TT PYMTS/RES: $7,761/$17,301. 1 AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE, MODEL: 32412, VIN: 466571.STARNISSANOFBAYSIDE.COM2012 Nissan Pathfinder S 4x4$269 $25,595PER MO.LEASE FOR39 MOS.ORBUYFORAuto, A/C, AM/FM/CD, 3rd RowSeat, PW, PL, PM, AlloysINCLUDES $250 CAPTIVE CASH, $500 AUGUST CASH & $2,000 FACTORY REBATE. PROGRAM REQUIRES $995 DOWN, $1,264 DUE@SIGNING, MSRP: $31,810, TT PYMTS/RES: $10,491/$15,587. 10 AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE. MODEL: 25012, VIN: 601979.4X4Toll-Free: 888-445-1693206-02 Northern Blvd. Bayside, NY • Corner of Clearview Expwy. & Northern Blvd.LIMITED TIMELOW FINANCING *AVAILABLEAuto, PM, PL, PB, Tilt Steering, A/SRadials, Halogen Headlights, CC,A/C, CD 2.5L 182HPPROGRAM REQUIRES $995 DOWN, $1,174 DUE AT SIGNING, MSRP: $23,410, TT PYMTS/RES: $7,518/$14,446. 2AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE, MODEL: 13113, VIN: 113740.2012 Nissan Murano S†With scheduled maintenance. *0% financing available in lieu of rebates. All offers subject to dealer primary lender approval. Must present ad to receive special financing. No prior deals applicable. Closed end lease. Leaseincludes 10k miles/year. Lessee responsible for excess wear/tear/maintenance and mileage ($0.15/addtl mile). All offers: Prices include all costs except tax, tags & DMV fees. All rebates/incentives to dealer and subject to tax.Must present this ad to receive special offer. Advertised offers cannot be combined with any other discount/special. Offers expire 8/20/12. Consumer Affairs Lic.: 884799 FID: 7054638.AS LOW AS0.9% FINANCING *UP TO 60 MONTHS$259 $23,995PER MO.LEASE FOR39 MOS.ORBUYFORAuto, 6 CYL, Dual Air Bags,A/C, Alloys, PW, PL, ABS, CDINCLUDES $500 CAPTIVE CASH & $1,500 FACTORY REBATE. PROGRAM REQUIRES $995 DOWN, $1,254 DUE@SIGNING, TTPYMTS/RES: $10,101/$16,400, MSRP: $29,610. 2 AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE, MODEL: 23112, VIN: 1031472012 Nissan Maxima SVAS LOW AS0.9% FINANCING *UP TO 60 MONTHS$279 $27,995PER MO.LEASE FOR39 MOS.ORBUYFORAuto, 290 HP 3.5L V6, 18” Alloys, ABS,Sunroof, Bose Stereo, Leather, IntelligentKey, Dual Zone A/C, Push Button IgnitionINCLUDES $500 CAPTIVE CASH, $500 AUGUST CASH AND $3,000 FACTORY REBATE. PROGRAM REQUIRES $995 DOWN, $1,274DUE@SIGNING, TT PYMTS/RES: $10,881/$18,409, MSRP: $33,025. 10 AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE. MODEL: 16212, VIN: 851343.LIFETIME OIL CHANGESWITH EVERY NEW CAR PURCHASE! †STARNISSANOFBAYSIDE.COMQRCODESCANiPage 37 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17-23, 2012 • CAR DEALS

CAR DEALS • Aug. 17-23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 38$229LEASE*per month for 24 Mos2013 FORDESCAPE SFWD, CD PLAYER W/6 SPEAKERS,SYNC, ALL WHEATER MATS, 2.5L 4CYLSTK: 9209, MSRP: $23,665, $2,495 down pymt,$3,319 due at signing, $8,815 total pymts.Security deposit waived. Plus tax, title, license & $595 bank fee.2012 FORD EXPLORER XLTSTK: 8205, FWD, AUTOFWD, MSRP: $36,510,$2,495 down pymt, $3,389 due at signing, $10,266 total pymts.Security deposit waived. Plus tax, title, license & $595 bank fee.LEASE$99 *LEASEper monthfor 24 Mos$299 *2004 FORD EXPLORER XLT$9,845 *SKT#32801T, 4X4, GREEN, V-6, 65K MILES2005 MERCURY MARINER LUXURY$12,682 *SKT#32771T, SILVER, 4X4, V-6, 61K MILES2008 FORD RANGER XL$12,996 *SKT#32745O, WHITE, PICK UP, 33K MILES2005 CHRYSLER 300 TOURING$13,729 *SKT#32804T, SEDAN, 59K MILES, AUTO, BLACKper monthfor 24 Mos2007 FORD E-250 CARGO VAN$14,686 *SKT#32752T, DARK BLUE, 54K MILES2005 FORD EXPEDITION XLT$14,865 *SKT#32808T, 4X4, BLACK, 57K MILES2005 MERCURY MARINER$16,885 *SKT#32514T, 4X4, RED, SUN ROOF, 44K MILES2008 MERCURY MOUNTAINEER AWD$16,996 *SKT#32632T, WHITE, V6, 76K MILESThese deals won’t last long.Call or come in today!(877) 929-08802009 LINCOLN MKZ AWD$20,686 *SKT#32293A, 36K MILES, BLACK2009 TOYOTA RAV4 LTD$21,876 *SKT#32695O, V6, SILVER, 35K MILES, AUTO2011 FORD MUSTANG CONV.$23,996 *SKT#32588A, AUTO, 6CYCLE, 34K MILES, RED2010 FORD EXPLORER EDDIE BAUR$24,996 *SKT#32401T, 4X4, RED, V-6, 37K MILES*PLUS TAX, TITLE AND DEALER FEES. LEASE MILEAGE IS FOR 10,500 MI/YR (ADDITIONAL MILEAGE 20¢/MI.) IMAGES FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TYPOS. SEE DEALER FOR DETAILS. OFFER ENDS 8/31/12.2012 FORD FUSION SESTK: 7158, FWD, AUTO, MSRP: $24,695,$1,999 down pymt, $3,043 due at signing, $12,220 total pymts.Security deposit waived. Plus tax, title, license & $595 bank fee.Hempstead Ford Lincoln Pre-Owned Vehicle Inventory2010 MERCEDESS C-300 4-MATIC$26,996 *SKT#32763O, AUTO, 21K MILES, RED2010 FORD EDGE LTD$28,786 *SKT#32707F, WHITE, 31K MILES, AUTO2010 AUDI Q5 PREMIUM$31,875 *SKT#32734O, WHITE, 27K MILES, AUTO2009 FORD F-150 PLATINUM$35,889 *SKT#32565T, AUTO, 30K MILES, DARK GRAYHEMPSTEADLINCOLN.COM301 NORTH FRANKLIN ST. HEMPSTEAD, NY 11550 TOLL-FREE: (877) 929-0880MON-THURS: 8:30AM-8:30PM | FRI: 8:30AM-7PM, SAT: 9AM-5PM | OPEN SUNDAYS: 11AM-5PM

Model raises money for HaitiBy Tequila MinskyShe’s five-feet ten inches,size four and a Fordmodel. Monica Watkins,who hails from Houston–“Iwas discovered shopping ina mall with my mother”–has traveled all over theworld during her 20 yearsas model.Things changed for herthree years ago, when in adream it came to her that sheshould paint, and the nextmorning she ran out andbought canvas and paints.Since then, not only doesshe paint, and continue hermodeling career, but alsoshe started Art in Motion,a platform to seek out andnurture young disadvantagedartists and to helpchildren express themselvesthrough the arts. Amongher projects, she has run artworkshops for the childrenof the Diakonos Orphanagein Carrefour, Haiti.Last week, Monica alongwith model Dani Evans,who is even taller than she,organized a fundraiser atthe chic Duane Park Loungein Tribeca. The eveningwith all donated entertainment–soulfulR&B–as partof LoveJonesNYC, an artistichigh energy platform–“that celebrates the artsin a sexy fusion of music,spoken word, dance, fashionand live art “ was MCedby founder/director Joey (J)Harris and backed by theLove Jones NYC band. TwoObamaContinued from Page 6Flanked by Ford model Monica Watkins and modelDani Evans, Elise Saint Louis Accilien thanks works were also auctionedoff.Partnering with Haitian-AmericansUnited forProgress (HAUP), the eventraised money for art suppliesfor a project with childrenfrom three remoteneighborhoods of Petionville,Haiti.25 Haitian-American collegeage volunteers from theNew York area were aboutto travel with the QueensbasedHAUP-sponsored Loveand Serve Haiti Mission2012– to engage childrenfrom Petionvilles ‘s Guibert,Sarazin and Masson neighborhoodsin an informal daycamp.HAUP Director Elsie Saintsary of diplomatic relationswith the United States. Forthe past 50 years, Jamaicaand the United States haveshared a long history offriendship, based on a mutualcommitment to democracy,prosperity, and securityin the Caribbean region.Our countries have enjoyed afruitful and co-operative relationshipacross a broad rangeof issues, including trade,investment, citizen security,and energy security.”“Beyond the commoninterest of our governments,our people sharean unbreakable bond andclose family ties. Jamaica’sdynamic culture has deeplyenriched the fabric of Americansociety. An estimated1.5 million Americans ofJamaican descent live inthe United States and areintegral parts of our country’shistory and tradition,and many are among ourdistinguished leaders acrossnumerous disciplines. Over10,000 American citizens,many born on the islandand dual nationals, live inJamaica today. Visitors fromthe United States accountfor 64 percent of Jamaica’stourism market,” he added.The president pointed outthat the U.S. and Jamaicacontinue to co-operate onmany shared priorities in theareas of rule of law, anti-corruption,counternarcotics,law enforcement, and promotingeconomic growth.“Last March, with the governmentof Jamaica’s concurrence,the United States sentLouis Accilien said of theHaiti program, “We’re alsobringing 200 children fromthe hills and mountains,forgotten areas of Haiti, tobring them to do the (Art inMotion) art day.”The children will bepicked up in their neighborhoodsand brought toa large work space/concerthall where they’ll havebreakfast, and each giventheir own canvas to createa watercolor painting. Afterlunch and some song andgames, they’ll do anotherpainting before returning totheir homes. The (HAUP& Art in Motion) group isreturning with the children’sart to exhibit and sell.delegates from our State,Justice, and Treasury departments,and USAID, to meetwith top Jamaican diplomaticofficials to explore ways tointensify our co-operation ineducation and poverty elimination,”he noted.While welcoming thenew ambassador, Pres.Obama said he looked forwardto working with thenew ambassador in order toadvance a common agendaand deepen the strong andabiding friendship of bothcountries.In response the ambassadorsaid that as a responsiblepartner in the hemisphere,Jamaica remains ready towork with the U.S. to counterchallenges to the regionemanating from terroristactivities or other threats tothe preservation of peace,security and democracy.DEBT PROBLEMS?Get a Fresh Start!Bankruptcy Law Center New York(718) 625-1888Former Judicial Law Clerk to Bankruptcy Judge25 years of bankruptcy law experienceClover Barrett & Associates, P.C. Stop foreclosure& keep your home! FREE ConsultationMcManusFUNERAL HOMEOUR SUMMER 2012 INTERIOR RENOVATION IS COMPLETEBefore choosing a funeral homeWe invite you to visit our newly decorated chapelsAnd compare our affordable pricing and dedicated servicewww.mcmanusfh.com4601 Avenue N (at E. 46 St.)1 Block off of Flatbush Ave.Page 39 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17–23, 2012

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Lonette McKee & Michael HendersonA Night toRememberPage 41 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17–23, 2012Lonette McKee ,acclaimed Tony Nominatedfilm and stage actress andstar of mega-hits Sparkle,The Cotton Club, RoundMidnight, Jungle Fever andBroadway’s Showboat andLady Day, in concert with4-Time Grammy Nominatedmusic legend Singer,Songwriter, Jazz Fusionand R&B Soul performer,Michael Henderson cometogether for a one nightonly performance, A NightTo Remember on Friday,August 24, 2012 at 7PM,Aaron Davis Hall, City Collegeof New York (ConventAvenue and West 135thStreet on City College campus)New York, NY 10031.Tickets are: $35 (generaladmission). For more informationand ticket salesvisit: www.adhatccny.orgor www.lonettemckee.comor call Aaron Davis HallBox office at 212.650.6900.“This concert means theworld to me. I feel I havefound a home at The CityCollege of New York whereI already enjoy teachingmy Actor’s Workshop,states McKee. “And now,the school has given methe opportunity to producea concert starring meand dear friend, MichaelHenderson, who is a musicindustry icon and livinglegend. This is our firsteverappearance togetherand I’m so proud and excitedthat we’re presenting itat beautiful Aaron DavisHall on The City Collegecampus in Harlem NY! “A Night to Rememberwill be a dream for musiclovers, as McKee will performhits from Sparkle,Round Midnight, LadyDay and more. Henderson,long-time bass playerof Miles Davis, will bringmembers of the originalMiles Davis band to performwith him at A Nightto Remember. Also McKeeand Henderson will do aduet together for the oneof a kind show. McKee,who starred in the hit70’s classic Sparkle, whichwas recently re-made andscheduled to be released inthis August, has spent herlife entrenched in the artsand music and is currentlyworking on a new studioJazz album.A Night to RememberInformation:A Night to Rememberfeaturing: Lonette McKee& Michael HendersonFriday August 24,20127PM Showtime6:30PM Doors OpenTickets:Price: $35Visit: or www.lonettemckee.comCall: 212.650.6900Aaron Davis HallConvent Avenue & West135th StreetOn the campus of CityCollege of New YorkNew York, NY 10031Directions:Bus: M11, M18, M100 orM101 to 135th StreetSubway: 1 to 137thStreet; A, C or D to 145thStreetDriving: Free parking atWest 133rd Street & ConventAvenue or parking onthe streetStar Relax StationOpen 7 Daysa Week10:30am - 10:00pmTable Shower isAlso AvailableBODY & FOOTRUB SERVICESSPECIALPRICEStar Relax Station. Must present this coupon.$45perhour

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 42PrimaryHealth Care Center, LLC718-253-WELL (9355) 718-434-0711Diagnositc and Treatment CenterNYS Article 28 Facility - DERMATOLOGYFull Spectrum Skincarefor Adults and Children

Brandon Camphorcelebrates new singleBy Kingsley DouganNew York City is knownfor its parties, music, fashion,and vibrancy - lastnight’s single release partyfor Brandon Camphor &One Way had all that andmore. The packed houseat the Lower East Side’strendy Ella Lounge was fullof music industry execs,radio djs, promoters, fashiondesigners, and fans. Theparty marked the group’sdebut Music World Gospelrelease, You Are God,and the new partnershipbetween Brandon Camphor& One Way and NYC basedPR and Events Company,Brydge Media Collective.The group performedtheir new single alongwith some of their otherhits to the delight of thecrowd. Though initiallybased in Maryland, BrandonCamphor has relocated toNYC and commutes backand forth each weekend toBy Chudi ChukwudiOlympic fever has spreadthroughout Jamaica in lightof the island’s track starspainting London in black,green and gold with theirblistering performances. Oneprominent dancer turneddeejay has decided to paytribute to Team Jamaica’scause in song.In light of Olympic themesongs created by artistessuch as Masicka (JamaicaGuh Haad and Done), CherineAnderson (Jamaica Tun ItUp) amongst several others,Ovamarz recently unveiledhis own tribute to Jamaica’sOlympians with his aptlytitled track, Best Pon 2 Foot.According to Ovamarz, theENTERTAINMENTFOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT, GO TO CARIBBEANLIFENEWS.COM/ENTERTAINMENTBrandon Camphor.rehearse with the group.The decision to have thesingle launch party in NYCsignifies that Brandon Camphor& One Way are hereto stay.The BE LIKE G.O.D. (Givingto Others Daily) Campaignis a four part, yearlongcampaign encouragingall to give back throughtheir service, resources, giving,and time. The campaigncalls on individualsContinued on Page 44Ovamarz pays tributeinspiration for Best Pon 2Foot was sparked after afemale fan declared him asthe best dancer she knew.From there, Ovamarz andhis dance crew, AboveademSquad coined Best Pon2 Foot as the new slangwithin dances and sessionsacross Jamaica and with theOlympics drawing closer,the highly acclaimed entertainerteamed with CashflowRecords to record a themesong for Jamaica’s Olympictrack team, which he insistswill be an inspiration to peopleworldwide.“I decided to do a dedicationsong for Jamaica andthe entire World because IContinued on Page 44Jamal RashannCallender andMin-Tzu Li perform,‘Locked UpLauara 5.’BALLETHISPANICOJamal Rashann Callender receives Princess Grace AwardBallet Hispanico, recognized asthe preeminent Latino dance institutionin the United States, announcesthat company member JamalRashann Callender has received aPrincess Grace Award for Dance.Awards winners exemplify bothclassical and experimental artisticdisciplines and, while still consid-ered emerging talent, already showexceptional promise in their areas ofexpertise. Princess Grace tion (PGF)-USA assists their theaterFounda-and dance studies, helps pay theirartistic fees at non-profit companiesand helps support their thesis filmprojects. The 2012 recipients hailfrom or are affiliated with organiza-tions in 17 states.The Awards for theater, dance andchoreography, and film continuethe legacy of Princess Grace (Kelly)of Monaco, who helped emergingartists pursue their artistic goalsduring Her lifetime. This year’s 25award winners will travel to NewContinued on Page 44Page 43 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17–23, 2012

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 44TOP 10SINGLES12345678910PayphoneMaroon 5 Feat. Wiz KhalifaWide AwakeKaty PerryWhere Have You BeenRihannaLightsEllie GouldingCall Me MaybeCarly Rae JepsenSomebody that I Used to KnowGotye Feat. KimbraScreamUsherTitaniumDavid Guetta Feat. SiaLet’s GoCalvin Harris Feat. Ne-YoBlow Me (One Last Kiss)P!nkNew singleContinued from page 43to pursue random acts of kindnessfor their fellow man; to donateclothing, identify shelter options,and give food to those in need; toraise funds to support missionswork; and to mentor a young childthroughout the summer.Brydge Media Collective founder,Gabby Cudjoe Wilkes is passionateabout the campaign sharing,“we can make such an impactwith small, intentional acts ofservice. I am elated to take on thechallenge of sparking a nationwidemovement of service - mobilizingyoung adult Christians tobe God’s hands in the world.”Brandon Camphor has an undyingpassion to serve others, sharing,“I have the desire to be likeChrist and Christ cares aboutevery person in this world – Hecares about our deepest desires,our needs, and though He is sovereignand attending to the needsof all – He still cares about eachperson individually.”You Are God is available oniTunes now, purchase your copytoday. Further details for the BELIKE G.O.D.Campaign are available at crowed at Ella Lounge.TOP 10ALBUMS12345678910God Forgives, I Don’tRick RossNumber OnesBee GeesGreatest HitsJames TaylorClockwork AngelsRushUncagedZac Brown BandThe Soul Sessions: Vol. 2Joss StoneUp All NightOne DirectionChannel OrangeFrank OceanLife Is GoodNasThe LumineersThe LumineersBalletContinued from page 43York City, where they will receivetheir awards at the 30th AnniversaryPrincess Grace Awards Gala,held in the presence of TSH ThePrince and Princess of Monaco,on October 22, 2012 at Cipriani42nd Street.“We are thrilled to have Jamal’swork honored with a PrincessGrace Award,” said Eduardo Vilaro,Artistic Director of Ballet Hispanico.“His dancing is consistentlyexcellent and inspired. This year,he has grown significantly and weare grateful that his accomplishmentshave been recognized bythis terrific organization.”“The Foundation is delighted tohonor Jamal’s artistic excellencethis year, as well as partner withBallet Hispanico again,” said TobyBoshak, executive director of thePrincess Grace Foundation-USA.“Our Board of Trustees and ArtsAdvisory Board remain committedto our mission of furthering thefuture of the arts and are proud tohave increased our support acrossthe theater, dance and film disciplinesthis year.”Jamal Rashann Callenderbegan dancing at Ballet Tech inNew York City. He attended theProfessional Performing ArtsSchool/The Ailey School underthe late Denise Jefferson, whiledancing at The Restoration DanceTheatre and the Harlem Schoolof the Arts. Jamal also attendedPerry-Mansfield and SpringboardDanse Montreal. He graduatedfrom The Juilliard Schoolunder Lawrence Rhodes, and hasworked with The Atlanta Ballet,Peridance Ensemble, BuglisiDance Theater, Formal StructureInc., and Hubbard Street 2. He isentering his second season withBallet Hispanico.This is the second Princes GraceAward received in conjunctionwith Ballet Hispanico. In 2009,Andrea Miller received a PrincessGrace Choreography Fellowship.She created the work Nací on BalletHispanico, which is now a partof the repertory.About Ballet HispanicoCelebrating 42 years of danceand culture, Ballet Hispanico isrecognized as the nation’s preeminentLatino dance organization.Led by Artistic Director EduardoVilaro, Ballet Hispanico explores,preserves and celebrates today’sLatino cultures through innovativeartistic collaborations, worldclass dance training and nationaleducation and outreach programs.For more information, visit Follow BalletHispanico on Facebook and Twitter.OvamarzContinued from page 43know that every human on thisplanet is best at one or morethings in their life. I did the originalsong for Cash Flow Recordsand decided to include Usain Bolt& Shelly Ann Fraser who are mytwo favorite Jamaican athletes,also including selectors, promoters,and a few other dancehallpeople,” he said.“While watching the Olympics,I decided that our Jamaican Athletesdeserved their own tribute.The hard work our team put outin training and going London torepresent my island Jamaica, theleast I could do to cheer and supportthem was their own tributesong.”Jamaican music and track cultureshave more recently becomeintertwined; most notably, fouryears ago in Beijing when UsainBolt celebrated his 100m and200m world-record wins by doingdances such as the Nuh Lingathat was created by Ovamarz andGully Creepa that was created byIce, moves which were hugelypopular at the time.For Ovamarz, it was a joy towatch Bolt and other athletesmimic dance moves that he andother prominent dancers coined.“Four years ago, seeing UsainBolt and others doing one of mydance and other popular dances,had me beaming with joy. I wasthe happiest person on two footat that moment.”At London 2012, Jamaica managedto exceed their medal haulin Beijing (12) while also makingmore history in the process asUsain Bolt retained his 100m and200m titles, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce retained her 100m title,Jamaica swept the medal standin the 200m and achieved a newWorld Record in the 4 by 100mrelay.These achievements havemade Ovamarz more proud to beJamaican.“Our Jamaican athletes aredoing a great job in London. I amvery proud of them all...I respectthem to the fullest for their veryhard work and dedication. Theyare the best at what they do....bestpon 2 foot!” he said.So far in 2012, Ovamarzhas strengthened his deejayingresume with several noteworthysingles such as Wake Up (SexJive Riddim – Stash Di CashRecords) and The Way We Rollfeaturing Fambo. This, in additionto he and fellow AboveademSquad member, Gabbidon creatingdance moves such as the Formationand Hot Step respectively,to positive acclaim.

Funniest candidates money can buyproven master of the comedygenre, a brainiac bestknown for making “Meetthe Parents” and the AustinPowers trilogy. The moviestars Will Ferrell as CamBrady, a popular North“The Campaign”Excellent (3.5 stars)Rated R for profanity,sexuality, nudity andcrude humor.Running time: 97minutesDistributor: WarnerBrothersBy Kam WilliamsIf you’ve been looking fora laugh-a-minute comedy asa refreshing alternative to allthe kiddie flicks and bombasticsummer blockbusterscurrently at the megaplexes,your wait is over. Andwhat could be more timelythan a picture about thedirty tricks being employedduring a cutthroat politicalcampaign?“The Campaign” wasdirected by Jay Roach, aCarolina Congressmanwho’s running unopposedfor his fifth term in officeuntil an Anthony Weinerlevelpeccadillo becomespublic knowledge.That boneheaded blunderopens the door for a nerdy,unworthy opponent such asMarty Higgins (Zach Galifianakis)to enter the racebecause he’s being bankrolledby a couple of verywealthy businessmen. Glen(John Lithgow) and WadeMotch (Dan Aykroyd) aresleazy, power-hungry siblingsostensibly patternedafter the billionaire Kochbrothers, notorious backersMarty Higgins as Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell asCam Brady in The Campaign.of arch-conservative causes.Bragging about being“candidate creators” morethan “job creators,” theMotches specifically seizeon naïve Marty since he’sso malleable. Unseen behindthe scenes, they orchestratea complete overhaul of Higgins’image with the helpof a no-nonsense campaignmanager (Dylan McDermott).Soon, Brady realizes he’sin the fight of his life, as bothsides resort to increasinglydevioustactics to prevail onElection Day. For instance,we find Marty wearing whathe calls a “Yamaha” on hishead during services at asynagogue, while Cam singsin the gospel choir of a blackBaptist Church and playswith rattlesnakes to curryfavor with the congregationof a sect of serpent-handlingevangelists.But despite his bestefforts, Brady continues tosabotage his own campaignat every turn, whether byaccidentally punching ababy and a puppy, or bybeing caught having sexwith a supporter in a port-ojohn.And as the polls indicatethat the tide is turningdecisively in Marty’s favor,the focus becomes whetherhe’ll be a tool of the Motchbrothers or choose to dowhat’s best for his district.Will Ferrell’s over-the-topapproach to Cam serves asthe perfect counterpoint toZach Galifianakis’ relatively-subduedinterpretationof sweet-natured Marty.The film also features severalinspired support performances,most notably,Dylan McDermott and JasonSudeikis as devious campaignmanagers and KarenMaruyama as an ebonicsaccentedAsian housekeeper.Throw in amusing cameosby a neverending stringof political pundits suchas Bill Maher, Wolf Blitzer,Chris Matthews, Piers Morgan,Joe Scarborough,Lawrence O’Donnell, WillieGeist, Mika Brezinski, EdSchultz and Dennis Miller,and you’ve got all the makingsfor a bona fide electionyear hit. Ferrell and Galifianakishit their stride as thefunniest candidates moneycan buy!Page 45 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17–23, 2012Independent & Foreign FilmsThe Awakening (R for violence,nudity and sexuality)Haunted house horror flickset in the wake of World WarI at a British boarding schoolwhere a professional skeptic(Rebecca Hall) summonedto debunk recent ghostsightings as a hoax insteadgets the surprise of her lifewhen she encounters realsupernatural phenomena forthe first time. With DominicWest, Imelda Staunton andJohn Shrapnel.Beloved (Unrated)Romance drama abouta pretty Parisian hooker(Ludivine Sagnier) who fallshead over six-inch stilettosfor a dashing doctor (RadivojeBukvic) only to learnthat he has a wife back inCzechoslovakia. With MilosForman, Catherine Deneuveand Paul Schneider. (InFrench, English and Czechwith subtitles)Brother, Can You Sparea Dollar? (Unrated) Unsentimentalretrospective celebratesthe guts and glory ofthe Depression Generationwhile speculating about theprospects of America’s postindustrialeconomy.Chicken with Plums (PG-13 for drugs, smoking, sensualityand violent images)Maudlin, character-drivendrama, set in Teheran in theFifties, about an inconsolableviolinist (Mathieu Amalric)who loses the will tolive after his wife (GolshiftehFarahani) destroys hisbeloved instrument duringa heated argument. Castincludes Edouard Baer,Maria de Medeiros and EricCaravaca. (In French andEnglish with subtitles)Codependent LesbianSpace Alien Seeks Same(Unrated) Sci-fi comedyabout the cross-speciesromance between a shy,greeting card store clerk(Lisa Haas) and a womanshe has no idea might befrom another planet (SusanZiegler). With Jackie Monahan,Cynthia Kaplan andDennis Davis.Compliance (R for profanity,sexuality and nudity)Fact-based drama about aprank caller (Pat Healy) pretendingto be a police officerwho tricks the manager(Ann Dowd) of a fast foodKam’s KapsulesBy Kam Williamsrestaurant into conductinga strip search of a cashier(Dreama Walker) unfairlyaccused of stealing. WithBill Camp, Philip Ettingerand James McCaffrey.Cosmopolis (R for violence,profanity, graphic sexualityand frontal nudity) DavidCronenberg directed thisadaptation of the Don Delillonovel of the same namechronicling a very eventfulday in the life of a miserablymarried,self-destructive billionaire(Robert Pattinson)With Paul Giamatti, JulietteBinoche, Samantha Mortonand K’naan.Robot & Frank (PG-13for profanity) Unlikely-buddycomedy about a retiredcat burglar (Frank Langella)who comes out of retirementto pull one last heist withthe help of the cyborg (PeterSarsgaard) purchased by hischildren (James Marsdenand Liv Tyler) to look afterhim. Support cast includesSusan Sarandon, JeremyStrong and Bonnie Bentley.UNIVERSAL PICTURES PRESENTS IN ASSOCIATION WITH RELATIVITY MEDIA A KENNEDY/MARSHALL PRODUCTION IN ASSOCIATION WITH CAPTIVATE ENTERTAINMENT “THE BOURNE LEGACY” JEREMY RENNER RACHEL WEISZ EDWARD NORTON STACY KEACHTHIS FILM CONTAINS DEPICTIONS SOUNDTRACK ON BACK LOT MUSICMUSICEXECUTIVEINSPIRED BY THE BOURNE SERIESOF TOBACCO CONSUMPTIONAND VARÈSE SARABANDE OSCAR ISAAC JOAN ALLEN ALBERT FINNEY DAVID STRATHAIRN SCOTT GLENN BY JAMES NEWTON HOWARD PRODUCERS HENRY MORRISON JENNIFER FOX CREATED BY ROBERT LUDLUMPRODUCEDSTORYBY FRANK MARSHALL PATRICK CROWLEY JEFFREY M. WEINER BEN SMITH BY TONY GILROY SCREENPLAY BY TONY GILROY & DAN GILROY DIRECTED BY TONY GILROY A UNIVERSAL PICTURE© 2012 UNIVERSAL STUDIOSCHECK LOCAL LISTINGS FOR THEATERS AND SHOWTIMESMOBILE USERS: For Showtimes – Text BOURNE with your ZIP CODE to 43KIX (43549)!No charge from 43KIX, Msg&data rates may apply. Text HELP for info.Go to for the latest in Caribbean news,entertainment, sports, business, viewpoints and more.

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 46FRIDAY, AUGUST 17COMEDY/VARIETY: No Name Comedy/Variety & A Bag O’ Chips presents the funkysounds of The Summer Replacements includingCarl (Baby Freak) Fortunato, Pat (BikiniAtoll) O’Shea and Fernando (Enter Sandman)Morales Gonzalez, 7:00 p.m., Fri., 8/17 and8/24 at Otto’s Shrunken Head, 538 E 14 St.,between avenues A and B, N.Y. No cover, nominimum. For information, call (212) 228-2240.SATURDAY, AUGUST 18SUN KULCHACOMMUNITY EVENTSSTREET FESTIVAL: The City of Hope EconomicDevelopment Corp. and NYS AssemblymanKarim Camara presents the 3rd AnnualUnion-Nostrand Street Festival and Back toSchool Give Back featuring free backpackswith school supplies, free food, give-aways, liveentertainment, games and more, 12 noon atUnion St. between Rogers & Nostrand Ave.,Brooklyn. For information, call The DistrictOffice of Assemblyman Camara at (718) 771-3105.J50 CELEBRATION: New DimensionSeventh-Day Adventist Church, 1062 WinthropSt, between E 93 and E 94 streets, Brooklyninvites you to Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary ofIndependence Celebration, “A Nation on God’sMission”, featuring Sabbath School, 9:15 a.m.;Divine Service, 11:00 a.m.; Jamaican Luncheon,1:00 p.m.; A.Y.S. Program/Concert, 5:30p.m.; and Good Old Time Jamaican Social,9:00 p.m. along with special guest appearancesby city council members, radio and TVpersonalities and special guest speaker, PastorBartley. For information, call Sister Banton at(917) 693-4541.DANCE: The Cumbe Dance Center, 558 FultonSt. at Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, is hosting “MyBrooklyn, My Arts,” The Truth is in the Youth,featuring dance, spoken word, singing, drumming,1:00 p.m. Donation $5. For information,contact (646) 533-5013.LINE DANCING: The Eastern QueensAlliance Inc. presents Line Dancing, featuringline dances to all kinds of music withinstructor Barbara Fraser, 9:15 - 10:30 the Idlewild Cricket Field in Idlewild ParkPreserve, 223 St. and 148 Ave., SpringfieldGardens. For information and directions, call(347) 824-2301.JERK FESTIVAL: West Indian AmericanAssn. of Greater Bridgeport presents the 6thAnnual Caribbean Jerk Festival featuring Caribbeanfood on sale like jerk chicken, jerk pork,fish and more and Caribbean soca, steel drum,jazz, reggae, morrocan music, 1:00 p.m.- 9:00p.m. on the McLevy Green, Downtown Bridgeport,corner of State and Main, ConnecticutProceeds to benefit the WIAAGB Scholarshipfund and other programs. For information,call (203) 727-0200 or visit FAIR: Brown Memorial BaptistChurch and Brown Commnity Develop;mentCorp. is hosting the 11th Annual “Taking It ToFINANCIAL COACHING: The NHS ofEast Flatbush is offering The FinancialCapabilities and Coaching Programfocusing on helping you reach yourgoals such as paying off bills, savingfor a home, improving credit scores andmore. For more information, call (718)469-4679.FOOD STAMP OUTREACH: Find out ifyou are eligible to receive Food Stampbenefits! A representative from the NYCHuman Resources Administration willbe available to assist you with eligibilitypre-screening and to answer any questionsevery Tuesday and Wednesday,10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at CommunityBoard 12, 4101 White Plains Road at 229St., Bronx. For more information, call(718) 881-4455.The Street” Community Outreach Street Fairfeaturing representatives from various organizationsproviding information on healthcare,education, legal services and more, 12 noon to5:00 p.m., on Washington Ave. between Fultonand Gates avenues. Food and beverages willbe provided. For information, call the churchoffice at (718) 638-6121.SUNDAY, AUGUST 19T&T CELEBRATION: The Candice ClarkeAcademy of Dance presents the Golden Jubilee,in commemoration of Trinidad & Tobago’s50th year of independence, 5:00 p.m. at theBedford Central Presbyterian Church, 1200Dean St., Brooklyn. For information call (718)467-0740 or visit, AUGUST 21CAMP REVIVAL: Rev. Dr. Calvin Rice and TheNew Jerusalem Baptist Church EvangelismMinistry are hosting a Summer Camp Revivalat the church, 112-05 Smith St., Jamaica,Queens, Tues.-Sun., 8/21-8/26, featuring sermons,prayers, songs, dramas and workshops.For informationon on times of events and toregister for the workshops, visit www.gonjbc.TAI CHI: Stop. Breath. Relax. Join TaiChi Easy, a wellness practice combiningTai-chi, Qigong, meditation and Chinesehealing, taught by Daniel Weicher, certifiedteacher in Integral Qigong and TaiChi, every Sunday, 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 the Moore Street Market, 110 MooreSt., entrance on Humbolt St., Brooklyn.Donations are appreciated. Call (914)673-6016 for, by phone at (718) 978-5777 ext. 300 or inperson at the church.THURSDAY, AUGUST 23SAFETY SEMINAR: NHS of East Flatbush,2806 Church Ave., between Nostrand andRogers avenues, Brooklyn, is holding a freeseminar on fire and home safety and homeinsurance 6:00 p.m. For information, call (718)469-4679.FRIDAY, AUGUST 24POTLUCK SOCIAL: Radical Women ishosting Women’s Rights Day Potluck Social,celebrating the 92nd anniversary of women’ssuffrage, 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. at the officeand garden of Black Women’s Blueprint, 279Empire Blvd., between Rogers and Nostrandavenues, Brooklyn. Bring a dish! Admissionfree. For information, call (212) 222-0633.ONGOINGJ’OUVERT: Roy Pierre and Associatespresents “Harlequins and Pierrots,” opennightly, 6:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. at mas campCharl-Ena Chateau, 3820 Church Ave., cornerE. 39 St., Brooklyn. Pictures and costumeson display. Register and play mas with us forJ’ouvert 2012. For information, call (718) 282-1229 or (718) 462-5164.FARMERS MARKET: The Hattie Carthan“After Church” Farmers Market featuringlocally grown fresh fruits, veggies, herbs andeggs and offering sessions on growing foodand herbs and how to prepare healthy food isopen every Sunday, 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. untilNovember at 49 Van Buren St. off TompkinsAve., Brooklyn. We accept WIC/Senior FMNPChecks, EBT, Health Bucks and cash. Forinformation, call (718) 638-3566 or email SICKLE CELL: The Queens SickleCell Advocacy Network, 207-08 Hollis Ave.,Queens Village, N.Y., presents a Parentto Parent Support Group meeting everyfirst Monday of every month, 7:00 p.m. Fordirections and registration, call (718) 712-0873 or email PROGRAM: Applicationsare now being accepted for the NormanCole Community Internship Program forin-school youth 10 - 12 years with goodgrades and good manners and will offerdevelopment workshops, field trips, stipends,summer employment, scholarships,weekend retreats, volunteer experiencesand more. Space is limited. For moredetails and/or to obtain a CIP application,contact Mr. Cole at (212) 714-4531.PASSPORT FRIDAYS: Leave your baggageat home and bring a picnic blanket out toFlushing Meadows Corona Park for TargetPassport Fridays at the Queens Musuem ofArt for free weekly outdoor festivities featuringa different live dance performance,concert, and/or film screening from Cuba,Egypt, West Indies, Taiwan, DominicanRepublic and Puerto Rico, every Fridayevenings thru 8/24, dance/music begins at6:30 p.m., films at 8:00 p.m. at the QueensMuseum of Art, New York City Bldg.,Flushing Meadows Corona Park. For information,email,call (718) 592-9700 or visit FARMHOUSE: Visit The WyckoffFarmhouse Museum, 5816 ClarendonRd., at Ralph Ave., Brooklyn, featuringyoga, hands-on art, story workshops, summerfarm and garden camp, guided toursand more. For individual events, summerhours, museum admission and generalinformation call, (718) 629-5400 or SERVICES: Are you behindin your mortgage or seeking a modification?The Flatbush Development VCorp., NHSof East Flatbush and the Center for N.Y.C.Neighborhoods are offering free services andassistance. Referrals for free legal assistanceare also available. To schedule an appointment,call (718) 469-4679.COMPILED BY IDA EISENSTEIN

CaribbeansHighlightOlympicsSPORTSFOR MORE SPORTS, GO TO CARIBBEANLIFENEWS.COM/SPORTSPage 47 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17–23, 2012By Vinette K. PryceCaribbean athletes are imprinting indeliblememories at the 30th Olympiad I London.After the 12th day of track and fieldcompetitions the region claimed six medals.Jamaica with the largest delegation (54)boasts two gold, one silver and a bronze;Trinidad & Tobago which registered the secondlargest consisting of 31 athletes claimeda bronze and the tiny 10-member delegationfrom Grenada are now celebrating the victoryof their golden Spice Islander KiraniJames.James put his 110,000 population on themap and in the spotlight on Aug. 7 when heled a field of mostly-Caribbean athletes tofinish the 400 metres race.The 19-year-old from the Village ofGouyave took the lead from the start toestablish history for Grenada, winning theisland’s first gold and leading a triple sweepfor the region.Immediately after his victory, the coun-Continued on Page 48Galaxy SpoilsJoseph’s debutBy Patrick HorneChivas USA will need more than recentlyacquiredShalrie Joseph to make an MLSpost-season appearance this year. Josephmade his Chivas debut Sunday night at theHome Depot Center in Carson, California ina game versus rival Los Angeles Galaxy, theteam with which it shares the Home DepotCenter as its home field, and was clouted,4-0, by the David Beckham-less Galaxy.The win allowed Los Angeles to hold on tothe last play-off spot and fifth-place in theWestern Conference, led by San Jose Earthquakes(14-5-5, 47 pts.). The loss droppedChivas USA (7-5-9, 26 pts.) to seventh fromsixth.Joseph, a nine-time MLS all-star andContinued on Page 48HOOPTHRILLER#3 Gary Ervin takes a short jumper for two of his 15 points.Photo by Lem PeterkinNike championship goes down to buzzerBy Robert ElkinIt was just a game, but the championshipone in the Nike Pro Summer BasketballLeague was very similar to a titlegame played in the National BasketballAssociation. Just the crowd wasn’t aslarge.Exciting plays from all positions,dunks, incredible three point shooting,and passing, and, of course, defense byboth teams highlighted action in anovertime thriller resulting in a victory byThe Franchise over Dyckman/NYAC atthe Baruch College gymnasium in midtownManhattan. A capacity SROcrowd,including representatives from NationalBasketball Association teams, were alsoon hand taking some notes and enjoyingthe action.One couldn’t ask for a better and wellContinued on Page 48

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 48Championship team, the Franchise.Hoop thriller goes down to buzzerContinued from page 47played game in the eightteam circuit.Dyckman battled backfrom a 14 point deficit aboutseven minutes left in thefourth quarter, led by theoffense of Brian Dunston,Sean Marshall, and BoakalLolugia to send the gameinto overtime.However, the play of GaryErvin and Gary Forbes ofThe Franchise overshadowedall of their rivals’fourth period scoring. TheFranchise put on a winningshow and prevailed andthrill the fans. Ervin reallyshowed what he could do onthe court.At the buzzer of overtime,Ervin’s three pointshot broke a 90-90 tie andgave the Franchise a 93-90victory and a well deservedtitle, one that they certainlydeserve.Ervin carried the gamein the second half andgot that winning shot.“There was nothing likeit,” Ervin said after thecontest. “It’s all aboutwinning. That’s what wewanted to do.”Ervin, who played atPaul Robeson High Schoolof Brooklyn, and then theUniversity of Arkansas andoverseas, wants to continuehis pro ball-possibly againin Europe. He did say thathis college days were justgreat .“By playing summer ballwe get used to winning,”said Forbes, who starredPhoto by Lem Peterkinon the basketball court atUMass. “I’m (just) happythat we won the championship.”Ervin scored 15 pointsand assisted nine times in 44minutes while Forbes scored19 points and grabbed sevenrebounds in 40 minutes.Teammate Rashad Bell netted15 points in 39 minutes.Dunston and Nate Browneach netted 17 points withthe former taking down 17rebounds for Dyckman.Caribbean athletesContinued from page 47try’s Prime MinisterTillman Thomas visitedGouyave to declare anational holiday.Government officesclosed early on Aug. 7.He also called James inLondon offering congratulationson behalf of the110,000 population.“I say it’s an historicoccasion because he isthe first Grenadian toobtain gold at the Olympics.Not only for Grenadabut the OECS, (Organizationof Eastern CaribbeanStates),” Thomas said.James, he added is a“real good role model forour young people.”“So it’s an historicoccasion and we are allare proud of him. Wewant to let him knowwe’re going to supporthim and continue to dowhatever we can to helphim because he has madeus proud.”Grenada and T&T Olympians celebrate.Governor General SirCarlyle Glean, from James’Gouyave village, alsojoined in the festivities.James first attractedinternational attentionwhen he won the semifinalson Aug. 6. Immediatelyafter winning theheat, he walked over tolast-placed finisher OscarPistorius and exchangedhis race name label.The South African, doubleamputee, Pistorius wasborn without shin bonesand races wearing carbonfiber blades.James’ win united theEnglish and Spanish Caribbeanwith announcementthat the DominicanRepublic’s LuguellinSantos took the silver andT&T’s Lalonde Gordon,the bronze medal.The Caribbean sweepalso included Chris Brownfrom the Bahamas whobarely missed medaling,taking fourth place.Galaxy Spoils Joseph’s Chivas debutPortland Timbers’ Steven Smith (14) defends againstChivas USA’s Cesar Romero (58) in the first half duringan MLS soccer game Saturday, July 28, 2012, in Portland,Ore.(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)Continued from page 47four-time MLS Best Selectat defensive midfield, wasacquired from the NewEngland Revolution to helpcomplete the task of puttingtogether a squad to advanceto post-season play andhave a legitimate chance ofwinning the MLS Cup final;also brought in this year toshore up the Chivas USAwere forwards Juan Agudelofrom New York Red Bulls,while forward Juan PabloAngel was acquired fromthe Galaxy last season.Despite these additions -and although Joseph, whoplayed well for the entiregame versus Los Angeles,is only in his first game -Chivas USA has to changeits tactics. Chivas allowedthe Galaxy too much spaceat midfield, which led totwo of the four goals; ahigh pressure approachcould help to improve playbecause with defensivemindedJoseph at midfield,high pressure wouldbe effective and would giveChivas the chance to winballs higher up field andin better scoring positions.Also, Chivas, which has notscored more than twice ina game this season, needsmore effective running offthe ball on the forward line,particularly by main marksmanAngel.Defensively, markingand having midfielderstrack back on defense isa big problem for CoachRobin Fraser and Chivas.Too often Galaxy midfieldersJuninho and MikeMagee had too much spaceto distribute the ball ortake shots on goal; whenLandon Donovan droppedback into midfield from hisforward position, he wasgiven much space to runat Chivas’ defense. The fitnessof the players needsimprovement as well andthis would help Chivas toimprove its work rate to bemore compact around thepitch and throughout thegame.Donovan’s runs led toassists on all four goals.The Galaxy came out withthe intent on holding on tothat opportunity for postseasonplay and was aggressivefrom the start as itimposed its play on a seeminglytimid Chivas USAteam. By the 27th minute,Irish international RobbieKean gave the Galaxy a 1-0lead off an easy tap-in froma Donovan cross for a 1-0halftime lead.

West Indies can capture Twenty20 TrophyNext month the ICCTwenty20 competitionbowls off in Sri Lanka andthe West Indies chances ofwinning the trophy is veryhigh. The West Indies Twentysquad is filled with confidenceand the maturity ofthe players in this type ofcricket gives the West Indiesa huge advantage againstmost teams. Dwayne Bravo,Kieron Pollard, Sunil Narine,Chris Gayle, MarlonSamuels and Andre Russellalong with the swashbucklingDwayne Smithshould be enough to toppleany team in the competition.India and South Africawould be the major oppositionfor the West Indies butif the Windies players stickto their tasks and play intelligentcricket they wouldsurely bring the trophy backEyes on CricketBy George H. Whyteto the Carribean.TEAM INDIACARRIES THESTRONGESTOPPOSITIONCaptain Mahendra SinghDhoni and company wouldserve on any team thatcomes up against them.Suresh Raina, VirenderSehwag, Mahendra SinghDhoni (captain), GauthamGambhir and Virat Kohliare five top specialist playersand any team that wants todefeat team India will haveto match the talents withthe opposition.DOMINANCE WILLRULEEither batting or bowlingdominance will rulethe competition. Batsmenmust aim at scoring runsas frequent as possible andbowlers must aim at gettingwickets. There is noidle period during a Twenty20game bowlers have todominate or the batsmenwill. Dominance rules anyTwenty20 game and whencoaches are preparing theiragenda for winning the capital“D” must be on top ofthe planning. Any team thatwants to win must dominatewith bat, ball and groundfielding which includescatches. West Indies batsmenhave the Twenty20tactics to score huge totalsthat can be competitive forsuccess.DENESH RAMDIN’SROLE IS VITALA wicket keeper’s role ina Twenty20 match is as vitalas any other player. Thosecatches coming to the wicketkeeper must be taken andthe stumpings must not bemissed. Ramdin’s battingought to be improved aswell. He has to be apart ofthe run scoring. The depthWest Indies’ Chris Gayle, left, bats as New Zealand’s wicket keeper Tom Latham,right, looks on during a Twenty20 cricket match, in Lauderhill, Fla.(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)of the batting is expectedto continue the process ofrun scoring. Senior playersare expected to lead the waybecause of their experiencebut other players must bemeaningful participants aswell. Head coach Ottis Gibsonmust notify the squad ofhow rigid and intense theseTwenty20 games would beand they all have the be fullyprepared mentally, physicallyand psychologically.Windies bowlers objectiveshould be to induce batsmeninto mistakes. This strategymust be implemented.Page 49 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17–23, 2012ASK US how your insurance can cover all your medical and incontinence productsPick up prescriptions & medicine delivery in Five Boroughs DAILY at no extra chargeAsk your doctor to prescribe medical equipment and incontinence products (liners, diapers, etc.), and call us with your order!WE ACCEPT MEDICARE, MEDICAID AND ALL MAJOR INSURANCESATTENTIONALLPOWER MOBILITYUSERS!BORBAS PHARMACYREPAIRS MOBILITY AIDS INALL BOROUGHS OF NYC! AMBULATORY AIDS /HOSPITAL BEDS /AIR & GEL MATTRESSESRESPIRATORY CARE /DIABETIC SUPPLY: BATHROOMSAFETYPAIN MANAGEMENT: COMPLETE LINE OF SURGICAL, MEDICAL, AND RESPIRATORY EQUIPMENTto place an order call: 888.233.9039WWW.BORBASSUPPLY.COM

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 50Scoreless baseballTwo Clones relievers haven’t given up a run — all season!By Will BreddermanTwo Cyclones relieversare hurling their way towardhistory after reaching theNY-Penn League all starbreak without giving up asingle run.Paul Sewald and LoganTaylor both boast 0.00 ERAsfor the season as neither ofthem have allowed a batterto cross the plate — even onan unearned run.Sewald has pitched 20.2scoreless innings in twelveappearances, racking upfour saves and 23 strikeoutswhile giving up 13 hitsand two walks. To be in therunning for the NY-PennLeague’s all-time record,he’ll need pitch at least 24frames while keeping hisERA below the 0.26 recordestablished by Marc Pisciotta,who gave up just oneearned run in 34 innings forthe Welland Pirates in 1991.Taylor has more work todo: he has goose-egged battersfor 9.2 innings in eightappearances, racking up10 strike-outs while givingup five hits and no walks— meaning he’ll need tolast another 14.8 innings ofscoreless baseball to have achance at the record.To snag second or thirdplace in the record books,the Clones relievers wouldneed to best Jason Jimenez,who posted a 0.28 ERA inhis 1997 rookie year withthe Hudson Valley Renegadesafter allowing oneearned run in 31.2 innings,or Joe Little, another Renegadewho pulled a 0.29ERA after tossing exactly 31frames and yielding just asingle run.The Cyclones teamrecord would be only a littleeasier to beat: it belongs toEddie Camacho, who finishedthe 2004 season witha 0.69 ERA after pitching 39innings and surrenderingjust three earned runs.Both pitchers wouldbe on track to shatter themajor league modern-eraERA record, held by Boston’sDutch Leonard, who boasteda 0.96 ERA in 1914 on 224.2innings pitched. They’d alsopass “Smiling” Tim Keefe ofthe Troy Trojans, who gaveup 10 earned runs in 105innings of work for a 0.86ERA in 1880 — back whenpitchers threw underhandand batters requested wherethey wanted the ball to betossed.But Sewald says he doesn’thave the record books —or Smiling Tim — on hismind. “The most importantthing to me is just gettingthe hitter I’m facing out,making the pitch,” Sewaldsaid. “The rest I try to blockout.”However, Sewald admitshe gets a little anxious whenthere are runners in scoringposition.“With guys on base, I doget a little more focused,”said the Las Vegas-nativeout of the University of SanDiego. “I wish it wasn’t likethat, because you shouldhave that focus all thetime.”Clones pitching coachMarc Valdes says there’sreally no secret to groomingpitchers with flawlessERAs.“I treat all the guys thesame. We work the fastballon both sides of theplate and focus on gettingstrikes,” Valdes said, addingthat he’s not obsessedwith pitching stats. “ERA’snot everything. Plenty ofguys have not-great ERAsand come through for us.And guys with low ERAs canblow the game.”A low ERA is no guaranteeof a long and successfulcareer on the mound. Pisciotta,who holds the NY-Penn League record, hadan impressive major leagueCyclones pitcher Pauls Sewald (above) boasts and LoganTaylor haven’t allowed a run this season.rookie season with the ChicagoCubs in 1997, and a notso-impressivefinal seasonwith the Kansas City Royalsjust two years later. Secondand third place hurlersJimenez and Little burnedout before they got out ofthe minors, and Camacho,the Clones record-holder,currently plays for the unaffiliatedAtlantic League’sCamden Riversharks with a3.67 ERA so far this year.Taylor says he’s happyto have his streak, but heunderstands a stat is justa stat.“If I give up a run, it’s notthe end of the world,” saidthe righty from Oklahoma.“Zero runs is just a goal,and I’ve been lucky to do itso far.”Don’t wait another day.Get an MCU mortgage today.30 YEARFIXED RATE4.000 %Rate*4.170 % APR*Home sweet home justgot a little sweeter.Loan specialists to guide you throughthe loan processFirst time homebuyerseducation programRefinancing and Home EquityLoans availableCall 212-238-3521 or visit to apply today.* 360 monthly payments of $4.77 per $1,000 borrowed. This APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and monthly payment term applywhen you are financing up to 80% of the purchase price with 2 points. If you are financing more than 80%, the APR and monthlypayment term will be higher due to PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). Rates in effect as of 08/08/2012. Rates and terms maychange without notice. MCU finances 1-4 family homes, Condos and Co-Ops located in New York. Loans and interest rates aresubject to credit approval. FNMA limits apply. Membership is required.Federally insured by NCUA CheckingMoney MarketCDsIRAsOnline Banking Auto LoansCredit CardsMortgagesPersonal LoansConvenient ATMs

Page 51 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 17–23, 2012KITCHEN CABINETS,FLOORING,BATH VANITIES, FAUCETS,EXTERIOR AND INTERIORDOORS,LOCKS AND MUCH MOREFREEKITCHEN LAYOUTAND DESIGNWITH PURCHASEAll specials can not be combined with any other offers.

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 52ACROSS1. Alligator’s milieu6. Semicircular mountain basin9. *Many baseball teams wear it on theirchests13. Ringworm14. Big Island flower necklace15. Long backless sofa16. Antonym of afar17. Estimated arrival18. What racers do on CBS19. *The goal is strikes21. *a.k.a. Ringer23. ___ Paolo, Brazil24. Select25. Shel Silverstein’s poem “___Constrictor”28. Elevated state30. More agitated35. “____ the Lonely,” song37. Daytime TV program39. Jawaharlal _____40. Make a reference41. _____ Island, NY43. Cause of Titanic’s demise44. Paint layers46. *____-Pitch Softball47. Slovenly person48. Make wealthy50. They oppose the yeahs52. Fast-food staple53. Pull one’s leg55. Writer Harper ___57. *Played on grass61. *Infield65. Romulus’ twin66. *Free throw value68. “Me and Bobby _____”69. Part of eye containing iris, pl.70. Mother Teresa, e.g.71. Spooky72. Declare untrue73. NYC time74. Olden-day movie form, pl.DOWN1. Back wound2. A drunk3. Afresh4. Fast interruptions5. One rejected6. Horsefly7. ___ bar8. *Dolphin home9. Trunk extension10. *Shape of an American football11. Fixed look12. Singles15. Make dark20. Neil Diamond’s “Beautiful _____”22. Part of a play24. Military group25. *Another form of bowling26. It can be a tear-jerker27. Sacrificial spot29. *Subject of “A Good Walk Spoiled”31. Beaks32. Often found under books33. *E in baseball box score34. *Named after school of same name36. Giant Himalayan?38. Site of Leaning Tower42. PDA pens45. Ski downhill49. Gardener’s tool51. *a.k.a. Seam bowler in cricket54. Do penitence56. Master of ceremonies57. Foul substance58. French dream59. Black cat, e.g.60. Wharf built parallel to shoreline61. Fender-bender damage62. Fiona or Shrek, e.g.63. He took a giant leap64. Sandra and Ruby, actresses67. National University of SingaporeOPENSUNDAYA Staff That Cares,Doctors Who Truly ListenAnd Treat With Love!Painless Laser TreatmentIf you are afraid, come to St. Marks Painless Dentistry. Say good-bye to painful needles and annoying drills.We are the first in the area to use a dental laser that, in most cases, eliminates the use of drills and needles.Amazing equipment and state-of-the-art methods will make your next dental visit enjoyable and stress free.IV SedationsAre you scared? No problem. Don’t be. We will help you! At St. Marks Painless Dental, you havea unique opportunity to be “asleep” during any kind of treatment: fillings, root canals or even themost extensive oral surgeries. Discover a whole new world of comfortable and painless dentistry,where we make it our first priority to eliminate your fears. Pediatric dentistry under sedation andlaughing gas is also available.Gum TreatmentWe provide all kinds of perio (gum) treatment. We do all possible treatment fromsimple prophylaxis to advanced gum and bone surgery.Cosmetic Dentistry White fillings at no extra cost Laser Bleaching (takes only one hour) Bad breath treatmentOrthodontic Treatment & InvisalignStraighten out your smile! We do clear and metal braces for adults and children.We combine the best achievements of European and American orthodontics to eliminateunnecessary extractions. We also do Invisalign treatment.Dental Laboratory on PremisesNew dentures within 48 hours. Repair your old dentures while you wait.Implants TMJ Treatment (Jaw Joint) Bridges Root CanalsPediatric Dentist onStaffFREEINITIAL CONSULTATIONTIONDo Not Hesitate To VisitSt. Marks Painless DentalSt. MarksPainless Dental907 St. Marks Ave.Bet. Albany & Kingston Aves.OPEN 7 DAYS718-778-3283

Aug. 17–23, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 68Smartphoneson AT&T.Here inNew York City.$99 99New 2-yr agreement with qualifying voiceand data plans required.HTC ONE XSuper-fast 8.0 megapixel camera1.866.MOBILITYATT.COM/NETWORKVISIT A STOREGet all the coverage you need!Replace, support, and locate your device with AT&T Mobile Protection Pack.Limited 4G LTE availability in select markets. LTE is a trademark of ETSI.Claim based on a comparison of average download speeds of Android TM smartphones operating on the 4G LTE networks of national carriers in the United States. 4G speeds not available everywhere. Limited-time offer. HTC One X requires a new 2-yr wireless agreementwith voice (min $39.99/mo.) and monthly data plans (min $20/mo.). Subject to Wireless Customer Agrmt. Credit approval req’d. Activ fee $36/line. Geographic, usage, and other terms, conditions, and restrictions apply and may result in svc termination. Coverage and svcsnot avail everywhere. Taxes and other charges apply. Data ( If usage exceeds your monthly data allowance, you will automatically be charged overage for additional data provided. Early Termination Fee ( After 30days, ETF up to $325. Restocking fee up to $35. Other Monthly Charges: Line may include a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge (up to $1.25), a gross receipts surcharge, federal and state universal svc charges, and fees and charges for other gov’t assessments. Theseare not taxes or gov’t req’d charges. Visit a store or to learn more about wireless devices and services from AT&T. For more information, please visit, ask a sales representative, or call 1-866-MOBILITY. Screenimages simulated. ©2012 AT&T Intellectual Property. Service provided by AT&T Mobility. All rights reserved. AT&T and the AT&T logo are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

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